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Supply Line Risks: Shipping Containers PLUNGE OVERBOARD

Mac Slavo
April 27th, 2021
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The shipping industry is seeing the biggest spike in lost containers in seven years.  Shipping containers are plunging into the ocean in overwhelming numbers threatening to overwhelm the supply chain and increase already rising prices.

If you haven’t been preparing, you should consider starting. There could be a real short supply of things we could need and rely on if this trend of supply chain interruptions continues.

More than 3,000 boxes dropped into the sea last year, and more than 1,000 have fallen overboard so far in 2021. The accidents are disrupting supply chains for hundreds of U.S. retailers and manufacturers such as Amazon and Tesla.

Greatly exacerbating the situation is a surge in e-commerce after consumer demand exploded during the pandemic, increasing the urgency for shipping lines to deliver products as quickly as possible.

“The increased movement of containers means that these very large containerships are much closer to full capacity than in the past,” said Clive Reed, founder of Reed Marine Maritime Casualty Management Consultancy. “There is commercial pressure on the ships to arrive on time and consequently make more voyages.” –Business Standard

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty estimates that human error contributes to at least three-quarters of shipping industry accidents and fatalities. Additionally, almost all the recent incidents have occurred in the Pacific Ocean. This is where it is said that the busiest traffic and the worst weather collide to create conditions that could destroy cargo. The sea route connecting Asia’s economies to consumers in North America was the most lucrative for shipping companies last year.

The issue, coupled with last month’s grounding of the 400-meter vessel Ever Given in the Suez Canal threw a spotlight on the vulnerability of the The mega-ship blocked traffic through the vital waterway for nearly a week, and the impact on global trade is still being felt.

China’s exports have gone up dramatically as the pandemic fuels demand for all the things people need to work, learn and entertain from home.  Food prices are obviously rising and fuel prices are going up steadily. The shock people are about to feel at the pump and the grocery store are only one piece. Everything is looking to be prices higher in the coming months.

Take the necessary steps to get what you need. Things look to get more chaotic before they improve.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: April 27th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Pentagon is claiming that Russia attacked U.S. military in Syria with sonic weapons that the Pentagon claims gave troops flu like symptoms, ommitting the loud silent audio noises of sonic weapons attacks experienced by embassy employees in Cuba, referred to as Havana Syndrome, China, and other embassies. I am also a victim after illegal unconsented uninformed surgery at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee performed on me through nasal cavaties and ears implanting micro-chips, sensors, RFIDs, or microphones, since it is difficult to detect, which reulted in immedate sleep deprivation, excruciatingly loud tinnitus, a sudden inability to be able to cry, and a sudden need for eye glasses, and an immediate end to menstruation, since I am convinced that they also stole my ovums while unconscious since “medical samples” are the second largest export from Wisconsin to Canada. 

      Immediately after my first cell phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started attacking me with silent audio. My dog also heard it, because he would stare and bark at the cell tower. At first I thought that it was a protest taking place in the industrial park or near the highway behind the cell tower. It is evidently beamed to cell towers from a satellite, because I have heard it while in another town. It is evidently frequency specific to the devices illegally implanted in me. I started researching it after finding out that others did not hear it.

      The psychopaths at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee refuse to confess that they have perpetrated these illegal sadistic experimentaion on me, on March 27, 2014, and revived me from a clinical state of death after I attempted suicide by taking a bottle of hydrocone prescribed for an impinged shoulder and a bottle of 5 milligram valium prescribed for anxiety. Three doses of narcan and an external heart defibulator was used on me. Ascension Health now owns Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee hospital previously owned by ex Florida governor Rick Scott as part of the Columbia Group and ex WI governor Tommy Thompson and Health and Human Services director Tommy Thompson is a primary investor in 
      Verichip which is also used by the “Humane Society” to install microchipa in pats. Thompson and Hillary Clinton thought that people should be microchipped.

      Right after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, James Hurth that was a neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, and head of Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital Behavioral Health abruptly resigned and the CEO of WE Energies also abruptly resigned without explanation concurrently.

      I think that they are trying to see if they can control people, and also spy on people with these devices. They ask me to give posessions up, move, give up technology, none of which I have done and which I refuse to do. Since I was involved in the DNC as an events cooridinator and was a Sanders supporter and Hillary hater, I think that someone in politics or even both parties wanted to spy on me for that reason and see if they could control me with mind control. People started illegally entering my home even if I would take out the garbage or get mail. Neighbors behind and across the street from me have stolen things from my home and placed them in their windows. The military and others are experimenting on me with psy-ops. They even wear invisibility cloaks which they developed that reflect the view behind them. It is like a pliable computer screen. Now, just to get the mail, I have to place something in front of my door and walk backwards. New people moved in all around me except for on one side. It always has been a very transient neighborhoid which has turned into a hood of sadistic, white trash, serial criminal, psychopathic thugs. They used to stalk me when I would walk my dog that they killed with poison. Someone also hacked my smart meter in February of 2017, which made it read all letter ds and stary energy flew out of the light socket and laser split two coffee cups in half, one after the other. They also have fake mechanical dragon flies that fly around my yard in the summer, and fake birds that talk and asked me “Do you speak Portuguese” and “The Television is your biggest fear.” The psychos in invisibility cloaks would take metal objects and drag them against my metal fence at night, making loud clamging noises. They have locked my doors using directed energy magnetism beams to lock them so that it changes the lock settings so that they keys would not work. They have stolen many things and have vandalised causing thousands of dollars worth of damage during the most vulnerable time in my life after my Mother that also lived in the neighborhood passed away and even deprived me of grieving her loss as well as the loss of my dog and the loss of my brother. They are the most vile and wretched scum conceivable that should have been aborted rather than conceived for the good of humanity. It is 
      https://www.InfraGard and which they have enlisted many in the media to participate in as well. They use Vault7 hacking tools and have hacked into appliances, smart meters, lighting, heating, and cooling. They are sick as hell. They even hired a Siberian musician Einnfalt to write a song about me, Exhibit C God’s will for Andrea Iravani. I know damned well that it is not Russia that is behind this. It is the surveillance state, police state, and medical mafia. It is the MICIMATT
      Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tanks. They are mentally incompetent, insane, evil, serial criminal, psychopaths. They are total losers. They are the scum of the earth that the world would be better off without! They are creating the hell that they and their descendants will be forced to live in and will end up being the victims of.

      Here is proof that Lockheed Martin has installed this technology in cell towers and that they terrorize American citizens:

      proof that these types of surgery have been performed by an anesthesiologist John R Hall MD Austin Texas on his website International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technology

      Proof that organized community stalking by domestic terrorists is taking place

      I dedicate this song to the Low Life Terrorist Scum in InfraGard, the WHO, and the MICIMATT that have perpetrated an organized serial crime spree on me, my life, my family, and my property:

      Public Image Ltd.- Low Life – YouTube

      You may recall how freaked out Hillary Clinton and the Secret Service were acting, attempting to convince people that she was being remotely controlled, with the sSecret Service reaching into their pocket and pressing a remote control device when she had the head bobbing episode, and all of her other inexplicably strange behaior, and also George W. Bush’s strange behaior of just stopping mid sentence staring off into space in what appeared to be petit mal seizures or TIAs.

      Peter Koenig that was an economist dor the WHO keeps writing that  people will be able to be controlled with 5G, which I do not believe that it is possible to over ride the free will of the human brain to get someone to carry out a specific desired task, like remembering something, or by causing someone to faint, have a seizure, or heart attack,  but it may be possible to stop them from a task with electrical disruption of brain signals. There is zero excuse for doing this. Aside from recreational pot smoking and drug experimentaion when I was young, and going over the speed limit, I did not do anything illeagl, anyone trying to claim responsibility for any behavior of mine, is doing so on fraudulent grounds. These people are domestic terrorists and thieves and international terrorists and thieves with the five eyes and WHO. Causing insomnia, anger, and stress through constant noise cannot be deemed as a legitimate form of medical treatment for anything at all. 

      I am convinced with the evidence that I have read about, witnessed, and experienced that there was a plan to convince people that everyone in governments around the world and heads of corporations were not responsible for their crimes againat humanity and treason involving 9/11 in America, as well as all that followed because they were remotely controlled Manchurian Candidates. 

      Obviously, the WHO, WEF, financials, central banks, tech companies, militaries, Verichip, and universities were conspiring with them in this after ripping everyone off and perpetrating their decades long crime spree after people added things up regarding 9/11 and realized that it was an inside job.

      Unfortunately, I and approximately 300,000 other Americans are for some reason a victim of it that has destroyed their narrative. I am glad that it destroyed the false narrative, but not that innocent lives, including my own were destroyed in the process of doing it. 

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Those are not accidents. Those are Marxist sabotage and terrorist incidents. Cui Bono? The “Great” Retards!

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

                               The “Great” Retards

      The Social Impact of Tyranny, the Surveillance State, Police State, Fraud, and Ponzi Scemes

      More Ponzi Schemes in the future for America with Social Impact Financing, the Green New Deal, Social Engineering, “White Racism” and “Russian Hackers”, “Covid Variations”, and UFOs, ( Unidentified Flying Officers ) oh, and heaps of spying and data and intellectual property theft.

      Can’t help but notice the similarities to Nazi Germany. I guess that is because the architect, Klaus Schwab is also German, but a globalist.

      The similarities are remarkable.

      I know that there are many Hitler and Nazi lovers in America, that have romanticized Hitler and the Nazis, but it was not just the Jews that were demonized by the Nazis. It was everyone that got in their way, anyone that had anything that they wanted, and anyone that disagreed with them. It was also the Catholics, the Americans, and the Poles, Hungarians, and the Russians, and the French, and the Slovaks, and the Brits, and the artists, and the musicians, and the historians, and the philosophers, and the scientists, and the economists, and the other intellectuals, very similar to what we are seeing in America today. Our universities are run by pseudo-intellectuals that are not even capable of grade school level common sense. They hand out PhDs. to people incapable of grade school level common sense and reasoning as well. They rely on scientific fraud, medical fraud, economic fraud, political fraud, historical fraud, and sociological fraud, and total surveillance and tyranny as catalysts for their 
      ponzi schemes. 

      To show how mentally incompetent these modern day pseudo-intellectuals and PhDs happen to be, consider that Dr. Kevin Barrett believes that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by 
      three nuclear bombs that left almost everything else in tact and almost everyone survived, and that if they were underground nuclear bombs there would be massive sink holes as well and they would not only have destroyed the towers. 

      That is just one example of the fraud of Kevin Barrett. Either Kevin Barrett is mentally incompetent, a pathological liar, or both. I believe that it is both for just a few of the following reasons:

      Kevin Barrett also believes that the Israelis were responsible for 9/11, and though I do believe that Iaraelis were involved in 9/11, and suspect that the dancing Israelis did perform the implosion of the towers, this would have required cooperation with almost every business in the towers, since less than 3,000 people died, meaning that they did not show up for work that day, and with every government entity as well, including the most obvious fact there were no flight records of the planes that they claimed were used, that those pkanes were still in use recently, and that if the Israelis did do this, the entire intelligence community has concealed it from the public, as well as every politician, meaning that they conspired in it and are guilty of treason, and guilty of going to war against seven countries based on fraudulent claims.

      Kevin Barrett also claims that the Israelis have nuclear weapons in about a dozen U.S. cities. 

      Kevin Barrett also asserts that he thinks that the military intentionally released bio-weapons at the Wuhan military games tgat are responsible for covid-19.

      I have stated why covid-19 is a mythological virus, even though I am aware of the cooperation of Fort Detrik and Wuhan bio weapons labs, in this instance the collusion between Fort Detrik and Wuhan labs is  that covid-19 that people have been diagnosed with is a real virus, when the facts prove that what people have been diagnosed with and tested positive for cannot be covid-19. Obviously, since deaths in the total U.S. increased the most significantly after the “vaccine” roll out, and since “covid-19” “disappeared” from existence in China after they had restabilized their economy, and so quickly, it is obvious that this is not an actual virus. It is extremely easy to create the illusion of getting rid of something that never actually existed.  Almost all illness is being attributed to it though. “Covid-19” “cured” influenza, heart disease, and a slew of other ailments, because fatalities of those have drastically declined in conjunction with the new “covid-19” deaths.

      You cannot replace an establishment lie with an anti-establishment lie and claim to be a truther. That means that you are just an anti-esablishment pathological liar. That is every bit as harmful as what the establishment liars are doing. It does not benefit anyone.

      Here are some other contradictory statements made by Kevin Barrett on his radio show:

      America should have anarchy.
      America should have a theocracy.
      America should have the Bill of Rights.
      In order for people to enter into society, they must sacrifice all of their rights.
      Kevin Barrett ran for congress.

      It is offensive as hell to listen to Kevin Barrett’s pathological lying. It is the biggest insult that he can give his listeners. Kevin Barrett believes that people are stupid enough to believe his lies. 

      The towers were destroyed by implosion that uses explosives, but it does not have to be nuclear bombs used as the explosive material. Kevin Barrett discusses this with other PhDs and professors, none of whom have provided a single legitimate scientific argument for these claims. One said that there was an increase in cancer deaths, without any proof of that claim, but even if there was, the towers  implosions and burining  released tremendous amounts of carcinogenic elements into the atmosphere, so it would not be surprising. 

      Since Kevin Barrett has disrespected his listeners by lying to them, he has forfeited the right to be treated with respect, the same goes for the others that are lying in the media, “medical” field, “education” sector and “government.” They start by treating people with disrespect, and then demand to be treated with respect, in their double standard hypocrisy!

      The Nazis also replaced many intellectuals with the same types of pseudo-intellectuals that are running the show and universities today.

      It wasn’t merely that the Nazis had problems with people that they disagreed with, it was that the Nazis committed tyrannical, sadistic, destruction of the lives of the people that they disagreed with.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Here in clown world, where the Fed gleefully hands out the fruits of the magic money tree to lazy corn fed fatties, price no longer matters.

      • Tojo says:

        As long as laziness is rewarded there’s no incentive for people to work for a living.
        Good luck convincing people to give up their free stuff for a job paying less than $20/hr.

      • Darth Skippy says:

        I think, if your labor post requires a live human, with breath and a pulse, his end of the social bargain demands life support where slave wages begin.

        Just as entitled, are the employers who can’t pay, so usually resort to corporate welfare and different versions of regulatory capture. In other words, changing the law, so you would work without food and amenities.

    5. Cathbad says:

      I wonder how many of those shipping containers had Communist Chinese Troops in them bound for North America?

      • Darth Skippy says:

        Even before Q, I thought there was a reciprocal trade in slave labor and their tissues, and that some of the more-monumental, medical trains and vessels have a Mengele-esque quality.

    6. Anonymous says:

      The people are being manipulated by evil people behind the Biden curtain. It does no matter who is in charge the country is controlled by forces we do not know. This is the time to prepare and be vigilant in all things.

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