Superbugs Are Becoming RESISTANT To Alcohol Disinfectants

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Superbugs are now well on their way to becoming resistant to the most common alcohol disinfectants used to kill them.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are now no match for the more resistant infection-causing bacteria.

    According to a report by Reuters, scientists said that in a study of what the researchers described as a “new wave of superbugs,” the team found specific genetic changes over 20 years in vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, or VRE – and were able to track and show its growing resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers designed to combat them. Their findings were published on Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

    Tim Stinear, a microbiologist at Australia’s Doherty Institute who co-led the study, said that in Australia alone, use of the alcohol-based hand hygiene has increased tenfold over the past 20 years. “So we are using a lot and the environment is changing,” he said. Yet while rates of MRSA and other infections have stabilized due to heightened hygiene, Stinear said, VRE infection rates have not. This prompted his team to investigate the VRE bug for potential resistance to disinfectant alcohols.

    Such disinfectants restrict transmission of pathogens, such as multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecium. Despite this success, health care infections caused by E. faecium are increasing. We tested alcohol tolerance of 139 hospital isolates of E. faecium obtained between 1997 and 2015 and found that E. faeciumisolates after 2010 were 10-fold more tolerant to killing by alcohol than were older isolates. Using a mouse gut colonization model of E. faecium transmission, we showed that alcohol-tolerant E. faecium resisted standard 70% isopropanol surface disinfection, resulting in greater mouse gut colonization compared to alcohol-sensitive E. faecium. We next looked for bacterial genomic signatures of adaptation. Alcohol-tolerant E. faecium accumulated mutations in genes involved in carbohydrate uptake and metabolism. Mutagenesis confirmed the roles of these genes in the tolerance of E. faecium to isopropanol. These findings suggest that bacterial adaptation is complicating infection control recommendations, necessitating additional procedures to prevent E. faecium from spreading in hospital settings. –Science Translation Medicine journal

    Paul Johnson, a professor of infectious diseases at Austin Health in Australia who also co-led the study, said the findings should not prompt any dramatic change in the use of alcohol-based disinfectants but spark awareness of the fact that bacteria are becoming “superbugs.” “Alcohol-based hand rubs are international pillars of hospital infection control and remain highly effective in reducing transmission of other hospital superbugs, particularly MRSA,” Johnson said.

    Stinear said health officials should try higher-alcohol concentrate products and renew efforts to ensure hospitals are deep cleaned and patients found to be carrying VRE infections are isolated.


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      1. Reminds me of the George Carlin stand-up routine where he discusses his resistance to ‘bugs/germs/bacteria’ and the like. Funny and very true. “Germs….”:

      2. SEE


        Sorry folks I guess BIG BROTHER will not let me put a link up.

      3. They are bugs they mutate.
        We will figure something out. This happened all the time.

        • Alcohol resistant? Damn, I guess I’m no longer safe 🙁 . I still have not heard of anything resistant to silver. Carry a small bottle of CS with you (cheaper and more effective). Good to see ya Sgt. Hope all is well. I’m back for a while, time to go back to work. Shot my .40 for the first time, very impressed with that round! My new favorite semi auto caliber. Got my range set up to 800 yds. now but the damn wind won’t stop grrrr. Traded my old 9mm for an old Honda trail 90, I love those things lol. Our new puppy is doing great and smart as a whip! I just wonder how big he is going to get, he just keeps growing by the day (border collie, australian shepard, blue heeler mix). Anyway, I’ll be here for a month or 2, good seeing ya!

          • Alcohol kills single celled organisms often immediately due to drawing out water from them (so long as they’re in an active state) like a flash freeze drying.

            I’m shocked to hear them say this process which is quick can be defeated.

            I once put dormant dry yeast in an envelope and hit it with 8kilovolts at 20 or so KHZ (corona discharge) at 1kiowatt of power for 2 seconds. All this energy dumped into the little guys , including an ozone bath that was trapped in the envelope (byproduct of electrical discharge in air.

            Lots of the little bastards survived.
            Active yeast…dead.

            Dormant simple organisms are tough.

            Multiple methods of protecting oneself should be at hand other than CS. Fire cider, DIY cultures like kefir, yogurts and other fermented foods.

            One can find life in extreme acidity and extreme heat, but both acid and hot, it’s not so easy making a living. Use multiple techniques.

          • “G”
            Good to see you back my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours.

            The 40 is a good weapon, but I’m a 45 guy. I’m jealous 800 yard range. Darn I wish I had that. Just add a Noreen 300 Win Mag Assassin and a 450 Bushmaster.

            That is a great mix you have there. should get up to about 60 LBS maybe a little more. My Old dog is going to be 11 years old Jan 1. Australian Shepard and Chocolate Lab mix. 90 LBS. He is still going strong. Love the old man.

            Be talk’en to you.

        • If the alcohol won’t kill them at least it will make them drunk. Then just squish them as they stagger around.

          • Colloidal silver is the answer.

      4. Hospitals are danger zones. Go in with a cold, come out with a flesh eating drug resistant bacteria.

        Austin, Texas is named after a white man who did much for Texas, but he was white. So, he must go. Austin will be renamed Martin Luther King Blvd.; in honor of a Communist agitator.

        _ this is a half truth but the point is one hundred per cent valid


        • Dr King was many things but its disingenuous for anyone who brings out the faults in the US to be described as a communist agitator. You want to have to sit in the back of a bus? Be forced to use a separate bathroom but be right there for the draft?

          • Bringing out the faults in the USA is not just patriotic but actually a responsibility, enshrined and protected by the first Amendment. Advocating violence or committing same is not; Dr King did neither

          • Why do you want to be around White people, Kevin? WE Whites are racist pigs, nasty, brutish and short.

            WHITES will hold you down, Kevin. We are your worse enemy, Kevin. We are all racist pigs, Kevin….

            So, Kevin, WHY DO YOU DEMAND TO BE AROUND US?

            Kevin, if I was a negro, and knew what I knew, I would have NOTHING to do with White people…..but you demand to be around us.

            Who is the idiot here?

            • CENTURION

              “Why do you want to be around White people, Kevin?”

              I fail to understand the connection between a disingenuous accusation that Dr King was a communist agitator when he just brought out the gross mistreatment of blacks particularly in the southern states in the mid 1960s and before and “being around white people”. I’m by some standards “off white”, being half Italian & half Polish. I want to see no one mistreated nor receive special preferred treatment. Not being able to use a whites only bathroom and being put in the back of the bus by law (your tax dollars at work) and at the same point in history getting drafted for war fulfilling full citizenship duties is obviously unjust. I take “Equal Protection Under The Law” seriously.

              I hope the above clarifies my posting.

      5. My physician preferred hydrogen peroxide.

      6. Handwashing with soap , not alcohol, required for prevention of spread of Clostritium difficile.
        When I developed a few spontaneous abcesses in hip and groin which grew out culture proven Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA), I did not treat with antibiotics ( oral Bactrim , Clindamycin, IV vancomycin) rather injected local 1% xylocaine and performed incision and drainage (I&D) with scapel and # 11 blade and packed with 1/4 ” iodoform ribbon, left it for 48-72 hours to allow a cavity to form (otherwise the incision would collapse shut and trap residual inside) and covered with dry sterile dressing. Did this for about six abcesses which spontaneously formed. Interestingly, I never had another recurrence and it has been eight years. I am a surgeon, so nothing that a little Rambo style self treatment couldn’t take care of. No patients were infected either. In fact had one of the lowest elective infection rates < 0.5%, even in high risk population of diabetics and obese patients.

      7. Kryptonite works

      8. Seems like the age old wisdom of moms everywhere “Wash your hands”, as most physicians recommend washing your hands with plain soap & water. As if there isn’t enough to be paranoid over, your beloved canine friendly licks might harbor dangerous bacteria, as one man who contracted blood poisoning & had to have both of his legs amputated. Perhaps in the dystopian future walk around in bio-hazard suits.

      9. If all else fails, hit them with a hammer!

      10. Sulfur based compounds are back as bug killers.
        Should have some in your preps. Happy Jack is one brand that works well; basically sulfur and mineral oil.

        • Bactrim, sulfamethoxazole has been brought out of inventory as MRSA with its developed resistance to spore based antibiotics appeared. A significant number of boils are MRSA. A medical aid unit physician a decade ago at the NJ shore told me it was about 50% of patients he seen for infected wounds. Its not uncommon to get a 30 day dosage rather than the more common 10 day to kill it. Penicillin and its close derivatives, the “wonder drug”, was used far too often for decades. This plus its routine use in food animal feed created the problem.

      11. This troubles me. Some superbugs might gain immunity to a single chemical disinfectant, but by combining several disinfectants, it’s supposed to make it difficult for the pathogen to adapt.

        Ten years ago, in the UK they were combining four essential oils that allegedly made it very difficult for any pathogen to adapt. That was kind of the last defense…and an inexpensive one.

        Pathogens find a way to survive. Thermophiles can live at very high temperatures in extremely hostile environments, so we know that given enough time, immunity and adaptation will confer survivability.

        It’s very likely in the next ten years, we will lose antibiotics altogether. And if that happens, we’ll see a terrible rise in lethal infections and in persistant infectious states where the immune system could literally kill you by OVERREACTING. You start seeing healthy young people with robust immune systems dying of cytokine storms or similar.

        They are using copper ions with autoclaving to kill prions. Hopefully that will keep working. I don’t know why colloidal silver isn’t taken seriously.

        Allegedly grapefruit seed extract is quite good at squashing pathogens BUT due to issues with cytochrom p450 in the liver, the cure could definitely interfere or interact with existing medications. Grapefruit is usually forbidden with several drugs as it can greatly magnify OR negate a drug thus altering the therapeutic dosage.

        Olive leaf is probably a safer bet but that is very limited to harvesting from sparse locales in the USA.

      12. I’m sure tptb are working diligently to produce a bug with a zero chabce of survival if infected, untraceable of course. After all they own every aspect of our being. On MLK, I liked his message about equality and his antiwar stance. Nobody had a choice about being born.

      13. THE OMEGA MAN 1971


      14. Alamo

        “..I’m sure tptb are working diligently to produce a bug with a zero chabce of survival if infected..”

        A selective pandemic to cull the “useless eaters” while not effecting those chosen to survive is the most likely method or the amoral TPTB. That requires both the creation of the infectious disease and its vaccine or cure. Africa’s all too common news is the appearance of a previously unknown infectious disease while simultaneously various foundations, self proclaimed as benevolent operate on that continent. Is there a connection? I don’t know but nothing would surprise me.

        • It is the WHITE man who keeps saving the african from nature.

          WHY does the White man do this, and then have to deal with MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of negroes that want to invade White Europe.

          How stupid.

      15. Second part of the problem: people being TOO clean! Constantly washing hands and showering twice daily does not give your immune system any time to build defences! It’s been proven that kids who grow up playing in the dirt get sick far less often than kids who are made to stay clean.

        • I should live to 900 then. As kids not only did we play in dirt, we also helped grandparents in the garden, dad in the workshop and so on. My sister loved being in the house and helping keep things clean. She’s already had a heart attack. Did I mention she’s a couple years younger than me?

      16. Resistance to alcohol? I know a guy, about 80, who has been drinking the better part of a fifth of Fleischmann’s every day for many decades. Him and that bacteria have a lot in common.

        • Party Hard Dude !!!

        • Fleishmann’s? Talk about rotgut. You think the guy would have developed better taste over time along with his tolerance. Sorta like never outgrowing Boone’s Farm.
          He’s a tough sumbich that’s for sure!

          • Its bargain basement and when you drink like that its expensive. I assume his taste buds are loaded too.

      17. Not once in pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, etc did any professors (and they were all PhDs and most often experienced physicians) discuss using colloidal silver.

        I have never seen proof of its efficacy and lack of harm to the patient. In fact, I would never take it unless I had nothing else and was definitely ill. Why? If you overuse any cure, it lessens the efficacy.

        You do realize that your body is innundated with bacteria, right? If you were to daily take colloidal silver, and IF it worked as claimed, it would likely kill you as the valuable gut flora would die and instead something bad like C dificle would then take hold which is very difficult to treat.

        It’s actually grotesque how they cure it so you can look that up.

        Please do not take more thinking a routine amount is a panacea or a preventative. That is very illogical and danger in practice. That builds up a tolerance that your poor liver has to deal with. And your kidneys.

      18. If you clean your skin with alcohol frequently in order to avoid MRSA, it can backfire on you. The alcohol kills the healthy bacteria on the skin that keep the staph in check. I contracted MRSA while being fanatic about using rubbing alcohol to sterilize my skin after it was in contact with anything because I knew someone had MRSA. FAIL! Colloidal Silver didn’t do anything either – started using it topically and internally from the first sign of a small red dot. MRSA is out of control within 48 hours, btw. Get on antibiotics immediately if you get it. Don’t mess around with it.

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