Sun Is Entering Solar Minimum & And Age Of Global Cooling

by | May 18, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 23 comments

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    The evidence suggests that our sun is entering a phase called “solar minimum.”  That means the activity of the surface of the sun will be low and cause a cooling of the Earth. But NASA says don’t worry, redirect your attention to the virus and remain in panic mode.

    There have been no sunspots for 100 days, which is the best evidence we have that the sun is entering its solar minimum. There has been talk on social media about an impending Ice Age, but NASA scientists have said we should not be overly worried, according to PennLive.comThe control freaks in power need you focused on the fear over a virus to complete their tyrannical takeover, so they don’t want you prepared for what could come during solar minimum.

    The lack of sunspots shows that the sun is entering a period of low activity. “This is a sign that solar minimum is underway,” reads “So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum, indeed.”

    The best bet is to be prepared for anything really.  Solar minimum can and has historically wreaked havoc on crops.  Freezing temperatures in places that don’t normally freeze can create famines. Droughts are common as well, meaning growing could be difficult. Prepare, don’t fear. All of this might happen, but none of it could also happen.

    If you’ve already got some preparations in place for the government-induced food shortages coming up, you might be able to simply piggyback on those preps.

    Ways to Prepare for a Solar Minimum

    What can you do about it when the sun changes during this cycle? You can do plenty of things. Let’s go over a few of them.

    1. Pantry: Ensure that your Mason jars are wide-mouthed jars (that take a freeze), as much as possible. Ensure that all of your dry and canned goods are able to be warmed by a wood stove or moved into a room with a fireplace if there should be a power loss.
    2. Overall Food Supply: this encompasses canned and dry goods, as well as dehydrated, high-protein foods, is the way to go. Consider putting up a greenhouse as well.
    3. Water: remember that water in the winter under 32 degrees F is ice. Allow for some headspace (about ¼) in your water containers to allow for freezing. Move any water stored that is in danger of being frozen into an area above the freezing temperature. Have a way to take the ice and turn it into the water, and purify it.
    4. Winter Fuel: For years I have advocated cutting wood in the spring and curing it to cut and section in the fall. You should break out the chainsaws and if there are fire restrictions prohibiting its use, get out the ax and bow saw for a good workout along with the wood gathering. Any dead trees on your property and any fallen dead timber or standing dead timber (with a permit in a national or state forest) is fair game. Cut it now, while the cutting is possible.
    5. Vehicles Weatherized and Prepped: Now is a good time to top off all of the fluids, perform any maintenance, and get that vehicle ready to be your tool in the winter. Extra blankets and clothing in the car along with your BOB (bug-out bag) and supplies are necessary. Don’t forget a food supply that is either dehydrated or one that can take a freeze.
    6. Communications: Prep by investing in Motorolas for the family, CB radios for the vehicles and a base station, or long-range radios and a base station as well. Don’t forget to support it all with a generator and solar panels to charge batteries and to run radios from.
    7. Defense: Archery equipment and firearms are necessary for both hunting game, and also making sure that two-legged hunters don’t make your supplies their game if it hits the fan and there is a prolonged collapse.

    Remember, if you are prepared, there is nothing to fear. In my experience, you would pretty much do the opposite of what the government tells you to do.  For example, “fear the virus” is all anyone is focusing on, so it’s it overblown out of proportion propaganda psych op to leave you paralyzed by fear.  Now, NASA and other “official scientists,” say we don’t have to worry about or prepare for a solar minimum.  That probably means it’s time to get a few preps in order if you haven’t already. The mainstream media puppets won’t tell you it’s time to prepare, because their job is to wait until they can use a topic to generate fear and manufacture consent for your enslavement.


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      1. The bigger threat to clear skies are Chem trails from aircraft blocking the sun for solar panel energy production. Notice when the Plandemic shut down took place, the sky was bright and clear for weeks, only since the shut down after 9-11 when all US aircraft were grounded were the skies this clear. 36,000 Aircraft have been grounded. A win win for the environment. And the brown empty haze in LA lifted also from no auto traffic.

        • Agreed. If it’s too cold then STOP spraying. It was nice to have blue skies for a while but I see they are coming back now. I remember a few years ago some CA town was sueing the govt. for spraying and blocking solar power. Haven’t heard about it since. Democracy sucks, you are ruled by the masses of imbiciles….

      2. Why does RTs Rachel Blevins sound so happy that America now has more unemployed and impoverished people than ever before on Sputniks George Galloway Mother of All Talk Shows?

        The woman literally sounds so thrilled that she cannot contain her ecstacy over so much suffering. It is not only happening in America! So, even if she hates Trump so much, this is effecting the poorest countries also, and even more!

        What the fuck is wrong with these evil, sadistic, barbaric nut jobs?!

        That is totally sadistic! They are happy that people are suffering! How disgusting! What lousy excuses for human beings they are!

        They are 100% evil!

      3. actually, the article is wrong, we are starting the climb of solar cycle 25, lol

      4. Where is GRETA the FAKE GODDESS of FAKE NEWS and LIES????

      5. TSB – Wow, who would have known there is a connection between this virus and these weird extensive lines in the sky. When things are back to “normal” can we expect to see these geometric shapes back in the sky, that are loaded with barium, aluminum, and an assortment of other compounds that cannot exist naturally in the atmosphere?
        My own eyes and those of my friends have watched with binoculars and a telescope, aerosols being sprayed directly from aircraft in patterns. And then the trails form an unnatural haze that spreads across the sky. The gov’t denies this phenomenon is real. We should all just always believe the gov’t. Besides, they would never do anything that harms people, would they?

      6. Italian legislator, Sara Cunial is holding Bill Gates feet to the fire over his vaccine hoax and conspiracy to induce global economic catastrophe!

        Go Sara! More power to you!

        May the force be with you, Sara Cunial!

        What a crying shame that nobody in American governmemt has the guts to take Gates on!

        A bunch of cowards, wimps, and psychopaths! Either too chicken shit to throw Gates in prison for undeniably orchestrating global and national terrorism, or in on it!

      7. This story is 11 years too late. We are already in the new solar cycle and each week we will get more and more sunsplots. It has been weeks since we had consecutive days without spots. Mac is an idiot.

      8. Indeed, perhaps the possibility of a protracted Solar Minima has been detailed here roughly 6 years ago by none other than moi.

        In March of 2013 JASA – the Japanese equivalent of our own NASA here in the US – posted an exceedingly odd but if data obtained via their ultra-high resolution X-ray solar observatory, ‘HINODE’. Specifically, that our parent star was demonstrating a hitherto unknown phenomena, ie, it had become ‘Quadrupolar’.
        A brief explanation of why this is odd is as follows: During each Sokar cycle as the Sun approaches Solar Maxima for the cycle the Sun displays a clear and pronounced dipole characteristic, one polarity of charge at the northern pole, the opposite countervailing charge at goethe southern. During the next cycle that pattern reverses itself while during the intervening minima the visible disk is apparently neutral, showing no buildup of excess charge anywhere.
        Perhaps a brief foray into Solar Dynamics is useful here, so without undue digression…
        Roughly, every 11 years the our sun (technically, Sol) completes a full solar cycle and commences another. However, the Sun is a dynamic body and much as a significant portion of the hysterics witnessed semi-regularly (everywhere…seemingly) with respect to Yellowstone’s activity is little other than a thoroughly lack of historical context on the part of the uninformed so it is that Sol’s activity also undergoes epicyclic fluctuations, which we refer to as Grand Solar Minima.
        The most recent of these was the Dalton Minima which occurred between 1790 and 1830. However, it had undergone a much deeper SGM which is named the Maunder minima. During that period not so much as a hint of fluctuation from a severely depressed solar baseline. It is the case that (we estimate!) that the average global temperatures dropped almost 2.3 degrees Celsius. So, “Big F’in deal’ eh?
        Not quite…the tropics remained splendidly warm but the further one departed towards either of the poles from that, the more extreme the weather became…especially Winter(s) in general. Across the entirety of the period (nearly) Europe and North America recorded temperatures that had not hithero been recorded in written history. Glacial systems advanced at a ferocious rate; several towns in Norway and Sweden in which towns had been founded and erected near to the terminus of glaciers were obliterated by the advancing walls of ice.
        We KNOW today the truth of this not only from the semi-primitive efforts of the age to record accurately record what was being then witnessed, BUT also directly as a consequence of large numbers of lake bottom and glacier ice core analyses which have been conducted in the time since GOOD instrumentation and record keeping became available to humanity at large.
        Those core’s VERY accurately record a wealth of ACCURATE data which fully corroborates the otherwise anecdotal musings recorded from that time; that global pollen counts abruptly decreased after 1645 and remained strongly depressed throughout the period. The vast number of ice cores retrieved from everywhere between from Greenland and Antarctica indicate highly enhanced snowfalls in both the Northern and Southern hemisperes for the duration.
        So, is the World going to end? Not quite. However, given the incredible geo-political fragility of things around us currently if HINODE’s observation is suggesting the onset of another GSM then certainly said fragility WILL generally will be exacerbated as lower crop yields due to shorter growing seasons manifest, leading to a materially diminished ability for humanity to produce adequate foodstuffs…again, becoming more pronounced as one departs further and further from the equator.

        Anywho, gotta go now kid’s. Adios Muchacho’s…hope that explanation helps clarify matters somewhat…


          Either possibility results in a classic conspiracy theory:
          — epicycles and divergent centers, 2 dimensionally
          — a second mass, 3 dimensionally.

      9. I live in the west of the uk, and have noticed that almost instantly once the lockdown was implemented that there has been a lot less rain falling – which is very unusual for west wales. For two weeks in April it was summer like weather, since then the cloud has returned but still the water holds off, and for may it is cooler than usual – but not that unusual as summer does not really start around here until june 21st when the temperature picks up.

        For a solar minimum its not that much cooler!

      10. You folks need to quit with the “Chem trail” BS… its right up there on the list with Flat Earth for making you look really stupid.

        • I have personally observed with high-powered optics heavy spraying from large aircraft leaving trails forming geometric patterns, patterns that can only exist with intention. Furthermore, they were not merely passenger aircraft passing through, they were aircraft that were observed turning around only to continue spraying in the opposite direction, and making several passes in that part of the sky. You are commenting on that which you apparently don’t know anything about, and thus appear buffoonish.

          • They don’t deny they are spraying it is a FACT! Look up geoengineering. Check out “geoengineering watch dot org”. YOU make yourself look extremely stupid denying FACTS!

        • THANK YOU!!!
          I concur whole-heartedly. Most dippity-do-dahs posting that chem trail tripe wouldn’t know a chem trail from a CON TRAIL produced by Jet air liners; God, it does get tiring.
          Returning to my previous post above I realized that I neglected to add one very important salient. To wit, we won’t really begin to be able to ascertain whether or not we are proceeding into another Grand Solar Minima (GSM) until the latter portion of 2021 or early 2022. Before that point all is simply errant speculation. Furthermore, ‘YES’, I can speak authoritatively on the matter. Period.

          JOG, aka ‘JustOneGuy’…hereabouts since before most ever even heard of this site. Nuff said.

          • Yu No Nothing, Read my post above this. Better to be thought of as an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt….

            • Really?
              Methinks your moniker is antithetical opposed to the reality.
              Not a problem though, the site is – apparently – no longer frequented by any of the ‘old guard’, ie, those who had something between their ears other than meat, the Mac(s) appear to have selected commercialization over content and my patience with fucking idiot’s is at an end.
              Fuck you VERY Much…you need’nt reply hereto, rest assured I won’t see it by virtue of permanent absence hereafter.
              ‘FOAD’…that’s military acronym FWIW Adios me Morono’s


        • You can see in the skies, jet chem trails. So I assume ANON thinks the long strait line of white coming out of the jet is some natural cloud formation? Anon is a dope. Its like a tic tac toe board ###########

        • Why would those “in charge” allow the poisonous chemicals to be sprayed in the sky where they would fall on them and poison them, their food and water, and their families, too?

          Do they have a death wish? Or do chemtrailers have an overactive imagination?

          • Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Official Video)

            Their imaginary roleplay will cause the S’s & M’s to have slips in judgment and sometimes to fail tests in the real world.

            “Sometimes”. That is a modifier aka weasel word.

            Thousands of years of institutionalized dysfunction and “yes” men, to the very last.

            I saw one person’s leg bones twisted up and wired back together, this week, and another person not allowing a ‘good’ emergency to go to waste.

            There is inappropriate behavior at the scene of every disaster I have had the displeasure to witness.

            Manners and good stewardship are not a literal gauge of whether something is real; irrational people are constantly trashing their surroundings and themselves.

      11. The worse problems with winter weather were reported at the northernmost verges of industrial habitation, with no particular reason to factory farm, there, for all times.

        It would be rather ironic:
        — if prime farmland became useless to foreign interlopers and globalist, regulatory capture.
        — if urban useless-eaters, propped-up, by decree, had to sink or swim.
        — if water tables in the badlands were restored for independent use.

      12. NASA is full of CRAP. Also known a a fake space agency.

      13. You probably won’t see this as too much time has elapsed. I am so sorry to see you leave! I hardly ever post, but have enjoyed your posts for many years. You and the gentleman who reported on earthquakes. His moniker started with a “B”. I recall that you and yours had gone to, what I surmise from your writing, is your permanent BOL. We hadn’t heard from you in a long while, then you reappeared as Yu-Know-Who. I enjoyed seeing your posts again so much. This site has really gone downhill but I keep holding on related to posts such as yours. I’m so sorry that one person’s nasty criticism has pushed you away. I notice this in a lot of men. They are fiercely competitive to the point of negating almost everything another man has to say. It’s as if they are somehow validated as “better, brighter, etc”. God speed JOG! I will miss, so much, reading your posts!

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