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Lior Gantz
August 28th, 2020
Wealth Research Group
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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Gold stocks might have peaked for the COMING WEEKS. On August 5th, we may have SEEN THE TOP for the time being.

Just how amazing was the RALLY, which started on March 18th?

  1. The GDX index, which is comprised of the world’s BIGGEST AND most recognized gold and silver miners, has gone from $19 to $44.50, a 134% return in LESS THAN five months.

Year-to-date, the GDX index is up 37%, compared with the NASDAQ 100, which is up only 33%!

With all the noise that the media is making about tech being the GREATEST PLAY ever, a simple low-fee position with GDX has beaten all of these cloud-servicing, Artificial Intelligence and payment processing wonder kids of the cyber world.

  1. The GDXJ index looks to have ALSO TOPPED, and is up 34.9% in 2020, but HOLD YOUR HORSES; that’s 400% more than the average S&P 500 annual return, so I assume you’re not feeling TOO BAD about that!

Still, in a mature BULL MARKET, the GDXJ would handily beat the GDX, so the fact that it isn’t is indicative of FURTHER UPSIDE POTENTIAL.


The way American finance works, with the FEDERAL RESERVE having so much authority to CREATE CURRENCY, the markets have ceased to be “free.”

The big problem with the rich getting richer isn’t that the poor are FRUSTRATED, since entrepreneurs COULD INSPIRE the masses to follow them; the problem is that the wealthy aren’t doing anything that’s REPEATABLE or leaves a trail of guidelines, since all they’re doing is capitalizing on their UNIQUE ACCESS to cheap credit.

When the poor don’t HAVE A PRAYER to join the rich, elevating the collective wealth of the nation, something IS WRONG!

If someone is doing ALL HE CAN and still gets nowhere, we have a structural failure.

For now, this entire CREDIT ORGY is fueling a great party, but what the participants don’t know is that once the music stops, they’ll be asked to pay for this shindig and it WON’T COME CHEAP!

A country like the USA can create many trillions in currency to offset the revenues and the income lost by the pandemic, but it can’t put the genie back in the bottle; this is CURRENCY DEBASEMENT.


The credit expands and generates wealth for equity holders, while the average person GOES DOWN!

No country can thrive as a bastion of capitalism when its citizens have no part in the FUN OF PROFITS, but only toil from dusk ‘til dawn to make ENDS MEET.

I own gold, silver and other safe havens for this reason.

THINGS ARE NEARING a breaking point; it’s just the way it is, unfortunately!

President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve!

He wants zero rates and QE4!

You must prepare for the financial reset

We are running out of time

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    Author: Lior Gantz
    Date: August 28th, 2020

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    1. Anonymous says:

      A plane with five passengers…Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Pope, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Greta Thunberg…is about to crash and there are only four parachutes.

      Dr. Fauci says “I need one. I have to develop a vaccine for covid 19.” He takes a parachute and jumps.

      The Pope says “I need one. I have to guide the people through the spiritual crisis wrought by covid 19.” He takes one and jumps.

      Donald Trump says “I need one. I’m the most stable genius in the USA.” He grabs one and jumps.

      Hillary Clinton says ” You take the last parachute Greta. My public life is over and yours has just begun.”

      Greta Thunberg says ” Don’t worry. There are two parachutes left. The most stable genius in the USA took my backpack.”

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Trump, Biden and every congressional member still refuse to address the important issues:

      1.) 9/11 staged attacks
      2.) $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors
      3.) covid plandemic scamdemic

      Stop THE BIG LIES! Don’t elect BIG LIARS!

      Vote at your own peril!

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is not effective or just to have criminals, in charge of criminals, in charge of criminals, in charge of criminals, which is what we currently have. Follow the money. Who is funding BLM? Conservative capitalist institutions like the Ford Foundation, JPM/Chase, Nike, and sores of others. Sorry but all involved reeek like hell! Why aren’t the financiers being charged with being state sponsors of terrorism?! Still waiting for the BIG LIES to end and guilty psychopaths to be charged for 9/11 and covid plandemic scamdemic!

      Since the corporate financiers of BLM, including JPM with $23 trillion AUM, and since they are the ones that write the legislation that congress signs into law, if JPM wanted police shootings to end, they would have lobbied for it, and it would have been carved in stone as law. This proves that what JPM and the other corporate financiers wanted was chaos, for the FIRE economy, Financials, Insurance Real Estate, giving them yet another excuse for treasury looting!

      Blacks are being used by them in a Charles Manson fantasy!

      If Republicans were serious about law and order they would have prosecuted the true perpetrators of 9/11 staged attacks, $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors, and covid economy plandemic scamdemic for looting and extrajudicial murder!
      Andrea Iravani