Stunning Conspiracy Report: “Hackers Claim John McCain Knew ISIS Execution Videos Were Staged”

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    The following report was originally published at Zero Hedge.


    In a rather stunning note, CyberBerkut, a Ukrainian group of hackers, claims to have hacked John McCain’s laptop while he was in the Ukraine, and as Techworm reports, what they have released from his June visit appears to be a fully staged production of an ISIS execution video

    As Techworm reports, according to the hackers, they broke into the laptop of one of the American politicians, Senator McCain and after found a video with staged IS execution, which they decided to show to the world community.

    It so happened that Senator John McCain had visited Ukraine on a official visit somewhere in the first week of June 2015. The hacktivists belonging to CyberBerkut somehow managed to access his laptop.

    Here is what CyberBerkut said to John McCain…

    “We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!

    Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents. In one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put:this video should become the property of the international community!

    The video they released is below..

    From the video it can be seen that the entire set including the hostage is stage managed.  An actor dressed as an executioner of IS is holding a knife to behead the prisoner, and the “victim” depicts to be suffering.

    It may be recalled that IS have been repeatedly publishing the videos of the executions of hostages and if this video is true, the victims may in fact be alive.

    The authenticity of this video has not been independently verified.

    *  *  * has attempted to debunk the hacker’s claims

    The video shows a very brightly lit stage with simulated desert floor and a greenish backdrop. A film crew and multiple lights surround the stage, but they are strongly backlit. The video has no audio, and is very low resolution so no details can be made out. The kneeling man wears a head cover, to suggest that the head could be replaced by a computer generated image, or separately recorded video.

    The video appears to be an attempt to replicate one of the “Jihadi John” beheading videos of 2014. In particular it appears to be an attempt to replicate the video of James Foley. None of those videos show actual beheadings, and instead show Jihadi John sawing at the neck with no apparent blood, and then they cut to a shot of a decapitated head posed on top of a body. This led to speculation that the videos were faked.

    However we can tell it is not a video of the faking of any of the Jihadi John videos for a number of reasons.

    *  *  *

    While it is easy to point the finger at the pro-Russian hacker collective (and consider their motives in damaging US – especially McCain – influence) and deny the video’s truth, one can’t help but wonder – given just how well produced the final videos were in many cases, just who is behind the scenes of the widely known to be funded by US sources ISIS… just another conspiracy theory?


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      1. You have to wonder why Jihadi John recently defected from ISIS to Syria, “knowing” that he would be tried for multiple murders.

        Talk about a guy between a rock and a hard place …… 🙂

          • Huuuuuhhhh???

        • McCain the big war hero turns out to be a traitor. I bet he was like Nestor from the Missing in Action movies, the POW that served the gooks against his countrymen for more comfort. Scum.

          • Zero- there was a great article about McCain’s war past. His name amongst his fellow POWs (and the Vietnamese) is SongBird as he ratted on everyone.

            Look up Jack Lamb, a former FBI negotiator and special operations vet in Vietnam. He blows McCain’s secrets wide open. I was literally shaking in anger after reading what John Shitstain did.

            • Thanks man for the confirmation of this traitor’s true nature. He and Obamanation make a good pair. Both hate the American people.

              • SC and Zero, McCain is very well-known in the Vietnam POW community. He was responsible for the suffering and even deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of POWs. A lot of POWs didn’t make it out alive because of him. If I ever see him in my scope…..

                • Hey BH…

                  Only from those who WERE there can I give some credence to what is widely accepted as truth… and is…

                  Having only been on the edge, myself, in the recovery of “boxes”…do I know the damage this “hero” has done…

                  i lost more than one friend….

        • Obama will not finish his second term… Banned independent documentary
          reveals the truth. This will scare millions! Current Events Linked to
          Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

        • Did he really exist?

      2. Yawn. Who here cares or more importantly is surprised at anything any politician does or has done? Oh no, McCain lied again, Obama lies every day. So does Clinton, Reed, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner and the list goes on and on.


      3. Stuck in moderation.


        • I’ll bet it’s a nefarious plot by those shape-shifting reptile aliens who are the true masters behind the Illuminati takeover of the world.

      4. All I can say is, if ISIS isn’t beheading people, then the jokes on them, because they are getting the shit bombed out of them daily by about six different air forces, including ours.

        Not the smartest public relations campaign, that’s certain.

        • Are they really getting bombed or is that all propaganda too?

        • I saw this a week or two ago when another poster put the video in the comments, and I was surprised at how little attention it has gotten. I know we will never be able to verify the authenticity of it, but at least for me when I saw it…..I absolutely got chills up my spine. I as I am sure many of you are as well, have always had serious suspicions (to put it lightly) about isis and the beheading and propaganda videos. And when I watched this, to me it looked exactly like it and exactly like what our gov’t would do in order to justify another war in the region. But what gave me chills was just to think about the amount of evil it takes to be willing to sacrifice so many young lives over nothing but lies lies and lies. And to be able to sit back and laugh about it. What else are they lying to us about? What else are they capable of? What aren’t they capable of? How far would they not go? We are truly being ruled by the children of satan, there are wicked things being done right before our very eyes. Pray for us people, pray for your family, pray for strangers you don’t even know. We are in truly dark times

        • ISIS is fake….they don’t exist. the USA just made them up because they needed a new enemy.

      5. America is ONE BIG LIE!

        All one can do is get as far away from the Zog run Rat Race as financially possible, just chill and watch it all unfold.

        The only way to win the NWO Zionist Game is Not to play it.

          • I love George!

        • Remember Mouse, its always the 2nd Mouse that gets the cheese. You are correcto wise mouse!!

          Eliminate all your debt, cut the cord, cable TV, grow your own healthy food- GMO Free, and be as self sufficient off their grid, go solar, wind, personal water well floride free, etc.

          Did you know that Denmark produced 140% of their energy use off of wind power only? Yep, the excess they sold mainly to Germany, Norway, and a few other countries. They are iff the grid and making money. Just think if the US could have used the $5 Trillion they wasted on 2 phony wars they lost and put that into solar and renewable energy sources, our national cost savings to our business sector would increase profits and be more competitive in the world. And would reduce our threats against us and make us safer and more productive and keep our environment cleaner and healthier for our people. And why we need to get rid of these career politician hacks like Jihad McCain who as paid shills to keep the war machine oiled for the few. Lets take our Country Back. ~WWTI

          • @WhoWuddaThunkIt ;0)

            “it’s always the 2nd Mouse that gets the cheese.”

            a very astute observation of life.

            you’re absolutely right!

            “only fool’s rush in!”

      6. Everybody is all moist over trump I hear it all the time. Fucking idiots trump don’t care about you. He’s rich really rich and don’t need you. Some rich celeb overdoses and dies and people are all sad over it. They didn’t even know or care you existed. Wanna change the talking points put kardashians ass on tv problem solved. I hate these corporations more and more each day they are exploiting people when you make $ and again when you spend it too. Your Just a number whatever your employee number is. It like pulling teeth to reach human resources nowadays. I hope the economy crashes and burns. People need to be forced out of their free shit fog. Stop consuming shit and wasting $ on useless junk. When you consume you keep the bullshit going and growing.

      7. But he is a “War Hero”. How can he lie? Actually he is an old dinosaur prostitute and another foot soldier of the worldwide Zionist Banking Cartel who has blood all over his hands from innocents blood all over this planet.

        • Stolz, McCain is a hero only to the commie trash in Vietnam he got in bed with. We’ll never know how many POWs died because of his sorry ass.

          • As always right on Brave.

      8. You cannot beleive a thing when the USA is involved and i don’t tink some guy that went around being filmed as he executed people would want to return home any time soon.

        Take for example big bad Russia wjo put a veto on a new investigation into the shooting down of airline MH17 ? Big bad Russia but what they don’t tell you is that Russia wanted the year long investigation that was started a year ago to continue and did not want more delay tacticks.

        One year on and still no red-box conclusions and the USA wants more time to cover the mess up.

        Half truth’s and lie is all that the media feeds the people but many of us have given in listening to state propaganda

        • Mr Smith, after one year the preliminary assessment into what brought MH-17 Flight to crash over Ukrain it was concludef that an Israeli Air to Air Python missle brought down MH-17. The final report is to be releases on Oct 2015. So killing 280+ People all to blame Russia is just another ZOG False Flag. Russian Satellite had the attack aircraft on photo capture. That was released a few months after the crash. ~WWTI

        • And why does the US FAA investigate plane crashes in other countries? I’ve always wondered that.

      9. Somewhere along the way the truth became less important than telling a good story.

      10. does this mean he is a traitor rather than a hero???

        • he’s more than that…

          he has two north Vietnamese children from when he was shot down over vietnam and was a pow. he impregnated his private nv nurse twice. vietnam vets report he never was an actual prisoner but a special guest and was allowed to travel when a pow. plus he and his father left behind 20,000+ american pow’s in vietnam to die when the war ended as the zog usa refused to pay war repatriations.

          he killed 130+ sailors on the uss forestall aircraft carrier doing a illegal wet jet fuel start.

          he was the worst navy pilot ever shot down 3 times the last time was to cover up his killing the sailors on the uss forestall to avoid prosecution by the navy.

          his father was directly responsible for the uss liberty zog false flag attack by Israeli jets and attack boats.

          he sold out the Apache indians tribal lands.

          And he is directly responsible for 10’s of 100’s of 1000’s deaths, rapes, murders from illegal foreign war’s.

          the f*cker is pure evil.

          • I read that article too Mouse. I was so angry at how many lives McCain ruined that I almost put my fist through the computer.

            My uncle is a Vietnam Vet and he/his war buddies detest McCain with a passion.

            • SC, where can I find that article?

              • it’s a well known white nationalism website.

        • Charlie,
          Mcain was NEVER a hero the media played him as one, B UT if you do the research you’ll find he is a SCUMBAG just like 90% of the white house group and should be hung as a traitor to our country!!

          • They brought us 7-11’s, then 9-11, doing the number sequence, 11-11 is next. Ya think? Ha!

      11. A lot of folks seem to be picking on McCain these days. As politicans go, you could do much worse.

      12. I’ve always said John McCain wasn’t right starting in 1977 till now. His ruck just didn’t have the stuff in it he said it had (get my drift). Maybe him and Hanoi Jane are cousins. Yes I have T-Shirts.

        Copperhead out.

        • McCain stated that he wanted all conservatives out of the republican party. Didn’t he almost sink the USS Forrestal?

      13. Throwing gays off of roofs is probably staged as well.

        No one actually does those things, especially Muslims.

        • near as I can tell here on the ground in A-Kron,

          NOTHING being done about this.

          at least when Don Plusquelic had been our Mayor, he would have least dressed down these “youts” and the Black “Leaders” for this kind of conduct in A-Kron.

          Mayor Don is no more–he walked away from it all of late!

          • Anon, let those black trash kids come to my place with that idea and I’ll greet them with 12-ga. in hand loaded with 00 buck. I’ll give them one chance ONLY to turn around and get away ALIVE. If anyone makes a WRONG move, they turn into a ‘Michael Brown’.

      14. Illegal Immigrant Black on White Violent Rape on Rise in Germany

        german newspaper in emmen just reported on front page that a afican black illegal immigrant tackled a young white german teen of her bicycle and raped the poor girl on the towns bike path so violently that he snapped her neck and paralyzed her for life.

        Zog Forced Diversity is White Genocide!

        In israel yesterday a israeli mafia sex trafficked forced to work in a israeli mafia owned brothel white russian teen killed herself by jumping naked from the 6th story balcony of her israeli mafia pimps pad!

        there is a trend her around the globe and in zog amerika of white teens being attacked, raped and trafficked forced into abusive sexual slavery. this trend will continue to rise to epidemic proportions in zog amerika and abroad as Zog Forced Diversity is allowed to go unchecked!




        F*CK THE ZOG!

        • Illegal Immigrant Black on White Violent Rape on Rise in Germany

          Was there ever a legal Black on White violent rape?

      15. Black Mob Teens tell the Truth in news interview on Black Mob Violence and Mob Raiding Stores in Black Mob ‘Surges’!

        “It’s Fun and We get Paid!” “Why should I get a job when i can get paid $300. mob stealing from stores!”


        • Looks like fun. Maybe I should dress in black face and join in.

        • Black mob violence is fun. If you are a black teen. Not so much for white kids or Indian store owners for that matter.


          • BigB let’s see if they sing that same song after coming to my place. If hey kick in my door, they die. If they stay away, they get to live. Fair enough.

      16. The entire government is a lie. But stupid ‘americans’ just keep putting blind faith into a corrupt and completely broken system…what fools.

      17. With all the other news today, Mac hadda pick THIS?????

      18. Yet McCain and Palin became the party choice in that election. Two evil quacks up against the Kenyan usurper Opuppet. Who’ll be the next puppet in line? Why it’s the same old puppets on a string as before, either or, America’s favorite rehashed crime families. Bush or Clinton, They must think voter’s are freaking stupid, rather they just don’t care just as long as the same criminals hold power and the exact same agenda is followed. More military spending out the yingyang to protect America from those out to do us harm, them freaking selves. How in hell does McCainshit keep getting elected in his home state, obviously fixed. Fuck Bush and Clinton, their lengthy crime raps are found all over the net, the other declared candidates all suck also, you liars can all go to hell!

        • aljamo: No vote you have no right to complain YEA; RIGHT.
          All this BS about voting is just that BULL SH~T, state and higher offices are appointed not elected. Put the time you vote to more preparing your future out come will be better for it. IMHO.


          • Copperhead and everyone else, NOBODY has to be a registered voter to speak their minds. I’ve heard the same line, ‘if you don’t vote, you can’t complain’, from BOTH democrats and republicans all my life, so that should speak volumes about both parties being the same.

      19. So the obvious question is: Why can’t they kill someone on a sound stage too?

      20. Kentucky man shoots down drone hovering over his backyard

        “The 43-year-old man claimed that law enforcement officials, including the county jailer, told him privately that they agreed with his actions.”

        “The people that own the drones and the people that hate guns are the only ones that disagree with what I did,…”

        “The bottom line is that it’s a right to privacy issue and defending my property issue. It would have been no different had he been standing in my backyard. As Americans, we have a right to defend our rights and property.”

        arstechnica dot com

      21. I shot the crap out of my ceiling the other night. Thought I was being attacked by a drone but it was only my ceiling fan! No more beer after 9PM!

        • no Prophet

          that’s no more drinking after 9AM !

      22. One disgraceful asshole elected after another, the Bush’s take the grand prize for treasonous criminals elevated to continuing to destroy America. But like teflon, nothing sticks thanks to their long owned media mouthpieces who are master propagandists to keep the lies above reproach. G.H.W. Bush, a German nazi like his father, in on this tyranny from day one before, during and after WW2, a war where American corportism funded both sides. His cia involvement early and extensive, all which he has lied about. His connection to JFK’s murder, no he says he wasn’t there, pitiful because he was. His presidency set the stage for more tyranny, Clinton the hardcore criminal succeeding him to continue the damage against the American people. George W., the moron son to drive the knife further into common sense, and his brain the satanically evil Cheney who set up the present criminal, you know hope and change. Now we get Jeb, attempting to be the third Bush lying criminal as president. WTF!!! This criminal should have never been elected governor of Florida. The choice, this murderous evil hag Hillary, hey a black man got in now it’s time to put in a woman, I use that term loosely, the joke is on us. My dad died as a result of being in WW2, I hate all these warmongering evil bastards.

        • aljamo

          “no he says he wasn’t there”

          Actually its better than that. He said he was somewhere in Texas, couldn’t remember where.

          I was 6 years old and I remember where I was. Everyone I ever spoke to that was old enough to be cognitive damn sure remembers where they were on Dec 22nd 1963.

          I think Jon Corzine was groomed by him when he said, “The 1.2 billion”? “I have no idea where it went”. “Don’t know a thing about it”. (Paraphrasing Of Course, its statements to that effect).

      23. We need to change this subject to an issue that is long overdue for discussion. Men, do you stand up to pee in your own home or the home of others? Yes you do every filthy one of you do it. And you are splashing your pee all over the place and most of you are leaving it for the woman of the house to clean it up or just making a lazy effort to hide your dirty deed. Every stinker one of you should be ashamed of yourself since the solution is so simple and obvious. Sit your fat ass down when you pee. Are you so unsure of your manhood that you refuse to sit when you pee?

        • If you are a real man prove it right now by testifying that you have no doubts concerning your manhood and you sit to pee in your home or you will immediately start sitting now that you are enlightened in this matter. I will begin by stating I have no doubts of my manhood and I sit to pee in my home. Lets hear it men or by your silence show The world that you are unsure of yourself. Lets hear some testimony.

          • PISS OFF.

          • charles king = Cuckold Goyim

          • CK, I have no doubt of my manhood and this subject sucks, so go PISS OFF [PUN INTENDED, WHAT THE HELL].

        • I pee off the deck…bathroom is pristine!

      24. No, and the piss goes everwhere because one never knows if the aim is straight on or carries a sidestream. Big deal, wipe it up, its not like it is a toxic substance or shitting on the floor. Or maybe you were referring to something else entirely.

      25. It isn’t bad enough that Puerto Rico is broke. Now they are having an earthquake swarm. Dozens.

      26. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? You tell me.

        “All The World Is A Stage”
        William Shakespeare

        George Orwell


        TRUE STORY

        i’m posting this here so you all can learn from a white boer south african family’s recent experience fighting off masked black south african khafirs highway car-jackers during broad daylight in a ‘no go white’ zone!


        Woman takes on armed gangsters in Gulu, East London
        Barbara Hollands, South Africa | 28 July, 2015 09:48

        A Kidd’s Beach woman described the terror she and her two passengers experienced when a gang of thugs attacked their vehicle with rocks and long knives at Gulu Beach on Sunday afternoon.

        In an impulsive stroke of bravery‚ Phyl Schenk drove headlong towards the gang when she saw them attack an elderly couple and their son.

        The gang turned on her vehicle‚ leaving her double cab bakkie with a shattered windscreen‚ smashed side mirror and deeply pockmarked bodywork.

        “They wanted to kill us. I have no doubt about that‚” she said.

        Schenk‚ 68‚ said she and her husband Aubrey‚ 75‚ were showing a friend around East London’s beaches and decided to have a look at Gulu River Mouth at about 3pm.

        “We know it is unsafe there‚ but we just wanted to go to the old bridge at the river and immediately turn back.”

        Speaking to the Daily Dispatch on Monday afternoon‚ a badly shaken Schenk described how she saw three men assaulting three people in a “small white car”.

        “I could see the son was being forced to open the boot while one of the gangsters attacked the old man. One of the thugs was also trying to pull the old lady from the back seat of the car.

        “They had long-bladed knives and so my initial reaction was to get out of there‚ but then I thought those people were going to get killed‚ so I put foot.”

        Hooter blaring‚ she drove towards the scene‚ only to be confronted by about five or six more men – one clad in a balaclava – who emerged from the bush.

        “One tried to stab me through my window and if it had not been for the special reinforced glass he would have struck me in the temple and killed me. He had such hate in his eyes – they all did.”

        Schenk sped to the end of the narrow road‚ made a U-turn and drove headlong back toward the gang‚ who pelted her windscreen‚ bonnet and doors with rocks.

        By this time the initial attack victims had grabbed the opportunity to drive away from the scene‚ but Schenk overtook them and sped to Kidd’s Beach police station.

        “A man on the other side of the river saw what happened and called the K9 Unit so they already knew about it and the police were there very quickly and arrested two men.”

        Schenk said that in addition to the K9 Unit‚ police and a private security firm‚ her husband and neighbours also returned to the scene with firearms.

        “The old couple and their son came to visit us on Sunday evening. They were completely traumatised. I am still shaking and could not sleep.

        “These people were out to kill in order to get what they wanted and I want to warn people that Gulu Mouth is a no-go area.”

        Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mtati Tana confirmed that two men aged 32 and 42 were arrested and a case of robbery opened.

        Knives and a toy gun were recovered.

        He said the elderly couple had been robbed of cellphones‚ watch‚ spectacles and money and that anyone with information about the suspects still at large should call Kidd’s Beach police at (043)781-1500 or 08600-10111

      28. I know some of the posters here are living in California. I have been researching farm land in California and the prices appear to be quite competetive. Wondering what the deal is. Are taxes re-assessed at a much higher rate after a sale? So any of you posters from Ca. live outside the cities and farm? Would appreciate input from those with hands on. Thank You.

        • kalifornia is not a state you move too. especially if your a farmer. due to the 15 year drought. even magnum p.i.- tom selleck is stealing water there now to keep his avocado farm in operation.

          you’d be better off moving to eastern montana, wyoming, north/ south dakota to farm.

      29. Mick West at Metabunk denies it? Then it must not be true! (eyes roll)

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