Study Finds American Medical System Unprepared for a Nuclear Attack

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    gas mask nuclear attack

    There is no doubt that the United States has dedicated, well-trained first responders who bravely risk their own lives when disaster strikes. We have only to view images of the tragic events of 9/11 to realize how brave these men and women truly are.

    Nonetheless, a disturbing study by researchers from the University of Georgia recently found that the majority of U.S. first responders have received no training in how to deal with the aftereffects of a nuclear attack, and that many are so frightened of radiation that they would be unwilling to assist in the event of such a disaster.

    The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health.

    News Wise reports that experts have warned that “a radiological or nuclear event is inevitable,” and as such, it is vitally important that emergency workers be trained and ready to deal with this when it happens.

    The New Yorker recently warned that America’s relations with North Korea, which have never been particularly good, have been strained to breaking point in the past few months:

    In the six years since Kim Jong Un assumed power, at the age of twenty-seven, he has tested eighty-four missiles—more than double the number that his father and grandfather tested. … On the Fourth of July, North Korea passed a major threshold: it launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile powerful enough to reach the mainland United States.

    And, U.S. defense secretary, Jim Mattis, has warned that the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea “is accelerating.” (Related: Intelligence insider says war with North Korea likely within weeks: This could be your final prepper warning.)

    To test whether emergency personnel are prepared for such an eventuality, the research team surveyed over 400 first responders from across the U.S. and Asia. They wanted to determine two things:

    1) Would emergency workers even be willing to show up at the site of a nuclear attack?

    2) How prepared are they to handle this type of crisis?

    Shockingly, more than 50 percent of the respondents admitted that they had never received any special training in how to deal with a nuclear crisis. As a result, many were poorly informed, for example, believing that the greatest need for treatment in the aftermath of a nuclear attack would be for thermal burns, when in reality, most injuries in this type of situation are lacerations.

    This lack of knowledge would leave personnel ill-prepared and under-resourced in the event of a nuclear disaster.

    Another disturbing truth revealed by the survey was that a nuclear bomb would make many respondents “unwilling to come to work.” Survey participants were more terrified of a nuclear disaster than any other crisis, including a chemical or biological disaster.

    “I was not surprised that the responses from the emergency medical community were relatively poor in terms of knowledge and attitudes, because that’s what you get with radiation—myths versus reality,” said the study’s lead author, Professor Cham E. Dallas, director of the Institute for Disaster Management at UGA’s College of Public Health.

    It is important that emergency medical personnel be taught that they can confidently respond in a nuclear crisis situation. Historically, responding to such events has not presented any risk to first responders.

    The research team believes that medical personnel are afraid of nuclear events because humans tend to fear what they do not know, and these types of events are incredibly rare.

    Professor Dallas also pointed out that Hollywood’s portrayal of such events adds to the myth that nothing can be done in the face of a nuclear disaster, when this is really not the truth.

    Irrespective, the study has highlighted the urgent need for the first responders that we all rely on to be trained and ready to deal with what is increasingly looking like an inevitable nuclear disaster.

    Sources include:


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      1. “Another disturbing truth revealed by the survey was that a nuclear bomb would make many respondents “unwilling to come to work.”

        They actually paid for a study to learn this great revelation? I’ll save them a future study, shit stinks, don’t eat it.

        • seriously.

          • shit stinks, don’t eat it…….

            I thought the correct term was “eat shit and die”

        • the only thing you need for a nuclear war is a good backhoe to burry the dead and make underground bunkers for the survivors.

        • Kabota?

        • The American Medical System can’t handle the Flu, what makes them think they can handle a nuke attack?

        • For those of you concerned about this area, check out Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. $20/yr to join, full of M.D.s They do a great job!

        • I’m a first responder in a democrat ran city. The city leaders can’t even wipe their own a.. Let alone take care of a nuclear attack. Doomed! Kiss your a** goodbye.

      2. Happy New Years everyone. Did anyone take a look at Breitbart? Holy shit,read what craziness is going on with gun control this year and next in California. Trump needs to declare California a rouge state and act accordingly! Unfreakingbeleivable.

        • California has seceded from the Union. They an many other liberal states have seceded, they just didn’t tell anybody.

          When the states stop obeying Federal Law, then they have defacto seceded.

          • “When the states stop obeying Federal Law, then they have defacto seceded.”

            While there is truth in that statement certainly in the case of immigration, which is specifically spelled out in the Constitution as being under Federal control, the overreach of Federal Law often conflicts with the text and certainly the intent of the 10th Amendment. I believe the 10th will be the legal battleground in coming years as the “one size fits all” Federal Authority isn’t the way it was meant to be. Using the Interstate Commerce Clause in the expanded interpretation post 1930s, that it’s intellectually dishonest, is likely to get a more scrutinizing examination by the US Supreme Court if Constitutionalists can be put on the bench. We have a messy system to manage and it was meant to be that way.

        • There is a reason I always refer to that shit hole as Commiefornia.

      3. I dug around a bit and came up with about
        7.3% of Americans, alive today, were in the military at
        some point in their lives. Most the younger
        Vets were were taught how to deal with
        Nukes and the leftovers.
        As far as how well our medical system can deal with
        all the carnage, I agree that they will be overwhelmed.
        To be honest, I would be reluctant to go into
        a zone full of Radioactive ash, without full gear.

        • I would not go into a radioactive zone. Those people would be on their own.

      4. I don’t consider it conscionable for medical students to be on starvation rations, or for accomplished doctors to work without sleep. You are not competitive, in a free market, and not prepared for a good day.

      5. The Obama-era nurses look like a Jerry Springer show, and sell pharms, at the reservoir. Anyone who seriously believes this needs a study, is on the take.

      6. Radiation is a threat to take seriously. We can all tolerate some; but, each person has a limit before irreparable damage is done. everyone should bookmark/favorite this link:
        ht tps://

      7. I am not concerned about a direct nuclear strike. Especially from North Korea. It has been obvious, and they have even said, their goal would be an atmospheric nuclear strike to cause an EMP and disrupt the electrical grid. Two of them: one over LA and another over NYC would cripple the US.

        A greater concern, for me, is smallpox. I am reading “The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story” by Richard Preston. Yes, the same author who wrote “The Hot Zone.” I am also reading “Biohazard” by Ken Alibek. In, The Demon, (and I am not finished with the book, almost half way through) and realize that the supposed two smallpox stocks in the world (the US and Moscow) are nothing but a lie. The book was published in 2002 and in the book it becomes apparent that Iraq, Iran, North Korea (and I am also guessing China) have been processing biological weapons. The former USSR basically lost custody because they had made thousands of pounds of smallpox and anthrax that could be loaded in to MIRVs.

        More than one scientist said they considered smallpox to be more dangerous than a nuclear bomb because it could infect the entire world population within months due to modern travel. It is a horrible disease and not only are people no longer immunized but WHO, in Geneva, ordered the destruction of stored vaccine due the storage costs of $25K per year. To replace that destroyed vaccine stockpile would cost billions.

        The CDC used to have, on their pages, information claiming that they had enough vaccine for every US citizen. That information has been removed. There are papers on the CDC, from 1999/2000 that a indicate some people were concerned, as well. Not only was the stored smallpox vaccine compromised due to moisture and other problems, but there were people advocating for the replacement of the old smallpox vaccine stores with fresh vaccine. From the research I have done, that has not been done. Limited amounts of smallpox vaccine are given to those that work in Level 4 laboratories for the goverment or the military.

        The general US populace has not been vaccinated for smallpox since the mid 1970s. No young people are vaccinated, now.

        I will continue to keep reading and doing research as time allows and post my findings here.

        Oh, and the other disease that was being created in the USSR was plague. There has been an outbreak, in Madagascar, of bubonic plague. It isn’t entirely clear, from the articles I have read, as to whether this is regular plague or pneumonic plague (which is spread through the air when people cough).

        There isn’t any way to cure smallpox other than to be vaccinated within a few days of being infected. It is likely that those of us that were vaccinated for smallpox are no longer immune as we have not received any booster shots.

        I would take the CDC, or some drug company, between six months to a year to make enough smallpox vaccine for everyone in the US. If the FDA even allowed anyone to make the stuff. The book I have been reading says it is unlikely that approval would be given. Deaths can occur and anyone with a compromised immune system could not be vaccinated. However, after reading about what it is like to be infected with smallpox, it is a vaccine I would be willing to take if there were an outbreak.

        There are worse ways to die than due to a nuclear bomb.

      8. Chelation might help for any radioactivity you have swallowed\inhaled. You can buy EDTA without a prescription. Other things that have been tried are food-grade charcoal tablets, chlorella, bentonite clay, broccoli sprouts, glutathione,and cilantro. These are mentioned for heavy metal chelation but are supposed to help with radiation.

      9. How do they train for a mass casualty event. How do you train people to handle extreme stress. If nuke attack is so unsurvivable why would medical staff bother coming in to work. IMO if the bomb drops everything will be back to normal the following week. It’s overhyped to instill fear. Why don’t we ever see the results of a test so we can see the awesome destruction capabilities. All we have is footage from the 50s of some mock town that looks like some video fakery of the time just like the moon landing footage faked out at area51 or something. It’s a hoax there is no nukes it’s all propaganda folks. Best way to avoid a war and keep your enemy wondering if you possess the power annhilate them. It also is a good sell for defense spending after all we need to protect ourselves from the boogey man.

      10. I don’t buy into the limited use of nuclear weapons scenario. Once the rubicon is crossed thats it, use them or lose them. They unleash everything. Follow up (for those alive to follow up) bio/viral, certainly power destroying EMP, likely scientifically created infectious attacks upon food crops is not beyond the realm of science to have developed. In simple words the unleashing of hell upon the earth.

      11. But I want to marry an aviator and live over seas !

      12. Have you been to an emergency room lately? They can barely handle the basics.
        A few years ago my dad popped his head open on a kitchen cabinet.
        It was on a Sunday night. No one in the ER was qualified to do sutures.
        He ended up going to Walmart and he bought some of that Quick-Clot stuff.
        Greatest healthcare system in the world. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!

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