Study: Compounds in Cannabis Found to Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells in the Colon

by | May 17, 2019 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This article was originally published by Vicki Batts at Natural News.

    Does cannabis cure cancer? If you were to believe the pharmaceutical industry and their mainstream media pawns, the answer would be an emphatic “No.” According to them, the health benefits of cannabis are nothing more than myths conjured up by hopeful stoners. Yet, there are countless stories of people who’ve successfully treated any number of debilitating health conditions with cannabis — ranging from cancer to seizure disorders.

    After years of tight regulations hampering research, scientists are now beginning to take a closer look at the purported benefits of cannabis, and what they’re finding is that this plant medicine really works. Recent research from Penn State shows that cannabinoid compounds can prevent cancer cell growth.

    Cannabis compounds kill colon cancer

    Recently published research from scientists at Penn State College of Medicine reveals that the medicinal compounds found in marijuana can actually stop cancer cells right in their tracks. The researchers studied 370 different cannabinoid compounds and their effects on seven different colon cancer cell lines.

    What they found was that two of the most well-known cannabinoids, THC and CBD, had little to no effect on cancer cells — but, at least 10 lesser known compounds were found to display potent anticancer activity.

    Kent Vrana, chair of the Department of Pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine, says now that these anticancer compounds have been identified, understanding how they work will be the next step.

    “The 10 compounds we found to be effective fall into three classes, so they’re similar to each other but with small changes,” Vrana says.

    “We know how one of them works, which is by inhibiting the division of cells in general. We also found that the most potent and effective compounds don’t seem to work through traditional marijuana receptors, although we’re not sure of the exact mechanism yet,” he added.

    Vrana states that once scientists understand how the compounds work, they can begin exploring how to make a synthetic version that’s even more potent. No plant medicine is safe from Big Pharma’s clutches, apparently.

    Synthetic medicine is inferior to whole plants

    Many of the synthetic chemicals used in modern medicine are based on compounds and nutrients found in nature. While the mainstream medical community believes that these adulterated compounds are “better” than the real thing, science tells us otherwise.

    Much evidence indicates that in many cases, synthetic nutrients can actually be harmful to the body. For example, the human body typically doesn’t use synthetic nutrients and compounds as well as naturally occurring ones. As Healthline notes, this is partially because natural nutrients never occur by themselves.

    Nutrients act in concert to increase activity and absorption — and the same holds true for the cannabis plant. Synthetics lack these additional “bonus” nutrients, and studies show the body simply cannot use them effectively.

    In cannabidiol (CBD) research, scientists have already shown that a CBD extract made directly from the whole cannabis plant is superior to a synthetic, single-molecule CBD extract.

    Despite the veritable mountain of evidence that cannabis has medicinal properties and can be used medicinally as-is to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions, legislators and pharma shills refuse to acknowledge the scientific reality that is medical marijuana. Accepting medical marijuana would give credence to the idea of “plant medicine” as a whole — and cannabis as a medicine is dangerous enough to the pharma industry by itself.

    The truth is that there is nothing Big Pharma can do to make cannabis, or any other plant-derived medicine, “better.” All they can do is synthesize compounds we used to be able to grow in our own backyard, patent them and then sell them to us at a sky-high profit margin.


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      1. There is so much out in nature with healing properties it is right there in front of us if you learn what to look for. Many plants have dual/multi healing properties. Learn what they look like and what they can do. If ever the shtf happens, that knowledge could save a member of your family or your life as well.

      2. If that is what you believe, go knock yourself out. Just don’t use any taxpayer dollars to treat your rotted-out-cancer-Chong ass after you finally realize your snakeoil cure didn’t help at all.

        Despite the veritable mountain of evidence showing that smoking causes cancer, you idiots will believe anyone making any “I’m Cured” claim backed by no clinical studies. Go ahead and bet your life on a bunch of hearsay third-hand bullshit tales. While your at it, eat all the processed carbs, drink tons of alcohol and eat all the meat you can, because you know best LOL

        • I don’t think I have read such an ignorant comment at this site before.
          Seriously pitiful.

          • It sure is pitiful. Bertie here is also one who believes in all the government tells him.

          • Then you haven’t read very many comments here

        • Reading your post pretty much tells me that you must work for big pharma. Hope you never get cancer where you puke your guts up after each treatment. And don’t forget to write that check for more puking rights.

        • Are you implying that there ARE NOT healing properties found in nature? Are you really that dumb?

          He’s not saying red meat and pot will prevent or cure stage 4 cancer, he’s stating that nature has provided us with natural remedies, which is true, fool. LOL! Ever heard of vitamins? They come from nature too

        • And who said you had to smoke it?

        • Literally, what was your preferred means of treating colon cancer?

        • Well said, Bert. Chonging doobies will definitely lose people their gun rights, which is why it’s pushed so hard by the elites. Plus, since prohibition was lifted in Denver, it’s become a hell hole. I cannot believe people would think smoking anything is healthy. Go to it and drug youselves people, theelites will have a bunch of dumbed down cattle, with no resistance to them, everyone will be high.

      3. Piss on you potheads. Schitzophrenia and potheads go hand in hand. That weed makes people crazy and lazy.
        Piss on this site continually pushing the “gateway drug” cannabis. Marijuana is gateway drug to the harder drugs that absolutely destroy lives and lead to early DEATH, wasted lives, pure misery. And in US it leads to prison time.
        – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Stay away from ALL drugs.
        Stay away from hard booze. At least until in your mid 70’s.
        Stay away from tobacco, cigs, cigars, dip.
        Stay away from E-cigs.
        Stay away from fast food.
        Stay away from cell phone against your head.

        Get off your fat ass and exercise, walk, bike, swim, run.

        Congratulations!!! Do the above and live another 25 to 35 years. Don’t be an idiot and mess with any of the above.

        It is your life. If you don’t value your time on earth. If you want to piss away the gift of life and good health. Then follow the herd of sheep to slaughter and misery.

        Stoned pot heads are every criminal politicians dream and GOAL. Then you won’t care about the tyranny and theft they do to you.

        Life, good health, good mental stability are priceless gifts. Guard them well. Drugs and booze lead to death.
        Don’t be a puss leaning on crutches. Just Deal with your pain, ptsd, or whatever ailes you. Deal constructively, Not with crutches. Piss on excuses and justification. Don’t you peanut gallery dare tell me I don’t know what I’m speaking of.

        Piss on the VA dope pushers too. Incompetent government Criminals.

      4. Pot stops colon cancer? Are they blowing smoke up our ass?

        • LOL!

        • I think, you would eat it.

          • The Clown World doesn’t recognize humor?

            • To eat it would be vulgar, double entendre.

              Also, you might literally eat mj, for it to come into contact with your GI tract.

            • To eat it would be vulgar, double entendre.

              Also, you might literally eat mj, for it to come into contact with your GI tract.

      5. The medical research on this one herb is extensive. Researchers discovered most of the benefits trying to prove the dangers and instead found that it was safer and more effective than other compounds for a number of medical conditions including but not limited to pain relief, anorexia, vomiting from Chemotherapy, epilepsy and more.

        I had a friend who died of Colon cancer as well, and he found relief from his suffering with it. And I knew a man who had been given a medical certificate endorsed by the Feds because he was part of a government sponsored clinical investigation which proved to be useful in the treatment of anxiety and tendency towards violence. I think he was paroled with the knowledge that he must stay on his medication/cannabis.

        So, yes, cannabis does have legitimate medical uses. It is also good for women during menstruation and during childbirth.

        Children with developing brains can have negative effects so as with any substance, caution and common sense are required. Children with epilepsy are treated with CBD in most cases, but sometimes the whole herb is better. There are many different varieties of the plant which are customized to the needs of the user/patient.


      6. For gardening , there is nothing better . Pot plants throughout your garden are a great herbicide and pesticide.
        Big industry has known this for a hundred years.

        • I’ll bite. It doesn’t kill bugs or other plants.

      7. Big Pharma passes around millions of dollars to incumbent candidates who tow the line allowing no competition to the medical quackery of the established order of dangerous chemical concoctions to treat every ailment known to man. A harmless plant can shut them all down and deliver proven better health to the population. That is what common sense is up against.

      8. We had an old time pot head in my home town 40+ years ago. How old time? He started smoking pot in KOREA during that war in 51-52 or so. He did a year in prison being caught with a joint in the late 50s. He was the bad guy everyone spoke about. He was diagnosed with lung cancer (he also smoked cigarettes). The cops laid off Danny because he was, “going to die soon”. He lived another 30 years outliving the Chief Of Police.

      9. All kind of studies have been done in Europe on pot, Most of what you read here is crap! But then again what would you expect from a site that caters to pot smoking Libertarian scum.

        Fact, smoking pot brings on early onset/ violent behavior and schizophrenia in teens.

        • Must be a hell of a lot of that going around because the number of late teens early 20s people who smoke or smoked pot is staggering.

          Pot? Violence?


          • And STFOOH lol.

            • LMFAO!

          • It might be synthetic, laced, concentrate, or a stimulating strain in an unstable person.

            Probably best not to test your tolerances in an unsafe environment.

        • You are woefully uninformed..My generation was raised with that bias drilled into our minds yet, we were flooded with alcohol ads filled with lies. I hope for your own sake you utilize more effective critical thinking in other parts of your life. On what basis do you put so much faith in european info? Our society would be much better off with legal pot and illegal alcohol. It is and always has been about money.
          PS that “study” done in Europe that said people can fly if they flap their arms fast enough is questionable. I would try it first on the ground before jumping off a building.

      10. I watched a documentary last year on the opioid crisis where they interviewed people who became addicted after taking painkillers for severe pain or using them for long-term pain management. The patients and addicts along with their doctors said the addiction to opioids just vanished when they were given a certain strain of organic marijuana. I forget the exact strain but that is what they said.

        My father is a MD (OB/GYN) who is now retired. He told me that Big Pharma doesn’t want that known and suppresses the information. Big Pharma execs are the reason people with an opioid addiction are not offered or given this specific strain of marijuana.

        All of the patients interviewed in this documentary, along with their doctors, swore that the addiction vanished by using this specific strain of sterile, pure organic medical marijuana that should be sold over the counter. This was not fake news.

        It really is a shame so many people have to suffer needlessly and die all because this information is suppressed and this natural medicine is illegal in most states.

      11. Nice to see the “pilling on” hasn’t stopped here..

      12. Marijuana use turns a lot of people into lazy apathetic losers who don’t care about anyone or anything except getting high. Smoke marijuana because you know you want the brain damage and the mental illnesses. Any alleged benefits are meaningless.

      13. I’m not a big pot smoker, but I could care a less if someone else is. I’m pro-freedom, the freedom to do what you want left alone as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. People on weed are a lot less violent as a rule than people tanked up on alcohol. Also, in just the last three weeks I’ve started using CBD oil on my hands which are always sore from a lifetime of working and playing guitar with them. I rub the stuff on them before bed, and boy does it ever work ! They feel great now. The good Lord created cannabis,one of the most versatile,useful plants on the planet…now who are you going to trust…God or big pharma?

      14. Consume dope become a dope, once a dope you will believe anything other dopes say and give your money to them, in time you too could be living out on the streets because you can no longer function in reality.

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