Study: “Beginning of the Longest Period of Economic Decline in American History”

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    Economists will often argue that booms and busts are cyclical. Every depression or recession we’ve ever experienced in America has, usually within just a few years, been followed by booming periods of growth.

    But, as the best and brightest of the financial world like to say, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

    According to a demographic study from economists at Cornell University and the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, the recovery that many Americans believe is taking hold right now may not actually be happening. In fact, it could take another 30 years or more…

    Keep in mind that the study takes into account only the demographic factors over the next several decades and does not include additional government taxation, currency devaluation, and overall global economic supply & demand factors.

    The next few decades could be uncharacteristically bleak, according to a new study.

    Demographic factors — which have largely aided the U.S. economy in the past — could end up pushing incomes down for the next 30 years or more. If other factors don’t force incomes up, we may be at the beginning of the longest period of economic decline in American history.

    These trends alone could reduce the median income by 0.43 percentage points per year between now and 2020, 0.52 points per year between 2020 and 2030, and 0.2 points per year between 2030 and 2040.

    Those numbers might sound small, but over time they would add up to a significant loss of purchasing power for the typical American and a long era of decline for the nation as a whole.

    A typical worker earning $50,000 today would earn only about $48,400 by 2020 if his or her income fell by the amounts projected in the study. The worker’s income would fall to about $45,900 in 2030, $45,000 in 2040 and to less than $44,000 in 2050. In a society built upon consumer power and the idea that succeeding generations leap ahead of preceding ones—rather than fall behind them—four decades of falling incomes could be catastrophic.

    The study only makes income projections relating to demographic changes.

    Other changes could either offset those income declines, or exacerbate them. Future tax hikes or cutbacks in Social Security—some combination of which seems likely, to deal with mounting government debt—would reduce income even more, for instance.

    It’s no secret that the middle class is dying a slow and horrible death, which will ultimately lead to impoverishment of the majority of our population. As of right now 100 million Americans are already living at or near poverty – and this is supposed to be an economic recovery!

    The study notes that if you’re making $50,000 today, you’d be making $45,000 by 2040. And again, this analysis is based strictly on demographic changes.

    Now take into account the continued and inevitable destruction of the US dollar. Over the last hundred years, since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the US dollar has lost over 95% of its value. In another 30 years we can expect a further devaluation, if not an all out collapse. That reduces your purchasing power another 30% or so. In the future, you’ll be paying $10 for a gallon of gas or milk, but making less money.

    And that purchasing power decrease doesn’t even take into account the increased demand on global resources for economies like China, India, Russia, and Brazil, which are adding more strain on supplies of oil and food commodities. Supply and demand alone will drive prices higher.

    Finally, as the government (local, state, and federal) goes deeper into the hole, we can fully expect a number of austerity measures that will include increased taxation on individuals (think Obamacare, which has been officially labeled a tax by the U.S. Supreme Court), cuts in benefits like social security & disability, and increased regulatory fees and burdensome mandates on businesses.

    Everything that is being done right now is working against us, on almost every level.

    While there may be positive swings in economic growth, wages or real estate prices throughout the next thirty years, the reality is that Americans will continue to get poorer, until there is no middle class left.

    We often look to the third-world for an idea of what real poverty looks like, but we don’t have to do that anymore.

    This trend is now taking shape in the United States, and we’ll soon see slums like those in Detroit springing up all over the country to house the tens of millions of people who will be affected by this collapse over coming years.

    (Pictured: Slums of Manila)

    This is our future.

    If we can weather the storm without riots, rebellion and bloodshed it’ll be a miracle.

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      1. don’t worry o traiter will start ww3 and the economy will be the least of your troubles

          • Unfortunately most people don’t understand the most simple, basic elements of economics, like supply and demand.

            With an unlimited supply of labor, labor becomes very cheap. That means you make less money – a lot less. And it doesn’t matter if you are a rocket scientist or a landscaper, the same law of supply and demand applies.

            When you allow 1.5 to 2 million immigrants every year, whether legal or illegal, you have increased the supply of labor and thereby lowered the cost of that labor. Which means you make less money. It’s that simple.

            You also lose the culture of your country. In the US that means that the majority of the population no longer has the ideal of limited government to maximize individual freedom. You lose the constitution as a governing document.

            That was the entire idea of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 which was devised by the Communist Party of America and pushed by Ted Kennedy. Unless we reverse course right now and end immigration, expel every illegal alien, stop every work visa, student visa, refugee visa out there, this will continue.

            And there will be no more America.


            • While I agree with you on most every point- I think we both know stemming/stopping the flow of immigrants (legal or not) will never happen. This country was flooded intentionally, for the specific purpose of watering-down the native born American population with (largely) third-worlders, who have and would never have any allegiance to the U.S. How could they? There is not even any pressure on them to assimilate anymore. The only body they’re beholdin to once they get here is the gov., which is why they were brought here in the first place. Between immigration and the fact that in many, many school systems the Constitution is not even taught any more, we now have at least one full generation of “citizens” who have NO idea about the foundation of this country. Which is exactly how they want it. Good little droids.

              • 25 Signs That Middle Class Families Have Been Targeted For Extinction


                Obama’s War on the Middle Class

                “…One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

                Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly independent and prosperous middle class was essential to the collective well-being of any society. The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.

                Throughout its history American society in particular has been the beneficiary of an aspiring middle class whose efforts have created the world’s greatest democracy. It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”


                • “””Throughout its history American society in particular has been the beneficiary of an aspiring middle class whose efforts have created the world’s greatest democracy.”””

                  The middle class created a great Republic. The democracy was created to destroy it.

                  When the supposedly awakened are so hopelessly confused we have no hope.

                  • Gods Creation,

                    I am aware that our country was created as a ‘Republic’.
                    Despite the author’s description there, he made some very good points about the war on the middle class in this country.

                    September is Preparedness month. Check your favorite site for sales on preparedness items.

                  • The movie Soylent Green, is a possible scenario, very good movie not only watch it, but read into it.

                • Throughout its history American society in particular has been the beneficiary of an aspiring middle class whose efforts have created the world’s greatest democracy.

                  This isn’t true. The US is not the best democracy. I would posit that the Nordic nations have a much less dysfunctional system than in the US.

                  What made the US “great” was its access to massive amounts of natural resources. Without those, the US would have amounted to not a whole lot.

              • Warrior Class111 and CWinOr – the best comments I’ve read since I started looking at this site daily 6 months ago! We have a similar problem here – one side of politics (Labor in our case, the equivalent of your Democrats, and to confuse things even more, our Liberal Party is broadly like your Republicans) seems to want to weaken and water down what were once very strong, fiercely patriotic countries into a soup of sheeple. Like you, we seem hell bent on importing all the worlds trash and cant or wont see the seething, boiling mess of trouble that is already starting to produce. We may well wind up beside you guys fighting WW3 over some flunkies grandiose plans to “save the world”, which will be bad enough, but I think our respective worst case scenario is the fight we will have within our own borders.



              • Regrettably true. This country has been turned into a mongrelized series of different cultural outposts, sharing nothing in common with each other, with all new immigrants looking to grab the last piece of free welfare pie. The silver lining of this decline will be the end of the sofa king existence, those who refuse to produce will be cast aside. No temper tantrums or sympathetic media will be able to change the end game of a Ponzi economy. Economics will be forever viewed as ” rayciss”, but economic laws can’t be repealed, they’re tried and true and take on all comers equally.

                • Under Obama: Job Growth 52% Greater for Foreign-Born Workers

                  “Under President Barack Obama, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released today, the increase in the number of foreign-born people employed in the United States has been 52 percent greater than the increase in the number of native-born people employed.”

                  CNS News dot com

                  • These people elected him. Put him in office even with the things he said which should have set off alarms in anyone not brain dead. He promised change which most took to mean more free stuff. Soon there will be very little free stuff or any stuff for that matter. The American people are getting exactly what they deserve. Hard and deep.

              • We’re on the verge of civil war in this country, and utter collapse. The fear of loss of country and culture is palpable. No telling what will happen. It’s moments like these that mean either turn-around or utter failure as a culture/nation. Current track = utter failure, I will admit. But will collapse of dollar/fed reserve, no telling what will happen. Ironically, the chief beneficiaries of the welfare state will suffer most, and the rugged individualists will fare best.

              • These sick fucking tyrants need to be killed and all of there families till there is no trace of them ever being here. We all know that wont happen so lets just keep stocking up and planning. When the time comes and I believe it will. We will all fight and die. Hopefully each Patriot is smart enough to take a few thousand with them, cause hiding under a rock is just prolonging your eventual demise. Why not be a sick and twisted killer that is out for blood. Learn everything you can and think smart. If I live long enough to see this come to a head shit will hit the fan.

                • Hit the rewind button and let’s go back and remember what Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan were warning us about when the filthy, treasonous cockroaches in our US Congress and over in the Clinton White House were agitating to get NAFTA passed. Remember? A Great Sucking Sound, as our good paying middle class jobs and the industries which provided those jobs were deliberately sent out of the USA with the blessing and complicity of the rat faced, treasonous scumbags who infest the sewer system in Washington, D.C.

                  For anyone out there who is still letting themselves be snookered by this ‘D’ vs ‘R’ phony paradigm, fix in your pea-sized, feeble brains the visual image of Slick Willie, Mr. Viagra Bob Dole, and the maggot on steroids, New Gingrich on that stage, all dancing the mara huachi and celebrating the razor thin passage of NAFTA.

                  Fact: The devastation of our nation and the systematic, deliberate destruction of the middle class and the loss of their good-paying jobs was a deliberate act of High Treason and both Ds and Rs were responsible.

                  Remember how that obese, oxycotin addicted blowhard who sits on his grossly overpaid, prodigious White ass behind his gold-plated tungsten EIB bullhorn down in Florida was excoriating Buchanan and Perot and the other voices of patriotic, America-first sanity when they spoke out in opposition to NAFTA and to all of these other anti-American, treasonous globalist policies?

                  America needs a Rope Party so bad it isn’t funny.

                  • I Agree Tucker , you just said it different than me. Rope party or a stoning party is fine with me. I would rather throw rocks.

                  • Well said Tucker. I remember the day Perot gave that speech. I remember times when jobs were in abundance. I think today’s youth are totally screwed.

            • Good post, Warrior. Commies now rule.
              Stand by for the gulag, USSA style.

            • Get in touch with your representatives TODAY and tell them to vote NO on the Undocumented Democrat Amnesty bill.

              The number is 202-224-3121. Takes 5 minutes.

              • and a total waste of 5 minutes that would be better spent contemplating my navel. they have ZERO desire to do anything other than flood this country. if they could get away with it- they would allow far more than they already do. it’s nothing less than a stealth overthrow.

                • We have to use every weapon in the arsenal with these folks, and right now, our vote is the weapon we have to use.

                  If you don’t tell them what you want, they won’t ever do what you want them to do.

                  • Smokey- I understand how you feel. Problem is- they DON’T/WON’T “do what we want them to do”…they do what they’re TOLD to do. period. why do you think we’re IN this mess?! lack of voter turnout? NO. Incompetence? NO. They’re VERY competent- at screwing this country up. They’re following orders alright- just not ours. And haven’t been for some time- why would you think they’re going to start now?

                  • cwinor –
                    so we should roll over and die ?
                    NO I DONT THINK SO .
                    every tool in the toolbox should be used .
                    call yer rep anyway .

                  • How’s that working out for you so far Smokey–LMAO here.

                  • The big money donors are who get listened to. We the peons get a pat on the head and a kick in the ass. They no longer fear or respect the voters unless of course they are gay, illegals or some other favored group. Settled,fought for and supported this country for generations. Get fucked!

                  • I vote simply to have a clear conscience for whatever comes next.

            • I bge to differ when we are speaking of the more highly educated positions. Being a doctor, a lawyer or a rocket scientist is not a thing that is easily done but takes years of study and training. Thus, there are fewer people that can fill those jobs. Whilst on the other hand, anyone can flip burgers, mix cement and so on (easily learned skill sets). Of course, this is assuming that the more highly educated jobs are in demand. We’ve seen a huge downturn in the legal market where once highly-paid attorneys are no longer living the life of luxury with a corner office.

              • The reason attorneys are not being paid is that the public efender is the way to go, and with the amount of criminals in the system they can take a plea deal that is a gift. Kill someone drunk driving, take a plea of 4 years with 1 in huber and 3 on probation no lawyer required

              • Only those working for the government.

              • I have had significant experience with those “lawyers” people seem to hold in awe. Quite probably the largest group of bumbling idiots in the country today. They, at least in my experience, are incompetent, overpaid, underachieving scum who would sell their own mothers out for thirty pieces of silver. I fired every one that I have ever hired for not showing up with their A game, and finally resorted to Pro Se representation. I literally had better results at court doing that, which deepened my contempt for those loathsome creatures. We are better off without their “skill set”. Let them starve, as they have done to so many others in their greed.

                • Right on the money Sgt. Schulz. The best line William Shakespeare ever penned was ” First, kill all the lawyers.”.

            • “””Unfortunately most people don’t understand the most simple, basic elements of economics, like supply and demand.”””

              What is unfortunate is that most people don’t realize the source of the supply of money is also the source of the problems.

              Sadly, it has nothing to do with supply and demand in the real economy. So long as the banksters control the supply of money, and the people demand the banksters money, they will continue to rule the world.

              I do not believe I see the day when that changes because people are just too dumb to recognize the problem.

            • 1965 Immigration Reform act was Promoted by the bills Main Sponser. Dem us senator NY, Jacob Javitz, zionist tribe member. Ted Kennedy joing With Javitz as co sponser as a newly elected senator. As per the usual by all MSM’s What was done BY a zionist jewish senator is Ignored while all blame goes to a white man aka ted kennedy.

              Disclaimer: Yes teddy K was a full blown Kommie, no doubt why he joined forces with another kommie NY dem senator Javitz. But whens the Last time anybody saw sen Jacob Javitz get the Main blame for that evil 1965 anti white as majority immigrant bill? MSM is Always Silent when the culprit is jewish like javitz. Just Blame a whitey instead!

            • The only hope for the Middle Class is to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and claim your political power while you still have it.

              The NWO is accelerating their plan to socialize America for the poor, and provide Fascism for the Corporations, while the Middle Class pays the taxes to subsidize both.

              In a generation OUR kids will believe that the State is OUR “friend” and OUR “family”; that Uncle sam is just a Big Brother looking out for OUR best good and upon OUR behalf. which is why the PTB have transferred OUR economy offshore and encouraged the invasion of America by 30 million ILLEGALS. Right?

              Kill The Fed. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

            • So true ive worked in a country that had very little labour therefore the reliance on machinary which led to better productivity & efficiently, there was little to no theft, also operators were well paid & therefore had a mature attitude to their colleagues & superiors. Now I work in a country doing same work but with no machines trying supervise a large low pay($10 per day) work gang most of the time shouting & hand language at them because there is no other way to get the work done if it was not for added security theft would be rife the system is slow & chaotic & therefore profit is mainly consumed away by wages

            • WARRIOR,good advice,the problem is,no one cares,they sold their grand kids down the shitter,they sold their freedom down the shitter,and they sold their country down the shitter,and NOW, OBOOZO is getting ready to FLUSH everything down,GET READY,the LORD says this is the END of america,POLITICALY CORRECT,ended every empire on earth,NOW ITS AMERICAS TURN……………….

            • Everything’s right on schedule.

          • “”If other factors don’t force incomes up, we may be at the beginning of the longest period of economic decline in American history.””

            The economy has been in decline for over 30 years already, with only bankster credit creating the illusion of prosperity.

            In 1913, the government of the Republic was overthrown. 50 years later, the last president to use the word Republic had his head blown off for attempting to save it and reinstating sound money.

            Now another 50 years later, the illusion is no longer needed because nobody in the political arena has any idea what a republic is, and the Consitution is effectively dead.

            The banksters work in 20 to 50 to 100 year increments in accomplishing their goals, depending on what the goal is.

            The war of 1812 failed to kill the Republic, so they started a new 100 year plan. Fifty years later they started the civil war to bring the people into a single plantation, and 50 years after that they started the slavery system on that plantation by hijacking the government through the monetary system.

            2013 begins a new plan. 50 years ago, they began building the foundation for the depopulation plan by poisoning the water and food. That stage is now complete, and the rise of illnesses and birth defects such as autism are starting to show. Infertility as well, and the promotion of murder through abortion.

            The old money system must also be replaced and ready for the after the depopulation wars against humanity have been waged.

            What happens next will be done to fulfill those two purposes, with the end goal being a slave population of around 500 million people under the strict control of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity and God.

            There may be nothing we can do to stop them, but God can and will. The remaining population of 500 million or so will not suffer under the banksters as they seek.

            Unfortunately, the depopulation agenda will continue. Many of us will be sent home at the hands of these vile criminals.

            I no longer care. I just live each day, awaiting my ride home. If it comes from a nuclear bomb, or a man made virus, it will not determine my final destination.

            I ca control the things I can control, and I refuse to concern myself with those things I can not control. I give them to God, because that is all He asks of me.


            • God’s Creation,

              Until you identify the perpetrators, you have little chance of prosecuting them and saving yourself and your family from them.

              Start at the head of the serpent—Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers.

              • I am very well aware of the source of the problem, and i have been trying to tell people on this board for a long time what the REAL war is about, and who the ONLY enemy is.

                The problem is, even those who are awake to the knowledge of the problem will not accept that the solution could be so simple.

                I can’t kill them all by myself, or I certainly would.

                • I’ve long wondered if it were possible to make a moral case for eliminating the ENTIRE bloodlines of those snakes. I think the case could be made that they (and several others) have caused humanity enough misery, for enough time, and that they are genetically predisposed to do nothing else but make the rest of humanity suffer for their twisted benefit.

                  • CW

                    Jesus lost his temper one time in his life, and it was against the banksters of his day referred to as money changers. He was crucified for his efforts to run them out of Gods house.

                    It is STILL the same bloodline committing the same crimes today.

                    Taking them out, killing off the entire families (which includes every single president the US has ever had), is not only a forgivable act, but it is also the reason Jesus will return.

                    If we could each take out one of the members of the 12 families that own the Federal Reserve Banks, we could save Jesus the trouble of coming back to do it for us.

                  • I cannot support any extra-legal activity.

                    An international court needs to be convened to investigate crimes against humanity (including economic crimes against humanity), fair trials conducted, and just punishments for the guilty. While genocide and war crimes are indeed capital crimes, all must be done legally.

                    Repatriate the centuries of ill-gotten gains.

                    Prosecute the guilty legally. Leave the innocent alone.

                  • To elaborate—there are two reasons to do it legally:

                    (1) Murder is a grave sin.

                    (2) The entire world must see the evidence and know the truth.

                    There must be no wiggle room for the perpetrators of genocide and other crimes against humanity to pretend, as they have pretended for millennia, that they are “victims.” Unlike the first Nuremberg trial’s kangaroo court and laughable “eyewitness” testimony to “geysers of blood,” different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities, and similarly laughable testimony, Nuremberg 2 must be morally unassailable, a paragon of truth and justice.

                    “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” — Polish proverb

                • John Q says

                  ”’To elaborate—there are two reasons to do it legally:

                  (1) Murder is a grave sin.

                  (2) The entire world must see the evidence and know the truth.

                  First John, murder is a grave sin, however killing a criminal during the commission of crimes against humanity, when there is so much evidence available already of the crimes and the perps, it is not considered murder. It is merely protecting your property in the only way available to you. So long as the banksters control the money, they control any court you may assemble.

                  Second, the entire world that is capable of seeing the truth is seeing it because it is not even trying to be hidden.

                  Killing off the families the control the banking empires is NOT murder. It is for each of us to judge righteously, and if one Man can righteously convict them they everyone can.

                  God is getting tired of waiting for us to judge the vile spawns of satan. Thus He will judge us instead, and not kindly, for allowing it to continue.

                  We are already authorized by God to stop it. Just no one is willing or able to do it at this time. But times can and do change. When they do, we must never forget the targets.

                • When they vote yes for war with syria and eventually drag us into ww3 wait just a second on that—–international bankers—–to those in the military especially the air force take your planes and your bombs and bomb the central banks of the world and the imf, the world bank, bis and the united states federal reserve. That’s one way to stop this madness of war. Start fighting against the real terrorists of the world. To the other branches of the military and civilians hold your ground and disobey any order from washington. They have committed treason already they are supporting the rebels/al queda in syria by supporting them with weapons and funding that my friends is the definition of treason.

              • I smell a whole bunch of kenites giving true Judah a bad rep….jmo

            • God’s Creation, Yes, we all will eventually return to God; but we’re not dead yet. God expects us to do what we can first, then His Grace pays the rest of our debt. So while we’re still here,,, resist, fight back and do what is right and good for our God, our families and our country.

              • John Q.Public: Do you mean Kangaroo ct Farces like these?

                Norman G. Finkelstein(jewish) of the City University of New York says:

                “The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified” (Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3).

                In other words, Finkelstein exposes the HYPOCRISY.

                “In an authoritative study, Leonard Dinnerstein reported: Sixty thousand Jews . . . walked out of the concentration camps. Within a week more than 20,000 of them had died.” But ‘As it entered into negotiations with Germany [just two years ago, in 1999], the Holocaust industry demanded compensation for 135,000 still living former (camp inmates).’

                On page 83 he notes that ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ Finkelstein exposes the LIES.

                “The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel” (ibid p. 30).

                “Much of the literature on Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.” (p. 55).

                “Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics”. (p. 68).

                “The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the “greatest robbery in the history of mankind”. . . The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk.” (p. 138-9).

                A detailed forensic examination of the site of the wartime Treblinka camp, using sophisticated electronic ground penetrating radar, has found no evidence of mass graves there. WHERE’S The BODIES?!!

                For six days in October 1999, an Australian team headed by Richard Krege, a qualified electronics engineer, carried out an examination of the soil at the site of the former Treblinka II camp in Poland, where, Holocaust historians say, more than half a million Jews were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in mass graves.

                According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1997), for example, “a total of 870,000 people” were killed and buried at Treblinka between July 1942 and April 1943. Then, between April and July 1943, the hundreds of thousands of corpses were allegedly dug up and burned in batches of 2,000 or 2,500 on large grids made of railway ties.

                ( This Is how they LIE! Once Confronted by Facts that ZERO Proof of 870,000 Dead Bodies are there…They Invent a New LIE!..You are now to believe, they buried them, Then Dug up All 870,000 bodies and Burned all traces, all done in 4-Months time! Yet No Ashes were found either! T.G.)

                Krege’s team used an $80,000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) device, which sends out vertical radar signals that are visible on a computer monitor. GPR detects any large-scale disturbances in the soil structure to a normal effective depth of four or five meters, and sometimes up to ten meters. (GPR devices are routinely used around the world by geologists, archeologists, and police.) In its Treblinka investigation, Krege’s team also carried out visual soil inspections, and used an auger to take numerous soil core samples.

                The team carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the alleged “mass graves” portion, and carried out control examinations of the surrounding area. They found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed. In addition, Krege and his team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes, or wood ashes.

                “From these scans we could clearly identify the largely undisturbed horizontal stratigraphic layering, better known as horizons, of the soil under the camp site,” says the 30-year old Krege, who lives in Canberra. “We know from scans of grave sites, and other sites with known soil disturbances, such as quarries, when this natural layering is massively disrupted or missing altogether.” Because normal geological processes are very slow acting, disruption of the soil structure would have been detectable even after 60 years, Krege noted.

                While his initial investigation suggests that there were never any mass graves at the Treblinka camp site, Krege believes that further work is still called for.

                “Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated toward the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed,” he says. “Personally, I don’t think there was a mass extermination camp there at all.”

                Krege prepared a detailed report on his Treblinka investigation. He says that he would welcome the formation, possibly under United Nations auspices, of an international team of neutral, qualified specialists, to carry out similar investigations at the sites of all the wartime German camps.

                (Sources: “‘Vernichtungslager’ Treblinka: archaelogisch betrachtet,” by Ing. Richard Krege, in Vierteljarhreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, June 2000 [4. Jg., Heft 1], pp. 62-64; “‘No Jewish mass grave’ in Poland,” The Canberra Times, January 24, 2000, p. 6; “Poland’s Jews ‘not buried at Treblinka’,” The Examiner [Australia], Jan. 24, 2000. Information provided by Richard Krege; M. Weber and A. Allen, “Treblinka,” The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1992, pp. 133-158; Y. Arad, “Treblinka,” in I. Gutman, ed., Encyclopedia of the Holocaust [New York: 1997], pp. 1481-1488.)

                • Good examples, ThemGuys, though not as outrageous as the “eyewitnesses” claiming “geysers of blood” and “different colored smoke.”

                  Another important fact, the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz was built by the Soviets AFTER the war on the order of the JEWISH COMMUNIST propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg, has a WOODEN door with a WINDOW, and NO means of introducing or removing cyanide or the post-cyanide corpses that would be safe for the supposed executioners.

                  Etc., etc., etc.

                  What manure the HoloHoax is!

            • “The banksters work in 20 to 50 to 100 year increments in accomplishing their goals, depending on what the goal is. ”

              GC, sheeple today can’t remember 100 DAYS from now…no wonder the banksters are winning.

              • six, sad but true. They know that is their advantage.

        • This sounds wildly optimistic; full of unrealistic hope.

        • You got that right, proverb! If WW3 starts these past relatively peaceful months will seem like paradise. Paradise lost!
          Kind of difficult to fret over the economy when one’s flesh is dying and sloughing off from radiation poisoning.
          Almost ALL politicians are completely ignoring the factors that Russia and China bring in to this me.

          The msm and both political parties are complicit in this dangerous “rolling of the dice”!

          • It doesnt even have to go to nukes to be catastrophic,
            If fuel prices double it will have same effect!
            Wonder how that JIT supply system will work out for the numb masses?

            • Amen! for how many days, when gasoline surges to $20/gal. (if you think that can’t happen- think again) will most people you know even be able to get to work? not many? a few? after that- it ALL grinds to a halt. everything. with two choke-points seized (Strait of Hormuz and Suez Canal) ready to be shutdown (did you hear about the RPG attack on the container ship the other day IN the canal? Imagine if that were a tanker with a full load!).

        • Already looted and bankrupted, not enough blood drained from the goyim.

          How Israel Is Driving the US to War in Syria

          Meanwhile the Israel lobby deceitfully tries to conceal their role in their warmongering:

          New York TImes Cuts References to AIPAC in Syria Debate

          Know who the perpetrators of your misery are, then prosecute them for their crimes against humanity!

          Nuremberg 2

          • JQP..Thanks for the info. My questions to those doing thumbs down is rather than a simply hit on the thumbs down come up with a truth and logic to disprove the posted facts.

            • When people try to post logic you and your friends/sock puppets just shout them down with the same worn-out lies. So what choice is there but to thumb you down and pass you by? Life is too short. You’re clearly NOT interested in facts, truth, nor logic. Done with you.

          • @ John Q. Public —

            I see from the red thumbs attached to your cogent and well-supported comment that there is no dearth of either morons or Zionist shills “monitoring” this site.

            There are those who would have us believe that the Zionist Entity is but a minor player in formulating ALL USan public policy, when in fact its agents, ALMOST all of whom “just happen” to be Jewish, are honeycombed throughout the USan defense establishment and diplomatic corps. They see to it that Israeli interests are always advanced by “our” supposed government, usually at the EXPENSE of US interests.

            These Israeli fifth columnists care not a whit for their Amerikan slaves, and the fools who believe they are being “good Christians” in supporting the fascistic policies of the Christ-murderers’ expansionist country need to study up on Jewry’s EXTENSIVE record of supporting Islam AGAINST Christendom THROUGHOUT the Middle Ages. These historical illiterates are just the latest crop of the tribe’s useful idiots, and they will be brutally dispensed-with when Jewry’s temporary tactical alliances shift yet again and their services are no longer required.

            Here is the latest example of Chutzpah from AIPAC, the shadow government of Amerika, as they attempt to keep a low profile during the crisis that they and THEIR government (hint: it’s not in Amerika) have engineered:


            Those who are stupid enough to believe that Israel plays no role in the USA or the unfolding global catastrophe are also too stupid to survive it. Those who are aware of Israel’s role as the instigator and chief beneficiary of this disaster and deliberately conceal it are enemies of the USA and all humanity.

            • Most posters here are Jew, Judeo Christians; are shills and enablers. Mac Slavo is the biggest enabler. Go back an look at the past 50 to 100 posts. There is no truth in them…all fear and deception. He will be one of those on the outside saying but Lord Lord I did all this for you…we know the rest of it. Mac Slavo is a Judaic enabler like Rivero, Jones and WND…thousands of them all being tied in neat little bundles to burn…its coming and no man will stop it. They have sold their birthright for red pottage. Jesus Christ gave them the Truth but they do not want it…they are kindred spirit with the destroyer. Just like the ‘Truther Movement’ it was destroyed by 5th columnist Jews who took over. They head every mainline organization in America…they are the only ones with any fucking money. Mac could have articulated the Jew destruction of our economy but hell no…he posts this bullshit we all know! He is a con artist who obfuscates truth.

              • Ahab & John Q.Public: this explains why You guys are Correct, and also why so many duped delusional “christians” and non christian americans are so Duped.

                Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar.
                From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

                “Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

                “This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

                “American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

                “The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

                “In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”

                • Why do you care what Christians think anyway? If we want to believe Jesus who said: “But He answered and said, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” – Matthew 15:24

                  Jesus also said “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” – John 4:22

                  Paul warned us about our attitude toward Jews when he wrote to the church in Rome: But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive, were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree, do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you. – Romans 11:17-18

                  Thankfully genetic testing is more reliable than your hate speech. Matthew Chapter 7 teaches we will recognize other Christians by their fruits. Clearly you are not one of us, so please stop attacking us and go in peace.

                  • The root is Jesus Christ, not the synagogue of Satan.

                  • Pastor:

                    You need to get a little more prepared.

                    Read the Jew’s Bible “The Talmud” it might bring you back to reality.

                  • I Posted Genitic DNA Evidence several times. DNA from Dec 2012 Less than a year ago the latest most advances scientific dna results Published BY John Hopkins after an Intensive fact check study that Verrified the DNA jewish scientists work. But all you have and as a “pastor” no less, is the exact same quotes that You misinterpret to believe as if jews Gave us christianity!

                    To the jews First simply means thats who God first revealed truth to. And like typical fashion of todays jews, they Rejected Gods Truth in favor of pharisee rabinical talmud frauds.

                    Pastors are supposed to Know and Teach truth. Not whatever they base upon emotional conections or feelings for jewish folks.

                    READ Galations Pastor. Abrahams SEED means Jesus Christ…Not as most preachers today Falsly teach that it means “bless the jews” so God will bless You and america!

                    Too many pastors today are so stuck in the old testement and many falsehood interpretations, based on Syrus Scofields phony translations bible, used by most southern baptists and many protestants is the main reason for so many delusional falshoods.

                    You should Thank the folks who attempt to awaken you and others of these issues. I doubt Christ will give a free pass for Ignorance of truth.

                    PS Preper pastor, just Who do You think Jesus meant by “the Lost sheep from the House of Israel”? I will Tell you who.

                    Jesus meant those lost sheep who were scattered across the world when their 10 NORTHERN tribed ISRAEL Nation was dessimated and defeated BY Asyria…In 721 BC war against Judah tribed southern nation.

                    ISREAL ONLY referes to the 10 North tribes. You as a pastor should Know that. Jacob Blessed Ephrain and Manessah and said They and THEIR decendants even for 1000 generations is the ONLY ones who shall always keep and be called by the Name of “ISRAEL”…Not Judah “jews” not Benjamin tribe of the south with judah. Only Ephraims and Manasseah’s Decendants remained to be called Israel.

                    Therefore Christ Was speaking of They the 10 north tribes as Lost sheep of Israel.

                    Simple Logic should show one that “IF” jesus was refering to Judahs and benjamins “jews”? Why with Them right There along side Him, Jesus, would he say to the apostles “Go FIND Lost sheep of house of Israel”?!

                    Those judah and benjamin folks were NEVER Lost! They were There standing two feet from Jesus! And Always trying to Murder Him!…I feel sorry for Your church membership!

                    Oh well whenever real factual biblical truth Eludes You pastor…Send your “Flock” here to READ my and a few other posters truthfull info so they can be in the Light and not remain in Darkness ok.

              • And you’re here because? Oh yeah- you’re a masochist. Sorry- maybe I’m just not as “enlightened” as you. Or as medicated/medication deficient. Go back under your bridge troll. BTW- how’s the weather on your planet? Shady with a 90% chance of schizo?

            • @ Ahab

              Superb summary and analysis. The succinct truth packs a wallop!

            • I totally agree that Israel has played a role in the USA and the unfolding global catastrophe. It is no coincidence, but God’s promise to the Jews:

              “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” – Genesis 12:31

              The further we get from the moral law of God revealed to the Jews, the worse things get for us. The nuclear family is now a minority in America. As Ruth Graham Bell observed, If God does not punish us he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

              • “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” – Genesis 12:31

                Hardly statement of cosmic import, especially since they wrote this themselves. As man of “faith,” you cannot be expected to exercise critical thought in this case, or see its obviously self-serving connotations, so I won’t presume to try to convince you otherwise. You will not find your view shared very widely outside the culturally backward, rural parts of the USA (or Australia), and it is practically non-existent on the continent of Europe, in Russia, China, Japan and the non-English speaking world in general. Did God endow the Beverly Hillbillies with a unique wisdom he denied to the high cultures of the world? Or are the rubes, who have little connection to classical education, serious literature and music, and no art whatsoever, a mere tabula rasa or vacuum that that has been filled with delusions by an interested party ready to exploit their emptiness and ignorance?

                Other portions of these so-called “holy books” are much more revealing. In Deuteronomy, which they also wrote, their tribal deity instructs them to show no mercy to the gentile kings as they grovel before them, and promises them that they shall acquire the riches laboriously created by others. I normally wouldn’t devote any thought whatsoever to this cult, but unfortunately the fools and traitors who gave them the keys to our treasury and the missile silos, ceded them control of the media, and allowed them to determine US immigration and foreign policy, have transformed what would otherwise be an insular and inbred group of really nasty people into a DEADLY menace to Western civilization and culture.

                I ask: Are you willing to live your faith to its ultimate potential outcome? Specifically, are you and your family prepared to die for the Jews?

                • Yes, Jesus Wins and I would rather die for him and my what he stands for because he died for my sins and I owe him my life. I would die for my brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus!!!!

                  The Bible was written by the spirit of God. Christianity comes from having that personal relationship with our Creator God and His only True Living Son JESUS. Man made all other religions.

                  • I was discussing Judaism and its hangers on, and not Jesus Christ, who the Talmud claims is the bastard son of Miriam the hairdresser and a Roman Centurion named Panther, and is boiling in semen for all eternity.

              • “The further we get from the moral law of God revealed to the Jews, the worse things get for us. The nuclear family is now a minority in America.”

                Are you suggesting that the Jews possess a monopoly on “morality?” That would imply that the pre-Christian peoples of Europe gleefully dishonored their fathers and mothers, stole, committed adultery and had no nuclear families, and therefore needed ethical “rescue” by the Jews. In fact, the Pagan Germans described by Tacitus, who worshiped Wotan, Donner and host of other deities, had nuclear families linked by extensive systems of kinship. They dealt with the problem of sodomites by drowning their homosexuals in bogs. Rapists were tried and killed by the offended party’s clan. Adultery was either tried by combat or in a hearing before the tribal elders, who granted divorces in those case in which the concerned parties desired it. The Germanic ethical system included a recognition of mutual rights and duties, and they valued valor as the highest of all virtues, rather than the reaping of the fruits of others’ labor through rapine and trickery and getting a get-out-of-jail-free card from their Gods. The Celts of Gaul and Britain had equally sophisticated ethical and belief systems, and were in no need of moral “rescue” by a near-eastern cult. It is quite feasible to have an ethical system and NO contact with Jews.

              • Pastor? How do you call yourself a Pastor?! READ NEW testement book GALATIANS! It specifically DEALS with the VERY genesis verses of Gods Promiced blessings to Abraham. NO mention in genesis or ANY verse of ANY page in the Entire OT and NT bible has any verse that states “Bless jews” Period.

                READ Galatians chapters it tells You that…

                God promiced to bless Abraham(not a jew) and abrahams “SEED” Singular. NOT Plural as in “seed’s” singular SEED. THAT One Seed refers to Jesus Christ and Thats who and How all families on earth are to be blessed Through Christ the Saviour of ALL Mankind who believe in Him. That inlcluded Jews too jews get zero free pass as many pastors teach wrongly. Nobody gets to the Father except Thru Me, jesus. NO other Name is given. Period.

                How can you be a real preacher and yet be so so deluded of the truth?…No offence pastor, but please stop heading a church flock untill you Learn factual biblical Truths. If you teach what You write here?

                All I can say is there a few verses that decribe what true pastors are to be like and teach. Also severe warnings to pastors who teach Falshoods.

                Christians are supposed to Discern, then, Reprove and rebuke such wrongs as you wrote of. We few here Are doing as Christ commands us to in doing so.

                I will say a Prayer that You get enlightened with Real truth before you mess up any christians heads any further Pastor.

            • Amazing how many loser Jew haters hang out here. Funny that any of you morons would even mention logic or proof. You are no different that the Muslim animals that kill anyone who is not of their faith. The mass murders of Jews and others is well documented too bad you are too insane to do anything but hate. I guess those Jihadi cutting off heads and what not in Syria are all Jews in disguise right, numb nuts.

              • Nothing but ad hominem attacks and invective from this cretin, as usual. Abuse, not argument, is the classic Israeli debate technique, but at least he does break form and omits the usual Jewish references to faeces and sex acts with one’s mother, with which they are apparently obsessed. Forgive us if we don’t see the inherent greatness of your people and love them as they destroy our countries, John W(einstein?), W(ieseltier?), W(einberg?), etc. A few weeks ago, you remained sullenly silent like a whipped mongrel dog after you challenged those you call losers to prove Valerie Jarett’s Jewish ancestry and I gave you the proof.

                Do you know who the real haters are? The Jews who denounced my cousin to the Soviet NKVD and the Jewish executioners who murdered him along with four thousand others at the Katyn Forest in 1940. Cousins of yours, perhaps?

        • I hope not…..

        • has anyone considered that MAYB they are pushing this war si it CAN escalate and then after the dust settles all debt erased and we start over? yes it is a little more complicated than that but it has merit in there eyes

        • This is just an indication that our economy is collapsing and our current society is a reflection of that. It happened to Rome, Greeks, Egyptians, The Mayans. Every dominate empire of it’s time succumbed to what is happening to the US.

          Our hubris is what’s our downfall. If our leaders had studied history they could have avoided the same pitfalls but instead they repeated the same mistakes of former Empires. Our fate is no different except we have instant communication and pent up anger so this could turn out different.

          You are seeing a breakdown and collapse of the fiat monetary system around the world. We we have done the rest of the world is doing. The world can never pay back it’s debt so what we see is the inevitable, which is a former superpower relegated to 3rd world status.

          • Rodster….Don’t use facts and logic please. FOX NEWS just reported the following: 1- JOBLESS CLAIMS IS WAY DOWN, CONSUMERS SPENDING IS WAY UP AND LIFE IS GOOD FOR ALL AMERICANS. I relay on such data by the whore house named FOX news.

            • You can always tell a lefty Progressive since thay always attack Fox news. What do the other news organizations report? The same crap only even more slanted to make you hero Obozo look good. half the people posting on this site are left wing shills.

              • One can always tell who those FOX tv devotes are. They amaze all others with a wide array of a vast wisdom, based on decades of education on all issues of Historic Facts, and especially all issues Jewish. Every decade of said education learned at the foot of their Talmudvision screen.

                Once they are totally immersed in utopian lying wonders and swindles of the Inth Degree, so often perpetrated upon all gentile Goyim, by those wily wicked sinfull jews, these wonders of knowledge amaze us all with cat calls of “haters!” and “Antisemites”!.

                Which of course these amazing wonders of wisdom from beyond the stars in the heavens, then so lavishly spew forth so to enlighten us the peons. They can be spotted by how long their arms are, which they constantly use to pat themselves uopn their own backs as if to tell themselves…Good Job buddyboy! You sure told those “haters” a thing or two!…Indeed.

                ps, is it just me? or has others noticed that many such foolish idiots always seem to be a Cop or Retired EX cop?

                Does it come with the job? Or do they learn such smug asinine attitudes on the job?

              • John W. No need to keep protecting Fox …….we all know you love its owner per your comments.

          • To summarize “The Collapse of Complex Societies” by Tainter, collapse is not a departure from the norm, but a reversion back to the norm of simple societies. All complex societies collapse and for the same reason. Complexity results in inflexibility making it impossible to circumvent the pitfalls you discuss.

            • Pastor: To Learn the True reasons that america, especially White Middle class america, is in such bad shape. Try reading a book by a self Admited Jewish Communist, who wrote his book while residing in England in 1912,where he was also the Top Head of the Communist Party of England during that era.

              Book is: “The Racial PLAN For America in the 20th Century”

              Book written By: Israel Cohen, self admited jewish communist and head commie in England, 1912 when book was Published.

              Midway through the book Mr Israel Cohen, Jewish Commie in England, explaines that this Racial Plan for America during the 20th century, is basically designed to Create situations where African Blacks can and will be Promoted to High places in Movies-hollywood-Major Sports-and all other areas wherever possible.

              While simultaneously setting up Blacks to Rise to heights previously unknown for africans, the commie jews in america will also do all possible things to force Whites Lower and Lower on the ladder rungs of success etc.

              Then Israel Cohen, jewish commie, tells readers how once several decades pass by and african blacks are placed in superior positions above most White folks, it will then be possible for the Grand scheme plan.

              That final plan is to use TV-Radio-Movies-Universities etc to teach and Convince White Women to Mate with and produce babies with those now prominant Negroe black men.

              This plan will cause the final total destruction of american moral fiber and christian ways etc, by so diluting the white race, that with One or Two generations of Mixed mateing and white women producing “brown” babies it will spell a fianl End to the White race as a whole once that last adult generation of Whites dies off.

              That book Outlines in 1912, a Two generational, plan to within the 20th century, end completely the whites as a race forever and turn the usa 100% communist ruled by Israel Cohens Pals aka fellow Jewish kommies like him.

              I wonder if Israel Cohen mentions anything regarding teaching Pastors in america to teach Worship of and for all things Jewish and worship of jews, as another plan method to delude whites so badly that they never notice what kommie jews have been doing to america since early 1900 era?

        • Sorry MAC but I don’t think America will ever see 2020

          • at least not the America we knew. that train has loooong since left the station! all we can look forward to is rebuilding.

        • Obama, Kerry, McCain or all three Man, are they trying hard to do just that. Just think, WW3 would help rid the elites of tens of thousands of young men and women much like the dems did in the Korean war, Vietnam war and WW2. Solve the problem of overpopulation.

          • Unfortunately there will be 50 or 60 illegals entering America to replace each one them that dies.

          • Is there a Mensa for stupid people? You could be their leader.

        • ATLAS SHRUGED….

      2. I’m glad I do not live in a big city and that I have a secondary plan. Thank God for opening up our families eyes to see the truth and prepare.

        I pray that God will open up more eyes to the destruction of this Nation and that she will once again become Great a true Republic. Just like our founding Fathers meant for her to be.

        God Bless you all. ☺

      3. My sign says “I used to fly helicopters, and now I can’t even get a job at In-N-Out Burger”.

        Cry me a river, America.

        • Ya gotta have a PH.D in world economics to get that job…

        • California is getting ready to apply a retroactive tax penalty on small business that followed the rules as they existed at the time. Now they are changing the rules. That should help things.

      4. The photo from Manila and not Detroit. Not to say that this could not be real in the future. Well on the way to becoming third world

        • Isla, thanks —

          This was my bad – I updated the post a bit so it doesn’t specifically name Detroit as being pictured.

          *via comment: *

          Dangit — I verified that pic on 3 different web sites — one of them a quasi-mainstream site. All indicated this was Detroit. Sorry, never been there (and am not particularly interested in visiting).

          Updated the post to remove Detroit as “being pictured”

          sorry folks.

          Nonetheless, I think we all get the gist of it.

          • @ Mac. When I saw this last night all I could think of was the Wizard of Oz and the golden road that DOES NOT exist. IF the world is not blown up, then everyone’s purchasing power will dwindle, and so will the size of everything we buy at the supermarket. I can remember when you could get an 8oz. can of tuna, now it is 5 or 5and 1/2 oz. As long as the consumer doesn’t pay attention, the same salary that can buy less and less won’t be noticed. Can’t wait until the miniature food staples finally come out. Don’t forget about the two use rolls of toilet paper one day that they will sell. They should make a song about the Land Of Deception.

            • That’s why I only buy “Forever” stamps at the PO. Maybe the only investment that pays off.

              • Heh, soon after hearing about cypriot bank confiscation I stopped saving in banks and started finding things I could put money into that would last and hold value. One of my first purchases was $100 in forever stamps. Not sure I’ll ever really be able use them, but your post reminded me of that.

                • @ DumbDude

                  Interesting that you mentioned the Cypriot bank confiscation. I’ve been trying to convince my father for 3 years to exit the stock market and liquidate all of his bank accounts. Yesterday, Sept 4th, he went to the bank to find massive lines out the door.

                  Guess who finally got spooked and started listening to his son?

                  Between the Syria nonsense and everything else, some people are finally ‘getting it’.

                  • California, etc: Another way to take cash out of the bank is to get cash back in stores like grocery stores and this way you don’t have to go to a bank so often. Many retirees have CD’s in cr unions also and money mkt svgs for emergencies, house repairs. So many feel trapped because they are afraid to keep too much cash at home. I rarely use stamps as most bill paying, utilities is near my house and people email instead of sending letters as postage is too exp.

                  • CA Res, I don’t mean to spin around and stab you in the back. But your dad probably made about a 48% profit on every dollar he had in the market over the last 3 years. If he had put that money into silver he would have had an exciting ride but would only have made about 19% or if he chose gold only 11%.

                    It was when I heard that these criminals in government and banking think it is really ok to just take someone’s deposits that I really rebelled. And by the way they only pay me .2% interest in my accounts. So I’m loosing to inflation to have the privilege to someday get my money confiscated. So thats why I started looking to smartly spend/invest than to stupidly trust.

                    I still don’t know how best to save up for that rainy day, but I have to admit my retirement money is still in the stock market.

                  • @ DumbDude

                    Not stabbing me in the back at all. Normally you would be right, but in truth he made BACK what he’s lost in the market before the 2008 crash happened. He just broke a bit ahead. At one point he was at a 78k loss on (F). Once he broke even he got out. The problem is that he’s still stuck in the normalcy bias as the market is going up. He knows it’s a trap being set to spring in the form of a crash, but the temptation to get back in is strong.

                    I’ve trying incessantly to get him to transform that dough into tangible survival items, but I get the eyeroll treatment whenever I mention it.

              • A year after Ronald Reagan died, the Postal Service came out with a new stamp in his honor, which they do for every President, one year after death. I was at the Post Office waiting in line, while a gal who had inked jail bars over his portrait on the stamp before mailing it was being told she had cancelled the stamp and had to pay for another stamp to mail the letter. She was furious that the clerk just didn’t understand what a criminal Reagan was, etc., etc.

                So I bought about 200 of the Reagan stamps and have been using them since, hopefully brassing off dozens of liberals when they get their mail.

                • Hard to believe being that liberals are so tolerant and understanding. What a joke biggest bunch of haters ever all the while telling how open minded they are. It will be funny if the Muslims take over and start educating these losers on just what oppression really is.

            • making a song about the land of deception…why aren’t we hearing some songs about what is going on in our country. The public has made so many singers, song writers rich. Now why don’t they give something back to the public. Start bashing the corruption in our government.

              • Have you heard “That’s why I Pray” by Big & Rich? Or “Shutting Detroit Down” by John Rich? They’ve given back…from what I’ve heard anyway. How about Toby Keith? Maybe you need alittle more countreh in ‘ya?

        • Holy moley…. I just did a Google image search for “Manila slums”. Looked like hell on earth.

          • Made a couple tours of combat in Viet Nam and did some R&R in Olongapo Phil. Now I thought I’d seen some rather desperate places but until then I had not a clue… Got to tell you that those places are more and more springing up around our own country. No fresh water, cardboard boxes for homes, clothes in pieces, food a luxury, especially hot food, and soap a rare treat. We on this board are so much more aware of the hell that’s knocking — no, kicking down the door to each of our sanctuaries. The lies will keep on coming until finally, thankfully, blessedly the sheep have the sh– kicked out of them literally and figuratively and then those who are even minimally prepared will be thanking God, and I do me “GOD” for heeding the warning. Pray, prep and protect for as long as you have breath but do it with prayerful conscious thought. Trust me, it helps… dj

          • Look at the ones in Kenya. Plus they will cut your head off if you are a Christian. A two fer!

      5. All my young life i heard about how hard it was in the depression. so now i have taken all of what i learned and am putting it to good use, canning veggies, meat. whatever i think i might need incase of the failure coming. thank god i worked hard enough to get it all paid for. havent bought any new equipment, bought a damn good mill and lathe just to keep everything running as new. larder is loaded full seeds are stashed for next year along with organic fertilizer, ammo is ready, i guess its time for a twist and a beer. cause its coming faster than a runaway train, nothing you can do about it, just sit back an enjoy what ya got with friends and family. maybe throw a brisket on the smoker, twist up a big fattie, ice down some homemade strawberry wheat beer and get ready for winter. every one that has stopped by the ranch always asked why i didnt upgrade my stove to a gas or electric stove , now they are the ones hunting the same stove i have had for over 15 yrs. nothing better than a blackberry pie from a wood fired cookstove, or fresh bread. hard to beat. after working the hi-ways for 25 + yrs living in the city is gonna get plenty rough, grocery trucks wont run, which means empty shelves. all in all. BEWARE OF WHAT YA WISH FOR, YA MAY JUST GET IT wildman out

        • I just picked up a small wood cookstove made by Sears…not sure of the age(60 yrs?) but its in good shape I now have two…my other is a Round Oak Chief made in 1909…wont have any trouble cooking if the gas well stops working…good investments are the old ways of doing whatever needs done…

          • I just got a small one some people were using for a yard decoration, with potted plants on it. I’m calling it “decor” right now too, only it is IN the house waiting to be needed.

            • That’s a pet peeve of mine…good often perfectly functional items…especially farm equipment sitting in a yard full of flowers or being cut up for scrap…grrrrr!…except that I am firm believer in one doing with ones own property what they will…it just makes me wish theyd THINK…but alas I ask too much!

        • Can appreciate all your work and blessings that you took advantage of. Spent 30 years working in a courtroom, which means a room with no windows and piped in air… Retired very early and got a place hell and gone off grid. Been doing what I can to make it home and while I am living part time in the city, I pray daily for discernment to know when it’s time to head out. Frankly, though, my trust is not in the preps, ammo, utensils but in my real Home which I pray I can preserver and finally reach when this life is over. Hope to meet you on the other side, david out.

          • Amen. We’re all just in the sandbox in kindergarten, learning (hopefully) a few of the ropes, and trying to get prepared for real schooling. I’m just trying to make the grade, every day, a little at a time.

      6. OOPS! I meant to say;”Almost ALL politicians are completely ignoring the factors that Russia and China bring in to this MESS”.

      7. We need God.

        • Yes we do. Unfortunately too many have turned thier bavk on him and now pay the price

        • Had a conversation with someone and we were talking about how different mammals react in certain situations — such as the ones that will kill the weak, even one of its own, and then the ones that will protect the sick amongst them such as elephants. Where the conversation led was the conclusion that humans, as a species, are still highly unevolved and still highly predatory; hence, completely untrustworthy as a rule as you can never turn your back on a predator…thus, we DO need God…badly.

        • We need to repent. At the core, every single problem we have is a result of breaking God’s 10 Commandments.

          And now the bad news, our churchs are for the most part are useless and worthless; too busying being social, politically correct and believing in “seperation of Church and State”. But are gutless cowards when the state tells them what they may or may not do in order to keep their tax exempt status.

          All great powers eventually fall. The (former) USA is no exception. We are in decline.

        • Who would thumb THAT statement down?! WOW… If you DON’T need God- don’t worry- pretty sure the feeling will be mutual!

          Saw a photo (non photoshopped) a little while back I thought was HILARIOUS: It was a pic of a storefront of an “Atheists Center” (didn’t know they had those! what the heck- why not?). Any way, the sign painted above the shop, in about 12-18″ letters said “Why worry? God MAY (emphasis added) not exist!”. MAY not exist?! So you OBVIOUSLY have doubts about your supposed “belief”…and are willing to try to lead others astray, but haven’t quite thought it out too well there have ‘ya?!

      8. The bottom line is that the federal government is deliberately destroying the economy. Obamacare will insure that full-time jobs are destroyed and replaced by part-time jobs.

        There have been many booms and busts during American history. Depressions are naturally short-lived unless the government makes things worse with its policies. The Great Depression would have lasted only 2 or 3 years except for FDR.

        Student loans are a terrible burden on young college graduates. Education is too expensive. Student loans mean that you can’t afford the things you used to be able to afford if you’re a recent college graduate with a good degree. A lot of college graduates graduate with student loan debt the size of a mortgage.

        Back in the 90s the Baby Boomers were in their peak earning years. Many of them have lost their good jobs or retired. Their children will definitely not live as well as they did.

        Our country is being de-industrialized. Back in 1978 I started working at a foundry at about $5.70 an hour. I could buy 10 gallons of gas with one hour of gross pay. That $5.70 is about the same as $13.00 an hour today. You could walk in off the street and get hired the same day. The foundry had the dirtiest jobs and the worst paying of the big mills in the area.

        • In 1965 our family pulled up stakes and moved 1500 miles so Dad would have a job paying $4.25 an hour at Boeing Aircraft in Seattle. Mom got on there, too, at about $3.50 an hour in the print shop. That $7.75 an hour, within a year, was enough to purchase and furnish a house, two used cars, clothing, good food on the table, Christmas gifts, braces for the kids, savings accounts, etc., etc. You could be comfortable on $15,000 a year, and $24,000 was enough to put you in an upscale neighborhood.

          I started working in 1970 at $3.15 an hour, and had enough to put myself through college. My first full year of work netted me $7000.

          We have deflated our currency to the point where it now takes $50,000 a year to get what $8,000 a year used to buy.

          • And you are LUCKY if 50k is enough!
            After the taxman gets his share and now who else will be sticking their fingers directly into our pie?
            Good post!

            • Bought my first house in 1986, the property taxes were $514 a year. Sold it in 2009, by then they were $2400 a year. My salary had certainly not gone up by 400% during the same time frame.

              • Make a point of shunning all .gov workers ,they are tax eaters ,and compare those that live as tax feedersThe feeders actually lose their jobs if they don’t produce /the eaters still get a check /eduacate them that they eat the seed corn of the nation and if they protest that they pay taxes quietly agree with them yes you do but that money came out of MY FUCKING POCKET! And ask them what do they PRODUCE to make a profit ?
                If your money actually comes from taxes that are extorted from private citizens that actually have to PRODUCE something that others will pay for then you are a friggen leech on society .Reduce .gov workers by about 75% and the people that actually earn a living by the sweat of their brow w/o reaching into someone elses pocket will be a start in the right direction. My labor should go where I choose to not where it is required to.

          • And back then you paid a fraction of the taxes you pay today. Healthcare was a lot cheaper. When I first started working, you paid 20% of the first $500 of your medical bill. The insurance company paid 100% after that. Cars were a lot cheaper then too. So was gas.

            • Long time reader, first time to comment. Anyway, we had no insurance when my daughter was born in ’77. Paid cash – $1400!

              • Our first child was born in 1963 . Hospital bill 150 dollars and doctor 100 dollars. We didn’t need insurance in those days. How come they charge so much today

                • because They can,jimmy…

                • Who do you think picks up the tab for all illegal immigrant babies? Surely not the parents, but thankfully this is a condition which will have a short life span with the inevitable conclusion, which, of course, will be seen as “rayciss”.

      9. This is all based on the dollar paradigm. It will cease to exist soon.

      10. Not having spent my money on $100 sneakers and garbage, having saved and invested carefully; I hereby decline to participate in this debacle.
        I retired at 50, am 63. And will go shooting this afternoon with G Kids and others, with all the ammo I can possibly shoot and more. I will later return to my, paid for, house; that’s a lot smaller than most, but is mine,(Ours) and look at the daily mail knowing no credit bills are in there because I have never paid any credit card bills except one by accident of $5 40 years ago. As my departed grandfather said 50 years ago: “Mostly it’s not the high cost of living that gets you; it’s the cost of Hi-living” A lot of people have made bad choices and have had others bail them out; well that’s over. You are now reaping what you sow, tough!

        • You made good choices and it sounds like your Grandfather gave you good advice.

          Others apparently not so fortunate. I hope that your appeared demeanor in stating what you wrote, isn’t really descriptive of your character.

          I hope you aren’t one of the many that drives by an elderly person needing help changing a tire on the interstate!

          Point is, we can’t lose our humanity in these times.

          • Have changed several tires for people.. But the guy that hit the big rock under the pile of snow near my driveway when he wanted to turf my yard got little sympathy. As a matter of fact the oil marks all the way back to the corner looked nice. People who spend their money on beer and cigs don’t get to spend mine. Some people get the shaft in life and need a hand, most make their own problems and they can fix them.

          • AGreed_

            I have a problem with your comment. There are millions of people who chronically make stupid choices yet face no consequences because “the compassionate” rush to bail them out.

            I’m not speaking of the grandmother who needs help changing a tire. I’m talking about the person whose character defects or plain stupidity puts them in one bad situation after another, but are bailed out by generous relatives or the long-suffering tax payer.

            It isn’t compassion to shield them from consequences of thoughtless behavior. The consequence, if experienced, just as does bankruptcy instructing a business owner, teaches worthwhile lessons. Lessons they need to learn and never do.

            Government faces no consequences for its poor judgment because it need not make a profit and because it has that endless pot our our stolen wealth to play with.

            Some people and families skate for multiple generations making stupid choices — always at someone else’s expense.

            If YOU freely and voluntarily want to shield someone from the consequences, fine. Dig deeply into YOUR OWN pocket and have at it. When productive people are STOLEN FROM so that favored folks feel no pain .. let’s call that what it is: coercion and theft.

            By the way, the “health care” industry and “higher education” are both government coddled systems in which the game is rigged so while they don’t have to be conscientiously productive they are nonetheless free to loot us at will.

            Somebody above asked why they are so expensive … because they are subsidized rackets, protected from competition and in no way beholden to their consumers.

            I pay for my own medical care in cash, deliberately having no 3rd party insurer. So I am acutely conscious of the “fix” being in.

            Health care will continue to be as expensive “as it can be” as long as millions of you think it’s fine that somebody else subsidizes your care.

            • Very true!

      11. I think they’re numbers are a little low, 50k now will be more like 20k in 2020. Got gold and silver? Black market business? Preps? OK now for your daily info nugget… The average electric dehydrator uses 500 watts of power, more than I want to use so I made my own solar dehydrator. Pretty simple and works as good or better than the electric one. Out of scrap material I had laying around I cut a piece of plywood (build it to your own scale) 12 inches wide by 48 inches long and screwed 2×4’s down both sides along the edges. I then attached galvanized sheet metal down the length of it between the 2×4’s. Next I attached 1.5 inch galvanized flashing (90 degree bent) along the edges of the 2×4’s to support the drying panel up off the back. I then made a frame out of 3/4x 1.5 inch wood furring strips to fit on top of the flashing between the 2×4 sides and stapled and siliconed metal window screen across the span of it. Then made a cap for the bottom out of plywood and drilled 3- 1 inch holes in it evenly spaced and screwed and glued it on the bottom. Then I made the top cap with 3-1 inch holes and just screwed it to the top so it’s removable. Put some screen over the holes you drilled to keep bugs out. Then I siliconed some 12 inch by 16 inch glass panels I had (3 of them to make 4ft.) across the top of the 2×4 sides. I just pull the rack out of it, load it with whatever, put it back in the unit and screw the cap on. Lay it at about a 45 degree angle facing the sun and it kicks butt! If you have some glass laying around just configure the size to make it work. A simple off grid dehydrator that will last forever and cheap to make. I also glued most of the joints to help seal it and make it stronger. I think you will be impressed by the perfomance as long as it is at least 4ft. long. Now get to work! LOL

        • “”50k now will be more like 20k in 2020″””

          50k in FRNs in 2020 will not buy a loaf of bread, not fire an oven long enough to bake it yourself. Anyone who is projecting a future for bankster script is not living in the real world.

          The question is, what will we use to replace it? Will the world be stupid enough to let the banksters start all over?

          Unfortunately, probably so.

        • I love it when folks do this kind of thing!…they work well and cost almost nothing…kudos!

      12. The middle class is not dying, we are being systematically murdered. It sits as a cold war now because we still believe in our intestinal fortitude to overcome our circumstances, economical genocide is all around us, our own government is working against us and yet many of us still believe we can make it right…for now.

      13. I think some of us find projecting down the road 30 years almost a joke!

        Just in case you missed this, I am re-posting this because if WW3 comes to be there will be a lot less of us to feed 30 years from now.

        From Widipedia:

        World War One military and civilian casualties over 37 million. Over 16 million deaths; 20 million wounded.

        United States: 117,465 dead, 205,690 wounded

        World War Two was the deadliest military conflict in history…Over 60 million people were killed, over 2.5% of the worlds population at that time.

        United States 418,500 dead; 3% of the total of US population at that time.

        And we are ginning up for World War Three?

        Only two words can only begin to cover it: TOTAL INSANITY!

        • Look at Civil War in US. far worse, compared to pop unrelievedly worse

          • The problem is this time it will be both a World War and a Civil War (which are always the bloodiest) by the time all things are done.


            • A second civil war will permit us to do some seriously needed house cleaning.

        • We had more than 14million people in 1940’s…

          • Wikipedia states we had 132 Million. 3% of 132 million is 396,000. Feel free to look up the article for yourself.

            • 418,500 divided by 132,000,000 gives 0.00317, to put in per cent move decimal two places right, it’s 0.3%, not 3%.

              Feel free to do the math yourself.

        • Check your math, we had 150 million people here in 1945.

        • Granny…Plenty of pain to go around in an empire of fools.

          65,000 civilians were killed in industrial accidents supporting the war effort.

        • POG,

          because some folks here who don’t know the first thing about the place are fond of pontificating about what they “WILL DO”

          do you think the US losing 418,500 dead in World War Two was a lot of people?

          I don’t know what the Russian population was then, but they lost 27 MILLION people. Four-fifths of the Europeon Theater was fought in the USSR. Every family lost somebody. Some families, men women and children, were wiped out.

          Unlike the US, where WW2 falls prey to the “before my time, can’t be bothered” mindset their Great Patriotic War is a present reality to them.

          Stop projecting mindless militarism onto the Russians. Only about 2 % of American men presently ever wear the tyrant’s uniform. In Russia every able bodied male does a military hitch. They know more about war than the soft and lazy US public does.

          That might have something to do with Putin’s contempt for our chickenhawk warmonger in chief.

      14. The pain we will all experience will come from numerous directions. Yes some will benefit from a war, but the majority who will foot the bill will not. A death spiral is in the making. Increase taxes to pay for useless spending, which drives businesses into the dirt. The remaining businesses will be taxed more to make up the difference, and around and around we go. When you see the giant smoking hole in the ground, you’ll know we’ve bottomed out.

      15. I believe that has been part of Obama’s plan anyway so he can declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, and set himself up as “President-for-Life.” Remember his good friend Hugo Chavez.

      16. 50 thousand would be considered a great income for many in America. Millions exist on a quarter of that or less. If the incomes are going to fall, there needs to be an equal drop in prices accross the board, yet capitalism demands ever increasing profits to make this system even attractive to wealthy investors. The needs of the common people are of primary importance, that’s just logical and fair. The income gap between rich and everybody else will be the end of a decent life in a once free America.

        • Prices will not drop. People need to adapt and lower their standard of living to make it through the new economic reality.

          • You got that right. Have personal experience with that on a daily basis. When I retired my bride of 43 years and I were able to help our adult children in ways we would not even consider now. EVERYTHING we need to purchase to survive has either reduced in size or doubled in price over the course of the past 8 years. I truly ache for our grand children’s lost future. What is ahead for them is what we as God Fearing men and women are willing to continue to sacrifice and, if called upon, pay the ultimate price for no greater love has a man than he should lay down his life for his friends. Our Lord said that that truer words were never spoken. Let us pray we are that kind of loving men and women… dj

      17. Tomorrow is my wife’s last day at work. Her hours were first cut from working overtime to working 32 hours a week and her workload was increased as other positions were discontinued and that work was distributed through out the staff. Now her job is being outsourced to an outside firm with parts of it being off shored. So much for job security in the medical field, she worked as a Medical Records middle manager.

        I’m a Tool design engineer, tool and die maker by trade and have been on the front edge of the off shoring craze for the past number of years. The old saying of first it happen to the jews and I didn’t stand up, then it happen to the bla bla bla and now that it’s happening to me, I’m standing alone. We are living the off shored, out sourced economy and it’s taken a few years but now that it’s hit just about everyone and not just the people in manufacturing, there’s no one left to stand up for you.

        Last night I was telling my wife that in the old economy a recession would end and that it’s taken me a while to realize that this one isn’t going to end until there’s a major shift of some kind. I also told her that all in all, because of our homesteading life style that we will be ok. We have enough of a skill foundation that learning to live with less isn’t going to be as devastating for us as it will be for others. We will help where we can and try not to be a burden to others.

        • True. Our local newspaper writing staff just caught up with reality a few days ago. Before this, they sounded like a deranged Chamber of Commerce. Ohio has finally admitted there has been a net loss of jobs since 2007, instead of asserting that this has been the best of all possible recoveries. Most of rural Ohio is conservative, but the power resides in the three “Cs”, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, which trend liberal and black and are huge supporters of Obama. My husband is working past retirement age and I have a new job. It’s only minimum wage and 25 hours per week, but it will buy some preps. Interestingly, I am supposed to accomplish in 25 hours what formerly required 40 hours, and I feel sorry for the older woman who originally held the job. She and her husband don’t feel they can make it with a reduced income, so they’re going on social security. Hope they have more than a few years to enjoy it. Ohio isn’t going to reduce taxes, of course. In fact, taxes need to be raised “for the children” (give me a break!)in order that they may compete in the global market. Billions, if not trillions, have been spent in the inner-city schools and they are non-competitive in every area, although the taxpayer is considerably poorer and still left with fancy schools and bizarre programs to fund. My husband’s employer will insure only him, not me nor our children. I’m too young for medicare (if it still exists) and too poor for private insurance. Do you think they planned it this way???

          • I work online with people from Ohio. When Obama came through their town during his presidential campaign, they became a bunch of drooling idiots because their graven image was visiting…all I heard about for days was how they got to shake their god’s hand…luckily, I had plenty of vomit bags on hand.

          • I hear you. My husband has medicare. I’m still too young by about 2 yrs. I don’t have insurance either. Am very interested in what everyone here has to say regarding alternative health medicine. Please, if you have secret remedies, share. My neighbor told me the other day that she gets bad muscle cramps. She said what works for her, is to put a spoon of mustard under her tongue for a bit, then swallow. This stops it good. I use lemon concentrate, a mouthful, for heartburn. I know lemon is acidic, but changes to alkaline when it gets to stomach. One new surprise was the use of turmeric, a spice that you would find in your kitchen. I googled the properties of turmeric and saw that it was a type of corticosteroid which is what I have been buying in the form of Clobetasol cream for a horrible itchy skin condition in a small area of my skin. I have had extreme stress over what would I do if I could not buy the cream. Now I have an alternative. I wet a paper towel, dab on some turmeric powder and rub it on the area. I have complete relief in about the same amount of time as the prescription required Clobetasol. Now I can save on the doctor bill and prescription. Please, don’t walk, run out and stock up on turmeric. The large container can be found at Costo, Sam’s Club, I have been buying at Cash and Carry store. My husband picked up the last one and he said that it was about $11.00. I want to prep for myself but also care about others and want to share my new secret.

            • -dot- com/watch?v=qniGwqHDa5Y

              This seems like it has good possibilities and it leads to other applications.

            • One of the better prep items is stocking up on spices.

              Lots of salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc., get the biggest jars you can find.

              • Ya no doubt, spices! Roadkill is pretty nasty without them. My main favs are garlic, salt, basil, pepper. 🙂

                • Awesome Possum, Poodles and Noodles, German Shepard Pie, Kitten Kaboodle, lots of good roadkill recipes out there !

              • Buy ’em in bulk and store in canning jars. You can even dry- can them if they contain 10% or less moisture.

              • I did some research on vanilla beans and vanilla extract. I would really miss vanilla if I couldn’t get it anymore. Growing vanilla beans is a huge undertaking, because they come from a type of orchid and there’s a lengthy, involved process to make a vanilla bean usable. But I did read that if you have access to vodka or rum, and you have six vanilla beans, you will have an indefinite supply of vanilla extract. Just put the beans in the vodka, and let them age. When you run low on vodka, add more to the bottle with the same vanilla beans over and over again.

            • For muscle spasms I take D3 every day.
              Heartburn–instant relief from buttermilk or white milk.
              I take daily: garlic tablet for immune system
              fish oil for healthy heart
              calcium/magnesium tablet
              D3 for muscle spasms
              ginger for stomach/digestion help
              6 tablets. Every day.

              • Best prices ever are and free shipping on $25 orders.
                I am stocked for one year and am going for two now.

            • Tumeric is considered the most potent anti cancer thing going…I use it in cooking and sprinkle some on food…along withal the garlic/onions/leeks/chives/hot peppers I eat almost daily my gut should be healthy 🙂 I got into healthy eating years ago by default and by watching what was happening to those around me who ate whatever they chose and took no thought as to their health…now Im the healthy one watching as they sadly go down hill and most still don’t get it…you are what you eat…between the good Lord and eating right I and mine are healthy…never had a dime of health insurance myself…haven’t been to a doctor in over 45 years…that’s one of the reasons obutts healthcare BS is so offensive…I purposely avoided doctors and now he says I gotta comply???…ya fat chance!…best to take care of yourself and avoid the “cure” they have planned for us all… 🙂

            • LBJ:small ethnic stores are a treasure
              trove for tumeric,etc. 🙂

      18. Wow…is that seriously Detroit?

        Looks more like Mumbai, India.

        Hard to believe the authorities let that exist. They seem to frown on this type of thing.

        Maybe they should let them squat in all the abandoned houses…sad.

        • Didn’t know palm trees grow in Detroit.

          Mac should be a little more careful than that.

          • Dangit — I verified that pic on 3 different web sites — one of them a quasi-mainstream site. All indicated this was Detroit. Sorry, never been there (and am not particularly interested in visiting).

            Updated the post to remove Detroit as “being pictured”

            sorry folks.

            Nonetheless, I think we all get the gist of it.

            • Relax Mac. Worse mistakes happen: I once picked up a Gal at a bar, thought she was kind of cute, Oh wow! Quit drinking shortly thereafter.

              • Yes, lots of people have been fooled by that one. But Detroit actually looks a lot worse than that.

          • HMmmmm…..I agree , I think that’s Columbia , South America ………mm

            • Yes, Colombia, South America, or maybe Columbia, South Carolina. They’re both the same.

        • Yes; Then burn them down. No I’m not Mr. Nice Guy

        • Yes. That is Detroit.

          I just found out a few hours ago that my hours are being cut. At this point only 5 hours/week. Likely to jump to 7 hours cut/week (Boss must determine what hours we won’t be open).

          I’m can’t say I don’t have need for the money, but will make the most of it with my family. It seems that the best option is to use that time for preparing and economizing. I guess, it could turn out better than I had thought!

          • VanMom,

            I am sorry to hear that your hours will soon be cut. Many others may be soon facing fewer hours at work.

            “Employers around the country, from fast-food franchises to colleges, have told NBC News that they will be cutting workers’ hours below 30 a week because they can’t afford to offer the health insurance mandated by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.”

            AFL-CIO President Trumka: Employers Cutting Workers to 29 1/2 Hours to Avoid ObamaCare

            States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs
            “The costs of Obamacare are not just hitting businesses this year–they are also hitting the government, and public employees as well.

            Virginia, for example, is about to limit part-time employees to 29 hours per week in order to avoid triggering Obamacare’s requirement that employers provide health insurance to those working 30 hours per week or more. The state cannot afford the $110 million annual cost of insurance.

            Elsewhere, public institutions are taking similar steps to limit part-time work. In Ohio, Youngstown State University recently announced a 29-hour-per-week part-time limit, and placed employees on notice that they would be fired if they worked more than the maximum.

            Other public universities are doing the same across the nation, just as their private-sector counterparts are limiting part-time hours to avoid the Obamacare rule.”


            I work the same hours at the same job, but have had to take a pay cut. I make less now than I did in 2002.

            Take care. Keep praying and prepping.
            KY Mom

            • We were told last week that there is no over time allowed either. i.e. if you are part time (28 hrs/wk) you can only work those hours, and if you work over then there will be a fine involved. But this is what kills me in my state the cost of Obamacare will be $120.00 a month. where am i supposed to pull that out of? my food money? guess i will know what hunger feels like very soon.

            • KY Mom:

              Thank you for your kind words. I know that I am far from alone. For now, it is only a few hours. I will know next month if it will be more.

              I’m not fretting. It is simply part of the “reigning in expenses” tighter, yet. We don’t vacation. We drive 2000 and 2002 model-year vehicles. I believe our priorities are straight.

              I’m am going to strive to enjoy my teenage boys while they are home. Our big outing is Friday night football, watching oldest play. I’m enjoying these memories!

              I appreciate the support!

      19. It is known there are extremely powerful players guiding the global economy. As an example George Soros is behind every major financial crisis in the last 15 years at least. And these same people are also behind the New World Order shift.

        A middle-class is a dangerous thing for would-be tyrants and dictators. They are, after all, people who are comfortable in their means, have a secured place to live and don’t have to worry as to where their next meal will come from and can therefore devote efforts to bettering their lot instead of spending whatever free time they have trying to keep a roof over their heads, their families from being hungry and the lights on. Ask the Brits how a colonial American middle and upper class came to bite them in the ass.

        As such, my theory is the true powers that be have a vested interest in controlling as much of the wealth, assets and jobs as they can in order to starve out the middle class, create a wage-slave or welfare slave class that will not have will or the means to fight back while they set themselves up as a neo-nobility.

        Force otherwise proud people to have to abase themselves to receiving food stamps, you will attack their willpower and destroy their pride; force people to work 80+ hours a week at several part-time jobs just to make ends meet and you steal their strength. Incidentally, this would lead to lowering the ability of parents to spend time with their children, therefore forcing many to seek out outside care and assistance and lessening their ability to teach their children instead of relying solely on the so-called public education system.

        All these factors, I believe, would create a system where there would be little or no opportunity for the majority of people to better their lot in life while making themselves utterly dependent on the ever more powerful powers that be. And odds are this would be supplemented by a welfare system where benefits would be cut drastically at a ridiculously low threshold so there would be an effectively impassable gap for the vast majority of people attmepting to get further up the food chain.

        But this wouldn’t be an overnight thing. It would take years if not decades to bring such a plan to fruition so there is still a chance to reverse this momentum. But something has to be said for the cabal who is truly in power: they are smart and they are patient.

        • Canadian Vet:

          If I recall correctly, obamacare has all the above things you mention included in it. Implementation has already taken place with much of it and between the month of October and the month of January it is to be steamrolled. So it will not be 30 years; it is here and now.

          • They’ve just announced the average rates for Obamacare insurance, almost $300 a month for 20-year olds, and if your 50 years old it’s going to cost over $700 a month.

            The ‘poor’, of course, will receive credits and vouchers, the rest of us will pay out the nose for drug addiction rehab, mental health counseling, abortion services, pre-natal care, and a lot of other coverage we should have been able to opt out of if they didn’t want to buy our votes with our own money.

          • Being Canadian I am it as up to speed on such things as you are. However, with the information you just provided, then it stands to reason the plan has started a while back and Obamacare is likely one of this master play’s stepping stones.

      20. The ‘Great Inflation ‘ is already HERE ! I paid six dollars for a pound of bacon the other day, last month it was $4.59 lb.! I have no doubt that the sky is the limit for essential goods from now on . That will speed up the difference between the HAVE’s and the HAVE-NOTS in a hurry. And when the poor folks walk by a restaurant and see the rich eating ‘Steak & Lobster’ ,the situation will EXPLODE !! I’m done trying to make a buck ,but have a young son just starting to hunt his place in Work Market ,plus he has two girls , and I hate to tell him it’s a LOST CAUSE ! I don’t think things can continue at this rate. But like the IRS GAL told me on the phone, one day ” Have A NICE DAY !” I laughed at her ,then she said “Well TRY TO !”…….mm

        • You shop wrong places $3.99 today

          • Check where it came from and where it was processed at $3.99. We are being invaded with SLOP from China. Read your labels carefully folks. Sometimes a deal is not a deal.

            • From Ohio, in Ohio

            • yes
              it it comes from China

              PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF

              and now I hear we will be importing mass quantities of chicken from China

              and there will be label indicating where it is from

              thank you FDA scum bags

              • Be very careful if you buy food products from China. Most of their food is contaminated and is poisoning the Chinese poor who must eat it. The ruling class and foreigners who live in China, fly frozen food in from other countries.

                • Especially the mushrooms from China–I read they poop on them for fertilizer.
                  Why mushrooms..why not on everything??

                • If I do buy foodstuffs I read labels…IF…it comes from any Asian country I do not buy it..PERIOD!…our food supply here is bad enough…not buying poison on purpose!

        • Bacon keeps for a while, so I only buy it when it’s on sale. I think I’m going to try canning bacon. Cut the slices in half, lay them on parchment paper, roll up the parchment paper, shove it in a pint jar, and pressure cook it.

          I don’t think the poor folks will be walking by a restaurant with rich people eating very long because the good restaurants will go out of business in most areas. My area only has one “good restaurant” right now. I can feed the family twice at Burger King for what one plate costs at the “good restaurant.” I don’t see it being in business too much longer. They don’t have 39 cent senior drinks either.

          dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo

          • Seriously? Around here, it costs more for 2 of us to eat at Burger King or McDonald’s than it does for us to go to the local buffet and eat roast beef and spareribs…it’s nuts.

            • You’re not doing it right.

              Every time you go to Burger King, look at the back of the receipt. There is an online survey which gets you a free whopper or chicken sandwich when you buy just a small drink and small fries. Then you check the newspaper and mailed coupons and find a buy one-get one coupon for whopper. Then three people can go to Burger King and pay for one whopper ($3.79), one small drink ($1.39), one fries ($1.49, to share), and two senior drinks(39 cents each), for a total of $7.45 for three people. That’s only about $2.50 each. And don’t worry about how small the drinks are, because you can refill them as many times as you want and take a full one for the road.

              The last time we ate off the buffet at Golden Corral, it was $12.29 each plus $2.19 for tea. So the three of us had to pay $46.37, over 6 times as much, and that was with the senior discount for all three buffets. Needless to say, we won’t be going back there any time soon.

              So don’t tell me that any regular restaurant is cheaper than a hamburger joint.

              Also note that the Burger King survey offer can only be done once a month, but it tracks cookies, so you can either use a different computer or you can delete cookies. If you need more receipts, you can find them lying around in the parking lot sometimes.

              I almost never eat at full price anywhere. I use senior discounts, coupons, sales, and discount cards sold by local schools.

              I’m not cheap. I’m frugal.

              dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo

          • Why not buy Youders canned Bacon? It’s around, and keeps for years. If you have to buy the meat then, can it, you don’t save much. Even W Mart has canned Beef, Pork, and Chicken.

            • Canned beef, pork, and chicken costs about 6.00 pint/pound.
              You can buy chicken breasts for under 1.00; can them yourself………. One dollar a pint canned chicken = big savings…………..good luck

              • That’s under 1.00 per pound..

                • Where are you? That’s a lot more than I pay!

              • Went to the site; That’s about 50% more than Wal-M

                • Membership discounts close the gap and I do not want to patronize exploitative Wally’s [China] World.

            • Yoder’s bacon is for rich people. At almost $18.00 for just 9 ounces, it is about six times as expensive as raw bacon. The Yoder’s would have to be less than $3.00 a can before I would even consider it. I already have canning jars with reusable lids and a pressure canner, so the only expense is the few cents worth of gas I would use.

              If canned meats were cheaper than fresh, of course I would buy them. But they are many times more expensive. And I’m home all the time anyway, so it doesn’t really take much time. Put meat in jars. Put jars in canner. Wait. Take jars out of canner. Simple and cheap.

              This has been a math-intensive couple of messages.

              dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo

              • Check out Paratus Familia blog; Enola Gay covered how to can bacon at home.

              • Jeeze! I was only talking about Oscar Mayer BACON ,as I don’t buy and eat CHEAP, FAT ,BLOBY, SHRINK to Nothing BACON !!Just like I don’t drink CHEAP BEER !!…..Hmmmm…..what is DERMO ??……mm

          • I buy Bacon from a wholesale food company for $3.19/lb its a 30 pound case. I can a lot of bacon too.

            • Zaycon?

          • Tonight bacon(Fields), lettuce(yuck, California), and tomato from MY garden.
            We have just about had to stop eating out.

            • @ JayJay…….Ya might wanna do the glow test on the lettuce. Set it in a dark closet ,with all the lights out, and see if you can detect a GLOW !! LOL!!….mm

        • You are right. Look at my previous comment (comment ID 2179116) and my theory is supported by this artificial inflation of retail food costs.

          However, there is a single bright side to a welfare society. Eventually, all these folks on the dole who want better for themselves and their families and with plenty of time t think because they have no jobs will start seeing the rich and powerful eating more and better food in one sitting than they see in a few days, it will become a powder keg.

          Especially since a state that seeks to enslave its population to a welfare system must have a limited lifespan. As a combination of a receding tax base and the ever increasing cost of supporting the masses, money to feed the mases will eventually run out and the powers that be will be pretty loath to dig into their bank accounts to make up the shortfall. And when things like Medicare, rent subsidies and food stamps run out then things will get very ugly, very fast.

          The neo-nobility of the super rich powers that be will be introduced to a second iteration of the French Revolution. Except that unless they pay their mercenaries very well, I can definitely see whatever uniformed enforcers they use join the people in revolt. And even if they are well-paid, they will fight for friends and family who will be left to starve in the cold.

          • The Master Race banksters and their accomplices have placed their bet.

            They are betting that the victims will fight each other over skin color before noticing the banksters in their gated mansions.

      21. Why are there palm trees in the background?? There are enough problems and decay in Detriot. You don’t need to manufacture new ones.

        • Global warming

        • Giant pot plants?

          • No they have leaves like fingers, with saw teeth.

      22. We’ve been fat and happy for too long. Maybe we need some serious pain to motivate us. Otherwise, nothing will change, and one year from now, we will all be on here bitching about the same old crap.

        It’s almost like we love pain.

        • I think it’s funny that someone down voted me. They must be fat and happy.

      23. Come on folks when are we going to start looking at the facts instead of the propaganda?? Look at today’s August jobs report which states that 176,000 jobs were created 7/8th of which are part time jobs, that means we only created about 22,000 full time jobs. Knock, Knock, Knock; Wake up!!!!

        Even if you had 2 of those jobs you would likely be making less then 1 full time job, have twice the commuting cost, no benefits and no retirement. The net result is your spending more to make up the benefits and retirement short fall and thus have less to spend in the economy.

        Yeah I used to be your neighbor, soon you’ll be mine.

      24. If we could only wake the sleeping brainwashed sheep and organize, we could … Oh I guess I forgot.

      25. My favorite is going to be when the SHTF and all the liberals/socialists finally realize that true hardship seriously stinks…we will see how much their SNAP card buys when there is nothing to buy.

        • We will also see major crime increases as Shitiqua discovers that her snap card wont buy 10% of what it used to. Obams is truly the food stamp President.

      26. my dad asks me every few months or so why i dont spend more money because i’m in better financial shape than most with another 25 years of earning ahead.

        but i know the storms ahead for the US and it’ll take more than anyone can imagine to make it through them; so i’m storing like a squirrel does when he thinks winter is coming.

        fortunately for my dad, he’s got the nuts stored to make it and he probably wont live to see the worst; but i dont have the heart to tell him whats coming.

        • He knows, that’s why he has the nuts. Lots of old Geezers know, we just try to keep quiet around the young, there is not much most of them can do. Got a lot more ammo and food than I’ll ever need if it goes bad, people used to die at 60. We will again.

          • Man you said a mouth full there… Old guy who squirrels it away and not necessarily for me. Would be selfish anyway and i’m not like that — at least I hope not… anyway, doing what I can without help from the rest of the “family.” dj

      27. Its not not if or when they will turn Amerika into a third world country,they already have. The N.W.O. has accomplished it.And it will get even worse. When a small bag of poatoes is selling for over five dollars a bag!? Com-on!

        And a pound of hambuger for 5 bucks!? What a joke. Its here and it will wax worse and worse, until Christ,s return. One day soon McDonalds will represent Fine Dining in Amerika. Because food in the grocery stores will be so outlandish in price. It is bad out there folks. Real bad. And its going to get worse!

        • Agreed, paid $9.00 for bacon today and it was on sale. Did I mention $5.00 for the bread. Last year it was half. How can the commie news channels report no inflation. If you all would, please report prices in your area. From Northern NV, God bless.

          • I bought two pounds of lean ground beef today for about $9.95. Extra large eggs were 1.99 a dozen. I mostly shop the sales. I bought ten 4-pack chocolate pudding Snak Pacs for 1.00 each. That is forty pudding cups altogether for me to hide to eat during this up-coming long cold winter. Or I could put some of them in my bug-out-bag to eat in the case I might have to flee from a Chinese and a Russian invasion. I should had bought a six-pack of small Minute-Maid juice bottles today to put in my bug-out-bag. They were on sell for $2.99.

            Things are very precarious right now. We just do not know what will happen. I expect the worse to happen to America, but not to me individually speaking. I expect to be well-fed, warm, and hidden and safe, while apocalyptic events occur all around me.

            I think it is very important to stock up on items that I like to eat. I bought a bag of sunflower seeds, a jar of roasted peanuts, a bag of Spanish peanuts, and a bag of chocolate chips.

            I also bought a few cans of black beans, Northern beans, pinto beans, and green beans to restock my food storage.

            To tell you the truth, I am suffering food fatigue. So, that is why I am trying to buy products that I do not buy all the time. I need variation.

            • Just a word on the “Extra Lean” Believe it or not our local Fry’s and Basha’s here in the phoenix area are calling 85/15 “EXTRA LEAN” and, yes, it is just under $5.00 a pound, although you can get it for just under $4 a pound if you buy it in the prepackaged roll which is good for freezing but I hate to purchase meat like that as you just never know what’s inside….. lol… it’s probably just me… dj

      28. This may be way off but it came to me while canning and listening to the news on the radio. Earlier someone had mentioned that we still have Russian troops over here. Well that got me to thinking remember when obuma told Putin, just wait till my second term I will have a little more flexibility. What if this Syria thing is all a part of something bigger between the two of them. Like I said I may be way off but things just don’t seem to add up all the way around.

        Keep prepping and praying we are going to need them

        • Exactly what I was thinking this morning.

        • Rancher’s Wife–

          There’s no credible [ evidence ] that there are Russian troops here. Beyond the hearsay that somebody’s brother’s wife’s hairdresser’s dog walker’s second cousin’s lawn contractor’s masseusses’s boyfriend saw and spoke to them. Some fuzzy photo shot from 500 yards away that purportedly shows “Russians.”

          I don’t profess to be an authority on Russia but I do study their history. Books written by university scholars not internet dross by crazies skulking in caves in Idaho. Their central problem over 1100 years of history is having too much land and too few people to defend it. They have been invaded dozens of times and occupied a few. The Mongols occupied them for several centuries.

          The take away from this is: their military exists To Defend Russia.

          Putin has nothing but contempt for Oblunder. They AREN’T friends. Putin needs nothing from him but Oblunder desperately wants to be seen as his equal.

          The Russians don’t have troops in 100 countries while fighting hot little battles in a dozen places. Which nation does that …….. hmmm, any idea?

          Finally, where is the credible evidence? The on camera interview in Russian with one of their officers, documented the way any scientist or court of law would require?

          Some people get off on making of the Russians “the bogey man” to justify our own militarism. I don’t accept it. They don’t need our land. They don’t need our resources. And to think they are part of the NWO is pure lunacy.

        • This “jousting” between US and Russia, similar to the days of the Cold War, is nothing more than orchestrated theater by TPTB. All part of the final agenda..

      29. @BI: A neighbor just told me that USGS people where using what he call a transit and was shooting what looked like grade readings on some of the rods that they put in the ground sometime back, this is around Marion, Ill. Also saw 2 moles on top of the ground today. Seen what looked like military planes flying low around today not usually done here.

      30. I’m finally starting to go CRAZY between our insane war mongering government with its strange police state and all the weird stuff happening in our country from floride to Gmos to unemployment you just can’t name all the stuff HELP!

        • No, you are not going “Crazy,” you are actually normal. isn’t that terrifying?????

        • I hear you. I’m feeling stressed out and anxious all the time lately, and it’s affecting my sleep. It bites. And it’s not likely to get any better.

          I find what has been helping me a bit is to keep a journal, so I can at least get the words out of me, voice the fears, the worries, the gigantic thoughts… and let me rest somehow.

      31. I think those palm trees in Detroit were part of urban renewal. Anything to make that dump look better!


      33. Update on the financial situation in India…

        This is panic: Smuggling diamonds out of India

        “Over the last three months, markets in India have gone haywire, and the currency (rupee) has dropped 20%. This is an astounding move for a currency, especially for such a large economy.

        As a result, the government in India has imposed severe capital controls. They’ve locked people’s funds down, restricted foreign accounts, and curbed gold imports.

        People are panicking. They’ve already lost confidence in the system … and as the rupee plummets, they’re taking whatever they can to Singapore.”

        Sovereign man dot com

          • KY Mom,
            So the “I” in “BRICS” is crumbling. I guess the “B” is breaking, as well:

            “Last month, though, Brazil’s bourgeoisie went all Howard Beale: Like the fictional newscaster in the movie “Network,” millions of middle-class Brazilians realized they are “mad as hell,” and they started sounding off about it.”

            “The first demonstrations erupted over a seemingly minor hike in bus fares. But the protests — occasionally turning violent — have continued even as Pope Francis made his first official visit to Brazil to celebrate World Youth Day.”

            “Meanwhile, high tariffs and excise taxes have jacked up prices for many imported products that the middle class wants (e.g. smartphones, iPads) and that small businesses need (e.g. software).”


            “Meanwhile, voracious government spending — by state and local officials as well as the federal bureaucracy — eats up more than a third of Brazil’s gross domestic product. To fund those expenditures, the government imposes an avalanche of taxes — close to 90 separate levies by one recent count. Many come in the form of consumption taxes, which fall disproportionately on the middle class.”

        • Satori, You always have great info, but this here..Im starting to think their game is too do the most Insane things to make us Question are Sanity,if that makes Sense. what comes to mind is the movie Cool hand Luke, when the Warden had Luke dig the hole, then have him fill it back in over an over, trying too brake him..As I recall they didnt brake him..haha

        • Ya and working brains are considered weapons in DC too!

        • Empty shell casings are potential ammunition.

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      34. What does a vegetarian eat? Vegetables

        What does a humanitarian eat?

        I predict there will be an outbreak of humanitarianism in the near future.

      35. I think its important to keep in mind when thinking about this stuff that these predictions will only happen if the country fails to produce new revenue streams. Yes, things are going to get bad, that’s unavoidable mathematically… that being said, there’s a lot of industries like natural gas that are going to begin pushing new money into the economy for quite a while… its not going to save it, but I believe it is going to slow the worst parts of the collapse significantly.

        • Thank you so much for “The Diary…” website!

        • It was damned long, but a good read.
          All the more reason for food storage, as well. After reading that, my three year supply seems on the sparse side.

        • Hey, thanks, LT. I downloaded the PDF and will try to read it this weekend. I’m reading Studs Terkel’s book about the Depression at the moment…

      36. Economic cycles are predicated on some certainties. The fact is that we’re experiencing a global shift in true economic power from a geographic perspective. For the most part the former cycles are no longer valid.

        Interestingly this “crazy capitalism” is closely akin to communism, “From them according to their means”; (us and the rest of the developed world), “To them according to their needs”, (the undeveloped world).

        Food for thought.

      37. Third World Living: Coming to you soon!

      38. bacon here is now $6 a lb

        hamburger,if you buy a 5lb package is $4 a lb

        and damn if beans aren’t getting expensive

        dry pintos $1.19 a lb

        and other varieties as high as $1.68 a lb

        • The simple explanation is, “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”. That economic truism eludes modern economists.

        • That Austrian article linked a little above this makes me want to garden again. I have lots of flower beds and could easily hide spinach, radishes, etc. among the flowers and people are now so far removed from what food looks like, it’s likely not recognizable as being edible to most non-gardening folks.

          • I’ve got green onions in planters on either side of my front door—people think it’s daffodils…LOL.

            Next, I’m gonna try to pass off potatoes as ‘perennials’.

            • When the potato plants get big, you could get some plastic flowers from a thrift store and stick them around the plants.

              • LSB, I think you may have just invented “garden camo”.

        • Large butterbeans here were $1.59 last week. I have crowder peas growing wild in my back yard. I had planted some two years ago, and they have escaped. There aren’t many, so I’ll just save the seeds when they dry. Also have some wild rutabagas.

          dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo dermo

          • Hahaha…practicing your Russian in prep for Syria consequences?

            • Net, no eto khoroshi idee, dumayoo.

              • 🙂

      39. I think we screwed this depression being cyclical when we didn’t allow it to take its full course in 2008. Bailing out the companies that made poor decisions just aggravated the problem.

        We have seen undeniable proof that these bailed out banking institutions have been engaging in even more of that same behavior that initially got them in trouble. How much worse will this next bust period be…

      40. The jobs number number is out and it is weak.

        There were just 169K new jobs created in August.

        Private payrolls came in at 152,000 new jobs vs. expectations of 180,000.

        What’s worse. Last month was revised SHARPLY down from 162 to 104K. That is quite ominous.

        June was also revised down, from 172K to 188.

        The unemployment rate did, however, drop to 7.3%, but that’s basically just due to continued exodus from the workforce.

        The participation rate fell from 63.2% from 63.4%.

        Snap reaction: this could delay the Fed’s drive to reduce the pace of bond buying. The consensus had been that starting in September, the Fed would begin the so-called “taper” but right now the market is calling that bluff. Gold is surging, the dollar is tumbling, the US 10-year is seeing yields go down. And stocks are actually rising.

        Read more:

      41. This is from the Business Insider today
        The jobs number number is out and it is weak.

        There were just 169K new jobs created in August.

        Private payrolls came in at 152,000 new jobs vs. expectations of 180,000.

        What’s worse. Last month was revised SHARPLY down from 162 to 104K. That is quite ominous.

        June was also revised down, from 172K to 188.

        The unemployment rate did, however, drop to 7.3%, but that’s basically just due to continued exodus from the workforce.

        The participation rate fell from 63.2% from 63.4%.

      42. Real Unemployment Rate Rises To 11.4%, Difference Between Reported And Real Data Rises To Record

        ‘unemployment data manipulation’

        “We can report that as a result of the latest monthly collapse in the labor force whose only purpose was to lower the unemployment rate from 7.4% to 7.3%, the actual implied unemployment rate just rose from 11.2% to 11.4%.”

        Zero Hedge

        Quality Of August Jobs Added: Absolutely Abysmal

        “85% of the entire August gain, consisted of the lowest paying jobs possible…”

        Zero Hedge

      43. Soon we will all be eating Mexican

      44. Marc Slavo forgets to mention the most important part. Our money is fiat, wothless. It’s worse than he actually portrays on this essay. It literally is the end of America, My guess is that it was an experiment that turned out with a bad ending. Unfortunately we are all caught in it. Oh and the picture of the shanty town next to the high rise buildings, that’s actually wishful thinking. It will not look like that, the nations will want repayment, and since we have no gold to give them, they will take the highrise buildings down and take out all the essential metals to recycle. We will be lucky to live in a card board condo with all the rest.

      45. Obama already gave China eminent domain of our country because of the massive debt that we have to China. The Chinese are interested in the land and I seriously doubt that they will take down the highrise buildings as it would take too much time and effort.
        I do agree that our money is just fiat currency though and if you keep any sizable amount in the bank…bad idea! It won’t be worth zip!

      46. We’ve all had it too good for too long. Time to make it fair on the poorer countries. Time for the west to be brought to the levels of third world so it’s fairer on the third world and they stand the same chance then as us westerners.

        • BS!

        • Let’s start with you.

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