Student Loan Debt Is A Crisis That’s Also Impacting The Housing Market

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    Student loan debt is a fundamental crisis.  Students are borrowing money to pay for school at an alarming rate. But as the problem worsens, it seeps into other sectors, such as the housing market, putting the entire economy on edge.

    The Federal Reserve is apparently just catching on to the not-so-new reality: student loan debt is preventing homeownership.  A new paper published recently by the Fed finally connects rising student debt to dropping homeownership rates among young Americans between 2005 and 2014.  Since the borrower is a debt slave to the lender, and the lender of the vast majority of student loans is the government, most Americans are enslaved by their desire to get a fancy piece of paper.

    The collective amount of American student debt is now at an astonishing $1.5 trillion, surpassing credit card debt and car loans. Unsurprisingly, this financial burden makes it much harder to buy a home, which, in turn, is hurting the housing market, according to a report by Splinter.

    Homeownership among people ages 24 to 32 fell 9 percentage points, to 36% from 45%, between 2005 and 2014, the Fed said. While many factors affected the homeowner rate, the Fed said 2 percentage points, or about a fifth, of the decline was tied directly to student debt. That translated into 400,000 borrowers who could have owned a home by 2014 but didn’t because of student loans. –Wall Street Journal

    The amount of money borrowed by students isn’t often translating to higher pay either. Many get stuck in the cycle of owning others money and the feeling of hopelessness runs rampant. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the number of Americans on psychiatric drugs (most are to treat depression) has also skyrocketed.

    The Federal Reserve’s research also says what most of us already know: the burden of student loans overwhelms the benefits of going to college. “While investing in postsecondary education continues to yield, on average, positive and substantial returns, burdensome student loan debt levels may be lessening these benefits,” the Fed researchers wrote.  Meaning the United States is on the precipice of the cost of a college education far outweighing the benefits of obtaining a degree.

    During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call this week, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said that a stronger U.S. credit profile would prevent a near-term recession from looking anything like the financial crisis in 2007, according to Fox News Business. Dimon pointed the finger at student loans as an at-risk area due to a “lack of discipline.” The banking executive also noted that because student debt is largely owned by the government, “the lender will not be there, so a lot of these borrowers are going to be stranded.”


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      1. Something has to give, sooner or later. There was a time, within the last two years, where the US Treasury list the A/R of student loans as an asset! True story. Sadly, the USA is still the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry basket. So, other world governments and international funds are still buying our worthless T-Bills. When they stop, it will all collapse.
        No one knows when that will happen and what the FEDGOV will do, vis-à-vis damage control. Plan accordingly. Stay vigilant. Continue to stockpile needful things. Above all, keep your own counsel and caution your tribe members to STFU.

        • The currency was imagined into existence. Most of the work was turnkey and of poor quality. Nothing had to give.

          Although, there is some concern that lending will be affected by the govt shutdown.

      2. Corporate WHORE AMERICAN COWARD SLAVES get everything they deserve in Satan’s hellhole of New Babylon America, so become SOVEREIGN or burn in the Lake of Fire with Satan and ALL OTHER COWARD AMERICANS bound to the Lake of Fire!!!

        • Ron is back again? HO HUM, back to sleep.

      3. University of Kentucky
        Average cost tuition plus room and board 29,530 x 4
        Bachelor’s Degree $118,120

        If you went to a community college for two years locally and lived at home then went to UK
        2 years at home/community college 3624×2= 7248
        2 years at UK 59,060
        Total $66,308

        Obviously the second plan is significantly cheaper plus many young people are immature and most apt to get into academic probation from partying on the weekend.

        Now why would anyone but the rich do the first plan? The only way would be if extremely disciplined and on a full ride on a scholarship. Every other student should take option two.

        But if the student is undeclared as they have no idea what they want to major in, then they will likely waste time and spend up to two years messing about and at least lose an extra YEAR in wasted tuition and room and board. In all honesty, that’s a crazy financial risk.

        If very focused, and the student picked a known degree as a RN that can be completed locally in a community college in as little as two years, then that cost the following.
        2 year Associates Degree RN $7248

        Which is the best deal and with least risk plus minimizing the chance of paartying and very focused? The last one. Thge spends $7248 total versus an outrageous $118,120.

        Starting RNs then make $67,000 and many employers will recruit and pay off your college expenses so a bonus of $7248!

        How can you lose with that? Sure the job is stressful. So what? That is life..but $118,000 in debt is more stressful.

        • Mara,
          I spent so many years in CC, they strongly suggested I leave.
          I had something like 120 quarter credit hours( it usually takes 60 or so for a two year degree). I could not make up my mind on a major. I switched to a private university, as a math major, and then transferred to another private university as a Computer Sci major.
          I graduated with a BS degree and no student debt.
          I was never on academic probation, I took so long because I was working full time, including overtime, and raising a family,
          sort of, mom did most the footwork as I was only home 6-7 hours a day sometimes.
          My daughter hated it when I had her doing her homework when I was doing my homework(long division for her, Finite Automata for me).
          I don’t have a lot of sympathy for snowflakes deeply in education debt.

          • A friend did that. He was dirt poor and lived in the bad unsafe part of town. He took every single class that he could locally. And then transferred to UK and eventually got his PhD in mathematics and became a well liked professor with tenure.

            But there were personal reasons as he is brilliant (like a genius) and could easily have gotten a full ride from the start.

            • Hmmm, well since I didn’t go to college but joined up with a union job I have made more $ than most of my friends who did. Ya I worked my ass off and had screwed up hours but I am way better off than them (because Im not a moron with my $). No kids, No debt, Prepped to the hilt, everything paid for, work less than 6 months a year now, no rent, no mortgage, just taxed for others kids bullshit. Not everyone can do it but those who can usually spend way more than they make on dumb ass shit and have nothing really to speak of except debt and kids and drama. Skilled labor is the best if you can live below your means and prep. Or just keep working your miserable job 50 weeks a year trying to get by. Money isn’t everything… it’s what you do with your money that IS everything…

              • But I doubt there are many good union jobs in butthole kentucky…

                • In the nineties, nonunion workers from Kentucky routinely made more as craftsmen than union workers.

                  • This aint the 90’s and kentucky is poor.

                    • And I bet you are leaving out benefits which are even more important than wages. Do the complete math and then see the big picture.

                    • There once were great benefit packages that way outstripped what the union folks got because some companies DID NOT want unions and striking employees.

                      After Hilary’s NAFTA push, she ruined that.

        • Healthcare Facts

          The largest subset of RNs is 50+ years old.

          There is a shortage of 1.1 million RNs.

          Taken together means a genuine demand and then a MASSIVE issue as these start retiring. It will break the system.

          • They are going to be replaced by robots. If you want a tech career be a robotics tech/engineer. Thats where the future money will be. The reason for the shortage I’m sure of it is kids nowdays are way to stupid to be RN’s.

            • Yeah, a handful of electronics craftsmen with a concentration in robotics can do program upgrades, preventative maintenance, and do trouble calls to adjust their outputs so they achieve certain tolerances.

              There won’t be many of those jobs though.

              Whereas a human being as a patient is NOT uniform and requires a RN. A human being is not a machine with identical metabolism. A human being is highly subject to genetics, diet, age, concurrent conditions, allergies, etc. There is no way to have a robot RN.

              • And no way to have enough RN’s because the millenials are too stupid. I guess were gonna die!

      4. All the snowflakes with worthless college degrees will end up getting bailed out, thanks to the US taxpayer. This is the socialist road we are on. Even worse, they will elect a socialist POTUS (Sanders?) that will demand they are “entitled” to have a job, house, car, healthcare, etc…

        • Bingo, my kids got solid degrees, we did help, but we knew they had to have skin in the game, so they graduated with debt. They got great jobs worked hard, the debt is paid and they are all homeowners.

          People need to stop getting fluff degrees that make them unemployable at great expense.

      5. The average student if very disciplined can make a 3.5 gpa at a community college and still work 20 hours a week. So whatever they earn then can immediately reduce that $7248. You’re not at college to have fun…but to acquire a degree.

        I would NOT recommend those earning an Associates Degree as an RN to work as many could not maintain a 3.0 gpa, so working is self-defeating. The goal is to shine so you get recruited and then the degree essentially costs nothin’.

        Now also consider if the high school student is bright and has a 3.5, then they can often easily get a scholarship for community college, so again that means it costs nothing and is less competitive than a full ride scholarship at a state university.

        So lots of young people mess up and listen to college recruiters and waste huge amount of money, and they are naive and starry-eyed and think, “somehow I will make connetions and have a rich academic experience…maybe even study abroad in Spain!”
        What a pipe dream! That is insanity! That is how you end up adding a whole year to the state university cost so in the example that’s an extra $29,530 + 118,120 =$147,650!

        Some college recruiter will say, ” Well if you want to get into med school, you will get admitted easier to the UK med school if you attend all four years…blah blah blah.”

        Baloney and do you have any idea how many students change their major four times and then never go to med school who thought they might become a doc?

        The school recruiters are in effect LOAN SHARKS holding out horribly expensive adventures to naive rural students who are itching for big city life and it’s crazy as they likely will ruin their grades as well from partying.

      6. Say you are just an somewhat ordinary 3.0 B student. You are not ambitious. You are unsure what to do with your life. A university costing a minimum of $118,120 is acrazy place to find yourself. You can buy a decent house in rural Kentucky for that…free and clear.

        Would you rather work as a janitor and have a positive cashflow and own a house worth $118,120 or
        OWE $118,10 in DEBT and then try to dig out of that mountain of debt and probably never own a home?There is no guarantee that attending a state university will transfer into acquiring a job.

        You see that is what Millennials face every day…who went away to school and now realize they were had.

        Double the problem with two millennials who started dating and owe $236,000 in debt!

      7. This is just yet one more devious and vile way to enslave our asses and keep us in debt for practically our entire lives. Corp America pays the average person like it is 1980 or something while the cost of literally Everything else has increased 10 fold and then some. I got so sick of it and I gave up paying the shit – my credit was completely thrashed any way. Folks seriously, there is simply NOT enough money to go around to meet all of these ridiculous expenditures. I do not live any fancy life either. My car is knocking on 20 years old. I don’t take any silly 5-Start vacation around the world and stop i the south of France or anything like that. I have mostly older clothes, they are fine and in very good condition just older and that’s cool. I don’t buy/eat silly expensive/fancy foods, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do any illegal drugs, nothing like that. Pretty much every damn person I work with is in the same slowly sinking boat and no one knows what the hell to really do about it. Prices just keep going up & up & up and our wages are shit.

      8. The other best two year degrees with the most pressing need as they are critically short personnel are:

        Air Traffic Controllers 122,000

        Radiation Therapists $80,000

        A four year degree is required to be an actuary. which pays $150,000. They figure out odds for things like the proper annual cost to charge a person for health insurance based on risk assessment.

        AI/Robotics can likely replace actuaries and air traffic controllers though.

      9. The goal of having a university is to provide an educated workforce that earns a profit, and so the university is paid sufficient funds to itself earn a profit.

        Aha. There’s the problem. Universities do make a profit, but the workers actually went from full time to part time professors, and concentrated the profit in the hands of administration and coaches.

        The other problem is they mostly used Stafford Guaranted Student Loans (government backed) and yet DID NOT provide the domestic workforce like a 1.1 million shortfall in RNs. But instead encouraged students to stop taking 18-21 hours per semester, study abroad, take crazy degrees like Women’s Studies and Sociology, and so a Bachelor’s went from 4 years to 5 years…at best.

        The university stopped being a reliable profitable business partner. And the result was a large increase in work visas from immigrants and a rising underclass of Millennials who naturally think more socialism is the answer. Why not as they were taught by loopy extreme Socialists and Marxists!

        Foreigners came from underdeveloped countries as they were only too glad to leave their crippled socialist and marxist countries! Ironic no?

        • htt ps://

          Between 2013-2017, 964,500 high paying American jobs were lost to immigrants using the H-1B worker visa program. Most of them from India by FAR. The second much smaller group are Chinese.

          Is there anyone who can convince me that if these jobs had gone to Americans, that we would not be better off?

          The bulk of these are in computer science. Obviously, academic advisers should be encouraging more students here. Hey, maybe we could go back to full time professors in Computer Science too. Ya think?

          • Have you ever wondered why US politicians and banking would desire to have Indian computer science professionals who have a fraction of the education debt of USstudents, then take these jobs?

            Aha. These folks are much more likely to be savers and have a higher net cashflow so therefore are less risky for home mortgages and less likely to default.

            Guess what? They are also much more likely to support the Democrats!

            THE DNC SOLD OUT THE MILLENNIALS! Take the money and run!

            • The DNC fostered FREE TRADE that took your jobs and gave them to the Chinese slaveing away who wonders where is his house?

              The DNC fostered feminism which created a GLUT of American workers so industry wouldn’t have to raise wages.

              The DNC gave worker visas to Indians and Chinese, who paid a fraction for their education, so they got the jobs and the houses that belonged to YOU.

              The DNC encouraged abortions that perpetually cut minority births! Wait that is GENOCIDE. Kinda specific genocide too. It’s most apt to kill poor whites as well.

              The DNC fostered a outrageously expensive useless university system that indoctrinates you into Socialism and Marxism yet Pelosi is worth 196 million! And earning that education DOOMS your financial future which enslaves you!

              You sad millennial suckers!

              • Diane Feinestein is not even trying. She has a net worth of 94 million.

                • Obammy is working on it, but he hasn’t invested that much time. He started with a very small net worth as a State Senator, then Senator, then president. And what do you know, somehow by a MIRACLE he’s worth 48 million.

                  You see, crime does pay!

                  • Jointly Hillary Clinton and her bozo husband have a net worth of 240 million. See how it pays off to kiss Lucifer’s butt?

                    • Rich people are some of the most miserable people too. Screw that, I like my life 🙂 Oh poor me lol.

      10. Here’s a thought for Millennials. Would you rather the government spend 155 billion helping YOU or illegal aliens?

        ‘Cause that is where the rubber meets the road.

        Do you want your representatives to do their job and protect your rights or some illegal aliens?

        You see the DNC knows you can’t afford to get married and have babies. They have successfully NEUTERED MILLENNIALS so much that a THIRD of you are sleeping in your parent’s basements.

        So to gain numbers, they are pandering to illegal aliens.

        And this ignores the outrageous immigrations and most refugee issues…

        What is your justification to support the DNC who has HARMED your future? Scratch that. If the DNC persists, Millennials have no future.

        Who is the only person strong enough and on the side of American citizens? Donald Trump

      11. Millenials are mostly the stupidest, laziest, worthless asswipes there is! Thank god they don’t breed much. I work with a bunch of them and I would NEVER hire them if I owned a company. Aliens need to be sterilized to become citizens and get NO benefits either. Your short sighted oh save humanity crap is why we are in the condition we are in. Keep on poopin’ out those kids and drive everything into the ground. The only place hell exists is in the near future on earth when the breeders consume and destroy it all.

        • There will come a day when the government will pay the impoverished to sterilize themselves. Wait and see and the Progressive Democrats will push it as a noble outcome.

          Why? Because the Progressive Democrats ALREADY DID THAT to American Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, the Insane, Mentally Retarded, Prisoners, Immigrants, Hysterical Women, etc.

          • Like thats a bad thing?

            • If you can do 5th grade math then you would know that if it wasn’t for abortion we would be damn near a mad max society. Do you remember yer mommas womb? When you were 4 weeks into development? OF COURSE NOT… YOU WEREN’T A CONCIOUS BEING. Why do you promote more death by consumption and crime? Can’t this planet die fast enough for you?

          • Told ya.
            htt ps://

            The history of sterilization by the Progressives. They live to use eugenics to eliminate anyone but themselves.

            htt p://

            “More recently, California prisons are said to have authorized sterilizations of nearly 150 female inmates between 2006 and 2010. This article from the Center for Investigative reporting reveals how the state paid doctors $147,460”

            • htt ps://

              • Damn, thats great news! I love it!

      12. WRONG.

        Two white nationalists that are brilliant youtubers have pointed out that the crazy leftists PUSHED ABORTION in the US and EUROPE and then insanely pushed illegal economic migration!

        The Leftists on purpose depopulated citizens then brought in dangerous muslims in the EU and a thuggish mix in the USA.

        It’s planned implosion.

        The same is true for South Africa. The ANC first were horrible criminal communists and terrorists, a fact that was ommitted by the fake news media. Then when they were losing with horrendous tactics like necklacing and bombing, then the fake news media stated that the Dutch Afrikaaners were evil.

        So the Dutch Afrikaaners caved and made concessions.

        So then the ANC slowly took over and South Africa became the murder capital of the world. Rapes,Killings,Thefts, Assaults, Arson, etc became routine.

        So then the ANC just started taking the white farms and now there is open racism against the Dutch.

        The leftists always lie and try to implode the country.

        The whole reason Merkel freaked out and allowed the economic migrants to FLOOD Europe was she claimed that the retirees would have insufficient taxpayers due to the birthrate. Well DUH the birthrate was intentionally MADE LOW by ABORTION.

        The same is true in the USA. The leftists pushed Abortion, got the birth rate too low, and then claimed we need the Mexicans because of a lack of taxpayers!

        You can’t make this stuff up.

        If you are black or hispanic and also American, YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY because the reason you are a minority is the DNC pushed for as much abortion as possible!!!

      13. The dirty little secret is leftists are pushing a bigoted policy against whites to disempower them and then FLOOD the USA and Europe with nonwhites. It is an intentional seachange and for an insidious unknown reason.

        It appears to be to intensionally cause regime change and cause ETHNIC CONFLICT on purpose. In other words intentionally cause a RACE WAR.

        Christianity is all about an altruistic attitude that through Jesus Christ, our ethnic difference don’t matter as godliness and morality combine to live as the children of YAHWEH due to grace through Jesus Christ. That was working. That is Western Civilization.

        The Leftists loathe Christianitiy because their leadership are satanic atheists and Luciferians. So these folks DESIRE CONFLICT and the one with the best chance of intentionally imploding nations are RACE WARS. Somultaneously the Leftist leadership pushed Ghetto mentality and Abortion to disempower nonwhites.

        It’s insanity as it creates overall MASSIVE ETHNIC CONFLICT.

        This is why you have Hollywood and Madison Avenue pushing weak white males and strong alpha black males in every media form. It’s designed to foment RAGE and ETHNIC CONFLICT.

      14. Think about how soft millennial men have become and how millennial women are losing touch with femininity. It’s designed on purpose to create GENDER CONFLICT AND ALTERNATIVE SEXUALITY. It’s a form of created impotence and learned helplessness that specifically targets whites.

        First the leftists harm white economically.
        Second the leftists harm whites academically.
        Third the leftists take away property.
        Fourth the leftists take away the occupations.

        You end up with a totally demoralized white race by doing that to every white generation.

        • The extreme socialists and marxists in academia and Hollywood have the Millennials and Gen Z so mixed up that they don’t fundamentally know who they are.

          So that created lost demoralized sexually confused young people. They are befuddled and baffled and impotent. They have become entirely clueless. So they angry to the point of lashing out, but cannot communicate a coherent plan of what they want and how to logically achieve it.

          It’s so bad that they cannot even use the first technology and create fire.

          It’s devolution.

      15. The Elite since the 1990 have consolidated wealth so MUCH that they are now richer than Ancient Roman Senators.

        My guess is they are pushing ethnic and gender and religious conflict on purpose so that it becomes so horrendous that the People beg for martial law.

        And the the Elite can push their Georgia Guidestones agenda and just start exterminating.

        They will wipe out everyone except some slaves

      16. What is the central teaching of Christianity?

        It is startling. Now only did YAHWEH’S SON come to the Earth as a perfect sacrifice for ALL who would accept GRACE.

        But this.

        26 For you are all the children of God by faith, in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if you be Christ’s, then are you the seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise.
        Galatians 3;26-29

        ALL who accept grace are Children of YAHWEH.

        15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. 16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him , that we may be also glorified together.
        Romans 8:15-17

        All Christians are joint-heirs with Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven!

        Jesus Christ came to Earth to take away conflict.

        The crazy satanic atheists and Luciferians CAUSE CONFLICT!

      17. Oh, come, Desire of nations, bind
        In one the hearts of all mankind;
        Oh, bid our sad divisions cease
        And be yourself our King of Peace

        Oh, come Emmanuel.
        Maranatha literally means:
        Our Lord come!
        1 Corinthians 16:22

        Jesus Christ came that we might be One.

      18. ht tps://

        This is the kind of wanton bigotry the leftists are selling gullible millenial and Gen Z students who are mostly white.

        “Some white people have to die to save blacks.”

        Can you believe it? Imagine how the fake news media would denounce the reverse!

        It’s asking stupid young whites to sacrifice themselves!

      19. ht tps://
        Extreme leftists like ANTIFA have lost the plot and condemn a black man just for being a conservative Trump supporter.

        So who are the fascists anymore but ANTIFA themselves?

        What what happens when a trans guy transitioning to a makebelieve woman or a trans woman transitioning to a makebelieve guy…finally harasses him so long that he doesn’t back down.

        Freakin fruitcakes talkin’ trash that they can’t back up.

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