Student Debt Crisis Worsens: Florida Board Of Health Suspends Licenses Over Defaults

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    The Florida Board of Health has suspended thousands of healthcare licenses over defaults on student loans many used to earn their licenses. But many are concerned that the new crackdown may only worsen the student loan crisis.

    The revocation of licenses came after the student loan industry lobbied the government to enact punishments for those who can’t or won’t repay the money they borrowed. According to ABC Action News, only Florida is enforcing this law as of right now. The state also has the power to garnish up to 100% of a worker’s wages until the loan is repaid and the license is reinstated. Under Florida law, once the state suspends a license for student loan default, the only way to get it back is to pay a fine equal to 10 percent of the balance, plus other costs.

    Investigative Reporter Adam Walser uncovered the state’s Board of Health suspended more than 900 health care licenses – including professional certifications for registered nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, pharmacists, and opticians – in the just the past two years alone.

    The I-Team found 12 other states (Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas) still have the power to take away health care licenses for unpaid student loans, but officials in those states told ABC Action News they have not suspended any licenses over loan defaults in the past two years. –ABC Action News

    Tampa student loan attorney Christie Arkovich says Florida’s law goes too far. “We’re not saying that people shouldn’t repay their loan,” said Arkovich. “We’re just saying that getting them fired probably isn’t the best way to go about that.” And anyone with a basic understanding of economics could comprehend this.  If they aren’t paying their loans while they have an income, what makes anyone think they’ll start paying the loans once they have no income?

    “You take their license, you take their way of working, how are you going to get your lump sum?” said registered nurse Andrea Chandler. “How are you going to get your payment? You’re already not getting your payment.”

    Dr. Gabriel Picone, an economics professor at the University of South Florida, said the decision to suspend licenses for nonpayment of student loans puts a strain on both employers and patients. Health care workers are already in short supply and those who lose their licenses will likely go from earning paychecks to depending on taxpayer-funded welfare. “It’s trying to take too much away,” Picone said. “This person may end up on Medicaid, receive food stamps. All this is more money that we will have to pay.”

    The United States Department of Education estimates more than 10 percent of student loan borrowers are in default. The federal government estimates Americans owe $1.2 trillion in student debt. That figure is now larger than all outstanding U.S. credit card and vehicle debt combined.

    Florida law requires 45-days written notice before the state can suspend any licenses because of a default on student loan debt. Experts say if you get one of these notices, you should immediately contact your lender to try to negotiate a repayment plan.


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      1. Yes, if you cancel professional licensure, you guarantee that these former students will be unemployed, so the government CAUSES unemployment, thus GUARANTEED default. How dumb can you get?

        They have considered cancelling operator’s licenses for vehicles as well.

        In some states, debtor prisons are coming back although they are illegal at the federal level. A person who owes debts is jailed by the order of a state judge, and hence cannot be employed and thus is TRAPPED and cannot pay his debts.

        Debtor prisons were outlawed even by state laws but began returning in essence due to failure to pay alimony and child support.

        This model is a return to historic practices in Europe about the time just prior to the American colonial period when in places like North Carolina which was originally a debtor colony much like Australia.

        You have to realize that IF you are working in some temporary job as a former student who is in default, some universities will refuse to send transcripts to potential employers. Thus these former students can’t get jobs! It’s an circle without an escape. This means they have to get out of default to get the university to send the transcripts, just to prove they are educated. Yet they don’t have the money to do so.

        • Back in the Mid 1600’s in America there sure were the debtors prisons. They then established a law that the spouse of a debtor, should not be responsible for the other spouses debt.

          The bigger problem is while the student is enjoying college for 4 years, the Fraud schools and take out more loans in the students name, cashing the checks and the student has no idea this added debt is accumulating on his credit history. Then the student has 6 months after graduating to start paying the loans back. However the school bundles all the legit and non legit loans in a on amount package and tries to convince you to refinance the bundle loans, which then once a student does a consolidation loan it washes away, and hided all the bad fraudulent loans and the student gets ripped off and is a victim for life for fraudulent student loans.

          This happened to a woman I know, and she had no redress, because she refinanced the bad loans washing away any dispute. Then when she aged to draw social security, the Government was taking 15% of her social security check to pay back these fraudulent loans. She finally escaped this horror nightmare by getting declared physically disabled, and the loans are forgiven and she now again gets her full SS check benefits she earned.

          Its a vicious, vicious nightmare what these colleges are doing to students. Niave students not paying attention to the amount of loans on their records to make sure it is accurate every semester.

          The Government is colluding with the banks and not making the bank responsible for the bogus loans they took out in the students name. It crushes the students credit report for decades of he fails to pay the illegal loans back. Mostly because after the student realized he’s been ripped off, the statute of limitations has lapsed for any redress.

          So the key is, NEVER NEVER Consolidate any student loans ever, until you are absolutely sure all of the loans are legit 100%, in case there is a dispute on a specific loan or application. Keep all documentation and original loan applications, and keeping good records is key to fight this student loan school fraud. Have a long talk with your students about to go to college. You need to stay way on top of all of the financial matters or it will trap you for life.

          • The bigger problem is while the student is enjoying college for 4 years, the Fraud schools and take out more loans in the students name, cashing the checks and the student has no idea this added debt is accumulating on his credit history.

            I disagree.

            The bigger problem is that moron students have no concept of debt and party for years then get a worthless degree with no intention of paying back the debt.

            There was recently a job posting in my town for the City Zoo. Applicants had to have a zoology degree. The job paid minimum wage. Job duties were to shovel the sh!t out of the stalls and cages.

            These morons need to know the typical pay for the degree they are getting.

            • Most liberal arts degrees have little or no return on investment, thus are worthless.

            • typical boomer faggot post

        • They have considered cancelling operator’s licenses for vehicles as well.

          Get a no insurance ticket in Texas your license is suspended and your car is towed. Seems fair. Buy insurance or don;t drive.

          Pay back your loans or don’t go to college.

          Seems fair.

          Maybe you have a democrat point of view where college should be free and student loan debt forgiven? (that’s modern day slavery, by the way)

          • Yep agreed. College is not and should not be for everyone. After all we do need ditch diggers too. If you can’t afford college, then college is not for you. I feel sorry for no one.

          • Where did I ever say that??? Why do you make assumptions?

            Two years in a community college to get a Associates degree in Nursing is not at all what you just accused me of. Yet that is what I suggested.

            The only other thing I suggested was attending Berea in Kentucky. They offer free tuition, grants, and work-study so the degree is essentially free. But it’s difgicult to get in.

            Actually I once totalled up the general cost of attending a university for four years versus a guy becoming a janitor in a factory. And the janitor made more money versus the hole the debtor dug himself in.

          • You do realize that in many countries a university education is either free or a fraction of US costs and that goes for a med school education as well.

            And that is why their citizens are employed while our are not and why our are in debt.

            Overall that harms our country. What universities have done is CUT the number of full-time professors so that they can pay part-time professors a fraction. It honestly makes no sense to get a PhD to become a professor anymore.

            So where is all the money going? University adminstrator’s salaries, I guess. They also have high paid people on staff who handle endowments.

            Right now, I wouldn’t suggest 95% get a 4 year degree as I doubt they could make back their investment. Things are that unstable.

            Young people are naive and dumb. They will do something crazy things like get a Master’s in Sociology. Well that pays abysmally and those folks are bitter because of their clientele. Someone joked that one the most extreme leftist who is independently wealthy should get that kind of degree.

            • Hopefully you also realize that BEFORE the federal government got into student loans college degrees in the USA were considerably cheaper. I’ve got an MBA plus an education degree all paid for out of pocket.

              What young students need are parents that contribute a bit of sense to their immature decisions.

              And there are many local ‘junior colleges’ that are inexpensive where you can transfer all your credits to a senior college.

              In short and to the point,m most of this student debt is brought on by the immature and their parents. I do not feel too sorry for them.

              • Maranatha and Mensa Graham, I agree. The cost of college has risen faster in the past few decades than the cost of living. Most of my college classes were paid by me via either small loans or pay-as-you-go. Early classes are where my parents helped and the loans came up but even then I had part time jobs to help with books and other materials.

      2. Seems the worst thing a kid can do today is go to college and take on a massive lifetime debt bill. Its a gamble, and they are strapped for decades trying to pay in all back. College today is a scam. unless you are specializing in some sort of medical or law or professional job sector.

        Trump needs to crush the commie banks and forgive all college loan debts to zero. screw the banks, they made trillions over the last 5 decades. Its a massive debt slave scam bankrupting generations and destroying America.

        • If you’re an illegal, you get free tuition in some states, at the burden of the taxpayers. This is another war on white Americans.

          • Same goes for being in prison. Why should anyone serving a life sentence get a free college degree at tax payer expense, while kids are going in debt up to their asses?

            • This could be a very good reason for the govt. shutdown. If it is, it’s a pretty slick move by Trump. Trim the fat off the hog!

              ht tps://

              • One can only hope !

            • Makes as much sense as gyms in prison. Help violent criminals get stronger. when these thugs get out, they are like Superman.

        • The solution is to only fund 50% of college loans and make the kids pay the rest.

          A lot of kids who have no business of going to college in the first place would stop going.

          College prices would drop. All of a sudden kids and parents would pay attention to costs and decide to send their kids to a cheap school.

          Kids would actually have to work for there college degree. In my generation, evey college student had a part time job, usually as a night clerk or other night time job and went to school during the day.

          Every convenience store I went into in the college towns had the clerk would have their text books on the counter next to the cash register.

          • yet another ignorant boomer post, look up the change in purchasing power of a USD from 1951 or the late Cretaceous or whenever your old ass was in a college seat. then compare it to the purchasing power of today

          • End student loans altogether. Colleges have no incentive at all to control costs.

      3. In Washington state, you lose your drives license, any professional licenses for unpaid child support. Now your choice is to move out of state, lie about your name, & start over. That way the child support never gets paid.

        • Or…. you could stop fuching skanky bitches and learn to pull out.

      4. One more cut in the “Death by a thousand Cuts”

        • It is slavery. 64% of my money goes to pay taxes.

          The revolutionary war started over the Stamp Tax of 1768 and it was about a 3% tax.

          • Our founding fathers would have been shooting long before now.

      5. The problem is students usually living beyond their means and results of making poor choices. For those in default they just need a little assistance figuring things out. Let them keep their jobs but garnish their wages. They may likely have to lower their standard of living till they can repay their debt. Many young adults especially professionals come out of college thinking they are entitled to live like their older peers. They live for today and don’t plan for tomorrow. That mentality isn’t going to work in our nation for much longer. The quick fix then will be socialism then communism. What’s yours is mine too. We saw how that worked in the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela and the list goes on. We are much too smart to make the same mistakes they did. Don’t believe it.

      6. AMERICAN COWARDS deserve everything they get!!!! Go in debt to be a CORPORATE WHORE AMERICAN COWARD SLAVE to the United States CORPORATION Government from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in the Satanic Pedophile shit stain of Washington DC-then the Lord of deception and lies the AMERICAN COWARD GOD Satan/Lucifer will have his way with you, it is that simple AMERICAN COWARD… become a SOVEREIGN TODAY, and you will have no need of licenses or debt or this filthy vile evil disgusting Baal Worshipping Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile American Society of the lowest form of dumbed down toxic dump human filth the world has ever seen or known!!!! BECOME SOVEREIGN AND EXPERIENCE TRUE WONDEROUS FULLFILLING JOY THAT DUMBED DOWN TOXIC DUMP SATANIST PEDOPHILE LOVING AMERICAN COWARD FILTH HAVE NO CHANCE TO EVER EXPERIENCE!!!


        • Ron is back, WOOHOO!

          • Oh Nooooooooo…..

            • Jim, I’ve always said Ron does have a way with words.

          • Just ignore the whining little snowflake.

            • AMERICAN COWARD Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile lover-You took time from your Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile United States CORPORATION Government Worship and getting drunk to vomit up that???? I must be special to you… that brings me much JOY!!!!

      7. This is a weirder and weirder story and may be a red flag.

        We have been in a RN shortage for 50 years. The starting pay for an RN is $67,000. There used to be thousands of openings. You can earn a RN associates degree at countless community colleges for little money.

        So why are they in default??? There is MORE to the story.

        • Historically in my region in Western KY, a RN who worked fulltime would get great benefits and make $42,000 in 1990. Usually ladies did that work although the incoming class often was 10% guys…even veterans.

          They liked that as RNs get sick and tired after seven years. They burned out due to stress.They felt like hardened combat vets would be more resolute.

          But a big issue is the equivalent would be $83,000 in 2018 due to inflation which most do not earn. See the problem?

          You have the bulk quitting as many are young married ladies who get pregnant or burn out…or historically became drug reps or went into medical informatics or became administators.

          So what the heck is going on???

          • Weekend option RNs work 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday, which no RNs typically want to do. So they can make $73,000-115,000 a year. That is respectable pay for a two year degree from a community college (which is ordinarily very inexpensive).

            If you can get over the stigma that it used to be a lady’s job, then go for it.

        • So why are they in default??? There is MORE to the story.

          The democrats are promising debt forgiveness and free college. If you were a democrat and believed their bullshit, why pay back your loans. Better to just sit around and wait on debt forgiveness.

      8. This is all a sign of too much government.

      9. I had a small student loan to go to a trade school to learn machine trades. Too dangerous a job for me facepalm. They stopped requesting the money back after years of ignoring them.

        • In industry, a lot of the mechanical repair craftsmen ended up missing fingers. It’s easy to make a mistake, or someone else starts up a machine while a craftsman is working on it. That’s why you lockout/tagout devices. I saw too many close calls. One guy degloved a finger which basically turned it inside out.

          Anyone working on a lathe can have a horrible accident.

          • There is a reason plumbers don’t chew their finger nails.

            • It’s a shitty job but someone has to do it.

              • A mechanical repair craftsman in an industrial setting made $45,000/year plus great benefits here in Western KY in 1990. There was far more risk than an electrician, but it was a good job.

                NAFTA killed those jobs.

          • Between college semesters I worked in a cabinet shop. Saw too many of my older fellow workers missing a part of a finger to ever consider doing that line of work for very long…..

        • What did you end up doing for a living?

      10. They cannot repo education if they have a degree in hand just move to another country. Foreign professionals come here all the time with degrees from here and there in hand and set up shop lol…now where did i put that MD degree lol

      11. License issued is just another means if getting revenue from people. If you cant pay you dont play lol I worked for the state and if a DR fooked up then they would give them the option to be on probation reguarding their licensing and allow them to work for the state like as in a prison for 6 month probation period. And pay fines. One DR was an alcoholic but still continued to drink. When he would leave for lunch he would wipe his mouth off with an alcohol pad when he got back infront of everyone for show/ justification of alcohol smell lol

        • Shows there is no freedom in America. You have to have a government license to get a job.

          2/3 rds of American jobs require a government license.

      12. “Maureen Pacheco checked in to Wellington Regional Medical Center in 2016 to get the bones in her lower back fused…and instead woke up with one less kidney after a doctor mistook the organ for a tumor…Dr. Ramon Vazquez…”

        On shtfp, curry doctors let the heart surgery machine go wild, while they drank cappuccinos.

        “Dr” (sic) Lara Kollab wrote, ‘ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds…’

        This (above) is what’s in teaching hospitals, and they graduate. I see a frequently-ill person telling them how to use the machines, going in and out of consciousness.

        James Watson, the Nobel Prize-winning DNA scientist, lost his job in 2007 and his honors in 2019, for saying that intelligence is a heritable trait.

        I’m nationally-awarded in human phys and think of medical inventions.

        I’m telling you that this knowledge, lab tests, the equipment and skills, can be sourced, in a free market. Even the biohackers on Johnny Mnemonic are no *less credible than medical diplomas pulled fresh out of Cuba’s butt.

      13. On fees, Call the DMV of any medium size Arizona town and tell them you want to register and tag and title your car , you can do easy if you go there on vacation . Then get auto insurance there. From then on you just have to go back every how many years to get the picture drivers taken. They cater to snowbirds who live in RVs and have no permanent residence . I used my hotel room address. You won’t believe the money and satisfaction you get .

      14. It’s horribly expensive now.

        I can remember way back when, a buddy became a welder and could do underwater welding, and he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but making quite a bit of dough. That versus guys who got a computer programming degree and then didn’t end up making much.

        It got so bad that some went to grad school and so lost money for seven years,but how do you earn that back.

        Teachers here get a Bachelors, then a Masters, and then Rank 1. So they would start out teaching elementary school, gradually switch to middle or high school, but it hardly seemed worth it. And now, they can’t get their pensions because of mismanagement for the state.

        Several of the guys who taught, ended up as general contractors during the summer months, just to have adequate income. It never made sense to me.

        A regular blue collar guy could not only make decent money with no education (except for onthe job) and then become a foreman running the crew.

        Lots of machinists in the nineties, learned either injection molding fabrication or computer aided machining and started their own businesses…even employing more than ten people.

        Hillary RUINED much of that.

        • ht tp://
          People from outside the state have weird ideas and think of the Beverly Hillbillys or Deliverance when it’s not at all like that at all in Kentucky.

          There are rigorous expensive standards for teachers here. Historically, these were self-sacrificing Christians, and would patiently teach students as long as they were respectful and sincerely trying.

          Now, what the heck are they teaching nationally? It’s bizarre, even outright evil garbage and openly antiChristian. Plus the requirements are so difficult that how can a young person ever make enough to pay their education debt???

          Teachers, the good ones, get plumb disgusted and burn out after seven years. They realize how they wasted their time and effort. They get zero respect.

          There was an old cartoon that had a parent from the fifties, and she was dialing the phone, “You got in trouble at school, young man? Well you are going to apologize and make it right and beg for forgiveness to her.”

          Then modern day, “That crazy teacher, who does she think she is! People pay taxes so you can get educated! Not me of course. Why she outta be fired! I’m going to call her and give her a piece of my mind!”

          • m said, “People from outside the state have weird ideas and think of the Beverly Hillbillys or Deliverance when it’s not at all like that at all in Kentucky.”

            Whiter cul de sacs in southern California are like that, at times.

            Although, I know an example of a (literally) retarded person, who is kept busy, welding.

            I don’t get the impression of a race or a country, that will have my back, when I jump all the hurdles, successfully.

            When trick-or-treating, I once heard of mansions, on mountainsides, with their own bowling alleys and movie theaters, have done and am still doing everything possible to attain that.

            On the way, I have seen levels of human degradation, that have no plausible explanation.

      15. I say we need have a Jubilee, and declare all debt void.
        At the same time abolish the Fed.
        We can do this voluntarily now or inevitably later.

      16. Lots of highly indebted females is a huge asset. Easy to control, they can be re-purposed for the pleasure industries and boost the economy.

      17. assuming the internet deprecates universities, then the problem fixes itself, no action required.

        problem is irrelevant when universities cease to exsist

      18. Well Republicans have long pushed for merit pay for educators.

        Grant guaranteed lans based upon students passing board certified tests to see if they learned the material and got job placement.

        Pay teachers 25% of their pay with up to 200% of their salary as a bonus. Treat it like salespeople.

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