Resource Strategist Warns of New Russian Threat: “It Would Be the Greatest Blackout in American History”

by | May 18, 2014 | Headline News | 293 comments

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    Amid tensions between the United States and Russia in recent months many international analysts have warned of consequences that may include everything from thermo-nuclear detonations to asymmetric warfare such as financial cyber attacks, weapons of mass destruction, or targeting of the national utility grid.

    The Obama administration has already begun implementing sanctions against Russian politicians and business interests, but rather than leading to a compromise the controversial geo-political maneuvers may be further fueling the fire. According to Marin Katusa, Chief Resource Strategist at Casey Research, Russia’s control of valuable domestic resources puts them in a unique strategic position against the United States and gives them significant leverage should they choose to implement sanctions of their own.  The country is rich in oil and gas, an advantage they have used time and again in negotiations with Europe by simply threatening to shut down gas pipelines if their demands weren’t met. But something most people don’t realize is that the Russians also dominate the rare earth metals sector, namely the mining of uranium.

    If Russia were to restrict the export of that uranium, explains Katusa, life as we know it in the United States could come to an abrupt halt.

    If that happened America’s lights would go out. It would be the greatest blackout in American history…

    The irony is John Kerry is going out there with Obama and talking about all these sanctions they’re going to put on the Russians. If the Russians wanted they could pull the rug out from under the American energy matrix and 20%, one out of every five homes in America, would be in blackout.

    You have to remember the facts… You can talk about hope and dreams all you want, but the reality is that one in every five homes in America is powered by Russian fuel.

    In the following must listen interview with Future Money Trends, Marin Katusa delves into the facts behind America’s dependence not just on foreign oil, but uranium and other resources, and explains the repercussions should Russia choose to literally “pull the plug” on the United States.

    (Watch this video at Future Money Trends)

    In 2013 America consumed just over 45 million pounds [of uranium] and in the U.S. last year they produced just under 4.4 million pounds. So, depending on which numbers you want to use and what the actual recoveries are, somewhere confidently less than 10% but more likely somewhere around 6% to 7% [of the uranium Americans use is mined in the United States].

    The U.S. imports over 90% of what they consume and that is a strategic issue when you think about the fact that 20% of base-load power is based on nuclear energy and they depend on 90% from imports… Americans should be in shock with that. On of that, half comes from the former USSR, what I call the Soviet influence.

    Ironically, what people do forget is that the Russians produced more uranium on American soil than all the American companies combined, so that’s alarming.

    For years the Obama administration, as well as their predecessors, have surrendered America’s energy independence to foreign interests. Americans are already familiar with the economic effects of oil embargos such as the one that lead to the 1973 crisis that quadrupled oil prices. Most recently, as tensions in the middle east rose in 2008, the price of gas rose nearly 40% in a single year and threatened America’s domestic strategic oil reserves.

    Since the end of the cold war we’ve experienced a relatively stable trade relationship with Russia up until a few months ago when Ukraine exploded in revolution. Now Americans face a new energy threat that could, should Russia choose to exercise this option, lead to rolling blackouts across the United States and cause electricity prices to sky rocket almost overnight.

    It’s a threat that doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, but one that could have an immediate impact on Americans’ way of life if Vladimir Putin decides he’s had enough of the political showmanship.



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      1. Yep. The second we go after Putin’s money or do anything that really pisses him off they could and probably will pull the plug.

        I didn’t realize 90% of our nuclear fuel comes from OUTSIDE of the US. Wow!

        Yet another reason to prepare

        • Only America is foolish enough to go hunting

          the Russian Bear with a hickory switch.

          • It’s not really ‘America’ who is foolish enough to go hunting the Russian Bear with a hickory switch, Defiant.

            This ‘hate fest’ and all these childish temper tantrums that we see the rats in D.C. throwing in Russia’s direction are coming from the jewish neo-cons primarily, along with the non-jewish politicians who are wearing the jewish dog collar and who’re dutifully parroting the anti-Putin rhetoric that is written for them by their jewish speech writers and jewish dog collar handlers.

            This hate fest dates back to the rather mild efforts by Putin to arrest and imprison or run the jewish oligarchs out of Russia who were financially butt raping the Russian people out of multiple millions of dollars of wealth during and in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the former USSR. Hence, vampires do not like it when someone yanks their fangs out of the neck of a victim that still has a little blood left to suck – and so, the neocon jews have had a major hate-on for Putin ever since.

            In that regard, perhaps, whenever we hear the jews media and their bought & paid for gentile politicians comparing Putin with Hitler – they are partially correct, since Hitler also managed to yank their vampire fangs out of his nation’s neck for about a dozen or so years. For this reason, I would advise all the regular readers of this website to keep a very sharp eye on these evil, bloodsucking neocon vampires – because history clearly shows that these monsters will pull out all stops to launch a global-wide, World War – and murder millions of innocent people in the process, if that is what it takes to reinsert their vampire fangs into any nation’s neck that manages to break free of them.

            The American people by huge and overwhelming percentages have no desire or interest in going to war against Russia or any other nation that the Spawns of Satan currently hate – so, let’s be on our toes and on guard against another one of the false flag events that the jewish neocons and the jewish psychopaths over in Israel are so famous for engineering, in order to snooker the nose picking American couch potatoes into supporting another war based on lies and hebrew bull manure.

            • Hey Tucker,
              This will probably come as a huge shock to you, but if your best friend is not a Jew, you’ll not get into Heaven.
              So as not to keep you guessing, that best friend is of course.

              Jesus – The Jewish Messiah

              • Hey overseas prepper: This may come as a huge Shock to You! Since it proves You wrong!

                Jesus of Nazareth was a Gallilean. NOT a Judean.

                Jesus of Nazareth and His Holy Family practiced God’s commandments as delivered by Moses, NOT the Pharisees or others that Jesus damned for “making void the commandments of God for the traditions of men” Mark 7:6-9

                Judaism FOLLOWED the Pharisees and JESUS HIMSELF damned the followers of the Pharisees as “two fold children of Hell” more than the Pharisees themselves. Matthew 23:15 Jesus did indeed “repudiate Judaism.”

                Jesus did not turn His back on His people, but many of them turned their backs on Him!

                The word “Jew” has many fluid meanings. Even through the Gospel of St. John you can appreciate how the meaning of “the Jews” changed from meaning the whole of the people to meaning those who conspired against Jesus, murdered Him, and now defame Him and persecute His Church and His new people.

                It is diabolical indeed that the synagogue of Satan pretends that Jesus was one of them. They now use the Holy Name of Jesus, the One they hate most, the One whose blood they called down on themselves and all their generations, the One they say was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], the One they say was a mamzer [bastard] conceived adulterously in niddah [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a].

                Do not be suckered by those that God warned are “the synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE.” Apocalypse 3:9

                Jesus and the Holy Family were most emphatically NOT one of them.

                • Jesus was in fact the promised Messiah through the lineage of Abraham as promised through Isaac. Yes, Jesus was a Jew. Yes, He condemned the Pharisees and yes, He came to fulfill the law through His blood sacrifice on Calvary, His death, burial and resurrection 3 days later. Jesus is your only hope of salvation.

                  “He came unto His own and His own received Him not; but as many as received Him, to them gave He the right to become the children of God.”

                  You may not like the current crop of Israelites who have rejected their Messiah through unbelief in Jesus, but if you are smart and fear God you will not mess with them either. If you touch the lineage of Abraham, you will incur the wrath of Almighty God. It is no small matter. God will discipline His own children, but woe to those who would touch or persecute the Jews. You are welcome to speak ill of the synagogue of Satan to the degree that the Bible does, but if you make it your mission in life to touch Gods chosen people, you greatly decrease your chances of surviving an encounter with Almighty God over such an issue.

                  • Another: Consumer of that Pastor hagee KOOLAID!

                  • Although I believe we should no-doubt support the land of Israel and our jewish brothers, the term jew is that of the inward man:

                    Romans 2:29
                    But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

                  • Nobody in the world need this crap (nuclear power).
                    So, stop crying about Russian uranium fuel.

                  • Actually all of you are wrong. The word Jew when referring to an Israelite should be rendered Judahite or the tribe of Judah. The word Jew is a mistranslation. The Jews today are of Khazarian descent and are not of Israelite stock. Read the Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler. Rev 2:9 Those who say the are Jews/Judahites but lie are not but are of the synagogue of satan – that is refering to today’s Jews. Christ was saying they are not of the tribe of Judah. They are not God’s chosen people and this can be proven both biblically and archeologically. The bible states that Israel would be a great missionary people. Today’s Jews have never sent out missionaries and they are certainly not a great missionary people.
                    Christianity and Judaism have nothing in common and are opposite of one another. Christianity has the bible for it’s basis. Judaism has the Babylonian Talmud for it’s belief system thus Christ called them the synagogue of satan.
                    I cannot be anti-semmetic because today’s Jews are of Japeth lineage not Shem (which is where semmetic is derived from).

                • Normally I am a big fan of Marin Katusa, but the numbers tell the story and they are identified by Smoking Okie below. What is not mentioned by anyone, including Future Money Trends is that there is lots and lots of uranium ore in the USA that is not being tapped.

                  BY DESIGN.

                  All of this fissionable material purchased from the Russian Federation is designed to reprocess Soviet nukes from Ukraine and Kazakhstan. That purchase agreement concluded not too long ago with the excess warheads acquired via the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT) Agreements.

                  The future of energy is NOT uranium. Do NOT buy uranium stocks. There is NO opportunity in uranium stocks. The future of energy is solar, wind, and tidal power. That future is NOW because energy storage capacitors have come of age.

                  There is NO shortage of rare earth metals. These metals in the USA are NOT being tapped because the PTB WANT other nations to exploit their resources first, leaving remaining deposits (in the USA and Canada) more valuable.

                  But the investment life of rare earth metals like lithium will be a short one too, because new carbon technology is better, and cheaper. Much, much cheaper. Those factories are under construction NOW in the Philippines.

                  Change is around the corner and nations who “masquerade as gas stations” will be left with an economy that has fewer and fewer customers.

                  BY DESIGN. 🙂

                  • DK

                    By design..correct you are!

                    Certainly the nuclear industry has a bit more oversight on projected long range use and production of required uranium for their reactors.

                    Though politicians are strictly re active to everything under the sun and rarely,if ever,proactive..multi nationals corps are always proactive as you well’s business!

                    Everyday we receive mis-info from all these so called experts who are modern day shucksters and snake oil peddlers toting their buy now or beware of doom financial products..

                    This entire scenario painting Russia and China as our nefarious enemies abroad is total b.s. propaganda..just as the fabricated ‘cold war’ was prior..or the “manufactured” never ending war on terror

                    Everything is a lie, as global business and banking institutions conduct massive technological/financial dealings daily with these.. again, so called enemies..

                    Everything is by design and the continuation of business is the number one priority..period.

                    They will manufacture falsehoods, and will continue ad infintitum the scare tactics of “interruption of resources” “national security threat” mumbo jumbo etc etc…over contested resources..

                    Meanwhile the politicians will anti up the rancor, as usual, whipping the duped public in their next ploy..

                    You are also correct concerning our vast resources of untapped natural gas and’s unfortunate that too many forget the OPEC agreement conducted by Kissinger back in the 70’s..still in play.

                    As energy giants have invested untold trillions in research,extraction, and production..they are not about to allow that to go unscathed.or replaced until all that ‘investment’ has been exhausted…and most of the new technologies for energy are already ‘acquired’ ahead of time by the oil magnates..


                  • DK……..
                    Your wrong.. It’s a nice thought but wind, solar, etc, is tens if not hundreds of years away from main stream usefulness.
                    ….. it is simple an easy to understand. …..
                    If ANY petroleum product is refined for use for ANY purpose, then a barrel of oil MUST be sucked out of the ground. And unfortunately ….. you cannot pick what product you want from a barrel of oil…… You get them all !!!
                    So the FACT IS… long as ANY petrochemical product is used… the gas and diesel and kerosene will be available. AND….if tptb are successful in duping more people into believing the wind solar BS….and more people actually begin using wind and solar….

                    Then gas, diesel, kerosene and other crude oil distillate’s will become really cheap. …… like ‘pour it in the river’ cheap, like was done many moons ago before cars and trucks were everywhere and there was no use for those ‘byproducts.’

                    So if transportation begins using alternatives, then petrol becomes really cheap and the alternatives fade away.

                    Sad to say… but the earth can only support so many humans. There is a die off coming.
                    Learn to live without petrol, electricity and McDonald’s if you wish you family lineage to continue! !!!!

                  • Quick: Oil & gas has its uses and will continue to be used for some time, but my point is valid for several reasons:

                    First, I was shooting down the idea of uranium stocks being an investment opportunity as touted by Future Money Trends. They are not. Uranium is expensive to mine and process and the half life for nuclear waste is at least 1,000 years in a breeder reactor. It is expensive and dangerous to store.

                    Nuke plants cannot be constructed without massive taxpayer subsidies. Nuclear energy plants have additional hidden costs, including expensive liability insurance; or a required wavier of liability from the government, so it cannot compete economically with alternative sources of energy. Nuclear power cannot compete head to head economically with any other power source when all of the related costs are included. None.

                    Uranium stocks may have value for traders and the people who pump and dump them, but not for the average investor here. The Chart that was shown for company touted by FMT is a classic pump ‘n dump chart. Do your homework. The only people making money in that company are the insiders.

                    Second, alternative energy use has been limited until now, because there has not been a practical way to store excess solar, wind, or tidal energy as it was generated. It could only be used by the grid as it was produced, but it was not readily available when the sun wasn’t shining or the wind wasn’t blowing.

                    Solar cells are much more efficient now and excess energy generated can be stored effectively in carbon capacitors which do not use expensive rare earth metals. Factories to build those carbon capacitors are under construction in the Philippines, and Telsa’s proposed “giga factory” for lithium-ion batteries will be economically obsolete before the ceremonial first shovel of dirt is turned.

                    Last year, more solar energy was installed in the USA than in the previous 30 years. Germany now meets 75% of its energy needs with solar and wind power. And you think uranium is the answer? Only for the French, but the French have not been intellectually relevant since the Renaissance.

                    At $100 per barrel of oil equivalent, solar and wind compete. But once the infrastructure is installed for solar and wind the fuel is free and the source of power infinite. Oil & gas is a diminishing resource and the cost to recover continues to increase as does your electric bill when that oil & gas is used by your local power company.

                    Yes the price of O&G may decline as more alt energy is installed, but at some point O&G companies must break even or shut down production. As the cost to produce O&G exceeds the willingness of consumers to pay higher prices because they have cheaper alt energy, then the majors will quit drilling in 10,000 feet of water, supply will decline, price will increase, and demand will continue to decline.

                    At that point, the O&G companies either go out of business or buy Alt energy companies, like Solar City, for a PE ratio of 1500 to 1. Buy Solar City. 🙂

                • Off Topic…

                  CDC: First case of MERS infection transmitted inside the U.S.

                  Illinois man is 3rd reported case of MERS in nation
                  “A U.S. citizen previously hospitalized in Indiana with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, has passed the potentially fatal virus to an Illinois man”

                  “An initial test of the Illinois man on May 5 came back NEGATIVE for an active MERS-CoV infection, officials said.”

                  “The virus was first reported in 2012 in Saudi Arabia, and has spread to 572 confirmed cases in 15 countries, health officials said. The potentially fatal disease has claimed 173 lives.”
                  -Chicago Tribune

                  “Health officials say they think the virus spread during a 40-minute business meeting that involved no more contact than a HANDSHAKE.”
                  -AP dot org

                  Foreign doctors, nurses in Saudi Arabia could take MERS global
                  “The biggest risk that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome will become a global epidemic, ironically, may lie with globe-trotting healthcare workers.

                  From Houston to Manila, doctors and nurses are recruited for lucrative postings in Saudi Arabia, where MERS was first identified in 2012.

                  Because the kingdom has stepped up hiring of foreign healthcare professionals in the last few years, disease experts said, there is a good chance the MERS virus will hitch a ride on workers as they return home.”
                  -Reuters dot com

                • Them guys: This may come as a shock to you…

                  The very first verse of the New Testament clearly proclaims the Jewish ethnicity of Jesus. “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Matthew 1:1). It is evident from passages like Hebrews 7:14, “For it is clear that our Lord descended from JUDAH,” that Jesus descended from the tribe of JUDAH, from which we get the name “Jew.”

                  And what about Mary, the mother of Jesus? In the genealogy in Luke chapter 3, we see clearly that Mary was a direct descendant of King David which gave Jesus the legal right to ascend the Jewish throne as well as establishing without any doubt that Jesus was a JEW ethnically.


                  • Arguing over any religion and their respective prophets has brought only one result throughout history…

                    Death and war..

                    Perhaps attempting to “right” one others path or beliefs would best be suited to a religious website..or better yet.keep it to yourself..

                    As the only true religion with one’s maker is between you and your maker…

                    After all it’s personal..isn’t it?


                  • Heres Jews OWN Definition:

                    Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

                    — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

                    the word jew took on different meanings at differing eras.

                    in Christs era jew meant ANYBODY a Resident of Jerusulem city. Eevn a person Egyptian, or Greek, etc was called a jew if they lived in the City.

                    STEVE: is correct except for one detail…

                    There were 12 tribes ALL called Isrealites…NOT just those of Judah tribe. Maybe also at one time frame Judah tribe folks also got called a jew?…Maybe? I do not know for sure. But to say ALL israelites were jews or visa versa is wrong.

                    And ever since 12 tribes spilt into TWO seperate Nations of North and south, when Solomon Died…Never again were ANY other ever called “Israel” except for the 10-Northern tribes also called by name of Ephraim since their King was from That tribe.

                    Judah + benjamin tribes in the Southern Kingdom were NEVER again called or known of as ISRAEL after that era.

                    Its IN Your bible written so.

                    Jacobs Blessing in Egypt TO his TWO grandsons, sons OF Joseph, jacobs son, and #2 Top man of egypt then, Jacobs blessing Contained in it that ONLY them TWO Boys and ALL their decendants forEVER more even for 1000+ gens, will Keep Jacobs new name of…”ISRAEL”.

                    NOBODY From benjamin, OR Judah tribes was called Israel after that promiced blessing BY jacob.

                    What Matters MOST now is that TODAYS jews are NO decendant or relations to ANY of the 12 tribes israel or Judah tribe. Because even DNA recent as December 2012, PUBLISHED By Prestigious John Hopkins Hosp along WITH labs at Hebrew Univ Bio ethics etc IN israel lands, after the JEWISH Scientist, Finished his couple Years DNA research etc and DETERMINED by DNA EVIDENCE as Hopkins Published After it All got VETTED etc…That at LEAST 98% of Folks today that call themselves…jew or jewish…ARE NOT! For DNA proves what Many Others wrote of within past 40 yrs….That jews of Today are KHAZARS!

                    Khazars originated from ESAU not jacob..ESAU=EDOM=Edomites!

                    Edom Is/Was/Always Will be…Jacob, or Israel(10 northern tribed kingdon of) Worst Mortal ENEMYS!

                    READ Your Bibles its ALL in there. that DNA stuff aint in a bible..BUT You are still IN luck since i posted it in several articles prior HERE shtf…I Still HAVE that DNA Evidence for the hard headed naysayers and deniars of factual Truth when it dont fit Their Warped pro jew ideals eh…ASK an I shall Again post that DNA PROOF.

                    What do You Not Yet Get?

                • LOL…
                  Thanks Them Guys for the chuckle. Calling Jesus a Galilean is like me calling myself a Virginian rather than an American. Try telling the IRS that in order to get out from paying taxes! Check out the Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1. They look like a bunch of Jewish guys to me!

                  You and Tucker missed the point of my initial post. Put down the broad brush of antisemitism. That same brush is used against Christians, American, and every other Xenophobic group. If you want to hate something hate greed! Hate corruption! Hate the degeneration of our great nation by fraudulent impostors. Are their Bad Jews in the world? Of course. George Soros comes to mind. But there are also bad Germans (Hitler) Bad Japanese (Hirohito)and Bad Americans (Hmmm. BO comes to mind…)

                  The minute you paint a whole ethinic group you start down the road of death. The death of others, but more importantly, your own eternal death.

                  God Bless…

                  • Overseas: maybe you are new here?…but I have NEVER posted that ALL jews are bad etc…I HAVE Many times said the same as you did that NO all jews are Not evil or bad.

                    However ‘some” groups do seem to contain VERY FEW “GOOD” in it..Blacks in usa, and most everywheres blacks are found, seem to FIT that prefectly. And History Proves with most jews its even worse than with blacks as to very FEW good ones.

                    Those who Remain Silent on various wrongs or evils done BY Their groups members, are NOT so good eh…They too are in the Bad portion. Especially when they remain silent to partake of the benifts gained BY the bad menbers of said group. And NObodys group does That better than Jews and Blacks do…BOTH are the worlds greatest “Victims” groups, BOTH Plays their groups race card daily as often as possible while ignoring EVERY wrong they did or members did.

                    For anybody, me or others to Post or state facts or truths is NOT “Hate” it is NOT antisemitic, it is NOT racist..It is what it Is and thats simple facts..YOU may be offended by such?…Thats too fuckin Bad pal!

                    Maybe You play by PC rules…I and most here do NOT do PC.

                    if That offends You too?…That too is simply too bad get over it.

                    Truth: Is NOT antisemitic…

                    Facts: are NOT Raaayyysssis!

                    Check Back older article HERE at SHTF and READ my Postings where I said what I told you here I said.

                    PS be CERTIAN to Read my Exallant dec 2012 DNA Proof Evidence BY a jewish Man scientists IN israel land, Published BY john Hopkins Hosp after being Vetted for acuracy etc and assisted BY, also IN israel, Hebrew Bio ethic labs where much of that jews DNA work was done/vetted/PROVEN as DNA accurate.

                    That DNA States, and so did an Article of his work/proof etc in ISRAELS Major newspaper of HARRATZ, that his DNA as Published Proved at LEAST 98% of todays “jews” are NOT decendants of ANY israels 12 orig ancient tribes…

                    Because his DNA Proves jews of today at least 98% of jews today ARE KHAZARS!

                    Khazars Are a racial Mixture of mainly TURK, plus HUNN plus MONGREL plus Caucasian…Their MAIN DNA thats TURKIC is orig from EDOM which deceneded from ESAU! Not from Jacob!

                    So Look THat up and educate yourself so you wont keep being Duped to be so pro jew when the folks you so pro on aint even a real “jew”! NOR any decendant of true 12 tribed Israelites!…SEE Jewsih Almanac of 1980 I just also Posted here Now today that verifies..

                    Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

                    — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

                    And THERE You go! All the jew worshippers or jew firsters Here and elsewheres in america have been ROYALLY Duped and deluded into a False worhip of FAKE jews!

                    Because AS their OWN jewish almanacs state, Modern day jews have ZERO attachments to ancient Israelittes and NONE as to True HEBREWS neither!

                    I realize That probobly lights a huge bonfire under you folks ass to find out how bad You were duped by Fraud jews..But Remember..IF you will spend a few minits reading that NEW testement books, instead of always reading only Old testement jew stuff, perhaps you will see that Christ and apostles like JOHN PRE-Warned you all since 2000 yrs ago that ..

                    They call themselves JEWS, but are NOT! for They Are Imposters OF the Synagouge of SATAN!!! REV 2:9 and 3;9

                    Alo JOHN 8:44…Pharisee talmudic judaisim is NOT a friend or partner of Christianity period…READ and LEARN IT!

                    So What Else do You Not yet Get…

                • Jesus is referred to as a rabbi and he taught in the temple. Strange you have such an obsession with Jews. Last time I looked your buddy Obama who is the head mo fo in charge is a Muslim and his govt. is full of MB people. You have mental problems and need help. Then again you are a troll that posts crap here to make this site look like a nutbar forum. Typical left wing BS.

              • Grow up.
                If there is a God…….He or She sees ALL OF US as His or Her family.
                No exceptions.
                Your Book is but a play, written for your control and ongoing servitude.
                How can you BE SURE it wasn’t written 120 yrs ago by the same as swipes that control us today?
                FACT IS……you cannot.

                • Wow! Ever head of a guy named Josephus Flavius? He wrote about Jesus oh about 1900 years ago!

                • So much historical evidence that it much older than 120 years, I.e., Dead Sea Scrolls.

              • Heaven is a made up idea by humans. ZERO evidence that it actually exists, so how about you provide some meaningful solutions to the problem and stop resorting to illogical beliefs to make your decicions for you…

            • Get off the Jew bash thingy. It shows your nothing but a hater and an idiot.

              • Further, the rabbis freely stipulate that Judaism is POST-Christian and NOT derived from “the Hebrew Bible.” Here are a few of dozens of admissions:

                “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is, of course, a fallacious impression. Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.” [Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967, p.59, 159]

                “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature, and round it are gathered a number of Midrashim, partly legal (Halachic) and partly works of edification (Haggadic). This literature, in its oldest elements, goes back to a time before the beginning of the Common Era, and comes down into the Middle Ages. Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees, and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” [Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]


                “The Bavli [Babylonian Talmud] has formed the definitive statement of Judaism from the time of its closure to the present day.” Rabbi Jacob Neusner, quoted by Norman F. Cantor, The Sacred Chain: A History of the Jews, page 112)

                The Talmud was first written TWO CENTURIES AFTER Jesus Christ’s Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. The Talmud “closed” FIVE CENTURIES AFTER Jesus.


                HEY KEN: Are these folks also antisemitic hater nazis too?

                Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]

                • So if you don’t like Pharisees, great. I’m all for you. Jesus didn’t like them either. Jesus called them a brood of vipers. But Jesus is the promised Messiah and He came unto His own. Many of the Jews of His advent repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their promised Messiah. Most, including the Pharisees did not repent. Isaiah told of Jesus coming as Messiah in the Old Testament as did the other prophets. The fathers of the Pharisees persecuted and murdered the prophets just like you are trying to do to the Jews now.

                  I think it was you who quoted the verse about those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Great, so if they are not Jews then quit picking on the Jews and give some other name to those imposters or world bankers, or globalists, or whatever you want to call them. If they are communists, then call them communists. If they are atheists or humanists or devil worshippers or just plain old leftist politicians then call them what they are. But don’t blame everything on the Jews because that will just get you in big trouble with God and mislead others in the process.

                  • Do some research. Jesus was an Israelite from the tribe of Judah. He was not a Jew, that word is a mistranslation.

                  • JAY: Listen Up asshole! Who the Fuck are YOU to state that I am doing same as pharisess did and that I am “persecuting and Murdering jews”?!!

                    You never Met me! You Know ZIP zero of me yet you state such nonsense? Hey asshole FUCK YOU and FUCK OFF.

                    in todays world nobody should need to repeatedly state a Disclaimer for EVERY damn posting made that when he or she referes to blacks, mexicans, whiteys, JEWS or anybody elses group that they are NOT meaning 100% all of said group!

                    It is Warped brainwshed deluded jew firster and jew Worsipper minds like Yours who always see it as…ALL is meant when NO such thing was EVER said or wrote.

                    I posted DNA proof from jews themselves see MY other postings at This articles replys here…

                    SEE read many other posts by me where I did state NO not all jews nor all blacks etc are bad etc…I refuse to have to rewrite that disclaimer for every fuckin post.

                    Pull Your Head from jews or pastors like john Hagees ASS, then Research these issues Like some of us here Has done…Then you too will become…Jewized-Up on all the Frauds and Fables surrounding people that call themselves jews.

                    Please do NOT ever again acuse me in any forums of persecuting and Murdering ANYONE be it a jew or otherwise!

                    What the fucks wrong with YOUR mind eh?

                  • Them Guys: RE: FU to Jay:

                    Careful…your “Christianity” is showing…LOL


              • Left wing troll. The Jew haters are on the left. It is one of their signature tells.

                • Left Wing Al Queerda troll, paid by the word, obviously.

            • I have a question: In several blogs, the Russians are in the USA training American military and LEOs. In several other blogs the Russians are being trained by Americans. So now this blog says we’re in a pissing contest with Russia. Are all of these “disinformation?”

              If all of the above are “true”, then is the Russian/USA pissing contest a fake game, to snooker us???

              • In a word; “Yes.”

                What it looks like: the “Cold War.”

                The “profit” is based on the paradigm of the “Broken Window Fallacy.”

                For all the “Haters” of Neo-Cons and their ilk, you know history in on your side.


            • I am going out on a limb here, but I sense that you don’t like our Jewish brothers and sisters. Wasn’t that the same plank in Hitler’s platform? Jesus was a Jew do you hate him too

              • JACK: NO Jesus was NOT a jew.SEE my Above Post on this.

                FOR: Jack & many other “confused/delusional” christians,
                Here is a Few New testement verses that will clarify the Truth as Spoken and as Written of By Christ & his Apostles. No honest study of all these info verses can conclude anything other than…Many christians have been fully DUPED-Dumbed Down massivly, and overall scammed big time BY jews, rabbis, and of course their many Tens of thousands of Phony False prechermen of most denominations, that are No more than, Judaizers and Frauds….leading the masses of usa christians into the great apostacy! aka that “GOAT Line on the Lords left hand side on that fatefull day!”

                Ok do some Serious Study time biblically folks…

                axe laid to the root Matthew 3:10
                cast into the fire Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9
                condemned Mark 16:16
                cut down Matthew 3:10
                in vain do they worship me Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7
                judgment of Hell Matthew 23:33
                shall be broken Matthew 21:44
                shall be ground into powder Matthew 21:44
                the kingdom of God shall be taken from you Matthew 21:43
                woe Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52
                wrath Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16
                your house shall be left desolate Matthew 23:38
                you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven Matthew 23:13

                What part of all that don’t the Judaizers understand?

                • Them Guys: Jesus was a Jew… Read it and weep…oh, and then don’t forget to write 500 words and call me names…LOL….

                  Question: “Was Jesus a Jew?”

                  Answer: A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism.”

                  Was Jesus a Jew ethnically, or was his mother a Jew? Jesus clearly identified with the Jews of His day, His physical people and tribe, and their religion (although correcting its errors).. God purposely sent Him to JUDAH: “He came to His own [Judah], and His own [Judah] did not receive Him. But as many [Jews] as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name… (John 1:11-12 NKJV), and He clearly said, “You [Gentiles] worship what you do not know; we [Jews] know what we [Jews] worship, for salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22).

                  Was Jesus an observant Jew religiously? Both of Jesus’ parents had “done everything required by the Law of the Lord” (Luke 2:39). His aunt and uncle, Zechariah and Elizabeth, were also Torah-observant Jews (Luke 1:6), so we can see that probably the whole family took their Jewish faith very seriously.

                  In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7), Jesus continually affirmed the authority of the Torah and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17) even in the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:19-20). He regularly attended synagogue (Luke 4:16), and His teaching was respected by the other Jews of His day (Luke 4:15). He taught in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (Luke 21:37),

                  Jesus also displayed the outward signs of being an observant Jew. He wore tzitzit (tassles) on His clothing (Luke 8:43; Matthew 14:36) to serve as a reminder of the commandments (Numbers 15:37-39). He observed Passover (John 2:13) and went up to Jerusalem (Deuteronomy 16:16) on this very important Jewish pilgrimage feast day. He observed Succoth, or the feast of tabernacles (John 7:2, 10) and went up to Jerusalem (John 7:14) as required in the Torah. He also observed Hanukah, the festival of lights (John 10:22) and probably Rosh Hashanah, the feast of trumpets (John 5:1), going up to Jerusalem on both those occasions as well, even though it isn’t commanded in the Torah.


                  • Them Guys: I don’t care what your sources are….I’ll believe what the Good Book says…

                    The very first verse of the New Testament clearly proclaims the Jewish ethnicity of Jesus. “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Matthew 1:1). It is evident from passages like Hebrews 7:14, “For it is clear that our Lord descended from JUDAH,” that Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah, from which we get the name “Jew.” And what about Mary, the mother of Jesus? In the genealogy in Luke chapter 3, we see clearly that Mary was a direct descendant of King David which gave Jesus the legal right to ascend the Jewish throne as well as establishing without any doubt that Jesus was a Jew ethnically.


                  • Christ was from the tribe of Judah. The word Jew is not the same as the word Judahite. Christ did not study Judaism a religion from derived from the Babylonian Talmud. He was the word of God he didn’t study the Torah Christ was the Torah, along with the rest of God’s word.

                • You are a moron. Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew. All your bull shit will not change that. Get back to DU you troll.

            • Why do seemingly educated people need to always find a way to blame everything on the Joooose? Every nation is anti-joo, I can understand but not empathize with the Arabs biblical reasons, but for an American to fall for this crap makes me sad, you are supposed to be better than this.

              • The Word tells us two things….in the final days all nations will turn on the Jews and anyone who harms te Jews can expect to be harmed.

                • NO thats NOT correct: Your Main problem is you folks think every place in bible You see the WORD ISRAEL or ISRAELITES Must mean…jew or jewish…It don’t mean jew.

                  Jew was a nickname for folks that were a citizen of city of Jerusulem…Israelite was ALL the 12 tribes of israel.

                  BUT after solomon died, like what was it? 1000+ yrs prior to Christ era…ONLY the TEN tribes in the “Northern Kingdom of ISRAEL” kept and were called Israel as their Name. Judah + benjamin TWO tribes was called “The SOUTHERN Kingdom of…JUDAH”…NOT of “JEWS” NOT “JEWISH” and certainly NOT “ISRAEL”….Thats acording to Jacobs Blessing ON joesephs Twin sons Manasseah and ephraim.

                  ONLY Them TWO boys and ALL their decendants for 1000+ generations, in other words forever, would Keep jacobs NEW name Israel and be called by and KNOWN as Israel…period.

                  THATS what the bible says..You folish ones always also state that God promice to Abraham and his “seed” means You/we all Must Bless every jew that ever lived or will live ever!….But NO bible verse Anywheres ever says bless JEWS….Abraham was NOT a jew neither were most all persons named in early old testement books…

                  New Testement book of Galatians tells YOU that what was meant by Gods promice to bless abraham and his “SEED” is singular NOT plural, and it refered to JESUS as THAT “SEED”, and that therfore it is the ELECT Christians that are to share in abrahams blessings…NOT any “jews” rather Christians get blessings Based on Gods promice to Abraham…PAUL says that in Galatians book…Look it Up!

                  it dont pertain to jews. UNLESS of course jews Convert to be Christian too. But so far in 2000 yrs not many have since 99% of jews hates christianity as much as they Hate Jesus! The jews cannot again Murder Christ…So, jews does next Best thing! They Keep Mass murdering, the ELECT aka Christians! or getting Others, goyims, to do the jews killing for the jews! SEE Russia 1918 for Starters of worst EVER mass exterminations of White Christian folks thats never yet Halted!..What do You folks Not yet Get?

                  The actual first TIME in the Bible the very word of “JEW” is written is located in 2nd book of Kings, chapter 16 vs 12….NOwheres prior in bible was word jew wrote…Hmmm…Just another famous jew “coincidence folks”? Not hardly!

                  Early on I do believe jew was a nick name for Judah tribed folks…BUT that was changed in Christs times…by Then so Many NON israelite folks Migrated INTO jeruselem and converted to the TALMUDIC Judaism, that every citizen OF city of jeruselum was then called a JEW for nick name. Even Greeks and egyptians got called a jew if lived there.

                  Christ NEVER had anything to do with Talmudic judaisim which IS Phariseeizim which evolved into todays COMMUNISIM!

                  Talmudic Communisim is comunisim FOR Non Jewwish Goyim gentiles…Several rabbis even admits that and Gloats about Marxisim derived FROM Pharisee Talmudic judaism!

                  also an FYI: word JEW is NOT even written in the bible untill aprox Page 500. Or aprox 500 Pages after page ONE genesis…Why is That ya think Eh?

                  You think Moses FORGOT to mention he and abraham and issac and jacob and ten thousands more were…jews?

                  NO Moses never “Forgot” to include word jew…Because he and they were never a jew per se…And Todays jews are NOT decendants of ANY orig 12 tribed Israel…Jews OWN 1980 jewish Almanac says that as FACT!

                  It also states todays modern day jew folks aint even of the actual true HEBREW peoples in ancient times eras!

                  Got it yet?…Jews Today aint hebrews, aint isralites, aint Israel period!…What they ARE and DNA has proven it is Khazars!…Look That up foolish ones. But Please do not use wiki jewpedia for info on it as likly jews that run and populate wikki will again Change any such info thats NOT pro jew or pro israel or exposes jews scams etc..There Are many better websites for such infos.

                  • Did your mother drop you on your head? That would explain a lot. You truly are a revolting thing.

                • Marsha: Amen…

                  • PROVE IT! PKKLL…PROVE by Posting ONE bible Verse, that states the exact wording of “God said we all Must Bless jews”….NO such bible verse exists.

                    and dont waste folks time by posting some verse that has blessings to abraham etc or abes “SEED” as YOUR phony false proof…Because the new testement book Galatians has a chapter that Paul the writer defines what That abraham blessing and to abrahams “SEED” really Meant/means. Paul fully describes it as SEED pertained to Jesus Christ AS that “SEED’ God spoke of when blessed abraham…

                    So do not try and use That OT verse by twisting it into a falsehood of somehow it means seed refers to every jew ever born must be blessed by every goyim gentile or else! or else God will curse us all!….READ Pauls Galatains BIBLICAL new testement writeings on That precise Issue before attempting to copycat barn cat by posting a false interpretation of abrahams blessings etc..

                    POST a VERSE that says ONLY the words of “God commands gentiles Must BLESS any Jews…And also do NOT substitute the word of ISRAEL or Israelites for the word of “jew” because those words are NOT interchangable with the word jew.

                  • Them Guys: Nothing short of Jesus coming to you personally and setting your mind right will help at this point. Trying to have a conversation with you is pointless. All you do is shout, bully and insult anyone who does not agree with you. You are a frothing at the mouth, rabid dog.

                    That being said, I have been praying for you. I’m sure that’ll tick you off too….

                    PS: Mac: we really need side forums….

                • God is imaginary anyways, and whether any of you like it or not, you are a puppet of your god.

              • Yes, that was the same crap that I had my fill of before; took a quite lengthy break from this site because you can’t reason with Koolaid drinkers. Thought we were all preppers her; that is what this site should be about. Leave the lowbrow Joo bashing to

                No less a person than Benjamin Franklin said “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” This divisiveness over who is descended from what tribe is yet another tool those in power use to keep us small and weak and divided. If you have to bash joos to be a prepper then I don’t want any part of it. Religious arguments bore me. I for one, am not about to overthrow one set of masters to install a new set ready to dictate to whom and what I will pray. Sharia law anyone? I hear those countries with theocracies for governments are real paradises.

                What a bunch of goat ropers. Mac, I am disappointed with you.

                • Dittos. As long as this carp gets on the site, nobody will take the site seriously. Mac, you \cannot be getting enough clickthroughs to justify letting these paid trolls post their screeds here. Please.

                  • Old Coach:

                    This is not the first time I have heard you ask Mac to censure comments that you dont like. Some of the truth sure seems to make you squirm. Are you a member of the tribe?

                    You are allowed to bloviate here at shtf and your comment to disallow free speech that you dont like comes straight out of the District of Communists (DC) playbook. I am allowed to scroll through posters comments that I am not interested in.

                    I dont see anyone posting anti-zionist jew articles asking Mac to censure comments that they dont like. Ever occur to you that at some point you may not be able to express your opinions?

                    Dont like some comments? Is your scrolling finger broken?

            • Tucker:

              Here is a site you will find very informative:
              The Popes Against the Jews
              http://www.romancatholicism dot org/popes-jews html

              After reading this site and what the Popes had to say about jews you will understand the rush to control internet information. Too many people are finding the truth and are finding the lies we are being taught to be unacceptable.

              See just how far afield the now Pope Francis is from the truth.

              Just one quote from this amazing article:

              POPE SAINT PIUS V:

              “The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that for the salvation of our people it becomes necessary to PREVENT THEIR DISEASE. Besides USURY, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers, and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, and boast of being able to predict the future. We have CAREFULLY investigated how the revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because the gravity of their crimes increase day to day more and more we order that within 90 days, all Jews in our earthly realm of justice, in all towns, districts, and places, must depart these regions.”

              My comment:

              Pope after pope explains why the countries rid themselves of the jews. An excellent artice for Catholics to compare the political correctness that has crept into their church.

              Compare what the pope said was happening to his country/region to what is happening in America and the world and why……

              • Wow Great Find Po’d Granny!…What that Pope says is what I posted info on prior. There is a VERY Good reason every damn country or city Unlukcy enough to be the Host of that tribes evils has ended up in Booting jews Out everytime. Far as my research goes i find NO other nation but for america that has Not booted that tribe out once enogugh folks in a nation discovers whos screwing them and How its done…Every of 109 nations so far past 2000 yrs or so….Yet all we ever hear from jews or their jewdeo christo deluded ones is that jews are always innocents persecuted for no apparent good reasons!

                Well That Pope for one has just fully explained the Whys eh!….And thats just a TIP of the proverbial Iceberg on evils done by that tribe for 4000 yrs.

                Whats that word? Incorigable is it? UN-fixable.

                I took me 45 yrs of lifetime to finally discover that Yes there really are folks thats even a worse Curse than negroes for any white nations….I actually was convinced africans were it the absolute worst destroyers for a white folk nation or city etc…..And…Then..I got jewized-Up!…If one looks at it all like a Circle.

                The negroes fill up 1/2 the circle of troubles for whites…That other half of circle is full of jews. Together blacks + jews equals full circle troubles like none other. That popes words says it all no.

              • Who gives shite what a pope says? Half of them were corrupt. If you are not Catholic it really does not matter what a pope says. The Catholic church is a joke today.

                • John W.

                  You should be receiving a good check from Israelie Talkbackers program this week.

                  You really would like to have everyone believe that those old popes did not know what they were talking about wouldn’t you? That just maybe you are smarter than any one of them?

                  Why dont you try to refute what was said in that complete article, John.

                  Prove to me that the jews were not kicked out of all those countries that are listed in that article.

                  What is written there makes you nervous, doesn’t it John?
                  It will be pretty hard to convince most people that your scorn for those Popes overrides the truth in that article.

                  You are an israelie talkbacker troll. Your job is to seek out articles posted on blogs that seem detrimental to jews and do your best to make “fun” of the post or the poster, because you cannot refute the truth in the post.

                  Actually, with your assinine short comments you are not worth the check you are receiving.

                  You, John, are the troll. Just a paid talkbacker troll.

          • Only America is foolish enough to think the hickory switch would work in their favor…

            • Who said :
              Your energy prices will necessarily skyrocket ?
              I cant remember the traitors name…….

              • Wyoming is one the richest areas of uranium of the U.S. that is not being mined like it should be, the sale’s price of uranium doesn’t make it cost effective, YET. The Black Hills is also rich in rare earth minerals. Other areas of the world that have a lot of uranium are in Africa, such as Zambia. Japan is one country that has reactors that actually produce a net gain of nuclear fuel. There are other states in the Rocky Mountains that have abundant uranium sources. The mining of it just has not been profitable because of countries like Russia. Ironical North Korea has huge amounts of uranium.

                This country has mass resources of natural gas that can fuel any power plant that is equipped. F the environmentists, this country has huge swaths of areas that wind farms can be constructed for power. Tidal energy is another excellent endless source of power. Hydro power with proper maintenance of rivers can be costly but offers a lot of power sources. Solar cells are many generations old and give much power even in cloudy skies.

                Let’s face it, the bitching that is going on about uranium sources and alternative sources of power is all about MONEY. Not that much of a profit being made. This country is loaded with natural resourrces of power, these a holes just don’t want to spend the money to fully develop them. When push comes to shove, this country will not go black because of lack of means of getting power. It will just cost up the rear to pay for it. The real danger of lack of power is from an EMP attack, WW3, some mass virus outbreak that prevents workers from manning the power grid, or some power stations cyber attack.

                • BI
                  Your best contribution yet, in my opinion.
                  The thing America does best is up everyone else’s stuff so ours will ultimately be available.
                  Frankly I would love to see a traditional fuel collapse because capitalism will not hesitate to burst into alternate energy when traditional energy fails.


                  • I would be very happy if “alternative energy” was able to take the place of traditional energy. But the truth is that there is no alternative energy available to us that can meet our needs. Everyone needs to just accept that fact and make use of what we do have.

                    We have more than enough home grown fuels to meet our needs yet our politicians have sold us out to other countries for special interest monies. It is time for a reset of our government in total.


                • @ Eppe & Smokinokie,

                  You guys are always posting funny stuffand this morning I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t sleep. I went donw to the lobby and got a local paper called Flathead Beacon. For Montana this area is liberal with a lot of money, I predict Montana will go the way of Colorado in the future.
                  Anyway, I thought of you two as I read on page 24 of the May 14, 2014 issue “Police Blotter” crime briefs from the Kalispell Police& Flathead County Sheriff’s reports. I laughed my ass off laying in bed reading this and woke the family up. I thought it was a joke at first and couldn’t possibly be serious………but sadly it is. You wanna read and post some funny stuff got to and read it.

                  Here is a sample:
                  Tuesday 5/6 @ 9:46pm
                  “A Prairie View Rd resident reported that a couple in a green pickup were doing intimate things in his driveway. When he confronted the couple, the man in the truck told the resident that it was weird that he was watching them. The resident replied that it was weird that they were doing what they were doing in his driveway.”

                  You can’t make this stuff up….still LMFAO

                  Another one:

                  Sunday 5/11 @ 3:36 am
                  “A woman reported that a strange man in sweat pants was standing in a parking lot on Center St drinking a beer. She added that he did offer her one.”

                  • White Sulphur Springs?

                  • I was in Kalispell

                • If I were King I’d use my oil, uranium, gold, water etc. LAST! Use everyone else’s first.

                • Hey BI- I say screw the Uranium and start the coal plants back up. Shut down the EPA and their BS regulations. Problem solved.

                • You post nonsense. If Obama gets his way this country will be in continual black outs and brown outs. All the oil and coal in the world is worthless if MR. EO declares them off limits. Stop worrying about EMP, the threat will be from EOs.

                • BI, don’t forget about Australia and it’s rich reserves of uranium.
                  Just google my user name !

              • Just incase we Still have some folks here that are Still Deluded or confused as to What IS the Connections between judaism/talmudism,zionism And Communisim….This Quoted Statement BY, in the 1930’s era, Americas TOP NY Head Pharisee Rabbi…Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise….Perhaps will clarify their Clouded minds a bit better eh.

                “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

                “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

                “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom” !!

                Yep Khazars= Edomites, NOT the 12 tribs of Israel!

                Edom came from, Esau NOT from Jacob! Do You Get it..YET!

                • I guess the noahide laws that were passes in America in 1991 are not important are they? It’s a good thing the 1st amendment is still in effect because the punishment for breaking one of the laws is decapitation. Oh wait, is that anti-semitism?


                • Them Guys is in good company. The Bible is full of people who hated the Jews. Amalek, Sanballat and Haman come to mind.
                  Keep going, Them Guys. Maybe you, too, can make the Bible like your father Sanballat.

              • Who said :
                Your energy prices will necessarily skyrocket ?
                I cant remember the traitors name…….

                Obama prior to being elected
                all part of his plan to rid us of oil and MAKE us go green

              • The same one that said “if you like your’ dr. you can keep your’
                dr., period”

          • Dumb article.
            Obama is Putins guy. “After the election I’ll have more flexibility.”

            Remember that.

            The commies are now running the show.
            I always knew Dems were commies at heart.

            I’m just going to wait this out.
            Wait for all the dem boomers to die off.

            Let the economy crash.
            Keep stacking metals.

            I find it strange how the govt. keeps buying arms.

            it’s like this will all go down in a flash moment.
            Dollar collapse.. then in come the “UN peace keepers”…Russians and Chinese.

            When that goes down… things will get very interesting.

            The entire population are sleeping.

            The last stand for america is in every NRA members closet.
            A nice shot gun.

            When they come for that… you know you are a slave and not far from a fema camp.


            Have you noticed the more educate a person is..the more they puke out the “conspiracy theory” thing?

            Some of the greatest fools I have met are MBA.
            MBA = “Must Be Asshole”.

            I’m starting a new venture and I notice at my day job…the folks that always get fired off or asked to leave are the mba. They have zero skills.
            All concept and zero tangible experience at getting things done.

            Just saying…

            • Those Fudds that are in the NRA, the ones that cling to their shotguns because they think those are safe, are in for a big surprise when they find out number eight shot does not penetrate very well.

              • I hope you’re first in line for the gas chamber.

            • Mr NOW: LMAO! MBA’s have no skills? An MBA doesn’t only teach concepts, it teaches you how to use the numbers: where they come from, why they apply, and how to generate them.

              All MBA’s that I know, make a living with those concepts by manipulating the numbers on their hand held calculators, or on their computer with an Excel program.

              The concepts and the numbers are essential to operating a business and making it successful. Obviously, you do not have an MBA. I am sure your “new venture” will be a roaring success.

              I’m sure you will go far with that new venture. Good luck! With that attitude you will need it; or someone with an MBA to grow it beyond the garage. That’s a business fact of life that you will learn soon enough.

              DCF, Present Value,FV, ROE, ROI, IRR, EBT, Depreciation, and Free Cash Flow, are not just “concepts”, they ARE where the money is at in a “new venture”. Understand the “concepts” and the money comes to you. 🙂

              • Dk…….
                WRONG AGAIN…….this is getting to be a habit with you.

                Education/indoctrination is for the weak minds that need direction.I did make it out of highschool but refused ‘higher education’ as it was a waste of my time. I WAS RIGHT.
                I hired and fired many college grads over the years. Mainly because they had no work ethic…they thought they didn’t need to work because they were ‘educated’.

                Always remember…..street smarts hire and fire college grads!!

                • Quick: You are as wrong about this as you were about Alt energy. An MBA is basically a condensed BS in Finance for college graduates with a degree in another major other than Business.

                  Someone with an MBA has both the “concepts” and the number skills. That was the argument from Mr Now, who didn’t know what he was talking about, which garnered my response.

                  True Story.

                  I once had lunch with two geeks who were trashing baseball and golf. The rants were unbelievable. I didn’t say anything at all, I just listened. Finally one of the geeks turned to me and asked, “What do you think?” I replied: “You have never played the game, have you?” His response: ” No. How did you know that?”

                  I said: ” If you had ever played the game you would understand the personal satisfaction of going deep into the hole at shortstop to catch the ground ball, pivoting around and throwing out the guy running to first.

                  Or you would understand the thrill of hitting a home run, or stealing second base, or dropping an impossible 40 foot putt on a monster green with a treacherous downhill slant. If you had done any one of those things, you would not be able to trash the game. You don’t know what you are talking about because you have never played the game.”

                  That was the end of lunch. 🙂

                  While some entrepreneurs without a formal education exist who have a specific skill set, or provide a specific service, or have an idea (like Facebook) can be very successful, the vast majority of business owners who own a decent sized business (that employ more than 25 people) other than a restaurant, are run by college grads with a business degrees.

                  An MBA is not necessary if one has a business degree, and a business degree is not necessary if you ACQUIRE the business skills or HIRE someone with a business degree who has one to run the business; or provide the necessary skills as a consultant.

                  The Billionaires that people like to point to who do not have a college degree, like Gates, or Zuckerberg, and others had professionals with degrees guiding and running their firms. In the case of Gates it was his father, who is very well educated.

                  Currently there are any number of App Developers who do not have a business degree or an MBA who are becoming very wealthy with a specific product, tailored to a specific task; like how to find a restaurant on your phone, who have lots of degreed business professionals running the company behind the scenes.

                  You are a fucking liar to claim that you are running a successful business without either acquiring that knowledge or hiring someone who has it. Even if you inherited the business from daddy, you are likely to have grown up in the business and acquired the necessary knowledge to run daddy’s business over time and use consultant’s (read accountants) with that education.

                  Street smarts do not substitute for higher education. I know that is true because I grew up on the streets, on the edge of the ghetto, and the streets do not provide the requisite knowledge or skills to run a business. 🙂

          • The Bible calls her “The ARROGANT One”!
            And it’s exactly her Arrogance that brings her end!!!

          • Obama doesn’t need a hickory switch to hunt bears. He has a HASHTAG and a pen!!!!

        • Just picked up 4 more 305 watt panels from wholesale solar for 299 each. Loving the solar, wind and back up izzuz geni. My neighbor (un preped) is loving his bass boat. It is all about priorities. My neighbor will be the first to go in grid down. He made the mistake of telling me he will just come over to my house. He will….. once and finaly…… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • That is a good price for a 305 Watt panel. I’ll have to check em out. I have a neighbor that said pretty much the same thing to me when the SHTF. I’ve been talking with him for about four years and he just won’t prepare even though he knows the country is headed for a collapse. He said “We know where food and water are so we’ll just go to your house.” I told him “I can’t feed the neighborhood and I will use force to protect what I have.”

          • Yea, I just LOVE how everyone thinks “oh, ill just come to your place”. People assume that just because I go shooting and am an NRA member, and love doomsday preppers I MUST have 10,000/lbs of food and water. I told them do so at their own risk. They wont make it within 300′. I don’t care about people I work with or acquaintances. If you aren’t family (and even then), you’re just like the rest of the savages in a SHTF scenario and will be treated as such. I hate parasites…

            • Same here. Some of my neighbors said the same old crap “Im coming to your house when the world ends”. No, no you aren’t!

              I have one neighbor who has absolutely no food or water in his house at all (except tap water). He goes out and eats in restaurants for every meal. I just discovered this last week when we had a yard sale. He is a retired old guy who lives alone and has nothing to survive with. When the time comes he will be be the first one to go.

              • Why does it bother you that an older person who may have outlived his family has no supplies for hard times. Not everyone has a reason to fight to stay alive. Worry about yourself. If his attitude bothers you so much be Christian and set some extra aside for him.

            • Tisk, Tisk: If you knew how to properly clean and cook parasites you would not hate them

              • Oh… I have a couple of recipies… and if you eat one in public the word will spead.

          • Man: do you have a link for wholesale solar?


            • wholesalesolar(dot)com
              800-472-122 ask for Todd

              I have an 8kw array with 36 240 watt panels and an 8kw Outback Radian inverter. I’m doubling it’s size this summer. This stuff is not cheap but you can start small and add on. These guys are the best. I looked all over the country and no one has the knowledge, experience and selection they do.

              • Fith .. this is exactly what I did. Good post.

              • What batteries and equipment have you…….or are you storing power.

                • I have 24 75ah AGM Deep Cycle batteries. I’m doing grid interactive and selling excess back to the power company so I don’t need a great deal of backup. I’m rural so my power does tend to go down in bad weather. These batteries are enough for about 8 hours of “normal” use or 24 if I turn off everything but refrigerator, freezer and lights.

                  In addition to all the above I have 2 Outback Flexmax 80 amp MPPT charge controllers. I was a utility consultant for years and have a ton of info on alternative energy, more than can be covered here. If any one has any questions contact me at fifth_disciple(at)Hotmail(dot)com and I’ll try to help.

                  • With 24 deep cycle batteries you must have some healthy DC circuit breakers. How are the batteries hooked up? It is not recommended to put more than four batteries on one ckt. in parallel

              • Man and 5th: THANK YOU!!!!


              • Do you have deep cycle battery storage for when the Sun goes down and to smooth out the demand surges? I am currently running the underground conduit and wiring for an off grid setup. Plan on using four deep cycle golf cart AGM batteries. Keeping a small freezer and frig operational is the priority also low draw LED lighting.

        • I’ve been building a solar backup for years at great cost. I guess it will be money well spent. I don’t see how all this shit that’s happening could be from political incompetence. This was done on purpose to us and we should get even.

          • Couldn’t agree more with your post. I too believe it has all been done on purpose. I also think the elitists/banksters are preparing to end life on this planet as we know it. I have a feeling a lot is going to happen to the population of this planet to reduce it to 500 million people as is written on the Georgia Guidestones.

            • We need to fight like hell then. These people can die as easily as we do.

        • That piece of crap who sits in the oval, was selling America out long before he became yawl’s president..
          …..{ he isn’t mine by the way }…yet he still sits there…this is no longer America…all we are is the walking dead waiting for someone to dig us a hole…so continue to rant while they sit back, and laugh…

        • While I agree that Russian can do as much if not more economic harm to us, I disagree about wholesale dependence on them for Uranium. Uranium is not as rare as you think. Besides, the greatest concentrations of the mineral at this time are Australia and Kazakhstan. Even if we pissed of every country in the planet, we could still harvest it from the most abundant source on the planet – seawater. There is enough uranium floating around in the ocean to power the planet for the next 5000 years. Let’s concentrate on more worrying aspects of this – like the petro dollar – instead of looking for monsters in the closet.

          • If amnesty is passed it is all over for us as a nation. Everything else is secondary to the destruction that is being done by mass legal and illegal immigration. We are going to find out what the Indians went through. homeland.

        • I hope they do. We are way out of control and I know this will hit hard on our pocketbooks but we need these sons of bitches in DC to stop thinking of themselves but to really look our for the people. That won’t happen so when chaos happens they will be fighting with each other what to do and will steal even more money from all of us. So what happens, the only thing I can think of would be for a total 1776 event to occur to unseat these people. But they would even grasp down even harder on these roles and on us. We have to unite and spread word literally and let every single person know we will have our freedom back, police will be trying to arrest everyone and we cant let that happen either, we will have to fight back and get the right people in that will do a clean and honest job. Im just rambling and getting more pissed off with these corrupt people

        • Long ago, a small group of people decided that like industrial hemp, and Tesla technology, we could not have Thorium reactors. We could have been off Uranium reactors decades ago, otherwise…

          On the side, has anyone noticed the Russians may now bar US Astronauts from the International Space Station? Wonder how we got into that position…

          • Because thorium could not be used to build bombs. Tesla offered energy that couldn’t be metered. And hemp? How would the police state grow if there was no War on Drugs to fight?

            The answer to everything that doesn’t make sense is money.

        • barry would love rolling blackouts and prices to skyrocket…

        • Just goes to show what kind of incompetent idiots we have running this country. They would cut off their noses just to spite their faces.

      2. The greatest existential threat to the U.S.IMO are the spent
        fuel rod pools at the 100+ nuclear power plants waiting to go Fukashima if the grid drops out for more than a week.

        After Fukashima I have come to realize that we as people are not mature enough to handle nuclear power. I think all the plants in the U.S should be decommissioned. Then we would not be dependent on uranium from the former USSR.

        • Your point is well taken, but I believe it to be a point of discipline rather than maturity. The question is will the workers at these sites have the discipline to shut down the oven knowing that if they don’t their own family and the world is at risk.

          • thorium reactors MAY be A solution.

          • Im a vol FF at Limerick. In PA…Limerick Nuke plant is in my zone.

            There is no maturity factor…if grid fails tgere is only xyz diesel to run backup collant for 9 days max…then it goes into mwltdown regardless…. no power is meltdiwn guarenteed in entire US by day 10

            • Hope you have a bugout location you can get to within 9 days. How long would it take for you to know they are on backup?

            • Another time line.

              10 days to full meltdown.

              • I would be more worried about those biohazard Level 4 facilities that are scattered all across the US. Those have a limited backup power supply and when that goes and the containment fails on the biological Armageddons hidden away inside, there will not be anywhere on the planet far enough away that one can run to.

                • Those facilitiea have hermetically sealed doors. Power has zero play in the containment

            • Ten Mile Island very close to me in Strasburg, Pa. And No, I don’t glow in the dark…. YET

              • Nothing much happened at TMI. There was no leakage. Had procedures been followed there would never have been a problem at all. The fact that it occurred at the same time as the Fonda anti nuke movie has always seemed suspicious to me.

            • I remember the first time I drove through the Limerick area. It was for work, and seeing those cooling towers in the distance gave me such an uneasy feeling.

        • Ecuador keeps looking better all the time.

        • Spot on. I work in the nuclear power plant industry and have seen many fuel pools. In the U.S. we have two built in cooling systems to circulate water through the fuel pools to remove the decay heat. This never stops. We monitor the fuel pool temperature continuously and adjust as needed. In the last plant I worked in about two years ago we installed the second cooling system for the fuel pool. I think this was BECAUSE of Fukishima. We also added ANOTHER or a third diesel generator to the power plant for emergency power also because of Fukishima. So now most American nuke plants have three diesel generators capable of supplying power to all the needed systems for at least thirty days without having more diesel brought on site. Another thing many people don’t know is the spent fuel rods, once they cool down enough are placed in casks and then stored ON SITE in giant concrete bunkers. We use to ship the spent fuel rods off site for storage but in the last five years or so all these places that use to take them no longer will. These sites were generally sites setup by major corporations that provided the nuclear reactors and fuel in the beginning to American power companies. So they were under contract to take all spent fuel. But…since there is so much now they no longer can take it and the nuclear plants are storing it on site.
          One thing I must point out is this: Not one American nuclear power plant is hardened in any way against a CME or EMP. So all these backup cooling systems mean absolutely nothing when there is a EMP or CME and they WILL melt down. All of these power plants are next to rivers or large lakes (Great Lakes for instance) for cooling water and guess where that nuclear fuel is going to go when the SHTF? Into all our rivers and lakes across this country. So, look at a map of the U.S. and where all the nuke plants are (Canada too) so you can see which rivers and lakes will be irradiated/contaminated when the event occurs. Most of us will die if for no other reason than radioactive contamination/activation in our air and water from nuclear power plants.

          • Thank Harry Reid for killing Yucca Mountain nuclear storage.

      3. will russia get tired of it all and fund U.S. patriots in a war against our corrupt government? or is that what putin and obama have secretly been planning all along? we think russia will come to our defense and revolution, then they cornhole us when we least suspect it.

        • Man you sound dumb. … America’s problem didn’t start with Obama. .. I’m not a fan but this goes further than him. … Reds and blues work together. .. Get that in your silly head. All Presidents after jfk have damaged the US in some way. …. forget the left right thing. . It’s all of them. … Let’s take America back

          • Yes, both sides belong to the Take Your Liberty Party. I want to beat my head against the wall every time I hear someone saying we have to vote R to save the country. You cannot fix a mess by voting when the problem was caused by reckless and indiscriminate voting in the first place.

          • i didnt mention anything about parties or left/right, so you two didn’t bother to read my comment before replying. and there is a real left/right issue. both parties are lead by corrupt people indeed, but the left’s adherents are definitely worse. if you’re not seeing that, you should reconsider who you want to call silly.

          • I put the blame on the voters who don’t care as long as they get their goodies. Obama is a symptom of the problem. An infantile, uneducated population are getting just what they want.

      4. The PTB have one common enemy and that is made up of any and all people that believe in individual liberty, most people only think about the task in front of them, but people who truly believe in freedom are looking into the future, it’s why people like us on this site prep, it’s why we worry and stand in shock on most days about the state of the world.

        • That’s why I Love Wyoming, where I have individual liberty. Where else in the country could I go to a town hall meeting and meet a Candidate for Governor with a 45 displayed openly on my hip and not be questioned. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • Trekker,

            I don’t know which candidate town hall you attended, but Taylor Haynes wants EVERY Wyomingite to carry a gun. However, he wants everyone to be proficient in gun handling and gun safety first.

            BTW, I think Wyoming has a lot of uranium. I am not sure if it is being mined.

            • The governor of Wyoming is a guy named Matt Mead, right?

              This is the same mentally insane, criminal psychopath who recently announced that Wyoming was ‘too White’ and he was begging the First Communist Mulatto who is currently parking his communist butt cheeks behind the desk in the Oval Office to scoop up a few big shiploads full of African Bantu Somali refugees with IQs in the 60-70 range and a hardwired propensity for parasitism and becoming lifetime Democrat voters two seconds after their feet hit American soil – and send them to Wyoming, so Mead could help ‘diversify’ his ‘too-White’ state?

              Why has this race treasonous asshole not yet been dragged out of office by the ‘too-white’ residents of his own state in a recall election and then have his state residency revoked and sent packing? This brainless slab of RINO manure is clearly trying to turn his state bright blue and into a permanent Democrat Party Dictatorship – and once that happens, DaisyK – you can kiss your Second Amendment rights bye bye.

              BTW: Can anyone imagine a scenario where Je$$e Jack$son or Al $Harpton would declare that any majority black city, neighborhood or community was ‘too black’ and then beg whoever it was who was sitting in the Oval Office to scoop up a few shiploads full of White European refugees from some European nation and resettle them into those areas?

              We need to have a conversation about race, alright. And, most importantly – we need to include a serious conversation about RACE TREASON.

              • Matt Mead is also the governor who booted our superintendent of education (Cindy Hill) out the door, but taking away all of her responsibilities except signing off on one report per year. Then he appointed a different person to take over her job. The Wyoming Supreme Court found he had violated the Wyoming Constitution and reinstated Cindy Hill to her previous position, but Mead has tried another tactic to keep her from her job. She is now running against him along with Taylor Haynes.

                The reason for booting her out of office was that she didn’t support Common Core and Mead wanted it — or at least the federal $$$s that came with it.

                • Hope she wins. When is the election?

                  • ENFP,
                    General election is Nov 4, but the primary is the only thing that counts. It is Aug 19.

                    Wyoming is 75% Republican and so far there is no Democrat running for Governor. In 2010, there were only 5 races that had anyone besides Republicans running. governor, education superintendent, sec of state, US rep, and county attorney.

                    I am supporting Taylor Haynes for now. If it looks like he won’t win and Cindy might, then I will switch to Cindy Hill. No way will I vote for Mead!!!!!

                • Cindy Hill was rightfully returned to her elected position as Supt of Education. RINO Mead along with the Party Machine tried to do a power grab by taking the power from the people and give it to the Party Machine. Although Wyoming is 75% Republican, many, if not most are Rino’s other wise we would not have these liberal laws such as Common Core and a 10cent a gallon state tax on gasoline being passed in a Coservative State. I don’t work for Taylor Haynes, but I have heard him and Cindy Hill both speak in person, and there is no comparison to the two of them. But they will split the Coservative vote in the Primary “And Guess What” the Party wins again. Trekker Out.

                  • Trekker,

                    That is why I am waiting to see whether Dr. Haynes or Cindy Hill are in front before I vote in the primary

                  • Trekker,

                    One of the reasons I like Dr. Haynes is that he says he has a plan to feed and provide services to Wyomingites if the SHTF. He is a supporter of Oathkeepers and has given me three US Supreme Court cases that support his position that the Feds don’t own public land except for D.C. and land necessary for forts, etc.

                    Cindy Hill has called me twice (one of the benefits of living in a state with a small population.) I was not overly impressed with her. But of coarse, she would be a million times better than what we’ve got now.

                    Here are the SCOTUS cases:
                    Printz v. United States 521 U.S. 898 (1997)
                    New York V. United States, 505 U.S. 144 (1992)
                    Pollard’s Lessee V. Hagan 44 U.S. 3 How. 212 (1845)
                    Though old, he claims that last one hasn’t been overturned.

                • But since he wears a gun on his hip the voters will vote for him anyway. Stupid is as stupid does.

                  • John are you having a hard time understanding what your reading? No one is voting for me, I was the one with the gun on my hip, not the candidate for Governor. But then again he may have had one on, couldn’t tell he was wearing a Jacket. Trekker Out. Get The Facts Straight!

              • Tucker:

                Congrats to you on your HONEST posts. RACE TREASON has reached a fever pitch in America. Governor Mead should be held accountable for his actions; however that will never happen. If he is not reelected he will be insured a job in DC for being the good little Komrad lackey that he is.

                We American’s are drowning in Political Correctness; paralyzed, unable to speak the truth without being called a racist, an anti-semite, etc.

                The zionist jew banksters that are controlling the puppets at the head of all governments, governors, senators, congressman, presidents, and heads of nearly all nations have played their chess game all too well.

                We Americans have just been pawns in their game since they took control of our money through the non federal feral reserve. They have used our money and our treasure, our children, in the military, to take control of the world and all its natural resources.

                Ever wonder why we are no longer allowed to develop and use our natural resources? Hells bells…..the answer is as plain as the nose on your face…..

                When the banksters finish raping and robbing the rest of the world of all its wealth they will need somewhere to set up their NWO and that country will be the America that they have locked up until then.

            • DaisyK,

              Re: Uranium produced here in WY – there is a mine in the Powder River Basin that produces 1/2 the uranium mined in the US – 2.8 million pounds in 2013.

              Mead needs to hit the road – voting for Haynes or Hill as well.

              From a fellow Wyomingite-Wind River Basin area 🙂

              • Wind River Mom,
                I am in Big Horn County. Nice to meet you.

                • Tensleep. But watch out for the radio vibes at the Devil’s Tower….

                • DaisyK, Ugly and Trekker –

                  Nice to meet you all! 🙂

                  We are in the Dubois-Crowheart area.

                  Trekker – you are approximately 14 miles from us (Roadhouse)- we are practically neighbors. There are many like minded folks to the northwest. Would like to know if there were watchers along the highway to the SE?

                  Take care – everyone.

                  • WRM, I don’t live in Burris. That was just a waypoint. Most people won’t know where Burris is.

                  • WRM I love those Red Rocks.

                • One of the problems you have is your states small population which has its’ good points but also makes it easy to take over/win the elections. It will be very easy to send a hundred thousand or so new instant citizens to states with small populations and totally change the voting results. Calif. is huge and that is why it took almost thirty years to negate the existing populations voting patterns with immigration legal and illegal. It was not that long ago that Calif. was a Republican state. Immigration has changed that. Believe me that you will not like being a minority in your own state e3specially with a hostile new majority that tells you they will drive you out when they take over.

              • Wind River Mom, anywhere near Burris? Trekker Out.

          • Try doing that in Denver, Colorado Springs, aurora. See how that open carry works there.

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        • Qween,
          Did hooked on phonics work for you?

          • anon-

            Methinks its a prototype “common core” post…or a case of dyslexia meets ebonics!

            • Naw, it’s just one of them test to see if you got oldtimers. Trekker Out.

        • Queen, if you can’t speak English, then move on. We don’t understand mumbo-jumbo.

          • Braveheart, I’m thinking thats your tax dollars at work, dont get much for your money these days, do yeah.

          • bravefhart use o ghote use wodent lhas 5 menuts en a kolhapse git a lyfe allredy whut a b thuf gye n pa fharmer git bak two wherk i nheed a encrise in e b t nhow thuoodel ew

            • That’s funny.

      6. Just more speculating while we sit back and let are rouge criminal government run a muck.
        Why would any country want to attack another country that’s successfully destroying itself?
        The Obama administration has to be the running joke of every other country. The second biggest laugh is the American people putting up with it.

      7. 9% of the baseload power comes from imported Russian uranium. If that were to stop abruptly, we would begin to consume more coal from our large reserves or consume more nat gas which is currently very plentiful in the US.

        I am not sure that the “threat” is genuine.

        • Except that ObaMao has had the EPA shut down over 200 coal fired plants in the U.S. and more to be shut down as time goes on. ObaMao WANTS this country down and out.

          • patriot gun stores too,ck out Reese family fast and furious scapegoats

      8. Does anyone know why obama is so fucking stupid? My dog is smarter than he is. At least he knows to shit in the woods out of sight.

        • It’s because negrodoodles aren’t as smart

          as labradoodles as a breed, Wrong.

          In obamas case though, he can read a

          teleprompter and lick his own nuts at

          the same time.

          • Defiant could you please post a a beverage and keyboard warning prior to your next extremely hilarious post? I just sprayed my coffee all over my keyboard from laughing so hard. Great post.

            • Navy Vet

              Just check Wrong’s post before you read mine.

              That guy seems to set me up for a sarcastic

              response. I can’t resist taking the bait.

              • negrodoodles! OMG! That was funny!

                Hope he gets neutered.

        • yes, wrong,…he’s that stupid because, as with labradoodles, he was bread for the job he’s doing. and as far as his handlers are concerned, he’s doing a bang-up JOB! steady as she GOOOEEESSSSSS!

        • I almost spewed my morning coffee with this one

          • Since I started a regiment of SPS I haven’t had to replace or repair keyboards or monitors…

            what is SPS you ask?

            momentarily, “Stop” drinking your coffee…
            “Place” on table…
            “Scroll”… repeat as necessary

          • Since I started a regiment of SPS I haven’t had to replace or repair keyboards or monitors…

            what is SPS you ask?

            momentarily, “Stop” drinking your coffee…
            “Place” on table…
            “Scroll”… repeat as necessary

            • I have no idea why that dbl posted…

        • When I read articles about obama and kerry going out and delivering Russian “sanctions”, I can’t stop thinking, “Is this the best America could do?” I cannot comprehend who sees strength in this….. They are a couple buffoons…..

          • Kerry is a scumbag who while the men he commanded were still in combat came back and bad mouthed and betrayed them. He is the lowest form of life.

      9. 35 % of our natural gas here in Germany comes from Russia, no wonder Angie isnt going to play ball with Obama and his idiots. Be like sanctioning ourselves.

        • @german boy
          I hear that Merkel has all sorts of commies issues in her past.

          • Yes quite true, and she makes no secret of it. She was quite high up in the east German (Commies) youth political scene. Doesnt mean she is a fool or whatever. Anyway its the same story on your side of the pond. You have a black muslim in the driving seat.

        • Better learn the Russian language German boy!

          • My wife is Czech, she speaks fluent Russian. Helps her bieng able to read and write crylic.

      10. With the politicians we have in the White House, we don’t need another enemies.

        • we don’t need another enemy, but like the joker said, “this country needs an ENEMA!”

          • if superman’s downfall was red kryptonite, then i can’t help but wonder if obama might be taken out with ukrainium?….mmmm, that didn’t work all that well….anyone willing to help with this word?

            • Try an Arabic version or swahealie… 😉

      11. You write about nuclear power plant shutdown ? but simply shutting down nuclear power plants is not an option as always some of the electricity made by the power plant is siphoned off to keep the pumps running to circulate millions of litres of water around the 40 plus years of spent fuel in the spent fuel ponds and these spent fuel ponds containing many thousands of tons of hugely radioactive spent fuel that would go up in smoke. its the same problem at fukushima with ten thousand tonnes of spent fuel that must eventualy go up in a nuclear explosion, being a spread of radiation contamination equivalent to three thousand Chernobyls all at once, and every nuclear power station in the U.S. is the same waiting to happen except you have heaps of them that will go into meltdown with at least one hundred thousand tonnes of spent fuel that must then go into full meltdown spewing radiation equivalent to three hundred thousand chernobyls that will assuredly leave the entire northern hemisphere uninhabitable, the follow on effect will be a radiation spread over the entire northern hemisphere so deadly that all 480 nuclear power stations will have to be abandoned leading to a disasterous release of radiation equivalent to approximately ten million chernobyls, if you think you may be safe in the southern hemisphere then consider youself better off but safe not.

      12. I’ve long felt that our government is so compromised, that bad decisions have been made to put us at a disadvantage.

        Out trade policies have crippled us. The FedGov has restricted so much. It’s almost impossible to survive unless you are paying the government to exist and live off of.

        • “Compromised” is an innocuous word for describing what our gov has become.

          The presidency is nothing more than a pulpit for thugs to rape the citizens of their $$$. I think the office, as being respectfully held, died with JFK, or maybe even with T Roosevelt.

          Remember in 2008, when Odrama said he was going to make sure USA would become energy independant from the rest of the world if he was elected. I knew that would never happen, because TPTB are making huge profits from foreign crude. TPTB/Illuminati have been pulling the strings of our puppet politicians for 100 years.

          The biggest “con job” since the setup of the Federal Reserve was the “bailouts”, and bogus loans made to “green” energy. All 50+ deals; disasters/flops/scams, at the expense of American taxpayers.

          Odrama is just doing what TPTB want him to do while at the same time allowing him and his liberal followers to clean the clocks of the citizens with whatever means they can come up with. It’s never ending.

          When I see people blaming Odrama,or any “one” politician for that matter, it just shows how “stuck” their thinking of reality is. In other words, they can’t see the forest for the trees.

          There are a few good conservative politicians on every level, but there are so few, they will never be able to overcome the massive liberalism and the greed which leads to corruption/pure evil. Only Christ can fix that and fix it He will.

          Face it folks, our gov has sold us out. While Americans were asleep at the wheel and letting the sly foxes oversee the chicken house, we got “plucked”. Generations later; the people are now starting to wake up and see they have been stripped naked and broke. So……”let’s have a revolt and a march and rally the troops”. Please, give me a break. It ain’t happening. The God fearing people, in USA and around the world, have sat on their haunches way to long. There are some waking up with grand delusions of returning to a pre-Illuminati/NWO world. Our Heavenly Father said it would happen this way. He gave the warnings thousands of years ago and the majority “failed’ badly to heed them.

          It doesn’t matter who controls what and how much. Grain, Uranium, Crude oil, etc. The events of this age will unfold and transpire according to God’s time table.

          The end of this age is fearful to most. Why? They aren’t prepared for the following “age”. They love the flesh and the worldy things.

          1Jo 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

          If a person doesn’t have the love of their Creator inside them, they will never find peace in this day and time. It’s the first line of defense and prepping.

          Clean water, food, and security (protection of persons and their sustenance) follow. It’s that simple.


          • Your post reminds me of the story in the paper today, with Tim Geithner pushing his book. He states that it’s hard to explain to the people how we saved the economy, but lost the country. I thought what the hell is the difference, except the fat cats in banking and wall street made tons of money while 99% of the people suffered. Remember these bloodsuckers.

      13. Back in the Nixon era the GOP was stupid enough to think that they could split the Russians and the Chinese.

        Thus when the GOP was running DC we saw lots of expansion of American industry to China. However now we have a radical Marxist, who favors a rebuilt Soviet State and a weaker China.

        The problem is, the Russians and Chinese have made up, and see that under Barry, this country is hitting the skids.

        All they have to do is wait. Eventually things will get so bad that a real Operation American Spring will occur and a real civil war will happen. Then expect Russia and China to expand their control. Russia over Europe, China over the Pacific basin, the PI, and eventually Australia. In our life time

        • The soviets and the Chinese may even supply weapons and ammo to the freedom fighters in the US just to aid the turmoil…

          • ONV
            From one old grunt to another, I’ve had the same thoughts myself.

            I don’t expect the Frogs or Brits to go down without a fight, and Mad Vlad can always call upon the Iranians for extra ” cannon fodder”.

            I figure that someplace in South Korea and Japan, there are a small group of Science guys putting together a hasty nuke or two? Maybe even down in OZ the Diggers are working on one as well?

        • Two thumbs down, I see that the Moscow trolls, useful idiots, and Libertarian Left are awake this morning.

        • Nixon destroyed the currency by de coupling from gold, founded the EPA and was the one who started the normalizing with China nonsense. He did however come up with the idea of WIN buttons so he redeemed himself.

      14. From U.S. Energy Information Administration:
        Sources of uranium purchased by U.S. commercial reactors in 2012-

        From Wikipedia
        Uranium production by nation in 2012:
        (mined and processed ore, but not yet ready for fueling reactors)
        1……Kazakhstan……….17,803 tons
        2……Canada……………9,783 tons
        3……Australia…………5,900 tons
        6……Russia……………3,562 tons
        7……Uzbekistan………..2,400 tons
        8……United States……..1,660 tons

        Yellowcake (at least 75% uranium oxides and much closer to fuel rod stage) Production by nation:
        1……Kazakhsran………..46.2 million lbs
        2……Canada……………25.4 million lbs
        3……Australia…………15.3 million lbs
        4……Namibia…………..11.6 million lbs
        5……Niger…………….10.9 million lbs
        6……Uzbekistan…………6.2 million lbs
        7……United States………4.3 million lbs
        12…..Russia…………….1.5 million lbs

        So, we buy 13% of our uranium (as reactor fuel source) from Russia. we get 12% from Australia and 24% from Canada. Plus 17% is domestic.
        And, the russkies mine and process more uranium than we do, but we produce almost THREE TIMES more yellowcake than they do.
        I’m not saying it’s wise for any country to rely on foreign sources for fuel, energy or other vital necessities, but…. I doubt the Russians will be turning our lights out anytime soon.

        • Good for you Smokin, I thought I smelled a rat when I read this article. More sensationalism to create fear while sounding smart. From a friend in the mining equipment industry, I’ve learned that the number of applications for mining uranium in SE Utah has skyrocketed in recent years. People are aware of what needs to be done and are moving in the direction that leads to more domestic production.

        • Thank you smokinOkie

          I was about to look up the facts when i read your post.
          I knew that story was BS.

          Thanks again

        • What do you mean we’re going to need to hitch a ride to the spacie station In The Year 2020? Guess we better get to work stealing another rocket engine scientist. Somebody tell Pukin that we might turn our GPS off with a fee and lock the door (large key with spare wheel attached) at the station.

          We’re still watching you Okie.

        • ta for that, was about to say we aussies could up our productio IF we have reason, Roxby downs does have stage 2 planned


        • Hell yes, and without the Utility Companies’ manipulations and controls.

          Throw in massive amounts of micro-generators on flowing creeks streams and rivers and mass produced DIY wind turbines for the homeowner and improved battery banks.

          • PWTW,

            I could not agree more!!!

            Small scale on a boat works effectively…

            wind gen, pv panels and a good alt on the main engine…

            You can run refrigeration, entertainment, necessary ships equipment, watermaker and even AC with the right configuration…

            It must be monitored and maintained…just like everything else…
            but you can do it!

        • Keep in mind that once more of us get into Solar and Wind power the government will TAX us on our free energy. They are already doing that in Spain to people on Solar power. The government must be re-structured to support the People, not enslave them.

          • Jack,
            you are absolutely right. They will tax us on free energy. How do we know? They pushed “green” cars that use little or no gasoline. Now they want to tax us by the mile instead!!

            So they can tax us by how many solar panels we have, how many wind turbines, how many rooms in our house. And don’t forget the rain tax. The rain tax is based on how much rain rolls off of your property. You can’t dig a pond to keep it in either or you will be fined $35k per day for an illegal pond.

      16. If the power grid goes down, most of us on this site are ready.
        We keep poking Russia in the eye with a stick the old Bear just might give us more uranium than we want (NUKES, bombs).
        Drill baby Drill. Natural gas, oil, coal, solar, water,and wind. Do we really need Nukes? I know that they work well but do we really need it?
        Obullshit will screw this up too. He wants to see this country as a third world nation. Even if it means war and he blows up 1/2 of the nation.
        Keep the faith we can only Pray it will get better.

        • it’s gonna take a lot more than prayer to git BETTER, sarge! i been prayin’ ’bout obama, yet he’s still occupying the spitehouse!…like dracula bein’ put in charge of the red-cross blood supply.

          • Great analogy buttcrack, it would be funny if it was not true.

          • BCD:
            I think you are right. I just want to see it go to blood shed.
            He has been the worse prez in my life time. Hells Bells I can remember when Ike was the Prez. He makes Carter look good.
            What dose this say about the voting public. OH that is right the Voting Zombies and Leaches.
            God Help Us!!!!

            • i can’t think of a WORSE prezdent….EVVVERRRR!…anyone?

              • No, obummer wins hands down.

              • george bush II. at least obama can read.

      17. Add to all of this the fact that coal burning plants are being eliminated left and right. 20% may be a low number.

      18. US accepts Shahab-3s in Iran’s missile arsenal, but not long-range ICBMs. Deep resentment in Jerusalem

        Two high-ranking US officials, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, were challenged by Israeli leaders over the Obama administration’s omission of the Shahab-3 ballistic missile from its demand to restrict ICBMs that can reach Europe and the US in Iran’s arsenal. The Shahab-3’s range of 2,100km covers all of the Middle East, including Israel. Yet it was left out, although it carries warheads weighing 760 kg, to 1.1 tons, which may also be nuclear. Hagel faced the same challenge from Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

      19. US troops arrive for joint anti-missile drill with Israel:
        The regular US-Israeli military exercise Juniper Cobra, which takes place every two years, begins Sunday with the arrival of 1,000 US soldiers. The exercise will drill joint operations against a missile attack on Israel.
        (Will they leave or stay) River Rat at the ready!

      20. Why do I feel like it’s all going to hit at once – war, famine, gov’t takeover/martial law, blackout, plague?

        • Me too. sort of like… THE BIBLE!

          Can you hear the sound of hoofs, the 4 Horsemen are getting nearer.

          In my lifetime I’ve witnessed one President thrown from office, another impeached, countless wars, 50 million babies aborted, Russia fall only to rise again. China become the source of many of our products, American made cars replaced by Japanese cars as the best sellers, our Banks fail, gas go from 25 cents a gallon to $4.00 a gallon, homosexuals getting married, pot made legal,…

          and a complete Communist Radical Homo get elected twice!

        • Grafique-

          Because your 6th sense intuitions are accurate! That’s why!

          ^^^ thumbs to ya.

        • All of those will follow the economic collapse, like dominoes lined up in a row… with the dollar being useless the famine & blackout will begin, followed by riots, martial law, which could easily start a civil war. In the meantime plagues begin to spread because a weak govt cant control an epidemic…

      21. Utterly preposterous assertions in this. We don’t currently mine much uranium because it’s environmentally messy, but our reserves (and Canada’s) are huge. Also, does this idiot think that we wouldn’t retaliate against Russia for such a move? Why do we keep listening to people like this who would have you believe that we have absolutely no recourse in such cases? The US has a lot of problems, but we’re not powerless in cases like this. Please!

      22. I wish they would!
        Would wake people up to the monkey business coming out of Washington, of course some will never get it but many will.

      23. You are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. This is a weak link that is hidden in the machine. That ( 90% ) is pure greed, and in the long run if we had to get around it many people would go to work. Our prices of energy would go up, and many would suffer in the transition. The long standing idea ( lets use the worlds energy till it runs out, then tap into our own ) could and is going to bite us in the A$$….

      24. Why does it always seem; that Putin is playing Chess; while O’Bama and the rest of the clowns that comprise the United States government are playing Checkers?

        • They are playing tiddly winks!

      25. GRACE & PEACE!



        BE BLESSED!


      26. I’d like to see some of the sources for this video. Most sources state that Russia imports around 20% not the 50% stated in this article. If the 23% is used instead of 50% you end up with around 4/100 homes without power.

        Obviously it’s more complicated then this and US has alternative power sources it could call on and RU will likely not use this card until much later on when it will have much more impact. Use it now it will likely not accomplish much. Good article none the less however citation would be nice.

        • Interesting after more searching the only place that states Russia imports ~20% are dated back to 2010, I retract my statement about 20% stuff.

          The 2nd part about this being used as a trump card, in tandem with other things still stands.

      27. ~ Thank you, km. Right from the real sources mouth.
        This is serious and sad, and of course, the media does not report to the public on this event.
        That is why I come here periodically, for news such as this.

        What are wheat products I can purchase to prep?
        Pasta? Flour? Soups? Sausages? Crackers? Broth?
        Time to focus on these items.

        Below links for more wheat items ~

        • It’s the Lord’s warnings, not mine! If the believers see and hear things, then we are obligated to let everyone that is willing to listen to know what’s coming quite soon!

          I mentioned last year that 2014 was going to be (intense).

      28. Speaking of nuclear plant meltdowns, there have been many maps showing the locations of the nuclear plants. However even more relevant information would be so called time sequence “plume maps” from these reactors, similar to what happened with Chernobyl and Fukashima, in the event of individual or collective meltdown. I would guess that these maps would be seasonally different depending on the jet stream and other parameters.

        Any links?

      29. We have leaders that have sold out their country for a dollar, not caring where that dollar comes from. We have 2 choices, republican or democrat. The only time you will see them in agreement will be to crush a possible third party candidate. Our leaders do not serve the people, they are bought by the highest bidder.

      30. I have beef cows, milk goats, seeds that grow plants that make more seeds, 4 water wells on my property and solar panels and I know how to make them myself when these go bad, but what I am worried about is what if the internet goes down what am I going to do for Porn, the wife is getting older what will I do.

        • Get some sheep…just some Montana humor brother.

        • There are these things called magazines with color photos. You can find these at adult bookstores. I guess those still exist. There’s none in my town, but your town might still have one.

      31. Obama reminds me of of a black Gilligan trying to do a white Professor imitation.

        Banning Putin from attending LA Laker games ought to do it.

      32. OK, This O.T. It is about gardening… I have been watching many videos on youtube about “3 sisters gardening”

        You plant your corn first, and after it starts to come up, you plant pole bean around the corn, they feed nitrogen to the corn, and after they come up, you plant a ground cover.

        Squash or something like that, they all grown together. Saves water, keeps the weeds out. many videos on this, hope it helps someone. Kevin

          • Seems they have a problem with their site… getting the e-book at this time might be problematic…
            I have it from long ago and I’ve seen this method work…
            Happy gardening!! 🙂

      33. Russia ain’t gonna do jack-diddly-shit. They need to be paid regardless. They’re not going to cut their nose off to spite their face. More bread and circus bullshit. There’s more going on behind the scene’s than any of us could ever know. Do you think what may be leaked or the bone they throw to us is all that’s what’s happening?Bank on it! Wake the hell up! Most of this shit is scrap that falls from their table. Keep nibbling on it if you want…….

      34. More fear-mongering………………….yawn.

        • “And I’d be glad if you did ”
          Sorry for typo , lap top in the shop for a cleansing , working off a smart phone
          Key board and fat thumbs

      35. It’s high time we asked who is making money personally from the situation in Ukraine? Who earns a profit if the situation with Russia escalates?

        To understand the motivation of the puppet masters one must first play a quick game of “follow the money”. Increasingly this is looking a wholly externally manipulated situation.

        Libya was punished in large part for showing the world that an African nation could get along quite nicely without NWO interference at every turn. It was giving it’s neighbours ideas of their own for freedom from NWO exploitation.

        Putin has made the same mistake when he made life difficult for some of the NWO Oligarchs a few years back – however we shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking he is a hero. Instead we should step back and ask ourselves how he rose through the ranks of a communist totalitarian state to the hold the positions of power that he has.

      36. Kerry and Obama should shut their big pie holes !

        • No good. They would still talk out their ass.

      37. News flash everyone…..we could EMP blast the shit out of the former Commies too!

      38. One important note: Most power reactors in this country can run on their uranium fuel bundles for about 18 months before refueling is needed. Therefore, it is unlikely that “pulling the plug” would render 20% of America in the dark “overnight.”

        It might take a couple of years for off shore uranium to be depleted and, hopefully, we would gear up our domestic sources during this time.

      39. Over at the economic collapse they are talking about pigs, beef and shrimp prices. Going to be hard on Chinese, “Take Out”.

        Then you have to laugh at NASA will begin to instruct our astronauts in the art of “Arm Flapping” to get them to the ISS in 2020.

        How about it Obama. More cell phones and EBT cards for the Illegal Aliens.

        • Slingshot: Good points. Pork, beef, and shrimp: three good reasons why the CCP will have to raise the value of the Yuan.

          A hungry crowd is an angry crowd. 🙁

        • That burr-headed bastard can kiss my quiet guilty white ass.

        • Good Morning VRF.

          Let me start it off right.

          I guess Holder is going to have to go fuck himself.

          Doesn’t matter anymore. I just want them to take the first shot.

          So is the lazy white boy who will not get off his ass to do something or are the minority’s afraid of what will happen if he gets started.

          • With you on that Slingshot

            Morning to you too

      40. If they blackout CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, MTV, Vh1–then I may agree and allow them to triple my cable rates….

      41. 260 trillion dollars worth of mineral resources and 100 years of oil in the US, makes you wonder, and then makes you think, these dolts should be paying 20 bucks a gallon gas and 20 for a loaf of bread. They will never wake up until reality slaps them in the face.

      42. Failure to prepare
        Is preparing for failure

        Benjamin Franklin

        • thats ok, I got your green thumb each and every time you post, If i could click it twice for you I would

      43. Doomer Porn Alert

        “we didn’t run out of planes or television sets,we ran out of food”


      44. They will dry up supplies and make the costs go up but, as long as we pay inflated prices, there will be energy. This will further redirect wealth from the American middle class into the pockets of TPTB.

      45. Failure to Prepare
        Is Preparing for Failure

        Benjamin Franklin

      46. Just a note to one and all. I am sick and tired of coming to this site and reading religious posts staged in such a way as to make them relevant to the topic at hand.

        I am a devout Christian and believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He is not a petty God who involves himself in our politics. If you want to discuss religious arguments can’t you find another place for it?


        • Hmmm:

          According to our Good Book, the Bible, Jesus Christ is an all knowing, all seeing God including politics.

          The Book of Revelation (the time I believe we are living in right now) seems to me to be about good vs evil, Satan vs Christ,and the ultimate judgement of which “politician” of the two you decide to support.

          Knowing who your Savior is and believing he knows the schemes of Satan and his minions (who have achieved their goals mostly theough politics) is one of the most important gifts you can receive. Eyes to see and ears to hear is not given to everyone. Look it up in your Bible.

          Praying and prepping and knowledge are all part of our survival. Discerning lies, whether from TPTB, the MSN, or lies about who Gods children really are, are important.

          You cannot enter heaven without accepting Jesus Christ
          as your savior. I wonder how anyone can twist that Biblical statement. If a religion does not believe in Christ then they are ANTI CHRIST.

          Your statement that God does not get involved in politics holds no water to me. You can see what has happened to God in America because most Christians decided to not get involved in the politics of it. THINK GOD IS HAPPY ABOUT THAT NON INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICS?

          • Well said….


        • BigB– but, but the Bible is relevent to every detail of life TODAY ! Ever study Joseph, the great prepper in the book of Genesis? How about Noah? He prepped for many years, preaching as he went. And Jesus? He was all about being prepared. Being spiritually prepared is just as important as having a garden and losts of canned veggies. Probably more so.

      47. My gut tells me Russia, will be pulling all of its investments out of this country, By selling them off..or liquidating

        Steel producing facilities etc.

        look for it

        • @ VRF. Please see below earthquake forecast. There is a fair to good chance of a sizeable earthquake coming to where your family is. The Central East Pacific Rise getting active often shows the Nazca Plate is getting ready to move. I would say there is danger of this until June 4.

          • Thanks BI I will inform..

            lets hope it doesnt come at all,, but as My family said..they feel time is coming for another hit

      48. And I quote…

        “We shirk our patriotic duty in wartime because we are pacifists by nature and tradition, and we are the arch-plotters of universal wars and the chief beneficiaries of those wars (see the late “Dearborn Independent,” passim, and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”). We are at once the founders and leading adherents of capitalism and the chief perpetrators of the rebellion against capitalism. […]

        You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day? […]

        You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”

        – Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish author, quote from January 1928 issue of Century Magazine

        • Nice to see another fellow michigander here so wide awake eh!…Good info find too!

          • Them Guys:

            As of 2005, Michigan held the largest and still growing Muslim population in the United States and the second largest Arab population outside of the Middle East.

            That was NINE years ago. How much larger now?

            Hmmmmm….that sure explains a lot….


            • if you bash muslims that makes YOU an true antisemite. the majority the VAST majority of jews IN israel, NY, chicago etc ARE as THEY claim “ASKANZI” jews…The biblical geneology listing of NOAHS Three Sons Says that arabs came From noahs son SHEM which is the true “semitic” peoples.

              it also STATES that Noahs OTHER son Japeth is who fathered the people called “ASHKANZ” therfore by the jews OWN admitions and by what Jews lable themselves as…Ashkanazi jews, they ARE decendat FROM Japeth and NOT a true “SEMITIC people”

              You types who call folks antisemitis, YET You go On to Royally Bash arabs and muslims often as possible are the REAL antisemitic fools….And that also Makes YOU type folks Hypocrit Racists!

              Of course when dealing with dumbed down females, especially if of that hillbilly southern “bap-duhs” bunch of Judaizering jew worshippers…Then one must make a few allowances for that double whammy ignorance when lib female is combined with dumbed down baptist jew nonsense…We are to Pray they soon awaken to reality and real truth….Truth like ashkanazi Jews decended FROM Noahs son JAPETH so these jews of today cannot Possibly be a semitic peoples!….but You likly skip Passed That bible parts eh…Same as Your pastors skips Passed REV 2:9…3:9 and John 8:44 as well as every bible verse that so Disproves all of their juadaizer jew firster phony crap they teach…Amazeing them false preachers and false teachers, so warned of biblically by Christ, have found so huge a mass of idiots as their followers.

              Next to negroes and femanazis lib womens movnts, no others has so dammaged america besides those 50+ million jewdeo-christo-zionist fools. They 100% defend and support the Very antichrist jewish problems now fully controling america and its demise BY their antichrist jewish zio designs….Shame on YOU idiots!

              PS; Yes I lived in detroit and early dearborn mich when muslims and arabs First began to arrive there…I lived in various detroit locations for 43 yrs….However while I do NOT subscribe to ANY islamic or arab ways or methods or beliefs etc…I must say I myself have never seen ANY troubles occure then that were a direct cause of muslims or arabs…None other than a normal usual fist fight between a couple guys be it Two arabs or one arab and one white guy like at a Bar.

              Yes they do Leave much to be desired compared to white folk…However they Never created any major disturbances or troubles the entire time i was there…Mainly most treat others respectfully.

              Being Cousins with Khazar fake jews since Both groups arabs and khazar fraud jews originated FROM ESAU for the fake jews, and Ishmeal for the arabs it is understandable why Both are Mortal enemys to whites and christians.

              Too Bad 50 million stupid brainwashed baptist jewdeo jew firsters cannot Grasp that fact…Maybe soon they will stop ignoring parts of their bibles that speak vital truth about such khazar fake jews and will soon wake up.

              But do NOT hold yer breath folks!

              Barn Cats probobly Still searching his bibles for that elusive verse(that dones NOT exist!) to prove his claims of “God sez we Must Bless jews” since no such bless jews verse exists in any bible verses!…It exists ONLY in these fools warped minds.

              • Them Guys:

                “…if you bash muslims that makes YOU an true antisemite….” Wow….

                “We read of God’s promise in Genesis 12:2-3, “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (see also Genesis 27:29; Numbers 24:9).”

                There you go….


                PS: Mac: any side forums coming?

      49. High probability 85-90% as of today of large earthquake or large earthquakes, 7.0 or higher, now between June 4 in one of more of the following areas:

        New Guinea to Santa Cruz Islands/Soloman Islands
        Tonga and Samoa
        Afghanistan to Iran and Turkey border region
        The whole Nazca Plate, but especially Peru to Columbia region
        Venezuela to Guatemala arc
        Central Indonesia to Java
        Japan to Kuril Islands
        China and India
        Alaska and northern Washington and British Columbia

        Today two precursor earthquakes occurred that indicate something in the 7-8 range. On June 17, 2002 these same almost identical spots were hit, with 3 miles of each other and this lead to 4 major earthquakes over the next 15 days, the highest a 7.3 in China. Mexico has been hit several times after both of these precursor spots have been hit before, the largest a 7.8 in 1978.

        After the one on the Central East Pacific Rise was hit on August 4, 2007, 11 days later Peru was hit with a 8.0. This area has a 100% past record of at least one major earthquake hitting within 15 days. The one on the SW Indian Ridge has about a 85% hit percentage after there is an earthquake here. Most earthquakes that have occurred after both of these spots have been hit were in the low to high 7 range.

        Refinement of these forecasted areas could change slightly as more precursor earthquakes that might occur over the next few days.

      50. I have a busy day today and it is because of one of those “Shit Happens”. The drive shaft seal and one axle seal broke lose on the truck. Had 80w all over the rear end. To add insult to injury. The idler arm bearing to the air condition compressor started singing like a bird. Will change all belts. Brake pedal went mush so master cylinder may be in order if bleeding doesn’t work.

        So you see things happen along the way and you can’t do a damn thing about it except fix it.

      51. Lunacy on a global scale

        Isreal’s military is now bemoaning the budget crisis

        Western Billionaires have doubled their wealth since the crisis began You finally ready to admit we’ve been systematically robbed yet?

        Have you organised your shopping trip at the 9/11 site yet. The “charity” running this memorial pays it’s leader $300K per year and those huge salaries have to come from somewhere! (google it as I’m too disgusted to add the link).

        It’s all about the children here in the UK, (not that the US is anymore sensible!)

        9 year olds can now be given sex change drugs…s-puberty.html

        13 year old permitted to abort at 30 weeks

        bengahzi has just kicked off again,

        The Russian people bear their Western counterparts no malice, even as tensions between our lunatic governments escalate. Globally people just want to be left alone to look after the families and exist in peace. Globally this simple desire is being ripped away from nation after nation.

        Physicists have just discovered how to turn light into matter Will the elite simply say “beam me up scotty” when the pitchforks and torches get too close? This I will admit worries me as it’s human nature to want to see these monsters forced to account for their sins.

        Which ever way you look it’s clear that the hidden hand is not benign. Trust neither the right, nor the left and stay on that straight prepping path.

      52. One week after the Globalist coup d’etat in Ukraine, Shell and BP signed oil deals with the new and very illegal government in Kiev. Now we find out that John Bidens’ son, R. Hunter Biden, is on the board of directors of the largest Ukrainian natural gas company. And John Kerrys’ wife Teresa Heinz, has a relative that also got on the board of directors of another energy company in Ukraine. The American people are so doomed. Go to war for the big boys that never have to send their kids to die.

      53. I noticed that ammo prices are a little lower lately. And more ammo is available at the stores. You know another “event” will happen soon. If you can afford it, go out and pick up some ammo and high cap mags. If you don’t need the mags in the future, you can always sell them during a panic. Don’t wait. He who hesitates is lost.

        • seems to me that .45 is on the rise again, at least around me
          yep its available but at almost 50$ a box and thats target loads
          total bullshit price if you ask me no matter how available its highway robbery

          paid over 28$ for 100pcs 240 grain .44 cal projectiles magtech not even higher quality manufacturing ,or brands

          NO .22, No.17

          dont even get me started on the price of Factory Big game loads

      54. Targeted? Gun sellers say ‘high risk’ label from feds cuts off banking options, restricts business

        Obama plan pressures financial institutions

        “Gun retailers say the Obama administration is trying to put them out of business with regulations and investigations that bypass Congress and choke off their lines of credit, freeze their assets and prohibit online sales.”

        Choking off access to banks
        “After McMillan Group owner Kelly McMillan publicized Bank of America’s action on his Facebook account, he found that thousands of small gun-shop owners across the country were in the same situation.

        Banks were either dropping them, freezing their accounts or refusing to process their online sales, so he opened a credit card processing company for the gun industry called McMillan Merchant Solutions.”

        Washington Times

      55. Food Supply Seizure?

        Foundation to Work Outside Government to Establish Agriculture Policy

        The 2014 Farm Bill authorizes the establishment of a Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) which will work independently of the United States government to implement national and international regulations and guidelines to seize American food. The clutches of the Foundation will include: animal and plant agriculture, production, products, food safety, nutrition, health, renewable energy, natural resources, environment, food security, agricultural technology, and agricultural economics.

        • km….yes, this is really scary…


      56. I really don’t believe Russia has *that* much impact on our nuclear fuel sources…yet. Russia and China however are both being jabbed with pointy sticks by the U.S. and something’s gotta give pretty soon.

        China Responds To “Ridiculous” Hacking Charges, Warns “Will Harm Relations With US”, Demands US “Rectify Mistake”
        (From ZeroGedge site)

        While we wait (in vain) for the US to lob sanctions at China for doing what Russia has done and amass a military presence on its border with Vietnam, here is what China had to say about the earlier announcement by the DOJ charging China with espionage and “penetrating” US companies (if having nothing to add regarding the NSA). From the wires:

        And the enigmatic:

        Full Statement from China’s Foreign Ministry:

        May 19, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang’s Remarks on the US Justice Department announced the indictment of five Chinese military officer, expressed their conversation follows:

        May 19, the United States fabricated Facts, the so-called Network Theft grounds stands in five Chinese officers to the Move Announced a serious violation of the Basic Norms of international relations, Damage Sino-U.S. Cooperation and Mutual Trust. China has protested to the United States for the first time, urged the US side to correct the error immediately revoke the so-called prosecution.

        Chinese Government’s stance on the Network Security issue is consistent and clear. China is a staunch defenders of Network Security, the Chinese Government and Military and associated Personnel never Engaged in Theft of Trade secrets or Participate in activities through the Network. Chinese Officials accused the United States on a purely fictitious, extremely absurd.

        For a long time, the U.S. departments of foreign dignitaries, corporate, personal conduct large-scale, organized theft and network monitoring, control activities, this is obvious. China is the U.S. theft and monitor network, victims of serious monitoring. According to a lot of information publicly disclosed, the relevant U.S. agencies have been spying on the Chinese government departments, agencies, businesses, universities, individuals and network intrusion monitoring, surveillance. China thereon repeatedly made solemn representations to the U.S. side. Once again, we strongly urge the U.S. side to make a clear explanation, immediately stop such activities.

        Given the United States for cooperation to solve network security problems through dialogue lack of sincerity, China has decided to suspend the activities of Sino-US Network Working Group. China will develop according to the situation, the prosecution called on the U.S. to further reaction.

        Because if there was anything China needed in the week in which it is finalizing its “holy grail” gas deal with Russia, is more anatagonism from the Obama administration.

        And now watch as Cisco guides to a far lower sales number for Q2 on what John Chmabers can only describe as a sudden “air pocket” in Chinese demand for its routers.

        Meanwhile, several sources are hedging that the Yuan is going to assume ‘reserve’ status soon. Got preps? You’d better.

        • Expect China to indite some Americans for spying, in retaliation. Soon.

        • well maybe its not exactly as Hitler did, yet it is still race baiting , race division

          and very Racist in her actions

          and on “Thought” crimes…? dont make me laugh
          so next you will have committed a thought crime..? whats the punishment for that?

          get the hell out of my privacy, and the hell out of my private thoughts.

          This is sick

          • More like Eastern germany Before that wall came down, and when east germans folk were ruled Over and Killed etc BY the Russian Jewdeo-Bolshevik Kommie jews, similar to if not same as the russian jewish “CHKA’ of secret police which also were comprised of aprox 300 personal…ALL of that evil jew bolshevik bunch. Aka known of as “ashkanzi jews”,,,Which are the same ones Today controling Telaviv israel, NY, Chicago, DC, City of London england, and most every global govnt that today exists. Oh yeah same kommies controls 99% Banks gloabally too.

            When lib antigun types claims we have a huge “Gun problem” its Really a huge negroe problem america has since we know it is negroes commits 85% to 90% of ALL violent crime and murders nationwide.

            Therefore How much More so, being that its a Global problem today, are the worlds True main problems…Not banks per se, Not govnts pre se, NOT universities per se, but Rather the True nature of global troubles Today and for some time now is really a…Jewish problem same as violent crime is a negroe problem…Only being Global the jew problem and troubles they create are far, Far Worse yet!

        • Hi Agmand, thanks for sharing that stat.

          While that will certainly provide some additional us-based fuel, keep in mind that the US consumes something on the order of 22,000 metric tons per year (if not more).

          So, even if this extra 2705 metric tons is on top of the existing US-mined uranium, it amounts to a little over 10%.

      57. These energy considerations are second to the actual collapse of Amerika. IF the Russians stopped the candy run, them some point in the future, there might be issues. But the fact is, Amerika is desperate to start WW3. Putin and the Chinese are keeping their distance. The world is dealing with a mad man spinning around in a bar blind drunk looking for a fight and everyone is backing off, because they know, if they wait is out, the drunk is going to go bust and collapse on the floor. Watch Dr Paul Craig Roberts latest video called “Fed laundering treasury bonds in Belgium”…the implications are very scary.

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