Strategic Relocation Briefing: Western Canada: Relocating Outside The Country… Some Interesting Possibilities

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    The following article has been contributed by Joel Skousen and the Strategic Relocation website. For assistance finding the perfect retreat property, whether staying inside of the U.S. or looking internationally, contact Survival Retreat Consulting with any questions you may have.

    You can read previous Strategic Relocation Briefings from Joel Skousen and the SRC team here.

    Okanagan-Valley(Pictured: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada)

    Weekly Strategic Relocation Briefing: Canada’s Okanagan Valley, BC
    By Joel Skousen
    Author, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home

    For those looking to relocate outside the country, Canada offers some interesting possibilities compared to other expat communities in Latin America and Europe.  First and foremost, you don’t feel like a foreigner in Canada.  You can blend in fairly easily with our neighbors to the north and can easily pick up the slight Canadian accent—most notable by the more complete pronunciation of the vowels in words like “about,” (pronounced: a-bow-oot, rather than a-bowt, as Americans say it).

    Second, a move to British Columbia (BC) isn’t as irreversible as moving down to Central or South America or Europe, if things don’t turn out like the expat websites say in a real crunch. Going to or from most foreign destinations limits what you can take with you due to reliance on air travel. Returning from Canada by car is far easier due to the common northern border and moving funds back and forth is also facilitated with the seamless relationship between US and Canadian banks.

    But on the down side, don’t expect to find the cheap expat lifestyle in Canada.  Taxes are generally higher as well as prices for most things, which Canada has to import from the states.  And our northern neighbor never went through the Real Estate downturn of 2007 and 2008.  Real Estate prices in Canada are therefore relatively high for Americans, especially in areas highly sought after for tourism or immigration—like Vancouver BC, for example, and to a lesser extent the Okanagan Valley.

    And of course, any mention of Canada as a retreat or relocation destination is not complete without the warning about their anti-gun policies. Going across the border into Canada, border agents ask very intrusive questions to make sure Americans aren’t bringing any weapons into the country.  The Canadian government (very much minions to the globalist conspiracy that plagues America), seems to have an irrational fetish about the “evils of firearms” and has taken advantage of not having a constitutional “right to bear arms” in order to nearly ban the possession of handguns.  And despite Canada’s passion for hunting, even rifles (which are allowed grudgingly) are now required to be registered.  And, as Canadian gun-owners warned us, “registration does lead to confiscation,” which is happening in Canada, based on technical violations of the ever-changing laws.

    So, while this is a significant restriction, it is no better in any other foreign relocation destination—no country allows the kind of gun freedom we have in the US.  But, for all its anti-gun fervor, many courageous Canadians defy the bans and have unregistered guns anyway, and keep them well hidden—as do some Americans who live there.  While that’s good for ultimate self-defense, you can’t very well practice shooting in Canada with a banned weapon unless you install an underground shooting range at your rural property. Don’t forget, as well, that Canada is a very big country with low population densities in all the rural areas, and a lot of wild and inaccessible places where you can simply simple evade some of the bad rules.

    So, just where is this beautiful Okanagan Valley?  It’s right above central Washington State.  Just follow Hwy 97 north across the border north of Oroville, Wa.  The Okanagan is a narrow extension of this same broad valley in central Washington State, surrounded by forested hills to the east and west.  But as it moves northward the valley becomes more narrow as the American and Canadian Rockies shift more to the west and merge with the coastal mountains. There are no more broad plains once you get into BC — just mostly north-south oriented valleys with moderate elevation hills to either side which provide excellent forested retreats.

    The dramatic snow capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, with its gorgeous vacation resorts–like Lake Louise, form the eastern border of BC with neighboring Alberta.  Although it’s nice to have close access to these stunning mountain areas, the Rockies are fairly inhospitable for full time living, and that’s where the Okanagan Valley shines.

    It’s low enough in elevation to grow the full range of crops, and yet is bordered by forested hills.  It is considered a “Banana Belt” of relatively warm climate this far north.  Orchard and vineyards abound in the valley owing to this milder climate, which is drier than the Pacific Northwest, but nowhere near as cold as Alberta. The coldest mass of Canadian winter air tends to stay east of the Rockies as it descends into the American plains states.

    The Okanagan has features resembling both the US Intermountain West, and Eastern Washington State.  It’s not as high in altitude as the Utah and So. Idaho areas, but it shares the lower rainfall, and sunnier weather, but only in the summer. It’s like a cross section of the expanse from Washington State to the Front Range of Colorado all compressed into a much smaller area–with none of the high winds in between.

    The entire area is free from nuclear targets, although it is possible to receive fallout from the Seattle area under certain wind conditions. The Okanagon valley is a prime area for both farm residences and forested mountain retreats. It also has a couple of long, manmade lakes in the valley which makes it a sports and boating paradise.

    The 3 major towns in the Okanagan are, beginning from the southern US border area, Osoyos, Penticton (at the south end of Okanagan lake) and Kelowna, also on the Lake farther north. For those who want to take advantage of frequent border crossings back and forth from the US to Canada, pick Osoyos or Penticton—considerably larger than Osoyos. And, there is also Okanagan Falls at the southern point of Skaha Lake just to the north of Osoyos.

    Kelowna is the third largest metropolitan area in the BC province and has a population of about 200,000.  So, it’s good sized but not huge. Nearby communities are West Kelowna (also known as Westbank, on the other side of the lake, and Vernon to the north, as well as Peachland to the southwest.

    Sadly, Kelowna is the fourth least affordable housing market in Canada, and Penticton to the south isn’t much better. It has often been compared to the lifestyle and cost of the pricey Napa Valley, California. That said, prices are more reasonable in the farm areas, which are not sought after by tourists. Crime in the area is low except during summer Regatta festivities, when drunken revelers and some gangs have been known to come to town.

    The climate of the Okanagan Valley has dry, sunny summers, but cold and cloudy winters similar to Eastern Washington—four distinct seasons. Kelowna has the only international airport in the area. Also, like eastern Washington the area gets about 15 inches of rain a year, so it depends on irrigation from waters stored in mountain reservoirs to grow crops—very reliable and cost effective.

    Although the valley averages 300 hours of sunshine yearly, the winter months are mostly overcast.  So, this means is that solar electric power is only marginally cost effective, but solar water heating is very doable if you dovetail this installation with a wood stove and water heating coil for winter use.  The entire valley is a low wind area—making it comfortable for outdoor living, but not suitable for wind power.

    With its scenic lake and mountain views Kelowna has become one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada, which is a negative for relocation.  But the growth is only temporary and will not be sustainable as things worsen and fair-weather tourists and the wealthy leave. Only its farming base will remain.

    At Osoyos, another highway (3) takes off to the West and enters the Similkameen River valley which is similar to the Okanagan in climate and geography but smaller. The main town is at the north end of the valley, called Keremeos—whose main industries are horticulture, agriculture, ranching, and wine making.  It is also noted for its many fruit stands which pop up everywhere as orchardists try and sell their wide variety of fruits during the summer.

    In summary, while Canada isn’t for everyone, it is one of the most versatile and safest of the foreign options.  But, as always, I never recommend clients burn all their bridges back to the states.  It is wise to always have an option or out should your primary destination become untenable. It fact, it’s wiser for foreign relocators to make their foreign destination the retreat and not the primary security strategy since the supplies and systems that make a secure home and property are more available in the US than any other place in the world.  Be sure and check for specific real estate listings of survival-potential property in this and other similar areas.

    Survival Retreat Consulting: (For Informational Purposes only) In an extreme emergency, the northern borders are very porous, and can be crossed in many areas, especially the mountainous terrain of N/E Washington, Northern Idaho and N/W Montana with ease. If you need to return to the States if the borders are closed to vehicle traffic during a socio-economic collapse, this should not be a problem. The Border Patrol has a hard time right now tackling issues on the Canadian border due to lack of manpower and resources, as well as the extended response time to remote areas when the sensors alert to a crossing deep in the woods, so they watch the feeder roads and USFS trails carefully. If there were a major deadly pandemic in Canada, expect border security to be very tight, even in remote areas, more than likely manned with military troops to stop border crossings, for obvious reasons. On the flip side Canada may shut their borders down as we are enveloped by a major collapse from any number of trigger events. If you build a retreat in Canada it’s best to keep a close eye out and pay attention to the signs of a collapse, so you can make your evacuation successful.

    This article has been generously contributed by Joel Skousen and

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      1. “Have gun will travel reads the card of a man” No gun no travel, I’d rather fight and live or die where I stand at this point.

        • Your timing couldn’t have been better on this one!

          I am in the Pacific Northwest and have been looking at Canada as a possible “OUT” in case this country goes full scale Bolshevik style revolution.

          Y99 I’ll stand and fight like the next guy if my life, family and property are threatened. At the same time, though, I have to think about my wife and kids. If the shit hits the fan, I am headed deep into the wilderness if I can find a decent property and a cabin.

          A tactical retreat remains a part of my emergency plans.

          • Anon

            I’m in the NW also, and your paternal instinct is warranted at this point in history. But depending on what comes our way at this point in time I’d rather fight then run until it’s time to regroup, the sad fact is people sometimes grow up in hard times instinct aside.

            • Dannion Brinkley predicts US military against retired US military civil …


              3 min – Jan 25, 2012 – Uploaded by Tony Sokolski

              I know the vets are pissed because thay went to make this country a better place for themselves …

              Search for videos of dannion brinkley–2014

              • Even if I had a million dollars, I’m not leaving where God bore me.

                STAND FAST AMERICA!

                • Iowa, I agree 100%. I will never go to a another country! This is my country and it saddens me to see what is happening to it.
                  I am also in Iowa and we have best farmland in the world to grow food on. That is my plan and think that is the best way to go. I am far from large cities and have lots of wood to cut for heat so I will just sit tight and pray that this whole SHTF won’t be too bad. God bless, James
                  PS I have two wells also.

              • Not to slam Canada, but it is far more Socialist than America. So If America goes down, why would we even consider going there. If we fail you can bet Canada is going down too. Trekker Out.

                • To Whom does the Land of Israel Belong?? An Israel Sense of Humor at Untied Nations set the record straight. An ingenious example of speech and politics occured recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile. A representative from Israel began: ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, “What a good opportunity to have a bath!” Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. when he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them! The Palestinian representative at the UN jumped up furiously and shouted,” What are you Talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then.” The Israeli representative smiled and said, “And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speach” Trekker Out. I Agree!

                  • MT – And if you believe that crock of shit,I gots a house of bagels to sell ya. Most all Jews today originate from the land now called Georgia. West Russia. Not even close to any land called Palestine.

                  • British Columbia is a beautiful place. Unfortunately you must pledge allegiance to the CROWN. 🙁

            • Their gun laws alone makes Canada unthinkable……shtf, then that’s a different story.

              • I hope this Skousen fella isn’t making money for his advice…..every article he puts out he gets wackier and wackier.

              • The photo in this article reflects the short summer green month. How about the other 9 months of snow covered landscape where people are huddled around the woodstove surviving to keep warm. You spend half your life battling the cold weather. I have better things to do with my time.

              • That’s my comment, wonder why it shows as anonymous?

              • Where Would Europe be now if all their nation patriots were to have fled in the wake of the Nazi occupations. If not for the brave resistance groups the world might now be speaking German and eating verersnitzle (Spelling ? )
                — Miss Dee Dee

              • PS, I also think that just before when the SHTF all of a sudden our nations border security will in a blink of your eye become a priority.
                — Miss Dee Dee

            • Y’all can freeze your tartookuses off if you desire, but I’m livin’ and dyin’ right cheer in good ole Dixie’s Land.

              • It would be very difficult to move to a country in which they hate guns and even more hate innocent people defending themselves with such non lethal weapons like pepper spray, stun guns, etc. Let’s face it, governments that empower the criminal or let the vicous dog hvae their way with someone has A LOT of other issues about FREEDOM.

                Every country usually has some perks about it. It is up to the individual to see what is worth it and what is not. In this world though, an unarmed person is vulnerable, PERIOD. This is something everyone should think about IF they are considering a country whom makes a person jump through hoops to have a single shot shotgun.

                • No Glock 19 or AK-74 (prohibited)
                  Hu-u-uge TAXes.
                  And Canada is a UK/US puppet.

                  Canada is no-no.

                  • It goes without sayin’, “you can run but you’ll only die tired.”

                  • And if you check individual laws in each territory you will find even more dumb laws
                    such as one eastern Canadian territory that allows hunting style guns BUT NO hand guns
                    so unless you plan on being The rifleman and reloading your lever action while on horse back no way will you have a AR
                    Canada became The pussy country the same time British Males gave up there rights to be real men

                    AND there busy now Kissing the Muslims ass and kowtowing like mad

                  • And those tribunals. They can have you arrested for “hate speech”! Watch out if you offend the LGBT/AC/DC crowd. Never criticize the government. And God forbid you should say anything that offends the delicate sensibilities of a Muslim!!

                    The Canucks will know if you are fleeing the socialist tyranny in the states, and they will lavish contempt upon anyone with a libertarian slant. Add in the unemployment rates, the number of clowns on public assistance, and the potheads, and you have a true socialist utopia.

                  • Vincent
                    re comment ID number 3211503
                    also toss in a healthy contempt for any one that longs for the good old days and a time when Canada was a much more free place and you will have nothing but hate
                    they are so far removed from the good old days of Sgt york RCMP and the idea that you could load up a canoe and go and live in the bush for 4 months AND survive nicely.
                    in the last 80 or so years they have turned into Much worse liberals then ever believed and they take most of there cues from Britain and there backwards life style

                    but Tell them your white a dope head Draft dodger type and NEED free money etc and they will fall all over you
                    i have a family member that lives above new york in Canada and she would give any thing to live in the usa

                    she has told me the US gang banger fashion style has hit even the smallest of Canadian towns Pants hanging down loose shirts hats on backwards and so on
                    Rap music can be heard from cars and apt windows and no one Dares say a word as the Young kids are tough and prone to violence

                    but as she said age 68 is a poor time in life to start over

                    her father left her his lever action rifle and she is scared to death to even take it out of hiding because she COULD get it taken away by the govt.

                    and has told me some true horror stories about Govt abuse

                    You cant do what you want with your land your house your What ever because of the 100 plus Stupid laws or how some one some place MIGHT be offended by what you do or say. her and her husband have a lake front place and Cant even rebuild there boat dock due to stupid laws and how some one COULD get hurt by a Stray nail etc

                    she has told me that the RAG HEADS have all but taken over her village and will protest at the drop of a hat ( or head rag )
                    They demand FREE food FREE money FREE health care FREE education etc and do NOTHING to deserve it but have the take take take attitude
                    and the Idiots in Govt Bend over and Take it up the Can for all these so called wonderful people.
                    CANADA has become A MAJOR Hell hole in some places because of the Rag Heads and there demands for Sharia law and Honor Killings

                    AVOID CANADA like its got Ebola!!! because it will soon

                    Skittle Shittin Unicorn

              • Southron, I’m with you all the way. I will also fight and die in Dixie. It’s my home. It’s where I belong. I won’t give up on Dixie. Dixie is worth fighting and dying for.

                • Yeah, RB, I knew you felt the same, brother.

              • Amen southron ,il make my stand to live and die in dixie

                • Bless you, my friend.

              • southron

                Me too brother


                • Good to know, snake.

                  Deo Vindice!

              • Too far to walk from Alabama. Besides, a gun-free zone is a target rich environment.

                • “audemus jura nostra defendere” Chuck

                  • And so it shall be !!!

                • What I always say here in MD.

          • I already have an account with Royal Bank of Canada. Looking for land now as a bail out option. Great article.

            • man inside.. You are full of troll shit.

              • Actually Tacoma it was pretty easy I just drove across the border like I do about every other month walked with cash… Canadian of course and opened an an account. This was five years ago and now I direct deposit a small portion of my paycheck each month. Pretty easy to do. it makes a nice little insurance policy…….

            • Man on the inside is a coward. Bail out option? Sheesh and stupid enought to admit it. Go bow down to the Queen now you piss ant.

            • Some One World Govt supporters have retreats in Canada. This came out after the 2 Generals and 1 Admiral stopped the 3 short range EMP nukes that the President ordered sent to Nebraska this past fall. They were all 3 suddenly discharged on charges of misconduct (for other reasons) and they disappeared with their families.
              Interestingly, the short range EMP nukes were set to launch from Nebraska at the peak of the solar pole shift which produces large solar flares with it’s own EMPs. This pole shift had all the markings of a big one. It happens every 11 years like clockwork but some are more powerful than others.
              After looking like it would be sending massive EMPs in all directions it just fizzled. The poles shifted but no EMPs from the sun. Many say that was Gods hand because it has never happened like that before. So God stopped the solar EMPs and 3 military heroes stopped Obama and his handlers. We have been in good hands so far. Remember to say thankyou.

              • Google Karen Hudes, who was Senior Counsel for the World Bank legal department. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, but in one of her videos she discussed – and confirms – exactly what you are talking about above. If this is true, there is incredible evil afoot. And the people doing this would be equal to, or worse, than the worst of the Nazis (after all, Nazism came out of the rubble of Weimar inflation – these people don’t even have THAT excuse). Sadly, whether people believe it or not, there is, in fact, a literal hell, and many of these people are literally going there.

          • As noted below, my suggestion would be to look at Nelson, BC. The further east you go, the colder it gets. Some other towns along the US border (see Highway 3) that might be worthwhile checking out are from Grand Forks, just east of Osooyos on #3, through Rossland, Castlegar and over to Creston. Cranbrook, Kimberley, etc. can get *cold*, if that bothers you. Basically, the further you get from the Pacific, the colder it gets as the air goes over successive mountain ranges. There are also some nice little out of the way places, such as Nakusp (due east of Kelowna) that might work. Possibly take a vacation and see what strikes your fancy, if you live in the Northwest.

            • Not to mention the fact that you will need a good strong back or plenty of PMs/barter items, cause, when you aren’t working up firewood you are most likely gonna be shoveling snow, or paying someone else to do it.

              Got a willing neighbor or a couple teenagers/twenty- somethings in the group, then go for it.

              Even the warmest areas will require a good heat source for much of the year and snow levels for almost anywhere beyond southern border from BC east to Winnipeg, will be measured in feet instead of inches.

              Stock up on the protein powder and Bengay cream.

          • I’d stay out of there for the same reason I’d stay out of any other rich-folks playground. There’d be legions of unprepared drones with a deep sense of personal entitlement to your preps. Seen this Idaho already; one more reason why I won’t relocate there despite family pressure to do so.

          • I can guarantee that Canada is going to suffer the same fate as the US. The ties, militarily and economically, are too tight to be any safer than the US.

            If you think it will be less likely to see nukes, does it matter if you spend nuclear winter in the frozen north or the warmer south? We will all be dying anyway.

          • Hmmm… Seems you think Canada is a safe haven???..must have not heard of a thing called the North American Union…which involves Canada. You can run, but you can’t hide. Most…if not all of us have wives and children and care deeply about their well being…if the Patriots of the Revolutionary War would do what your’e doing., this would not be a country worth fighting for. Complacency is the greatest enemy of Freedom and Liberty…running away is on the same level. We will all face extreme heart break and severe personal lost…but don’t think that by finding a cabin when all this is going on is going to secure you from most certainly will not. Like it or not..if by some quirk of fate you survived …there still will be no place of security for you or any of us if they win.

            “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” —Capt. John Parker Lexington April 19, 1775

            I feel for you brother..all of us do…but we also have to do our part for Liberty and Freedom and it will involve sacrifice.

            Live Free or Die

            • Good point. However, the battle is now one for the soul of the whole West – UK, Canada, Sweden, etc. Canadians are in as much of a fight for freedom as Americans. And yes, there are MANY pro-gun, pro-life, pro-small business, pro-liberty Canadians engaged in the same fight as in the US. I know, as I am a dual US/Canadian, and I am fighting on both fronts on a regular basis. And you are right, there is not going to be anywhere to hide

            • Well said Talon and my thoughts exactly.

              • We will do more than overcome…WE WILL DESTROY THESE SONS OF BITCHES AND PISS ON THEIR GRAVES.
                It is getting close to watering the tree of LIBERTY!

                Live Free or Die
                The blood of Patriots and tyrants is its natural manure..

          • anonymous
            head deep into the wilderness even if you don’t have the cabin,if it hits the fan who will stop you????


        • Canada = Too Cold, Flies eat you alive, too many gun restrictions, and It is just not “Good Ol’ America.” Cause they sided with the British after the Revolutionary War. Oh and those French women still don’t shave their legs or armpits.

        • Off Topic … A public service advice for the community …

          The next chapter of “Aftermath” is up on The Prepper Project Website:

          ht tp://

          Also: I came across a Patriots/Aftermath genre novel, published by chapter, on another site last week. I found it entertaining and the plot, without revealing too much, is similar to the original “Patriots” novel. Here’s the link to the chapter index:

          ht tps://

        • Off Topic … A public service announcement:

          The next chapter of “aftermath” is up on The Prepper Project website

          ht tp://

          Also, I came across another novel in the “Aftermath/Patriots” genre last week. I found it entertaining and it contains some ideas that could be worthwhile considering if the worst happens. Here’s the link:

          ht tps://

          • Thanks. This is very interesting to read. Sure beats the daily propaganda about Kim Kardooshian, Lady Kaka and Smiley Cyrass

          • Linky no worky.

            • Take out the space between ht and tp.

              • Here’s an interesting article on the police state mind set from Brandon Smith @ Alt Market:

                ht tp://

                (remove the space between ht and tp)

        • I have been reading all your us based prepper sites for some time and often wondered what many of you would think about simply escaping to canada in a time of shtf. Yes its cold here for half the year, but our racial tensions are much less. We dont live in fear all the time, a recent survey founf that 18% of people dont even lock the front door at night.
          One big problem i see is that most of our food is commercially imported from the us, so if you guys have a revolution and start a famine or if there is a me emp event or (chose your disaster) then we will starve too. About the government, ours knows how to strongarm like the best of them, research what happened at the g20 meetings a few years ago, the rcmp kicked some major ass with the protesters.
          Guns are available, its a fallacy that nobody here can own them, there is a restricted list and there is a prohibited list, but i know guys with 1911s and glocks. those seem plenty to protect your house when most around you just have knives.

          • Well… dont’ leave your door unlocked in Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal or Calgary, or any other major city, or Paul Bernardo and Karen Homolka might pay you a visit when you are least expecting it… or maybe you’ll get a visit from that person who bumped somebody off with a knife in suburban Ottawa, on Bowhill Dr., a few years back – which just happened to be on my close friend’s front yard.

        • Not an argument against your statement, but I really wonder how many people realize WHO they are going to be fighting in a ‘breakdown’ or other SHTF situation; they’ll be fighting the cops, probably backed up by some degree of military (amerikan or otherwise). Fighting the very cops who’ve been patrolling the streets in your town, who have now been ordered to attack the very citizens they were supposed to ‘protect and serve.’

          Also, in many SHTF settings, the cops form gangs and prey on their local neightborhoods; they will be the hoodlums you’ll be fighting. (see the work of Ferfal and Selco) For the former, Just look at Ferguson, New Orleans, the flooding in the NE, etc etc ad nauseum. For the latter, look at Bosnia (read Selco on this). Amerika will be no different, probably worse.


      2. Leave the country in the time of need.
        Rather you not come back.

        • Gonna need Jimmy Carter again.

          • And if that ain’t the best reason not to do it!

          • sling.. We can do a lot better than Jimmy Carter

        • Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Even though it was 9th grade typing class patriotism propaganda. Some things You never forget. I’m staying and fighting for my country.

        • Getting off of the Titanic before it sinks is smart. Rearranging the chairs as water sloshes over the deck, is not.

          I am a 14th generation American. I have now lived in the Philippines with friends for 6 years. Have no interest nor desire to return to the US other than to visit family. When you are outside of the propaganda wall, you see more clearly. The Us is NOT a pretty sight.

          • You’re absolutely right. I’ve spent a LOT of time outside the Western world and my eyes are fully opened to what’s going on…

            Mark my words… you will discover the lack of safety where you are… In other words, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide…

            A man must decide whether to stand and fight at a place of his choosing, or run away and be left to the mercies of his enemies when they catch him. Knowing there’s no place “safe” for us, my wife and I have decided to stay and fight HERE, where we at least have access to plenty of weapons.

            You’ve made the choice to run and hide.

            Shakespeare said it best… “A coward dies a thousand times before hisdeath, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

          • Cowards need to leave. You too will be cannon fodder. My family came to this land called America in 1638 and landed in Boston Harbor. They put their sweat and blood in building this country and I refuse to be the heneration that let it all slip down the drain. In any crowd there will be patriot and there will be cowards. The patriot rise up to defend the Motherland and the cowards run away an hide like sissys. There is no gray area here. Now prepare your rifles and train to muster within 1 minute. The Tyrants are stealing your freedoms and dreams. And it is your patriotic duty as a citizen to stay involved and stop them at every opportunity.

            • Who the hell would thumb down this post..nothing but a coward would. We will win! If you try to make yourself a hero when you were hiding…we will know and will escort you to the wall to be shot…no blind fold…

              • Aw talon:

                WWTI has a red thumb brigade that follows him everywhere. Dont matter if he would say “have a good day” his following would red thumb it. Want to know why?

                Read his position on who the PTB are that is tearing our world apart and you will then know who the red thumb bums are.

                How many years ago would a subject like “looking for a retreat or bug out location” have been treated as some kind of sick joke? Why do we fear the ‘climate’ of our hijacked government so much that we would even consider moving out of this Republic?

                Actually, if you take a good look around the world, there is no where to run and no where to hide. ” Better stand for something, or you will fall for anything”.

                Thanks, WWTI, for telling it like it is. You are one of my heroes, even if we disagree on the “BOOK”.

                • Thanks PO Granny. I appreciate your comments. The Red thumbs are from the Joos that want to tear America down like Parasites. They want to see Americans fighting each other. That’s why the MSM is Racist, that is why Police Depts are Militarized and getting all this Hardware from DHS and the Military. They Profit bigtime with chaos. Its the same reason they keep America now in Perpetual War. Until we can rid the shore our these parasites they will continue to eat away at our society. Running away, in fear is what they want. Most Joos are Cowards, and rarely put any boots on the ground in any conflict. they use tools to destroy the gullible. Wake up America, The enemy is already on our shores. We know who you are and where you are. I got my “To Do” list and just waiting for SHTF. Let er’ Rip!!!

              • talon …I think that there are a couple of commenters here that thumb down based not on the content of the post, but on the poster’s handle.

                • What, Navy Vet, WWTI’s ‘handle’ does not set well with you? (Sarc)

                  (Sacr Off)

                  Suppose I change my screen name to say something that most seem to enjoy, like “Bacon, Meat Candy”. Think that would get rid of the red thumbers? Hardly, it is the “content” of WWTI’s posts and mine that bring them out in force.

                  Try posting anything pointing out that Israel is on the wrong side of history; you will have a red thumb following in short order.

                  • Lets Test your theory Granny: JOOS SUCK BIG TIME!!! Lets call them out and see.

                  • Granny … How is my supposition that some commenters, no matter what the content of the post is, red thumb based on the poster’s handle, gets to “WWTI’s handle doesn’t set well with you?”

                    I neither stated nor inferred that I had any problem with WWTI’s nor your handle.

                    What I was trying to point out, based on having read hundreds of thousands of comments here and on other sites, that comment readers, after becoming familiar with a commenters general philosophy, which they disagree with, will red thumb the handle, no matter the quality content of the post.

                    A commenter could say, for example, that the sky is blue and someone reading it posted under certain handles would read thumb it just because of the dislike for the commenters philosophy expressed in prior posts identified by the handle.

                    People are people. They all come with baggage based on their life experiences. Some will not allow their minds to be opened or opinions changed by reading the opinions and ideas expressed by others. Sort of like if I said “I don’t like you because you’re a woman” a completely nonsensical statement, as are some readers nonsensical when red thumbing a post.

                    WWTI … I don’t think anyone’s going to take the bait.

            • Thumbs down are from the leftist shills trolling for George Soreazz’s leftist These are the ones posting from mommy’s basement where they live at age 35 after getting a degree in sociology or Belgian Lesbian Musicology of the 16th C., and incurring part of that $1 TRILLION in debt students now have, to get filled full of leftist propaganda from socialist profs who retire on YOUR tax dollars at age 52… after years full of 20 contact hours per week, nice cushy sabbaticals, etc.

            • Once we clean the USA up, back to what the founding fathers desired, ex-pats will NOT be welcome.

              You made your choice and bailed.

              Stay the fuck out.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight” nomi. III%

          • Good to hear from you, Makati, from a Keystone Stater…

            The Far East may not fare too well, either.

            I try to see through the Anglo-Zionist propaganda.

            You could do worse than the Appalachians. Population per sq. mile is less than “over there” and with the coming changes, you will be hammered over and over with cyclones and wet bubble temps too high for non AC living.

        • sling, I totally agree when tshtf you wouldn’t be able pay me to leave. I say if people are going to run when the going gets tough then don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out,just do us all a favor and don’t come back. ever

      3. Exactly. If one cannot take their arsenal with them, what good is that bug out location?
        Stop running- start standing.

        “Stand Or Fall”

        Crying parents tell their children
        If you survive, don’t do as we did
        A son exclaims there’ll be nothing to do to
        Her daughter says she’ll be dead with you

        While foreign affairs are screwing us rotten
        Line morale has hit rock bottom
        Dying embers stand forgotten
        Talks of peace were being trodden

        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight
        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight

        Is this the value of our existence
        Should we proclaim with such persistence
        Our destiny relies on conscience
        Red or blue, what’s the difference

        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight
        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight

        It’s the euro theatre
        It’s the euro theatre
        It’s the euro theatre

        An empty face reflects extinction
        Ugly scars divide the nation
        Desecrate the population
        There will be no exaltation

        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight
        Stand or fall
        State your peace tonight

        It’s the euro theatre
        It’s the euro theatre
        It’s the euro theatre

        Stand or fall
        Stand or fall
        Stand or fall
        Stand or fall
        Stand or fall
        Stand or fall

        • The Fixx, thanks for the memories ! 🙂

      4. I’ve said here before and I’ll say it again, anyone who leaves the U.S. now is a COWARD!

        • We spent the last ten years back and forth on whether to stay or go. I just don’t see where I can go where things are better at this point. And I love my country. My ancestors came here and put roots down and fought for it, and so will I. There’s no where else I want to go, then be cradled in the rocky mountains. I rather die on my homeland, then die in a foreign land some other day.

          • lms…standing fast deep in the Rockies.

            my buddy says it best…it was his teams mantra as a 19 year old UDT/SEAL in the Nam.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • And what is the point? The Canadian people are really wonderful and Canada is beautiful but they are under the same One World mess as we and all nations are. And they do not have the Constitution or a nation set up dedicated to God.

          Where does it say we will never have to do a little work to maintain freedom? And if you won’t help out your neighbor or nation then you are not an American, go ahead and go.

          If you look at the big picture this is not about nations now. It is about good vs evil and evil is trying to enslave all nations and peoples. Your best bet will always be here but if you can’t see why this is true I don’t think I will be able to explain it to you.

          • Cara:

            Love your post. Yes, Merry Old England and the City of London own Canada. So what makes anyone think the One World Order chaps are going to let Canada be a refuge for anyone that disagrees with their plot to rule the world?

            And I agree, if people haven’t got the bigger picture by now, is there any hope?

        • And anybody or Corporation that transfers their Money or Head Quarters out of the U.S. to avoid paying Taxes are Traitors. Anybody who transfers Jobs out of the US are Traitors and needs to be boycotted. Its time to require Visa’s from all Jews; No more of this open border passports BS from Traitors hellbent on destroying our country. Our country is plumb full of Shills in every segment of our communities. NEVER ELECT A JOO AGAIN. KICK THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

      5. Our gun laws have relaxed in the last couple years here in Canada. Yes, handguns are restricted, but long guns are no longer registered. Once you have a possession/acquisition license, you can purchase anything that’s not fully automatic and over 26 inches long. We can even buy .50 cals, the IWI Tavor, and SKSs here. We’re a bit unnerved by what we see going on around the world as well. I like this site. Cheers from Canada.

        • And although it may be cold in the winter months it is survivable. As a guy who wants to protect my family under any threat. I can purchase damn near any firearm here that you can in the states. And yes land may be expensive in b.c. But if you go east to alberta you have still high land prices and such but thee jobs are much better paying and plentiful. And if you go east yet again to saskatchewan land is fairly reasonably priced so far and lots of fresh water, good growing conditions. Furthermore I been watching this site for quite some time and find there are a few on here I can relate to with today’s worldly issues. I second that cheers from Canada

        • Steves comments remind me of this lady’s comment when I was young and were were working in a factory. I mentioned that I was looking for a better job with benefits. And she said well we have benefits here. And ivasked like what benefits? And she replied well at Thanksgiving they give us a free Turkey and at Christmas they give us a free Ham. I laughed. That is a true story. So when Steve says we can get guns but the have to be longer than 26 inches. LoL. Steve you all let your freedoms slip away years ago. Once they disappear its a hundrend times harder of ever getting them back. Not picking on you Steve. Just reflecting of your mindset.

          • I never said I loved our system. Nor did I say your country should have our system. I’m just correcting the article which states that we still have the long gun registry. You’re right in that it’s much harder to regain freedoms than lose them. Sadly these losses in freedom were due to a few idiots who went on a shooting spree here and the automatic knee jerk reaction of instituting stricter gun laws. I’m sure you guys can relate. We have the same problem of the high population cities voting in opposition to anyone in more rural areas.

            • I hear ya Steve.

        • steve
          no offence but screw your license I think some of us have all that now with no lic.


      6. Maybe enough Americans can organize and take over and free our Canadian brothers.

        Our rallying cry will be “Two guns for every safe!”

      7. Can anyone recommend a better waterproofing spray for clothing than Penguin brand? It doesn’t seem to work.

        • Acid…you always go off topic. Attention deficit disorder? why do you bother?

          • Jim sometime Acid tries to play well with others, but we won’t let him cause we know it won’t last. Trekker Out.

      8. really? do you really think foreigners are going to be welcomed “any where” by the locals with “welcome wagon” open arms during a real crisis.

        if you do, you are already dead.


        • Having moved from one side of the UK in the last year to the other I’d agree with ruleofthumb. We are now outsiders and my preps take that fact into account. When shtf neighbourhoods are going to become insular islands.

          For us, getting out of Londistan was a priority but for many their current location may be the safest place of all due to the human factor. Unless you are in a big city, then my gut feeling is that if you have decent neighbours you are probably best off staying right where you are.

          I’m all too aware that I haven’t yet identified all the scumbags in my new vicinity and that the few tentative friendships I have made with seemingly trustworthy souls are untried and untested in the arena of every day knocks like bereavement or jobless, much less shtf. It’s a huge risk.

          It’s so easy to acquire lots of acquaintances in a new place, but the sorts of friends who’ll have your back at 2am in the morning? fugget it! Key reason we keep our heads down and our gobs shut.

          When shtf anyone who isn’t blood related or pre-assessed over a minimum 5-10 year period is gonna be treated with mistrust.

          With Canada specifically I understand their healthcare system is better than the that of the US? For those with chronic conditions it might be worth considering on those grounds. For some individuals the cost benefit might fall in favour of the Canadian system over the US tax/health care regime. I also understand the economy is more stable and that homeschooling is easier than in some US states in terms of regulations. Some job categories have far more vacancies than in the US or Europe. It’s a personal choice that might work out better for the odd individual currently living in a US big city with a sick child who is at risk of job loss but not a perfect solution for everyone.

          • The healthcare system is definitely NOT better. E.g., ONE YEAR wait for MRIs in Ottawa. Or BC Med was just outed by the Vancouver paper a few years ago as cutting of ~7,000 chronically ill people – i.e., just leave them to die. Please do NOT fall for that idiocy of “free” Canadian healthcare. Moreover, private clinics are opening up at a rate of over 1 per month all over the country. That in itself should speak volumes.

            • Test – sounds like the UK NHS which is fantastic for some specific conditions and in some post codes but a bit of a lottery overall. Having a disabled child and sibling has meant over the years our family has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly with UK healthcare. Our dental and child mental health services are a joke yet if you are in a road traffic accident the NHS truly proves it’s worth. I have a cousin who was given open heart surgery in the street after being stabbed and has since gone onto to raise five kids and pay 40% income taxes.

              • Thank you for bringing this up, and good point. The question is, however, is whether the same assistance you noted above could be done in a non-socialized system, ***for a lower*** price. It appears to me you are making a category mistake (I say this kindly, BTW). No one is saying people die on the street in the UK or Canada; however, overall, care is worse and less efficient. Similarly, in the US, we need to get rid of third party payors, as this also drives price up. I have lived half my life under both systems, Canadian and American, so I have a lot of thoughts on this. Been in a ER room lately in Canada? Bring War and Peace by Tolstoy, and plan on reading it ten times while there! Canada is also opening *private* clinics quite rapidly, and many in my family are now using them. There is a reason for this!! So, yes, the UK system is not, as you note, a 100% failure. It is however, LESS efficient overall, which leads to worse outcomes overall. There are always exceptions, such as the guy who drinks and smokes and lives to 100, but let’s look at overall outcomes.

                Thanks for your post. Iron sharpens iron, so I appreciate your critique above!

      9. I have a vest but no helmet. I’m saving for a helmet.

        How can I make improvised body armor?

        • Wear a couple of man hole covers (sewer lids) one front, one back. You’ll be invincible.

          • Now THAT IS HILARIOUS!!

          • orn, I know how Acid hates us old guy’s, but I would like to give him a little advice. If he uses manhole covers as you recommend, he may not want to use the old style that had all those holes in them. But then again that might have been what you were hopeing. Trekkker Out. Good Luck AE!

        • Skip the helmet, when the coal buckets came out we tested one with 7.62 ball at 300 meters, not so good.
          In one side, splat the other. They are really just fancy heavy bump caps that protect from shrapnel. (long range at that)
          An old steel pi$$ pot will be much cheaper if it makes you feel better, or a steel formed hardhat.
          An idea I had for the body armour was using chainsaw chaps, they are kevlar and you can firm them up with epoxy.
          You will need many utility knives to slowly cut them to size.

          • sctv
            we didnt use body armour in nam hard to move with all that shit on……….I think we may have some line fighting but think most will be hit and run at its finest
            think “swamp fox”


        • Im kinda partial to the Iron Man type suit, but a bit outa reach!

        • Acid;with your brain a helmet would be useless.

        • Acid Etch –
          If you are in dire straits for a helmet, just pull your nut-sack up and over your head!

      10. More Scaremongery:

        Inhofe Warns ISIS “Developing A Method To Blow Up A Major US City”

        ummm can i volunteer San Francisco , Seattle and Wash D.C. as potential targets for the next Zog Amerika CIA’s AL-CIA-DUH ISIS fake terrorist ZOG FALSE FLAG?!

        … link

        • @RuleofThumb- Everybody better check your Home Owners Insurance policies. As many insurance companies do NOT Cover property damage from “Acts of War.” So if a terrorist attack happens you may not be covered. Businesses, also check your Riot and Looting coverage on your policies. There are many exclusions of coverage in insurance policies. But if one of those rioters or looters get hurts on your property, count on them suing you.

          • He and his lawyer will be tits up catchin’ rain in their still open eyes.

          • who

            do you think I`m going to be worried about insurance if shtf,,,,,,,,my my policy is 5.56,,,,,.45,,.50 12 gauge
            anf the balls to use them


          • Who,a rioter or looter on my property will not be suing me,one of their family members,perhaps.That will be least of worries though things get that buggy.

        • Do you really think they wouldn’t blow up an American city if they got the means? This is a pre-medieval religion which from the very beginning taught its’ adherents to thrive on war, murder, rape, plunder, slavery, and brutal domination of non-Muslim populations. The sorry fact is that they now have access to 21st century armaments, courtesy of some corrupt and/or monumentally stupid Westerners (Hillary, are you listening?), with which to enhance their 1500 year jihad against civilization. To paraphrase Lenin – we have sold them the rope with which to hang us.

          If there is anything more rapacious that our own IRS, this is it.

          Keep prepping, people, and stay out of cities.

          • Islam, the religion of pieces. Human pieces, sadly.

          • OC … One of the things that I find truly appalling and shows yet another example of the pure stupidity of our federal .gov with these ISIS/ISIL terrorists is that no one supposedly foresaw that they would turn their attention elsewhere when they couldn’t seal the deal in Syria. 1600 years of history with Islamic conquer and subjugation just doesn’t impress anyone in our government these days.

            The other thing that flabbergasts me is that we armed and trained them when they were fighting the Syrian government. They were purportedly Al-Qaida then, you know, the terrorist organization that we had been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq since ’03 and suddenly we’re arming and training them?.

            Of coarse, it could all be part of the plan to fight and destroy ISIS/ISIL in Syria may just be the excuse to go into Syria and once ISIS/ISIL is defeated, .gov turns their attention to either the overthrow of Assad or his sudden conversion to US/EU alliance, thus paving the way for the nat. gas pipeline from Qatar/Saudi to the EU, cutting Russia out of the EU energy picture.

            Could our .gov really be that devious in their quest to screw Russia out of the EU energy market?

            • One theory that makes sense is that Obama & Hillary thought they could use Al Queda/ISIS to put the hurt on Iran. Same reason we supported Saddam at one point, many years ago.

              There has been a war going on between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims since the 8th century. It all goes back to which Arab tribes more closely represented the teachings of their sociopathic prophet. (Economic determinists would say that it goes back to who would be in control of the plunder.) Trying to manipulate one side against the other has only pissed them both off. It’s their damned war and outsiders can bloody well stay the hell out of it, thank you very much. Churchill understood this, but I seriously wonder if any Western leader since has.

              I think it was Pat Buchanan who pointed out that Persia is our natural ally in the Mideast. Persians are by and large more intelligent and more rational than Arabs.

              (I agree – I’ve worked with a couple of expat Persian engineers. Quite civilized, and pretty much atheists as far as religion went. It was they who explained that they do not like the name Iran. OK with me.)

              Which is not to say that there were never any Persian Shia radicals who lust for war with Sunnis, so to keep them at bay we long ago installed a Shah in Persia. Who did a pretty good job of suppressing the crazies, but that idiot Carter allowed him to be overthrown. Why he did so I will never understand. Nor did my Persian colleagues, who had had to flee their homes to save their necks.

              Because the Carter crisis so alienated the American public toward Persia, and also because of our oil connections with the Saudis, American policy since Carter has supported the stupider, more violent Sunni side of the schism, which is showing how grateful they are in so many ways……

            • navy vet


        • If they manage to nuke Washington DC, wanna bet the Halfrican Dictator will be playing golf in Palm Springs? He plans to be alive after, so as to take up his true calling (in his fevered imagination) as supreme leader of a North American Caliphate.

          • I think he is having a 9-hole built underneath the Denver Airport next to the gov. bunkers.

            “The freemasonry murals there are so inspiring”……choke..choke…yech-yech,,,choke..splat.

            • Pass,have seen those murals up close,very weird,the mustang out front and the cap stone with masonic symbols all right out in the open,very weird setup at DIA.

              • For years Denver Airport (BigTop Tent) had problems with the luggage movers. I think they were originally designed to move coffins and body bags. Sorting and dumping them down the big hole under the terminal. So if you are missing a piece of luggage, they may have went down the big hole where they keep the bodies.

            • PWTW:

              Flew into there on the way to a Vegas nascar race. Having read about that airport at “sinister places” on the internet, couldn’t wait to get out of there.

              That is not the only place that has all the “voo-doo”; however it is the one that will truly make your hair stand on end.

              Google sinister places….see whaat you think…..

              • Another Airport Terminal shithole is Atlanta, going down into the dirty train tunnels to take the train to another terminal could get scary in an EMP power outage. Spooks everywhere. lol

          • Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

            — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

            The Two Word’s: “Jew” and “Israel” are NOT interchangable, and do Not mean the same thing, that includes Biblicly also,

            Just a friendly “FYI” for those so Deluded and always in vast Denial type folks, who seem to possess an Uncanny ability to totally Ignore such easy Truths, as this statement from the jewish folks Own source of info on all issues jewish, IE: The Jewish Almanac. They outta Know the truth no…..Maybe Now several foolish ones here will know it also.

            • @Them Guys.. Here’s a true story. I mistakenly dated this particular girl one time. I asked her, I said, “So What Nationality are you?” She said “I’m Jewish.” I said, “No, I am not asking about your Religion, I am asking what Nationality are you?” She says “I’m Jewish, I don’t know.”

              You see, this is how brainwashed this tribe is. They have no idea where they come from. True Story!!

          • Just like when gwb (who was sitting with a bunch of kindergardener’s who had a much higher IQ than him) when they dumped the towers on 9-11-2001.

            The look on his face was “priceless.”

        • The war profiteers are beating their drums of war again spreading their fear. They stir the pot in the middle east then cry wolf. Go fuck yourselves. Already seen that bad movie too many times.

      11. Anyone who wants to inflict harm to homosexuals, I hope your children come out to you.

        More reviling is the fact that some of you boomer fuckers seem to carry the dark ages mentality that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice.

        May someone execute your children because of a perceived “difference”.

        • Eisenturd, go back into the closet. Homosexuality is wrong, period!

        • Eisenkrutz, Sybil, Acid: Serious question. Are people born to their sexuality, or adapted????



            • If it was genetic, it would have been bred out of the gene pool thousands of years ago.

            • You actually admit that you are preying upon children? Glad that your community is showing its true colors. Not that we have not been warning everyone of the Gay Liberation link to NAMBLA.

              Now put your towel back on and get back in the bath house with Barney…

            • And I’m born into hating queers. I just can’t help myself.

        • I think the acid you’re v dropping hasn’t just etched it, but burned away anything of value inside that empty little skull of yours.

          As a result, your douche-nozzle tendencies have become terminal.

        • Acid how is it you think up this twisted stuff? Stick to prepping questions. Focus man focus.

        • Acid…you are a mental case! The men in white are looking for you to take you back to the infirmary. time for your med laced jello.

      12. Huh,Saturday tradition starts now on Friday?Nope,drawing line in the sand,done moving because of govt. ect.As I said older family really considering out of country but just not for me,and,as have said in past they will leave me some means to dig in even a bit more.I understand if you are older and frail and can find someplace you believe will long term ride out fairly peacefully your reason to go,me,nah,keeping put!

      13. There are no safe escapes outside USA. When the world’s economy implodes and wars break out, Americans will be Public Enemy Number 1….basically, a Jew in WWII Germany….best to do is fight it out on our soil….

        • If I could, I would give you 1,000 thumbs up………for your insight on this subject.

        • Actually,you set up well ahead of total shit storm unless huge nuke war or planet killing comet do believe some areas will be not too bad,sure,perhaps a few less imports/exports but still fairly OK,and,shtf,OK will be just fine.

      14. Take off eh
        You hoser

      15. That place looks pretty enough in the picture, but for what? 3 months? 4?
        Too cold,
        Rather stay put and stand with my friends and neighbors, way better chance of ending up ok where Im at than trying to re-plant this 50 year old tree.

        • One note about temps. There is no poor weather, only poor clothing. Europeans have lived in Canada for several hundred years, and not all of those years had central heating. Yes, most of you won’t like the cold, but if all else is a match, you just ***dress*** for it. Besides, the only bitterly cold areas are Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, northern Ontario, through to Ottawa/Montreal. Vancouver rarely, if ever, gets snow, and places like Toronto (NOT suggested!) and the Maritimes are not that much different from Chicago winters (Halifax wouldn’t get super cold like Chicago,as it’s on the Gulf Stream – same with much of Newfoundland). My only point is, don’t just write a place off due to the cold, if that is the only issue. Besides, if you are cold, you can always put a jacket on; if you are boiled/steamed to death in FL., there is only so much you can take off!


            • Acid, I know your sick,twisted,perverted,asinine,disturbed, disgusting and just down right despicable, but other than that, you sure bring alot of life to the party. Trekker Out. Carry On!

          • I lived near Chicago Great Lakes brutal Tundra weather, then I found my sanity and moved to sunny Florida. Cant remember the last time I wore a jacket. Short t-shirts and flip flops are my daily uniform. Why spend your life shivering loaded down wearing thermal underware. Growing seaon here in FL =365 days a year. My pineapples are tasty this year.

            • I spent one of the coldest winters I can remember at Great Lakes Training Center in ’64-’65. Not only was the temp cold, the wind made it that much worse. Stood roving (outside) firewatch from midnight to four AM one night in late January when the air temp -10 and the wind was blowing a steady 15MPH. Asked the watch officer if they had any cold weather gear that we cold wear due to the cold. His smirking reply ” Are you men afraid of a little cold weather”, while he’s putting on his bridge coat, which came down to his ankles. Had to go inside for 15min. every hour just to keep from getting frostbite.

              • Navy Vet, I was there in 63 and after I got out of “A” school I was assigned to a Tin Can in Mayport Fl. thought it was going to be great, until I walked out on that pier in Dec. and the wind was blowing in off the ocean and that PeaCoat sure wasn’t enough,liked to froze, so all of Fl. ain’t so great in the winter. Trekker Out.

        • If you’re in the Kula I know and love, you’ll do alright.
          I know Haleakala very well. 14 years watering my ‘tree’ here!

          • Is the one and only I know of,,,
            Really is a beautiful place, so blessed, gratitude runs deep,

        • Yupper. First rule of site selection: Were people able to live there and thrive before, say, 1850 ?? And I don’t mean as aboriginal hunter-gatherers.

          • Hawaii claimed to be discovered by Capt Cook.
            He discovered people were already there. Wow was that really a discovery or just another stumble upon happenstance.

        • 50? I just turned 70 and moved to the Philippines when I was 64. I live here with friends and am enjoying it more than I ever did in the US.

          BTW: My family came to North America in 1734, so I have deep roots there, but the ‘soil’ was getting too dirty and psychopathic to remain.

          Putting down new roots here where people still know how to live, and enjoy life, without all the ‘stuff’ Americans believe they need to be happy.

          • Yes, im sure you didnt move to PI from Maui though, for me would be going backwards to go from sunny Kula Maui to the frosty great whote north or anywhere else for that matter,

        • Kelowna and the Okanogan is a great place, should have followed through on that ‘Fifty-four Forty or Fight’ thing back in 1848.

      16. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, who has lived in BC and Alberta, a couple points. a.) Osoyoos has two “o”s (I only noticed this because I have been there many times, and I am far, far worse with typos than anyone!); b.) IMHO, Canada is in a very major housing bubble (see for a great, conservative/libertarian take from a Canadian on everything Canada), unless you are in the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, etc.), so be careful. Vancouver supposedly has THE most expensive real estate market in N. America. Don’t believe me? Check out My opinion is “go east, young man” if you do look for a retreat. Prince Edward Island is VERY anti-business, and Newfoundland is very expensive to get to, with not a lot of farming or sunshine, just so you know. Interestingly, Halifax on most of those EMP effect maps is *outside* of the circles affected (yes, of course it won’t escape scot-free, but you also won’t lose your electrical equipment from the pulse if that were to occur). c.) My suggestion, if you are looking in BC, is the town of Nelson. Same moderated temps as the Okanagon, but only maby 20k people. Has a lake near it, but also historically has been kind of a centre for culture for the nearby area. They even used to have a university there – not sure if it survived tho. IMHO, the Kelowna/Penticton/Vernon/Salmon Arm strip is becoming VERY crowded, and in a severe downturn, might become a bit of an urban mob scene, tho on a lesser scale (there’s about 350,000 in the area). On the plus side, there are a lot of retirees with money there, so that could help *possibly*cushion a downturn.

        Please note that not everyone is a flaming socialist in Canada. For my part, I think the real battle, to be honest, is one for ***historic WESTERN*** freedoms, dating back to the Magna Carta, etc. Remember, US law originally hewed to work by Gladstone. So… the battle is one that the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden (I worked with a Swedish company, and there are conservatives there, too, believe it or not; recently, a real hero, pastor Ake Green, just went to prison for simply quoting a Bible verse on homosexuality), etc. are all fighting.
        Finally, you’ll be amused to same inept crony company that brought ObunglerUncare to the US is the exact same company that did the Long Gun Registry in Canada, which ****failed***.

        One other point. While it is colder, the Fraser Inst. has recently noted that Alberta was THE most economically free of any state or province in N. America. Think of it as Texas North – which makes sense, as its tar sands have as much oil as Saudi Arabia up north. On the downside, Calgary is getting a massive influx of Muslims. Alberta can also be, in addition to cold, very dry as well – though Calgary has few trees due to the dryness, while as you go north to Edmonton, you get more greenery. Housing is also sky-high there. If you do have a choice, and are going there, I would recommend Red Deer, half-way between Calgary and Edmonton.

        Hope this helps!

        • History shows Canada is the prime area of EMP Attacks. When the lights and electric goes out it for 2 years it will be a long winter thus the great culling kicks in.

        • I was going to point out the correct spelling of Osoyoos but you beat me to it. If someone can’t even check on the proper spelling of a town they recommend, how can we trust that the rest of the information has been checked?

      17. I agree with the concept of a retreat location but however the view that you can defend a retreat is not logical, This has not ever happened in the History of Mankind, As said (Movement is Life) I believe you have to be able to bug-out and be ready to bug-out at all times to avoid the roving gangs and Gangster Army.( is your families best chance…

      18. It sure has been interesting observing life.

        Things will be fine if you have some reasonable preps.

        Some go overboard.
        I have a few cases of MREs I need to toss out. Sucks.

        The next prep is your health.
        Better diet, exercise.

        ps. NEVER retire. Work keeps you strong and healthy.

        Sit and around and you die.


        ps. Is Fat Al Gore dead yet from too many steak dinners.
        My favorite boomer I’m waiting on to die off from natural causes.


      19. I believe it the concept of a retreat,However to have a fixed location is not definable or viable and has not scene the beginning of time,, This has failed each and every time with horrific out come..As said (Movement is life) That is right on..
        You and your family will have to be able to Bug-out and Bug-out again if need to avoid roving gangs and escape the chaos. is you and your families best chance to survive…

      20. I am not going anywhere unarmed, so I will be staying put.

      21. Ive got too much invested to pack up and leave. I really think it wont matter too much where your at as long as your not in the citys. Refugees will not be welcome in the country.

        • the only move I’ll make is to my cousin’s BOL in GA when the time is right.

      22. I’m Sure the US/Canada Border will soon look like the US/Mexico border if this keeps up.

      23. I see a lot of people thinking like sheep…they are going to cut and run when the wolf shows up. Don’t run, you’ll only die tired. Instead become the sheep dog and stand your ground. You cannot save all sheep, but the flock you save may be your own. That’s why you don’t stand your ground ALONE…you gather other sheep dogs, form teams, and communities and that is how you will survive.

        Mexico (and later Canada) are already being setup to become the North American Union with the U.S. as the center. You can run to Canada…but you won’t be able to hide. The evidence is blatantly clear and all around you for years now, you just didn’t take the time to notice. Ever wonder WHY all products (and many other things now)since the 1970s in the U.S. have SPANISH instructions/ingredients/labels? It’s all part of the plan and is proceeding according to plan.

      24. U.S. military denies Chelsea Manning gender reassignment treatment

        think about it… I GOT A CHUCKLE FROM THIS.

        infamous wikileaks u.s. army helicopter massacre video GAY cross dresser army whistle blower bradley manning is now locked up in fort leavenworth kansas for the next 35 years for exposing telling the reality of war.


        i’m thinking there are more important things to fight for when railroaded by the nwo zog FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH than having your lil’ banana and grapes whacked off so you can better get along with your new cellmates for the next 35 years.

        you just can’t make this sheeit up.


      25. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance’ is just as good as your knowledge.”

        ― Isaac Asimov

        • Wow. You just quoted Isaac Asimov, who just described Common Core! The man was truly a visionary, after all! 😉

          • “don’t judge a book by it’s cover alone.”

            i was reading isaac at age 11.

            use to sneak the book to bed at night so i could read them by torch under the covers.


          • I liked the way Asimov explained things in his non-fiction works. One book I especially like is his commentary on the Bible. He goes through the entire Bible from start to finish and explains everything. Even though he was Jewish, he even covered the New Testament. I also like his Black Widow Club mystery stories. I have stacks of his books that I reread sometimes.

      26. Er, I’m gonna stay right here on my little chunk of land in West Texas and blow away the tyrannical bastards who come for my family and my land. Fuck those sorry sons of whores!

      27. Any other countries besides the USA have good gun rights (right to conceal carry, etc…) and fast internet?

      28. Sorry, but if I am going to run that far north, it will be to Alaska. It’s aboot as sparsely populated as much of Canada, but lacks its socialist tendencies. Plus, Alaska has a very strong gun culture and I tend to think that law enforcement has better things to do than to hassle you so long as you don’t cause trouble. My biggest question though is, why do all the BOL’s that are considered good have to be in places that are so damned cold? Why couldn’t it be somewhere like, I dunno, Florida instead? (Yes… I know the actual answer but still…)

        So far as a Marxist revolution goes, I would hope that if it ever comes to that in the USA that the country gets split up. Part of the country could go the way of failure and part the way of relative freedom and hope for success.

        • OK news flash…cold equals sparse population!
          Its not just the cold..the 6 mos of darkness lends to it…not a lace to go if a drinker or druggy
          Now gardening another story with 6 mos of light…but again radiation a BIG PROBLEM!
          If we went to Alaska what we gonna eat…fish radiated or dead…everything else will be soon

        • Alberta is certainly not socialist. The Fraser Inst. calls it THE most pro-free enterprise state or province in all of North America.

        • There are hidden areas in the southeast. I know of one area called Beechland in Tyrrell County, NC that the government didn’t even know was habitable until loggers started working the area in the 1950s. It turns out that people, probably the Lost Colony, found the area and settled it in the late 1500s. They were there with absolutely no outside government interference, such as taxes, census, or laws. On all the old maps the entire area was labelled swamp, but the area was full of sand ridges ideal for farming.

          Archaeologists are now finding 17th century objects, remains of buildings, and at least one cemetery. Based on local stories, the people in that area would manufacture cypress shingles, load up homemade boats, and take them out of the country to trade. They did this for over 200 years until an epidemic came, probably anthrax, in the 1840s. Then the survivors left the area and joined society.

          So that area might be a possible retreat during a collapse.

          • Looked that up and read for awhile. Fascinating. Swamps have their advantages. Just ask the Arcadians in Lousiana, or the Seminole.

        • WS … “why do all the BOL’s that are considered good have to be in places that are so damned cold?”

          The warm places have large populations of sheeple and lowlifes who are unprepared.

          Perhaps one strategy would be to bug-in in a cold place and migrate to a warmer place after a year or two or three. That strategy would have to consider a viable means of transporting a goodly amount of retained resources through likely hostile territory and the probable hostility of any surviving locals once at the destination. An extreme longshot strategy, which explains preppers desire to move before things get sporty.

      29. Has everyone gone mad?!
        Our whole west coast is radiated…along with Canada and Alaska now…pacific ocean is dead.
        No place to hide!
        But I’m with the patriots…stay and fight!
        Leave us? Then don’t come back!
        It is sad some would run away but has always been the case with the weak of heart and mind!!
        That will never change..but the shtf website keeps showing them where to go…is this planned to get rid of our weak and feable non patriots!
        I do hope so!!

        • Digger;
          Please explain record salmon runs on west coast at present from “dead ocean.” Thanks

      30. Don’t expect Americans to be welcome in Canada. At least not by the Canadian government. While it’s going to be easy for Mexicans to come to America it’s going to be much harder for Americans to live in Canada. They’re preparing for the North American Union and the complete destruction of the US.

      31. Let’s add up the ISIS Propaganda we are now hearing shall we?
        Loser in Chief sacks the top Nuke Brass after irregular weapons movement earlier this year.
        Biden, Charleston, SC could get Nuked around this time frame.
        We created ISIS like we Created Al Qaeda, we trained ISIS in Jordan. Our PetroDollar Middle Eastern allies fund them.
        We opened up the Southern Border beyond any measure that can carry a fragment of responsibility and created the side show of the ‘Humanity’ migration. Then the Ebola issue which has been allowed to leave the logical containment area in Afrika. The recent revelation of some CDC lab misplacing or outright losing a very dangerous Flu strain.
        Then we have Ferguson, The text is the Police training to be hard ass Street Soldiers all text in training calls the population “Civilians” meaning anyone anywhere not “Citizens”. We see the Police develop some serious attitude problems as a result, issues such as Ferguson happens and when it does the interested parties take pleasure at exploiting the needs of the larger agenda. While the idiot “civilians” aka Citizens sling mud and hate one another preventing a unified opposition.
        The problem is the GOVT. in of itself more properly the GOVT “WE” let go of years ago. The Money from the Oligarchs is to much for us to compete with I’d say if you want to slow the govt down in dangerous times locate the nearest Execs of the following. Making plans to assist in their permanent relocation/removal of any Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, GE higher executives to name a few of the offenders and their close kin. (For their own ‘Safety’ of course;)
        But back to the ‘larger picture’ the recent headlines of ‘Panic’ about ISIS doing this or is here or will destroy a US City? I say so what, image the budget relief that will be? OK just some sick humor. The world will still rotate and the Sun will Rise from the East. The Media noise is to scare you all into another “Patriot Act” on Steroids type affair. Think ‘Herding’ livestock.
        Save us, Oh Benevolent Obese Govt! will be the cries of the entitlement crowds. The Unprepared. I’ll show you the new North American Union being unveiled and the Constitution being officially cast out permanently.
        Stop worrying about it, get right with God and toughen up. Stop whining about my wife and kids etc. They have hands and fingers and abilities to use the same as you image you have. We are all in this together understand that Superman ain’t coming to save us. But God will save you and yours with ever lasting life. We will all be going home soon. I for one am adjusting to this mind set and it is comfy less stressful. Frankly, I’ll go of my own free will not on my knees at the hands of some Globalist/Satan lackey.
        From F.R.IV
        Have a Great weekend and make it count!

        • Great post, FemaregionIV.

          • Thank you PO ed Granny.

      32. At least right now, the govt will welcome you if you bring $$$. As for being welcome, it really depends on a lot of things. Like anywhere else, some people will hate you, some will care less, probably just like moving to Maine if you are from Atlanta, or Alabama if you are from Idaho. Really, that shouldn’t stop you.

        Be interesting to see if this N.A. union comes about. At least in the old days, Harper, the Prime Minister, was part of the Reform Party, kind of a Tea Party equivalent. While there isn’t the overt Yanqui Go Home sentiment of South American countries, on the other hand most Canadians do NOT want to be part of the US. Not sure how they’d wangle that union, as that seems far-fetched right now… but probably they’d do like they do everything else, a combo of false flags, well-placed bribes, turncoats, people who just follow the flavour-du-jour, NWO types, ignorant leftists/Yes we can chanters who fall for whatever the media tells them, etc.

      33. “In an extreme emergency, the northern borders are very porous, and can be crossed in many areas, especially the mountainous terrain of N/E Washington, Northern Idaho and N/W Montana with ease.”

        Not when there’s four feet of snow on the back roads that more people use than your article gives mention to. And if one does get over the line into a semi-isolated area, good luck cutting wood for shelter and heat without making any noise, there will be people roving around looking for food.

        Aside from that, Joel seems to think people in the northern climes don’t own snowmobiles, since he doesn’t mention them as transportation, and it’s difficult to outrun one of those. Yeah, I know part of the article is a way for Joel to get people to visit his website, hence the real estate link in the next to last paragraph.

        Winston, you mentioned Alaska. Better move there by the end of September. Driving through the Fraser River valley in winter isn’t too bad, but driving in the Yukon is a different story. If you did make it through the Yukon to Tok, most likely the border crossing would be abandoned when SHTF, but where would you shelter up? People there wouldn’t be completely receptive to a stranger just showing up, especially with limited food.

        • In SHTF situations, exactly HOW are the snowmobiles run without fuel?

          • Gasoline can be treated with sta-bil to extend its shelf life, snowmobiles are mostly economical, and if one plans ahead for worst case situations they will have at least 100 gallons put aside. Granted, not everyone will choose to do this, but most people living outside the metro areas will be good at prepping.

          • That’s when they break out the snowshoes and cross country skis or dogsled.

          • convert it to woodgas.


      34. I do not think any survival plans will help us if we get into a nuclear war…can’t happen? Of the 16,400 nuclear weapons in the world, the U.S. and Russia have 15,000…people, you must read about senate bill, 2277…the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act”… who is the aggressor?…hmmm you need to know what is happening in the Ukraine.. here is a website: If I got it wrong, it is at Look at the left sidebar…read the current article by steven starr, Univ. Of Missouri…NO WINNERS on earth, from even limited nuclear war… read further down, another article, about an unbiased investigation to be held on the downing of the Malaysian hopefully avert war with Russia…get the truth about all of this…read: his latest, and many more… Why is the Ukraine so important… hmmm… has gas and shale in that southeastern portion… YOU can sign this petition…it needs Global exposure… can get this info out…please do..

        • All true but, it’s far more likely to be something like a “Long Emergency” with possibly limited nuke strikes along the coasts & Great Lakes, or a total monetary collapse, or some combination. Think about collapse of civil order, utilities, food distribution. These things are very survivable if you decide to move before it begins to happen. Don’t let the globalists deceive you.

      35. whoever wrote this article about canada is F-O-S the usa has military hardware in those areas —there is no way anyone should consider that part of canada that would be the first place they would bind—whoever wrote this must have been high on escatsy or some grand delusion—

        • A old man writes this stuff and actually be lives his own crap

      36. You cannot simply cross over the border to Canada and live there. And legal immigration is not “easy”. You should write another article explaining the options. For most people there simply is no option to move to Canada. The government makes it difficult. Unlike the U.S. they take their border more seriously.

        • If you want “legal,” bring money and you are waved across immediately. Also, buying land is a snap for Americans. I am not associated with these guys at all, but check out for rural Canadian properties.

          • You are more or less correct about the money but it is a lot of money. So much money to buy Canadian citizenship that it is out of the question for most people. It was intended to snare rich Chinese not Americans.

      37. In a major collapse there will be no distinction between Canada and the US as the northern border will cease to exist to bandits and refugees. There is no point making a stand there if not prepared to make one here.

      38. Canada is also run by Marxists and Globalists. It’s intentionally being overrun with Asians, Haitians and Somalians. There can be no White counties allowed. None.

        • Last time I was in the Rideau Centre Mall in Ottawa, I thought I was in Mogadishu, Somalia. Since leftists want to be so compassionate, I say we send them all to bunk with the Hollywierd Learjet leftists in their zillion room mansions.

      39. So my 3 uncles(2 died) who shed their blood in Vietnam fighting communist to give freedom to the Vietnamese is null and void? If the commies are fighting here in America, you run away? What a bunch of cowards! What about all the young friends and cousins that I have that served in Iraq and Afghanistan? They are supposed to just run away to Canada? After fighting on other lands to help keep them safe, never mind the results, but they didn’t run away! What a bunch of shit cowards on these posts that actually say they will run away.I love this nation and I have too much invested here to let some muslim homosexual married to a transexual destroy it! We have to stop wrong where we see it and we have to speak up! You have to look at what these articles are saying. This one is dam retarded and offensive. Cowards run away! Your losing it now because of cowardice! America is worth fighting for, don’t you think?

      40. Breaking news. A black dood who would make mike brown look small. he was arrested foe illegally selling cigaretts. it appears 4 officers subdued him. one used a choke hold. and the black dood died. now thousands are in the streets at Staten Island . Yep its beginning to unravel.

      41. The reality is,
        NOBODY knows what will happen, or when, or where!
        So moving to a new location? Maybe just move if you feel like moving and having a different experience/lifestyle,
        Does a move have to be “strategic relocation”?
        Live life,
        Otherwise some day you might look back and regret doong everything based on fear or some other possible, maybe, might, perhaps event or situation!

      42. Off topic but for those concerned about aquatic pharmacy dot net hopefully they are supposed to presume fish antibiotics selling again sometime in September according to cal vet supply. Cal vet supply buys and sells from aquatic pharmacy.

      43. Off topic but for those concerned about aquatic pharmacy dot com hopefully they are supposed to resume fish antibiotics selling again sometime in September according to cal vet supply. Cal vet supply buys and sells from aquatic pharmacy.

      44. Fellow Americans,

        Canada is a huge country with a tremendous amount of natural resources, but to give you advice;

        1) Don’t live in the major cities of Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc because these cities are socialist paradises of Marxism, political correctness, feminism and LGBTQ pride.

        2) Moving to the Maritime provinces such as Nova Scotia and PEI might be safer, or in the countryside of British Columbia where it is warmer.

        3) Canada’s real estate is not cheap. And if you do manage to purchase a plot of land in the hot markets, expect a subdivision to be constructed for those 250,000 yearly immigrants to live in, thereby increasing your property values and property taxes.

        4) The government can, without adequate appeal, confiscate your land if the province needs to construct a highway to accomodate the 250,000 yearly immigrants and increasing women in the workforce.

        5) Freedom of speech is limited in Canada, and what may be legal in America might be illegal in Canada.

        6) There is no second amendment in Canada.

        7) Women in the feminist movement have more rights than men and traditional women.

        8) Marxism.

        9) Canada’s immigration policies are a Ponzi scheme intended to artificially prop the economy, but more and more prospective immigrants are delaying their plan to move or newer laws are restricting immigration hence the decline of the economy in nearly all provinces except Alberta.

        10) Political correctness be prepared to be walking on eggshells before someone gets offended.

        • Brother Canadian. It’s more like LGBTQQIPA

          Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersexual, pansexual, asexual.

          I didn’t make this shit up for all you straights out there lmao!!!

          My wife deals with this bs here in the US…and one more thing…

          All of these freaks HATE one another.

      45. I relocated about a 100 miles west. I made a list of reasons to stay . And a list of reasons to move. The local corrupt elected officials trying to tax the county seat back into prosperity was my main reason for leaving. The city folks have big city dreams. The city folks passed a sales tax increase to fund a failing hospital. Then the city folks passed another sales tax to fund a 14 million dollar water park swim pool complex. in a county that has lost most of its factories? And the county folks didn’t get to vote on the tax increase. Now they are building about a 1000 more chicken grower houses. Im not going to live where I have to smell that horrible stink 24X7. And now they are building a chicken processing plant. That plant will pump over a million gallons of ground water from the aquifer every day. That Plant will employ a 1000 workers doing menial work at low wages. Its a given that those workers will be mostly Mexican. Each worker at the plant will bring at least 3 school age children. The local school district will have to accodomate the great influx. So to pay for new schools the Property taxes will be increased. And to boot we where in the foothills right on the delta. Every summer the mosquitos from all the farm irrigation where unbelievable. And the New Madrid would certainly devastate that place. So I sold out and moved to a poor county that loses population every year. went from a 300 ft elevation to one about 1000 ft. Im much happier here. Im distantly related to the folks here(Ihave one of the 10 most common last names in the area. However im far enough away from my immediate family. I don’t even have a mail box. I have a large post office box in the next county.

      46. If I had to pick a spot I’d go to Alaska. Good people,great hunting and fishing an an abundance of natural resources. Its a can do area and can be quite temperate along the southern coast.

      47. There is no long gun registry anymore in canada , only a hand gun registry! Canada and America now both have socialized medicine , canada has high taxes and America has high debt , canada is nobody’s lap dog ( war of 1812 , we burnt down the White House ) , and we didn’t follow blindly into the Iraq war !!!! Hunting , fishing. , outdoor life style is the best in the world , and how couldn’t it be ! 2nd biggest country on the planet , fresh water , timber , natural resources , and on 30+ million people ! It’s gods country ! So come for a visit and hunt monster moose or white tail deer , but please don’t stay ! To many people ruin a good thing .

        • Right on most points – but didn’t the Brits burn down the White House?

      48. Not willing to relocate to Canada because I am not willing to leave my guns, but Canada is a bug out possibility if things got real bad here in the US. And like the US/Mexican border the northern border is porous.

        • What do you think will happen along the border when TSHTF?

      49. The time to pick a “strategic” relocation is before it’s needed.. it takes lots of time and effort. I know, I’m already set in that department; profitable business, free and clear property and full legal status.. that takes time. Personally, I’m not so sure we have that much time left. Better to stock up big time unless you are far along with your relocation plans.

      50. minus 50 degrees here last winter
        yup -50 … you can’t imagine how cold that is
        Most americans couldn’t survive up here
        Six+ months of freezing cold, snow and howling winds
        You gotta be tough to live here in the great out-doors….I love it
        Like other posts have said you’d be a “COWARD to run away to canada”
        Don’t even try

      51. As a canadian i can confirm 100% that because of the federal governments mishandling and the outreageous cost(billions) of the canadian long rifle registry….it had been abolished.

      52. I have some bad news for Yanks thinking they can go up north and survive and work. You cant.
        We are most welcoming, but remember this isnt your country, nor is America mine. Americans are damned easy to spot out up here. But my Brother is a red blooded american so I Understand this, but you are going to face more harsh realities than fantasies if you try and cross the border when the shit hits the fan.

      53. Many good comments posted here, however, (no offense intended) not a whole lot of thought put into it. Like it or not, the United States IS our last stand. We can win. It will take courage and a sense of honor and spirituality, but we have the numbers. IMO American soldiers will quickly realize what is happening and whole divisions will break away and protect the people of which their families and friends are included. No other country will have us and those that will are worse than what we currently have. The country is very close to exploding. The signs are everywhere. The police know what’s coming. That is why they are militarizing. DSL is purchasing military equipment and billions of rounds of ammunition and FEMA are building detention camps. So people, the evidence is there for everyone to see. It’s up to you now. Do you want to try to run to another country or do you want to take a stand and try to turn back the clock? Do you think Canada or even Mexico are going to allow you to emigrate when this county declares martial law? Let’s all wake up and be realistic. Our best chance to survive the coming apocalypse is to be prepared to shelter in place for at least 6 months and remain invisible. Fight only when you have to and let’s pray that a leader arises to guide us and give us the direction that many of us are praying for. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think Jesus Christ is the most important asset we have! God bless you all and just be prepared and awake!

      54. Think it’s important to realize that without the USA, many (most) countries will be vastly different places. What may look ok today, will likely be very different after TSHTF. If things concern you enough to consider moving, the do it now, to an area where other like-minded Americans are likely to be. And be sure to leave the politics that engendered this collapse in the places that you left.

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