Stephen Hawking In His Final Publication: ‘There is No God’

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Headline News | 129 comments

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    Physicist Stephen Hawking just had his final publication revealed, and in it, he declares that “there is no God.” In what could be considered his last “profound realization” he also says that there is no afterlife.

    With the publication of his final book, Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed his answers to 10 “fundamental questions” he was constantly being asked.  According to The Daily Mail, he states there is no afterlife once we die and no God either. The questions Hawking attempts to answer in the book range from whether or not there is a God, time travel, and the existence of intelligent alien beings.

    “We are each free to believe what we want, and it’s my view that the simplest explanation is that there is no God,” Hawking said, according to The Telegraph. “No one created the universe and no one directors out fate. This leads me to a profound realization: there is probably no heaven and afterlife either. I think belief in the afterlife is just wishful thinking,” he said. “There is no reliable evidence for it, and it flies in the face of everything we know in science. I think that when we die we return to dust. But there is a sense we live on, in our influence, and in the genes we pass to our children.”

    Hawking also envisioned a world of “superhumans” in his final prediction before he died seven months ago, according to The Guardian. The world-renowned physicist suggested that genetic engineering would create a new race of humans that could destroy the rest of humanity. A collection of articles and essays left by Hawking warning about the dangers of manipulating DNA will also be published in a posthumous book. He said genetic editing could create a species that would wipe out the rest of humanity.

    Hawking, the author of A Brief History of Time, who died in March, made the predictions in a collection of articles and essays. He presented the possibility that genetic engineering could create a new species of superhuman that could destroy the rest of humanity. The essays, published in the Sunday Times, were written in preparation for a book that will be published on Tuesday.

    “I am sure that during this century, people will discover how to modify both intelligence and instincts such as aggression,” he wrote.

    “Laws will probably be passed against genetic engineering with humans. But some people won’t be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and length of life.” –The Guardian

    Hawking’s book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, will be on sale today, Tuesday, October 16. The book is bound to be controversial and polarizing since he’s taken a fairly firm stance on the existence of a supreme being.


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      1. “There is no God” wrote Stephen Hawking. And then there no longer was a Stephen Hawking.

        • How sad for him if he is right or wrong. I believe in God because I have seen the evidence of him in my study of Biology. I believe in Jesus as his Son because of his fulfillment of prophecy.

          • What a dope, You cant believe in science and religion at the same time. That’s contradictory. Low IQ Ignorant people claim its a Miracle. Higher IQ people study the cause and affect of every action and explain it, through math, science, physics, astronomy, archeology, biology, hydrology, weather, and the tides of the sea and evolution. Religion is a lazy mans excuse book for curiosity in seeking the real truth. That’s why they settle on being duped and just fine with that. Simpletons. Go watch the George Carlin’s take on Religion on Ytube. He will explain it to ya in simpleton terms.

            • Opinions vary.

            • Your comment is both ridiculous and demonstrably false. Proof: I believe in science and in “religion” (as do untold millions of others). Therefore, you can believe in both. Perhaps you would like to lay out a logical argument demonstrating how it is not possible to believe in science and religion. You reference George Carlin to defend your assertion? Are you serious? Why don’t you attempt to engage with the views of an intellectual like William Lane Craig? If you really believe the nonsense you assert, then I am afraid it is you who has been duped.

              • Well spoken, I’m in agreement with you.

            • You mean like believing in big bang theory? Something that is not proveable and is only considered “the best evidence that fits very porous data?” Or perhaps you were referring to string theory (and its component m-theory) instead? You know, the one that only MOSTLY works with quantum calculations, but use it on the macro level and it fails every time? Or perhaps you are talking about the double slit experiment, where NO ONE UNDERSTANDS what determines whether a particle exists or continues as an EM wave except for… observation… maybe? Or maybe you are referring to that absolute proof about how a collection of chemicals got together early on in the formation of the Earth and decided to self organize into life (in a universe fully under the diction of the laws of thermodynamics no less)? Or perhaps you fully understand consciousness and know, with ABSOLUTE certainty, that there is no quantum level components to the human brain (as theorized by Roger Penrose)?

              Here let me simplify it for your (obviously) small mind: TRULY intelligent people realize that we understand so very, very little about the Universe at this point. We also realize that the more we learn, the more we dont understand. Einstein could never accept quantum mechanics as being truth… he was wrong, very wrong. Yet we, also still have quantum mechanics mostly wrong. We cannot unify gravity for instance. We also never imagined fast radio bursts.. yet there they are, confounding us. We, for a very long time, refused to believe in alien life out there, now we realize how likely wrong we are given the fact that planets exist around stars.. countless, countless stars.

              See, your mind is so small that you believe you have it ALL figured out. It all makes sense to you.. and you maybe know one-one hundredth of a percent of what reality really is. You live on something less than a speck in this Universe and think you have it all figured out. Or that one day we will have it all figured out… but we wont. There is, in fact, a time limit to things. Take the expansion of the Universe as a small, simple example: once objects expand out of the observable universe, they are lost forever to us. Their light will never again reach us, we will never reach them, even if extreme faster than light travel is possible (it may actually be, just look at the alcuibierre-white drive).

              Therefore, and with just these simple facts presented to you – realize this: there could very well be a creator, engineer, designer to this Universe and perhaps others. Who is to say not? Occam’s razor, which was meant as a guide, and not an absolute? Also, who is to limit such an intellect from entering his own creation much like a player enters an online game? We simply just dont know. To say that we do is absolutely the height of human arrogance and stupidity. The worst traits to be in conjunction of humanity overall. So do yourself a favor: swallow that arrogance before it turns you into an absolutely close minded moron of epic proportions, yeah?

              Oh, and do yourself and your tiny intellect a favor and always remember this one rule from now on: lack of evidence is NOT evidence against.

              • First poster: “what a dope”

                Second poster: “your tiny intellect”

                Ah, a meeting of the minds- ad hominem, the universal language.

                Name calling. . .

            • “For the scientific method can teach us nothing else beyond how facts are related to, and conditioned by, each other. The aspiration toward such objective knowledge belongs to the highest of which man is capable, and you will certainly not suspect me of wishing to belittle the achievements and the heroic efforts of man in this sphere.

              Yet it is equally clear that knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be. One can have the clearest and most complete knowledge of what is , and yet not be able to deduct from that what should be the goal of our human aspirations.

              Objective knowledge provides us with powerful instruments for the achievements of certain ends, but the ultimate goal itself and the longing to reach it must come from another source. And it is hardly necessary to argue for the view that our existence and our activity acquire meaning only by the setting up of such a goal and of corresponding values.” (Albert Einstein, 1939)

              On the issue of God, Einstein dismissed the widely held belief that he was an atheist.

              “I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one,…”
              he wrote to a man who corresponded with him on the subject twice in the 1940s.

              “You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist. … I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being.”

              TSB, I prefer an humble agnostic to a tharsheBlows(hard)


            • Jesus loves you, TharSheBlows

              • Jezus mows my yard every other week. I’ve seen him, I know he exists. Smells though. Eats too many bean burritos.

            • Thar,
              Science and Religion compliment each other, not contradict each other. You talk about a walking talking contradiction, Carlin was it: he’d do a whole bit about there is no God, and then end his show by saying God bless you.
              Carlin was incredibly funny, and had the right to believe whatever he wanted to believe. So did Hawkins. So do you.
              It takes absolutely the same amount of faith to believe there is no God as it does to believe there is a God.

            • tsb, my mother in law, a hard working farm lady and a devout Sunday school teacher had ovarian and laid in the hospital the last couple of weeks of her life. She was in a coma for 4 days, then she sat up in the bed and said “Lord, can’t you see me, I’m right here, please come and get me.” She died 15 minutes later. I don’t live like I should some of the time but I sure believe it.

          • Why then are so many sights so beautiful? The sweep of the ocean. The majesty of mountains. The fantastic views of Bryce Canyon. The Grand Canyon.

        • After that statement, his final realization should have been…”I’m not so smart after all”….

          • Hey Kim, Go find me just one person who ever received ever lasting life. LMFAO!!!

            Even been in church and the pasts talks about ever lasting life, then at the end of his sermon he requests from his flock that they donate their estates to the church upon their deaths.. You know donate it to God.. LMFAO!! Can’t fix stooped.

            • I was not aware your A got F’d. Thanks for the update.

            • Jesus loves you, TharSheBlows

            • You sure are right about that. “Can’t fix stooped”. ROFL

        • Claiming themselves to be wise, they became as fools instead… The sad part is Hawkings knows better now.

          • It is claimed that “God can move heaven and earth”, but if he is so powerful, then why can’t he seem to be able to “print his own money” instead of begging for yours, every Sunday? Ever connect the dots, sheep?

            • Jesus loves you, TharSheBlows

            • Why are you commenting so much? Triggered?

            • Because He wants us to learn to give generously so that others can have their physical and spiritual needs met.

        • I been saying this for years on this site: Of course ‘There is No God’. All of these dumb sheep been chasing a hoax for centuries, fooled ya. And even Pope Francis said there is NO Hell either.

          Religion is the Biggest FRAUD ever perpetrated on mankind, then comes paper printed Fiat IOU Fraud Money. And that other Hoax of “In God We Trust” on the US Dollar is just one Fraud Hoax claim propping up another Fraud Hoax. All a bunch of nothing burger. Sheep get slaughtered for their ignorance.

          And show me just one person who got ever lasting life? You would think John Who wrote John 3:16 For the Believers. Why isn’t john still alive to talk about his claim in the BuyBull? He’s too dead too.

          • you sure seem obsessed with trying to get other people not to believe in something you don’t believe in.

          • Churches ask for tithes because of something that occurred in the book of Genesis. It’s all a faith based move. God does not need, nor requireour money. Any idiot that thinks he would has a complete and foolish understanding of what God is. That said, for centuries that moneyhas gone towards things like churches, schools, hospitals, programs for communities, and aid for disasters. So before you call Christians sheep consider where you get the money for those things now.

            I won’t blame you for not understanding what religion and faith are when you’ve probably been badgered in to church by a number of hypocrites and seen dozens of your personal family and friends fall short of your own expectations; let alone God’s. Just realize that you have no concept of what scripture is actually referring to and that no man except Christ himself has eternal at this very moment. Everlasting life refers to the second coming and judgement of this world. After that happens everyone is judged and the redeemed are given new bodies, a new earth, and death is destroyed.

            Hard thing to imagine, but my bet is most likely that Stephen Hawking was an angry little man because of his condition. Anyone who has a basic understanding of M Theory can capitulate that Hawking should have been intelligent to realize this wonderful life we all live currently was by design. Anyways, rant done. Go in peace.

            • Churches are the biggest scam in all of human history.

          • You can tell you haven’t studied the Bible or you would know the answer why the apostle John is not alive today. The second coming of Christ has not happened therefore the resurrection has not taken place. You may just want to study the Bible out of curiosity, there are many interesting things, including historical accounts.

          • Ever heard the saying “there are no atheist in foxholes”? Maybe you should ask a soldier. I don’t wait until met with a crisis to call on God. I call on Him often, but not for myself, but for others. It’s His will be done, and I am ready to go when He decides.

          • You are living proof of satans handy work! You choose to deny Jesus because you don’t want any accountability for the life that God gave you. Who am I? One who has been blessed with a healing miracle that has left the medical profession scratching their heads for years now!

      2. their was a man who stood before the supreme court and demanded that their be a day for those that didn’t believe in GOD and make it a holiday.the court ruled you already have a day April fools day

      3. Intelligence and wisdom are two different elements…Ill take door number 3. and will cast my lot with Gen George Washington. Thank You..

        btw Science continually evolves, and is NOT a god.

      4. Intelligence and wisdom are two different elements…Ill take door number 3. and will cast my lot with Gen George Washington. Thank You..

        btw Science continually evolves, and is NOT a god……

        • Church is where the collective idiots flock to every Sunday, to lend validity to one another for their co-dependence and reasoning of their existence. Then they sing rhymes and glorify genocide and war by singing “Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching off to War”. However, as repulsive that it is. Worshiping a Jealous God teaches, that hate and culture destroying is a good thing. I see it as brain damaging and sociopathic psychological operations to dupe the weak masses.

          • Jesus loves you, TharSheBlows

          • Actually, church is not a “where” but a “what”. It is the spiritual body of Christ made up of all who have trusted Him as Lord and Saviour. Worship is when we gather to praise God for the marvellous Being He is and for the wonderful things He has done. Songs like “Onward Christian Soldiers” are about the spiritual warfare of setting people free from slavery to sin and death and false beliefs (like those you are asserting here)by introducing them to Jesus Christ. We worship a God of love and truth who is creating a new people from all races, cultures and classes who will live with Him forever. Only when the human mind and heart are freed from sin’s bondage can humans reach their highest potential. That is why Jesus came to earth, died for our sins, and rose again. Anyone who believes in Him will be forgiven and have eternal life.

      5. No God they say. Proof that the universe (and everything we know) was created in an instant by the Big Bang. But I say “then who created the big bang?”
        One only need to see the wonder of an insignificant single-cell organism, to the vastness of the Cosmos to recognize that there is a creator. To think otherwise would be madness!!!!

        • Yeah JJ, Prove that some God invented and created the Universe? Its your burden to prove since you BuyBull claims just that. Then prove it JJ/. Some believe everything they read. BuyBull = Fake News.

          • You really shouldn’t speak about things you know nothing about. Again I suggest you study the Bible from beginning to end and then come back and comment.

          • So, why are you so against God? Something happen to you, and you think God did it?

        • and who created the creator??? what came first the chicken or the egg??

          • Jesus Christ has always been. Infinity past and future. The chicken came first. Read Genesis.

      6. Stephen may or may not have been intelligent as that is a fluid definition. IE smart in one area, ignorant in another.

        Wishing I could show everyone else what I’ve seen and experienced is a non starter. All of us know the internet is as full of lies and deception as it is truth and logic. Saying it is or isn’t so doesn’t make a gnats butt bit of difference. Mr. Hawkins gave a statement to what he believed. If I may, I’ll give a statement to what I experienced. Due to a fatal disease I died when I was sixteen. I didn’t see God but we had a conversation. I could stay or return, my choice. Everyone is having to put up with my choice. I have no doubt what so ever God exists. Can I prove it? This is where FAITH comes in. God gives us choice. Believe, don’t believe is up to each individual. I can guarantee Stephen has a new perspective as of now but I can’t prove that either. I can’t save anyone, NOT MY JOB! I share the truth and move on. Everyone can believe or not believe, their choice. But what if I’m right? It costs nothing to believe. I’m not sure what the other way brings. I’m not here to judge either. Again, not my job.

        • Ever look up the Definition of Faith?

          Faith= is a set of beliefs, absent of any facts or proof.

          So if you base your entire life around faith, sorry for you, as all you will get is good luck or bad luck.

          • BlowBoy, When the crickets stop look over your shoulder, there maybe something there. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here! TSB I may not love you, but Jesus does!!!

          • Actually, that is the definition of blind faith which is not the faith of Christianity. God has given plenty of evidence for His existence both through nature and through special revelation to human beings. Faith in God involves responding to this evidence by making a personal commitment to Him as He revealed Himself in Jesus Christ.

      7. The estimated number of galaxies in the entire universe is 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies. Where did that IMMENSE mass come from?

        So much for science and Occam’s Razor. Well Steven Hawking has an eternity roasting in Hell to ponder the question.

      8. And so now we know… Steven Hawking was a fool. Psalm 14:1

      9. God is a matter of faith, not a matter of science. His claim is just one more example of the fallability of man, blind devotion to science without the humility that man cannot know all…which is by design. There shows Gods existence.

      10. Too bad we couldn’t see his face when he found out otherwise.

      11. Stephen Hawking was foolish enough to believe his brain and limited senses was capable of understanding everything that exists, in both the known and unknown universe, the visible and invisible universe, and all things that both could and cold not exist outside of it whether it could be physically perceived or not.

        I suppose he now knows differently or he knows nothing at all. If the former, I pity him and if the latter I also pity him since he went to his death without hope and with nothing to look forward to. In the context of all past and future time, a rather meaningless life at best.

      12. Being a Physicist doesn’t make one a an expert on God.

        • Hey Jim. Show me even one expert on God that received everlasting life? LMFAO!!! Crickets..

          • Nobody including Hawkins is an expert. You and I may find out otherwise,we just won’t be able to tell anybody. There may be a God and there may not be one…can you prove there isn’t?

          • Everlasting life, that is life everlasting, is a NATURAL phenomena, a characteristic we all inherently possess and share as all of US are spiritual beings first, human (physical) beings second. The natural lifespan of your spiritual self is infinite; but even that infinite lifespan can be severed and will be severed for some.

            In a word, we are BI because we have a duel nature; both spirit and flesh. It is our spirit that animates our bodies and houses our consciousness, ie personality. 🙂

            As spiritual beings we are created in God’s image (God is a Spirit) and He is father to US all: black, white, yellow, brown, & red. We enter this physical life for a short span of time, with specific talents and characteristics unique to each of US: to develop and grow our spiritual selves. Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity; space the confines of the infinite contours of God’s mind.

            The first thing that any person experiences when they TRANSCEND this physical world and enters the next; which is a spiritual world, is that WE are all connected, each to the other and to all of Creation. Thus the concept of pantheism was born by those who transcended this life and tasted the next, without ascending any further into the Spiritual Realms.

            The Spiritual Realms are “physical realms” too as they only have a distinct frequency and vibration, separate from the physical world in which we live. Yet they are physical in that there is touch & taste & sight & smell & hearing in the spirit much like our own.

            These realms can be reached by the Human Spirit through prayer & meditation & a life well lived in service to others; while yearning to connect to the ONE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE.

            I have everlasting life in Christ Jesus. I have been out of the body, in the spirit, and face to face with Him. It is impossible to deny Him. It is in Him, in whom I live and move and have my being. He yearns for US like a lover yearns for their beloved. Even you.

            And you TSB ???? What a pity. 🙁

      13. Because ordered complexity always arises from a state of complete entropy.

        I mean of course… 9__9

      14. BUT science says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So what happens to the energy that sustains life? The electrical energy (soul) that is in every living thing?

        • Jesus, still AWOL for 2000 years. How long would you wait for a blind date to show up, and then finally realize you been stood up? 10 Mins? A half hour? 2 hours? how about 2000 years and still no show. LMFAO!!! Now that is true faith for sure. lol

          • The Lord is either real or not. If he is, everything depends on Him. If he is not, everything depends upon you.

            Wise men still seek Him.

            My name is in the Bible Code: which is the Book of Life. My father’s, my brother’s, my ex-wife’s, and even the name of my mine, is in the Bible Code. The name of some of my friend’s are in the Code. Others are not named therein.

            And your’s ??? 🙂

          • You sound like you’re afraid of something?

          • According to the word of God, recorded in the Holy Bible, there are dramatic differences in the way that Heaven and Earth perceives time. We know this because there are two places in the Holy Bible where we are provided the same information regarding the differences.

            Psalm 90:4
            4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

            2 Peter 3:8
            8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.


            So, in reality, Jesus has only been gone form the earth for two days, that is in how time is calculated supposedly in heaven. True, 2000 years in our time.

            • This is true. And each dimension has its own “time”. For example what is a few minutes here can be a few hours in another dimension.

              A few hours here can be a lifetime in another dimension. 🙂

          • Jesus loves you, TharSheBlows

          • Jesus is not AWOL. He has shown up in the person of the Holy Spirit Who now indwells those who by faith repent of their sin and accept His atoning work on the cross. Those who are His know this, they know Him and are known by Him. You do not know – and subsequently mock the Holy One – because you are not His. Your mockery is born of fear and ignorance; it is really that simple. In this life you have a chance to change that by repenting of your sin and coming to God in faith. If you do turn to God He will not turn you away. However, if you refuse, you too will suffer eternal separation from God, just like Steven Hawking and millions of others. But the choice is yours.

      15. “There is no reliable evidence for it, and it flies in the face of everything we know in science. I think that when we die we return to dust.“

        I’m guessing he’s being offered some evidence that his hypothesis is wrong right about now ?


      16. Only a fool would say there is no God. Just because he is very good in his area of expertise, does not make him a subject matter expert in other areas. There is one question that even he can not answer: WHY should any thing exist?
        There is already a book about Brief answers to Big Questions; The Bible. “Science” has this habit of being updated when what we think is true, is proven to be wrong or does not explain an even it nature. He is right though about believing what you want to believe. Based on what he has stated in the past I suspect that his mind was already made up a long time ago. And fossilized.

      17. Folks who work in the mathematical sciences, and this includes physics, are really very weak in philosophy and things that pertain to that discipline, and usually even weaker in dealing with issues that concern theology and matters of Faith.

        Hawking was no exception.

        Anyone who wants sound counter-arguments to Hawking’s overstepping of his bounds of knowledge might consult the many valuable works of Stanley L. Jaki, a person who not only had a Ph.d in Theology but in Physics as well.

      18. I go with Pascal’s Bet Theory (or Pascal’s Wager), and believe in God. That way if there is no God I’ve lost nothing. But if there is a God then God isn’t pissed at me.

        I rely upon Pascal’s Bet Theory to support my beliefs in everything that can’t be proved — aliens, time travel, and warp drive.

        • the lord keeps track of those playing this pascal wager

          those doing so go to hell

          named after philosopher Blaise Pascal

          when he went to hell he changed his name to Blaze. . .

      19. On the question of the existence of God, intelligence or the lack there of has not been the determining factor as to one’s beliefs. Some geniuses believe in God and some do not. What is different about intelligent versus stupid people with regard to their beliefs is that more intelligent people give more thought to their beliefs and generally come up with impressive evidence to support them. This man, Steven Hawking, is no exception to the other geniuses who have come out on one side or the other. As Jesus said to Thomas, “You have believed because you have seen. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed.”

        Of course, we may or may not believe in Bible accuracy. The important thing to be aware of is what constitutes belief. Belief by definition is a subjective decision. A belief is not a fact.


        • b FROM California, BELIEF is not the same thing as realization. Either a person has had spiritual experiences or they have not. Just that simple.

      20. “In what could be considered his last “profound realization” he also says that there is no afterlife.”

        HAHAHAHHA what moron rote that. People been saying there’s no God/afterlife, for the entire history of man

      21. Tough way to find out your wrong, WHEN YOU DIE!

      22. You believe in order, time, cause, and effect — not a first cause, nor that it’s intelligent.

      23. How sad to see the way Dr. Hawking is treated by his inferiors. . . like monkeys flinging poop.

        • I don’t think the guy is “all that”, Reverend! People SHOULD be throwing poop at him… Who is he to say there is no Supreme Being just because he has had no spiritual experience? He doesn’t know everything!

          Its like someone saying there is no such thing as a mango because they, themselves, have never tasted one. Ignorance! Egotism!

        • Skeptics want to see angels dance on the head of a pin, and for God to appear in the form a genie, when it is an act of faith, to say that Hawking was thinking anything from his wheelchair.

        • Reverend God does not see anyone as inferior to another. He loves us all and we are made in His image. We are all equal in his eyes. Are you saying people posting here are monkeys?

          • who else believes in radical equality? the (((Communists)))

      24. An intelligent man, yet one with no exit strategy.

        • (spaghettification)

          • Awesome Beaumont! made my morning,I am ROFL-Best response yet as I choke on my coffee laughing.

            • I read theoretical, quantum physics. I understood it. And, it’s sci-fi. Show me the spaghetti.

      25. That’s why I don’t like the guy or believe anything he has to say: If he doesn’t realize there’s a Supreme Being, how can I have faith in anything the idiot says?

        I know he is considered “so great”. Well, sorry, I don’t buy into that. He’s a materialist, egotist, has no spiritual realization, and therefore, I have no respect for the guy.

        Just because he hasn’t had a spiritual experience, he assumes no one else has. That’s egotism, being close minded, and ignorant. God CAN be realized through intuition– the sixth sense. Since God is not material, of course, we can’t put Him into a test tube! But realized, He can be and has been by those who have put forth the effort!

        Truth seekers, who want to know what is behind the curtain of life, have found Him, if they put forth the effort.
        We are all here just playing a role. The Truth seeker looks for What is behind the curtain of life. the ignorant man is content with the toys thrown to us.

      26. We human beings have intelligence. To believe that we were created by something that has no intelligence is unbelievably stupid!! Of course there is a Supreme Being who is much more intelligent than us!!

        An intelligent species like human beings cannot be created by some kind of primordial soup! Intelligence can only come from a Higher intelligence!! (Just like a little baby comes from us). We are made in the image of our Creator.

        Can a rock create an intelligent human being? of course not!! The thought is absurd! Intelligence comes from a Higher intelligence.

        To think that we are the highest intelligence there is — is simply ego.

      27. Basically, he has lived a useless life because when he left (died), he never came here to do what he was supposed to do– the highest thing he could have done was to seek Truth (not material facts).

        • hey Anon, did you ever figure out that everybody dies and nobody gets everlasting life. Your life will useless as everyone else’s as you claim.

          Wanna know what I truly believe in? Myself. By Knowing that, I can accomplish most everything I set my mind to.

          • You sound like a narcissist. You only believe in you?

            God sustains your very existence and Jesus Christ gave his life for your very soul.

            I pray that you will repent and come to know our Lord and Savior before you die.

            • Jezus died for something he did, not for anything anyone else did, dumbass.

      28. No harsh words for the poor soul. He will see once his time has come and his soul leaves his body.May God forgive him and help him.

        • In some interpretations, all people see Jesus, so get a fair chance.

        • Once his time has come. It did. He’s been dead for months.

      29. Not really familiar with Hawking or what exactly he was known for, I find it boring. Just an old coot who thought he was smarter than everybody. He fit the evil system that surrounded him so his fame is laughable.

      30. There’s not much proof of most of Hawking’s theories either!

        If I ever have doubts about a God I just ask myself – what if there is only a 1% chance? Wouldn’t it be worth it to follow the Ten Commandments and live a good life just in case?

      31. I do not care anymore.

        If J.C. shows up I will drive him to a bar order a drink and ask for water for him and he can turn it to wine, or what ever beverage he wishes.

        I am tired.

      32. Hawkings didn’t even know what planet he was on for the last 20 years of his life…All the computer generated communication/conversation was probably done by his caretaker just to keep the gravy train rolling. He never really produced much valid science.

      33. I bet he didn’t have any trouble swallowing the “Ye shall be as gods” spiel. That’s what the superhuman, trans human gig is all about.

      34. Many think Stephen Hawking was yet another “replacement.” Link to The Daily Sheeple article:

        TharSheBlows: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

      35. All a person can do for him now is pray for him. His name may be blotted out of the Book Of life, may not be blotted out… If you do not believe in Jesus, then maybe you should think about it.

      36. Stephen Hawking In His Final Publication: ‘There is No God’

        Would like to see if he still holds that philosophical position.

      37. thar she blows is a very deceived person====sick—-and dumb=====poor fellow==anyone with a brain knows this world ===and the things in it did not just appear the creation had to have a creATOR

      38. Stephen Hawking should have been concerned with whether there is a Hell or not. It is easy to understand why he is so bitter with his physical condition. May God be merciful to him and us all!

      39. I suspect Stephen has changed his mind about God by now.

      40. I suspect Stephen has changed his mind about God by now.

      41. Hawking now knows the truth, and is shocked by what he now knows. Doesn’t mean he is in hell, or that it is over for him. The book of Enoch explains.

        To the guy who has commented negatively to half the comments above, the answer is yes. There is proof of God’s existence. It isn’t even hard to find this proof. The proof is written throughout the Bible. Bible prophesy. But few know. The Bible is the number one source of archeological finds in the middle east. Archeologists are finding all the cities, places, and people written of did, and do exist. The Proof is in NDEs of heaven and hell. Tens of thousands of documented experiences from those who have been declared medically dead. They corroborate the experience. You can even stage their experiences, the similarities are so common. These experiences are so profound that even hospice workers, nurses, and doctors are keeping their own database of what they witness. What is the take away from the study of NDEs? Jesus, and God, are real. All the others are false.

        The reality is unbelief is rooted in ignorance, not stupidity. You don’t believe because you don’t know. You have done nothing to educate yourself. God wants us to know. He wants us to find Him. He wants us to find Him through education of the topic. Why?

        God set forth a natural world. What would we be if God interacted with us every step of the way? Puppets. But not only puppets, we would not be truly free to choose between good and evil. Because we know God is real. God wants us to be true, and He wants us to be true on our own. Notice that those who believe mostly choose good, and those who don’t choose less good. There’s an obvious reason. Those who believe, also believe there will be consequences. Doesn’t stop the good from doing bad, and it doesn’t stop the bad from doing good.

        God made forgiveness very easy. Prior to Jesus, there was the law that had to be obeyed, many failed, so He gave us all His only begotton son. And only asks that we believe in Him (Jesus). Call apon His name. Ask forgiveness. Regret our sins.

        Disclaimer: I do not speak for God. These are my beliefs via education and discernment.

        • Whoah up there Dave! You had me until ” Notice that those who believe mostly choose good, and those who don’t choose less good”. That is simply not true. Many evils have been perpetuated in the name of a god (Yahweh, Muhammad, Horus, whatever). In my (fairly large) circle of friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc most are atheists or perhaps agnostics (as I’ve decided I am now, as I don’t know!) but most are good people who do good things for the community, charity etc. The couple of “believers” in my (wider) circle are the ones who cheat on their wives, lie and are otherwise dodgy.

          I don’t know if there is a “god” or not, but I do know that I don’t need “faith” in such a being to be able to tell right from wrong!

          • Obviously not talking about other gods. And it is true! It is your perception that is skewed. So your atheist friends and family are better than your religious friends and family. Kind of says it all!

      42. More proof. Proof is all around us in the complexity of nature, and the cosmos. Scientists can’t reproduce even the simplest of their theories of how life began. You can put a bunch of proteins in a test tube, and no matter what, they do not form into anything even remotely close to simple life. Scientists can’t prove the cosmos in any way. Why it became. What we know of history and the world around us and the cosmos, is largely theory based on imperical evidence made in the past 100 years. How silly is it to assume we know anything about what happened thousands of years ago, or a million years ago, or a billion years ago. All theory. And the cosmos, where our reach is via telescopes that can see the equivalent of a grain of rice to the sun.

        Science regarding a Godless existence is a far bigger belief system than belief in God.

      43. To think that creation was because of a series of events like the Big Bang instead of a creator ( in my case God) is like believing that a tornado can rip through a city and leave behind a 747 made from all the ripped up debris.

      44. That’s his opinion because he got screwed out of walking and talking.

      45. What I have seen in my life is that many people refuse to believe in a god they imagine. Others are angry for feeling miserable and blame their non-existent gods…

        Arguing that there is no creating power is nonsense. The question is why it is creating. As it’s an infinitely more complex entity that it’s creation, learning about it can happen only if it reveals itself.

        Religion has been the stabilizing force of most civilizations, because the disempowered have always needed an ideology to believe that they deserve to be miserable and something better is coming.

        I’ve had this fear for a few years that people, when given the choice after dying, will choose Hell, because they will believe it’s Heaven. Sounds far-fetched? They do it all the time…

      46. Its, not it’s… Autocorrect, sorry…

        • And than, not that…

      47. For all the ones here who say there is no God… We are talking Jesus now… Not just any old God…

        If you are lucky enough to see your death coming, I will say, you WILL be talking to Jesus and asking for him to forgive you..

        Before you can your last breath and as your bowels are pouring out of your body… you will see the other side….

        Now with that said, you now cannot say no one ever told you about Jesus the Savior….

      48. Nice debating in the above posts. But like all the economic crash articles we get fed nothing is resolved. “Here we go’round in circles”……

      49. Meanwhile, somewhere on the ”other side”, Stephen Hawking is crying into another beer wondering ‘how the faaar-hick! -hick-up! – hick-up – did I get it awlll so wrong?

      50. God is a job description, not a name. Perhaps there are lots of gods? Even the ten commandments states “there will be no others gods before me”. Spoken by the jealous god of the Hebrews. Only the Semite “GOD” people believe in “ONE GOD” before all others…?

        Me, I believe that all of the gods of all religions and cultures are real, at least to them. Pick the one or many that suits you. And don’t forget to “fear god” and his devil.

      51. It is all about personal opinion and free will.
        some like Hawkings are athiest, I am not.
        some beleive in manmade climate change, I beleive in natural change.
        some beleive in communism, I do not

        This can go on and on without end, its just personal opinions

      52. he never created anything. he was just the leftards special little munchkin who drove around in a mechanical chair communicating leftard academic opinions and platitudes through his robotic sounding laptop computer.

      53. The Chosenites will have a field day with this poor dead Goy.

        And now he’ll be called an anti-Semite and Islamophobe……

        Some legacy, huh ?

        • No matter…. ITS BEER-THIRTY!

      54. You say that we have free will so that we don’t become puppets of god. YET I posit that the entire book of revelation and the second coming of jesus and his establishing a kingdom here on earth makes human beings exactly what you all fear the most – puppets.

        After all if there is no sin in the new world established once the devil is permanently disabled then there is no free will.

        Now one could make the argument that human beings will still be capable of sin but will choose not to thus preserving free will. And I say if that is the case then why not have it that way on earth now? Why allow the evil? How exactly does evil preserve free will? Does a child born with fetal alcohol syndrome because their mother drank while pregnant have free will to overcome the mental deficiencies put forth by the free will of another? Where is that child’s free will in the scheme of this? Nope, instead humans are at the mercy of other human beings and their life choices. Some good and some bad. This is not a mythical devil or free will.

        Most christians refuse to see the underbelly of the world when they look at creation. They talk glowingly about the natural beauty in the world and ignore the horrific evil that is also present in this same world. Both good and evil created by a creator. Who is not just good but also bad and they can’t wrap their brains around this fact.

        Choosing to ignore the old testament and the evil representation of god. As if a supreme deity would have a need for a chosen people or to prove his own blood line through a lineage or would be jealous or would not realize that it is impossible to make a perfect human since he failed to make perfect angels who also went against gods rules.

        • It’s sad that yours is the last comment.

      55. It is probably wise to hedge your bets on the infinite. Your body is a temple eat right and pump iron. It’s like prepping for eternity.

      56. Science is constantly changing – GOD Never Changes

      57. It’s hard to believe he made this fundamental error. Did he not know about godels theorem? The universe is probably a time evolving godelian complex adaptive system. In other words, the set of truths which are derivable, even in principle, from any given axiomatic basis (like the macro-quantum directly observable system that we call physical reality), is only a subset of the whole. Like real numbers can’t be derived from arithmetical operations on rational numbers.

        We can’t even derive consciousness or its interaction with the quantum realm from known science. A little humility is called for.

        People derive their world view based on their own experiences. He apparently never had a transcendental (spiritual) experience. But others have.

        We are time evolving godelian systems in search of completeness. That’s why you’re reading this.

      58. Hawking’s atheism should not come as a surprise. As a scientist he knew we are mostly composed of bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea, see less than 1 percent of the light spectrum, have sub-optimal plumbing (breathing, eating, excretory and reproductive) and are programmed to die. He likely knew too that at least 40 percent of animal species are parasites, and over 99 percent of all species that ever lived are extinct….

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