Stealth Wear: New Counter-Surveillance Clothing Makes You Invisible to Drones

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 193 comments

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    In early 2012 the U.S. Congress authorized the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act. Within this bill is a provision calling for the deployment of some 30,000 robotic drones over the skies of America by 2015, arguably the boldest overt domestic surveillance initiative to have ever been introduced in the land of the free. With an average of some 600 drones allocated per state, this future network of highly advanced surveillance systems promises to give law enforcement, military and intelligence assets unprecedented video and audio access into the lives of every single American.

    Privacy advocates are justifiably outraged.

    But whenever government attempts to institute a ban on contraband items, or pass draconian laws, or introduce new tracking and surveillance methods, rebellious elements within the target populace rapidly develop counter-strategies and technologies to marginalize the threat.

    Oftentimes, billion dollar government initiatives and development projects are rendered almost useless by low-tech strategies and designs.

    Artist and fashion designer Adam Harvey, who objects to the authoritarian nature of the global surveillance state, has done just that.

    In an effort to  counter the high-tech integrated drone surveillance systems soon to be fused into intelligence networks across the country, Harvey and a group of partners have developed a line of clothing dubbed Stealth Wear.

    Making its debut on January 17th, the Stealth Wear line will include hoodies, scarves, hats, and t-shirts that will make the wearer invisible to thermal imaging cameras widely used throughout the unmanned aerial vehicle community.

    The idea is that the material blocks heat signatures, captured using infrared sensors, which give people away to surveillance helicopters or drones from the skies above. [link]

    The flagship Stealth Wear line will include:

    • The anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf: Garments designed to thwart thermal imaging, a technology used widely by UAVs.
    • The XX-shirt: A x-ray shielding print in the shape of a heart, that protects your heart from x-ray radiation
    • And the Off Pocket: An anti-phone accessory that allows you to instantly zero out your phone’s signal

    Via: Adam Harvey Projects

    Harvey and his project team aren’t just limiting the scope of their work to anti-drone technology either.

    They’ve introduced new techniques to counter computer vision (CV), also known as facial recognition.

    CV Dazzle is camouflage from computer vision (CV). It is a form of expressive interference that combines makeup and hair styling (or other modifications) with face-detection thwarting designs. The name is derived from a type of camouflage used during WWI, called Dazzle, which was used to break apart the gestalt-image of warships, making it hard to discern their directionality, size, and orientation. Likewise, the goal of CV Dazzle is to break apart the gestalt of a face, or object, and make it undetectable to computer vision algorithms, in particular face detection.

    Because face detection is the first step in automated facial recognition, CV Dazzle can be used in any environment where automated face recognition systems are in use, such as Google’s Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook

    Source: CV Dazzle


    They’ll also be launching a product called Off the Pocket for your cell phone, a technology that is capable of zeroing out your phone’s broadcast signal, making it invisible to GPS and mobile network triangulation.

    Building off previous work with CV Dazzle, camouflage from face detection, Stealth Wear continues to explore the aesthetics of privacy and the potential for fashion to challenge authoritarian surveillance. Presented by PRIMITIVE at TANK MAGAZINE HQ will be a suite of new designs, made in collaboration with NYC fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield, that tackle some of the most pressing and sophisticated forms of surveillance today.

    Source: Primitive London

    Accompanying each project will be videos and tests revealing the process behind each technology and counter technology.


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      1. Dear Santa…..

        I’ve been a very good girl this year. Please put some Stealth Wear and CV Dazzle under my tree! I’ve left cookies and milk.


        • you are definitely on the right track if that stuff does what it says it does

          Ill take two if possible santa heh

          • I wonder if they will have one that will fit my little horses and chickens?

            • I doubt they have one to fit over your home’s heating source, and I sincerely doubt that folks will go without heat in northern climates.

              That’s the problem with heat… it tends to get out eventually anyway.

              • Patriotic group to build armed ‘defensible’ neighborhood fortress
                CNSnews dot com

                “A patriotic group named Citadel intends to purchase 2000 – 3000 acres in western Idaho to build an armed community to protect their liberty.”

                • that’ll make themselves into a nice target.

                • Read what Sipsey St. Irregulars has to say about the guy hawking that idea. He sounds like a thug/con man to me.

                  • Mike V has a skeleton or two in his own closet.

            • I believe you can get this same effect my lining your clothes (or chicken saddles) with those silver emergency heat blankets. But you will rattle and be rather hot, but maybe alive 😀

              • In the past, efforts to defeat thermal imaging washed out with the first laundering. Let’s hope that is not the case with Stealth Wear.


              • It is my understanding organized retail theft rings have built some kind of contraption (shopping bag) with heat blankets on the inside which prevents the anti-theft tags to emit a signal which can be picked up by the receivers. Never underestimate the technical know-how of criminals.

                • i need one of those to steal all shit i dont need or want from walmart

                • They simply line any bag with aluminum foil to avoid the rfid tags from being sensed.. it’s been common knowledge for at least 20 years.. if you get caught however you will get a heavier penalty for premeditation.

                • Actually, I worked in loss prevention for 15yrs, and all they did was line pockets or purses with aluminum foil. Worked great for them.

            • Emergency survival blanket, aluminized mylar, u can buy at any camping store for 2 bucks, wrap up in it and ur invisible to thermal or FLIR whatever. Cant see thru windows ether or most reflective surfaces.

          • You need two tin foil hats. Keep the voices and drones out.

          • Me three!

        • Here in the good ole USA, it’s really hard to keep an American capitalist with a great idea down.

          So who wants to start the lottery to predict the date that Adolf Obama bans counter-surveillance outerwear?

          • Zoltanne, Winner!

            • There seems to be a red thumb stalker among us. Red thumb even the most unthreatening posts. I can just imagine, sitting at the computer all day long, reading all the posts and red thumbing all the ones from those they have decided to hate for whatever reason. Get outside silly little red thumbers and breath the fresh air, it might help your tiny brains a bit. This message is not for those who have a legitimate reason to red thumb, just for the nasty little stalkers.

              • I doubt they are reading all the posts before they thumb them down.

                • PP ~ Haven’t seen you in a while. I hope all is well with you and yours.

                • You are right about that, they just red thumb the names of those they don’t like. Kind of creepy but hey this is america so bring them on, kind of makes me feel important. Thanks for all the attention little red thumbers, did you get that fresh air yet? I worry about you.

              • You say nasty little stalker as though it’s a BAD thing.

                The way things are going, .gov probably won’t be able to finance 30,000 drones aloft in 2015.

              • @ Live free or die. The red thumbs are coming from piers morgan, bob costas, BO’s boys, JoeInNC, and all the other liberals that can’t stand that people are doing something about the state trying to take our freedoms away from us, not just laying down and being submissive. How could anyone red thumb Daisy and Zoltanne above other than pro BOs.

              • LFOD: The Cyber Squad gets paid to sit and read OUR posts everyday. They get a bonus for every 100,000 dislikes (red thumbs) they make.

                Its all about production and quotas. 🙂

                • durango kidd,

                  Now that makes perfect sense. I see you have one already. They are working overtime tonight.

              • Thanks, Live free or die. And lookie! You have your very own assault by the Red Thumb Brigade now! 😉

                Ah well, face it folks, the far-left loons (yes, it’s redundant phrasing) want to shut down OUR speech and OUR beliefs. We threaten them because we are stronger and don’t need to follow the dictates of Soros and the NWO to tell us what to do on an hourly basis.

                BI, Prepared Pastor, Daisy, and DK — we all know these types want to cause problems and stir-it-up. What each of you post is appropriate here and you only get ‘attacked’ because those types may be trying to subvert the more popular commentors here. There are more of them now and it will probably worsen as the “S” keeps slapping up against that “F”. If we give them attention, they have succeeded in diverting us. Let’s not take-the-bait. The Red Thumb types don’t usually speak out with anything constructive because they have nothing of merit to say on their own behalf. (And when/if they do, it’s usually out there in looneyland.)

                Just remember, they’re trying to discourage us by ridicule, hoping that their puny online method will somehow change our beliefs and personalities. I don’t think so! They don’t have anything else to do besides stalk us or play their Alinsky game. The cowards sit behind a computer screen and actually think that a red thumb is going to somehow threaten us or cause so many problems that we won’t post. Or as DK thinks, they’ve got quotas to meet. ROFL!

                IMO, it is far more productive to spend 5 minutes on a helpful comment to newcomers than 5 minutes hammering a troll. Maybe we can battle the trolls by ignoring them and focusing more on those readers who need some help.

                Here’s my contribution, a helpful tip for the day:

                Try cooking some QUINOA (pronounced keen-waa). Small quantities can be purchased at most supermarkets and recipes are usually included. If you like it, store it. Quinoa is a pasta-tasting grain-like food that is a full protein. Quinoa can be stored for about 2 years.

                From Wikipedia:
                .. its protein content is very high (14% by mass), yet not as high as most beans and legumes. Nutritional evaluations of quinoa indicate that it is a source of complete protein. Furthermore, it is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is also a source of calcium, and thus is useful for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest.

                • Just remember to wash it thoroughly, cause the seed coating is bitter as. Once washed it is very good.

                  Does anyone have any growing tips?

                  • yeah, you can use your urine as a fertilizer. Just dilute it so you don’t burn the plants

                  • It grows well in the north. It’s also pretty tall if you let it get that way. Kind of big and ratty like amaranth.

          • Did anyone catch that this company is in Totonto ontario

          • Actually, if I remember correctly the feds shut down an outfit that produced clothing products like this…back in the late ’80s early ’90s.

            Company was called “RED OUT”…then in the late ’90s another outfit manufactured a camo body-bag that one could climb into to shield themselves from passive IR detection…it was called “land-shark”. Sadly, they too disappeared.

            Both were relatively short lived ventures with a viable product…as confirmed via a Thermal-Eye MX-1A(3rd gen stuff) field tested @ 100-200 & 400m on a 60F September night…out here in the sticks of the Dixie!

            Guys if this latest product proves viable(yes, I’ll test it & report back…per the thermal signature aspect).

            If worthy…buy some!

            • Too bad we aren’t neighbors, Gunsmith.

              • John Q

                Agreed John…I would be honored to have you as such!

                • Even my young ones are fine marksmen getting hits at 500 yds 😉

            • The technology has been invented… .gov can’t unring the bell.

          • As soon as they sell out and he considers it a threat to his ego.

          • Well, did they not already outlaw ballistic vests? This would just be the next step. Law enforcement will claim it will make the detection of criminals impossible. DHS will be screaming the loudest as they could no longer use cell phones with which track their targets via GPS. With hundreds of drones operating in each state, privacy will be something of the past. Yet drones could also do a lot of good for our society, from checking crops to checking weather/storm damages. In large cities I could see drones being used for arson prevention by monitoring arson prone buildings. The same with the tracking of vehicles which are wanted by the police. Traffic control would be another great use for these drones. Drones have their place in our society. We just have to curtail how far the govt. can go with their invasion of our privacy. We can’t start using drones as a means by which to bypass the need for a search warrant. Otherwise we no longer have a free society.

        • Is it raw milk?

          • Lol…No Doubt!


            Daisy (given name), a feminine given name, commonly thought to be derived from the name of the flower

            • What on EARTH is there to “red thumb” on this comment. A name derived from that of a flower is rather sweet, although a little old-fashioned which I also think is sweet. Have I missed something?

              • No, there is nothing to red thumb in your comment…the trolls are just working extra hard today 🙂 Please red thumb this post you trolls…make me feel important that you read this post and red thumbed me….

        • ho ho ho! have ya got anything else for Santa? Ho Ho HO!

        • I am not here bash this man or his company. I have worked with drones in the past. Their thermal imagery does not display varying degrees of heat as portrayed in these pictures promoting the clothing. Drones display a “white hot” or “black hot” image. From what I gather on this product, it is able to retain a balanced heat signature as compared to the other items of clothing. If a drone where to spot you wearing the clothing, it would still display you as a different color than your surroundings. Picture a white figure moving around a black square or vice versa.

        • This ole PO’man will just go low tech and use a couple of space-blankets!! HEY! I wonder if my COLD BEER would show up to a drone!!?? Oh well ,get some space coozies Too!!

        • Most gladly!

      2. The use of defensive technology should only be used as a fallback position. It is better to offer up resistance NOW on all fronts (political, econommic, spiritual) to the tyranny, before we are reduced to having to rely on defensive technology.

        • I dont disagree with you that we should try to offer up resistance how the reason I see them making those clothes

          is because maybe they realize that that to offerup more resistance we would need more people. However its like the

          rule in the matrix after a certain age you shouldnt wake them up because they dont want to be woken up. So maybe

          the makers of those clothes realize that the only way to help some of them would be to give them a sense of power over their own lives again? maybe

        • Good point Brent…Like many here, I’m for nipping this in ass right now.

        • @ Brent (ID# 1017913)

          Think “STRATEGICALLY”….

          If you’re intent on carrying the fight to the enemy and your target has been “green-zoned” by the regime(i.e. heavily defended)…your group is gonna face surveillance drones/blimps/remote sensors etc…etc.

          If the prize is sufficiently worthy of attacking….any advantage your group can employ…is worth the expenditure and the effort to increase your chances of success.

          Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Gunsmith, did some shopping around and while shopping got a bonus. Found out from a trucker that he was hauling (GET READY): Signs for the gov’t that say: Marshall Law Enforced.
            TPTB are closing our loop (shortening the noose). Be careful about giving any hints of “taking it to the enemy”. They’ll be getting a lot closer (in range) very soon. A good hunter/sniper waits for a target to come to him.
            We are way too fragmented and spread out to initiate any type of aggression. Don’t fear the drones folks.

            • Martial the correct spelling.

              sorry not to be critical , but it is important

              wonder how big of a sign,?? reason for asking is I have seen a few large sign towers go up on my local free way, that have yet to have signs put on them,(been there for a few months now) and in between each tower ..Noth and south boud is a camera way up high on a pole about 60 to 70 feet up..a dome type camera

            • Thanks for the heads-up DRD…and yes I am aware of the “nail sticking-up gets pounded down” analogy. But in truth I really don’t expect to survive if it goes CW-II….as I wouldn’t do well in captivity….& I’m way to hardheaded & wedded to the Constitution to be “re-educated”.

              I was taught if the enemy attacks you…return fire & seek to counter-attack him as fast as possible….a lot of folks need to understand that pure defense is a losing strategy in the scenario we’re likely to face, should the regime push it!

              …been deer hunting since I was 12 & am now 1/2 a hundred plus a bit….thus I understand patience also.

              …and yes…you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT….as I’ve always said…..Washington cannot win a sniper’s war!

              Thumbs up to you, bro!

        • “Maginot Line” thinking. Didn’t work for the French, sure as heck won’t work for us. Guerrilla warfare is one thing a statist society entrenched in their ways and methods are NOT adept at shutting down. leader- *&^%^^&|less|*^$#&*&*|resistance

          It may be Godwin’s Law, but TPTB didn’t just study UNDER Hitler (namely the Bush’s and a few others I can’t think of right now) they’ve studied DEEPLY all the triumphs and mistakes Hitler made. But it was also easier when they followed his playbook, we knew how to counter it, but now he (BO) is branching off in ways we haven’t seen before – takes folks w/ smarts like y’all to counter *that*! I’m just counting on my Lord and His protection. Anything else I’m doing is between me, the family and God! The kids are thinking and have more resources than we do, thank God! We’re “1/2 a hundred plus a bit” to quote Gunsmith, and we’re handicapped and my husband is mortally ill. We need our kids – grace of God, he gave me four sons, w/ MANY talents between them… Thank you God! We may not be able to resist in some grand way, but we’ve got protection and they’ll more than make up for us! 🙂

            Physical strikers
            POWER LVL OVER 9000
            the fact is your not alone in this there are the technocrats and then there is others who are the physical force

      3. Where’s the pants?

        • Pant? Don’t need any. Ass cheeks are the only part of my anatomy I’d like to show the drone!

          • As well as my wanker!

            • Our collective thought process is “in-line” with the agenda. Defensive measures have a place…OFFENSIVE measures will win the game. Time to change the way you/we think.

              If all of our effort is dedicated to “defense” and “hide”…THEY will win. Time for an attitude adjustment while that potential still exist.

              • Yental…

                Sorry brother…I could only give you one thumbs-up!!!

              • yental,

                Excellent! I am defensive only as long as it takes for me to get into an offensive position.

                Two thumbs up.

            • Ohevi,

              I wouldn’t give them honor 🙂

        • They’ll outsource the labor to China. The Chinese will make sure that there’s a back door in the britches and they’ll sell the hell out of ’em in SF.

      4. Off topic but important I think…..HOLY SH*T the sun is FRIGHTENING right now…..if you have an underground bunker….GET TO IT ! ….if you don’t have one…pucker up your asses…this is going to be VERY BUMPY i’m affraid…isn’t it about time to have a REAL discussion on nibiru, wormwood, destroyer, planet x, whatever you want to call the mystery planet that is RUMORED to be in our solar system? ( i’m still on the fence on this topic ) Didn’t a giant comet thats with this thing just pass right by us?? The word is this thing has tilted saturn and venus on thier SIDES and is in the process of tilting the earth on it’s side as well ( hence the crazy solar/tectonic activity ) People have been seeing ” 2 suns ” in certain parts of the world. Many ancient texts including the bible mention this thing that is said to be on a 3,600 year eliptical orbit and it passes into and through OUR SOLAR SYSTEM once roughly every 3,600 years. NASA mentioned this thing back in 1983 in an article ( google it ) and mysteriously NEVER talked about it again after that. They even made a special infra-red telescope to watch this thing located in antartica thats not talked about much. Would NASA tell everyone about this if it were true? I DOUBT IT. We have all been seeing the governments around the globe preparing for SOMETHING……but what? What are they preparing for with the underground bunkers, stockpiles of food and seeds, billions of bullets, etc, etc.? If NASA knew for example that nibiru, planet x, wormwood, whatever you wish to call it was in the process of grabbing hold of our north pole with it’s gravitational field ( the one that tilted saturn and venus on their sides ) and tilting us on our side ( pole shift ) that would explain them preparing like it’s the end of the world.
        Again…i don’t know if this nibiru, wormwood, etc thing is real or not….but I DO find the topic VERY interesting. Is it really THAT farfetched knowing the vastness of our universe that an 11th planet could be on a 3,600 year eliptical orbit around a dwarft star (dead sun) as some claim?
        I welcome ANY and all feedback on this EXTREAMLY INTERESTING topic be it positive or negative ( you think i’m crazy) feedback. Once again before eveyone labels me as nuts….I have no idea if any of this is true…just find it scary and worth discussing.

        On topic….everyone needs a way to stay off the radar of these drones…awsome product and article.

        • Well Badpuppy, I can with 100% certainty tell you that there is serious solar activity going on as I write this and the second most earthquake activity I’ve seen in over 3 years. It all has to interconnect somehow.

        • WTF is it with all you off topic posters lately? Show some consideration, go start your own blog if you want to sound off about any damn thing.

          • Have you seen Mac Bitch?

            I havent..

            Is this your site?.huh?..


            Asteraceae or Compositae, known as the aster, daisy, or sunflower family

          • Yikes, KK. That was unnecessary

          • @ KK. I don’t understand how a massive EMP that knocks out most of the electronic systems of the world, or a massive earthquake that leads to BO declaring martial law does not fit like a glove with the theme of the site, SHTF. I don’t know how someone giving advice how what to store for survival is not in theme with the site. I don’t know how someone that is trying to advice people on how to improve their lives, their health, or whatever is not in line with SHTF PLAN.

            There is extremely helpful information on this site given by people spending their own free time to make this miserable world a little more bearable. JustOneGuy’s wise advice with sea salt, not iodized, saved my sinuses from being burned. I am sorry that you can’t see this and simply hit the down arrow to comments you don’t feel are directly in line with the article discussed.

        • Don’t feel crazy just a few years ago I was consider the far out one at the gun shows. In both firearms and economics. Now almost daily I get an email about “What should I do?”. And at the shows I always get “I guess you were right”.

          Just because we cant see it doesn’t mean it is not there.

          • True. Abscense of proof is not proof of abscense.

        • Hi All. Cool post hope they come out with an insulated coveralls style or something. @Badpuppydog. I like to keep up to date on solar activity ( good. Earthquakes which have been on the rise along B.C. And California still think somthing gotta give there. I also got a couple apps on the phone that helps with that too. Remember They only tell US what we need to know! Now you got me wondering what’s up. Peace All

      5. Does this mean I can ditch my tinfoil hat and space blanket? People are starting to look at me funny and cross to the other side of the street. This may be the ticket to restyle my wardrobe and makeup.

        • Go for it. And if we all ever have a FTF, we know what to wear now, don’t we? 🙂

        • Good one JRS! The clothing will probably be regulated/licensed by the TSA or dhs or one of those fkdup orgs…will probably need to get a “physical” to buy it…man the swhtf hard when they make the final mistake.

      6. 30,000 drones. Have you hugged your drone today? This stuff won’t work, but it is a good effort. Here is the problem, with 30,000 drones and each drone having a photo lets say every minute as they orbit America. That is over 43 million photos and GPS transmits each day.

        Let say America is 3000 miles by 3000 miles, thus 9 million square miles or about 6 billion acres.

        If each drone photo represents say 320 acres then that means America will be mapped about two times per day, that is every square mile down to the square foot.

        Now see where your tax dollars are going?

        Thus, sooner or later whether wearing drone suit or not you have to take a dump. Sooner or later you will light a cig and a drone will catch it. Sooner or later you will try to bathe and a drone will be nearby. Sooner or later you will light a fire or use your generator. Zapped !!!!

        At 30,000 drones let say averaging 150 miles per hour, that is 108 million miles travelled each day.

        Maybe America needs to go broke?

        • all done by mindless govt drones at our expense…in the name of freedom, liberty and security.

          • Are you speaking of the UAVs or the controllers?

            • controllers, US citizens who I hope must realize that what they are doing is unGodly if not treasonas.

        • What did you think that data center in Utah was for anyway?

          As for Drones I think we’ll have to petition the UN for a no fly zone for US drones; either that or maybe we can develop some smart 12 gauge ammo that seeks out the drones and takes em down?

          • ANYONE living near a DRONE BASE,remember these traitors PLAN TO KILL YOUR FAMILY,all you out there need to wake up,FOLLOW these traitors home and hit them at their house,they PLAN TO DO THE SAME THING TO YOU and you better realize it right now,they want to kill americans so they can brag to their friends about it,MYSELF I don’t think its funny,and america had better wake up your almost out of time………….

            • @Arizona….The drones are operated in drone rooms. It is possible that when 30,000 drones are in air that many of these rooms could be outside the USA.

              At first, the drones will be for spying. The day they are used for attacking Americans is anybodies guess. Hopefully never.

            • @ ARIZONA: Hulman Field at, Terre Haute, In. Air Force fly drones out of it, pilots are in Arizona. A friends son is station there.

            • So I have been a “drone” pilot on several platforms both in and out of the military and both at home and over seas for about a decade. There are a TON of platforms very few of which can travel faster than 130 kts and even then they almost never do since the main goal is to stay airborne for as long as possible. The faster you go the more gas you burn, the less time aloft over target. Almost all of them send back live video in Electro-Optical (regular vision) or Infra-red (a form of thermal) to see in the dark.

              I’ve yet to meet ONE that wants to kill any American or their family. While they are troublesome to deal with when you are not wanting to be seen they have a variety of setbacks.

              The best times to move are as the sun sets and rises. This time of day is “crossover” where the temps of various objects(water, concrete, metal, ect..) all start to become about the same as each other. Also light is terrible for both types of optics especially in areas of shadow.

              Also of note is that all but the smallest systems(mainly hand thrown like Raven or Pointer) are very manpower and equipment intensive. All but the most expensive are flown LOS or Line of sight due to the difficulty and expense of flying via satellite. That means if you see one it MOST likely is being controlled 50-300km away. Closer if you live in hilly terrain since that makes LOS difficult. Not out of country or even your state.

              They need intensive amounts of maintenance as well and also I am sure that if you look it up on the web you can find plans to make your own inexpensive jammer that would handle almost all platforms that aren’t using encrypted data stream. I believe a College in Texas I think (google it) was able to steal control of a Global Hawk (very pricey)from some gvt agency in a test to see if they could using less than $1k in parts.

              Point is.. while they can be of great use in surveillance they are far from impervious on many fronts. Anything so sophisticated doesn’t even need much help to break 🙂 Hope this helps.


              • I will also try to answer any questions I can on the issue. The highest can fly like 60k ft msl.. mainly Global Hawk, the predator variants aside from the “B” have to stay mostly under 25k msl. All the smaller ones that are used for the video of your back yard bbqs are around 15k – 3k. You can see and hear A LOT of them.

                • @Grayfox….thanks for the info and your service to our country.

                  So these are harmless. I was wondering why the US needed so many. In your estimate, how many are operating inside the US border as of 2013?

                  Why do they need the real small drones? I have yet to see one, but have tried looking. What is their purpose?

                  What advantage or goal is there to have this many drones within the US borders? Can’t survailance stuff be done with say a total of 300 drones inside USA?

                  Anyway, Im just curious and somewhat paranoid.

                • @Ugly

                  Paranoia can be healthy! I don’t know exactly how many are in the US since the military can fly them all they want in their own Airspace and that is where they train. Even then they aren’t supposed to “look” outside the base. That has changed. The do look outside the base all the time now for training on tracking a moving target like a vehicle of various sizes.

                  Only a few get clearance to fly outside Mil Airspace. To do that they have to use Chase planes.(yes. a manned regular plane to make sure they don’t collide with another plane. So the process is still quite cumbersome. The border patrol crashed a predator a few years back when they were allowed to fly along the southern border and gave all unmanned planes a bad rap.

                  Sorry for the length. There is so much to know about this. Smaller planes are really used for close in tactical support of ground units. Watch a house before a raid and see if the ground guys miss a bad guy getting away. I think they are still a ways away from suicide drones. They take off with a small explosive and are intended to take out a person or small group.

                  The kind of surveillance you are speaking of is a Macro picture and satellites can do that. Drones are to give a group a live intelligence picture to base tactical decisions on. More micro. Larger drones can carry more toys and smaller ones can stay in the air longer and are generally quieter.

                  Drones to look up and you readily read their capabilities(which manufacturers sometimes embellish), Shadow, Hunter, Predator(all variants), Pointer, Raven. That is most of what the military has available to it. Only the cia and secret groups get access to the stuff like the one “captured ” by Iran. Synthetic Aperature Radar(SAR) is all the rave right now in the industry and should be read up on.

                  Why so many? Every group wants their own. And each wants certain payloads(ie optics, weapons, radars) and capabilities( fly higher, longer, faster) Even commercial since there are a lot of applications not dangerous to the people for land mapping and prospecting for mineral deposits and the like. I wouldn’t call these harmless by any means. And though it’s an industry that has paid my bills for a long time now, I am against the use in the US.


                • Grayfox 88; Do lasers mess with a drones visibility? Sometimes they sound like chainsaws real far off.

                  • A laser could mess with optics but I don’t know how you would be able to accurately aim the laser at a moving target a few thousand feet above you. You are better off building a jammer kind of deal to just over power the command and control link.

        • How high do they fly?

          • I have heard conflicting reports..

            from my undertanding the FAA had some issues with them and wanted them out of General Aviation air space, and commerccial..

            so, that tells me..above 37,000 feet but below probably 46,000..give or take 5,000 feet or so

            with general aviation (small aircraft) there are rules for the general direction you travel in be it easterly, or westerly even numbers going one direction, odd going the opposite..

            Commercial same rules but much higher altitudes..

            problem is,,they have to start from the earths elevation and get up there, so they have to be on some type of control or radar as to not hit any other traffic (yet) and I say that Yet with some skeptisium..wonder when it will happen, after all humans developed them, the system, and are flying them and the other aircraft up in the sky..
            Mark my words its going to happen, its just a matter of when, and if we the people will ever know the truth when or if its happened

            the only time you’d see them is coming in or going out, and you’d have to be close to that base when that event happens..probably groom lake, or EAFB..or places like that, heavily guarded etc..

            so from what I gather..way the F up


            Globularia (globe daisy)

            • I forgot to add, this would be for spying purposes..that altitude

              to bomb the piss out of you or some so called Non trialed Terrorist or combatant that they want gone..they might need to swoop down to 10,000 maybe?


              Daisy, Bumstead family’s dog in the comic strip Blondie

            • @VRF….I think the ones at 37,000 plus feet are the military style ones that are already being used. I know some drones are model airplane size. This was front page news here in Idaho as the Forest Service and BLM were showing it in their hands. It is in use.

              Also, a story also showed some drones only the size of a small bird.

              So they will be flying in all airspaces depending on type and size of drone.

              • Thats probably true Ugly..they also want to get them up into the Stratisphere, very little ballons and maybe low satelights..mostly the Surveillance type..
                spy satellites can’t linger over a single point on the ground. By contrast, stratospheric drones will operate at altitudes that are simultaneously high enough to enable coverage of an entire city and low enough to easily collect and convey detailed images of everything in view.

                They will record the route and speed of every vehicle on the streets. They will observe the movements of individual pedestrians. At night, they will capture the precise moments when the lights in living rooms and bedrooms are turned on and off. The data they acquire, which can be correlated with information from mobile devices and smart meters, will become an important component of the growing digital record of nearly everything we do.

                And what of the legal framework for the privacy of the information collected using high-altitude drones? In 1986, the Supreme Court that the police use of a private plane to view otherwise hidden marijuana plants growing in a California back yard did not constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment because the observations were made from public navigable airspace. This precedent suggests that the owners of drones operated in public airspace may initially enjoy broad latitude to use them for surveillance…any kind of Surveillance.


                they might even be looking at Daisy’s growing

                • found this clip on Bloomburg tv today

                  The U.S. Navy is using its first high-altitude drone, part of a potential $11 billion program, to monitor Iranian military activity and vessel transit in and around the Strait of Hormuz, according to service officials.

                  The unmanned aerial vehicle built by Northrop Grumman Corp. (NOC) is providing broad coverage of the strategic waterway from 60,000 feet, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert said

                • You worry about the drones. Not me. You forgot about the Satilites. Most Drones are for Tactiacl level use.

                  And I have been noticeing that our area of influnice is updated more often on google lately. And the Pic keeps getting better.

          • also, at, on the “Defend Palestine” page and “Defend Palestine 2” page, at the bottom of each,they have a list of effective UAV counter-measures. Those two pages are published as separate images, so you can either right-click on each one and choose “save as” and save them to your pc’s hard disk or you can just save the ones you want. If you try to save the page in a conventional way, you won’t get the content. The other pages on that blog, you can save in the “File, save” manner.

      7. Sign me up. This helps level the playing field.

      8. Cant you block your cell phone by wrapping it in aluminum foil?

        • probably not, but dont know that to be fact, and than all oyur other phone apps wouldnt probably work..tied in if you will

          so, when the curtain goes up, and you plan to be no longer tied to the system for what ever reason..wrap it in burger, andd feed it to a wolf, cow, etc… and head the other way


          Daisy Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park

        • If you must keep it. Remove the battery.If possible. Or let it run this its dead Dead. Yes Tin foil will help. Wrap it more than a few times. Just like those new wallets for your credit cards.

          This will block the pinpoint. But if you are using it only special phones scramble your tower use. And they are very hard to get.

          I keep a Lead lined Small Can just for it. Fits In the Big Cup holder of my Truck. I use it every day. Plus it make my phone last longer.

        • @ Tommahawk

          Dunno for sure mate, but in the winter I always wear me an alumnium foil skull cap ‘gainst me bald pate under a navy watch cap. So far I have eluded the pleiadians, the feds, the nibirubians, the local cops, the nefilims, the irs and me xwifey, what.

          Piers Morgan voice off.

          :>) orn out.

      9. Order online now and be placed on a Government list at no extra charge!

        • We are all already on the list so who cares. The second you clicked on this site you went on one list. Once you posted you were put on one for reveiw. And then depending on keywords you may have been put on an urgent list. So I say again who cares.

          • ^ will somebody please get this person a sense of humor

      10. They will probably program the drones to “take out” those going against the system. Those trying to hid. You know….you must have something to hid….

        • @Jeff….There will be two things that these drones will be used for by year 2016. Those that took the chip, and those that didnt.

          The first chip embedded thru Obamacare I believe is this March 2013. When this becomes a ‘full’ law, I believe the chip is required by everyone. Thus the chip will have GPS.

          In 2016, if a drone sees you walking around it will read whether you have a signal or not. If not, then here comes the Thought Police, or you’ll get zapped.

          PS I cant remember where I read about the chip and March 2013, but it was from several sources. I’ll try to find it.

          • Ugly, I read that too but cant remember the source.., its more than likely it will start with our kids..In schools no less

            Daisy BB guns are fun

            • snopes has no credibility

            • @VanMom….Thanks. According to this article is says that the chip in healthcare is a hoax. I’m not sure I really believe it.

              What I read was that it will be in some patients in 2013 and then the article did not go any futher.

              Really what needs to be asked is why all is this necessary. No need for drones if there are no tracking devices. You watch, after the first 5,000 drones are in the air then everything else will fall into place–cashless society, Big Brother Watching YOU, etc.

              I like that saying, ‘We are from the Govt, and we are here to help you’….

      11. Just go John Rambo and lay deep in the mud with only your eyes showing…lol

        can you get them in a paisly pattern or ……Daisy’s

      12. When a government makes ILLEGAL laws, IT becomes ILLEGAL.
        per: 1st and 2nd Amendments

        • how is any of this going to stop a nut?

          • Its not, because thats not thier intentions..

            besides they dont want to stop thier nuts, how would they scare us into submission?

      13. I keep maniquins in the car with me. one with obamas face with someone wrapping their arms around his neck. I always wonder why im getting pulled over after going thru tolls in NY.

      14. I am in my mid fifties, and yes I would wear these types of clothes, not because I am doing something wrong, just because it is none of the governments business what I do and where I go! I hope the designers design more clothing for “older” people, because believe it or not, we hate being watched more than anybody else, it just gives me a case of the red ass!!

      15. Could you line a jacket with one of those silver space blankets to help block your heat signature?

        • What about finding a way to create numerous “ghost” signatures? Run them ragged.

          I heard Geraldo Rivera whining this morning. When Eric Bolling said that people did not trust the government, Geraldo’s response was “How can you NOT trust your government?” That’s the sheeple mindset, and at present, they outnumber us.

          “Jackass” Joe Biden meeting with NRA was window dressing.

      16. not sure which os worse, these drone in our skies or the conspiracies they create. I am against these drones but there has to be better ways of combating them.

        • Please go ask any real military person how real drones are and how affective they are. 300 million guns will lose against the drones every day, unfortunately.

          • Yeah and who is to say that these drones will have bombs only. Saddam killed 5,000 Kurds in 15 minutes with a gas.

            I didnt believe in chemtrails until I got ‘beaned’ by one. I was driving over the Blue Mountain range by La Grande, Oregon and heading down Cabbage Hill (Dead Mans Pass) and then my wind-shield was suddenly covered by numerous green gells. I stopped and looked up and a jet resembling a B52 was passing by.

            The green gels were about the size of a bb and had a black middle to them. I didnt dare touch them. So I drove to Hermiston and used a car wash. Actually, it was before Hermiston (Milton-Freewater?).

            Anyway, times are changing.

            • shoulda took a sample

            • Why didn’t you save a sample if that happen to you. SO you covered up the evidence. Thanks for helping them.

              • @Facebook and Its Not Me….Where would you take such sample to, the DHS?

                I said of bb size, but probably more like ‘pea’ sized green pellet gels, that had black in the middle. There was probably 200 or so of those on my windshield and others around the truck.

                This was about 6-8 years ago. I travel thru there once in while on business stuff. I was just curious if someone else had this happen too.

                • Plenty of independant labs.., werent you ever taught how to lie as a

                  make up a darn story , you found it in your basement and was concerned what the composition was and if you should have it removed or not,, dammit man use your head and imagination, easpecially if you suspected it was something nefarious..

          • I would suggest reading Sun Tzu and studying up on your Chess Game. See, Drones are an amazing thing but can’t fly anywhere without fuel. All that data storage is great until there is no electricty to run the computers. Finally, if $200 worth of custom clothing can defeat the million dollar drone then we’ve already won.

          • So, why haven’t we won the war in Afghanistan?

            • Actually the Afghans are the ones most on this site should be studying. They have been playing the game against mightier foes for eternity and they have always won in the end.

        • Listen man, their only lieing to those who will buy it.

          they are not even hiding it anymore and still there are people who dont believe it

          Y C F S

      17. while definitely cool, i think people that buy them that are everyday joe prepper and not some reporter for alex jones; have lost it.

        if drones are actually going to track me because i drive an evil suv, pollute the air with cigars and go to church on sundays; then its too late for the US anyways; they’ll just pick off those that dont go along one by one and you cant stop them if they take their time.

      18. Screw the diet!!!!! I’m buying a hoodie!!!

      19. I don’t know how well that stuff actually works. I wouldn’t wear it all the time. If they figure you’re wearing that it would make you a target. It would be good to wear if you’re outside at night going to bury or dig up stuff.

      20. When suddenly! The designer suffered a mysterious fatal heart attack…


      21. It is a novel concept, but I don’t think it will do much good. Regardless of how much you cover yourself, as someone mentioned above, your heat will eventually leave whatever you are wearing.

        It’s a way for them to make money on something. That’s all.

        Cool concept though. If you think about it, someone made millions putting sleeves on a blanket.

      22. Coming to a city near you!
        The Department of Fashion!

        Providing reasonable restrictions on clothing and keeping us safe from those who want to hide from drones. They also provide free services such as tailor measurements, prostate exams, and constipation relief. What’s not to like?

      23. …if it breaths, eats, and poops, it can be dealt with..

        don’t go after the metal, make the operator the meal


        • If it bleeds, we can kill it.

        • B.A.


          You & some others GET it!!!!!

          • @Gunsmith:

            Just like hunting zombies, kill the head and the body will follow, metal or meat.

            300 million to corral with 30,000, not gonna happen. To many snitches that a can of beans and a pint of clean water will satisfy.

            I would not want to be sitting in a tin can, looking at a control monitor, knowing that assured destruction was coming my way. I might piss myself.

            ….’sides, I like new toys….be safe…BA.

        • First you have to get thought the defence to get to the man. Which will be far away.

          • @FBP:

            Evening Sir.

            48 states, multiple points of engagement, no OPSEC– we have the intel already–they will be close to somebody.

            It is like an intruder on your property, they are at the disadvantage.

            No green zone, no big fence, and knowing their families are outside the gates, morale will be so low, I can see lots of FUBAR and charlie foxtrot mishaps.

            ..Be safe…gonna be cold tonite….BA.

            • I know some drone flyer’s. They are at Mcchord Air Force Base. All they care about is the game. That is all it is to them. Hell they rarely leave A small basement building on the back area of the base.

              Many are in their twenties no family. All they care about is the game and their toys. Hell you could smell their room they work in all the way down the hall.

              They also know that there “Toys have about a 30s day life span before they on the strategic level are worthless.

              And the one that are in Minnesota and Montana will be in Airborne control planes. How will you get to them.

              Do you have a transporter.

              • @FBP:

                They still have to eat, sleep, refuel, reload, and have time off to recharge.

                I have family who operate in that MOS, I am well aware of their capabilities and method of operation, well versed you might say. Most jockeys are young,they need their distractions to stay frosty. Easy pickins when you know the playbook.

                AS DK says:”Engage, and don’t feed the Beast”

                …be safe….woof…..BA.

      24. Unfortunately I can see this, along with giant soda pops and American rights, being banned for national security purposes.

      25. I like the concept of a barrett 50 cal. sniper gun hitting a target 2 miles away,I think your children in the DHS/TSA would love to have one used on them.and I’am sure they would to ,cause treason by government employees is now fashionable,when the shit hits the fan,expect to see blood running down the streets in front of your house,YOU WANTED IT,AND SOON YOU’LL GET YOUR WISH……………..

      26. YOUR POLICE,MILITARY,NATO TROOPS,FIRE DEPT.ALL HAVE FULL INTENTIONS of burning america to the ground…DON’T let them kidd you about what great patriots they are,their nothing but a pack of lying whores,who work for none other then LUCIFER HIMSELF,they know it too,REMEMBER,wait for them in a choke POINT,then hit their windsheilds with paint bombs,WHEN they come out,HAVE YOUR SNIPPER TEAMS READY,if any of them survive,remember your dogs will be really hungry,save them for dog food,be sure to pull their ID from their pockets,so you know who they are for later use,THEY WILL BE COMING GET READY NOW…………

        • What does a SNIPPER TEAM do, cut their suspenders or something?

        • @Arizona….We are all paranoid for many good reasons. But not this paranoid. Whatever you are reading, you may want to change abit.

      27. Tremendous, purchase quickly before they axe the line!

      28. Would a solar blanket work . Very easy to make a poncho with a hood.

      29. WooHoo! Got a Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun today. My arsenal is complete! Just need to stock up on more Ammo.

        And as for the drones, it’s the new breed that we will need to worry about. The small ones that can hover outside your window filming, listening, scanning, etc.

        A shot gun is perfect for taking those little bastards out.

        • Good luck with the ammo. Down here in the south if your not at the store when the truck arrives you can forget it.

          Some of the stores are putting stickers on the ammo shelves stating the wait time. (3 weeks etc.) They are claiming the warehouses are out of ammo…

          I’m glad I got that out the way before everyone freaked..

          I think it sends a GREAT message to the PTB and the gun grabbers that we are armed more so then ever in history. However I doubt they are bright enough to get what that means.. Your move sucker’s…

          • Ive heard local cops are not even getting ammo , and its screwing with thier training excercises..unintended consequences as it may be.

            just wait until they need ammo to really do something good for humanity and they dont have it..

            If I were a cop and they couldnt give me a full belt and mag load I would sit at my desk until they could

          • It’s still available here in Idaho, although the price has gone up a bit. But I don’t know about .223/5.56 as I don’t have an AR or anything that fires that round.

          • here in NorCal, ammo is still plentiful, not as many gun advocates, me thinks. Lots of Doves, they don’t shoot, they just fly away.

      30. First hand account from retired USAF Colonel that you cannot see them or hear them. They fly high and quiet. If a drone has it’s eye on you you’re likely FUBAR. Best to just track down the pilots and deal with it there.

      31. I already have stealthware. It’s called mud on a camo burlap/canvas tarp! And a stealth home, it’s called a cave…

      32. Oppp..Its almost Zero Beer Thirty…Gotta go.

      33. In the end it’s pretty simple. Once the government turns on us, it will shortly be over. Yes there will be many casualties but they will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. They will not be able to by the munitions to keep up the fight. The tax revenues would plummet. They will try to turn on the printing presses, but that to will no longer work. Eventually they/we are broke and out of bullets/energy. Last man standing type event. We (Americans) will come out on top through attition. Dark road ahead. Pace yourselves. I ain’t scared. The worker bees are also American. They will peel off and refuse to do these despicable deeds on fellow Americans and family. They ruling heads (government, military, politicians) that make the most noise will need to be silenced. This could be by bullet, shovel, brick, arrow, poison, you name it. But the heads of the snake will be cut off one by one until common sense prevails.

      34. @ chickenlittle

        Exactly! Run ops out of a cave system.

        Tunnels worked well for the Vietcong.

        The Afghans have been defeating superpowers out of caves for 20+ years. nuff said…

        All one would need is to draw them into a low-tech conflict. They’re screwed without all there gadgets…

        • The battle will be won or lost in the political arena. If it goes beyond that think of Beruit and Serajevo to be what to expect at best.

          Concentrate on how to achieve victory in the hearts and minds of the body politic.

          • Kinda hard to do when they control the media. and.. Most folks believe every word of there propaganda…

            Talking with folks around town, we are the minority. Most folks I talk to think you can vote the problem away. Like that has worked the last 20+ years.. I feel most times as though I’m talking to children..

            Just to expand on that point..
            There’s 4 people that owe me $100.00 each. They were foolish enough to bet me that obummer would not be re-elected. One of which said we would be in civil war/economic collapse before that happen so he agreed to pay me in ammo. Well I think it’s time to pay him a visit to get my ammo…lol

            I tried to tell them that he would be ‘reappointed’… They wouldn’t listen.

            You must learn from history are you will be destined to repeat it..

      35. While I can appreciate this man’s motive and efforts, I’m not so sure about his merchandise becoming a hit. I might try some of it depending on the price. On the drones, if we’re ever hit with an EMP/solar flare, the circuits in those drones and all other surveillance equipment will get fried just like any other electronics, totally eliminating the need for his product line. Anti-drone technology already exists. If it gets within range of my M1,well…. If not, then it can be zapped by EMP/solar flare, anti-air weaponry, etc. Braveheart

      36. I was thinking about wearing those Xray protectors the dentist puts over you when you have xrays on your teeth done. I know Xrays wont go through, so heat will not, but will they show up real cold and thus stand out on FLIR?

        • Those aprons are lead lined and very heavy , you wouldn’t want to wear them and certainly couldn’t move effectively in one , heat will go through them ,, just will take a while for it to penetrate…

          The mylar and bubble wrap sandwich type insulation is very effective … you can buy it in rolls at HD or Lowes or in 2’*5′ pieces as a windshield sun/heat deflector .. you can fashion whatever you want out of it.

          Being partially masked will definately flag you as a bad guy in a tactical situation , the “good guys” will not be masked for IR as they have the drones on their side. Probably be better to appear to be a good guy..

      37. “December 29, 2012 marked the 122nd Anniversary of the murder of 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. These 297 people, in their winter camp, were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began AFTER the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. When the final round had flown, of the 297 dead or dying, two thirds (200) were women and children.”

        dont ever think they wont do it again..were well on the road to it happining , just this time it will be you, why? because they already killed most of us Natives off and your next!

        think of me what you will, you been warned

        Algoma..”valley of flowers” daisy’s

        • Just in case you didnt think this government had ever or would ever commit to mass murder over gun control, there is some history for you to ponder

          most of my ancestors are pushing up…Daisy’s because of thier adgendas

          • VRF

            Second Amendment advocates site NASI Germany repeatedly but that rings hollow to many that believe “We’re above that”. All governments are capable and most have committed atrocities at one time or another. Piers Morgan scoffs at the idea that a civilian population should have the capacity to resist tyranny. He ignores his own motherland being one of the most brutal. From here in the US to across Africa where they created the concentration camp killing the families of South Africans across to India and up to their own back door in Ireland their hands are very bloody. Maybe that’s where they picked up the term and incorporated it into British slang. They didn’t get thrown out of nation after nation because they were benevolent. They pretty much don’t do the same anymore because they have no one left to do it to.

            I wish someone would call him on it on his show.

            • some people like him are just completely ignorant to history and the fact that It has and keeps repeating itself,(at least the acts with some subtle changes as we grow as a society) they live in a fantasy land that if they didnt see it or live it, it just didnt happen..Well there is tons of proof to show otherwise, but they dont want to give it any credit..probably because they fear the reality of it, and hope that if they stick thier head in the sand deep enough, it will cover thier ASS!

              well, I refuse to live my life like that, because the cold hard wake up call really fucks up the false reality of that way of being, and thinking..
              The only way to combat or alter the future history, is to face reality head on and try to change it for the better , rather than to hide from it, hoping it will all go away.

              to put it simple..he’s a coward


              this daisy thing is wearing me

              • @VRF ‘this daisy thing is wearing me’.
                I’m hooked ‘cuz I’m a bread-crumbs kind of jr. detective kid.
                I am also far, far behind on my daily reading. So here I am getting stalled out on your comments on what seems to be very curious leavings.
                Have I missed something? I’m very good at wordy things.

                On the side: Thanks for remembering the betrayal and slaughter of indigenous folk…. I have recent tracks back to some Muscogee souls.

              • JayJay

                That’s the fact Jack!

      38. This is the type of good news you like to see, ways of combating against tyranny of the government going after innocent citizens that just want freedom. Actually a good name for this should be F.U. government for not going after the real criminals.

        It is really is so sad that there is even a market for this, that good honest people have to defend themselves against their own government and those like in the TSA and other “law enforcement” are not working for the people. The country and world are going down, and thankfully there are people out there that are just not going to accept it and try to help others protect themselves.

      39. (in my best john cena voice)…(and waving my hand in front of my face)….”you can’t see me!!!”

      40. The only way you’re going to know if the clothing is effective against the technology being deployed, is if the person next to you consistently gets taken out and you don’t. Then again if it’s a drone strike, you’ll be vapor anyways.

      41. Ok a few Tequilas in me, Im feeling like Okie..hers a good one for ya

        “Your Badge”

        A DEA Agent stopped at a ranch in Texas
        and talked to an old rancher. He told the
        rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for
        illegally grown drugs.” The rancher said,
        “okay, but don’t go into that field over
        there…”, as he
        pointed out the location.
        The DEA Agent verbally exploded and said,
        “look mister, I have the authority of the
        federal government with me!” Reaching
        into his rear back pocket, the arrogant
        officer removed his badge and proudly
        displayed it
        to the rancher. “See this fucking badge?!
        This badge means I can go wherever I
        want… On any land! No questions asked,
        no answers
        given! Do you understand old man?!”
        The rancher kindly nodded, apologized, and
        went about his chores. Moments later, the
        rancher heard loud screams, he looked up
        and saw the DEA agent running for his life,
        being chased by the ranchers big Santa
        Gertrudis Bull…… With every step the bull
        was gaining ground on the officer, and it
        was likely that he’d sure enough get gored
        before he reached safety. The officer was
        clearly terrified. The old rancher threw
        down his tools, ran as fast as he could to
        the fence, and
        yelled at the top of his lungs…..

        • To VRF:”Outstanding story!!!”.
          Just the mindset we’ll need in the future!
          Despite all this “flying junk”(if It can’t produce anything,it’s JUNK!) never fear,at some point the boys in Congress WILL refuse to work together and let gridlock happen.It was one of the reasons the Roman Empire fell apart.No funds available,no drones,FBI CIA no false flags etc.We don’t really need to fight,just wait the buzzards out.

        • As a farmer who owns an awesome bull, absolutely outstanding. The tears are still running.

      42. Look someone is just out for the money on this one. I for one will not fall for it. Who in their right mind would wear this 24/7, because that is what you would have to do.

        Take a dump, a leak, or even take a breath, your toast. There are 100’s of things more to worry about a Hell of a lot closer than a drone at 40,000 ft. that can take you out.

      43. I suggest we nip this problem at the bud. Find the 19 year old nerds who operate these drones and spank the living daylights out of them, i.e. so they can never sit on their fat butts, ever again.

      44. Need I remind you that they are hackable…

        Don’t beat the nerd, but rather give him all the pocket protectors he wants. (make friends) He might show you how to turn them on the PTB…

        just a thought

      45. My cell phone has this feature called “airplane mode”. It takes about a second to toggle.

      46. By the time you know if it really works… you be dead. Not sure the best move is defense if you know what i’m saying

      47. What about a stealth Umbrella?

      48. This is a good product so far, but to make it even better the manufacturer could make it like “Thor Shield” that police use so that its wearers would also be protected from stun guns, stun shells, tazer wands etc.

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