Staying FULLY UNVACCINATED Proves To Be The Safest Defense Against Contracting COVID

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

    It took a while, but a few billion people are now able to confirm what they suspected since the beginning of the pandemic, namely that it is mostly a fear-based campaign that went “viral,” and the main goal was always simply pushing toxic “vaccinations.”

    In other words, if you DO NOT have millions of spike proteins throughout your vascular system and flooding your vital organs, you have a better chance of fending off Covid. This is simply because your immune system, heart, and cleansing organs are not being taxed, polluted, and strained by millions of toxic prions that mimic the lab-concocted, gain-of-function SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    This is a look into ADE, auto-immune disorder, and how booster shots continue to weaken the immune system, a bit more with each injection, because there are millions more spike proteins to invade vital organs, including the liver and pancreas, as we are seeing with science-backed evidence. Pfizer-Gate has been blown wide open, and the masses are starting to die off and disappear, almost like Nazi Germany, but this time throughout the world. It’s a vaccine holocaust, and it’s not just led by Pfizer, but Moderna and many more pharma conglomerates.

    So if someone asks you what your vaccine “status” is, and you want or need them to know (even though it’s nobody’s business), then simply say “I am fully… unvaccinated.” This choice has enabled your immune system to do what it’s supposed to do, naturally, and fend off viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. This way you also avoid the horrific statistics of injury and death caused directly or indirectly by the Covid clot shots.

    The “fully vaccinated” suffer while the “fully unvaccinated” enjoy strong natural immunity, best for avoiding or beating Covid-19 

    Whether someone has subjected themselves to just one gene therapy injection or several as a series with boosters, their body has been invaded by millions, if not billions, of toxic virus-mimicking prions that somehow attract heavy metals and create long, rubbery clots in the blood, around the heart, in the brain, and inside vital organs.

    All of the fully unvaccinated in America know that these clot shots are the main cause of the massive uptick in cases of pericarditis, myocarditis, blood clots, cancer, miscarriages and stillbirths, and sudden “unexplainable” adult and infant deaths (SADS or SIDS). It’s certainly not a syndrome unless that ‘syndrome’ is caused by mRNA “technology” creating a new cell syndrome that can’t fight off viruses or bacteria anymore.

    Do you suddenly have an antibody-dependent syndrome? You must be fully vaccinated. Is your own immune system attacking your vital organs because they now contain toxic virus-mimicking spike protein prions inside them? You must be fully vaccinated. Got sciatica acting up badly or happening since you got the Fauci Flu jabs? It’s not a coincidence.

    The fully vaccinated are also suffering from out-of-the-blue cancer tumors at the site of injection (haven’t you seen the new warnings?), and these medical doctors can’t seem to explain it away, certainly never pointing the finger at the clot shots, even though scientific evidence does point to the Wuhan virus injections.

    That’s why remaining FULLY UNVACCINATED is proving to be the safest defense against contracting Covid-19 and its variants. Those who are bragging and “feel safe” because they are “fully vaccinated” are finding themselves dealing with new health events, exacerbated pre-existing conditions, and starting to regret what choices they’ve made. Doctors and scientists around the globe are blowing the whistle on the clot shots, seeing the carnage right in their own labs and offices now.

    Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis, and severe, chronic inflammation.


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