State of the Union Smack Down *Video*

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Headline News | 142 comments

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    The CATO Institute responds to President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address on issues that include job creation, taxes, small business policy, education, Iran, the energy industry, Congressional authority to wage war, and even addresses secret assassination lists.

    While the President paints a rosy picture (it is an election year after all), not everything is as it seems. Taking a brief look just below the surface of the platitudes reveals a completely different story, not just about the state of affairs in America, but the willingness of officials on all levels of government to continue perpetuating the myth of a system where we get something for nothing.

    The president’s address — more campaign speech than policy platform — was long on calls for “fairness” and “opportunity,” but it really boiled down to the president’s vision of a society where government does everything for everyone — financed, of course, by higher taxes on “the rich,” who need to pay “their fair share.”

    Source: A Redistributive State of the Union by Michael Tanner

    Watch Cato Institute scholars Malou Innocent, Chris Edwards, Neal McCluskey, Ilya Shapiro, Jerry Taylor, Dan Mitchell and Dan Ikenson respond to President Obama:

    Hat tip European American and RevolutionaryPolitics.TV


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      1. Anyone that doesn’t see through the smoke and mirrors of this clown is utterly clueless. The economy is getting better? Really? I don’t see it! Maybe I’m missing something….

        • Dammit guanoman, the economy is getting better…your POTUS just told you it was, and he loves you, he is here to help, just poor a glass of kool-aid, put your blinders on and….hey isn’t dancing with the stars on?

          • RWS III: Yeah, Hitler kept telling the German people that victory would be their’s soon, even as the Allies and Soviets were closing in on Berlin. Many folks would rather believe a sweet lie than the truth, especially a painful one. We’ve been crashing for decades, but it’s hard for most people to notice becasue it’s happening slowly, with a few bumps here and there. And after each bump, we’re grateful that it’s over, accepting the new low in our standard of living, and just hoping it’s the last one. Our standard of living has decreased steadily since at least the 1960s. You don’t believe me, just check the true personl income to product costs over the years. And the economy will continue to slide becasue the people who caused it, the mega banks and corporations with their political front men, can’t stop their rapacious behavior for money and power. They’re as insane as any crack addict ever was and they won’t stop until everything is gone. So get ready.

        • We didn’t get the memo.

        • Mac

          The state of the union will continue to deteriorate at a rapid acceleration this year..especially when all the public pension holders start to retire and claim their benefits…what is the current estimate?

          trillions in unfunded pensions..?

      2. Kenya…please I beg you…bring your village IDIOT back home!!

        • Kenya doesn’t want him either.

      3. ok we are doing so good and millions of new jobs are being created says obama the idiot. but now the federal reserve wants or needs another bailout for the economy, that should be a no brainer and a lie/smack in our faces about how untruthful this cock sucker really is,

        • is that duh same as clueless puppet c s……? I retired a couple years ago and should not have. Long live the countefeit federal hypothecation.

      4. From my position (debt slave) I see no improvement in the economy. My home is still worth half what I owe. Unemployment still high, even if you don’t count all those that quit looking for work.

      5. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. The assclown-in-chief will not escape the effects of the disaster he is creating. Someday he will know what was going through the minds of Louis and Marie the instant before the guillotine did.

        • Naw … @mhm thats TOO GOOD for em’ , I say give em’ too the families of the G.I.’s they (NWO.CFR.bilderboybuggers) Assassinated killed – like Pat Tilmans Mom and Wife and all the wives of the Dead Seal Team Six6… murdered by osama barack obama and his bilderboybugger oligarchy zionist super friends. That would be a sight too see… TRUE JUSTICE WOULD BE SERVED THEN!

        • I hope so Moon. I have a guillotine sharpener I will donate to the cause. It is actually wide enough to take care of 2-3 politicians at a time. We could hold a lottery for the right to pull the lever. The winnings could go to pay off the debt. At last our politicians would be doing something worthwile for their country.

          Forget about taxes, I know a couple of millionaires who would pay big money for a ticket. If we don’t raise enough money we can always include some bankers in the process.

          • @highspeed

            ROFLMAO !!!!

            • It was nothing, I have a million and one ideas about how to fix those jerks. It was Moon’s inspiration really.

          • Pay per view. That would clear the debt we owe

          • Highspeed – careful your metaphor isn’t misinterpreted by the thousands of FBI collecting identities and itching to declare you a terrorist (NDAA) and strip you of your citizenship (Enemy Expatriation Act).

            • They would be better off locking me up, because if they just strip me of my citizenship and send me away, my one lifes goal would be to come back here and find them one by one. We would then have a little party.

          • @Highspeed
            How ’bout a target to throw baseballs at. You know like a dunk tank. A dollar a shot…..;>) Trip the guillotine and get a prize…..

        • A scientist did an experiment during the french revolution, he was going to blink as many times as possible after he was beheaded( a scientist to the end), IF my memory serves me correct,he blinked 20 times!

      6. WOW!..a few minutes of this BS and you develop a twitch…you feel your IQ dropping hitting the floor and slithering out under the door….drool runs out the corner of your mouth and all the while little gurgling sounds mixed with a low moan escape your tightened throat….as tunnel vision closes in and you feel your life slipping out of your skin…kinda like when your inlaws show up unannounced…eeeyiyi! 🙁

        • If it weren’t for the Cato crew interrupting the speech, I couldn’t have listen after the first 10 seconds.
          What is comical, is that he thinks the majority of Americans believe him.

          • On this I disagree DRD–the fraud has puppets/Obots that probably scan these sites every day and report our disgust..does it bother the fraud and wife??
            Hell, no–they get off on it.

            • JJ, I see your point. ‘they get off on it’ is still comical, they are fooling no one.

        • STOP IT, STOP IT NOW Reb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Almost everybody sitting there at the state of union address is a hack on the payroll of corruption starting with the judges. The show and tell, dog & pony participates that were asked to be there were just the fodder. Nice dress me-shell. Who paid for it while the masses go without jobs and turn back into slaves. I hope you are finally proud of your country “again”. Paid for and designed by the Democratic Party while the Democrats are in charge.

          • Just so you know, You are 100% right, but you lost me on the last sentence about the democrats. The republicans have been in control of the purse(the house) for a while now, and what do we got, same as before, but NOW they don’t have to put debt increases to a vote it is automatic, and the republican controled house passed that autodebt. Democrats+republicans= 1 party. You see, they are just 1 party, with 2 subsections that only disagree on the trivial bull$hit issues! There is a reason they didn’t put the study of fascism in the sheeple’s history text books, they would have said-Wow this is us! RON PAUL 2012!

            • Yeah, its funny, ain’t it, kevin? I mean, I’m a republican. …or used to be when I actually thought there was a difference. Though I would vote independent at times, I voted STRAIGHT republican several times. Hehehe. What a dumbass I was. STRAIGHT? There isn’t any way to vote STRAIGHT anything in this government. Its all crooked.

              They’re all the same. Yep! If one says “The democrats spoiled it all!” They’re correct! If they also said “The republicans spoiled it all!” They’d also be correct. While there are some sutble differences, essentially, in the end, there is *NO* difference. We get screwed. They get rich. Their buddies get rich. Its been that way, nearly, since the founding. No, not of *THIS* country! Since the founding of *CIVILIZATION*!!!

              Go Ron GO!

              RON PAUL 2012!

              It might get a little better. But, if anyone thinks that one honest man at the head of the snake makes it not a snake, well, you’re deluded. We have to replace the snake. Start with the head. We might actually get started this year.

            • netranger- You phrased that 100 times better then I would ever be able to. You are the man. I saw myself in the mirror reading that!!!

            • ron paul is a traitor. He is investing in project60. yt:project60 idaho and china. There is what he thinks of the u.s., give everything to china.

          • Watching the State of the Union,I couldn’t help but think how much better this country would be if the capitol building just collapsed in on itself or got swallowed up by a black hole. After 9-11 I was kinda’ bummed about the plane that crashed in Pa., always felt it might have been better if it had hit it’s intended target (the Capitol).

        • apparently your inlaws didn’t like the post.

      7. “Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.”

        What an actor!
        What a sterling performance!
        How does he hold a straight face when every other scripted line is a lie?

        Oh my, and to think we may have 4 more years of that demon as our leader.
        The guy’s possessed; what does that say about the collective?

        • I couldn’t watch all of it. Every time I see Barrys face I get nauseated. To hear him read the teleprompter I was afraid I was going to projectile vomit on my laptop. To hear the fucking IDIOTS applaud this FRAUD nightmare makes me want to kick my dog and he’s a good dog. Its like Groundhog Day…same shit in a new package…every damned day!!

        • Did they offer acting classes at Harvard on a student loan… Reading classes…

        • ea-Kinda like the actors in airplane and the likes of benny hill. I never could understand how those actors kept a strait face. Perhaps they filmed it earlier a couple of times and edited it,then replayed it. Our freedom is a matrix/BS, why wouldn’t the state of the union be?

      8. nwo.zionist.cfr.cia.illegal.puppet.prez OSAMA BARACK OBAMA/ a.k.a barry soetoro –

        IS FREE AMERICA”S #1 GUN SALESMAN… we couldn’t ask for a better poster child for the reason of why we ALL should buy a gun this month and 2000 rounds of ammo!

        Arm Up America Stock Up Prepare for Martial Law and Civil War!

        VOTE RON PAUL 2012… your life and your children’s FREEDOMS do DEPEND on Him! Truly!

        Say F.U. to the NWO… ;0) , VOTE RON PAUL 2012!

      9. Next time you “DIAL 911” think twice… you might just be robbed by the NWO zionist Poo Poo lil’blue.piggies…

        Two Cops Accused of Robbing Undercover Officer

        Might be better just exercise your 2nd amendment rights and add some more fetilizer to your garden… or get some pigs… I hear pigs are good too…

        ;0P pssszzt to the NWO.Zionist.Goyim.Soldier.Slaves.PooPooPigs

        • There are still some good cops out there, especially in small towns like I live in. Not one of them would turn on us. I dont know the county boys as well, but the ones I know are good guys. It is the state boys I worry about

      10. He’s been saying he is going to raise taxes on the elite wealthy for 3 and a half years now.Fine sign the fucking bill and quit talking about it.
        I’m glad i’m not the only insomniac here.

      11. The economy is getting better my ass. Been laid off almost two years,used to make about sixty per year,any job now I’ve found pays one third if that and with no benefits. This president is the biggest joke in our history and his policies are going to collapse the country just like he plans so the good ole government will have to step in to protect his dictatorship. I took a oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and the domestic enemies are wolves in weak politicians clothing and we will fight you communists just keep pushing us and see what happens.

      12. I had absolutely no desire to end my life yesterday via a self-inflicted heart attack from the stress of watching our joker-in-chief. I went bowling.

        • How was your bowling? I haven’t read any positive news besides Okie’s in a while. You could lie about your score and I would believe you before I believe the lies read at the state of the union. Lincoln was a BIG liar.

          • Thanks for asking! Bowled over-average one time, but was a little off. Everyone around me kept mentioning that the speech was on and we could be watching it …was a real distraction!! I was afraid the management would actually turn it on!! I’d tell you I bowled a 300, but I’d be laughing so hard I couldn’t type!! 😉

      13. He is just doing what he is told. Do you forget he is just a puppet? Corporate is in charge! Do your homework people.

        • Doesn’t excuse the lies, they are still coming from his mouth and that is “change we can believe in”: same retoric different day.

        • Most here have done their homework. Give us a courtesy flush.



          obama will pay for his crimes… that is a promise!

          • barack obama is completely clueless and doesnt even realize the scam that the world has become…. this man honestly believes hes doing good, by implementing, what is, his evil communist agenda. Barack Obama is both dangerous to himself and the entire nation , not to mention to the world. Unfortuneately Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and most likely Mitt Romeny would be equally if not more disasterous.Certainly we are at a point where these people all need to resign before they create bloody pandemonium… these twits are confused… and Nina where i disagree with you, I think the fucking Rothschilds have left the fucking building becuase they realize what they created was too big of a monster…. I have a gut feeling but obviously cant, by any means, rule out that they are still in control…. i think they created fucking chaos and realized it about 2006 or 2007….. and Obama is such a twit he doesnt get it… he thinks he can make a difference with his evil communist agenda…. He basically needs to step down as well as every member of congress….. but it is too late in my opinion , i have seen some extremely disturbing signs this week and last that have me taking the prepping and that up a notch…. we are being converted from a pure fascist state to a communist state and it is happening right now! this is just wrong….. how in the hell does it ever come to this?

            • @eeder … PLEASE … dude, chill pls … your diluting my message #1 … your poisoning RON PAUL 2012 VOTER POOL #2 … AND I disagree with your view off the family rothschilds… i never said what you said i said… the family rothschilds are still in the game and are direct supporters CONTROLERS of the american zionist nwo oligarchy bilderboybugers financialy and politically CFR, TRI-LATERAL, BILDERBURGER, IMF from england and their goldmansachs oligarchy bank in new york who tells our illegal cia puppet prez how to fold his toilet paper and when to wipe his butt … pls chill dude. Your message is always much better when your more chilled bro – thanks.

        • phuck that… the cia zionist puppet prez does NOT get a PASS… he signed off on the murders assassination OF GOOD american MILITARY MEN – PAT TILMON, and the DEAD MEMBERS OF SEAL TEAM SIX! and others… barrack h. obama / barry soetoro DOES NOT GET A PASS!

          you should change your name from WARRIOR to ZIONIST.FED.TROLL ya puss traitor… I can’t help but wonder how much you and the other trolls here get paid daily too post your propaganda nwo bullsheeit here… money that should go to homeless vets, homeless people, an the homeless children of america. Victims of your NWO Oligarchy Masters Greedy Robbery of the World and America!

          • Nina,
            I want to offer you a famous line to help cheer you up a little and lower your blood pressure.
            ” Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

      14. O.K maybe i am the only one from this sight that just got home from work and can’t sleep.
        The treasury guru Geither,says Dumbo won’t have him back for the next 4 years.Apparently they know something that we don’t.I’m putting my money on starting a war with Iran.What did he say about (i’m not leaving anything on the table)when it comes to Iran and nuclear weapon capability.That sounded like a warning shot fired over the bow to me.

      15. I met a young russian at a specialty wood shop a few years ago, and he told me about his adventures coming to live in the great USA. After listening for while I asked him one question: “After all you have endured to come here, how different do seem, now that you have been here a few years? His answer floored me, He said,

        “In Eastern block countries we know leaders lie, in USA you believe what you are told, other than that, it is same sheeet, but deeeferent flies”

        • Yep, and the Eastern bloc says bribes while we call them lobbiests!

          • In iraq(so I heard) we(the gov) would give them(iraqis) “road improvement money”. More money=less IED, less money=more IED. They might call it winning the hearts and minds, I call it bull$hit. You are right on, “soft corruption” my A$$!

      16. First, Obama is nothing more that a corporate and Israeli shill. I don’t know how anyone can take this guy seriously.

        Second, Libertarians are right on foreign policy, civil liberties, and monetary policy, but they are dead wrong on labor issues, especially what they call free trade.
        At 1:40, the Cato guy says we never lost manufacturing. Is this guy serious? We lost 5.5 million manufacturing jobs since ’98, due to NAFTA and the WTO and our “trade” relations with China.

        Lost in ideology, they don’t realize that our blue and white collar job losses and massive trade deficits have nothing to do with trade. Trade means reciprocation. But what is being traded when companies move their operations to countries like China, where the labor is under a buck an hour and there are few health, safety, or environmental regulations? True, corporate taxes are high and we have much unneeded regulation, but Libertarians never mention the cheaper labor cost other countries provide.

        But I’d still take a Libertarian president like Ron Paul over Bushama anyday.

        • Right on. The sign on my door says VP Operations. But I’m in manufacturing, so after twenty years I have little confidence in actually sitting in this desk much longer. Like I said in another post, when the smoke clears, trade will be what did us in – under the watch of Bush, Obummer, and every f’ing republican and democrat in congress. They all buy into the neolib economic model. From someone who’d lived it, I hate these bs artists at cato every, single, bit as much as Obummer, and I have fine reasons to do so. Yeah, I’d like to let Ron Paul fix some of this mess. Whatever little thinkgs he screws up we can fix later. To hear me tell it, it’s already too late. Plan accordingly.

      17. I am a political atheist….I don’t believe in ANY of them

        Take care

        • Burt, great line. I will be using that again (if you don’t mind) especially with the libs.

      18. got mossberg! and dog food>>

      19. Our economy is based upon faith that federal reserve notes which used to mean “I owe you gold” or “I owe you silver,” but now “I owe you nothing” will continue to be accepted for all debts, public and private.

        Soros had his say and now Obama has had his. One wants to crash the dollar and take his profit now while the other wants to string us along until after the November elections when he has nothing left to lose.

      20. How about his re-election ads on TV? Ethics? what a joke! Created jobs in alternative energy. What about solyndra? Half a billion gone and then the company folds. Oh, I am sorry. Pelosi’s brother owns the company. What a shaky deal. I will not sign NDAA, unless it is during a holiday and no one is looking. Reduced dependancy on foreign oil? Why are we shipping so much overseas and still paying the outrageous prices. I could go on, but I feel my blood pressure rising past the safe point. I would love to have a one on one conversation with the Prez so I could ask him about all of his lies

      21. Its 2012.. it will be over soon..


      22. Now a brief look at Today’s News Headlines…

        Senator Rand Paul gave the response to Obama’s state of the union speech. The best part was edited out though. What you didn’t see was when Rand looked directly into the camera and said “Mr President, the ‘dreams’ I got from my father were not about anti-constitutional marxism. The ‘hope’ I have is for a return to the rule of law and soveriegn citizenship. The ‘change’ we all want to see is you leaving Pennsylvania Avenue. And most of all, Mr President, I KNOW where I was born!”

        PepsiCo is being boycotted by several right-to-life groups. Evidently, the soft drink maker is in cahoots with a company that uses human fetal cells and tissues. They use human taste receptor cells from the fetuses to try and improve the flavor of food products. No actual body parts are in the foods, but the idea is pretty repulsive to many people. I’m just glad Pepsi doesn’t make toilet paper….or condoms.

        Arizona governor Jan Brewer was seen shaking her finger in the face of President Obama during a short, but heated, exchange when he flew into Phoenix yesterday. Reporters weren’t close enough to hear the conversation, but the White House says they were simply talking about her recent book, and Obama’s opinion of how he was portrayed in it. Not so, says the governors office. Her spokesman says she was asking for his green card and giving him a stern warning not to overstay his visa.

        Newt? Mitt? Barack? Dubya? Why don’t we elect RON Paul just so we’ll have somebody with a regular sounding name again?

      23. Mac

        Interview the likes of John Williams and Gerald Celente THAT would be a hell of a post!!!

        and give all of us a clearer perspective of what’s happening now..period.


      24. Dear leader is down in vegas partyin, looks like he won’t make that court date in georgia! LVMPD (702)828-3111, or their tip line is (702)385-5555 if you want to report a fugative!

        • kevin , what are you referring too here?

          • oboma went to vegas, Some one one shtfplan was saying obama has a court date today in georgia about his birth cirt. If he does not show(because he is in vegas) He is in contempt, a fugative! If what was posted was true about georgia.

      25. Thought of the day:
        Let’s divide the U.S. straight down the center.
        West coasters, you get Obama because Hollywood’s so hot & heavy for him and being that the Western states are Beautiful that should compensate for it.
        East coasters get a republican.
        Now, in four years let’s see which side is prospering.
        Any bets?

        • Yep, my money says dismal failures on both sides. (Unless you believe their real motivations are suddenly going to change.)D or R, there is no difference. Learn this and you’re taking steps forward. Quit beating the puppet. Look behind the curtain, find the master.

        • Sandy-How much does the romney campaign pay you? I got a better I idea- D.C., california, new york and florida should succeed from the union, and leave the rest of us alone. They can have the democrats AND republicans. Give the rest of us Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012!

          • Is Ron Paul not a republican?
            Unfortunately it’s black or white, there’s no gray area here, an independent party doesn’t have the numbers to win.
            He’s running against a democrat, that makes him a republican.
            For the record, I’m not voting for Mitt unless he’s running against Obama. All of you who refuse to vote if Ron Paul isn’t the candidate, you’re giving your vote to Obama.

            • hi sandy- Sure independants have the numbers. Some numbers say as high as 40% all voters are listed as independants. Notice they never say independant party, just independants? That means VOTERS WHO ARE FED UP WITH both PARTIES AND THEIR FRAUD!!!! WE ARE TIRED OF THE MEDIA PICKING OUR CANDIDATES! NO MORE LESSER OF EVILS!WE ARE TIRED OF VOTES BEING COUNTED IN SECRET! WE ARE TIRED OF VOTE FRAUD! NO MORE WE SAY! WE ARE TIRED OF LIES, WE ARE TIRED OF IT. WE ARE TIRED OF ENDLESS WARS, WE ARE TIRED OF MORE AND MORE TAXES! WE ARE TIRED OF THE MONEY PRINTING AND BAILOUTS! WE ARE TIRED OF FEEDING THE WORLDS CHILDREN, AND NOT OUR OWN! WE ARE TIRED OF PAYING PLUSH GOVERNMENT RETIREMENTS WHILE SOCIAL SECURITY STEALS OURS AWAY.TIRED,TIRED,TIRED,TIRED!! I never mentioned obamas name because he is a non issue to me, I do not believe in what he is doing to the country,I would never vote for him and all the other candidates the system puts in front of me are either a FRAUD, IMMORAL, A CROOK,A LAWYER, OR A BANKER, and they ALL WANT WAR!!!! By bringing up obamas name, you either work for a campaign, or you watch to much t.v.!!! Sandy, this is liberties LAST chance, big war is comming over the dollars roll in the world and you just won’t watch it on t.v., It will touch you. WE HAVE TO STOP IT!!!

            • @Sandy,

              You talk like you believe voting actually changes something. The sole reason we are allkwed to vote for our leaders is because it gives the appearance that our country is ruled by the consent of the governed.

              Oh, and by the way, Ron Paul is a Libertarian in Republican clothing, just like Romney, Gingrich, Sans-scrotum and Obamination are all big government statists disguised as public servants.

        • sandy… go fuck yourself .. we dont care for your games anymore …. you are nto making sense… how about you and all communist go to the moon and see who lives better…

          • Potty mouth, What’s wrong, do you live on the West Coast?

        • sandy- New D.C.nia, can be the name of this new republican/democrat/communist nation, after they succed. The united states of america would then be a Paultopia of liberty, and prosperity. RON PAUL 2012!

          • Kevin, I admire you dedication to Paul, but what is your back up plan?

            • I AM NOT DEDICATED TO A MAN, I DO NOT WORSHIP MEN. I WORSHIP GOD, and WHAT my country was FOUNDED ON! NOT what it has and is becoming! I WORSHIP THE BILL OF RIGHTS! SLAVES WORSHIP MEN! MEN CAN BE KILLED! IDEAS CAN”T! This is a link to the delaration of independance. Read slowly.

            • You’re the one waving the Ron Paul flag. I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for. So sue me. You have chosen your candidate, I have chosen my party. I’ll decide when I feel confident in the candidates ability. NO ONE has
              proven that to me yet. They ALL have their weaknesses.
              But then, so do we.

            • sandy
              there is no god damned back up plan…. we are in deep shit. im not sure this can all turn out well regardless…. there is not will to make this better through reasonable means….. the twits in charge have pretty much decided we will have chaos.

            • Sandy- Could you take a moment and TELL ME some of the other candidates strengths and weeknesses, what they believe. I am being 100% honest and not being a smarta$$(and please don’t take my rants as hateful,or attacking you, I am just passionate) when I say that I don’t know what they support(except another war) I have watched 2 debates, but they just talk like politicians. They have said nothing. I was not waveing a ron paul flag, I only mentioned him once at the very end of my rant! The declaration of independence is beutiful piece of work isn’t it?

            • Kevin, if you’re still interested, I really do get where you’re coming from. I want the same things for this country that most on this web-site wants. My “Thought of the Day” came from a conversation which started out as a religious rant regarding Gay marriage and America turning into Sodom & Gomorrah and why should God bless our nation anymore because of the way it’s turning out, we then decided that all rainbow parade marchers should stay on the West Coast so God’s fury doesn’t get us over here on the East. Then it turned political. I thought I’d share it but left a lot of the details that made it more interesting.
              I’m not a communist, I don’t get hot & bothered over politics, I have only seen a few debates myself because I never know when they’re on. I watched most of last nights and the only thing that Paul said that I don’t agree with is opening up trade with Cuba. As a born in Miami transplant, I fear for what will happen to them if swarms of Cubans flood the Miami shores. Don’t get me started on Chavez either, the jerk.
              I hear your passion for your country, sorry if I ruffled your feathers, most of my thoughts & comments come from my deep rooted belief that we’re on borrowed time, we’re in the end days and watching it unfold before our eyes. Vote for who you want, God’s still in Control.

            • sandy-Florida is a beutiful state, with beutiful,Nice ladies. Hey, I got an idea,howbout we send the rainbow marchers to cuba, that would piss castro off!!

            • Kevin, sending them to Cuba, now THAT I would vote on!

      26. Give me liberty or Give me death!

        • How do you want to die if liberty loses? A-gun shot to the head, and burried in a mass grave, or B-house bombed with napalm, and cremated by the fire, or C-drowned by waterboarding,while being forced to watch hillary clinton speaches?

      27. Obama truly believes that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet.

        First Lincoln may have been Republican, but back in the 1800’s the Republican party was as liberal as the Democratic party is today. In fact they are polar opposites of what they are today. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the Republican party adopted conservative values and the Democrats embraced liberal progressivism. So by creating a political contrast between himself being a Democrat and Lincoln being Republican is insulting to anyone who knows history. He seems to enjoy insulting our intelligence on a regular basis.

        Second, how dare Obama talk about Libya. As seen in numerous Al Jazzera news video clips, about 30% of “Libyan” rebels who fought against Gaddafi were known to be Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters, many of whom admitted being Al Qaeda and Taliban on camera.

        If these are the evil terrorists who were used to justify the creation of the TSA monstrosity, Patriot Act, NDAA, H.R. 3166, etc. then why was the US and NATO providing these “rebels” with strategic intelligence, weapons, and air support used to kill Gaddafi? Why would they (Al Qaeda) even accept our assistance if we are their sworn enemy? It doesn’t make any sense.

        I guess Obama thinks such lofty questions are beyond our ability to comprehend.

        • “Obama truly believes that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet.” With respect to percentages, what Obama truly believes is…RIGHT. The MSM adoring and “slobbering grazers” are the dumbest people on the planet.

          I would be more than a little interested in your defense that states/proves otherwise. And I’m not referring to the likes of most on this site, because what a small percent we be.

        • He truly believes we are the dumbest people on the planet? He doesn’t just believe, he knows because we elected his Marxist ass! When he shits all over the Constitution on a daily basis and we just yawn and go back to watching Snookie pour suntan lotion all over herself we just prove him right.

      28. Watching Obama speak was like running my fingernails down the blackboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • please god, let this man faill so we can live!

      29. In America today I’m not so sure the masses can handle the truth.

        If I were a member of Congress or the Supreme Court I would have had to get up and leave the chamber.

        The only true conservative in congress is the congressman that said he could not attend in good faith and did not attend the state of the union.

        Pass the Hopium please.

        • Ron Paul must be just seething inside that he wants to do the right thing but will never be allowed to… so what the hell does someone like him and me do next? jesus these people make me irate…. why do we have to endure this shit ? it just is not right…. i hate most everyone for being so weak.

          • I like Ron Paul, but was he at the State of the Union?

            • I read some where a congressman did not go, I figured it was paul. I would not have gone either, A DEN OF THIEVES they are!

      30. “They’re going vertical and so are we”. Bank run in Iran.

      31. This statement by the prez. should have been included in this article.(The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.”) This is huge and will definately take away the rights of the States and completely destroy the constitution.

        Why isn’t this being addressed much at all? Watch the other hand.

        • Three seperate branches of Government. The way I understand this; Jack Ass wants to combine two of them. This is the most outrageous and constitution destroying decision, he will ever make while in office. What in God’s name is going on? How does he get away with this demolition of our freedom and rights, without any real resistance.

          This country is starting to feel like a third world country. The dictator is in the house. My head feels like it’s going to explode. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? How long can this go on? What will be left when they decide to pull the plug? Can we even prepare for what is to come? I just don’t know anymore.

      32. It is an election year. Even though you did not hear mention of it, I look for a general amnesty as Obama is a loser and needs every vote he can get to see a second term. The dead will vote. Every low-life slime ball, fourth generation welfare recipient, wino, and illegal will be out in force. State of the Union? On a respirator!

      33. It’s a sad day when the State of Union address becomes a platform for campaign speeches.

        One of my biggest pet peeves is the guaranteed student loans. It only allow the college tuitions to keep rising. It’s a beautiful thing when you have guaranteed demand. Think about the last college you’ve heard going under or shrinking for that matter.

        Seriously considering whether it’s worth my kids paying that much for a piece of paper.

        • BIG PLUS 1 on your first sentence. Timing on his order to the SEALS also shows his campaigning. I can connect the dots without him front running the bragging.

      34. eeder, I to am now having problems posting on some web sites. Chime in people! How many have noticed changes? How many are having issues now? Goolge has changed BIG TIME! SOPA by the corporations is upon us!

        • @all … i tried to tell ya all … 3 months ago … and you laughed… i suggest everyone develop snail-mail drop boxes and anonymous p.o. boxes… it will soon be the only way to communicate with any kind of privacy … welcome to the FOURTH REICHE AMERIKA!

          NOW BEND OVER AND SPREAD EM’ … cia puppet prez barry likes doing the ANAL PROBES personally!

          ;0p pssszzt da’ nwo…

          • I didn’t laugh! I knew 4 years ago! Just like with jfk, time will pass, a generation or 2, will pass away and all descent will be “theories”. They WILL control the net and ALL information by the time the next generation is 20!(at least that is their plan) It worked before, conquering the printing press! They believe it will work again. With the ability to print unlimited funds they WILL win the FLOW of information war!(not alex jone’s war!)

        • kevin… i know.. i knew the other day… i pick up on subtleties by the puppet masters very quickly… were doomed… barack obama, STEPHEN HARPER, angela merkel, david cameron, nic sarkozy and the entire european union as well as australia are completely and totally out of control , and are resorting to extremism to implement the evil communist agenda and i think the fucking rothschilds have actually left the building…. this IS NOT TOLERABLE! step back slowly, and STAND DOWN NOW! YOU are totally out of control… you are both dangerous to yourselves and your people not to mention every living thing on earth … NOW STAND DOWN!

          • eeder-Subleties, they are. Puppet masters they are. Doomed, we are.

      35. Okay, this is off topic (just like everything else I post), but everybody needs to take a deep breath (I would but I’m in a truckstop and the diesel fumes would kill me if the window was down). Now, take 4 minutes to unwind and enjoy the 27th best song of all time. The crash probably won’t happen til you return.

        And just for the record, I LOVE country music too. So don’t give me no crap! I played this on the radio when it was new. Yeah, yeah, I was a dj way back when. Lousy hours, lots of fun, and very low pay. Now that I hold a steering wheel professionaly, I’ve finally got lousy hours, low pay and no fun. But, hey, it’s consistent!

        note* this should take you to a George Benson song. If I scrwed up and you see a 1980’s infomercial for spray hair in a can…forgive me.

        • okie-link is fine!”turn your love around”. Off topic is good, only so much you can say about a topic! You are fortunate to find consistancy in your carreer. Off topic(as almost always for myself also), I think of that lady who told bush she had like 5 jobs and had to eat hamburger helper, with no hamburger, and that a-hole(bush) said it was “uniquely american”. Stay safe out there, and keep trucking! If you stop trucking, we stop grocery shopping! P.S.- You could be shtfplans eye’s on the highways, let us know if you ever see stuff that is out of the ordinary(if you want to)

      36. I can’t watch that commie filth! The fact that this commie was voted in as president shows that the american people (i use small caps) are idiots who no longer want freedom. My country is lost.

        • king-What is funny to me is that we go to war with iraq, against a guy named hussein, then we “elect” a guy with the middle name hussein. Thats would be like electing a dywight adolf eisenhower. Remeber our so called media “don’t say his middle name”. I wonder WHAT they aren’t saying right now? RON PAUL perhaps?

      37. obama is an idiot. I cant stand to look at him. Its even more disturbing to look at Bush. Nancy can kiss my fat ass. All politicans are sticking it in us with no nymph jelly.All of them are full of shit and they know it. Im sick of this crap. Im tired of hearing pro obama dumb asses talk about how he is the answer. We need to get the hell out of these other countries. We as a country need to take care of ourselves first and only after we are a strong, healthy nation should we even concider helping others. Is it not hypocritical of the USA to say that another country cant have a nuclear program when the USA is the only country to use a nuclear weapon aginst another. If we left the middle east alone they would eventually do themselves in. We dont need there oil. We have what we need. We just wont get off our asses to go and get it. To hell with all of them, the second amendment was put into place for the AMERICAN people protect ourselves from these tyrants. The time is NOW! We need to take back our country.

        • ~spodie~

          (quote)—To hell with all of them, the second amendment was put into place for the AMERICAN people to protect ourselves from these tyrants. The time is NOW! We need to take back our country.—(unquote)


          —Your courage is admirable, sir! Thumbs up vote!—

          But, I respectfully disagree w/ the “RFN” (Right F*cking Now) opinion regarding use of force to restore the Republic…”WE” do not possess the ‘dedicated’ numbers yet, IMO! Too many fence sitters watching the opera!*

          *(Note: emphasis on “dedicated”)

          Realistically, thanks to diversity worship, 3rd world immigration(both illegal & govt sponsored legal types–see Haitians/Somalis/Zionists/radical Muslims etc…etc) & the cult of multiculturalism has fractured our cohesion to the point where…

          …the Anglo-Saxon(see Founding Fathers!!!) concept of “Individual Liberty” has been co-opted & marginalized to the point of near complete national disunity.

          Granted, those of us who reside in the RED ZONE(conservative/Christian here in flyover country) still adhere to the concept of personal freedom, enshrined in the Constitution & Bill of Rights…

          …while the mostly “liberal” blue zone multicultural populace, clings to a Marxist ideology w/o a second thought! Ditto for the foreign born illegals!

          Thus, these competing/opposing philosophies/mind-sets…ARE INCOMPATIBLE and IRRECONCILABLE! Think oil & water…and think Civil War-II.

          While I would be among the first to advocate a mandate, for a return to purely Constitutional Rule, by the people & directed at govt to obey… most likely ain’t gonna happen, folks!

          I’ve stated here, on numerous posts in the past, that our likely national destination, in the end…is a Balkans scenario & at some point we’ll revisit “ethnic cleansing” to achieve such…unfortunately, btw!

          From a strategic perspective…& I hate to say it, but worst case scenario, the USA is probably destined for at least a 4-part break-up/partition in the long run!

          1.) Red Zone= South, Midwest & Northwest.

          2.) Blue Zone= Northeast & upper left coast/N.California.

          3.) Aztlan= Southwest(parts of TX/NM/AZ/CO/NV & S.Cal)

          4.) New Africa= Mississippi & Louisiana.


          That said, the ideal time for “application of force” for any liberty/freedom orientated org., is when the riots/confusion escalates per an ‘Arab-spring’ type situation.

          Reason= an abundance of “back-ground noise & media hoopla” to cover your tracks!!!

          Do not misconstrue my post!…I’m NOT advocating for the break-up/disintegration of our/my country, nor am I on a racial disparaging rant/mission.
          My belief in the possibility of the above is the result of 50+ years in the curriculum of “LIFE UNIVERSITY” & a stint of travel around/thru/about 1/2 the planet, courtesy of “Uncle Sam”.

          ————For what its worth————-

          My father stressed to me the importance of “thinking for yourself”….my grandfather taught me to “think outside the box”.

          —This post is a personal exercise/indulgence in the wisdom of both.—

      38. NEWSFLASH: America is preparing to surrender to the Taliban. The Obama White House is going to open peace talks (otherwise known as surrender talks) with the Taliban. 10 years of fighting and the Taliban is alive and well…

        • ~TMFC~

          ‘snip'(quote)…10 years of fighting and the Taliban is alive and well…(unquote)


          Afghanistan is approx the size of Texas w/ nearly the same population number. However, the bulk of Afghanistan’s citizenry are illiterate…!

          Yet those same backward peasants have fought a superpower’s (plus NATO’s)…much vaunted “Gizmo-warfare machine” to a standstill!!!

          Hmmmmm….methinks there’s an important lesson to be garnered from your post. Thanks much!


      40. everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. and the camera panning the “tearful” audience was just sickening. Barf!

        • rachel
          barack obama believes he knows whats best for you and hes going to do it… what he believes is based on saul allinsky teachings, it is an evil communist agenda and it will not be allowed in my world…. this man is so out of control it is beyond comprehension. BARRY! step down now!you are a very dangerous man/… what do you have against me and people like me who just dont want to participate in your dream…. you do that in your own back yard and you leave normal people alone…. we are not in need of your assistance any longer sir,,, youve doen quite enough damage to us thank you.

      41. I work in a downtown Houston medical center at night. Many of my coworkers (nice people…all of them) are African American. In the breakroom we watched the rerun of our “dear leader’s” SOTU speech.

        During Obama’s myriad of well-rehearsed propaganda bullet points, these people were literally talking to the TV…”mm-hmmm” “damn-right” “oh yeah baby” etc. as if they were listening to a mesiah channeling the word of God himself.

        I am now convinced more than ever that even if Obama was caught with dead black babies hanging in the White House Freezer…stuffed and ready for grilling….that the blacks and other minorities in this country would still vote for him hands-down.

        It doesn’t matter who or what he is….it’s all about the skin color and the promises he’s making that can only be delivered by destroying the successful.

        • youre kidding … in texas! oh christ , were in toruble…. you people will rue the day you submitted to this shit.. you will rue the day…. barack obama and the western world in general are completely out of coontrol… this is absolutelty insane ! we are fucken doomed.. and now i have just read a very disturbing article about the new jails….I AM GOING TO FREAK! THESE GOD DAMNED TYRIANTS ARE FORCING THEIR AGENDA RIGHT NOW ON ALL OF US…. THIS IS A FUCKING OUTRAGE AND I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THIS CRAP.. THIS IS AN ASSULT ON FREE , NORMAL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD….. THESE FUCKING IDIOTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND THE PEOPLE ARE JUST LETTING THEM DO IT AND ACTUALLY ENCOURAGING IT….. I AM NOT CERTAIN OF WHA TO DO… THIS MAY NEVER REALLY COLLAPSE.. IT WILL JUST GET WORSE AND WORSE…. HOW HAVE WE COME TO THIS SAD STATE?

        • And if he showed himself to be Jesus, certain people on this thread would still want him deported to Kenya. You got it right: it’s all about the skin color. Except for a bit about party affiliation.

          Folks, to the extent you place all the blame on the current President and none on the last President, you show yourselves to be playing the game exactly as the true powers that be want you to. Both parties and all presidents work for the same boss, and it ain’t us.

      42. I am to the point that i am seriously hoping god strikes down on us with a serious natural disaster, as i see it as the only hope to bring these western leaders and elite to their demise.hope i can just surv ive it and not have to tolerate them even if things are nto great…. this is an assault on the human race , esentially by the state of israel…… i am literally going to vomit.

        • eeder- your comment makes me remember that god used to smile on this country, like the big storm that drove the british out of washington dc in the war of 1812. We are an immoral country now, giving war to the world and killing millions of babbies, may god have mercy. There is a time line of massive earthquakes, I forgot the details, but its to the day. The world should have a major earthquake on march 22 or 23 (depending on what side of the planet it hits, and at what time) Since we have become an immoral country, it will probably hit the west coast, st louis, or alaska. The biggest potential tragedy would be off the coast of washington or right off the coast off africa, those would produce very large tidal waves and alot of destruction, it would not be good. Laugh at me now people, but remember that date march22-23!

      43. This just freaks me out. He’s such a liar. I think his plans are destructive, and this man is pure evil.

        • absolutely freedom lover… he is implementing an evil communist agenda based on the teachings of one of his heros and teachers, Saul Allinsky, this is the kind of father knows best attitude these dangerous socialist, left wing extremeist, communist, hyper zionist, neo con, parasitic twits believe…. they believe we are their little sheep and they can just use, but strangely they actually believe they are helping us from ourselves. these people do not believe in individuality at all. they essentially are morons who belive the rest of us are neandrathals and morons. These type of people can be surpressed easily if you have a equilibrium, but when an evil family or individual like the rothschilds comes along and convinces them, they know best and can make your life better, we give up our freedom and the equilibrium goes haywire…i believe alot in this negative orgone energy theory… i think there are poinsons in our air that are not something we can see measure or detect… but its there .. and it is a plague right now…. we are asking for a strike down from god.

      44. We just might see $34 today Mac.

      45. EnerDel is a floater!

      46. Thanks Mac, for the video and info. His speech is 15 plus pages, I’d rather prep than dissect that mess. The video and what people are saying here will be spread far and wide.

        Obama lied in his very first sentence in the State of the Union address.
        “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:”

        On a similar note, I live in South Carolina – anybody got any hog problems they need some help with?
        They sure are great on the grill!

        Y’all Beware!

      47. If the king wants rich people to pay more taxes, he should lead by example for once.

      48. who is this obama guy anyway, no one special to me just another guy on the street,we the american people have the real power, power in numbers,so if we want something to happen the american people are going to have to do it an stop acting like victims

      49. when was the last time i gave a shit about anything obama said?

        hmmm. actually, there hasn’t been a first time yet.

        obama is a clown. government is full of criminals.


      50. I did not see “Barry’s” SoTU BS.

        Ron Paul 2012 !

      51. ****Exclusive for Obots, kool-aid drinkers and press hacks********

        Results of hearing in Georgia today, Thursday, Jan 26th:

        Zero and lawyer don’t show up and submit simple $10 birth document to prove natural born citizenship to be on 2012 ballot, required by state law;

        evidence/sworn testimony presented by plaintiffs now in court record of Zero’s social security number fraud, various aliases, birth certificate pdf file forgery, (perhaps also Nancy Pelosi’s false statement on nomination form to certify him 2008 nominee for Hawaii? [As HI Dem Party refused to certify]);

        judge will rule default judgment in conjunction with GA Secretary of State most likely preventing Zero from the primary election ballot for state of Georgia;

        further challenges being set for other states in addition to Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse investigation to be submitted in February.

        Patriots, a toast!

        The usurper’s downfall has begun…

      52. Hey Mac do you know why they pulled this down?

      53. One word to describe this video, which is available on the CATO Institutes website.


      54. “give me liberty, or give me death.”

      55. If you ever wondered what evil looked like, it is clearly visible in this video, as Obamalini tells one lie after another.

      56. Yes, in the next election Obama will be defeated and all of us 1% can get back to work saving this country from these communists. I am a member of the 400 families that own half the wealth in the United States. I am sure that the rest of you are also in the top 1% of the income earners. Let keep the rest of these rabble under our shoes. We can keep feeding them the religion and racism to their heart’s content. We can continue to milk this country dry from the top.

      57. Oust the usurping fraud!

        Zero’s natural born citizenship eligibility HEARING VIDEOS, Jan 26th Atlanta Georgia:

        Video 1

        Video 2

        The previous 2 vids deal with Natural born citizenship, following vids deal with the meat and bones of Zero’s fraud:

        Video 3

        Video 4

        Video 5

        Video 6

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