Starving Venezuelans’ Warnings To The U.S.: “Socialism Is A Big Lie!”

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    Lured in by the lies socialists tell about how great it would be to have government control every aspect of everyone’s lives, Venezuelans are now disgusted with how much they have suffered. Some are even warning the United States about their horrific daily lives in socialist Venezuela.

    Venezuela is a perfect example of a democrats dream “democratic socialism.” However, people are starving and digging through trash cans in order to find the least rotten food to eat. “You do not ever want anything close to socialism,” one Venezuelanprotestor told Campus Reform, a college news website. During a recent rally at Washington, several other Venezuelan victims of socialism also warned against the dangers of bringing the disastrous form of totalitarianism socialism onto American soil.

    The Epoch Times reported that another Venezuelan said: “People are eating from trash cans in the streets, so how has socialism helped?” another protestor said. “Socialism is a big lie to people who are disadvantaged. It actually makes them worse off.” But politicians bank on being able to convince people to give them more power under the guise of taking care of them, and historically, people continue to fall for the lie and become starving slaves to the government. 

    Venezuela has been spiraling into deeper political chaos, which exacerbated by its ruined economy, massive inflation, starvation, and the inability of the citizens to fight back at all.  “No Venezuelan can like socialism, because we’ve seen it put in place very well,” a protestor said, according to Campus Reform.  “It is not a game. It is not a game. It is not the route to go … don’t fall for it,” another protestor, who still has family in Venezuela, told the news website.  “We always talk about the Nazis … but nobody ever talks about the socialists or communism. It has killed more people than Nazis did,” he continued.

    Regardless of the warnings, or the actual historical facts, many Americans are still all too convinced that by becoming a slave to the government, their lives will be improved. The problem with socialists is not that they want to be enslaved and owned by the government, which they do.  The problem is that they want the rest of us to be enslaved right along with them.



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      1. All 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are in the US, today.

        We borrow, to pay for state goods and services, and sell national resources to the highest bidder, just like the admitted Communists.

        • Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

          That is #3 in the manifesto.

          The Democrats very aggressively pursue this. They believe that being able to inherit property leads to generational wealth, which is apparently evil.

          I thought the American dream was to own your own business and property, then pass it down to your children and grand children so they could have a better life?

          I guess not. That is evil and white privileged.

          • Since it is all paid for, on credit and SDR’s, what Venezuela says is technically true. Collectivization is not directly the cause of shortages, so much as trade embargoes. American Communism would fall, under the same, international restrictions.

        • More like the Communist Rules for Revolution

          Communist Rules for Revolution

          1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.

          2. Get control of all means of publicity.

          3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and other trivialities.

          4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

          5. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.

          6. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

          7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit and produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

          8. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.

          9. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

          10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.

      2. It never fails to amaze me how people are drawn into the propaganda so easily. I don’t think I’ve lived in a capitalist economy my whole life. The US certainly is not a “capitalist” country no matter how many times the bosses tell you it is. It’s a mix of socialism, totalitarianism, and crony capitalism where the profits are privatized and the losses are socialized.

        Don John and his “this country will NEVER be a socialist country, We believe in liberty and freedom.” Hardy, Har, Har, Har. Okay, so he demonizes socialism. Fine by me. But then, if all countries that are socialist are “bad”, why does he go out of his way to support Israel and give them billions of dollars every year? Israel is a socialist country. They have free universal healthcare and free university tuition. I hear people say “Socialism BAD” all the time, but when it comes to Israel they kowtow to whatever that socialist country says. The bosses are all hippo crips. They select who they want to demonize and then bullshit the public with all types of propaganda to manufacture consent.

        • JRS
          Its simple – Small countries like, Isreal, sweden singapore etc. can have a fine running socialist government. – Its Manageable.
          You CANNOT have a Socialist society with 350 million people. As Thacher correctly said “sometimes you just run out of other peoples money”

          • What a completely ridiculous claim, where is your evidence?

            • Mr. Harris, You evidently only listen to the fake media!!! Every socialist country on the planet of sizable population is failing or has failed. Do the real research and find out the real truth about it all. America did not become the Great nation it is from socialism, but socialism will destroy it and there is nothing in our Constitution or Bill of Rights that has anything to do with socialism!!! If you want our freedoms and rights to fail you will be a socialist!!! Our country has started to fail because the gov got to big and wants to get bigger to have total control over us. Obummer and several other presidents have helped it along. They all need to be charged with Treason and jailed for life or hung!!! You my friend is part of whats wrong with this nation. You want free handouts at others expense. I am a poor white man and struggle all the time to make money now, but i did not have to in the past before the gov got so big and we stopped being a Republic! Democracy is nothing but for big gov and bigger and bigger till it collapses from being bigger than it can support it self. That my friend is where we are right now!! And i have never tried to get help from the gov from any of their handouts that destroy people and cause them to be dependent on the gov like so many are today in this nation of ours!!!!!!!!!

          • jakartaman, this article and the comments are not exactly any sort of revelation or something unknown long ago ?

        • Free market = capitalism

          For the most part, America is free market.

          The liberal states like New York and California are a lot more restricted in the free market, like rent control, get a permit to sell anything, etc.

          • The free market exists with Mom & Pop businesses but the higher you climb up the ladder the more crony capitalism invades. Certainly the central banks divorcing money from value with arbitrary setting of interest rates is not free market “supply and demand” capitalism. The life long saver receives less than 2% because money is created at will. The equities market is likewise back fed with QE funds. It’s a rigged game where the rigging has the greatest effect thus facilitating monopolistic predatory crony capitalism.

      3. Communism sucks.


        • Unless you are the ruling class.

          Everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others.

      4. Most everything goes in cycles.
        The USA is in a radical left movement that includes socialism.
        I am afraid that we will learn the hard way that socialism does not work.
        My wife had 5 of het friends over the house for dinner – They are all suburban Housewifes and all Democrats. – They are clueless and get their news from the MSM and the VIEW

        God help us all

        • As real capitalism is replaced by its crony predatory crony false namesake the more socialism appeals to the masses. The greatest salesmen of communism has been the ruthless capitalist. Tucker Carlson had a segment on his show last night regarding a grocery delivery service literally stealing the tip money from the workers; interestingly, it’s legal. The working poor qualify for socialistic food assistance. In effect the taxpayer subsidizes the wages of the employer. This is not confined to small business. It’s also a driving force behind business liking mass immigration to lower wages. At some point it reaches “critical masse” and gets real ugly when the “Bastille” is stormed with communists taking control.

          • Communism is stopped by diminishing its appeal.

        • AH, suburban housewives, i.e., they don’t actually have to go out and WORK for a living! More like suburban sponges.
          Tell your wife and her nitwit friends to put in a 10-12 working day, a 3-hour commute, then immediately take your disabled friend – who lives in pain 24/7 – to the Emergency Room where you will both sit and wait for anywhere from 8 to 20 HOURS while able-bodied illegal aliens fill our ERs and receive healthcare and prescriptions for FREE – while our disabled and the rest of us are taxed to support them. I’ve had to do this for 30 years and it was the Commiecrats who passed THAT. I even tried taking my disabled friend to no less than 3 of the so-called “free clinics” where he was not even allowed to sign up in the lobby. Reason? Large signs state, “We receive FEDERAL FUNDS (taxpayer dollars) for each ‘minority’ we treat.” He worked and paid into the system for years but since he is white, the free clinic knows they will not get reimbursed for any care they provide to him. Oh we can pay DOUBLE but we are not allowed to use the facilities for which we pay! American citizens are being forced against our will to pay for the invasion of our own country.

      5. The real tell that troops will be going to Venezuela is the Fox interview by Pompeo where he claims Hezbollah cells are active in Venezuela and must be taken down. Can’t they come up with something more original and believable?

        Those 5000 Special Forces to Columbia aren’t there to open a humanitarian soup kitchen. They are there to arm and train and fight beside the worst thugs the CIA can find. Wonder how many of those thugs attended the “School for the Americas”?

        False flags are imminent.

        • Actually, there are active Hezbollah cells in Venezuela. Chavez invited them in and gave them two basis where they have med range missiles based- Shab and Shab-3. There is an active Hezbollah cell in Cuba and both cells are aligned with the Cartels in Mexico.

          • GTFOOH

            • Your ignorance is quite overwhelming. Maybe if you went to an Intel school you would realize how stupid you are!!!

          • ” cells are aligned with the Cartels in Mexico”

            Wachovia laundered $378 dope money, paid a $160 million dollar fine no one was charged. The COMPANY pled to a felony ; ever seen a company go to prison?

            Remind us again who is aligned with the drug cartels in Mexico.

            Banking giant Wachovia Corp. will pay $160 million to settle a federal investigation into laundering of illegal drug profits through Mexican exchange houses in the largest case of its kind ever brought against a U.S. bank, prosecutors said Wednesday.

            In fact, officials said Wachovia had no way of checking some $420 billion in transactions from Mexican exchange houses for possible money-laundering activity. That means investigators didn’t get potentially key information on drug cartels, terrorist financing networks and other organized crime enterprises.

            Once gain I say


            • Correction Wachovia didn’t even pled guilty. They also laundered $110 million PROVEN in dope money. The rest there wasn’t records. Either way, that’s COLLUSION.

              The agreement means Wachovia and its executives will avoid criminal prosecution in return for the $160 million payment and significant improvements in its anti-money laundering program. If those and other conditions are met within one year, potential criminal charges for failure to maintain a system to detect money launderers will be dropped.

              • In fact, officials said Wachovia had no way of checking some $420 billion in transactions from Mexican exchange houses for possible money-laundering activity. That means investigators didn’t get potentially key information on drug cartels, terrorist financing networks and other organized crime enterprises.

                • The govt allowed the banks to get their hands on any cash by any means to meet the FAS157 mark to market rule of 14 to 1 leverage to keep them aloft. When that want enough they instituted TARP where the fed would loan the banks billions at .25% and allow the banks to then buy govt bonds. Imagine your bank lending you a billion dollars at .25% and allowing you to invest it with the same bank into CD’s at 2%. That is a risk free rate of return of 1.75%. Then GAAP accounting allows you to use a 6 multiple of the future income so you show a profit (future earnings) to keep your stock price aloft. All a giant scam.

      6. I like Shapiro’s approach to arguing about Socialism.

        Too many Conservatives prefer to make an efficiency argument against Socialism.

        Ben poses it as a moral argument (just like the Lefties always argue)

        Socialism is immoral. Just because you vote to steal other people’s property doesn’t make it Right.

        If one person out of four in the room has $100, the other three are stealing when they vote to take it from him by intimidation or force.

        Pure and Simple

        On a moral code basis, I think you can class Socialism as Mass Coveting of Other People’s Property based on Greed and Jealousy.


        • bb,
          Excellent comment!!
          “If one person out of four in the room has $100, the other three are stealing when they vote to take it from him by intimidation or force.” You have described our Democrat dominated governments perfectly! It is called income taxation.

          • BB and Rellik, when I was dating my future wife she told me stories about her life under Castro’s brand of socialism in Cuba that just blew me away. When he started rationing food and everything else in Cuba that’s when Cubans began suffering. They still ration everything in Cuba even today as Cuba still has a Soviet-style economy. There are only 2 things propping up Cuba’s economy now. One is there tourist industry and the other is Venezuelan oil which Chavez and now Maduro keeps sending to Cuba at the rate of 100,000 barrels per day. When Fidel was still alive he sent in a lot of his doctors, security, and even military advisers to Venezuela. The regime there has Cubans in certain senior positions in the Venezuelan military and security services. After Chavez first took over the country he looked to Fidel Castro as kind of a father figure so Castro gave Chavez a lot of advice on how to ruin the country. The people there were already suffering when Chavez died and now it has only grown worse under Maduro. If the Venezuelan economy collapses and the oil shipments to Cuba get cut off that spells the end of Cuba’s economy. It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out.

        • …and let’s not forget one of the first moves that all modern era tyrannical governments make as soon as they come to power:

          Take all of the citizens guns

        • It WOULD BE that if it worked as STATED.

          It does not work as stated, it works as designed. The design is to lie to everyone, appeal to their jealousy and greed, and then the upper elite caste steals EVERYONE’S shit. Poor, rich, don’t matter.

      7. Did anyone watch the SOTU speech the other night? I LMAO when Trump said we would never become a socialist country and Bernie Sanders’ face became as red as a Chinese flag, LOL!

        • DR,
          I’m not good at lip reading, but as my hearing gets worse I practice it more while I can still hear. I’d swear Bernie mouthed “Bull sh!t” at Trumps Socialist comment.

          • Rellik, LOL. I think I noticed that also. For a moment I thought “Comrade Bernie” might stroke out but he didn’t. That moron is in his 80s so he must still be in good health. On the other hand if he had stroked out I wouldn’t miss him.

      8. Geez – you people are DUMB!

        Aren’t you aware that the USSA Empire Of Evil has had – via EMBARGOS – an OFFICIAL POLICY to starve Cuba for the last 50 YEARS and Venezuaels for the last 10 YEARS – while at the same time doing its utmost to destroy their economies?

        ANd STILL Cuba has better health-care and education than USSA!

        • Cue the Pravda and Tass propaganda! We have a Bolshevik in our midst!

          You see? The more the Luciferians talk the more filthy and perverse and malevolent they are.

      9. Socialism is a big lie, but so is the gov’t/corporate/social complex we live under. We are currently freer than most of the world, but not as free as we once were, and becoming less free all the time. Nor are we as rich as we once were.
        We live under 3 levels of gov’t – fed., state. and local. We must abide by laws, rules, regulations, etc. of those three levels, and we must pay taxes to them. This includes income taxes to state and fed. level, county, sales taxes, utilities taxes, gasoline taxes, and a high special prepared meal tax if you eat in a restaurant. Then there are taxes for your insurance plans, real estate taxes, (which increase when you make an improvement), vehicle taxes, business taxes, taxes on savings, taxes on investments, and tolls and a variety of fees. Then when you retire they tax tour pension and your social security. If that isn’t enough, when you die there is an inheritance for many to pay. For most people in the US, when they pay all the taxes “owed, they are truly living on half or less of their gross. When is it going to be enough? The men at the Boston Tea Party though 1 or 2 % too much. What the f*ck happened?!
        Coupled with ever higher high taxation, middle class salaries and wages have not kept pace with the rate of inflation. This is why the majority of people are in debt and/or can’t get ahead. This explains why homeownership rates are dropping, or why a record number of people can’t make their car payment.
        In the past 20 years over 80 % of all wealth has gone to the extremely rich, plus they have armies of lawyers and accountants to help them bypass a lot of taxes. I don’t believe the garbage spewed how the small number of rich are paying 75 % of all taxes. Here’s why; the wealthy business owners, corporations, etc. pass on that expense to the consumer. They may pay the tax but they get reimbursed by consumers by way of higher prices.
        On top of all that, they want to deprive us of our 2nd Amendment rights, greatly curtail our 1st and 5th a Amendment rights, and inhibit other liberties.
        The freeloaders are getting at tax payer expense food, housing, medical and dental care, public education including college, and cell phones. And with all that in several states they get a home computer, phone and internet providers, and even a car. The rest of us have to settle for a lower standard of living and lower quality of life and fork over a big chunk of our income so that the mainly Demo.s party can create a permanent underclass of voters who will vote to keep them in office. They have to keep it all going no matter what now because there are tens of millions that totally depend on the gov’t, and if it is cut off there will be social chaos and crime on a national scale. Additionally, pension plans for working people are going bankrupt, officialdom took the money instead for social spending, or it just wasn’t adequately funded.
        I have worked my entire life, every dollar that passed through my hand was honestly earned, sometimes I think people like me are suckers, just a milk cow. Before it is too late we need to unite and organize, and say we’re tired of this crap. If the working middle class (what remains of them) said we aren’t going to play anymore, and the gov’t/ corporate paradigm can’t have anymore there would be change. Every day I look for ways to keep what is mine, to starve the beast.

        • Amen Bill great post. It’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of money the parasites extort from us nowadays! And it’s never enough for them, they want more and more….

        • Except that is from 2013…

      10. …but will anyone listen?

        • No, but the will blame others when it fails.

      11. Socialism is a big lie to people who are disadvantaged.

        Of course it is, that is why they do it.

      12. My god, who writes this crap?!
        Mac has to be the most ignorant and willfully blind fool on this planet!

        Hey Mac, have you caught up with the news?

        The US has placed harsh and debilitating social, political and economic sanctions on Venezuela for the past two or three decades.

        “We always talk about the Nazis … but nobody ever talks about the socialists or communism. It has killed more people than Nazis did,”

        And nobody talks about US hegemony, which has killed millions more!

        • Nazi: short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party.

      13. Guessing we All have believed lies somewhere in our lives. (I have anyway) For instance -> High intelligence is going to take us thru Any problem in life. Not true. History tells us a different story. Common folk not overly high on the IQ scale may survive situations that we cannot.
        Socialism is a lie that destroys nations.. Yet, many cannot help but bite on the hook. Even if it kills them.

      14. Ah! But ours will be a kinder gentler socialism. The Politicians promised.(sarc)

      15. Mac Slavo, you know better. You know very well how the Western Media presstitutes work. You know how they are propaganda departments any time the US government needs to demonized some one or some government. Also, you aren’t mentioning how the US, Canada and UE sanctions and economic blockade has affected Venezuela’s economy and the lives of Venezuelans. According to the UN, those US, Canada and UE sanctions are a violation of human rights of the Venezuelan people. You also don’t say that the hyperinflation is being induce by the private sector, which always played a leading role in the attempts of coups and destabilization in Venezuela, or you forgot the other coup that in 2002 also a man proclaimed himself president of Venezuela called Pedro Carmona Estanga? He was the president of the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce, very much involved with the Venezuelan opposition and United States in the coup against Chavez. Everything that the US, Canada and the UE is doing to Venezuela is being shown by the media as Maduro’s fault. This is something like if I lock you up in your house and I do not allow food or medicine to enter your house, and then I tell everyone that you have your family going hungry and that you are a tyrant, and then I offer you humanitarian help to save you? You see Mac, there is a media coup also going on against Venezuela right now and you are part of it. There is a media BIAS on Venezuela. All the western media orchestra directed by Washington are saying the same exact thing, the same paragraphs, the same lies, the same coup script. United States has shown until now that doesn’t need a truth to invade, bombard, kill and occupy a country. It just needs a lie to do it, like the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein never had. Sending troops to kill innocent people in the name of “freedom and democracy”, when is really a corpocracy, creating an awful karma to those that commit the war crimes.

        • re Mac Slavo, you know better

          WELL SAID!!!

          McSlavo is a McZioPimp

        • Very well said. Finally the truth.

      16. ht tps://

        It used to be only the mentally ill would dumpster dive fir food. Then the crazy Millenials started dumpster diving and identified themselves as “Freegans”.
        htt ps://

        Now it’s a routine practice in Venezuela.

      17. The latest indignity by Maduro was to park large trucks on the bridges leading into his country from the North. This is to keep aid from the USA from reaching the people. He doesn’t want the socialist system in Venezuela to look bad.

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