“Start Throwing Rocks”: Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    It’s not an exaggeration to say that battle lines are being drawn in America today. You can see it in the news everyday. As time goes on, people in this country are becoming very tribal, as Americans of different races, religions, and political persuasions turn on each other. What we saw in Charlottesville last weekend was just the latest sign that America is turning into a very dark place, where conflict between different demographics is the norm. And it probably won’t be the last indicator to emerge.

    So how did we get to this place? How did we reach a point where America resembles Wiemar Germany, with white nationalists and socialist thugs battling it out on the streets and killing people?

    If I were to pick one culprit for this mess, it would be the mainstream media. They’re the ones who have, for the most part, stood behind leftist ideologues for decades, and allowed them to bury public discourse under a wave of identity politics. They are at the very least, partly to blame. They’ve helped stoke divisions in this country that were once faint, or in the process of healing.

    And if you don’t think the mainstream media is responsible for nudging our country towards war in the streets, then you should read this op-ed that was recently published by the Washington Post. It was written by N.D.B. Collins, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. In it, he appears to shamelessly call for the left to spawn more riots and violence in this country.

    The white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, a city that boasts “diversity makes us stronger,” made a lot of things clear. One of them is that generic solutions to the racial problem — bland affirmations of inclusiveness, tolerance and “free speech” — will no longer work. Indeed, they have never worked, at least not on their own. …

    [I]n April 1968, amid a flurry of other “rocks,” riots shook American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It took that rolling unrest, not the promise of further economic growth, to spur President Lyndon Johnson and Congress to action. Within a week they had passed the Fair Housing Act.

    Over the past century, liberalism, vexed by an ever-sharp, ever-cutting white supremacy, has needed these rocks. …

    Segregationists have again assumed their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House and many other American temples. Paper alone won’t drive them out. Start throwing rocks.

    Let that sink in. At a time when our country has never been so divided, and the proverbial smoke is still clearing from a deadly riot in Virginia, one of the most widely recognized news sources decides to post an article that calls for more rioting.

    It looks an awful lot like the media is trying to foment a war on American soil. What other conclusion can you draw from this very public call to violence? They had to have vetted this piece and understood its meaning and intent, before unleashing it on the world. They have to know the consequences of that, and if they know those consequences, then we can infer their goals.

    The mainstream media has just shown us all its true colors. They’ve finally revealed what many of us suspected for a long time. They appear to be trying to convince Americans that it’s okay to hurt, and possibly kill each other for political reasons.


    Michael Savage Warns: Civil War Could Break Out If Trump Is Removed From Office

    The Simple Reason Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

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      1. Forcing people to choose sides.

        I wonder if BLM’s “White allies” have given any thought to what happens if BLM is able to roll over us raysis bigots?

        Hint: Look into a mirror. You’re just as white as me.

        • Yup,,,
          These people are stupid, they somehow think that they will be spared when the balk starts rolling,, last time i checked white is white, doesnt matter what side they blab about being on, so they will end up most likely being amongst the first to be eradicated

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. Socialist revolutions always eat some of their own children. The ones who help make it successful and promote it the loudest are always the first useful idiots to get thrown under the bus.

            • Deplorable liar (AKA braveturd1776) – You called me (and Marie) liars for stating that you haven’t backed down on your support for Trump.

              Well, I’m calling you out. Here’s the proof that you’re the biggest puffed up fantasist liar on this site (right up their with your best pal the idiot fantasist HCKS):


              That comment above was made on August 13th. I didn’t have to look too far back did I? There’s lots more on here where you’re support of Trump is more than wavering (you’re even comparing Trump to H. Clinton). Do you want me to post these comments too?

              Trouble with liars they need good memories to be convincing and you’ve never been convincing about anything you’ve said (or done).

              Funny that CSS hasn’t picked up on your lies – he doesn’t like liars either.

              It’s OK, I don’t need an apology from you because you’ll just bluff and bluster, like you usually do (or threaten me…whoo..I’m real scared by your keyboard rhetoric).

              So go and shoot some more paper targets at your borrowed BOL with your second hand junk weapon, having driven there in your third hand clunker (with its dodgy suspension). Hope your little bitty shoulder doesn’t get too sore (again)…aaw!

        • Someone here said (repeatedly) last year, that there would be blood on the streets this summer.

          Who was that Masked Man??? Yeah it’s in the archives. 🙁

          • durango, in fact the supposed summer of violence has never really happened as it was predicted earlier on this year and last year. After the last Berkley event and Portland Oregon we have not heard anything about any events of any size or matter until this newest creation in Charlottesvile. Just small stuff here and there for protests and resist rallys. So in fact it never actually played out as predicted and that was because those last two events were a turning points until the DEMs created this one deliberately. This is all a created event and nothing more. They can create anything they desire with PRAVDA/MSM and guy like McCauliffes state agencies. Now of course states like Oregon and others will try to one up them just because they are equally as insane ! So the Trump responses will define everything going forward. Hopefully many more arrests and DEM deep state prosecutions.


        • Where is AG Jeff Sessions???

        • I’m all for it – burn this piss poor excuse for America down !

      2. What the media doesn’t seem to understand, is when this blows up all these media talking heads, and writers for the Post are going to have BIG bulls eye on them! They all seen to think there going to sit back and watch things burn. This goes for all those left wing professors too, they are going to have the mob coming for them too.

        • Colt, the only problem is we have seen many events that should have already kicked it off and we still see no revolt or actions as you suggest ? Not saying it is not fully warranted, just saying most Americans are not as kick ass or proactive as you seem to think ? I am not sure at all what it would take for people to actually stand up against the tyrrany they are subjected to ? What about Finicum and many other egregious events in the last 10 years ?

          So maybe the best question is exactly what will it take and I honestly do not have a good answer ? Seems to me it is all way past due by a long shot at every state capital, DC and PRAVDA/MSM outlets as well as some corp headquarters. But we see more tyrrany 24/7/365 in a myriad of ways never ending ? I know some of the answers but certainly not all and it is a very interesting question to ponder considering all that has happened in the last decade. Just what will it take ? How many people have been murdered or seriously harmed wrongly by blacks, illegal aliens and Muslims and our own government ? How egregious can taxation get with Oregon abortions for illegals and on and on and on ?

      3. Don’t the libtard media talking heads realize that once they get their “Civil War” they themselves will be as much of a target as the politicians and leftists that caused it.. I have always said the libturds are suicidal and worship death… they just don’t believe it will be their own.

      4. The MSM has gone all out on Trump that he is a KKK loving racist. If something atrocious happens, like whites dragging a black guy behind a car (James Byrd, Texas 1998), then the MSM will pin it right on Trump.

        They will say “The President has fostered an atmosphere of hatred against minorities and this (whatever atrocity) is the result.”

        Anyone who remotely supports Trump will be called a murdering racist. We’re just about there already.

        But one really bad event could set off an open war against whites, however it develops. If someone is white they will have to grovel at the feet of their accusers, saying all the right words to avoid their wrath.

        On the local news here one woman news anchor yesterday said to the other anchor, “Donald Trump actually said that he supports the white nationalist movement?” with a dropped jaw incredulous look on here face. The other anchor shook his head like what is this world coming to.

        Whenever I leave my house I’m always alert to my surroundings. I’m getting to the point where I’ll have to assume someone is after me just because I’m white. I am not being paranoid.

        If another James Byrd incident happens then whites will be considered fair game.

        BTW, I’ll grovel at their feet while I’m picking up my shell casings.

      5. The media is Americas 5th column.

        beware of what any of them say. Antifa is marxist, so it is safe to believe that the media is hammer and sickle to the bone.

        next will be campaign to lull everybody into believing that are not going come after landowners and other they consider bourgeois.

        marxist are taught that everyone that lives in rural areas are idiots. just remember that one.

        • yep, the people in ‘flyover country’ have more brains than all the libturds in the US combined.

          • True. Except for the Chuck Norris middle aged wannabes.

            • Anonymous, why don’t you go sell that someplace else.

              Braveheart is a long-time valued member of this site. You are NOT!

              • Tired of all the braggadocio bigmouths and pretenders. The fact that he is a valued member of this site (or so you claim) speaks volumes. All of you clowns talking about
                shooting people need to check your behavior. Really examine yourselves. Talk about
                intelligent things instead of how you are going to react over perceived threats. In reality,
                99% of you guys know that you are not going to do a damn thing about anything. It makes you feel like big heroes talking about blasting people when the ridiculous so-called civil war
                starts. Posers, fools and grandstanders. Get real. Start acting your age for once in your life.

                • Anonymous, thank God you are here to be the Judge of “Reality” (“In reality,99% of you guys know that you are not going to do a damn thing about anything”).

                  You say, “Posers, fools and grandstanders” and I say you are entitled to your opinions. But you look petty and vindictive going after Braveheart specifically. That’s a person attack!

                  • Justice? What justice? Braveturd is a braggard and liar and has been exposed as such. So, if you’re defending him, what does that make you?

                    And talking of petty attacks (which you accused me of), he started by calling me and another commentator liars when we were not. So who was originally being petty?

                    And why has he (Braveturd) not responded to my valid points outing him as a liar? Prove me wrong Braveturd..go on, if you can.

                    Simple..he can’t defend his lies…I say again, by supporting this proven liar, you too support his braggadocio which makes you look foolish.

                    Justice?..there is none with idiots like you around giving yourselves grandiose handles without seemingly knowing the etymology of them!

                  • Justice , Anonymous is making some good and valid points as well ! There is a lot of macho warrior talk here and many will never do a damn thing and that is just a fact ! When you live in an echo chamber nothing much can happen because everyone repeats the same echo ?

                    Let all the info/conversion out there no matter where the chips fall and we will all be far better off. I too have pointed out many times that many here are living in a sort of prepper type fantasy and I was not wrong at all, in fact quite spot on ! So are you wanting to deny basic realities as the progs do ? That is not right either nor will it help anybody change a damn thing ? It is only ideas and words not a punch in the face or an actual affront. Sometimes the simple truth hurts and always when it hits home squarely. You may have noticed I never go out of my way to get too friendly with anybody, or attack anybody with a first shot but I do always speak what I know is the truth of many matters and that is always the best policy no matter what. More people need to do the same and we would all benefit greatly.

      6. At least that publication requires a subscription, thank goodness…. its your American right to pay to be stupid, not have stupid shoved down your throat. If only CNN required subscription.

        • CNN does require subscription with a TV and cable service ?

      7. As if the Antifa-Black Lives Matter crowd were not already throwing rocks.

        The white (mostly white) protesting against bring down a cherished Confederate statue of General Robert E. Lee, came without weapons other than shields to protect themselves from rocks and other dangerous objects being hurled by Black Lives Antifa.

        The media liars keep taking the side of the offenders, Black Lives.

        The parties most responsible besides Soros (Rothschilds) who bankroll the Black rioting mob, is the Mayor of Charlotttesville who ordered the police to stand down. He is most likely going to be hit with a class action law suit and criminal charges for the death of the woman who died, the injured on both sides.

        The 20 year old white male who police thought had run her down has been proven through photographic evidence NOT to have killed her. Additionally, he was escaping an assault.

        A white entertainer had acid sprayed into his eyes and may be blinded permanently.

        There was one group 3%ers who may have been armed but never used there weapons.

        Police were in dereliction of duty and led the protesters right through an area where they came in direct contact with the counter protesters/Black Matters Antifa who hurled rocks and cement filled soda bottles, lunged at the white orderly protesters with baseball bats and wood sticks.

        The Antifa hurled feces and other biological bodily fluids at white protesters. They are planning to use HIV infected needles in the next statue protest.

        The whites are labeled white supremacist. But this is a lie. Most of these protesters are not white supremist. The crowd was a cross section of various Americans concerned by these Communists destroying National monuments. That’s all.

        So, in closing; the lying media is just trying to confuse the masses who still watch TV and read the phony newspapers.


        • Yeah, it’s a big ole mess in Virginia right now. With what looks like a law enforcement backed set up so this shit could pop off according to plan. It’s easy to get all wrapped up in it emotionally. The media is doing what they always do by making victims out of some pretty bad people. Any way you look at this situation, there really is no good outcome. Now, this liberal rag of a newspaper is advocating a certain conduct that’s potentially gonna get innocent people hurt or killed. He’s saying that if you don’t get your own way, then you can be violent until you do. It’s people like him, a true fucking piece of shit coward, that needs rocks thrown at him. This piece of shit sits in his office, behind his keyboard drinking his latte and spewing hate and violence, “all in the name of equality”? Gimme a fucking break. I really believe shit like this is the reason that these supposed gun laws were supported under Obama. To make the fight a little more “fair”. How scary does the N Korea thing look now people? If this shit keeps up, those hostile countries won’t have to do anything, just sit back and watch while the people that don’t have a job attack the people that do.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • Two kinds of spin: media spin and projectile spin.

          • Agreed…the author is inciting violence on other people and needs to have his ass kicked. It’s one thing to tear down a statue. A whole different item when hurting people.
            From Legal-Dictionary
            Deadly weapon
            n. any weapon which can kill. This includes not only weapons which are intended to do harm like a gun or knife, but also blunt instruments like clubs, baseball bats, monkey wrenches, an automobile or any object which actually causes death. This becomes important when trying to prove criminal charges brought for assault with a deadly weapon. In a few 1990s cases courts have found rocks and even penises of AIDS sufferers as “deadly weapons.” (See: dangerous weapon)

            There’s a cycle I’ve noticed with the black community. Seen this several times. They become offended. They run the offense up the flagpole. Then comes the sit-ins, violent mob action etc…. Then capitulation from whitey, normally in the form of more free stuff and welfare perks. The black community signal they are pleased and we have a few years of peace.
            So Trump has clamped down on section 8 and food stamps. Is this the trigger for our current offense over statues? Statues aren’t exactly the biggest problems blacks face these days.

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTDTnRD-AiQ

          • J knife I wonder why comments like this paper is making are not prosecutable ? I believe they are in fact. Inciting violence and bodily harm is a crime in every state as well as fed laws ? at a minimum some kind of court order or injunction to sanction these political criminals once there are injuries or events take place ? We are at a point where our laws are being tested seriously like never before by these maniacs and they cannot win or this country is done. Seems well past obvious.

        • Daniel Lang CIA operative is feeding the flames with more hate propaganda. America is not devided but confused. The left id fed Z- ion, ist media propaganda then paid by lefty commie Soros to create hate and violence and tonriot, so then they can say America is devided. America has 2 enemies only:
          The 3ews and their media lies.

          • America is divided, and irreconcilably so.

            Some people may be confused about which side of the divide they are really on but that doesn’t mean there is no divide.

            Choose your side, very soon you won’t be given the choice and it will be chosen for you by others.

            There is no neutrality in it, you try to be that way and you just put yourself in the crossfire zone and catch fire from both sides.

            • Think so? United we stand, divided we fall, right into the clutches of China. Think about that while you’re spewing your bile against your country and your fellow Americans.
              A collapsing America is China’s dream, they’ll be your masters then. Think boy, think before you speak…

          • Antifa believes the only way to fight fascism is to be a fascist. Smart actually

          • You’re right Daniel Lang is a propagandist trying to fan the flames of discent, rioting, division, he is a true low-life, trying to push this country into a call for martial law.

        • B from CA, thanks for posting the TRUTH!

          The article calls it, “It looks an awful lot like the media is trying to foment a war on American soil. What other conclusion can you draw from this very public call to violence?”

          The main street media has finally had their mask ripped off for everyone to see what they really are. I hope Americans have long memories.

          • There will be a flashpoint that causes all hell to break loose, you can feel it building. The media is dumping all the fuel it can. Waiting for the match to be lit.

            • I cant wait,,,
              I am at peace with my maker,

              • Next time there is a rally like this the right needs to come disguised as the left. With signs and weapons. Then turn, put on there self identifying armbands and beat the cowboy fuck out of the real left. The left will never again know where their opposition is.

                • Blend as the dew drops amongst the fog

                • sounds good, but are YOU going to? Probably not, you will just wait for others to do it. And there will not be others. Face it. No one wants to get into trouble and i cant blame them.

                • That is just what the NRA does! Turn on their support

          • Justice you make it sound like this info is something new ? it isn’t it has all been well known for years, not months weeks or days ? And that is just a simple fact.

        • They are smart to side with the violent people because they have nothing to fear from good people and good people don’t buy their products.

        • Shut up and take it slaves. If you have a choice, and you do, which group will you join? The KKK or antifa?

          • If I have to make a choice, I will be shooting at both. 🙂

            • Agree with you DK

              • My grandpa was kkk, he was an onerous old fart.

        • B, if any of those commie scum throw something at me they’ll get lead poisoning.

          • There goes big man again. Threatening to ventilate people.
            Big hat, no cattle. All talk, no action cyber commando.

            • People have a right to defend themselves and family. A rock in the right hands can be a lethal weapon. Just saying.

      8. As all Americans must know: the chicken-sh*t falls from the top down. So why are all these groups not where their tormentors live? Why are these Americans not going to the source of their problems?

        If you have a grievance with a company’s product or service you don’t go to the lowest peon. You go direct to the top, with the offending company’s president its the Board of Directors. You ban them; not some flag, or some statue, but them.

        The source of this country’s problems are not in places like Chicago, Detroit, Hartford, Baltimore, Charlottesville, Durham. It only seems like it. The responsibly parties are in our nation’s state and federal capitals; the propaganda capitals of our mainstream media.

        That’s where these protesters should be. Both sides. All sides. You clean these dens of evil out and I guarantee you, things will get a whole lot better right away.

        You demand that these wholly owned mainstream medias start reporting the news, honestly and factually and dispassionately. And if they don’t, or they won’t, then you them down. You put them out of your misery. You demand that they do their jobs. Burning the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” to the ground would be a great first start.

        You go to Hollywood and demand that they take the politics out of entertainment. You tell entertainers to stop being politicians.

        Next, you go to our nation’s capital and you demand term limits. Mandatory Term Limits. If these stupid and inept professional politicians want to push McCarthyism and this hysteria about how “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians are Coming!” then you limit their ability to control our government by limiting the amount of damage and dysfunction these career criminals are doing to our country. One term, and one term only. Mandatory Term Limits.

        Next you demand an end to these family dynasties. You demand that the likes of the Cuomos, Clintons, Bushes, Kennedy’s and the Browns step down. You forbid them from any public service in the future. One term and one term only.

        My real problem is how all these groups are wasting their time. All of them are. Why are all these groups in places like
        Chicago, Detroit, Hartford, Baltimore, Charlottesville, and Durham? Go where the real action is. Make it count.

        Go to the source.

      9. They want to change the name of Faneuil hall in Boston cus it was named after a slave owner.the communist takeover is almost complete. The fact they are even considering taking down statues and renaming historic landmarks is the proof. To be honest I never thought I’d see this day. Faneuil hall is called the cradle of liberty.

        • Google the 45 goals of Communism. It is their intent to denigrate everything American and undermine every American value. Not gonna work.

          A “Progressive” is just a communist, masquerading as a socialist. Rebranding themselves as a “Progressive” is a euphemism to give themselves a palatable moniker.

          It doesn’t work on anyone with half a brain. 🙂

          • DK, problem is there is a bunch of them and many work for the government in high places as well.

      10. We have a problem.

        We have the issue from Charlottesville, Durham and Baltimore in the damaging and removal of iconic Confederate statutes.

        Now we have some Governors wanting to remove them and some don’t.

        Sounds a little like the pre-civil war when states started
        to rebuke Federal control prior to actual secession.

      11. This is not going to end until blood is literally FLOWING down the streets and gutters. the situation in VA the other day is a mere taste, a mere display of what is to come in the very near future…Be prepared or you will regret it.

        • The INEVITABLE result of Diversity is Balkanization!

      12. Go to the Source? The thing is you could have killed every one of those left wing losers. and It still wouldn’t have changed nuthin. That mayor and vice mayor still wanted to destroy the statues. Its the question who do I punish you or the person who sent you. voting don’t work. Petitions don’t work. Protest don’t work. What worked in the past was terrorism. Terrorism get’s attention. Terrorist who accomplish their goal and get away with that act they make the next guy less likely to commit the same treason. Used to be the politicans lived in fear of the voters not reelecting them. That was in the past. At present they only fear being politically incorrect. Doing the right thing is very low on their list of priorities. So this is where the rubber meets the road. No matter what and who (wins?) the final outcome isn’t going to be pretty. Its quite a interesting time to be alive. This is history in the making. The frog has jumped out of the pan and the water has boiled away. Its hard to say which direction that frog will jump? The election of Trump made no difference. The Republic is no more. We are now a mob rule Democracy. So will anyones blood water Jeffersons tree? And if so who’s blood will it be Some peon who is following orders? The one who gave the order? The one who enacted the law that (legalized?) the order. Or kill them all and let God sort them out LOL!

        • “The Republic is no more. We are now a mob rule Democracy.”

          • Re evaluating the terms of engagement as we speak. They seem to have pushed their agenda regardless of the second amendment. There is a reason the black powder shooters of old carried their bullet making supplies in what they called a “Possibles bag”.

          • Not really. It’s just a vocal minority getting total coverage from a Treasonous LSM. 🙁

        • Old guy , no doubt things are whacked but you are not realizing some of the things you are saying is spoon fed by PRAVDA/MSM and is not even close to true ? All of the polls are lies and distortions because they all come from PRAVDA/MSM. Trump is far more popular than they want you to know or will allow in public. And that is just one of the many distortions of current events. In fact this is all being orchestrated by just a few people and the Soros paid agitators/provocateurs, not any actual real uprising or mass numbers. Look at the videos and see how many people were actually there to tear down the statues ? Not many but camera panned to look like a crowd ? This is how they roll, 100% deceit and you gotta look thru it all to get any resemblance of facts or truth. Also they had crews go out after dark and start taking down statues as if it were in any way necessary, so you know that was another DEM deep state cabal contrived act.

          Of course they are trying to create as much chaos as possible because they are desperate to undermine Trump and crew for the upcoming elections in 18 and 20 !

          I would urge everyone to get well informed on citizens arrest and self defense laws in your state. They do vary a bunch and those laws will save your bacon in the right circumstances. I know from first hand experience. Some states are very clear cut and give you all the legal benefit and authority quite clearly to defend yourself and make a citizens arrest that will solve all legal matters in many events. But you do have to be physically capable in the first place ? I see far too often prepper responses that want to use a gun first and I can assure you that is a very bad option. We are not even close to that unlawful and if it gets to that point it will be a different story, but we are not there. So I urge all to pay serious attention and avoid self inflicted demise. And yes I fully realize we are subject to the laws and others are not ! That is part of the tyrrany we are under and why we must throw them out.

      13. You guys are kinda confusing left with the right all the time. Come on now confess – it’s intentional ain’t it. What the right scum do you blame on the left.

        I’m gonna vote for SHTF as the absolute WORSE prepper (propaganda) site.

      14. I quit going to Drudge Report because it runs too many Wash Post and NY Times stories.

      15. Don’t give a shit what any of these people do, when It affects me and mine it’s on…. Won’t be throwing rocks.

      16. Sounds like The Washington Post is trying to incite a riot.

      17. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Know your enemy, know yourself. and you will be victorious.

        Know your liberal news head. Know your liberal professor. They think there are no repercussions for pushing their ideology. They are wrong. If it comes to civil war. They should be targeted hard.

        What saddens me is all the young people ruined by these professors. Many who are sick perverts.

        • Hard and one of the many first marks

      18. I believe also that the confrontation was staged for media propaganda purposes. I refuse to watch or read or listen to any accounts of these type of events from deep state intelligence controlled TV and newsprint, the first line of brainwashing. Brought to you by lawyers and big pharma who keep the lies flowing.

        • Of course its staged and planned, it just proves that these people are up to no good, instantly linking anything conservative to the far tight snd bashing Trump even more.
          Im over this crap, these liberal retards have no idea the hornets nest they are screwing with

      19. Always remember, mes amis: H8TE, violence and violating “safe spaces” is wrong. Unless, of course, the fascist left does it – then it is “understandable,” “justified” and even “good.”

      20. There is literally ZERO difference between the National SOCIALIST (Nazi) brownshirt street thugs of the 1930 and the fascist Antifa.

        Interestingly, their funder, the vile Soros, is a self-admitted collaborator with Hitler’s Nazis

        • Test:

          Not true.

          Antifa is the name of the Communist organization which not only sported the same flag waved by current Commies, but the 1930’s Antifa movement fought hand to hand battles with the real “Nazi” and Adolf Hitler himself. Incidently, Hitler led from the front.

          _ Antifa, same people, this generation.

          __know your enemies


          • “Hitler led from the front?” Which front? Please tell me which battle(s) he fought in? I’m intrigued. Intrigued by your ability for self delusion that is.

            You’re just another sad delusional Nazi scum supporter reinventing history to suit your own lies.

      21. Who owns/controls msm,there are your enemies.

        Aljamo,always pay attention to what msm is saying,they are in this case at least promoting orders.We the citizens need to know what lies they are telling daily,just know they are lies.

        Tis bullshit reporting on msm is one of many reasons will witness whatever happens if the Boston free speech rally goes on this Saturday,even if canceled will be a lot of left celebrations,either way will be another set of eyes to witness.We as a country need witnesses to all events that are willing to speak up and tell the truth

      22. Screw the rocks,,,, thats a waste of time, REPR+hand rolled rounds w 175gSMK+bad attitude = stay the hell away from me and leave me alone

        • No one uses 175 grain sierra matchkings anymore. Too heavy for 7.62×51, that grain weight tends to over pressure most auto gas systems and cause damage to your bolt and carrier group you stupid fool.

          • Pfftt
            Yea right,
            Ive never had a problem, the REPR is optimized for that particular round,

      23. We are entering post constitution America. Charlottesville was a set up. The radical left is way ahead on their planning, more than anybody on the right. The Mayor was involved in the set up as was the media. This was premeditated. They gave the White demonstrators a permit, but did not require a permit from violent Antifa and BLM. They intentionally did not have enough police. Then they revoked the permit of the peaceful demonstrators and funneled them into the waiting arms of violent Antifa and BLM who were waiting in large numbers. Then the radical left media takes over. And the deep state traitors within the Republican Party do what traitors always do. They betrayed the President. and the people. The motto of Antifa and the leftist media is, if you’re White and you’re not a communist, then you’re a racist. And they say it’s ok to kill racists. So, if you’re not communist, you die. Remember Stalin? Remember Mao? Remember Pol Pot?

        • Remember III%

        • Well, you pretty much nailed it. Too bad the majority of the populace can’t see through this engineered destruction.

        • agree on every point and said so many tines in the last 3 days at various outlets

      24. I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post…used to be a great paper. No more.

      25. What? We’re playing “rock, paper, scissors”? In reverse I guess: rock beats paper, paper beats scissors(???), scissors beats rock. Hmmm, I suppose I’ll ignore the advice of my kindergarten teacher and go running with scissors.

      26. Old Mayor Daly from Chicago had it right. If they have a Molotov cocktail in their hand. “SHOOT TO KILL”

        If they are throwing rock and bottles. Open up with Pepper Balls and Rubber Bullets.

        Or do like Israel does. Use 22Lr shoot in the butt or upper thigh. This stops it RIGHT NOW.


        • I like it that would be defiantly a good time popping them in the leg and ass with a 22 expecially if you had a 1022 and a bunch of the 30rd mags.

      27. Treasonous comments on this site are unbelievable, I find it hard to believe Americans are fomenting civil war.
        To the right wingers advocating violence and civil war: The military has already spoken against white supremacy and Trumps statements. You will be crushed by local, state and federal forces if you are so foolish as to start shooting.You can take that to the bank.

        • Zlatko, treasonous?

          • Yes Sir. It’s treason to foment civil war. I’m a retired Army officer, I know what I’m talking about. This is madness, it has to stop. Federal forces will cordon off the rebellious areas and reduce them one by one. You will lose, so don’t even try it.

            Law and order will prevail, as will the Constitution. Believe it.

            • Zlatko you mean the US Government will prevail. Haven’t you heard the Constitution is just a “God Da*ned” piece of paper.

              You are 100% right of course, for “who can make war against the beast”. The govenment’s willingness to kill it’s own people in unlimited. That’s what Commies are good at. Read some history. That’s why we have a second Amendment. Tell me I’m wrong. Please.

              • I have two master’s degrees in history; you’re wrong.
                Equating the freely elected gov’t of the United States with “Commies” is unparalleled ignorance, it’s not true.
                I know what the second amendment is, thanks.
                That didn’t justify the Confederacy’s rebellion and it doesn’t justify this neo-confederate temper tantrum either.
                Go home to your family and forget this mindless propaganda, it’s a lie; “the beast”…please, it’s a ridiculous thing to say.
                Free your mind, your backside will follow…

                • That didn’t justify the Confederacy’s rebellion… Here I though that free states were free to leave? If you’re not free to leave that means your a prisoner. That’s the opposite of free! I could spend all day with you ludicrous comments.

                  Take a look at the Communist party planks and the US has adopted almost all of them. We are more Communist than Capitalist. But I don’t want to discuss economics with a History Major. I don’t want to confuse you unnecessarily.

                  • There is no provision in the Constitution for secession, if that was your point. I’m glad to discuss economics with a scholar like you….

            • so what if we lose. its better than being a compliant sheeple. I will not go looking for trouble. I wanted nothing more than to draw my social security Ponzi check and play hobby farm for the remainder of my days. However from the way things are shapeing up that seems to be very unlikely. So when trouble comes my direction I will take whatever action that is the most prudent.

            • Zlat, so are you referring to the law and order we have been seeing for the last 8 years and recently at Berkley, Ferguson, Baltimore, Ft Hood and elsewhere under BHO and crew as well F&F by Holder ? that law and order or some other law and order that does not exist. Lets get clear here for all to see ? which one is it ? You are making an army officer look bad with your bogus claims and lack of what is real or real knowledge. I agree any violence is always a last resort so why does BLM and Antifa get a pass if we actually have law and order here in USA today as you suggest. That is a serious bad joke if you have not noticed ? Please tell Finicum that joke ? Just saying.

        • Zlatko, you’ve been watching too much MSM news. We right-wingers only advocate acting in self-defense if we’re attacked by the left. It’s the left who has bad intentions toward this country, not us. Also, what local state and federal forces are you referring to? Law enforcement is outnumbered 100-to-1 and most of the military is overseas fighting in stupid foreign wars that don’t protect our interests at all. There’s 100,000,00 gun owners in this country who can and will put a stop to the left and their agenda. Bank on it.

          • Respectfully, you’re a fool to believe that. Any rebellion will be crushed by the Armed Forces, period.
            Go to work, take care of your family and forget about this crazy talk; your children need you more than your militia friends do.

            • Thats why it would be done you sheeple fool for our family / children grand children and guess what half at least of police would join cus if it was to unfold even the military couldent stop it cus just like the jap said a rifle behind every blade of grass and pussy lib tards have few guns and are inefficient with them with our childrens future be unstoppable

            • Zlatko, respectfully, there’s a number of things happening you’re not aware of. Go to some alternative new sources to get some REAL information. MSM is not giving you good information.

            • Zlatko, thank God you are there to kill and destroy your fellow Americans. I’m a lawyer and you swore allegiance to the Constitution, maybe you should READ IT!

              Zlatko, my grandfather told me about the ARMY KILING THE REBELLIOUS COAL MINERS BACK IN THE DAY (LOOK IT UP). I know you will kill me when your pay masters tell you too. SO F.U.

              • If you’re a lawyer, then you know better. Yes, American history is full of injustices, that’s not what we’re talking about.
                Fomenting armed, open rebellion against our duly elected gov’t is treason, and you know that. Stop misleading these people…

                • Your a History Major, were the Founding Fathers traitors to England. Do you support their treasonous behavior!

                  Game, set, match.

                  • They had no representatives in the British Parliament. You have representatives in Congress that you voted for. See the difference?

                    • You didn’t answer the Question: Traitors or NOT?

                      Also, your are incredibly implying that in a democracy you don’t have the right to revolt. Read some Thomas Jefferson.
                      I’m serious, your a liberal idiot and we see thing completely different!!!!!

                      I will no longer discuss anything with you. May God have mercy on you, but I hope you know God’s Justice.

            • Zlatko, why don’t you go defeat some goat humping Taliban in Afghanistan before you talk sh*t about kicking you fellow American’s as*. You talk about, you will “reduce me” is that before or after you ra*e my wife and kids.

              But I’ll make sure I “Go to work…and pay my taxes, Like a good little slave.

              You think I’m upset! I get upset when a killer threatens me!

              • It’s a ridiculous comment; you’re not a slave, you’re a free American who is clearly angry about his personal situation, rather that the welfare of your country and it’s people. No one is threatening law abiding citizens, just those who seek to impose their own will upon their neighbors, rather than acquiesce to the rule of law. The highest law in the U.S. is the Constitution. If you are fomenting open, armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States, then you should expect to be brought to justice, just like a criminal would be, because treason is a crime.

                • So you admit that you serve the “duly elected government of the United States” (even thought election fraud occurs with ILLEGAL ALIENS VOTING) not the Constitution. But you say the Constitution is the highest law in the land.

                  Tell me the truth, who do you serve the Government or the Constitution? I’m serious, because it sound like you serve the “duly elected government of the United States”.

                  Just admit that you are the boot of the man and will do whatever they (whomever signs your check) tells you to do.

                • Also, you state that I sound like someone, “who is clearly angry about his personal situation”. And you sound like a killer for higher who licks the boots of his master.

                  P.S. I could buy and sell your worthless as*. Enjoy you military pension.

                • Finally, what the heck do you know about the rule of law.

                  Where did you receive your law degree? Plus my Doctorate in Jurisprudence and Masters of Finance TRUMPS your Masters in History. It’s a shame you couldn’t get that Masters in Under Water Basket Weaving!

                  • Just so you know:

                    Military = Might Makes Right

                    This is the antithesis of the rule of law. Wars are not won in the court room but by killing men and destroying material/property. So don’t make me laugh with a military man talking about the rule of law.


                    • So justice, you’re a lawyer…hmmm.

                      A guy says to a lawyer “I hear you charge $200 a question. May I ask you two?” The lawyer looks him straight in the eye and replies “sure! Now what’s your second question?”

                      For all the waffle you spout here you can’t be very busy or successful at your chosen profession.

                      “First, let’s kill all the lawyers” William Shakespeare.

            • Zlatco…
              Back when Obummer was pres there was chatter about martial law, troops on the street etc….Back then the general consensus with the active military was that they would not engage citizens.

              Posse Comitatus Act. Might want to read up on that.

              Another good read:
              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-19/under-what-conditions-can-us-army-engage-american-citizens-armys-civil-disturbances-

        • More libtard bullshit

      28. “not involving advocacy of any act or acts of violence”

        Key point. Legally you cannot advocate violence. While this is apparently not enforced upon the political left it is the law.

        Incite a Riot Law and Legal Definition
        Under federal law, a riot is a public disturbance involving an act of violence by one or more persons assembled in a group of at least three people. Inciting a riot applies to a person who organizes, encourages, or participates in a riot. It can apply to one who urges or instigates others to riot. According to 18 USCS § 2102 “to incite a riot”, or “to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot”, includes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot, but shall not be deemed to mean the mere oral or written (1) advocacy of ideas or (2) expression of belief, not involving advocacy of any act or acts of violence or assertion of the rightness of, or the right to commit, any such act or acts.”

      29. If a full scale civil war breaks out in this country , I want to see heads on pikes of those people that lied us into this situation. There will be a toll to be extracted on the lives of those that sit comfortably in their air conditioned offices while they report fake news and their leftist god philosophy of hate. Msm ,blm ,antifa lives wouldn’t be worth much and they won’t be able to hide. So I hope your prepared to reap the whirlwind.

      30. Randolph Hearst – Yellow Journalism — CNN, NBC,CBS …… who protects US from THEM?!Time to reassert the Traditional American practice of periodically horsewhipping the newspaper editor. Tarring, feathering, and riding him out of town on a rail …………….. Where did these MSM Morons get the idea they are some sort of HOLY UNTOUCHABLE SAINTS? They are candidates for some serious payback for LYING to America is what they are. The DUTY of the Press is to inform the People and expose government malfeasance Where did the MSM get the idea they are sacred, virginal, and unquestionable? Whip them back down to earth.
        Horsewhip the Newspapermen and smash their presses.

      31. Anyone who thinks the far right KKK is as just as bad as the far left is entirely wrong. Where I live the adjoining county is Boone County. That’s where the National Headquarters of the KKK is located. And I chose to live here. We relocated here from N E Ark. the liberal left turned Jonesboro Ark into a Hell Hole. The entire Hwy 67 corridor is nothing but a welfare drawing gimmiedat paradise. Those far right aint race traitors. They for the most part don’t have sex with and breed outside of their own race. The left will have sex with and breed with anything. The libturd left is chock full of baby mommas and baby daddy parasite’s who live on welfare. The far right for the most part pay their own way. They certainly aint George Soro’s funded protestors. You may not like and you are free to disagree with the KKK. That’s Ok with me. But I live next to them. They are good neighbors. They are a bit too bible thumping for my taste. However I am not a Christian so I don’t much care for any bible thumpers.

        • “They certainly aint George Soro’s funded protestors.”

          The goal of Soros is to facilitate chaos. He and TPTB will fund both sides as it takes, “two to tango”. Like the Islamic terrorists who have npc idea that they’re getting funded by the Israelis who desire to destroy Islamic nations turning them into disorganized mobs if there is trouble their are the globalists.

          • You haven a shred of tangible proof that Soros funded those right wing folks who even went so far as to obtain a permit for their gathering. Yet there has been advertising on facebook to hire libturd protestors. For arguments sake I maintain the KKK is by far the lesser evil. By about the same margin a Trump was by far the lesser evil between him and Hellery.

            • You are correct as I do not have any evidence. Did any of this help the Patriot cause? Linking Constitutionalists with NAZI’s and KKK is counterproductive. Interestingly both Korea and this is timed just when NAFTA and China Free Trade are being re-negonated.

              We’re being played. The world is a stage. Nothing in politics happens by accident.

              • Did any of this help the patriot cause. Of course not. giving free rent in your head about some statue don’t help anything. Protesting ,Petitions, voting none of that helps the patriot cause. The only solution is a great culling. The imbalance of too few productive makers and too many taking parasites will have to be rectified. The puppet masters already have told their plan. Its written on the Georgia guidestones. Yes they are playing both ends against the middle. Its going to be a SHTF WROL Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest. Only the most lucky of the most self reliant who have the needed Know How and superior genetics will survive the 90% die off. You had better be Genetically healthy and genetically mentally capabile of surviving the coming ordeal. I think the mental part will be the most difficult. How you cope with the loss of most everything you hold dear is gonna be tough. We had a house destroyed I thought that was a terrible ordeal. Then We lost a child. Heck the loss of the house wasn’t nuthin by comparison. Then we lost another child. And We lost our give a durn. So everytime I see my remaining children and grandchildren I always have the nagging thought that I might never see them alive again. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. Are you mentally prepared to endure that sort of mental strain. If you intend to survive the great culling you better be. And its a certain fact that a great culling is coming. Because too many takers and too few makers is not long term sustainable. We are 115 volts away from the stone age.

      32. Throw more rocks. I don’t think that’s gonna work. Wasn’t there a article Here about a Venezuelian who was shot dead because they threw rocks?

        • old guy I think most of the left, and judging from the comments here, most of the regulars are buying the BS. The white nationalists DIDN’T start anything. It was constitutionalists who planned the march, and marched peacefully. Anifwa and black thugs matter started this shit. and it expanded across the U.S..
          I’ve seen nothing but all out lies from the MSM from the start.

          Bullets will fly soon. The police will run, and the military will be ineffective. The youth of today are mindless drones.

          But hey thanks for that tip on the stove, I’ve got one on the way.

          • ” It was constitutionalists who planned the march, and marched peacefully. ”

            In comes the NAZIs and KKK as “agents provocateurs” and low and behold just so coincidently Anifwa shows up along with plenty of media to cover the event.

            All just politics, oh so coincidental.

            “Nothing in politics happens by accident, if it happens it was meant to happen that way”
            President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

            The Constitutionalists get a black eye in public perception as its believed that they’re allied with the KKK and NAZI’s. The public watches this instead of the middle class who voted for Trump, BLACK and WHITE. Who lost their jobs to NAFTA and China Free Trade get divided.

            Look at the BIG PICTURE not where they want attention focused. If its all over the TV they want your attention there. Look elsewhere.

      33. Ok heres a poster boy example. In Randolph county Arkansas right on the Missouri Border near a tiny Hamlet named Warm springs Arkansas. This religious group came in. They where in the business of saving the souls of juvinule delequents. So they bought farms and rented farms with houses. They crammed those places with juvinles many from Chicago. Imported mixed race couples to house set the juviniles. Use those kids as slave labor on the farms. And whee handsomely paid to do so by the government. It was called the Lords Ranch. They had the local sheriff and government bought off. those kids some died trying to excape . some just murdered by possibly other children. those kids ranged far and wide stealing and vandalizing. However the Lords ranch and the kids had immunity. For about three decades this went on. And finally Arkansas changed from a Democrat state to a Republican State. Then the state police began to investigate. And the feds got involved. They where falsifying records and bilking the federal government out of millions of dollars. The Lords ranch is no more. There are many folks in jail. However the damage has been done. the importation of the mixed race House setters became a toe hold and the decline continues. I grew up there. We sold out and left. White flight!

      34. TEST says:
        Comment ID: 3730227

        August 17, 2017 at 8:28 am

        There is literally ZERO difference between the National SOCIALIST (Nazi) brownshirt street thugs of the 1930 and the fascist Antifa.

        Interestingly, their funder, the vile Soros, is a self-admitted collaborator with Hitler’s Nazis. Ok test tell me why when Obummer was elected President did you see the far right going off the rails? Did you see the far right demanding Obummer be removed from office? Did you see the far right suffering from President Obummer traumatic stress disorder. Nope you didn’t see any of that kind of wussie behavior. If it had occurred it wouldn’t have been condoned. However when the libturd left does it that’s different. They are embraced and encouraged to be irrational.

      35. Im not for anifia or KKK Im a Christian I believe everyone is the same color in Christ. Now attitude is another story…

        But antifa reminds me of the guy from Forest Gump when there in DC and he slaps Genny. A little punk that is mad at the world for no real reason, This guy was allowed to grow up and have kids and his kids are antifa. Same attitude same entitlement minded. If people (you) dont like this country move,

      36. As usual, SHTF Plan couldn’t find their butt with both hands.

        The guy is NOT Collins, he is Nathan D Connolly searchable as Connolly, Nathan. Seems like a nice guy, I’m sure he meant well.

        From his listing at Johns Hopkins”

        About Me As the Herbert Baxter Adams Chair in History, I research and teach the history of the United States in the twentieth-century. My scholarly interests include the story of American capitalism, the role of property rights in shaping U.S. political culture, and racial segregation as an instrument of economic growth. My book explores these themes as reflected in the history of Greater Miami. Its called *A World More Concrete: Race and Real Estate in the Remaking of Jim Crow South Florida* (University of Chicago Press, 2014).

        Institution The Johns Hopkins University

        Division School of Arts & Sciences

        Department History

        Title Professor

        Campus/Office Address Gillman Hall 390

        Affiliation Faculty

        Office Phone (410) 516-7586

        University Email [email protected]


      38. And the Bezos Blog is now calling for open violence. Still think we aren’t under a complete attack by Marxists?

      39. well.

      40. The media is inciting violence and unrest….the Bolshevik bastard media moguls need to be arrested and imprisoned.!

      41. #LATEnightcomicsSOwhite —- replace them ALL with people-of-color All these overpaid WHITE Elite Media propagandists who are busy calling US “racist” must IMMEDIATELY resign and be replaced by People-Of-Color. These RACIST MSM “pundits” are denying People-Of-Color fair employment and opportunity therefore THEY are racist bigots economically lynching Black people. step down NOW, TODAY, and give a Person-Of-Color your job and economic Freedom. You have been overpaid for years and can live off your vast savings. Especially as you move into a Diverse, Tolerant, Inclusive, MIXED RACE, UNgated city.

      42. My comments to an article in RT:

        “However, legitimizing the destructive means employed against Trump maybe the real lasting damage.”

        Yes, that sums up the truly important thing going on here.

        And Trump has completely failed.

        A remarkable example of cowardice.

        But still I think the techniques of his opponents are dangerous and unacceptable.

        It only shows what utter poison Hillary and her higher-up supporters are.

        America is in political chaos.

      43. Trump should charge this reporter with inciting violence.

      44. Divide and conquer. Easy pickings.

        The Globalist Elite, using the Progressive-Fascist stormtroopers in Europe and the U.S., and controlling the governments to invite mass migration of non-conforming people, and controlling the MSM to deceive the ignorant, have won the culture war, encouraged the populace to be blissfully ignorant and beholden to gluttony, electronic devices, social media, and have secured a place for themselves while promoting chaos, anarchy and death among the people. Identity politics, driven by the MSM’s lies, have divided us, not just by race but by social class, economic class, religion, sex, faith. . . They WANT division and violence, as it will permit them to declare martial law and seize total power. Many will be killed, many others enslaved and reeducated.

        Or, a whole bunch of Americans–let’s say all decent and honest ones of whatever race or religion or sex–rise up in PEACEFUL and HONORABLE defiance, employing the nonviolent resistance of MLK and Gandhi, and based in the spirit of Christ in his prescriptive words: “love your neighbors [even your enemies] as yourself.” Put down the idea of armed defense. Take up the idea of being good and Christian, placing faith in Him to save us, if not for this world, then for Eternal Life.

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