Spy Expert: The Steele Trump-Russia Dossier Was “Fabricated”

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    In some not so surprising news, a spy expert has come out saying what most of us already knew: the Steele dossier was completely “fabricated.”  Nigel West, one of Britain’s leading experts on espionage, was hired to examine the dossier written by his friend Christopher Steele. He concluded it was all manufactured falsehoods.

    West, hired to examine the dossier back in 2017, quickly concluded that “there is… a strong possibility that all Steele’s material has been fabricated,” according to the Sunday Times.

    Steele’s scandalous document, which claimed extensive ties between the then-US President-elect Donald Trump and the Kremlin, was published by BuzzFeed in January 2017 and quickly became the cornerstone of “Russiagate.” Media talking heads insisted that much of it had been corroborated. In fact, nothing was. –RT

    It took West a long time to come out with the information that the dossier was an utter fabrication.  It isn’t clear why he waited so long to reveal what most already knew anyway. Even the FBI director at the time, James Comey, described the dossier as“salacious and unverified in testimony to Congress. But the fact that this dossier was “unverified” did not stop Comey from signing an application for a FISA warrant that the Bureau used to spy on the Trump campaign via one of its advisers, Carter Page.

    Steele himself was paid purely above-board, of course: by Fusion GPS, which was a client of the law firm Perkins Coie LLP, on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, at the direction of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

    West told RT that he was surprised Steele made such obvious errors in the dossier.  Some of the most glaring mistakes were those such as treating one particular source as an expert in three entirely different fields or making up the existence of the Russian consulate in Miami, Florida. The source in question starts out as a middle-manager at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, but is later described as an expert on cyber warfare, and later yet as an expert on money-laundering by Russian immigrants in the US, West explained. “On the face of it, it looked inherently improbable that this single source was as proclaimed.”


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      1. I guess that Steele hired grab them by the breasts while passed out Comedic Ex Senator Al Franken to write it out of charity.

      2. The Israelis in concert with the U.S. Federal government and national media have confessed that they intend to flood the airwaves with deepfakes ahead of the election, mount cyber attacks, and possibly terrorist attacks, and blame Russia, China, and Iran.

        If the FBI was not so insistent on having a backdoor into all technology, America would not be so vulnerable to their terrorist attacks.

        Please! Just go away! Seriously! Nobody believes you! You can just leave the country. Nobody will mind!

        You are out of your league and in over your heads! Go Away!
        Netenyahu was also indicted today.

      3. Radical Romney violated Senate rules by drinking chocolate milk out of a bottle on the Senate floor during impeachment proceedings.

        The chocolate milk indulgence is just one more of Mitt’s repeated abuses, but at least nobody was killed this time, or locked in a factory in China.

      4. Nigel West is NOT any expert in anything related to spying.
        He is a British author that writes spy novels.
        He’s never been a spy nor in ANY security or intelligence role or job.
        Please fact check. Easy to see Nigel West’s entire bio from birth, education and jobs.
        On top of which it’s pretty easy to google the books he’s written.

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