Spoiled Brats Complain About Christmas Gifts, “Stupid Parents”

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Headline News | 226 comments

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    The annual trend of spoiled ungrateful brats taking to social media to complain about the Christmas gifts they did or didn’t receive from their parents has reared its ugly head once again, reminding us that vacuous materialism has replaced the true meaning of Christmas for many people in the west.

    The United States has one of the highest child poverty rates in the developed world, with millions of families struggling just to put food on the table. With 32.2 percent of children living below the poverty line, America ranks 36th out of the 41 wealthy countries according to UNICEF.

    However, that sobering reality wasn’t at the forefront of the minds of these individuals, who chose to publicly insult their parents and throw temper tantrums because they didn’t get an iPad or the correctly colored gadget. In addition, people are already selling their unwanted gifts on eBay.

    Hundreds of thousands of children have been forced to flee Syria as a result of civil war ripping their home country apart, with many compelled to become slave laborers in Lebanon, with kids as young as five beaten with sticks as they toil in potato and bean fields.

    Many of these children have lost their entire families and probably don’t even know what an iPad is. To compare their plight, in addition to that of Christians across the Middle East, who have been forced to flee Iraq and Syria in their hundreds of thousands to escape persecution, torture and death, to that of bratty teenagers (and some adults) irate at their parents for not spending hundreds of dollars on the latest tablet is humbling.

    While a few of these tweets may be trolls, searching for terms like “didn’t get ipad” on Twitter will yield hundreds of genuine results from people complaining about their Christmas gifts. Here’s a selection of this year’s hall of shame;

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      1. Not a lot of hope for the future of Amerika. When times get tough I don’t believe that most folks will have the fortitude to deal with the stress of a reset of their lifestyles. Probably will be a lot of crying and wailing.

        • The reality of collapse will hit these people like a freight train!

          • Yes true, but they will not learn from it. Instead they will grow more hateful and point blame on everyone else and become violent when they don’t get their way.

            The trend in attitudes of the current generation is really troublesome. Kids and teens are becoming more “me, me, me” with each year, and too lazy to do anything to earn any of it. Take but no give. Just like little liberals.

            • Nobama, good day to you sir, and I have to agree about how sorry these kids have become. My kid would only have one time to have that kind of attitude with me and I would take a belt and make his/her ass as red as a Chinese flag. If the kid called me stupid or anything else, I would take him/her as wash their mouth out with soap. That kind of attitude wasn’t tolerated in my home when I was a kid. Back then, I was grateful for whatever I received for Christmas and didn’t even care what it was. I learned early in life how to appreciate things. These kids weren’t raised right and most likely their parents weren’t raised right either. In any post-SHTF scenario, the kids and parents won’t last long at all. Take care.

              • These kids might have a point though. Their parents are pretty stupid to raise them like this.

                TRB, I’m sure in your house, like ours, it would never get to this point. While I agree with the belt/soap concept, our kids never get anywhere close to that level of a problem. Furthermore, since we homeschool our kids, we don’t have to let them hang out with kids who behave this way.

                True story: when I was 10yo my dad came to me and said “Son you’ve gotten too old for spankings or the belt now.” My initial elation was crushed when after a moments pause he continued “If you act up anymore I’m going to knock you down like a grown man.”
                All I could say was “yes sir.” He wasn’t mad at the time, and I wasn’t in trouble. He was just respectfully letting me know the consequences if I got out of line.
                I never gave my dad cause to knock me down, but to this day I don’t doubt that he would have if I deserved it.

                • That’s really kinda cool. You must have had a great dad.

                  Last time I was hit was in jr. high, and my mother hurt her hand, so she had to stop!

                  • My mother had to stand on a chair to slap my brother. As usual, he always stood there and took whatever she felt was appropriate. Once, he even picked her up and put he on the chair, then put her back on the floor when she was done.

                    None of this nonsense would’ve come out of us in our house. I never allowed it in mine either.

                    Glad my kid is grown and on her own.

                • Well, how about that…I always thought that was *my* idea until I read your post here. 🙂 When my boys turned 10, I told them they were too old for spankings, and we would move to a more appropriate form of physical discipline until they turned 18. Pushups! If they ever smarted off or got out of line – no matter where or when – I would immediately stop what we were doing and tell them to give me 10 perfect pushups right there (a single poor pushup started the count over again at 1). The supermarket, the church parking lot, Grandma’s house, even the side of the road with cars passing by…they learned that rude behavior was dealt with immediately and on the spot.

                  They are now confident and grounded adult men who show respect in all aspects of their lives.

                  • My dad was a great guy in many ways but like a lot of folks also had his faults,his big one was moving out with other women when married to me mum.My dad used to spank me,hit me rarely but for disipline,last time though I kicked his ass,talking with him after said why I hit back and went to town,and it wasn’t because of disipline,tough but needed talk between the two of us.

                • Rebel In Idaho, you’re very fortunate with your kids. My wife was killed by a drunk driver before we could have any kids so in some ways it’s better that I never had any. But if I had, they would’ve been raised the right way regardless of what any government official or anyone else said

                  • I am sorry about your wife. I never had kids either, husband dumped me for a rich woman – now I am taking care of my elderly Mom. I am thankful I am in the position to do so. Kids not meant to be.

                • I was just going to post that this is more the parents fault than it is the kids, but you kinda beat me to it.

                  • BJ, hope your Christmas went well. Yes, it’s without question mostly the parents that are to blame. When the parents’ minds are the same way as the kids’ minds, you know we’re in trouble as a nation.

                    • “I cried that I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.”

                      Thank you, God, for parents that taught such important lessons early in life.

                    • that’s why we are in SUCH deep doodoo. the LAST time we had a depression in the 30’s, america(ns)was a respectful lot…..now we have the entitlement generation….and it’s gonna be EPIC. the fact that we put ’em all on mood-altering drugs is just icing on the devil’s cake.

                  • I had to give myself a red thumb……just didn’t look right to me seeing 8 green and 0 red.


                • @Rebel….brings back memories for me. I was around 12-13 when I got a similar speech from my dad. He grew up tough an boxed a lot, then later in the Army (1963-1969) boxed, too. He just let me know that we had enough boxing gloves lating around and that the garage door would be closed…lol.
                  I got stupid enough to challenge him when I was 15, that lasted about 90 seconds..

                • rebel in idaho

                  this is what i have been saying for some time now that the so called children of today are spoiled good for nothing little pigs. give me give me give me my friends have ______
                  why cant i have ______ me me me a lot of it is because the A holes that have these children are children them selves
                  spoiled rotten children
                  you see it all the time in commercials Daddy has to have the latest car and latest gadget its all about selling garbage to children? adults i have seen temper tantrums being thrown by ADULTS because the latest thing they want is sold out or not the right color etc

                  and where is this behavior learned from ?? TV.
                  all these garbage TV shows like the kardashians
                  real housewives of A hole county etc etc

                  i have walked thru the malls at holiday times and watched adults act worse then children and its all because there narcissists self absorbed children
                  worried about only them selves and no one else its all about the latest sun glasses and watches and BS

                  one of my so called friends is like this he got a $ 2,000.00 bonus and did he buy his wife a gift for christmas ? did he pay a bill or two or buy some ammo to repay me for all the times i have helped him ? hell no he bought a huge gaudy FU*&ing watch.

                  its his money yes and he should do what he wants with it but it would have been nice to actually see him buy a gift for his wife ( who wont be for much longer LOL )

                  he is so self absorbed and just like 80% of the people in this country

                  and what really scares me is i am seeing it among the EBT crowd These damn A holes buying everything and then acting like how can you tell me my card is empty i have to have more me me me.

                  i just saw it the other day Black women two teens shopping cart loaded and she threw a huge tantrum throwing stuff all over the store because she had too many items. and her card didn’t have enough funds to cover it. and get this the police showed up and one cop had the BALLS to try and do a collection to help her pay for the food she wanted A FU&%ING collection !!!!

                  i asked him why and he said they have been told after Missouri and all the riots that they should cut back on arresting blacks

                  you have to be kidding me

                  skittle shittin unicorn

                • Rebel,
                  I thinks our dads raised us about the same.
                  Happy New Year,
                  North Idaho

            • Same shit, new day…

              • I couldn’t have said it any better!

              • I couldn’t have said it better!

                • I’ll bet I can say it better. It’s the same shit just taking place on a different day. How’s that? [sarcasm]

                  • It’s a day that is unlike all others previous to it but with identical fecal matter.

                    • Twas excrement I seen then, Tis excrement I see now, Twill be excrement I’ll see anon.

            • You are so right. We have been watching to American Revolution series on the AHC channel. Kids as young as 13 fought as soldiers against the British. Andrew Jackson was 13 when he enlisted. He was captured by the British and when a British officer ordered him to shine his boots, he told the officer what he could do with is boots and the offiver cut Jackson’s head and hand with is sword. We all know what Jackson did to the British in the war of 1812.

              A 16 year old girl made a night time ride twice as long as Paul Revere at night to alert militia. Girls married at 15. There were no teenage years. The majority of the current mall rats will sit and cry like quivering bowls of jello in a real emergency.

              • Nice post. Thanks

              • Red Leader, he was held for a long time as prisoner of war by the British in barbaric conditions. He hated the British all the way to his grave and had damned good reason to.

              • Red Leader,
                I would suggest to the parents of these snivering little spoiled mall rats is to leave only a copy of these text messages in their final will to children.
                — I’m serious. —
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • If they have anything left. From what I see these spoiled kids will spend all of their parents’ money before they die, and then sponge off their social security, and then when their parents are gone the kids won’t have a clue how to fend for themselves.

              • Ben Franklin open up a printing shop at 15.

              • That girl’s name was Sybil Ludington. She was 16 yrs old and she rode horseback to alert the nearest community about the British.
                That storys in the homeschooling books but it aint in public school. Cant have todays kiddos learn they could actually be heroic patriots nowadays. Better to keep them dumbed down and plugged into gadgets.

                Merry Christmas to you.

                • Thanks Calgagus, in amazing young girl. Very few like that today.

            • Same shit, new day…

              • Holy shit that is some funny stuff! Laughing till I have tears in my eyes. What world do these parents raise their kids in? It’s easy to take jabs at the kids, but their parents need to be slapped for even breeding

                • fer SURE, the genepool needs more CHLORINE!!!

            • I think some will, they will have to to survive. But some won’t and they will either perish or be the cause of others to perish and continue on to be come a “Cain.”

            • @nobama

              Yes, they might “get violent” but having read their Twitter responses to their “awful” Christmas presents, I am confident that a crack team of dedicated Cub Scouts could hold back their mighty wrath indefinitely. So let’s not worry overmuch about these spoiled little jackasses 🙂

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • Best comment on this article by far….. We have a winner!

              • I’m in agreement with Foxglove666 with regard to your comment —- GREAT
                — Miss Dee Dee

          • And they SO deserve it too !

        • Anon, you’re right. These people won’t make it for long in ANY post-SHTF scenario.

          • As they reap

            so shall they sow

            fools all


          • “vacuous materialism has replaced the true meaning of Christmas for many people in the west”

            I’d say that is has replaced the true meaning of life.

        • … and, as Christ said, “gnashing of teeth” in the outer darkness. Hopefully, some of them will wake up before this *temporal* ignorant attitude translates into *eternal* outer darkness

          • Scriptural “outer darkness” can now be defined as “a child being relegated to a life with the wrong color of iPad 6”

            • Nice ripost!!!

        • Obama doesn’t need to import leech voters, they are already homegrown!

        • My Shitmas gifts:


          Actually, the xbox is pretty cool lol.

          • Ass’d itch/eisenturd/sybil,

            reminds me of those spoiled brats sending the texts.
            He was probably spoiled as two week old tuna sitting in the sun.

            No wonder we have so many queers running around crying like wimps.

        • Have you ever seen how adult siblings behave when it’s time to divide up an inheritance? What these kids are doing is no different.

          • The only difference is, the adults usually lawyer up to whine on their behalf.

          • Or simply steal stuff like my aunts did. It hurt my Dad so much that he insisted on having a ceremonial division of the family silver before he died.

          • When my mom dies, my siblings will make a pack of jackals look civilized. Jerry Springer wouldn’t take them. Jerry has standards. Low as they are, Jerry has them.

        • yes–crying, wailing–and gnashing of teeth is in store for pretty much all of the materialistic, secular humanists……

        • Mr. Watson,

          I hate to tell you this chief BUT Christmas got out of hand a LONG time ago before now!. The only things that have really changed are the gift themselves and the ability to instantly communicate it to friends. NOTHING else has really changed outside of that in decades.

        • The “yutes” are the future of Amerika..we have only the parents to blame. Babies having babies, indulgences that desensitize the humanity, willing accomplices in media and retail as well as childish government formenting these attitudes, generations indoctrinalized in the FSA mindset…no moral code.
          The Hunger Games will be a reality and no one will fret about anything thanks to video games that promote evil and violence seemingly without consequence other than “game over” and can we reset the game. Death is never real till it happens and the “yutes” don’t even know what that means either.

          Live Free or Die…in the matrix

        • What a horrible group of materialistic people. How sad they are.

        • I’m bragging here. I got a back scratcher for Christmas and I am happy – seriously. One year I got nail clippers, another tooth brushes. I’m not complaining, I only buy something when I need it which is apparently much less often than most people. My neighbors think I’m almost destitute. I even raise most of my own veggies.

          Oh, yea. There was that ammo purchase I made. Even then, I didn’t really need it. It was for a give-a-way. I will just consider it a possible donation to future Ferguson like ‘peaceful’ protesters. I’ll save the brass for myself.

          • I got a back scratcher too. It’s metal and telescopes out.

            I also got two different farmer’s almanacs from different people. And my wife got a book on herbs. The relatives are trained on what we like.

          • I got one of those little Japanese back scratchers once, but they wouldn’t let her in through Customs.

        • Stupid parents will reap what they have sowed when their spoiled brats become heroin junkies and take an ax to them in the middle of the night because the wont give then more money.

        • You mean “dying.” These ungrateful sh-ts don’t have the talent, skill, let-alone fortitude to handle even unpleasantness. These are truly useless eaters.

        • …and gnashing of teeth…

        • Id prefer if they cant cope (because they ar so materialistic and shallow) to just go suicide themselves somewhere inconvenient to the “authorities” and get the hell out of the way…

      2. Well Christmas is over, so I guess we can put Christ back in the closet, and get back to whining and complaining and put the gloves back on. Trekker Out.

        • No. I want to keep Jesus Christ at the front of everything. He’s the only hope we have. Nothing wrong with carrying a big stick though.

      3. AND…..now if shtf does happen, it shows who would survive and who wouldn’t . The kids nor the parents would, after all, the kids got it from some where…just my humble opinion! So sad!

        • MommaD, you’re absolutely right, ma’am. They will be among the first casualties.

        • To be fair, we don’t know how a person will react when hard times hit. Sometimes it’s the people we least expect who rise to the occasion to stand strong in the face of hardship and death – and the ones we thought were totally prepared can’t hack it. A lot of preppers will go under.

      4. There’s a phone number for these kids to call.

        • Green Tomato, that’s a good one. It reminds me of a country song titled “Here’s A Quarter; Call Someone Who Cares”. I don’t remember the artist’s name.

            • Sixpack, thanks for that video. Travis said it better than I could. Hope your Christmas went well.

      5. Crap! What a bunch of brats. But this is what WE have let them become. They are only brats because WE made them that way.
        Time for parents to be parents and not their best friend!
        Just think when they get out on their own. And the feds don’t give them their EBT’s, ECT. Man are they heading for a rude awakening!!!!

        • It’s ok Sgt Dale, just throw them in a choke-hold and strip search them. They’ll straighten up.

          Sorry, too soon?

          • Billy Hill.

            I would do more than SGT Dale would with a choke hold.

            Warning! If you chose to go in with me and you have children. They will behave and do what is expected of them. If not your family can leave. I am not afraid of handing out corporal punishment on the spot either when your children run rip shit about camp setting a bad example to other children.

            • slingshot,

              My 9 and 12 year old boys already do what’s expected of them. Most of the time.

              They can cook, clean, do laundry, drive, start fires, use various tools and weapons as required including to execute quick, painless pest control without flinching. They’re smart, strong and respectful. I honestly don’t know where they get it.

              I give them considerable freedom as long as they do what’s expected when it matters most. Seems to work well for them.

              That being said, I strongly suggest you reserve ANY physical discipline to your own children. Parents get really weird when others do it to their kids. (Just looking out for your well being. 🙂 )

              • By the way, my reference to Sgt Dale searching kids was facetious sarcastic in nature.

              • Billy Hill.

                I understand your advise. Sgt. Dale has come under fire a few times and I did not catch the sarcasm. Have had Teenagers Bow Up and make threats. Which I do not take at all.

              • I agree – lay a hand on MY child without first being given my express permission to do so first, and you’ll meet a Mama Bear you won’t be able to outrun!

                Having said that – the concepts of pulling his own weight in chores, and just being grateful for what he has are ingrained in my child’s character. I don’t need to beat him – he learned what “no” means as a toddler and fears the laser stink eye of his Mum. I’m not gonna work up a sweat if he plays up when a mere glance does the trick at stopping the bratty behavior before it gets a chance to build up steam.

                Start young, home school and make them work towards clear tangible goals from as young as possible. That may as simple be laying the table before meals at 3 years old – doing it right, first time over a week earning the child a nice baking session with Mum or a ride with Daddy to the hardware store to look at the tools. Now at 10 he sorts out his chickens every morning at 6 am, without my having to do any nagging at all.

                I’m not saying don’t treat your kids, heck from time to time it’s lovely to spoil em a bit, just because you can. However never forget that kids feel better in themselves when they know they earned something. While you are at it, teach em to leave envy at the door as envy is one of the most corrosive, destructive forces in existence.

                One thing I have noticed about entitled types – they are never, ever content no matter how much “stuff” they have. This is because they never get to experience the personal deep satisfaction you get from a job well done, especially when it is something you have had to struggle to achieve.

                • Lonelonemum, good to hear from you and hope your Christmas went well. Nothing in your post I can dispute.

                • Someone’s kid misbehaves on my property and the parents don’t call them on it, I WILL! If parents don’t teach their kids respect for other people and their stuff, then the whole family will immediately be escorted off the property. In a shtf scenario, if it’s my property, it’s my rules. No debate heard nor tolerated.

            • if you place a hand on one of my kids i’ll break your arm . you will be lucky i dont kill you.what makes slingshot think he can admin corporal punishment to someone elses child.stupid! you better be afraid bitch.

              • Oklahoma

                In my area the kids do all sorts of vandalism and the parents don’t give a SHIT. So if you have kids like that, better to keep them on your own property and everything will be all right.
                Do you have burglaries, theft, assaults, strong arm robberies in your neighborhood? I Do.

                If we have a reset. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        • Sgt. Dale, so what has changed over time to result in us allowing kids to become brats?

          Answer: it is now a crime to discipline your kids. Kids need to be spanked (not beat or whipped, just appropriately punished) when needed.

          Kids were polite, not brats, only a couple decades ago, because spanking was an acceptable form of correction. It worked beck then. Even my school used paddles, and wow did I learn to fear them, especially the ones with holes drilled in them.

          But now discipline is a crime. And we’re seeing the results of it.

          • Nobama

            Discipline is a crime.

            How true.. When times become life or death you can be sure I will not put up with the B.S.

            What? No Goodie Two Shoes have posted.

          • Nobama, I agree. Now they call legitimate discipline “child abuse.” You give your child a spanking for anything these days, someone can give an anonymous tip to CPS about ‘child abuse’. Then the libturd social worker with cops for backup show up at your doo to take the kids from you. Then you have to go through a legal process with the ‘child abuse’ charge. Even if you get cleared of the charge, your kids end up in a foster home. Then there is another legal process to go through to get your kids back. All government intervention in family matters has done is to ruin everything. Get the government out of the family!

          • Nobama:
            Man you are dead on. The libtards and the feelgooders have made it so you have no control over your child.
            If I had dime for every spanking I got when I was a kid and I deserved each and every one. I could have retired when I was 40.
            “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

            • There was a couple driving in Ontario a decade or so ago, and the daughter – maybe 7 or 8 yrs. old, I can’t remember, slammed the door on her little siblings arm. The parents, very rightly, spanked her. Some leftist do-gooder called the police on the parents, and they got in beaucoup trouble.

              Ain’t just the kids that have serious problems.

              And if it “takes a village” raise a kid, maybe Hitlery can contribute a few of the zillion dollars she makes per speech to MY little hut in the village.

              • Test, no it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes 2 parents who have first been raised right themselves AND FOR GOVERNMENT TO MIND ITS OWN SINESS AND STAY OUT OF FAMILY AFFAIRS.

            • Man, nothing gets past you or over your head.

              sarc off

              I think you missed the point…..hint, CRIME was the key word!

              I am sure there is a “statute” somewhere making it illegal or a crime (color of law) to spank your children. That statute and the neighbor having a phone to call the cops, makes it totally ok for them to come and harass you.

        • Howdy Sarge. The way it’s looking SHTF could happen BEFORE they can get on that public dole. They won’t last long once the balloon goes up.

      6. Children are going to behave badly. Imagine under stress. Many going to learn the hard way.

        • My default position is that our kids will be well behaved, polite, and disciplined. Woe be unto them if they attempt to demonstrate otherwise.

          I firmly believe that you will get more behavior that you encourage and less behavior that you punish. This is true for kids, adults, and even livestock.

          • Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

            Malcolm X

        • Only way to discipline kids today is with no witnesses and no marks. Its hard to have your kids exposed to other kids that get everything given to them. Best you can do is set a good example to your own and hope they grow out of it.

          • Don’t expose them to those things and kids.

            • BJ, some of us would say, “If we knew what we know now!”

              You were lucky. Wiser than I from the start. If I had only known we would have done the same. I just hope there is some range training involved with your curriculum!

              • Well I still feel like a failure a lot of the time and a lot of things aren’t going the way I envisioned them when we got married. We agreed to a lot of parenting things…..but then she gave birth and I swear her mother showed up in her head and took over. We are definitely a work in process.

                Range time……we live temporarily in Illinois. What’s that tell ya.

      7. What these spoiled kids need is a ass whooping. If I pulled that crap as a kid I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. If my grandparents would’ve heard things like that, I’d pick up teeth.

        • Faith, I had a belt on me ONE time when was only 6. Dad made my ass as red as a Chinese flag and super sore to boot. But he never had to again afterward.

      8. It’s terrible that we have raised at least one generation (more likely two) of kids to believe they can and should have anything they want regardless of what it cost. Many people have no idea how hard someone has to work to earn the money to buy the gifts they get. Think of the millions of people who use a credit card to buy anything and everything no matter the cost and no matter that they cannot ever pay it off. My ex wife spent thousands of dollars on our kids who are NOT kids. The youngest is 23 and the oldest is over thirty yet she spent a thousand or more on each of them and gave them $200 in cash each as well. So how did my kids react? Well, the oldest said “She went all out this year. Best Christmas ever.” I guess I failed to teach that one humility. God help us all when the SHTF.

      9. Heck no. I have a seven year old and am not to that point yet. But when kiddo wants a 300 or more phone with the 50 a month plan to play games and text friends about useless stuff and take obnoxious pics of self and others– he can get a job. Otherwise he can take whats given to him..

        • Chantilly Lady, good to see you back and hope your Christmas went well. It would be the same way with my kids if I had any.

          • Christmas went well but post Christmas drama has developed somewhat relevant to this topic. My SIL divorced her husband when their son was about 3. She subsequently meets a man who doesnt want anything to do with the kid. So the worthless dad and evil stepmom raise him. The day the kid turns 18 he gets kicked out of the house and bounced around to mom and grandmom and back to dad the past 4 years. Now the kid is a grown man going on 24 years old, has a record from getting arrested for possession, driving without a license, etc, cant keep a job– cops an attitude when asked to do menial work during down time, doesnt call in when sick. Mom has bailed him out numerous times, set him up in apartments, etc. Seems she’s tired of him too. Kid is showing symptoms of depression for a while and things are worse since this year both grandma and dad died. So the SIL is trying to pawn the 23 yo grown man that has no car, no money off on an uncle and his wife. Problem is where they live the military base is the main employer and with his wrap sheet he wont be able to get a job. Kid has a welding certificate and could make decent money if he got his act together. So I had the privilege this am of telling the aunt the whole story about the nephew. They are elderly with some health problems and cant afford the liability or extra expenses associated with another person in the house, especially someone who is not pulling their load.

            • For what it is worth, I just took a moment to pray for the young man. There are many, many men who would love to mentor someone like that in our church, if he were willing.

              I”m very sorry to hear of your difficulties.

              • This young man has had a horrible childhood and has suffered a tremendous loss this year with two relatives dieing and his mother, has her issues too. He does need a mentor that can give him some good advice and a lot of prayer. I do worry that he feels hopeless and that he is alone in this world.

                • Chantilly, this might be a long shot, for I have no idea of the young mans locale. BUT….have you looked at the area for mens ministries?

                  John Eldredge has a ministry called Ransomed Heart Ministries and there might be some men involved in it where he is. It branched off of his book Wild at Heart….buy the kid that book and pray he reads it.


                  They also have weekend boot camps that can change a mans life….if you can get him interested or hooked up with a local man that could interest him. That book and that ministry has changed more mens life than any other I know of….it is truly amazing. Every man alive, every woman married to a man and every parent of a male child should all read that book.

                  If by chance you find this as a possibility to make happen but need help with the financial part of the weekend boot camp….let me know. Mac has both me personal and work email, as do others here.

            • Just went thru this with my 23 year old godson. He screwed up at mom’s house, screwed up at dad’s house, screwed up at my house. Now he’s surfing his mom’s couch again. Has thrown away a paid college education twice. He just needs to be kicked to the curb. There is such a thing as too much help. At this point he needs to sink or swim on his own . Painful to watch, but after the age of 21 your shit is your own.

        • Chant illy Lady, My youngest,24 now, is younger than the oldest two, he grew up with all games and tech stuff, he wanted a game system at eleven and I told him he could have one when he got a job and paid for it, so sure enough he found a job at eleven and worked all through school, and still works today. Yes he had a cell phone in high school, but he paid for it. He saved mostly and chose not to drive until he finished school because he had to pay those expenses too! Like my daddy would say “it builds character !”

          • I hope the young man gets a chance to prove himself and takes advantage of it.Does take discipline to learn any trade so there is good hope and a foundation and welding career can grow or hell open own outfit down the road.I would say he has a fair amount of personal things going on,hope he finds a path that helps him deal and move beyond the hardship he has experienced.

        Oh and good luck with your new ipad. Need you ask why?

      11. No more “time out” or “politically correct issues”.

        In the “reset”. Things will be done in a timely manner or you and your kids can leave.

        • “Time out” when I was a kid usually involved time with a leather belt (camera belt). All the boys got it; unfortunately, the one girl didn’t. If you guessed she turned out to be a horrible, self-absorbed brat who carried that on decades into adulthood, you would be right. Appropriate physical discipline, particularly as outlined by Dr. James Dobson in his early books, is not a bad thing. And if you are conflating child abuse with discipline, you may also want to review Dobson.

          It is a fitting epitaph for the “me” generation that one of the leading unlights that led to this mess, Dr. Benjamin Spock, had his own grandson (his son did not, contrary to rumor…) commit suicide.

          • Test, that’s commie propaganda about discipline being child abuse.

          • We love focus on the family

          • Time out has always cracked me up!

            Like many children on the autistic spectrum, his sensory issues mine has always regarded being put in a quiet corner by himself for half an hour as a REWARD! If you wanna truly punish him then a soft play centre will have him begging for mercy in seconds!

            We need to remember though, that some of the inner city feral street rats will survive SHTF better than we will – after all they’ve been living in appalling, neglectful conditions since the day of their birth and have had to master the lessons of survival the hard way. For this reason pay attention to where the homeless in your locale sleep, how they eat etc, etc.

      12. These brats were probably raised with an elf on a shelf, instead of a belt on the shelf.

        • Ed, you’re right. I had a belt on me ONE time when I was only 6. Dad made my ass as red as a Chinese flag, but he never had to again afterward.

          • We could literally hear my dad pulling his belt from his pants in the other room…that was our equivalent to the sound of a 12ga shotgun shell being racked into the chamber.

        • Lol, belt on a shelf. I had one of those as a kiddo and it kept me in line.
          That and plastic hangers in the closet. Since that doesnt rhyme we can just corget about that one.

        • my dad’s belt was on his waist and came off quick when an issue came up. He kept it polished on my butt but I turned out a lot better.

          • I got the belt a lot, until she remarried. From 7 on, I got fists.

      13. What you are complaining about here is the logical outcome of free market capitalism. If you embrace free market capitalism, you also have to embrace the greed, avarice and seflishness that are logical conquence of same. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, which is what you spoiled brats want.

        • D and C, OK, you made a valid point this time but we’re NOT brats. You’ll find those at the MSM sites.

        • @ dazed and confused

          No sir, you have it completely wrong. Free market capitalism is based on private property; the first private property you have is your own self: your body, your mind, your will, your creativity, the very breath that fills your lungs. The free market isn’t “selfish” anymore than breathing is selfish; unless you’re trying to suck the air directly from someone else’s lungs. Likewise, it’s not “greedy” to want a better life fro yourself or your children, and it’s not avaricious to want to be warmly clothed, well fed, better protected against disease, etc etc.

          In my time, I have met people from all over the world. My first students were from the former Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc, and their stories assured me that greed is – alas – a part of the human condition, irrespective of whether we live in a capitalist or socialist economy.

          PS As far as the fine people here being “spoiled brats” : couldn’t be less true. They might argue with each other, strong opinions voiced, strong language used… but it doesn’t seem that spoilage is a great big problem here. Nice try, and thanks for playing.

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      14. Proof positive of how most, not all, of the youth of the nation has the all about me attitude. The wrong one to have obviously. The song Mr. MTV by Nothing More within the first 1:45 sums a lot up. These kids are living in an IWorld. Pathetic.


        You’ve probably heard of Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia and Lech Walesa of Poland, both Nobel Laureates and heroes of the Cold War who precipitated the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe a quarter-century ago.

        But how many of us know the story of Laszlo Tokes, a Protestant pastor who in December 1989 stood up to the Romanian communist despot Nicolae Ceausescu and sparked a people’s revolution that freed Romania from a tyranny the equal of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin? In the spring of 1989, while other Soviet satellites were challenging their communist leaders, Romania remained in the iron grip of the totalitarian Ceausescu regime. Few dared to speak out against “President” Ceausescu and his Stalinist secret police, the Securitate.
        A notable exception was 37-year-old Laszlo Tokes, the assistant pastor of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the Transylvanian town of Timisoara. The theme of his sermons was simple but arresting: “We do not have to support the dictatorship and the dictator Ceausescu.” No one had dared utter such a public challenge.
        Ordered to stop preaching, Tokes refused. Directed to leave the apartment in which he and his family were living and move to a distant isolated town, he refused. In November, attackers armed with knives broke into his church apartment, but Tokes and friends fought them off. In mid-December when an eviction order was issued, members of Tokes’ congregation began a vigil outside his lodging, and a human chain formed around the block.
        By the evening of Dec. 15, 1989, the crowd had increased to several thousand, including students, Romanians as well as Hungarians, Orthodox as well as Protestants. They began singing “Wake up, O Romanian!,” a song banned in 1947 by the communists. They shouted, “Down with Ceausescu!” and “Down with Communism!”
        Two days later, on direct orders from Ceausescu, communist troops fired on a large crowd gathered in the town center of Timisoara, killing hundreds and perhaps thousands of innocents. This cowardly bloody act was the catalyst for a spontaneous people’s revolt that quickly spread across the country and to the capital city of Bucharest.
        Confident he had the backing of the populace, Ceausescu went to the main square and tried to give a speech listing the socialist “accomplishments” under his rule. To his shock and amazement, he was interrupted by jeers, boos and whistles. Unable to control the crowd, he and his wife Elena fled the city in a helicopter only to be forced down and taken prisoner by a new government. After a short trial by a special military tribunal, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were executed on Dec. 25, 1989.
        Today, Laszlo Tokes, the courageous pastor who brought down a dictator, continues to speak out for freedom and against totalitarianism as a member of the European Parliament and a bishop of the Reformed Church in Romania. A modern St. George, Bishop Tokes stands ready to battle any force that threatens the faith and the freedom of those whom he represents as pastor and political leader.
        So, let us give thanks in this holiday season for Havel and Walesa and Tokes, for all the men and women on both sides of the Iron Curtain — the known and the unknown — who resisted and kept on resisting the evil empire over a span of 40 years so that Marxism-Leninism would wind up where it belonged: on the ash heap of history.


        • I remember walking down the streets of Timisoara, looking at the memorials for the dead, and seeing the bullet holes in the walls. Sobering…

        • I recall watching the footage of the Ceausescu executions on Christmas Day, what a wonderful gift to the world that was.

      16. Got an elf on a shelf? We have a trooper on a pooper!
        Silly Facebook.

      17. My dad didn’t get me a bb gun, instead he got a 12 gauge..worst Christmas ever..:))))

        • TG…trade parents?

      18. I was in junior high in the late 1960s in the US, and thankfully, my parents at least did not pander me, part of the “Me Generation” that has taken the greatest country in the world and destroyed it with its arrogance, ignorance and self-absorption. I recall once my mother being called to the junior high principal’s office, where I was – once again – sitting for doing something (I did so many things, I can’t remember what now. Probably something with Jim Belushi, who was my best friend at the time -and yes, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, but that’s another story).

        Anyhow, to cut to the chase, my mother insisted the principal feel free to spank or use a strap on me (this was LONG after that kind of stuff was allowed, at least in that part of the world). I kept wanting her to shut up, but she was adamant that the principal should have free rein with me, including corporal punishment.

        Can’t say it solved the problem right then and there with me, but it was part of the long process that eventually – along with my conversion to Christ in my late teens – changed me from what was a budding disaster into a reasonably productive, upstanding citizen.

      19. I was just sayin in las thread about the kids they are spoiled lazy rotten little bastards that are ungrateful too that is some rude shit my folks would’ve whipped my so hard if I embarrassed the family fuckin punks I don’t have much confidence for the youth of today I want this and that take a number and wait just like the deli . How did we get to this entitlement shit get over it you want an i pad get a fuckin job and quit being a bitch I was poor as a kid my ma wouldn’t take free lunch for us too proud she made a bag lunch for us if we didn’t like it don’t eat till we get home kids nowadays couldn’t handle shit they will resort to crime quick . Just the lack of respect for parents pisses me off . They think we are their servants my kids try to pull this shit too I tell them dad don’t have the money today. I do but I want them to learn to be patient and greatful for the things I provide I’m not a door mat damn it we need to go back to times you could whip kids . I won’t enjoy doing this but discipline is what they need . make them move a big pile of dirt with a shovel and weelbarrel. Just for the hell of it then say oh I didn’t want it there move it over there . Ha ha and the stupid parents worry about their kids school backpack being too heavy really . With all these sissys I’m not worried about shtf I will roll over them if I have to ha ha ha . People think they are too good for certain jobs like mcdonalds . It’s better than no $ suck it up get training or college and improve your situation nobody gave me shit . I’m not kidding I bust my ass for$ not trying to brag hard work won’t kill you people if your are healthy enough to do it don’t do it with a this sucks attitude . God gave you a body to serve him with thank him and give him the glory. You will be blessed for it . I don’t get all religious and shit but know where my blessings come from . We belong to him you should want to make him proud to be your Heavenly Father people . Ya I use profanity old habits die hard I guess . Not here to give a sermon . When it all goes down there will a lot of pissin and moaning for sure

      20. Wait until April when ADULTS complain about not getting a tax refund thanks to Obamacare.

        • Go cut me a switch and it better be a good one or I will go cut one

        • Then it will be whipping time!

      21. I know just how these kids feel.

        My wife got me a SIG 5.56 and I wanted a 7.62 version.


        • AOWG I feel your pain! That could be considered Spousal Abuse. Trekker Out

        • yeah I only got a Henry Varmint express and a Note 4.. dangit! i wanted a gold plated Corvette..If my parents were alive I would.. oh wait..

      22. The materialism of America has turned her into The Whore of Babylon. Coming soon, God’s wrath.

        Off Topic: On the “Renew America” site today there is a fantastic article written by the Conservative author Gina Miller, which I recommend all of the SHTF Christians to read.

      23. I am going to take a contrarian position relative to most of the comments on this topic.

        I make sure my kids have the laptops, iPhones, tv’s, gaming systems, sound bars, full MS Office software suites, etc.


        I work hard. I don’t take equity loans to install a kitchen. I build the cabinets with my $2000.00 worth of tools downstairs. I put in the hardwood flooring. I do the electrical wiring, circuit panel installation. I do the plumbing, painting, sheet rocking, boiler rebuild instead of buying new. I put the new plugs/filters/water pumps, radiators, lights, brakes, shocks etc. on the cars. And I do get it all inspected.

        In other words, because I have taken the time to learn these things over the years, I have the necessary funds to provide my kids with the latest technology gadgets. The costs are really minimal when compared to paying some guy to do a shoddy job on simple housing maintenance.

        I had the kids. I have a responsibility to fund the kids…and yes, of course I know they won’t appreciate it now…..however, they do see me doing stuff. And I know that someday, when they have kids of their own, the light bulb will come on. Just as it did for me.

        • Cellar Spider.

          I do not think your children say things like those in this article. Nothing wrong in giving your children things that will enhance their lives.

          • @slingshot,

            Yup, you’re right my kids don’t say those things…at least they haven’t yet. Otherwise, a good swift kick in the ass would accompany a less than polite response…and they’re girls LOL.

            • Cellar,despite his flaws my dads generosity served as a example to me this and many other holiday seasons,i.e. try to help friends/family a bit down on their luck or even if doing good just make the holiday a tiny bit better,am sure your kids do get this.

      24. We got our 11 yo two things for Christmas this year that totaled $120.00. Two Wii U games. She was THRILLED because they were games she had wanted for so long. As it was, it took us two years to save back for Wii U, which she helped do chores and contribute to her getting one. She understands the value of money and knows her father and I cannot afford things. She also understands what Christmas is really supposed to be about.

        Her grandparents gave her a tablet computer and I told them that was too much. It’s going back. An 11 yo does not need their own tablet, let alone a cell phone.

        The above is representative of parental failure, to teach your children about materialism. This is what happens when you give your kids everything, and never teach them the value of money and let them live in a bubble.

        • Mountain,kids in todays society though don’t HAVE to have a computer do need one for school/learning new skills ect.Kids in my opinion do NEED a bicycle/time with friends without having to make a “play date”,learn useful skills such as gardening/building/fixing things done in a manner that makes learning fun for em.

          • Actually, I think they need a balanced mix of old and new skills today. They need to be just as comfortable with tech gadgets as they are with real tools. The world isn’t as simple as it used to be. Hell, even some pay phones are too high tech for some people now. They use scanners and readers for almost everything.

            Kids need to navigate it all. I wouldn’t deny my kids the tech if I could get it for them…hell, I’m a bit of a techie myself. But I also know what to do with just about every tool out there.

        • agree on the phone but I have to admit I would accept the tablet with grace, and use it as an educational tool for my child. That tablet could be a portable treasure trove of downloaded books and information if used correctly. A true blessing for any child of a prepper.

          Access to FREE classic literature on our kindle has been such a boon to my child’s education (remember when stories contained morals and attempted to help teach kids right from wrong?). amblesideonline.org is a fantastic place to start for an age appropriate booklist.

          Then I’d download a nice maths app for practicing mental maths – again you can download lots for free.

          I home educate, & I’m sure you’ll understand how as a single parent I appreciate all the free resources access to the internet provides.

          • Sounds like e good formula. Congratulations!

        • You might want to rethink the computer. Has she done a science fair project, yet? If not, it’s coming sooner than you think, and they require typed pages. If they are anything like my son’s, they will tell you exactly what font size, etc. Plus, it’s easier to type homework, use as a learning resource, and frankly, just to get ahead on technology.

          You can always keep tract of her online activities via her history too. Anything you don’t like, you can turn into a learning experience.

          From my experience, she at the perfect age to begin teaching online responsibility, as well as teaching her the do’s and don’t of social media.

      25. Should we have a reset where electronic devices are useless, children are going to have a hard time dealing with time. Plenty of ADULT preppers can not stay away from the little videos over a weekend camp. Myself I plan to teach skills to fill the void. Give children a sense of worth and accomplishment. This will be what parents need to do.

      26. We went out and cut a branch off a tree and used it for our Christmas tree, The only presents where clothing and some candy…not a single complaint. But then my kids are homeschooled and can’t stand technology and are “forced” to use it lol.

      27. Maybe my ideals are outdated. We’re country people who have more old fashioned views on life. I understand that children want these things, but do they really need them? We drove into the city last summer and I saw a couple with their young child at a table in a restaurant, playing on a tablet computer. The man was on his phone and the woman was on her own tablet. This family was completely disconnected from one another. They didn’t even speak to one another.

        • I liked video games as a child (still do truth be told) and don’t have a problem with getting my kids some of these things. The key is balance. If their chores and school work is done, then they are free to play games, read, play music, or whatever. If they want to play their ipod touch that’s fine, or if they want to play our piano, violin, or guitar in the music room that’s fine too. Chores first though.

          I’m less thrilled with television and only reluctantly let my wife and kids watch it. We compromised on this and there won’t be television in any bedrooms (especially mine) and not on the same floor as the dining room. Dinner time is family time and there will not be electronics of any kind as they are now mostly portable versions of television.

          That’s not to say that we don’t have family movie night about once a month or so. We just balance it with piano recitals, ballet, and board games.

          • Rebel, excellent approach. It’s always good to have some variety and not let any electronic gadgets take over your kids.

      28. Some adults @ here posted on Facebook how they didn’t like the way Toys for Tots was run this year… –wow– adults complaining about the process of getting free toys for their kids.

        • (‘here’ being south NM, USA)

      29. I can not say to much for the behavior of these children but this is the time for the parents to step up and correct them.

        • If my kid was among those kids, next year, as well as their next birthday might be pretty spartan, if anything at all. The experience of what it is like to truly get NOTHING, might change their attitude a bit.

      30. this is a parent fail.

        parents are failing their own children by allowing others to raise , manipulate and corrupt their children via social media.

        why are children even allowed to have unlocked phones and be online on social media sites and services?

        no child needs such access till they are a mature 16, and then it is monitored for their own safety till they are 18.


      31. Waiting for the blame the “Joos” crowd to start in.

        • You are right Mike, Christmas has become just another way for the damn jews to separate Christians from their money!

      32. So kids haven’t gotten presents for Christmas from us in 3 years, they are 11-3yrs old instead we go get a hotel room, swim in the pool, put together puzzles, play games, spend time together, first year the kids were not so sure, this year they asked where were going, oh yeah, my kids do not have ianythings, only watch movies on the weekends, still have a wii, only played 30 minutes each on the weekend, if the grades are up, their chores are done, yes they have chores, and they don’t get paid for the chores either, imagine that. and they are taught the true meaning of Christmas my 4 year old, tells people, santa isn’t real. okay so my guess is problem starts with selfish parents raising selfish children in a materialistic drive society that has bred discontentment as a way of selling their junk….

      33. My 8 yera old was happy with his 8-10lbs bow he got and a new video game.

        My oldest son just found a drone with cam for $35 at a yard sale the day after Christmas.

        Both things will help when SHTF.

      34. All my youngin’s received New upgraded Body Armor for Christmas. GrandKids got New Ruger .22 pistol’s but only 500 rd’s to go with each. I feel so Bad.

      35. When do these kids nowadays ever talk about what they gave to others for tmas instead of what they got or didn’t get?

        Parents are not teaching these kids the value of giving. I remember buying a handmade dulcimer and played it well in a matter of days and my mom took an interest in it. I then worked hard to save up my money to buy my mother one for tmas.

        I could not explain in words her expression when she got it that tmas day. We became a duo in dulcimer music all over the country at historical events and church. Giving a gift like that was a gift that kept on giving.

        Moral values are lacking in todays youth. I bet most kids have never heard it is more blessed to give than receive.

      36. When I was a young-un. We got sticks and stones wrapped in leaves. And counted us lucky as we siblings played war amongst ourselves.

        Them was the good ole days.

        • When I was a kid (early 1960s) all the boys had realistic looking cap guns. We had gun fights every day after school and on weekends. We ponted them at passing cars on the street and the drivers would smile. When we pointed our realistic looking guns at a passing LAPD patrol car the officer would laugh and wave and say “carry on”.

          What the heck happened?

      37. What ever happened to helping Mom in the kitchen and Dad doing chores around the house? Children have no business with what I call grown-up electronics these are meant to conduct business and contact people on a necessary basis giving a 6 year old a cell phone or a tablet will only lead to them misusing it in an inappropriate manner, what does a 6 year old have for one, they should not be so far away from an adult watching eyes to need to call for help; as for the tablet their are way to many things you can get into on a tablet that can get them in a lot of trouble, sometimes I am amazed at what comes up if I type the wrong letters into my computer, I assume the same goes for a tablet since I don’t have one I’m guessing.

        Husband sat up in bed for a time this morning I think he is on the mend. His fall was a hard one 2 broken ribs and a cracked sternum along with assorted scrapes, bumps and bruises. Christmas was very quiet at our homestead I played quiet music, he slept a lot, and I got caught up on some knitting.

        Enjoy the season.

      38. This makes me support super late term abortions even more. !

        • Recently, two professors wrote After Birth Abortion – Why Should the Baby Live, by two Joseph Mengele wannabe bioethicists, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva at The Journal of Medical Ethics http://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411.full. So, you aren’t far off. See also Dr. Peter Singer of Yale, who advocates bumping kids off up to ~2 yrs old… though he refuses to “put down” his severely Alzheimers ridden elderly mother),

          Then it’s Dr. Eric R. Pianka, at University of Texas lecturing to fellow scientists, students and professors in 2006, invoking the standard Malthusian ignorance, that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus. Pianka stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more “effective” than the HIV/AIDS virus has been because of the speed in which the victim dies; the good doctor also spoke positively of the death the bird flu could bring (and is the same Pianka who has also stated “We’re no better than bacteria!” at one of his lectures.) These are the same leftist types that murdered 100 million last century, per the highly acclaimed Black Book of Communism (Harvard Univ. Press; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Book_of_Communism) or possibly up to 160 million, per Dr. RJ Rummel (see http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/PERSONAL.HTM

      39. Guess I’m lucky, my three daughters were extremely happy and great flu for all they got. My wife has done a hell of a job raising them.

        • East,”great flu”?,did Santa perhaps leave you a bottle?!On a serious note always good to hear about kids doing well,gives one a bit of hope for the future!

      40. ooooooo our country has gone to shit and the kids are going along with it!

        • Yeah well, they’re gonna be the ones that turn us old fogies in for their reward of bobbles, trinkets and promises.

      41. Materialism it’s a trap people fall into . It keeps you a debt slave a buddy said to me why don’t you get a new truck you been driving this one forever it seems you can afford it yada yada I looked at him and said what’s wrong with this one it works fine never breaks down runs good no payments on it . Let me get this right trade this one in get nothing for it and take out a 6 year note at 400mo for a new shiny one that I have to break in. Screw that I like the old one it’s broken in like a comfy pair of shoes it’s not costing me a dime I’m not fuckin stupid gonna get my $ worth out of It. I know when to let it go . Now I can get a new one if I want but I will have to worry about scratches and shit like that . I’m a humble person I don’t wear suits and shit like that or want the latest and greatest truck or car nobody bats an eye at that old ford . this type of materialism ruins peoples finances really . Wife tell me her girlfriend got a new car. I said ya hunny and she in debt talked with her husband he says they pay over 400mo for it . For a corolla are you kidding I would have drove the Camry out for what he paid he showed me the sales contract he got fucked he paid for an extended warranty and a dealer markup in mass they can do this as long as they disclose it on the sticker they put in the options area as adm advanced dealer markup and they try to tell you it’s nothing your not paying for it they are giving it to you bullshit I did the math . I said dude you got taken for a ride . Needless to say he is pissed and he don’t even enjoy the car. I wouldn’t if I paid too much. In their defense they needed a car badly theirs was broke all the time no point in throwing good$ after bad. His wife had to have the Toyota he could have got a way better deal with a better warranty included . Some people fall for lies because they think they know what they are doing . Do the math if it’s not worth it walk away I hate car salesmen I said to him a new car is a new car. He fell for the reliable car rhetoric the Toyota fans scream they don’t say how many times the car was repaired to get it to 250 thousand miles ya materialism will screw you every time. Not bashing the guy but I go to his place they got just food for the week or so. Two younguunns no preps . I pulled him aside to talk. I said dude you gotta get a few things and stock up on food for the pantry . He says I buy food ever week . At this point I realize this guy is a sleep at the wheel. So I try to make him understand why he needs to do this he says the gov won’t let anything happen to us so I tell him about Katrina people on their roofs no clean potable water he says ya I know but that won’t happen here. I said dude you don’t wanna let your kids down . He don’t know that I prep or any thing . But I left it at that never to be discussed again . Told my wife this guys a sheep . His kids will pay the price for his blindness . That’s sad . I will not be helping them come shtf I’m not cruel . It’s not my responsibility I tried to wake him up what more can I do . This is how dumbed down people are to beleive the gov will come through for them when the chips are down because your family is their top priority ya right. I’m sure others know of people like this too seems to be mainstream nowadays 1more reason to keep your mouth shut about what you are up to . The boats taking on water in the bilge people on the deck having martinis someone comes up from below screaming boats sinking everyone just keeps on. The news is screaming all the shit that’s going wrong in the world terror war economic collapse extreme weather events and people are worried about football game

      42. In contrast to the materialistic, self-absorbed, post-Christian American kids today, in northern Syria and Iraq, there are children – literally – that are simply glad to have their heads attached to their bodies for Christmas.

        If you think I am exaggerating, pls review http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/isis-behead-four-children-iraq-4767241 or http://nypost.com/2014/12/12/christian-leader-isis-savages-behead-four-children/

        Islam. The religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, unfortunately

      43. Won’t be long and all these toys will be “ipaperweights.”

      44. Kids are raised without a sense of thankfulness or consideration for others…its all entitlement….yet I wonder if this is an “intended” consequence of our consumerist society…engineered by Wall Street and encouraged by DC, reinforced by child protective services, endorsed by the judicial and educational system….

        Somehow, I cannot picture the leaders of tomorrow, who are groomed for leadership, at an early age, engage in this attitude of ingratitude. Somehow I think, even at a young age, their thoughts and goals are along other lines….

        This psychological engineering of todays kids has been planned…make no mistake. And it has been made impossible to correct. The proletariat versus the bourgeois…we are under their thumb, and some here can see it…

      45. These are excellent reasons to make abortion retoative

      46. Don’t buy them anything, nothing electronic for sure. A Christmas gift should’nt come with monthly payments.

      47. when I was a kid my siblings and I were happy if we got a big box of crayons and coloring books. 1 year my mother got an Atari and non of us kids knew what the heck it was. She played with it more than we did. Christmas for us kids was crayons, coloring books, new boots and needed clothes. When I was 16 my parents got me a pair of cross country skies, I was using old skies from the forties. I felt guilty for them spending so much but they were so proud of those skies. I held onto them for over 20 years. My daughter wants a new Ipad and I told her if she wanted something like that she would have to spend her own money to get it. Apparently, she doesn’t want an Ipad that badly.

      48. As a person who works with children and families for a living I see this type of behavior far to often. News flash people, 99% of the time if your kids respond this way you need to take a long look t how you have raised and are raising your children. Pull them way from the screen teach them some values that matter and spend some real quality time with them. Most times you have no one to blame but yourselves Wake up an quit blaming society, peers, and the media, step up and be a parent not a buddy. Have a nice day.

        • Most kids have formed their moral.compass by age 6. These folks who wait until their.kids are older to teach them anything are screwed. And sorry for Tyne spelling. Getting used to a new phone. Decided to ditch the iPhone today.

          • No pity,seems from this article plenty of kids who would want the phone you ditched!I would like to add though some of these remarks from kids sadly true I do believe a lot of em just joking.I remember in school as kids we would joke and complain about what Santa didn’t bring us!

      49. I taught my son that God’s commandments were my commandments and that he memorize them if he wished to get along with me or there would be hell to pay. Worked out perfectly. Spent Christmas eve with him this year. Its everything I wanted for Christmas.
        Thanks Santa!

      50. As a kid we didn have good videogames we had Atari shit was gay we didn’t play all day either like they do now . Just when it would rain and we couldn’t go outside remember being in scouts and going camping and fishing a lot learned how to shoot a gun sail a boat kayaks canoes rowboats lot of fishing hiking compass map reading trips places we go camping and play man hunt at nite in the woods ride in the back of the pickup truck with camping gear to camp did knot tying and other things I can’t remember I still have all the badges and medals I earned put my oldest son in but I can tell it’s not the same anymore kids mommys are there now . Scoutmaster says were gonna have a Halloween party joe can wear a costume then he says can’t be no army guys with toy guns or any kinds of toy weapons me I’m scratching my head wondering if these moms put up a stink about the toy weapons . I realized that the organization has got in line politically . Which is sad these boys will never learn to be men with their moms involved this organization used to be men teaching boys what the hell happend to that to me this is hatred of men it’s wrong some of these boys don’t have dads to look up to just the scout leaders and their mommy chiming in . I don’t let my kids quit when they sign up for sports or scouts but I’m not gonna push him to go if he don’t want to . It’s a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America found out they allow gay leaders too wish there was another organization with the original core values to put him in . Once again something wholesome is perverted and destroyed . It seems society won’t let values be instilled in children kids with strong morals are hard to corrupt. They say about the bullieing nowadays kids can’t cope with it and kill themselves this is sad they feel they can’t escape because they never learned to stand up for themselves I know it is wrong to bullie but it will happen kids running to the teacher to solve the problem for them doesn’t help them really it beats down their self worth and makes them feel powerless on their own. I read something somewhere that said young adults parents are negotiating their salary and benefits with employers what happens when mom and dad pass on who negotiates now . The parents don’t want their kids getting screwed by employers how their kids gonna learn to do this .I guess I’m old fashioned

      51. The future leadership looks bleak indeed it really don’t surprise me any more. My boss I think he is a good guy but his running of the place could be better I think he just wants to make through another day really. I realize it is not easy to manage 90 moody Guys though . That’s what it seems we are all trying to make it another day.

      52. I long for the day that I can toss my cell phone (I still use an old Verizon “Giz One” flip phone.) into the creek. A lot of my customers and friends see my phone and tell me I should get the new touch screen I- phones (or wtf-ever)and I tell them when this phone is done, so am I with cell phones. As far as the young ingrates, they would most likely be wearing their asses for a hat and the CPS full of holes and leaking on the front porch.

        • I’m the same way about all the infernal doodads. Whole good-sized tables full of people poking the damned things with their thumbs and never even looking another person in the eye or talking to anybody in a complete sentence. I don’t carry one except when I am forced to by my company.

          • I see my daughter’s 40+ year old friends dis-engaged from reality the same way on those addictive gadgets like in the Star Trek NG episode “The Game”. When people talk about Zombies, they are the first ones to come to mind.

            I won’t drink the Kool-Aid, and only use a land phone.

      53. PO,I still have my only phone,no flip/camera or anything but basically a phone with built in alarm clock and calculator,need it as travel a lot.The thing it does do is survive two story falls ect.,try that with a new cell phone!I am happy this Christmas no one died of friends/family recently,got to help a few friends and their kids this holiday as they in tough financial spots and as much as I personally hate the holidays I didn’t drink,good enuff!I will say though still would have loved a ACOG for a gift,just no one I know still alive can afford that kinda of costly gift for me!Tis OK,hope to get a few gigs under belt and perhaps then a late holiday gift to meself!

        • I hope you get that ACOG WCD. They’re good kit. I’ve had EOtechs and they’re OK. I pretty much have settled on Aimpoint’s T-1 for the ARs and AKs. Ends up the user need to be comfortable with what he wants. Long distance stuff, my glass right now is US Optics. But there are some better out there. A lot of people don’t realize that 99% percent of the high end glass is Japanese.

      54. Want to point out in the last three months some incidents that involved children at about the age of 12.

        Two brought a firearm to school loaded. Two pistols. This was in my area. Middle school mind you.
        Then in Cleveland, a 12 year old took the orange tip off the end of toy pistol. Went to the park and started to point it at people. The cops shot him.

        It is all about behavior and kids have a way of acting things out. Including Brats.

      55. Since commentary is on subject of children;

        Little Billy was home for the day and driving his mother crazy. She told him to go next door to the construction site and see if he could learn anything from the workmen. When he returned a couple of hours later she said, Well, what did you learn? He said, well, if the son of a bitch won’t fit just hammer the shit out of it and it should go. In shock she said “Billy, get me a switch!” Billy said, fuck you, that’s the electricians job.

        • Yeah, Skeptic, you gotta love them kids…

          The kids filed into class Monday morning. They were all very excited. Their weekend assignment was to sell something, then give a talk on salesmanship. Little Sally led off. “I sold Girl Scout cookies and I made $30” she said proudly, “my sales approach was to appeal to the customer’s civil spirit and I credit that approach for my obvious success.”

          “Very good”, said the teacher.

          Little Debbie was next. “I sold magazines” she said, “I made $45 and I explained to everyone that magazines would keep them up on current events.”

          “Very good, Debbie”, said the teacher.

          Eventually, it was Little Johnny’s turn. The teacher held her breath. Little Johnny walked to the front of the classroom and dumped a box full of cash on the teacher’s desk. “$2,467”, he said. “$2,467!” cried the teacher, “What in the world were you selling?”

          “Toothbrushes”, said Little Johnny.

          “Toothbrushes?”, echoed the teacher, “How could you possibly sell enough tooth brushes to make that much money?”

          “I found the busiest corner in town”, said Little Johnny, “I set up a Dip & Chip stand and I gave everybody who walked by a free sample.”

          They all said the same thing, “Hey! this tastes like dog shit!”

          “Then I would say, ‘It IS dog shit! Wanna buy a toothbrush?'” “I used the President Obama method of giving you some shit, dressing it up so it looks good, telling you it’s free and then making you pay to get the bad taste out of your mouth.”

          Little Johnny got five stars for his assignment. Bless his heart!!

          Merry Christmas, everybody!

          • Nimrod, that is a classic. I will save it.

      56. From time immemorial every generation has complained about the younger ones. I listen to old radio shows from the 1940s – same thing, the kids want too much and don’t appreciate anything. It might be getting worse, but it’s always been this way. Nothing new under the sun.

      57. Things I am thankful for:

        My Lord and Savior
        A church to worship at
        My brothers and sister
        Parents that still care
        My home
        My good health:
        Two eyes, ears and legs that work
        Not having diabetes, high blood pressure or Crohn’s
        A car that runs
        Money to my name
        The foresight to prepare

        May I never lack the humility to have gratitude for these things in a life that would otherwise be cruel.

        No wrong color or missing a free iPad or anything else material is going to remove my gratitude for those things in life I need to continue on.

        • Humbling post, ScoutMotto. I have all of the above and I should definitely be of a thankful mind more often than I am.

      58. Little bastards. I guess it’s “there but for the grace of God go I”, just the same. My two daughters always ate everything and anything we fixed, and we both cook. We never had to administer corporal punishment, because they just didn’t scream and act up at all. I did have to make my older daughter spank herself once, and that embarrassed her. They appreciated whatever they got for Christmas.

        When I think about it, I can’t help but believe that today’s parents have a hard row to hoe. They are shouted down by idiot news media and social web sites and government provocateurs. The whole society seems to be against the family today. God help us all.

      59. OK, so now it my turn.

        Things that I did not get for Christmas:

        Ipad or pod or pic or whatever,
        phone of whatever whiz-bang special-space trekker gadget-thingie,
        Wii, Pii, X-boxii, PS-bs station,
        The color BLUE..or is it supposed to be WHITE, MAGENTA or LIME GREEN.

        I just spent the day with my parents and other close family & had a great time chowing down to some good home-cooking……just like most every other day that I spend with my parents. Yea, I had a great time, & I also helped do the dishes for them. Total cost….$0.00!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

      60. Teen shot to death trying to rob man for Air Jordans
        Police haven’t released name of man, who has concealed-carry permit

        – See more at: http://www.whio.com/news/news/crime-law/police-respond-to-shooting-outside-dayton-mall/njXmr/#sthash.dkzuoHrs.dpuf

        The ultimate spoiled thug. Outside a mall in dayton, ohio a teen was shot when he pulled a gun on a man who had a pair of the new Air Jordan’s. Man had ccw permit and the teen is now dead. Dead over a pair of tennis shoes.

      61. These children make me sick. The parents are absolute failures, yet it must be incredibly disheartening to have kids like this. I am counting my blessings that my parents raised me properly. So sad.

      62. Smart phones. Making the world stupid one spoiled brat at a time. (or adult with mindset of 5 year old)

      63. Dont take many rotten apples to spoil the lot but here at Cals compound, we had a good Christmas. Our get together w/ the family and a home cooked dinner plus the presents for the grands. A big ole cousin get together for the kids made for a good time and they wore themselves out. They wore us all out too.
        Not a gadget or electronic device could be found. Books, dolls and science equipment and art supplies were the top gifts. They were all excited and very thankful. Every one came to us personally on there own to say thank you.
        The time was joyous and we have good memories to talk about for some time. Mr and Mrs Cal are tired now and we need a day or to for relaxing.
        Happy holidays to everyone.

      64. This paints a true and clear picture of where America is right now today! Greedy, hateful, arrogant, lustful, prideful and did I say SPOILED!!
        What will people do when they lose their ‘stuff’? It’s coming you know … Wake up America!

      65. We’re screwed if the government ever offers Ipads for guns. With the current generation of narcissistic bitches and bastards, they will steal their parents guns for something that won’t last 4 years. Pretty sad.

      66. Stupid COWARD parents having even more ignorant and autistic children in the collapsing shithole of Corporatist Fascist Murica is exactly what the evil vile disgusting criminal shit stains want in brain dead dumbed down waddling fat ass collapsing Murica. Eat your SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL and GMO Loaded poisonous toxic shit food dumbed down fascist boot licking COWARDLY PUSSIES in the complete shithole of Corproatist Fascist Murica, so the fascist filth can make sure you are really dumbed down, disease ridden, and a lazy fat ass disgusting slob. Then the Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL scum of the earth in collapsing shithole Murica can pump you and your dumbed down fat ass disease ridden children with Big Pharma poisonous toxic shit drugs, so the Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL filth can add to their 300 BILLION a year they make off the chemically altered waddling fat ass toxic waste dumps they poison daily in the vile disgusting filthy collapsing shithole of the world. The children of the COWARDLY PUSSY parents in the collapsing Stasi Fascist Orwellian GENOCIDAL shithole of collapsing Murica will spit, shit, and piss on the graves of their boot licking cowardly shit stain parents, they will curse the names of the boot licking fascist filth for their cowardice in the face of GENOCIDE by poisonous toxic chemical loaded GMO horror, they will wish they were never born to the COWARD PUSSIES in the collapsing GENOCIDAL STASI FASCIST shithole of the world…..WAKE UP COWARD PUSSIES THEY ARE POISONING AND MURDERING YOUR CHILDREN…THE GENOCIDAL FASCIST FILTH ARE CHANGING THEIR DNA AND DUMBING THEM DOWN, AND ALL THE COWARD PUSSIES OF CORPORATIST FASCIST MURICA WANT TO DO IS WATCH MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT, VIOLENT SPORTS, GET DRUNK ON DEPRESSANT BOOZE, AND GET THEIR LAZY DISGUSTING FAT ASSES EVEN FATTER, ALL WHILE GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST SHIT STAINS MURDER, DUMB DOWN, AND POISON THEIR CHILDREN IN THE VILE SHITHOLE OF THE WORLD………………..

        • Um, how does autism fit into your analysis? How is being a “coward” related to autism?

      67. @ Ron
        Can’t argue with that! Well said!

        • “With God and Jesus Christ excluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away, because the chief reason of the distinction between ruler and subject has been eliminated. The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation.”
          -Pope Pius XI, Quas Primus, 1925-

      68. Culling the herd will be much easier as time goes on. Bunch of narcissistic, entitled little shots. They and their overly-indulgent parents will last about 5 minutes in a shtf situation…. Can’t wait – leaves more stuff for the people here.

      69. I spanked my boys when they were little, but rarely and many times it was to get their attention and to really hammer home that I was serious about the behavior they were exhibiting must stop.

        As they grew older, I use other techniques, such as grounding and giving them extra work to do around the property. They are both teenagers now and they’re good kids. I do get a taste of the attitude displayed above but I shut it down very quickly. Soon enough they will get out into the “real” world and find that it is neither easy nor fair. The kids complaining about their gifts have a huge wake-up in store for them and it won’t be nice.

        The parents of these children have done them a great disservice by failing to teach them humility and grace.

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