Speculation Abounds: Did North Korea Launch a New EMP Capable Star Wars Weapon System?

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    In May of 2009 North Korea’s controversial nuclear weapons tests were dismissed by global intelligence agencies as failures due to their low explosive yield. But EMPact America President Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst, had his own assessment. It appears, according to Pry, that while the yield from the nuclear tests was weak with respect to destructive power in terms of the nuclear blast itself, the tests indicated the weapon was “capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states.”

    It’s been referred to as a “Super-EMP,” or electro-magnetic pulse weapon, something that foreign powers and rogue states have been working on developing for years as a low-cost, low-inventory counter strategy to America’s massive nuclear weapons stockpiles.

    Some analysts now believe that North Korea may have not only built such a weapon, but this week they may have very well tested a delivery device that would make it possible for them to launch a pre-emptive strike against the United States. Such an attack could destroy electronic components in everything from cell phones and cars to water utility plants and gas stations from coast-to-coast within seconds, throwing the country’s infrastructure back to the 1800’s.

    Analysts in the West aren’t really sure what exactly North Korea has launched into space. There are mixed reports, with some suggesting the satellite hovering 300 miles above earth is working properly, while in the US it was widely believed that the satellite was hurtling out of control.

    No sooner had major American television networks spread the word from their official sources that the satellite was “out of control” than South Korea’s defense ministry came out with just the opposite view.

    Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok, briefing South Korean reporters, told them that, “for the time being,” the satellite is “working normally.”

    What we do know, is that we don’t know anything about what exactly it is that’s hovering up there, leaving some to speculate it could be a first generation test of a Super-EMP weapon that could be launched at the U.S. directly from space:

    North Korea is not assessed to be able to miniaturize a nuclear weapon to fit on a long-range rocket – at least not yet – even though it has an active nuclear weapons development program.

    The concern over North Korea’s potential to develop the capability to launch an EMP attack is due to the country’s instability and isolation and the defiance it has shown – even to  close friends China and Russia. Beijing and Moscow have been unable to influence the behavior of North Korea’s leaders.

    While the North Koreans said that the launch was to put a satellite into orbit, Western experts agree that the same technological know-how provides the capability to send a warhead as far as the United States.

    With the knowledge of orbiting capability, experts say, such a power projection could could give North Korea the ability to reach even beyond California. An orbiting warhead could be placed anywhere and released on command to de-orbit and hit any location within the U.S.

    Or, North Korea could explode an orbiting warhead in the atmosphere some 150 miles above a target, creating an electromagnetic pulse that could knock out the highly vulnerable grid system of the U.S.

    Experts agree that such an EMP exploding high above Kansas, for example, would knock out a majority of America’s national grid system.

    This scenario, which isn’t too far-fetched given the latest technical demonstration, recently was depicted in the popular movie “Red Dawn,” in which the North Koreans use an EMP to knock out the U.S. electrical grid system in the Northwest.

    Via: WND

    While it is unlikely that the North Koreans would deploy such a weapon over the United States, because doing so would mean an almost immediate nuclear retaliation from EMP-hardened assets within the US military and the subsequent destruction of pretty much their entire country, anything is possible.

    The North Koreans have just tested a combination of a three-stage ballistic missile capable of hitting the western United States, while also likely experimenting with Star Wars weapons systems that are able to strike from space within minutes once a launch is ordered.

    It would only take one unstable dictator to change the course of the planet forever, and given how little we know about Kim Jong Un (we’re not even sure how old he is), there is always a possibility of such an outlier becoming reality.

    It has been suggested that a major war in some form or fashion, be it limited in scope or all out thermo-nuclear warfare, could be a real possibility in the next decade. Given the destabilization of the middle east, the fight over global resources, the inherent disagreements that exist between east and west, and a globalist agenda that is bent on centralizing power into a single world government, could it be a plausible scenario that China and Russia nudge North Korea’s young leader into starting the next World War by deploying an EMP or nuclear weapon from space?

    Of course, Kim Jong Un was just elected by millions of Time magazine readers as 2012’s Person of the Year, and such a man would never consider starting a global war.

    Then again, this guy was bestowed a similar honor in 1938…


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      1. You can see for yourself where the satellite is in real-time:

        Given that the payload is estimated at 100kg, and that NoKo’s nuclear capability won’t allow weapons that small yet, I think we’re probably okay.

        It is most likely a ICBM test, disguised as a space/satellite shot… and that would be something to worry about as time goes on.

        • Excellent point on the payload weight limit OQ… my nuke math isn’t all that great, but NK has developed a nuke with at least a 3 kiloton capable yield.. how much that weighs in terms of payload I don’t know, especially when we’re talking NK technology… it’s my understanding that those russian suitcase nukes have a roughly 5 kiloton yield, so size-wise it could be done I suppose… Whether NK has that tech or not I don’t know; additionally, a space based weapon would have to have some sort of propulsion system as well (right?), which would add more weight ( again, I wouldn’t know how much additional weight given my limited knowledge of these types of systems).

          All that being said, Dr. Pry at EMPact America indicates that a 3-5kt yield detonated 150 miles above the central US could do the job….

          I want to stress that this report is speculative, but I found the possibility to be quite interesting.

          • I agree on the interesting part. 🙂

            I am curious as to how Dr. Pry only counts yield when it comes to EMP output. Different bombs come up with different subtleties in radiation output, which in turn changes the EMP output of a given burst. A lot of this depends on the fission materials used (uranium vs. plutonium), if there is any ‘accelerants’ (e.g. tritium, deuterium, etc), and how pure the fissionable material actually is.

            • Beryllium increases EMP yield. The satellite is at nearly the right height at 312 miles for maximum coverage. But as you say more likely just a test.

              However I will sleep soundly knowing that should Lil’Kim knock out our power grid our subs will ensure his country burns. His people shall die before ours and should he survive in his mountain hideaway he shall rule over ashes the remainder of his days.

              • I wouldn’t be too sure about any US retaliatory measures. Remember who the Commander In Chief is.

                • Good point Zoltanne. But hopefully the Sub Commanders would tell BO to piss up a rope.

                • In a situation this intense I believe a commander would act out of order if told to stand down.

                • It is a scientific (and indisputable) fact that Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue; these slobs are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think). Moreover, these brutes are lovers of wealth and pleasure; they are selfish, slothful, indolent and can be inspired to raise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe.

                • @ Zoltanne, et al,

                  BAD news, the ‘football’ controls the launch codes without which no targetting can be done….

                • I don’t see this happening, AO1(AW). All we’ve seen so far are Generals on parade out-the-door.

                  And meanwhile, the panty-wads in DC haven’t effectively gotten BO to do any tricks, much less piss up that rope. lol

                • I highly doubt the US would retaliate with nuclear (nucular?) weapons. Gotta remember, our largest debt-holder would be downwind from a nuke strike on NKorea.

                • Darn! I hit the thumbs down accidentally! Actually couldn’t agree with you more.

              • With the NK Sat tumbling out of control keeping a com link would be near impossible, the fact that this is atleast the 3rd attampt just to lauch a rocket into space I seriously doubt they would put anything that valuable on it, I’m sure they half expected it to blow on the launch pad.The new movie Red Dawn has everyone up in arms, NK are the Key-Stone cops of villians.

                • Say wait a minute.

                  What does this alleged EMP do to our military satellites? Hypothetically.

                • @TheGuy:

                  Pretty much any military satellite (and most mil-spec aircraft) are EMP-hardened as a matter of course. This has been the case since the 1980s at the very least.

                • Or perhaps NK is like the south (USA)……….maybe they like for us to think they are bumbling idiots…..just sayin

              • YSC,
                You are correct about Material affecting yield. What I think everyone is forgetting is that the EMP BOMB was developed in 1944 from conventional materials and proven effective but the bomb was never deployed in WWII because there were too few things that would be affected by an EMP blast.
                The principle was to use a stainless steel cone (or bell) with a shaped charge behind it. The detonation of the shaped charge would “ring the bell” at a preset frequency that would cause an EMP effect.
                After WWII this weapon was forgotten for until 40+ years later. It was about to be re-employed in Desert Shield/ Desert Storm but because of international outcry it was abandoned. It was theorized by most international intelligence agencies that countries that had legitimate ties to Iraq would be affected by the eddy currents and this in term would affect countries who were tied to them, i.e. daisy-chain effect.

                I am low tech so I am not worried about it either way. If my ancient, barely internet functional, computer is knocked out, no big loss. If you do the research Popular Science covered this in a Sept. issue in either 2000, 2001 or 2002. I guess you could Google it.
                Good luck and God bless you all. Mac, Thanks for the fantastic site. Keep it up.

          • Mac, As far as I have read an EMP that would be strong enough to knock out the grid would have to be in the low megaton range from a hydrogen bomb. From what I understand is that many bolide type meteors explode in the atmosphere all the time and do nothing to the grid system with sometime 100’s of kilotons of power. It was thought that when the Tungusta explosion in 1908 over Russia was just such a bolide type explosion that was in the multiple mega ton range and caused some local EMP effects, because it was not high enough up to affect a large area.

            If someone can verify this as true or not true, that for a truly successful widespread strong enough EMP it would have to be in the low megaton range for a nuke. I know they exploded a nuke near Hawaii back in the late 50’s that was near mega ton range and it caused some electrical disruption but not the classic mass EMP such as the sun would and has done in the past. This is not my expertise and maybe someone could better clear this up, the minimum size for such an EMP to be that effective.

            Now, the next line to cross would be for North Korea to test a hydrogen bomb, to let the world they stand where the other nuclear nations do. Here is what you can all do out there to see if the next North Korean test is a H-bomb or not. Look at the seismic staations for a very shallow earthquake of at least a “5.5” or higher. A 6.0 for example very shallow in North Korea was around a mega ton test. A 5.5 would be around a 100 kiloton test, about the minimum size for a first test crude H-bomb. Likely a H-bomb test would be between 200 kilotons and 1 megaton or a little larger. Watch for this with North Korea, this would be the next red line they would cross.

            • what bothers me is that we are all being side tracked by yet another boogie man. let me point out that it is not n. korea that preemptively attacks other countries— it is the united states. we are being pointed away from the true threat to the world.

              The rogues who have infiltrated our government are the threat to the world, not n. korea, iraq or iran. The elitists who are trying to control the world is the threat. We need to focus on the REAL enemy and stop playing into the hands of the emeny. You all know this is the truth…you just have to admit it. Our war isnt against little countries around the world—our war is here, on our own soil.

              • Wrong. N Korea invaded S Korea to start the Korean War in 1950.

              • Ding, ding, ding! thank you sixpack! Our fearless leaders supposedly have cruise missles that are capable of doing emp damage on selected buildings and cities. Now you don’t think these boneheads would strike our own towns and cities and them blame it on someone else do you?………….NAH!

              • @sixpack
                I wholeheartedly agree with you on this!
                Whether we here want to admit it or not, the US has absolutely become the chief aggressor in the world. We invade anyone and anywhere at our pleasure and convenience. But our gov’t invades under the auspices of helping to “police” the world and keep the world safe from terror or WMD’s, or anything else we choose to call “Al Qaeda”.

                In the eyes of many people in the world the US government has become the Evil Empire and view us in the same way that we viewed Nazi Germany or The Soviet Union. But the American sheeple won’t open their eyes to the truth. The truth is this: while we Americans may believe that we’re the good guys, the land of GI Joe and John Wayne, and freedom…but in reality we are the bad guys to ALOT of the world (not us personally but rather the US gov’t). I have a very good friend who grew up in the USSR in the 70’s & 80’s and he said that although they knew that their gov’t was not a good, fair, or free gov’t, he never once in all his life considered himself or his country’s gov’t to be “the bad guys”. He believed that he and the people of his country were the ones in the white hats that were going to rescue the world if the evil Americans tried to destroy it.

                It’s in this very same light that we have to see our governement. The US gov’t is hands down the worst aggressors on this planet. N.Korea’s and Iran’s sabre rattling is nothing compared to the actual atrocities commited by our gov’t upon other countries and their citizens. We invade and attack at will. The US military does to other countries what we fear the UN will do to us with Agenda 21. We are definitely not the good guys.

                Which is why the American people need to recognize that the real enemy isn’t North Korea, it is our own corrupt and evil empire of a government! The real fear is the monsters on our own shores and in our own capitol rather than some country thousands of miles away that poses zero threat to us at all.

                • Even the people of Germany had no idea what its government was doing. Propaganda machines work hard to make its people believe whatever it wants. Fox,CNN,MSNBC etc are all to blame for Americas view on itself. America is sick and like an illness it either gets cured or it dies. Not a whole lot of white blood cells exist in America.

              • You got it, Sixpack, the world enemy to fear the most is right here; and, of course, this “most collossal monkey house an astonished world has ever witnessed” is totally owned and contolled by…..guess who?

              • You mean North Korea hasn’t been sinking South Korean ships as reported in the news?

                You mean they didnt shell the hell out of that south Korean island as reported by the news a few years ago?

                And here I thought you were a dumbass.

            • Evenin’ All, (and BI)

              If I may…I can speak to this…

              As per previous post to, I belive FOB about this exact question, the following is the case…

              America’s nuclear weapons program – the Manhattan Project – was directly resopnsible for the creation of mankinds first two nuclear weapons, “Fat Man” and the second, gun-barrel type, “Little Boy”, used respectively on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan effectively ending WWII. The yeilds of these weapons did not individually exceed 20 KT and it is believed that the gun-barrel device’s explosive yield did not esceed 17 KT. The first of the above mentioned devices, “Fat Man” was an implosion type configuration…the same configuration which in more sophisticated form became the basis for the “H-Bomb”, ie, thermo-nuclear weapons.
              After the ceasation of hostilities American efforts continued in the refinement of the “A-Bomb”. Testing during this period and theoretical considerations led to the discovery that there DOES exsits a practical limit to the size of a classic-type “A-Bomb” and that this limit is below 1.15 MT. That is, no matter how much additional fissile material is used, the effective yield of the device ‘flat-lines’ at the yield stipulated.
              Yields beyond this level are obtainable only through the construction of what is called a ‘fission-fusion-fission’ configuration type device. History records that Oppenhiemer spent the beter part of three years attempting to construct an explosive containment capable of allowing this to function. It was here that the explosive ‘plastique’ first came into wide use due to the extraordinary stability/detonation characteristics it possesed. Thereafter the US was able to successfully build and thereafter detonate the first “H-Bomb”.
              Given the enormous, effectively unlimited (by theory) yield’s which could be obtained and subsequently were, the testing was moved from Alamagordo into the region of the South Pacific for an additional safety margin. It is to be noted that many several of the scientists who had participated in the development of the Atom bomb were openly, prodoundly opposed to any attempted armospheric testing of the “H-Bomb” as many believed that a ‘cascade’ could result which would act to incinerate the atmosphere of the Earth.
              Disregarding the concern’s expressed the US military continued the development and did indeed eventually conduct the testing of the device..with no such attendant ‘Atmospheric Firestorm” resulting. In relatively short order the US was constructing and testing multi-megaton sized devices (in the South Pacific testing ranges). I am sure that nearly everyone alive at this point has heard of “Bikini Atoll”, one of muultiple sites at which such testing was conducted.
              During the testing of what I beleive was a 8+ megaton device (one of the very largest ever constructed by the US to date) in either the latest part of the 1950’s or the earliest part of the 1960’s (give or take 6 months or so, the actual date escapes me here) a tower-mounted device was detonated at a relatively remote location considered to be ‘safe’ by then existent standards. The device activated, detonated and within what was eatimmated to be only several dozens milliseconds later most of the transmission grid on the main island of Hawaii summarily went ‘out’, blowing safety’s everywhere. This was the first indication of the existence of “EMP” related phenomena.
              Subsequent testing thereafter indicated that indeed an “EMP’ wave could be used to disable the electrical grid over large area’s if detonated at a significant altitude, something on the order of 75-150 miles high.
              One of the first things ascertained was that the higher one went the larger the detonation had to be in order to actualize the intended effect on the area’s proximately below the blast-center. Ergo, single devices needed to be VERY powerful to have the intended effect over a broad region beneath. This is similar to what would be expected were a high magnitude Solar Flare, perhaps something on the order of an X-20.0 to occur on the face of the Solar disk at some point near to Solar ‘center’. The resultant in that case would be the immmediate shut-down of the electrical grid over the entirety of the Sun-facing hemisphere approximately 7 minutes after the flare erupted.
              The upshot of all this is that high-yield weapons are large and heavy…”Fat Man’ weighed over 10000 lbs and even at optimal altitude would likely be unable to effect an area centered directly beneath it more than a few hundred miles wide (circular diameter of 125 miles approximately). To be sure, weapons development has progressed over the intervening years, still it would take more than North Korea has, or will have into the foreseeable future to do thusly.
              What is more concerning is the idea that another Major nuclear power could ‘carpet bomb’, that is blanket a sufficient number of devices across North America to achieve a totality level shut-down of the electrical grid…this is perfectly possible. The fact remains however though that the US Nuclear SLBM fleet is always on station 24/7/365 and every other nuclear-potent power on the planet knows that the retaliation would be effectively ‘immediate’….the proverbial ‘Mexican stand-off’ as it were.
              Some would argue that it is possible to concieve a circumstance wherein a small, nuclear-capable power could through clandestine means launch several weapons from within the confines of our own ‘open’ harbors effectively blanketing one or both of the US coastlines
              and this is possibility albeit remote.
              Finally, the largest thermo-nuclear device ever constructed and therafter tested was the Russina ‘Tsar Bomba’ detonated over the Kamchatka peninsula in the early 1960’s. Video of the detonation can be found at youtube under the same heading. The design yeild of the Russian device (a four-core configuration) was anticipated to be 98 MT, though the actual test was only conducted with two of the four cores installed.
              Mt apologies to the readers here for the length of this piece…it simply doesn’t convet the neccessary information to give the reader a sufficient background on the matter in any more abbreviated state JOG

              • @ JustOneGuy. I knew you would know something about an EMP. So what is the minimum yield size that a nuke has to be to generate enough of an EMP to fry most electric devices in your opinion? Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I have been quite upset over the attacks on gun rights and self defense that is poisoning the air waves and the internet. I was honestly just switching the channels tonight and whom do I see for yet another night, that same blimly piers morgan once again attacking firearms rights while interviewing Rudy Giullani. I was concentrating on the article and the earthquake activity in Central America and this ass face sidetracks me with yet another idiotical comments on how wicked semi auto assault rifles are.

                I have gone out to the shooting range and not one time have I seen anyone with an AR 15 or similar model abusing their firearm, not ONCE. All most people do is practice with them, and sometimes hunt with them. 99.9% of the people that own them are responsible and treat the gun with respect like any tool. People stupid enough to fool around with a gun end up usually suffering for it like someone that is not responsible with sharp tools, like some circular saw or something.

                Like I said in a comment to Clint below, they don’t want to go after the nut that goes on some shooting rampage or goes out on some sick fetish quest to mutilate dolphins, they want to go after the firearms. They blame the firearms for the nut going ballastic, not for the nut being a nut. It is my imagination or are the masses of most people becoming dumber (more brainless) by the day?

                • Hi BI,

                  Didn’t realize that you were ‘hanging’ this evenin’.
                  As I alluded to above there are a number of factor’s involved in any such estimation, including; Height, yeild, ‘casing’ and others. The ‘casing’ issue is understoof in the contect of the following.
                  Remeber, Oh say, ~6 years ago when a ‘cooperative, technology agreement’ between the US and China had a Chinese National working at Livermore? Well, suprise, suprise…the asshole got clearance for the info that related to the “W35” nuclear warhead that was – until that time – in the sole possesion of the US (Maybe Russia had it, we’re not sure) you’ll immediately recognize the article mentioned when I relabel it the “Neutron Bomb”, Yes? Well, S,S again..the ASSHOLE then turns the plans for same straight over into the hands of the Chinese intelligence services and NOW everybody has it …lovely, No? Anywho, the gist of it is this the reason that such can be constructed is the usage of particular elemental sheiding around the core of the device….THAT is NOT classified, the concept. What is CLASSIFIED is EXACTLY what that consists of, Eh?
                  Where it gets thick is here; by the use of different ‘sheilding materials’ it’s possible to radically alter WHAT is outputted by any such contained detonation. It is possible to ‘tune’ a particular output, ie to select a specific segment of a band of the emissions to what one desires. You may or may not remeber this: A long time ago NASA experimented with NUCLEAR rockets…now there’s a ‘HAPPY’ thought!…Flying Nuclear Reactors…What could POSSIBLY fo WRONF with THAT, I ask you? If memory serves me here what they named that at the time was the ‘Orion’ booster program. You can look this stuff up directly online, it’s a bit much to get into detail here I’m afraid. Point is that they were able to ‘coax’ – through the choice of the sheilding – for a circumstance where neutrons which had already engaged in one process and thereby lowered thier intrinsic energy and which would then just zoom into the surrounding sheilding natter were be ‘targeted to another energy that would serve to redirect them back actively into the ongoing reaction mix…beneficailly. Needless to say this properly enhanced the efficiency of the affair quite a bit. Gee, this IS GETTING REALLY LONG here. Let’s cut to the chase. Obviously, a lot of the material involved is classifiably not ‘for everyone’ OK? Neither is anything being stated here in any way shape or form a compromise of such…anyhow, period.
                  The bigger an A-Bomb gets the harder it is to build, this really ‘kicks-in’ anywhere above about 600 KT to my knowledge. I mentioned above that these things get bigger and BIGGER as they do so, physically, I mean. What it comes down to is that you’d try to put something big enough to do the ‘job’ on top of a missle and per the above, along with Macs’s conjecture’s on the payload of the NK rockets involved you end with something that just won’t fly. Build 100 much smaller ones and you could do it…with much smaller payloads/yields of course. This is where those doofusses would get in trouble….the amount of internal security they’d have to have on that would be beyond human. You’ve heard the story, “Six men CAN keep a secret….IF 5 of them are dead.”, Yeah?
                  Any more detail, and history than I’ve given here would attract ‘unwont’ attention, rest assured, but I’m seriously NOT worried about lil ol NK doing “sumpin’ bad” to us at this point. Give them 15 years and I’d GET nervous, but given the internal’s over there – total inability to feed thier own damn people, can’t heat thier own homes in that AWFUL Korean winter and the general state of the world today….ummm, impending financial collapse of eveything in sight…..Naw, I’m not too concerned. North Korea won’t BE here in another year or so, they can’t do much of anything except parafe around…and around…and around.
                  Lastly, also consider that a lot of ‘Nuke guy’s’ threw themselves and thier career’s in on the Republican ticket since the Rep’s always WANT bigger Bombs (continuity of paycheck?) and now they’re kinda in a lurch, so to speak. Get it? It’s another form of ‘goal-seeking’ that culminated up with Gingrich trying to convince eveyone that Lil’ Ol’ Iran was going to ‘do us in.’ They might, someday…but not today! Anywho, there’s more to this but I would’nt feel comfortable conducting such here, ‘open-forum’, Eh? One additional point here….’Thermonuclear’ is 10 times harder than BIG A-bombs, beleive me……

                  Tis late Friend…LET US NOW PRAY MIGHTILY FOR THE NEW FORUMS (Hint, Hint Mac 🙂 ) and ATTENDANT PM SYSTEM, YEA VERILY, JOG SAY!!!!

                  Book of JOG, chapter 3, verse 7

          • Just to keep the chronology straight regarding the 1938 Time Man of the Year, Google “Judea declares War on Germany.” You’ll notice who declared war in 1934—just another one of those truths that the synagogue of Satan struggles to conceal.

            In view of the tribe’s pervasive pathological dishonesty, why would we believe their media reports on the 2012 Time man of the Year?

            • Who are these thumbs-downers who want to conceal verifiable facts?

              Really now. World Jewry declared war on Germany in 1934. Google “Judea declares war on Germany.”

              Who would want to conceal that simple fact?

              Are you the children of the Father of Lies and Murder who do your father’s work?

              • Real history doesn’t apply here John Q. Nobody with a red thumb actually read that article. Some see the word Jew and cannot fathom the thought that they were born into the world as a sinner. Antisemitic is their word, if they wanted to be like the rest of us they would call it racism, but no, Jews are special to themselves and the people that fall for the doctrine of Church AND State.

                Critical thinking and openness to think we have been thinking wrongly is not a slam to our pride, but rather an unveiling of truth.

            • oooo wheee…. look at all those Israeli employees cranking out those thumbs down [laughing].

              “After they became an inseparable part of the service provided by public-relations companies and advertising agencies, paid Internet talkbackers are being mobilized in the service in the service of the [Israeli] State. The [Israeli] Foreign Ministry is in the process of setting up a team of students and demobilized soldiers who will work around the clock writing pro-Israeli responses on Internet websites all over the world, and on services like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The Foreign Ministry’s department for the explanation of Israeli policy is running the project, and it will be an integral part of it. The project is described in the government budget for 2009 as the “Internet fighting team” – a name that was given to it in order to distinguish it from the existing policy-explanation team, among other reasons, so that it can receive a separate budget. Even though the budget’s size has not yet been disclosed to the public, sources in the Foreign Ministry have told Calcalist that in will be about NIS 600.000 in its first year, and it will be increased in the future. From the primary budget, about NIS 200.000 will be invested in round-the-clock activity at the micro-blogging website Twitter, which was recently featured in the headlines for the services it provided to demonstrators during the recent disturbances in Iran.”

              See also:

              • Anti-semitism is evil. Trying to blame one race or culture for the ills of the world is evil. Satan is tickled to pieces to have you help out with the Israel-bashing – it’s his favorite sport. And I am not a Jew or from Israel.

                • Satan is a myth, just as the sky fairy erm…god.

            • Always believe everything you read on the Internet. The Internet is the truth.

          • When I was in High school 1968, I read a declassified Gov report, indicated Nuke Artillery warhead weighed in at slightly over 200# That would have been 10K+-, read years ago some of the smaller anti air rockets were N, they were only about 5 inches in diam. Not much, but all I know

            • @ Para,

              Howdy, at one point in the 60’s they did develop nuclear artillery…THAT was ‘touchy’ stuff, you didn’t have a good rxpectation of ‘Fathering’ children after handling a dozen or so of those…..

          • “””It would only take one unstable dictator to change the course of the planet forever,”””

            Obama is doing his best, and N. Korea is doing it’s best to protect itself from what he is trying to do. Nothing more.

            “””Given the destabilization of the middle east, the fight over global resources, the inherent disagreements that exist between east and west, and a globalist agenda that is bent on centralizing power into a single world government, could it be a plausible scenario that China and Russia nudge North Korea’s young leader into starting the next World War by deploying an EMP or nuclear weapon from space?”””

            It is far more likely that Obama is planting another scapegoat into the sheeples heads, to be used at a convenient time in the future.

            I say again, we have nothing to fear from the outside. Our biggest danger sits in DC, and it is merely trying to deflect our attention away from what it is doing while setting up a fall guy for the atrocities it is destined to commit upon the Citizens of the Republic.

          • Just hope it never happens on September 11, that’s the day the military takes off.

          • When did NK detonate a 3kt bomb? I was aware that they had a sub .25kt go off that was most likely a fizzle with incomplete detonation due to pre fission. My bet it’s a gun type because a pure implosion would either work or not.

            Making an A bomb is difficult. Making a small A bomb is very difficult.

            I don’t believe NK has an operational nuclear weapon. They can get an atomic pile to fission. That .25 “bang” is the reason I believe this.

        • And in response to terrorisum throughout the world, the US Government levys more restrictions and more infiltration of its own private US citizerns in the name of terror.

          When in the name of terror our own government knows more about its own individual Citizens then it does the terrorists around the world, that they claim to be protecting us from, it leaves many ?’s as to what their real intent is for our future.

        • the biggest rogue state is america. who else has been invading countries bombing with depleted uranium and now the ongoing drones war against people who has done nothing to us. americans are just savage soulless animals.

      2. They must have watched the remake of Red Dawn…

        • There is a game called Homefront much like call of duty, ( much better bigger maps 🙂 The premise of the game is ( and if you follow it it sounds eery ) that papa kim in NK dies then baby kim takes over. Unites north and south korea, then slowly invades surrounding countries taking them over, china has some bird flu epidemic making them an easy take over. And then they EMP the united states. And invade. Coming in from the west. That is where the game takes over you fight for the homeland.

          • Call of Duty was put out by the military as a part of the indoctrination and training process of young people. Homefront is no different.

            Besides, there is not much here worth fighting for anymore. What we really need is something to protect us from those foreign interest who claim this as their Homeland, and the People as enemies occupying their land.

            Perhaps the People should be offered a new game called the District of Criminals, where believers in freedom can sneak in and take out those criminals who are doing so much damage to us and the future for our children.

      3. It’s war bitchez…..
        A faraday box may just be handy now.

        • @ watchdog. I like your thinking ! I’m not sure how effective it’s going to be but I just completed a full dismantle of an old microwave. And that’s my makeshift cage. Store a few electronic devices in it, will have to wrap up the stuff inside it too for extra protection. Any other thoughts , love to hear them. Happy holidays !!! Peace all !! 🙂

          • Don’t forget to ground it, but don’t use the power cord to ground it in an electrical outlet. Line the inside with Styrofoam for insulation. I use a metal garbage can myself. Clay

            • @Claymation

              What does the styrofoam do? Is it just to keep your item from making contact with the exterior box?

            • Hiya Clay,

              The ‘ground it’ portion is unccessary, by Maxwell’s laws any excess or displaced charge remains on the OUTSIDE of the metallix container and travels along the surface of same. This is why any ‘sensitive stuff; you have in a ‘Popcorn Tin’ is safe even while it’s being transported from point-to-point. OTOH, in a violent Solar storm, if yout house remains attached to the ground plane then you’re in trouble….during the Carrington Event, it is probable that ground voltages exceeded 400 VDC, possibly more in the North East. In the unlikely event of such you’f immediately cut the mains to your residence (in the hope of saving the house wiring) AND also go outide, locate the ground strap closest to your service entrance and CUT it, else the ground plane will simply run right up into your home. Now I’m specifically taliking about a BIG event here, nothing else, OK?

              • OK, seriously dumb question but …..is there anything on a tripped out gun or its scope, light, etc that would be affected by an EMP or solar flare?

                • Not a dumb question, anything that has a battery or wiring could simply melt (Small wires). It’s much like a microwave oven, put a frozen loaf of bread with a metal twist tie on it and you will burn the end off. On the other hand, why worry, it may kill your laser sight, but if it gets bad enough to kill a standard optical, that’s the least of your problems. The entire grid will go, all computers, radio stations all cars less than 20 years old and most other stuff, An event that big kills off 90% of the public in 2 years or less. The only thing that will save your hide is to hide. When you come out iron sites will work fine

          • Daniel, just get yourself 2 metal trash cans from Lowes or HD. put your electronics in there but make to include your emergency radio, spare phone, batteries, and other essentials just in case the SHTF. Wrapping your electronics in Alu. foil first will guarantee protection as well. Btteries do not necessarily need them but the solar/powered battery charger will. Keep preppin’

          • I would include flashlights, radios, battery powered lanterns as well, or anything that has a power switch that you might use or need most.

      4. Uh…..

        Lights out…?

      5. we’ve had more than ample warning and time to prepare for something like this
        but our do-nothing incompetent government just can’t be bothered


        and God knows very few people are prepared for a grid down situation


        we’ve developed an EMP weapon
        it seems reasonable that others are capable of the same technology


        • It’s way easier to have prep plans and gear that doesn’t rely on electricity, no?

          • That was something brought up on this board just recently. While a generator or solar are nice to have items, I’ve been planning my preps for no electricity.

            Once I feel pretty comfortable with food, water and ammo, then I’ll work on alternative power. I do have an old 6.5 kw gen in my pole barn back at my old home, that I plan to pick up while I’m back there for Christmas. It died on me just before I moved. I lost power for almost a week because of a straight wind, the gennie puked the night before the power came back on. I think its the PBR, but I can’t work on it if its not here. If I get it going great, if not I’ll worry about it after I take care of some other preps.

            I got well and septic so as long as I got water I got sanitation. I’m working on a system to pull water from the well. As for heat and cooking, I’ve got a wood burner and have only turned the furnace on a couple times to get the chill out when I’ve been gone for a couple days and I’ve been learning to cook on it on the weekends when I got time to ‘experiment’.

            I stocked up on lamp oil and lamp parts and wicks just after Sandy so I’m pretty good there. Even with alternative power, things don’t last forever. Plus if you’re the only one that has power, you become the target.

            • dont forget alcohol if your a drinker or others you know or nicotine if your a chewer like me and if I cant get any I will be one aggitated SOB. Off topic I hope nobody kills themself over this mayan crap (they charted time thats all) they didnt have magical powers. if they did they would of made guns back then or lazer guns etc you know what I mean. They probably were friends with the united federation of planets or some crap.

              • Clint
                Grow your own tobacco, It’s easy. I don’t know how to make chew or snuff but there are boards on the net where you can find out.

                • @ WV prepper gal

                  I have tried 3 times to grow tobacco here in N. Ca. with no luck at all. Biggest I could get the plants to grow were about a half inch high. I have tried 3 different ways and just can’t make it happen. I have called the seed store I bought them from and discussed it with them and they are more than helpful but just nothing. Gave up last Spring. I think maybe we don’t have enough humidity? Just a guess but it’s all I got. Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated. In fact I would figure out a way to get you my email address for specific instructions. Very frustrated at this point. I still have about 100 seeds. Very small, the size of the tip of a needle. In fact because of static electricty ver hard to manage. Again any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

                • They may need to be started in a seed bed or indoors! Never grown it, but I have several plants in my garden that need to be started in a seed bed. Peace

                • Best thing is to quit now, with quitting aids like the patch if necessary, while you can. Modern cigs have a lot of additives they put in to make them more addictive. So growing your own tobacco won’t totally prevent withdrawals, although it would help.

                • BigB, look to the landrace tobacco (local varieties that have been bred for specific growing conditions). Don’t use commercial seed.

                  You also might consider Wild Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) — higher nicotine content.

                  I’ve never grown it, never smoked, but the plant is very intriguing. One branch of my family grew acres of Burley in WV (formerly old VA) not far from the Ohio River. I believe it was Zone 6, not an exceptionally hot, humid, or long summer region.

                  My husband’s first job was harvesting tobacco in Maryland, not far from the eastern shore. He was 13 — got a nicotine-high just handling the plants. Of course that was before he was rich. And before he had a ‘fancy job in DC’ according to Another Comment. ROFLMBO!

                • BigB I would be glad to try and help you with your tobacco growing endevors. I admit I am a novice with the tobacco but sure have had great sucess. You can email me at [email protected].

          • My prep plan includes producing electricity. Easy enough to protect against EMP.

            The hard part would be keeping it secret from the have-nots, post EMP. I’m considering not trying to and just planning a post collapse business manufacturing and charging batteries.

            • Not to argue, but I don’t think it’s that simple, Gov says 90% dead in two years. That 90% is 100% in every city large enough to have a radio station, forget most stuff, buy a few hand crank flashlights, etc. there will be no little shop keepers. No one will have lights at night, 10 years later perhaps.

          • Odd Questioner:

            Correct. I went out today and bought me a Mr Heater(propane) just in case we need heat. Twas an exilerating experience to check that one off the list as I have no fireplace. Going back tomorrow to Theisens to buy the Cast Iron Wood stove I’ve been eyeing.

            Anyone got any ideas on how to SAFELY shoot the 6 inch pipe out the window, and if bricks below and against the wall would be sufficient to protect the wall and floor, or anything else I might need to know?

            • Will you only be doing this “out the window” installation after SHTF? If not, and you carry homeowners insurance, they will cancel you or deny coverage if they find out. That being said, you can use cement board (with some spacers) screwed to the wall behind the stove. I believe Nina O mentioned this. Bricks will work for the floor or you could use the same cement board. Sheet metal or cement board with a hole cut for the pipe will work in the window. Without some type of chimney, you will have problems with downdrafts and smoke. Be careful and good luck.

            • I’ve been using ‘bio-mass’/wood to heat/cook for 35-years now. And, OQ, you’d better get some good advice before proceding with ‘shooting a stove-pipe out the window’ !
              Benjamin Franklin said : Fire is a good servant, but a poor master. Never second-guess the potential for a ‘meltdown’ of sorts when your home is at risk from an improperly installed woodburning device.
              I left LA,California in ’73 to ‘get back to basics’ and live frugally here in the UpperPeninsula.
              And, saying that, I realize that I/we are still vulnerable to the vagaries that a ‘collapse’ would entail. An EMP strike is my chief concern at this point in Global developments. Environmental destruction continues apace, and the assault on the global ecosphere can/will pull the rug out from under us all.

            • If you use single wall pipe you better have at least 12 inches of space between the pipe and anything combustible. I would not use any pipe other than stainless triple wall and that still requires a two inch gap around it to any combustible material.

            • Hey Iowa, Check out “Three Dogs” wall tent stoves as a wood burning back-up (vids on YouTube). Get setup for less than $500. Air tight, cooking surface, water heating side tank, stores compact, easy set-up (just make sure to give it a 24 hour burn when you get it – need to burn off the paint fumes). Wall tents use a high temp silicone fabric for the flue to go through. To stabilize your flue from winds strap it to an anchored piece of metal pipe (driven into the ground or whatever). So in a SHTF situation just be careful with insulating and installing your flue out your window. I plan on cutting sheet metal to fit removed glass pane for my flue to go through, providing a multi-layered (with air gaps)heat shield to protect any adjacent surfaces, and figure that it will be a system that is constantly under surveilance what with it being the center of activity for the household. This will be my last line of defence, after non-electric un-vented radiant NG wall heater followed by K2 heaters with about 2 months k2 storage. At that point I doubt the inspectors will be around to criticize my wood stove flue!

      6. Heard that was what took down the space shuttle in 2002, by the Russians. There was a purple spiral photoed as it crossed the California bridge, always wondered if it was for real. Inquiring minds need to know…

      7. I am not sure what they delivered, but if it is some form of weapon, I suspect it may be sold to Iran in the very near future.

      8. North Korea is looking to shake the US down for some aid in food, oil and money. They saber rattle and it’s cheaper to bribe them than confront them. They really play this card when we’re occupied elsewhere like Syria at present.

        This is how they earn their money. They export trouble.

        • That’s how the US makes money and keeps their GDP up. They export war and then sell weapons to both sides. Been doing this since WW2. Without the military industrial complex, the US would be 3rd world by now.

          • Overseas weapons sales by the United States totaled $66.3 billion last year, or more than three-quarters of the global arms market, valued at $85.3 billion in 2011. Russia was a distant second, with $4.8 billion in deals.

            Doesn’t sound like enough money involved to make us a third world country. And last I read, the Avtomat Kalashnikova is still the most available firearm worldwide.

            IMHO it is reserve currency status that prevents 3rd world status for the U.S.

            • Yellow Sub

              Yes indeed it’s the USD status as reserve currency that keeps the demand for dollars up. We print and spend them here first and buy foreign made goods exchanging paper for things of value. To foster “growth” we take over and industrialize developing nations to increase the de-facto demand for USDs.

              I don’t like it. It’s inherently corrupt but you have to admit in the wake of Bretton Woods it was brilliant.

          • Ah, me. Been tokin’ on pages out of Das Kapital, eh?

          • Standard oil providing the specialized fuel for the German jets. Same thing in Vietnam with rules of engagement designed to draw out the war.

            • Opel (GM subsidiary) providing engines for a lot of the mechanized German equipment.

          • @Maqkati1-

            I used to work for one of the major players in the Military Industrial Complex ‘game’ many years ago. The average citizen of the United States has absolutely NO idea just how much money is generated by this particular sector of our economy. War, in other parts of the world, is a VERY profitable enterprise for the elites.

            A financial collapse doesn’t really scare me all that much anymore. I’ve been poor, broke and bankrupt before in my life. The thought that the PTB might take us into ANOTHER war in order to divert the sheeple’s simple minds off their financial discomfort; that’s what really scares the hell out of me today.

            Please draw close to your family and friends this holiday season and enjoy a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year. These days that we are presently living in may well be known in the future as “the good old days”.

            God Bless & good luck to all who post here ….. even the wannabe ‘grinches’ amongst you!

      9. A worldwide EMP would be a savior to this planet and our species. It would stop industrial civilization in its tracks and allow us to build a sustainable, resilient way of living that does not depend on endless exploitation of the earth and each other.

        • that’s assuming that all of the nuclear reactors don’t go into
          meltdown mode !!!

          • Yes, there would be serious ramifications to an abrupt industrial shutdown. We should be doing it in a planned approach. But we are to hooked on our consumer way of life that even though we KNOW we are destroying this planets ability to sustain life, we are too greedy, selfish and shortsighted to change our ways.

            • tim, we agree today! I agree 100 percent.

          • Right.


            Oh it would build a sustainable pile of bodies… glowing ones at that…

            I’m sure for the survivors it would be great! Eventually. In idk 10,000 years…


            “All of this has happened before. And all of it will happen again”…?

            NAH. There’d be no oil left for Round 2… nevermind that tinfoil theory…

            Anyway since I would not BE one of the survivors I could care less for this solution. The second I die the universe ceases to exist from my perspective. I could give a shit if the Earth is happy without me.

            • Yes, this is exactly the short sighted thinking I am talking about. It’s all about you right? Who cares about the thousands of generations of people that will have to suffer through the horrible mess of a planet we have left behind for them.

              • Hey man re-design the human brain then. Funny thing about not being telepathic. Past a certain point you CANNOT give a shit.

                I’m not saying I don’t want to power down. I do want to power down. Not with a catastrphic EMP event though.

                It’s better for the future, sure. That gives me some satisfaction to know that.

                But when the chips are down and I’m going to fricking DIE… (note: I am not saying I’m going to lose my comfy McMansion)… I gotta tell you, my altruism goes right out the effing window.

                • I’m certainly not suggesting that it would be good for those alive now, to simply collapse our society. I am saying that since few understand or are willing to power down, that will be the likely outcome.

              • Just don’t screw.

                • lol, yeah like that’s gonna work…

        • What a crock of shit! The reason you’re not dead is because the “military industrial complex” developed nutrition, medicine (emergency care and antibiotics to name a few), education, infrastructure (power grid and roads), modern farming, assembly line manufacturing, and sanitation. Without these things, you would have died during your birth, when you got strep throat, or from any one of hundreds of other diseases and/or starvation. Yep, that third world living sure is sustainable and healthy! Why not give up your computer and your Prius and live solely on the smug you produce!

          • Really, so how did we get here before all of those miracles of science that have allowed us to avert natures mechanisms of sustainability and push the planet to the brink of destruction?

            • I would never own a hybrid or any new vehicle. People who do are fooling themselves. It is way more sustainable to buy a used car then to contribute to the high-tech manufacturing of a new car.

              People who drive hybrids are accomplishing nothing more than saving money on fuel costs.

              • And actually, hybrids make our situation worse by encouraging the idea that we can maintain our industrial civilization and massive population simply by altering our technology.

              • I have a friend who has one of those hybrids…with the constant velocity transmission. The tranny went out on him in April. To date….it still isn’t fixed. Even a dealer service center could not fix it. While the car has been in the shop, they told him that the main battery is bad. Another $3000 or so to replace. To date….he’s spent in excess of $4000.00 and still doesn’t have his car fixed.

                When his car does work, it gets in excess of 40 mpg.

                I have an old Toyota that gets 30 mpg….but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

                I can put a huge amount of gas in my car for what it’s going to cost to get his back on the road.

                Moral of the story?

                Stick with proven technologies.

          • but think of what we might have accomplished if we didn’t have to spend untold trillions of dollars and tens of millions of lives
            on the military/industrial complex


        • If you don’t count the 90% plus die off, and assume we get smarter. NO thanks. I’d rather go have a bagel

        • Are you willing to be one of the ones that dies? I thought not.

          • If it was planned and carried out with intent there wouldn’t have to be any deaths.

      10. I keep my radios in a steel garbage can. No worries.. short wave…to see what’s up with China when these guys attack.

        Note.. China has been destroying us doing economic war…
        It’s all been planned.

        • Just going to put my 2 shekels in. My understanding of EMP is this (and I got most of the info from an article in QST back in the 80’s):

          An EMP is just a ludicrously strong radio signal across a very wide range of frequencies. Any length of wire, like power lines, if it’s the right length, will act as an antenna and end up with an enormous surge of power. Now the amount of power in an EMP starts to crap out at higher VHF frequencies, it’s mostly concentrated in the HF (3-30 MHz) range and below. By the time you’re talking about the 2-meter ham band (144-148 MHz), the graph of power vs frequency is taking a nose dive. So by the time you get so high in frequency that the very short traces and wires in modern electronics could act as antennas, there’s almost no power in that part of the EMP’s spectrum. Remember, the higher the frequency the shorter the (resonant) antenna.

          So for me, the bottom line is, no need for Faraday cages per se, to protect something against EMP you have to keep it unconnected and distant from long runs of wire or metal: namely mains power and antennas.

      11. What country would spend all it’s money on weapons and military instead of taking care of it’s population? Oh wait…nevermind

        • OK by me. I’m tired of being my never mets keeper, let the army buy some cool stuff and him drop dead. Lazy scum

        • It’s not the gov’t job to take care of it’s population. It’s job is to protect the country from invasion. If left alone, the country’s population should be able to take care of itself, well before the last 50 years of dumbing down by the gov’t-union education complex.

      12. As I understand it, there are currently more than 3,000 satellites in orbit around our earth. These have been placed by some 50 countries over the years. Anyone of these could carry a nuclear weapon or more. So, who did what to whom, when the shooting starts, may be impossible to ever know.

        3,000+ and it only takes…one!

      13. I know I should give this a rest, but after that shooting in Oregon there is a real attack on gun rights around the country, and that butthead piers morgan is trying to be the poster child for getting all semi automatic assault rifles banned in this country. I was flipping around the news tonight while reading about North Korea and this bum faced piers morgan was at it again with Rudy Giullani about getting rid of all these rifles. Giullani even said that if someone had a hand gun they could have stopped this nut, and morgan ended the interview right there by saying thank you very quickly.

        Will someone buy this bloke a ticket back to England or South Africa or some other Commonwealth nation where he can be happy with totally unarmed and unprotected citizens. This foreigner every single night is attacking the rights of people in this country and making a total jack ass out of himself to everyone other than those that want to take away ALL self defense from all of us. This character wants all guns and ALL ammunition to be banned in this country of which is not even a citizen of. At least I don’t think he is a citizen, maybe BO gave him some honorable citizenship or some sh^& like that.

        Bob costas kind of disappeared after being ridiculed about not doing his job of discussing football and trying to shove his anti gun agenda down everyone’s throats, maybe he can find a job announcing midget wrestling, small person’s sport for a small minded person to comment on.

        I see each day attacks on gun rights and eventually some God Awful attack is going to happen and the government is going to restrict all sorts of magazine sizes, calibers, and ammo purchases on the federal level, not just in anti-self defense states like most of the east coast and california. I don’t know about all of you out there, but it is ominous looking out for the 2nd Amendment and basic rights for self defense against the mass of criminal scum that is infecting the country more and more so.

        • how much you wanna bet that pussy has a body guard, an armed one., parks in a secured lot, lives in a gated community, and has other people do his daily public chores.

          jackasses like this, that puff their chest out, are usually the biggest hypocrite.

          Someone ought to find out and shut this Anti American P.O.S. up…, than kick his ass back to the rock he crawled out from under.

          • Also, one way to shut his ass up..no one listen to him and no one support him and eventually the money to have his face on the boob tube, will dry up and so will he.

            bet his mommy still chews his food for him

            Also, my 2nd says “shall not be infringed”..especially from a foreigner.

            maybe this guy is a terrorist, and wants us unarmed..he should be investigated to the fullest including repedative cavity searches, and deported for being in a country that he doesnt support its laws.

            • VRF SAYS…..”Also, my 2nd says “shall not be infringed”..especially from a foreigner.”

              Dont’cha JUST LUV these mo-rons from foreign countries comin’ here like they’re gonna show us ‘How it’s done”?
              Get ALL over THAT FOO’ VRF!!! 🙂
              Additionally, it sometimnes helps to write vicious little letters to the network, using FLAWLESS English that suggest that perhaps you’ll never again watch any programming, half-assed attenpt to manipulate the public’s opinion….followed by a swift suggestion that you’ll also be posting a CC to thier major advertiser’s as well….just sayin’

        • Maybe he realized it wasn’t too smart to tell a bunch of immature, hotheaded 20-somethings that they were too hotheaded and immature to own guns, WHEN THEY ALREADY OWN GUNS.

        • What he has also lost sight of is..our 2nd amendment protects his 1st amendment..if he doesnt want to lose that, than he better understand that freedom can come from the barrel of a gun more so than his pie hole.

          If we lose our 2nd..those types lose thier 1st too..wonder how he would like that?

          • @ VRF. EXACTLY. You lose part of the constitution you then start to lose the rest of this valauble protection factor for the people. That chest pounding fool morgan can say he respects the 2nd. amendment, yet you can see how he almost urinates in his pants from the excitement of banning all firearms in the U.S. and the WHOLE world. This is coming from someone that has been in this country for 6 years and he is bringing his native country’s idealism over here. Isn’t this is why the U.S. broke away from England over 200 years ago, to be free?

            They use to say if you don’t like where you live, leave. Well piers, what a weird name, evidentally has decided to lead an English campaign to put as many holes in the constitution as possible. The fact that he is more liked over here than in England really shows how the masses are gravitating towards trashing the 2nd Amendment, and that is a awful thought.

            Here is the perfect utopia United States under piers morgan’s idealism. Absolutely no firearms for anyone ever, including the police and even the military. No stun guns or stun batons. No pepper spray. No knives or other sharp objects outside a kitchen. No baseball bats allowed outside a locked up locker. You can defend yourself though, only with a newspaper rolled up or a flyswatter. You are only allowed to call the police for help, not scream too loud or have some personal alarm system on you because it might hurt your attacker’s ears. This is paradise for piers morgan in the U.S.

          • Actually the second does not protect us from anything. It was put in place to, BUT it does not.

            If it protected our first then how did this happen?

            or this

            Patriot act. Against the constitution and forced on us by gov. ( directly what the 2nd was supposed to protect us from )

            NDAA ( 2011 ) Another thing the second was supposed to protect us from. Just like fire arms the constitution is a tool. Just no one got the balls to use it.

            Why have the second? no one is using it for what it was intended for. It was put there so we can protect ourselves from the gov. hmmm we doing a good job boys and girls real good. WE FAILED THE CONSTITUTION!

        • Gov. Hickenloper, here is Colorado, wants to “open the discussion on gun control”. It was on the news tonight. Looks like they’re gearing up for a campaign on the need to control those nasty guns.

          Didn’t someone else use the phrase “open the discussion on gun control”? I know I have heard it several times in the last couple of days. Talking points….right on cue.

        • They are going to have to go house to house to take them.

          It won’t be pretty.

          They’ll run out of people to confiscate them before they get them all.

          And those who are responsible for the bans will not be insulated from the effects of this.

          That’s just the way things like that work out.

          This is not Germany in the 1930’s. There are still a lot of red-blooded Americans who will not take this lying down.

          This is not a threat. Just an observation.

          • WK all they have to do is make it possession a felony. If you use one to defend your self, prison. Go shooting? Prison. House broken into and the thieves caught and fess up where they got the guns? Prison.

            Look at Australia if you need to see how that’s going to work.

            • And with new warrantless search powers, they will just park outside your house and go in when you leave. You’ll come home to an army ready to arrest or shoot you.

              • Those who execute warrantless searches should be dealt with in the same way as any other common criminal.

                Are we free men, or “subjects”?

                We either fish or cut bait.

                Fence straddling and quiet acquiescence is no longer an option.

              • MXLord327, which is larger:

                1. a trained Army
                2. a well-regulated Militia of the people to keep and bear Arms

            • Again….People need to determine that they are going to resist this no matter the cost.

              At some point, there has to be a line in the sand. They can’t send you to prison if you don’t let them.

              Serfs obey the tyrants. Free men don’t.

              End of story.

          • Florida doesnt even register them..so good luck with that

        • BI, I know it torks your nuts but I wouldn’t worry too much over it. Ain’t no one yet coming to take em. I’m sure Pierce Morgan’s remains will wash up on some shore, or feed the gulls at a local landfill soon enough.

        • Today’s Denver Post has an article about the Gov talking about possible additional gun laws.
          The article mentions “armor-piercing weapons” and “assault rifles”.
          Sorry, asshat; ROUNDS are armor-piercing, not WEAPONS.
          Please define “assault rifle”.
          Will that be anything that looks “scary”?
          What about a .22 that looks “scary”, is that in the same class as an M-16, which also looks “scary”?

          There are .22 caliber weapons that, from a distance of only 10 feet, look remarkably similar to an MP-5; unless you are familiar with the weapons, you may be confused.
          From a distance of 10 feet, shooting you with a .22 or a 9mm is going to put some hurt on you either way. Does the 9mm have more “stopping power”? Of course.
          But the .22 I HAVE has more stopping power than the 9mm I DON’T HAVE.
          Yes, a larger caliber is more “deadly”, but let’s not think for even a minute that getting shot in the chest with a .22 is going to be a walk in the park.
          I don’t understand why the politicians can’t understand that restricting legal gun ownership does nothing to reduce “gun crime”. Hello Detroit, Chicago, etc.
          “We have to do SOMETHING!” is too often the position of these idiots.

        • the 2nd amendment is just one of ’em. the rest of our RIGHTS are covered under the 9th. if they repeal any of the bill of rights, our rights are still in tact, because the bill of rights conferred NOTHING to us. It simply states that our GOD given RIGHTS are not to be fucked with by CONgress. just sayin’…..;)

          • this post ended up in a place i didn’t put it.

      14. A former ill umi nati trainer named Savali stated years ago that their goal of world domination would be complete when N Korea saber rattling would bring the world to the brink and the lights would go out in New York City. Fact or fiction? Time will tell.

      15. I am so glad that Lil Kim has his finger on Nortn Koreas nuclear trigger. If he is the maniac that his father was we have everything to worry about. Time man of the year,I think that I will just puke. Is America crazy,this tyrant wants to kill us all. We are too far gone, wait for the big bang or the lights to go out permanently. I am beyond depressed, God help us all.

        • Relax. He only got elected Man of the Year because the Time readers thought they were voting for that Gangnam Style rapper.

      16. We just sent up something too recently, probably to keep an eye on this?

      17. Now remember N.Korean madman the “experts” have told you how to do this…follow these instructions and you can fail…150 miles above Kansas..that should knock out our grid and some other goodies!

        Am I the only one who is struck by the stupidity of so-called experts in any field of study but especially these clowns?…why not just do it for them since you told them where to hit us??…ANNNND,the N Koreans arnt the only ones who can read out there…sheesh!

        • should say “you cant fail”

      18. I agree with Be Informed, but could not help but
        LOL at some of the sentences stated…..
        In the thread before this, some commentator said
        that Piers Morgan ticked off many in England with
        his views. I now want to google that and see
        what the Slimey Limey did to upset people.
        I am glad that Rudy ‘put the idiot’ in his place.

      19. In England, the Slimey Limey got punched in the face.
        Why does this not surprise me???
        Maybe if people would tune out the Limey, maybe his
        ratings would go down, and he’d be thrown off the air.

        • @ Emily. Part of the reason I get so upset over these peckerheads and their attacks on self defense are women. These characters don’t understand that most women are hopelessly outsized by many of these sick pervert gorilla type sickos. To ask an innocent women of say 100-125 pounds to defend herself against some big buffed up 250 pound six foot eight man ape attacking here without any weapon is criminal of ANY law system. It is so unfair and rotten and beyond any sense of decency and common sense.

          These asinines that try to take away self defense have never for example faced off with an animal that is much tougher than they are. To make a comparison to someone that is the same size as piers morgan that has a weight problem and is about 6 foot 4, he would face an animal much bigger to what a small women would against a large attacker. Some liberal nut case same size as piers morgan that enjoys taking away everyone’s self defense would, have to take on a fully grown chimpanzee, a 12 foot crocodile, or a medium sized Bengal Tiger without a weapon.

          When you put this into comparison between a small to medium size woman trying to survive an attack from a big pervert that is 6 foot 8 and perhaps 3 to 4 times as strong, and someone piers morgan size trying to survive an irate vicous fully grown chimpanzee or other large animal like a bear without a weapon, it shows how f’en terrible it to restrict people’s right to defend themselves. These ass clowns that try to destroy the 2nd Amendment and basic self defense would definitely change their opinions if a weapon was at their feet and a wild animal of large size was charging them. That gun or other weapon would not longer be evil to the idiot, it would become the most important object in their lives.

          • I’m always amused that the bad guy in the scenario is 250 pounds and 6’8″. I agree with you completely, but I also submit to you that ANY man, determined to do harm, is more than a match for ALMOST any woman. Size is not the determining factor; if it were a midget attacking the woman, or attacking me or you, aren’t each of us entitled to defend ourselves?
            You are right to be offended by this idiot and by all who believe the path to freedom and better living is found by giving up personal liberty, states rights, and handing carte blanche authority to an ever increasing federal government.

            • @ Lee from La. I only use the usual biggest attacker to use as a comparison to someone that is the size of piers morgan taking on a comparison sized animal. So often someone that is a bigger size male like piers morgan just doesn’t get it that women are smaller usually, with smaller bones and less muscle, and they don’t see what a bigger opponent can do to them. This is why I say let some liberal anti-self defense creep take on an animal such as a lion and see what it is like for some poor innocent women taking on a much bigger man. It drives me crazy because these so called liberals are suppose to be so “compassionate” that they would allow an innocent person be victimized that would not have to be.

          • @BI – hahahahaha ‘peckerheads’.
            My DH favorite descriptive term for many folk. He’s a quite type and usually that’s about all the comment one can get from him.
            ’nuff said’ thing with him. It has a lasting visual when someone is waiting for more to be said. I usually just bust out laughing.

            Yup… you’ve nailed them with a very excellent proper collective noun.

            And thank you, sir, for being one of the good guys. As a ‘small to medium size’ woman it is indeed distressing to think how additionally vulnerable I’d be without a more level playing field.

            I vote +1000 that before anyone can start bitchin about gun control they spend one (24 hr) day in the zoo without even a flyswatter. And to know just how it really feels – all the cage doors were left open by the night attendant.

            Only then am I willing to engage in civil discourse / debate on the subject.
            I will gladly talk shop with piers morgan types after they get dropped off in the middle of gangsta hood of…lets say LA and still have the same opinion.

            ~..~ wee is off to play in the sandbox.

            • Funny how big a victim can appear to a perp when they’re looking at the “unblinking” eye of a pistol muzzle.

          • BI, your above logic is exactly why I have multiple “stuff” in every room. When I was growing up my older brothers were always over-powering me when we would get to rough-housing. I clued in early that there was no way I could defend myself against a man. Unlesss of course, I got into all the martial arts stuff.

            I prefer not to let an aggressor within arms length so martial arts is not my first choice.

      20. Super-EMPs would be the perfect tool to make America vulnerable to a take-over. Good thing no one wants to take us over.

        • Guns don’t run on electricity. As long as we are an armed nation no foreign invader would stand a chance.

      21. why cant we keep the words spoken here clean and civilized…. most people can say their peace without using profane wording………..


        • Maybe you should go back and read the constitution

          1st amendment

          words are just words..if you allow them to smack you in the face then you need to be the one that has the growing up to do.

          besides ,, have you ever been passionate about something enough to fight for your life over it?
          probably not, and you probably wouldnt.

          maybe you just dont belong here

        • @ Deano,

          Occaisionally, the standard ‘king’s English’ as it is utilized in our day and time “don’t QUITE get the JOB Done!” …and when dealing with FOOLS of the caliber being here discussed tonight….well, you can dwell on it a bit I suppose, come to your own conclusions…..

        • Im thinking you might be talking to me..?

          sorry if I have hurt your pure seensibilities, no intent to make you upset, or make you feel like i was agressive to you or your opinions.

          Im not sure if you are an American or not. so maybe you dont understand the passion behind this necessary tool in our world, and there is no way I can bring that about for you, if you havent lived it.

          Here again, the gun is just a tool, its up to the human to do the right thing with it, same as opinions, speaches, and feelings.

          But when a person feels that their opinion is the only one that counts and they go against the core of a countries founding design, you have to stand up against them agressively, or stand the chance they gain any ground that could be detrimental to your livelyhood, and loved ones safety.

          Please take the time to understand why we have these RIGHTS, and where they come from..they dont come from a man, or a piece of paper..they come from your maker..we all have these rights if you choose to fight for them. And it doesnt matter what country you are from,(just some dont recognise or care about your RIGHTS) But that doesnt make one or the other wrong to hold dear to ones survival on this planet.

          Yes, I have an agressive tongue..its not ment as a personal stab, unless you feel the need to to supress my RIGHTS

        • wow.
          if asking a question lights up such a storm of critizism, then what would a condeming comment ignite?.. FU, VRF,…. first off i dont need to defend myself to anyone.. 2nd i am an american born and bred here in the PNW… 3rd i very much do support the constitution of this once great nation and will do so to the death… 4th i am one person who has every reason to take a anti-gun stand, you see i had my only daughter sit down on my bed and pull the trigger..
          i know and realize that emotions get the best of us at times and the passion burns deep.. if i offended anyone or gave the impression that i was implying that anyone on here doesnt have the right to speak freely and to say what they feel, that was not my intent…. i made a comment in regards to how body parts are used in a discriptive manner, cuss all you want, i dont care.. i think the body part should be left in the bedroom or in yahoo chat… but do what you want and say what you want and let it be a testamony to who you are

          • Truly sorry for your loss deano, that is horrible.

            • thanks

          • sorry for your loss..

            but , if someone has full intent to take thier life, they will do it with what ever means they can find

            cant outlaw bridges, highrises..etc…

            I understand that what happened makes you angry at the gun,but, Its mis-directed.

            Guns have saved many many lives…

            • @vrf,
              oh i do agree, the gun didnt kill the finger that pulled did…. i myself believe that EVERYONE should be armed, by doing so those that will pull the trigger are going to do it anyway… and that will bring about a weeding out of the criminals that we pay for who are in prisons..it would havestopped the shootings at the mall here in portland and stopped the killing of 26 kids at the elem. school in CT.
              and to that i say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

              • I will do my best to watch my tongue, Its just one of those things that make my blood boil

                no intent to insult you, or anyone on this forum..It must be the constuction worker in me coming out

                • np i do understand the passion, thanks from everyone who doesnt care for the certain wording… no insult was taken…. sorry if i overstepped, one advantage of being american is to voice our views, thanks for that concideration

                  thanks VRF

      22. C’mon we are not focusing on the main game, Iran.

        Interballistic rocket: North Korea yes. Iran no.
        Built a nuke: North Korea yes, Iran no.
        Tested a nuke: North Korea yes, Iran no.
        Sold missile technology: Both yes
        Sold nuclear weapons technology: North Korea yes, Iran no.

        Yep lets all worry about the Mad Mullahs, cos there is nothing to see or worry about coming from the Hermit Kingdom.

        I love the priorities NK is not a problem because they can’t build a bomb small enough for their rockets.

      23. No terrorist nation needs an EMP device. It’s been shown pretty conclusively that large parts of the grid can be taken down by a few dozen terrorists with high-power rifles.

      24. The idea that a rogue state like NKorea,or any other, would even be allowed to fire an emp capable missile over us is absurd.
        Despite our collective misgivings of the ptb..they are inherently light years ahead of this technology and,have the required technology to disable any such attempt.

        Why do I adamantly state this?

        Because nuclear weapons are obsolete in this current technological world and have been for at least 25 years.

        How do I verify this?

        I can not verbatim..however..given the intel provided me many years ago by family involved then..I feel 100% accurate on my statements.

        Be concerned about geo physical events
        Be concerned about geo political vents
        Be concerned about geo financial events

        These are real and unfolding as we speak..
        Nuclear devastation is old world thought and should be rightly dismissed ..

        There are immediate threats to us happening every day that will directly affect all of us globally..and into the very near future folks..

        The only emp event that could likely happen is from heavenly bodies as the sun..and that is what the ptb are concerned about overall.

        And nothing could ever be done about it..by any of them

        Enjoy the day..enjoy the meteors tonight..


        • I agree with you on the nuclear part accept for the threat of meltdown from all of our nuclear power plants.

        • Hi possee,

          I’m wholly with you on this one. Many several times BI has chimed in on the aspects which would be related to ‘Biological Weapons’ being released, NOW that’s a BAD one. The nuke thing, not so much unless we get into it with China directly…the Russians are smart enough to avoid anything which goes in that direction, that is to say they’re ‘Rational’.
          Given the advances that have been made in the genetic sciences in recent years just imagine what someone with a will could do if they set themselves on creating a ‘Stand’ type virus….all too easily done I’m afraid. Also, given that there are so many ‘useless eater’s’ out here it might just end p being the case that somebody somewhere might decide to do so just to ‘decrease the excess population’…like maybe TPT_…. In any event, the financial aspect is worse than ANY other thing at this point, IMHO.

          • I’d add bio weapons to that list. One technology N.Korea does possess is ethnically targetted virus’s.

            Even the most liberal progressive scientists (my 1st cousin is one such geneticist) admit the world is long over due another pandemic flu bug.

            Many conspiracy theorists argue that HIV is manmade. Personally I have my doubts, but the release of a genetically altered small pox type bug targetted at a specific ethnicity does not seem beyond the realms of possibility. The Nazi’s used the most up to date technology available at the time for genocide. The Hutu’s used machetes, but the result for the victims was the same. The story of the British gifts of infected smallpox blankets to the first nations of the America’s have enetered global folklore.

            It’s the key reason why I am keen to see as many mixed marriages in the West as possible – to give at least a rump of the orignal population of a nation a genetic shield against such an attack.

            I’ve read in several places that the N.Koreans are advanced in the single scientific area, and that’s the reason the Chinese don’t come down hard on them. Many a crazy regime has diverted it’s finest brains away from food production and into death science. Their political ideology is deffo crazy enough for something like this, and there is a reason they have not been subsumed by the richer super powers on their own doorstep, or attacked by the petro dollar bombers to date.

            N. Korea still has no centrally controlled NWO type fiat bank – that is now VERY rare. Too rare not to speculate as to the reasons why not.

            I dunno, just throwing the idea out there.

      25. Be-informed once you stated your case on british boy piers morgan, your right, its a big slap in our face. I’m just glad we are not Ca or NY. They have magazine regulations and how eazy they could start doing that to the other states, thank god so far they havent. But that even pisses me off that states have regulations on no guns with folding stocks, 10 rounds or less, no ar styles. Its nuts and its like if we forget to pay a bill our gun rights are taken away these days and this should not be the case at all.

        Tired of these idiots. all guns including autos should be legal. They have trashed our laws already and they keep brainwashing the people by piers and stupid idiots on TV saying this stuff to get people to believe this crap we will be fighting even more and we shouldnt have to. Regardless what happens I will never obey. And I hope all of you do the same. We are slaves and we should be free, you all know what I mean. When the riots start the police are going to be scared shitless from us.

        NOW on CNN they are showing dolphins being shot by people and trying to make a case to take away our guns. They have 10 dolphins that have been killed. Federal investigators are looking into this and checking boats. This is sad. Make your cases you idiots. we dont want dolphins killed but if you are trying to make a case to end guns your looking stupid.

        • @ clint hospo. I live in a free state in which firearms are respected and those that carry them are not feared. When I think of all the regulations of NY and Ca, it frightens me to think that those states are part of the 50 states. These states, and many other are becoming european in nature, in which we have no rights to defend ourselves with any weapon. What Manos told me about Greece not even allowing you to defend yourself with your body, not engage an attacker, I said to myself is this another planet. Where has any logic and sense of fairness gone?

          I become so upset because these anti-self defense nut jobs want to give all the advantage to EVIL, those that would brutally rape an innocent person. It is beyond reason to me that ANYONE could ever empower evil like this then CLAIM that they are trying to protect the population.

          I have known some very intelligent liberal people, that you would think would have some real common sense, NOPE when it comes to firearms. They get this whacked out idea that guns are evil and they just can’t shake it loose. These people can figure out the most complex problems, yet can’t even figure out that taking away all the honest people’s firearms and their means to self defense gives the bad guys, the evil ones, the power to do what they want to. Like that person said last night, criminals don’t obey the laws with illegal firearms, that why you call them criminals.

          Poaching I can’t stand, but making honest fisherman give up their means of self defense is criminal. The Florida waters not only have sharks all over the place, but drug runners and other criminals (pirate type criminals) that would easily take advantage of a known unarmed boats out on the open water with the nearest coast guard a hour away. It is just like when some nut goes ballastic in a mall, and some nut is shooting and then mutilating dolphins for some sick fantasy thrill, they don’t blame the nut, they blame firearms that 99.9% of the other people use responsibly. God and the universe have mercy on the stupid and send them a functioning brain.

          • I have to admit that I too used to be anti-gun for a brief period. When I was real young, like 12 to 18 I liked guns and imagined owning them when I got older. Then I went through a phase where I became what I might call a ‘Peace Activist’.

            But as I began to learn more and more about our impending, multifaceted crisis, I gave up all that peace nonsense. Not that I don’t value it still, but I realized that if I can’t defend myself, what’s the point?

            There are some sick, sadistic people out there and I am not interested in being a victim of someones murder fantasy. I started looking into the statistics more and and it didn’t take long before I was absolutely convinced that being armed should be a human right to self defense.

            • Hi Timothy,

              I liked your response here, thanks. The greatest problem that is existent at this point is the continuous development of systems of thought that simply DON’T take into account Human Nature. THIS is why ‘Communism’ failed, both the Russian and Oriental versions. The truly dangerous people in the world today are those from whom one continuously hear’s phrases that begin as, “SHOULD be…”, “It coulda’ been this way…” I don’t THINK that that is RIGHT…” all the while presupposing that by magical wave of a fairy’s wand Humanity will simply go ‘Poof’ and become something other than it is and has been for a million years.
              Pierce Morgan is simply typical of this variety of idiotic lunacy…along with most of the Congress, Executive branch, Supreme Court, etc, ad infinitem, ad nauseum. ANY sustainable system of goverment that will EVER be formed has to begin with a study of actual Human Nature, not what we would like it to be, or think it SHOULD be, but what it IS. Evetything else is simply doomed to abyssmal failure…much like our system as it is today.

              • Well some things cannot be subject to the likes of human nature, such as sustainability, living within our means.

                As I have seen so far, this is not in our nature.

                And the other conflict I see is the conflict of Freedom. While I must say that I value freedom above all else, it has it’s own conflicts like what we see today. We are free to produce and consume like we have ten planets, and I think we should be free to do that. I just hope we are smart enough not to.

          • @BI,
            5 stars…
            That, is the best, most succinct explanation of the problem I’ve ever seen. They ARE giving every advantage to evil, and they damn well KNOW it.
            While, they appear oh so sophisticated and nice… this is the very definition of the saying; “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”. What I think the Bible defines as political correctness…

        • I think we need to have a concon. To bypass congress and implement a nullification of Obamacare, Federal reserve, and make “must carry” the law of the land… 😉

          “an armed society is a polite society.”
          -Robert Heinlein

          Don’t scream… I don’t think people are thinking this through. The L.I.B. crowd are crazy as loons, they want to Let It Burn. They want civil war, have laid down the ballot box and are ready to pick up the bullet box. If it comes to that, they will all be sorry.

          A concon’s best and worst result could only be chaos, because no super majority exists, on either side, thus the plan would be Chaos. Then an amendment for dissolution… the good guys dissolve the union, and preserve something of ourselves. While the libs go off into neverland and destroy themselves.

          Metaphorically, we take our children and go ‘into the wilderness’, leave the system.

          (I didn’t support this idea until a few weeks ago, when I thought about it. It could be contained by the states calling a convention, to keep existing ‘public servants’ OUT, and having a series of ‘come one, come all’ town hall speech and debates, voted for online to choose delegates. Devolve power from Washington.

          It is the one thing O wouldn’t expect, and if nothing else, it would be a joy to see the politicians head explode…

          We are in; the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned…
          The complete article at my blog.

          pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

          • @ Piper Michael

            Don’t scream… I don’t think people are thinking this through. The L.I.B. crowd are crazy as loons, they want to Let It Burn. They want civil war, have laid down the ballot box and are ready to pick up the bullet box. If it comes to that, they will all be sorry.

            Even if you go into the wilderness they will never leave you alone. They will hunt you down. They need to be taught a lesson that imprints on their minds never to do such acts again. Guess I am crazy as a loon, but I will stay and fight.

            • Howdy Slingshot,

              I DON’T think you’re the only one thinking this. You have, at the root of things here, a group of people who for the most part simply wish to be left alone and another group DETERMINED NOT to do so. The morons who infest the government of this country are SO SURE they’ve got a ‘Better Way’ of doing things and they ARE determined to force it down the throats of eveyone else no matter what.
              Boy, are they about to get a rude awakening! When you back people up into a corner what the Hell do they think is going to happen. American’s are truly like no other civilization in history, from the begining we’ve been a tolerant people, tolerant of other’s idea’s…but there’s a limit to all tolerance and I truly believe that the actions of the latter mentioned camp are fast approaching a point where the rest are simply going to set thier feet and flatly say, ‘No More”. I wonder what’s going to happen, what the look will be on the faces of those who continuously meddle in the lives of others on that day.
              I recall a line from ‘Red October’ at the end when Ramius and Ryan are on the conning tower sharing stories, when Ramius says, “Ah, but a little revolution now and then is a good thing, Eh?” Just sayin’…

              • @JustOneGuy.

                In some cases I am no better off than when I first came here to this site. There are subjects that I have to consider more than I originally thought. Things that were refex actions are now slowed by new thought processes. Nobody knows for sure what they will do it the end. This may be just my own myopic experiment in futility.

                • Hi slingshot,

                  We ARE ALWAYS beter off knowing the truth of things…hang in there Bro. There WILL be a new dawn, it’s just going to take a lot of work. God Bless….

          • I don’t really care who is president because they are just stooges of the PTB. But I do think we need to end the Federal Reserve, World Bank and all of the other multinational professional exploiters.

      26. On the EMP article, all I know to say is if we’re hit by one, we are screwed as a nation. BI, I’m glad you brought up the Oregon shooting. All of these type of shooting incidents, even the ones that took place during the Clinton era, I believe are false flags perpetrated by the antigun movement to whittle away at our gun rights little by little. The only reason they tapered off during the Bush era was because politically the antigun movement was all but dead. It burns me to no end to see innocent people get sacrificed in pursuit of an evil agenda. Let Piers Morgan, Bob Costas, or anyone else come to my place for my guns and I’ll give them some “precious metals” aka “hot lead” in response. My rights, incluing self-defense, come from God, not from any manmade government. I keep the electronics I want to save inside of an old metal cabinet; hopefully they’ll be OK. Sorry, I haven’t been here for the last couple of days. This is the time frame when i lost my wife back in 1981 so the holidays are rough for me, but I’ll get through it just like I do every year. best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • Sorry to hear of your loss Braveheart, my prayers for you thru the holidays.

        • Hang in there, Braveheart – thinking of you.

      27. Clint Hospo, I’m with you all the way about these morons and the idiotic unconstitutional laws on guns. When the REAL SHTF finally hits, that is the day when those laws or anything else for that matter will no longer be enforced. LE will either be maintaining the lowest possible profile or just disappear altogether. it’s going to be every man for himself, no holds barred, anything goes out there. The only thing that will matter is that you survive and you do whatever you consider necessary in order to do so. I believe it will be TEOTWAWKI; not even courts will be in session. no calling 911, no nothing. You will be on your own. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      28. NORTH KOREA is not the problem … ZOG AmeriKa pays subsidizes NK money and food to play the role of Bad Boy Bully .

        WAG THE DOG … it’s NOT north korea you need worry about …

        it’s the obese gorilla suit hairy partially bald midget with the hooked nose and glasses with the whiny complaintive voice standing in the shadows pulling the strings of ameriKa’s NWO ZOG CIA controlled FEDGOV STATEGOV’S you need to worry about .

        if there is a attack on ameriKan soil it’s planned and intentional a NWO ZOG FALSE-FAG to herd YOU the cockroach sheeple in the direction the ZOG Globalist Bankers TPTB want you to go .

        Wake up an Smell the Global ZIONIST Eugenic’s Fascism !

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • thank you very much cocopuff,
          I think you nailed it.

          • @SixPack ‘0) … your very welcome Sir .

            THE HARD TRUTH is … that our Perceived Reality is a Lie …

            * i find myself as of late becoming very truly Disheartened Saddened with deep remorse by the sad true state of the real political reality that AmeriKa is now completely controlled by intentional intelligent psychological MK-ULTRA programming , Mass Media political subliminal message design , with deliberate planned executed CIA MOSSAD FedGov sponsored False-Fag bloody murderous Terror Attacks upon their own people “Us-You-Me-WeThePeople /GoyimGentileCockRoachSheeple” , Ruled over by a looong entrenched TRUE SHADOW SECRET Society GOVERNMENT Commie Socialist Fascist Zionist Freemason DickTatorship .

            AmeriKa Is … And has been for a long time Decades Centuries … “A secret society controlled LIE” … IT IS a country CONTROLLED by just a handful of “Corrupt above the Law – To BIG to Fail” greedy RichPricks narcissistic maniacs and their wanna-be Nazi Gestapo Henchmen .

            Billions of Human Beings are Controlled Manipulated around the Globe (earth) and being by design Exterminated Destroyed for PROFIT by IWM IndustrialWarMachine War-Murder Nationally Globally and Designed Poisoned Toxic Consumer Lifestyles and Eugenics Driven Healthcare by just a few Thousand … a HANDFUL of self-entitled GREEDY NARCISSISTIC RICH-PRICK PHUCKS !

            “Sigh” .

            It’s ALL enough to make a FreeMan Patriot Prepper “Start to Clean and Sharpen” his Gutting Blade !

            ~N.O. ;0p

      29. BI 5.9 quake in the arctic ocean

        • @ ed. Thank you for pointing this out, this has been an area that has been hit 20 or so times in the past 40 years, it will take some time to figure this out. I am fairly confident now that something big is coming by Christmas Eve day. I have been so irritated with what I have heard about all this anti self defense rhetoric that I have not studied the earthquakes much. I have seen all sorts of attacks not just on firearms but all weapons, including these whackos trying to ban country wide TASERS and stun guns and stun batons. Even pepper spray is being talked about limiting the potency. This is exactly what is happening, they want to make people defenseless against attacks.

          Thank you again for showing me this in the Arctic, this ups the chances of a big earthquake in the locations I mentioned earlier this week and perhaps will add a new location to the danger zone.

          • @ ed and everyone else. I did a quick check and 16/20 this area of the Arctic was hit, an earthquake of 6.5+ did occur. 15 days before the world series earthquake of 1989 this area had a 5.3. So california is in the crosshairs like the previous forecasts predicted, along with he other areas. I am so tired right now I barely keep my eyes open, I will give more information tomorrow about this. Just go by the Dec.9 forecasts for right now, they are pretty close to where the next big earthquake should hit.

            • Hi BI,

              Gee, you’re just FULL of cheerful news today aren’t you? 🙂 T’anks for the head’s-up. Oh, Solar is on the upward recurve as of today…this cycle will (should) peak in about 8 days or so given the regularity of the Penticton Flux measurements over the last 9 months…tick-tock, tick-tock. Keep us up to speed as you can Brother. ‘Daily Solar Report’ will likely resume the day after tomorrow. Adios Muchachos’!!

            • Mornin’ BI,

              A 6.3 off the Cali coasr, San Diego….good call!

              • @ JustOneGuy, ed, everyone else. As you can see earthquakes away from the point of the future large earthquake happen. These are foreshocks that occur on parts of the plates that are NOT as locked. The energy signature directed towards the Bouvet Islands and the Arctic location which is on the Asia Plate were from california and southern Oregon. Then boom you have a deep sea earthquake about 200 miles west of San Diego. This should become a way of much more qualified than me people predicting earthquakes and finally saving some lives. I sure hope so.

        • GOOD Observation!!! I had to force the USGS map to scroll upward to see it. If you hadn’t mentioned it I would never have caught the discrapancy between ‘Quakes listed’ and ‘Total Quakes’ 🙂

      30. I live in NY. Not NYC. My father is a retired miliary officer. Growing up as a teen-ager, and in my 20’s,
        on college breaks, he would take me out to controlled facilities to shoot. I have shot an M-16, and assorted pistols. Many in my family carry with the proper paperwork to do so. I have a pistol permit to carry.
        I still have a target where I came a hairs breathe from a bullseye. I grew up with the army green ammo containers with the handles on top of them in the family cellar.
        I have a very healthy respect for all types of guns.
        I think that if one is exposed to fire arms, with proper guidance and training, and a proper respect for them, it helps set a guideline for a good mentality towards firearms. Being a 5’2 3/4″ female, I try to be careful and always aware of my surroundings. I have a baseball bat in my vehicle. I see your point of view Be Informed.

      31. One day China is going to grow tired of our market place and hungry for our food. When they day comes they’ll follow suit presented in “one second after” (good book to read). They will knock us out with EMP’s and blame the likes of North Korea and Iran. We’ll retaliate and eliminate NK/Iran for them – problems they don’t have to deal with and people they won’t have to feed. The elimination of those populations will decrease the food burdens on China, and they will (after about a year) send us “peace keepers” to help the 12.5/20% of the remaining American population restore our “ag base” for thier need of more food.

        • You are right; the scenario with China will work.
          One question though?? Won’t our guns still work?? 🙂

          • Just as long as japan does not team up with china 🙂 Do not forget the armored mech suits, toting min guns and guided rpg’s. Nice ar u got there sir say hello to my little friend.

      32. I’ll take an order of fried dog.

        Not really but you can throw in a bucket of fish heads.

        Not really…

        • My father did order that torpedo away as a last hurrah.

      33. @BI
        You nailed it right on spot, So. Cal, 6.4!

      34. John Connor: We’re not going to make it are we? People, I mean.
        Terminator: It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.

        • Maybe so……..

      35. @ BI Holy crap you were dead on right.

        • vrf shhhhhhhhh I like my SoG shhhhhhh they gonna take my damn knives away now grrr

      36. Folks this is also a good time to stock up on ammo, cigarettes, batteries, lighters and alcohol for bartering. you’ll be surprised of how well you’ll do with these.

        Keep Prepping

      37. Yes, it’s interesting that North Korea was our enemy in the new Red Dawn. Raises the possibility it was predictive programming (the elite have a warped sense of morality where they feel the need to warn the population before they do something, usually through movies. It eases their consciences).

        On the other hand, I heard through a personal source with a direct connection (I’m not saying which agency to keep govt computers from red flagging it, starts with a C) that an EMP device isn’t something we need to worry about. Same source indicated “Your health will be your best asset.”

        • Although I’m not so concerned about an EMP, I do believe we’ll definitely be experiencing some power outages as we become more of a 3rd world country, and coal plants are shut down. Get ready for it!

      38. Interesting that we are again back to the law side of the equation. When there is no law, you become the law. Lots of different ways this can play out when you think of duration and the severity of the event itself. I have resolved that if and when TPTB put us in a situation that requires us to police ourselves, they don’t need to govern us any longer.

      39. You don’t need a total knock-out of the grid to cause economic/social chaos.

        Our electrical grid is functioning at 110% of capacity on any given day. There has been a rising number of planned rolling brown outs (due to demand outstripping supply) as well as an increasing number of outages due weather/environmental events. There is simply NO excess capacity, no margin, NO reserve in the US electrical grid. Our grid has also been under attack from Chinese hackers, yeah, those guys that hold $1.4T of our debt.

        You only have to knock out the grid in 4-5 cities, preferably populated by the Obama type voter, and within 12 hours you have complete and total chaos. Recall that the looting after Sandy started within 12 hours of the lights going out. The resulting mayhem will be impossible for the civilian “authorities” to control, if given their ability to deal with Sandy, Katrina or the mess over right to work in MI is any indication.

        You could be looking easily at martial law being imposed in those areas, or the entire country for that matter, just what Obama and his regimen is itching for. It’s for your “safety” and “the children” after all.

        Ever wonder why Obama’s reaction to the NK nuclear program has been so weak?

        The NKs probably got a lot of their tech from Iran, in fact there were reports that there were Iranian scientists there for the launch.

        Ever wonder why Obama was mute during the Green democracy protests in Iran and his “sanctions” to halt Iranian nuclear tech have been so weak?

        Such a strategy fits well in with a President who seems intent on making America weak, poor and vulnerable.

        Just sayin.

        • Good bye The Fourth…..

        • they wont be happy until flying is finished..they are fools..it is because of flying they have that dam job!

          I bet Airlines will be on the radar to be going belly up in the near future

      40. Off Topic

        Natchez Shooters Supply has Remington 150gr 30-30 ammo on sale at $13.99 a box. This type of ammo was going for $16.99 in the Spring of 2011, so this is a good price.

        The 30-30 lever action, also known as the Cowboy Assault Rifle, is catching the eye of many survival types. The round is much like the 7.62×39 AK round.

        Although most 30-30 carbines only hold 6 shots, unlike a bolt action weapon, you can do a tactical reload to keep them full up.

        Also at around $400 bucks for a new Marlin 336w, you can get 3 for the price of a Bushmaster AR-15. Plus XS Gun Sights makes Ghost Ring sights, or you can mount a red dot to the Marlin as well.

        In many countries, a citizen is not even allowed to own a firearm in a “Military Caliber” like .308, .223, 9mm, or .45ACP. Unlike the Russian calibers of 7.62 x 54 or 7.62 x 39, the 30-30 was never a military round.

        So when you’ve lost all of your semiautomatics due to some “tragic boating accident”, consider a “repeater” like a 30-30 as a “Plan B” carbine.

        • /thumbs up

        • Is this Chuck Conner’s style?

        • I have an old Marlin 336 in .35 Remingtion, it’s a great gun!!!

          • @ MXLord327,

            35 Rem, Nice…. 🙂

      41. Some of the people on this blogg might be interested in a book on the effects of a EMP. This book is fiction but got me thinking about the ( WHAT IF ).

        One Second After by William R Forstchen

        I got it from Amazon about a year a go in paper back. Around $10. I’ve loaned it out to friends with mixed results. Also your library may have it and you won’t spend any money.

        Stay Brave

      42. I get so sick of the gun banning crowd, the same crowd that gives us “The Walking Dead” and countless other movies, tv shows, video games, music, and even abortion that have lead to a generation that is numb on the value of human life. Kids today have grown up in this culture….and those that do not have religious roots of any kind can too easily lose self control and go on a “virtual” killing spree as we’ve seen in Colorado and Oregon.

        The culture of GUNS is not the real issue. The culture that is conditioning our kids that killing is no big deal is the real issue. I’ve heard my youngest son kill probably 1000 people a day playing Call to Duty. So far, though, he is grounded by our belief in God. I could easily see someone playing that, then picking up their dad’s AR-15 and going on a real rampage.

        The media NEVER, NEVER discusses this. I am normally not a conspiracy nut, but this is looking more and more like we are being conditioned to accept mass death — at the same time getting us conditioned to eliminate the one thing that will keep a dictator from taking control — guns.

        • Another problem that isnt being discussed is the amount of people on drugs like prozac going on killing sprees..

          but yet the drugs like that are still being pushed and pushed hard by every doctor..

          the first question they ask you when you come in for a consultation//

          are you taking any medications?
          are you depressed?

          here..take this

          Maybe this sounds off base but I think this government and the drug companies are in this to kill as many of us as they can..

          insted of killing one with a drug , they are killing many

          If you know of anyone on an anti-depressant get em the hell off of it now!

          and never tell your doctor your depressed..
          depression is a normal emotion, on that you need to lean to deal with, without any drug..especially those types

          • Exactly, once 0bamacare is in full force, the ATF thugs will have total access to everyone’s medical records. If there is any chance they think you are depressed, have anger, anxiety or additive issues, you will lose your 2nd amendment rights for life. They have already done this to over 100,000 Vets seeking treatment for PTSD.

      43. An EMP is what the world needs.Going back to 1800’s and know what we know now? Start over Right this time? Imagine no fed reserve, no illegal IRS, no ineligible president,
        No gay abominations, No state sponsored schools, and No United Nations.
        The new Jerusalem.

        • “An EMP is what the world needs”
          SO NOT TRUE!
          An EMP will NOT send us back to the ‘good ole days’ of Little House on the Prairie.
          It will open up a Pandora’s box of melted and exploded Nuclear Power Poison Plants all over the world.
          What is it about this one big/little fact that people seem to overlook?

      44. Now we have another shooting disaster and the certain war cry for destroying the 2nd. Amendment. I can see these anti-gun advocates calling for handgun magazines being limited, as a Glock was used on top on another gun. Get ready everyone for new restrictions from BO. Reports of more than 100 rounds used. God, right before Christmas to a bunch of innocent children, this world sucks, but don’t blame firearms, blame the psycho demon that did this.

        I have to comment on the Arctic earthquake on the massive Asia plate. This earthquake leads to big earthquakes in the same spots as the swarm of Bouvet Islands region quakes, PLUS the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. After this area had a smaller earthquake on April 24, 2006, there was a Fiji earthquake afterwards of 8.0. I therefore extend the period of time for a large earthquake from Dec.24 to Dec.28. I give a 80% chance of a 7+ earthquake in the previous comment on top of Alaska, including california and southern Oregon as part of these danger areas.

        I better give the full list to everybody:

        Indonesia to New Zealand, especially about 140-180 degrees east
        Central Chile to Mexico, especially Ecudor to Peru
        California to southern Oregon
        Alaska and the Aleutian Islands AND very northeastern Russia
        ALL of the Caribbean plate

        If I see more I will let everybody know as more global activity presents itself.

        • Man some of the initial reports on the shooting in Conn. are bad. They just said possibly 26 dead, 18 children and 8 adults.

          bad bad bad

          • Now they are reporting the gunman used a glock and sig sauer…dressed in black BDU. Now they have reason to go for the semi-auto pistols. This is sick.

            They just confirmed 26 dead.

            • semi-auto handguns…pistols sounds so 19th century.

          • I may be mistaken, but a similar shooting was what got guns banned in Australia?

            Remember, we already had a “Assault Weapons Ban” under a President much more gun friendly than the one we have now. As I see it, the America we all knew before 2008 has very little “Hope” and is in for a big “Change”.

            “He is the closest, when He is needed the most”. Pray for the victims of this evil person.

            • Never let a crisis go to waste…..

        • Hi BI,

          T’anks for the update. Also did you note that 4.8 down around the area to the north-East of the Cocos Islands? That’s a DEEP trench down that way, towards the end of the fault that was resposible for the 2004 disaster…dunno if that’s significant or no. A question here: Given that the 6.3 off of Cali was out on the abyssal plain does this have an impact – in some sense – on the transmission of ‘shock’ through the material of the coastline when it interacts, ie is there any diminuation/amplification associated therewith?

          Also, NOAA 11620 is just now ‘peeking’ around the southeastern solar limb…it looks significant still, though it’s a bit early to tell.

          • @ JustOneGuy. It makes you want to throw up what has happened to a bunch of children, all probably under 9 years old. I just want to know the race of the shooter, whether it was some f’en arab or not. I can’t even concentrate on the earthquake issues right now, I can see the terrible misery to all those poor families right before Christmas, and the sure destruction to everybody gun rights in this country after this nightmare. Just sickening, plain freaken sick.

            • I couldn’t agree more BI!!!! I don’t tend to feel bad about adults, but kids Oh my GOSH!!! This is just horrific!!! Why go into a school and an elementary at that!!!

              And I just heard that one of the shooters had on military type camo on, of course… PEOPLE SUCK!!!!

            • Yaeh, same here…EVERYTHING just came to a HALT for ME. I’m getting beyond tired of this shit….there’s a reckoning comin’ for a lot of scum in the NEAR future…I HOPE it’s not too far down the road!!!!! Merciful Father, How long will the Righteous suffer!!!!!

            • Worse, a former boss and good friend of mine has a son there who was a buddy to my oldest. He’s totally offline at the moment. So I have no idea what’s going on and I am just trying not to throw up. Can’t work.

              I can add this: Sandy Hook is a small town, typical cute New England. Relatively affluent. Not some Bronx or Brooklyn hell hole. I guess it really has gotten to the point you need to live in an isolated, patrolled compound for any degree of safety.

              This is just horrible.

              • It sounds like the shooter’s mother worked at the school and he killed her, then went on his rampage.

                • @MX,

                  Apparently, the shooter’s brother has just been found dead in a New Jersey suburb…the news (latest) confirms that the shooter’s mother was a kindergarten teacher who was shot by him at the school itself. Where does this Human filth come from? WHERE!!!?

              • Hope everything is allright AC…we’re prayin’ for all those there….

                • Yes, I’ve heard from him as well as another former boss. All 3 of their kids are OK, but I imagine it will be a LONG time before the community heals. I wonder if the kids will ever truly get over it.

                  What a tragic mess.

        • If all the teachers were packing then maybe this piece of human excerement would have been the only one slaughtered.

          • their union probably wont allow it, and no..im not being facetious

        • It is the age of kali yuga

      45. I find “EMP Capable Star Wars Weapon System” uncomfortably alarmist.

        On the face of it we just have North Korea entering the space race, demonstrating their ability to put small payloads into orbit. At this time that is ALL that is known. And it does seem they have some perfecting to do.

        Sure, NK is a USDA-stamped ‘axis of evil’ country. Sure it’s a inner-directed luddite human anthill run by lunatics.

        But this bleating hooting hysteria that washes over the press — how much is psyops I wonder — is absurd. It is as if the Postal Service had been invented… and the mere sight of a truck rolling through your neighborhood triggers panic because “It is full of CARDBOARD BOXES! And as we all know and none can deny, CARDBOARD BOXES COULD CONTAIN BOMBS!!!”

        Imagine if you will, a group of picket sign protesters across the street from your local post office heckling folks arriving with and picking up packages. They are shouting “CARDBOARD BOXES COULD CONTAIN BOMBS!” But they are not suggesting any particular course of action, just feeling very clever that they Know This and Need To Share with everyone. Cardboard boxes could contain bombs!!

        There. Now you have a glimpse of how a great deal of US foreign policy strikes me. I am one confused puppy these days.

        Now enter one “EMPact America President Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst”… well of bloody course he would suggest that NK is trying to orbit an EMP doomsday device, because that is what he does. Everyone has their favorite little doomsday payload. If he stood in at the Post Office his sign would say “you can fit an EMP device into a cardboard box!”

        Yes, it could also be just a spy satellite. Or orbital ballistic missile experiment.

        Yes, in this modern day countries can develop BOMBS that ride missiles to faraway destinations. OR FOR GODS SAKE, they could just drop them in the mail. YAWN.

        I for one welcome North Korea into the space age. Every country that actively engages in aerospace research and exploration reaps technological and social benefits. NK needs a few decades’ jump start here, it is as mired as Mao’s China, took the Chinese years to dig themselves out.

      46. Why a school? Why any place? If you are that angry with the world, shoot your own self, not a bunch of little kids. Good Lord, this is a sick world we live in.

        And you know what is really evil, the Progressives will use this to disarm the law abiding citizens with this tragic event.


        • This person is not a gunman. He is a COWARD! and should be represented in the news as such.The lowest form of life and the news media should not be giving him any pity. We will continue to have these incidents untill they stop broadcasting all the details of death for other mind deprave people to copy. With all the drug induced, political correct and not his fault mentality, it is no wonder we do not have more of this in our communities. Are you sick of it? Do you blame the GUN?
          Are you going to put these people in prison and have them come out, years down the road, to prey again on you.

          This is our false flag and they are coming down with plenty of laws. And you said I was Darconian? Everyone of us will become a criminal.

        • These freaks go to schools because they know there will be no one there armed to stop them.

      47. Militia~ Last night there was a television show about Militias. It seemed to try to be balanced, some are into prepping, military exercises, shooting, reading maps. Some militias are afflicated with a White Power group, embracing the Nazi thinking and Hitler. Could this be another jab on the 2nd ammendment?

      48. A school is a CPZ…….Criminal Protection Zone. Very sad.

      49. ~ @ braveheart, I am sorry for your loss and put you on a prayer list. My father had a very hard time for 2 years after my mother passed in 97. They call it Severe Grief Syndrome. He is better now, but it was a rough and tough two years.

        • The news is reporting the shooter in the school was a 20 year old with ties to the school. Kindergarten was apparently the target. How would a 20 year old have a tie to a kid 4-5 years old?

          • another news source is saying the shooter was 24…makes a little more sense than a 20 yo.

          • Apparently the shooter went in to take out his mother, who was the kindergarten teacher.

            Most of the victims are kindergarten children, ages 4 and 5.

            Those poor little angels didn’t have a chance.

            Intel Hub has a piece that says there was a second shooter.

            • @ Daisy. Like that nut in Wyoming that went to the college to kill his father with the crossbow, he came from Connecticut and drove to Wyoming before he went on his murderous killing of his father’s girlfriend and then his father. I wonder if these two psychos knew each other in Connecticut, wouldn’t that be weird?

        • This just in….

          “White house stating that Obama is committed to renewing the ban on assault weapons”.

        • News mentioned that the shooter Ryan or Adam Lanza had a facebook page…I just checked it out and Ryan Lanza from Newtown, CT, living in Hoboken, NJ looks to be the age they are reporting is a minority.

      50. T.V. show on Militias last night. It seemed fair.
        One group had a few members affiliated with a Nazi group, and they believed in White Power. It this another jab on the 2nd amendment?

      51. on this Conn. state school shooting

        My kids school has 2 police officers in the school building, now granted they cant be everywhere in that building..

        but, policy is when school is in session..all the doors are locked except the one that leads you to the office, you have to go to the office to get anywhere in that school or to pick up your kid etc..

        what are the policies in this school?
        why could anyone walk in that school with or without a gun?

        Also , if there isnt a police officer in that school, why isnt there some type of security system in place?

        hell, you dont need a gun to kidnap a child and seal them away

        what system of protection for this work and teaching environment broke down this day?
        and why cant a law abiding person pack in a school to be able to take care of shit like this if it were to go down?
        its not like this was the first time this has happened in this county, and if something isnt done as a large enough deterrent to the crime , it will no doubt happen again

        its time to be smarter then the crook, and criminal or psycopath.
        you sure dont hear of this happing much in gun stores do you?..and if it were to happen in a gun store, chances are there would be one death…. the perps

        • VRF
          I agree there is no deterrant to this type of crime.
          I am for the death penalty if someones uses a gun to kill and it is not in self defence of himself or loved ones and to include property. Fire bombing your home or a driveby shooting. We had five people shot the other night in a driveby. Nobody says anything because they do not want to be a snitch.
          This other orange hair freak would have his neck stretched in the square for all to see. Don’t complain if you tie my hands.

          What say you?

          Thumbs up, for the death penalty.
          Thumbs down, aginst.

          • @ slindhot,

            Yep, “…a short drop…then a sudden stop”. Nuff said.

      52. This world needs an enima

        • lol good one

      53. Like Saved by Grace said earlier, time to buy a Smith 686 revolver and a Marlin 336W lever action, cause pretty soon, all them “black guns” be go’n away!

        When guns are outlawed, only the Government, er I mean outlaws, will have guns.

        • @ SS,

          Astute observation Brother….

      54. i quess this topic has gone from korea to a psyco gunning down innocent children…….

        sad very sad what has happened

        A School – NO.
        A Shopping Mall – NO.
        A Movie Theater – NO.
        Are they going to have to set up
        screening for weapons at the above
        listed places? Probably.
        Sorry about the caps, another
        horrific, sick, and tragic event.

        • Emily

          Truer words ever spoken.

          “The age of innocence is no more”.

        • School ..no
          shopping mall..No

          whats next?

          ball game ..stadium…?

          be very aware of your surroundings

        • Re: “Are they going to have to set up
          screening for weapons at the above
          listed places? Probably.”

          Look to who invested in TSA screening equipment and security devices after 9/11, and even more eye opening who passed security related legislation ‘before’ 9/11.

          Our world is controlled by very wicked entities who will do anything to further their designs.

          Startling similarities—The “lone gunman” shooter once more. Aurora Colorado mass shooting. Sikh shootings.
          Now Connecticut.
          Look closely. Small towns. Masked offender, military garb/armor, heavily armed with multiple weapons, young man in his 20’s.

          And just to be sure, the lone gunman is killed in almost every case.
          This one today (shooter from Jersey???)oh, he’s dead.

          Colorado shooter John Holmes had no memory of incident.

          Not possible? Research “MKUltra”

          The goal is to install fear BY ANY MEANS, and to ultimately control and disarm the American people. All of us.

          My prayers for the children, their families and first responders dealing with this horrific incident.

          See it for what it is, and stay vigilant.

      56. No need to worry about an EMP device.

        We already have an EMP device that is causing political destruction in America.

        It runs under the code name BO.

      57. It takes absolute pure evil to shoot a child, even in war there is a concept of mercy. Civilian war bombings like in Syria or other war torn areas, the two attacking factions usually don’t see children, and when they do it takes a true demon to shoot a child. This is not a just a psycho, this is a pure demonic evil warped mass of darkness that did the attacking today. It is a fact that some demon like this would have used some other means of killing if firearms was not available. Someone like this would have no problem mixing up some chemicals like ammonia nitrate to blow up a bunch of innocent people.

        I am sure that after this there will be “attempted” vast sweeping gun restrictions on the whole country. This is what the anti-gun advocates will use to take away as many firearms as possible. They will use these innocent little victims as pawns in their agenda to make this country as gun restricted as possible. They won’t stop there either, they will go after non-lethal self protection devices also. These anti-gun whacks will use the victims’ families to campaign for amending the 2nd. amendment. People will then have no way of defending themselves in their own home from the criminals that won’t obey the new gun restrictions.

        Piers morgan and ALL the individuals wanting ALL guns banned in the U.S. will use this horror every last opportunity to get the 2nd. Amendment overturned. These so called “compassionate” liberals will not use their time to try to comfort the hundreds of innocent children permanently emotional and spiritually scarred from this and their familes, they will use this nightmare to further their personal agenda and their personal hatred of all guns, even guns used by law enforcement to stop a killer.

        I think society better start to figure out why so many people are becoming possessed with pure evil, rather than concentrate on limiting rights of those people that would NEVER even think about doing something like this to innocents. Psychos can use many other means of mass killings other than firearms. We need to stop the psychos beforehand and find out what is driving these nuts to these demonic acts because they will find other ways other than guns. Those poor little kids.

        • Instead of calling for gun CONTROL, shouldn’t this just tell us more people SHOULD BE ARMED? Had a reasonable person there been armed, perhaps the death toll would have just been ONE – the one that did all the shooting!

          • Here, Here Daisy…RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!

      58. Food for thought..

        The Wehrmacht didn’t build the death camps.

        The Waffen SS didn’t build the death camps.

        The National Socialist German Workers’ Party didn’t build the death camps.

        Civilian contractors did.

        Why do you think it will be any different here?

      59. HAS ANYONE ELSE TAKEN NOTICE OF HOW THE ZOG CIA MOSSAD FEDGOV TERROR FALSE-FAG controlled mass murder SHOOTERS always target unarmed Soft Targets – innocent kids adults . They never go After a Bank , the Federal Reserve , WallStreet or FEDGOV STATEGOV MILITARY BASE Government Building or Police Department .

        It just doesn’t make proper sense … A Real Psycho Shooter without a care for their own life … would go out in “Style” fighting for his cause … not go out killing defenseless kids . It just doesn’t make sense .

        * That’s one of the “Tell Que’s” it’s a ZOG FEDGOV CIA MOSSAD psychological bloody murderous terror inspiring ZOG FedGov False-Fag operation upon “WE THE PEOPLE” !

        It’s a deliberate Psychological Warfare ZOG FEDGOV FALSE-FAG Attack upon “us” by our own Government! TO MANIPULATE US , HERD US , CONTROL US !




        ~N.O. ;0p


        Enemies of Second Amendment Will Exploit Connecticut Shooting


        • @ CoccoPuffCrackHead.

          If not by United Nations Treaty, the use of Gun Terror will do the trick. Right around Christmas and the killing of the innocent. I am Inflamed. Yes always soft targets that inject high emotion. I do not know about all this Jew,Zog and other factions you speak of, but I am now convinced there is a power set in motion against us. So evil that it is almost uncomprehendable. You are right. It does not make sense.

          • MK-Ultra…again.

      60. @ All,

        The horrible truth of it all is this; Time and again we see these ‘things’ taking thier personal vendetta’s out on unarmed, defenseless people…in this case, of all things the very worst. children. If there was EVER something to convince the people of this country of the absolute need for ALL Americans to be armed – person-for-person – if need be, such that they can defend themselves, surely this would be it.
        The simple truth is that the police are wholly, by thier nature, reactionary, an after-the-fact response at best. IF, the wherewithall had existed, per trained security at the school how might this sad tale have been told differently this evening. How would the tale have been in Oregon, at the Sihk temple, at Columbine?
        There exists an ancient, unspoken agreement between any society and it members…that being that for the voluntary acceptance of the rules which form society you will be protected and defended. I submit that this unspeakable incident we have just witnessed today is the FINAL, PROOF-POSITVE that ‘civiliztaion’ as we know it is incapable of holding up it’s side of that ancient bargain; ‘incompetent’ as it is defined in the dictionary.
        IF, you wish to to ensure your safety and the safety of those you love you’re going to have to take a part in it directly. EVERYONE needs to begin the process – now – of obtaining the requisite education and certification that leads to obtaining a CC permit. Crunch time is here folks, Do it or face the consequences in your own life. Never forget, “An Armed society is a POLITE society” in which a monstrousity such as this either CANNOT occur or will be swiftly mitigated by those present such that something of this magnitude cannot happen.

        “Think, think, think…..then ACT!” individually, then collectively.

      61. EMP would trigger immediate response, but responding would be just a little tougher if said EMP was set off on 12 21 12

      62. I’m numb over this incident…Holy Spirit of God bring comfort to those whom lost their little ones today.

      63. This will explain the shootings..all the shootings of late..
        Long, but boy, is it worth the listen.
        We are about to be placed IN the jaws of hell.

        Russ Dizdar has an extensive bio – over 30 years as an evangelist and is the author of The Black Awakening, Rise of the satanic super soldiers and the coming chaos…

        The video is at this link. WOW.

      64. Hey guys, don’t you remember what I said years ago? If the next war ever goes nuclear, heavens forbid, the wars between nations after that will be fought with bows and arrows.

      65. To all my friends and relations in the USA, if piers morgan was actually famous for doing something creative, I would attempt to apologise for him, unfortunately he is one of those creatures that made himself famous by upsetting his betters and selling himself,to the people who offered the most shillings.

        “Those that beat their guns into ploughshares, will plough for those that did’nt”.

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