Southwestern Cities Forced onto “90-Day Supply of Water” After Toxic EPA Spill Contaminates Entire River

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Aftermath, Headline News | 116 comments

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    Source: Anonymous on Twitter

    Source: Anonymous on Twitter

    The very agency charged with protecting the environment has caused a toxic waste spill from an environmental disposal mine filled with a megaload of heavy metals including high levels of arsenic, lead and cadmium.

    Residents in two New Mexico towns have been forced onto emergency water rations after the federal government caused the disastrous spill of environmentally-sequestered carcinogenic heavy metals.

    Thanks to the EPA, these towns have been cut off from their source of water overnight — due to incompetence by the federal government no less. Their populations have been warned that they must rely upon a 90-day estimated supply of water until the EPA can thoroughly test the water, and clear it for safe usage.

    The incident took place in southwest Colorado, spilling into the Animas River near the town of Silverton. The contaminated waters have overwhelmed at least two towns downstream in New Mexico, while the EPA admits the severe levels of toxins are also headed for parts of Utah, after the Animas joins a larger river.

    RT reports:

    Toxic waste, including arsenic and lead, which seeped into a river in southwest Colorado, has now crossed the state border into New Mexico. More than 550 gallons per minute are entering the water flow system according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which caused the spill.

    The agency says it should have the results of samples undergoing lab testing soon, so they can find out just how contaminated the river has become. Aside from lead and arsenic, federal officials say the spill also contains, cadmium, aluminum, copper and calcium.


    Officials in the cities of Aztec and Farmington say they have shut down the river’s access to water treatment plants, adding that the communities had a 90-day supply of water.

    The Animas flows into the San Juan River in New Mexico, and the San Juan flows into Utah, where it joins the Colorado River in Lake Powell. There are also reports that the contaminated water is heading towards Utah.

    Heavy metal contamination has been one of the most detrimental environmental killers across the world. Numerous sites of corporate malfeasance and corruption have resulted in concentrated cases of villages and areas afflicted by contaminated water that have triggered cancer clusters and chronic disorders among populations.

    The river turned orange in color at its Colorado point, striking an alarming contrast to the typical river, as pictures and footage show:

    Meanwhile, it is a crisis in one area that could affect many other areas in the drought-stricken and sometimes desperate southwest.

    California has been in a severe drought crisis, with farmers calling it quits to sell high priced water to cities. Other cities across the globe, like Bangkok and Sao Paulo face severe water shortages and desperately dependent, large urban populations.

    Read more:

    “Desperate”: City of 8 Million May Run out of Water This Month

    NASA Warns California Drought Could Threaten U.S. Food Supply: “There will be some definite changes”


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      1. Got Water?

        • Oh they are waiting for test results??? BS… For what?.. To delay telling the public they are pretty FUBAR. I suggest force the spiller to drink his spillage.

          How about all the wild life that drinks from the river? Mass ecologic disaster. They spilled the worst of the worst of toxic poisons. Man will not be satisfied until everything is completely destroyed on planet earth.
          Have your 10 cased if bottled water on hand, just in case??

          • I hear tell this morning that they’re finding dead deer by the dozens out on the shores of some lake in Nowaterfornia.

            • People need to know how to make a solar water still, for distilling drinking water.

              Drinking distilled water for any extended period will deplete minerals in your body, but you can add tiny amounts of powdered Pedialyte to make it have a mineral content like normal drinking water.

              Anyone who is a prepper should have a supply of powdered Pedialyte or equivalent, anyway for treating dehydration.

              There are Youtube vids and web pages that describe how to make one.

        • The motherfuckers are determined to destroy our home. Get a chance, we need to make our founders proud. People disappear all the time and it is time for that to happen to scumbags.

          • Yeah, this is the gooberment we support with our tax dollars. This is the gooberment that we are supposed to rely on to take care of us. This is the gooberment that creates false flags and other crises purposefully with evil intent to force gooberment actions upon us. They.are.the.enemy.

        • There is no way this was an accident. It is not like they accidentally dropped the bath tub plug.

          They had to turn on pumps then keep them on for a long time.

          So what is the true reason they would want to contaminate the water?

          I suspect the FEDS are not getting the control they want from forced water rationing. So now they are manufacturing more reasons to force water controls onto the people.

          If you keep the people looking at the water problem then they won’t see the real problem the FEDS want hidden.

          • No it was not an accident.

            • The head of the EPA should do the right thing ….. hari kari !!! 🙂

              • This is no joke; the Democrat Obama EPA has done this to shut down mining and further encroach on Indian lands.

          • John S.,

            I also agree that this was no accident. This seems way too coincential to get people without water. This sounds like Agenda 21 forced relocation/population reduction at work.

          • Let the feds try this shit in the region where my BOL is and they would ‘disappear’.

          • So they picked about the most unpopulated area in the Southwest?

            Let’s get real, folks.

            • 40 million people depend on that entire water system. Stupid who uses water from Lake Powell stupid

          • A way of forcing people out of the rural areas and into cities. Agenda 21. Then people like Ted Turner can have the newly cleaned areas, which are cleaned up at tax payer expense, for his cronies to play in.


        • I’ve seen a lot of rills and creeks flowing out of old mining areas that looked like the Animas River. This is the largest stream I’ve ever seen with this color of pollutants, it’s arsenic, lead toxins, and other hot stuff. You do not drink this stuff or irrigate with it.

          Downstream dilution will help but they need to throw a quick earthen dam across and slow the water down so the heavier stuff will drop out, or divert into a low area and impound to create a lake and let the crud drop out there. Lake Powell will do the trick, but that hundreds of miles downstream.

          They can drop clumping or leaching agents in the river, but that’s not the best idea, either, unless downstream is a city like Denver or Santa Fe, which isn’t the case here.

          • They aint doin jack. Correction: they have gone door to door making Indians sign away their rights to sue and Obama’s EPA thugs have told the people that the water is OK to drink.

      2. Under the guise of “saving the environment”, the EPA once again fails miserably.

        They’ve done more to harm the environment than they’ve EVER done to save it.

        • the incompetence is so wide spread in the government makes you wonder if it was done on purpose, although the government is filled with corrupt people and so it could be either way!!!
          also when the EPA was formed it was suppose to assist companies to help with pollution control, but it went from helping to destroying those companies in a very short time.

          • Toxic river water is heading into Utah.

            Define the base population of Utah: Mormons.

            Conservative. Patriotic. Preparedness training.

            There is no such thing as coincidence.

          • I used to write for one of the widest-known publications in the US and covered issues like this and the EPA, BLM, Sierra Club and other .gov and private entities have been caught in lies over and over. From this, to Pearsons Milk Vetch, to the Delta Smelt and beyond, it’s all a ruse.

        • EPA is quick to fine companies heavily for things like this. But now that the EPA did this, who’s going to levy the penalties against them? I’m sure they’ll just cover it up like all .gov agencies do.

          EPA = Environment Polluting Agency

          • Not only will they NOT ‘fine themselves’, nobody will even lose a day’s pay, or potential promotion….that’s how 2 faced they are.

            • Yea im sure they are joking around about it, government employees for the most part are a bunch of assholes who think they are something special,

              • Been trying to get one of those gigs for a few years. Imagine working 4 hour days, having a sweet retirement, and never having to worry about layoffs! Its like employment heaven. Guess I’d have to move to DC. Already moved to my state’s capital but still was not even called about two positions for which I am a perfect fit and for which there are probably not 100 people in the city which are a fit. I guess I might need to try to get in there as a contractor or something and make some connections.

                • You need to get a sex change and screen disctimination, then they’ll hire you as a supervisor.

                  • Should have said scream discrimination

          • Hopefully the states will figure out a way to fine the feds. More to the point will a way be figured out to imprison the EPA employees?

            • My exact thoughts Muddy!

          • Wow… That took some thinking through… Thanks Nob.

          • Why can’t the public fine the EPA… Oh shit, I’ve lost my mind for a minute there.

      3. I sometimes wonder if these kinds of ‘mistakes’ are being done deliberately, ordered by the hostile and clearly psychopath infested ruling elite class in order to advance a wide range of their evil agendas.

        • Tucker:
          Are we sure it was the EPA that did? Or is the Obullshit coving up for Terrorist attack? On second thought I wound why this didn’t use it as a false flag? I know because there wasn’t a firearm used. I just might have answered my own questions.

          You comment was a good one!!!


          • Power

        • Of course this was done on purpose. probably wants to give out another one of those no-cost permits for mining to some super-rich gold mining company but cannot do it while this toxic waste is onsite. “spills” and “fires” seems to be the common way people quickly dispose of toxic waste. I’d be surprised, very surprised, to hear this was an actual accident. They have engineers and such who study these things before they mess with them. Ocam’s Razor is it was intentional so the land can be permitted for someone else to start back mining. Kinda reminds me of a Wilmington, NC where there was an ordinance not to cut old Live Oak trees. Welp, what does the donut shop fanchisee do? Just comes in during the middle of the night and cuts it anyways. It would have been in the middle of his store and costed a little more to build around. No difference here except this most probably intentional action will not uglify a city but rather destroy the lives of many people and animals.

      4. Govment dumb dumbs at their best. Bet the EPA doesn’t get in trouble either…But if you or I did this, we’d get hammered by the EPA.

      5. How many more $Trillion’s of debt can legal Citizens of America take? Send Obama with his snorkeling gear up the Animas!

        • Better yet, give the Obama family some freshly bottled water from this river (kind of like the scene from the movie Erin Brachovich when she offers contaminated water to the dependent lawyers). Just filter out the orange color with a shemagh so he doesn’t know it’s contaminated.

      6. How, exactly, does one accidentally “spill” or “seep” 550 gpm of toxic garbage into a river?

      7. And they want to regulate US?

        • Don’t forget to register your chickens you North Carolinians.

          • Register them to vote or what exactly?

        • Time to change the oil in my truck. I think I’ll just drain it into the gravel. After all the EPA doesn’t care about pollution.

      8. Lessons to be learned here about being careful of where the water for your bug out location comes from (and what is upstream), as well as making sure you have top grade water filters already bought. While this is a horrible accident, there is all the greater chance that the water you will get in the future will be at least partially tainted.

        • Do you think those “top notch filters” could really make this suitable for drinking? Answer- NO. Look up whats in this water they dumped into the river. And it was 1 MM gallons it was 3 MM gallons they dumped!! Time to disband the EPA!!

      9. I just want to know if anyone will get fired for this mess.

        • “Sweep it under the rug.” “People will forget all about it.” That is all that will be done. Just like everything else. Nobody (us or them) ever does a thing. Sad but true.

      10. We obviously need stronger laws regarding environmental toxic chemical releases.

        Ones that apply to government.

      11. The affected states should bring multiple law suits against the EPA. Rather than being awarded cash money (it is after all taxpayer $), the EPA as an entity should be closed down.

        • Yeah right, dream on. The chances of the EPA being shut down are about as likely as the Republicans defunding Planned Parenthood.

        • And if you sue the EPA, who pays. WE all do. Just peachy.

        • There should be no lawsuits. Only the lawyers would win and at the expense of taxpayers. Instead there should be public hangings for all those responsible for this incident. Oh and hang all the lawyers too while we’re at it.

        • The contractor who was doing the work is going to pay out the nose, first.

      12. This is a shame and someone should get fired. If it is an illegal the will get promoted.

        Not to worry Mother Nature is a TUFF old Gal and will take care of herself. It is just a same that it did happen.

        Off Topic:
        Secret Squirrel, I answered your questions you asked on 08/07/15. around 1030hrs my time Sunday morning after I got home from being at BOL2.

        And to say it again this is the last time I’m answering questions about my Patriotism!!! It seems that some on this site think that cops are not Patriots. This could not be further from the truth.

        As far as not answering your question in a timely manner. I don’t just set my ass on the computer all day. Time is getting tight and there is much to do before all hell breaks out.


      13. The Animas River flows into the San Juan River, which flows thru Farmington, New Mexico, which twists Northward to Lake Powell. And the Colorado River, which flows thru the Grand Canyon and over to Lake Mead, the water source for Las Vegas. Some of the heavy metals are deadly in very minute amounts This will be a kill-off of incredible numbers of wild-life.

        • Correct. And the actual kill-off will be enormously understated by the authorities. The long term effects of this will be devastating. Cancers, unknown illnesses, entire species eliminated, etc. Bad stuff.

        • Along with LONG term effects in the Lake Powell/Grand canyon areas- They(FEDGOV) just destroyed this area (wildlife, tourism, ecology) for the duration. But we’ll all just sit back and bitch on our keyboards about it. Maybe the Navajo will have some balls and take back what is rightfully theirs, as polluted as Washington has made it.

          • Spudweb

            What do you suggest we do about it?

        • Kyrathyel, I did some research on water filters and not one of the brands on the market, not even my Sawyers, can filter out what was dumped in that river.

      14. The epa also wants control over all U.S. bodies of water even dried creek beds…lol

      15. Funny they were just doing poison water containment drills in my area . One of the first drills used in Jade helm 15.

        • Interesting, what state are you in?

      16. Unfortunately, there is still another estimated 55,000 of these abandoned mines full of toxic waste that they can accidently rupture. If they keep it up, there will be no clean water left in the world.

      17. It was planned. Could be the plan came from one of the well known globalist “think tanks,” Colorado has one in a resort town, it is not hard to figure out. It has trustees who advocate population reduction. These trustees are members of “by invitation only” globalist groups who hate all ordinary people. I’ve seen the Animas River several times from the narrow gauge railroad between Durango and Silverton. What a shame. Could be many trees along its banks will be ruined.

      18. The EPA didn’t even take samples until after 48 hours had passed and then probably only because of pressure from Colorado and New Mexico officials, and they haven’t done much of anything about it yet as they are still “studying” it. When it first happened they stated that it posed no threat to humans.

        There was an opinion piece in the July 30th Silverton times about what they were doing, and he knew this was going to happen.Tried to find the link don’t know if they have taken it down or what. A copy of it is going around on face book here.

        The Navajo Nation President Russell Begay has said they will more than likely be suing the EPA for millions.

        I was out of town this weekend so haven’t seen it yet hoping to run up and see it in the next couple days.

      19. Disasters can be miles away and end up on your doorstep. Mudslides, Dam Breaks, spillage of toxic waste, Volcanic eruptions, Nuclear Power Plant meltdown, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornado’s

      20. Was thinking on purpose…what better way to control the SW and west coast cities. No investigations…no fines…no nothing. Time to get rid of the EPA. It’s a joke. But of course God forbid we would dump a quart of oil somwehere

        • Yea, all those years of spraying waste oil on a freshly graded dirt road to keep the dust down and aid in binding it,,,,
          Now we would be sent to prison for doing that

      21. This is in moderation because of the link so I am going to repost with a space in the link.
        The EPA didn’t even take samples until after 48 hours had passed and then probably only because of pressure from Colorado and New Mexico officials, and they haven’t done much of anything about it yet as they are still “studying” it. When it first happened they stated that it posed no threat to humans.

        There was an opinion piece in the July 30th Silverton times about what they were doing, and he knew this was going to happen.Tried to find the link don’t know if they have taken it down or what. A copy of it is going around on face book here.

        The Navajo Nation President Russell Begay has said they will more than likely be suing the EPA for millions. http //

        I was out of town this weekend so haven’t seen it yet hoping to run up and see it in the next couple days.

      22. but lead ammo is an environmental nightmare? GMAFB

        • EOTS, sounds like some EPA people need some ‘lead nutrients’.

          • I’ll even be glad to donate the vitamin-Pb.


      24. I don’t trust my servants.

      25. Kinda off topic but not…What has been going on with Jade Helm….its like it has disappeared from the news…

      26. It appears that my Berkey water filter will take care of all of these things that they dumped into the river. I would boil it first then I would use my water filter.

        Does anyone have any advise what to do with this type of water? I don’t need the info but there are folks that live close to that water way that will have to do something to protect themselves.


        • Yeah, send a jar of it to Moochelle it might straighten out that nappy watch spring hair of hers.

        • you should distill it (thoroughly) instead of just boiling your water

          • Yeah, I wouldn’t boil first either. You will just release toxins into the air and you might breath some of that junk into your lungs.

            Get lots of extra filters. They will be difficult to clean. ….

        • You can boil it and condense back into water, but you’ll still have some toxins, especially arsenic, which is worse as an aerosol than in liquid.

          First is to strain it, pass through sand and charcoal layers, then your filters, and final boil for organic material. But do that only if you cannot, absolutely cannot, import pure water from somewhere else.

          You could drink it, once you clarify it, it won’t kill you. You will die young, however, of liver or kidney failure, brain issues, that kind of thing. Children will probably be born with defects and major health issues.

          Best thing to do is to import your water needs, including for irrigation and non-potage, or pull up stakes until the point source is not dumping more pollutants into the flow.

      27. Why did they open the plug in the first place ??? Looking for gold maybe or was it an intentional destruction of water? Just think they went in armed to a gold mine in Alaska and said they couldn’t mine it. Maybe its a deal they made with China to get all of our precious resources. Just a thought.

      28. Millions of lifeforms will die off from the deliberate Zog EPA destruction of this water way.

        It will never recover, it will become another dead zone.

        I gotta feel sorry for the animals and insects dependent on this once beautiful resource of life.

        They will All die in excruciating pain from EPA poisoning.

        DISBAND THE incompetent ZOG EPA!

      29. got charcoal?

        part of my shtf water filtration kit it is a loosely capped at both ends foot long pvc plumbing pipe, coffee filters and charcoal filters for this very reason.

        if i’m forced to use a contaminated water source for drinking water, i’d dig a water hole 25 feet away from the source in a sandy rocky area, so the water is naturally filtered.

        then set up a solar water still.

        once distilled i’d filter the now pure water through the 1 foot tube of charcoal filters.

        this would ensure it’s 100% pure.

      30. The consensus’s here shows what is probably the truth. Anything the Government is involved with is planned in advance to the event going down. So yes the Government is behind everything. Can we all say FALSE FLAGS are flying high and will continue to for the future. These acts a deliberate to do nothing more than back the peoples backs and force us to rely on the Government for everything to survive. It’s way passed the time to fire the first shot in my books.

      31. There are no accidents or coincidences any more, our food,water and air are under constant attack, this like the rest of like incidents are a contrived and decisive attack on us, the plan will be much easier to complete if the majority of us are sickened and weak.


      32. Who fines the EPA when they destroy our environment?

      33. Another Government department that needs to go away…..thats how you make govt. smaller.

        • And to think. …it’s not even September yet!

      34. I believe the berkey and the pro pure will work, for a short time, but will prob shorten filter life by 75%, i like bruins plan, or make a filter of charcoal and sand, run it through that, then boil or distill, then filter… If you are limited on filters i would clean the water as much as possible before running it through your filter system.


        • Secret & Bruin
          Thanks for the advice.
          I too like the Idea for the PVC and Sand ands Charcoal. with the coffee filters.

          Give us an idea of your designs. (still and pipe) I think I know what you are doing, but I would like to be sure. After without water your screwed!!!


          • hello sgt.

            i got this idea from the ‘lifestraw’, i wanted something i could reuse indefinitely.

            it’s very easy once you get all the pieces together and most of the pieces for the water still and filtration system can be found in any trash can.

            you can even convert a metal trash can into a solar still, rocket stove or oven.

            i use:
            fish tank filters with charcoal inserts.
            coffee filters.
            a reusable copper coffee filter.
            a 1 quart v8 bottle with the bottom cut off is the feed end.
            another 1 quart bottle is the reservoir end.
            the pvc pipe stuffed with the filters and charcoal is in-between.
            the feeder spout houses the copper coffee filter and paper coffee filters. paper first then the copper filter.

            the pvc end caps is just to hold it together, keep it clean during transport.

            the trick is making sure your pvc filter pipe fits the feed and reservoir bottles openings.

            make the pvc as long as you want for more efficient filtering by adding more filters, purified sand and charcoal.

            the solar still is just a box aimed towards the southern sun daily equator path with a black interior, bottom is rock lined, a filled water pot in the center, cover the entire box top with a thick clear plastic sheet tent or glass that is angled to feed evaporated water clinging to its under surface to a exterior pot or bottle as it cools and beads up into droplets of pure water.

            you can also try putting a empty pot within the box with a small rock causing the plastic to dip in the center toward the empty pot then fill the bottom of the rock and plastic lined black box with water. this will also work.

            check out youtube for the vids.

            • Bruin
              Thank you!!!!!
              You Sir are a great asset to SHTF!!!!!
              Again Thanks

              • no problemo’ sgt. ;0)

                “And you Sir are a very good Ambassador for your Profession.

                keep up the good work Sgt., folks like you will be needed as Community Affairs Representatives and Negotiators when the shtf.”

          • Sgt dale,
            I would like to reiterate, i was not attacking you personally yesterday, im sure you do what you can, and honor you beliefs, i do realize cops like you are a rarity these days, 1 man cant change the world, and i know this… Its just an emotionally charged subject for me, i dont hate cops, but i do hate thugs…


      35. I live downstream of lake mead. While the effect on me will be nil, (I get my water from a 1000 foot well), there are a lot of farms and such farther down this will affect. Coincidentally the “hostile” area of CA in Jade Helm. And the Phoenix area farms. Don’t think we are at war yet? How to control large city populations text book style. maybe 1 day this time of year people are dying without water. Remember Bundy Ranch? Most came from Vegas who gets 90% of their water from Lake Mead.

        Think people. This was a deliberate chemical attack by our Gov on at least 10 million people. Reminds me of the line in Red October when the Russian sub captain pulled the safeties off a launched torpedo. His Exec says “you dumbass you’ve”

      36. Looks like it goes in to San Juan River, Colorado River then Lake Powell. Is there water left in Lake Powell?

        Anyone need a disaster made by the Government? Our tax dollars at work.

      37. EPA spill my ass. Get your facts straight dumbass. The contaminated water was from an abandoned mining operation. It seem the mine operators never heard of “if you make a mess, you clean it up.” The mine operator’s sense of entitlement told them they could make a mess and the tax payers could clean it up. You people really are idiots.

        • EPA admitted they caused the Spill….geez

      38. Five will get you ten that a low level employee warned them and was ignored.

        • More likely a contractor working on the site.

      39. Interesting how these things are happening.
        All by coincidence? Yeah, right. This is only going to get worse.

        The best “SHTF Plan” is the Lord Jesus!

        FYI – I have just completed the Writing that explains the supernatural earthquake of the 6th Seal Judgment.
        It will be quite a surprise to most. Here are the links to the writing on the website.

        The 6th Seal Judgment opened with a Great Earthquake!
        The Separation Judgment of ALL people has begun!

        This is the PDF version:

        The is the Word.doc version:

        This writing explains so many things about the Ways of enabling the Words of God that are revealed within the Scriptures. Within this Writing there are explanations of many important revelations of how the Words of God enable many of the promises of Good Works of God that are very needed in these coming times of the Tribulation, for example how food will come from the earth, how to enable Light to come forth from the earth.


      40. Daughter, grandson and son- in- law live in Farmington.

      41. Have family in Farmington…

      42. The EPA functions as the Brownshirt thugs for all the leftist manure going going down in this culture.

      43. The EPA functions as the main Brownshirt thugs for all the leftist manure going going down in this country.

      44. Incredible how the news media is so busy covering Trumps xenophobic blather, they don’t even notice four states being poisoned in one of the biggest spills in US history.

        I’ll bet they did this on purpose, Obama loves a good disaster, and will exploit it even if he has to create it in the first place. Next week Obama will be blaming it on global warming, not the EPA!

        As this rolls into lake Powell it will affect a major California water source as well as nearby Los Vegas!

      45. The EPA was put into place by corrupt communists and fascist NWO politicians within the US gov
        under the guise of keeping the environment clean and safe but in reality it is really just
        a vehicle to bring about NWO policies and agendas that are contrary to the Supreme Law of the USA

        • EPA = United Nations

      46. Agenda21, they’re not meeting the quota to get people out of “Fly Over” country. If they can engineer a need to mass emigrate to a gun-free city, this is the way to do it.

      47. The EPA did not cause the spill, a private contractor did. You know how Republicans are always claiming the government can’t do anything and we should let private companies do it better? So how’s that working out for you now?

        The problem is that area is riddled with abandoned mines. The EPA wanted to declare it a superfund site but Colorado politicians and mine owners refused. They didn’t want to scare the tourists. They didn’t want to make it harder for new mines to open. And I bet the politicians took plenty of bribes from the mining companies too.

        If you’re going to write an article could you dumb asses please put some facts in it?

        • The EPA has used private contractors forever, their employees are paper pushers, not workers and machine operators.

          It’s not a DEM/GOP issue.

          Whether or not Superfund status was declared is meaningless. All that does is guarantee priority of funding and operations, not whether or no some knucklehead will breach a pond wall.

          The facts you want to interject have no meaning.

      48. Retired Geologist Predicted EPA Animas River Spill 1 Week Prior.‏

        A letter to the editor of The Silverton Standard and The Miner by a retired geologist predicted the disastrous toxic spill in Colorado at the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency exactly one week prior to the accident. Taking it one step further, the author added that they will do this on purpose in order to secure more funding.

      49. WTF is it China, India or a third world country no the USA this must be a joke!!!
        the EPA did that no way!!! The administration did that yep, they should all be fired and their belongings seized to run all the costs induced by this accident. It is domestic terrorism!!
        Instead of messing with everybody abroad the US should clean their own mess domestic and clean the mess they made abroad!!!
        WTF is Obama doing? he must be drinking tapped water and having good air conditioning!!!
        If it was a private company we would have been hearing from media big time!

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