South Koreans Revolt Against Arrival of Muslim Refugees

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at

    South Koreans are revolting against the arrival of Muslim refugees, with over half a million signing a petition asserting that Muslim migrants don’t integrate and that they don’t want their country to end up like the UK or Germany.

    The controversy began when an influx of nearly 1,000 asylum seekers from Yemen arrived on the South Korean resort island of Jeju. They took advantage of a new visa waiver program that allowed people from 186 countries to visit the island without a tourist visa.

    This led to 950 foreign nationals, the majority from Yemen, arriving as tourists under a one month permit but then immediately claiming asylum, a process that can take years while they remain in the country.

    “And local people here are worried,” said Hank Kim, owner of the Core Travel Agency. “We have all read about the problems that immigrants have caused in Europe — in Germany and France in particular — and we do not want that to happen here.”

    Emphasizing that South Koreans do not think the Muslim religion is compatible with their culture, Kim added, “They all have big families and they bring their own culture instead of trying to adapt to the place where they live.”

    With officials anticipating asylum claims to double compared to last year, South Koreans are concerned that economic migrants will exploit the system to take advantage of healthcare and other benefits.

    Over 520,000 people subsequently signed a petition opposing the arrival of Muslim refugees while around 700 attended a protest march in Seoul on Saturday.

    Song Young-chae, a professor at the Center for Global Creation and Collaboration at Seoul’s Sangmyung University and one of the protest attendees, said South Koreans wanted to avoid to same “crisis” that has befallen European countries who opened their borders to mass Islamic immigration.

    “We have seen on television just how many problems are caused when a country like Germany or the UK is relaxed about immigration and the damage it does to societies,” he said, pinpointing pedophile grooming gangs and terrorism as two negative side-effects that South Korea did not want to import.

    “There are already Muslims living in South Korea, many of whom have married a Korean and been granted permanent residency here, but they still choose to live in their own districts and make no effort to integrate into this society,” he said. “They also attempt to convert Korean people into their religion.”

    South Koreans being wary of mass Islamic immigration is unsurprising given the level of animosity generated in Europe by open border policies, where 55 per cent of Europeans now support a total ban on Muslim immigration.

    Last year, only 121 people out of 9,942 who applied obtained refugee status in South Korea, emphasizing how Asian countries allow very little Islamic immigration or immigration period.

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      1. If they’re smart they’ll shoot the islamic savages upon arrival.

        • Wishful thinking. Guns are basically banned in South Korea.

          • Bet ya those “Refugees” will smuggle in guns.

            • Health Ranger/ Mike Adams Launches NEW Website Video Channel to compete with YTube, who like to ban the truth and exposure of the lefty’s corruption. Post your videos here folks. Screw YTube.

              Link: Mike Adams Intro:

              • Health Ranger/ Mike Adams Launches NEW Website Video Channel to compete with YTube, who like to ban the truth and exposure of the lefty’s corruption. Post your videos here folks. Screw YTube.

                Link: Mike Adams Intro:
                ht tps://

            • I have from “reliable sources” that in Europe, especially FRANCE, Muslims are smuggling in guns are a huge rate….and they are being stored in the Mosques……….The French police have found such guns the few times they raided a Mosque, which they are afraid to do as time goes on.

              War is coming. Racial War is coming. Religious War is coming.

            • There is a careful balance, in play, where the superior side, in battle, has supply shortages, and the inferior side has a windfall.

        • Send them to North Korea. Need more workers

          • N. Korea will send them to China for some good old fashioned slave labor.

        • If they don’t get rid of them, it will be their undoing.
          Kalergi Plan Korea…

        • Koreans are already living in a crowded country, most practice Buddhism or Christianity. They need to resist these barbarians or be over run.

        • IF the Koreans are smart, they will NEVER let in Africans, Arabs and Muslims. If they do, they will end up a Turd world dump like Europe and America…………..

        • The South Koreans have good cause for worry. They need to take out the refugees by stealth and drop them in the ocean. Fish food. If enough refugees start “missing”, the rest will leave voluntarily, and quickly. The refugees WILL NOT assimilate. They are bent on worldwide caliphate. I love SK and don’t want to see it ruined by idiots.

      2. Zero tolerance for Muslim migration.
        We need to get out of Muslim Countries. Muslims go back where they came from.

        Diversity N E V E R works.

        Read history. Mixing cultures, religions, and races leads to frustration, violence, and war.


        • Actions like this below is what is driving Muslems to flee their Home land for a better life. STOP THE SENSELESS BOMBINGS, AND STOP SUPPORING SAUDI’S GENOCIDE.

          Another Saudi Coalition Wedding Massacre in Yemen

          Daniel Larison/ Posted on July 3, 2018

          Originally appeared on The American Conservative.

          The Saudi coalition slaughtered more Yemeni wedding-goers in another massacre today:

          This is just the latest wedding massacre carried out by Saudi coalition forces. The coalition has illegally treated all of Saada as a military target for three years, and it has routinely struck civilian targets ever since. U.S. military assistance to the coalition enables attacks like this one, and it has not made coalition attacks any less likely to hit civilian targets. On the contrary, by providing the coalition with unconditional backing for its campaign and refusing to criticize them for their war crimes the U.S. makes attacks on civilians a certainty. There is no excuse for providing weapons and fuel to governments that slaughter people in their homes, schools, markets, and during their wedding celebrations. That support must end, and it is long past time that Congress voted to end it.

          The coalition has consistently shown flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians in Yemen. A similar wedding massacre in a small village in Hajjah in April of this year killed 23 people, including the bride. Alex Potter visited the site and reported on the condition of the survivors earlier this month:

          The missile had struck around 11 p.m., killing 23 of the revelers, and wounding over 60, according to villagers who spoke with The Intercept. Most of the dead were in pieces.

          “It took us over a week to find all the body parts,” Saleh Yahya said in an interview in Al-Raqah on May 6, two weeks after the strike.

          Al-Raqah isn’t on most maps; it’s no more than a blip on a hillside two and a half hours from the city of Hajjah, and over an hour from any paved road. To get to Al-Raqah, one follows a rocky and nearly dry river bed, and the directions offered by locals. There are few vehicles around, other than the occasional motorcycle; anything more would break down on the rough path. This is a place for farmers, not fighters.

          The Trump administration frequently complains about Yemeni missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, but no one from this administration ever says anything about the numerous documented war crimes committed by the Saudis and Emiratis against innocent civilians in Yemen. The U.S. simply ignores the evidence of coalition war crimes in order to continue providing military assistance to them, and the result is that hundreds and thousands of Yemeni civilians are killed with our help.

          • They rant about overrunning us.

            • “They all have big families and they bring their own culture instead of trying to adapt to the place where they live.”

              That statement is so very true. Furthermore, it is their shitty culture that they are actually running from, only to bring it with them, and try to instill it into everywhere they go.

              Muslims are the scum of the world. There is no place for their shitty culture.

              • OFF- Topic..
                Do you live or work near a Cell Phone Tower? Watch this Video. Shocking and deadly to your health!!

                ht tps://

          • I’m sorry TharSheBlows – you’ll not get one iota of sympathy coming from me for the Muslims. I’ll just be honest here. They’re an inbred socio/psycho-pathic portion of humanity. Their very religion tolerates nothing but 100% adherence to an insane creed and system of psuedo-religious law. As far as I’m concerned, if the truly civilized nations on earth were to wipe them all off the face of the planet, it’d only be a good thing in the long run. You can show me a 1000 pics or videos of blown-to-smithereens Muzzies and it affects me not in the least. I just don’t care for them and in keeping with being honest – the more the better.

            • Heartless:

              The Chosen think they can subjugate the entire world, too. The end game for them is to have 400 slaves a piece. The cousins are essentially blood-brothers. Both endanger everyone.


              • I doubt whether you’re qualified to have a discussion on genetics vs. comparative religion.

            • You are indeed a “heartless” human being… Go get a soul.

          • Not my problem. Go cry somewhere else about these ragheads.

            Let them kill each other. I don’t see an issue with that.

          • islam is mind poison. Period.

          • TharSheBlows:

            I agree. We are stirring the pot in the Middle East. It is contrary to our own interests. Who benefits? It’s not the USA.


            • Yeah, Ever spray a hornets nest and watch the Hornets go on the attack everywhere??… This is what the US and NATO are doing in the Middle east, when we indiscriminately bomb the civilian populations. Why scatter them about, when we should be containing them within their perspective countries. More BAD US Foreign Policy destroying multiple nations and the EU.. Or is is a hidden agenda plan to destroy Europe and the white race? Think 10 steps ahead people.

              • Kalergi Plan, planned almost a century ago.

                • Now it adds up to what is happening in EU and the idle East. Connect the dots. Its the actions of a master plan.

                  [The fantasy of Kalergi: mestizos can be rather manipulated having less character being less intelligent]

                  The Kalergi Plan is a genocide project which was created and worked out by the politician and mestizo Mr. Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove Kalergi together with his Free Mason colleagues. They were the predecessors of the European Union which has got the aim to destroy Europe and to exterminate the white race. At the same time multi cultural culture and massive immigration of Negroes, Asian people, mestizo people, Latin “American” people, natives from “America” and Muslims should be fostered with the aim to mix all the races creating and breeding in this way a passive mestizo race – this was the special expectation – which should be tamed, which should be calculable and manipulable, which should be of a minor character and with minor intelligence. Governing in this way should be possible to be executed by a JU -wish elite aristocracy for ever. This means, the minor spirit should make it impossible for the new mestizos to organize rebellions and they should not at all become aware that they would be dominated.

                  This project was elaborated with 28 thesis and is inspired from the social sciences with the statement that humans could be governed like animals which cannot rebel because of their low intelligence.

      3. Oriental folks have a brain. Those people that want to change their culture can pack sand, go away, and will suffer dire consequences. The Japanese call foreigners GAIJIN. It’s not a compliment. I think some of my ancestral people (SWEDES) are waking up too. Look at the Muslim invasion of the Iberian peninsula (Spain & Portugal) that took over those countries for hundreds of years. France is a prime example of a Muslim takeover today. Sharia law, NO NOT FOR ME.

      4. So long, So.Ko.

        • Japanese won’t allow this craziness. China won’t either. Besides these Asian countries are way overpop. w/wall to wall people now.

      5. Feelin yer pain south Korea….good luck!

      6. send them to the north. Fat bastard will deal with them quick fast and in a hurry.

      7. The Global Elite want all nations destroyed (((except one))) over which they can rule a mud colored human wasteland.

        Every country (((except one))) will be forced to take in the worst of the worse. Korea is no exception.

        I hope the North Koreans see this and say: “Hell NO” and go back to arming themselves and keeping their race pure. The leader of North Korea should demand the removal of ALL those NOT Korean out of South Korea before any more peace talks take place.

        Korea for Koreans
        Japan for Japanese
        Europe for WHITE PEOPLE.

      8. I wish Canadians would have the same resolve Koreans have. I hate seeing muslim immigrants spawning through out my

      9. Send all of them to Israehell to fight their Jihad vs ZionPOS.

      10. I don’t care about Koreans immigrant problems. How does this affect me. If your gov lets in undesirables you have to dis incentivize them to wanna stay. No jobs can’t support themselves. Public beatings and hanging they won’t wanna stay. You have to be intolerant. If you have a heart for them how do you be intolerant. They must be dehumanized and referred to as animals parasites or whatever derogatory label you wanna apply. This is how I feel about guaties and Venezuelans. They are not humans they are aliens invading. Would you let an army invade with no resistance. This is what is happening cus of bleeding heart demoncrats. Right now a message of hate for these vermin needs to be screamed from the masses so trump can get overwhelming support for however it needs to be handled but if people are gonna worry about the family’s being separated it won’t happen. Fuck them they aren’t humans. Would you worry about the ants kids that infest your home. No you would kill every last one. Sending them away is still having a heart if you ask me but I can live with that.

      11. Rat-a-tat-tat as their heads touch the mat.

      12. I wonder if the people in the U.S.A. will wake up before its too late to do anything about the moose limbs in this country.

      13. Saw a study on the Mossie percentages in a country and if I recall it went something like this:

        If you are a small minority percentage then they play the victim. Multiculturalism!

        If you have some numbers then build enclaves. Satellite city with no tolerance but ok outside these areas.

        If you are the majority then ban all religions except your own. No tolerance!

      14. Only one good way to deal with a horde of invaders, and any libtards in government who think that their influx will be a beneficial thing.

        Turn them all into fish food.

      15. call in the LA roof Koreans!!!!!
        open fire!!!

      16. Koreanz get riled-up look out,any weapon works,turbin burnin time ,

      17. South Korea is taking in Muslims. Most South Koreans can’t stand white (for emphasis) Caucasians in the US. This is even more the case with South Koreans who have immigrated to the US. For South Korea to be taking in Muslims is inconceivable. South Korea is even more class oriented than Japan.

        I just don’t get it. Why now? Why the need for this mass movement of populations now?

        The migrant crisis in the rest of the world pales in comparison to what is happening here in the United States. There is almost no discussion of this, except for the “New York Times” bragging about the size of the illegal population (over 10-million) here in the US — just so they can goad Trump in his efforts to stop illegal immigration into the US.

        Every European country with an “open borders” policy is committing suicide. Sweden is gone. Europe is practically dead. The same thing is happening in the U.S.

        In 2018, 553,742 people were homeless on a single night this year. That is a 0.7% increase over 2017. Just in Los Angeles, there are over 57,000 homeless. Still, these liberals, socialists and democrats would rather abandon these Americans so they can have their “open borders.” This is insanity.

        20-percent of all homeless in the US are veterans, and we all know how well the government takes care of its veterans. This from a government whose stated policy is endless war and endless war-mongering. I just don’t get it. How can this be?

        I just don’t get it.

        • Agreed the blame-e, with the illegal aliens flooding the U.S. for years leaching off of socialist welfare programs. I do feel like people are waking up to the cloward-piven strategy that has been implemented.

      18. South Korea is of no concern to the US. 36,516 Americans lost their lives in Korea. What specifically did American gain from their sacrifice? Yea, Jack.

        • Drugs. It was all a front for the CIA, the world’s largest drug smuggling mafia.

          • Infidel:


            CIA is: Corruption-in-America.

            So was Vietnam; and, also Irackateer and Afagastan.


        • We made Korea safe for Wall Street

      19. Everyone is resistant to change. There are sayings like you cannot fight progress. However fighting a invasion of parasite interloping vermin from shithole places isn’t thwarting progress. it simply attempting to preserve what how now have. Instead of welcoming illegals with open arms like the left Dimocraps advocate. We need to have a great culling. Hard as it will be to endure. The only viable option is a permenate Grid down . And the 905 die off it will create. Its a bitter pill but it would cure the disease & kill the parasites that infest the USA.

        • Old Guy:

          It would not kill the Cause, global “elite”.

          Your idea is the globalist’s agenda. The real dangerous parasites are the global “elite”.

          A permanent grid down. No way. Not good. Very, very bad. Very bad.


          • Ok would you prefer a protracted civil war that runs cold and hot at different times and places? I simply don’t think the right will have a easy time in a shooting battle against the lefty looney libiturds. In such a civil war the Globalist will still support and enable the commie socialist. In a grid down there isn’t any transportation. No food or fuel delivery. We who have prepped will have a superior advantage in a grid down situation. Most of the left will turn on each other in a grid down situation. They will try to lace blame and kill each other. They might eat each other? The thing is we quite often do not have a ideal choice or solution. We just have to opt for the lesser evil. My opinion is that a Grid Down is much preferred to a long drawn out civil war that is also a war on the White folks of European desent. Look at What is happening in South Africa? The rest of the world doesn’t seem to mind white folks are beinf disposed and murdered. In fact the Lefty commies cheer about it. I say let the do without electric. The Cell phones. food ,heat and sanitary living conditions will vanish without the grid.

            • Old Guy:

              Though you may be in a position to live through a total permanent grid down, I am not. And most here, even if they are somewhat prepped, are not.

              South Africa is a crime against humanity. We are not even close to where they are at.

              We are still in a position to turn things around. Better we use our ingenuity to correct our mistakes, exercise patience, change takes time. But don’t give up or give in to rash decisions with monumental effects and unexpected consequences. A grid down would only help speed up the destruction of our civilization. I think you are desperate for change. But that’s not the way to get the positive changes that are possible if we don’t give in to quick fixes which rarely give the desired result.


              • Well B from Cal I think you just possibly be a denialist. you are still in Calif? Face the reality that there isn’t any possibility of restoring the republic without a mass culling of the parasite takers. Trump will not be allowed to MAGA. He will need more than 8 years to undo a century of commie socialism, SHTF is bound to happen. It cannot be avoided. The when SHTF WROL happens is the only question. We have too many takers and too few makers. That lopsided situation is never long term sustainable. A great culling of parasite takers must happen. So yes I would prefer a Carrington type event over a fighting killing civil war that ends in Martial Law and the outlawing of guns. And the government and UN disarming or killing folks. Think the government and UN cannot disarm the citizens? Look at what happened a WACO. A grid down puts everyone on the shoe sole express. A even playing field that allows the survival of the fittest.

                • You’re a pretty smart Old Guy.. Grid down pretty much levels the playing field. It may revert to hand to hand combat though. Got your battle rifle in the ready position? They will block off the cities first, then round them up into FEMA Camps. And kill them off. Remember all the Black Coffins FEMA has piled up for 5 bodies deep in each coffin?

                  Trying to disarm us will be deadly for them. You will see neighborhood militias, checking ID’s at checkpoints not to let anybody in hood who does not belong there. The Walking Dead type of society is what those will see n the cities. Oh the horror.

                  • Attempting to run Fema camps or round up and disarm folks. It would be almost impossible Without electricity and the communications and transportation that requires electricity. The people would need to destroy bridges on the roads and Rail Road also. And a 90% die off is a terrible thing. But the global elete have their places like Mt Weather and they do plan a 90% die off but themselves are not included. And a 100% die off of white folks of European desent is planned. So does it happen on their terms? I think a Carrington type of event would be Divine Intervention. AnD I do enjoy me electric. I like my air cond, icebox ,freezer, washing machine, water well pump ect. But a world wide long term Grid Down seems to be the only viable choice.

                    • Just have OUT Survive them.

                      Buy a secure BOL property.

                      Got SOLAR PV PANNELS and components. Batteries? You need to prepare with at least a 1200 Watt panel system that will power a mini fridge/ freezer, lights and fans. Produce about 4-5 kW of power per day, to live great off grid.

                      Stock up on propane, will be good for cooking, or heating, propane lasts a long time bottled. 6x 15-20LB Tanks

                      Get your water sources secured with at least a shallow well and pitcher pump and various water filtrations systems set up. Deeper the better. Rain catchment and barrel storage. Buy a 12V water pump to raise the water up to a storage tank and then uses a gravity flow system for like a shower or rinse off station. Think All Off Grid. Renewable energy, pays for it self, and more reliable than the grid tied.

        • Old Guy

          Your Pol Pot from a different end of the political spectrum. Same method, different reason.


          • I raise livestock. And in order to be successful it is necessary for me to cull the unproductive animals. In out society we have allowed cull humans to flourish and it is now to the point that it is unsustainable. If pointing out this fact makes me a Pol Pot or a Hitler that’s Ok. calling me names doesn’t solve anything or change the uncomfortable fact that before we quit regressing a great culling of human parasites must happen. Research the Georgia Guidestones. That’s the globalist telling everyone their plan. I don’t like them. A world wide grid down puts the globalist and everyone else on equal footing. Then we have a survival of the fittest. And that equals Everyone getting what they deserve and everyone deserving what the get. How can you get more fail than that? What ive done is presented a workable viable solution. A solution that to me isn’t ideal or very nice. But I see it a the lesser of a necessary evil. Please if you have something better and nicer that is viable and can actually be implemented lets discuss it?

            • Human beings are not animals and any human that can compare the two is.

              Culling The Herd.


              • Yes indeed madness. Right now its the official position in south Africa that the only good white person is a dead white person. The Georgia Guidestones advocate a huge culling of humans. The US government culled the plains Indians during the late 1800’s. A disturbing as it seems to you and many others Im not the only advocate of culling humans. Right now whether we acknowledge it or not a War is being waged on the White Race. Its being waged by importing brown skins to breed with the whites. Importing illegals to overwhelm the courts and social services. some time some where you will need to decide do you take a hard line or just keep believing in a fairy tale that there is a political or ballot box solution. Actually letting everyone vote has been part of the problem. The parasitic have learned to vote themselves goods and services from the public coffers. They have voted our Republic into a Mob rule democracy.

            • Old Guy:

              Solutions exist. Some require secrecy, deception. Some are illegal, not fit to discuss. Some are legal but contrary to globalists desires, therefore would be sabotaged.

              You say a total permanent grid down puts everyone on an equal playing field. I disagree. It gives an advantage to Country folks over City folks. The Amish wouldn’t be too bad off. Likely, they have a few secret guns stockpiled by their own, unknown to most of them.

              But the wealthy most definitely do have the advantage in a permanent grid down.

              Some globalists live on their own private estates which are virtual fortresses. They have indoor and outdoor swimming pools for water. They have several professional kitchens with all kinds of generators to keep them running in a grid down or emergency. Not to mention wine cellars, cheese cellers, and lavish well stocked pantries. How is that equal. Not to forget, the rich living on the Coast have boats that take them to their yachts. They will float away and never experience the effects of a grid down. Those who live on their own properties will escape in private jets and helicopters.

              You are wrong. The fittest are not necessarily the best. I have friends who are brilliant researchers giving mankind much to be desired. But they may not survive extreme cold or heat, let alone starvation and dehydration, diseases, etc. A grid down is an indiscriminate killer. It’s the craziest idea. It’s literally, sabotage. I’m against it. And I would see it as an act of betrayal if someone intentionally took down the grid.

              We need to concentrate on stopping illegal immigration, ending Affirmative Discrimination Of White Men, taking away benefits to illegals, eventually ending the entire welfare system, creating separate states for white people who want to be left alone and not live with other races. These are doable goals. I foresee these things happening within twenty to thirty years. Not overnight, but within a generation or two.


              • I simply do not see your suggestions as doable goals. As soon as the baby boomers are gone its over. The millenials are a pitiful vessel to place any hope in. Simply put we do not have twenty or thirty years. Trumps election bought us some time. If hellery would have been elected the Second admendment would have already been abolished. The borders would already been wide open. Once the Boomer Generation is gone the commie socialist will vote in their people. The USA is a nation in decline. It gets worse every day and is gleefully accepted as the New Normal by at least 50% of the people. In a grid down even the uber wealthy will use up their stored preps. They also will not have freedom to move freely. Pirated will attack their boats. Starving hoards will lay siege to their fortresses. They will become a prime target. Even the countinuation of government folks will want to take their stuff. Money will be of no value. Barter will be risky. Best to prep for a Stone Age existence and anything less will be that much better.

                • I tend to agree with old guy. We have tried negotiations with evil. It hasn’t seem to satisfy them?

                  • Many folks have a pretty much good core concept. They tend to be honest and are good to their work. A handshake with them will equal any written contract. I think B A from Ca is possibly this type of person. The only problem is the good type of folks many times fail to realize most others are evil & bad & will lie cheat & steal to achieve their goal’s. The better humans often tend to think there are logical peaceful solutions. When the only way to make certain a varmit don’t do that no more times is to kill it. Low IQ brainwashed folks never listen to reason. They are Pig headed stubborn and never can see a different point of view.

      20. South Korea is Empire’s foothold outpost. They want DPRK as an outpost next.

        If you do some research and stop listening to state propaganda you will find that the US never keeps their end of the bargain or they make demands so difficult that NO country would agree to them.

        Go read about the 47 demands made that have to be met before sanctions will be lifted. ALL demands are for North Korea and NO concessions from Empire until ALL are met. Like…ALL missles given up and all biological and chemical and all nuclear material, etc. surrendered. No discussion of troop removal from South Korea by Empire.

        Sounds like demands that are made impossible to meet and would leave North Korea defenseless. No country would agree to these demands…they are a virtual surrender.

        North Korea…Soooo horrible…Saudi Arabia…UAE…Qatar…Israel…Soooo good. Pffffft.

        NK and SK are trying to come to a peaceful agreement playing goodwill B-Ball games in DPRK. The Empire wants to use both countries as outposts.

      21. We’re going to see, just how “Free”, the “Free Citizens” of South Korea are. Certainly the South Korean people don’t want this immigration so if they truly control their government as touted this will reverse.

        Don’t hold your breath.

        There isn’t a government of size on the planet that is governed by their citizens as advertised. None.

      22. How the hell do you get from Yemen to Sth Korea?

        BY a leaky refugee boat or a 747?

        • Yeah like who sponsored the 1000 refugees from Yemen to enter So Korea on this loop hole immigrations scam? Sounds like another G Soros idea. via NGO money sponsor.

      23. Storm update. Tropical depression Chris is stationary off the coast of the Carolina’s. Tropical storm Beryl is approaching Puerto Rico. Heads up. Good luck.

        • Correction. Chris is a tropical storm not a depression.

      24. Good one Old Guy. You can be a prick at times, but this time I have to back up your comment. I am telling you all on this site, TSHTF. Civil war, world war, environmental destruction from crustal and techtonic shifting, solar system disruptions, asteroid and comet impacts, and liberals. This is recipe for disaster. The muslim will have a much different experience in Tae Kwon do central. The south Korean men are not going to put up with muslim BS and I am almost certain from what I know about that country. Sent them to NK, let Kim deal with them.


      25. I am not an extremist by far…. but multiculture does not

        Like minds will work together for the good of all. Let other cultures in
        and they will fight to the death if theycanget the upper hand.

        Ever watch dogs in a dog park? Weeks can go by where they all
        enjoy the company of other dogs. Then comes the “bullies”” who
        don’t want to play they want to fight. Then all the dogs become
        defensive, aggressive or afraid.
        When it comes to muslims we instinctively know they hate us…
        we feel it. They don’t show love by their actions, beliefs, body
        language or by hiding who they are to deceive us. Look into their eyes,
        deep into their eyes…..Do you see a soul ??

        An animal is an animal…people prefer like minded people just as
        dogs only like like-minded dogs. That is the natural order of things.

        Our Ancestors did not allow muslims into the US because their
        culture was anti-American.

        This was changed by globalist presidents who wanted to
        divide and conquer for the last 50 years.

        Before that you could leave your door open
        at night….and wake up alive….and nothing stolen.

      26. You bomb our countries for oil. You topple our governments. What do you expect.

      27. Ok folks seem to think we have political problems. Some think its a race problem. Many think its a religious problem. Colleges claim its a education problem. Some even claim its a environmental problem. When actually its simply Too many Parasite Takers and Too few Producing Makers. That’s a condition that must be addressed first and foremost before the decline is reversed. How it is to be accomplished is debatable.

      28. I have lived in Europe off and on since the 1980s (and visited as a child since the 1960s). In those decades, this is what I have seen: increasing growth of no-go areas. There are now places we just do not visit anymore because they are so filled with violent and filthy (mostly) Muslim migrants. Paris, Nice, Marseilles being the worst examples but also Brussells, etc.

        Paris as far back as the 80s was the only European city in which you visited and if your girlfriend/wife was blonde, you would spend the whole vacation fending off horny Arab and black men grabbing their nuts and cat calling at your wife/girlfriend. But now it is like this in many European cities (progress!!). This behaviour is what the beautiful South Korean women have to look forward to. And since the 80s in Europe, the behaviour has gone from annoying sexual harassment to outright rape, assaults and murders as well as terrorism. In short, as their numbers have grown, the behaviour has not got better, but worse.

        Koreans are in the main hard-working and well educated. Their women are beautiful and, with how they keep themselves in such good physical condition and dress so well, great role models for other women. In short, a credit to the countries they migrate to.

        It would be a HUGE mistake if Korea allows mass migrant influx such as we have seen in Europe and the US. If there is no way around stopping them from coming, then sign a deal with North Korea and hand them over for labor contracts. Make it a rule they have to work in North Korea for 20 years before being given the opportunity to stay in South Korea.

      29. You can thank guys like George Soros for providing money to help these invaders travel to places where they are not wanted of needed. My opinion they are Parasite culls. They ruin anything they come into contact with. The Crusaders had the Right idea (kill them all and let god sort the good from the bad. It was harsh but very effective. Later the US army had the same policy with the warring plains Indians. Again harsh but very effective. That made the west safe for homesteaders to build farms and produce and make the nation prosper.The different races and religions will never coexist peacefully. The melting pot is a big lie. Its more like a salad bowl.

        • All true but there is also a twisted sex element to it as well. Most of these NGOs are staffed by women and the women like the importation of horny men from regions where genitalia are larger than in Europe and Asia. NGOs are the female equivalent of GIs going loose in Bangkok or Manilla. Talk to these women over a beer and they will all tell you about the “amazing” sex they are getting.

      30. I just talked to a friend of mine in Germany. She no longer drives a car, because there’s a hidden Jihad that the media isn’t telling everyone. If a woman is driving a car (and sometimes a guy), the religion of peace has folks purposefully ramming trucks into their sedans. So women in Germany in some areas no longer drive.

        • Car attacks are very frequent but have gone from being reported and MAYBE being labelled as possible terrorism, to being reported as an accident, to now never being reported. They still happen but just never make the news. This is clearly a national security black-out to keep the public calm and tourism happening.

      31. As a German heritage USA citizen, when I visited Germany it was clear to me that the German men are complete metro fa@@ots.

      32. I don’t remember seeing anything in the main street media about the reaction of the South Korean people to the Muslims. Anyone else see anything in the news?

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