South America Goes Critical: Now Chavez Devalues Currency: “This May Well Be the Lighting of the Proverbial Fuse… Everywhere.”

by | Feb 9, 2013 | Headline News | 384 comments

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    While Europe’s fiscal woes seem to be on everyone’s financial radar recently, and rightfully so, there is instability everywhere.

    This is a global economic crisis and it’s affecting hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

    Earlier this week Argentine President Cristina Kirchner responded to her country’s sky-rocketing inflation rates by freezing prices on food, a move Forbes magazine says will soon lead to widespread corruption in the business community and government.

    In Venezuela, where President Hugo Chavez has attempted to control all aspects of his country’s economy, price freezes instituted on essential goods like diapers and cleaning products over a year ago failed to curb soaring inflation which registered at over 22% last year. In response, with their quiver out of arrows, the Venezuelan government announced today that they are devaluing their national currency, the Bolivar, by over a third. The announcement had the immediate impact of increasing the price for a US dollar in Bolivar by nearly 50%.

    By boosting the bolivar value of Venezuela’s dollar-denominated oil sales, the change is expected to help ease a difficult budget outlook for the government, which has turned increasingly to borrowing to meet its spending obligations.

    But analysts said the move would not be sufficient to end the government’s budget woes or balance the exchange rate with an overvalued currency. Economists predicted higher inflation and a likely continuation of shortages of some staple foods, such as cornmeal, chicken and sugar.

    Venezuela’s government has had strict currency exchange controls since 2003 and maintains a fixed, government-set exchange rate. Under the controls, people and businesses must apply to a government currency agency to receive dollars at the official rate to import goods, pay for travel or cover other obligations.

    While those controls have restricted the amounts of dollars available at the official rate, an illegal black market has flourished and the value of the bolivar has recently been eroding. In black market street trading, dollars have recently been selling for more than four times the official exchange rate of 4.30 bolivars to the dollar.

    Officials said the fixed exchange rate is changing from 4.30 bolivars to the dollar to 6.30 bolivars to the dollar.

    Source: USA Today

    The free market cannot be controlled in the way politicians and central bankers would like you to believe. Any action to restrict access will lead to an opposite reaction that often involves black markets and panic buying.

    Case in point: Americans bought a gun every 1.5 seconds in the last year. Why do you think that is?

    Chavez, like the brilliant politicians, economists and financial wizards at the helm of U.S. recovery efforts, has tried to control his economy through central governance for ten years. It has failed on all counts. Inflation has continued unabated. Price controls have led to black markets in everything from goods to currencies. Despite promises to the contrary, people continue to suffer without respite.

    But the implications for Venezuela’s latest move could be even more serious than just internal Venezuelan shortages.

    Perhaps the Black Swan event that no one saw coming just happened.

    One of our insightful readers, Just One Guy, explains:

    This is a REALLY big devaluation.

    The implications here are really not GOOD.

    Venezuela is a smidgen on the map, but as a major OPEC nation, it will have – in short order – BIG implications in the global oil price, say 60 days… no more until the effect hits. In the meanwhile the Venezuelan government will enforce price controls internally while trying to skim the differential off it’s oil sales into the government’s coffers.

    The net effect of this will be a stall in the consumer goods imports since the peoples wages will NOT increase…

    A very short clock is now ticking since this will ripple through ALL of South America in VERY short order…

    This may well be the lighting of the proverbial fuse… everywhere.

    Further ‘Nationalizations’ will begin happening and will spread rapidly throughout the continent… as that happens Europe’s life-blood will trickle to a halt.

    Our investors will be affected too, but Europe’s sole profitable business’s are overseas…many in South America.

    So it begins…

    Argentina and Venezuela, two of the region’s largest commodity exporters, just went critical. It will spread. As we noted previously, nationalization efforts were already under way before this week’s developments.

    And, in Chile, businesses are already feeling the impact of Argentina’s price freeze:

    The Chilean companies Falabella, Sodimac, and Cencosud complying with the freeze do millions of dollars of business in the country.

    Some critics of Kirchner’s economic policy say the freeze could lead to food shortages in Argentina and even black market sales of products.

    “Price freezes mean no profits for sellers or even losses. Who will import food under these conditions?” said Paul Gregory, an economics professor at the University of Houston.

    The freeze is bad for Argentina and bad for Chile, he added.

    Source: Santiago Times

    Similar side effects will be felt by anyone who does business in Venezuela.

    The interdependence of global monetary, financial and economic systems cannot be underestimated in this context.

    With Europe in shambles, Chinese growth collapsing, South America in panic, and the US now in recession, the potential for a catalyst that will set off another financial meltdown and full-blown economic collapse has increased exponentially.

    There are a lot of things that can go wrong here.

    One thing you can be sure of is, just as the people of Venezuela had no forewarning about the devaluation of their currency, we won’t be told until it’s already too late.

    Prepare and plan now, or pay the price later.


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      1. It sure does seem like the time bomb is ticking down to 00.00.00. The signs are everywhere. I just wonder how long before it happens and how bad it is going to be.

        • Keep up the good work Mac. Any word from Manos?

          • No word recently Jim. I will shoot him an email and see how he’s fairing.

            • Mac, Jim (another Jim),

              See daisy’s comment in the last forum, Comment ID: 1121829….


              • From the “Prepper Filter” post:

                From: Daisy

                To: Everyone

                (Thought it’d be easier to see here instead of trying to find it)

                “Off Topic: I finally got a hold of Manos.

                He’s okay. He told me that he and his family have what they need to survive, but that the situation is very grim. As JRS mentioned, the sailors are indeed on strike, so nothing is going on or off the islands. If something isn’t there, it is no longer accessible.

                He asked me to post this message for everyone.

                Stay alert.

                what started in Greece, was the beggining of a global experiment.

                All measures were implemented without reaction or resistance, with the excellent use of the psychology of masses, and the “divide and conquer” dogma.

                Voices of reason and logic were condemned as terrorists.

                Be safe dear.
                Watch your kids.

                Our kids is the future.

                (I’ve pasted this from the comments on the last article so everyone gets a chance to see it.)”

                • I am sure I do not speak only for myself when I say to Manos: My prayers are with you and your family and your fellow countrymen. Be safe.

            • Hey, Oval Scam,
              yep, indeed, thanx 4 the
              Yep, Indeed the crap already
              Needs Cleaned Out…

              Thanx- XOXO….., for all you
              do doo, U Rock 🙂

              • WTF??

          • @ Everybody. Talking about South America, Columbia just had a 7.0 earthquake just like was forecasted on comment # 1115605, at Feb.6, 2013 at 4:40 PM on the gun purchsed every 1.5 seconds. Gave Columbia as one of the locations that had a 86.7% chance of getting hit. Just like back on Oct.23, 1997 the area of the Mid Atlantic Ridge was hit as on Feb. 6, 2013, and five days later on Oct.28, 1997 Coumbia got a 7.2. See how these patterns work. Once again it works :).

            • Keep the forecasts coming BI.

              I for one look forward to your posts, having lived in CA for a while. Feeling the ground shaking under your feet is something you never quite forget.

              NOMI – μολὼν λαβέ

            • just like was forecasted on comment # 1115605

              I’ve heard because of the terrain in the New Madrid area including Memphis that a large quake there would continue to shake after the fact like a bowl of jello and all buildings could possibly just disappear beneath the surface of the earth as the quake temporarily causes the ground to liquify.

              Do you have any thoughts on this or informative links of the possible effects of a large quake in that area?


              • @ Anonymous. Just think of most of the New Madrid fault zone as a very solid rock mass covered by loose dirt, sediment that is good for growing crops but horrible for buildings to be put on to. It will shake like jello and continue for many minutes after the fault breaks. The water molecules will be dislodged, like in 1812 with the magnitudes of what is called sand spits. Like a sponge being squeezed hard, the land mass will be a mess. Those structures that have been anchored to the soild rock will fare much better. Most building though are at the mercy of the soil, which will be anything that stable.

                I will give an analogy of what it will be like, place about 2 feet of semi-wet silt on top of a big gong, the type the Chinese use for signalling people, and hit the gong that is flat and horizontal real hard. The vibrations from this will be similar to what will happen to the ground. There are of course hundreds of feet of soil over the hard ground by the New Madrid, but it won’t matter as the soil will be like a giant blob of loose wet dirt violently moving for a few minutes and continuing for several minutes after this. People sadly don’t understand just how dangerous the New Madrid is.

        • It will be as ugly as you can imagine and probably a whole lot worse. Most of the senior citizens I know are living day to day now. As the price of food gas and medical services rise, I think we are going to see large numbers of the elderly dying off first. When the riots over food start, I hope to be well hidden for a time. Time to finish your preps and fortify your dwellings if you haven’t already. If I were bugging out, I’d be leaving this month.

          • HIGHSPEED-yea the elderly are getting hit hard by this already .up here in the north there has never been alot of job options , mostly farming , so the kids tend to migrate towards the bigger towns . this leaves alot of old folks left alone , so “adopt” some seniors if you can help them , alot of them are to proud to ask for help ,so just check in on a few every now and then.

            • Great idea Hammerhead. Most of the ones I know are from my church. We have a great group who look after each other. I really feel for those who have no group to turn to.

              • @ Highspeedloafer & Hammerhead –

                Thanks for your kind thoughts with regard to us ‘old-folks’. These days us ol’ foggies need all the help, well wishes and good karma that we can get our hands of.

                Looking back, those who survive will come to realize that the only way they got through it all was as a multi-generational effort. While mom & dad are busy either “fishing or cutting bait”; who else is going to be there taking care of and educating the young ones is not grandma and grandpa?

                Three years ago our daughter and son-in-law and their little doggie moved in with us. Together, pooling our resources, we have managed to get by, in spite of the tough economy, in pretty good shape. Now our daughter thinks that she may be pregnant. They aren’t going anywhere. Why would they pay money to strangers for child care while having to take the child out of the house and drive miles to do so? Grandma & grandpa will do it for free and do a much better job of it, right there at home. Soon we hope to have three generations living under the same roof.

                As far as the ‘boogie-man’ of all governments goes? The black market has always been alive and well here in the United States! It’s alive and well and getting bigger every day! It’s a world where cash is ‘king’ and paperwork is nonexistent. “I’ll maintain your vehicles for 5 years if you’ll put braces on my kid’s teeth?” More and more people are doing it every day. You all might want to seriously consider acquiring a barterable skill for later on.

                I sense an acceleration in the process of the unraveling. Soon boys & girls, very soon I fear. God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

        • The past is going to be repeated, but it will be much, much, much worse.
          Here in America it is nothing, but smoke and mirrors to keep the good little sheep from knowing. As of right now, those that do not know, care not to know.
          The ones that do know, will be singled out!
          Keep your eyes and ears searching and listening, because “If it smells like a rat, then it probably s a rat”.

          B aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • The world will have never have experienced in it’s history the collapse that is about to occur. We are at a point where we have hit peak resources which is why you are now starting to see more and more words with the illusion of getting the bad guys when it’s nothing more than claiming a stake for a Nations depleting resources.

            • Amazing to be living in “biblical” times — this time period was warned about a few thousands years ago — and THAT wasn’t even enough time for most folks to want to get up off their behinds and prepare.

              • Unfortunately, many people don’t read the Bible these days. So, they don’t even realize it.

                  • The solution to that is finding a TRUE Bible teacher to help you understand how to study, and stop simply being a sheep and following the crowd. The Bible was written for the common man, and if followed, will prove itself to the true seeker.

            • Collapse of the funny money printing presses in every country on earth. What a novel idea. No more funny money.
              Nothing left but bullets and beans.
              And commie machines.

              • Ah, but you forget. With all ‘funny money’ out of the way, it allows that One World Currency they’ve been wringing their hands over for decades to actually come into existence!

            • There is no shortage of resources, there is however a deliberate effort not to allow them to be used.

          • There is a very old(Bad Joke) Goes this way: Man is setting on his roof during huge rainstorm, two guys in a canoe paddle past, ask him if he need help. Guy says No God will look after me, later a motorboat stops, offers assistance, Guy says no GOD will protest me. Water is getting deeper. Helicopter drops a rope but he says: No God will look after me.
            There after he drowns, Sees St Peter says why didn’t you protect me, Pete says: “We sent you two boats and a helicopter. What more did you want?. People here talk about no forewarning, YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD A HURRICANE AND A BLIZZARD. Exactly what do you want? A Telegram?

            • Make that 2 Hurricanes counting Irene that also had within that timespan the Virginia earthquake that rattled NYC & comet elenin with more on the way……I live in NYC but everyday my bones tell me to get the f&^% OUT…….

          • I am so very sick of the willful ignorance of the people in this country. They accept lies at face value, and disregard or even outright attack the truth. The people of this country have had it so good for so long, they will cling to the lies even as it destroys thier very lives. They will get the end they so richly deserve.

            The Founders of this country, and every Veteran who stood up to defend this country and her people have wasted thier lives, and thier time.

            To all of you who have the brains and foresight to prepare yourselves, I wish you all the best.

            To the parasites, and thier lackies, who are behind the destruction of this country, may you be damned.

            • They are ‘stockholm hostages’ of terror and now knee deep and complicit in the Crimes against Humanity wrought by 9/11 and their silence… must have pity for them it’s hard.

              • Stockholm Syndrom, good analogy, had’nt considered that. But, pity them…Um, no.

        • Let us not forgot the repercussions of running the printing presses 24/7/365 and qe infinity. It just so happens while we maintain the illusion of the stays quo, inflation is sent overseas.

          Remember the man in Tunisia who self Immolated himself and Obama called Rosa parks? He was a street vendor protesting inflating food prices. That event has since been credited with sparking the Arab Spring and coincidentally right after QE2.

          As this progresses who is do you think the world will blame?

          My guess is US, capitalism and constitutionalism. Our entire way of life.

        • Don’t be fooled Jim and everyone else. This time bomb can go on for as long as the leaders want to hold off the inevitable. That’s why they continue to kick the can down the road.

          There’s no doubt the Fiat monetary system is destined for collapse. There’s little wonder why the US Govt continues to stock up on ammo and firearms while conducting pseudo miltary drills in certain major cities.

          That’s why I continue to come to sites like these to get a daily dose of what the hell is going on that the mainstream media deliberately hides.

          • Sooner or later, you come to the end of the road.

            The “leaders” are subject to the laws of physics…like gravity…just like everyone else.

            And countries are subject to certain laws of economics. They try to avoid the reality of them, but they cannot. Eventually…it catches up to them.

            As Ayn Rand said, “You can avoid reality. But you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

            So….can they hold off the inevitable? Only for so long. They are nearing the end of the road. THAT is why you see them stocking up on ammo and everything else that if we do it….they consider us terrorists.

            • Oh yes I agree 100%. The world’s leaders have to answer to arithmetic where 1+1 still equals 2. Our world leaders are behaving as if 1+1=12. 😉

              If you’ve seen Michael Ruppert’s movie “Collapse” it shows the pace on how the collapse is picking up speed. Eventually you do hit the wall. This is why as you said and I mentioned earlier that the US Govt is stockpiling ammo. Hey they’re prepping too ! 😛

              We are at peak resource everything. There are so many humans on the planet consuming resources it’s putting a strain on global resources which is why you are seeing countries such as France starting WARS in the name of getting the bad guys when in fact it’s nothing more than staking a claim to Mali’s Gold/Oil/Uranium resources.

              I don’t take credit for the observation. It was Gerald Celente who has recently been saying that the World is at War over diminishing resources. Add the fragile and near collapse of the Fiat monetary system. You have a Molotov cocktail waiting to go off.

              When it does it’s GAME OVER for society because they will become unhinged. This is why I shake my head at the govt creating Obamacare and encouraging illegal aliens to sign up for welfare. It’s Cloward and Piven NYC mid 1970’s all over again.

              So you have to conclude TPTB are purposely crashing the System. Is it for a NWO/Agenda 21 or a tkeover by the elites. I recently read about the “BIS” which is the Bank for International Settlements. It’s the highest Central Bank in the World that controls and overseas all other Central Banks. They are as secretive as the Bilderberg Group.

              So yes eventually they will hit the proverbial wall and the can won’t be kicked any further.

              All I can say is billions of people will probably die when the system collapses. That is Agenda 21’s mantra. There are too many people on the planet.

              • Yep.

                If you get the chance, check out Chris Martenson’s video series “The Crash Course”, where he goes into detail laying out the evidence for exactly what you are saying. The one video explaining the exponential function is particularly enlightening, as it describes how the acceleration of events takes place. In other words…the collapse does not happen in a gradual fashion. It may appear gradual, but as you get to the end of the road, it all begins to happen very quickly. Things can look like they are deteriorating slowly…but then…practically over night….the bottom falls out.

                To put this another way… there is a phenomenon that occurs with skydivers called “ground rush” when they get below a certain altitude before opening their shoot. They are in free-fall and all of a sudden, the ground appears to be coming up on them very quickly. That’s how I believe this collapse is going to happen…the appearance of slow degradation in the economy…and then one morning we wake up to news that the dollar is in the process of collapsing very quickly.

                • What you referred to now being called “sequential bubbles”. Which means you have bubbles, be it financial or social. There numerous bubbles that get created as a side effect from the primary bubble.

                  When the critical bubble pops it causes a massive chain reaction. That’s what had happened in the crash of 2008.

              • @Rodster, Unlike the collapse of 1929, this time around it looks like more people are going to know what is going, on because of the internet. I wonder how that will work out in the long term?

              • So you have to conclude TPTB are purposely crashing the System

                So you have to conclude TPTB are purposely crashing the System

                So you have to conclude TPTB are purposely crashing the System


                TPTB are purposely crashing the System!

                TPTB are purposely crashing the System!

                TPTB are purposely crashing the System!

                What does that Mean?

                Prepare for the descent. The System has triggered the

                Descent and destruction of EVERYTHING

                (of everything, of mankind, of food systems, of

                anything of life giving support)



                OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM!!!

                STORE FOOD. STORE WATER.


                WE (THE USED TO BE NATION)

                ARE NOW IN DESCENT AND

                DUE TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!!

                HAITI URTHQUAKE

                KATRINA HURACAINE


                SAND BLAST

                NEU YORK NEXT

                MEXICHA, LATIN AMERIKA


                ALL RIGGED

                TO BLOW


          • Trade your funny money while you can.
            Buy beans and here and there a bullet.

        • Now Chavez Devalues Currency…….uh, can’t we just convict him of having weapons of mass destruction, or human rights violation?
          It worked for all the others??

          • How primitive! USA will never debase…. Um, never mind!

        • I don’t know how long, Jim. However, I remember (notes from another website), they said that first the PIGS nations will crash (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain), then Great Britain, then Japan, China, and finally the U.S. Since all derivatives are in dollars, we will be hit last. (I don’t pretend to be financial expert and perhaps some of this isn’t worded exactly correct), however, just thinking of notes kept from other sites).

          Greece is already in a SHTF situation, Spain is following close behind and Portugal is falling… doesn’t look good.

        • Within the next 60 days I believe.

          • I said this because of the person who just recently purchased 11 million in puts that Wall Street (stock market) would collapse within the next 60 days. Who would do this? Someone with inside information.

        • on a diffrent note, anyone else kinda rooting for the ex-LAPD cop gone vigilante?

          • Not me.

            • Personally, I want to know the rest of the story. It looks to me like a lot went on behind all of this, before they guy went postal. What if it turns out that the cops that he went off on originally, had attacked him and were going to get even with their whistle blower? Thin blue lie anyone?

              So they didn’t get the drop on him after all.

              In my theory, he is the one who was watching his six and got away.

              They would, of course, need to demonize him in order to get the system to help eliminate him before the truth got out. There are too many things that don’t add up. I’ll bet her never threatened innocents, that seems like a ruse to get people fighting mad. What else do corrupt cops historically do to the ones that don’t go along to get along?

              That situation stinks to high heaven.

              I’m not marking him bad until I know more.

              • I read his “manifesto”, which is a litany of reasons why he is doing what he is doing. This guy is not insane. He is however highly pissed off and apparently, for good reasons.

                revenge is not good enough reason to kill anyone in my opinion, as every life is precious; but if his rant is accurate it exposes an example of the corruption and cronyism that pervades this nation.

                The PTB who want US to register OUR guns as a prelude to confiscation, better take note: there are MILLIONS of veterans who are gun owners, who are ever bit as deadly as this man. WE will not give them up.

                Not now. Not ever. NOMI

                • Good shot DK! That “manifesto is one thing that got me wondering too….provided it was actually written by him.

                • As Kevin Spacey says in American Beauty “I’m just an ordinary guy, with nothing to lose.”

                • They registered in California —- now they are going to confiscate them. Don’t register — period.

                • Hey, keywords, to latch on to

                  HE SAID HE DID NOT LIE!

                  The SYSTEM (and all the LYING CROONIES) ARE LYING

                  THROUGH THEIR TEETH!

                  DON’T U SEE?


                  THEY CREATE THE NEWS.



                  ABOUT, AND LOSING THEIR







                  • NEVER, EVER, TRUST A PROVEN, TESTED


              • California has a big gun vote coming up.
                Where is all this happening? Oh yeah, California.

              • He killed an innocent young woman and her fiancee to get even with her father. If you don’t think that is evil you belong over at Daily KOS with all the other psychos.

                • He is ALLEGED to have killed a young woman and her fiancee.

                  Who, exactly, knows what really happened. If Dorner turns up dead, well, “dead men tell no tales”, as the old saying goes.

                • You need to read his letter. He may be a lot of things but the question is is he telling the truth, Even a nut can be truthful, and that’s far more important than the two he shot; because it affects Mllions of people and far more than two lives.

          • I read his manifesto.Have you?if not read it.He sounds like another gun grabbing commie to me.I am not on his side

          • Thats a fuse as well that has been lit ~ a racial war in the making coupled with hatred of law enforcement…..very bad mix.

          • You got a beef take it with the guy not his kids, damn that’s some sick bull killing the officers daughter and her boyfriend.

            • You are a victim of modern morals and thinking, Sun Teu 3000 years ago said in war you must understand your enemy’s. His life has been destroyed by these people, He is destroying their lives.
              Old testament: God killed the children of Egypt, not the people he was mad at. You saying the Bible lies, that God is a madman, or just stupid? You ever want to survive in a battle with other than nice guys, you should smarten up. This man is not killing people: HE HAS GONE TO WAR. God help us if we have to do the same.

          • Definitely not rooting. Though paying close attention to the scaling down of the manhunt.

        • What the devaluation (inflation) of South American currencies means for US is that the American dollar will have more purchasing power in SA.

          In the past, Venezuela has sold most of its sour oil (high sulfur content)to the USA which is one of only a few nations that has refineries capable of processing it. (Its a long way to China). Good for US not for them.

          This step by Chaves may be a response to higher US O&G production, to keep his oil more competitive as a source of feed stock for OUR refineries.

          US refining capacity is pretty much maxed out and no new refineries have been built in the US in a very long time.

          It also means that their citizens will NOT be buying goods and services abroad but will develop internal sources for those products and services. This applies to Argentina as well.

          Mexico should be concerned as it is the nation whose economy will be most affected by the increased competition from SA. Italy will take a hit too, unless they source their leather goods from Argentina. Production costs on those $50,000 Gucci handbags will get a lot cheaper.

          Its called Globalization, My Peeps.

          Globalization is the Black Hole that has sucked more than 55,000 American factories offshore with the loss of 70 million jobs. Chine will get some competition from SA now as the lowest cost of labor from a first world competitor.

          Price controls never work, so Argentina will have to come up with a better plan, but this does not mean financial problems for US as a result of their financial re-shuffling.

          WE have taken the hit from Globalization. Now it moves through the rest of civilization. Every nation will take their turn in the barrel and have to adjust. Another aspect of trickle down economics.


          • He got back his 344 tons of GOLD as Ghaddafi lost his 340 tons of gold dinars…….the man has REAL money to play with……

            • I wonder what Boy Blunder will have to say at tonights State of the Disunion address. Just more ranting like Castro who he reminds me of. If this guy finishes his term there will be nothing left of the USA.

          • Sounds like he had to drop teh bolivar. Sounds like it was already over-valued in the market:
            “Low domestic production of food products and other goods has left Venezuela dependent on imports and prone to chronically high inflation. But tight currency regulations have resulted in a scarcity of dollars in Venezuela, leaving many importers with insufficient hard currency to buy goods from abroad.

            January 11th, 2013.

            That article suggests its not so much due to external competitors but that his country is running off of oil. They have to sell more just to keep afloat. Don’t plants grow year round in Venezuela? Sounds like the overall productiveness/economy is suffering.

            OTOH, debasing might be a first strike effort. Trade worthless money now for hard goods rather than worthmuchless money next year.

        • Sorry to highjack the thread, but here’s something I didn’t know until now about Chris Kyle—

          “Lake Oswego (Oregon) Mayor Kent Studebaker traveled to Texas early Sunday following the murder of his son-in-law, Chris Kyle, a 38-year-old former Navy SEAL who lived through six explosions and was shot multiple times while serving as a sniper in Iraq.”

      2. Lit fuze? Very likely. Prepping in hyper mode.

        • The confrontation will be ” Teaters and
          Teat VS. Non Teaters”. All of societies human definitions and categories are entwined on both sides.

      3. So Just One Guy is saying that because of the current devaluation the impact will be felt in a HUGE way in 60 days. Last week we have an anonymous $11 million dollar put option that the market will tank in… 60 days. Coincidence?

        • according to Max Keisser, April of this year (or around that time) will be “D-day”. Sounds about right.

          • Uh, how many predictions did we wade through here and other sites last fall “it” would happen? And how many weekly updates about the location of US carrier groups did we read about being near or in the Persian Gulf, and the forthcoming attack? ALL WRONG. Just like Celente and his multiple WRONG predictions on the economic collapse that is always just around the corner. WRONG

            • Cashmere….another Barry cyber warrior?

          • I have heard that the IRS is not processing early returns that have a refund. They will not start processing until sometime in March. As for the PUT option anyone have any info on the expiration date and how far out of the money it may have been.

        • I was thinking the exact same thing.

        • That put option was probably placed on the market in anticipation of an Israeli attack on Iran. When the First Strike hits, the markets will tank.

          60 days is cutting it a bit thin in my opinion. 90 days may be more like it.


      4. Recession? We are in a depression. It’s only going to get worse. It’s a domino effect, the pieces all eventually fall.
        It really pisses me off that MSM and the government says that things are getting better. And people BELIEVE that bullshit! A friend of mine doesn’t see it. She’s very liberal so you all understand why I don’t even bother. Time to step it up.

        •       “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.” Matthew 24:32,33

          The stage is being set:

          11Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. 12He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. 13He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. 14And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life. 15And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. 16And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.”. Revelation 13:11-18

          Things will certainly get worse to where it is finally obvious even to your liberal friend. Then one who seems to be the ultimate savior will appear on the scene, but he won’t be what most everyone perceives him to be… The way is spiritually being set for the reception of an actual physical mark by the majority. Many have already spiritually received it which will make receiving the physical mark easy for them making it easier for others to follow.

          Not be allowed to buy or to sell… Best be prepped sufficiently to avoid that extreme coercion. But even then, best to have your spiritual preps up to speed too.

          • the only hard part about the Bible is that it has been re-translated a zillion times — the gist is the same, it’s just the particulars may have been altered over the years — weed out the flotsam and the political influence of each retranslation — go back to the original source as best you can. Today’s re-translation have been so dumbed down, not to mention PC’d, they’re laughable.

            • THAT’S RIGHT!

          • Two horns like a lamb could be O’bama’s ears. And he spoke like a dragon, could be O’bama’s bad breath.

          • clicked your moniker WG…everyone should check your site out. Thank you.

            Stand with God and bear the turmoil that is coming.

            He will need us on his side as well as us needing him.

        • JL, you’re absolutely right. Everytime I hear the “R” word I chuckle. WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION. World War 3 will be along shortly folks. Martial law and guerilla warfare will keep us occupied here. Good times, good times all around (sarcasm).

          • We are in a DEBTpression, what’s going on in this world has never been seen before. Recession, depression hasn’t got anything on a DEBTpression. We are living in historic times and it will be remembered for many generations. Who ever ends up on top will write the history of these events.

        • I agree.This is a depression and it WILL be getting worse.

          The small, unincorporated town where I live changed my zoning years back and I’m not allowed to have chickens or goats.

          I think I’m going to defy that get some in the next few weeks.

          • I want to encourage you to just do it…dont others decide for you what you are allowed to do….fight em…just do it and dont announce it…maybe they wont even find out about it…maybe you can get away with it long enough to force the issue if/when they find out…build a underground room to keep critters in out of sight…I know of people who keep goats/chickens/pigeons/rabbits and such in the basement…dont talk about it,dont let people know that dont need to know…I wish you success!

          • If you get a chicken or two, give them names and say they are pets. Tell them the goat is your participation in Agenda 21 and the “green revolution”.

            Call the goat a lawnmower. 🙂

            • just say if faggots can mary faggs and dykes can marry lezbos, and transgenders can not know what the hell they are from moment to moment…YOU plan to Marry a few chickens and a goat too. Say You LOVE them animals!

              All the kommie liberals redefinitions of what words means can work Both ways no?..Threaten to charge them with Racist Discrimination and get the aclu on board as they love abomination type cases. They just refuse to assist in gun rights..Marry goats?…ACLU to the rescue!

              • Don’t be a fool ~ the gay issue is just used to distract you and the gays themselves….that just want to be let be……FOCUS……..this is about EARTH CHNAGES that they no longer have control over.

              • actually angelo the aclu has sided with the pro gun side in the past.

                Just because they do not chase down the 2nd and fight for it as much as you like does not mean they don’t.

                The ACLU of Texas has joined with the Texas State Rifle Association and the NRA to fight local prosecutors who are defying a law aimed at protecting law-abiding Texans from being arrested for having guns in their cars. this was in 2007.

                The ACLU is defending a man’s right to own a gun. His firearm was confiscated by police after a traffic violation and now the police are refusing to give it back to him, even though he has the permits and every right to own a gun. Orleans Parish, Louisiana apparently allows officers to decide on a “case by case basis” whether they will give back someone’s gun. Maybe the see if any officers want it and if they don’t they give it back. I’m not sure how it works down in Orleans Parish, but thankfully the ACLU is there to help this man defend his Constitutional rights. this was 2008.

                there are more just got to actually do a little looking and not spout off what we think is right.

                • Anon Leigon: I didn’t just spout off on ACLU. I based My opinions on when I myself phoned the aclu office in detroit back in 2000 or 2001. I spoke directly to one of their lawyer guys, and he told me I have zero 2nd amendt rights since the nra has us all brainwashed to think we do.

                  he rented on how the 2nd is ONLY for Cops & Military. I mentioned the us const militia clauses and he laughed and again told me NO that means National Gaurd ONLY!

                  So perhaps prior to You spewing about a person(me) You never met and no zero about you should check Yourself.

                  Ok now come back at me and rant how the whiteys screwed indians again. Thats what you seem to rely upon when you have not alot to offer otherwise.

                  as for aclu?…”IF” as you say they finally are assisting gun rights cases?…Thats swell and they should if aclu desires to be taken seriously.

                  And if what I said of faggots and lezbos is the Real reason you are upset?…Oh well nothing will change my mind, that them folks Are Abominations for what they practice and worse yet, how they attempt to Force it upon not just adults who disagree, but even Worse they try to Force feed it to todays kids in schools-tv-magazines-everywheres. fags & dykes=abominations…God says so! and I too Agree 100%.

        • Any economy that requires over a trillion dollars in deficit spending year after year is not healthy. The trade imbalance makes this even worse.


        just a taste of what is coming to the entire world .


        GOT PHYZZ ?

        YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE 50% OF YOUR PURCHASING POWER / FIAT MONEY WEALTH / SAVINGS / 401K when this global finance collapse tidal wave hits AmeriKa shores .

        It’s gonna happen , they can’t stop it , the AmeriKan ZOG FEDGOV and privately owned FED RESERVES have gone past the PONR POINT OF NO RETURN with the AmeriKan Fiat Dollar , it’s a dead dollar walking .

        a $ AmeriKan Zombie Buck $ .

        I suggest you all take all of your EXTRA worthless fiat dollars not being used and BUY PHYZZ P.M.’S NOW !

        Try to buy local , it’s usually cheaper .


        • The Walking Dollar. An American Original

          The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

          • Stack ’em deep.
            Semper Fi

        • Good Advice.

        • And I suggest an alternative: Buy everything that you can afford NOW that you need to sustain yourself. PM is of no use when there is no food, clean water or ammo to be had at any price. There is a fixation with PM that parallels the “straight world’s” fixation with paper assets. In the long run, if you can’t find food, water and a way to keep the zombies out of your living room, you can have all the PM in Australia and you’re still dead.

          By the way, I bought my gold / silver in 2000 and have just sat on it. I have known you need PM for nearly 15 years but there are things we are going to need even worse than that. Every spare dollar I have now goes into prep, not PM. Just sayin’…

        • PM’s???? FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! BUY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • There is only one precious metal – Lead.

          • Food, motor oil, toilet paper and paper towels, over the counter medications, anto biotics-get them at a pet store so no prescription required, batteries, replace all lights that you can with LED type, have an off grid solar with a battery bank to run a small freezer and LED lighting. Also fertilizer and seeds for high food value veggies like carrots, beets, beans,potatoes,yams. Just a start.

        • what are “PHYZZP.M.’S”?

          • physical prime metals…gold,silver, etc

          • There won’t be any sudden financial collapse. We will just continue down the trail of debt for many more years to come. Our craptastic leaders continuing to kick the can down the road for our children to figure it out because they are too stupid, fat and rich off of our dime to really care.

            The only way we ever get out of this mess is to get rid of the elected position (it’s rigged by the way) and force the average joe/jane to be put into those positions for a period of time, not allowing them to be bought and sold like all of the politicians of today. You serve, you don’t like it, but you do it and then you go back to your life.

        • Why will usa banksters or fed reserve devalue us dollars by 1/2 when they Rely on getting 2 Billion$$ per day just for Intrest from usa govnt owes em?…Not to mention same banksters rely on 100 Million Mortgages and all the Intrest/usury for each home loan…Car loans school debt loans etc…

          So if they all a sudden devalue usa dollars by say 1/2 value, every loan payment Private and fed gov intrest Daily paid, is Now worth 1/2 only for banksters pockets?

          Example= Say you pay house paymnt of $500 per month. All a sudden while Your payment Remains same every month, bank earnings is cut in Half…And Your paperwork on Loan cant be changed if its fixed rate loan right…HOW do banksters gain in this event?(banks Lose big!)

          WHY would They cut Their own throats that way when They is who controls value and printing etc of money?

          Would YOU do such if You was Them?…NO!

          Why is it bad for america to Now get 50% MORE Oil from chaves and venisuala(?) for the SAME amount of us dollars we been paying for, untill they devalued Their cash?

          Also it dont make sense in the article, where it said Their Gov allows One dollar to be bought for 4.3 Bolivars…BUT Them people Rather buy dollars on Black market There for FOUR Times as much?!!!

          That makes zero sense..Why would anyone pay 4 times More from street black markets when their Own govnt charges 1/4th as many bolivars for one single dollar?

          Something aint right with this article eh?

          If I charge YOU 4 apples for One single Orange, why would You instead go buy the same single Orange from say, DK and Pay Him 4 times more? Whats best You pay 4 apples for a single orange?…OR instead You Pays 16+ apples for same?….Something aint Kosher there in article eh.

          • @A.M.
            The Central Banks have their fingers in every pie, either directly or indirectly. Controling by devaluation/inflation no matter how much money an entity may accumulate. The instinct is to move to the best preserver of wealth within ones means. So it is Dollars for Bolivars at any price. No reason only reaction. The real move is gold or silver at any price.

          • The banks sell the majority of their loans to the FED. They merely get paid for servicing the loan. They don’t lose anything.

        • BUY WHAT LOCAL??? when the fish are all dead , the crops rotted…….whatcha gonna buy……the game changer is the WEATHER choas and plate destabilization.

        • ATC: I found this Poem about your favorite zios!

          By: WhipCracker (at another website post)

          The Jew Truth

          The Jew is the expert at the game
          of lying and cheating and pointing the blame.
          Kicked from 100 countries plus
          The Jew justs screams, “It t’wasn’t us”
          “It was not we, we have no fault
          even though we hold the keys to the vault.
          Not only that, we control your schools,
          we treat the Goyim like nothing but fools.
          We start the wars, America ends them.
          U.S. is our b*t*h and maybe moresome.
          We murder children with white phosphorous rain,
          then cry ‘WE ARE THE VICTIMS’, again and again.
          As we rape, rob and steal all that is yours,
          your Constitutions and everything from shore to shores,
          We con you into believing we are something special;
          we even make you believe we are Gods holy vessel.
          When truth be known, from Khazar we came,
          and there is not a thing holy in a Jewish name.

          • Were you a guard at Dachau?? Get off your anti-Jewish rants and add something positive.

          • AM: Take the time to read Deuteronomy 28, and you will see what the curses of Disobedience to GOD done to the Jews.

            • Pale rider: I have read that, and also a good to read is Jeramiah especially chapters 29 thru 34(?) thats where God tells jeramiah the prophet to tell the jews of the southern kingdom of judah, that He, God, is NO longer their god and they are No longer His people or chozens etc. It goes into much detail as to why this happened.

              Bottom line is its 100% fault of them jews and none is Gods doing or fault. Stiff necked and stuborn people who refuse to Obey the covenant they agreed to with God back in the desert with Moses.

              After countless second chances finally God tells jeramiah its done-over-finished, and a New people(gentiles=Us) is who will become His people from a new covenant soon.

              Today is aprox 2000 yrs later and 99+% of them folks(jews) still has not changed. Stuborn-stiffnecked-Total rejection of Christ and the new covenant.

              Read Jeramiah its all in there. Thats probobly reason John Hagee and Pat Robertson never say much if anything about them chapters eh.

              As for the naysayers or name callers?…Its just too bad so many cling to wrong ideas when it comes to Bolsheviks and zionists. They too will wish they awoke once they are terrorized and killed off by, the very group they so love to defend with unquestionable loyalty, regardless how many facts and truths I or others provides them.

              Be Honest…How is it if a Gentile such as I am, posts for example a Direct Quote With the Name of a Jewsih Rabbi who is the Originator of said quote, it is Always the gentile(me or others) that posts the quote who gets called an Antisemite?

              Why isn’t the Rabbi who actually stated the said quote also an antisemite?…Why blame the messenger?

              Whats an semite anyways?…One sure thing it is NOT and that is a Khazer decendant. NO semite there at all.

              Just edomoite(Esau/turk)+Hun+Mongrel+Caucasion= 95+% todays jewsih folks.”semiteic”?…Not Hardley.

              It never ceases to amaze me as to how so many otherwise awoke folks can yet reject such easy to verify Truths when it comes to “certain” Taboo issues or subjects.

              I guess for many PC has done its job well. Liberalizim also. At some point probobly alot sooner than later even these difficult cases will surly awaken, I just hope they awaken sooner. They and We will benifit.

              • Good for you! Here’s another clue – Semetic jews have brown skin, like arabs. Khazar jews are white.

                Now folks, have you ever seen a brown skinned jew? Me either.

                • buzzard: it is actualy a little deeper than skin color. It goes way back to Noah’s Three sons. Eldest son being Shem. shemites=semites after word changes etc.

                  The bible lists the entire genology’s of the various ancient different tribes of people that came from each of his three sons. Shem-Japhet-Ham…..If you believe the biblical historic stuf then everybody who lived since After the flood era came from one of those three sons genes.

                  Ashkanazi(theres that nazi word again!) and Khazers did Not come from Shem, hence, they Aint “semites”…So it is an oxymoromic statement to call folks antisemites for speaking facts of jewsih folks. While usually the same people who call such names, Never call anyone an antisemite for speaking out fcats about for example “Arabs” who Are semitic!

                  Very strange eh..Or more likly a lifetime of PC kommie brainwashings to believe Lies.(that gets my vote).

          • Mysterio,
            You and your Jew hating. You make this site look like a bunch of loons hang out here. get over to the lefty sites where Jew hating is accepeted and encouraged. Last time I checked Pelousy, Kennedy, Reid, Durbin and a whole bunch of other elected bums were not Jews.

      6. Could this be connected to the massive Put Option that was enacted by someone earlier in the week?

          • Mac, I went to the link and read the article. Excuse me for being an ignorant idiot when it comes to market speak, could you please put what that says in average joe speak. Grin. Thanks

            • A “put option,” is a “bet” made by someone that a particular stock or asset is going to lose value by a certain date. The last significant one was made against airline stock right before nine eleven. This one was made against the entire US economy. Unusually large put options are a red flag to insider knowledge making a move. Its scale was 200 times normal trading in put options. Due date 25 April 2013.

              • Someone wrote of $11 Milllion put option wasnt it?…Mac says 2 million to win 10 million…Ok so how does either number whichever is correct, compare to the 5-10 Trillion Total $$$ traded Daily on avg?…

                It sounds alot like all the soros hype when a month ago soros sold off 110 million$$ to buy Gold with that money right…Yet compare soros sell off of 110 Million$$ to his $40-BILLION total net assets worth!

                In That context its like me or you got $1000 and we just spent .5 Cents for a cup of coffee. Thats not an earth shatering move.

                Neither is that put option compared to all traded value daily on all 3 main markets right.

                I recall I heard on msnbc stock tv shows awhile back that something like 87% of ALL stock trades Daily only stay stable for Less than 11 seconds, before are traded again and again and again…All done by very high speed computers trades…So a 10% loss in single day, will crash usa totally?…I do not believe that. Yeah some folks will lose and others gain…But total usa Crash? I aint buying that. Especially since todays markets is probobly Vastly hyped upwards by swindles daily.

                Whats it at now? aprox 14,000 Dow correct?…So one days loss of 1400= 12,600 and That causes usa to disintigrate or crash?….I do not know alot about stock markets…But I aint buying such mass panic over them numbers.

                • Perhaps the bidder realizes that the present strength of the stock market is because of QE, not sound fundamentals. The bidder spat out the Wall Street koolaid. And that IS scary news to those watching for imminent signs, because it pegs a date. I hear you Angelo, but it is now only the confidence in the dollar keeping it alive. And this shook it up good.

              • So it will have to happen at least two weeks before the expiration date and it will have to be a significant move. How far out of the money was the PUT and did they also buy a call as insurance.

          • Ah yes…the butterfly effect…may we have the strength and endurance of the Monarch…
            God help us all

            • Thats strange as MONARCH programming with reference to the butterfly is a ming control technique.

          • I tried to read and comprehend this article. Puts, calls, long, short, I don’t understand the flaky investor terms. I do understand tangibles. Going for more when Sams opens in a couple of hours. Thanks Mac for this article. I do appreciate the suggestions for prepping I find here, especially from women. Smokin’ Okie’s humor is a dose of good medicine.

          • Insiders are selling… good indication of what’s coming.
            A trader just bet on 100,000 PUT’s, for a general market crash by April 25…

            While the sweet words on the tongue coming from the media machine, keeps everybody ‘marrying and giving in marriage’, as it will soon turn to bitterness in the belly.

            Jim Willie has said for awhile that the dollar is being isolated by the Chinese, cut off and surrounded, replaced with Yuan swap contracts for a new barter system they’re setting up to bypass the SWIFT system.(the dollar based international trade settlement system)

            There are several stories of currency war, the dollar is being ABANDONED…

            Gold will become a new credit vehicle again, at least for those who have it.
            The PTB in America are in panic mode, who do you think are the best preppers on the planet?

            If the Arabs(Islam) says they will no longer accept dollars for oil, it… is… over…
            (Then those pushing fracking will be shown to be the desperate idiots they truly are.)

            Fiat money systems have never, EVER, survived for more than about 40 years… America defaulted on her gold standard in 1971, and the fiat dollar was born… a little over 40 years. Hmmm… history rhymes…

            We are surrounded by enemies, and enemies in the gates. The only way to survive an economic war and Earth change, is shared skills and logistics, to become producers again thru sharing skills, brother helping brother. The Golden rule must conquer the Rule of Gold laid down by the Head of Gold. The Remnant will be those who get it and repent of their love of money, the root of all evil. They must be willing to abandon The System, and relearn what true wealth means, it means Joy, this is going “into the wilderness”.

            My prediction was that the Arabs will demand one of two things for their oil… gold or national submission to Allah. The Caliphate begins as the black horse dies in the failure of money while the pale green horse mounts. If I was Islam, its what I would do to stick it to the Great Satan. Would this mean war, or submission? (Because the west has sold their gold…)Will The USA, the head of gold of the Babylon System, be ‘taken out’ by her enemies and replaced by a Global Beast? We shall see what time reveals, but the broad strokes are becoming visible for those with ‘eyes that see’.

            Obozo is not an idiot, he is a puppet, a False Prophet of globalism and coveting your stuff. He might even become The False Prophet, the black Caesar of the West, predicted in the Hadith of Islam. Jesus will not save you from the consequences of your own lukewarm apathy towards evil and your love of money, so money will be the Karmic bowl of our destruction. We laid down on the altar of God’s Liberty and took a nap, as we sewed the wind, we shall reap the whirlwind.

            Wake up, or die.
            Tick tock…

            PS: Msg to Angelo the Mystery man.
            The lesson of the Tens is about the ten lost tribes. The scriptures are about the tribes of Israel, all of them, not the ‘gentiles’. The Ten toes, Virgins and Horns, are the white people of the planet, the ten lost tribes in division of mind and emotions, iron vs clay. The ten virgins divided into prudence and apathy, the ten SHOFARS of the leaders of money who run the planet that sit upon the Head of the Beast.

            Period. The voice of mystery is the Mother of HarlotS. If she is the mother, then who are the daughters? If she is the Catholic, then the Protesters are the daughters. They ride the Beast of governments, to enforce submission to ‘Godly Authority’, that has turned unGodly, yet most of them are still blinded by their tax free silver, and they cling to the ‘safe interpretation’ of mystery.

            Your old interpretations of scriptures are long past their sell by date. The dark day of the Lord, is the darkness of the Rift that we now enter. I would pay attention to BI and JOG’s work as they chronicle the Earth change of the cycles of the Galaxy we ride. Their work is most important as we go forward into darkness and stress of minds. Feel the anxiety rise, for no reason, that is the dark Aether pressing down, like a splinter in your minds, as Sun, sky and Earth feels it too, the cause of the cycles, the magnetic manifestation of Pi.

            While this proceeds, the spiritual evolution is taking place because of the energy imbalance in the soul, and the great falling away from the churches continues, as a Godless science takes you away from the voice of MYSTERY, and you feel empty, burnt out, no Joy, an economic unit in a land of darkness listening to empty sermons from old dry bones. Know that the spirit is dimming in the darkness, as the love of many does wax cold. Go to your silent place, and feel the still small voice within, and your love within, and connect to the highest love to renew yourself, it is all that will save you from the madness that stalks in the darkness that comes. It will give you strength to carry on, and eventually to meet Him halfway as the hands of Justice on Earth; Justice Enhanced by Direct Intervention, Jedi. The Holy Joke must conquer the Dark Humor of the global conspiracy of the shofars.

            The Grail of Enoch and The Gnosis of Jesus is reborn, the Revelation is come, in the Unified Field of the God Calculus, what the Church calls ‘Forbidden knowledge’ or New Age ‘sorcery’, do not be deceived. The Knowledge was preserved by God Himself for this time, to reveal the Anti-Christ MYSTERY teachings of the Beast riding Churches. God loves Knowledge, not MYSTERY. Only Knowledge conquers Mystery and superstition. Enoch and The Christ taught, and the church destroyed most of it, calling it ‘Heretic’ and replaced it with blasphemy, the feel good doctrines of cheap grace, money and bloodshed that have destroyed society and taken people away from God by their hypocrisy. Nothing has changed in 1600 years of the Sword of Division, the fulfillment of Christs prophecy that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Who wielded that sword, God or man? Does God author confusion, doctrines and denominations of division that delivered us into evil? Learn The Way of Knowledge, and the Truth shall set you free.

            But, we shall all see, in time.
            The Piper of the Grail,
            plays a New Song, in the wilderness of Babylon,
            that a Chorus may sing,
            and the People dance,
            so the forests will echo with laughter.

            • Great work, brother. The Ancient Mysteries are real.

              • Piper: I’m not sure why you addresed that to me?…If its your answer to what I wrote a week or so ago?…All I can say is you sound as if you did a whole lots of LSD in your days.

                You keep saying the roman church, catholics and popes screwed up the bible verses etc. But still you use various Out of context “certain” biblical verses such as Mystery or sweet in mouth bitter in belly etc.

                You seem to think on one hand its all fake or wrong due to popes or various others conected to the catholic church. UNLESS You can fit it into Your Own interpretations as some type proof?

                Like Head of gold, that WAS the Balalonian Empire 3500 yrs ago aprox era. That was replaced by the chest of silver and so on for several more empires down thru the ages…ALL are GONE long ago.

                You are wrong that the bible is ONLY about tribes of isreal(12, not only 10 total). The NEW covenant=new testement(aka testimony of it) that replaced the orig salvation which was just for the 12 tribes of isreal. BUT it Bacame available for ALL persons regardless of race or territory or language or nation(ethnicity). It was a NEW covenant that included all folks if willing to believe(includeing jews, who refuse to convert or accept it due to talmude belief), all folks= GENTILES too.

                All your hokey ramblings and mambo-jambo secritive “code” for whatever you want it to mean is foolishness.

                Yes there is certain acurate Proven meanings on most of the bible…Some we still must wait to find out for ceratin. That head of gold crap you keep referencing is simply a Proven thing. It describes the several world ruleing empires of the Past. From Babalon(gold head) down to ROME empires (Two Legs) One(waist section?)) was Alexander the Greats empire. In book of Danial it says something of that King died(alexander the great) and his kingdon was split into FOUR seperate kingdoms…Yes histroy Proves that did happen.

                Yet You “Imagiane” you are some prophetic “piper” playing an imagianry Flute or saxaphone or???…And Your tune is what we all need tune into because…Well I guess because You have a desire to be some type leader or prophetic voice?….Sorry but IMHO your ramblings sound alot more like FALSE prophets and FALSE teachers we was Warned about many times in various verses.

                I do not say that in a mean way. Just as what it sounds like to me(probobly many other believers also I’d think).

                NOBODY can take whatever parts that suit Them and discard the rest of bible and expect to be taken seriously Piper. Not by Me anyways.

                Hey you got every right to believe whatever you care to…But you never will convince me that you actually know what you speak of. My right to believe what I want is that to me You fit false teacher and new-ager-earth worship-astrology witchcraft-Fantasy nonsense.

                No offence intended. But if ever a person needed reproof and rebuke based upon their “Teachings” to Others(like you try to do here) You fit that 100% far as I am concerned. And for Real christians thats what we supposed to do…Reprove and rebuke phony stuff like you write about God and the Holy Spirit (You cal Him the Holy Joke).

                When you stand before the Lord I do not think then you will still think a “Joke” Piper.

                And if you want to re-write the entire bible?..Go for it! but count me out as far as buying any copies of it.

                If you were to ask me what You outta do?…I’d tell you…Pray sincerally and ask God to Give You the Holy Spirit so He dwells within you, and so that He will Guide you into WISDOM(knowledge is ok but without wisdom not so swell for true meaning of bible verses) and Show You the Truth as I and many others has done…Because it does Work Piper…It really does. And it is something Personal a person must do and learn of on their own.

                But once done and if God grants you the indwelling of His Holy Spirit…Then you too will Know how valid it all is Piper.

                Unlike what many pastors today teach(wrongly), what I said of the indwelling spirit within a person etc…THAT IS what the verses meant by “I will make a New Covenant with a NEW people(gentiles) and I will write My(Gods) truth on their Hearts and place it into their Minds..AND I(God) Will LIVE IN and Walk amoung/with My people”

                Thats not some future thing as pastors today say Piper, as some event yet to come…It began to be fullfilled back at Pentacost Day when first the apostles were filled with Gods Spirit…Then over 3000 More folks who listened to the apostles Speak truth to them Outside the Upper Room they came out from that day..Many TV preachers and others too say they are still awaiting another OutPouring of Gods Spirit. Why?…Did the First outpouring in the upper room for the apostles, and then ALL other belevers ever since, wear out?…Or did it Run dry? so pastors today look for another “outpouring”?…No, Gods Spirit never runs dry not loses its power etc…Them pastors today are simply wrong and of course look who teaches Them pastors at seminaries today…A bunch of jew Rabbi’s professors!!…Rabbi’s with a Vested intrest to teach Wrong things so as to destroy christianity, since Their Talmud teaches jews and rabbi’s that christians are their worst enemys and must be exterminated, before jews can rule as a Master race of world rulers and Owners of entire world etc!…Most pastors today learned from them types and many have their own prsonal rabbi to “assist” their sunday services!…aka “jewdeo-christian-zioinsts”!

                If ever existed a true Oxymoron?…Thats top of list of oxymoronic. Both are exact Opposites!…I guess when pastors worship mammon(money) like so many do today, its easy to also worship Jews eh. Anyways as I was saying about the Holy Spirit indwelling christians.

                Ever since that day 2000 yrs ago is when God began to fullfill His promice to LIVE amoung and Walk with His people of Gods New Covenant…And ONLY one conevant is at work, Ours, the Elect Christianity folks worldwide who Are spirit filled BY Gods Spirit.

                It says in the bible that ONLY spirit filled true believers can or will understand the bible and Especially the 1/3rd which refers to Prophecy stuff…To ALL Others(unbelievers, jews that rejct Christ etc) the word of God aka Bible will remain Folly and not be understood by them.

                I kinda think Piper may still be in That group eh…So go ahead try my suggestion of pray for Gods spiritual indwelling and Guidence Piper…

            • Chavez has 344 tons of GOLD!…….

            • @Piper Michael,
              Sorry to piss you, and all the other readers here, off but do this: go and do a word search on insiders selling. What you will see is that ZeroHedge and other sites have been weeping and gnashing their keyboards over this for months. In other words there is nothing to see here. Same stuff a different day. Meanwhile the stock market has been climing in spite of all of the supposed insider trading.

              • The only thing keeping the market up is the TARP money from the latest stimulus. There is no volume and very little retail investing/buying. Not a sign of a strong market, all they are doing is covering for Ombama as most people think a high stock market must mean the economy is doing great. We shall see.

      7. Barry the Obaminator wanna be Red Commie Traitor Dicktator

        ask’s “Once Free” AmeriKan tax debt slave’s across America …

        ” Would you shoot U.N. ZOG FEDGOV DHS FEMA GESTAPO BLACK JACK BOOTED TRAITOR LAW DAWGS during CIA MOSSAD domestic black ops Financial Collapse False-Fag induced Nation Wide Martial Law ?”

        green thumb up —> yes


        red thumb down —> no

        ;0P pssszzt


        • Obama to Top Brass- “Will you fire on American Citizens”?

          Great interview and educational video of what is coming to America , barry the cia zion puppet prez is definitely going to seriously destroy America over these next 4 years turn it into a BIG UGLY POOR HUNGRY RED WHITE AND BLUE COMMIE GULAG PRISON .


          • I keep hearing this, but the proof is always someone who knows someone said…. I am going to stay neutral on this one. It may be true, it may not

              • @AtC… Fraid your right bout that! % ??. I went to PI right after highschoole @ 17, then to ITS @ Pendleton. M-60 Mg 81-88. Cant remember sure but at somepoint after getting out I come to realize that if had I been given orders to fire on civilians I would have probly done that. Most military are late teens or early 20s and speaking for myself I was very impressionable but probly many others regardless of branch are as well. That is one of my concerns as well.

                U know. I havent seen/heard many or any military recruitment adds lately. Radio, Billboards, TV. Maybe Just not regeresting that right now. ANYONE ELSE NOTICE.

                The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

                • You know GDawg you are right. Zero-Zip on the recruiting front. Woinder who all those bullets Homeland Security are to be used by? Blue Helmets? I would not think so but???

                • By this time next year I would not be surprised to see four carrier battle groups gone and the rest of the military cut by half. Obama has already made clear he intends to get rid of the nuclear arsenal. He is also scrapping the TARS radar system on the Southern border. Throw in an amnesty and open borders plus greatly increased numbers for legal immigrants and within two years the US will be pretty much gone.

              • And 100% of armed Americans will shoot back.

              • They wouldn’t last 2 seconds against an American insurgency and they wouldn’t last 1 second against their fellow Marines. Please cut the crap with the fantasy fear-mongering.


              • And the other 75% will put on their linsey-woolsey of the Patriot, M1 in tow.

              • “25% of Marines will shoot AMERICANS”

                Then 25% of Marines will be shot at (and killed) by said AMERICANS.

                • You guys are real idiots. Marines are the biggest Patriots in the country and the greatest threat to a Rogue Administration. It will be Marines that stand between you and the NWO.

                  You are obviously NOT veterans. You are obviously, DUMBFUCKS!

                  • I luv Marines. They, KILL…

              • Well, lets shoot 25% of the Marines. Preferable the one’s that were gate guards at the Naval bases. They always wanted to rough up, a poor old Sailor when he came back to base after a hard night of drinking. Of course that was the only time they could whip a Sailor. Just kidding, I truly Love all of our military men. Trekker Out.

                • Went to a dinner at the VFW on veterans day. And an old Army Vet who is in his nineties, said he still didn’t like Sailors, because they took him on a cruise in the 40’s and dumped him on a beach, and then did’nt come back and get him for 3 years. Trekker Out.

                • I remember those days. Coming back one night in a jeepney packed with sailors and Marines one of the guys who had forgot his green ID card folded up a dollar bill so it looked a little like an ID. He got away with it.

              • Gee—-70 whole views in almost two months… yeah…this fool is credible…
                HOWEVER,,,,,,,,,,,,, if I were a marine, upon severe civel unrest ala Rodney King riots, I would fire on them.

                • You had me at “if i WERE a Marine”

              • Not going to happen. Unless of course they replace them with their hand picked thugs.

            • @Jim(another Jim)

              good luck with that .

              • I just meant neutral on whether I believed it was that black and white. Do I know some armed service people will fire on americans. Oh yeah, I have no doubt about it. Will I return fire. Oh yeah

                • ;0)

          • I have a hard time believing that real Americans would go along with killing American Patriots,
            My hope is that the orders will be given, and these organizations will turn on the political machine,
            I know many in the military will NOT kill Americans, its one thing blowing the shit out of some dickhead who went off the deep end and is hiding in Yemen or somewhere like that trying to plan ways to strike terror into US citizens, but I really have a hard time believeing that all these people in the DHS and other groups would turn on us,, I am 100% sure that the top level will, these guys and gals are a bunch of egocentric hand picked puppets for the administration and political machine, but the rank and file guys, I would bet they will hear the orders, shake their heads like they didnt really hear it right and ask for confirmation, then when facing the people who look like their own friends and family they will turn on the ones giving the orders,,,
            This is going to be interesting,
            Fucked up but interesting,
            the reality is that the entire top level of our government needs to be purged, every single person holding a public office needs to be removed and banned from holding office ever again, ALL of the people working for the federal or state governments need to be re processed, in tha tperhaps we dont need to have so many millions of people on the payroll,,,, its gotten way out of hand, and it needs to be completely scrapped and restarted, a financial collapse is the perfect chance to do that, but it wont be easy, and it wont be pretty,
            PREP, PLAN, look inside of yourself

            • Kent State, COINTELPRO, the Church hearings.

            • ;0P sigh… sticking your head into a hole in the ground ignoring what is happening here and globally wont magically save you .

              LISTEN TO ME not for yourself , but for all the billions of children babies and unborns waiting the world over to be born into our greed driven twisted poisoned world .


              One way or Another the PTB BANKER POWERS THAT BE are going to kill off 90% of the world population … America must fall for the nwo one world government to rise to global supreme power .

              my two word retort :

              “yellow cake” ; and then millions of iraqi’s were slaughtered by amerika and still are to this day dying at the hands of amerikan cia israel jew mossad agent provocateurs .

              one word :

              monsanto ; genetically poisoned sterilizing dna altering disease causing franken foods

              another one word :

              bayer ; deliberately poisoned franken eugenics big pharma medicines

              etc etc …

              most of the medicines foods liquids even municipal water supplies of today is are knowingly poisoned by the very people who are selling it to you for profit , it just goes on and on …

              cancer aids autism are all man made diseases

              So if they can not kill you by trickery , false-fag wars , or direct police confrontation , where you are able to physically resist their plans or can fight them face to face exposing their global eugenics de-population agenda then they will just continue their present in place eugenics population death programs .

              they will kill you by indirect global war disease starvation poisoned genetically altered designed deadly eugenics social medicine foods water deadly aerial spraying AND YOU WILL and do presently PAY THEM $$$ TO DO IT .


              please everyone wake up !!!

              you all must become your own Savior’s and try to educate help those who can’t help themselves .

              humanity needs each and everyone one of you to become your own personal Super Man / Super Woman .

              or all of humanity is doomed the world over .


              • That’s right, after-the-collapse. The other day, I was at bus station and this guy and I were talking about gun confiscation. I let him have his say (like others, he thought they were just going after one gun, etc.) Then I told him the facts– quoted Alex Jones, etc. In the end, he said I was right, that he hadn’t thought about that. Basically, if you change just one person’s mind, they will change others, etc. etc.

                If people would just destroy the TV’s we wouldn’t have all these problems. It’s the tv propaganda machine that is doing us in.

                • grasshopper: Yes tv is propgand machine crap. BUT…Its also good After you awaken to it all to watch at least parts of it to keep abrest of what Their evil plans are and how the plans are changing etc.

                  Once you teach others how to recognize the MSM and hollywood tv show propagandas then they never again watch tv the same. Then we/they can spot it as fast as its spewed out at us. How can we know what the enemys up to if we totally tune it out?

            • If history is any indicator then the worst of the worst will rise to the top after a collapse. Just the way it is.

          • After the SCANDAL of this Mad Crazy Cop and his manifesto …..well…uniformed groups are being poised to confront civilians…..thru a race war…..can’t you just smell it like the burning bodies at 9/11….a smell i will never forget.

      8. Yes……..I think we have a VERY big problem brewing here people. I STRONGLY urge everyone to BATTON DOWN THE HATCHES if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean….god help you.

        • I’m gonna leave a hatch open just so I can watch.

          • I had to crack a hatch cuz my dog ate beans…

            • I had to eat the dog because I forgot where I hid my preps,,,,

              • is the cat next?

                • yeah, @ China Buffet( aka The Kitty Palace)

                  • They call it manapua, is a doughy roll with some sort of sweetsour mystery meat in it

        • There is no USFS Shield logo on the signs, looks like a fake to me. The only ‘surveilance’ USFS did where I worked was game cameras to spot the animal here and there, and at trailheads subject to car break-ins.


            John (a pseudonym) was contracted by DHS to “fill in caves, mines and block trails”. Now these measures are being stepped up, as independent contractors are being brought to mountainous regions and told to block all entrances into the mountains, by way of caves and other areas where people could possibly “hide out in the hills” during a riot situation under declaration of martial law.

            Forested areas in states like Montana, Missouri and Arkansas are being closed to the public while military activity is being witnessed by locals. Those commercially contracted civilians working in these areas are allocated parallel shifts and compartmentalized projects to provide for an intelligence controlled operation.

            One informant relayed an incident where he was detained on a forest road by unidentified “paramilitary” officials that seized his rifle from the rack on the back of his vehicle.

            Another source said that while traveling in a national forest park, he and his party were met by what appeared to be a military police officer who demanded that they turn back.

            Residents in Pine Mountain, Georgia and Spruce Mountain, Nevada have had confrontations with US armed forces. When travelling in public national forested areas, military police with “automatic weapons” say that locals cannot gather wood in surrounding forested spaces (as they have traditionally done for decades). One man in particular had his rifle forcibly confiscated by unidentified armed men.

            On dirt roads leading to the Lassen National Forest reserve, paving is being laid over the gravel roads. The locals know that secret underground drilling or tunneling is being conducted. Whenever they enter the park, they are quickly escorted out by heavily armed and quite menacing persons. Even once abandoned logging roads are beginning to see activity again.

            Susanne Posel
            Occupy Corporatism

            • Sounds like an excellent opportunity to do some “sniping” 🙂

            • Back the fuck away from the crack pipe, ATC.

        • I read this months ago–and I wondered why is this being watched and by whom??
          Then, it hit me–insurgents??? bug outers??

          • @JayJay … Respect . The Feds Don’t Want You in the National Parks for a Reason – ELITE BUNKERS ARE THERE .

            u.n. agenda 21 and dhs fedgov elite bugout bunkers in the national woods forests parks

            The reason some of the American National Parks and Forests are being cordoned off and have armed guards is that they are designated bug-out locations for the american civilian elite military and federal government , they have and are building more camps and bunkers there for the elite insiders ptb to flee to when the cities collapse under martial law . u.n. agenda 21 .

            so all you preppers and patriots planning to bug-out into the national park forest systems across america during a shtf event , might want to tread lightly once there or you might just stumble upon a red commie zog fedgov dhs bunker complex or two there and gestapo u.n. troops guarding the nations elite hiding in the woods with you .

            if you plan bugging out to the woods , check the area your planing to bug-out to frequently for recent heavy activity and new perimeter fences gates paved road and camps . also look for vent sheds a/c exhaust units SMALL CEMENT BLOCK BUILDING WITH LARGE EXHAUST FANS for d.u.m.b.’s deep under ground military bases or under ground bunkers .

            these complexes are being built in remote locations by the zog fedgov dhs all across america in preparation for what they know is coming – the collapse .

            tread lightly when bugging out to the national woods and forests or you might just end up in camp fema or worse .


            • In light of this, I suggest that we spend a few relxing hours using Google Earth to take a look at the national parks and BLM lands, and even certain states’ parks (NY, NJ, and California, clearly, since they’re early on aligning themselves with the elites’ plans). If we see something of interest, post about it — and if we see areas that are blocked out or deliberately distorted, post about it. This way we might gather some ultimately valuable intel.

              • That’s “relaxing,” not “relxing.” Relxing is painful and messy and I would never recommend it to anyone 😉

            • Nina…theres more truth to that than some want to admit…I think its been going on for quite a while…I got into one of the those sites (I believe) back in the 80s…I pulled into a strange little place in the middle of a NF looking for a phone…several persons appeared out of no where in white coats looking like labworkers…I got a wierd feeling almost as immediatly they surrounded my truck…I told my uncle to lock his door and I did mine too but still had window down…they were asking all kinds of questions as to who I was and how I found the place…I had simply driven in…I was driving a 74 IH 4×4 and already had the hubs locked…my plates were covered in mud and I refused to identify myself or show any…decided to vacate immediatly…told Unc to hang on tight ,slammed her into reverse and watched them whitecoats scatter,took her up over a small earthen wall they had there behind me then went forward and out the gate before they got it closed…ran the old backway outta there like a scalded cat…Ive not gone back in there…dont know I could find it again anyhow but found out later from someone I trust that we were lucky to get outta there…we did have a coupla 12 gauges if we’d needed them…so ya they are up to BS even in the eastern usa where this happened. “Live free or die tryin”

            • Elite marijuana plantations is more like it.

      9. My question is what the hell happens if there is a civil war and chemical/ biological weapons/ radioactive material goes missing? That could be SHTF right there folks. Especially with the radioactive materials. We all know Chavez has been after nukes for years. Even if he doesn’t have the ability to detonate, stolen material could still be used in a dirty bomb. If that bomb went off in the heart of NYC’s financial district we’ll he up a creek without a
        paddle. Or in this case the paddle will be jammed up our ass courtesy of Al-Qaeda!

        • “”” If that bomb went off in the heart of NYC’s financial district we’ll be up a creek without a paddle.”””

          No, actually we would have won a great battle and taken a giant step forward towards the re-institution of freedom and Law.

          • Upon further consideration I am inclined to agree that it would be better in the long term, but would be pretty painful trying to get your 401ks which I’m sure even some preppershave. Also, getting to your deposits, contacting your insurance company, etc. Would be a massive pain in the ass. Oh well I guess sometimes it’s better to take the bandage off quick, maybe they’ll kill all the flash mobs. 😀

          • GC, wish I could give you 100 green thumbs on that one.

        • AL~CIAda you mean. Be more worried of the Nuclear Plants shutting down & going into meltdowns from just a power outage….the whole Northeast will be F*&^%$!

        • Btw guys what is so offensive about my post that I’m being thumbed down? Not mad just curious.

      10. I am sitting here in the middle of the night (3:00 AM) here in N. California because I woke up worried about what I have seen and heard in the last week. California gun laws going beserk. Half of our U.S. Aicraft Carriers sitting in port, one because there is no money to refuel it. The rest??? Indiana or Ilinois talking about thiere own gold backed currency? Chicago Police demanding a 12% raise. Yow! These are major signs of it getting ugly.

        It has only taken one guy in S. Calif. to practicaly shut down the L.A. Police Department. It would appear that our system of checks and balances are failing and the collapse is immenient.

        In the morning my preps, maybe final, are going ballistic. I hope I am wrong and I hope it drags out a little longer to make things better in my preperations but I got a real bad feeling.

        • there are 5 states “talking” about starting their own currency and Utah already has a law in place.

        • Calm down High , we have been down this road dozens of times in 5 years

          • Thumbs up Rich 99. Glad to see your back in the saddle.

        • Off. Chris of the LAPD should be an object lesson to all the limp wrists who scream we have no chance in any armed resistance to the POS PTB. One man who is trained and determined has brought not a department, not a city, not a state but two countries into a fire fight. ONE FREAKIN’ GUY. You mean to tell me if 10,000,000 patriots train their guns–and assorted other toys–on the tyrant we are defenseless.

          I CALL TOTAL BS. Don’t buy into it, don’t believe it and don’t take that defeatist attitude. If you want the world your children and grandchildren to grow up in to be one of justice and peace, get right with your God/conscience and decide you life will count for something if you need to take that path. NONE of us wish to do that, SOME of us will obey the call of duty.

          • Just a thought. I was just wondering how many police, swat teams, National Guard members, Marines and soldiers, and not to mention U.N. troops are willing to put their life’s at risk trying to disarm good law abiding American citizens whom they never met and know absolutely nothing about.Do they really think that Americans are just going to crawl into a corner and submit to this fascist bullshit.They are going to be met with a hail of lead.Yes they may kill plenty of us law abiding citizens but in the process they will suffer many causalities themselves. And then when they see their team members lying dead on the ground they will start saying to themselves is my life worth this bullshit.Just a thought.

            • Most NATO countries won’t even send troops to Afghanistan to serve meals or repair trucks.

              USSR did not have “diversity” like USA

              We will choke on it.

        • Howdy BigB,

          Add Virginia to that list,legislating to establish thier own currency (G-Backed)…as of yersterday. 🙁

          • Hey back at ya JOG.

            This is all starting to look a lot like the USSR right after they pulled out of Afganastan. Ships went into port to rot, states seceeding from the union, hyper-inflation and a breakdown in social services such as mail, health care and the list goes on.

            Big difference being that they did not have as many people on state funded welfare or unemployment nor was the housing situation any thing like we have. Not good, not good at all.

            • BigB, I was wondering what you Californians were doing regards the old bitch, Frankenstein’s gun ban. Isn’t this called treason– to outlaw the constitution? Why are you’ll not calling for a ban on her? (Get her removed from office, etc.) Also, are you’ll going along with this unconstitutional b.s.? Just wondering… thanks. (Good Luck).

              • @ Grasshopper. Not giving an inch. The line was drawn in the sand many months ago. It will be the end of the political system before it is even attempted to enforce. I bet right now a couple of slingshots and one good pellet rifle could bring down this state.

            • Food stamp lines 17,000 miles long, in columns of two.

        • BigB, I was wondering what you Californians were doing regards the old bitch, Frankenstein’s gun ban. Isn’t this called treason– to outlaw the constitution? Why are you’ll not calling for a ban on her? (Get her removed from office, etc.) Also, are you’ll going along with this unconstitutional b.s.? Just wondering… thanks. (Good Luck).

        • Welcome to the sleep deprived party Big B. I am the same way. Some of my best ideas though have come in the wee hours of the morning. We can sleep when we die.

        • No money for the Navy and its ships because it is being spent on EBT cards, etc. You can’t always have guns and butter.

        • I worry about N. California..I have a small person there and I worry alot. Everyone, lets remember that too many of us have family members in other parts of the country. I know we don’t like to get too detailed, but to know whats happening all over helps us all get ready to help our families too..or when to expect them to show up at our door!

      11. GOOD! I’m so past ready to retire anyhow.

      12. time to take a 50% loan from my 403B and buy more tangibles….

      13. Thanks for posting this Mac. The online media-propaganda keeps churning out ‘recovery’ nonsense while real data shows otherwise. They’ve been working overtime lately, churning the b.s. It’s gotten crazier and crazier lately. I’m mindful that the recent Wall St euphoria is reminiscent of the 2008 euphoria. Last week’s 100K put options on the financial ETFs is a better indicator than the media-propaganda spin. Now the Chavez devaluation?

        Glad I haven’t submitted my order for the #10s yet…..Please folks, prep til it hurts.

      14. The currency wars are on.Thank your favorite banker Ben Shalom Bernanke for this. He is devaluing the FRN at the rate of over 1 trillion dollars a year. The rest of the world central banks are following his lead. Watch the value of your FRNs sink at the rate of 8 to 10% a year. Like AtC says “Got PHYZZ?”.Don’t believe the 2% inflation rate claimed by the BLS. Just look at the price of food and fuel. The things people actually need to survive. I saw the “new” boxes of Hamburger Helper in the store. Now in 3 serving sizes at the same price. Hell, two of us ( and the dog) could eat a REGULAR box no problem. This is inflation too. Just disguised as “more convenient” portions. I predict the price of gas to get to $5.00 a gallon this year. High fuel prices and inflation guarantee the economy will not recover. Some may see things differently, but I have become a pessimist on the economy since 2008.

      15. Anytime a government freezes prices one thing generally happens. People take their products and hide them until after the monetary emergency eases, before then the government shows up and either forces sales at gunpoint or confiscates said products. This forces merchants to take huge losses. It bothers me that these small countries will get the blame for any loss in control of inflation, but the US, Japan, Europe etc.. pulled the trigger on the money printing policy, effectively forcing these countries to find a way to stay afloat by any means necessary, the war on / for money started a long time ago. We’ve been warned by several oil producing countries to stop devaluing our own currency. This news really only bodes well for silver and gold bugs.

        • Price freezes don’t work. I saw Nixon in August of 1971 order a wage and price freeze. I went to work at the hardware store the next morning. The owner’s wife was marking up every price she could before opening time. She was probably there soon after the speech. Some of the stuff she was marking up was years old, so the store was making out good inflating the prices without having to increase wages. I was making $1.65 per hour.

      16. Think also about how the people in MA, CT and RI reacted when their dictatorial governors declared a state of emergency in unprecedented terms to a snow storm….i.e. martial law!?!?! They and the mainstream media were praising the moves as the only means to ensure safety and security for the people…..just another example of tyrannical rule being implemented in stages. I never thought I’d live to see the day…..and yet here it is staring me in the face.

      17. It’s amazing how stupid people can be. This isn’t Argentina’s first time at the dance with socialism. This has happened a few times before and the outcome has always been the same: inflation followed by price controls, followed by socio-political instability, followed by a serious devaluation of the national currency, followed by a giant surge in the black market, and finally by total/almost total breakdown. Once it even led to a military coup that also ended badly after the Falklan’s War with Britain. It’s like ‘Cool Hand Luke’, “What we got here is failure to communicate…some men you just can’t reach..” Well, that’s Argentina. And now it’s also spread to Venezuela which run by that fat little dictator with cancer. Stupidity is like a virus, it spreads and destroys.

      18. As I am sure most people know in here this is going to happen everywhere. All of the fiat currencies have to crash in orer to bring in the new world order and the cashless society. this is going to happen to all countries, however when it does happen to the USA dollar the cashless society will be coming in so fast you wont have time to blink. As I read above gold and silver will be good, but that will only be good for a short term. So use your metals to get all of your other preps when they max out in price. If you keep up with things you will know when the time is right for that. You know use it for essentials like food, water, guns, ammo, seeds etc. Above all else use your God given wisdom and trust in the Lord. Make sure you are right with God because when this house of cards falls things are going to get very dark. God Bless ya’ll and keep the faith

      19. So off topic, but; Wow, this Chris Dorner story in Cali is fascinating.
        With the obligitory ” I don’t agree with the killing”, the LAPD seems to certainly have their hands full. Watching how this unfolds will certainly be a learning experience.
        Wonder how the PD feels being they prey??
        And blasting those vehicles with innocents.WTF??

        If one had a grudge, with the LAPD, acting on it now would really stir the pot. Is it Dorner? He’s everywhere. Copycat?? Just thoughts for a novel I am thinking of writing.

        • I wonder how many people will notice that the Clown Suit Brigade is responsible for far more disruption/destruction than
          the alleged actions of their intended target?
          We do indeed live in interesting times.

        • Rick:)
          I’m thinking this is merely another
          False Flag Training Exercise, not unlike
          the recent urban warfare trainings they had
          in Florida and Texas.

      20. Over at EconomicCollapse dot com, read the 2 latest articles….sums things up rather well:

        Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon?
        Watch The Financial Markets In Europe

      21. Top US states people are leaving

        At No. 1, New Jersey has the highest ratio of people moving out compared to those moving in. Of the 6,300 total moves tracked in the state last year, 62% were outbound.
        In fact, most of the top-10 states people are leaving are located in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, including Illinois (60%), New York (58%), Michigan (58%), Maine (56%), Connecticut (56%) and Wisconsin (55%).

        here are the top 5

        No. 1: New Jersey
        Percentage of outbound moves in 2012: 62.3%
        Number of exits tracked: 3,925

        No. 2: Illinois
        Percentage of outbound moves in 2012: 59.5%
        Number of exits tracked: 5,931

        No. 3: West Virginia
        Percentage of outbound moves in 2012: 57.9%
        Number of exits tracked: 418

        No. 4: New York
        Percentage of outbound moves in 2012: 57.7%
        Number of exits tracked: 5,441

        No. 5: New Mexico
        Percentage of outbound moves in 2012: 57.6%
        Number of exits tracked: 1,313

        • 6. Michigan
          7. Connecticut
          8. Maine
          9. Kentucky
          10. Wisconsin

      22. When Their Lies Fail.. Leaders like Obama And Sadam Always Turn On Their Own People
        In case you have been asleep every minute of the day. Instead of looking at the stress that comes from the typical Manipulating Marxist President fighting big business, causing a failing economy, drug use, the rise of slave wages, homelessness, unemployment and crushing debt for college grads and his promotion of hate and racism. Our lame stream media is targeting Militia, Those Crazy Veterans and Gun Owners as scapegoats for civil unrest. Just Warning you most Militia Groups are full of yuppies with shinny guns, undercover cops,FBI flunkies, and scared rabbits. All you have to do is take a long look at the Oathkeepers or “Oathbreaker” as I call them. All they do is cry over corpses, offer prepping supplies and offer widows useless legal representation. Non of these are much use to you, you will find when stuff really happens. I would think twice about this with a Manipulating Marxist Muslim like President Obama in power. With Soros and Obama funding and supporting groups like Ready Reserve Corp, Occupy, La Raza, Anarchists, Black Panthers and Moving On. And also with Obama using groups like “Al CIA-Duh” to start Coup de tats all over the Middle East and Africa to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. I think it would be easy to conclude by the Lame Stream News lately Obama is just hoping for those evil Republican Militia groups and Ex Military gun owner people to start something. As it is I think that we all know what he is setting up. To quote a Panther that recently threatened a gun show vendor for not selling him some ammo “A Revolution Is Coming And Rednecks Like You Are On The Top Off Our List To Be Grabbed Off The Street, Thrown In A Van And Die With A Bag Over Your Head”. His answer to the Panther was bring ATF, so I can have some fun. The not so funny thing is people like this punk Panther become part of a government when Marxists like Lenin, Soros or Obama are in power. So be sure you know what your getting into before you think about joining a Militia and end up a Scapegoat, For Obama’s obvious Lenin style Coup de tat agenda he has planed for America. People Forget A Convenient Power Grab Of Obama’s The NDAA Was Created And Signed After Soros Started Supporting The Occupy Movement Protests. Another Very Convenient Power Grab Is The Gun Grab. Everyone Knows The Next Convenient Power Grab Will Be Obama’s Coup De Tat Against “The Evil White Republican Uprising” Making Obama A Dictator. The same old game Obama has been pulling all over the middle east for the Muslim Brotherhood for years..
        My low cost recommendation is community outreach programs like Neighborhood Watch, Community Gardens, Bartering, Buying Tax Free, Boycotting Banks & The Dollar, Fruit Tree Food Programs And Ammo Up.. Marxists like Obama and Soros hate all of these things because they squash Ignorance, Separation, Racism or Thieving Oppressive Bureaucratic Governments like ours. Also I would not waste my time with our money hungry Political Parties they deserve nothing after the Patriot Act, NDAA, Gun Grab and Indiscriminate Drone Strikes Without Due Process In America . People should know by now after the Bush and Obama bail outs and all this that both parties need to be replaced.

        P.S. All This Just Proves Lowlifes Like Obama And Sadam Always Turn On Their Own People When The Lies Fail..
        Scapegoats can be Tsotsi, Kurdish, Militia, Wide Nose, Narrow Nose, Christian, Veterans, Gun Owners or Repubican.

        Chaves is just getting it going in his country because he knows whats coming..these are indications to us all if we awake to them and watch and react to thier moves.

        Its high time to shut down this party before its too late

        No one should ever stand back as any of us are hauled in under a NDAA strike..None of us should stand mute when they know a fellow survivalist is in the radar, none of us should just sit back and watch this unfold, and say its not coming for me..because you’d be is coming for you, just wait your turn if you dont want to stand up for your fellow man now..than you wont ever get the chance and he wont have the chance to stand up for you. Only we the people can shut this shit down

        • Barry Soetoro is just a step-n-fetchit for the PTB; you give him too much credit. Hell, he’s never had a real job; just a street smart, arrogant “community organizer”.

      23. Does anybody hear that?

        Is that thunder in the distance?

        • Thats the sound of Libertys sons and daughters…cowboys,hippies,rebels and yanks all POed and loaded up…we’re comming for you PTB…be afraid,be very afraid 🙂

          • Mount up.

      24. I was remodeling an old house once. The inside of the walls were stuffed with newspapers for insulation as was common in older days.

        One newspaper in particular was from October of 1941.
        The headline was laid out in very large bold print and
        read– “NO NEARER WAR-FDR!”.

        I gotta tell ya folks, They have been “schmoozing” us for
        a very long time.


        I’m not worried about a successful gun confiscation program in America. I just don’t know if enough Americans will have the guts to shoot government thugs. THAT is the only relevant question regarding future gun control.

        I hate to throw a somber bombshell into this festive gathering of patriotic people of good will, but life is too short to be sweet. With the matter of catastrophe facing our county, we have a terrible alternative now. We actually have two alternatives. We can say: “Hail, Caesar, we who are about to die salute you.” Or we can say what John Quincy said in the first Congress: “One day we free men will have to exit. It is inevitable but whosever, whenever, or however we go down, we’ll exit as free men.”

        How did we arrive at this disastrous hour in time? WE ALL CHICKENED OUT!

        Is there any HOPE? Well, only a little and I’m afraid that few men will take advantage of it. ONE: Challenge your government and, if you suffer for it, to HELL with sweet peace. TWO: Fight Gun Control! It is your right to bear arms under the Constitution but the tyrants want to take away your arms so you won’t be able to offer any resistance to bayonets!

        Gentlemen, you can restore your dead Republic. Be again the masters of your government, or will you meekly say: “Hail, Caesar, we who are about to die salute you.”

        Don’t worry that they’ll get your guns. WORRY that you might not have the GUTS to use them. Will you let Federal Barbarians storm your neighborhood, breaking doors down, or will everybody on your block rain a torrent of COPPER-JACKETED lead on these thugs? It’s about to hit the fan- will you be courageous?

        If you can’t imagine defending your rights and your property and your family against the Government, then sell your guns to a real man. Give up your guns now and spare yourself the embarrassment later.

        The 2nd Amendment is for MEN—not hobbyists!


        • PR– Are you kidding? You don’t know if
          Americans will have the courage to fire on government thugs who come to disarm us? After all the crap they keep throwing at us, over and over again? I think maybe Americans are itching at the prospect! The only thing is– don’t try to go it alone– it will be fatal and unproductive. You need to get together in groups– small groups. Read Rawles book, “The Patriot”. He gives good, detailed instructions. (Ex-military guy). the story of his book may not be all you’d desire– but the detailed information is INVALUABLE!!

          • I have but one question for you, have you ever look another person is their eyes and pop a cap on them, and then watch them die, foamming at the mouth and yelling curel up in a ball and trying to get the next breath. Sir I have and it take a lot out of you. Most Americans I believe will not, some will but not as many as you think, when comes right down to it, unless they are protecting their family.
            As far as small groups no more than six and make damn sure you know them as you know yourself.


            • I’m not a “sir”; I’m an old lady with gray hair. And, no I’ve never killed anyone. However, if I found out the military or police were going door to door, trying to confiscate our guns– it would be stupid NOT to fight back. I’ve seen videos of what happens when citizens are disarmed– all the carnage, the dead corpses. Every predator on earth has a way to defend themselves… claws, teeth. All we got are guns. All prey animals can do is run and I’m not that fast a runner.

              I had a friend from China. Everytime I said nasty things about Bush, she laughed out loud, became hysterical. She found it incredulous I would say anything negative about the president. She said in China, you could killed for that. (And we were alone in our apartment!) She said they couldn’t practice religion because the leaders probably wanted all the loyalty to themselves. If the leader says black is white, you have to go along. You have to be FALSE, LIE, PRETEND AND NOT PRACTICE YOUR RELIGION. She’s trying desparately to stay in U.S. How much do you value your freedom, that’s what it comes down to.. and we all have to answer that question for ourselves. I know what my answer is.

          • Avoid getting together with people you don’t know well. Look what happened to some older guys in Georgia about two years ago. They got nailed by a Fed spy.

        • I agree, but will add that it isn’t only MEN. Some female expert marksmen will also fight to the death for their freedom.

      26. Perhaps the new tv show for the sheeple called “Zero Hour” has an even deeper meaning to it.

      27. Here’s an excellent video that pretty much sums up the connection between banks, governments, wars and the people. Using these historical templates gives one the best chance to predict what is really happening, and potentially going to happen, based on current events. also provides some insight on how we might avoid it, if at all possible.

        All Wars Are Banker Wars

        • This should be a mandatory watch/listen for everyone who ever went to a public school…no, everyone. So on point…
          I’ve been talking about why JFK and Lincoln were taken out and the attempt on Jackson to so many people and these simple facts go right over their heads…unbelievable…

          • @ all,

            Just think about how hard a door to door search and confiscation would be. Here in California it takes two some times three cops to stop and give a tickett. Going to some ones house to confiscate guns? The system cannot afford to pull that many people off of regular duties to do this. And it will take only one person such as myself to say no and from then on every attempt on another person will take resources that TPTB don’t have and that are dwindling quickly. They (TPTB) have through sheer stupidity have and are painting them selves into a corner. Next up is the realazation of “{OH MY GOD, what have we done?”

            Now is the time here in California and elsewhere to start publishing the names of politicians who are voting for these ridiculess laws along with home address’s and spouses name and workplace. How many resources would have to be deployed? Makes the L.A. thing look like nothing. Again, not enough resources.

            • I do think it’s time that we start making a number of lists: national, state, and local, both supporters of our rights and those who clearly do not support our rights. We’ll need those lists so we firmly know who’s with us and who’s against us.

              Elections, you know… elections.


          • IE: That video link from heritic Historian poster.

            Pay CLOSE atten. to part at exactly 15 Minit mark in video. NOTE: that 15 min section shows for all naysayers or doubters, a Huge full screen shot of a 1930’s newspaper Headlines that states:…JUDEA DECALRES WAR ON GERMANY(WWII) and just below main headlines it states “Jews of the World Unite”

            Still want to believe Hitler declared war in WWII?

            ps. That newspaper is just One of Many worldwide that had exact Same headlines…Judea(international Jews) Declares War on germany!…Who declared war in WWII?.Hmmmmm.

            Next time I will look for the links to at Least 6 seperate eras from 1895 to 1940 that newspaper headlines worldwide “claimed” six million jews dead due to holocaust. Or some claimed six million on Verge of death imminant.

            Those newspapers made the SAME 6 million dead claims at Least 6 Seperate times between 1895 till 1940…Were they true every time?(nobodys That stupid to believe that right?).

            This noted video is an exallant thing for that Tripod XL denier eh…Check out video at 15 Min tripod then again call me a liar etc.

        • That is the one of the dumbest things ever stated. All wars are not banker wars. Get a grip. Study some history.

      28. The game is flat out over. This country has devolved into a bunch of first class idiots. Let the games begin and weed out the bums. If you have an ax to grind you will soon be able to grind it with impunity. It will be more laughs than a barrel of monkeys when the people you told to get ready didn’t and they come a callin for a hand out. I’ll give em a hand out. Just not the kind of handout they was expecting. by cracky. 🙂

      29. An interesting side note to the Venezuelan experiment is that next door Colombia, which has a right wing capitalistic government has an economy that is doing well. People here have only heard of Colombia in the sense of drugs and violence, which was the case 20 years ago, but now is doing not just well but great. I live there, in Medellin, several months a year and see all the construction and expanding stores, and new malls better than the American malls I visit. Colombia is a great option to bug out to, but of course is on no ones radar solely due to the past reputation. And for any single men, the most beautiful girls in the world are there also. In the last several years I have seen Venezuela and Colombia come to near war but always Chavez backs down, just a political diversion on his part. Both sides know that Colombia could whip VEN easily. So,, socialist Ven is in trouble while capitalist COL is thriving. Ther is a lesson here that few politicians will heed…. KF

      30. It shows what a dismal failure socialism is. They have all that oil revenue but they destroy their economy by corruption and government intervention. You can’t have an economy that bad when you export oil unless you really work at it.

      31. Give a person a hypothetical question. If a man is fired from his job but continues his lifestyle by maxing out new credit card after credit card, is he still unemployed? Most will LOL and say of course he is unemployed and foolish for running up huge debt. Then ask them is the USA in a recovery or depression? Most will never understand.

      32. 7.0 earthquake in Columbia

        • @ ed,

          Morning ed,

          Gave pg35 the props for the 7.0, your post wasn’t up at that point but I see that the time of your post is earlier….seems you get the prize today! T’anks. Sometimes the comments filter through the board at different rates…in any event everyone is doing great lately. Can’t thank you guy’s enough


          • Thanks JOG I have never had a post get thru moderation faster 30 minutes. One time it took 6 hours. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but it would be great to be able to be part of the conversation. But on the bright side Mac has put together a great site so I try not to bitch about things.

            • Ed ~ If you add an email address, even a fake one, the system will start to recognize you, and you won’t be put in moderation unless there are links in the body of your comment.


        • Who cares?

      33. The price controls are an interesting item,,, that dictates that say a market can only sell a product for a set amount, so then the market will only pay its suppliers a set amount, pretty soon all the suppliers either stop producing or stop supplying, voila, you have a drying up of all the products people use on a regular basis,, I know farmers are usually one of the first groups to stop supplying product to the markets, WHy would you keep growing and producing if you were forced to sell at a loss, thats where those folks will be soon, then the government will try to nationalize the farms or other production facilities they havent already done that to,

        read Ayan Rands Atlas Shrugged, it has sort of an eerie correlation to some of the stuff that is going on these days,

        Cant wait till the US decides its going to join in the fun,,,

        • @Kulafarmer
          Funny you should mention Atlas Shrugged, I was just telling Hubby he needed to read it, because it shows what is happening now and how badly it will end for all of us. And it was written at least 40 years ago. A book well worth the read

          And you are so right about the farmers,that is one of the reasons we are already seeing a decline in farming it is so hard to even make a small profit now, and for all the hard work sometimes you have to wonder if it is really worth it.
          Keep prepping the time is near.

          • I know i have cut production and will cut it more, we get penalized for success!
            The local farm bureau is pushing for legislation that hurts ALL the small farmers,
            Is quite disheartening, so im headed for subsistence level farming instead,

            • same with small biz…we are the enemy.

              Those who stand on their own, are self-sufficient and defiant as hell.

              • We tend to be INTJs. The Feds and military know of this personality type — ne of the reasons I wonder if “preppers” are being targeted. They know we’re out there and are a force to be reckoned with. INTJs, having the “Mastermind” personality, readily analyze, redesign, and rethink most anything. And don’t follow convention, obey rules, or give a ding about regulation-smegulation.

                • Jung personality test…I am one as well. My plans all follow how the earth works and usually have several for everything.

                  I’m not leaving…they are, so help me God.

                  • LastManStanding, WE understand the system well, from the cog to the entire process. WE are relentless (but we don’t tire easily, strange huh?). As decision makers who have given considerable time and thought to the systems we are involved in, little can challenge us because of our approach with logic and rational thought, not emotional stuff. We are independent, reliant, and innovative.

                    And we HATE the PC blather. Shocker…

                    I recognize quite a few INTJs on here.

                • INFJ 🙂

                  • I thought so, Daisy… need to toughen up that “F” trait now though! 🙂

                  • Z ~ Is it that obvious? hahaha!!!!

                    ~ D

                  • Daisy, That’s why some here have warned you not to be so ‘trusting’, woman! As situations worsen, be mindful of your behavioral tendencies and keep that “F” in check!

                  • At the risk of verbal abuse, I would just like to say that ladies are more likely to be INFJ…

                    My better half is INFJ.

                • Zoltanne,
                  As an INTP, I tend to agree with you.
                  These personality types (INT?)tend to analyze situations and try to figure out the consequences more than othet types. They also seem to be people with many skills and interests.
                  It is interesting that INTs are estimated to be only 2-4% of the population which mirrors the estimated number of people actively prepping.

                  • Merree, fellow Mastermind….;-)

                    It also explains the prevalence of the GimmeDat mindset, once you understand the behavioral patterns and traits of people. This the Feds know, too.

                    Honestly, if I were going to establish a ‘group’, I’d want every potential member to take that personality test to learn the behavioral traits. Knowing that could be an asset to a group. It’s not enough to create a ‘group’ where people want to simply belong — the commitment and skills base can bring great assets to any group and personality typing can be quite useful.

                    I did some digging around and the Survival Forum had an old poll taken — Not a surprise that the majority were “NT” types.

            • I have fought with and continue to fight the Farm Bureau…they arnt on the farmers side…sorriest bunch of govicorp butt kissing bassturds I ever had to deal with…theyre on the govicorps side posing as farmers friends!

              • That is exactly how it is here, the farm bureau typically represents and is weighted toward the corporate farms that have political ties, they pretty much do their best to ignore anyone not in their inner circle, interesting way to fly if you ask me, the big farms dont like guys like me because i can supply a quality product for a reasonable price and still make money, low overhead,

      34. 7.0 earthquake in Columbia South America.
        Straight east from clusters in Solomon Islands.

        • Good Job PG35,

          Was up late last night, just rolled up outa the sacka bit ago, suprise, suprise…a big REF dot on the USGS map.
          Gotta hand it to BI, THAT ONE’s ‘on the ball’. 🙂

          • @ Prepper Gal35 and JustOneGuy. Please check out the forecast on # 1115605 as Columbia was one of the locations mentioned as a danger area. This system is making me even believe that it totally works. Just like weather patterns, the planet’s crust follows these same patterns of the past.

            • Bi. What’s happening in the New Zealand area? Weird cluster that just sorta started? Thx

              • @ You don’t need to know. I see what you mean down in New Zealand, but this is to be expected. The Australian plate just had a 8.0 on it, and New Zealand is what I call is at a stretch point of the plate. NZ is going to have these small to moderate quakes as the plate is going through a type of readjustment phase. Actually the fact that earthquakes are occurring up and down the north island chain is probably a good sign. I personally would be a lot more concerned if the swarm was all in one spot, and the parameters were not moving. This would mean it was totally locked up and ready to go.

                The area of New Zealand that I would be worried about is south island, especially south of Christchurch. This area has no activity, and this area has had 8.0+ quakes in the past. The real concern for the world is Mt Taupo that is located on North Island. This is a super volcano and capable of a large eruption, not a Yellowstone size, but big enough. New Zealand has had earthquakes after some of the precursor quakes in the past, and remains a long shot for a large earthquake. It though is all probably because of the Australian plate experiencing that 8.0 in connection with the Fiji plate.

                • @BI, thanks for your valuable work, learn every day from you and others here. Did you see the volcanic activity in Russia around the same time as the 8.0? Do you see a correlation? Thanks, I’ll post the link under.

                  Still on the path…

                  • On the Path. Yes, those volcanoes are a result of plate collisions and much stress from the Pacific plate and Asian plate, but also the Australian plate to the south that is colliding with both plates. Volcanoes like this on the borders of plates that go off are a direct result of the tremendous stress. The very deep 7.7 earthquake last year was a result of the two heavyweights, the Pacific plate and Asian plate ramming into each other.

                  • Awesome. Hopefully AlGore will give them a stern lecture and sell them carbon credits.

      35. Just Maudys’ opinion, but this Dorner guy is not highly trained. He was Navy, but not a Seal, not Spec. Ops. He was an average trained cop. The MSM talk about his Marksman badge. Everyone gets at least a Marksman badge in basic or boot camp. He is fat and out of shape. He ambushed 2 cops and wasn’t even able to kill both of them. He is dangerous but not a superman. He’s another bone headed racist. If he’s in the hills, he’s probably freezing right now.

        • they’ll have him slip and fall on a few bullets to be sure his mouth doesnt work.

          • no shit!

        • I was in the Navy and not everyone gets a marksman badge. When I was in we didn’t even shoot real guns till we got to the ship. In boot we shot laser M16’s that didn’t even simulate recoil. The only way I got my expert pistol and rifle ribbons was because I went over to the US Coast Guard Academy to do my shoots. My base didn’t offer a gun range that did those. I was on Submarines though.

        • He may commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice.

          • And then throw the gun 5 feet away—the Hillary and Bill virus.

          • That would be too easy on this vile murderer, he should be skinned alive by the Mother of the kid he murdered. His revenge was to kill his enemy’s Daughter, he is a psycho, extreme leftist, Obama loving murderer.

            • So coward, tell my why the red thumb? Is this shit head your hero? Speak up coward.

              • This is a hard thought for me to express. When SHTF we are all going to have be willing to consider the family members of our enemies as legitimate targets. I dont watch TV so I dont know about this LAPD guy, but I am confident the media releases info purely to manipulate us, so I am not going to convict the guy. In a very few weeks or months, the only thing that may keep some of the “bad guys” from killing us is their fear for their family’s lives. Just saying. Things I never imagined I would have to think about in my lifetime. . .

                • Puppy Prepper,

                  This must be the twilight zone, say what?

                • Just my two cents…I pray to God that the majority of folks here and the ones not here that are going to be the ones to rise up against the beast and defeat it WILL NOT stoop to the level of murdering others because of loose association to the enemy…Im not talking about informants and persons directly aiding the enemy..but to target what appears to be innocent family members to get at and hurt his true target isnt the mark of a true hero…sure there may well be times that awful things become nessesary but murder isnt the same as killing an enemy in combat or blowing up a building and accidently killing someone…My God if I were see someone on my “team”commit and act of barbarism such as rape/torture/or any such thing I will personally send them to hell,PRONTO!
                  Fighting and killing is bad enough when its for a just and honorable reason like restoring our republic…using the excuse of a revolution/war to carry out acts of barbarism should in no way be tolerated by true freemen and patriots…this cop wouldve have gotten more respect even from myself had he NOT gone after bystanders but instead had the balls to go get the true target!

                  • REB, you said it much better than I did. With about 90% fewer words! Thanks!

                  • Those exact things you find so repugnant were done in the Revolutionary War by people who held a grudge or just wanted the assets of a neighbor. It was justified by claiming “in the cause of…” It was usually done by those loyal to the the crown, but not always. In the Carolinas, it was real guerrilla type warfare. The ones doing most of the raiding (crown supporters) either moved to Canada or MS/AL after the war since they were not very welcome to remain among those they raided. So, it is bound to happen, whatever your personal thoughts are on it. And it will probably be started by the supporters of the tyrant govt.

                • Okie Strikes Again! A small point. A massive, rambling analogy to prove it. Then a small summation of the point. Sorry, it just comes out this way sometimes.

                  To Puppy, I know from many of your previous posts that you’re a person of compassion. Please, don’t let the possibilities of future horrors push you toward immoral or unrighteous ideas.
                  Yes, the time may soon come that many of us have to make incredibly hard decisions. But let’s not step over into the position of a willingness to kill innocents. Many here will disagree with this next part, but it’s true. And necessary as an analogy to what we may see in our future.

                  The South lost the War Of Northern Aggression (some refer to it as Civil War- it was anything but). However, what the South had, and still has, regardless of the history books and regardless of public opinion, is the moral high ground during the conflict.
                  The sovereign states of the South were invaded, not the aggressors. They defended themselves and eventually lost. But they did what they did from the position of morality. They VOTED, in their state assemblies, to withdraw from the voluntary connection to the U.S. They waged war, but not with the government-sanctioned, officially approved design of starving to death hundreds of thousands of civillians.
                  The North did. Destroying crops, foodstuffs, animals, water supplies and anything else needed for human survival. They decimated the PEOPLE of the South. The civillians. And they did it intentionally. Our European cousins watched in gasping horror at the atrocities committed by the Federal Government, scarcely able to believe that Americans could treat other Americans so cruelly.
                  Granted, there were atrocities on both sides, but those done by the Southerners were never officially sanctioned. It was not Confederate policy to starve and destroy civillians. And many Confederate soldiers were punished for such atrocities. That probably had something to do with the strength of religious faith in the South. They were unwilling to abandon their faith and their morality in order to win.
                  But Lincoln, Stanton(sec of war) and the rest didn’t care. They wanted to win at all costs. So they waged war against the innocents, as well as the armies of the South.
                  And they won the war. But what did they lose? At what price was victory won? Can anyone honestly say the North was right? It preserved the union…for what? The right of bankers to begin a 150 reign of pillaging the common man? The right of government to grow to the point of absolute tyranny?
                  It is my humble opinion that every person who fought for, or supported or aided the North is guilty of ‘Treason Against Humanity.’ (most of them through ignorance, but still guilty) But the history books, written by the victors, turns it 180 degrees around. They vilify the victims of their cruelty and proclaim themselves as the righteous. That’s what we’ve been taught for decades. Most people today, if they know anything at all about the conflict, see it from the victor’s point of view. But that’s not the TRUTH.
                  [*note- slavery was not mentioned above since it had NO role in the beginning of hostilities by the North. It later became an issue since it had political advantage for the aggressors. It was not the cause of the conflict. If any of you here disagree, please enlighten me, but don’t repeat the propaganda and lies of the last 150 yrs in that attempt. And please don’t be so silly as to inject 21st century notions of race relations into the argument. Some here, far more capable than I, may embarrass you with their rebuttal. And, No, this doesn’t have a damned thing to do with black/white or any of that. I’ll be a racist redneck in some future comments, but this ain’t one of them. It’s about morality vs immorality. It’s right and wrong. Stick to the facts.]

                  Now, please understand- I am NOT advocating that anyone stand by and be slaughtered. Or watch their families be killed (or led away to camps) and then say ‘Well, they perished, but at least I have the moral high ground.’ That’s not what I mean at all. Our own will to live damands that we protect ourselves. And our desire and obligations to family demands that we protect them. People may die when we do that.
                  What I mean is- do all that is necessary to protect life and freedom, but choose wisely whom you will target. Don’t step into the arena of ‘the ends justify the means.’ If you do, you may win the war…but what will you have lost?

                  Puppy, I too have wrestled with the questions now facing you. And, honestly, I don’t know what I’ll do when that day comes. I just pray God gives me firm guidance- in the crosshairs and in my conscience.

                  Bless you Puppy. And everyone else here. Stay The Course. -okie

                  • Well said Okie, well said.

                  • I am not remotely advocating the wanton murder of innocents, or rape and pillage. We are all prepared to die defending our families. They need to feel the same desperation. The more time they spend at home defending their families the less harm they can do to ours.

                  • Very well articulated…thanks Okie…Im glad to know you understand there are lines we shouldnt cross and places we shouldnt go…I trust most people will hold to that moral high ground our forebears had…we cant afford to loose this next round with the fedgov beast!

                  • Yup Keep them happy slaves just singing on their lovely plantations.

                  • But Lincoln was against the banks. That’s why he was assassinated.

                  • 83…Lincoln freed the cheap labor and tossed their money creating the greenback…it was usary free.

                    That is why they kill him.

        • Sure he’s racist, he’s LAPD!

        • Note the resources expended chasing an overweight, out of shape, marginally trained racist. Remember Eric Rudolf? They finally caught him because he got lazy. If he had ran to NYC, he would still be working on a construction gang.

        • Just found out that Dorner was kicked out of the police academy on his first attempt to become a cop because of an accidental discharge in which he shot himself in the hand. Highly trained? Only to the MSM.

        • Most likely he is frozen dead.

      36. VRF, you’re right on target, especially about joining any kind of groups. I’ve always avoided organizations for the same reasons you mentioned. I’ll most likely have to fight alone; so be it. I’d rather do that than worry about someone putting a knife in my back; life in post-SHTF will be tough enough without that fear. Pale Rider, you’re right on target, also. Anyone who willingly gives up their only means of self-defense deserves whatever happens to them afterwards. I’d rather die standing up fighting than on my knees like a whimpering coward. Gdawg, I’ve also noticed no major advertising for military recruitment lately. Never encountered that before anywhere. On topic, it would be interesting to know who REALLY made the decision to devalue the bolivar. Nobody has seen or heard from Hugo Chavezsince Dec. 11 when he had his 4th round of surgery in Cuba. Chavez has been taking his marching orders from the Castro brothers ever since bonding with them. Chavez has been providing the Castro regime with 100,000 barrels of oil per day. He subsidizes Cuba’s economy to the tune of an estimated $10,000,000,000 per year. Nobody knows for sure what Chavez’s true status is at this time. I believe the order for the devaluation of the bolivar may have come from Castro himself. If Cuba loses the subsidies it receives from Venezuela, then the Cuban economy will collapse and it would be curtains for the Castro regime. Chavez has also been subsidizing the socialist regimes in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua at the expense of his own economy. Venezuela’s power grid is indire need of upgrading; they have frequent failures. The people are experiencing shortages of certain food items as I speak. A friend of mine just returned from Venezuela and told me it’s looking more like Cuba there. Chavez has supposedly allowed Castro in recent years to send some of his own high-ranking people to run certain government agencies in the country, even the military! That is how much is at stake for the Castro regime. Combine all of this with the fact that Venezuela’s oil production is down from pre-Chavez era levels and you have a helluva recipe for catastrophe. The subsidies Chavez has been providing to others will end eventually but I’m afraid only after he’s finished destroying his own economy. Fasten you seat belts; looks like party time in the spring. best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • I dont like the not knowing when …..and where will you be?

        • I firmly believe soros to be the one who is “pulling the strings of the puppet(s)”…..but, I also wonder just who he is grooming to take his place? Have been ruminating and doing research on this for some time and have been attempting to “follow the money”…..and all paths are connected to soros….but I feel that I am/have been missing one important link…..and that is of grave concern to me….but, then again, I feel that this is about far more than money or power…..but about control…and good and evil. When you get right down to it, if you have the “power” that immense wealth gives you, what else could you possibly want? Is this financial domino effect being played out for power and control for “their” future generations? Or is this the ultimate battle? I will wield my sword (gun) on the side of God…and Country. I want answers. I want to know what was the pinnacle moment in history where we made our mistake…I want to know that there are children who will know this Republic’s History and carry it into the future….with all the pride and honor that I and my ancestors have had…I am frightened, and I am not often frightened….and I am unsure of my role in what is to come….I will do to anything within my power to aid those in need…
          stepping down from my soapbox now…


          • Howdy Neighbor,

            You’re absdolutely right about ‘following the money’, that’s the central valid method of figuring it all out.
            I too will ‘stand and deliver’ when the moment comes… too many have given too much in the past for us not to do so, here and now. In thinking about the ‘moment’ when it all went wrong, in looking back, I have come to conclude that after WWII and Korea, those who came back were just ‘tired’ and so wanted to simply be at peace and enjoy life in the hope of blessed ‘forgetfulness’. Who could blame them? Yet, it was just affer that when the fabric of things began to fray wherever one looked. At that point the ‘reptiles’ began to wrap around us more and more tightly…more and more ‘easy credit’, ‘easy morals’…’easy’ everything.

            A new Dawn WILL come – some will not live to see it – but those who do will live in a new world, one stripped of the evil that strangles us all now…this IS the ‘Last Fight’, I pray for us all daily. Till later Feisty…


          • I firmly believe that it is Saudi money in addition to the old Soviet intelligence network. Wanna know why Bin Laden was finally caught? He was more valuable dead since it would help make sure that Obama would be re elected. His re election was the set piece of the plan. Most likely there is no stopping the coming shit sandwich.

      37. Two words in regards to South America in regards to the U.S., Monroe Doctrine. You know that China has a massive influence on Venezuela, Panama, and other countries like Ecuador. This has much potential for some future U.S. action down there. The whole world is a huge chess board, and the eastern coalition; China, Russia, most Muslim countries, ex-Soviet states are trying to do what NATO and the U.S. has been doing since 1991 fall of the USSR, box in each other. Very few spots are going to be nuetral anymore.

        @VRF. If I see anymore indications of your family in danger down in Peru I will let you know. Until Feb.21 there is still a chance that Peru could get hit like Columbia did today. South America is still in danger, much less so after the 7.0 in Columbia, but it is still there. Future plate boundaries earthquakes will show just how much.

        • We thank you very much for alll you do BI, things are getting shaky in many ways.
          Wife and I have talked to the in-laws and gave them a heads up, they say they feel its time to have a fairly large EQ in thier country within this year or so.

          the volcanic action around the world troubles me too..seems to be a player ? yes? and the magnetic change we went thru could that too be a pulling force that has things moving?

      38. It doesn’t take brain science or rocket surgery to see that the world economy depends on cheap oil. Cheap oil is nearly gone. With more countries trying to get a piece of the pie, prices will continue to go up. The compound interest usury function of the monetary system requires infinite growth to pay for the never ending debt creation.Unfortunately, we live on a planet with finite resources. You can’t take your shootin iron for a walk and discover “black gold” anymore. In fact,if some of you Texas people have some money to invest,it may be a good idea to find a Mom and Pop stripper well operation to buy for future income insurance.Live on the land and pump your 1 to 10 barrels of oil a day. Hell, with oil over $100 a barrel and going up, it could provide a nice income if you’re handy.

        • “It says this is the billi ard room, so we fugured that animal on the wall (rhino head) must be a billi ard.”

        • Talked to a buddy I havent seen in awhile…he told me hes been working in the oil patch in the lower great lakes area in NW Pa and NE Ohio…in the original area where oil was first drilled for 150 years ago…he said they were drilling and fracking in these old fields and the oil finds are unbelievable…blasting out like the old “wildcatter” strikes…theyre not gonna pump them theyre capping them for a future need when theyll be worth even more than they are now…lots of oil in the old worn out oil patch and lots of gas…of course gas isnt worth too much right now but oil sure is…lotsof this going on,interpret it as you wish.

          • Calif. has more oil than anyplace hands down. Sadly the insane run the state and most will never be touched. Even so Calif. produces as much as Texas and that is with most sources off limits. The L.A./Long Beach area is another Saudi Arabia all by itself.

            • Worked in CA as a geologist / Engineer for 25 years. BS!
              The largest oilfield in Saudi is 50 miles wide and over 200 long, And it’s not alone. When I started working in CA; Saudi had 555 producing wells and made about 7,000,000 Bls per day.
              There were over 20,000 wells within 25 miles of my office. They made less than 300,000 total The great majority made less than 5 bls per day. The one problem with democracy is people who know nothing have opinions.

      39. ” Ahh-Ooh !” ;0P

        ” Heads Up Eye’s Front EVERYONE !”

        Barry Obummer ,

        ” Barry the Gay Druggy Kenyan Blade ” ,

        ” Illegal Alien Red Commie Freemason Muslim Zion wanna be Dicktator ” ,

        is Declaring War against All you Evil Freedom loving American Terrorist Preppers and Patriots …


        ” Muaah ?” ;0P pssszzt you Mr. ZOG CIA Puppet Prez !


        barry’s becoming a scared lil’ baby …



        In order to save yourselves from the present and future final global collapse .

        You must become YOUR OWN BANK !

        FOOD BANK – buy bulk dry long term lasting foods rice beans lentils store in dry moisture controlled closet .

        WATER BANK – buy long term storage containers FILL THEM re-fill them quarterly , learn to collect filter treat , find natural clean waters .

        FINANCE BANK – buy p.m.’s real physical gold and silver .

        SEED BANK – buy heirloom seed , seed that replenishes itself every harvest .

        AMMO BANK – buy 1000 rounds min. for each gun you own and learn to reload .

        FUEL BANK – store fuel’s , learn to stabilize them , learn to make your own buy distilling .

        KNOWLEDGE BANK – become your own library , store your knowledge in written diaries , logs , stories to pass on to your family , store all tech knowledge on double thumb drives store the thumb drives and 2 extra laptops with solar chargers in a metal seal Faraday Cage grounded box .

        your knowledge and physical possessions of the above banks will make you Alpha Human during a shtf scenario .

        its worth the time and effort for just the knowledge an self confidence gleamed from doing it .



      41. Why all the gloom? It is what it is! So let’s just party like it’s 1999!

      42. I do believe that “Freedom Day” is just around the corner…. Yeah tired of waitin.


        Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update – YouTube
        6 min – 2 days ago – Uploaded by wearechange
        Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update … Published on Feb 7, 2013 … Sierra Adamson …

      44. Palookaville Post:

        Posted at SGT.

        Ca. Senators want Califonians to lay down their arms to catch gunman.

        Can you believe this?

        • As stated in the article, I think it’s satire… If they wanted to disarm only citizens, I’d believe it. Calling for LEOs to be disarmed, too, makes it hard to swallow as truth. After all, Feinshit’s motto has always been, “Power to the State!” and not the lowly people.

      45. @ Beinformed…..holy sh*t dude..7.0 in columbia as are on the money with that system you have…keep up the fantastic work….

        • @ badpuppydog. The one area that has continued to come up on all but one of these plate boundary earthquake location that has been hit by a major earthquake in the past, and has yet to be hit this month is China. Watch China, and around the Chinese, Pakistan/India border region, if another big earthquake is coming, this should be the next spot hit. I still though am watching South America, especially Peru.

          Just like back in 1997, this area on the Mid Atlantic Ridge was hit and 5 days later Columbia had a 7.2. Also of note after the Mid Atlantic Ridge got its earthquake, 15 and 1/2 days later China had a 7.5. This time the same area was hit on the MAR and 3 days later there is a 6.9/7.0 in Columbia. History repeats itself quite often with geology. I could probably make some serious money placing bets on earthquakes, but this to me would be wrong because innocent people suffer during earthquakes. I rather forecast them and save people from injury and death is possible, that is the right course of action.

      46. Speculative bullshit.

        Poorly researched.

        Another “dud” post with another horde of stupid commentators.

        You people are absolute fools, a real circle jerk. Too stupid to even realize that this is nothing but advertisement.

        The biggest fools in America are found right here.

        • Joseph…I like livin here in the prepper matrix. we will all be just fine, without you.

        • Joseph….are you another one of Barry’s cyber warriors????
          Just curious……

          • hehehehe…

        • And, yet, joey… YOU are….one may ask why?

      47. Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt (sarc*)

        As an ex-Los Angeles police officer killed three people and went on a deadly shooting rampage in a vendetta to punish those he attributed for his firing, California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer pleaded for calm, and asked both law enforcement and civilians to lay down their weapons.

        • f— bitch; tell her to lay down her weapons first

          • You tell ’em girl!

      48. Yea, Just when you put your hands up to protect your head, someone comes along and kicks you in the nuts…
        Someone said it will be the perfect storm and will involve weather, nature, economy, war, plague and more and very much pain and suffering as this thing unfolds.

        • It’s called…..tribulation!!

          Keep preppin’

      49. Time to sell those stocks, bonds, 401K’s, life insurance policy all of it and use the money to buy, food, water filters, guns, bullits, bandaids etc.
        With the cost of food going up that’s a better investment than your 401K
        And your AR-15 just doubled in price in two months, NOT to mention your ammo and magazines…

        • Wow, drbuzzsaw–I never thought about all those life insurance policies going stale.

      50. Canada is ditching their penny, and Venezuela devalues their paper “money.” It shouldn’t be long before the US ditches their penny. Save all the pre-1982 ones, and cash in the post-1982 ones. Some of the 1982 ones are copper, and some are copper-zinc. Use a scale to separate them out. The copper ones weigh 3.11 grams. The plated ones weigh 2.5 grams.


      51. Old habits die hard and that being said as crazy as it is many still gravitate back to the USD in times of crisis. The USD first gains strength and then it appears that more thought goes into these decisions and the USD then drops back. I have been witnessing this cycle over and over still perplexed with the cause and effect that makes it happen but rest assured it does first go up significantly before dropping back.

      52. I’m enjoying watching the boomers start to die off. Everything was fine until they got into power. Screw that generation.

        • Well if you are going to be that way: Thanks; I really enjoyed spending your retirement. (Actually I saved it to give it to people who aren’t you)

          • I’ll enjoy all the toys and nice houses the boomers cannot take with them. Also, let the medical trial begin on them…. many rats to test on.

            They just suck…. America is collapsing… The greatest generation spawn the worst.

            We read the obit. and pick out the dead boomer of the day. ha.

        • clip limit, I understand your frustration, but maybe you
          should give the boomers a little break. I’m a “war-baby”
          myself, (pre-boomer), and I don’t like what’s happening
          either, but there’s a nasty game being played out by some
          powers that be thats way over our heads and our control,
          which “we the people” have limited or no say about.

          Blaming this mess on one generation of the good citizens
          of this country is putting the onus on us and diverting
          attention from the real criminal element that has now hijacked our government, and part of their takeover plan
          is to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves so
          they can do their dirty work unimpeded and under our radar. We must all hang together, or we will surely all
          hang separately.

          • Perhaps the “Greatest Generation” wished to endow their children with more than they themselves had…..but is that not the wish of every parent? For their children to be well and happy and successful? I blame dr. spock (not from star trek) for the raising of a generation of idiots raising yet another generation of idiots….do you know that back after WWII women in hospitals were GIVEN dr spocks book to take home? My Mom was one of these women…know what she did with it? Read it and tossed it where it belonged…in the trash.

        • Is that you Iron Cross????

        • “The Greatest Generation” had two groups. The majority stormed beachheads, won the war and returned to do as they were told. The second group used their subservience to authority to solidify political and economic control giving their children the baby boomers illegal wars to fight for Wall Street.

      53. Joseph, i don’t think you’ve read any of the articles or comments on here well enough to know what you’re talking about. If you’re looking for fools, go to any MSM site; you’ll find a whole world of fools at any of those. don’t come to this site insulting any of our fine, intelligent community; they have higher IQs than you have.

      54. One other scenario in Venezuela nobody else has thought about. If Chavez dies from his cancer, there will be a power struggle among his inner circle. Although he named his vice-president Nicolas Maduro as his heir, Castro reportedly has around 60,000 of his own people in that country and a huge percentage of them are military. If it looks like the chavez regime may fall, as a last resort he could order his people to seize power there and send in more military for backup. that would definitely start a war there. No way the people of Venezuela would stand for that. Think about it; a major war in an OPEC nation with the second largest known oil reserves in the world and whoever controls those reserves can call a helluva lot of shots. We also get at least 10% of our own oil imports from Venezuela. if that 10% were to be cut off….. braveheart

        • Evening Bracvheart,

          Been wondering that myself. This devaluation sets the stage for one helluva power struggle on a bunch of levels; people vs goverment, leader vs leader….in – as you say – a country with the second largest (identified) reserves on the planet. Thier internal economy is already toast or the government wouldn’t be resorting to something so drastic. Inports will dry up over night with the currency differential and there are going to be a lot of VERY mad citizens on the streets in short order. That this will end up disrupting the flow of oil into the world market goes without saying….maybe that’s why we saw that ‘odd’ bet several days ago in the VIX. Where to now?

        • Eventually someone says we either need a lot more dollars for our oil or we will take gold or silver.

      55. Sure is a lot of shit going down.

        Possible pump and dump on the stock market. Germany wants its gold back but can’t get it. All the sequester mumbo jumbo. L.A. cops on a man hunt. New Jersey getting hit with major gun control laws. A major trade bet on the VIX. Charvez doing a devaluation of his currency. China doing all sorts of trades in Africa. Jews on the rampage blowing stuff up. Greece in dire straits. Drones to kill Americans.
        Not a word from Ben B. or Timmy Boy. Holder has his mouth shut. Great show from Hillary on Bengaszi. POTUS to Lie his ass of Tuesday night about all the recovery, Blah, Blah, Blah.

        All I want to know is, where is Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton when you need them.


        • Jessy and family got problems like son and his wife going to jail. They have no time for commenting. They know the jig is up and all hell is going to break loose. Poor Jr. will probaly starve to death in prison when the guards flee for safety. Can you imagine the implications of prisons shutting down? Good God! Going to take a lot more ammo to control that lot. Too bad we have very little left to buy here in Cali. 22 hollow points to be outlawed.

          Remember, you can take a regular 22 LR and criss cross the top about a 16th of an inch and will get the same knockdown power as a hollow point.

        • Tiny Tim Geitner is going to work for the CFR (NWO) to spread the fascist message of the bankers: “One world banking is good for you!”

          In a similar note, varmits should be shot on sight. They are a menace to the Sheeple and carry the R1,D1,L1 virus.

          Just saying.

      56. Oh, Lord, Slingshot! This is what I was afraid of! They’re going state by state to disarm citizens– probably being paid off. I fought the DMV for a year and half over their trying to force me to get a National ID card. One little guy who worked there told me that states are being given money to go along with the fed on the national ID card thing. Now, they seem to be doing the same with disarmament. First, New York, then California, and now New Jersey. Money talks louder than conscience. Wonder how the pigs will feel when they see their family members shipped off to die in FEMA camps as a result of their greedy, treasonous acts? Doesn’t look good! ; (

        • @ Grasshopper.

          I have done plenty of raging out the Yankee States and a few more but I do feel bad about all those good people having to put up with the crap. I also know it is headed my way. The Saving Grace is when it all breaks loose, I do not have to listen to or read any more of it. It will just be Survival. Politics, religion, race and whatever will be low priority to me.

        • The one thing they can’t take away is your faith, you have to voluntarily give that up.

      57. We are in dire straits. Anyone that refuses to believe it is delusional. I have been in the military for 20 years and we have been completely misused. I don’t want anyone’s life taken in vain, but history will prove (well. Ray Charles could have seen the outcome in the dark) that we have accomplished nothing but killing and maiming the best that America has to offer while the military/industrial complex has gotten richer. You can’t help people that don’t want help and those that are entrenched in a religious, socio-economic, political machine. America has dumbed itself down, lost its morals, and has propped up an entire generation or two that have no desire to work or contribute anything except to suck the life out of the rest of us and use the .gov to do so. I would love to think that everything is normal and as it should be, but it is going to blow up in our collective faces. Unless you are already bugged out, when the collapse comes, there will be no bugging out. Most of us will have to hunker down where we are, try and protect our families and what we have worked for, and will most likely be labeled terrorists, extremists, anti American etc. The machine has run along for 80 years unchecked and sooner or later the tab is going to come due. I have young children that I only want a good life for, but as it stands, we should be very wary of what the future has to offer. It looks bad any way you look at it. Very sad indeed.

      58. I scroll past most except SO & flower that stinks. U figure. Mac, u r best.

      59. Obama will soon take the United States down the same path. This is exactly what governments do when they are faced with no other options. Continue to prep, as the ability to do so will disappear quicker than the billion dollars under Corzine’s control. When the SHTF and the situation dictates, remember the three S’s: shoot, shovel and shut up

        Stay frosty, my fellow patriots.

        Romans 13:4

      60. You can’t devalue the stacks beef stew and ammo in my basement and safe places. In fact, every second the purchasing power of the dollar declines, the value of my stored goods goes up.

        Off topic, but as sad as the murders of innocents and “accidental” shootings are surrounding the Christopher Dorner case, some good is coming of it. The LA cops are being rightfully dragged thru the mud and being exposed for who they really are… trigger happy, corrupt, self serving aggressors who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a .40 S&W.

        • And that nothing will change once they catch Dorner, it will be right back to the same ol same ol BS, with the same ol BS players

          • Dorner is a coward, he will not be taken alive according to his vile manifesto.

        • Dorner is a filthy murderer and I believe he will rot in hell, as for the LA cops, they will be judged as well by our creator, you know, God.

      61. SmokinOkie, you took my thunder with that post, but that’s OK; there’s nothing in it I can dispute. I had ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and survived the war and Reconstruction. next to the war, that was the saddest part of US history. our local and state governments were totally taken over by Northerners and carpetbaggers and freed slaves to some degree. Black and white were turned against each other by the northerners. The only things that helped us survive were sharecropping, our faith in God, and the damn good stock we came from. it was only after the presidential elections of 1876 when we finally took back our local governments and kicked out the northerners, carpetbaggers, and blacks, plus the US army was finally withdrawn from the South. it was also the beginning of segregation in the south. I’m also with you about targeting innocent people when the balloon goes up. I’ll try to be selective about who i target. As long as they’re not trying to harm me, i’ll let them move on. braveheart

        • BH…have you noticed the couple or so “supporters” of the murder/rape/mayhem that keep thumbing youself/Okie/I others down who spoke up for decentcy….sad that they are in favor of this horror and are the type youll have to teminate with extreme prejustice… 🙁

      62. i have been reading all this for about a year now and truly believe in what is coming down whats up with all the walmart stores not having any shells, 22, any kind ive been to 20 stores in arkansas and there is zilch! whats up do yoou think they will restock or are we to late in stocking up?

        • First thing if you really need ammo: Find out when the store gets it’s delivery. One store I use gets it’s delivery between 4 and 5PM every wednesday. So about 6 on Wednesday they have lots of ammo, gone mostly by Thursday noon. They sold over 300,000 rds of 22 in one day.

      63. The fuse was also LIT in the USA with this ‘crazy’ cop and his ‘manifesto’ that has the potential to wage war against law enforcement nation wide turning every city into a battlefield & light a bonfire of racial madness that could engulf the entire land.

        • The libs like the crazy ex cop because he wrote in his manifesto about Obama, he likes him. Racial is the buzz word for hate and kill them white or black republicans.

          • Anti racist is code for anti white. Todays univ prof’s most all teaches that ALL whites are racists and ONLY whites are racists. Anyone who disputes that agenda will get a failing grade.

            Todays Yutes of all colors believes it all as fact. It causes whites to be hated by all other races, while whites are filled with false guilt for stuff that happened long ago before anybody alive today of any color was born.

            The Kommie zio libs and bolsheviks has overtaken america, and we see now they have Replaced democratic will of the majority in a representative Republic, with- will/Rule by the Minoritys at the expence of the white majority.

            Thus is the evils perpetrated by PC & White Guilt brainwashings. All done under a false banner of “Equality”.

            What began as equal in civic and God granted rights, as well as equal under laws etc, has morphed into “Maybe if we just give them colored folks whatever they want, then they will finally leave us alone”…Wish I had one dollar for every time I heard that said as a kid 50 yrs ago and fwd till today.

            Pure PC white guilt induced complicity in blackmail, and blackmail Never works out swell for the real victims of it(the whites) Black folks(most but not all) has fallen for the evil plans devised by what many call “TPTB” but which in reality Is the zionist-bolshevik Master Race practitioneers.

            They use brainwashed masses of blacks, and mexicans to breed hate of whiteys and assist in the downfall of the usa. Most blacks and mexicans today actually believe if they kill off and exterminate the very founding race of this nation, who invented most all of what they thourouly enjoy, and that makes their lives so much better, it will somehow result in some form of New Utopian kumbaya world.

            They should study how swell that plan worked out in HATI!…There too utopian “enlightenment” Libs got the grand idea to allow hatian blacks to Vote and be “equal”.

            Yet once enough black equals voted in massive majorities, they were soon able to Out vote the whites, elect blacks, and create new laws. Then all that was left was for new ruling black hatians, along with their voter-block masses of fellow blacks, to do was….begin the looting-Murdering of ALL whiteys(white kiddies too)and burning down Hati.

            Next stop…Total non white Utopian life in what “Was” the Jewel of the Caribean aka Hati.

            Let’s today look Back a couple hundred yrs and see how swell That plan worked out shall we? Oh wait! Ever since hatian blacks murdered every white there, looted all they could, destroyed and burned down the rest it has been turned into the most third world shithole in the world.(besides detroit-chicago-mexico etc etc).

            False Equality was invented by the same folks who invented the Kommie manifesto and protocals. You can read in their documents and speeches that they Knew NO such thing as 100% equality has ever existed in ALL of creation in entire universe. Not even two lowely snoflakes are eaxctly the same. Neither are any two animals or birds nor trees nor flowers etc etc.

            To think that Humans are the absolute Highest species in all creation (Yes thats true, unless you fall for tree hugger crap) and yet while NONE of the Lesser things God created in entire universe are equal….Humans are or Can be made so?…How?…By Laws? More taxes from whites redistributed to blacks?…How has That stuf worked out so far?

            Yet from public schools and universities nationwide, todays Yutes believe such can be done. Worse yet(as some on this site shows) todays Yutes think that is Owed them.

            “I amd My yute pals will just pick from Boomer homes and possessions after they are all dead from comming strifes etc”

            Stupid Yutes what if Most Boomers begin to use the blacks method of BURN it ALL down so Yutes cannot steal it!

            I guess then Yutes will need to actually get a Fuckin Job, and use their Master degrees in…”African Lezbo-Studies” and “Ethnocentirc Africanizims” along with PHD’s in “Faggotry and Dykesentializims” to rebuild and occupy their Own nice homes.

            Good luck Yutes. Perhaps study Hati Prior to assisting in exterminations of whitey boomer class eh. Otherwise you yutes may not enjoy what you so wish for after you achieve it. That goes Double so for black and mexican haters of whites.

      64. ….and Chavez’s move is definitely an end game starter ~ as he did demand and GOT back his 344 tons of GOLD………

      65. A few observations if I may. Venezuelan crude is hard to refine into gasoline. It is heavy, and takes a special refinery to process it into lighter fuel. Unlike Libyan,Kuwati oil which is lite and “sweet”, easy to refine and overall a better product. China has built, or is building a refinery just to process the heavy crude. Chavez signed many agreements with the Chinese to sell them the oil at a sweetheart deal, in exchange for their expertise in developing new fields. Chavez borrowed 20 billion from the Chinese to fund projects in his country with the repayment being in oil, instead of cash. So about half of his daily output is now going to repay the loans, with no more fresh USD coming into the country He is now “cash-strapped”. As the article clearly states, there is a flourishing black market in USD, and this will continue no matter what controls they put in place. The official devaluation was just to confirm what the people already know. Imported goods are expensive and getting worse. Here is the fly in the ointment. When they signed those agreements part of the deal was that Chavez had to use Chinese companies to do the actual work on the public works projects. So now you have local workers sitting on the sidelines,watching their Asian business partners with the high paying jobs, and stealing their oil in return, at a discounted price. Once again the little guy is getting screwed by the PTB. It always comes back to that doesn’t it? The once proud Venezuelan people, reduced to begging in the streets, while their leaders squander the countries resources on socialist programs that dont work. Does anyone remember when Nixon put price controls on goods here in the US? I was in grade school, and we wore our WIN “whip inflation now” buttons. There were always shortages of meat. Suburban women clawing and scratching for meat in the stores. Yep, that happened right here in the USA.

        • He has 344tons of GOLD! half those refineries blew up a couple of months ago. And he is dying in Cuba.

        • Look into raising rabbits. My daughter’s friend raises rabbits, and was horrified when my wife asked her if her family ate those bunnies. THAT attitude will change. From what I hear, USA is one of only a few countries that doesn’t see rabbits as food.

        • Thanks clyde,

          That’s good info, every last bit. That’s what so many of us are so wound up about this place….HERE, together, we are STRONGER than we are seperately…knowing passes from person to person. Thanks again!


      66. I dunno–this crap goes on all the time in South and Central America. I never saw it much affecting the rest of the world

      67. Clyde, I was in junior high school and working part-time in a supermarket during the wage-price controls. Some of those same incidents took place where I live. It was one of the biggest flops I ever saw in my whole life. I was only making $1.65 per hour at the time. Then a year later Watergate broke out. Nixon was one of the biggest crooks when I was a young man. Braveheart

      68. Braveheart

        We had to get up in front of the class once per week and tell what we were doing to combat inflation. My dad told me then, is was none of their business, and to just tell them that we didn’t use any gas on the weekends. I remember it being a joke among all of the adults at the time. Argentina filed an appeal last Saturday to the court case against them. If they loose that appeal, that may be the spark that lights the fuse. Research it, and you will see it may be the thing that pushes them back into anarchy.

        Scott : I agree that it goes on all of the time in S. America. But if anyone tries to not give China their oil, it might not end well for them. Not trying to be a fear monger or anything. The world political scene has always fascinated me. It never is what it looks like on the surface.

      69. I thought this appropriate:

        Come gather ’round people
        Wherever you roam
        And admit that the waters
        Around you have grown
        And accept it that soon
        You’ll be drenched to the bone
        If your time to you
        Is worth savin’
        Then you better start swimmin’
        Or you’ll SINK LIKE A STONE
        For the times they are a-changin’


      70. Kinda makes me laugh when you think of all the people who thought leaving America was going to save them because somehow they thought all these countrys were safe.

        All the better get out now crowd with their tales tucked between their legs. Instesd of sticking it out and trying to make it better, good luck.

      71. There is nothing in this article or at the root of the story that indicates “South America goes critical”.

      72. God, is removing him from he scene, he is an evil and wicked man. he uses the poor of his nation like Obama does in the U.s. to advance his wicked agenda, but its all faltering. the people will wake up but at a heavy price.

      73. Interesting, but the government of Venezuela devalued a couple years ago by half! Those with bank accounts saw their savings cut in half as well. This recent cut in value is but a fraction of the first. South Americans have been there before but this is hardest on the poor and middle class.
        These currency wars that are taking the globe will end in chaos. Chavez’s latest move was but a knee jerk reaction much like Kirchner,s. Not every nation can devalue at the same time though.
        A race to the bottom for sure!
        This was sponsored by the international banking cabal to usher in a world currency with the same old crooks behind the scenes. Protect yourself accordingly by owning hard assets. There are several good books on the subject. Then again, this should come as no surprise to followers of this site and others.

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