South African Doctor: Severe COVID An Allergic Reaction to SPIKE PROTEIN Nanoparticles

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ramon Tomey at Natural News. 

    A South African physician explained that severe disease caused by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is an allergic reaction to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Port Edward-based Dr. Shankara Chetty added that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and steroids are effective treatments for this COVID-triggered allergic reaction.

    Chetty gave his testimony on Feb. 13, during the third day of the hearing convened by the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion. Given his background in genetics, advanced biology, microbiology, and biochemistry, the doctor voiced concerns about various aspects of the pandemic response.

    “With the controversy around HCQ, the PCR test being used as a diagnostic tool [and] the word that there is asymptomatic spread, I had a very healthy suspicion for what I was being told. So with the knowledge that I had, I decided that I’m going to take this on,” Chetty told German attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

    During the first wave of COVID-19 in his country, the physician noticed that in a small subset of patients, they became breathless exactly eight days after developing a sore throat. Given that the two phases of illness were not related whatsoever, Chetty deduced that the second illness was an allergic reaction to the spike protein. (Related: COVID-19 vaccines will kill people while making their underlying conditions appear to be the cause, prominent doctor warns.)

    The same pattern of symptoms manifesting after eight days was also present during the second and third waves of COVID-19 in South Africa, despite patients having different symptoms. He prescribed steroids for those who developed signs of an allergic reaction on the eighth day.

    “I started patients promptly on steroids. Those that returned on the eighth day with breathlessness were started on a course of steroids. By the third or fourth day, they all showed good signs of recovery,” he said.

    Chetty espouses HCQ as an effective COVID-19 treatment

    The South African doctor related to Fuellmich how he took on COVID-19 in his homeland.

    “I needed to get myself a toolbox in preparation for this. So when I looked at this, the first drug that came to mind was HCQ. It’s been used for decades and it has a broad antiviral effect. If I had to look at something that will curtail the spread of a virus, I would look at that as my mainstay treatment,” said Chetty.

    He managed to buy substantial stocks of HCQ – before the South African government removed all stocks of the drug from pharmacies there. With the HCQ prepared, Chetty assured his patients that he would help them.

    “But very quickly, I noticed that [medical journals] published [articles] about the toxicity of HCQ and its cardiac manifestations. And I thought, ‘This is nonsense.’ I’ve been treating patients with HCQ for many years and in higher doses for some, and I’ve never had a side effect with it.”

    The studies he mentioned that disparaged HCQ as a COVID-19 treatment were eventually retracted from the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. The authors of the aforementioned studies cited concerns about data integrity as the reason for retracting their paper. According to MDedge, one of the co-authors refused to divulge data about the study – which led to the other researchers requesting that the study be pulled out.

    Chetty clarified that he did not just simply prescribe HCQ to anyone who says they have COVID-19. “I reserved it for those patients in those first days that had, what I thought, was the high viral load. Those that had severe body aches and pains and high fevers, I would give HCQ to. I saw within a day or two that I’d managed to break that fever and get them on the way to recovery.”

    In response to a question by attorney Dexter L-J Ryneveldt about his treatment success rate, Chetty mentioned that he has not hospitalized or recommended putting oxygen on any patient out of the more than 10,000 he has seen physically.

    “There were four deaths in my practice, but [these] were because of an overabundance of caution by family members who wanted those patients hospitalized. When those patients were put in [the] hospital, the doctors there refused to collaborate with me. My treatment was stopped, they were put onto hospital protocols and those were the only four deaths that I’ve had.”


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      1. Why does everyone I know that got the MRNA shots get sick right after? What a coincidence I say! You can keep your garbage toxins cause I ll take natural immunity for the win!

      2. This is all most likely the truth, but do these lawyers actually think anybody will be indicted in a “real” court…not just the Court of Public Opinion, which holds no power to actually punish anybody.

        I guess they couldn’t get an actual court to take the case. No standing?

        • This court case is recorded, video taped and all minutes logged so when sovereign nations wake up and stop all covid measures and realize that they were tricked, this court case will show everyone exactly how, why and who.

        • There will be no court cases in the US. Remember the US gave blanket immunity from damages to the makers of these vaccines to “expedite” their development. Unless and until the right to sue for damages returns, there will be no court cases in the US.

          • You are correct sir, our gubermint just acknowledged that agent orange from the Vietnam war causes cancer in Jan 2020! Let that sink in!

      3. Great Article. The ‘allergic reaction’ angle is interesting.

        Also tragic that hospitalization kills COVID patients.

        Not only in SA, but all over the ‘Free’ world.

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