Soros-Linked Group Joins MSM To CENSOR And PURGE Climate Change Skeptics on YouTube

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The censorship continues, as a George Soros-linked group has joined forces with the mainstream media to ensure climate skeptics are silenced on YouTube.  The group Avaaz, left-leaning non-profit group, published a report on January 16th on its website that claims YouTube is “profiting by broadcasting misinformation” to millions of people by giving climate denial videos too much prominence.

    Independent mainstream media outlets are engaging in a politically-motivated campaign to force YouTube to demonetize and hide any video that denies climate change.  Regardless of the facts or scientific evidence revealed in the videos, if one doesn’t submit to the religion of climate change, they will be silenced if Avaaz has anything to do about it.

     The report is an undisguised intimidation campaign, as not only does it list major advertizers who are running ads on videos that question the legitimacy of the threat climate change poses for humanity, but it explicitly calls for them to put pressure on the platform as a means of putting an end to the so-called disinformation.

    Despite the findings being published just yesterday, many mainstream sites had lengthy articles posted not long after that, which featured quotes from those who worked on the report. Timings that suggest select websites were given early access, making it clear what agenda is being pushed, more so as they all tout the same talking points. Vice, Time, Gizmodo, The Verge, and countless other news entities want YouTube to punish creators who don’t toe the “correct” ideological line. The objective is to demonetize, and thus censor, such individuals as they’ll be less inclined to work on the content that they won’t be able to profit from. -RT

    Nell Greenburg, a campaign director at Avaaz, claims the report isn’t about removing content and censorship, however, that contradicts the report’s own messaging. There is a clear attempt to have content hidden as the report calls into question the promotion of such videos in the “up next” box on the site. It’s semantics at this point, but hiding videos would hurt creators and dissuade them from even trying to share their thoughts. It is an indirect way of removing “wrongthink.”  The official narrative is the only narrative and when it comes to the domination of others, these people want to be at the top.

    Basic human rights are under attack from all sorts of groups. And it is fairly safe to say that YouTube will give into the demands of this group, silencing and demonetizing anyone caught not parroting the Orwellian narrative the ruling class hands down.

    This situation ultimately raises questions into why anyone, or anything, should have the power to dictate what others can create. Regardless of one’s personal views on the matter, there’s no denying that bold claims have been made about the climate that later were disproven. Little is, as yet, set in stone, and content that lands on any one side of the debate should be free to exist. If a creator is making videos people are watching, their hard work shouldn’t be thrown in the bin simply because an activist group with ties to one of the world’s richest people and his proxies says so. It is not the role of billionaires and their pet projects to play babysitter. –Sophia Narwitz, writer for RT


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      1. It’s all about the carbon credits and carbon trading! Seriously, all that any of these psychos care about is money and power.

        The danger is nuclear waste, damage to the environment, and a finite supply with ever increasing production expenses!

        We do need renewable energy! Non nuclear, of course!

        A german scientist patented the earth battery in about 1850. Coal magnates obviously objected, even to the point of patenting something similar with sulfur wrapped around metal which could obviously ignite.

        Anyone attempting this, must be certain to be wearing a condom and rubber gloves, and rubber soled shoes, lol, joking about the condom, but obviously getting electrocuted when done improperly is an obvious risk.

        earth battery patent

        • A cement version of this battery, which I am obviously unable to verify, has lasted for over 10 years, according to one online claim.

          Is our normal concept of cathode, anode, and galvanic cells, decomposing, actually subject to a closed system, with a declining energy state? Where do ions go, assuming that it remains fully charged, at all times? idk

          I think it would be funny, if people just slowly, quietly, peacefully segued away from corporatists — where there are no laws for or against what you are doing — never to harm a hair on anyone’s head.

          But, it would be Fight Club funny, to pair peoples’ waste to carbon credits and sell it back to them.

      2. I’m sure the climate is changing, but there is little humans can do to change it.

        Activists call for the end of hydrocarbon use. Yet everything they use, including their clothes, vehicles, homes, and food has embedded energy. If they were to stop using anything containing hydrocarbons itself, or in it’s production, all at once they would find themselves sitting naked in the middle of their yard. Stop transportation of heavy trucks, trains, and ships and everyone starves.

        And windmills and PV panels are not the answer either. They have more embedded energy in their production than they will create over their lifetime. There are not enough easily accessible inputs from the Periodic Table to supply the alternative energy to keep industrial civilization running at the current pace. Hydrocarbons cannot be replaced.

        Industrial Civilization will continue for a time until the law of diminishing returns catches up to it and then Mad Max ensues. Billions will die. We are, after all, basically the same as yeast in a petrie dish.

      3. Can’t have facts confusing us, no can we? What’s interesting, and illustrative of the scam, is the way they are trying to frame the debate. The grabbers are trying to force everyone into the corner of the question whether climate is changing. Of course climate is changing! It’s cast in stone.

        Glaciers melting? Bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! There were glaciers as far south as St. Louis. They’re gone, melted!!! That was 11,000 years ago. Uh, oh, there’s a problem there. Well, it was the pre Egyptian societies and their trucks. I see.

        Climate activists need to answer correctly three questions:

        -what causes seasonal change;
        -are we closer to the Sun in December or June?;
        -define precession, and it’s effect on the earth’s axis.

        Otherwise they are dupes or shills.

      4. I’ve taken the material from your article and expanded on it here

        It’s a thankless task detailing all the lies in this stuff. There are thousands of organisations like Avaaz – NGOs, government funded think tanks, academic enforcers of various kinds, and bands of Thunberg-inspired hysterics. Worse than the lies and distortion involved in their propaganda is their systematic undermining of science – what it is and how it works. A few more decades of this and there will be no-one in the western world capable of rational thought. Best of luck.

      5. “Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami” > > NO gas molecule can capture, store,redirect or amplify radiant energy photons moving at the speed of light. There is NO greenhouse gas warming. The Alarmists/Lukewarmist debate is fake.

      6. I’m beginning to think AGW is a global exercise in gaslighting the populace. I know it’s working on me cuz this constant “crapthink” is driving me crazy…

      7. It would be sociable of me to know how history and science are normally taught, but (speaking more eccentrically, now) some people believe there was industrialization, then.

        The mammoths and buttercups, flash frozen in their mouths, do not necessarily thrive in -60F.

      8. There are two types of people in this world. The type who wants to be left alone and the type who won’t leave people alone.

      9. It appears that Sorros’ open borders wet dream just might be Putin, whom he despises, SouthFront is saying that China, Russia, and Europe will integrate into one territory, and that the Russians need the Chinese. That is really generous of the Russians and Europeans to donate their countries to the Chinese! Win Win for the Chinese – Win Russia, Win Europe!

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