Soros, Icahn and Major New Players Rushing Into the Gold Sector: “Things Are In The Works As We Speak”

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    The price of gold and silver is set to explode according to one of the most well known CEO’s in the precious metals mining space.

    Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of one of the world’s lowest-cost primary silver producers, says that the negative headlines surrounding history’s most trusted monetary instruments will soon give way and the smart money, including the likes of George Soros and Carl Icahn, is taking massive positions ahead of the breakout.

    Neumeyer, who has created two billion-dollar companies and recently founded the mineral bank First Mining Finance, argues that the fundamentals are simply too great to ignore.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    It’s really what you pay for stuff that creates value. If you’re buying stuff at the top of the market you’re destroying value. You never really know when the exact top of the market is and you never really know when the bottom of the market is. But, I know we’re around the bottom or are close to the bottom… But I don’t really care because I’m a long-term fundamental investor and I know that we can make a lot of money buying assets at these prices that we’re paying today.

    I do believe that markets ultimately prevail. I do believe that supply and demand will ultimately prevail. I’m confident that we will see that occur…

    The fact there are some very substantial new players coming into the sector and taking positions in gold and silver… I think that’s showing that things will change and I think things are in the works as we speak.

    Neumeyer recently sent an open letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission slamming the rampant manipulation of precious metals paper markets, going so far as to call on global producers to withhold silver deliveries in an effort to bring balance to markets.

    As he notes in his interview, that prices of silver are currently trading at around $15 per ounce is counter-intuitive given that demand today is significantly more than it was at the height of silver’s rise to nearly $50 in recent years. Moreover, the price at which mining companies are able to acquire precious metals assets in the ground has collapsed significantly from just a few years ago:

    Generally speaking the average price that a mining company would pay for gold ounces that are drilled in the ground is about $50 an ounce. That number did go over $100 and there were some transactions that went through in the 2011 time frame that were much higher.

    But I am just using generally speaking over the last thirty years… $50 is the normal one that we use as mining companies in the industry… so if we’re buying ounces today at $10 an ounce… and it’s actually lower that that… we’re paying $7 to $9 an ounce… that’s five times less than a normal market.

    The silver market is extremely tight. Unfortunately you don’t see it in the price.

    When silver was $45-$50 per ounce the demand was a little bit less than it is today. That’s a surprising statement. The demand today at $15 silver is greater than it was at that $45-$50 silver. 

    It goes to my earlier point about headline news and the hate on the mining sector, the hate on resources, the hate on metals… That’s what is causing prices to be where they are today.

    I do believe that the street will wise up to that supply and demand fundamentals story and see that silver is actually a strategic metal.

    The question, of course, is when? When will prices of silver and gold finally respond to widespread global demand?

    While we can’t time the markets, if we take Neumeyer’s advice it doesn’t really matter. The long-term fundamentals are strong and the manipulation is clearly evident.

    I think the supply/demand fundamentals for silver are the best of any metal. Of course gold is interesting because of the money printing that’s going on by governments. That’s why I am very much focused with First Mining on buying gold assets.

    I think gold is going to start moving in the next six to eighteen months and I think gold will be driving the rest of the metals much higher.

    I do believe that silver will outperform gold. The ratio currently is 75-to-1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the ratio go down to 20-to-1.

    …It’s not that inconceivable and that’s going to put silver in triple-digit categories.

    The reality is that silver paper markets trade about one billion ounces daily. The entire yearly production of silver is about 800 million ounces. At some point that disconnect will be revealed for the sham it really is.

    When that day comes we can expect gold and silver to rise precipitously as mainstream financial pundits look on with bewilderment.

    This interview has been contributed by Future Money Trends. For news, investment strategy ideas and more videos like this one you can subscribe here.


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      1. I don’t trust George Soros any farther than I can throw him… but he knows what the hell he is doing with money. And it looks like they are stacking metals like they’re going out of style.

        It was he who said there will be riots on the streets of America. Believe him – he knows.

        Get prepared.

        • “It was he who said there will be riots on the streets of America. Believe him – he knows.”

          He should know; he’s helping to cause it.

          • Is it just me, or does George Soros look very reptilian to other people? He may be losing his ability to maintain a human appearance.

            • In reality I theorize that because of his presence in the main stream media Soros is synonymous with TPTB and when something is intentionally put before me I tend to look around. Soros is the sacrificial lamb and the real major players in global control hide in the shadows. I also believe that TPTB will throw Obama under the bus putting all blame on him in the event of a severe economic downfall. The media, his darling media will turn on him and paint him as an inept fool in a modern, “Blame It On Hoover”, thus protecting by deflecting blame from the plutocrats that actually control.

              • “I think gold is going to start moving in the next six to eighteen months and I think gold will be driving the rest of the metals much higher.”

                Six to eighteen months? I guess I had better run out right now to be the rush. Duh. Maybe I will just hit the snooze alarm and wait until he calls an “imminent, red alert” instead.

                That should give me 90 days to pick up my marbles. 🙂

                • Won’t be any marbles left soon….at any price

                • For the past few days Test has been regurgitating the kosher version of the political landscape. To spiral into the misdirection of the “authorized” political landscape is to lose the big picture. “Left” and “right,” socialists and (neo)-conservatives have the same owners and the political goalposts are shifted to move both the “left” and “right” in the “middle” direction as defined by the wicked accomplices of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9). Of course, Test ignores the most successful 20th century opponent of the the tribe, the Catholic Franco who put an end to the Judeo-Bolshvists who murdered priests and raped nuns, yes, even “the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.” More to follow…

                  • Have no fear, JQP,
                    the mighty and all knowing poope will soon be here to set all America straight and bring the needed redemption that will keep us all from the hour of temptation and tribulation. mmm? sarc off.

                    It will be the same ole rhetoric with a slice of new world enthusiasm thrown in.

                    The following article lays out his platform pretty well ( in parenthesis, are the additions i made. )

                    “Shortly after he became Pope, Francis told Vatican reporters, “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

                    This spring, he released a paper on climate change, in which he supported a partnership between science and religion to stem the tide of climate change.

                    Then, earlier this month, he granted priests around the world the right to forgive the “sin of abortion” during the “year of mercy,” which is set to begin in December.

                    But his main theme since becoming the 266th pope in March of 2013 has been poverty and the distribution of wealth.
                    The Holy Father, who comes to Philadelphia next weekend, has alternately referred to our world financial order as “structurally perverse,” a “new colonialism” and the “dung of the devil.”

                    In its place, he has promoted a universal message of mercy, ( accept homosexuality by either sex), compassion ( accept abortion and forgive the murderers) and social justice.” (accept socialism as the new world system, unless it is the NWO leaders $$ that is considered).

                    ( don’t forget the climate change train he has just hopped on board with, and give it up for the poope in the name of religion. btw, who has sent him? )

                    • In 2,000 years, practicing Catholics have suffered about 3 dozen anti-Popes.

                      I am rather amused that you don’t like “humble” Bergoglio. After all, he is like you, a Judaizing heretic.

                      Unfortunately for us Catholics, we can only note that Bergoglio is a “manifest” (obvious) heretic since the garbage that flows daily from his mouth manifestly contradicts 2,000 years of perennial infallible teaching of the Magisterium against sodomy, syncretism, universal salvation, abortion, collegiality, communism, and… Judaism. We will have to wait for a truly Catholic pope or a truly Catholic Council to judge him a “formal” heretic, invalidating his pronouncements and acts.

                    • Let’s play the k o s h e r word filter game.

                      As far back as the shadow play between the z u g o t, “twins,” Hillel and Shammai, the s y n a g o g u e of S a t a n has instigated and profited from phony conflicts. Capitalism, socialism, communism, right, left….. yes, Napoleon, Wellington, the Central Powers, the Allied Powers, the Axis powers, yes, BOTH world wars!

                      Besides H i t l e r ‘ s cooperation with and funding by J e w i s h bankers, H i t l e r attempted to expatriate J e w s from Germany, first to Madagascar, later to P a l e s t i n e, but the documents show that callous Z i o n i s t s who cared nothing for the lives of poor J e w s decided that the more J e w s that died, the greater the sympathy would be for their seizure of P a l e s t i n e through “Plan Dalet” (g e n o c i d e and t e r r o r i s m). They even built phony g a s c h a m b e r s after the war to embellish their Big Lie to garner more sympathy, tribute, and power.

                      J e w i s h capitalists (and their G e n t i l e accomplices) instigated BOTH world wars and funded J e w i s h communism to great profit, power, and the death of approximately 1/3 BILLION G e n t i l e s in the 20th century. Even now In the USA and Europe “Right” and “Left” are wholly-owned subsidiaries, prostitutes of the s y n a g o g u e. In their latest move to draw the spotlight away from their own c r i m e s a g a i n s t h u m a n i t y, the t r i b e and its media are instigating race war (and many here are taking their bait).

                      It is overdue for decent people to pay attention to RIGHT AND WRONG and to stop being suckered by M a s t e r R a c e instigators, liars, murderers, looters, political theatre, falsified history, and t r i b a l exploitation of your libido and your materialism.

                      Many may consider themselves non-religious, but we are all living on a religious battlefield. The earth is the battlefield of God and S a t a n.

                      P r o s e c u t e the G U I L T Y. L e a v e the i n n o c e n t alone.

                  • Down with Popery.
                    Down with Papists.

                  • (cont’d one paragraph at a time—sigh) While the great N a z i bogeyman cooperated with and was funded by J e w i s h banksters and industrialists (Prescott Bush was H i t l e r ’ s intermediary with the J e w i s h bankster Jacob Schiff), H i t l e r killed decent men like Gregor Strasser, the real hope of Germany, a very popular man who peacefully, but meaningfully opposed J e w i s h usury, chicanery, and financial hegemony. Real history has been replaced by a cartoonish k o s h e r fable (Titus 1:14) of “communism,” “fascism,” and “democracy,” the fable that Test has been parroting the last few days. More to follow…

                    • Now i am really appalled that you would stoop so low as to call me a “-udaizing heretic”, when I am almost totally in agreement with you on the real bankster -udeizers and who they are. i “have” read all about it. And i also know that you are wrong when you blanket cover all udeans as the synagog of satan/Kenites/ offspring of Cain/Satan.

                      We actually know the number of them about as well as we know the number of your sect….the ” Magisterium “.

                      However if you still stand by your earlier, as in, a year or so ago, stance as you put it…’that the only true religion and way to Heaven was via the Catholic church’, and that by Catholic church you meant the Magisterium one; I still stand by my stance that the only way to Heaven is through Christianity and that clinging to a religion is not the answer, especially the one that uses a flesh man to acquire forgiveness, and acceptance.

                      That way of thinking and ideology, goes totally against Christ’s opening the veil that gives direct contact to the only Father, and that is the One on the Holy Throne; not some stool throne that a sinful flesh man sits upon, acting as though he has the ultimate earthly say so. Playing one upmanship, by any preacher or priest, as well as a layman is messing with fire from the Father of All. Judgment begins at the pulpit.

                      In your eyes all that don’t agree with your -ew hatred and follow your catholic stance is a heretic and lost soul. We see it in your comments to test and others.
                      Me thinks you are not as intelligent as some believe; including yourself.

                      Oh, and btw to prove my point, just reread your point here ” We will have to wait for a truly Catholic pope or a truly Catholic Council to judge him a “formal” heretic,…”

                      Once again, you take God out of the equation by placing the “judging” into the hands of a flesh man/men that you and your members put upon a pedestal. Sounds more like a cult to me, instead of the “only” true religion and way to Heaven.

                    • If you really believed Jesus Christ, you would obey Him.

                      Jesus founded His Church with the commission to teach (Matthew 28:19-20), govern (Matthew 18:18), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19, John 20:23).

                      Logically consistent with those commissions, Jesus founded one Church, singular, with one central authority (Mattthew 18:18), a visible organized society (Mark 4:11), and called for oneness of doctrine (John 17:11, 21-23), not an anarchy of churches having mutually exclusive doctrines like the 35,000+ sects of Protestantism in which every self-impressed dyslexic gets to make up his own doctrine and be his own little “pope.”

                      Jesus compared His Church to a number of very visible objects: a body, a kingdom, a sheepfold, a net (Matthew 13:47), a city, a field. Jesus Christ, true God and True Man, Messiah, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, God did not compare His Church with a disorganized rabble of conflicting doctrines and morality.

                    • God is not “out of the equation,” but we do have a hierarchy, a hierarchy that JESUS AND HIS APOSTLES founded.

                      Just like a private doesn’t get to judge a general, a Catholic layman does not have the authority to formally (legally) judge a Pope. Only God and a later Pope can formally judge a Pope (some theologians argue that a formal Church Council may depose a Pope, but that is not a settled matter yet).

                      Following the example of St. Paul resisting St. Peter (Galatians 2:11), a Catholic layman has the duty to resist a manifestly heretical (obviously heretical, but not yet formally judged) Pope. The distinction—duty to resist, but no authority to depose.

                      The Church hierarchy was established while the Apostles were still alive. The Apostles who walked and talked face-to-face with Jesus formed and participated in the hierarchy and teaching authority, “the Magisterium.” The Apostles neither rebelled nor spoke against the hierarchy or teaching authority. St. John the Apostle submitted to 4 popes in his life (St. Peter, St. Linus, St. Anacletus, St. Clement I) without one word against them. St. John and the other Apostles knew and know far better than you what Jesus wanted for His Church.

                    • Regarding your deep confusion about “hate”… There is nothing as hateful as seeing a man perched on the precipice of Hell and telling him everything is just fine.

                      I have explained it before and yet it bears repeating since you and a couple of others here are very sloppy in making an important distinction.

                      I hate sin, including my own sins. My personal sins are a matter for God and my confessor, nobody here.
                      Because I hate sin, I condemn ALL Master Race creeds and crimes against humanity. I do not want the victims or perpetrators to go to Hell.
                      If I really hated any of those people, victims or perpetrators, I’d keep quiet and let them go to Hell.
                      It is true charity, true love, that warns a man in time to repent, seek absolution, make reparation, AND get to Heaven! THAT, my confused friend, is true love of neighbor.

                      Think carefully for a change… PLEASE!

              • Kevin2, if TPTB throw soros and the African virus under the bus, that’s one SENSIBLE thing they’d be doing. I won’t shed tears for either one of them.

            • H Muller – Psychopaths (especially the non-physically violent ones) tend to blink an average of 3x more per minute than normal people…. if that helps.

              • And the violent ones don’t blink at all? Blazing stare? Jus’ tryin’ to clarify.

        • I think I made a comment on some previous thread that the reason the elites have driven down the price of PM’s was so they could acquire the physical metals themselves at bargain basement prices.

          Think about it…..if you were in a position that you could manipulate the markets to your advantage in this way, wouldn’t you do it?

          Why would they want to purchase silver at $49 an ounce and gold at $2000 when they can drive the price down….scare off the small time investors and then scoop it up?

          It’s the same trick Nathan Mayer Rothschild used when Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. He sold off his positions and others in the market believed that Rothschild did because Wellington had been defeated. (of course it was Napoleon that was defeated..not Wellington) It created a huge sell off in the markets. When the market tanked, Rothschild stepped back in and bought at rock bottom prices.

          All of the markets are a sham and are manipulated by the big money players….and the gold/silver markets (which are paper assets, not physical) are manipulated the same way.

          This is why I don’t speculate in the PM’s markets. I just keep stacking. At some point, only real assets will have value.

          Paper is worth……well……paper.

        • “It was he who said there will be riots on the streets of America. Believe him – he knows. ”

          Yes he does, because he FINANCES them!

        • If you could see Philadelphia today you wouldn’t believe it. Five square miles of martial law, no cars allowed into the center (unless governmental of course). Every street leading into the center has three soldiers guarding it, with a Humvee nearby. Coast Guard boats are on the river with 50 cal machine guns on deck. “See something, say something” signs are everywhere, along with lists of all the crap you can’t have on your person. All for one guy….or all to train for martial law and protecting the city’s central governmental and financial district?

      2. Cant eat gold or silver. when the SHTF you will want a safe place and enough good eats to hold you over. not to mention a few weapons to protect said supplies.

        • I have been a critic of buying up a gun safe full of gold, and silver, from way back when. Only because. as you say wulfman, “Can’t eat gold or silver…..”

          However; i first say this. we do hold some silver and gold.

          But, secondly, we have enough preps in place to weather just about any storm that comes our way. In fact, just went to a wholesaler yesterday to buy extra premium Trojan AGM batteries for the solar units. Sadly, had to drive almost 100 miles, one way, to get them. Beats paying shipping.

          The point is this; where is all this gold and silver coming from? Germany and Texas has been denied access to their gold reserves in NY City vaults. WHY?

          Is the gov behind the selling off of gold and silver it does not rightfully own? No answer from anyone here with searches off the internet will satisfy my mind as to why?

          Anyways, just saying that one has acquired all the preps that they think they could possibly need, and that one decides that gold and silver is the next best investment going; what happens if after a spike of 500% or more of the value of those PMs, the powers decide all PMs are no longer the legal tender for trade or of significant barter value unless said PMs have been declared through the Fed/NWO gestapo?

          In other words, we the gov/NWO/Fed reserve/world banksters, declare all PMs illegal unless declared and documented as such as need be for legalization, by them.

          What would keep them from doing such a thing?
          I think too much emphasis is put on “believing” a backside, or a “we the people”, will prevail, type atmosphere is forth coming.

          My Book, that is duly inspired by the “owner of all”, has already declared the outcome. And; it don’t look good for folks that bank on treasures of hard assets.

          Just sayin’. Is there a trap set and who will fall for it?

          Phuck soros and what he says or does! Maybe AE can do that part. Maybe we should name him the SHTF butt plunger for all here. The poster boy for the new rainbow coalition.
          Go acid, go acid, turn em’ around, throw em’ down and get it brown; poot chute boogie boy.

          • passwiththewind

            “Is the gov behind the selling off of gold and silver it does not rightfully own?”

            The gold held by The Federal Reserve is not ours as the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. The banksters own, control that gold and funds like GLD are largely unregulated and therefore heavily leveraged. In effect one buys gold for security and obtains a piece of paper that they knowing issue in far greater number than reserves.

            When major nations like Germany cannot get their gold back you have a serious problem. When Germany does nothing about it you have rule by fear and intimidation.

            • agreed.

            • ….and they sell those assets over, and over, and over again.

              • Each time assets move in value TPHB get a higher percentage of the existing wealth. As technology creates increasing wealth TPTB are there, like the tax man, to syphon off their cut.

                One of the driving forces that just so happens is that as TPTB get an ever increasing percentage of global wealth it facilitates them getting a higher percentage of global wealth. The result is less consumers per productive unit.

          • You would never say it to my face old man. I don’t suffer vermin or retards.

            • And this comment doesn’t sound sick….

              Acid Etch says:
              Comment ID: 3448893
              September 19, 2015 at 7:03 pm

              Hillsdale College is offering a number of free online courses now I think would be right up your alley. If not, you could let me up your alley. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA RAINBOW POWER.

              Sorry AE, you ain’t foolin’ anyone here. You are a sick puke that is in the same category as a pedophile priest.

              BTW, I am never coming back to the Baltimore/DC area again, or i would say it to your face, varmint. I worked that area for about four years steady with freight and then again with a nine car hauler picking up repos for an auto auction house in my state. Once pulled the darn thing down Pennsylvania Avenue looking for a repo yard. Nasty place inside the beltway. Smelled like puke all the time. Proley was billery stinking up the whitehouse. You can have it all.

              • Long list of RABBI PEDERASTS gets no media coverage or jail time:
                iamthewitness dot com/listeners/Jewish.child.molesters.that.are.never.on.the.NEWS-WHY.htm

              • How fucking dare you equate homosexuality with pedo shit? Ignorant hillbilly shitbirds like you have gotten innocent people killed. You son of a fucking diseased whore. You would shit your pants if you saw me in real life.

                • Probably from laughing so hard Acid.

                • You are the diseased one AE. It has been confirmed by many in the medical field that faggots carry a large population of parasites and diseases that “normal” people don’t have.

                  Your sins shall find you out. Better get your queer ass in gear and start doing some kneelin’ that doesn’t require you spreading your cheeks, either set.

                  And btw, sodomy has at it’s core, a belief system that the younger the sweeter, so you can deny it all you want to, but homos have that tendency, and most will act out on it if given the opportunity. That is why your kind is called “effeminates” in the KJV. It is why God heard the cries of the little ones, and sent His angels to investigate and destroy that evil and sick society. You people have a king and he is coming soon to pour out his wrath onto us Christians; but, he looses in the end, and all that follow his lies of love and sin. How dumb are you? Are you gonna sin your way right up to the gates of hell for your twisted self-satisfaction?

                  Just sayin’.

                • How dare YOU! Homosexuals are “proud” that “most molesters are heterosexual,” but look closely. The homosexual 1% of the general population perpetrates about 47% of child molestations, almost half. This means that the average homo is about 50 times more dangerous to children than a normal adult. Despite the protestations of homosexual activists to the contrary, about one-third of adult homosexuals engage in sex with minors, putting teens and children at risk from their sick predatory practices.

                  Despite several decades of HIV education, homosexuals still tend to be promiscuous and to engage in high risk and often anonymous sex practices (including fisting, torture, sodomy, coprophagy, vampirism, “glory holes,” and other paraphilias) that result in the exchange of blood, urine, feces, and semen yielding much higher rates of deadly disease than in the normal population. The medical consequences of acts common among homosexuals and the disproportionately increased rates of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and psychopathology among homosexuals cause homosexuals to die decades younger than normal people.

                  Dispel the propaganda, see narth dot com .

                • I happen to agree with you Acid. You come on soooo strong…. but there is an incredible difference between being a homosexual and a pedafile. A pedifile is a person that is so hopeless that one can only say “OMG” NO Help! A Homosextual is a person of honest beliefs that usually knows their boundaries as do hetrosexuals. Difference? Yes, choice in mate.
                  I cannot find any excuse for a Pedofile for their isn’t any. Oh yea folks……their your neighbors, teachers and coaches.
                  I’m trying to point out in a nice way that one cannot know who is a Pedifile. This is an illness that is not understood if one should happen to be homosexual or hetterosexual.
                  Acid, I’m not suggesting that in any way your different, just pointing out your NOT creepy!

                  • There are two huge problems with your reasoning:

                    (1) There is enormous overlap of homosexuals and pedophiles AND much higher rates of deadly diseases and violent psychopathology (look at Acid’s threatening butch behavior here), hence, compared to normal people, homosexuals represent on average a MUCH greater danger to children. Sure, there are some old queens staying at home buggering each other, but there are far more predators, including HIV “bug seekers” and “gift givers,” looking for fresh young meat. That theme of preying on youth, as the data show, pervades their public “pride” events as much as it does their private predations.

                    (2) BOTH are serious sins. In a decent nation, BOTH would remain crimes.

                    • Now this we can agree on. 110%!

                      Our styles of faith and obedience and repentance may differ somewhat, but the “abominations” are sins that bring about eternal damnation.

                      We can justify and coddle homosexual perverts, like tishie is making room for, but in the end, God has already judged them by His Word…..they don’t get a free pass anywhere but in this world, and as we know, this world is soon gone forever.

          • Passin, I agree. keep stacking and praying.

          • “the powers decide all PMs are no longer the legal tender for trade or of significant barter value unless said PMs have been declared through the Fed/NWO gestapo?”

            PASSIN, it wouldn’t matter what we are holding, gold, silver, bullets, food stores, whatever, if tptb want what we have, they will rewrite whatever they have to to take it from us. Food is no safer than gold to hold, if tptb want to take it. In fact, I could hide my PMs from them, a lot easier than my food stores.

            Everybody always says “bury caches in the woods”, well, those woods are owned by somebody, usually SOMEBODY ELSE. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t haul any meaningful amount of my food stores into the woods, through fences and past “No Trespassing” signs, to dig big holes and bury them without the possibility of SOMEBODY noticing. This isn’t the 1800s. In most cases, it’s just not practical anymore. But it SOUNDS nice.

            The truth is, we’ve sat on our asses for long enough, that they have us by the short hairs coming or going. We’ll only have ONE CHANCE, and that’s to fight for it.

            Sitting and waiting for them to come for our stuff, isn’t really a viable option anymore.

            • You have a point,six.

        • “Ya can’t eat gold or silver”. I laugh me azzzz off every time I see this comment. Some people understand that AFTER things return to ‘normal’, you better have a way to pay that tax man or your “safe place” won’t be yours anymore. Then what? YOU become a refugee, or worse. Gold and silver will also most likely be the preferred way to barter for “big ticket” items or property. Jus saying……

          • Obviously one needs shelter, food, fuel and security. Once that is obtained and there are disposable funds should one just do nothing?

            Regarding post collapse or God forbid post war, “normal”, I don’t think we would recognize the new “normal”. Its highly probable if history is a guide that a very totalitarian government, with the blessing of a significant percentage, if not majority, will emerge as the masses cry out for order. Its a womb for the birth of the likes of Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler.A new tyrant with massive surveillance technology, and backed by public support, will make you look for a rock to crawl under. We used to call this fuggly.

          • Delta,
            The way I look at it is after the smoke clears and there’s still a government tax man to collect, then the war has not yet been been won…at least not by the good guys.

        • Cant eat lead or steel either, but you have it. Having some PM’s is only smart prepping.

        • You seem to think that owning gold and things for prep are mutually exclusive. First, buy your prep stuff…food, water, land, guns, bullets. THEN, if you have money left over, consider precious metals.

      3. “The reality is that silver paper markets trade about one billion ounces daily. The entire yearly production of silver is about 800 million ounces. At some point that disconnect will be revealed for the sham it really is.”

        This statement is misleading. Silver that has already been mined and minted continues to trade on a daily basis.

        • About two years ago I almost bought silver at $28 an ounce when all the talk was it was going to go higher. Today it’s selling for around $14. The so called experts are just trying to pump the price higher because they are selling it.

          • We’ve bought as low as $4 and as high as $27. The volume of physical metal available is much greater than 800 million ounces. he’s trying to use emotion t get people to act without thinking it through. Just like the lying liberal left.

          • It did go higher. If your goal was to make a fiat profit on silver price, you simply missed the boat, or, your boat hasn’t docked yet….either stick around or sell now, and move onto the next fad.

            Personally, I bought silver to have a place to park extra fiat in something that LONG TERM will hopefully retain better value. I believe that was true when I bought it, and I believe it still.

            • bingo ! the same here.

        • No, it’s not misleading. Yes, physical silver does trade every day. The point is that a BILLION ounces THAT DOES NOT EXIST, NOR COULD ANYONE COME UP WITH IT, also trades every day.

          Heck, why not a trillion imaginary ounces ? IF it’s simply being made up, is there any limit ?

        • The statement that silver mined keeps trading is not entirely true.

          About 90% of the silver mined annually is used destructively by industry. Meaning is gone, not recycled or recovered like gold. It goes down the drain into waste dumps etc. there is very little surplus silver in the product line. One good war in just the right geographic place and physical silver would skyrocket.

          Gold and silver round trip trades are used to manipulate the price of precious metals (PM). Here’s how it works, Fed bank in Chicago works with Fed bank in NY. Each has silver on deposit so they can create paper contracts and loan it out. Say the price of silver is $15 an ounce and they want it lower. NY cuts a contract and sells 10,000 ounces to Chi for $14.90 an ounce, simultaneous Chi cuts a contract to sell 10,000 ounces silver to NY at $14.90 an ounce. The contracts cancel, no silver even moves, but the sale is registered as though it did. And the price is now $14.90 an ounce and all it cost was a brokerage fee of about $7 per contract.

          This is how oil, gold and silver prices are legally fixed. It takes huge market forces to overcome this kind of insidious manipulation. Yes congress knows all about it and is turning a blind eye, there are no free markets. This is why there are so many contracts traded on a daily basis, it’s all manipulated.

        • Not exactly true. Most of that mined silver is used in industry in products/technologies where is it either used up or thrown into landfills never to be recovered. Remember, the U.S. Fed Gov. at one point had over a billion ounces of above ground silver in storage. It’s been well documented that this above ground stockpile is now gone.

          Only mined silver likely remaining are in coin form and that’s represents a small percentage of the annual demand for silver.

        • I checked imports vs exports. Every country seems to export more then they import. So where is it going?

      4. When the price of gold and silver take off, so will everything else. Food ,gas, everything for where I am at, I can’t eat silver or gold. The everyday items will be as valuble as precious metals. A good place to hide will be priceless. Take care.

        • Everything except fixed loans like mortgage and auto etc. You could pay off your mortgage 20 cents on the dollar if you buy P/M’s and they go up substantially and have plenty left over. I’m sure Your town hall would accept gold or silver for your taxes….It would be in their interest to do so.

      5. SENEX,

        Cardio and situps have zero affect on losing your fat paunch.

        Because the body preferentially burns carbs before fat, you have to exercise first thing in the morning before you eat anything. However, you have to drink water before you exercise because a dehydrated muscle is 30% weaker.

        Because it takes 2.25 hours of continuous running to burn off a bacon cheeseburger, 90% of your focus has to be to STOP EATING SO FUCKING MUCH YOU FAT COW. Your remaining focus needs to be on LIFTING FUCKING DUMBBELLS.


        • I love Acid.

        • I gave anesthesia to someone today who was so fat they were bigger around than tall, and honestly if you laid them flat on their back they would roll around and flail like a turtle on its shell. Speaking of….it’s time for my run.

      6. To all: My 16 year old daughter just won ‘Miss Teen Gwinnett County’ beauty contest.
        Blew my mind, all the 15-19 girls were lookers….

        First time I have welled up in public…

        Be well all…

        • May I also say this was her first ever pagent..
          Sorry, just proud of an offspring that wins first time because of her presence, said one judge.
          With 10 plays under her belt, 3 being lead roles, I am a proud father.
          And her goal is acting and producing, at 16???
          My wife and 18 year old daughter are awesome too…

          Ya’ll behave…

          • Did you really just blow your OPSEC out of the water?

            • Eh Mars,have to agree with you.That said,Eppe is suffering(enjoying)the jubilation of being a proud parent/happy his daughter has found a path she wishes to pursue(as a teen could change quickly)but has accomplished things that help her on that path.I would personally say the lead roles in plays better then pageant,that is more just the icing on the cake and helps prepare her for career she wishes to pursue(she’s a teen,could change tomorrow!).

              With all that did he blow opsec a bit,yes,that said,how many you think wanna go gunning for Eppe,and if they do,eh,I’m a short flight away as that means it has begun,just not in my neck of the woods!

            • I think he did. ……

            • Oh yes he did Google it his whole life go the girls face book page someone needs to tell her to shhhhhhhh

          • Good deal,though as a producer/actor she may need some time in Hollywood till established,then you call the shots to a degree where you are.I know it’s a nutty place but had a lot of fun staying 2 months in Hollywood a few decades back!

            There may be a star in your family and a Ferrari under the tree some Christmas/B-day down the road!

            • Thanks, Warchild, appreciate the response.

              I plan to have a tight control on appearances, and one year will wear us thin.
              My mind has been blown…

              She is into horror films, we could do a ‘Blair Witch’ low budget film and take off.

              I know just dreaming again.
              Still, I would do anything to a certain extent to help her in making her dreams come true…

              Would anyone out there not do the same???

              All be well…

              • Good for your family Eppe. Life’s short, enjoy it while you can.


              • Edited to add: Why would you be dumb enough to tell people who your daughter is on the internet….Not smart. Maybe you should get mac to delete your post.

            • As the singer for The Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde certainly has experienced insight into the “entertainment” industry. She had some strong sobering words on the subject:

              dailymail dot co dot uk/news/article-3227086/Now-Chrissie-Hynde-attacks-today-s-lewd-pop-stars-branding-sex-workers-created-pornography-culture.html

              Do you really want your daughter in H✡llyw✡✡d?

              And you really did destroy your persec and hers. So sad.

          • Congrats! Looks like you are doing a wonderful job with her! Enjoy!

            • BC55, I never know if I am doing the right thing, none of us know for sure…
              She has killer looks, brilliant mind, and is smarter than I ever was at that age…
              Dang, where did I go right, with my background???

              May all be well, if that is PC CORRECT…

              • eppe: She is drop dead gorgeous. She must take after her mother. 🙂

              • She is very pretty young lady.

                Don’t let her go to hollywood ! Not that awful place.

                Most of my family have been music performers since before the 1950s, with Benny Goodman to Johnny Cash to John Prine to the youngest nephew having his own band. Cousin is concert pianist in Germany.

                IT TAKES ITS TOLL and most did not escape unscathed.

                Keep her close to you.

              • Eppe,

                CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful! You can be a proud father.

                Might need body guards now. Good luck and God bless you family. Little Eppe Jr. can carry a baseball bat for an assignment.

                Wish y’all the best!

              • eppe,

                Congratulations! 🙂

          • Once again eppe is the dumbest idiot on the board. He once again blew his OPSEC and just revieled to the world who his teen daughter is, his exact location, and now sets into motion putting his entire family’s lives in danger. Big fat yakity trap, blabber mouth idiot from Tenn now in GA. Somebody needs to slap the shit out of your piehole. Fn idiot. Yeah just google the contest an bamb!!! Suicide by blabbering piehole
            People never give your location or info out period on the internet blog site. And certainly not about your childrens name. Eppe, you are truely the village idiot on this website. Of what NOT to ever do. Oh then look for the make of van his wife now drives and he just makes himself a target for say crazies like Acid to exploit.. Why dont you just shoot yourself and get it over on your watch. Fn idiot. And probably drinkin and typing again as usual. Sheesh!!


            • Leave Bobby Wood alone, he is proud. Pissinintothewind isn’t their a sin for that?

              • That is not his name, you dumbass, btw, what does it matter unless you are a stalker, and it is one thing to stalk and make threats on the internet, but you mess with someone in their domicile, and that someone is packing, you may end up pushing up daisies.

                I think your days of pissin’ in your pants is soon coming to an end. You will be shittin and pukin your guts out when the real shit starts, from your own nerves gone haywire.

            • WWHTI: The Cyber Squad who monitors this site and others like it have already ID everyone here, including you.

              They are located in a newly new 300,000 square foot building in Chantilly Virginia. All of our posts and out IP address(‘) are saved into their proprietary cloud, managed by Google.

              You are dumber than you look. 🙂

              BTW, have you figured out yet that the Yuan is pegged to the dollar? Or do you need another link ??? LMFAO!!!

          • Might be the product of good genes and good parenting eppe. Congrats to you and the wife.

          • Congrats on your daughters win.

            Now for some bad news:

            If she ever become a major actress you should shed some tears of sorrow because of what she will have had to compromise in order to become successful in the entertainment industry.

            The truth is that anyone with any success in music, entertainment, etc. does so at a very high price. If you are talented they will try and lure you with all kinds of promises. But in the end they own you and you will do what they want, when they want.

        • Congratulations eppe! I know the feeling. My daughter is now a beautiful woman of 35. When she graduated from her college class with summa cum laude/highest level of academic excellence, it humbled me.

          I realized how blessed I was to have such a dedicated young lady as a daughter.

          You too are to be proud because she didn’t just get that honor by her looks alone, eppe. You and your wife have done something right.

          • Paasin, thank you, I have done everything I can to make both of them independant as much as possible.
            I often wonder what the future will bring, and none of us know for sure.
            But one can promote offspring to be the best they can be, in whatever they are into.
            This night has been too much to handle, but I try to be tuff, but yet my sensitive side cuts in….

            This has been a BIG EXPERINCE night for me…

            • Thank you Mac, for a place to post my life stories…

              This has been a glorious moment fo me…

            • Congratulations to your family, eppe! A great website for actors is backstage dot com.
              I read it nearly every day. Also deadline dot com & thewrap dot com Also check out indiewire dot com

              • Boro, thanks, she had not seen the 4th one.
                She is a natural actor…

                I cannot express the feelings when she won…

                • Also may I express the thanks, it was a extreme night for me, so thanks everyone…
                  Who knows what the future may bring, so may all be well…
                  This has been a special night for me….

                  • Eppe, congratulations on your daughter. BTW, still planning on coming back to GA in Oct; could turn out to be THE bugout if certain events take place. Something really big is coming. I feel it.

                    • BH, Thanks, she is a trip…
                      Maybe we can still meet up.

                      It would be a pleasure…

                • Its a County fair you dope, same classification as a blue ribbon goat or sheep. Or grandmas cherry pie contest. Some people’s standards of success are set very minimal. Small minds are easily entertained. Eppe stop typing when drinking. Your County has what, 3500 people, one highschool, 3 bars and a laundry mat?
                  Bwhahaha. Oh, and Gommer can fix any old car on the lot. Typical stoopid hick.


                • Its a County fair you dope, same classification as a prize blue ribbon goat or sheep. Or grandmas secret recipe cherry pie contest. Some people’s standards of success are set very minimal. Small minds are easily entertained. Eppe stop typing when drinking… Your County has what, 3500 people, one highschool, 3 bars and a laundry mat?
                  Bwhahaha. Oh, and Gommer can fix any old car on the lot. Typical stoopid hick.


                  • Yep eppe Im picking on ya. Congrats for your daughter, but shut the f*ck up. Anothet big mouth like eppe lives down the road from me tells me he has 150 guns and about 200,000 rounds of ammo. No kidding. Another dumbass with a big fat trap blabbering his guts out. I swear just talk to these hicks around here and sit and listen and they will tell me everything else, about the rest of the hicks here. Fn halarious!! Stupid is….. I barely say anything of what Im doing. Blowing your OPSEC is the biggest No No for any prepper period. Big mouths and big mouths entire families will surely die first in SHTF.

                    • Since you have “lied” again about leaving here, but as i predicted….”He’ll be back”, here you are.

                      Let me share one of my night visions about you, wwti.

                      I was in a dream and flying through the clouds, and seeing familiar sights like I-95 and Georgia exits. I woke up and zoom, I was still in a panoramic vision that houses and signs sometimes appeared like looking through a telescopic lens.

                      Then a sign that read Jacksonville FL, and an old friend flashed through my mind….ss… and then I saw more signs and ocala. Then the vision had me over a swamp, with a some thick trees and then it opened up and there through the telescopic lens i saw what appeared to be bright, shiny, new metal roofing and I was suspended in 360 degree circle and saw faded and unpainted, peeling, OSB board siding on what looked like a 12 x 12 shack, with a sign over the doorway.

                      It read “Snails Bugout”. And, then my attention drew to something like an orange rope coming from the doorway. As i strained to look closer, i realized it was an orange drop cord and I followed it to a house nearby. There was an old woman with a platter of sandwiches and a cup of gatorade, and the woman was calling her son, “here snail, come and get your lunch sugar baby”.

                      Then i woke up and realized, the biggest liar on the site has been fooling folks about all his hard work, ole wwti has been busy doing what he does best…flapping those gums.

                    • WWTI

                      I do agree that keeping a low profile might help you in the long run. But! The first time you have to defend what you have, it is all over for OPSEC. After that you hope what you have left to fight with, makes the other guy think, “Is It Worth It to come back. There are lots of tactics and simple items learned in Vietnam and Afghanistan to wound, maim or kill. Many now would not be prepared for chemical warfare. Simple battery acid.
                      Some stuff I don’t need around the house but you can get it with limited exposure. As long as they leave me alone, I will leave them alone.

          • How come no one brags about their ugly daughters?

        • OPSEC !

        • EPPE
          Tell you daughter I’m PROUD of her and you. well dad it ok to “well up” you have a right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I bet she can shoot too. Right Dad?


          • Thanks, Sgt.

            Both girls are awesome on shooting…

            With 805,000 population here, this was a big deal…

            • Congrats to you and your family. But on a semi serious note, the anti defamation leagues no bullying program? Is that part of the same league that was funded by rothschilds as a way to stop anti-semitism? Just curious if you’d given any thought or were aware. Not trying to take anything away from your families success.

              • That is not her, this happened last night, so the site has not been updated yet…

      7. Everyone here that has read my posts knows I’m not a PM guy, I’m a tangible asset guy. The metals I invest in are lead and steel.
        I suggest you all do the same. When the SHTF, I’ll be happy to sell a dozen Sharwil Avocados for a $50 gold eagle coin.

        • Rellik, I’m the same way. My PMs are lead and brass to help protect the rest of my investments in preps.

          • Rellik and Brave
            I do agree with you about the Lead and brass, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some PM’s.

            As far as I can tell some type of money like PM’s will be needed when TSHTF.


          • The steel of my tools and the sweat of my brow,

      8. The rich manipulate the markets. The price goes up they sell. The price goes down they buy again. And so it goes. The rich get richer. And the poor help to keep them rich. It works for me. But only in my imagination.

        • When will the sheeple/idiots/naive ever learn??
          SOMEONE is winning and SOMEONE is losing on all aspects of capital investment.
          Investing: To purchase with the expectation of benefit.

          And if EVERYONE benefited, what would that be called??

      9. Gold always has value, not fiat currency. Its been this way throughout history. We are entering a time period where gold will not benefit everyone who has it because unless a person takes the mark of the beast, they will not be able to live or do any business in the world where the mark is required, regardless of how much gold they have.

        Get ready, the time of the implementation of the mark is at hand. Don’t take the mark no matter what the circumstances are.

        16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

        17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

        18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.(Revelation 13:16-18)

      10. Blah, Blah, Blah. Gold and silver.

      11. Cash is beautiful

        Credit is grand

        But gold is the money of the big boss man!

        • Yep 32+ lbs of .999 silver and still stackin. Like I said many times here, anything under $16 is a steal. When the paper shorts cover, it will shoot up to $20 no prob.

          Genius, Im going with a wind mill generator as a back up to solar to keep the battery bank charged. Many Marine turbins 500 watts, for like $350. And come with a controller. So any 3 mph wind, cloudy days or even at night, it makes juice. Any advice on that or recommended brand or model for a turbin? About to pull the trigger for a buy on that. Thx.


          • You might get enough juice at a steady 10 mph wind to keep a 9 volt portable radio charged, but you won’t be able to consistently charge a bank. Just keep using momma’s drop cord until the water rises.

          • WWTI, I had a 400 watt air-x for a while and I hated it. What a worthless piece of shit, all it did was make noise and didn’t charge anything for shit. And that was in a windy area. Something you need to consider is a lot of wind gens put out close to battery voltage for instance for a 12 volt battery system the wind gen put out 14 volts. Do you realize how huge your cables would have to be to negate DC voltage drop if you had it more than say 10 feet from the batteries? Wind gens also need maintenence as they have bearings and moving parts and also are more prone to lightning strikes. Wind is very unreliable for power, shitcan the idea and just get a small generator and good charger. I told my friend the same thing and he didn’t listen and is the new owner of a 1500 dollar piece of yard art. Hope this helps 🙂

            • WWTI, at 500 watts and 12 volts which is roughly 40 amps you would need 4/0 cables to go 46 feet with 2% loss. That is 46 feet times 2 so 92 feet of 4/0 cable at 6-7 bux a foot. Or go 29 feet with 2/0 cable at 4-5 bux a foot.

              Also you need to have the turbine at least 20 feet or more in the air so now you need some form of tower. Not as cheap as you thought now (of course they don’t tell you all that). All that money for a unreliable, noisy, lightning rod piece of yard art. Do the math and it will be clear

              If you can afford it get a pure sine inverter with built in charger (I like outback) they have high amp chargers that will charge your batteries fast. I used to charge a 880ah 12 volt bank from 50% discharge to full charge in 1/2 hour with a 2000 watt gen. If your worried about running low on power invest in a gen or more batteries and panels. Don’t throw your bux away on wind, you will thank me 🙂

              • Correction… that was 1.5 hours to charge the bank (with solar also).

      12. From the article: “When silver was $45-$50 per ounce the demand was a little bit less than it is today. That’s a surprising statement. The demand today at $15 silver is greater than it was at that $45-$50 silver.”

        WHY is is a surprising statement ?

        Whenever price of something goes up, the demand typically falls off. People will buy more gasoline at 2 bucks than they will at 5. I thought that was basic economic law.

        • Another basic law is that scarcity will drive up demand. When your average Joe realizes the jig is up it will be too late. Silver and other precious metals will be gone in a few days. You will be sitting in your bunker with a can of beans and ammo, but when the reset hits what will you pay your taxes with? Agenda 13 will be easy to implement when they will boot you off your land and herd you into the city, or rich foreign investors will come in and buy your land for the back taxes owed.
          If you think they will leave you alone after the crash then you haven’t read their playbook.

          • You are right. The problem is that for many families, they live hand to mouth. Preparing is easy if you have a little extra to invest in precious metals or even food and necessities. Don’t judge, and for the love of money, don’t think “you had your chance”. Some just hang by a thread. If you are doing better for yourself; God Bless you. Kiss your loved ones and thank Heaven for your good fortune.

      13. Hmmmm….,another finance/basically the same wash/repeat article,my response”Black Sheep Matter!”.

      14. Eppe I have a little girl she’s 3 now but I wonder about her future. Your daughter sounds like a good kid. My niece is 16 and she is into the modeling pageant thing. I think her mother is living her dream through her daughter. I’d keep an eye that this don’t get out of control. that’s just me

      15. Tired of hearing the buy metals crap. It’s manipulated IMHO. Why pay more than spot price for it rip off. You should only pay spot price for it. That is its value according the days market outlook. Why do consumers have to pay over spot.

      16. So winter is coming and I’ve been thinking about getting a wood stove. My chimney flue will need a stainless liner installed it’s a single flue chimney that my furnace vents into. The clay liner has chunks missing in the walls of it so I wouldn’t think of venting a stove into it till the liner is installed code says you can’t vent two appliances into the same flue but you would only use one at a time so I don’t understand what the problem is. Really only want a boxwood stove in the basement just for emergency use which I can cook on as well. I would probably use it once in a while but not as a primary way to heat. I have an oil burner that is efficient I only spent $900 for fuel last winter which I feel wasn’t bad really. This year heating oil was $1.99 gal so I topped off the tank. there is a ventless propane heater in the basement when I bought the house it has two 100 pound tanks out back that are empty the problem with this is no one will fill them without an inspection and delivery contract I’d fill them one time for emergency use if I could.

        • Buy your own tanks, and secure upright. Someone will fill them. I have no problem with getting them filled, as long as the seller sees they are secure, upright, in the pick up bed. Mine hold about 20 gallons, and I can slide them off the tailgate fairly easily onto a little sub-surface flat cinderblock base.

      17. PREP NOW

      18. The price of silver and gold will only go up if we have inflation or hyper inflation. They will drop if we have depression/deflation. Once started deflation is near impossible to stop. Prices of everything will drop. Usually prices lag pay so you can’t afford anything. In a depression/deflation cash is the best holding. In inflation precious metals are best.

        What makes it more complicated, if the dollar gets dumped as global reserve currency, we get instant hyper inflation, even if the rest of the world is in a depression. If this happens the only place to be is in precious metals.

        I hear people toss around bible verses that say gold and silver won’t have any value when The Lord comes. Truth is you likely won’t need any guns or ammo either, but every day and every moment until then, you are pretty much on your own. So, pray for the best and prep for the worst.

        Until that great and glorious day, you are going to need money to pay taxes so the government doesn’t take your land. Some cash, very smart, some gold and silver, also very smart, lead brass and steel along with food, extra smart. It’s going to be a long road, make sure you have plenty of work gloves.

        • Wages drop faster than prices in a depression. Always.

          Remember that before you start counting on cleaning up with buying up stuff that you couldn’t afford before.

          Typically the only people who do well in a depression are those who saved up their money when times were good, and then are in a position to take advantage of declining prices without worrying about their faster declining wages.

          All of these people with new vehicles and big vehicle loans to match are going to be hurting when their income no longer matches the amount needed to make that car/truck payment.

          And that, sports fans, is why you never want to have debt going into a recession and certainly not going into a depression…the loan payments stay the same, but your income to make those payments drops. And, don’t kid yourself into thinking that banks will negotiate the loan payments lower for you…they will be scrambling as much or more than any business to stay afloat. Remember, no one twisted your arm to buy that expensive vehicle, for which you decided of your own free will to BORROW the money to pay for it because you could not afford it without borrowing.

          Take look around…more and more apparently “wealthy” people are selling/auctioning/pawning their high end goodies: Rolex watches, big carat diamond rings, heavy gold jewelry, high end RV’s, private planes, excellent antiques, high end personal residences, etc. And they aren’t necessarily even getting their desired “reserve” amount for them.

          60% of something is better than 100% of nothing: Might be a useful adage to keep in mind if you find yourself in a position of needing to raise cash by selling your family jewels.

      19. who cares…all you paranoids says the shtf in sept this year.

      20. Where have I heard this before? Still waiting for oil at $20 a barrel

        • Yeah Tro Clown, and I’m still waiting for $1.00 a gal gas too. It’s still well North of $2.50 a gal. here in Wyoming. Trekker Out.

          • Just visited the step daughter in SC this weekend. Filled up at $1.79 a gallon. The little Prius ran like a top on the interstate at 75 to 80 mph. Was still averaging 43 mpg with the a/c working. I did shut off the compressor, up the big hills though.

            A guy at the fuel island, said that it was a $1.65 down the road about ten miles. Now that is getting close to 1999 prices.

            The only thing cheaper than a hybrid is a total electric with your own solar power source. The wife’s aunt just bought a new Tesla for 90k. It is awesome as well as her power source. She has so much solar generation from her mini farm, the power company has been sending her a check each month for two years now. She still can’t use more than she generates with her array of panels….sweet.

            • PWTW, Ya cheap until you need to replace the batteries. My old boss had a prius and the transmission went out and it was 13 GRAND to replace it! I read a few years back it was cheaper to own a hummer than a prius over the life of the car. Give it a few years and report back.

              • Well, you do have a valid point. We were given the car and the fairly new batteries, her mother put in last year at 3k cost. So, if the tranny goes, and being it’s an 01 model, we should be able to pick up a used one, reasonably.

                If not, then it becomes someone else’s problem. The 04 escape gets average of 25 mpg and has new rubber, so we are good to go for the duration. I replaced the alternator a couple years ago, which was a design flaw, but not a major problem.

                A solid vehicle that hauls all our camping gear and rides well, with plenty of power. if i want real muscle, the f-350 sits under the shed and has a 460 gas engine w/ 4 wheel dig. Crew cab w/ 8 ft. bed can haul a shit load of stuff.
                We are set for the rest of our days on this earth and a new vehicle payment is not in the equation.

      21. This is the video that will answer every question you might have about the Rothschilds, including how and why they engineered the rise AND fall of Hitler (who wanted to wipe the Judaic House of Rothschild from the planet). I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this video to take time to watch it.

        The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World – Full Documentary

        ht tps://

        It will open your eyes as to whom our REAL enemy really is.

          • What has been looted through usury and other crimes against humanity will be repatriated and the perpetrators will be punished. …even though this site is heavily patrolled to suit the kosher thought police.

            Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Galatians 6:7

      22. Sixpack:

        Thank you for the video. I happened to see this last week. It is very good for anyone who seeks truth and knowledge as I do. I would like to read the book. What was it called?? “The
        Rothschilds A Banking Dynasty”. Didn’t get the name of the author. Do you know?

        I think the story of the Rothschilds is probably the tip of the iceberg. Certainly a good place to start. I also want to learn more about the Royal families of Europe. I can’t say anymore than that. An ounce of discretion. The surveillance makes me a little uneasy. I like to stir the pot but I wouldn’t want to see the whole set of dominoes come crashing down. It would not help the middle class. It never does. This would not be out if TPTB didn’t have a reason to permit it.

        • You can find well researched royal genealogies at:

          ht tp://

          Right now, the database contains about 670,000 names. And the Rothschild family is well represented, with their ancestry back to the 1500s.

          • Thank you Archivist.

      23. “The price of gold and silver is set to explode according to one of the most well known CEO’s in the precious metals mining space.”

        Would that be the same “Explode” as last month or are you talking about last years explosion.

        I keep looking at price and the trend is down but the number of on-line experts who keep pushing reasons why now is the time to buy keeps getting louder.

        Too many people went to long and are trying to off-load risk on to you with stories of prices going to the moon, world ending this week and general doom porn

        Silver at about $12oz is when i will start looking and i will also keep one eye on oil prices but don’t listen to me if you are desperate to make a fast buck, it’s not what you want to hear.

      24. “The price of gold and silver is set to explode according to one of the most well known CEO’s in the precious metals mining space.”

        Would that be the same “Explode” as last month or are you talking about last years explosion.

        I keep looking at price and the trend is down but the number of on-line experts who keep pushing reasons why now is the time to buy keeps getting louder.

        Too many people went to long and are trying to off-load risk on to you with stories of prices going to the moon, world ending this week and general doom porn

        Silver at about $12oz is when i will start looking and i will also keep one eye on oil prices but don’t listen to me if you are desperate to make a fast buck, it’s not what you want to hear.

      25. Gas is $2.09 around the corner from me. It’s good that it’s going down because I’m making 1999 wages. So not getting ahead because cheaper oil though. America is still doomed they are talking about who’s gonna be the next president while the country is going to shit.

        • ‘GONE’ to shit

      26. When I get some extra money I sit here and debate with myself, buy a 100 ounces of silver or a 100 fifths of rum or 20 cartons of cigarettes. Which would have more barter value, and if I cant barter the rum and cigarettes I always can use them myself.

        • I would say rum, definitely get a few cases of vodka too
          Cheap wine…
          All that stuff will be useful

        • Cigs get stale , Rum gets better with age

          my bets on the booze

        • Buy some tobacco seeds (varieties determined by your location) and learn how to grow and cure tobacco. Then you will have an endless supply of cigarettes to barter with.

          Learn more at:

          ht tp://

          If you have enough property, you might try growing sugarcane. Then you can have an endless supply of rum.

          • Thats what i am working on, large leaf for cigars and a variety that has a sweet scont and flavor for pipe tobacco, couple of my neighbors smoke cigars, the tobacco is also good as a pest control tool, i think you make a tea of it and spray it on your plants, also can be used as a soil drench for funal issues

            • You can also sprinkle snuff (essentially cured and powdered tobacco) in your containers of vegetable seeds to keep the bugs out. I have gotten dozens of empty snuff containers, which still contain a bit of snuff, for saving seeds.

      27. When gold explodes NUGT will be king.

        • The only way it can go is up+-. Since inception it’s lost 99.82% of it’s value?

      28. 20 cartons of cigarettes is equal in price to 100 ounces of silver? I just buy the little so called light cigars at $10 a carton of 200 smokes. They taste just like cigarettes but way cheaper, packed tighter too. Buy those cheap plastic filters that catch all the tar and save money and your lungs more. I know it’s a stupid habit.

      29. Right now is the quiet before the storm. Eppe you should now keep close tabs on your daughter. You love her a lot, but there is a darkness coming over the earth. Teach her survival skills and shooting skills for the long term. In the long term its just going to get bad. I didn’t mean to burst your bubble, but these are the times we live in. Way back in Jan. I had this feeling that the time is up for America. Take care.

      30. Illinois. 10% sales tax. Huge tax on gas at the pump. They doubled the state income tax. They doubled the state corporate tax. Fees and taxes on everything. The city of Chicago has to have a giant increase in real estate tax ($500 million this year). A tax only on homes over $250,000 in value. You wouldn’t raise the tax on minority homes, after all. Watch for the last of the well to do leaving Chicago now. Chicago will look like Detroit real soon. Burn it down!

      31. APP ATTACK
        Apple scrambles after malware infects programs

        Apple removes malicious apps after security breach

        “Tencent Ltd. said its popular WeChat app was affected and the company released a new version after spotting the malicious code. Chinese news reports said others affected included banks, an airline and a popular music service.

        “The malicious code spread through a counterfeit version of Apple’s Xcode tools used to create apps for its iPhones and iPads, according to the company.”

        “The malicious software collects information from infected devices and uploads it to outside servers, according to Palo Alto Networks, a U.S.-based security firm.”

        Fox News

      32. Well I hope you all are getting ready and not putting to much time thinking over situations we have no control over.
        Picked up a couple of frog giggers. Pulled out the Danforth and grappling hooks.

        I figured with the asteroid coming down there would be a discussion about how to increase you chances of survival… How about this one. If your not moving north to higher ground. And if you have a John boat. Small flat bottom type. Put it up on your roof. Then fill with the stuff you need. It might keep the boat from getting crushed in the debris. Might want a push pole or a set of oars.

        Been looking at utube at those perimeter 12 gage warning devices.

        • Make your own with rat traps and shot shells, if you get the all brass shells for cowboy action you can load them as blanks, easy and effective, other option is hard wired magnetin alarm contacts, put the trip wire on the small side so it detaches when tripped, if you want undetectable go with hard wired motion sensors, will show on your console but intruder wont alert to the fact they tripped the alarm, hard wire is harder to install but range is a lot farther, wireless i believe is 75-100′ max hard wire can be as much as 2k ft i believe with an amplifier, could be farther if your good with electronics. Can be as simple as a console with low voltage lights labled for location and the sensor is just used as a set of contacts to complete or open the circuit.

          • Kulafarmer

            You have been doing your homework. ;0)

            Lost my garden to excessive rain fall and rot. I did real good with Eggplant, Green bell peppers and Cherry tomato’s. Never knew a bell pepper plant could grow over 5 ft. tall.

      33. Joe Scarborough called it “rich” that Hillary Clinton is denouncing Donald Trump for staying silent when a supporter at a recent rally claimed President Barack Obama is a Muslim when Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign circulated a photo of then Sen. Obama wearing a turban in Kenya.

      34. Actually nobody ever discusses Water Intrusion.

        Window or Roof damage. Flood, tsunami, storm surge. Storm down burst and torrential rainfall/ accumulation.
        Mud slides.

        • Ive been dealing with rain issues, we have had so much rain that it is impossible to start or grow any sensitive small seeded crops outdoors, even with a row cover it beat the sprouted plants into the ground and snuffed them out, finally built a 22×40 high tunnel just to be able to grow some lettuce and peppers and stuff, we got 375% of our normal yearly rainfall in the first 7 months of this year, pretty much just in my area, upper Kula, Keokea area, other side of the island dry!
          Crazy stuff, the runoff had been incredible, my farm is terraced into fields of between 1/3 and 1/2 acre, most have a berm to retain runoff, every afternoon for a few weeks the fields would flood, that was a week ago and back, before that it did it at least once or twice a week, rained so much my kale plants root systems all just rotted in the ground in spite of fungicides and anti bacterial applications,
          Its supposedly just the el ninyo, when i put my house up in 90 we had a wet year, almost dayly rain, the foundation is on a bed of UTB, it rained so much that when i tried to run a compactor on the UTB to compact and shape it the jumping jack burried itself up to the motor cage, that was an eye opener, finally the engineer just told me to spread the footings a couple more feet and thicken the slab and reinforce it with a rebar mat so it would float.
          The not really being able to grow stuff is a bummer, the weeds are growing like crazy though,,,

      35. Maybe people think our supreme leader is of the Muslim faith because it was Barack Hussein Obama;
        Who said at an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”
        Who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.” (2008 campaign interview with Stephanopoulos)
        Who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”
        Who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
        Who instantly threw the support to build a Ground Zero Victory mosque.
        Who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
        Who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
        Who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare.
        Who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ.
        Who appointed rabid Islamics to Homeland Security.
        Who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
        Who refuses to condemn radical Muslims for the executions of women and Christians, but submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of human-rights abuses to the illegal invaders.
        Who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.
        Who ordered the USPS to honor the Muslim holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
        Who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in the quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.
        Who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in American schools.
        Who appointed Valerie Jarrett as his chief adviser, a co-organizer of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was born in Iran and one or both of her parents still live there.
        If it walks like a duck—-.

        • Excellent post on Barack Hussein Obama, Enemy of the State.

          • thanks

            and 2 more to keep an eye on and not allow them to lie about it

            they too should be OUT of our government

            Muslim members of Congress — Reps. André Carson (D-Indiana) and Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota)

      36. Same with oil. You gotta understand the producers. They MUST PRODUCE. Price dropping? MUST PRODUCE MORE! That is what is going on folks. Gotta sell all you can, even if price is dropping. Saudi’s and Ruskie’s could be in a race to the bottom price, rae to survive. They WILL produce at a loss for some time to keep the business in cash.

        So, bottom could be lower!

      37. oh so this is why the US military was sent to fight and die
        in Afghanistan
        now I get it

        U.S. Soldiers Told To Look The Other Way When Afghan Allies Rape Kids

        h ttp://

        and our “friends” the Saudis in the news again

        Saudi Arabia Prepares to Execute Teenager via “Crucifixion” for Political Dissent

        ht tp://“Crucifixion”_for_Political_Dissent/46277/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        the Saud family are some of the most corrupt ,evil mother f_ckers on the face of the planet
        they have stayed in power because the US government has wanted them there

        it all just makes ya proud to be an AMurIKaN don’t it ???

        • You don’t think some of the top US military leaders are doing the same thing over there and here?

          Sickening how the people of the US like to portray themselves and their country as being on the side of god and being so damn blessed and yet no one cares about the reality and the bigger picture.

          We are NOT a country blessed by god. If you want to bring your supernatural B.S. into it passin and all the others then tell it like it is..This country is blessed by the devil of your bible.

          This country both government and the people is self centered, egotistical, fakers.

          Most american christians could care less about the things that go on in the world. They would rather live under the illusion that they are special and the country they just happened to be born in (by genetic lottery) is in some kind of bubble wrap protection created magically by god.

      38. This is GREAT news! Looks like the Saudi terrorists are getting a dose of their own medicine. Has anyone seen this in the mainstream news? I haven’t.

        Yemen army attacks Saudi base in Aseer, captures several soldiers
        ht tp://

        Yemen army enters Saudi military bases in Asir region
        ht tp://

        “Yemeni media recently broadcast video footage of one of the Saudi soldiers who were arrested by the Yemeni army during clashes on the border with Saudi Arabia.

        Expressing his gratitude for the Yemeni military for their nice treatment, the Saudi soldier, identified as Ibrahim Arraj Mohammed Hakami of the Fourth Battalion, First Brigade, based in Jizan, urged the regime in Riyadh to end its deadly aggression against Yemen.

        “The Saudi army and the Defense Ministry should stop this war which is of no benefit but the destruction and killing of our brothers in Yemen,” he said in the video, Lebanon’s al-Manar reported.

        The capture of the troops is part of retaliatory measures against Saudi Arabia by Yemeni forces over Riyadh’s relentless aggression against its impoverished neighbor.

        Also on Saturday, the Arabic al-Mayadeen news channel reported that five Saudi troops had been killed in a rocket attack by Yemeni forces in the al-Masfaq region of the kingdom’s southwestern Jizan Province. “

      39. Gods word ( the Bible ) says that we should spread out our wealth in 7 ways for you never know what will happen on the face of the earth.

        So I say a good list would be- Cash, Real estate, Gold, Silver, Food stock, Seed banks, Other things like cars, farming equipment, guns.

        I think we are within 5 years of SHTF of some sort, unless a trigger event happens and hastens it.


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