Soros Defeated After Attempting To Rig Hungarian Election And Spending MILLIONS

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    George Soros has suffered a rather humiliating defeat after pumping millions of dollars into a Hungarian election he attempted to buy. Soros, who was born in Hungary and desperately wanted a hardened fascist to win the election, is now out millions of dollars as Viktor Orbán won with a whopping 70% of the vote.

    Viktor Orbán is known as an “anti-globalist” painted with the same broad brush as president Donald Trump. Prime minister Orbán has also successfully cut illegal immigration to Hungary by 99% after building his wall on the border.

    With the votes counted, Europe Elects is sharing stats which show Fidesz, the party founded by Prime Minister Orbán while he was a young anti-Communist dissident, has won not merely a decisive majority but an outright super-majority, along with minor allied parties. This will allow changes to the national constitution. Hopefully, those changes will be for more the better of the people, and not the expansion of liberty-trampling governments – something Soros has championed for decades.

    The results will be extremely disappointing for top bureaucrats in the European Union and activists working for so-called civil society NGOs funded by billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros, who had been hoping for an upset defeat, or for Fidesz to lose its super-majority, at least. This is certainly a bloody nose to the globalists and elitists who want to control the entire population.

    With Orban’s success, Soros is likely reeling from his discomfort that his globalist control over society is slipping, and quickly. Orban has become increasingly popular because of his strong defense policies with regards to his country’s borders. Unlike the open arms of Sweden and Germany that led to disastrous results, Orban successfully all but stopped illegal immigration and the violence that has come with it.

    It was a victory guided by a common theme pushed by Orban: “Stop George Soros.” And once again, Orban was successful and Soros is left licking his wounds with his tail tucked between his legs. Nothing is more comforting than seeing billionaire global elitist Soros take a loss.


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      1. millions is nothing to soros

        • He and his family all need bullets through their skulls.

          • Soros is a satanic, demon possessed Marxist, who has contributed to the destruction of countries in Europe and pushing to trash this country and others. Execution for the whole family would be ideal solution by our government.

          • heads or tales

          • Well said – and the sooner the better

        • If you only have small plates and limit restaurants to one night a week you will eat less.

        • A good start to Soros’ plan to make the world “socialist” Keep it up, Georgie.

      2. India news bad, war with Syria bad news. Hungary, a shining light amidst the darkness, defeats Soros. Yeah!!!!! Keep it up Hungary.


        • Orban is absolutely a shining light!

      3. So I’m confused. Soros wanted a hard fascist Hungarian government, and yet he is portrayed as a globalist Communist.

        • That was just a desperate attempt from Mac Slavo to be witty, …it failed.
          Neo-Fascist are the biggest opposition party (around 20%). But they were not really supported by Soros
          He wanted the Socialists to win, but they got pummeled down to just 12,3%.

        • He’s a globalist. He wants to control you through a world government. He doesn’t care whether it’s ‘fascist’ or ‘communist’ so long as it helps him to consolidate power (in this case into the EU)

      4. He’s already crawled into his slimey and evil lair working on his dozens of other projects. Wickedness like his is nothing but resilient. Watch out for his son. That apple didn’t fall far from the father-tree.

      5. Millions mean nothing to a guy like Soros. Soros is a freaking billionaire. What does Soros care about losing a few millions. Chump change; us being the chumps. Besides, Soros is like 87-years-old. His billions can’t make him young again, or keep him from dying (the sooner the better). When Soros is broke and bankrupt and has committed suicide from the shame and humiliation, then I’ll celebrate.

        • I cannot wait to hear of his final resting place, so I can visit.

          Then, urinate freely upon his tombstone. Can’t think of a more deserving person than HerrSoros, upon which to freely pee.

          • TPS, good to see you back. I’m sure the entire Jewish community of Hungary pre-WW2 would love to hear of his demise. When Soros finally goes, he’ll be joining Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.

          • Even better, pee on him while he is still alive. We have them outnumbered hugely. We can drown them in our urine.

        • Blame-e:

          With these rascals, it is not one individual. “Soros” represents many rich families with money and power. That picture is misleading. The problem is not one decrepit old fart. If there is a leader of the pack, he will be out of the limelight. Soros deflects our mass anger. He serves that purpose well. Just look at all the vitreal aimed at him, one feeble old man.


          • Soros: a sorry bastard indeed, headed straight info hell sooner than we think, he will be with other globalist, two who have died recently (Rockefeller and Bzezinski.)

          • No argument there. Here in Upstate New York it’s Michael Bloomberg that needs to be reduced financially to the level of the Middle Class.

            Add to this list Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

            The worst of the propaganda parasites, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos needs to stripped of his ownership of the “Washington Post.”

            Tesla’s Elon Musk (another parasite that couldn’t exist without taxpayer money), needs to be ended. Musk isn’t even an American. As a citizen of South Africa, Musk is a freaking foreigner here to pick the bones of the American Empire. Somebody needs to lock him inside one of his self-driving Model 3s and set controls for immolation.

            Bill Gates.

            The Koch Brothers (almost as bad a bunch of actors as Soros).

          • True enough, but I’m pretty sure that the US President is also aware of that too. He’s busy with the Swamp right now, but aware that it’s just the low-level “supervisors.” He’s working on a bottom-to-top style in the US, because the more he cleans out DC, the easier it will be to go up from there.

            With a few more allies, like Hungary perhaps, who manage to clean out their own swamps, there will be no place for those top-tier twice-used-toilet-paper-heads to hide. As far as it is with Soros, yes, he’s very old & hasn’t got much gas left in his tank…Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord & Soros will be facing Him soon anyway.

      6. Blame-e, agreed. That will be very much worth celebrating. It’s gratifying to see Soros suffer a major defeat for a change. Hungary is one of the few countries fighting all of the EU/NWO BS. GO HUNGARY!

      7. “Soros, who was born in Hungary and desperately wanted a hardened fascist to win the election”

        but but but, the imbecile left demands that Republicans are the Nazis.

      8. NB, did you know that Soros sold out the entire Jewish community of Hungary to the Nazis in WW2? And the irony is that Soros is a Jew himself.

      9. Soros needs to be arrested and prosecuted. Assets confiscated.

      10. Soros needs to be arrested and prosecuted and all assets confiscated.

        • Actually I think the Russians have an arrest warrant out for him.

      11. Some older men suffer hellish pain when they urinate. If I knew Soros was one of those men, I would send him a couple of kegs of beer!

      12. “Hellooo, nurse!”
        ~Yakko and/or Wakko

        Levity aside, I only now found this place from a permitted re-print of this article at Freedom Outpost News. Even at first glance here, I’ve bookmarked this site…With the gleeful joy of a little kid who’s seen a Toys R Us store for the first time.

        In one word: Good!
        I know that such a loss is crumbs to someone like Soros, but any time a jerk like him takes any kind of loss is good news. I hope he winds up in the record books as the world’s worst losing streak in human history.

        I’m going to start looking more deeply into US-Hungary diplomatic relations a lot more closely from now on.

      13. No, but two “charities” run by Soros were banned in 2015. Search as I might, I can’t find any confirmed reports of any nation that has…At least yet.

      14. Another bad day for the globalist slime ball George Soros. That’s the second election he tried to buy lately, and failed…the one in Hungary, and the 2016 election here in the USA.

      15. When is this POS ever going to die??!

      16. It would not surprise me to hear Soros had cloned himself years ago and has been carefully instructing the newer model

      17. Soros is in his upper 80’s, he doesn’t have much longer on this earth (the sooner the better). But the person(s) we should be looking at and focusing as our target of fascist / communist influence and corruption in the United States is his inheritor(s) or CEO(s) of his corporation(s) or LLC(s) or any / all of his business’s. I have no idea who it is yet, but that should be our main concern for the future. If we fail to recognize those people, nothing will be accomplished just by the death of this rat-bastard…

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