Soro-Funded Activists Surround Democrat Chuck Schumer’s Home To Demand ‘Immediate Amnesty For All 12 to 30 Million Illegals Inside The United States’

by | Jan 24, 2018 | George Soros, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Far-left open borders activists and illegal immigrants came together Tuesday to storm the home of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after the Democrat finally decided to put the American people ahead of illegal immigrants in voting to reopen the federal government without amnesty for millions of said illegals being included in the funding bill.

    The Soros-funded protesters shockingly claimed that DACA itself was no longer good enough and instead demanded amnesty for all of the 12 to 30 million illegal immigrants inside the country as well as those already locked up in detention centers for entering the country illegally. In other words, full on open borders with no restrictions.

    The group, “United We Dream” went as far as to block off streets in Brooklyn as they moved to surround Schumer’s home to demand what would amount to the end of the country as we know it, which just so happens to also be the goals of their benefactor, George Soros himself.

    The protesters called for a “new” Dream Act which they apparently hope will include all illegal aliens residing inside the country.

    Keep in mind, just flat out giving amnesty to upwards of 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. would have a transparent and immediate negative impact on the very people the Democratic Party used to pretend to represent before most shifted towards a globalist, anti-American agenda.

    Breitbart’s John Binder noted:

    Giving amnesty to 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. would have an immediate negative impact on America’s working and middle class, specifically black Americans and the white working class who would be in direct competition for blue-collar jobs with the largely low-skilled illegal alien population.

    Additionally, under current legal immigration laws, if given amnesty, the illegal alien population would be allowed to bring an unlimited number of their foreign relatives to the U.S. with them. This population could boom already high legal immigration levels to an unprecedented high. An amnesty for illegal aliens would also likely triple the number of border-crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The illegal aliens stormed the Democrats’ and Rubio’s offices after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders encouraged the open borders activists to take their discontent with Democrats and the Republican establishment straight to the politicians themselves.

    One has to wonder how many liberal politicians will bow to the demands of these hard-left open borders supporters and how many will actually decide to work for the American people they were elected to represent in the first place?


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      1. Hey look on the bright side of things!
        Atleast most of these “Dreamers” are just hispanics and not muslims.
        Be happy for that!




          • OR remove the insurgent alien population contributing nothing and using our resources,killing off the aliens will be a great money saver and legal cannibis can pay the way.
            lost trillions on 911 must be accounted for.

            • Why didn’t Chuck Schmuck welcome them into his house?

              Don’t be such a hypocrite Chuck. If you don’t want closed borders to protect our country, then leave your front door open for them. Let them into your home, your kitchen, living room, daughter’s room. Why not, you want them so badly in our country.

              • The better question for Chuck Schumer is if he is really such a Clinton Democrat and Globalist why doesn’t he have illegals and undocumented DACAs living in his too big home?

          • If you want to stay in country go through the right channels like most normal adults, do not just run across the border and hide out like a fugitive. What the hell way is that to start a life? Why the protest? We are seeing record numbers of American people homeless and living in tent cities, using the outside as their bathroom facilities. People are living in RVs and their cars. The previous presidente should of closed the borders DUH? we did during the Great Depression it was COMMON SENSE AT WORK ! Unemployment is high ( everyone is not being counted their numbers are off) and homelessness took an upsurge..I believe Celente was right on this ” The Silent Depression” and some area in America will look like ” Calcutta, India” Yupe we got it right down it the city filth, homelessness, poverty, people living in squalor No one I know wants to go downtown ever! Car breakin have surpassed detroit her in Portland Or crime has skyrocketed. This has hurt businesses ! Simple solution close the borders until every one is housed, fed, and the mentally ill/ sick people are medically stabilized, issues addressed. The only exception to be made for students who are studying here. Trump was right if we do not turn this around we are headed for disaster.

      2. Maybe FMJs would be better for human wave attacks.? Offering multiple target penetration?

      3. May Schumer, Soros, and Antifa be eaten by Zombie deer!

        • ???

        • AMEN !!!

      4. The wheat being separated from the Tares, and the domestic enemy being revealed?

      5. And they all dream in Spanish

      6. Will there soon be time to pick and choose targets?terminate with extreme prejudice? Collateral damage ? No holds bared? Blood bath?Looks like?

      7. Someone should write an article on how to spot an ultra liberal? The domestic enemy revealed? Target rich environment? Get it done.

      8. Damn! That is funny. Liberal Chucky hoisted on his own petard.

      9. Scum illegals.

        • Soros-funded activists surround Soros-funded Senator…. gotta love it when piranhas turn on themselves. “Hey Antifa!!!, I hear Nancy Pelosi wants to close San Francisco to all homosexuals, illegals and intends to club baby seals next time she’s home…. go get ‘er!!”

      10. Scum soros family.

        • “United We Dream” aye? They forgot to add the “T” after the “E” in “WE”. Then they would have got it right.

      11. Immigration is a real sh*t show in this country.

        The last time this government declared amnesty for illegals and undocumented aliens was when the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, was enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson–Mazzoli Act.

        Back then amnesty covered somewhere between 3- and 5-million illegal and undocumented aliens living illegally in the U.S. As most of the illegals were Hispanic Mexico promised, in exchange for a “one time” amnesty deal to stop dumping its population in the U.S.

        And here we are, in 2018, with the illegals and undocumented demanded amnesty again. Again! And the problem is ten times worse than back in 1986.

        Not only that, but it’s everything. It’s “DACA, the run-away “H1B-Visa Program,” it’s the “refugees, the migrants, the asylum seekers, the “unescorted children” (escorted by their mommies), the George Soros sponsored “boat people.”

        The immigration crisis in the U.S. pales in comparison to the immigration crisis in Europe. How do we know this? Because the “New York Times” brags about how the Hispanic population in the U.S. will be the majority by 2050.

        These professional politicians are destroying our country, our vaunted multi-cultural pluralistic society.

        Immigration needs to be stopped. Permanently. These deals are worthless. Everybody lies.

        Make these people fix their own “sh*t hole” countries first. This recommendation actually would work really well for this “sh*t hole” country that we have right here.

      12. yep its their goal to become a majority and then take over the political process. That’s how a Democracy mob rule works. Never Mind that we are a Republic. There is one thing right now the Military is running the show. The military took over during the last part of Obummers second term. Remember when Obummer quit doing anything but playing golf and vacationing. There was a bloodless military Coup. And Gen Dunsford was put in charge. And the Military is backing Trump for the time being. Our republic is no more. We are under a military dictatorship. Just you wait Obummer will be jailed and his presidency will be declared null and void. And every legal action and appointment taken by obummer will be declared null and void. When that happens the Race war chaos civil unrest will go full on. And them martial law and The military will Clean up the aftermath and reduce the population as the Georgia Guidestones recommend. Yes we are chock full of illegal scum parasites.

      13. Fuck um. Throw them all out. Revoke all visas and green cards and send them home too. Build the damn wall and tell Mexico no more visas or green cards until they pay for it. Lock all Mexicans out until the wall is built and payed for.

        • JAS, I feel exactly the same way. I’m sick of seeing flags of other nations flown in my country. Sick of hearing other languages or having to “press 2 for English”. I’m sick of seeing foreigners take jobs when Americans are out of work (and don’t give me the b.s. that there are jobs “Americans are unwilling to do”). I want them out. I don’t care how far back in time you go if you find they came here illegally. I don’t give a rat’s butt how many dreams they have. I could care less if they are children, grand-folks or the like. Way I see it is that they not only started off by breaking our laws to come here; but if they thought about it, they’d all realize that they actually have proved the motivation and will they possess to do better and those traits are exactly what their countries of origin sorely lack and need. To leave is to rob their own beloved homelands of the very thing that is needed to improve those countries. I say that those who wish to stay had damned well better marry an American darned quick or be willing to be a slave for any citizen who wishes to capture one and shackle them as property – for that is all they are.. just human cattle who’ve strayed from the herd they belong to.

        • JAS: That’s really a damn good idea.

        • Jas, exactly. If we can drop $3-Trillion in that “sh*t-hole” called the Middle East, think of all the good it would do getting rid of all these illegals and undocumented right here in our own little “sh*t-hole” called “home.”

          And this goes for all foreigners. The Hispanics are only one group. There are plenty of Latin Americans here illegally, Canadians, British, Irish, Indians, Germans, Europeans, Russians, and on, and on, and on.

          Why the devil isn’t the NSA vast surveillance monster being used towards keeping track of every foreigner in this country. Make them do something productive for a change.

        • My people had methods in the 1930’s and 1940’s that would help with this third world invasion of America.
          Ve Haff Ways!

      14. . Schumer was probably in another location. But what about the children in those apartments? Are they not being victimized by the noisy protesters? Isn’t this a clear case of disturbing the peace?

        Even if you agree that those crossing the border illegally should be given amnesty, does that make this type of impromptu noisy assembly in a residential neighborhood an acceptable method of social expression of grievances? Or should we abide by a more congenial system of laws designed to protect citizens?

        Remember what you wish for. These illegals are destroying the very peace and prosperity that brought them here in the first place.


      15. and I believed when Reagan’s final immigration reform was law, the feds would have done their job. no one enforced the laws as written. few if any employers were fined and imprisoned for decades. I know, as I hired many employees with “papers”, paid all taxes via payroll services, etc. within five years of employment, they would show me their “new numbers” and I would have them changed. they all had fake #’s to begin with, I filed I-9’s and not one time was anyone caught, and the feds even gave them new legitimate #’s. the invasion has been amplified from worldwide invaders and there are easily 30-40 million illegals these idiots want to burden society with.

      16. There is NO law in the “Constitution for the United States” (original) that declares Illegals to stay here. Deport them to various countries (not of origin) to see how they fare. We would save $$Billions

        • I understand Puerto Rico is in need of cheap labor. send them down there on a “work visa”. Its still technically the US.

      17. No more!

      18. The only thing worse than a person who commits treason due to his/her misguided beliefs, is a person whose only reason, is the fact they’re willing to sell out their country for a few dollars in their pocket….Truly disgusting!!

      19. The political insanity of New York City is coming home to roost. The openly communist, anti-sovereignty crowd is attacking one of their own champions. Schumer bought into the far-left ideals long ago and has damaged his reputation as an American in doing so. Leftists ask yourselves this “What country around the world would allow people from other countries to scoff at the host country’s immigration laws?

      20. “Soro-Funded” Show me the proof. I have been hearing this bull dren for over 5 years and to date no one has shown me any real proof

        • You have been hearing this for “over 5 years” and have not bothered to do your own research in that time? Shame on you.

          United We Dream is directly funded by the Open Society Foundation to the tune of over $75,000. OSF was founded and is funded by George Soros (18 billion OSF endowment). CASA and other groups recieve similar grant funding. Those are just a few examples.

      21. this isnt about immigration

        its about ILLEGAL immigration

        what part about illegal and breaking our laws dont these idiots get ?

        • Its about neither, its a demand for straight-up amnesty and free handouts.

          Want to pull the plug on the DACA issue? Come to the table with the offer of waiving all fees and charges related to getting full citizenship and fast-tracking their applications… provided the DACA kid has to do is follow the lays and naturalization process. All the DACA kid has to do is apply, pass the citizenship tests and follow the process. I promise you not even %5 of these people will take the offer. They have had 17 years to do it themselves and have not bothered.

      22. I saw one of these “dreamers” being interviewed last week.

        She was all concerned because she has been working here in this country for a company for 12 years. (remember….12 years…this is important)

        She was speaking in Spanish….I guess because she could not converse in English…..after being in this country for 12 YEARS!!!!

        This is why we are so opposed to this nonsense.

        These people are NOT interested in becoming Americans. They want to reap the benefits of this country and yet are too stinking lazy to learn the language.

      23. Controlled drones, they sound so stupid. They don’t even realize Chuckie boy never gave a shit about them. If he did they would have past immigration reform in 2009. All the democrats can do is keep saddling up their dead horses, abortion, gun control, healthcare, immigration, racism, socialism, and welfare. Americans are tired of hearing it. I predict major losses in the house and senate for democrats, establishment, liberals, rino’s, progressives and socialist!

      24. Excellent idea, George. Let’s put all 12 million of these immigrants in YOUR mansion, using YOUR dollars. I’m sure you have enough dough.

        • He has enough dough. he used it to build a wall around his mansion to keep them out.

      25. Deport every last one of them

        • “Deport every last one of them”

          Agreed … and also include members of Congress & it’s affiliates as well.

          WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        • Deportation is time consuming and expensive, liquidation is cheaper and immediate!

      26. Let them have it, I’m out in a few months. Babylon America is going to burn. It is filled with demons and all sorts of filth. It’s only going to get worse with these poor people bringing their curses and demons with them.

        • where will you go pray tell?

      27. This is the perfect case for why there are mounted police horse patrols and the street-sweeper shotgun …. the little snowflakes would gain about 10 years of knowledge & experience in 10 minutes!!!

      28. Time to get the people picker ups like they used in Soylent Green, and haul these turds to FEMA CAMPS. (There I just found a good use for FEMA CAMPS). Then deport them back to what ever SHIT HOLE they came from. I said shit hole not Shitcago.

      29. if all those illegals gain the right to vote I will stop recognizing the results of elections. If 30 or 40 million real citizens do this there will be problems. Back off.

        • ????????????????????? – go tell that to all the whites that are evacuating from the entire south tip of Africa …

          it’s either leave or the NOW black run gooberments bury you without any ceremony or concern …..


          In this day and age?

          oooooookay. 🙂

      30. nothing new to me – you give amnesty to ANY OF THEM – they’ll never stop pounding to get amnesty – welfare – Medicare-Soc Sec benefits for the 30-40-50 MILLION illegals …

        they are pouring across the border since June getting ready to be in on the amnesty deal – IMMEDIATE CITIZENSHIP in the USA – the Golden Ticket for the dead beats of the world ….

      31. elections don’t count – foolish to think so they are ALL – EVERYONE ACTORS – ITS AN ILLUSION – no Rule of Law in the Courts – they are protecting their way of life – using you as their slave see Dr. David Janda – Operation Freedom also StoptheCrime.netNEW Deborah Tavares – (my hero)

      32. Soros works for the US government.

        The government controls ALL dissent.

      33. Send the illegals to their home countries. DO IT NOW! They will no longer be protesting in the streets. This ain’t rocket science.

      34. Muahahahahaha! Keep those demonrats up! Let them know who they are fighting for!

      35. LOL! These Demoncraps truly are cannibalistic. Poor Chucky Schumer. Hope he has cannibal insurance.

      36. Hate democracy

      37. You guys may have missed this,but Drudge is reporting that Isreali pilots are REFUSING to fly illegals out of Israel! Damn near fell off my couch reading it.

      38. US pop increased 40 million since the year 2000, yet the US natural birth rate is LOWER THAN THE REPLACEMENT RATE. The national debt went up 400% during this same time period. There are fewer full time workers today than compared to the number back in 2000, so add 40 million to the population … subtract 3 million from the number of full time workers and increase 400% the national debt. All immigration and illegl aliens does is add more to the entitlement # and $ costs.

        • LOL this is the only reason why the stock markets are higher today than the year 2000, without the added 40 million mooochers since 2000, the economy would be 25% smaller today — but the national debt would be less than half of what it is today. More people = higher entitlement cost = higher national debt = higher stock markets!!

      39. Since it is unlawful to ask a latino for their papers because of profiling, you will never get rid of any of them. Ask them for their papers, they don’t have any papers!! We can’t spend several hours tracking down birth certificates that don’t exist for each one of them. Many have false birth certificates, just ask Obama. SOLUTION: ban all services and entitlement to all persons that can’t prove they are legal citizens. Steep fines for hiring non-US citizens. Automatic deportation to central Madagascar if an illegal commits any felony, misdemeanor or J-walking crime.

        • since they are all registered DACA waiver recepiants, they all have papers.

      40. Beautiful! People too stupid to realize Schumer has NO stroke when it comes to dealing with Trump, but somehow smart enough to know where the dirtbag resides. Give him Hell muchachos!

      41. Immigration or invasion? Anyone entering the country declaring openly that they will overturn your laws and your constitution and your way of life is an invader and not an immigrant. Immigrants (legal or not) who start speaking of returning the territory “stolen” from Mexico is an invader as well. The “immigration problem” is as much an invasion problem as an immigration problem!

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