Sony Hackers Make New Demands… This Is What Happens When You Negotiate With Terrorists

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Headline News | 180 comments

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    Though the U.S. government’s official position is that North Korea is to blame, it’s not clear exactly who has hacked Sony and one could argue that it is nothing more than a propaganda show designed to distract the American public from more important matters like a collapsing global economy, problems in Russia or the fact that our Congress just passed a spending bill padded with all sorts of goodies for banking behemoths.

    But it has nonetheless been interesting to observe.

    So much so that even the President of the United States has now gotten involved. After Sony reportedly pulled ‘The Interview’ from theater distribution earlier this week in response to threats of a “9/11-style attack” from the hacking collective that calls itself the Guardians of Peace, the President said in a press conference that Sony executives made a mistake.

    “I am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced,” Obama said. “Having said all that, yes, I think they made a mistake.”

    “I wish they’d spoken to me first [before canceling the release of the film],” Obama said later.

    “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States,” Obama said. “If somebody’s able to intimidate folks out of releasing a satirical movie, imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary they don’t like, or news reports they don’t like. Or even worse, imagine if producers and distributors and others start engaging in self-censorship because they don’t want to offend the sensibilities of someone whose sensibilities probably need to be offended.”

    Indeed, that’s one statement from the President we can agree with.

    Sony supposedly pulled the movie because theaters that were going to show the flick were threatened with terrorist attacks. That, of course, is an easy out for executives at the firm, because just a couple of days earlier the ‘GOP’ hackers warned Sony of a Christmas surprise. Specifically, they said that if the movie opened as scheduled they would release even more damning evidence and information against the company. In fact, they even released a massive digital file named after the CEO of Sony, Michael Lynton, and said it would be decrypted for the public if Sony didn’t back off.

    Given what we saw from the previous Sony hack, Lynton must have realized that failing to heed the hackers’ warnings would be a career ender for him. So, in the interests of self preservation, Lynton jumped on board with ‘The Interview’ ban in the hopes that all of his problems would go away.

    But as you might have expected, when you negotiate with terrorists, it will only lead to more demands.

    Appeasement was a failed policy under Neville Chamberlain that allowed Hitler to continue to Blitzkrieg Europe, and as noted by well known Hollywood actor Rob Lowe, it is a failed policy for Sony.

    In the spirit of Kim Jong Il, Un and the rest of the world’s dictators, the hackers now want all traces of the movie’s existence removed from the annals of history… or else.

    “It’s very wise that you have made the decision to cancel the release of The Interview. It will be very useful for you,” CNN reports the message as reading. The email concludes, “We will ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble.

    Unfortunately for Sony, that “trouble” includes a laundry list of perceived issues: “Now we want you never let the movie released, distributed or leaked in any form of, for instance, DVD or piracy,” the message reportedly says. It also says, “And we want everything related to the movie, including its trailers, as well as its full version down from any website hosting them immediately.

    But why stop there?

    Why not force all American movie companies to simply submit all of their scripts and production plans to the hacking collective for approval?

    We understand Sony’s decision was based on the self preservation of its executives in this matter. But from public relations perspective the company completely fumbled the ball on this one.

    They could have taken the short-term pain and went with the release of the film. The hackers would have released the emails. More than likely heads would have rolled at the executive management levels of the company. But the company would have, at the very least, been seen as an organization that is prepared to do as they said, which is to “stand behind the free expression” of the artists involved in their films.

    Now they are seen by the American public as weak and spineless.

    And guess what? Chances are that all that sensitive data is going to be released anyway.

    This is what happens when you cave in to the demands from terrorists. Moreover, Sony just sent a clear signal to the rest of the world that American companies are more than willing to negotiate.


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      1. Not that I was going to see that movie anyway, but this is cowardly.

        • Obola says, “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States.”

          That, coming from a dictator who imposes MSM censorship here in the US. What a fricken hypocrite.

          • Nobama, I totally agree. That statement should have been aimed at the Jew-controlled corporate media.

            • “hypocrites”

              a judgment from God Himself:

              Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

              • Let me play devils advocate here for a moment and yes I know I’ll catch crap from the “accusers” with all sorts of titles like “socialist, communist, marxist” blah blah blah….like I care 🙂

                For whatever reason, several times today at work and in the car, the thought popped in my mind……What would be happening right now, what would everyone be talking about and what would everyone say if they took the “tough guy road” and ignored the threats and showed the movie on Christmas Day? And what if the threats were real and major attacks happened in several theaters across the country in one form or another i.e. shooters, explosions, chemicals etc. etc.

                What would be happening and being talked about if that happened and over a 100 Americans were dead and several hundreds more wounded?

                What would our wonderful government , leo’s and dhs being doing right now all across the land. Who would be paying then??

                • Daym!! I cant believe so many stooges on here! The Matrix has you.

                  What will happen when people realize theyve been duped again?
                  What will happen when the govt tells Hollywood that theyre protected?
                  What will happen with the next faux policy called the Hollywood Protection Act?
                  When all those movie producers and actors are given full protection under some bullshit set of laws calling them American resources, your taxes increase. The movies get more govt control.

                  I call bullshit on it all. Obama only gets involved when theres a need or a new set of laws to shove up our asses.
                  The press is controlled. Now the main movie studios will be controlled.
                  Y’all swallowed the bait. The Matrix has you.
                  Surrender Dorothy!

                  • Calgagus


                    Wag the dog…

                    Terrorists?..really..just who the hell are they anyways..

                    perhaps another black bag sysop that created know..the nefarious al qeada .IS.osama bin laden.ETC ETC…

                    This shit just went nuclear …

                    Hell.they couldn’t manufacture enough false info on Syria to now its back to the axis of evil game with N Korea once again in the cross hairs..

                    What a fucking joke..

                    I for one will not join Dorothy

                    Well done Calgagus..


                    • Something interesting to keep track of for the next 2 years is the date a world-changing news story “breaks” (alternative media and MSM) and then the date that Obama actually replies verbally or “does” something in “response.” Two good current examples: The Sony Hack and ISIL invading Iraq. I guess you would have had to check the ESPN TV guide to know where the president was until much after, because he sure wasn’t leading the US during these news breaks.

                  • @ Calgagus,

                    NAILED IT!

                    Thank you.

                    • “Just hours after the FBI announced that, with absolute certainty, it had determined that North Korea was behind the Sony hack, a “theory” that has become the butt of global jokes, we learned, in a far less prominent release, that according to an internal inquiry, FBI evidence if “often mishandled.” According to the NYT, “F.B.I. agents in every region of the country have mishandled, mislabeled and lost evidence, according to a highly critical internal investigation that discovered errors with nearly half the pieces of evidence it reviewed.

                      The evidence collection and retention system is the backbone of the F.B.I.’s investigative process, and the report said it is beset by problems.

                      It gets better: according to the report, the F.B.I. was storing more weapons, less money and valuables, and two tons more drugs than its records had indicated. Almost as if the FBI was siphoning off cash, while hoarding guns and blow.”

                      Defiant North Korea Says Can Prove It Is Not Behind Hack “Without Resorting To Torture Like The CIA”

                      ht tp://

                      Anyone watching the propaganda brainwashing tools on the faux entertaining news channels? They have the TV’s on here at work and for the locve of God….these fools on faux news, you know the fair and balanced one? These sick bastards are conditioning and mind controlling the audience to want to start a war over this.

                    • Security experts: FBI report light on evidence linking North Korea to Sony hack (+video)

                      w w

                  • What is wrong with this picture.

                    An old man ‘supposedly’ made a video that insulted muslims to the point “it caused the Benghazi fiasco”.The FBI arrests him, takes him to jail (and I have lost track of what happened to him).

                    Sony pictures makes a movie insulting the Korean leader, supposedly stirring the pot in that country.

                    No FBI, no arrests….

                    To top it all off, the POTUS tells Sony they should go ahead and show it; regardless of the consequences.

                    What the???

                    We are headed for WW3, POTUS and his handlers are going to make sure that.

                    • BTW:

                      Wonder how the POTUS felt having to have Sonys’ back after the emails from there surfaced making fun of his homosexuality?

                      Must be real rewarding to be a Manchurian candidate.

                    • Don’t forget “Workplace Violence” at Ft. Hood.
                      WEENIE POTUS can’t bring himself to call it what it is,

                      TERRORISM !!!

                      Of course, that’s ok, they’re only soldiers, and probably conservative patriots.
                      Just DON’T mess with his faves, the immoral liberal Hollywood inhabitants.

                    • You need to remember that some folks are only interested in persuing that which causes fear & chaos in the USA.

                • Just release it on the internet for free, it will reach a billion people in their homes in a short time.

                • According to what I read yesterday, the president now wants to enact some bill called “The Internet Protection Act”. We can all guess what that will actually accomplish.

                  The article I read yesterday, was about the Sony Hack, I just can’t find it, but I’m looking for it.

                  In the article, which I can’t find because my browser deleted the pages I saw yesterday, this “internet protection act” was mentioned only once, in the very last line of the article…dead last.

                  My point is, I think this Sony thing is just a ploy to get that act passed. I think it’s all BS, planned for a specific purpose.

                  I think we’re being duped again with this “terrorist hackers” BS. It looks like many people fell for it.

            • Sony’s CEO -Lynton anotherJew garbage polluter produces a Hate movie, then hides behind the US’s Military and Race Baiter Obama who seems to find pleasure in stiring up hate against America. If you or I talked about or produced a movie about assassination of Obama we would be getting a visit from the FBI. F*ck Sony Pictures. I Hope the rot in Israel. Korea may not have been behind the hack and or could be another remote IP hack produced by you know who like to stir up hate.

          • Sounds like something I just said in the last subject thread

            • Enemy of the State says:
              Comment ID: 3293846
              December 19, 2014 at 2:42 pm
              Obama said, “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States.” ala NK and sony’s interview movie

              In 2012, after a terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration scrambled to get YouTube to remove “Innocence of Muslims”, a movie which the administration said sparked the uprising which killed four Americans, including Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens.

              Days after the attack, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama administration officials had contacted YouTube to request that the video website take down the movie, which many Muslims found offensive.

              wait til someone makes a movie about him being assassinated lets see him say hell yeah lets air it..this guy is such a 2 faced hypocrite

              • The u.s. government is responsible for the hack. Need a new boogeyman.

                • LOL! I just love it. Mind you, I’m not taking a position one way or the other just yet, but it’s utterly hilarious to witness this:

                  U.S. Government: “North Korean government hackers did this.”

                  Some Americans: “Bull! The American government did this!”

                  Just wonderful to see the amount of love and trust the American government has these days. Merry Christmas!

                  • Yes indeed FS…
                    Another inside job by both Sony and Barry…

                    designed to distract the American public from more important matters like a collapsing global economy, problems in Russia or the fact that our Congress just passed a spending bill padded with all sorts of goodies for banking behemoths.

                    After all…gotta create a crisis around what people really care about…the Eat, Drink and be Merry crowd will absolutely be clamoring that their indulgences be Federally regulated and soon find they have no free speech. What a way for Sony to promote a movie without incurring a large ad budget…get CNN to do it for free…if it never makes it to the box will be a DVD cult classic. What a way to project what producers, directors and execs feel about their employees and have a convenient scape goat to blame it on…they can always say those emails were doctored and slanderous. But most importantly..Barry gets taken off the front page and continues the memoranda’s of tyrrany …til we find out to late that the whole Executive…Congressional and Judicial has betrayed We The People….and staring at the business end of a gun.

                    Live Free or Die….unscripted

                    • What comment are you referring too?

                  • I think the ghost of Michael Jackson did it.

                    • See kids…this kinda comment is why you shouldn’t smoke crack

          • so on one hand he says that sony should have released the movie ,and on the other hand he has the guy who made the bengzi video arrested because it was offencive to the muslims

            • Lucky for Obama that North Korea isn’t an Islamic state, or he wouldn’t know what to do about it. This way he gets to sound tough and not have to worry about his loyalties.

          • Obama says, “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States.” THAT’S MY JOB!

        • Corporate America lost their spine and allowed greed to trump freedom. I think we the people in social media should post images from Team America and The Interview every day for the next week in solidarity that we do not support terrorism in any form, whether it be physical or cyber and that we do not support greed over freedom. JUST a thought.

          • Yes, let’s twitter them into submission. That’ll really work. We should also hack their facebook page and type “Im a fagit” and talk about how we slept with their mother. If that doesn’t work, we can then breakout the heavy guns and vote them for homecoming before pouring dog food on them.

            After all, what could a skilled cyber-terrorist hacker collective do if people they never met called them names they may not know (english might not be their first language) on websites they don’t visit besides pictures from a movie they never saw to cause them to submit to consequences that haven’t been defined for hacking a company in order to post its embarrassing emails and possibly prevent the release of a movie that was guaranteed to flop anyways? This anti-american action against non-american sony will not stand!


      2. I’m not really sure what to say on this one except we want those files now if someone is breaking the law at the executive level heads must roll. Make those emails public I’m sick of million sorry billion dollar deals behind closed dpors

        • Sony would like Americans to forget this, they are pushing the heaviest for DRM protections for their corporation in section 23 of the transpacific partnership. All of the publicly held film companies in Hollywood that are raising a stink about Sony giving into “terrorism” stand to benefit from the intellectual protocol and DRM section of the TPP that Sony’s lawyers have gone to bat for.

          Come the first quarter of 2015, you’re going to see the Republican Congress talking about this incident as a reason that the TPP and should be fast tracked through Congress to protect corporations from global “hackers/terrorists”.

          This is the hijacking of the United States of America by corporations, coming in 2015 via TPP and TAFTA.

          • Nice Stave, great comment.

            You too Calgagus, Shi-theed, McDave, EOS.

            Lookie here, NO LOOK OVER THERE.

            Dis-info everywhere, trolls too.

      3. where is DHS on this? I thought we were spending hundreds of billions of dollars to protect the homeland from this very scenario.

        this is cyber warfare. if Obama knows who/where they are, will he launch a drone strike or a SEAL team to take them out? just curious.

        • Sendel, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut it was really NSA. If it really was that pig-looking tyrant in NK, I would tell him to bring it on and we’ll see who’s left standing when the smoke clears.

          • Obama should tell Korea that the movie was offensive and that he will kick all the Hate mongering Jews out of America. Because America better than that, to allow garbage trash to be produced in America. Of course our bootlicker in chief is a spineless hate monger race baiter himself.

        • Give us time. False flags require lots of planning and set up. We’ll be right with you (in our MRAPs).

          • Theae Psychopaths on CNN are saying, “So in retaliation should we BOMB KOREA? LIKE WTF? They don’t even know if it was korea or not. Korea even said they too woild like to know who was behind the Hack and wants to work with the US to investigate this. CNN War Mongers – anything to bump up their dismal slipping ratings.

        • Sendel ,
          Some things are impossible to prevent there are billions of nodes to protect on the Internet ,
          USCERT is responsible for maintaining cyber security and does a fairly decent job preventing brute force cyber attacks but it cannot prevent the human error factor . Most intrusions into systems are related to human error , an email with a payload of malware spoofed to look like it came from a co worker , information obtained from inside sources , or simply browsing the web on your work computer and getting a ” drive by ” malware payload from an infected web site . The government is not immune to this and neither is the private sector especially when a nation state is behind the attack. Just on Thursday this week the Office of Personell management
          ( OPM) was hacked and personal PII data for employee security clearance investigations was compromised. this has yet to make the MSM .
          Today USCERT and DHS are contengency planning for a POSSIBLE GRID DOWN EVENT
          This is no just scare BJ BS , it’s real it’ may happen , right now it seems IRAN , NORTH KOREA , CHINA and RUSSIA have greatly upped the Tempo in cyber operations , the scope and targets of the intrusions appears to be a probing event prior to an actual Cyber Warfare operation .
          It could range from a. Nuisance to a complete cyber assault causing a catastrophic event .
          This is not a conspiracy theory , it’s not the DHS boogeyman or the NWO . It is an act of war from real enemies , foreign and domestic that may take advantage of the opportunity presented.
          It’s about to get real .

          WE ARE AT WAR

          Tempus fugit

          Develop your own intelligence , prepare , this is not a drill, maintain OPSEC .

          Carpe diem

          Semper Fi 8541

        • DHS was in Asheville and Hendersonville North Carolina busting local smoke shops for selling a product that omitted an ingredient on the label. The product was K2. The makers of the product were not bothered; the distributors were not bothered, but the minimum wage store clerks were all prosecuted and given a years probation. DHS,FBI,ICE and local law enforcement coordinated the bust while real drug dealers three blocks away continued selling real drugs while laughing at the efforts of law enforcement. DHS did manage to seize the assets of the store owner who was battling colon cancer.

          • Post a link. That’s crazy.

        • That would be suicide…pun intended.

      4. And that big sucking sound I hear is US swirling the drain on the way to the sewage pit…

      5. Oh, the hypocrisy of Obama knows no limits.

      6. If American companies ate negotiating with a terrorist group they should be arrested at a traitor and given the appropriate punishment make a hard example of them. Closed negotiations wit h the states enemy. Treason maybe what’s in them emails that Sony risked it all? Some juicy stuff that’s what

      7. I was hoping the hackers were going to blackmail Sony into making electronics that don’t suck, like Sony used to in the distant past.

        Forcing them to also make movies that don’t suck would be ok, too.

        • AC, Sony used to have some of the best electronics made anywhere. I used to have a Sony stereo and a Sony shortwave radio. Both of those were top notch back in the day.

          • yea but now all the products are made in korea

            • Sonys X-Box was also hacked and millions of CCs numbers were stolen.

      8. If you guys believe this is being perpetuated by some Hackers from North Korea, with the support of China Russia or Iran, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Where is the evidence ? The US government should be able to provide you with tons of it. Basic simple stuff, that can be fully verifiable by the IT community. However, there is none, they just want everyone to go along based on the government’s word. Where have we heard that song before ? I’ll help all of you: 911, Iraq, the death of Bin Laden, Lybia, Syria, and Russia in Ukraine. I thought people here were smarter then this. I guess I though wrong.

        Check this latest twist while you’re at it:

        • Mieszko1, I think NSA was behind it. I don’t believe NK is good enough to pull off something of this magnitude.

          • ” I don’t believe NK is good enough to pull off something of this magnitude. ”

            Even if they could, why would they waste their time on this ??

        • Hackers leave digital footprints, and North Korea and china have known footprints. I’m not saying with 100% certainty that this is North Korea, but they are dumb enough to do this, and quite frankly they hit a perfect target.

        • Well, in the spirit of SHTFPlan posters policy of preferring conspiracy theories to facts, I propose the theory that Sony did it to themselves.

          Of COURSE they did. Just LOOK at all the free publicity they’ve gotten for what is reported to be a movie so bad that they were considering not releasing it anyway. They let a few trailers “escape” to be passed around on the Internet, (check). Then there’s rumors that it can be downloaded for some number of Bitcoins if you go the THIS unpublished website. Frantic search for the website ensues. By then the demand is so great that “first adopters” are paying $100 per download. Guerrilla marketing at it’s best! (I’ll leave it to Stolz to work in how this is all a part of the ZOG managed NWO plan to rule the world – I can’t do it with a straight face.)

          • Old Coach….Howdy my misguided friend. In the spirit of the Christmas I won’t call you a useful…. This was my daily activities today so I am in a very good mood. 1- I cleaned a brand new stainless steel Super BlackHawk .44 magnum, 2- Went to the outdoor range and fired around 20 rounds of 300 grain Buffalo Bore heavy magnum and the revolver is just amazingly accurate but my wrist hurts. 3- Heading to a provide land on Saturday to shoot some wild hogs and this is my first handgun hunt. So life is good, wife is happy and the teenage son just excited beyond norm to do this hunt.

            Now about you mentioning my name in your post… I won’t talk abut my beloved Zionists tonight in detail since I don’t want to destroy my joy of the hunt tomorrow but you may want to think about this Sony ZOG owned corp. and its relations to our ZOG Government as follow:

            The Sony hack attack has reinvigorated support for privacy-busting CISPA-style cybersecurity legislation that was previously considered dead, prompting calls to make the issue a top priority in 2015.

            With the White House declaring the hack to be a “national security issue” yesterday, numerous prominent lawmakers jumped on the issue to push a “zombie” cybersecurity bill – the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act – which failed to make the Senate floor in July.

            White House Economic Council Director Jeff Zients said the Sony hack would require ongoing “executive” action by the President in order to protect “federal government assets,” with Zients stressing the need “to take this to the next level (with) legislation.”

            Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein echoed Zients, asserting, “We must pass an information sharing bill as quickly as possible next year.”

            So my dear Old Coach, your beloved tribe can use the name of a porky guy in North Korea, initiate a cyber attack via our ZOG operated NSA,CIA or even Mossad to screw the rest of the Non Zionist / Joooo Americans even more.

            Take care, enjoy the holiday season or celebrate the Hanukah with your tribal brothers and sisters and we’ll continue our discussions after I kill some pigs. If you know any needy zionist let me know and I’ll send them some pork chops after I return.

            • I just KNEW you could do it, LOL!

            • I just KNEW you could do it, LOL !

              • Old Coach, how did you know that Stolz could do that?

                Isn’t it cool that Zients is close in spelling to Zionist? LOL.

                • FS:

                  Out of the pie hole of a moron. Zients is a jew. It will take you 2 seconds to find that one.

                  See any pattern there, FS, in the Obama administration, or are you deaf, blind, or dumb, or all three?

                  Your posts are pathetic. Shill/troll.

                  • granny, you’re an EXPERT on pathetic, go back to your silly little

          • “Well, in the spirit of SHTFPlan posters policy of preferring conspiracy theories to facts, I propose the theory that Sony did it to themselves.”

            Sure, why not? And I propose that Stolz, John Q. Public, Pissed Off Granny, Whowoulathunkit, PigKiller, et al are actually Zionist Jews!!

            Because by ginning up such hate and fear and anger against the NWO ZOG Jew Bankers, it…, it…., it…. actually….

            creates insane Jew Hatred!! Why would Jews like Stolz, JQP, POG, WWTI, PK, et al, do that? Why would a Zionist Pig create and stir up Jew Hatred? How insane is that? The same reason that the ZOGS created communism in Russia. Which killed millions of Jews. And the same reason that ZOGS were actually the ones behind Hitler and the Nazi Holocaust. Which targeted and killed Jews.

            That’s what ZOGS do! Therefore, Stolz, JQP, POG, WWTI, PK, et al, are secretly Jew ZOGs!!

            Old Coach: “Well, in the spirit of SHTFPlan posters policy of preferring conspiracy theories to facts, I propose the theory that Sony did it to themselves”

            The ZOGs did it to themselves!!

            • Hate to disappoint you or discredit your post FS; but look t:his up:

              Israelie Supreme Court declares you cannot be a citizen of Israel and believe in Jesus Christ.

              Now I cannot speak to all of the afore mentioned names in your silly Zog post but I am a white Christian, Jesus Christ believing, American born and American loving citizen.

              Merry CHRISTmas…..May Jesus Christ our Lord, keep us safe in the coming year.

              • ZOG on a POG: “Now I cannot speak to all of the afore mentioned names in your silly Zog post but I am a white Christian, Jesus Christ believing, American born and American loving citizen.”

                Ah-Hah!! Exactly the kind of false flag story a true ZOG would plant! You’re not fooling me with that story you ZOG shill!

                The Old Coach has your kind pegged perfectly:

                “Well, in the spirit of SHTFPlan posters policy of preferring conspiracy theories to facts, I propose the theory that Sony did it to themselves.”

                Merry Christmas to you, you ZOG on a POG!

            • FreeSFreeslave….. The Guardians of Peace hacked Sony. You are dumber than a rock.

          • OldCoach. Wrong. Oh and Sony also let all their own emails out too. All to embarasse them selves too. I don’t think so. Bwhahahahaha

            • The Group “The Guardians of Peace” takes responsibility for the Sony Hack Attack. This is what we need more of, “The War on War Mongers”. BRAVO!!

            • We need a sarcasm font, so that WWTI can recognize it as such without having to use both brain cells.

      9. I call BULLSH!T on this whole deal. Why is this silliness about some crappy movie, the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS in America??? You better put both hands on your a$$ because “the Big Money players” are getting ready to stick something in it!! Don’t take your eye off the ball, they wheel out the “puppet in charge” to make it look important. I call BULLSH!T.

        • SD Mule, I agree something smells about it. How do we know it was even NK? It could have been NSA for all we know. They do have that capability.

        • I agree, this movie is not one I would of EVER even rented or watched for free…..the shit they call humor today is whacked. I would compare this movie and type of humor to “Airplane” not serious and damn sure not funny…..yet the masses flock to this kind of mindless crap.

          And this makes the new end of the world 24 hour news coverage??

          Now I am going to go up above and post something totally different that I have been thinking about several times today…..let me go play devils advocate.

          • Just read your ‘devil’s advocate’ post above. OK, what if NK did target US theaters showing this film and a hundred or more Americans were killed?

            That would be an uncontrovertible act of war, and NK would be on the receiving end of a serious counterstrike.

            Were I the CinC, they could kiss their air forces, naval vessels, Yalu bridges, power plants, and government buildings goodbye, along with what nuclear ‘research’ sites they have.

            • I think you missed the point a little.

      10. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short here posting on recent articles, but I was thinking…all these little things. Like little Mosquitos sucking blood from you here and there. You swat at them they fly away and pop up somewhere else. They are distractions for something big. Keep the administration so busy they can’t see the forest for the trees. Or maybe they can see, but the MSM doesn’t, so the sheeple will never know.

        This deal with Russia for example. People are focused on the collapse of the ruble. But here on this and ther sites, we’ve noted in the recent past how BRICS nations are buying up gold. Especially china and Russia. What if the intent is serial rapid collapse of individual currencies in those nations and conversion to a single currency that is gold-backed in each of those economies. Based on how many tonnes of gold each country has compared to the others, they get that percentage of the currency for circulation. Maybe I’m nuts. I don’t ‘do’ economics, that’s DKs area, I know just enough to be dangerous.

        Your .02?

        • Nopity, I also don’t ‘do’ economics, but I would think your scenario would be plausible. No question we’re being distracted with all kinds of things right now.

        • About the time the coup in Ukraine happened and the western-backed leaders took over, the entire gold reserve in Ukraine just slipped out the back door. Interesting, that.

          I’m also interested to know whether Germany repatriated any more of it’s gold from America’s holding facility.

          If the world converted to a gold standard, wouldn’t the countries with the most gold reserves, be in the best shape? I wonder how much more gold the U.S. has stolen from other bombed out countries it attacked…

      11. We need to get Ronald Regan’s DNA and make another and our problems would be over.

        • Reagan was a NWO shill just like the rest of those “bought and paid for” SCUMBAGS!!! Reagan, give me a break, another illusion the “useless eaters” have fallen for. No wonder they throwing out the same bullshit over and over again, people keep believing it!!

          • I think the difference is President Reagan did what the Power Elite wanted which was collapsing the USSR but not under the direction of the Power Elite. President Reagan was not a member of any of the groups and he rightly or wrongly believed what he was doing was in the best interests of the American people.

            • Kevin2,
              I think you are much smarter than your post shows. Do you think Ron got into office without the help of powerful, well financed players. Ron came up through the ranks of being President of SAG, Governor of CA,, and then POTUS. Sorry player, Ron would not have had an opportunity for the office,if he wasn’t under the direction of the power elite. The “illusion” that he bankrupted the Soviet Union, is comical at best. The whole “Cold War” was a CIA event. You must ALWAYS have a boogeyman. Ron was a NWO shill, just like the rest of them.

          • SD Mule..DITTO!!

          • sd mule

            So you have someone better in mind ?

            • I’d rather have Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin, if we are going to use DNA. They were not perfect, but so much more intelligent than Ron Reagan it’s not even worth comparing. Ron was an average actor, a below average politician, and nowhere near a leader of men. He was a guy who could read the script, who even Nancy Reagan admitted was suffering from dementia in his second term. He is a media creation who has become bigger and bigger as the years pass, as long as you don’t look too close.

      12. “Give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk”.

        • Why you calling me a mouse?


      13. This is a bunch of propaganda. Any company would store sensitive data on systems that are offline and even then the data would be encypted. I don’t believe this story – especially due to CNN’s reporting of it.

      14. This just pisses me off to the point all I’m buying myself for X-mass is MOAR F’in Armor Piercing and Hot Tracer Ammo for my Sniper Rifles.


        And the HollyJeWood Zio-jews just keep on shatting out MOAR FALSE_FLAG PSY-OP MEDIA BULLSHIT lies ON F’IN CHRISTMAS to justify stealing MOAR of the obviously very f’in ignorant Zog Amerikan Goyim and Gentile Tax Debt Slaves Freedoms and lock down the internet even further.




        ISRAEL jews DID 9/11! and every other false-flag since and before then!


        THE F’IN ZIO-JEWS destroying once free Zio-Amerika WILL ONLY STOP WHEN YOU PUT A DAMN BULLET IN THEM AT 2800fps from 800 yards away.



          • PK ,
            How’:d you get the picture of me ?

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Hoo brother. The hourly anti-Semitic rant on this space. In fact, I understand they bombed Pearl Harbor, started the Mongol invasion, and caused internecine aborigine wars around 1,000 AD in Australia.

          • They have also bombed The USS Liberty in 1967. Search for the USS Liberty and read for your self.

      15. Here’s an idea: How about NK trades their dictator plus a third round draft choice for our dictator. While the their abilities and competence are about equal, ours is a little taller, so we should get the draft choice.

        Just a thought.

      16. The article misses a few points that I would like to throw out there for discussion.

        Given that several of the IP Addresses originated in China, is it fair to say that The Chinese were at a minimum complicit in the attack?

        Consider that the Great Firewall of China is one of the most complex packet filters on the planet. I think it’s fair to say that China knows where these attack originated… at a minimum.

        I would like to mention that DPRK Unit 121 operates out of a government-operated hotel called Chilbosan in Shenyang, China.

        Given the tens of billions that we spend each year on national defense to include ‘Cyber Security’, I would say that this is a complete failure of our National Security Apparatus on a biblical scale.

        In this instance, the victim was Sony. What if it was perhaps Lockhead-Martin, Raytheon, The Pentagon or the electical grid, etc. Would our response be different under those circumstances as opposed this attack on an entertainment compony and the subsequent feeble and weak response from The White House?

        If this is in fact a state sponsored attack, then we MUST call it an Act of War and retaliate accordingly.

        In response to Mac Slavo’s earlier comment on appeasement. You are absolutely correct, sir.

        Neville Chamberlain/Sudatenland is an object lesson is why we MUST NOT capitulate. Clearly this lesson hasn’t been learned and will be repeated.

        Your thoughts?

        Kind regards,

        Winston Smith.

        • Great information Winston, thanks!

          How hard would it be the hack the EBT Card system at the end of the month, the night before the cards are reloaded with money on the 1st at midnight? How long could they keep the system down?

          That would really be a SHTF event!

        • It’s gonna take a helluva lot more than the take down of one stupid movie, to get me to back WWIII.



        Our government is GIVING $633,000 of

        tax payers money for a detox programs by the


        A group that believes the spirits of dead ALIENS inhabit human brains.

        So that they can experiment on our wounded VETERANS.


        We taxpayers have almost become used to this sort of insanity from our GOVERNMENT.

        But this seems to lower the bar even further.

        Are we to believe that there is no better way to use over

        half a million dollars to help our wounded warriors ?


      18. Please someone explain the racist hatred I mean I read the words and i can literally feel that burning hatred some have as a born Canadian citizen I’m really baffled by it. Yes I make some insensitive comments tell racist jokes and laugh at them but no where heart do i have this dark seething hatred here in Canada we just don’t. Feel that way blacks Jews Hindu Asian makes no difference there human beings. In my opinion were all creations of the universe and we have a right to exist. Just somebody please put forth a rational explanation as to why you feel that way. I’m not looking for you too justify your opinions I just want to understand

        • John: Here are a few reasons why there is what you call “racist” hatred…

          1) “Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it, we thrived on it, we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.” — The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to the UK in London, Count Mensdorf.

          2) “The white race is the cancer of humanity.”   Susan Sontag, jewish marxist intellectual.

          3) “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

          4) “There are no English Jews, French Jews, American Jews. There are only Jews living in England, France and America”. CHAIM WEIZMANN, Israeli stateman, 1st Pres. of Israel.

          Who is truly “racist”? Remember, these are only a few of thousands of examples.

          • Thank you for the explanation doesn’t make much sence meaning I just don’t understand. Never would I presume to judge another’s opinion. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding the whole thing. And I’m am sorry about using the word racist its an inflammatory word that tends to get ones ass hairs up. Poor choice of words. We here in Canada have problems with immigration till Harper Closed our borders now we have TFW temporary foreign workers. And they are being sent home. So i guess a better question is why do i not read about Muslims their leader’s have openly stated many times how they intend on destroying all our lives. Is it political correctness? Personally I wouldn’t know if the person on the other end of the phone was black white Jewish or pink with polka dots. So again I have go ask what is it about some races that some is so disliked.i watch American news and i hear phrases like (the black community or the Asian community.and my first thought is these are labels nothing more. I do understand that I’m not fully educated on the dynamics of it all. However I understand that I’m only seeing what’s on the news and other alternative media I’m trying to get a full picture from both sides. Personally I really don’t see the logic in hating one based on their religion race. Color or even how he dresses.I need a real reason go hate you l

          • Renee:

            You are correct. There are thousands of quotes out there. However, if you have tuned in to SHTF on any regular basis, you will find the naysayers calling these quotes “lies, just old incoherent men who didn’t or don’t know what they were talking about”.

            And the biggest one of all, even Jesus Christ in John 8:44. Even HE didn’t know what HE was talking about!

        • John, you don’t get out much do you .Many of my friends from the great white north would vehemently disagree with you.
          I tried to post a link on a earlier article but was somehow moderated to death. Google ‘he Samarian Swindle’ or ‘Muslim werewolves Howling at the Moon’.
          The web site is
          A little perusal of this site should answer any questions you may have concerning Jews and Muslims.
          A far as this article goes an anyon say “Negative Advertising”?

        • John Wake up they are hijacking your country right now too. Defend your country from any enemy foreign or domestic trying to destroy it.

          • Oh believe me i fully realize what our government does I pay33% of every dollar I make to federal provincial municipal and most go to welfare programs. Our natives are a pro lem our premier(equivalent to state Senator ) is under investigation for misuse of tax payer money our military is at this moment still fighting we have domestic terrorism. We ate awake and do fight back against our government our long gun registry is gone after 10 years of wasted money did no good our politicians are dancing to the same Tue as yours are. We here out west see the storm on the horizon were not snow blind. We have the same desires to live in peace and quiet as you. In effect were two different countries east and west Ontario being that division line out west hereafter all English down east its all French (and most of us can’t stand the bastards. And just a side nite mist of the people I come across are ready to defend home and hearth. Nit to mention the dog sled te could use a good not to brag or chest pound but alot of people hu t here our average shot out here on the prairies 500 is pretty normal. Were excellent marksman and we know our back yard pretty good. I’ve also spoken with several soldiers from CFB suffield they even assure us were in just as deep as you guys as our history will point out we don’t like fighting and killing but we will and its not often we loose get our asses handed to us from time to time. Ask any country that’s tangled with us and historically they don’t want no seconds.

      19. Let this serve as a warning to everyone here
        Don’t negotiate with the US government either

        Wonder how many will really understand what I just said
        Guess I’ll wait and see

        • Yea buddy!

      20. By the way I tried SCIENTOLOGY back in the early 70S

        Most of the people who worked there seemed SPACED OUT.

        And every time I turned around one of them wanted me to spend more money on classes.

        You see where this was going ?

        So I gave them the middle finger.

      21. If it is a federal crime to make threats against the president ,what makes anyone think that it’s all right to make threats against any other leader ?
        I think the sequel to this , the Koreans attracting cooperate America will be much funnier and I’d go see that. But that would be racist and insensitive .

        • Agreed. They should not have made the movie in the first place.

      22. We had an X1.9 solar flare a little while ago. There have been a good number of M-class flares in the past few days.

        • When they hit 3.0, SELL!

      23. Just imagine all the free advertising Sony is getting if they do release the movie. Maybe the whole thing is an advertising campaign.

      24. Like I said in my last post N.K. Has made it so we don’t have freedom of speech. N.K. took away our 1St. amendment. Dec 24 the UN 105+ countries are going to take away our 2Nd. amendment! Merry frigging Christmas from the UN!

        • Sarge, I don’t believe the UN can bring in enough troops to do gun confiscation. I know the day is coming when they will make the attempt, but I believe they will fail miserably if all gun owners will take a stand and fight them. Sure, they can kill some of us, but not all of us. I, for one, will definitely fight the bastards. When I see them in my area, it will be game on!

          • TRBH
            You and I know this, but the turds in the UN don’t. That is what scares me. Too many people will get hurt if they do.
            Obullshit just might make another decree and tell us we have to give up our guns.
            If an order down I will do my best to let everyone know!!!!

            • Sarge, Obama issuing an EO saying give up our guns is exactly one of the fears I have and that move could be made when we least expect it. It doesn’t matter so much HOW they try to do it; my position won’t change. I’m not giving up squat.

              • BH..count me in.

              • Obama issuing an EO to give up the citizen’s guns would be the biggest mistake the left ever made in this country, and they’ve made some doozies.

                Let him try it, the left will be destroyed as a political power in about 30 days, and never come back.

        • Great point Sgt. And NOBODY even has a CLUE it’s going on outside of this forum basically! People just will never wake up, or at least only a very few of thousands.

          So sickening…

          God Bless,

          • N.P.
            It is a great morning for me and an HONOR to have you respond to one of my post. (0530)
            You are right I’ve heard and seen VERY little on this in Zombie land they call, the real world.
            Again an HONOR!
            Merry Christmas to you and yours.

            • NP&Sarge,I actually believe more folks waking up and have awakened then you realize.Sure,engage in activities and hang with like minded folks but even talking with strangers I meet there is a feeling they also realize things not looking great and mention in general being ready not a bad idea without saying much in particulars(good idea).I would also point out the huge rise in firearm sales in this country the last 6 years or so and though dumb to put out your plans to a national audience prepping even has it’s own shows on tv,I do believe many folks are not only aware but readying as best as they reasonably can while living their daily life with work/family,sure hope so anyhow!

            • MAC, I clicked on thumbs up for this Sgt Dal;e post, but As I watched, BOTH thumbs increased by one. This happened before this, in another comment. The counter seems to be adding one to both at the same time. Just thought you should know, so you can check your web component statements for accuracy.

              • It currently also lets me thumb myself.

        • They can only take your 2nd by force one at a time.
          According to posters on this and many sites they will be waiting.

      25. Nice article Mac…it’s like giving a druggie just one more fix because he said he will for sure quit if we give him just one more…

        God Bless and Merry Christmas all,

        • Howdy NP! Good to see you !

        • NP, good to see you back.

      26. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. They should not have made the movie in the first place.

        They were not hacked until they did something stupid. So the hackers had/have the ability to do what they did but were more responsible and only did it when they felt wronged and negotiations did not produce any results. Just because we are the superpower doesn’t mean we get to say and do what we want. We should be more cautious because we are the world leader. But that’s notbgoingbto happen.

        Sony got what it deserved. Particular after they told news outlets and reporters they would come after the for posting the stolen data.

        • I understand your point — freedom of speech doesn’t mean we’re free of consequences for that speech. However, I disagree with the notion that the movie shouldn’t have been made in the first place. Where, then, do we draw the line? And who gets to determine what is or is not offensive? If an artist or company choose to invest time, energy and money into such an endeavor they should be free to do so – that movie would not have been made if someone didn’t see benefit in it. America craves and is willing to pay for this kind of entertainment.

          In this case, there were fairly severe consequences cor those who produced it, but that’s the bargain one agrees to when one chooses to engage in freedom of expression.

          • Mac, you just said a mouthful in 100 words or less.
            That is the reason I say “If we could know the true truth”.
            Thanks for this site, we learn much here….

            • 129

            • Mac and All,

              Perhaps this will renew interest in the “Innocence of Muslims” by Sam Bacile. Every time the O’Bumbler in Chief opens his mouth he has just the opposite affect on people and circumstances.

              Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

              laeagle from high atop a Bald Cyprus over-looking the Atchafalaya. We will be lighting bon-fires along the Mississippi to help guide Santa into town on Christmas Eve. It is a local tradition to experience!

            • eppe can cut and paste more worthless words in a second than Mac can write in a meaningful paragraph in 35 seconds.

          • Mac
            I agree 1000% with EPPE on this. If we let a tin horn dictator tell us what to do what is next?
            Time for the people in the USA to get some balls and stand up and start taking our rights back.

            • “If we let a tin horn dictator tell us what to do what is next?”

              Americans let Obola tell us what to do, and he’s above the law.

              “Time for the people in the USA to get some balls and stand up and start taking our rights back.”

              Libs castrated themselves, the moderates, and now even some so-called conservatives are being castrated.

            • Hey Sgt. 2 Cops in Brooklyn NY just got ambushed and wacked shot in the heads as they were eating donuts. Karma is a Bitch when they abuse their power. This was in retaliation for the Garner murder. The killer claimed he was going to put wings on 2 pigs for Garners death. 2 for 1 special today. Watch what you spout off about. Karmappocalypse.

        • We wouldnt want to offend anti-gun nuts ,
          So no more action movies ?
          Hell , Lets throw away all history books too,
          The truth hurts too much ?
          H-F , Maybe rethink your position on this .

      27. Oh please man, All of this is just regurgitating the LSM bullshit and everyone knows it. This was just the latest “False Flag” being generated by a Government minion to promote the internet cyber security bill to give them more control over your freedom. They tossed in North Korea as the latest boogie man and even admitted they has absolutely no proof to support or validate the accusation. They have been making war on everyone who refuses to have a Rothschild controlled private central bank & we all know that NK has been on the list. Face it people, its funny how the fucking NSA knows who you had sex with last night, what you had for breakfast, where you ate lunch and what sox you are wearing but mysteriously, for some reason can never catch a terrorist or hacker. WANNA KNOW WHY?.. BECAUSE THEY ARE THE DAMN TERRORISTS AND HACKERS….

        • Truly.

      28. I really could give a rats rectum about the plight of a Hollywood movie studio. Thier toxic sludge has perverted our society in nearly every way imaginable so why is everyone so freaked over somebody using coercion to silence them. It happens all the time here with a fraction of the uproar.Go to ANY college ( with the exception of BYU, Hillsdale or Liberty) and say something that the Gay nazis, or the Feminazis don’t like and see what happens to you. Try having an HONEST discussion on race or an honest appraisal on the state of the black community and see what happens to you. Go into politics and honestly discuss entitlements or immigration and see what happens to you. The Liberals create an environment of intimidation and fear against those who hold views they dislike and then whine like bitches when somebody copies there playbook and turns it on them. I for one am enjoying it immensely. As a great man once said,”fuck Em if they can’t take a joke.

        • you said it all. Took the words right out of my mind, and yes Asian folks have no sense of humor. Truth be told…

        • “As a great man once said,”fuck Em if they can’t take a joke.”

          Who was that great man? LOL.

          • I think it was obamas policy agenda, but I believe he
            said “joke em if they can’t take a fuck.”

            • Love it Outwest. You sure have a way with words. Merry Christmas, my friend!

      29. There maybe something in the movie, by chance, that may give an idea, or make us recall an event past,or there is something that is going to happen soon and they dont want us to cotton on,

      30. The whole thing is a set up against North Korea which everything people hear about is a complete and total lie!
        That’s right all the BS about North Korea is BS!
        what was it once of those stooges of the NWO said?
        I consider these places to be my Axis of Evil!
        North Korea, Iran, Syria,
        North Korea?
        Don’t believe the media folks it’s all crap.

        • K
          I have to respectfully disagree with you!
          My father was wounded bad over there in 1952. I’ve have friends that have served in the army over there. They all say the same thing. The north (ha) there is not one damn thing in the north worth having or taking. Now the south on the other hand has beaches, farm land, modern cities.
          Have you ever been to Korea?
          The only reason there is a north Korea is because China wanted a buffer zone from a government where the people could vote in there reps.

          • Sgt. Tell us when did Korea Attack America (The Date) so you daddy decided to go kill koreans? Is it in your family DNA to want to kill for Sport?

            • 1950

      31. Here is what I believe on this hacking BS, for what it’s worth. This has been a test of just a higher level of some sort of upgrade to their computers and software. Why did they pick this movie, why not one that was in line to make several hundred million dollars? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Having said all of that folks this was an inside job meaning our own government. They are setting us up for say an- inter net shut down, grid shut down you get the picture, and blaming it on some foreign power, getting another duck in the row. Look for another event somewhat like this one in the very near future to continuing conditioning people for the total shut down and martial law that is coming. Folks the deck is stacked against us big- time, enjoy life now like it is, because soon it’s going to change. The clock is ticking down. Like Sgt. said; watch what happens Dec. 24, 2014 that my friends could be the game changer. Enjoy this Christmas for it just may be our last one with any freedom to celebrate our Saviors Birth in the open and not behind closed doors. Prepare as you see fit and be safe. 2015 will bring many changes and I’m sorry to say not for our good!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America. (MERRY CHRISTMAS)

      32. Could be a publicity stunt also.

      33. And while this public furor is occupying the sheeple, what else has this neo-coM administration slipped in on us?

        Bread and circuses.

      34. Erm FYI, Sony is a Japanese company, not Amercian.

      35. Kim JongBama seems jealous of North Korea. He must believe he is the only one who is allowed to bully, by doing things like:

        -Sicking the IRS on conservatives, to intimidate and silence the opposition. Naaah–No similarities to what the NORKs did.

        -Extorting the innocent with Obumblescare. Naaah–No similarities to what the NORKs did.

        -Destroying a Constitutional government on a whim. Naaah–No similarities to what the NORKs did.

        I could go on, but it should be obvious to all, that there is little difference between the two DICKtaters…

        • I didn’t know NK destroyed any “democracies”…looks like obumbler is one up on NK.

      36. We have become a weak and timid nation capable of much rhetoric and intriguing talk but little or almost no action.
        The picture should have been shown; if nothing else it would have been a cogent show of national strength. Then American’s should have rallied around the cause, sanctions should be issued immediately against N. Korea and any other actions – cyber or otherwise. But they need to happen right away, as in now, so as to send a strong sign of strength and resolve.

        • Pussified amerika
          They should have said BRING IT and shown it free for 3 weeks!

          • FREEBIES…yeah, baby.

        Can anyone tell me where has America gone?
        I can’t seem to find her. Has she gone away?
        Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
        All that was familiar seems now so far away.
        I remember learning of integrity and courage
        I remember men of honor held in high esteem
        I remember when hard work and ethics flourished
        I remember when the unsightly was kept unseen.
        Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
        I can’t seem to find her. She is now a long forgotten song.
        I thought our government was established for the people
        Now it seems the government is elite and we are but the sheeple.
        We used to spy on our enemies those we saw as a threat
        Now we spy on our citizens and we discard our vets
        Can anyone tell me where America has gone?
        Are there any left who for righteousness still long?
        The New World Order is now the America of today
        The patriots are becoming weary, worn and frayed
        The black robe regiments are but stories of yesterday
        And the pulpits are devoid of truth and men no longer pray
        To the one true God of all creation
        We prefer to pander to our own sensations
        And America is no longer one nation under God
        America is the habitation of lies and the home of fraud.
        Can anyone tell me where America has Gone?
        Thank God for the watchmen who have warned for so long
        I pray these servants have the support and prayers of the remnant
        Because the demise of our way of life is now dangerously imminent.
        By Randy Conway

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America. (MERRY CHRISTMAS)


          Answer: It’s gone Godless Lib.

          Solution: Get rid of Libs from positions of power and influence and replace them with God-honoring conservatives to revive this country. Painful revival, but it’s the path forward. Realistic assessment: A snowball’s chance in Hell.

          • One doesn’t have to be religious, to be fair.

            The religious are not the only people who believe we have inalienable rights that no man can take from us.

            You don’t have to believe in God, to know the difference between right and wrong and choose the “right”.

            You don’t have to go to church to be a decent person, or fear God to make you do the right thing.

            There are plenty of religions that don’t adhere to any of that.

            What we need to return to, is the belief that “ALL LIFE MATTERS.” Not just when it’s convenient or profitable.

            …and Corporations are not people, and do not have “rights.”

      38. You are asking the wrong question!
        Who are the Guardians of Peace ?
        In reality they do not have the chops at this level. They have had no
        events of this level and even other hacker groups are asking who they
        are. This amongst a mindset that is very competive and post there exploits
        like we do billboards. I put to you that this is a black flag !
        One ip in a log from North Korea does not make a Villian.
        Everybody knows when attacking engage from another direction than
        Yourself. I think this will help push net neutrality under the guise of
        Protecting us!!!

      39. I just read an article that said a high ranking CIA official met Sony execs a month before the hacking took place. Link to follow.
        When was the last time NK did not act bellicose when they’ve done something to the U.S.?
        Plus now they have asked the u.s. government to do a joint investigation. I don’t think they would jeopardize their cyber security to hack some movie company. This stinks of b.s.

      40. If “The interview” isn’t released maybe you can go see “Selma”. Oprahs movie. What perfect timing she has. hhmmm

      41. Negotiate with terrorists? The US government hires, pays, trains and creates terrorist organizations. Examples: the KLA Kosovo Liberation Army. We used them to attack the Serbs. We stole Kosovo from the Serbs (for a pipeline) and gave it to the KLA. We have a large military base there. It ensures that our terrorists don’t get attacked. The MEK. We used them to attack Iran. We gave them a base in Iraq and our troops guard it so it doesn’t get attacked. The PKK. We give them guns and money so that they attack Iran. Even Ronnie Reagan used a local Lebanese terror organization to attack the guys that blew up the Marines in Lebanon.

        • Troof dat…

          Most are too busy watching slow flying eagles and flags snapping in the breeze to really care about the truth.

      42. Did you all hear about the 60 year old stripper with the 72 inch chest measurement? He act consist of crawling out on the stage and trying to stand up!!!

      43. Same shit, new day…

      44. I just read how the North Koreans planed on attacking Americans at the movie theater , as it turns out they were going to give away free popcorn swimming in butter and salt. Everyone knows that they movie going public would have sat there and gorged themselves into a stuper and basically just blow up , massive die off, to lazy , to fat , to stupid …

      45. Actually the latest intel from David Wilcock and others is that this is from the Alliance not N Korea….this is is conservative CIA action… the peace direction and Nova Earth… the way….if you don’t understand anything I just said…..start paying FUCKING attention dude…

      46. I haven’t bought anything Sony since the DRM scandal years ago. F Sony.

      47. This is probably a calculated move to boost the value of a low budget film, as well as propaganda to distract the sheeple. When NK is blamed, with Iran and Russia also insinuated as possible suspects, I know we are looking at intelligence agency involvement. I wonder who purchased Sony stock at the bottom of it’s plunge? Studios do market research throughout the marketing campaign for a film, and use Social Media, IMDB and other PR tools to measure the response to their advertising blitz. I would guess that more was spent on the media blitz (practically every half hour on multiple channels on Dish) than on the film. After the holidays, the film will be released, with masses going to see what the uproar was about.

      48. Why does nobody go for the obvious response?

        Bad guy-“You caved once, now give me more.”

        Sony- “Get off my back or I will release it anyway(now that I’ve had time to do damage control), and by the way I want pictures of you and you little friends posted on the internet with verifiable information that it really is you or I will release the movie to show for free. Other demands to follow as I think of them.”

      49. I think all the False Flag proponents are giving the gubmint WAY too much credit. Most gubmint employed hack s from bottom to top could not pour piss out of a boot if the directions were stamped on the heel. After all, those who can, do. Those who can’t, work for the gubmint.

      50. Look at all these fools who believe NK are actually responsible. I feel like I’m among the global warming crowd.

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