Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Do you LOVE America?


    Perhaps it’s like shouting an alarm, unheard above the engine noise of two trains on a collision course. Or, screaming helplessly as a car slips its brakes and rolls toward a toddler playing at the bottom of the driveway.

    It is gruesome imagery and I apologize for invoking it. But if anything, it may be inadequate to the prospect before us.

    One only has to ask, “What is heading our way?”


    The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New Bullets

    And don’t kid yourself; they’re not for target practice. It’s .40 caliber ammunition, hollow point rounds that promise “optimum penetration for terminal performance.” The department also has a bid out for up to 175 million rounds of .223 caliber ammunition.

    This isn’t the flipping army, you know. This is an internal national police force, a department that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.


    Supreme Court OKs Strip Searches for Minor Offenses

    It’s okay with the Supreme Court if you are detained and subjected to a demeaning strip-search for such serious offenses against the State as violating a leash law or having a headlight out.

    Really, is being strip-searched and perhaps even forced to take a delousing shower for riding your bicycle without an audible bell reasonable? Of course not. So much for the 4th Amendment.


    Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool

    Even in the absence of judicial authorization, cell phone tracking has become widespread. An ACLU report covering more than 200 police departments finds that nearly all engage in the practice, but only a few bother with a warrant.

    Would you be shocked to discover that some police departments are trying to keep their activities secret because of the legal implications? Officers have even been warned to keep their cell phone tracking out of police reports. Now what was that oath about upholding the law?


    The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

    The crown jewel of Federal spying is a new $2 billion, high tech center in Utah, a million square feet devoted to data gathering and storage. “NSA has turned its surveillance apparatus on the U.S. and its citizens,” reports an account of the program.

    The facility will help manage information from 10 to 20 domestic telecom “listening posts.” “We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state,” says William Binney, a former senior NSA crypto-mathematician.

    What Is heading Our Way?

    These are only a few recent headlines. But the police state is growing much faster than even these stories suggest. There is the developing proliferation of domestic spy drones; a variety of so-called cyber-security bills – internet kill switches – are working their way through Congress; and, of course, there are executive power grabs like the presidential power to target American citizens for assassination found in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

    Some Germans, although not all, were willing to ask what wicked thing was headed their way in the 1930s. Sebastian Haffner was a young law student and aspiring court clerk at the time. After his death at the age of 91 in 1999, his son found Haffner’s account of the era stuffed away in a drawer.

    Haffner’s manuscript, which he had left unfinished in 1939, was published as Defying Hitler,” and became an immediate bestseller. The book is graced by fine writing, shown in a New York Times review citing Haffner’s description of Hitler: ”… personal appearance was thoroughly repellent – the pimp’s forelock, the hoodlum’s elegance . . . the interminable speechifying, the epileptic behavior with its wild gesticulations and foaming at the mouth.”

    But it is the candid search for self-knowledge, his honest inquiry of “what became of the Germans,” that makes the work a place to begin answering how “it” could have happened. Haffner writes that nobody saw what was to come with any clarity in the early days of the fascist transformation of the land in 1933, but that he “had a sense of what was in the air. I felt distinctly that what had happened so far was merely disgusting and no more. But what was in the offing had something apocalyptic about it.”

    Haffner suggests that Germans saw in Hitler a “do-over,” a chance to transform the defeat of World War I into victory. The martial mood he invoked, like that of the war, “provided far more excitement and emotional satisfaction than anything peace could offer.”

    A 9/11 Do-Over?

    Is it possible that Americans are squandering their birthright of liberty in nostalgia for post-World War II triumphalism, a golden age myth of good wars and greatest generations? It is a myth that exaggerates our might and insists on our universal benevolence.

    But it is a myth that was shattered on 9/11, when we discovered ourselves to be both vulnerable and unloved.

    Like the Germans, determined to prove that history got it wrong with the Allies’ victory in November 1918, is ours an attempt to cling to an illusion about America that made us hold absurd beliefs about democratizing the Mideast and being “welcomed as liberators”?

    Are Americans spending themselves into warfare-state ruin now to reenact the myth (for it is a myth) of the universally admired and invulnerable hero?

    Like a middle-aged man squandering his savings on face lifts and hair plugs, on expensive sports cars, and absurdly inappropriate clothing, night clubbing with girls half his age, trying to relive a youth that was never anything like his imagination, are Americans trying to recapture a period that was nothing at all like the myth of their belief?

    Is it the lingering myth of invulnerability, an unspoken promise for the storied omnipotence of skies darkened with aircraft and seas blackened with ships that has Americans spending almost as much as the rest of the world combined on warfare, and digging themselves deeper into ruin?

    But we never were what the myth says we were. It is only our failure to confront who we really are and what we have been party to that makes us subject to the compulsion of myth, so that we act in unconscious and destructive ways.

    We were never invulnerable before September 11, 2001.

    Just ask public school children who were drilled to “duck and cover” under their desks when the sirens went off during the Cold War.

    And we were never the global “Good American.”

    At least, the 20 million – 30 million human beings whose deaths the U.S. is responsible for since World War II would not have seen us that way. To them, we would more readily have been recognized as mighty brutes. But since we know nothing of their perception of our brutishness, and since we don’t hold ourselves morally accountable for any of the slaughter, we have combined ignorance with our brutality.

    In this unawakened state, Americans stand by silently as the national security state becomes more powerful by the day. Just as only the complete totalist state could allow Hitler to assert what was to be Germany’s ultimate victory, only the unchecked might of such a state seems equal to the task of forcing reality to match the myth under which Americans labor.

    The headlines tell the story … “Something wicked this way comes.”

    The line is from Macbeth. It is, of course, a tragedy about power and death.

    Charles Goyette is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Dollar Meltdown. His new book is Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. He is also editor of Freedom & Prosperity Letter, a monthly political and financial newsletter dedicated to revealing the truth about the U.S.’s political scene and economic climate. To learn more, go here.

    Hat tip Lew Rockwell, The Daily Crux


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      1. It is happening in every country and we all know it is wrong but until there is a major change at the top, with common sense people making common sense rules nothing will change.

        None of the insidious political mass give a shit about any of us, unless of course we can give a boost to their career, it is all about power, they want it and will stop at nothing to get it.

        After implementation of all this crap, I wonder when the upper echelon killings will start?

        The final battle to be “king of the world” after all, there will be no prizes for coming second.

        Take care

        • Burt the Brit: TPTB are terrified because they have followed the same game plan as the rest of the world’s failed empires. Yeah, they thought they were going to do it better this time just like Hitler thought he’d do better than Napolean in Russia: same outcome-total defeat. And that’s what today’s “geniuses” are doing-going down the path of destuction and they can’t stop because it’s all moving too fast. Their arrogance, and those that elected them, will be the death of not only the west, but the rest of the world. But this is actually a necessary thing-like hitting the “Reset Button”. There will be a great cleansing. But I could be wrong, and it’ll get better all on its own-YEAH!

          • Yep Hitler was going to have a 1000-year Reich (which means Nation, roughly) that was going to be the bigger, better version of all of their nostalgic dreams of past Germanic nations. It lasted 10 years.

            10 years ago in the US, you’d be considered a tinfoil-hat wearing loon if you told people there would be gov’t mandated purchase of a product (health insurance that won’t cover most things) and if you don’t buy it, you’ll be thrown in jail because the mandated health “insurance” purchase is presided over by the IRS.

            Things are being put under Federal control faster than ever before. We’re going over to a “command economy”, the kind I was taught in college, doesn’t work.

            • That it doesn’t work is precisely why TPTB are going to a command economy. They wish to be in command of the destruction in order to step in and save world with a new and better paper they control.

              The cleansing will likely happen, much to my horror depending on how much of it I have to witness personally.

              Common sense (Natural Law) is what will eventually win out. The fact is, you can’t stop psychopaths with unlimited resources and the ability to buy things (people included) with paper they print themselves.

              All I can do is avoid the madness and destruction that is likely to occur. God gave me what it takes to survive, whether or not I have ever needed it, it is still there.

              Something wicked does come this way. Disengage from the corp now. It will be destroyed, and so will all of it’s “persons”. And it will do it to itself.

              Be pure and live clean until it is dead and we can begin to rebuild. If the people are not good, what lies on the other side of the destruction will necessarily be bad.

            • That it doesn’t work is precisely why TPTB are going to a command economy. They wish to be in command of the destruction in order to step in and save world with a new and better paper they control.

              The cleansing will likely happen, much to my horror depending on how much of it I have to witness personally.

              Common sense (Natural Law) is what will eventually win out. The fact is, you can’t stop psychopaths with unlimited resources and the ability to buy things (people included) with paper they print themselves.

              All I can do is avoid the madness and destruction that is likely to occur. God gave me what it takes to survive, whether or not I have ever needed it, it is still there.

              Something wicked does come this way. Disengage from the corp now. It will be destroyed, and so will all of it’s “persons”. And it will do it to itself.

              Be pure and live clean until it is dead and we can begin to rebuild. If the people are not good, what lies on the other side of the destruction will necessarily be bad.

          • In Revelation, you will see that both America and England
            are destined to fall because of throwing God under the
            bus! There is nothing to be done but to get “right” with
            your Lord! It “WILL” happen!

            • What scripture references did you use for that?

          • The death of the world is the plan.

            • Biff, we already have the power to destroy the world many times over. This is “Order out of chaos” that the Satanic cabal refers to. It is a complete power grab. By the time Fukashima wipes most of us innocents off the map, there won’t be much left to upset the apple cart. Have a few drinks, get right with God and enjoy the ride!

          • Gregory, obviously you know nothing about TPTB..

            There have never been elections, you bought into lies all your life and you still are.. Dig deeper..

            Hegelian Dialectic learn and go further in your understanding of reality.

        • Refuse to participate. Make them come at you and show the world what they truly are.

          We saw it at WACO. We saw it at Ruby Ridge.

          Every innocent death will win a thousand converts.
          It’s why we will never “win” in Afghanistan, just the way we never won in Vietnam.

          • That is indeed the answer.

          • the u.s. deserved to be defeated in Vietnam and it deserves to be defeated in Afghanistan! What in the hell was the u.s. doing in Vietnam, and what in the hell is the u.s. doing in Afghanistan?

            • … to enrich the arms makers to name such a few as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northop Grumman, General Dynamics, and BAE Systems and there are a lot more … these corporations don’t care about US and they finance the next election !!!

            • We’re just tightening the noose around Iran. We haven’t completely left Iraq as the Main Stream would have all Sheeple believe. If you get your news from the Main Stream, then you’re getting a lie straight from the lips of a liar. Combat Arms MOS’s were removed from Iraq. Your Infantryman, artilleryman, tankers and so on. The void created by all the combat conducting specialties has been filled with Private Security Contractors manning ‘outposts’ in conjunction with U.S. military support personnel to form a type of Quick Reaction Force in the event of say rioting, what have you. Policing duties. For the time being anyway. I could see with the Pro U.S. President in power, the U.S. Military being able to come back invited to use Iraq as a staging ground from which to launch a mutli-front attack on Iran. It’s outlined in the Project for the New American Century, more or less.

            • Corporations don’t have to do anything to finance the next election, because the bankers are the ones in charge, they’ve probably already chose the presidential candidates and perpetrate voting to make it look like you and I have a choice/freedom. If a corporation needs money, all they have to do is pay a little lip service to the Federal Reserve and they get their pay off. The banking cartels own this country among others.

        • Everything old is new again. I strongly recommend a read of “The Lessons of History” by Will and Ariel Durant (approx. 100 page gem available in various formats here –

          Eg, of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s rule …”The task of controlling men in economic detail proved too much for Diocletian’s expanding, expensive, and corrupt bureaucracy. To support this officialdom – the army, the court, public works, and the dole-taxation rose to such heights that men lost incentive to work or earn, and an erosive contest began between lawyers finding devices to evade taxes and lawyers formulating laws to prevent evasion. Thousands of Romans, to escape the tax gatherer, fled over the frontiers to seek refuge among the barbarians. Seeking to check this elusive mobility, and to facilitate regulation and taxation, the government issued decrees binding the peasant to his field and the worker to his shop until all his debts and taxes had been paid. In this and other ways medieval serfdom began.”

          Make no mistake – Itz Coming.


          • Kind of like the proposed laws to “suspend” your passport if you owe back taxes?

            • Or the Presidential edict to assassinate or abduct ANY American in any country! Or, the “expatriate” taxes, exit fees, and any other reason to impoverish anyone fleeing the Empire!

        • “The Upper Echelon Killings” sounds like a great new reality program. Maybe they can get one of those WWF announcers to do the play by play.

          • High

            Love the concept….the people can vote on who gets to slug it out first.

            Take care

            • Hey Burt,

              Maybe they can even have some tag team matches. Caged fights and no one leaves the ring alive.

            • High

              Now you’re talking, Cameron and Obama v a couple of posters from this site. I would tap my savings to see that go down lol

              Take care

            • Burt. The banking Cartels own the vote, not the people. Of course not enough people have figured it out yet. Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, are all one in the same. They get on TV and act like they have differences and are polar opposites of each other. Then, while the people are tripped up over something superficial that is planted to trip them up on purpose, BOTH HOUSES agree on something like the last Executive Order the President put out. (Which, by the way effectively lays out the path for a dictatorship to take over our country. All anyone has to do is walk down the path). The last Executive Order was passed UNOPPOSED BY DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS. Voting is perpetrated to keep the people sedated, to make them think they’re still free, while Neo-fascist minded thugs pass legislation that picks the constitution and bill of rights apart bit by bit. All the while people are still arguing about who to vote for and who not. If people don’t learn to be more discerning and get their heads out of their fifth point of contact, then they may wake up mid nightmare. By then, it’ll be to late.

          • Hey, you’re showing your age by calling it WWF! 🙂 Of course, that’s how I always knew it. Does anyone here remember GLOW?

            • My favorite wrestler as a kid was Haystack Calhoun.

            • I mis read your post, scratch posters from here, to valuable not to leave alive. Just promise me Cameron can be in the cage lol

            • @ Peregrin; GLOW.., Girls ______ Of Wrestling. ? It”s been awhile. 🙂

            • The GLOW girls. Taken off the air because they were too violent and really did hurt people. I watched Americanas leg get kicked out of alignment at her knee and while being put on a stretcher the girl that broke it came over and stomped on it. That and some other incidents spelled their doom. Some real nice looking ladies. Mean as hell though. Unlike guys women cannot seperate grudges from the job. They really get even.

            • Yes he can definately go in with Obama, Pelosi, and Sorros

            • It was the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling … do I win a prize? 🙂

              Maybe a date with Hilliary Clinton !!! 😉

            • I remember The Sheik & BoBo Brazil.

        • “…until there is a major change at the top, with common sense people making common sense rules nothing will change.”

          Why the hell are you waiting for THEM to change? It’s YOU that has to change. Stop relying on someone else to fix your problems. The solution starts with you and every one of us.

          Stop consenting to their absurd rule. Take your power back.

          • Chumbawamba

            Who said I am relying on others?

            Who said I am waiting for THEM to change?

            Not me, they we never change, most of us here know that, most of us here are not in the position to walk into parliament / congress and give out a new list of rules.

            Most of us would like to but we cannot.

            Change starts small, like the posters on here, word spreads, ideas permeate, groups form, dissent grows, demands are made. Slowly then things may start to change.

            I have no problems that I rely on others to fix for me, I am independent of state handouts, I run my own home, I work, I raise my child, I ask nobody for anything. Who exactly am I relying on?

            What problems in my life actually require fixing?

            I respect your opinion but personally I think you are talking crap…feel free to comment on me as an individual when you know me a little better, till then …goodbye.

            • Will never change …sorry Chumba

          • That was the message of the movie ” The Matrix”.

          • Chum, you and I know that the only way to change the top is to put yourself there and don’t apologize for it.

            Most here do not believe they have the power to act without permission. They will learn at their own pace, and many never at all.


          We have just had an earthquake.

          I thought a big lorry trundled past about ten minutes ago but the news is telling me it was a 3.6

          That’s a bit of a shock. Rare over here.

          Time for another glass of wine.

          Take care

        • Took great pleasure in our recent state election in not just voting the state government out of office, but kicking the bastards out on their asses. They were reduced from 51 parasites to 7 seatwarmers in our 89 seat parliament.

          Unfortunately the were replaced by politicians!

          • Queenslander hey lol

        • Your’e right. TPTB are already eating their young.

        • A Banksters defeatism nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money. The real reason you pay an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency. Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note, Demand from your bank or brokerage, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours.

          Tax Exemption:
          Web search these four different phrases: Redeemed in Lawful Money or United States Note or Redeemed in Lawful Money Pursuant to Title 12 USC §411 or deposited for credit on account or exchanged for non-negotiable federal reserve notes of face value

        • NWO Plan… to turn us all into debt slaves riding bike. The fema camps will be converted to factory and office city states. The extreme long range goal is to reclaim the burbs for farmland and forrest. As for depopulation….yep. To get the “job done” it would be done by crop failure. The doomsday vaults were designed to protect the seeds when they spray the UG99 type fungus. When all farmers are growing the monsanto mono crop…and the crops die….the NWO boys will hop the plane to the bunkers or the south american jungle air strip…it’s where all the war criminals go.

          Your best bet. Stop buying all the china crap….ammo up, prepare like there’s a six month storm…and you’ll be fine.

          I keep cases of bird shot…and have a massive set of bird feeders….plenty of meat should I need it.


        • *Imagines the Highlander TV show theme song playing in the background* “There can be only one.”

      2. burt the brit,
        you are absolutely correct. i say let the battle begin.

        • Hell Yea! Bring It! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Can’t wait to shuck this ole flesh body and get my spirit body back. Until then, I’ll keep putting on the happy face and working my ass off getting prepped. Mentally, it’s done. Got all the best and worst-case scenarios worked out in my head and ready to meet my maker. Let the wicked begin.

      3. Are Fema detention camps for the Muslims and anyone who gives them a problem? There is one one choice for president. That’s Ron Paul. Please spread the word. We need to be a nation under god ,with liberty and justice for all.

        • While I agree with you concerning Ron Paul (and I did vote for him in the primary), it is now mathematically impossible for him to get the Republican nomination. The Republican party establishment saw to it that almost anywhere he could have won a delegate, those delegates were taken from him. Add to that the demonization he received in the mainstream press and it would be very difficult to see him elected as a third party candidate. Unfortunately, we have been herded into getting either Romney or Obama, as they are who the unthinking masses have been indoctrinated to believe are their only choices. Sadly though, as we saw in the last election, the two parties offer little in the way of choice for those who value individual liberty. After all, one of the biggest advocates of the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA was John McCain. Thus, whoever you voted for in the last election would have mattered little as neither candidate wishes to support individual liberty over the security state.

          I also fear any sort of revolution or uprising. It will not go well for those wishing to restore constitutional liberties to the American people. Instead, it will be used as the impetus to crack down on any freedom that remains and bring about the complete totalitarian police state that we fear. Those who start revolutions are rarely the ones who end up in power at the end. I think it more likely that the leftist forces that advocate violent chaos to bring about the change they want would end up with it in the end. Why? Because most Americans have been conditioned to believe that they are entitled to benefits bestowed upon them by the state. Threaten those benefits by trying to revert back to minimalist government and these people will follow the far left out of fear of losing that which they depend on to survive. To most people of the modern world, true liberty is a frightening concept. That is why it won’t happen as even after a total financial collapse they will seek to return to a government that guarantees them a certain minimum standard of living. So consider carefully how to deal with this very important issue before fomenting revolution.

          • Unfortunately, it matters not anymore! The politicians are all the same today…even RP! He has no mathematical chance, that is correct. However, I know a Paul insider, and they have a plan…a BIG plan! Just like in Minnesota (search this story out), they are going to go to the RNC in Tampa, and demand to be heard and counted as Paul delegates by using Robert’s Rule of Order against them. They are going for a “brokered” Convention, which will cause a lot of chaos. Might just be the “needle in the haystack” Obamination needs to put their “plans” into action!

            What disgusts me about all this is…those self-righteous Paul supporters lambaste all others who dare to support anyone else, or those who are simply against RP! Yet, here they are in their glass houses, doing illegal, unethical and totally immoral things like this??? Oh yeah, you bet… Paul for President…. NOT!!!

            • Confucuis is as Confucius does, CONFUSION!!!!!!!!!!

            • The problem with that theory is that a brokered convention would not go Ron Paul’s way. The convention is made up of the party establishment and so any attempt to pull a trick like this will net RP nothing but ill will. He would stand a better chance as an independent, and then only if something catastrophic happened to the economic system just before the election. Even so, the more likely outcome of a RP third party candidacy would be to split the Republican vote and assure the re-election of Obama. While RP may well have the ability to cull some of the more liberty minded Democrats from Obama, it is unlikely that the effect would be as great as it would be against Romney (much as what happened in 1992 with Perot did to daddy Bush’s re-election chances against Clinton).

              The bigger question for RP’s supporters now becomes what is the lesser evil for the country. Do we hold our noses and vote for Romney, hoping that he will at least preserve our gun rights while driving us off a cliff at 90 mph vs Obama taking our guns and driving us off a cliff at 150mph? Or do we stand on principle and vote for the most liberty-minded candidate, knowing full well that our votes are helping to re-elect the person who has run up more debt than any other president in our history? While there is a certain amount of honor in voting your fervently held personal beliefs, doing so impacts real people and so it is not as easy a question to answer as it may seem. In the end, both of them will crash our way of life through excessive spending and regulation and make way for some unsavory changes to our nation. Just what that means I don’t really know and so I am on the fence as to what to do. What I do know is that whatever and whenever it is, I am better off having put away some food, grown a garden and gotten as far out of debt as I could. In these times, those who have done so will be positioned the best to survive what is to come.

            • Election fraud has been popping up all over the place and RP is not playing the game any different by trying to fight fire with fire…don’t support Ron Paul… I have no problem with that… I think that he is the best candidate, but obviously you would rather vote for someone who thinks it’s ok to assassinate you, your family, and friends, for their suspicions. RP is the ONLY candidate that voted against NDAA so in my opinion he is the only electable candidate as all the rest should be being tried for treason!

          • Bust out the Victory Gin, toss back a shot before having to go talk to O’Brian…

          • Seems McLame has become his captors in Viet Nam. “The slave does not yearn for freedom. He desires to exchange places with his master.”

          • Winnie, methinks that the sole explanation for your conclusion about Ron Paul is that you have still failed to wean yourself from the MSM poisoned teat.
            No one knows how many delegates any candidates have. Santorum’s delegates are now unbound, or will be after the first or second ballot at the convention.
            Many delegates attributed to the “presumptive” nominee have not even been assigned yet.One case in point is Missouri, where Ron Paul supporters have captured all 59 delegate slots, as well as all the alternates.
            What your lame stream liars fail to take notice of is that since ’08 Dr. Paul’s invincible army have been working the delegate system, because Dr. Paul’s acumen has rubbed off on his army so that they know that the delegate system is particularly difficult to usurp by the party establishment and the forces which are bound to propagandize the general public in the interest of perpetuating the status quo of the beetlejuice types we’ve been saddledd with since forever.
            Our strategy has been to utilize the grass roots to insinuate themselves into the party ranks and leadership positions. Those delegates don’t just magically materialize into existence. They must be voted into office by, guess what? Real grass roots people. Not millions in attack ads, not faked anti media rhetoric,not any of the ballyhooed shenanigans the MSM likes to cite in their propagandizing. Real people have to pay their dues, take the time to attend meetings and register to vote for delegates. The other candidates have the “good ol’ boys” sinecure delegates who are chosen as delegates every two years because their wife and jim-bob down to the hardware store votes for them every cycle. They seem confused when gloria and jim-bob are outvoted by 40 or 50 people who all know who to vote for.
            So by parroting the presstitutes talking points you are perhaps not having the effect you have been hoping for, as the grass roots army has transcended the claptrap you have either fallen victim to or are just as likely propagating intentionally.
            The final point I would make is that many of the delegates who are overtly or covertly Ron Paul supporters, should the establishment succeed in, through hook, or more likely crook, disenfranchising their candidate in Tampa,will immediately jump ship, including those who have attained leadership positions, for a Ron Paul third party candidacy or alternatively another third party who is more responsive to their constitutional principles, thereby gutting the hierarchy of the GOP, leading eventually, I believe, to their imminent demise as a viable organization.And in such an eventuality, I would add: GOOD RIDDANCE! Ron Paul 2012

            • I have long since stopped listening to the mainstream press. No matter which media organization you listen to, they are all corrupted-including Fox News. However, I understand their effect on the body politic and how their constant negative rhetoric towards Dr. Paul has affected the way he is perceived. Even if he were to somehow get the nomination, I think the current negative predisposition that the average voter has would make his election difficult (but certainly not impossible).

              Your problem though is that you have drank the Kool Aid in a way that only those who are intimately involved in a campaign can. You fail to see the potential downside and lack a broader understanding of the situation outside of your group. This is evident in your attack on me. I am not involved with any group, political or otherwise yet you wish to paint me as a paid hack. Why? Can you not understand that someone may legitimately question your way of seeing things yet still hold to similar overall principles? As far as it goes, I still have my Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker on the back of my pizza delivery vehicle (that is my full time job, not politics!) and want to see him in the White House. However, I do have legitimate concerns regarding his viability and that is all that I was expressing. If you can’t see beyond your own prejudices than I feel sorry for you.

        • Doesn’t matter who you pick! It is all rigged and rife with fraud. The Failure of this Country and England WILL happen. Our God is angry and it is time for the cleansing.

          • It IS RIGGED Spanish socialist own voting machines and was just reported tonight in talk radio show tonight, no shocker to me knew it was for a Loooooong time. They have been sayin Romney would get the nomination from day ine before one stinkin debate, i just shake my head and and still ask myslef”God what happened” I know I should not keep asking and still nothing should REALLY shock me but it still leaves me scratching my head, i guess I am still not mentally prepped cuz I still keep goin round and round in this old mind of mine.

          • Why is it, that countries like the US, Britian and Australia keep voting in people who are later perceived to be nothing short of being puppets for the Banking industry and the mega super wealthy?? And our choice of candidates to choose from, always seem to be sleezy, dirty, or boot stomping NAZI.
            My only suggestion would be to allow REAL puppets like the Muppets to run for Congress, the Senate, Parliment (Australia and UK) and the Presidency. At least voting for a Muppet, if they were elected, we’d definitely know for sure that they wouldn’t be doing anything without a hand up there arse to control there thoughts and movements. Better the Muppet you know and the hand that controls it right?

            • miss piggy for president, at least she has b@lls lol

      4. Times have not gotten better. Our leaders are not more civilized. They are still violent brutes who would kill us all at the drop of a hat if it so promoted their wicked agenda of crime, greed and power. Just as the days of Caligula and Genghis Kahn, and later Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot, so are these evil days. The ruler of this godless world is still on his evil and wicked throne and will be till his allotted time. So this is no surprise.

        When this country elected Barack Obama I knew it was over. His traits were clearly on display yet Americans fell for a lie from a well spoken and shameless demagogue, a totally empty suit who spoke of “hope and change” It makes me sick that the people of this country are so foolish. But thus is the stupid folly that rules the day.

        • Stan – agree that times have not gotten better. In fact, I believe it’s gotten even more dangerous as the folks at the top believe they are doing the right thing for masses.

          In days past, it was power hungry, ego maniac. Now it’s a self proclaimed “do-gooder” that believes he knows what is best for all. I think the latter is even more dangerous as he convinces the sheeple that he has their best interest in mind. Thus making him eternally popular and never losing power.

          • What’s that old saying? “The Road to HELL is paved with good intentions!”

            Especially arrogant government employees who answer to no one. How many federal government layoffs has there ever been? They just keep on hiring and sucking off that public teet.

        • Stan, I think you meant to say “when this country elected george w. bush.” You’re forgiven. I can understand and appreciate that you’re still traumatized after eight long, long years of that idiot.

          • Actually Greg I kinda agree with you, but the power grab started well before Bush. I’m not exactly sure when it started, but I remember Clinton’s eschelon, then Bush’s patriot act, TSA,etc,etc, and Obama has taken it to high gear…extending the patriot act, NDAA, giving more authority to TSA,(and threatining any state who went against the grope downs) extending the marshal law orders, and etc etc… Point is until people like yourself figure out that the grab is coming from both sides of the aisle, nothing will ever change. The line between “right vs left” dont mean anything anymore. Its more like “us vs them” I dont know the answer to our problems, I do however realize whatever way I vote “they” still win.

            • “I’m not exactly sure when it started…”

              Pick one:

              1776, Revolutionary War? (You think there were no schemers then, really?)

              1861 when Abe Lincoln called the non-elected rump congress?

              1871 when our current non-government government was created?

              1913 when the federal rapists, er, uh, reserve was created?

              1916 when the income tax was unlawfully signed into “law”?

              1933 when “Social Sequestering” (most call it Social Security) was “approved”?

              Patriot act?


              I mean, there are many choices. Just pick one. I choose The Act of 1871 when our non-government government was created. Since then the people have been slowly brainwashed into believing its a government. In reality, they’ve never passed a law since 1861 but they did form a corporation in 1871 and since then they’ve passed thousands of things they call laws (but, in fact, they are statutes and codes and only apply to “persons” and not men or women). The United States Corporation is a rogue occupying force on the land. It knows it and it will kill you if you oppose it. Hmmm. Make that a rogue occupying/murdering force upon the land.

            • Excellent comment Georgiaboy.. I agree 100%. And have said it many many times to both Conservative and Liberals. Seems the Conservatives are starting to understand it more.. The Elite Republicans and Liberal/Progressive Democrats are still playing sides.

          • Actually Greg, Id say George HW Bush was when it started going down hill. 20 years of Bush, Clinton, Bush. TWO families in control for that whole time??? Give me a break. Doesn’t make rational sence at all. I’d safely bet that Hillery got pulled out at the last minute from the top job three years ago, because it looked TOO obvious to the rest of the world, that these TWO families have scammed us all. And a Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton Presidential scenario would look like the Mafia had taken control of the White House!! So we got Obama as a consolation to keep the seat warm for Hillery or Jeb Bush later on down the path.
            @M2245th ….The Road to Hell is paved with Clinton’s and Bushes! Just how far these two families drag us down the road to Hell depends when we can elect a real person for a change.

        • Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely…author unknown.

          • “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” -Government

            There, fixed it for you. After all, they should know!

          • O. V. Bismark for one

          • ~C & B~

            Actually that phrase was credited to an Englishman….known as Lord Acton(spelling maybe incorrect)!

            Help me out Burt-the-Brit…am I right?

            • Not Burt, but you are correct. Lord Actons’ essays on government and freedom are worth reading.

            • Truthfully?

              Dunno lol

              Take care

            • Also worth reading is the Correspondence Lord Acton had with Robert E. Lee in 1866. Search: Acton-Lee correspondence

        • We must be related.
          I’ve been saying the same thing for a very long time.
          I saw the same empty suit from the beginning.

        • Very well said Stan. Thank you.

        • stan, you said a mouthful when you stated; …”that the people of this country are so foolish”…. in regards to voting for O-Drama. Even after O-dumb-a-care, the billions upon billions he has bilked away under the guise of “green energy jobs”, and the blatant disregard for the US Constitution; a recent pole in my state, of N.C. (go Heels!) that shows up regularly on the local community website, shows that sob with carring 49% of the vote and Romney with 43%. Not that Romney is gonna change anything, but a three legged,thrice peckered Billy Goat is better than four more of the Kenyan.

          • @dont read you do not have to answer the opsec thing n all but I am in NC where abouts I am in southeastern part, not far from border. Not askin for details just round about area, hey ya never know we may need eachother oneday

            • Howdy neighbor! I’m in the nw area of the mountains. I had a good friend from Whiteville, for many years. He had moved to Morehead years ago and past away a couple years ago. I miss visiting that area. Peace.

      5. Eeder

        It seems logical to me, regardless of the position, there is always someone who wants the top job, some kid that thinks he can bypass the usual route to the top.

        I see no reason why politics should be any different. It has happened throughout history and it will happen again.

        There might be party/political loyalty now but it will not in my opinion be all that long term. Politicians and bankers and royalty are the most corrupt,power hungry groups on the face of the planet. The plot and scheme not for their countries but for themselves and others like them.

        They personally contribute nothing, they make nothing of tangible value, they are parasites feasting on others. The exude fake sympathy for the sufferings of others…providing it provides a photo opportunity that may be of use, or a sound bite that makes some of the idiot minions think they are at least partly human.

        In reality they care nothing for the homeless family living under a bridge, the disabled child they see on visiting a daycare centre.

        “it is so sad that facilities such as this are under threat” said Prince Charles recently.

        It is sad, so why the f**k not stick his hand in his pocket and fund it for a year, it would be small change to him…arrogant, condescending bastard, I feel like grabbing these people by the balls and squeezing until they beg for mercy.

        I’m going now…I have descended into rant mode and that is not good before noon lol

        Take care

        • OK Burt, you need to let out your feelings. Quit holding back, it’s not good for you! LOL

          • AZ thank you lol. As you can see I am not exactly a fan of certain types of people lol

            Take care

        • Give a thumbs up if you love Burt the Brit! 😀

          • Aw bless…I love you too Peter lol

            We will now both get canned for being off topic…but I have got to that point in my life where I really don’t give a fiddlers fart about a bit of disapproval.

            I am doing something tonight I rarely do…I am having a glass of wine. Now, me and wine, when put together become a bit of a handful.

            Stage one…I love everyone in the entire world…including royalty so you know I am lagged.
            Stage two…I start telling jokes that a woman of my age should really not repeat in mixed company
            Stage three… I feel the urgent need for a bacon sandwich but do not have the co-ordination to even hope of accomplishing this
            Stage four…I feel very happy,very cosy…and fall asleep

            If you see any of the first three stages coming on just tell me to piss off….I don’t bear a grudge.

            Take care

            • ~Burt-the-Brit~

              Honestly dear… must always avoid:

              ….STAGE 2.8!!!!!!!

              That occurs when you attempt to fry beacon….while naked!


        • Hey! Stop the mealy mouth! Tell us how you REALLY feel!

          Wow! I couldn’t have said it better! That felt good and I didn’t even have to say it!!!

          • Ello Net how are you?

            Your lovely people on here

        • Ahhh Burt you just wanna squeeze their balls till they scream for mercy, how about when you are done I cut em off and them play marbles with them on a dirt road….sorry just wanted to add to the rant cuz I am sick of these sorry bastards that just take take take and act like they gove a hoot about anybody else but themselves. How can they be so grandiiuose to think they are above anyone else because of power and money? Evil they are all evil and I can not wait til God has his way with them all…..I will be lovin it ( I am sure I am losing rewards in Heaven just thinking about that moment)

      6. And another thing.

        Your country and mine invades foreign lands based on lies and assumptions to despise of dictators.

        Okay, the western lot might not rule based of physical brutality as some other nations do, but they are despotic never the less. They make a rule and implement it without the backing of their people, is that not dictatorship? The what we say goes mentality.

        It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. They rule as despots by signing, with their mighty pen, acts, declarations, laws et al that their people have had no say in, no input toward, things they have not even asked the views of their countrymen on.

        This is in my very humble opinion dictatorship and it is dishonest dictatorship. An honest despot at least has the balls to stand up and declare himself boss and openly kill off dissenters.

        Nuf said

        Take care

        • Burt says

          “Your country and mine invades foreign lands based on lies and assumptions to despise of dictators.”

          Speak for yourself Burt, My country does no such thing. There are just not many Citizens left in the Republic so people like you assume that there are none and everyone is a part of the corporation like it pretends.

          I could never willingly be a part of a “country” like yours, nor will I be a slave to it.

          Don’t blame the corps destruction on me.

          • Gods creation,

            I have no idea which country you are in.

            It is my opinion that the UK, and the USA poke around where they sometimes should not. I know absolutely there are millions of citizens of both those countries that disagree with their respective governments foreign policies.

            I also corrected the post, it should have said dispose, not despise.

            No offence at all was meant, we are all entitled to our opinions and I wholeheartedly respect yours, I may not agree with it but I respect your right to have it.

            Take care

            • Hallelueh Burt!

              At last someone willing to tell it like it is.

              The sooner the majority in the west wise the f**k up and realise that the “freedom” they spout on non-stop about to the rest of the world is just an illusion at this point in time, the better as far as I’m concerned.

              We need to “clean house” right in our own backyard and restore the ideals so many of our forefathers fought and died for to our own villages, towns and cities as a priority.

            • He’s messing with you, well, sort of, Burt!


              Seem my previous corporate rant just upstream.

              We’re citizens (or some, insist, “inhabitants” or “men on the land”) of an almost forgotten country called the “united States of America” or uSA. This country was formed around 1776 and consisted of several independent countries bound in a union but ceased to exist sometime after the mid 1850s because corrupt banking forces sliced up the pie and decided it had been too good for the citizens and not profitable enough for TPTB. It is the “republic” we all dream about even as we vote in our elections of this corporate democracy. It has an army but most have never put on a uniform. Its difficult to explain.

              This is a pretty good rendering of what GC and I talk and argue about:


              Its a little deep so you might want to bookmark it and read it later.

     will explain it even more. GC and I claim to be on the left while all the stuff you’re talking about is done by the right column. Many people think they are in the left column but they are really in the right column.

              Its difficult to slip all your programming at once. Its taken me 5 years to really get it. It takes the help of many to finally see the beast that sucks the blood from your neck.

            • Net okay, eyesight a bit off centre but I will get to it soon, just not now.

              It’s time I went guys, before making a complete prat of my selves .

              Goodnight x

          • Net…Everyone on here should read your first link (second link wouldn’t work for me). Although it is a long read, take the time to read it or save it for later.I don’t think too many people actually know the facts about this countries bankruptcy and takeover by the corp. I was dismayed to see my state was the first to approve the UCC around the time I was born.Thanks

            • Good morning chaps, everyone ok?

              Good. I have had a bit of a squint at some of the links, lots more to do before I fully understand because it is all genuinely new to me.

              What I will say however…and note I am talking about the UK here, not the US.

              We have had the right in power, we have had the left in power and we’ve had the middle in power. We have had shared governments, left and middle, right and middle and if my memory of history serves me correctly we’ve even had a right and left combination.

              The one thing that all these combinations had and still have in common is this….lies. Regardless of what they promise in their manifesto there is always a reason after their election why they could not deliver it, either in it’s entirety or in part.

              This is why, for the UK at least I have come to the conclusion, that for the most part they really are all the same. What they are after is power over the rest of us. This is what happens with every one of our governments, within days of taking over they call a press conference. Then they say something very similar to the following:

              Due to the irresponsibility of the last government we are unable to push forward with our plans
              Our plans are on hold because…..
              The Country should be under no illusion that the last government showed disregard for……
              Our first priority has to be sorting out the mess…it should have been, Blah…but due to…….
              We are determined to sort out the mess left by our predecessors
              We have inherited a disaster zone
              For the sake of the country we have to find our way through this minefield
              Blah blah blah

              The result is that the same things get rehashed year after year, term after term. The odd new bit will surface…something that will “define” that leader, something the history books with note.
              Blair……..War more war and lies
              Brown…..war crap and lies
              Cameron….war .austerity and lies
              Thatcher………strikes/first female prime minister and lies

              That kind of thing

              They are all ex-public school boys that belong to different branches if the same club. They want the address, the holiday homes and the millions that will come from book deals and directorships afterwards. They want the free holidays and photos of foreign leaders playing with their kids.
              They are egomaniacs that feed and thrive on the attention their job affords them.

              Take care

      7. So, deaths due to totalitarian Communist aggression in Korea and Vietnam are somehow the fault of the USA? Mac, you need to vet the Bravo Sierra that your sources spout a little better.

        • Read it again, it states directly responsible and it does not count the deaths associated with the communist regimes. By the way, you can get similar reports from other sources, including Pentegon archival estimates about the deaths due to our interventions, including sanctions. Now, when you add up the deaths from the interventions fron the late 1800s to WWII, then there is a truly staggering figure to ponder! In the last 123 years this government has intervened in over 200 countrues directly and in numerous ones indirectly or covertly, the consequences are what you and I are witnessing today…it is the world our government helped create!

          • I read it right the first time. It’s Bravo Sierra through and through, as is your “rebuttal”.

        • Oh brother, you’re still buying that shit? How long have you had to learn the truth about that? How plugged into the machine are you now? Yes, those deaths were the fault of the USA. They were NOT the result of “Communist aggression.” Get a good history book or three and learn what really went down, Old Coach, because the same shit is going down in front of your nose right now.

          • Ever read “The Black Book of Communism”? It is a “History Book” which displays the 100 million+ killed in the last century. It’s available at Amazon.

          • You might try reading The Black Book of Communisim a history of that phoney “communist ggression” you mentioned. Over 100 million murdered.

        • As I write, over 1/3 of The World’s people are slaves under some Communist Party or another. But according to some people on this site it’s you (Old Coach) who don’t know what you are saying?

          The first step to taking over a country is demoralization. i.e. get the population to turn on their own principles, religion, Government. It starts in the schools and ends when the Marxists conrol the Media.

          Those who fall for it are called “Useful Idiots” and are the first killed in step #3 Normalization.

          • Let me backtrack just a bit. I am fully aware of the atrocities of Pol Pot, Stalin and his successors, etc. Totalitarian regimes of various political flavors often turn to the crude tool of violence against the disadvantaged segments of their own populations, or of others.

            Capitalistic totalitarianism, which is what we have, tends to inflict its brutality outside of its own borders in an imperialist way, but will not hesitate to use whatever force is necessary against its own people where it needs to. I can point you to many documented thousands of American citizens killed by their own government, not counting the Civil War.

            Bush and Clinton, in their 10 years of sanctions against Iraq, were directly responsible for the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5. We killed millions in Vietnam, fighting against a democratically elected regime. Same for Korea. Same for the Phillipines. We’ve started wars of aggression against Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua … the list goes on. We’ve conducted proxy wars against many other peoples, and dirty secret wars everywhere. We’ve done it for profit, all the while justifying these action — if the dirty deeds even came to light — by references to “freedom” and “democracy.”

            We are doing that today in Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and we’re about to start a big one in Iran.

            One real simple way to start to sort the chaff from the wheat in propagandistic assertions of aggression is to look at where the deaths take place. As with Vietnam, as with Korea, the aggressors were not the people killed, except for the 50,000 duped young Americans (in Vietnam) that our government decided to throw away.

            The sooner American citizens start to realize the sins of our government, the sooner we can begin the process of dismantling our murderous regime and start to form a truly just nation. Provided we get the chance after the SHTF.

            • Oh, so in other words, you support Obama and wish to form a “People’s Republic” of truth and Justice. Only question is, are you a Marxist, Muslim, or both?

            • You say we killed millions in Vietnam against a democratically elected regime. The Soviets had elections, Cuba has elections, Saddam Hussein won every election in a landslide. Sanctions against Iraq? Iraq has no inherent right to trade with or receive US assistance. Sanctions by the US do not have to be honored by other nations, yet they are. You also fail to mention the 500,000 Vietnamese killed by their own “democratically elected” government after 1975 for not wanting to participate in their style of democracy. Or how about America only going into Korea after a murderous invasion by a vicious brutal North Korean regime hell bent on totalitarian rule. What is a just nation? Explain that

      8. Or dispose of even

      9. Excellent article Mac….If this doesn’t wake people up to the fact that the gov corp (from the POTUS down to the dog catcher) is not working in the people’s best interests, perhaps the zombies have already used them for brain stew.

      10. Kiss it goodbye. Rome has nothing left to burn. It’s time to prep, and head off the plundering Visigoths.

      11. Freedom can only exist when integrity and truth are more important than being like everyone else. I am very disturbed at the drugging of the Military. The chemicals make their ability to control themselves almost impossible. Those of us who refuse to be enslaved are in grave danger. The soul of our rulers have long been burned away by the lust for control. Bullying comes from the herd mentality where the meanest shoves and stomps his way into leadership. As long as we want to be part of the group we will be bullied.

        Violence, hatred, envy, bitterness at one’s lot fill a mind until there is no room for kindness. The ancient villiagers used the point the finger and laugh to control their neighbors. The Elites have refined this concept to a high skill. But too many of us see their deception. They hate us for resisting their insane rule.

        Bringing us back to a drugged military. We, who want to control our own destiny, are in grave danger. Yet if we use violence first, we become them. Trading their bulling for our own is not the answer.

        Men like George Washington are very rare. Maybe a country only gets one.

        • Beautifully stated, Kyrathyel. And very haunting. “Maybe a country only gets one.” {{chills}}

        • KN: A nation only needs one George Washington. Or one Thomas Jefferson for that matter. The rest of US can emulate him and others like him.

          OUR Founding Fathers were not perfect men.

          They had many shortcomings. They were huiman beings just like US. Nevertheless, they well understood the essentials of FREEDOM and the RESPONSIBILITY that personal liberty requires of US, to achieve and maintain.

          90 million gun owners in America can change the direction of this country without firing a single shot: organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

          Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

          SHTF Patriots has the links WE need to educate OURSELVES politically. Participation is all that is required.

        • A country only gets one? And you choose George Washington? He was just very lucky at times because he wasn’t a very good General, as Generals go. In fact he was pretty average and won few engagements. Sorry to offend, but its the truth. He might have won the war, but he bumbled through with good commanders in charge and a lot of luck.
          If you were going to choose a Military figure for the United States I’d go for Sedley Butler or George Patton. These two were both anti establishment and saw those in power behind the power, for exactly what they were. Elitists.
          One of the most significant reads in the world, are the “Patten dairies”. Changed my mind about Eisenhower after reading that. When he was President, he might have pointed out what the world would face if the Industrial Military Complex didn’t stop doing what it was doing at the time. But really, for what he did after the war, Eisenhower deserves as much infamy as some SS officers. He was little more than a stooge for the Elites and managed to kill off a good couple million Germans …. Well after the cessation of hostilities. Churchhill, Roservelt, Eisenhower and many more were nothing more than nasty stooges at the top serving the Elite. And today, nothing’s changed.
          Patten and Butler!!! A country only gets one each of them.

          • Able Sable: No offense taken. The British label George Washington as the greatest general that they have faced since the 17th century.

            They should know.

            The greatest empire of the day with men, arms, resources, hired foreign troops, and the world’s best navy couldn’t conquer US … because of him.

            It was his personal character, spiritual depth, and unwavering resolve in the face of overwhelming odds that won the American war of Independence for US.

            Victory always belongs to those who do not know how to quit; because life is plastic and when it meets an immovable force, that is an irresistable spirit of resolve willing to persevere through the greatest dangers and harshest conditions; the Spirit of LIFE acknowledges that strength, honors it, and yields before it.

            His OUR DNA as a Nation. Engage.

      12. I’ve said for a long time the PTB are all in it together.

        America is the last bastion of some semblance of freedom and liberty. They must get US in control.

        Looks like it is happening.

        Except for those of us who are awake.

        God bless us all.


        • Ladies and Gentlemen: There are many Patriots awake and aware, not just a few, and they are embedding themselves back into the political fabric of the power structure of this nation once again.

          America First!, The Patriot Party, The Constitution Party, GOOOH.

          Give them your support.

      13. This saddens me, our leaders are supposed to represent the best in us, but what i see is the worst. By the time the people see what has been done to them, it will be too late to stop, and the American people have become so decadent that they will take anything, endure any indignity, and accept any loss, so long as they are told “it’s for your own good” and are given the comforts that they have become accustomed to. if any of us are killed, all the powers that be have to do is tell the ones who saw it is “she was a domestic terrorist” and no matter the truth, it will be accepted. now the only way to fox it is an “if we all”
        idea, and any idea that requires a large portion of a population to do something has no chance of success, just due to the people who out of spite or misplaced loyalty, will sabotage the endeavors. personally, there is NOTHING i wouldn’t do to keep my son safe, so i could fall on either side of the fence, regardless of what i believe. remember that. if you love someone- you can be manipulated. remember.
        because they will.

        • Jake

          If our leaders are supposed to represent the best of us no bloody wonder nobody likes the English. Cameron and his cronies are a dire example of humankind.

          Take care

          • Well said and totally on target Burt,keep it up,Thank You.

        • They are not our leaders. Representatives or spokespersons, maybee. But definately not our leaders.

          • Good point

      14. Depressing…..

        • Indeed…

        • You are depressed because the NWO wants you to be depressed. They want you to be disheartened, discouraged, and psychologically defeated.

          They want you to feel like you are disenfranchised, that America belongs to them, not you.

          You are responsible for your state of mind, even in the face of adversity; even if you feel overwhelmed.

          Find the boldness of David in the face of Goliath; a nine foot tall monster of a man covered in armor and possessing a spear, the point of which weighed 600 shekels and the shaft of which was the width of a weavers beam.

          Yet this boy, a wisp of a man, talked trash in the face of Goliath and then killed him with one, small, smooth stone.

          If God be with US, who can stand against US?

          Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain US, if the American people will remember the Source of their liberties and honor that Source once again.

          Praise God. Then do your part. Speak victory.

          • Thanks dk.

          • and to that I say, “Amen” and “Pass my my sling and a few extra rocks.”

            When you hear the whistling of the cords, get your head down.

            Thanks DK!

            The Book says we’ve already won! We just have to do a little work in between.

          • Durango Kidd,
            If only the true believers would listen! You are correct.
            I am afraid we may be too late.

          • You take God and prayer. If times go bad; I’m goiing with Sam Colt, John Browning and the Smith brothers.

          • It takes 15 years to create a shift in both thinking, and demographic, required for the takeover of a nation. The parasites have had free riegn since 1913, and are mnore egregious in thier endevors by the year.

            The people of this country have been conditioned into a nihilistic demoralization from which it is very hard to recover.

            Those 90 million gun owners better be wide awake now…

            • JustMe: That’s why they were called, “Minutemen”. They woke up at the last moment, but with time to achieve the impossible.

              So can WE. Engage.

          • @DK sometimes it is easy to forget that we are here for just a breif visit that we are just passing through this life, as we are going home, we are all just visitors here. I try to remember that when things get bad but being “in the flesh” it is easy to forget…

          • —-NOTE to DK—-

            Referencing your coverage of the “David vs. Goliath” episode….

            I ask you…HOW did David actually handle the situation? What did he do?

            Did he…………..

            1.) Negotiate “rules of engagement”???

            2.) Form a consensus among all his (90 million)”ARMED” fellow tribesmen & politically/peacefully seize power from Goliath & his tribe???

            3.) Instruct his fellow tribesmen how to “VOTE” at the ballot-box???

            4.) Or did he have faith in his “CREATOR”….& thus, courageously armed himself w/ his meager weaponry & KILLED the evil son-of-a-bitch?

            ….seems like I recall something about, where he used Goliath’s personal sword to cut his f*cking head off too!!!!

            ….yeah, that’s right! Call it an Old Testament version of counting coup!!!!!! –(those w/ a few drops of Injun in their veins will understand)–
            …and its me writing here tonight…not the firewater!!!


            DK….you’ve got to stop advocating change via “political consensus & political negotiation”…..its too damn late for that shit!!!!

            The enemy controls the voting machines…they control/select “WHO” we “VOTE” for!!!
            They “COUNT” the ballots/votes!!!

            ……and most importantly……”THEY” determine the winner!!!!!!!


            FYI…You never negotiate with Tyranny!
            ….you never negotiate with EVIL!
            …and you never negotiate with a cancerous/corrupt political system for inclusion of your new party’s agenda!


            I’ll grant you that 35-40 years ago…..your ideas may have stood a chance, of some measure of success.

            NOT TODAY, pal!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • GS: There may come a time where Patriots must take up arms to defend themselves, their families, and their homes, but WE are not there yet.

              Why are YOU so bent on violence to destroy this country and turn one against the other again, when there are viable, practical actions that WE can EASILY take together to reform the country?

              The idea that everyone is going to muster with their guns and march on Washington or their state capitol is ridiculous. It is even more ludicris to believe that “scoot’n and shoot’n” would be helpful, even in this environment.

              If people will not get off their ass to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote, YOUR thought that Americans will somehow muster and or band together on a scale grand enough to restore this country to the Constitution is fundamentally flawed by your own reckoning.

              Not only is that a flawed strategy but it would play right into the hands of the PTB.
              The PTB are not afraid of armed resistance as they control OUR military. Armed resistance by a few fools is exactly what they want as an excuse to disarm the rest of US.

              It is precisely because Americans have been complacent with their managers that the PTB have conspired to take their liberties.

              The restoration of America cannot be achieved by force of arms because not enough Americans are willing to put their life or limb in jepordy. I am urging Americans to shake off their complacency and get involved, politically.

              Want to rid yourself of the TSA?

              Americans should hold a mass nude in at the major airports. I would suggest that a million people stripping down to their birthday suit would make a statement that couldn’t be ignored.

              Likewise, I am proposing a practical, viable plan to STRIKE FEAR into the PTB: strip them of their political power.

              Once stripped of their political power, the GB and PTB would be vulnerable to criminal charges, including TREASON.

              The penalty for TREASON is DEATH.

              Loss of political power is their weakness. It is their only weakness. Anyone who thinks that force of arms will work against the most powerful armed force in history is a fool.

              David couldn’t destroy Goliath by a simple vote of the Israeli Army. He had no choice but to fight. Knowing he had to fight, he chose the CORRECT STRATEGY, refusing Saul’s armor and weapons and using a weapon that he knew would work for him.

              Arms will not work in OUR case. There is only one solution and that solution is to take political control of the government again.

              There are legal moves in process. The legal process is slow.

              If YOU are so convinced that armed revolution is the best strategy, YOU should be the first one to fire a shot.

              How far will that get you? 🙂

            • ~Dk~

              I attended a recent 3rd party meeting/organizing event…it was fairly well advertised…15 people showed up! 15 people!!!!!!!!!!

              Nobody wanted to talk of the real reasons/events collapsing this country. They couldn’t focus beyond the “anti- BAWK Obama” mindset. Not a word about the federal reserve…not a word pertaining to the headlines Mac’s site highlights daily/weekly. Not a word of Wall Street’s criminal enterprises or their crimes. Not a word of vote fraud/machine hacking.

              Knowledge of the Constitution was not in much evidence. It was essentially a watered-down (republican co-opted)Tea Party wannabe event! Everything was geared to “working within the existing (read: CORRUPT) system”!!!


              With regards to my desiring to start a war….actually that implication is a “LOW BLOW”.
              My aim is to get folks to realize that….

              1.) The system is broken…its corrupt…it has become a malignant cancer.

              2.) TPTB who control most everything, including the military, WILL NEVER RELINQUISH THEIR DEATH GRIP ON THE REIGNS OF POWER….w/o a bloody/brutal/violent fight.

              3.) They WILL use the active duty military against us.

              4.) They will make the first move.

              5.) Referencing #3 above…see recent posts by guys who’ve just been discharged. They’ve been honest & truthful to a man… informing us that the military…will FIRE upon American civilians if ordered to, when martial law is declared. –(recent post by TommyGuns-38 comes to mind)–

              6.) It is very LATE in the game.


              In actuality DK….my point is to awaken folks to the truths outlined above…and the bottom line is….we’re the ENEMY DOMESTIC in the eyes of the system…and folks had best plan accordingly. A working knowledge of “resistance tactics” throughout history will benefit those who read/comprehend them.

              There’s gonna be a violent confrontation & those who read this post had best understand that the system will likely take prisoners…but depending on their mindset, their targeted enemy & the situation….they may not!


              Believe it or not….we’re still on the same page!
              Notice your statement per the charge of TREASON….the DEATH penalty….again, we are in agreement!

              Per the “slow process” of achieving success politically….again, we’re in agreement! Do we have enough time?

              I doubt that!

              Taking on the most fearsome military force ever witnessed by humanity & controlled by a “TYRANNICAL” system…..being a near suicidal choice? Yeah…I won’t dispute your logic there!

              …..but when the balloon goes up….it’ll also be obedience to GOD!

            • GS: Congratulations on attending the meeting. Everything has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

              Consider that Lot was ordered by God to leave Sodom before he destroyed it. What did Lot do? Did he grab his 96 hour BOB and head for the hills?


              He engaged God and asked if The Lord would spare Sodom for the sake of 50 just men. Why do you think Lot used the number 50? And at last he asked God to spare Sodom if there be only 10 just men in the City.

              The Lord said yes, He would spare the city if HE could find 10 just men within it. Just 10 righteous men could have saved many tens of thousands of their neighbors.

              The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The 15 patriots that banded together for that meeting is an army that can defend your city from even the wrath of God if they be just men and women.

              Engage. 🙂

          • DK – the story of David & Goliath was one of my late father’s favourites to read to us kids at bedtime.

            Thank you so much for bringing it up. I’ve now found the passage for my own son.

            This quote narrated by Odetta is another one to inspire us “little people” as we look into the eye of the storm of evil

      15. It has been said that everyone reaps what they sow. It is much easier to point the finger at our elected leaders when in reality any civilization that refuses to protect it’s most vulnerable citizens, but allows them to be ripped from the womb like a weed pulled from a garden has earned the same from those who have power over them.

        “If God does not judge America, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” – Billy Graham

        • Nail on the head Government Guy! The moral decay of our society is the root cause of all of this. And I know you get it. It’s not just abortion, but that certainly is a sad symptom of a Godless nation. And we won’t return to morality without looking at the source of all morality. And the source is not in us, and it’s not human in origin.
          Looking at the article above, I have to wonder: What was the moral condition of Germany when Hitler rose to power? Does America look similar today?
          I’m no history expert, but I believe it shows that totalitarianism doesn’t take root in a Godly, moral, and vigilant society. We are reapng the whirlwind now because we have sown it.

          • Okie, I enjoy most of whay you write, but your effort here is beyond a piss take.

            America? Godly? you have to be joking. God bothering, perhaps.

            Vigilant? Much of the commentary on this site suggests the vast majority of your countrymen could not find their arses with both hands and a flashlight. Their ability to predict the freight train about to shift them into the afterlife is non existant. 911, who saw that coming?

            As for moral, the culture your nation has exported to the world is anything but. FFS your president has abandoned the rule of law and has decreed he can murder anyone he sees fit.

            • Bottom of the 9th, bases loaded. The count is full as okie takes the pitch….He SWINGS! And misses by a mile!

              Eagle eye- I thought that’s what I said. America has rotted from within because of her Godlessness. It’s been ongoing for many decades. And we won’t do anything but get worse, unless and until we return. As a Christian I’d say it is certainly possible to see our country restored.(God can work miracles and that would sure be one!) As an observer of human nature I’d say the odds of that happening are close to zero.
              If we did return to recognizing God’s authority in our lives, then the people would demand proper leadership in government. And we wouldn’t be exporting the Clinton/Bush/Obama version of empire and occupation. Or the hollywood version of ‘culture.’ And we would not be under the thumb of the one world gangsters who control our gov and economy for their own evil ends.
              Maybe I just didn’t say it very well.

            • Okie, you said it perfectly well. He misread you, which is kinda funny, as one would expect someone who calls himself Eagle Eye to be a bit sharper. 😉

              Germany’s intellectuals had spent the previous half-century attacking and debunking the Biblical notion of God, and I think someone commented on this site that God was taken out of the schools in the 1930s, and homeschooling was banned.

              I wonder what the modern day version of sackcloth and ashes would look like. How does an entire country repent?

          • Our moral and societal decay is not the cause. It is the effect of government socialism. If we told FDR to gtfo when he put in socialism during the new deal we would be in much better shape

            • jasoncookies- You say that government socialism is the CAUSE and moral/societal decay is the EFFECT. I think it’s just the other way around. Granted, socialism encourages immorality, and exacerbates it once it has begun, but is it really the root cause of it?
              My belief is that a genuinely moral people would not buy into redistribution or welfare state ideas to begin with. They’d see charity as a personal and local community responsibility and wouldn’t leave that responsibility to larger gov divisions. Plus, they’d not see the ‘taking’ (or taxing) part of redistribution as anything other than theft, which it is. They would not vote for, nor leave in office, the politicians who promoted that.
              And as far as the Control aspect of socialism, such as the loss of personal freedoms and the huge number of restrictive laws it creates, again- a moral (even a traditional Christian) people wouldn’t tolerate that. They’d see the true value of liberty much like Christians see free will. Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD. If I undertake a particular action and it harms my neighbor, I first take it up with God and then my neighbor. And I make it right based on our shared moral code.
              What neither I, nor the neighbor, need is a statewide or national law prohibiting everyone from undertaking the same action. Because that action may not be harmful under other circumstances, or with other people. We keep it personal, and if a law is needed we keep it local. The force that controls our actions is not a huge number of laws, but primarily our inner moral code (for Christians, the things we believe are true and set down by God in the bible.)
              I know, lots of people including Christians, have misused the religion in order to oppress their neighbors, but that’s not how it really reads in the book. Genuine traditional Christainity is not compatible with socialism. Or any other form of gov that abuses and robs people, or promotes corruption. (crony capitalism for example)
              Finally, as for what you said about FDR- absolutely right. We would be in much better shape.

              Respond if you want to, and I’m more than willing to hear your rebuttal. Hey, that’s the great thing about free speech!

            • SmokinOakie, I have to disagree, during the Great depression,violent crime rates were relatively low compared to prohibition. The 2008 recession/depression had an increase in all crime except murderer. I feel that this decay in socioty was caused by government welfare. God was pushed out of life, schools tought children they were entitled to free money housing Medicare and food, and the government is everywhere “helping ”

              In the 30’s petty crime increased but overall, crime remained about steady, people were more self sufficient and knew how to take care of themselves.

              On the other hand the 1913 federal reserve allready started America toward socialism, by government control of banking.

              After reading your opinion, I think that the two go and on hand and are caused by people’s laziness.

          • SmokinOkie,

            I agree with you. The moral decay of our society is the root cause of all of this. It is a symptom of a Godless nation.

            I am reading a book called, “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn which talks about this.

            There are uncanny similarities in the “warnings” from God to ancient Israel (as recorded in Isaiah over 3000 years ago) to repent and return to God, to recent events that have taken place in America.

            Israel ignored the “warnings”. Will America do the same?

            • The government is in every facet of our lives including the way we use the morals that we have or did have. They have pushed many people away from their morals. I am sorry if I step on toes here. Example…Men and women not getting married and having children. What are the benefits to that? Taxes? State Welfare Benefits for women with fatherless children? And even lying to Dept. of Social Services while the father is living at home and he is working but not making enough to support his children on minimum wages but cannot get help because the state says that he makes too much money. Another one is I’ve actually heard men say they would choose homosexuality over heterosexuality because of the rate of divorce and child support which can easily lead to prison time. That’s just a few examples of hundreds. Sure people could choose their morals over these things but when there are children involved many people will do anything for their children. Sorry if I’m babbling i just wanted to throw that out there.

            • Hi KY Mom- One of my favorite radio preachers is John McArthur. Probably because he’s so cantankerous. He did a sermon years ago on national repentance. Basically he said the pattern throughout the bible is that ‘suffering’ has to happen before a people will repent. I think he’s right. Except for a temporary reprieve for Nineveh when Jonah was there, that’s been the pattern in most every case. In the bible and in history. The suffering may be intervention directly from God, or maybe He’ll let us just wallow in the consequences of our actions. Either way, we’re up the creek.
              This nation will have to BLEED before we even start to turn around. Wish it wasn’t true, but that’s sure how it looks to me. If not for grace, and the hope of our eternal home (which aint this one), the whole situation would overwhelm me. Fortunately I have that hope for eternity, and a slightly warped sense of humor to get me through this life!
              best to you and yours- okie

            • I am reposting this, since my comment below is stuck in moderation.


              Here is a little info. about “The Harbinger”.

              Jonathan Cahn 1 with Sid Roth – Harbinger the Warning

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • Great book & yes the US is going down the same path. We’ll only get so many warnings before God no longer shows favor on the nation.

          • SmokinOkie,

            Here is a little info. about “The Harbinger”.

            Jonathan Cahn 1 with Sid Roth – Harbinger the Warning

            Take care!
            KY Mom

          • Very well said Okie. I agree with you 100%. We will be brought to our knees, before all is said and done. I have a set of books written by McArther, they are excellent. I also used to listen to old Oliver B. Green sermons on the radio, a great man of God.

          • SmokinOkie,
            Well said indeed!

      16. 175 million rounds of .223 comes out to 200 rounds each for 875,000 soldiers/marines or whatever. Which isn’t very much at all!!! When you take into account weapons training, zeroing wpns ect, you really dont have too many rounds left to get into a fire fight. Now if it were 2000 rounds each per man, and that included training/weapon zeroing, you’d be able to have ammo for 87,500 soldiers/police/marines, or 1,853 armed and deployed soldier/police/marines ….. Per STATE!!!!
        So really, 175 million rounds is not even worth panicking about. Just think of all those rounds like this; If a 30 man Platoon got into a Short firefight against ‘Bubba’ and 50 of his “Green Mountain” preppers/militia for an hour, the amount of ammo expended by the platoon, even if they vigilantly conserved ammunition and only fired no more than 4 rounds per minute for an hour, that’s 7,200 rounds of ammo!!! Now, multiply that by a few hundred firefights accoss a country at war.
        So seriously, 175 million rounds? You wouldn’t start a civil war with such a small stock pile of ammo. I’d be concerned if they put an order in for a Billion plus rounds, per month and an ongoing contract to keep supplies of new ammo to be supplied monthly for an indefinite period.

        • Unfortunatly Milo, this ammo is on top of what they already have. Just saying..

        • This is not about the military but DHS. Most DHS employees are not even armed but behind the scenes workers. Considering that the total here is more like five hundred million rounds that is indeed alot. You must be one of those guys that when they are putting you in the cattle car for your final ride will be expecting that you are really going to Disneyland.

        • My thoughts exactly. You could use 10000 rounds just keeping your skill level up. At that rate, you had better be recycling all that expensive tin or bismuth. I mean it’s not like any of us use lead. 😉

      17. It is ..already here..

        or at least some facts to ponder..

        I have never in my life of 60 years given in to prophecies of biblical proportions or other wise..

        the evidence is too predominant to ignore..


        They control all the media and feed us promising news of a recovery on a daily basis while, millions lose their homes and jobs, as the economic depression continues.
        They poison us with gmos,vaccinations, and chemtrails.
        They manufacture fear of unknown terror threats while they rob our basic rights installing the police grid matrix.
        They label the true Americans and all their activities as potential terrorists.
        They listen to every conversation and monitor every keystroke struck on the web and communications devices.
        Unprecedented temperatures since recorded history.
        Unprecedented tornadic activity..

        Unprecedented seismic activity in the last few years.
        8 major earthquakes worldwide in the last 24 hours alone.

        massive bird die offs
        strange sounds heard worldwide

        something wicked this way comes..



        • ~Posse~

          Thanks for the chronology! Your post is hard hitting & timely, indeed.

          Thumbs up to you!

      18. When that NSA center in Utah goes online, it will change political discourse. People will assume everything they say and type is being stored out there, and many will clam up and keep their thoughts to themselves. Democracy can’t survive without free speech.

        And that’s their plan.

        At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly,”Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” “A republic… if you can keep it,” responded Franklin. — from a speech written by Ron Paul in early 2000.

        Time for a bourbon,

        • Mal: I do believe i’ll
          join you

        • ~Mal R~

          Make sure you stockpile it, brother!

      19. NINAO QUOTE: The path of the Righteous Man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My FREE Brothers and Sisters. And you will know My name is the LORD of DEATH when I lay My vengeance upon thee.


        • … I been sayin’ that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, that meant your ass. You’d be dead right now. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking: maybe it means you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here… he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. And I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.


          • one of the best movies EVER!!!!! thank you for refreshing….

        • Pulp Fiction was a good movie.

      20. Resist. Do not comply. Be a monkey wrench in the wheel. Cause them problems at every opportunity. Treat the government apparatchiks like the scum that they are. And when it ultimately comes down to it, be willing to use as much violence to defend your rights, as they are will to use to take them away.

      21. WTF?

        Your Supreme court have just created a legal charter for perverts! Civil unrest as a result of this strip search thing is an inevitability as this is guaranteed to offend EVERYONE, the first time their own teen, wife or mother is searched.

        Everyone with any kind of moral compass should write to their “elected representatives” and local paper to say they object on moral/faith/ethical grounds to this straight away.

        I also think it’s time people finally accepted that freedom is a historical concept bearing no relationship to the current situation at this time. If everyone behaved accordingly it would have a positive impact on so many things from overseas diplomatic relationships to our mental health and our kid’s world view. TPB would the mental grip they have over the sheople pysche. (look at the E.European/Russian attititude to “authority” – it helped them survive!)

        I agree totally with Burt’s comments on dishonest dictatorships.

        I’m in the unlucky position of having to have a mobile cos of my son’s disability during school hours. However as soon as I collect him I switch it off, remove the battery then pop it in a drawer as soon as we get home. If you don’t NEED a mobile – get rid or at least think about your useage.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of adults today never “grew up” and exist in some state of permanent adolescence. This is caused by a combination of things from the welfare state, to the education & media cabals. 15 is NOT the new 30/50. If you have kids take full responsibility for helping them mature properly through the appropriate developmental stages (remember the human brain doesn’t fully mature until 25).

        An adult should be someone who is reasonably self-sufficient, takes responsibility and employs critical thinking. Ask “why” when presented with new information when any source & whom it benefits to go along with any advice given.

        • Lone lon mum

          Our lot are just as crap though. Alter this, change that implement the other…nobody asked me and you did they? We the voters, we the citizens of the country.

          They are all in it together, they just speak with different accents…the forked tounges that the First Nation Americans referred to still exists.

          I read you post with interest, I do not turn off my mobile phone unless I don’t want to be disturbed and I have given up hiding my ip address, I do not think for one minute that doing those things will prevent anything though this is just a personal opinion.

          If they want to put me on a list, which to be fair I am possibly already on anyway so be it. The amount of surveillance in the UK means that if they want to know about me they can dig around with or without my phone being on.

          Think about it Lone, we are tracked shop to shop, car park to car park, our car numbers are tracked on entering low emission and congestion zones, reward cards track our buying habits, search engines track our web usage, the list grows longer daily. Data collection goes from cradle to grave, I see nothing that suggests it is all anonymous . Even our kids school records track house moves, free meal allocation etc. there is no escape from this under the current system.

          Just buying items with a barcode in a shop with a camera means that purchase can be timed and tracked to an individual.

          I am in no doubt that if TPTB decided to track me they would know everything including my bra size and the fact that I despise them within a few days.

          When TSHTF they will have more issues to deal with than where I buy my knickers, TPTB will be struggling to cope with the riots, the attacks on the establishment and everything else that goes with a societal collapse. Me regularly dissing them on a forum will pale into insignificance.

          Unlike our American friends we have no arms and ammunition for them to steal and peppers in the UK are rare, rare enough that we are not even considered as a group. We do not exist therefore we cannot be a threat. We are part of a very small group Lone, small enough that confiscating the amount we have stored would probably not be worth the effort to them.

          They will be concentrating on the rioters, the anarchists and the extremists, not a few parents with kids going about their business. I just lead my life, do not attract attention to myself. I do what everyone else seems to do so that I do not stand out….hidden in plain sight as it were.

          I do not stand out, my car does not standout, my home does not stand out. In the playground, I nod and smile in all the right places, I speak enough to be considered nice, but I say very little, I confide in trivialities to a couple of people so that I am not considered a loner or aloof. I know so much about them…they know so little about me, but because the deal in the trivial they think they know loads and loads. They lack the depth of understanding of world events to notice what is going on, they live for the next pair of shoes or new gadget.

          This sounds really arrogant, I didn’t mean it to but it is true, unless it affects their little bubble they are clueless. They have no concept that all their little bubbles will sooner or later burst and they are not equipped to cope with the change. They will assume my bubble has burst also and will not bother me as I am “one of them” in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

          Take care

          • Hey Burt, why don’t you exit that outhouse of a country that used to be great, and come out to my desert area in the USA? I have a nice Rock River carbine that you would love to practice with and keep within reach at all times! Good luck.

            • Empty,

              If I was a bit younger and/or could afford the medical expenses I would not hesitate…I would not even look back.

              I have spent time in the US, holidays admittedly but some of them for six or eight weeks at a time, and I have to say I really do love your country. I know I have barely scratched the surface as it is so vast, but sometimes you just enjoy a place and know you would like to spend a considerable amount of time there.

              Oddly, I am the only Brit I know that has visited the US and has never done the Disney thing. I have never quite understood why someone would go that far, to a country that has so much to see and comeback with photographs of a mouse and a funny looking dog. Still it takes all sorts.

              God I love the open spaces you have…the cities are just cities, got them everywhere, but the mountains, deserts, forests and all that just take my breath away. You have such a massive diversity that even having seen a bit of it it’s hard to get your head around.

              The UK is so small and so overcrowded it is starting to feel claustrophobic.

              I will say one thing though…if I ever buy a one way ticket I will have to arrange for tea bag deliveries….orange picot is truly nasty lol. As a woman I like my tea like I like my men….tanned and strong lol

              Thanks for the invite

              Take care

          • @ Burt the Brit : Your post hits the nail on the head ! If you get your head straight, and do not draw attention to yourself…you are way ahead. I totally agree on the masses being totally clueless. I ask them at work about some major news story that has happened recently…..& they all look like “deer in the headlights” ! No one knows what I am talking about. They can tell me about sports scores, american idol contestants, or perhaps the weather….but other than that they know nothing. They will be totally shocked when shtf. I used to talk about prepping, protecting themselves…etc. All I ever heard was ” I something ever happens…I’m coming to your place”. Well….I don’t have the room or the provisions for 50 people to show up……so I quit advertising. I live out in the boonies….& have never had any of them over to my place……so, like everything else, they are not even prepared to come to my place because they don’t have an address…or know where to go…LOL !
            I don’t think you ever sound arrogant….you just say it the way you see it. I always enjoy your posts & hearing about how things are going in the UK. Please keep up it up & stay safe.
            Montgomery County Texas

            • Hello Random

              Scary isn ‘t it? When I first moved here….from an even worse city lol ! I couldn’t get my little one into a really local school, she goes to one about 4 miles away. This was a right royal pain in the arse at first but now I realise it has major advantages. If other kids from school come to play, I pick them up with mine and drop them back, if my child goes to their home I fetch her, Without exception these people never offer to step in…this suits me means they don’t even know what colour the walls are let alone what’s in the house. Works a treat, not a curse at all.

              All of these people shop daily, so once a week I am seen at the shops near school bitching that I have nothing in for dinner. I will buy odd bits and bobs, once again maintaining my “I am one of you” disguise. It does sound silly I know but in a major urban centre being known to be well stocked and prepped would probably sign our death warrant should the hard times come, it’s not always the people you know that would shoot you in the back, it’s the people they have blabbed to and so on, before you know it the entire f****** suburb would know, not worth the risk. I know what crap food each child prefers and buy that kind of food for their visit, maintains the illusion that we eat what they eat. I’ll tell you straight, if Brits in general were reading this they would truly say I am mad…and maybe they are right, but I would far prefer to be a well fed mad woman wilth a well fed child than a sane marauder watching my child grow weaker by the day because I failed to provide for her.

              Take care

          • When the lid is clamped down it will be done so smoothly and quietly that most will not even be aware of it. In case you haven’t noticed psywarfare has been in use against us for along time now. Most will think that clicks on the phone when they use it are normal along with the check points at every corner.

            • LOL clicks? You can get that and echos and more without any monitoring thanks to packet protocols among other technical reasons, and you can ‘sample’ phone calls with zero clicking for the same reason. Would you notice ‘clicks’ on your Internet traffic? But I get what you mean by no one noticing. I always assume that what’s said in front of a working cell phone is being recorded. Worrying a little now, will save me worrying a lot, later!

              There’s a reason that many communications programs are going to default encryption instead of it being some option you have to know how to enable. Needle in a pseudorandom haystack.

      22. Yes, things are getting suckier every day.
        Im not worried so much about the ammo and equipment purcheses. However it is the completly bad attitude and total lack of any willingness to attempt to rectifie the long term ongoing problems out country faces with our econony that has me worried the most.
        Either our politicians are all insane or someone somewhere has plans for the country that involve the people as being slaves to their cause.

        • I think you are so right Jeff.

          Take care

      23. Zionist Jews and International Banker Oligarchy ATTACK once FREE America!

        9/11 WAS ORCHESTRATED to launch the Jewish hoax known as the War On Terror – with its preplanned wars and infringements upon our freedoms.

        The official Zionist Supported account is that the World Trade Center buildings suffered spontaneous structural collapses. The alternative 9/11 was an inside job Witnessed account’s put forth by Scholars For 9/11 Truth is that the WTC buildings were destroyed via controlled demolition by pre-positioned devices by the Israeli Jew Mossad and American CIA FBI.

        Independent Investigator Christopher Bollyn Writes:

        — “9-11 was a false flag operation executed by a state-sponsored criminal network that required years of planning. False flag terrorism is a crime of terrorism designed by the architects to be blamed on their enemy. The media outlets which the criminals control stifle any independent analysis of the crime.

        It is obvious who the Zionist Jews are obstructing justice toward the 9/11 Twin Towers Bldg 7 Fed False-Flag victims. At every critical point where the events of 9-11 should have been investigated and discussed there has been a Zionist Jew occupying a key position and acting as the censor of evidence – the gatekeeper of information.”



        • Even though you may be right and you post all the time, I think the strategy is off. For me when I start talking about the international banking cartel and their cronies, it’s very hard not to see all of the Jewish people and especially the Zionist invovled, but there are others just as willing that don’t have the Jewish ties. Anyway my point is that to talk to the average American and start mentioning Zionist Jews then it’s a complete turnoff and frivilous task. So what I say is when people are being too conservative, cheap or “Jewish”, I say quit being so Rothchildish and they give me this complex look and then I explain how that family and a few others(Rockefellers, Vanderbelts, etc …) are the true mafiaso and Banksters. We could have a capitalistic revolution by killing these Oligarchs off. You could seriously solve 90% plus of our problems and the world by eliminating a few families, not ethnic groups. Most americans look at me perplexed when I tell them that the Rothchild etsate is at least 100 trillion if not more and they own half the gold and stock in all the printing central banking cartels, and they wouldn’t allow Bill gates to wipe their ass with his measly 50 billion! I just think your going about the wrong way. Some Friends and I love telling each other to quit being so Rothchildish, that and Bernank Stank have caught on in our lingo. Sometimes you can win the linguistic battle and turn the tide of the war!

          • PHUCK THE murdering cheating thieving JEWS!!! THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT VENGEANCE IS!!!! BUT SOON THEY WILL!!! THEY’LL PAY FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE TOO HUMANITY , too AmeriKa , too Gaza , too West Bank , too the Children of Palestine , too Lebanon etc etc!!! For 9/11 the uss liberty etc etc … I CAN GUARANTEE THAT!!!

            PHUCK THE JEWS!!!


            • Yes, AMERIKA —Israel deliberately targets children, makes them into human shields, and even uses their dead bodies for target practice. Read this heart wrenching tale, entitled “Dad, I’m Dying.”

              Here is an excerpt:

              “Laughs got louder as they carried the body to a higher place to start their party. For a whole hour, the father hushed his cries of pain as he watched the Israeli soldiers compete in sniping on his dead son’s body. ‘They were using his bullet-ridden, bleeding body as a shooting practice,’ said the Father. ‘With each bullet, they were humming with words I could not figure out, but it sounded full of rapture. It was as if they were celebrating.’”

              Some may claim that these atrocities don’t represent Israeli policy, and are only carried out by a few demented individuals. Really? I would argue that this hatred for Palestinian children is epidemic throughout Israeli society. In 2009, “The King’s Torah,” became a best-selling book in Israel. Written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, it sets out a justification for murdering any gentile that poses a threat to the Jewish—even babies and children.

              According to Haaretz:

              “Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs.

              “It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

              Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have recommended the book to their students and followers.”

              This attitude is not just confined to soldiers and the Rabbinate. Just recently, when a bus that crashed near Ramallah and killed nine Palestinian children, Israeli citizens posting on Facebook were overjoyed.

            • Would that be the same Muslims that have laws saying that it’s alright to kill Christians and Hindus and everyone else so long as they dared to say that clerics have gone mad with power? Or fail to realize that it’s pretty hard to have everyone on the face of the Earth be Muslim when there’s no one left to teach? Simple math, you’d think.

            • And yes, the Muslims are hardly unique in that kind of attitude. We did it ourselves to the so-called Indians (who ironically should have been called Americans but that confuses people so… hehe).

          • Stop calling them “Jews”. While they aspire to be “Jews” as in the Jewish religion, they are Kahzars and Ananazis. Two brutal cabals that decided to hide under the star of David. They co-opted Israeli land and occupy it.


            Your derogatory words are more than well deserved. Most people will look at you in disgust thinking you are insulting the “Jews of The Bible”. You are not. THEY ARE IMPOSTERS!

            …and you will also learn to loath them like an Arab when you find out what they did to the Arabs for about 300 years. They are not Godly people. They are demonic and everything The God of Abraham loathes.

            Much like the US Government that really is not the government at all. They Israelis are not really the Jews they tell you they are.

            • @net-AMEN brother! Look at the us senators from california, and .05 from nevada, they are imposters, and usually when people call them out, we are called “anti-semetic”. Isreal are having mass “demonstrations” also right now!! GOD bless the united states of america

            • ~NR~

              Kudos!!!! Outstanding post!!!

              Truth at it finest!!!

            • Can’t dispute that truth! So that’s a thumbs up from where I sit.

            • ;0P pssszzt da’ defenseless innocent enslaved PALESTINIAN child torturing raping shooting murdering genocidal land.stealing ISRAELI ZIONIST JEWS and Their Bwitch Zionist Fascist AmeriKaN AIPAC SPLC GESTAPO MARXIST COMMUNIST FASCIST Christian Goyim Soldier Slaves… THEY Are murderers of children WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS! WITH YOUR AMERIKAN MADE WEAPONS ;0p the blood of defenseless Palestinian Children is on YOUR hands – AmeriKa!

              they talk like , walk like , stink like , are hairy like , steal other peoples like , enjoy murdering children like , enjoy molesting children like , enjoy sweat shop enslaving and sex trading human beings goyim like , then they must be…


              They call themselves Jews! They the stole the Palestinians lands to build their own JewLand Amusement Park in a land not theirs , Propaganda filled Jew controlled media and JewHollyWood,CA calls em’ Jews! Their phuckin dirty Jews!




              You call em tomatoes , tomato’s … I call em’ Jews!


            • But! If you call them Jews, you have fallen into their conspiracy and are helping to perpetrate it.

              Please, don’t see me as defending them or being offended by your speech. Its just in the last few years I’ve seen how the non-government government uses word magic to fool us and continue to further enslave us. So it is with your imaginary “Jews”.

              To continue to call them as such is to perpetuate their camouflage of what they really are. If you continue to call them Jews, Christians will look at you as the enemy and the “Jews” will not be affected. They knew you’d get stuck on the term “Jew” and that is how they use it to hide.

              Stop helping these zionist bastards!

              What if the Iranians all called us US Government people? Would you like that? The Kahzars and the Ananazis love it when people call them “Jews” because they can roll out the Star of David and get a pass on religious grounds.

              This is very much like followers of islam as they market their political enslavement techniques as a “religion” and then, even a “religion of peace” when it is simply a method of political and social enslavement for man.

              It is a recurring theme. The “Illuminati” was once good. It was a force to enlighten mankind until it was taken over from within. Now it is at the heart of the NWO.

              Keep thinking, people, but don’tbelieve everything without some research.

              …and NinaO, keep bashing your “Jews” but I wish you would not call them “Jews” because you would be more effective against their crimes were you to call them what they are really are: Zionists.

            • “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


              …once free americans worst enemy is their own zionist nazi jew hi-jacked fascist puppet federal government!


          • ~ZH~


            Your Modus Operandii henceforth adopted in its entirety!

            Thumbs up too you!

      24. Why are most of you so frightened?
        Sure, DHS just bought 450 million rds over the next 5 years, but we Americans have 450 billion!
        WE outnumber ALL government employees, including police, SWAT, Marines, Army, Navy, Coast guard, Air Force, Blackwater, FBI, CIA by 100 to one…
        Never forget, it is they who fear us.

        • dave, your over simplistic math will fail you – when 200-400 heavily armed guys come to your house or your street – who is going to be there to back you up? a couple guys next door may notice but it will be overwhelming…

          the germans and the jews in the holocaust had the same predicament – didn’t work out so well for the jewish… some even holed up in their town and resisted – hard to do when out manned, out gunned and no chance of resupplies from outside the wire.

          look throughout history – it’s not going to be a full on free for all – it is a zone by zone, control each area bit by bit until they have the whole area… much like they are doing slowly dismantling the constitution – nobody will allow for a full on attack on that either – but if they do it piece by piece they will achieve their goal (and they are)

          look at the actions during katrina – where where the 450 billion rounds and tens of millions of armed americans then? they went street by street, house by house and disarmed everyone – it will be the same way for the country. first of course they will get control of the “needs” – food, water distribution centers – you think it is coincidental the FDA is near forcing centralized food and other systems “for our protection” – outlawing smaller farms and the like?

          once they have control over where the food goes – it will go to the controlled regions first – starve and fight out the others until they fall too… simple battlefield logistics. look at syria – you think these towns that are getting shelled are 100% rebels? nope just where a majority of rebels are at – but everyone even the supporters of assad suffer the same until they have full control of the area. collateral damage is all they are.

          so when you hear about (IF you hear about – because if they take down the internet using SOPA or whatever other emergency controls) them going door to door, town to town – the reality is a handful of guys in the street aren’t going to last too long against an organized and mobilized fighting force with the latest and greatest of weapons and armor…

          now i’m not willing to roll over and give up either – but i’ve made my peace about it and if it comes to that then i’ll choose the path of the founding fathers as well… but rose colored glasses of the outcome? unlikely.

          • 200 of them may come to my door, But at most 199 will come to the next one. I love my country more than my life: “LIVE FREE OR DIE” That fulfills the TOTAL responsibility of any free man

          • Few issues:
            1) They registered all their wealth and arms.
            2) They weren’t allowed to keep their arms.
            3) They weren’t even allowed to own much property near the end.
            4) When they got arrested, they even had that taken away.
            5) At the end, they were worked and starved to death.
            6) Some got lucky and escaped permanently. Not a heck of a lot before the war ended, obviously.

            Most people didn’t catch on until #4 or #5. People outside the camps didn’t even catch on until #6 unless they were somehow involved directly. It was treated as some big secret like the atomic bomb.

            In the USA, you have the opposite situation since a large portion of the USA is armed. Imagine if someone tried step #4 before step #2. With WWII as our teacher, we’d be idiots to let #2 happen and #4 would trigger massive retaliation and resistance.

        • Dave,
          Unfortunately, though we outnumber them, they have battle tanks, jet fighters, bombers, long-range artillery, spy/killer drones, and advanced weaponry of which we cannot even conceive. The pentagon had a demonstration within the past month of a sophisticated heat weapon that disables a person with heat. An acquaintance watched it with his own eyes. Riots in the cities, mass disruptions of the grid, and other issues will cause the PTBs to be sidetracked for a little while, but when they eventually turn their attention to the rest of us, we are so SCREWED!

          • Most weapons are line of sight.
            That heat weapon can be disabled with a single round thru the reflector. It is also a wave weapon. Any piece of sheetmetal will reflect the heat. It is probably even possible to reflect it back at them.
            The only reason that drones and aircraft are effective is when they are used at a distance and their bases are unaccessable to the enemey. In the case of these weapons being used on the home front people will attack the bases and the sources for supply of the equipment to keep them useful.
            Dont dispair.
            If only 1% of the people have the will to fight a theoritical take over of the states it will be a slaughter of the government and those associated with it.

            • Joe, wise writings.

              This is why they have to shame us and keep the sheople under control and turn them against us “domestic terrorists”. The “will of the people” is much more powerful than any other means of violence they can command.

              This is why educating people is much more important than any amount of ammo or any gun you can have in your arsenal.

          • A large part of the military IS us. Good decent Americans, and not about to turn against their own people.

            We’d see a lot of AWOLs, a lot of troops coming home to defend their families.

            I’d expect if it came to that, the military telling the President, No, we’re not going to do what you say any more and we take over. Military coups are fairly routine in the world.

            One thing I see as a possibility is something I saw in Cuba, different races being used against each other. So the military could try using blacks to suppress a white area, whites to control a black area, etc. Notice I say Try.

            • Don’t AWOL’s just get shot on sight when it all goes down?

          • And don’t forget–tear gas is now vomit gas..
            Everyone has masks, right??
            Oh, sure!

          • So All the SAC Bombers ever built are no good in your own country, It’s the UNITED STATES ARMY; I don’t fear them, the guys that turn them on the public better figure that out. The guy in Romania forgot it and they shot him

            • Parnoid: So, what are you paranoid about? I’m sorry. Had to ask, been that way all day! 🙂

          • ~0352~

            Good point….but seems I recall that…tanks, jets, trucks, APCs & drones require “FUEL” in order to function & be an asset for the other side….they also require maintenance from the support echelons , especially while in the field….

            Thus, both entities are “PRIME TARGETS”…as are their delivery/transport systems.

        • Dave,
          How many tanks and Drones do you have?

          • ~Nam Marine~

            Go back, sir…..go way back in time & recall!!!

            Did “Charlie” really give a shit/fear the OTR supply/support convoys? Or did he target them?

            ….Take out the lead vehicle & the caboose…then light up the trapped middle section….remember that drill???

            Did he flee your LZs….or hose the hueys/med-evacs w/ SKS/AK/12.7mm fire at every opportunity? (damn zipper-heads)-!!!


            I don’t worry too much about the Airedales…..the Army grunts are a big concern……but its the “Marines” I really worry about!
            They “WILL” follow/execute whatever orders they’re issued, verbatim -(emphasis on “EXECUTE”)-…& you, of all people posting here….know exactly what I’m talking about!

            You also know(& understand) what is coming & how to intelligently resist.

            I….like you, desire this cup of wrath to pass me/mine by….but, I also understand/accept that likelihood is……mere wishful thinking.

        • Keep telling yourself that. They will roll us all up in a week. Got kids? Want them back? You know the drill.

          • They used that trick to get people to ‘voluntarily’ submit to sterilization in China. Want your aunt back? You kid? You husband/wife? You had to get sterilized after birth.

      25. 2012: The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval

        They say “A picture paints a thousand words.” Look deep into this picture and you will see what the New World Order is all about – False Flags – Natural Resources & Money – Chip and Pin for everyone – Mass depopulation by whatever means including WMD’s (depleted uranium), Vaccinations (HPV, Swine Flu and other toxic jabs), Mind Control, Forced removal – Imprisonment – Assassinations/Deaths – Martial Law – Police State – Drones – CCTV/Internet/Phones Monitoring and Total Control of your life!! Basically do what they say or have your chip switched off making it impossible for you to go to the bank, go shopping, go to hospital or see a doctor etc without these basic needs ones fate is clearly sealed!!

      26. Great article Mac. The author is compelling and articulate. And maybe Goyette’s book covers this, but the article didn’t- and that’s the ROOT cause of all this state tyranny: A society that has decayed from within. His ‘do-over’ theory never mentioned America returning to the FAITH that built the nation. All I saw was a littany of the symptoms. They’re troubling certainly, and it’s vital that we are aware of them, but still they’re just symptoms of the real disease.

        Now, before I slide into a total blithering regression, and with full reassurance that I depart neither from my faith nor my prepperhood…I’m taking the rest of the day off!

        My response to any further request for cooperation or support of the facist gov/corp:

        • @ SmokinOkie : LOL ….good video ! I was expecting some factual data supporting your position….instead of your comedy relief. Thanks for the chuckles. Also, I was coming back from Broken Arrow Easter Sunday afternoon, driving south on 69. What’s up with the road around Eufala ? Damn….I think my vehicle was in the air as much as it was on the ground…..felt like I had square tires! Be safe out there.
          Montgomery County Texas

          • Hey R T 1957! Square tires LOL! Yeah, that stretch of road is pretty awful and it’s been like that for years. I think that’s part of an old cattle trail and they meant to fill in the ruts with asphalt but missed. By the way, sorry to miss you over the weekend but we live closer to Lawton in the sw part of okla. Stephens county actually. (just a few miles from the proud birthplace of Halliburton Co.!) Plus I was out on the truck all wknd.
            take care- okie

            • Hello SmokinOkie : No Problemo. I figured you were munchin pavement somewhere ! I did the OTR thing many years ago….so I understand the lifestyle. Sometimes I
              miss it….but then I think about all I can “try” to get done at home…being here most of the time. If you come through Houston be careful….the last couple of days DPS & the Locals have been working the highways pretty hard. You cant go 10 miles with out finding someone pulled over. That’s where driving a diesel truck saves me….because I’m @ 2000 rpm at 60 mph…..& after that the fuel mileage drops….& the engine winds up… it helps keep me well within the speed limit ! Look me up if you ever get down this way. Keep it between the lines & stay safe !
              Montgomery County Texas

      27. Dave..I’m not too sure most on here are frightened.Most are just disgusted with the fact of our rights as Americans are slowly being stripped away by a fascist gov that bears no resemblance to the one created 200+ years ago.While we still have our God given rights, our liberties to exist as free men in this country without submitting to the corp “privileges” is gone.The corp gov needs to be ended and “rule of law” installed again.How do we do this? I’m afraid there is only one way and it ain’t by voting them out.

      28. The Supreme Court affirmed the right of jails to strip search every person who’s arrested. I don’t see what’s so radical about that.

        I don’t have a problem with the police tracking suspects using their own phones.

        It’s pretty stupid to say that the US is responsible for the deaths of 20 – 30 million people. That’s a vicious anti-American lie. We fought communism in Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We toppled anti-American regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today Iraq is as close to being a democracy with religious freedom as any country in the middle east outside of Israel. You really need to get your facts right before you repeat slanderous lies like this. It makes your whole website look bogus.

        • the US is responsible for a great number of deaths. thats a fact. it doesnt matter why. one could argue, like you, that it was in self defense. regardless, we are responsible. its a fact…as for your opinions on civil liberties, they are your own and i will not police them as you might police mine and those of others.

          on a lighter, more sarcastic note…

          i do wonder how you were even able to read the article, as you are clearly blind.

          • “We” is somany a mouse in your pocket?

            I didnt vote for our military to do any of this, did you?
            I didnt lobby for my government to tell our military to get involved in another countries shit..did you?

            Careful how you use the word WE

        • ~Barn Cat~

          You’re a judeo-zionist TSA airport screener, right???

          WOW!!! I bet you enjoy employing the rubber gloves thing, when doing cavity searches on mid-eastern looking passengers…..

          …idiots like you give evangelical proctology a bum rap!!!!!!!

        • Iraq is no closer to being a “free” country than ever. How does being “anti american merit an invasion?

        • Barn Cat,

          You are right about this, even though it is not popular, I would give you more thumbs up if I could.



        A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within. A fifth column can be a group of secret sympathizers of an enemy that are involved in sabotage within military defense lines, or a country’s borders.[1] A key tactic of the fifth column is the secret introduction of supporters into the whole fabric of the entity under attack. [2] This clandestine infiltration is especially effective with positions concerning national policy and defense.[3] From influential positions like these, fifth-column tactics can be effectively utilized, from stoking fears through misinformation campaigns, to traditional techniques like espionage

      30. Bloke in Birmingham goes to one of those sell everything type shops and starts looking at hair dye. He picks up several and asks the assistant which ones contain hydrogen peroxide, puts the two back that do not and picks up two more, this time reading the boxes. He wanders around and picks up a box of general purpose garden fertiliser, a digital travel clock and a bottle of night nurse.

        The same assistant that he asks about the hair dye serves him and off he goes. He makes his way back to his car and is just about to drive off when a police car arrives. He had been reported by the assistant for a strange combination of purchases. He paid cash.

        His wife had flu, he had been dispatched to buy these items, night nurse for her cold, hair dye for her roots, he wasn’t sure which blond shade she wanted so got those nearest her colour thinking he would return the others for a refund. The fertiliser was for his dad and the cheap clock to give to his two year old in an attempt to make the boy stop messing with the decent clock at home.

        We don’t have a see something say something law yet, God help us when we do.

        How do I know this story is true? The man is my nephew, he is white, works six days a week to keep his family, claims no benefit and has a basic bank account without a debit card, just a hole in the wall cash card, hence paying cash. He has no criminal record.

        On this occasion the police did a vehicle check and confirmed he was who he said he was, realised it was an over zealous shop assistant and sent him on his way. It seems shop workers have been told to look out for certain combinations of purchases that are paid for in cash.

        The assistant recognised hydrogen peroxide and fertiliser and timer and off he went. No enough brain cells to think of how he would get the HP out of the hair dye solution and that a small box of miracle grow does not constitute a bulk fertiliser purchase.

        We regularly rip the piss out of our hair dye terrorist but it does make you wonder about the general intelligence of your fellow humans.

        Take care

        • Was the shop owner white also or one of those Pakis you have too many of?

          There’s your problem.

          • Domestic,

            If I answer I may be considered racist….heaven forbid that happens lol

            Take care

        • This is the kind of nonsense that sums it up.

          The UK was “tamed” a long time ago.

        • For the American version of Burt the Brit’s, Bloke in Birmingham story, go here:

          The Predators of Marengo County

          “Perhaps we should expect to see “Diver Down” bumper decals added to the informal profile used to conduct forfeiture-focused pretext stops. I wish I were kidding.” …

      31. excellently written. one of the better pieces ive seen here.
        its gonna be an interesting few decades to come:)

      32. I hate commies.

        • Ron who?

          • Ron hate commies Paul!

      33. Americans are asleep. My neighbors are busy buying the latest phones, partying, buying new cars, decorating their homes, vacationing, etc. I’m sure they are loaded up to their eyeballs with debt.

        They are absolutely CLUELESS.

        If I were to try & engage them in a conversation about the police state, our loss of freedom or the evil in the White House, they would glaze over and look for someone else to talk to who shares their shallow, clueless ideals.

        20% of America WANTS the police state. 70% of America is clueless. 10% of America is awake.

        Those stats don’t bode well for our future. I am prepared but afraid for my family.

        • Mr Blutarsky..

          10% are awake?

          I’d slim that down to under 5% imo..

          I live in the same neighbor hood as you…exactly

          More like valley of the dolls with all the wives zoned out on antidepressants..and the macho husbands strutting around in their professional sports teams jersies..

          engaging in any civil discourse with them is a complete waste of time..

          they are all for obama or romney..

          the white(black) knight that will save America..fools all!

          To avoid attention..I always bring my preps in at night in local grocer bags..

          and always camo my weapons when heading for the local range..

          keep on prepping

          keep on practicing

          always with 22lr..525 bricks still 19.99


      34. A tired out saying, but never loses its value: “THOSE WHOM DON’T LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT”. It is amazing how there is a terrible storm looming over the horizon and most people are living like idiots. These f’en idiots call us, preppers the people getting ready and preparing, as a bunch of chicken littles. The common idiot watches gossip TV and then tweets totally meaningness garbage that has no value at all, and then has some idea that they are important and so popular. Yeah, popular amongst other idiots.

        This is why it is so refreshing to actually communicate back and forth with people that actually have intelligence and common sense. It is so simple, yet most people just don’t want to do, prepare. People can improve their survival chances so much by adding extra food and supplies to their shopping trips and putting it away for later. But like an uncharacteristic foolish squirrel that waits and waits until the snow starts falling, time is running out. The harder it will be to stock up the longer someone waits. For those that have not started to prep, NOW is the time.

        • whaT he said

        • Thanks YH!

        • It should read: US planning another “Al Qaeda style” attack on its self to con the sheep as they have and always will be.

          Oh Government, can someone point me to one present/past that actually did any good? No, didnt think so, and if you think you can, scrap whatever you thought of and start over.

        • You mean our Gov’t is going to slam Missles into the largest buildings in America again?

          • They’ll need something even more horrific and spectacular than 9/11 to impose greater tyranny. The mind reels when one considers what that might entail.

          • yes iowa

            probably to the magnitude that will make 911 look like a picnic

            that was the trial balloon

            and 99% accepted the ensuing police state and official story

            it is coming again

            just where when and what magnitude are the questions..


      35. FROM: Office of the Moderator
        RE: okie comments

        Dear Mr okie,
        Are you smokin’? In the boys room? (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) It has come to our attention that you have been attempting to post actual comments in the response section. Please be advised that this will NOT be tolerated. Your lack of skill in handling factual, serious material requires that we insist you refrain from this activity. Many readers post articulate, intellectually stimulating comments. This is obviously not your forte, so please return to the nonsensical witticisms, obtuse off-topic reminiscing, and disorganized ramblings of which you are (barely) capable.

        Every Blog In The World

        ps: Please stop posting videos of your granddaughter and the coon hounds. It was funny once. But only once.

        • I love your humour Smokin you brighten my day

          Take care

      36. well, looks like I might not have to worry about outliving my non-existant retirement savings….I’d rather die young fighting the coming tyrrany so that my kids can grow old in a country that resembles my childhood-America.

      37. The round count issue is very relevant when you ask what new/additional group or agency is being supplied.

        I believe not much has changed since the revolutionary war, that 3% will fight, 10% support. What has changed is tyrannies ability to manipulate the masses and point them in the direction of an evil objective rapped in an idealistic motive.

        We’re spread too thin, as I think we all know it would be advantages to link with 10 or 12 trusted preppers, if for no other reason than long term planning for future events.

      38. @ Burt the Brit,

        You have been a very busy girl today, talking of politics, fights, wrestling, tanned strong men and best of all – squeezing balls.
        It might be a little late now but how about a wee cup of tea. I have some aged Jacksons of Piccadiley.
        Do you need any sugar? LOL

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          I will nip out and put the kettle on right now…if only eh?

          Yes today I have posted…pretty tough day at the courthouse yesterday, the issues regardings mom’s death are still going on.

          Today I needed away from all that for a short while, and thank you all for allowing me the space to do that.

          Got to go, kettles boiling

          Take care

          • Y’all

            Kettle is dumped, I am having a glass or 2 of wine. Peter is watching for symptoms of drunkenness as listed in a previous post and will be telling me when to bugger off.

            Take care

            • ~Burt-baby~

              Sooooo!!! Bugger ‘im back!!!!

      39. “The Fourth Turning” was written back in the 1990’s by two college professors. It analyzes Western history in terms of cycles. They say there is a repeating pattern every 80 years + or -, where we enter a crisis period that ends with a nation threatening violent conflict. The crisis period last about 20 years with the last 5 years of it being the violent conflict.

        Prior violent periods began in 1775 (American Revolution), 1861 (Civil War), and 1941 (WWII). There are many violent periods (wars) in our history but most are not nation threatening and do not arise out of crisis. If this pattern repeats again, then the next outbreak of nation threatening violence should roughly be about 2020. Notice that two of the last three crisis periods ended in civil conflict rather than international war. Also notice that this book was written in the 1990’s as we were still in the period of decline that precedes the crisis period, and the predicted crisis period had not yet become evident.

        The current crisis period probably can best be marked as having started with the peak in the real estate market in 2007 which was followed by collapse and financial crisis. We are 5 years into the crisis period and clearly there is great division in the country, and much distrust, resentment and even hatred of the established institutions; the Tea Party and Occupy Movement demonstrate a major change in the minds of citizens. It appears to me that government at many levels is at odds with citizens, particularly the federal government, the examples listed in this article showing this to be so.

        If you read historic accounts of the American Revolution and the Civil War in border states, the violence visited upon neighbors by neighbors is frightening. If we fall into Revolution or Civil War, we all will be forced to pick sides whether we want to or not, and safety will be difficult to find. Unfortunately violent civil conflicts pit people against people as much as people against government, and it is much more likely that we will see summary executions, concentration camps, assassinations, bombings, small scale attacks, and sabotage rather than large scale battles.

        • The Fourth Turning is a GREAT book

          related articles

          well worth your time

          I think VERY FEW people recognize the magnitude of the change that is upon us

        • Sid Davis, There are several very good books on civilization, among them, “The Fourth Turning” by Strauss and Howe. People would gain an advantage of insight by reading this book you summarized, I know that I did.

      40. I does seem that 9-ll was some kind of turning point and after reading the “The Harbinger” by Johnathan Cahn, I understand more than enough. While reading it, I checked a few of the facts online to see if he had stretched the truth a bit to fit the story, but no, and was shocked to find that he did not. Had to pick my jaw off my lap more than a few times to say the least! A must read.

      41. ALL IS WELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Great news

          What shall we talk about now lol

          Take care

      42. Take good care Burt, you are appreciated by us here and those you help at home.

        Y’all Beware! Tanned and Strong – just like my Wild Turkey!!

        • You have a pet turkey I like turkey, what is it called?

      43. I agree with the article up to the point of 9-11. Yes we were vulnerable, but not to outside forces. We were vulnerable to a rogue clique within government. The old saying, “all roads lead to Rome”, could be re-stated, “all roads to tyranny lead back to 9-11”. I believe something evil this way comes, but much more evil than even the perpetrators expect. The intended victims of the ruling elites agenda, will fight back for decades if necessary. Count of it!

      44. I agree our rights are being given away by the people. We are on a decline historically. I do not see any uprising on the horizon and most likely will not see it in my lifetime. People are simply too lazy. As long as they have TV, food and shelter nothing is going to happen.

        The mainstream media is already state controlled and the people for the most part actually think the economy is getting better. Go talk to some and ask them what is going on in Europe or better yet ask them about Greece. You will most likely get a blank stare or a reply of something is going on in Greece? People are clueless.

        People want to remain clueless. Take OWS for instance they were branded as lazy jerks blaming everyone else for their problems and look the propaganda worked. Look at the Tea Party the same thing happened.

        Americans are waking up to the lies about unemployment. People are still beliveing oil prices are because of those speculators when it is liquidity from the FEd and the ECB driving the prices up, food is going up. Yet there is no inflation. What lies.

        The only way in my mind the people will actually get off their butts is when fuel hits about 6 bucks a gallon or they start to implement austerity in the USA. Otherwise nothing is going to happen. The government will continue to take their rights and start controlling their travel and they will not care. After all it is to protect the people of this country. People believe almost anything.

        My prediction is Obama will get re-elected. This is how it will play out. The Fed will do another round of QE after the market stalls out and has a large decline. They will release the strategic reserves just before election to garner the greatest impact and wallah he saved the masses.

        What scares me the most is what he will do after he is re-elected and do not have to worry about being re-elected again. Personally he will be coming after your guns and anything else he can.

      45. Off topic(a usual) been up in the mountains, only “link” to the outside world has been xm radio. I listened to ‘the power’ alot(many hours)( a “black”(aka-RACIST) radio station. I guess, alot of the so called black comunity thinks(have been told) thomas jeferson was a child molester, and the only reason us “white folk” want to go back to how this country ‘used” to be (1n 1781) is to put black people back in to slavery. I saw HOPE in 1 or 2 of the callers into these stations, BUT 9-10 told me we(as a people and nation) are FUCKED!! Prepare, and know the ignorant people around you that MIGHT be an enemy!!

        • ~Kevin~

          Hold true to your convictions, sir! You’re not alone!

          Ditto….don’t fret/worry over or fear….the obsolete “farm equipment” types!!!

          I have a hunch…’re gonna be OK!!!!!

      46. Where the FUCK is “man up” and “facebook page” ??? PUNK ASS BITCHES!!! Jewish trolls!!

        • You OK?

          • @iowa-I am fine, moma didn’t raise no dumby!!

        • Kevin: dont sweat the petty shit,
          Pet the sweaty shit 🙂

      47. There have been some intense earthquake activity the past day and a half, I wonder just how much the governments of the world know what is actually going on. Look at this; 8.6 and 8.2 off of Indonesia, 5.9 off of Oregon, 7.0 then USGS downgraded it for some strange reason to 6.5 central Mexico, 6.2 then 6.9 north Mexico, and many other moderate earthquakes in various locations. I personally get sick and tired of the USGS, a government agency downgrading earthquakes when they appear threatening to the population.

        Something wicked comes this way all right, and the government is hiding it as best as they can. The difference between a 7.0 and 6.5 earthquake is 16 times less energy. Seismographs cannot be that crappy that they haven’t gotten it right the first time. If there was some super geophysical event(s) coming the people would not know about it until it happened. One can only try to figure out the patterns and try to predict it themselves. I think the governments KNOW something cataclysmic is coming and this is one reason why they are beefing everything up.

        Aside from widespread manmade disasters such as world war, or some very well organized terrorists, the planet and the sun and moon and various other space related objects are what is going to cause TRUE SHTF is a flurry. I found this artilce on Stan Deyo from the National Geographic: What this says is that everyone is perplexed, as they call this something new, “something we have never seen at this level of size in this particular area”. To have a 8.6 horizontal earthquake is like having a 9.5 thrust earthquake.

        The amount of pure destruction the planet can create is mind blowing, and those in the higher sciences that we don’t hear about, KNOW this. There are hiding something terrible that is going on with this planet. God I sound like Charlie in the “2012” movie. I don’t think that planet is going to tilt on its axis like the movie, but the plates sure as hell could be going through a new stage of colliding. There are not going to tell us if some super volcano is immenient.

        Watch the coming earthquakes and other geology related events on top of the political events, it sure seems like something collosal is coming. You start to see a lot of earthquakes of 6.0+ away from plate boundaries, or north of 70 degrees north, or in the Antarctica continent, look out. Maybe people can put their minds together and try to figure out what is going on.

        • ok I will finally show my tinfoil hat, never have so here it is in all its glory, weather situation is HAARP a very real goverment program location in alaska. many reports in China and other countries that america cuased earthwuakes etc with this technolofy. I once saw on weather chanel one county had a drought and this airplane moved and seeded rainclouds so it would rain. thought to myslef (pre tinfoil hat days) awwww! How nice we can do that to help farmers who need rain. YIKES if I only knew then. look I am in NC and felt the earthquake that was in VA, NC havin earthquakes? what the F***. I once had a Pasotr explain to me that Santan is the Prince of air, kinda funny I got thinkin about this, that would be satelites for TV radio, and weather. Just a thought I have been pondering. That beast is alive and is rising to power, get right with God, Pray for a pre trib rapture and get ready all for the ride is gonna start soon, and it aint gonna be a good one let me tell ya I am preppein and praying cuz I think the time is runnin down to a few months. Love your families let them know every chance ya get. Think of what you are seein, smooth talker, honey from there lips, God warns us of this, wars and rumors of wars. Lovers of themselves, haters of God, not only our leaders but much of the world….get ready and keep lookin up

          • @ justincase. You know what is so sad about this? There could be all sorts of strange warnings that are obvious to people like the people that visit this site, but the news and other government related sources will try to deceive everyone elsae and give some lame explanation for it right up until the end. Talk about evil. When there is a problem with the economy, war, geophysical, whatever, you want to tell people so they can prepare and get ready. This is called having a conscience that you want people to try to survive what is coming.

            Something wicked comes this way is so true. Died is most people’s consciences and doing what is right and fair. I wonder if even politicians have a kernel of a conscience. Why not tell everyone if a mega earthquake is coming so they can at least stock up and attempt to survive? Why not tell everyone that a supervolcano is imminent so people can try to get to someone safer? Why not tell people that war is coming? 50 years ago they tried to prepare people, becuse people mattered to those in power, at least somewhat. Wicked is loss of conscience and loss of any concept what is right and wrong.

            • @ Be Informed Amen !!! Evil is the matter of nor caring for another that is soooooo true simple fact with a big impact

      48. What you all are seeing is the way of the anti-christ being prepared. Get ready!!!!

      49. One has to ask oneself, who are these people that are carrying out these orders? What kind of disturbed mind would turn on innocent people? What is in the mind of the police officer, the NSA agent, the Drone controller, the military personnel, the DHS employee, etc., to make them do this kind of work? We’re they abused as children? Are the on psychotropic drugs? Why the chip on the shoulder? What has programmed their minds to turn on their countryman? Are these psychopaths? Sociopaths? Possibly serial killers? How unbalanced are they?

        We have to realize that there is an underlying sickness, a dis-ease permeating our society and these subhumans are a reflection of a cancer that has spread globally. Do they do this work just to get a paycheck? Is it money? Or do they perform these criminal acts because they are deranged and out of touch with who and what they are?

        How far will they go, in following orders, just so they can put food on the table? No, these are not humans. This is not about being employed. THis is about getting off on controlling and manipulating others. It’s about POWER OVER OTHERS. These people, who do this work, are very sick. They need help. ANd maybe that help will be a bullet to their heads.

        • European American-Try looking up what UN Nato Peacekeeping troops are in your state. I live next to a state cop,so maybe it’s time to ask if there’s something he’d like to tell me.
          I’ve been suspicious of those gigantic food distribution centers since there are so many ’round here and they sprang up overnite.
          This might be a lame thought, but I think that’s where the troops will be fed. Same way all the troops in Haiti were fed, they guarded the food and the airfield and the ships.
          But since I noticed all the signs in my neighborhood had been changed, at the T intersections with directional green arrows separate and below the usual red embedded arrows (No Parking Between Signs –> <–) I add this to the list of things that don't seem right. Why the change?? Planning an evac are we??

          Has anyone else seen a grouping of 3 or 4 black arrows, usually on phone poles and always near hospitals?
          I'd say these are tacmars for troops that either don't speak English, or since they're arrows, they're fool proof in a blackout.
          Any one know what 2 arrows down and 2 facing right mean?? BTW, there's a hospital 'round the corner…so does "just ahead and to the right" sound right??

        • In the Federal government, there are elitists, multiple mid-level managers, administrative workers, agents, and special agents at the white-collar end. The special agents are authorized to carry weapons, are trained, even propagandized. The special agents aren’t all ‘bad guys’ but the orders are coming from higher-up so is the flaw with the originator of an order or with the person who has been instructed to follow an order?

          From what I’ve seen, the majority of Federal employees are dependent upon their paychecks (#1 focus is personal and selfish). They follow orders and stick with their job description — they never rock-the-boat. Many are do-nothings and milk-the-system, but because of the Federal employment arrangements, they are protected from being fired.

          More than 50% of the administrative employees are just at average intelligence, regardless of higher education. They’re the Federal Flock of Sheep. Many believe they are “helping others”, or that’s their verbal rationalization to the job. There is quite a bit of nepotism and ‘good ole boy’ networking within the Federal government, too. Shocker.

          In the distinct minority are the shit-disturbers, ie. those who refuse indoctrination and think out-of-the-box, either transfer or quit. The Government machine is simply too big, too cumbersome to re-direct.

          None of this is much different than Congressional representation, in fact it’s a similar sampling in many ways. So what does that say?

      50. Using the tired analogy of Hitlerite Germany to explain what is happening to us now, as this article does, is misleading, inaccurate and dishonest. It borders on disinformation.

        The Amerikan police state and its assault on our inalienable rights has been inspired, conceived and implemented not by long-deceased “Nazis,” but by Zionist and Marxist Jews and their accomplices. The pliable Amerikan sheep who are fixated on the late Der Adolf as the avatar of ultimate evil, and in response to this fixation love and obey the living agents of a foreign power who would think nothing of killing millions of Amerikans are, functionally, traitors to the constitution, the nation and themselves.

        It was not “Nazis,” but “Americans” with names like Lieberman, Levin, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Lautenberg and Chertoff (from “Tchort,” Russian for “Satan” by the way) who have sponsored and/or implemented policy to eliminate the Constitutional rights of Amerikans. It was people with names like Emmanuel, Axelrod and Dohrn (Bernardine that is, amnestied Jewish federal fugitive, Weather Underground member and wife of bomb maker Bill Ayers) who ran, managed and sponsored the Islamic Kenyan puppet through whom they now claim the power to extra-judicially execute any American they see fit, even though he is constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of the Presidency of the United States.

        The reason “our” government views the American populace as its enemy, and is gearing up to inflict maximum damage on Americans, is that it is controlled by people loyal to a FOREIGN country.

        THEY in turn view the historic American nation as a foreign entity and, from their comprehensive “preparations,” it is obvious that they fully expect the HOSTILITY of Americans as a natural reaction to what they are DOING or are about to do to them.

        The question is: WHAT could they be planning to do that causes them to expend such vast sums preparing for open RESISTANCE?

        • ~Ahab~

          The short answer is………GENOCIDE of the GENTILES & UTTER SLAVERY for the small number of SURVIVORS!!!

          Remember…their esteemed Rabbi’s have stated in print & in speeches to their own…that we Gentiles have no soul, we are mere animals/cattle…& the sole reason their GOD created us…is to serve “THEM”.

      51. European American:

        I would counter that many of these people are not as evil as you think. Assigning small tasks to a wide variety of employees reduces the perception of what the larger goal may be. Look at the Manhatten Project to see how compartmentalization provided security through “need to know” procedures.

        There ARE people that are aware of the larger goals, and hopefully their actions will eventually be judged in a court of law.

        I seriously doubt that we will begin to address, and solve, our problems until the educational level of our electorate is raised. Even if that CAN be done, it won’t succeed unless the quality of the candidates we have to choose from in the voting booth improves.

        “Following orders for the paycheck” is the limited thinking that I think many “preppers” are concerned about. It is the limited perspective that creates the “zombie” mindset that many people are becoming more concerned about. The “See something, say something” campaign is the passive compliance path for many to act aggressively against their neighbors via Government agents without taking any personal responsibility.

        I hope people will change, but I’m still going to buy a couple more cans of beans tomorrow.

        • Beware: They created that court. People have fallen for that with the old “Interstate Commerce” drug laws. It’s like a freaking 3 Stooges sketch where one says “I’m with him.” and the doorman asks who the second guy’s with and he points to the first guy. Constitutional passing the buck.

          And of course a court created by those that consider themselves victims isn’t fair, either. It’ll be a fixed verdict no matter what?

      52. @ Burt,

        The Wild Turkey that I talked about is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

        So, from today forward every time I’m going to have a drink and when I make a toast, instead of saying Cheers or Nosdrovia, I will say “Burt the Brit” in your honor.
        That’s my Turkey’s name!

        Maybe it will spread and one day you might hear it in a local pub. God Bless!

        Y’all Beware!

        • Whoops lol

          Still lots of things to learn lol

          I am honoured but they will think you are toasting a long dead friend…and I am still very much alive and kicking lol

          Take care mate

      53. @Be infomred

        Thanks for the info and link! Very Intersting.

        Y’all Beware!

      54. @ Burt,

        (The more you think about this one, the funnier it gets.)

        A very tired nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift. Preparing to write a cheque, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it.

        When she realizes her mistake, she looks at the flabbergasted teller, and without missing a beat, she says:

        ‘Well, that’s great….that’s just great….some arsehole’s got my pen!’

        Y’all Beware! Squeeze those nuts!!

        • ROFLMAO

          Love it

      55. I smell something wrong with Haffner’s tale. It’s phony. This article is propaganda directed against the USA.

      56. i think it’s rather simple when one stops to consider: local law enforcement across this nation is being prepared to become the localized arm of fed takeover when things go south… they will be the minions that provide information about local “threats” and accompany the federal thugs in neutralizing them… let’s not forget that our military and 0bamination’s civilian para-military will also be on hand and before you get your panties in a wad over the American military abusing Americans consider how many illegals want a piece of the rotten apple pie that’s sitting on the American Table – they will be more than happy to dish out some “well-deserved” social justice on “average America” in order to “make thier bones”… let’s also include the foreign nationals already in our country and training with our military – what do they care who’s in the crosshairs of thier rifle scope..??? janet reno was a guinea pig for testing a multi-national leo force against Americans in the Waco debacle… keresh was a whack-job for sure but what the fed did was nothing short of hitler-tarian…

        the real issue is whether the 30,000,000 gun owners will stand up to the coming forceful socialist takeover or cow to the demands of the very seriously outnumbered when the time comes… bear in mind: i DO NOT advocate any American taking up arms against our governemnt but i do and WILL stand up for self protection and self-preservation against any and ALL unlawful acts perpetrated by ANY aggessor…

        • 30 million but only those registered? I could have sworn it was a lot more than that. Maybe 30 million homes?

      57. I find this article to be biased and poorly written. There is an agenda here that is disturbingly wicked. Parts I agree with however as a whole, I can not accept it as anything more than dribble. There are liberal undertones and manipulation of the mind. America was great and will be again. This is just one man’s opinion.

      58. thats not the only wicked thing coming. there is a huge amount of radioactive material dangerously close to spilling from the cooling pools on the 3rd floor. this, added to whats already dumped into the ocean, and already contaminating the food chain, will make it extra wicked.

      59. sorry, left out the area of fukushima.

      60. “These are dangerous times.If this Constitution and the Bill of Rights are to be of use, then they must be tested from time to time, and paid for with the blood of those that believe in the good of mankind. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness will only be taken from us from within and if we allow it. Those that give up Liberty for the sake of Security will get neither.” Benjamin Franklin….. not much has changed, and we are still in the fight…..

      61. Anybody that keeps fear-mongering this handgun bullet buy is an absolute FOOL. Large buys spanning years of ammunition are NORMAL, including hollowpoint bullets. The fear that they’re going to ‘take over America’ with handguns is stupid beyond belief. SHTF and other asinine websites that keep shoveling this bullshit should be utterly ignored. Fear-mongering is not doing anybody any good (except help promote your many advertisers and thus your own revenue stream).

        I own a huge website — but NEVER advertise on places like this because of the absolute CRAP that is being posted here. I do not wish to support, condone or associate myself or my company with this kind of garbage. And I am fully aware of the evil that exists within our various branches of government — but will not be a part of the deceptions and knee-jerk fear-mongering going on.

        Americans need facts, truth and honesty, something that I’m seeing less and less of in the so-called “truth movement” and ‘alternative media’, which are proven to be increasingly more ridiculous and misleading.

        I know why this is happening, but responsible websites will not post this kind of garbage nor allow themselves to be a part of it in any way.

        • You have your opinion; We have ours. Difference is I’m not going to call you an ass, and have no problem with you having a stupid opinion. Because I was well raised. and respect your right to have said opinion. My problem with Homeland Security is simply it’s name. Should have been called the KGB, NKVD etc.. It cannot possibly need the ammo. cause it’s sure not protecting my country, or it’s borders, or me. I could cut their budget 90% and do their job. If what it’s supposed to do is protect the Constitution

        • @absolute Disgust—

          I would give you 1000 thumbs up if I could.
          Fear SELLS. Seems some know it. By the responses here, this site does not do well anyway…. limited responses to articles, and all by same people.
          This site is IRRELEVANT in the eyes of the govt, and if they DID watch sites, this sure as hell would not be one of them.

      62. Obama is the Anti-Christ,That’s what’s coming !

      63. This has nothing to do with Hitler. This is about Jews and Communism. The Nazis aren’t into our media,banking, etc, the Jews are. Google up Genrikh Yagoda, Holodomor, Red Terror. They killed 65,000,000 to impose their Communism. They, i.e. the Jews, have us on the target list next. If you can’t see this then you are a fool and deserve what you get…the FEMA gulag or a .40 to the back of the head.

      64. Chinese Goals.

        People who think ‘Taiwan’ or ‘reunification’ constitute Beijing’s greatest goals are falling into a classic deception of the kind taught by Sun Tzu. In the realm of Chinese needs and ambitions ‘Taiwan’ is merely a short scene in one act of the play. That play is entitled ‘biological survival’.

        Under that overall goal what are the sub-objectives of the Chinese race and government?

        1. Lebensraum. China doesn’t have enough of it and by their standards other races aren’t doing much with their living spaces. This particularly applies to Africa and Australia. So take them. What ‘moral sense’ would inform the Chinese not to do this?

        2. Resources of energy and raw materials. The biological survival aspect in the context of high energy industrial civilization is obvious.

        3. Individual Women for Individual Mating. This sounds like a throw back to ancient times. It will come within the practical experience of many reading these words. A confluence of several white technologies in other species’ hands has produced an historically rare situation. When China was weaker it dealt with its lack of Lebensraum by limiting family sizes to an objective one child. The specific means used were infanticide, abortion and later birth control and government laws limiting families to one child. This westernized attempt at population limitation collided with an older Asiatic racial preference for sons over daughters. That’s because in Asia daughters literally ‘join’ their husband’s extended families and are a dead economic loss to their parents’ families. This racial attitude is so deep it’s even expressed in a language that uses different words to describe paternal and maternal grandparents.

        The next white technology factor is prenatal pregnancy testing to determine the sex of the child. After this became available females were far more commonly aborted than males under the constraints of the racial patterns of ‘family’ and a government population limitation policy. China will soon have an excess of military age males in the range of 50-100 million over the available number of female mates. These males are pre-doomed demographically to -0- hope of ever finding a Chinese bride. The civilizing influences of a good woman upon a man (feminist ‘wymyns’ don’t count in that process) will thus be absent upon this vast pool of potential soldiers. Their only hope for biological propagation is to literally conquer a bride.

        From the perspective of the Chinese government there are three theoretical options and one practical option for dealing with this demographic time bomb.

        a. Do nothing and let China dissolve in internal chaos.

        b. Immediately begin mass normalization of homosexuality as a socially acceptable lifestyle.

        c. Arm and send these unpaired males forth to conquer.

        I predict option (c) will be the choice because of unconscious racial imperatives and a conscious calculation by Chinese leaders that these males will be safer the further away they march. As a French politician once said during the Judeo-Masonic Revolution in France (called the French Revolution), “Peace is out of the question. We have 300,000 men under arms. We must make them march as far as their legs will carry them. Otherwise they will return and cut our throats.”

        • Will: I would agree with “C”. And if they go forth to conquer and collect wives and concubines, where will they go?

          Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Bangledese, Ahjirbishan, Ubeckestan, Afghanistan, Kurdestan, etc.

          They will get the women for their men, the rice bowel, and all the hydrocarbons that they can.

      65. The Fed Reserve 100 yr charter is up for renewal in 2013.

        THAT’s why they are preparing.

        Look into it.

      66. Wonder how many millions of rounds Americans possess?
        How many Americans vs their enemy?
        Who has nothing to loose, but all to gain?
        Who knows that fighting for good is forgivable- fighting for evil is infinitely damnable ?

        • Try trillions? LOL it has to be as common as potato chips.
          Assume: 200 million guns with just 1000 rounds each which doesn’t even cover a year’s target practice
          That’s 200 billion rounds per year that have to be replaced. Maybe not trillions but still it’s quit a bit more than “millions” as you stated.

      67. I believe it was Al Gore in his book ‘Earth In the Balance’ where he said that after we cross a certain threshhold, a flood of dramatic changes would occur all at once. Sounds like we are there.

      68. vulnerable and unloved…? are you kidding? ..still clinging to the 9-11 fairytale? this must be an idiot.

      69. Exceptional article. It is a shame most Americans have been brainwashed into believing bad is good and good is bad.

      70. This is nothing new. Now you have the Internet and your seeing things happen in real time. Try to be calm.

      71. umm.. the Gerald Celente youtube channel is no longer available !!

        The end is nigh…run for the hills !

      72. may all of you jesus freaks die horrible, violent deaths!!!

      73. When I was young they told me to go to school, get an education and get a good job and stick to it for the rest of my life. I did all of that, only problem the jobs went away. Then they said, well go back to school and learn a different trade. I did that too! I got another good job and again it left me. Now that I am middle aged, they say it’s my fault that the banks had to be helped. I created debt? Although every thing I own is paid for, they still want to tax my one house. They tax me like crazy all my life and I find myself with no job and no health care. I am sick now. So when I go to the government office to ask if there is any help they say to me”NO!” Although sitting there in the middle of all the Mexican lady’s talking in Spanish and appear to be getting all the help. I see them walking out laughing and smiling with paper work in their hands. I sit for a few more hours and observe then again it is my turn to talk to the African American government employee, who once again says “NO!” I go home and on the way home I see a large group of illegals standing in front of the Home Depot. I think to myself maybe I can stand there and ask for work too! I again stand around and talk with my fellow laborers. I then begin to talk to them and on of them speaks English and I talk with him while Anglo men in pick up trucks drive by and see me and say “NO!” While they pick up the Mexicans standing next to me. Then I ask my new fellow laborer, how do you do it man? He says to me, well, My wife goes to the welfare office and gets food stamps for the kids. All his kids are young and mine are adults and live on their own. So I ask how much do you get? He says they give us $200 for each kid per month. I say how many kids? He says 6. That’s $1,200 a month $14,400 a year. I think that something wicked landed here a long time ago and is breeding and growing amongst us. I think that weeds have been planted and they are growing right along next to me. Anyway after a month of standing in front of Home Depot I give up and walked into a grocery store and am now hired at $7.25 hr. the minimum. I now work in a bakery in the back with young men that have just been released from prison. They are my new co-workers and surprisingly we have a lot in common and I have found them to be highly intelligent and they can see through the B.S. that is all around us, and can see the crap that I have gone through. Not only this they have shown me the same loop holes and schemes that the illegals and the banksters are using and I have actually been able to make my life just that much more a little better. Not through any thing illegal, but through the same schemes that our government pulls on us everyday.

      74. Doing the math. If they hired 1,000,000.00 TSA agents that would give them each 450 rounds of ammo. Assuming they were all very well trained and had an iron steady hand under all circumstances. Still, being conservative, and assuming they could hit 67% of their targets…..Yup they each woild take down 300 people leaving this country with only the TSA agents left. Sounds like their plan to me.

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