Something is Very Wrong with MSNBC

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media have literally been talking about the same thing for almost a year now…


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      1. MSNBC? Isn’t that the progeny of Joseph Goebbel’s Der Sturmer? Oh wait, maybe it was the old Soviet Pravda (which is actually today MORE TRUTHFUL than the leftist media)

        • RIGHT ON!!

      2. MSNBC and CNN, etc is a bunch of toilet programs and misinformation.

        • Well…of course everyone knows the Russians did it! And poor Hillawee did’nt get her coronation because Vlad did’nt pay her enough…

      3. MSNBC and CNN have fallen into the shit and they keep trying to smell a ROSE!!!!

      4. “Something Is Very Wrong With MSNBC”. OH NO SHIT SHERLOCK! MSNBC is part of and the mainstream media and is run by chews just like the rest of the outlets. Nothing new here.

      5. Who watches MSNBC?

      6. No viewers.

        • We don’t have capitalism anymore. It’s all monopolies and they purposely not compete with each other and shake hands to protect each other.

      7. I don’t watch either of them. In fact, I don’t watch or read anything that proves to be wrong
        more than right……or if they are communist demoncraps. (Not the same as “older democrats”…..who are major misinformed).

        I’ve tried here lately, to watch the alphabet stations…..but get disgusted with the same old rhetoric.

      8. Indict the top tier management assholes for sedition, aiding and abetting, and treason.!!!!

      9. “Something is very wrong with msnbc”… AND FOX NEWS AND CNN AND EVERY DAMN TV “NEWS” PROGRAM THERE IS!

        • Something is wrong with Western Civilization, to have tolerated this infestation of these vermin this long.

        • It’s not called “Programs / Programing” for no reason.
          We are all influenced by something. Print, video and audio are some of the ways.

      10. MSM the proven propaganda arm of the elite.
        Why do people still watch this stuff?

      11. Great report, it had me laughing.

        Anyone who has watched “Mad Eyed Maddow” on CNBC has to have noticed that crazy rapid eye blinking and incredibly rapid speech she does some nights, especially high stress nights. That eye blink thing she does is symptomatic of abuse of antipsychotic drugs. Some antipsychotic drugs can be used as performance drugs. If Mad Eye wants to be faster than a guest, or not miss a beat she may need an edge. If its chemical it would produce symptoms. She would come across some nights as a total nut job when she took too much. It happens when people self medicate. Mad Cow Maddow is likely on exactly the same drugs that set off mass killers.

        • PTPO, Rachel Maddow is a psychotic bitch and a lesbian freak to boot. MSNBC also has ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, daughter of the late commie POS Zbigniew Brzezinski. Oh, I forgot to mention they also have ‘AM Joy’ aka Joy Reid, one of the biggest black liars and POS in all of MSM. One of her most frequent guests is [DRUMROLLS] you guessed it, MAXINE WATERS, another POS black liar. Oh and how could I forget about Don Lemon at CNN, another POS black liar. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

        • wait….WHAT? i THINK you are admitting to watching that simp several times?!?! i NEVER watch mainstream media anymore……i THOUGHT nobody else did either?

      12. I have figured it out.

        The people who write the news are the same ones who write the scripts for soap operas. You could watch those shows just once every couple of months and still keep up with the storylines.

        I don’t watch the news any more. I don’t watch any network TV either.

        • one america news is VERY conservative….give it a shot.

      13. I’m just amazed that it’s taken this long for some folks to realized PMSNBC had something wrong with them.

        • I dumped traitorous lie Cable TV 32 months ago. Like why pay and subscribe to those who lie to me with hate America Propaganda? Stop feeding the beast and watch them turn to dust. And tgat prick Commie Como is a real nutjob.

      14. MSLSD, does anyone watch that drivel?

      15. “Something is Very Wrong with MSNBC”

        …um…do ya think?

      16. lots of people watch them just not the bright ones.

      17. That man? Left over from the LSD movement in the 60’s.

      18. Don’t watch any tv so called news, even local. Some radio rarely, that Laura Ingram is a real boob. Just mindless filler for the constant ads. Women have pushed into sports on tv which repulses me. Only deeper voiced women are used. Leave mens sports announcing to males, women need to stick to womanly topics.

      19. I taped MSNBC a year ago just in case I missed tomorrows news. By the way, Is Hilary still winning? LOL

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