Someone Just Made A Massive Bet On Gold: “The Bullion Breakout Is Far From Over”

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    Global stock market panic following the Brexit vote suggests investors around the world are quickly realizing that the collapse of the entire system is inevitable.

    Though Brexit may have been the trigger for the latest sell-off, the fall out is merely an indicator of much deeper problems.

    And as the crash accelerates, those with foresight are rapidly divesting themselves of traditional assets and moving their capital into safe havens of last resort. The latest move comes from an unknown trader who, according to CNBC, just made a massive bet on gold:

    If you missed out on gold’s recent rally, fear not, because one savvy trader is betting more than $6 million that the bullion breakout is far from over.

    In an eyebrow-raising trade on Tuesday, one trader bet that the gold ETF, ticker symbol GLD, could keep soaring through the summer. Specifically, that trader purchased 66,000 of the September 135/140 call spreads for 96 cents each. Since each options contract accounts for 100 shares of stock, this is a $6.3 million bet that the ETF could rise as high as $140 — or another 7 percent from the current price of around $130.

    Whoever this trader is, he’s not alone.

    As we’ve previously noted some of the world’s most well known investors like George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller and Doug Casey are  making similar bets in expectation of widespread destabilization of the system. Moreover, high net worth family wealth funds are aggressively stockpiling precious metals assets, with many doing so in secret.

    While gold bullion has risen precipitously this year, and especially in the wake of Brexit, some forecasts suggest we are nowhere near the top, calling for gold to go as high as $5000 per ounce, which would amount to a 270% increase from here.

    Back in 2010 financier George Soros said that gold would become the ultimate bubble.

    Is this the beginning of the run-up and eventual “panic buying” ?

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      1. That was me just bought a 1910 Brit Gold Sov.

        • My favorite coin; I just like to think of all the natives the Empire shafted to get the gold. sorry if I caused a price spike.

          • Thats all right Para I like Panda’s, they may be half lead but that sure is a pretty bear. Buy Chinese they’re 999.9% pure. Trekker Out. Sure They Are.

        • I buy coins that are priced purely on the amount of metal in them. That includes junk silver American dimes and quarters, recently minted Canadian Maple coins, and Australian kookaburra coins.

      2. I hope this guy knows he’s betting against the fed.

        • That may be exactly why he made such a bet…

          A bet on gold is a bet against central bank money printing. Of course, his appears to be a shorter-term trade vs. taking advantage of the potential multi-year trend.

      3. Hey Mac, I just wanted to post up this seemingly legitimate intel dump as a possible story lead:

        I hope it is helpful. Best to you and yours! –ND

        • Thanks Nick — A friend sent that over as well — very interesting info there!

          • You are most welcome! I thought so as well. Best, –ND

        • Can you post further follow ups?

      4. I just hope he gets it in his hand, because if it is on paper only he is screwed!

        • Yep, if you don’t hold it……… I work with a couple people who say they’re in the metals game but all of them have theirs stored in vaults. So I asked one of these guys why he doesn’t just keep it himself. He claims it’s safer where it is. So I say “how you gonna get it ifin there be a collapse?”
          He says “collapse? Oh, you’re one of those guys. My broker tells me not to listen to people like you cause you’re all crazy”. Anymore I have to laugh. The writing is on the wall, in very big letters, in every language known to mankind. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Wanna know what happens to your PM’s when they are stored in Other People’s Vaults? They sell it, lease it out, and trade it, as if it was their own. Remember the 500 to 1 Ratio for Gold 500 OZ’s on Paper to 1 Physical Ounce in Physical Gold. Its called Rehypothification.

            If everybody wanted their Gold in Physical Possession, 1 guy will get the Gold and 500 people will commit suicide for being so Fucking Dumb.

            Silver is only about 17 to 1. 17 Paper Ounces of Pretend Silver for every 1 Ounce in Real Physical Silver.

            Ever play Musical Chairs. 500 People and one chair left, and when the music stops and the lights go out. it will be a bloody scene.

            Kinda like when the EBT System Goes down and only 1 Gallon of Milk left in the shelf. Try getting out to your car with that one gallon of Milk without being attacked by 500 angry and hungry Thugs waiting outside for you.

            Or like you own 1 house but rent it out to 500 people and collect their deposits and give each one a key, and the Move-In Day falls on this Saturday. You better be out of town when the Mob shows up.

            Sure keep your PM’s in someone else’s Vault or Bank’s Safety Deposit Box. Its plenty safe there right?


        • Sarge, I forgot to ask you on the last thread, how did the land search in TN go?

          • “B”
            One place had a junk yard next door, and the other place had a corner of the house all messed up. Would have cost around $30,000. just to fix that.

            Still looking.

            • Not to be morbid Sarge, but check obits in those small town areas. Might help you spot something before it goes to market.

      5. Hmmm

        With all due respect “6 Million dollars” is pocket change in the equities markets on Wall Street. If you had said 600 Million that would have been significant. But 6 Million in the context of the overall precious metals market is meaningless.

        • If you read carefully it is 6 million in Options on GLD. That could turn into 600 million if gold goes up enough. So it is not just buying a stock, but very high leverage on the GLD stock.

          • The article says “spreads”. That is this individual has bought 66000 135 calls and sold 66000 140 calls. The trader paid 0.96 for each spread. If GLD reaches 140 or above, this gives the trader a maximum profit of $400.40 per contract, or a grand total of $26,426,400.

            The anticipated 7% rise in GLD must happen before the end of September or he will obviously make less or possibly take a hit.

      6. I would say he got ahold of some good heads up info the bad is he was stupid on how he used that info way too spot light obvious look at me look at me

      7. The time line does fall in par with what most on here have been saying as far as economy and this fall/3rd quarter shit fall

      8. That is an extremely large purchase. These are options. If they expire in sept without reaching the strike price or better, the options become completely worthless. He loses the entire amount

        • Like i said he got a heads up info guess we will see

      9. It is true a lot of money is entering the gold market. However, I also would like to point out, to the gold market, $6 million dollars are just like a bucket of water in the ocean.

      10. I like YouTube. I was watching some videos about how terrible the Clintons really are. One of these talked about and showed the Clintons in Haiti. They suggested that in order to do business in Haiti you must go through The Clinton Foundation in order to be successful. This suggests you must go through Isreal or forget it since the Clintons power comes from their Israelis financial backers. The video showed that there is silver and gold and another mineral. Apparently it’s there and mining has only just begun. I’m Wondering what is actually there and will it have an effect on gold and silver prices. I don’t know how long ago the video was made. If I had six million I would go to Haiti and check it out. Does anyone know if Haiti is really going to start a mining rush or is this old news and no big deal. I guess I could Google it.

      11. It seems that many people are pushing the purchase of gold and silver these days, and their price seems to really be going up and up. But the Bible says that in the end time, it will all be worthless. What thoughts can you offer, please?

        • End of time everything worthless expect your soul. Think about it.

      12. Unless it is physically in your possession it is still worthless.

        • It doesn’t have to be physical if you can manipulate the market like these folks do daily.

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