Somebody Is Manipulating the Numbers: ‘In The Realm Of Economics A Change Of This Magnitude Is A Collapse’

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Headline News | 243 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    According to the U.S. government the American economy grew at an astounding 3.8% last quarter, signaling to many that the recession responsible for wiping out trillions in wealth and millions of jobs over the last six years is finally over.

    But is it?

    Or have the Gross Domestic Product statistics joined the same Bizarro world within which the fabricated unemployment numbers and historic stock market highs are being used to convince Americans that the recovery is complete and boom times are sure to return?

    According to the X22 Report, something just doesn’t seem right.

    We’re not seeing many corporations hire here. They are laying off at this point. This is why we are seeing the retail sales completely falling. We have an unemployment rate of 5.8%, but prior years the unemployment rate was higher but we had better sales.

    Somebody is manipulating the numbers… and we know who that ‘somebody’ is… it’s the U.S. government and central bankers.

    In the real world, where people regularly eat food, we see inflation… and if we really calculate it out we see inflation is around 10%…when we subtract a realistic estimate of inflation, once we get even close to 10%, suddenly a negative 11% on Black Friday becomes negative 20%.

    Black Friday shopping in the U.S. this year plummeted by 20% or more.

    In the realm of economics a year-over-year change of this magnitude is not a plunge. It is a collapse.

    Contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams, speaking with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, echoes these warnings saying that the information being put out by the government is nothing short of complete non-sense. If these officials numbers are true, says Williams, then what we have is the strongest American economy in 11 years.

    It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to understand this is a complete sham designed to keep stock markets, banks and the U.S. dollar propped up for as long as possible before the whole system comes unhinged.

    No one I know thinks we are growing at 3.9% other than they are trying to sell a bill of goods to the markets, specifically the currency markets… This is the strongest economy we have seen in 11 years, and I can tell you Main Street USA is not seeing that. . . . If you understate inflation, which the government does, you overstate inflation adjusted growth, and that is probably the biggest problem in the GDP report.


    Right now, we have a big distortion in the market, and that is the strength of the U.S. dollar. I contend the dollar should be getting much weaker, and indeed it’s going to turn very sharply very soon, and that will be an approximate trigger for a major upturn in inflation. The reason the dollar is strong right now . . . the U.S. economy is booming, if you believe the statistics.  Main Street USA doesn’t believe the statistics.  The rest of the world is in recession, and guess what?  We’re in recession too.  We’re just not reporting the numbers as accurately as the rest of the world.


    People outside the United States know America is in trouble, and they know the dollar is in trouble.

    It’s not going to take much to trigger a reversal of the current circumstances.  It could be an unusually weak economic statistic, and believe me, those are coming.

    Most could not have imagined in early 2008, even after horrible earnings reports from major corporations, that a meltdown in the financial world was imminent.

    And most don’t believe it now.

    It won’t take much for reality to set in and when it does those who did not prepare for it will see life as they have come to know it in America change drastically.

    A paradigm shift is coming.

    Judgment Day… is inevitable.



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      1. Federal spending up 98%

        • Just this morning, was driving down a local road. A small church had just one word on its small billboard. Usually that board has upcoming church events like a special service or whats become common these days — a free community supper.One word was on the billboard this morning- PREPARE

          Never in all my years seen any such wording from ANY church much less this one. Its a basic country church.


          Its here. The evil is here. Get right w/ God.

          • I’m reminded of the saying: “It just goes to show how figures lie and liars figure”.

            • Figures dont lie – BUT liars sure can figure

              Politicians – Bankers ( Alan BS Greenspan for starters ) – Major news out lets

              Have allowed & made lying acceptable & allowed the liar to not be held accountable for their actions. So the taxpaying GDP are the fall guys for their fraud which is the end result of their lying.

              What does not help is some religions look favorably on their members lying to non believers to further their objectives.

              I dont see how this will change until a major liar is held to account at the end of a rope.

          • Calgagus: “PREPARE

            Its here. The evil is here. Get right w/ God.”

            He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

            She who has ears to hear, let him hear.

            Thanks Calgagus for the well-intentioned reminder.

          • Funny Hooters Restaurant Sign read.

            “My Boss told me
            to change the Sign,
            So I did.”

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            • Awesome! Thanks for the link.

          • NOT one of these national TV and radio venues mention to Prepare, or mention warnings of an economic collapse, or how to prepare for disaster like this that will happen.

            My grandparents never had the great depression hit home because they always prepared. They didn’t see it coming, but it didn’t matter. They kept all their savings away from the banks, and hunted for their meat along with canning food. I think the message to “Prepare” is to get your house, your soul, your food storage and supplies in order, and keep them there ALL the time.

        • Bring on the collapse. The scum in government/corporate/banksters need culling. They are a disease that bullets/hanging/burning, etc.. can kill.

          • Unless TPTB get us into a war with Russia. TPTB know it’s going to be counter-revolution/Civil War, or WWIII. And to keep us from coming after them, those sociopaths won’t blink and eye as they try to start WWIII.

            • ore than likely TP2B will get us into a War very soon, to help Prop up falling Oil Prices.

            • The govt can start all the wars they want, but if the people will not deploy, the govt is up shit creek without a paddle. If the military complies in a war they know is unjust, then it is part of the problem. If the civilian population demurs, then they are also part of the problem.

              Reality is, if the people of this country do not adjust their nut sacks really soon, we are going to get our collective asses handed to us, and not in a friendly way.

              Silence is not GOLDEN—it’s SUICIDE.

              • “Silence is not GOLDEN—it’s SUICIDE.” Sixpack, truer words were never spoken, especially in our case. I wish I could give you thumbs up but we don’t have that anymore.

                • 🙂

              • Wars need so few people today. Its no longer Omaha Beach but some radar invisible flying thing bringing death from above possibly nuclear. If that line is crossed bio is sure to be used too.

                Someone actually sits in a missile silo singing “Silent Night Holy Night” on Christmas Eve awaiting a call to kill 100 million people.

              • Conscription in this day and age? NO WAY, IT WILL NEVER FLY, NOT IN TODAY’S POLITICAL CLIMATE.

                • if they started the draft, all wars would stop immediately, if they think there are protests now, just wait till all the colleges hit the streets

              • We came close to reinstating a draft during the Iraq debacle. Stop loss, etc. A former NG (or reserve?) officer who lived near me was dragged to Iraq even though he had resigned his commision 8 years earlier.

          • “Bring on the collapse. The scum in government/corporate/banksters need culling. They are a disease that bullets/hanging/burning, etc.. can kill.”

            FP, I’m missing something here. I need help in understanding this.

            #1. The Powers that Be (TPTB) or NWO Jew Banksters are engineering a collapse on many different fronts.

            #2. FP: “Let’s kill these guys [assuming someone somewhere has a consensus master list] when the collapse happens.”

            #3. TPTB or NWO knows they are going to be targets. (Or they laugh off the false bravado by such preppers as mere monkey chattering.)

            Question: Why would the TPTB or NWO want a collapse if they’re going to be death targets? They have to eat too. Who’s going to farm the land or fish the oceans or butcher the meat or drive the trucks to get food to where its gotta go if there’s a collapse? It’s not in the best interest of TPTB or NWO for a horrific collapse.

            Of course, there are mad men who don’t think rationally. But these alleged TPTB or alleged NWO are rational thinking people, by and large.

            • As a whole these evil people are way overconfident and their egos will get in their way. These people want my children and everyone I care for dead. Lets return the favor. There are many ways to hurt someone. Do your homework and be realistic about what you as an individual can accomplish. There’s millions of me. We are not the only people that will die. Let the whole fucking shithouse go up in flames for all I care at this point.

              • “These people want my children and everyone I care for dead. Lets return the favor.”

                FP, you’re familiar with the term “Mutually Assured Destruction” as a way of keeping the peace between countries with nuclear arms, yes?

                You believe that TPTB or the NWO Jew Banksters want to cause a collapse such that there will be many dead, including your family. You want to return the favor.

                My questions are this?

                o How do you propose to do this?

                o Do you even have a list of targets?

                o If you have a list of targets, how do you know that your target list is accurate?

                • I will not divulge details of tactical plans. All I’ll say is that my fellow vets have a network in place with ever changing up to date info. No mercy will be given once this starts. Sad but necessary. What else are we suppose to do? Just let them waste us with no counter-attack? I think not. No heirs that can be had will be left breathing. These fucks should be scared. Technology is not simply the domain of the elite scum. Thanks Uncle Sam for the training.

                  • “These fucks should be scared.”

                    That’s good, FP. That’s within the doctrine of “Mutually Assured Destruction.”

                    My hope is that you or your group will get that message to the people you are ready and willing to take out so that the great collapse doesn’t happen; this great collapse rests upon your assumption that a great collapse is nearly solely caused by the will and planning of TPTB or the NWO Jew Banksters.

                • Lists??? Take care of your neighborhood first.

              • “Let the whole fucking shithouse go up in flames for all I care at this point.”

                If things start to spiral badly, how could TPTB or the NWO Jew banksters even insure that a nuclear bomb or EMP or deadly virus won’t infect them and eventually take them out? Or even whether their own private security force will betray them and kill them? Or even whether a zombie horde of militia preppers will hunt them down for starting the whole collapsing cascade?

                They can’t.

                So it’s not in their best self-preservation interest to have a collapse. Now a collapse could happen because their manipulations and machinations have gotten far out of hand, and they don’t know how to rein in the Frankenstein. But I’m not convinced that the alleged TPTB actually want gigantic collapse. Mainly because I don’t see how they don’t suffer badly themselves from a horrible collapse.

                • FS. The powers that be already have stocked underground bunkers and out of country retreats. Believe me, they Are prepared

            • I’ll help any Bankster who wants to commit Suicide.

            • “They have to eat too. Who’s going to farm the land or fish the oceans or butcher the meat or drive the trucks to get food to where its gotta go if there’s a collapse?”

              The elite can retreat to any part of the world they choose. Most of them already have compounds in other countries. They can get their food and drink anywhere, so why would they choose to eat the GMO polluted crap they sell in the U.S.?

              They wouldn’t, and they can afford whatever they want. So the supply lines in this country do not matter to them, not one bit.

              • You guys ever heard of the show “undercover boss”? We were surfing channels the other day after my surgery, and came across the episode of the MAC truck CEO. This guy couldn’t remember to grease the part, set it on straight, not angled, wipe the access grease, and he had absolutely no clue how to use a pneumatic impact driver. He was on that line with the girl on that station for a long time and never once got it right. I’m not really worried about big shot CEOs getting away for long. Their food will run out, and money won’t mean shit to their servants if they still have them. My husband turns me loose with most of his power tools all the time, because I know how to use common sense. Still afraid of his table saw. I’ve given too many anesthetics to repair sawed off fingers.

              • I don’t understand that thinking in all of its ramifications. Let’s say that you’re fabulously wealthy. Living in a mansion somewhere in the U.S. Living like a King.

                Why would horrific collapse and having to relocate to some foreign locale or to some super fortified underground bunker be a better choice for a crazy rich elite family than where he or she is right now?

                • As soon as the Castles Mansions become targets all the employee servents will flee into the countryside and the kings will burn in their wine cellars.

            • Many of the elites have bunkers and at least 5 years of food/water/meds on hand ready to rock and roll. Ole Mitt Romney owns a hideaway retreat in Canada stocked and ready to go. The Mormons mandate all members have a minimum of one year of food and water on hand at all times and request they store 2 years of food/water. Oprah Winfrey also owns a hideaway in Canada stocked and ready to go. These are just two of thousands of elites that KNOW what is coming and are going to head to their hideaways when the SHTF. It IS coming and they KNOW it. Us peons at ground level in the U.S. are going to get hammered hard. PREPARE is right!

              • Yeah Mittins Romney. He says anybody can be successful just start your own business. Go to your parents and borrow $500, 000 and get your company up and running. Does anybody see where the bottleneck is in that business plan?

                • Mitty is going to run in 2016! And even though this capon is a BIG fan of Obama’s amnesty for 5-15 MILLION illegals, there are enough Mormons and useful idiots that would STILL vote for him. After all, when those brand new voters elect socialists and demagogues at the state and federal levels, he will be in another country with the rest of the elitists.

              • And they both hired somebody to build it. Not exactly secret bunkers. Things may not work out the way Mitt or Oprah are thinking.

            • The Answer? When the bottom drops out (not “if”) it’s for a reason. TPTB are convinced the useful idiots that survive the initial collapse and the unrest that will follow, will run to government for help and will accept any form of government that will “take care” of them.

          • And how do you identify who a Bankster is?? More than likely these top bank criminals will be hiding in their far away digital ivory towers. Only the weak minion sheep actually work in a brick and morter banks and are probably your neighbors just trying to raise their families.

            • The banksters will be those who try to assume power and control, with no effort towards reform or reset.

              There is not one of the elite who will run to their bunker, then innocently assume the life of a peasant. They will use their bunkers the same way that the feudal lords of old used their castles.

              They’ll be easily identified. How easily they’ll be fought is another matter.

          • Yes, the government/corporate/banksters need culling. Problem is, they think the same way about us. They are going to try to kill off as many of us as they can.

        • P2M : And that is the difference between the “old economy” and the “new economy”.

          This time IS different. What is different is that main Street Middle America has been DISENFRANCHISED, and left out of the “economy” as we have historically known it.

          While the numbers may be fudged somewhat, the reality is that globalization has fundamentally CHANGED the economy as we knew it, and in just 15 short years.

          The emphasis WITHIN the national economy has shifted.

          The reliance on the American consumer is over. The FED has demonstrated over the past six years that the American consumer has become less and less relevant to the overall GDP.

          The “old economy” was a consumer economy. The “new economy” is a financial economy. So while the numbers may be fudged a bit, they more or less accurately define the “new economy” as it has been RECONFIGURED to represent the interests of the Investment Class.

          So while John Williams and other analysts understand the numbers in relation to the “old economy” they are not grasping the new EMPHASIS within that economy that has fundamentally changed America forever.

          Consider that with 50 million Americans on food stamps and 100 million Americans without jobs, the $1.2 trillion annual budget shortfall only represents, 106% of the GDP. We are not in Kansas in anymore!!!

          Engage your employees or be systematically marginalized by them, one euphemism at a time. 🙁

          • I can’t find fault with one word of that, DK. There is only one problem. While the investment class has configured things to maximize their profit, if the people keep getting poorer, sooner or later there will be no one to soak for their money in this country.

            Then of course, they’ll do US like Africa and the other destitute. and start killing us off in greater numbers, and simply move on to the next country.

            In short, IF WE DON’T GET OFF OUR ASSES AS A NATION, WE’RE DONE. Russia, China and a few other countries get it and are exorcizing the money demons in the IMF—why don’t WE get it?

            • Sixpack, I for one, WILL stand up and fight. Braveheart NEVER lays down and dies for anyone. They might get me eventually, but not without paying a terrible price.

            • Sixpack.. I agree with you.

            • sixpack; “In short, IF WE DON’T GET OFF OUR ASSES AS A NATION, WE’RE DONE.”

              That’s exactly right and the point that I have been making for the past four years or more: we can be the victim or we can be victorious, but to be victorious, we must engage, and at the grass roots level.

              We must become PARTICIPANTS in the political process and push OUR agenda of Personal Liberty and economic nationalism or we will be partitioned!!! 🙁

              • economic nationalism a.k.a. fascism.

                • Helot/CLARK: I see Lew Rockwell has let you out for a quick comment; but no analysis to inspire the masses. Your pure stupidity is showing again. The New World Order with its FREE TRADE is FASCISM you fucking moron!!!

                  Economic nationalism is FAIR TRADE.

                  Isn’t that what BARTER is??? Barter is FAIR TRADE!!! Where two people or opposing sides come together like a garage sale and negotiate a trade: each giving something to get what they want, in their own best interests. This is the classic “meeting of the minds” to reach a fair agreement between parties.

                  This is FAIR TRADE. This is economic nationalism.

                  FREE TRADE is MANAGED TRADE. It is a euphemism to sell Americans their own economic slavery as a FREEDOM and it is managed by the NWO through NAFTA, GATT, WTO, TPP, and TAP to THEIR benefit and at OUR expense, through predetermined rules & regulations that give them an advantage over the rest of US.

                  Consider that small businesses cannot compete with large businesses because of the ungodly amount of regulation to which a small business must adhere. There is nothing FREE or FAIR about that. The table is tilted and it is tilted in the favor of the New World Order.

                  As usual you do not know the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground. Get a fucking clue. 🙂

                  • DK, I agree. the so-called ‘free trade’ treaties took away our industrial base with millions of decent-paying jobs that made our nation the envy of the world. “Made In USA” had real meaning to it. We used to produce everything we needed. “Free trade” as they call it actually began back in the late 60s. I know some people here can remember when we started losing our TV factories to Japan during that era. In 1970, RCA had a TV plant here in Memphis that laid off 150 people including my mother when the company decided to let the plant go to the Japs. Although my mother found another job the next day, that’s besides the point. If only we could get that industrial base back, think of what that can do for our economy.

                    • RE: “If only we could get that industrial base back, think of what that can do for our economy.”

                      It would sink it further.

                      Do yourself a favor, look up this title, read it, look at the graph and spend a moment thinking about it:

                      Free Markets: Cheaper Goods, Greater Wealth, Better Jobs
                      Gary North – September 12, 2014

                      “There is no question in my mind that manufacturing as we have known is going to be radically transformed by 3-D printing. There is no way to change this. There is no way to reverse this. This is going to accelerate. It is going to lead to massive decentralization. There is going to be an era of creativity in the field of manufacturing the likes of which we have never seen before.” …

                    • RE: “If only we could get that industrial base back, think of what that can do for our economy.”

                      All things remaining constant, it would sink it some more and be a terrible thing.

                      Consider reading this, and look at the graph:

                      Free Markets: Cheaper Goods, Greater Wealth, Better Jobs
                      Gary North – September 12, 2014

                      “manufacturing as we have known is going to be radically transformed by 3-D printing. There is no way to change this. There is no way to reverse this. This is going to accelerate. It is going to lead to massive decentralization. There is going to be an era of creativity in the field of manufacturing the likes of which we have never seen before.” …

                      (No link, just copy the title and search. It’s easy.)

                    • the durango kidd says:

                      “We must become PARTICIPANTS in the political process…”

                      There are no political solutions to problems created by politics DK. An honest assessment of this country’s 230 year history should convince anyone of that.

                      BTW: “All elections are distractions. Nothing conceals tyranny better than elections.”

                  • “FREE TRADE is FASCISM” ??? Psft… Talk about when, ‘words have no meaning’. Yeesh. Orwell, much?

                    You do not seem to know what the word “free” means, nor the word, “trade”.

                    Your juvenile anger blinds you.

                    Free trade is where two people or opposing sides come together and negotiate a trade: each giving something to get what they want, in their own best interests.

                    The word, ‘fair’ is a subjective word often used by ninnies and children.

                    Under Fascism – small businesses cannot compete with large businesses because of the ungodly amount of regulation to which a small business must adhere. For some people, for some twisted reason, they think Even More fascism is the solution to that, rather than letting people decide on their own, a.k.a. let the free market of The People decide.

                    Your beef is, you don’t want The People to decide for themselves. You want an authoritarian in control with the technocrats by their side. You want Fascism. Either you’re too blind to see that, or a paid hack.

                    • @ the durango(fascist)kidd:

                      “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” ― H.L. Mencken, Minority Report

                    • CLARK: You said, “The word, ‘fair’ is a subjective word often used by ninnies and children”.

                      LMAO!!! NO, “fair” is well defined. Look it up. A fair trade is a trade between two people or two sides which is negotiated between them. When they arrive at a settlement, that settlement must be “win, win” for them to complete the transaction.

                      When the Dutch bought Manhattan Island for the equivalent of $24 in trinkets, they thought they were getting a smoking deal because they didn’t have any manufactured goods; only hand crafted tools.

                      That is real Free Trade. That is how people, persons, and groups decide for themselves: not through a complex system of rules and regulations (managed trade) that gives preferences and advantages to some while leaving others to hold an empty bag.

                      As a millennial living at home, no one should understand “an empty bag” better than you!!! 🙂

                    • “When the Dutch bought Manhattan Island for the equivalent of $24 in trinkets, they…”

                      Should read, “…. trinkets from the Indians, the Indians thought ….”

                      Of course I want the people to choose for themselves. FREE TRADE as you define it doesn’t exist, and it is not the FREE TRADE of the NWO which Lew Rockwell promotes as a agent for the Crown. 🙂

                • Helot, uh, not quite so. “Fascism is the merger of the state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini

                  • What, renegade? You never heard of the term ‘Regulatory Capture’? Or, ‘Mercantilism’?

                    economic nationalism a.k.a. the merger of the state and corporate power.

                    “The People” don’t factor into those equations.

                    • CLARK: Nice try to confuse the issue, but Economic Nationalism is not Fascism. RB defined Fascism for you. Get a clue.

                      Economic Nationalism is real capitalism where competing states negotiate between themselves to receive specific goods and services in exchange for specific goods and services in a FAIR TRADE. 🙂

                    • @ d kiddie pretender,

                      This coming from a govt shill who thinks “fair” wouldn’t be subjective among those who ultimatley pull the strings.

                      You couldn’t find a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

                      IOW, if brains were bird droppings, you’d have a clean cage.

      2. It is not just here in America. The coming collapse will be felt around the world.

        It Wasn’t Only China: Here Is What Else Is Crashing Overnight

        “It wasn’t just China’s long overdue crash last night. In addition to the Shanghai Composite suffering its biggest plunge since August 2009, there has been a sharp slide in the USDJPY which has broken its uptrend to +∞ (and hyperinflation), and around the time Chinese gamblers were panicking, the FX pair tumbled under 120, although since then the 120 tractor beam has been activated.

        Elsewhere, the Athens stock exchange is also crashing by over 10% this morning on the heels of news that the Greek government has accelerated the process to elect the next president and possibly, a rerun of the drama from the summer of 2012 when the Eurozone was hanging by a thread when Tsipras almost won the presidential vote and killed the world’s most artificial and insolvent monetary union. And finally, the crude plunge appears to have finally caught up with ground zero, with ADX General Index in Abu Dhabi plunging 3.5%, also poised for the biggest drop since 2009.

        In fact the only thing that isn’t crashing (at least not this moment), is Brent, which did drop to new 5 year lows earlier under $66, but has since staged a feeble rebound.”

        • This just in: Diane Feinstein is a Murderous Bitch. You better believe her report is all a part of the planned destruction of America.

          • Diane Feinstein loves to Play the Evil Americans Plot. First take away all out guns, then broadcast the CIA Thugs Tortured the 3rd World Freedom Fighters who we invaded.

            So they she wants to stir the pot to get more people are world the world to hate and kill Americans.

            My American Citizen Message to the World.
            “We 90% of American Citizens are just as disgusted with our Government as you are, including our Military. Our elected Officials are actually chosen and selected ahead of time and, Heads they win, Tails we lose. Our Military is under the Thumb of Israel, and Until We can remove the Chains of this Slavery wee too will continue to suffer at the hands of these Political Psychopaths.” So if or when you want to attack some one, go after those who are causing the problems. American citizens are just as screwed as you are. We want peace like you do, and wish NO Harm to your People. Can we agree here? Thanks, Peace!!”

        • And gold seems to have found a bottom.

          • I called the bottom for gold at $1200 when gold was at $1700 last November. Now I am saying that gold will go to $3500 next year.

            Buy some if you can, but buy food and ammo first. 🙁

            • DK- Gold Bottom was $1140 just a few months ago, not $1200. I see $800 Gold again, before we see anything like $3500 Gold. Unless the Dollar totally collapses in which Gold will be a Trillion Dollars an Oz, if you are trading worthless Fiat paper for the PM’s. Gold prices are slightly up due to Holiday shopping season. Its still way over priced and in a Bubble. Same with Silver. Same with Oil, Copper, cars, houses, food, etc.

              • I see d kiddie pretender licked his wittle wounds and is out to show his ass again.

                Yup gold (what common man gives a rats ass about whether it hit at open, close or during trading…..none) hit bottom at lower than $1200. I hope it goes back down again….would love to see it in the 700-800 range again….many say it will see that range again. Of course I’d love to see $5 silver again too. Oh, and $1.75 gas again…..still over $2.50 where I am.

                • BJ, I would love to see it in the 700-800 range again, too.

                  How-freaking-ever; have you read this?:

                  7 Questions Gold Bears Haven’t Answered
                  by Jeff Clark

                  (No link, just copy and search. It’s that easy. It’ll prolly be the first one at the top of the list. If you’re so inclined.)

                • $2.45 and falling at AM PM. 🙂

            • WWHTI: Gold BOTTOMED in the Spring at EXACTLY $1200 at the end of the trading day, while hitting $1180 during the day, BEFORE the close. Check the charts.

              Subsequently, it RALLIED before new suppression of the metals market later in the summer, and good economic news caught the Bulls short in the fall.

              You are trying too hard to find fault with me and you have stepped on your dick again, if you have one. LMAO!!! You are a DUMBSHIT!!! 🙂

              • Two thumbs WAY up!

              • DK. I see you rely too much on Bloomberg Propaganda UN NWO News network. Your numbers are flawed again Durango Boomerang. I looked up the gold chart for 2014 before I posted. November 5th 2014 Gold closed at $1142. Now lick my boots again dumbshit!!

                • RE: “November 5th 2014 Gold closed at $1142.”

                  Don’t confuse him with facts, they get in the way of his twisted narrative.

        • Seeing the same trend today, KY Mom.

          Also watching trends in commodities. Down. China buying much less iron ore, for example. Copper down, oil down, as we all know. Alloying metals such as chromium and molybdenum down. All are leading indicators to a slowdown in manufacturing and construction.

          The present state of the world finance system is sustained only by faith that somewhere, somehow, the central bankers will pull the rabbit out of a hat and save the day. Faith alone. It’s becoming more and more evident that there ain’t no rabbit IN that hat.

          Faith is a psychological phenomenon. Lose your faith and fear takes over. You panic. Panic is like airsickness on a plane – one does it, they all do it. Not for nothing were depressions called panics in the 19th century.

          Normally central banks can step in and buy, to stop a panic, but today the central banks have already been doing just that for years. They have no resources left that can do anything. Panic will win the day. When? Nobody can say for sure, because it’s a psychological phenomenon, not calculable by any computer algorithm. But we do know that it’s gonna be long, long fall when it hits.


          • OG I don’t think the banks are outta ammo yet. Can’t say for sure why they’re not. Just used to them being able to see them pulling it not out of their hat, but their ass. And it ain’t the fall I’m concerned about, but the landing.

            • Meant OC not OG.

        • KyMom; A year ago on these pages, while everyone was disparaging the dollar and predicting the dollar collapse causing a global collapse, I said it was more likely that a “collapse” would start in Europe or China.

          I said China was on the precipice looking into the abyss. It still is.

          A market crash is not a “dollar collapse” people, and the BIG money is now in cash (dollars) and only 50% invested. The markets are awash in cash from offshore investors fleeing emerging markets pushing it regularly to new highs; as I also stated a year ago.

          If you have extra money, buy food, buy ammo. Famine is coming to America and all the world. 🙁

          • Tell Ya what Pisses me off, is the Gun Show I went to last weekend. There was this one dealer guy selling “50 loose rounds” of 9MM Hollow Points 124gr Brand new for like $16 in zip lock baggies. They looked good..

            I specifically asked the guy, “Are you sure there are 50 rounds in that ziplock bag??”, “Oh yeah” he says, “I counted them myself.”

            Well for shits and giggles when I got home I thought, how about we count the rounds and see for sure there is 50. Sure enough only 49 rounds, 1 short. Whatever Dick!!

            In Wallyworld 25 rounds of the same 124gr HP +P’s are like $27, so WTF.. Still a good deal, but short one. If for some reason I am in a shootout, and 1 bullet short,….

            What I should have done right then and there, is called him out counted them on the counter and embarrassed the shit out of him, for selling bags short. lol What ever.

            I’ve also been up 6-8 Rounds over the 1000 Bulk buys for other ammo, so I guess it works out. He probably weighs them instead of counts them for quantity.

            • He was probably counting them when the ole hag came in nagging, “ya left the toilet seat up again” or something like that totally non-constructive and unnecessary, yeah that would make me lose count to.

              Anyway sounds like you still found a pretty good deal, yet someone else probably got 51 in their bag.

          • Our Bureau of Lies and Scams is a buncha boy scouts compared to China’s.

            I don’t think the Chinese even have a word for ethics.

          • Good advice DK. What are your thoughts on Silver? It seems to be hovering around the cost of production. Will it hitch a ride on Gold?

            • Red Leader: Honestly I don’t think too much about silver, ever, but I think everyone should own some, and at a level they are comfortable with. I do.

              I believe that silver can be speculated successfully for those who want to glue themselves to the screen all day; much like any other stock, bond, commodity, or currency, but I have no desire to do that. I would NOT buy any silver miners or junior miners of any kind at this point. These public companies can become investor traps without liquidity, in a heartbeat.

              I believe that physical metals should be acquired by Preppers to the extent they can, as a hedge to protect their purchasing power and their family wealth (if they have any), through the Changes that are coming.

              I believe that gold is the best hedge for your wealth (beyond food and water) and encourage everyone to buy some if they can afford it; and or a metal detector.

              BIG money will flee to gold, not silver in a black swan, war, or during an act of God. While silver may go along for the ride, gold will cover the distance.

              It’s in a 6,000 year “bubble” ya know? 🙂

        • Chinas illusion of prosperity depends on the US spending over a trillion dollars in counterfeit money every year. That cannot go on much longer and the world wide contraction will be very unpleasant. Just consider what the economies of Europe will be like after the Muslims take over. All they care about is the Koran and will preside over the return to the seventh century.

          • John W., from what I’ve read, China’s illusion of prosperity depends upon their Central Bank pumping out the fiats and keeping interest rates low, same as it is in the unitedstate. Sooner or later, Poof! The, “crack-up-boom” happens.

            The creation of ghost cities in China are Not due to inputs from the unitedstate.
            It’s all from pure fiat. Money from thin air.

            The rest of your comment, reminds me of how many people said similar things about the Catholics coming to the America’s during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it seems kind of ignorant. Especially lumping billions of people into one sentence like that.

            And, as if a totalitarian police state is any better?
            The seventh century might seem like a breath of fresh air compared to that!

            • Roman Catholicism was one factor that enabled the birth of the almighty welfare state. Think that through. If you still don’t get it by tomorrow night, I’ll explain.

      3. That is why it is called a ‘Crash.’
        Few saw it coming, most did not.

        • liars figure and figures lie

        • Get the feeling the world is moving so Fast you can’t keep up with it all. I guess when 2 or 3 articles post per day here and our comments get put in the Hold Penalty Box for more than 6 hours+, why post anything or contribute, since it leads to no conversation or debate, we already been run over by the next fear train.

          Here is a Beloit, Wisconsin Gun Grabber Chief, asking resident to volunteer to have their home searched for Guns. No kidding. Like hey over heere search me, and that old pot pipe I forgot I had in that back closet from high school now puts me in the lock up.

          Check this article out.
          Beloit, Wisconsin Police To Residents: ‘Let Us Search Your House for Guns’

          Wisconsin –( In a move that has patriots and second amendment advocates up in arms, a Wisconsin police department has asked its residents to allow them to voluntarily search their homes for weapons.

          Police in Beloit claim they are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they’re asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.


          • That is just the DUMBEST thing i have ever heard of,,,
            Like the people who are criminals will invite them in,

            • but i BETCHA a LOT of dumbshits WILL invite them in…and end up with jail time…or WORSE, because they didn’t KNOW they were criminals….a cop can ALWAYS find a law broken when they WANT to….’course, the DUMBSHITS will DESERVRE richly their sentence for being so stupid in the first place! PREPARE!

              • Who would do such a thing? Invite the police to search your house. Stupid idea that benefits no one.

              • No; we need to be reasonable. Just provide a notarize statement from Satan, witnessed by God; that “hell has frozen over” and I’d let them. Next week.

          • Didn’t Nancy Reagan do a public service announcement a long time ago that went like this:

            “Just Say No.”

          • Talk about psy ops.
            The police in Beloit are definitely taking notes on the folks that refuse any “voluntary” search. Talk about guilt by association!
            If something ever does happen, it is almost guaranteed that the refusal residences will be the first to have their hinges blown off the door jambs.
            Sounds like a “put out the feelers and see how it goes” test run.

            • I would find out Which Cops are on the House search committee, and then invite them over to my house, and place a lot of clutter everywhere. In the mean time when they are searching my house, I will be over to the Cops houses stealing back all the guns they found on previous searches.

              People you have to know how to play this game. lol

          • Why would anyone let them? Why would any sane cop be part of it?

          • Any unconstitutional idiot moron who would invite the cops into their home for anything, deserves exactly what they will get.

            Dance with the devil, and you’ll end up in hell.

        • OutWest, I crashed a little datsun I had back in the 80’s. I saw it coming, in S…L…O…W M…O…T…I…O…N.

          My bumper hit first, then I came up out of my seat and my head hit the windshield, cracking it. Then I dropped back into my seat, my hands still on the wheel.

          Interesting how I didn’t see WHAT I hit until just the last second before I hit.

          • LOL, I cracked the windshield, not my head…my head is way too hard.

            • LOL sixpack, glad to see you made it.

          • Sixpack, in 1986, I had a 78′ Pinto station wagon in which I was hit. The car stalled on me at an intersection when I was stopping for a red light. I was struck in the rear but the car did not explode. It turned out I ran it bone dry out of gas, but it was still totaled all the same. that was one car the shop had more than I did anyway.

            • “78′ Pinto station wagon” was all I needed to see, to know your outcome, LOL 🙂

      4. The “Powers that used to be” think if they keep the carrot dangling in front of the horse it will keep running.

        They just hope the gamblers betting on the horse haven’t noticed that the horse has 2 broken legs, is vomitting, and has fallen a bunch of times.

        Keep putting your money in “the market, IRA’s, 401k’s,pensions, etc”. Good luck. Hahahahhaaha!!!!!!

      5. They’re ability to kick the can down the road is amazing. A magician, alchemist and mafia accountant has nothing over on them. Personally I hope they continue doing it successfully because the economic collateral damage and subsequent social / political changes won’t be pretty. Most people focus on the domestic but the impact globally is ugly.

        • Updated NDAA Passes without our Reps Reading whats in it.

          And these are the People we voted for??? We send them off to Washington DC to represent us and this is what they do. Party Line vote, not even knowing what they voted for. One Congressman’s admitted voting for it, said “No I didn’t read it, I trust my leadership.” Like WTF??

          This is a $585 Billion Dollar Spending Bill Includes updated NDAA.

          Watch “WTF! Congressmen Admit to Not Reading NDAA Before Voting For It!”

          We need to get the list of those who voted for this and VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

          • “We need to get the list of those who voted for this and VOTE THEM ALL OUT.” imho, trying to vote them out will not work, aren’t we a bit pass that point?

          • I think WE need to read , lets find a list of them “updates” .

          • I’m so sick of this shit. I guess they made it clear that the difference between a D and an R is ZERO.

      6. Well, we know they lie.

        This is the current numbers i located that paints a pretty good picture of the current status of average American households money situation.

        Household debt…..

        In total, American consumers owe:

        •$11.71 trillion in debt
        ◦An increase of 3.8% from last year
        •$881.8 billion in credit card debt
        •$8.13 trillion in mortgages
        •$1.2 trillion in student loans.

        An increase of 9.6% from last year.

        In 1946, US households and non-profits owed $35 billion of debt or 15.8% of GDP. By 2009 this figure had risen to $13.6 trillion or 95.4% of GDP.[3] Home mortgage debt in 1946 represented 66.5% of household debt; consumer credit represented another 24%. By 2009, home mortgage debt had risen to 76% of household debt and consumer credit had fallen to 18.

        Over eleven and a half trillion is 7.6 percent below its peak six years ago; however the record amount of charge offs of consumer loans/credit cards and home mortgages in 2009 and 2010 caused the total Household debt of 13.6 trillion in 2008 to drop drastically.

        Imagine the amount of interest payments the banks receive form these loans. No wonder American citizens are drowning in debt, and misery.
        Grandpa used to call it, “living above your raising”.


        • I have no debt, and haven’t for years. No credit card debt, mortgage debt, student loan debt. That alone makes me wealthy by my neighbors standard of “living”, if you can call it living. Theirs is a cesspool of debt. Being debt free creates a huge buffer against the effects of a collapse. Having other preparations makes the difficult times ahead a bit easier to get through. I encourage everyone to free yourselves from the shackles of debt. You can start today by not giving into the need to run up debt for junk presents to give for Christmas.

          • Wilson

            That’s timeless good advice.

            • I like the old car collector’s story, probably apocyphal, of the fella who in the mid ’60s answered an ad in a rural paper for a ’39 Ford Phaeton with 11 miles on it. Widow told him her farmer husband had bought it on time, and parked it in the barn under a tarp until he had it paid off. Didn’t feel right driving it until he owned it 100%.

          • Great advice Wilson, working hard to get there, getting close!

          • @Wilson,
            Some non-junk gifts:
            P-38 can openers, lightweight and easy to store
            water filter, I like the Sawyer brand, small lightweight, the simple model is $20 or so, other models available
            LED flashlights, free at Harbor Freight, plenty cheap elsewhere
            magnesium fire starters, $2 at harbor Freight, $4 or $5 at other sporting goods stores
            wool socks, caps, and gloves
            folding pocket knife, less than $25 for a decent one
            sheath knife, less than $35 for a decent one

            (**the purist prepper would say the knife has to be $100+, but my grandfather’s case still holds an edge and is reliable and trustworthy)

            Anyone else have suggestions? Let’s make this a community effort and we’ll all be ahead, and so will our non-prepping relatives, friends, and neighbors.

            • Like the P-51s better. A little bit bigger than the P-38. It will allow you to open a can while wearing gloves.

            • Well, honey needed a new holster so that’s what he’s getting.

            • Hey Muddy…add a tree and a fat man and you got yourself a Christmas there.

              Case knives are great, but I doubt you’ll get one for $25 anymore. I would steer away from Chinese knives and that now includes Schrade knives. You can get a decent made in USA Buck lockback for less than $25.

              • Cant go wrong with a buck brand knife. I just bought a ka-bar with a hard sheath for less than $50 on amazon. Love them, this one is my third that I have.

                Another great item to have are the 1 lb propane canisters. $12 for four of them at lowes.

                Can use them to supply heat to cook a meal, can heat a small room, can be used to solder a joint (or light a joint if you are so inclined), also great to kick start the wood in your fire pit.


                • I keep a dozen of those little green one pounders around at all times. I have a refill fitting for my 20 pound canister, so I can refill my little green ones as I need to. I live next door to an RV seller who sells/refills propane tanks. 🙂

                  • Sixpact,that is all well and good but it will run out sooner or later then you have to learn how to build a camp fire and cook on it.A lot of difference.Good luck.

                    • I am quite adept at building and using a camp fire, Tacoma. My tanks will only last so long, so they are not my long-term plan…just a stop-gap until I can get set up. They work well during short power outages and such. Thanks for the tip.

                  • Sixpack, I was looking into refilling the one pound bottles just yesterday. I think Mr Buddy makes the fittings needed.

                    • Yes, you’re right, SW. Do yourself a favor and add a length of hose on it too, so you don’t have to hold the 20 pounder upside down in one hand while you refill the canisters. I built a special rack for my tank that holds it upside down for me, so with the hose, it is easy to refill the small canisters just by reaching underneath and turning the valve.

                      Does that make sense?

                • RE: “Cant go wrong with a buck brand knife.”

                  Just don’t throw it and try to stick it in some wood.

                  I had one snap in half at the base of the blade while doing that for fun as a teenager.

                  At the time, I was shocked. It made that image they print on the package – where they have a hammer hitting it – seem like a Big. Fat. Lie.

                  Then there was the time a folding knife I Never beat or abused in any way – broke while it was in my pocket – the blade poked out through my jeans,… but that wasn’t a Buck.
                  Imagine if the blade went the other way.

                  I try to buy better quality knives now.

                  • I recommend military grade. Buy your K Bar and bayonet at a military surplus store. 🙂

              • @JRS,
                We are of like mind. My preferred sheath knife is a Schrade 141OT. A guy has more than 10 available on ebay right now. USA made. Under $30 and that includes shipping. And I like my Buck 110, USA made.

            • My suggestion would be a puppy. Unconditional love and companionship. Good for watchdogs. They can see in the dark and their hearing is many times better than a human.

              The latest Seal team rescue was thwarted by a barking dog.

              • And you can bet those dogs weren’t some highly trained, special breed that responds to commands spoken in a foreign language!!!!!!!!! A little yappin’ dog, like a Chihuahua would do the trick of sounding the alarm. Cheap to feed.

                • Little stinkers will bite, too. Only dog that ever bit me was a Chihuahua, and I’m 6 foot 230 lbs, (within weeks of turning 70). Took a running jump and caught me on the thigh. If I hadn’t turned it mighta been much worse, LOL!

              • If someone wants an absolutely fearless dog I would suggest a pitbull. I got a pitbull puppy as a gift several years ago and would own another someday.

            • Bic lighters, lighter fluid, cloth diapers,socks,bleach, tooth brushes and soap…bar and liqid! Thought i was ready then my washer broke…a wash board is next on my list of must haves now!! LOL

              • This item and a couple of 5 gal buckets will probably be a lot easier on the hands:

                ht tp://

                • You can also use a regular plunger as well. cut a couple of holes in it and you are good to go.

                  I tried it out, works ok. Not as good as a washing machine but in a pinch it will do.


            • Spend some extra and get good flashlights. Those little cheap ones do not last. For a couple of bucks more you can get a good one.

              • Absolutely, a quality flashlight will last a long time.

                I prefer Surefire brand. Not cheap but one of the best out there. I have a 9P and Fury and they are great.

                They use those CR123 batteries and I picked up the rechargeable ones from surefire and have had no problems. They don’t last as long as the non-rechargeable but it doesn’t bother me.


          • Wilson, spot on advice. I’ve been debt-free forever since I’ve NEVER had any type of loans or credit card. I can get more prep supplies at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. Instead of paying on loans or credit cards my extra money goes into preps and I use cash for those transactions. There’s NOTHING I ever need or want bad enough to go into debt for it. Being debt-free is awesome.

            • Renegade has no debts cause he never moved out of his Moms basement. In his 50s still has his original waterbed black lights and lava lamps. Glow in the dark Jimmy hendrix poster next to Farrah Faucet poster, beer can collection and his 2 ft bong. Life is Grand , No debts. And Ma’s meatloaf on Sundays. Lol.

              • Farrah Fawcet, now that is a poster worth having. I wonder if he’d trade a couple boxes of .22 LR and some water proof matches for it.

              • WWTI, my Mom has been dead from cancer since Jan. 2009 right after the Obamanation got into the WH. I rent a house from an investor. Life is anything BUT grand for me but I’m still in better shape in some ways than a lot of other people out here. I don’t give a shit about credit and don’t need it. I do miss Mom’s cooking, though. Especially her homemade lasagna. Nothing like Mom’s cooking.

        • Passin, I’ve always been BARRED from going into debt on anything although according to some lenders my income level is not an issue. All the time in Memphis when I go to Kroger, walmart, wherever, I see people driving Escalades, Chryslers, BMWs, Mercedes, etc., living on the public dole. I work full time and pay taxes into the system, but I’m not allowed to get a vehicle financed anywhere and have to depend on my company for a vehicle. The only way I can have one is go to a private owner, use cash, and get something from the 80s or 90s. There’s not a dealer or lender anywhere that will do business with me. An individual is the only person who will put me in a vehicle, period.

        • Some good advice is NEVER KEEP your assets in the same bank as your debts such as credit cards and home mortgages. Or assets meaning anything you have equity in but still have a loan on. Banks can transfer your assests to cover defaulted debts within the same bank. Keep savings and CDS or other assets in a seperate bank than your credit card debts, etc.

          • I have my mortgages at BOA along with my investment account. I’m more afraid of BOA taking my assets against their losses so I figured then I would default on my debts to cover stolen assets. Unfortunately they will probably still be able to strong arm me out of my house.

      7. This makes my head spin, guess I will expand my garden in the spring so I have extra for barter, pray this bull breeds my heifer soon so he can go in the freezer and put three pigs in the freezer next year instead of two so I have extra for barter, and I’d say a dozen eggs should make good barter too. That’s about all I can do here besides stock up more tattler lids. Seems like more and more everyday I hear this hype on economic collapse, but I’ve been hearing, learning and reading about it since the eighties so I throw my hands up and just keep doing what I do. I do know down deep things Are far worse than in the seventies. Praying for all of us here and our country! Watch your backs all!

      8. The further down the road they kick the can, the worse the reckoning will be. This could have been stopped long ago. Now ,I fear, it has gone on to long to correct without painful consequences. I am afraid those of us that have worked and saved for retirement have wasted their time.

        • Swinging Richard; Bingo! Its like trying to climb a slick flag pole! Take care of yourself,few others will and the government won’t.

          • Thanks Jim. Have been prepping for a while but I never feel comfortable with where we are. Try to be well rounded but it always seems you need more of everything.

      9. Yep, I second that! It’s sad, that the retirement I was hoping for may never come to pass, but the good news is, because of my job skills, I can do what I love, until I’m too old to do it anymore, and learning about prepping and doing something about it has made the future infinitely brighter for us….thank you Mac, for this site and the hundreds of valuable posters on here! I love you all…well, most, anyway… 😉

      10. Glenn Greenwald Previews The Senate Torture Report

        “One of the worst myths official Washington and its establishment media have told itself about the torture debate is that the controversy is limited to three cases of waterboarding at Guantánamo and a handful of bad Republican actors. In fact, a wide array of torture techniques were approved at the highest levels of the U.S. Government and then systematically employed in lawless US prisons around the world – at Bagram (including during the Obama presidency), CIA black sites, even to US citizens on US soil. So systematic was the torture regime that a 2008 Senate report concluded that the criminal abuses at Abu Ghraib were the direct result of the torture mentality imposed by official Washington.”

        how very far our country has fallen

        • torture is RIGHT HERE in our prison system…google jesse trentadue and read the story of a guy who was mistakenly tortured to DEATH by one of the three letter agencies…they had the wrong guy!…but they killed him, and his brother has been trying to get the NAMES of those responsible for over FIFTEEN YEARS!!!!and HE’S a LAWYER!!!…seriously, watch the hour long presentation, and there’s a couple of very good things about our gubmint buried in there too.

        • Yep. I’m not sure this kind of torture wasn’t going on all along. It only makes a public outcry because of the internet and whistleblowers like John Kiriakou…inmate 79637-083.

          I’m fairly certain those in positions of authority, including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Hayden, Tenet and those on the intelligence committee knew all about it. They are all scrambling to try to cover their asses now.

          Trials for war criminals should be held…Ha, Ha, Ha…I kill myself sometimes.

          • There have been trials, and they have been foud guilty:

            Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia | Foreign Policy Journal


            George W. Bush, Tony Blair found guilty of war crimes … in Malaysia …


          • Geprge Tenet. Now there is a Greaseball. Who when asked about WMDs in Iraq he said. “ITS A SLAM DUNK MR PRESIDENT” Later on GW Bush honors this criminal the Medal of Freedom. He deserves a Firing squad. And also lied about torturing prisoners.

        • Glenn Greenwald Previews The Senate Torture Report

          Does the Senate Torture Report say that many Americans have been tortured by the Libs, by Obola, and by RINOs from their immoral corruption in a number of dimensions?

          • I have personally been tortured by the EPA , DOT , IRS and am currently being tortured by Obamacare.
            Can i have a senate hearing too ?

      11. Remember, when it all goes south, it’s not about surviving, it’s about payback. There won’t be any protection for “them’ anymore.

        • @ Prophet….BS, “them” will still have all the protection as they have all the food, and wealth. There isnt a damn thing we can do about it.

          • You’re thinking of the wrong “them”.

            • I smell a pig

            • What other “them” is there, besides the globalist elite?

      12. I live in a small southern town in NC. I can tell you we weren’t doing well before the 2008 crash, and we are doing worse now. Most of the office buildings on Main St. are vacant, those that are still standing that is. Half of Main St. is vacant lots now. This town used to be very busy, you could barely walk down the sidewalks on a Friday or Saturday night. We had two hosiery mills here, they are in Bangladesh now. The biggest business in town now, is drugs.

        • anywhere near Asheboro? or Randleman?

        • Textile industry are whores, that way. Before they were in the Carolinas, they were the largest industry in New England. Started to leave in the ’30s, all gone by 1960. Go have a look at Central Falls, RI. or Fall River Ma. now.

      13. But, but, but…can’t I change it all by doin’ my civic dooty and voting? Yesiree, keep votin’ for the red or blue team.

        The whole system is nothing but lies backed by force. The enforcers are paid well to believe the lies they are told. Trying to disagree with the lies will get you killed.

        Here’s a link to bookmark if you like to keep up with the layoffs, closings and bankruptcies:

        • JRS, what are you saying!?

          Don’t you know that “WE” have to, “”Engage your employees … We must become PARTICIPANTS in the political process”?

          I mean, look how well that’s worked out so far! …Oh, wait.

          … In the background, there’s the outrage over T.A.R.P. … and, it amounted to nothing.
          … Then, on the local level, well, do ‘The Good Ole Boys Network’ ever, Not get what they want?

          I haven’t seen any examples showing otherwise, especially from those who shout the loudest to, “Get out and Vote!”.

          Withdrawing consent seems like such a better avenue to peruse. “Eff, them.” That’s my vote.
          Maybe most everyone else feels that way, too?
          Maybe that’s why non-voters outnumber voters?

          Eff, them. …And their slimy ways.

          • helot/CLARK: If you think things are bad now, imagine if everyone who voted against the current regime had stayed home…… like you.

            Guns would be outlawed, the border would be wide open, and gays like you would be a protected class. 🙂

      14. The shopping optempo in my area has been zero this year. Uptick in traffic, crowded stores have not been a factor at all, business is not as usual and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

        The natural progression of things should be enough to inform even the lowest information American that a major crash is coming. Many want America to suffer for some collective misdeed, others like me see it as an opportunity to allow human nature to take its course, dole out justice on a more focused and individual level.

        I hate to say that I’ve lived in a slight state of shock over the lack of facts, reason and logic being applied within our Nation. History has shown us the outcome of this path over and over again and yet here we find ourselves on the edge of mass chaos, division on a level not seen for 50 years, and a world that finds itself back in a cold war that will be far worse because there is no such thing as a linier battlefield anymore. The threats now are 360 / 365 with no letup in sight and no leadership.

      15. Ontario, Canada is feeling the pressure because Alberta’s oil sands are losing money. Manufacturing is long gone, and Canada just enforced criminalizing male clients of prostitution, so changing oil is difficult for some men.

        • I thought Toronto was doing great, what with all the companies that fled Montreal during the French Rebellion.

      16. absolutely disgraceful

        Senate Torture Report Condemns C.I.A. Interrogation Program

        the CIA lied lied LIED
        NO one held accountable
        and it is these failed human beings that Bush called “patriots”
        Bush isn’t an idiot
        he just doesn’t have a consciemce

        and if these guys were “patriots”
        they must have changed the definition

        • I would personally love to waterboard Dick Cheney. And watch him squirm in his Last Throws.

          • What a dumba$$ statement!!!!

      17. Top NSA Whistleblower: Federal Government Has Gone Rogue

        “Despite tireless claims that such programs are used to protect the public from foreign threats, countless leaks have revealed the agency’s true endgame: Total population control.

        “It’s being used to set up the way and means to control the population,” Binney said. “I’ve been referring to it as the new Stasi agency because that’s exactly what the Stasi did, they had files on everyone…”

        what people used to blow off as conspiracy theory
        is more and more proving to be conspiracy FACT

        • The measures taken against those who refuse to submit are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes. Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.

          —Vladimir Putin


          • Sispack… Putin. Must be taling about every Government out there. Think our Government is corrupt? How about the new Iraqi Govnt who had 50, 000 Ghost Soldiers on the payroll collecting a Monthly paycheck. Mexico’s police frce is so corrupt the Mexican Govnt is going to disban them and install a federal police force. Bribery is how everything runs in many countries. Guatemala’s DMV is so corrupt, people buying new license tags get a voucher for the tag and make the payment to a bank so the DMV does not even handle the money because theft is so rampent. Police are 50% of the crime and theft in central America.

            • Of course it’s a world-wide problem, WWTI, but the U.S. has got the unmitigated gall to try to take the moral road, while they simultaneously do the same as the rest of the corrupt govts. We push OUR agenda, claiming it is fair and righteous.

              At least other govt know what they are. We can’t even tell the truth about that.

      18. If we could somehow get rid of usury, things would vastly improve quickly. Yeah, over their dead bodies. Actually over our dead bodies is the likely scenario.

      19. This report was released to cover Hillary’s ass for 2016. Same with the Gruber hearings today. No repubs were involved in its release…kind of like the vote on Obama Care. both parties were aware of what was going on at the time but ended up with collective amnesia.

        • Collective amnesia or selective recall…..its all very convenient.

      20. A friend of mine was a grunt in nam (I was not) he told me one day in a village that the vc had just left, he said a small girl of 8-9 years old came out of a hut sliced across the belly and he could see her guts. She also had one eye hanging down to her lip. She came out put her arms around his neck and died in his arms. SO, those of you wishing for shtf should understand it will be the most vile, horrible scenes you can only imagine in your worst nightmare so get a grip and hope it never happens. On a lighter side he also said his patrol came around a hill side and there under a little piece of tin (it was raining bad) was a little guy and when he saw the soldiers and showed them a little bowl of rice. that was all he owned in this world but he was jabbering away and happy as hell because he had a dry place to sit and food to eat. That’s what we might be seeking in shtf.

        • Scenes like that could make your difficult times seem very petty.

          • Scenes like that make me question if humanity actually deserves to continue on this planet.

        • “SO, those of you wishing for shtf should understand it will be the most vile, horrible scenes you can only imagine in your worst nightmare so get a grip and hope it never happens.”

          I agree. I hope that when I’m an old man of about 75-85 that I will laughed at by my family for thinking that a SHTF event would happen sometime around 2015-2024. I want to be so wrong. I never want or hope that there’s a SHTF.

          I don’t have grandkids and I want grandkids that live in a good time and a good place and good people. Kick the can to where the can doesn’t have to kicked anymore. And life is decent without a major reset.

          But I’m an Eeyore too. And my dream doesn’t seem very realistic.

          • I could not agree more.

            • DITTO here .

          • Free Slave.

            I want to know what you people want done to end the shit that befalls our country. Really! Are you all going to be arm chair warriors when the time comes? I do know there are going to be loses and sacrifices by all.

            I get the feeling most are just prepping for a storm like insurrection with nobody having to do the dirty work.

            I compare this all to people who think their meat comes from the supermarket all packed and fresh and never seen a slaughter house. Most would puked from the smell of a gut shot animal.

            Freedom is here now so far without bloodshed yet we all know about the NEW WORLD ORDER and all the Jewish Bankers and Communism and what ever else threatens our freedom is on the horizon.

            • “Free Slave.

              I want to know what you people want done to end the shit that befalls our country.”

              Fair question. As prepper2morrow writes, a max-level SHTF event will be horrific.

              My great preference is a non-violent political change coupled with a spiritual/moral revival.

              • Free Slave.

                I do not think we will get it done unscathed. How many understand the workings of a field hospital. There will be injury. How many supplies are needed as we only have enough to barely maintain First Aid Procedures. Also how many have a Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist in our group. And I do not have a group. I am a loner.

                So many things to learn with so little time left.
                There are many subjects that still need to be discussed and I hope you can read the urgency in my posts.

            • There is nothing viable that I or any common person can do to end the shit that is befalling our country. What I plant to do is cross whatever bridges are there when I come to them. Nothing ever go according to plan. Many years ago when I first was learing to drive. Dad threw a rock about thirty feet down the road. He asked can you drive from here to that rock? I replied yes. He stated that all you need to worry about is the thirty feet in front of you. If you travel that 30 feet without wrecking or tearing something up you will be a excellent driver. That advice has worked remarkably well for everything. When I cleared land I bulldozed down one tree at a time. Same with cutting timber one tree at a time. dig a hole one shovel full at a time. Save up to buy a house ,land , whatever one dollar at a time. Ill continue to take care of me and mine one task at a time.

        • Prepper 2 I agree with your post.

        • @prepper2morow —

          Now, THAT is torture. Waterboarding a few (and it WAS a few) Islamic terrorists doesn’t compare. None drowned, none were permanently mutilated. None had their heads hacked off with a dull knife. Maybe “dietary manipulation” would be torture to Ms. Pelosi, who is used to caviar and truffles three times a day, but it’s not torture to camel drivers who bleed their mounts for a drink every now and then. (Yah, they really do that.)

          • The Old Coach, that’s comes across as a sick reply.

            The word, ‘minimizing’ comes to mind.

            “none were permanently mutilated”??? Did you even read the report?

            Standing on broken legs for days isn’t, “permanently mutilated”? I’m amazed that as a 70 yr old you can write that in all seriousness. It’s as if you have No experience.

            You joke about tubes being forcefully stuffed up a Persons ass and say, “Maybe “dietary manipulation” would be torture to Ms. Pelosi,” …WTF?

            You say, “Waterboarding a few (and it WAS a few) Islamic terrorists doesn’t compare.”

            Because, the numbers were low, it’s No Big Deal?

            And, How do you know it was “just a few”?

            You have No Way of knowing!
            I get the feeling that does not bother you.

            But, what’s it matter to you? One, or, one hundred, they’re not really people to you, they’re just objects?

            If you said, “Yes” you are a sociopath.

            You say, “it’s not torture to camel drivers who bleed their mounts for a drink every now and then.”

            …Because People are no different than animals, right? Or, objects? Innocent, guilty, who gives a crap? Right? Stick a fork in them all?

            Will you be saying the same thing when the empire comes home to do the same to The People?
            …Or, do you have no one else here to live for and protect?

            Yeesh,”none were permanently mutilated”?
            … Some of them died, but they weren’t, “permanently mutilated”. Is that it?

      21. Illinois Just Made it a Felony for Its Citizens to Record the Police and the Media is Silent

        if the cops aren’t doing anything wrong
        why don’t they want anyone recording them ???

        Only a government that lives like cockroaches in the darkness would pass a law criminalizing the act of turning on the light.”

        • Supreme Court trumps ???

        • “A reasonable expectation shall include any
          expectation recognized by law, including, but not limited to, an expectation derived from a privilege, immunity, or right established by common law, Supreme Court rule, or the Illinois or United States Constitution.”

        • Satori

          This has to go to the US Supreme Court. Its a must.

          One could argue First Amendment, Due Process, Equal Protection under the Law as at a minimum government officials are held in a privileged position.

          How would Ghandi, Lech Walensa, Vaclav Havel and Dr King handle this? I would imagine given the technical opportunities today that 10,000 people filming the Police arresting people for filming the Police and uploading it to the net would move the courts to address this. The modern version of the tank is a disabled person in a Wheel Chair. The photo opt of tossing a disabled wheel chair bound person on the ground for having the audacity to video the authorities would be as they used to say, “A kodak moment”.

          • Class 3 felony…….2-4 years.

            • It will never stand.

      22. Have you ever… tried calculating out your grocery budget to the year 2067?

        I just did.

        It’s $6500 a month.

        … clearly something’s very wrong with this picture, neh? Particularly with crap employment rates. I haven’t calculated the spread (aka, what % of income that represents) but needless to say, you’re losing. Big time.

        So either we have to go through a period of deflation, or we gotta kill a lotta folk somewhere else on this planet and take their sh*t.

        Or you gotta have 15 kids and pray a few of them don’t light out on you. Good luck short term affording that though.

      23. Anecdotal evidence that we are in an inflationary depression:
        1. Formerly busy restaurants with no need to advertise, now regularly advertise specials and put large signs in front to attract the attention of potential customers. Coupons that actually represent a good deal are being circulated in mass mailings for the first time.
        2. Shoppers exiting popular stores are carrying small packages and seen in checkout lines with inexpensive items.
        3. Fresh vegetables, mostly from California, have risen in price within 2 months by 80%. Ground chuck has risen in price within 2 months by 12%.
        4. Smaller discount grocery stores are drawing more and more customers away from wally world, while wally world’s grocery prices are becoming increasingly less competitive.
        5. Reservations are still available for beach resorts for the holidays.
        6. Shoplifting is on the increase, and thieves have graduated to wheeling out entire carts full of unpaid items.
        7. Charity donation cans containing only small amounts of cash are being stolen more frequently from business counters.
        8. Bell ringers are more aggressive about drawing the attention of passersby.
        9. Store clerks react with surprise and excitement when you indicate your interest in purchasing an item priced over $200.
        10. Obama’s trip to Brisbane for the G20 meeting cost us over $1.7 million due to him and his entourage of 4,096. (But keep in mind that when you have to run extraordinary counter-surveillance tactics and employ hundreds of rabidly loyal staffers to accomplish a covert communications exchange with your handler, Putin, it takes a lot to cover your tracks.)

        • Just had a manager at Dollar General tell me that theft in the store is off the charts and the staff are on edge due to dealing with all the theft.

      24. My point is, this is assuming 7% YOY inflation and a starting number of about $850 a month in 2014 (which is high but probably kinda average all things considered with how people eat).

        And they will say well inflation’s 3% YOY average but they always exclude necessities due to volatility so given the last 14 years I’m taking some liberties here. If I did 3% it would still be well north of $3000 (haven’t done it but I’m guessing something like that).


        Whatever you got your retirement money in, it better be preforming %&^damned amazingly is all I can say.

        Yeah. This is… kinda a problem here. Yeah.

      25. I wonder what it would take to get a law passed making it a felony to KNOWINGLY provide financial support to political action groups run by criminals?

        oh just thinking out loud

      26. One of your absolute best articles ever Mac. Good job. Thanks,


      27. this might be paranoid thinking.. but let me explain something I noticed recently.

        at work, everyday, I look at the DOW average. I google it, and it instantly shows up. then I refresh the page, to see if its going up or down.
        it always changes. always. because people are buying/selling/trading constantly.

        however, recently, I google it, refresh it, and it stays the exact same for several minutes. almost like someone is hacking/manipulating it.
        I refresh, and refresh, and it doesn’t change.
        I mean, what are the odds, that NOBODY bought/sold anything for a few minutes?

      28. Lithuania has put its quick response force of 2,500 on high alert due to a lot of air, sea, and land activity by Russia since last week, both at Russia’s Kaliningrad enclave and in western Russia near Lithuania’s border.

        If you don’t already have a decent world atlas among your preps, get one at a used book store — they’re plentiful, usually, and cheap. It doesn’t have to be the most recent edition, either. As things unfold, you probably will want to know where these places are so that you can better relate to what is being reported. Don’t depend on online resources for everything — have hard copy backups for things like maps, atlases, reference books, medical guides, etc.

        • Good advice , Anon.
          Get an old atlas so you can mark it up as all the borders change in europe .

      29. We also recently learned from the media that replacing millions of full-time, living-wage jobs that had decent benefits, with part-time, minimum-wage jobs with no benefits, somehow is in some way an economic recovery.

        • The only thing I learned from the MSM, is where the OFF switch is…

          • Six pact..I learned that years ago and there has not been a tv or radio in my house since.

          • Killed my television in 1977. I have never been sorry.

      30. Mother Earth News is hosting a free webinar on raising chickens. It will be on shindig (dot) com from 7:00 to 8:30 PM Eastern. My wife signed me up and is cooking supper early so we can watch it.

      31. Dr. Alistair Begg, one of the best/best known preachers today on his “Truth for Life” radio broadcast was discussing the prevailing untruthfulness of our modern society/Government. Using Exodus 20:16 as a text.

        He then said, “When you can’t trust the Government and Courts to be truthful, you have the makings of a REVOLUTION! Don’t think that it can’t happen here in the U.S., as movements like this tend to start from the bottom up (with the average person) not the top down”.

        I’ve never heard Dr. Begg make any type of political statement, and this floored me.

        • Thanks Sinner for reporting this. I don’t often get a chance to listen to Alistair Begg but when I do, I always benefit. I love his accent.

          Anyways, for Pastor Begg to say that… we’ve got to be in a bad place socially, culturally, morally, and politically.

      32. Look the little local Wal-Mart has shelves going empty and there are well over 1000 outs on items that can not be filled why, the warehouse is empty on products to be had. The economy is on the move total recovery is just around the corner. I like that one word PREPARE!!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      33. Just keep prepping this is all we can do. Stay close to your God, because you will need him when it all goes to HELL!
        I got a great wife. She just picked up 8 #10 cans of fruit from Honeyville, all I said to her is that we need more fruit and she went out a got it.

        I just picked up another 91/30 Nagant barreled receiver off of Gun Broker. Going to customize this one, and add it to my Sniper Collection.

        After Christmas I’m looking into adding Reloading components, and AMMO, and getting back to the reloading bench. I had a lot of brass given to me over the summer.

        I’m not really worried about the Economy, because it is so Screwed up there is nothing we can do to save it. I’ve been prepping for years. I’m ready!!!!


      34. Those of us who know the collapse is happening can continue to prep and get what we need to get while we can. Those who continue to live as if there’s nothing wrong, and refuse to prep, will be rudely awakened when the economic roof finally comes crashing down after years of sagging downward.

        It won’t be pretty, but God remains in full control. Have faith in Jesus Christ. God loves you all.

        • MY “economic roof” has been crushin my chest for six years . I CANT BREATHE ! LOL

      35. Na-Aa ..I am outside the USA, I see what is happening while others are blinded by the trees right in front of them.
        I Invested THOUSANDS into the US economy TODAY
        FEAR MONGERERS …The sky is falling! the sky is falling!

      36. I too believe that time is quickly running out to get our final preps in order. It is unlikely that anyone here at SHTF is fully and completely ready for the collapse. There is ALWAYS something else that we can stockpile to get ready. It pains me greatly to know that even close relatives of mine find humor in my preparations. Yes, they even literally laugh in my face when I try to warn them of what is coming while showing them some of my extensive preps. I fear I may have to do the unthinkable when they joke about coming to me “IF” the SHTF. What an ugly world we all live in.

        • AJ,

          I hear and feel your pain.

          As I wrote above, I would be delighted to hear their mocking laughter when I’m an old man that all my concerns and worries came to naught, and that everything turned out alright. I would be delighted to be called names, that I was a stupid, fear-mongering fool. Nothing better than that.

          Because what’s the alternative (as you alluded to)? That I have to shoot a relative who’s starving and wants you to feed him while s/he did nothing to prep despite your warnings?

          I’d rather be called names and ridiculed than to have to shoot a betraying friend, neighbor, or relative who wants to take me down to get some food and safety.

          • Exactly, FS.

            A worse case scenario in such an ordeal would be what I call the “intelligent zombie” event.

            This is where the friends, neighbors, and relatives whom you made every effort to warn not only come back by themselves…they come back to your place with a few dozen of their unprepared “zombie” acquaintances. After all, they now have advanced OpSec on your preps and defences.

            If you’re not paranoid, then you’re not paying attention.

            • The many levels of, the “intelligent zombie” event.

              • AJ. How many people have your family members told? Never, Never show anyone your preps. Keep it to yourself or just a few in your group. There are a few family members in our group that know of my preps but have no idea the extent. My daughter told a friend of hers that we were prepping and the mother( a friend) asked about it and I down played it and said i only have enough food for my family only for a couple of weeks. She asked again about a year later and I said,I haven’t been doing much toward “stocking up” but did buy a couple of guns. And again reminded her it was only for my family.

                Watch your kids. Loose lips sink ships. I will forever be on damage patrol because of one comment my daughter made to one person. Who knows how many the other kid told. Sigh

          • Yes nothing would be better than prep for a event that never happens. Now In a firm believer in DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. My wife & I are the only ones that now where the emergency preps are stashed. My siblings don’t even know where I live. I have places in two counties and a PO mail box in the next county. Once My great grandfather was digging holes all over the chicken yard. He was looking for a jar of buried money. He never found it. Later My great grandmother confessed that she seen him bury it. So she dug it up and hid it in the out house. She dropped it in the shit hole.

      37. Is low priced oil good?

        Well, it sure feels good to shell out a little less at the pump.

        However, it is terrible for many oil companies drilling for tight oil. Not good for their cash flow, CapEx or debt service. Many will fail and either be bought up by ones in better shape or default on their debt within the next 6 months to a year.

        Layoffs in the oil biz are starting already as drilling rigs are idled. Booms and busts in oil happen but this is a bad time. Most of the jobs created in the last 5 years in the oil states were oil related. Most of the rise in GDP was because of the oil boom.

        A glut of high priced oil and lack of customers who can afford it have caused the price to tank. Even at $50 a barrel it is still too expensive to support normal YoY growth. Just 15 years ago crude was $10 a barrel, so it’s still not cheap enough to support the economy.

        Another thing about Bakken tight oil is most of it is garbage. It’s API rating does not make it good for transportation fuel. It is basically only good for feedstock for making plastic pipe. It is too light…that’s why you get exploding train cars.

        Look for a bloodbath in junk bonds when these companies can’t roll over their debt and default. Remember “sub prime housing”? This is the new “sub prime fracking” bubble. I look for some type of bail out for the LTO oil business in the next year.

        • Gee, how did they ever make a profit and run the business just a few years ago when oil prices were down? You’d think oil hasn’t been below $100 a barrel in over 25 years to hear the oil folks talk.

          • RE: “how did they ever make a profit and run the business just a few years ago”

            This was interesting, lots of simple charts and graphs, but shhh, don’t tell The Kid, he’d have a conniption fit over the facts in this one:

            This Time Is The Same: Like The Housing Bubble, The Fed Is Ignoring The Shale Bubble In Plain Sight – By David Stockman

        • Lower priced oil equals a significant drop in the cost of production for everything. Including the transportation and refining of the oil itself. The cost of production is what caused our making producing jobs to disappear. Yes indeed cheap oil is a good thing. We here in the USA have been being cheated and price gouged by the oil cartel,s every since the fake gas shortage back in the 1970,s. That higher price made the gas guzzling USA produced cars undesirable. that opened the door for the imports and the USA began to decline. My 1972 chev 3/4 ton with a big block 402 has been sitting a lot for decades. I only use it when I absoultly need too. I drove it every day until the fake gas shortage. high oil priced are bad for the average USA citizen. High oil priced are what drives inflation. Cheap oil is good for the USA.

        • Haven’t you heard ?

          It was Rabbi Kazuo Sakamaki who bombed Pearl Harbor 😉

        • There’s some very good information on this subject in Diana West’s new book “American Betrayal”. For once Buchanan and Rockwell are onto something.

          In a nutshell, FDR’s administration was riddled with Stalinist “agents of influence”, and Stalin wanted Japan kept busy while he was facing Hitler. Harry Dexter White and Harry Hopkins are names to conjure with. Enjoy.

          • Nothing to do with Stalin. Japan and Russia were not at war.

            The US wanted to get directly involved against the NAZIs. Japan attacks the US Germany is committed by treaty to go to war with the US. Germany first was the strategy as the supply of weapons and manpower shows.

            • Russia and Japan HAD been at war as recently as 1905, just 35 years earlier. Both had long wanted control of Manchuria and Korea. Japan obliterated a Russian fleet at Tsushima in 1905. If the US had not been at war with Japan, the Japanese could have driven halfway across Siberia with no opposition.

              Your interpretation has been received wisdom for two generations, but it takes no account of all the information revealed in the KGB files that opened up in the ’90s. It turns out that Stalin had numerous “agents of influence” working in very high positions in the State Dept., and FDR’s top advisor, (the Valerie Jarret of the time) was Harry Hopkins, now known to have been a Soviet agent. Eugene McCarthy didn’t know the half of it. Hoover did, but was unable to make any headway against them. Why? I’m still looking for some good Hoover historian to fill in those blanks.

      38. Here’s some fear porn for you. Data that hasn’t been manipulated…

        select the checkbox below “Clear” then select “Graph”

        Aug ’03 gasoline consumption was 66.8 millions gallons per day. Sept ’14 gasoline consumption was 20.7 million gallons per day. Fear porn interpretation is that Aug ’03 gasoline consumption is 300% greater than Sept ’14. The not so scary interpretation is that since Aug ’03, gasoline consumption has dropped close to 70%. I would think gasoline sales would be a pretty good indicator of econ0mic activity. And you wonder why we have so much crude oil laying around 🙂

        • Energy consumption is the ECG of the economy.


        • I know that high diesel prices cause a drop in consumption. Around here the cattle farmers used to bushhogg their places at least twice every growing season. Now they bushhogg about one time every two years. and they used to buy buggys of commercial fertilizer and put it out every spring. they don’t fertilize at all. The fertilizer is derived from oil and became too pricy. Before I sold my cattle I quit bushogging the pastures completely. I ran a large herd of 100 Barbado sheep and 50 pigmy goats. They ate the bushes & weeds that the cows didn’t like. I sold that farm and relocated little over 100 miles west of there. Mennonites bought it for high dollar. And they built those large smelly chicken grower houses.

      39. When WW3 starts, thats the starting gun. Get ready to saddle up boys!

        1st rider and the white horse is WW3
        :And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”

        2nd rider on a red horse is when everyone kills each other.
        “Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”

        3rd rider on a black horse is famine.
        “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”
        (A denarius was a says wage, considered something similar to a silver dollar.)

        4th rider on a pale horse is Clint Eastwood.
        (Just kidding!)
        “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.”
        They are on horses because of the speed in which they come. Be of the wise who have extra oil for for their Lamps. Don’t let your light go out due to need!

      40. The GDP growth now includes unpaid debts and new loans, and that is what changed in the figures they calculate. They didn’t include them before a few years ago, but to make Obummer look good, they added credit card and loan purchases which are unpaid debt and raises the GDP up to 27%.

        This I read includes student loans, and any loan purchased on credit, and refinancing, even to pay for last years purchases including homes bought 15 years ago. It is deceptive at best, counting things twice.

        30% or more of credit cards and loans are NOT paid and are in collections.

        Notice how the GDP numbers are revised lower afterwards? First Quarter of 2014 was announced as -01% negative growth. Later revised, it became -.11% negative growth. Yep, they are lying.

      41. There are 2 groups of people here (actually probably three) one group who are too stupid to understand DK is a full of shit contradictory dumb ass, a second group who remembers what he says from one post to the next and sees the ridiculousness of his egotistical rants trying to back up the side of the argument he is currently taking (always the opposite of the person he is attacking to make them look bad which is just a response to his own inferiority complex) , and a third group who doesn’t care and just ignores him. I am of the second group trying to be in the Third.

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