Solar Storm Alert: Earth To Be Bombarded By Solar Particles In A Few Days

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    There is an upcoming solar storm expected this weekend. Researchers have noticed a sunspot that will bombard the Earth with solar particles on Monday.

    Sunspots are patches of darkness on the Sun which are caused by an underlying magnetism beneath the surface. A solar storm occurs when that magnetism bubbles up and is released in the form of solar flares, which spew cosmic particles into space. Earth is in the path of these particles, so we can expect an exceptional aural display at the poles soon!

    Auroras are caused when solar particles hit the atmosphere. These include the northern lights, or aurora borealis and southern lights, or aurora australis.  Both are expected to put on incredible shows thanks to this solar storm. The light show will appear when the magnetosphere gets bombarded by solar winds and that layer of the atmosphere deflects the particles.

    According to the Express, a cosmic forecasting website called Space Weather said: “A minor hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning toward Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind in our direction. The estimated time of arrival is April 22nd. Geomagnetic unrest and polar auroras are possible when the gaseous material arrives.”

    Solar particles have been responsible for power grid failures and disruption in communications systems on Earth when they’ve been strong enough. A surge of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere, which can cause a higher than normal level of electricity in power lines.  The results could be devastating, especially considering Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.  Eventually, as a solar storm could cause electrical transformers and power stations blowouts and a loss of power. Solar storms can also affect satellites in orbit, potentially leading to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signals, and satellite TV.

    Earth’s magnetic field is getting significantly weaker, the magnetic north pole is shifting at an accelerating pace, and scientists readily admit that a sudden pole shift could potentially cause “trillions of dollars” in damage.  Today, most of us take the protection provided by Earth’s magnetic field completely for granted.  It is essentially a colossal force field which surrounds our planet and makes life possible.  And even with such protection, a giant solar storm could still potentially hit our planet and completely fry our power grid.  But as our magnetic field continues to get weaker and weaker, even much smaller solar storms will have the potential to be cataclysmic.  And once the magnetic field gets weak enough, we will be facing much bigger problems.  As you will see below, if enough solar radiation starts reaching our planet none of us will survive. -Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog

    The weakening magnetic field could have apocalyptic implications for all of us.  Increased cancer rates will occur and there will be increasingly dangerous outcomes of fairly minor solar storms such as the one expected on Monday.


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      1. Well shit, just as I was planning to plant my tomatoes. Now what do I do!

        • Wear a hat, gloves, long pants, long sleeved shirt, sunglasses and go back indoors when you’re finished.

          You don’t want to get a sunburn.

          If you have small children or infants be especially vigilant about protecting them from over exposure to the suns rays.

          It isn’t necessary to be afraid of the sun, but it is necessary to protect yourself from too much of a good thing.

          We love the sun and some of us have learned the hard way what a really bad burn you can get from a star. The sun is a star. The earth and the other planets and moons that orbit the sun are all part of one system that we call ” the solar system”.

          You and I are all made of stardust, we are all stars in our own right. Greetings and well, you know.


        • Do a search for :

          Maj. Ed Dames , The Killshot

          It’s about Solar flares…

          • Ed Dames? He is the biggest joke of all time! You might as well listen to your hand or something lol.

          • Major Ed Dames has been wrong more times than your local weatherman. Anyone remember his prediction about the fungus or plant virus that was supposed to wipe out all our crops? We were supposed to be dead of starvation a long time ago according to him.

        • Yawn, wake me up when it is a X Class 25 or above.

          The Carrington event was an X59

      2. WERE ALL GONNA DIE! (eventually).

        • “Not today”.

          • The day isn’t over yet 😉

      3. I know what you mean. I was looking forward to seeing the northern lights but rain is in the forecast.

      4. MEH! Ho hum, back to sleep.

      5. So Mac this is the end? Not the Yellowstone super volcano, not the reversing of the poles, not the vanishing magnetic field, What will be the end of us tomorrow. I can’t keep it all straight dude.
        Why don’t you do an article that we can learn from instead of the doomer porn you are so fond of. Well I guess this is the end at least until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

        • LR,
          Space weather is earth weather.

        • That’s not all, Lane. They’re again claiming that alcohol is bad for you, too.

      6. Bombard the earth with solar panels???

        Oh, the humanity!!!

      7. Cosmic ray bombardment can produce many physical symptoms in people that are especially sensitive to the weather/nature. The symptoms are usually temporary.

      8. April 22nd is Earth Day. A few days after Good Friday and the full moon. We’re doooomed!!!

        • And the liberals will all turn into “queerwolves” lol 😛

        • I have a big junk tire pile and was planning on having a tire kill to celebrate Earth Day. However I can set it afire tomorrow to block out the sun’s dangerious rays!

      9. Nothing will happen.

      10. DONT WORRY ? BE HAPPY ?

        • Happiness is a warm gun 🙂

          • “Bang bang, shoot shoot.”

      11. Always sky falling so when it does many wont be ready. Guess the profit on ahhhh oh. No

      12. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!

        • Sarge,
          I’ve had almost 60 inches of rain since Jan 1st.
          I agree!

      13. Howdy Y’all,

        In a word here, “Nope”.

        We are currently well on our way to experiencing something that hasn’t happened since the mid 1600’s…a ‘Grand Solar Minima’. The last time this happened it occured from 1645-1715 and was called “The Launder minimum”. During that period the visible disk was virtually spotless for the entire duration and Earth saw a corresponding decline in average global temperatures of roughly 2.5-3 degrees Celsius.

        Doesn’t sound like much does it? Well, that drop was a global average. Point in fact, the tropics (equatorial regions) varied from the norm by quite a bit less due to atmospheric dynamics…but the effect was radically more pronounced as you examined areas further and further from the equator.
        Anecdotally, entire towns in Sweden/Norway that had inadviseably been built during the previous multi-hundred year abnormally warm period in or on the glacial scree downstream on glacial plains were simply full-size into oblivion as the glaciers above them advanced, charaterized by one mideival recorder as “coming on like galloping horses”. Hyperbole, to be sure but recorded rates of forward progress of many during the period was measured in TENS of feet per day.
        Aside from being an absolute farce and fantasy on the part of many enviromentalist looking to cash in on the “Carbon credit” scheme espoused by one of our illustrious earlier vice presidents, global warming is not the concern…quite the opposite IS the concern.
        Furthermore, this (if it does proceed further ) will hardly be the first such manifestation of a deep solar minimum; at least 6 such have obscured in the last 3000 years as is demonstrated by close examination Brislecone pine tree rings (6000 lifespan) as well as studies of pollen counts obtained from lake bottom sedimentation.

        But more directly addressing the point here…there is at present one small sunspot evidnt on the visible disk of the simple variety And it is simply not capable of producing anthing even passable momentous. Coronal holes DO occur even during deep solar minima but those do not impact the terrestrial magnetsphere in any fashion that effects more than HAM radio operators and GPS satellites.

        And that concludes our lesson for the day kiddies…have good day tomorrow and eat your wheaties for goodness sake!


      14. Put Sun Block 24 on.

      15. This article is so wrong, it hurts. Yes, there is solar wind coming, which is nothing unusual. No, it is not a “solar storm”. It is not coming from a sunspot or a solar flare. It is coming from an insignifcant coronal hole. This article mistakes the two — coronal holes and sunspots. And it is fear porning.

      16. Hey whatever, bring it on. “You get your chance to try in the twinkling of an eye, eighty years with luck or even less”.

      17. So the Sun Just FARTED in our general Direction ,must have read the Mueller report and was LOL so hard it had a to gas us here on earth.

      18. I read Mac’s site & every day I learn something from it. Solar flares? Just wear a hat and soldier on! Cheer up guys — it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

      19. bullshit.
        Go watch S0

      20. I’d like to know where the author is getting his information as I’ve checked all the popular space weather sites on the Internet and nobody has identified a sunspot that is going to “bombard the Earth” with particles. In fact, the only sunspot currently on the Earth facing side of the Sun has just exited over the limb of the Sun. The current Earth facing side of the Sun is completely sunspot free. There are two Earth facing coronal holes but these are predicted to only provide a small increase in the solar wind. I call total BS on this article.

      21. Which is a more noteworthy story?

        Eight of the top ten causes of death in America are preventable by proper diet and exercise.

        Solar Storm Alert: Earth Has Been Continually Bombarded By Solar Particles For Billions of Years

      22. Which is a more noteworthy story?

        Eight of the top ten causes of death in America are preventable by proper diet and exercise.

        Solar Storm Alert: Earth Has Been Continually Bombarded By Solar Particles For Billions of Years

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