Socialist Dystopia: Venezuelans ASSAULTED By Police Outside Socialist Health Ministry

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Venezuela should be a lesson to Americans why the concept of tyrannical control (dubbed socialism or communism) should be avoided at all costs. But as many here clamor for more government control over their lives and healthcare decisions, Venezuelans who live under that control, are assaulted by the police outside the socialist health ministry.

    It is with a heavy heart that one reports on the inevitable consequence of collectivism, because, since collectivism is predicated on state violence and threats of it, the outcomes are always, always bad. –MRCTV

    Desperate Venezuelan citizens were attacked by armed police on April 20 when they protested the dire lack of medicine and healthcare in the socialist nation. According to Breitbart, and Carlos Camacho, of The Latin American Herald Tribune, protesters shouting “genocidas” ( or genocide perpetrators) tried to gain access to the Caracas base of the Venezuelan Health Ministry, but were met by armed police. The police assaulted the protesters, some of whom were suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and HIV, causing multiple injuries and fueling the fires of even greater resentment over Venezuela’s diseased socialist health system.

    “The government just does not have the response capacity in the face of the magnitude of what is happening with the medicines’ shortages,” protestor Francisco Valencia told NTN24 following the meeting. “We will have to go to Miraflores to demand solutions from President Nicolás Maduro,” he continued. “Enough with all of the deaths! The government has the solution in its hands by activating international cooperation mechanisms.”

    Shocking reports from inside the country include cases of patients being asked to bring their own bandages, gauze, and medicine, while the chronic lack of said items in a nation impoverished by socialism has led to a rise in amputations of infected limbs, and more mastectomies due to a lack of cancer treatment.

    No central plan will offer a long-term solution to this. In fact, it is the very collectivism most democrats seek that brought this disaster about. Doctors and drug makers who are controlled by government dictates regarding what they can charge and offer will not long offer much.  And the silence in the mainstream media and American leftists is noteworthy.

    Disarmed by the government, desperate and ill Venezuelans are being threatened by armed agents of the state as they try to get the medicine they had been promised by the collectivist system, medicine that only the competitive free market can provide in higher quality at lower and lower prices. (Also another lesson for Americans wondering why the cost of their drugs and medical care is so high.)


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      1. BUT we are an armed people and there are 70 million of us with 1 trillion rounds of ammo and 150 million arms.
        bring it tyrants…try and cut the SSI we were forced to buy or the medicare we were forced to buy.
        We will circumvent the police and go straight to the corrupt, elitist source…..politicians and judges.

        • straight to the (((corrupt, elitist source)))

        • Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

      2. And hey gang!!, just think the ‘caravan’ from Central America is on our border now. We ought to send our liberal legislators – all the Democrat, progressive, sanctimonious asshats in power here now – down there to straighten them all out. They could I’m sure. And let’s not forget to airdrop (parachutes optional) our own up and coming generation’s ‘leaders’ like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez to inspire the youth there. Better yet, get some of those Australian super-gonorrhea carrying hookers down there as well. Might as well let them earn a living doing something worthwhile. Gotta think outside the box. Two ways of dealing with things. The usual non-effective ways of humanitarian aid and all that tripe; or, encourage the chaos until it just explodes and burns itself out.

      3. Medicare and social security is good for Countries with white working people for white working people as evidenced by some European Countries where these programs have been successful.

        The problems begin when foreigners are allowed in.


        As for Venezuela, what a mess. Going to the hospital for a mastectomy or amputation. Really? Read a book or google natural cures for Cancer.


      4. What I am thinking right now is quite unprintable.

        Why not say communism is good for White people? Welfare statism and communism involve the same statist premises.

        This viewpoint is pure conservative filth. I am almost literally foaming at the mouth with hate.

        Let us make one thing clear- conservatives hate a fully free society almost as much as liberals hate it. Both sides have the same premise that “The State” is higher than the individual,and that force may be used to stop individuals from escaping [dropping out]. [Dropping out, same idea as secession].

        The god of both sides is the unchallengeable idol- the “Public School”- the main source of thought control and destruction. Sure, there has been some lukewarm resistance- homeschooling.

        America was not founded on lukewarm anything- halfway measures will fail- the “beautiful loser” conservatives want failure. Only hardcore radicalism [radical meaning fundamental] has any chance. . .extremism is needed- extreme freedom, extreme individual rights. Conservatives have never believed in individual rights- that means, at root, they never really believed in a radical America. They DO love the Pledge of Allegiance- written by the national socialist Francis Bellamy. . .conservatives are in thralldom to authority and cannot conceive of forcibly standing up to a despotic state.

      5. Venezuela has been a shithole country for as long as I can remember. I have been there. Gezus. The poverty. The roaming bands of armed thugs that call themselves the military. The drugs. The violence. The prostitution, the whores, the hookers, the teenage girls. No adult men because they have all been killed. Boys running around in packs. Ghettoes for as far as the eye can see. No, I am not talking about the U.S. Not yet, anyway. Not quite yet. But it will come to the US. It is coming.

        Dystopia? Dystopia is just another passing fad in Venezuela.

        Basically, until all professional politicians, banksters, rich elites, corporate oligarchs, MSM and attorneys are taken out an shot, eradicated from all existence, each day will be just like the next, and the next after that. For all eternity.

        At least half the planet is now made up of shithole countries. And with the Globalists pushing their New World Order (NWO), the whole world is about to repeat a period the attempt is made yet again to inflict Total World Domination upon the planet.

        The only difference is now we have nukes. Somebody is going say: “Shit. Is this all there is?” And they will push the button. They will push it several times.

        One can only hope.

      6. Right on Joe Schmoe ! If they try that shit here, I just wonder how many assassinations it will take to convince them otherwise !

      7. The problem with Communists and change agents, at large, is there is never going to be any certain point, at which they are reasonably satisfied with their access to goods and services, so quit agitating for ever more. No one, singular demand is going to be met for peace with these terrorists.

        What did your examples want the state to do, for Parkinson’s and HIV.

        Also, no matter what can be said about police, military, and praetorian chickenshit, aren’t those ones, in the pic, keeping that hospital from getting burned down. Even if it’s a crappy hospital, that was the only one, for now.

        (Short of providing independent health care. Are the demonstrators doing that. No, they will usually have an atavistic blood-hatred for separatist activity in a free market. Why can’t they use that same vigor to something benign, for anybody.)

      8. In Venezuela there are people who have medications and medical supplies which the government would seize in a minute (and probably murder the owners). They have them because they bought them during better times and hid the fact that they even existed. No doubt they probably saw people who desperately needed them badly. In a life-threatening situation, it is natural to want to help. The problem is that if you do so, that person(s) will tell someone else. Very quickly other people will come to you for help as well. If you had a well-stocked first aid supply, it would disappear quickly or the government would seize it. Saying no to helping an injured person is harder than you think;helping means taking risks.

      9. The police, military, and any agencies handling emergencies think in terms of resources and disregard ownership. In a crisis situation they have a mission to carry out. Whatever helps them in carrying out that mission is theirs to take. They may give you useless currency for it(if you’re lucky). If they find what you have stashed away for a crisis, it’s gone! All your plans for these materials are gone! You were hiding resources that they were entitled to have(for the greater good) and you are a criminal (hoarder). These people are human and have families. They are going to use their authority and might to provide for their own families. If they are keeping order, they are friends. If they find your stash, they are our worst enemies.

      10. I just read my blogs. I sounded cold-hearted but it is the process that is cold-hearted.

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