Socialist Dystopia: “This [Power Blackout] Is Going To End UGLY”

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    The dystopian state of the democratic socialist nation, Venezuela is in the midst of a massive power blackout.  With no end in sight, the blackout is the result of years of government incompetence that has caused the power grid to deteriorate. As citizens panic, the government continues to further impoverish and enslave the civilians making them suffer.

    Much of the country was plunged into darkness Thursday, reportedly after major problems coming from the country’s primary hydroelectric power plant, according to a report by NPR.  Residents in some areas have seen a sporadic restoration of power, but people in other areas are growing more desperate and angrier. It’s become a precarious and dangerous situation for anyone counting on electricity for healthcare needs in the socialist country as well. According to The Wall Street Journal, the independent health watchdog Codevida said that “15 dialysis patients have died as a result of the blackout and some 10,000 more were at risk if they continue without treatment.”

    The power problems are a symptom of 15 years of socialist policies that have left the country without a reliable network despite having the world’s largest oil reserves. Late socialist leader Hugo Chavez nationalized the power sector seven years ago amid a wave of state takeovers, reported the Telegraph.

    “The food we had in our refrigerators has spoiled. Businesses are closed. There’s no communication, not even by cell phone,” 49-year-old Ana Cerrato told Reuters.We need help! We are in a humanitarian crisis!

    “This is driving me crazy,” said Naile Gonzalez in Chacaito, a commercial neighborhood of Caracas. “The government doesn’t want to accept that this is their fault because they haven’t carried out any maintenance in years.” But that’s socialism. Once the government takes over and gets control and power over people and infrastructure, they do as they please.  Governments in history have never cared about anything or anyone other than those who can give them more money and more power.

    According to Reuters, Winston Cabas, the president of an electrical engineers’ professional association, told reporters that several of the country’s thermoelectric plants were operating at just 20 percent of capacity, in part due to lack of fuel. He also said the biggest problem is the government and the rationing of electricity.

    “This is going to end ugly. It’s going to be ugly at the end,” designer Nela Garcia told an NPR reporter over the weekend.


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      1. Well, we can’t boast too much about our grid health. I read the earlier article of the power outage and it seems to be the Government playbook format. Don’t think it can’t happen here at some point.

        • Lessons Learned. Do NOT rely on others or government for your electricity, water and other utility services. Get your own “Off the Grid” Homestead, and out into the country far away from the masses of unprepared city dwellers.

          You all have been warned over and over again on this site for a decade now, about this City Slave vs. Country Freedom lifestyles. Choose wisely.

          • With this statement:

            “With no end in sight, the blackout is the result of years of government incompetence that has caused the power grid to deteriorate.”

            Mac seems to be afraid to call the CIA out for their systematic and predicted Crimes against Venezuela. So I will call them out. No cowards here. And it is a crime against humanity, no 2 ways about it.

            • TSB, Ain’t it great being off grid lol. I can’t wait to get back to the cabin. I have 10 – 260 watt solar panels just sitting around waiting for a buyer or stashed for later barter. Whatever I don’t care lol. Imma get me a ranger side by side to take the wife and dog out with and maybe put them to work finishing the 100 year old cabin I started refurbing. Life is great when you are out of debt and loaded down with preps. The only issue is this year the fookin weather won’t co operate with me. Eh I guess I will work a little longer this year till everything dries up and I can get up yonder. I know we differ on what climate we like but I commend you on your success of off grid living! It is a live and learn experience for sure. There’s nothing like it… FREEDOM! Free to fail and succeed lol 😛

              • That Marshall is gonna sound awesome in the mountains!

                • Yep, especially from my 13 ft. high deck 😀

        • I suppose there would have to be brains behind her, because you’d need a microscope to see the brains inside her.

        • That was an interesting video. She does wear a lot of black I noticed, like Antifa.

      2. Let’s exile our traitor congress to that place and let them starve and die.

      3. Speaking of taking money, Trump spread our taxes out over each pay period for a reason. So we can afford the increased prices due to tariffs. They are just now hitting walmart I notitced huge price increases on several items I buy yesterday. The govt just stole our tax refund from anyone who would otherwise get one.

        • Meh, serves ya right for shopping at walmart. Amazon too. Sorry your bank of amerika card works there.

      4. Hello : I’m here from the government to help you …
        Yea Right.
        Standing by in Montgomery County TX

        • Walker County here-

      5. What does socialism have to do with a power failure? Sure, the infrastructure probably was not maintained but that can happen anywhere. The Paradise fire was caused by power lines that weren’t maintained. Hmmm….maybe that’s not the best example here since California leans to socialism. OK…how about the big Northeast blackout of 2003 that put 50 million people in the dark, some for a couple weeks. That was caused by failure to maintain infrastructure. Socialism at fault?

        The cause is more likely a lack of funds caused by the crash in oil prices since 2014. When your main export is oil, that affects your cash flow. The US is different. It controls the levers of power and money through the reserve dollar It’s main exports are financial fraud and weapons of war.

        • Failures of formerly reliable power systems after socialism is instituted and workers are not paid so do not do their work, seem common.

          Is socialism the cause?

          Or is it just the lack of competence and responsibility of the power system managers and workers the cause?

          Changing over to socialism from a capitalism based system only succeeds until it consumes everything that was left over from the previous capitalist system, then everything starts falling apart on every level.

        • SOCIALISM is a method of subjugating citizens wherein the government removes the financial incentive for people to do a good job. This results in failure of one sector of an economy after another. Cronyism and political favors are rewarded and all other serfs are ruled with an iron fist.

          Who should do your brain surgery? The dumbest guy in your high school class or the brightest person that has a financial incentive to excel. Your call.

          The connection to this article is that all SOCIALISM ends in failure. In the last century millions of people died due to socialist governance.

          • Reading down the list of comments, yours is the first sensible one!

        • I don’t advocate socialism. But I don’t think the recent attention by Trump, Bolton, Pompeo or Abrams to Venezuela has anything to do with socialism. These articles about Venezuela on here all parrot the MSM line. Why did Obama declare Venezuela an imminent threat to the national security of the US back in 2014 and begin to impose sanctions? What was the imminent threat? Immigration? I think not, or the wall would have been up by now. Why is this country the only one being called out by the administration for humanitarian reasons? Why not Yemen, where there are war crimes committed daily by ally Saudi Arabia?

          The reason is the oil that the US wants to have control over. It needs this oil to mix with the condensate that is the main product of fracking. It is too light as is, and not suitable for making fuel oil, kerosene, airplane fuel or diesel. These fuels are the main drivers of industry. Mixed with tight oil, Venezuela’s heavy oil is the right consistency for most of the US refineries.

          Both Bolton and Trump (according to McCabe’s book) have admitted it is the oil they are after. The knock on socialism is to cover for the intervention since the word “socialism” is considered a curse word by most of his base and gets them on board for the planned overthrow of Maduro and the puppet Guaido put in place.

          • JRS and McCabe is believable about anything ? Thanx for making it clear who you are .

      6. Pay attention you people which are 49% of you who want SOCIALISM



        So when it comes NO !!!! it’s already here.

        You better put your BIG BOY or BIG GIRL PANTS ON, OH! shame on me, lets not forget you TRANSGENDERS, and the 39 other types of GENDERS that relate to something else so let’s go with PINK PANTIES, and a SCARF shell we.

        All I can say is get the VASELINE READY !!!!

        For those who are Ready to Survive, and Thrive you will know what to do.

        Well I have to get ready for the phone call from our wonderful people from the J.E. HOOVER Building.

        Let me limb off the toilet seat, and limp over to the chair, and wait for the phone call or a courtesy visit.

        GOD! why does it smell so bad in VA Hospitals ?

        Where is my Oxygen, I dropped my glasses where is my hearing aids, and my Meds ? OH ! NO !! some illegals broke into my room, and stole them.

        Oh why why, why ?, you all got a Voters Registration Card, and a
        (SOCIAL) Security Card, and next is VISA, and Mastercard too, and a Cell Phone to tell your Friends.

        HELP! HELP! HELP! oh never mind POLICE who needs you all to just take a report.

        ITS GONE………

      7. Millions more died due to capitalistic warmongering. The wealthy have the right to grow their wealth without a care for lower level slobovian losers who can’t find a profit somewhere, anywhere. Unending greed is Americas downfall. $750 billion for more war is a giant knife in the back of a struggling population financially.

      8. Like in Russia…. the govt. pretended to pay the people so the people pretended to work….

      9. Slavo: the blackout is the result of years of government incompetence that has caused the power grid to deteriorate.

        Anon: Deep-state propaganda! the blackout is the result of SABOTAGE!… by central-bank/oil-industry operatives.

      10. Ok is it the poor maintence of the grid that is causing the blackout? possibly. Is it the USA CIA causing it? Possibly. Is it a combo of both? It would not surprise me. Would they be in so much trouble if they did not have any oil. Yes indeed Of course they are under attack because they have oil. That much is for certain.

      11. I don’t feel a bit sorry for these dumb asses. They voted for over and over again. Just like the Stupid Shits in the Demratic party will do. When it all falls apart I’ll be ready and they will starve, and I’ll watch and laugh.

      12. Not everyone is able to live in the countryside, swamp, or out in tim buck two. But anyone can learn to survive without big brother and his big grid. Remember, electricity is a modern invention. People lived without it before Edison and Tesla. So, put on your long pants and get to work. You’ll need a water supply because you won’t have tap water. You’ll need a system of portable toilets or buckets. You’ll need a way to stay warm in winter and comfortable in summer. You’ll need food. Canned food will be your best bet but a system for renewable food will become necessary. Cats discourage rodents, reproduce like rabbits, and can be eaten in an emergency. Not recommending just saying. In China dogs are not revered as in America and stray dogs are caught, skinned,and hung in markets where they are purchased by housewives. In a grid down your dog will be your best friend. Keep him close to home or he’ll wind up on somebody’s plate.


      13. Venez. Power Blackout – a USSA “Regime Change” Production

        Will you people EVER learn???

        And Slavo: YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

      14. Hitting home with the centrist folks who would rather not get on Maduro’s bad side and have bike thugs visit late at night. The little fresh meat, eggs and dairy they CAN get is rotting away. Not everybody in Venezuela is starving. That is apparent from pictures of protesters with belly rolls… but, those rolls are a lot smaller probably from when this started and they can see the handwriting on the wall. If Maduro had been a better manager, he could have kept the goose that laid the golden egg alive, even with sanctions. He caused his own problems and his best citizens fled the country out of self preservation. One thing’s for sure- he’s not been skipping any meals.

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