Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation Forces Pillaging For Food

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 106 comments

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    The socialist dystopia of Venezuela is seeing inflation at such high rates that the starving civilians have resorted to looting the few stores left and pillaging for scraps of food. The 2600% inflation rate and socialist policies are destroying what was once South America’s wealthiest nation.

    Worsening food shortages and runaway inflation have unleashed the spate of pillaging since Christmas in the South American country, in which seven people have reportedly died, according to Reuters.  Looters have ransacked trucks, supermarkets and liquor stores across the nation of 30 million people, which ranks as one of the most violent in the world.

    The plunder is heaping more pain on battered businesses, raising questions about how much longer the starving Venezuelans can survive. The country, which is run by a full-blown socialist regime is suffering a fifth straight year of recession and the world’s highest inflation rate.

    According to PanAm Post, in the city of Maracaibo, the capital of Zulia, residents looted a supermarket after waiting hours in line to buy corn flour. Violence broke out when they were informed that only members of pro-government community councils could make purchases. “People were upset,” Ana, a mother of two, said. “There were people waiting yesterday. They started to open the doors (of the supermarket), to get in and grab packets of flour, but the police (socialist government police) arrived.”

    Manuel López, President of the Association of Agricultural Producers of the Sur del Lago area, said that criminals will go from farm to farm, extorting producers and asking them to give up an animal. If the farmers refuse,  the extorters destroy everything.

    “The desperation, impunity and serious humanitarian crisis that we are experiencing in Venezuela continues to deepen and is leading people to commit this type of crime,” Coordinator of the Venezuelan Conflict Observatory, Marco Antonio Ponce, said. “This situation continues to worsen throughout the country given that it’s impossible to get food,” he said. “In the absence of imported products and in the absence of national production, we are experiencing a rather critical situation of scarcity of the few products that we still have in the country.”-PanAm Post

    Socialism destroys the fabric of society. In fact, Climax Magazine reported that the situation in Venezuela has reached such a serious level, that prostitutes are accepting food as payment for their services.

    Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro claims that Venezuela’s oil-reliant economy is under attack by U.S.-backed saboteurs seeking to stoke conflict and discredit socialism in Latin America. Although anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that socialism is doing a wonderful job of discrediting itself. The abject poverty and starvation in Venezuela is a direct result of government interference in what was once a booming economy.  And that is exactly why the totalitarian mainstream media won’t be bothered to report on socialism’s obvious failures – of which there are many.

    Any rational human being with even an ounce of compassion would rather be subjected to capitalism’s few failures, than socialism’s few successes.


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      1. i’m hungry, i want to go to Golden Coral for all you can eat prime rib tonight.

        • The african population will increase by 5x soon.

          They will exterminate us in the USA like they did in South africa.

          Fight now for your kids lives.

          • Africans breed like roaches, many kids starve to death and malnourished, low IQ’s for adults on a 24/7 breeding frenzy. Venezuelan folks over breeding also, kids are ones hurt. Will the American masses wake up in time before we are taken down by third worlders incl middle east invaders? Soros will fund their expenses here then put them on the dole for life, arm them also.

            • Sorry to inform you ,but its already happened in every country inc USA .I think the next big step will be a world war so we can cull them to virtuly nil along with everyone else.
              I think that the world rulers are nearly ready to start the world again ,clean slate,wipe the board,start from scratch.
              Then maybe they can control us all. Then they can feed us on there scraps,and make us work for them,just like what’s happening to Venezuela. Probable test run.
              Socialist,Democratic ,Republican, conservative, tea party,labour,communist, it doesn’t matter who your party is there all working for the same BOSS.

              • dont cull all of them, we still need rap music.

            • Laura ann, Actually it’s not just afrikans it’s every low IQ dumbass family. There are lots of people here that have a shitload of kids and everyone of them I know are pretty stupid people. In the old days it was a neccessity for farmers etc. but in more modern times they are just a waste of resources. I wish the fook the US would implement a 1 child policy and end immigration. The ptb are working on peaceful depopulation but it can’t keep up with the masses of retards like the movie idiocracy. So the end result is going to be a war from hell or a war for resources cause this shit ain’t going to go on much longer…

              • Genius: agree, lots of dumb breeders of all races in the usa. Times change, people have left the farms and farming is mechanized today. One child or none is enough. I say no tax deduction after one child. Traffic gridlock is everywhere it seems, hate to drive so get up early and run errands. We have traveled/camped out enough over time and now take short day trips to state parks usually. Our family incl. two cats.

        • Now that, sounds good,,,

          • it was?

          • I am going to throw all the left overs in the trash tonight with a happy thought the the socialist people of Venezuela are starving.

            • hahaha good idea. wouldn’t it be fun to walk down a venezuelan street with a fresh baked loaf of itallian bread in one arm and a hot young woman on your other arm and nobody has a gun but you. no wonder the rich like it that way.

            • Those leftovers could get you a blowjob in Venezuela.

              • from you?

                • No way would I stoop to your level Gandhi.

                  • i will stand on a chair for you?

        • Classy restaurant!

      2. Its coming to the US……………

        • i plan to organize a shooting competition designed to practice tactical looter shooter scenarios.

        • I hope so,, the democrats deserve it since thats what they vote for, let it be brutal!

          • Especially since the Democrats will expect you to turn over all your stock piles and food stores to the “Community Committee.” for proper redistribution to the people who deserve it more than you.

            • Wonder if they will notice the caster beans cooked into everything they get

              • i wonder if the starving people ask sweetly if the criminal goobermint will give their guns and money back the the poor?

        • Venezuela arent allowed to compete in the olympic biathalon because they would shoot all the flamingos to eat? during practice.

      3. the poor cows are taking a beating

      4. oscar perez is my hero

        • i bet oscar knew how rediculous the NRA is.

      5. as one venezuelan squirrel says to another,”leave my nuts alone!”

      6. i think we need to let the poor uneducated venezuelans refugees all live in trump tower.

      7. $tootoo rimfire ammo is the new money?

      8. one 9meelomeeter costs a days wages so this is a good example of a reason for stocking tootoo rimfire for the apocalypse.

        • How much does meth cost these days?

        • but they gave up their guns and now they wont get them back. now they get what is dished out by the elite like a good sweet socialist who’s master no longer has any use for them, especially the ugly ones. so eat $hit venezuela

      9. Then on the flip side there is Norway with luxurious socialized benefits with a government functioning so well that its one of if not the best nations to live in.

        • Think maybe its a , um , race thing?

          • that’s why don made the shithole and Scandinavian remark, not to be racist, but some groups produce and some wait with their hand out and complain. it is a shame that the ussa is on the same path.

        • Won’t be for long.

          Eventually they too will be playing cowboys and immigrants.

        • so was venezuela 5 years ago?

      10. a guy can get laid in venezuela for $1.00 amerikan right now. might even get change back?

        • you get STDs back

          • ???

          • nope, i let them keep my std’s

      11. weird that when a country experiences a financial colapse that women become worthless?

      12. Idiotic question; but, how is it that even in starving and impoverished places like Venezuela women still are fat?

        • no rubbers?

        • Gimme my babby back babby back babby back

          • what is a babby?. sounds good though.

        • For the same reason that a great many poor people in the USA are obese: Good quality food is more expensive; but calorie-packed, nutrient-poor “comfort foods” are cheap.

          Look at typical fast-food junk….. lots of highly-processed starch (made from cheap corn, wheat, and rice flours) and loaded with hydrogenated low-quality fats and oils, and laced with tons of salt and sugar.

          The meats are also low-grade, saturated with grease and fat to appeal to taste buds while clogging up arteries. Most fast-food ‘cheese’ is only partially dairy, with high levels of artificial ‘cheese’ made from (you guessed it) hydrogenated fats.

          There is very little in a grocery store worth buying, let alone worth eating. Every year, I buy more and more stuff at local farm stands, farmers’ markets, natural foods stores, and gardening co-ops — not to mention growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. in my front yard.

          Many other countries won’t allow USA foods to be imported due to the high levels of pesticides, GMO content, and unhealthful processing. It’s a shame that huge corporations have a stranglehold on USA crop and food laws and regulations. The best way to fight this is with your wallet — don’t buy processed supermarket crap.

      13. Slight hair split on the Scandinavian Social Welfare Countries –

        I think what you find is that they have democratically imposed large social benefit costs on themselves relative to health care, education, and welfare.

        Their personal income taxes are nearly confiscatory at the higher income levels. At one point in history Sweden actually had a GREATER than 100% tax bracket for incomes in excess of…

        That’s why the famous tennis player Bjorn Borg relocated out of Sweden back in the day.

        However, AFAIK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark in particular do not have centrally planned economies. Look up the Nordic Model.

        This Social Democracy approach appears to work for them, but remember Norway, for example has about 4 million people who (until the recent MusThug migration) all are very similar in culture and temperament.

        In GA, we have about 7 million (much the less 315 million in the US) and are much more diverse than Norway. I submit it is harder to get the 7 million to agree on major stuff than the other way.

        The short version: Venezuelan Socialism =\= Scandinavian Social Welfare State.


        • As a Norwegian I have absolutely no problems paying high taxes. At least those taxes are going to help less fortunate citizens than me rather than funding a huge war machine intent on killing everyone who disagrees with Wall Street policies.

        • bb in Ga

          I agree, you make my point. Say Social Security and I seen posters attempt to equate it with goose-stepping soldiers. Its not only a question of degree but also a totalitarian government that even if capitalist has the masses in squalor as Central America’s “haves & have nots” show. Northern Europe is already starting with the “Cream Of The Crop” for citizenry. That certainly is an asset.

          • Norway has a healthy, well educated populace. That’s Scandinavia’s solution, rather than waging war for Wall Street, educate your people. Keep them healthy. Keep them informed. Don’t segregate people by how much they have in the bank! That’s elitism and, elitism is what communism was all about!

            We look after our children, our sick and our old people. If that’s socialism so be it. So, as a high wage earner my taxes go to the less fortunate – who knows what the future holds for me? Much preferred to pay those taxes than to let people rot on the streets or penalise them for being out of work and for getting sick.

            Americans are a nation running in fear of a bogey man manufactured by a hugely rich elite. Call it socialism, communism, whatever, you are like children in a dimly lit room frightened of shadows.

          • Kevin2, just admit you are a commie pinko and stop being conflicted.

        • I do smile at the instant experts on this site who can solve problems throughout the world, yet live in an increasingly dysfunctional 1st world shithole.

          Get your own house in order, understand that most world problems are created by the USA!

          • Wolf

            Get your a$$ off your shoulderblades…Nobody here was slamming Norway or the other Nordic countries that I noticed.

            My comment was neutral to complimentary mostly explanatory.

            Your people have chosen a Social Welfare approach (not Centrally planned Socialism) to their society through thoroughly democratic methods.

            Everybody had their say and you got what you got – and most Scandinavians seem happy with the choices.

            Venezuela has descended into Totalitarianism, period.

            Stop being a snarky a$$hole or we might start believing stereotypes about Europeans 🙁


            • bb – my, you are the touchy one, aren’t you? I have never insulted you (or anyone here) neither have I used profanities. Why should I? My command of English negates that necessity and you condemn yourself as intolerant of another’s belief by your own response. Insults are the last recourse to a lost argument.

              If anyone is reinforcing stereotypes it’s Americans like you.

              Oh, and really, you should dig deeper and know that it has been American foreign policy for generations to undermine any country that has a political system different to the monied elite that runs your country. Venezuela is simply another victim of that policy. You really should take a wider world view and realise that America is now running on empty.

              I would suggest if anyone has their head up their posterior it’s you with your holier than thou viewpoint and superior attitude.

              • When you call people dumb, that usually qualifies as insulting. You and did and it was.

                Norway is a lovely country. I would like to visit someday because my wife is just two generations removed on her late Momma’s side.

                If I do visit, I hope we don’t meet you or other people who bear us ill will.


              • Wolf:

                Excellent ju-jitsu move on your part.

                You come in here with arrogant, anti-USA sneering after I explained how I understand Social Welfare works well for your country.

                Then, when I call you out as the arrogant one, you concentrate on that little part of my remarks, and project your Superiority on me.

                Textbook narcissist.


              • Perhaps you rather we didn’t help your grandfathers and fathers w/ that little unpleasantness in WW2.

                I don’t know…. other than the heroes of Telemark and a few others perhaps Norwegians (with many having the classic Aryan look) would fit right in with the Third Reich.

                German wouldn’t have been that difficult to learn for y’all.


      14. hell, my ex was doing it on the sly for a hamburger for 3 YEARS before i found out about it….who knew a burger could buy so much? at least the gubmint down there has reduced cannibalism to a misdemeanor to help cope with the problem.

        • canibbal misdemeanor haha, buttcrack was it Bic Mac burgers?

        • Ouch!

          • funny how you can be married for 4 years, never hearing ONE lie from her lips, only to find out her whole LIFE was a lie.

        • Terribly sorry old friend but don’t overshare.

          • too LATE!….i ALREADY overshared…LMAO!

        • either that was some great burger or the wife wasnt so great.

      15. Norway is run by Norwegians and does not have a bunch of invading scum like Sweden. Iceland jailed the bankers after their economy failed, and now is doing well.

        If people in a neighborhood start planting a fruit tree and a few berry bushes, or other edibles, they can form neighborhood farmers markets to share among themselves. Everyone benefits and no one starves.


        • Until the commies show up and demand you feed them or they cut down your trees, dig up your bushes, and burn down your house. Another clueless idiot from Commiefornia.

          • But in the end broad social benefits, referred to many as socialism a virtual “cradle to grave” system works in Northern Europe. Its all a question of degree and the citizenry. I’m of Italian American roots and for whatever reason peoples who can dip their toes into the Mediterranean have a tolerance for corruption being acceptable; Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Arabic / Islamic, Israel all of them.

            • Correction, it had worked. While those areas were not diverse, were socially cohesive, and shared similar work, religious, and ethical values. All that is out the window, now.

              If you think Europe is going to be successful as a welfare state for gimmigrants I have some ocean-front property for sale in Arizona. Call me, 1-800-IAM-stupid.

              I don’t care where you are from, this isn’t the first time Europe and the Muslim hordes have clashed. One side is going to win and I hate to say the soy boys and girls in Europe look like fresh meat that is going to be converted to ground meat. When? Soon.

              • Philosopher Deplorabilis

                Apparently you have an ax to grind and your grinding in on the wrong stone and your not reading what I’m writing.

                I have no doubt that the degree socialization that has been implemented in Northern Europe can attribute its success to a great degree because of the caliber of the indigenous people there. Get closer to the Mediterranean and its functionality deteriorates. Southern Europe just doesn’t have the work ethic of Northern Europe. Cross their southern pond and the quality of people rapidly deteriorates even further. A friend who was in the Peace Corps had a theory regarding this phenomenon. Cold climate people had to be thrifty, organize, work as a team, and be smart to grow enough food to survive the winter and have seed to repeat the process in spring. The lazy, shiftless, dumb did not survive and hence over time the gene pool was elevated. Conversely the warm climate peoples could obtain food far easier all year and hence there was no weeding out of the gene pool. In certain areas water was the resource and it could be monopolized with cruelty and corruption. Stealing off your neighbor became acceptable. Its all geographically biological.

                • Regarding my ancestors from Italy the Italian Americans were the hard working more ambitious as were others from Europe. The US got the “Cream Of Their Crop”. My father a first generation American said many times. “The best Italians came to the US”. “The ones that stayed in Italy were lazy”. This was once the story of American immigration. You got here and it was “sink or swim”. Now welfare awaits them. You can’t apply socialism here and expect it to work like Norway and you can’t dilute Norway with trash and expect it to continue working.

                  • Here is a politically incorrect observation from my now 96 year old father who cut hair for over 70 years. “America is a damn good country” (three second pause) “And we have knee grows”.

                    Take that for what its worth.

                  • any wop i knew was worthless but thought they were the greatest.

                • There are only a few things I dislike. One, communists. Two, freeloaders. Three, Muslims.

                  If you don’t fit into those categories, fine.

                  If you do, and you think hard working taxpayers in the US or Europe are going to continue to fund the globalists that thought it was a good idea to flood our countries with barbarians, good luck.

                  I don’t hold any such delusions. I con’t care where you are from. You live in the US, now. And good luck trying to go back to visit old Italy. It is infested with vermin. Eventually there will be blood in the streets. There is right now but people like you enjoy your fantasies and refuse to pay attention.

                  That’s okay. Enjoy your delusions about how great Italy used to be. Most of Europe is unsafe if you are white and Christian. I dare you. Go visit Calais or London or Malmo. Heck, go visit Italy. I dare you.

                  • You seriously need a course in reading comprehension.

                    Re-Read what I wrote.

                    • Not my problem. You jumped into the convo. Maybe you should have spent a little more time reading MY comment.

                • people living in cold climates resourceful?, obviously you havent ever lived around eskimos, they are the laziest drunkards you will ever meet. i spent time in the arctic circle and boy howdy in the winter darkness they sat on their a$$es for 8 months.

          • yep, socialsm is always great till you run out of other peoples money. then they take what is left by force. just ask a cow how sweet it is.

          • Phi D:

            I have no intention of discussing what measures I would take. Apathy, in the meantime, could cause many people to go hungry or suffer poor nutrition needlessly. Asserting the worst case scenario, and referring to my suggestions as idiotic is irresponsible on your part.

            My orchards and gardens feed many. What the hell have you done to help anyone, other than insult people you don’t know who pass the time trying to do something constructive here on this site.


            • Sure. And if you live in Commiefornia you are surrounded by freeloaders. Go ahead. Give them all of your food, let them live in your house, let them use your toilet, let them drive your car. Heck, let them shoot your guns and sleep in your bed.

              I am sure you have a lovely place. As to how much of that you donat or give away for the poor masses? You are like the crazy cat lady. She starts feeding one stray cat. And it had kittens. And those kittens breed with other stray cats and before you know it the crazy cat lady is spending all her time, and money, to feed inbred feral cats. Until the city shows up and says, hey, lady, now the place is infested with rabid and sick feral cats, you have to stop feeding them.

              The crazy cat lady howls that people are being mean to her. People don’t like her. People don’t like cats. People hate animals. People are cruel. Her words have no effect because people in the area are sick and tired of dealing with disease-ridden feral cats. An exterminator is called in to deal with the diseased feral cat problem. The crazy cat lady cries and calls them names.

              The community is back to equilibrium. No more feral cats and people cheer the day the crazy cat lady dies.

              • Philo;
                Did you used to post as Philosopher?

              • I too have a distain for crazy cat ladys.

        • Iceland has a total population of 300,000 +. Norway has a population of 5 million plus. America should stop breeding idiots – or, at the very least, educate yourselves properly!

          You are a really dumb nation.

        • What happens is 5% of the people put out 100% of all the effort then the remaining 95% of the people demand equal shares with the 5% that did all the work.

          • That country was on Clinton’s hit list when she was pretending to be Sec of State and has been screwed over by the IMF – first you control the finances, then you create a crisis and then you steal the people’s assets.

      16. So says another frightened American from Hicksville, brainwashed from childhood to be frightened by a bogey man.

        Don’t be scared of communism, it’s dead. It’s not 1950’s America anymore, I would have thought you’d have grown out of that! However, be very,very, scared of your owners (Wall Street).

        • Hicksville???? Dont be dissin my town yo! I love it here!

      17. don’t be a Venezuelan:

        ht tp://

      18. They will bus the blacks in from Chicago the moment economic aid from the USA is announced. Just like Katrina

      19. Hello everyone. I am normally a pretty positive man. But I also know a few things and been around the block once or twice, very long blocks…. I also listen a lot and try my best to sift through the BS. I also am a person who pays close attention to history and cycles. I have been having some very strange feeling over the past few months I mean there are so many events happening in this world and it had become the new norm. We have become so desensitised that we look at what is happening not only in Venezuela and ho hum whatever. My feeling is that something big is coming to the USA/Canada the whole region very soon and it will be a big event. I don’t know what it is and I hope maybe the feeling I have is just gas lol. Ok little humor bad timing. Take a long look and listen to what is happening down there in South America because we will need to learn from their suffering, it is coming to our door very soon. Sorry for rambling but just had to get that out there. As I said I hope I am wrong. Anyone who reads my posts in here knows I never make predictions. Everyone take care everyone be vigilant but trust in God. Just pay close attention to all that is happening esp. close to home and take care. God Bless

        • I unfortunately concur. There is a shit storm headed our way, but I don’t think there is too much we will be able to do about it. The big machine is cranked up and it is on the way. Nothing is going to stop it IMHO. Like him or not. Trump has given us a little breathing room. Use it wisely. There however is one thing that is a hard fact. They cannot take this game too much farther down the road unless they disarm us. When you see that card played, you will have to decide if you are going to take a stand or not. If you are disarmed, you will not like the next cards played. Just keep on stackin’ those beans, ammo, and bandaids. You are going to need them. It’s just the way it is. And as you say. “I sure hope I am wrong”.

        • Hey Mike,

          I don’t worry anymore what tomorrow “might” bring.
          I’ve tried to be as self sufficient as possible this past almost 30 years. I try to have a backup plan for everyday life. Second car/truck just in case the first one does not want to crank today. Always an extra tin of food in the cabinet. Couple of dollars squirreled away for that rainy day.

          I feel better when I see that I can solve my own problems instead of calling for help. Does not mean that I won’t need help. Just that I feel better when I can be the one who gives that help.

          I use to worry about WW III, asteroid strike, economic collapse, Y2K, or what ever boogeyman Mac wants us to read about today.

          In short… I just don’t worry what the world will throw at me. I’ll deal with it the best I can, and hope tomorrow will be better. Everything happening in the world today has happen before and will happen again. I just keep my head and tail down. 🙂

          Y’all play nice now. 😉

      20. ///If ever the shtf up my neck of the wood,// try that on me.//I promise to lite your azz up 900 yds out.// Over and out////.

      21. where is their buddies Cuba and Iran?

      22. If Hitlerey would have been elected or if Harpo runs and gets elected that is just what the USA will look like with in 3 1/5 years.

        • Trump’s policies are no different to those that created the decline in the US economy. In fact after an illusion of growth I think the US economy will bust when the Federal Reserve starts putting up interest rates,

      23. Is this a S***hole country ??? LOL

      24. When the US system of theft collapses it will make Venezuela look mild in comparison. Many countries may be poorly run but the US seeks to undermine their government and economy. The US is an out of control thug state.

      25. Recently there was a topic here about the rising economic problem here in the US as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, like Venezuela on a smaller scale presently. Once the most wealthy country in South America, now the collapse is severe. Are you sure predatory capitalists are not responsible for the situation in Venezuela? So helping out those less fortunate with food assistance is somehow socialistic thus bad, social being the keyword here as human beings are social creatures. The big oil big shots are pissed that country butted out the oil thieves to help that nations people which is the crux of the problem. This problem has the NWO written all over it. I agree that the US will face this same greed and hyper downfall soon. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

        • aljamo

          The “kiss of death” is the mere suggestion that you’ll trade your oil in something other than US dollars. The demise of a nation for such an infraction is always ostensible. For Iraq it was “Weapons OF Mass Destruction” which weren’t found. For Libya it was that Gadaffi was a bad man, who just so happened to provide the highest standard of living in Africa for the Libyan people. One might come to the conclusion that its socialism in Venezuela as opposed to sanctions, IMF and God knows what else.

        • who is richer: the guy with nothing or the guy with $400,000 in house, car and card debt?

          • The guy with nothing…

      26. We all know that some day this same sh#t is going to happen here at home. Maybe not in our life time but in our grand kids life time. Teach them well and leave them your guns and ammo

      27. Someone get Gandhi a Twitter account. Ridiculous.

        • sorry, i dont “twitter”

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