Socialism: So Bad Women Are Willing To Be Sexually Abused To Escape It

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    The democratic socialist nation of Venezuela’s collapse is showing just how far people will go in order to escape the horrors of big government. In fact, the situation in Venezuela has gotten so bad that women are willing to risk being sexually abused in human trafficking rings in order to escape the horrors of socialism.

    Unfortunately, the harsh reality of government is bearing down on real people and making life incredibly miserable for those stuck in Venezuela.  It’s also no walk in the park for those who have managed to escape.  The Washington Post detailed one woman’s plight, and it’s a disturbing an harrowing tale:

    In Trinidad, the International Organization for Migration, a United Nations body, has received 23 suspected cases of trafficked Venezuelans in the past three months — compared with no Venezuelan cases last year, according to Jewel Ali, the organization’s local director.

    They include victims like Luz — who said she lost one of her three children in April after the hospital in her Venezuelan town ran out of medication to treat her daughter’s bacterial infection. When she was approached to come to Trinidad, the offer seemed too good to be true.

    “But I told myself, I’m going anyway. I’m not going to lose the chance for my kids to be better off just because I had some doubts,” she said.

    The ordeal — five weeks spent captive and repeatedly filmed being raped — had “damaged” her, she said. At one point, Luz said, she and a friend were tied up and raped side by side.

    “We were looking at each other,” Luz said, tearing up. “We would cry. And I would tell her, ‘Sister, be strong, you have a daughter.’ I would just keep repeating that.” The Washington Post

    As the oil-rich country buckles under the weight of a failed socialist experiment, an estimated 5,000 people a day are departing the country in Latin America’s largest migrant outflow in decades.  Millions have fled Maduro’s reign of terror creating an even bigger crisis.

    Carolina Jimenez, a senior official with Amnesty International, said, “Venezuela’s unprecedented situation has turned a domestic human rights crisis into a regional human rights crisis. Countries in the region are not prepared to take in so many migrants and do not have the asylum systems needed to prevent job exploitation and human trafficking,” she said. “These people should be protected, but instead they are being taken advantage of.”

    The beginning of the end for Venezuela came when Hugo Chávez who became president in 1999. Spouting similar policies to those of American socialist Bernie Sanders Chávez forced a form of socialism on the people that resulted in many businesses collapsing or being nationalized. A purge of the state-run oil industry which was a center of opposition to his rule and essential to the nation’s economy removed thousands of workers, who were often replaced by political supporters with little to no technical experience. Venezuela’s slide into despotism increased in speed exponentially under current President Nicolás Maduro. The tyrannical authoritarian was a former bus driver and union leader who inherited power after Chávez’s death in 2013.

    The United Nations projects 2 million Venezuelans will flee their dystopian native country and this year. That’s in addition to an exodus of 1.8 million over the past two years. Diplomats in Trinidad along with international agencies say there is also evidence of a horrifying trend: Desperate Venezuelans, mostly women, have become commodities to be bought and sold.


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      1. Yet we have brain dead morons here begging for it.

        • I squarely Blame the United States Government and Mideast criminal partners, for our horrific Economic sanctions on Venezuela, all to help Saudi Arabia gain market share for their oil profits in the OPEC circle of nations.

          This has nothing to do with Socialism, as socialism is the only Government left holding the country together like Glue.


          • US ECONOMIC SANCTIONS: So Bad Women Are Willing To Be Sexually Abused To Escape It

            • Go ahead and blame the USA.
              Real quick. You are our friend or enemy.

              US ECONOMIC SANCTIONS is what you get when you don’t play by our rules. Like it or not right now we are the big boys on the block and we make the rules. This has the way the world has been from the beginning of time. I don’t see it changing any time soon.


              • Real socialism = free pussy for all.

                How’s that working out for you Venezuela?

              • Fuck you pig goon. You are a rottin disgusting clueless idiot. You deserve to be dragged and beaten. Once a pig always a pig. Your pain is coming ahole. Karma Fcker

                • You deserve a mob beating Sgt Pig.

                  • I like the truth good or bad. Sgt Pig thinks Venezuela attacked the US. Bet you think Libya also attacked the US. Like Afghanistan and Iraq.

                    I hope Illinois goes bankrupt and you loose your entire pig pension and and you become deathly ill from malnutrition and you pig need to beg for food. Once a dirty pig always a dirty pig. Never trust a pig cop, they lie cheat and steal. You deserve a bullet when you aint lookin for that horrible comment. What if that was your daughter you disgusting pig. Id spit right on your face if I could get a hold of you pig right now.

                    • Sgt Piggy spent his entire career earning socialist commie wages, clueless about how to create wealth, talk brave hidding behind his tin cop badge and gun. EGO driven thinks he is the big boy on the block. Try wearing that pig uniform and calling yourself SGT in SHTF. Recipe for a quick death. You couldn’t cut it in private business industry, with a low Pig IQ. You have no credibility, zero. Big fat donut eating slob pig zero.

                    • Fk u u little disgusting idiot.
                      If u love socialism or communism that much just come to China n the North Korea to experience the daily joy instead of sitting u fat ass in america n talk shit to america

                  • TSB

                    Why can’t you Socialists, Commie types have a conversation. Because you have nothing to stand on.

                    Show me the year in history where the big boys on the block didn’t make the rules for the world. You can’t.

                    You as a looser just hate it when the person that works hard and has faith in God gets ahead in life. You that are still living in moms basement have nothing.

                    As far as the beating. You bring it on, But make sure you Obama care is paid up you will need it. Oh crap I paid for your Obama care. Still you will need it.

                    I’ve dealt with people like you. You hide in a mob, but face to face with me you will piss and shit your pants.

                    Don’t forget commie socialist scum (no disrespect to scum) I wear a Police uniform and have take a OATH to defend the Constitution. Have you? Don’t forget that I’m a member of the largest group of Men and Women nation. The thin Blue Line are my brothers and sisters, and I know my group is bigger and better trained than you mob.

                    TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!

                    • You are a pig. Plain and simple. A scum pig at that. I took the oath as I was a FF Paramedic. I helped people, you beat people. Ask any person on the street who they Trust more a FF Paramedic or a rotton ? pig. You can hide behind your badge and gun, but you are still a pig. You think any of these young girls have any control of their nation being destroyed? You are a disgsting pig. Bring it ahole. You will get yours sooner than later. Never trust a pig, ever. You are a troll.

                    • Low IQ Pig spent 30 years as a ? and all he got was to be a SGT. Bwhahahaha.

                    • Btw/ Sgt Pig. I am a Reg Republican an Oath keeper, I seek the truth and have made many years with over a 6 figure income in private industry as a busuness owner, while you suck off the gubberments titty you filthy pig. I paid plenty of taxes for your pigs wages. Never trust a fulthy pip, eso one from IL the commie state if America. You wull die quickly in SHTF. Nobody likes a dirty pig.

                    • I’m a patriot and veteran. I love my country, family, and most of all Jesus. I’ll fight and die for what I believe in and stand with others of like mind. I’ll shoot or otherwise destroy everyone else when the time comes with a clear conscience to protect this place. Die if need be so my children can live. Say whatever you want, the lucky traitors that wind up against me won’t feel very lucky.

              • I speak for the rest of the world, and we are all sick of you yank trash shitting on the rest of the world.

                We look forward to the day that the United States collapses, because the world will be so much better off

                • PH
                  If it was for us YANKS you would be swaying “Sig Heil”. ungrateful limy.


                  • Let me guess, another gormless American, who doesn’t know his history?

                  • Again, my comments not posted.

                • Every expletive lowers the IQ by 1 point. That’s why TharSheBlows is a “10.”

              • Wrong. This is not the US doing per se. it was coordinated via the globalist cabal who has historically used the US as their strong arm.

          • You like socialism so much that I hope you would go to Venezuela and try to make it a better place for all its residents. By the way, Venezuela is part of OPEC circle as you put it.

          • I’m not that knowledgeable about socialism, read that Eugene Debs ran for president on a socialist platform in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He campaigned on better pay, better working conditions for average people. Here we are again in that reality today. Actually I believe there are more socialist thinking people than there are capitalist thinking people in America. Look where Capitalism has led this nation, the overwhelming bulk of the profit in a few hands while the lower classes struggle to exist financially. Capitalism is all about the greed witnessed today. Socialism is about the people living together in harmony, egads can’t have that can we? Capitalism is about never ending war and more resources needed to maintain total control of every single life on Earth. Doubt that this is not the mindset for total destruction?

          • You must be some special kind of stupid paid by the Maduro regime.

      2. There was a time when Venezuela’s economy was one of the best in South America.

        Too many Maduro supporters get jobs based on who they know rather than what they know or can do.

        • That’s right Brian, Libya too, also had the highest living standards in the entire middle east, until Hillary and Obama crew of Commies destroyed it, all because they wanted to monetize the country’s services for greed and profit.. Libya was also trying to get away from the petro dollar by backing their currency with Gold. When Gadaffi was killed all of these masses then started pouring out of the country across the Mediterranean into Europe destroying all of those countries. Once you get the truth and facts, it is noting but Genocide of what the US does to other countries, just like Venezuela. This article is produced and sponsored by the CIA, same BS lies and propaganda. And tell me what did Venezuela ever do to the USA? Answer: Nothing, this is all about oil and protecting SAUDI’S market share selling oil.

          Venezuela is in the same situation as Libya was, a rich county, until the Saudi’s manipulated lower oil prices which they depended on. Only LOW IQ Scumbags morons like Sgt Pig, would make such a horrific statement saying these poor young women deserved it.

          People who are evil will get theirs. Your time is coming Sgt Pig, you fat slob revenue raising scum troll.

      3. That picture says it all. With their heads down, those young women look miserable, and the handcuff’s don’t look like they are there for the girl’s benefit. It is slavery, plain and simple.


        • Why is it Muslim women enjoy being kicked, beaten by male relatives and at a young age get surgically mutilated and kiss up to this satanic agenda? Few smart ones exit this cult and some start their websites or write articles online, move elsewhere, some in the U.S. Example here’s one:
          founded by Ms. B.Gabriel

      4. Should I post my phone number?

        • I agree, how can we import from Venezuela?

          The American models are usually worn out, over weight and just too damn entitled to deal with.

      5. Socialism throughout histroy has been a failure and it will be in the future.
        We are individuals we act and think independently. Group think and everyone is equal is a lie.
        America is succesfull because we have an idividualisy mind set – except for the liberal mindless dopes

      6. Post-Feminism, women are WORSE off. Why do women and ladies not see this?

      7. “Socialism caused all their problems” is bullshit.

        This really has nothing to do with what type of government Venezuela has. The problems they have are mostly caused by low oil prices and expensive-to-extract heavy crude. The cheap easy stuff is long gone. Lake Maracaibo is strewn with rusted hulks of abandoned oil derricks and pipelines.

        There are many countries in the world with similar problems. The difference is, they are not cut off from international financing and the SWIFT payment systems like Venezuela with the Empires sanctions in place. It is almost impossible for them to refinance their debt or acquire dollars to conduct international trade and pay for needed imports. With sanctions in place no bank will give them letters of credit to pay for overseas trade so they are pretty much reliant on what they produce in-house. As we can see, it’s not enough. But, put in the same position, I doubt the US would do much better as they don’t produce a lot of needed items at home either.

        This article sounds like mainstream propaganda. Probably picked up right off CNN or FOX or MSNBC…oh, I see, it’s WaPO…hahahahah…sheesh.

        • You nailed it Anonymous. Its US economic sanctions, and cutting off international banking which grinded this counties commerce to a halt. Its evil, destructive and now a humanitarian crisis.

          Go look at what the US is doing right now in Yemeni, and the innocent public masses are starving and disease is setting in which will kill millions of people. and for what? So Saudi Royal family can profit. that’s it. Its disgusting and pathetic what our government is doing to destroy entire Nations and Economic genocide.

          And we got these LOW IQ dopes coming on here spewing their LOW IQ Mentality. They are so easily suckered into what ever propaganda is thrown at them. You can’t fix stupid. Just call them out like Sgt Piglet.

          • That was my post. I cleared my cookies and cache and forgot to fill in my handle, etc.

            I mostly agree with what you post, and I don’t at all see eye to eye with Dale, but I don’t believe in ad hominem attacks, either. I just read ’em, chuckle, shake my head, and scroll on.

            • JRS.
              Now you and I can have a conversation and explain our thinking’s and learn from each other. This is what SHTF is about learning something!

              We may not agree, but we read what we post, and don’t attack each other. I don’t always agree with you, but there are times I do, and I do learn something. So THANKS.


      8. The government has run out of my money, Who’s next? So much for socialism.

      9. Rape me my friend.

      10. A socialist understands wealth redistribution.
        An anti-socialist understands socialism.

      11. Based upon decades of ministry, whenever prostitution is found, that person was so abused in childhood that they have terrible self-esteem, are impoverished as an aftereffect, yet seek alcohol and drugs to self-medicate to blot out their DESPAIR. They seldom profit from such sabotage and then must tranquilize their pain.

        That is endemic everywhere. A large percentage of prostitutes in America have the same old tragic beginnings and often hunger and alternative sexuality are additional factors. They start out by fleeing their parent’s home or are driven away, so hunger and homelessness makes them PREY to pimps. Alone in an urban area and without resources, shelter, money, and friends, they stand no chance versus sociopaths and psychopaths.

        You would not believe how many are homosexuals, drug addicted, and suicidal.

        Never offer money to a homeless person. Always offer kindness, tenderness, clothing, food, etc. It’s heart-breaking especially if you are a rural parent visiting the urban regions and see how cold and heartless the city life is. I know it shocked this country redneck boy. My first inclination was to offer a panhandler a ride when they begged for spare change to catch the bus or get something to eat or give them my coat in winter time. Because that is how country folk are raised.

        Somewhere, some kind honest Christian stranger may help your child if they fall. You should do the same because Jesus is watching.

        Jesus Christ is willing to forgive all but one sin. Will you overlook the sins of others or serve Jesus by being his hands?

        Maybe YHWH can use you to do ministry if your cold heart can be thawed?

      12. When any economic system be it capitalist or communist falls apart prostitution rises. While uncommon when the USSR functioned it was not uncommon for female professionals, out of work to sell themselves post collapse. Its the MAC card of last resort.

        • That’s right Kevin2, it would be like saying women in the US prostitute them selves out because capitalism has failed. The truth is, Its about low income people trying to survive and find a better life to just put food on the table for their children. The most basic survival instinct available for a woman is to protect their young and try to give them a better life, and sacrifice them selves to do it.

          Seriously, look what the US is doing in Yemeni right now. And the MSM is ignoring it all. This is why we come to ALT Right websites like this, to try and search for the facts. And we are very lucky here to be able to post the truth with out censorship, so people can get the real facts and weed though the BS. I have no idea why MAC here, continues to push this phony narrative. It a disservice to the readers here promoting this phony CIA propaganda narrative.

          A Real Man would stand up against lies, and Scumbags like Sgt Piggy say crap like they deserve it. That shows exactly what your moral character is all about. Then says BS like they are religions and believe in god and wear the uniform. And the truth underneath is you are nothing but a scumbag wearing a costume and mask. You are a Fraud Sgt Pig.

      13. There is nothing heroic about prostituting yourself. What happens then is nearly inevitable as you lose custody of your children, abandon them by making them latchkey kids, end up drug addicted, end up with STDs, end up pregnant, end up having an abortion, end up beaten and abused and likely in the hospital due to your pimp or johns or corrupt police.

        It becomes a self-filfilling nightmare where no man will ever want to be your husband, your kids despise you, your neighbors loathe you, and then you become suicidal.

        Lucifer laughs at such heroics. Don’t play right into his hands to destroy you.

      14. Who is the wilfully blind fuckwit that writes this garbage?
        Dumb fucking Americans!

        Listen up Nuff-nuffs, it’s your government who has destroyed Venezuela, because it may come a surprise to you, but the United States wants Venezuela’s oil.

        • You smart peckerwood. You’ve been peeking behind the curtain. So the USA is invading countries around the world to suck every drop of oil out of the ground before anyone else gets some. Waah Waah Waah! And we’re coming for yours next. Maybe Santa will bring you a bicycle.

      15. TSB…
        Calm down old man.
        Geesh….take your meds and take a walk!!!

        I don’t know Sgt. Dale but I read his comments.
        He seems like a pretty good guy to me.
        You on the other hand disparage everyone on
        this site if they don’t say what you think is right.

        The police I have encountered have been helpful
        and nice. Of course I was never beating the snot
        out of anyone when I met one.

        We need our law enforcement, we have
        less and less law and order everyday.

        Fighting other nations battles is not OUR
        JOB or our responsibility!!!!
        We can barely keep this country crime free
        without having to patrol the whole world.
        Yes, our gov, under Obumhole was a wicked
        Bas…..trd. He was dedicated to Saudi and tried
        to send every dollar we had in this country to
        the Saudi govmt., mooslime Bro Hood, CIA, etc., etc, to
        bankrupt the USA.
        (BTW ….What happened to the 44 billion that DISAPPEARED???)

        Obumhole, (Son of Frank Marshall, a known Communist) who
        stole our gov., a liar and a thief, who was a
        2. 9 grade point who didn’t qualify as a Harvard
        graduate much less a President. He is still trying to
        subvert this country supported by the GLOBALIST

        Trump has a mess to sort out… and it won’t
        happen overnight. ???‍✈️???

        • KAY123
          Thanks. I try my best every day to help someone. I do my job respecting people until they disrespect me.

          I’m old school believing the Truth, Justice, and the American way. I know it sounds corny but that is Me.

      16. Talk about sensorship!!
        This website doesn’t allow comments against
        Obumhole either!!
        They throw out the ones that don’t fit their idealistic politics.

      17. Of course, the so-called “libertarians” always block my comments.

        Someone here get triggered?

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