Socialism: Child Gangs Fight For ‘Quality Garbage’ With Machetes In Venezuela

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 65 comments

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    While many politicians and civilians in the United States focus on making the country a socialist regime, Venezuela’s children are forming gangs and using machetes to fight each other for “quality garbage” so they have something to eat.

    Socialism is only good for those already at the very top.  It’s a very important lesson for anyone seeking to “remove the wealth” from the 1%.  Never assume that the rich will allow you vote their money away in the first place. The other issue most socialists forget that the 1% is made up the very wealthy politicians from both parties who will profit immensely from the implementation of socialism.  Of course, when that does happen children starve and become violent as a means to survive and have just one more meal.

    The Miami Herald has detailed the lives of children forced to live under the harsh realities of socialism. Liliana, at the age of only 16, has become the mother figure for a gang of Venezuelan children and young adults called the Chacao, named after the neighborhood they’ve claimed as their territory. The 15 members, ranging in age from 10 to 23, work together to survive vicious fights for “quality” garbage in crumbling, shortage-plagued, socialist dystopia of Venezuela. Their weapons are knives and sticks and machetes. And their only prize is garbage that contains food scrapes barely good enough to eat.

    Many of the children in the Chacao gang flock to a life of violence but a family-oriented one because there’s no other option if they want to eat.  There are at least 10 gangs in the capital of Caracas according to social workers and police estimate. “There were always children on the street in Venezuela but now we are seeing a new phenomenon — kids who get more food on the street than at their homes,” says Beatriz Tirado, who leads “Angeles de Calle,” or Street Angels, a non-governmental charity.

    “Our kids are finding ways to survive because neither in their homes nor in their communities is there enough food,” explains social worker Roberto Patino, who has established 29 public diners all over the country to feed the massive numbers of hungry children. But Patino also bemoans that there are not enough resources to help the children get their lives back on track let alone feed them properly. For now, many have turned to trash bags as a source of nutrition.

    But the gang life is dangerous for the children. Often, they venture into the more affluent neighborhoods of the politicians. One of those territories is Las Mercedes. It has high-end restaurants that attract the political elite Venezuelans. Because garbage bags there often contain leftovers and even untouched food, they are sought after by a number of the gangs. The clashes over bags of trash can be deadly.

    The children often take to the consumption of street drugs at an early age as well.  They become criminals, tossing the law out the window to survive.  They steal, assault people, and use drugs like crack, sometimes smoked in makeshift pipes made from the parts of discarded plastic dolls, but for a very disturbing reason. “When you smoke you don’t feel hungry,” explains Patricio.

    The few failures of capitalism are much preferable to the few success of socialism. Although one can argue that there haven’t been any successes with regards to socialism unless you count the lining of the pockets of the politicians who rule over everyone else.


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      1. Unregulated capitalism isn’t too sweet either. Frick at US Steel, company towns essentially creating de-facto slavery; unchecked unlimited power corrupts. Conversely northern Europe strikes a good balance with socialism/capitalism.

        The evil is too much power in too few hands.

        • Frick was a vicious enforcer for Carnegie:

          Frick was shot and nearly killed as retribution for his misdeeds. How much longer before these kids stop fighting each other and go after the very rich who created this hell?


          • Frick was the centerfold of “Greed Monthly”. In modern times they most often come from the Wall Street Financial / Banking sector. Conversely Henry Ford was a catalyst in the creation of the middle class.

        • yes, but Europe will change eventually once they cannot tax those who have because they do not have anymore.

          the sad truth is capitalism is best because it does what is the real truth of any market. it continues to decrease costs no matter what the profit margin and those in production will of whatever the product or service is will have to continually adapt and accept the decreasing costs.

          for instance, engineers making 100k today aren’t going to make that 50 years from now because the world’s market of engineers continues to decrease their price.

          • “yes, but Europe will change eventually once they cannot tax those who have because they do not have anymore.”

            Northern Europe is well past the point of the theoretical economic destruction you envision. It simply hasn’t happened. They been doing this for well over 50 years. The balance has been struck. Importing leeches from the Middle East and Africa will likely unfavorably alter that balance into un-sustainability. Likewise they don’t have a dozen Aircraft Carriers to show off as the fruits of labor has been recycle into society.

            The sad truth is we have had crony capitalism for some time. Unregulated it eats itself.

            • Europe can play with socialism because USA pays for their defense.

              • From who? Think the Russians are going to invade Europe setting off a nuclear response? The US doesn’t have a “Department Of Defense” it has a Department Of Offense having conceded its defensive role long ago. Overthrowing nations around the globe doesn’t make Norway, Finland and Sweden safer but it does feed MIC and globalist corporate ambitions.

          • Why is that not true for lawyers lena?

        • This process started in Mexico, then spread to Guatemala before it hit Venezuela. Those kids grew up, and headed for the USA to survive (the path of least resistance) under Bush & Obola.

          These kids in Venezuela will do the same thing in another year or two; or five. This by the design of the NWO Globalists to flood America with ILLEGALS who do not have either an education or American values, to impoverish the American working class, divide US by race, and economic class and take control of American Politics.

          After these useful idiots have served their purpose to impoverish US, take our guns, and rewrite the Constitution, beheadings will take place to eliminate the masses and impose a One World Religion, which is to be a synthesis of the “Abrahamic Faiths (including Islam).

          This is why the NWO is inundating the EU with Muslims. If you are White, Christian, and a Patriot, you are Shit out of luck and an enemy of the Global State. 🙁

        • Sweden creates its wealth with capitalist companies that export high quality products. The state does not own the means of production of any industry. They may have higher taxes than we do but in my opinion they are not a socialist country as people like Bernie Sanders claim.

          • Wolfbay

            Based on your analysis that does have considerable merit the “Social Programs” in Sweden therefore administered in the US without the government owning the means of production wouldn’t be socialism either.

            Many define any government social program as a socialist redistribution off wealth.

        • Cannibalism is next.

      2. If David Hogg and his handlers get their way we will see this in the USA.

        This is why guns and a food supply is your friend or do you want fight with machete wielding child gangs for quality garbage.

        P.S> Never under estimate the danger of a machete in close combat.

        • I have three. 🙂

          • I have two, I can use to trim the banana “trees” and harvest fruit.

            • Venezuela’s problem is not socialism but cripling US Economic Sanctions which cuts off all banking capabilities. Then add CIA social incountry influence and up risings and viola, Media propaganda. Photos of kids with machettes fighting over garbage then blame it on socialism. Its BS propaganda to take down the Government. How about lift the sanctions jackass? Google US Sanctions on Veneszuela. Trump Imposed even more sanctions. And all because they dont like their current democratically elected leader. This is called Mation Destroying all to kill off their leader so they can appoint their own puppet to rape the countries resources on the cheap. These nutjobs are Nation destroying for sport to keep their monopolies. You see Veneszuela has the largest Oil Deposits in the world of any country. About the same of the US. Destroying Nations is Capitalism’s Blueprint. When you run out of good ideas for business you resort to destroying your competition. Sanctions and psyopps.

              • TSB,
                I’m a simple man, but when you disarm a population
                and then starve them, when you have more oil reserves than anyone else on earth, I find it hard to blame America.

              • Venezuela certainly has problems that are inherent in their government and likewise the US is doing its best to increase those problems.

                Read, “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man”

                No one wears a white hat.

      3. Hate to say it; but, the kids here would be unable to lift their noses up from looking down at their phones. And even if they were capable of that, best they could do is pose for a ‘selfie’ and post it to Instagram or some other twaddle-site. Fight? Our little ‘hogg’ sniveling snowflakes over the ‘best’ garbage? Never in a thousand years.

        • Heartless, I thought the same thing. Kids today are clueless, helpless, and weak. Unfortunately the future of this country (kids) would be the first to die in a SHTF scenario. Old dudes like me and many here would prevail until we were too old to fight. Kids don’t listen as they know everything.

          That commercial on TV of the grown man sitting in an adult high chair asking his retired dad if the chicken wings are free range is scarily reality. That is the future of the country. Hand outs, live off the parents/govt, and bitch about the quality of service.

      4. I know where David Hogg should be going for Spring Break

      5. Venezuela’s socialist utopia is 15 years in the making. The educational system began collapsing ten years ago because it became too dangerous to send children to school, and it’s only gotten worse. Educated informed citizens are foundational to a republic like ours, thus a communist revolution always starts by taking control of education.

        At this point these Venezuelian children lack the skills to build anything other than a street gang.

        During the disappointing demonstrations of US school kids and some of their even stupider parents for gun control, displays the power of the liberal education system, which has turned children against parents and left our children ill equipped to function in a technological world.

        Communism requires a population so dependent on the government, even to the point the population will die of starvation before they reject communism. Now that’s brainwashed.

        • PTPO,
          “During the disappointing demonstrations of US school kids and some of their even stupider parents for gun control, displays the power of the liberal education system, which has turned children against parents and left our children ill equipped to function in a technological world.”

          These kids will die. They are weak and don’t have the skills to survive. As they are Democrats it is no loss.

          • Its a loss, their’s and by default ours. They’re a product of their environment. A couple of generations older than them created that environment; who were they? Why our generation of course. Who protested the countless school boards deleting vast segments of US History for “touchy feely” we are one globalism? I have heard it from their mouth having taken some college classes a decade ago, “I’m a citizen of the world”. I was placed in advanced writing, me three plus decades out of school and certainly no Hemingway. This is how far the standard have dropped. Who dropped those standards?

            • K2,
              I’m probably not as educated as you.
              I received my STEM BS degree in 1990. I can tell
              you my schooling was in critical thinking,
              with a overly Liberal foundation.
              I can discuss 2nd century church design, renaissance
              art, Greek literature, as well as linear algebra ,
              or VHDL with you.
              I attended two very liberal Christian
              What is being taught in secular
              schools today is all about politics,
              not education.

              • Your far more educated. I’m largely self educated walking out of HS and into the Pet Chem & Refining / Power Generation industries. I took a few college courses 15 years after you graduated. I seen the common kids just out of HS at a Community College. The thought that I was placed at the top in writing speaks volumes for how low the bar was set. Having lunch overhearing their conversations and talking with a few formulated my opinion that what I was taught differed from them.

                TPTB planted, nurtured an pruned this generation and one before it. Its now “harvest time”.

                • K2,
                  I took a UC Berkley Graduate Physics course in 2005.
                  Keep in mind I’m the least educated guy in the
                  class, I’m pretty sure they were all PhD and post docs.

                  The students remarks about politics were really screwed up.
                  My Australian lab mate did all he could do to not slap
                  me when he talked politics and I disagreed.
                  Even the really smart guys have problems with common
                  I got an A- in the class.

                  • Even the really smart guys have problems with common

                    UC Berkeley was named after the Irish philosopher George Berkeley.

                    Berkeley’s “philosophy” is called immaterialism. That tree that you think you see out your window- it does not exist- according to Berkeley. Your senses are in the wrong!

                    That so-called university has been openly and explicitly based on hatred for common sense from the very start!

                    The entire city of Berkeley is a monument to non-sense!

                    See here. . .with your eyes no less. . .


                    Check out Immanuel Kant and his nonsensical “noumenal” world.

                    These various governmental universities were socialist from the beginning- they got away with this by not using the “S” word.

                    This nonsense view is the very basis for socialism, idealism, and the “progressive movement, and marxism, and frankfurt school! It’s not all chewish!

                    The bad guys don’t want the taxpayers to find out that the whole basis of the beloved UC system [and the others] is NONSENSE!!

                    Literally and openly nonsense!

                    • Science starts with observation- with the eyes. Science assumes therefore that the senses are valid- that they do inform about reality.

                      Since this “immaterial” position asserts [but does not prove!] that our senses are invalid, this denies that observation is a valid means of gaining knowledge! This means that the scientific method is bollocks! Therefore the entire University of California system is anti-science! Again, this cannot be admitted, the public would know too much and stop supporting.

                      The social sciences succumbed first, then the hard sciences. Engineering will probably be the last to go, like that bridge collapse in Florida- total nonsense. [Affirmative action meets
                      observable Reality. . .]

            • “Who dropped those standards?”

              The Frankfurt School.

              Working out exactly as they planned…

            • Sorry bub, im not taking responsibility in anything i didnt personally take a part in,,,,

      6. Many of our kids have not learned any skills to survive and will be the first to die off. They haven’t been taught the simple things by their parents or the schools to work and survive in today’s society. They will always be in society’s basement,perennial snowflakes.

        • Amen. This country is doomed. Same in Venezuela. We are 2-3 election cycles from a self declared dictator that will seize power due to war and lights out. I’m getting old for this stuff but hoping I can pass along some skills to son-in laws to protect me and family. Problem is they live away from us.

        • Jim,
          I’m afraid you have to consider, most people in our modern technological society can’t compete mentally, with what is needed to survive.
          The question we have to deal with is what to do with 6 billion near idiots(when it comes to technology)?

          • Jerky

            • P
              You owe me a new keyboard.

          • What do you do with them when food is scarce??

            • Make them my slaves for a bowl of rice a day??? LOL 😛

        • A Snowflakes Prepper plan is to Bug Out to their parents basement with a computer and plenty of computer games to play. Oh and throw in a half dozen bags of chips. Hag out their until the disaster is over. I was out of my parents house at 18 and never went back to live their. In fact Mommy house is about 1200 miles away up in bumF@ck winterland Midwest. Ha.

      7. Socialism isn’t what destroyed Venezuela. Even morons know that. Most ridiculous article yet. Socialism: All people contributing for the good of many. Like auto insurance, medical insurance, and dozens of other ideas. Even the founding fathers of the US were for socialist ideas as they wrote about them in the Federal Papers, Thomas Jefferson writings and others. What they weren’t for was taxation without representation and freedom OF religion. THATs what the whole independence thing was about. Read history for gods sake.

      8. What are the relocation experts saying now?

      9. There are probably kids in Venezuela’s Amazon basin that are completely unaffected
        ssdd… survival has always been a way of life

        Anyway speaking of gangs…I got a feeling it’s going to be a long hot summer in the US

        • Speaking of summer fun, just scored a great lil’ 4-wheeler from craigslist! Great condition, all wheel drive, independent rear suspension, winch, 4.5 gal. gas tank, 300cc, full skid plate protection, 8 inch ground clearance, carborated, air cooled, new tires, killer deal at 1900 bux! Here’s a vid of it 🙂

          • In fact 4-wheelers are one of the BEST bugout vehicles there is. You can carry a decent amount of cargo and go pretty much anywhere. A smaller unit will get great MPG and fit in tight places. If I was at the cabin and need to get out the 4 wheelers would take me away in a hurry and hard as hell to follow because they are compact and can fit between trees that big units can’t. We have a couple of old honda 200cc fourtrax 4 wheelers that run like a champ to this day! A 91 and a 94 that go and go and go all day long on a tank of gas. 900 bux each. That isn’t shit for the funnest, best bugout, best exploring vehicle you can own. Or for people with more money than brains you can buy a NEW one for like 6-7 grand….


          • Craigslist?

            It’s stolen….

            • Ha ha ha, I have all the proper papers for it too. I got it from a white guy in a nice house lol. Even if somebody was to buy a stolen unit, as long as it was kept in the woods it wouldn’t matter..

            • yes, stolen from the BANK, when there was a loan against their home 14 years ago, EVERYBODY bought toys with the money. when going to dumont dunes back in 04-06, there were 30 to 40 THOUSAND people there on big weekends, like easter. by 2009 there were only 4 thousand on easter weekend. and in 2013 there were approximately FOUR HUNDRED people at the dunes easter weekend. what’s it all mean? they lost their houses, and with that the ability to extract cash from the banks, and had to SELL all them toys to stay alive. one out of a HUNDRED that used to go to the dunes still were going in 2009. that’s a LOT of toy haulers, ATV’s, harleys, trucks, and sandraills. things have gradually gotten better, and now maybe ten thousand do the dunes on a big weekend. there’s still a LOT of toys out there for sale CHEAP.

      10. The US should send in some food aid to Venezuela. That seems the right thing to do. That’s what the average human would do. Send them a Trump food box of surplus gmo fruits and veggies. If it’s good enough for Americans then it’s good enough for Venezuelans.

        • The US Federal government should stop handing out shit to everybody/corporation/foreign government. That is not what the Federal government is for. Especially when there is a $22 trillion debt.

          Too many mooochers demand a free ride.

      11. How about do an article of the kid gangs in Chicago IL that shoot 75 people on any given weekend. That US policy of Democracy is sure a mess huh?

        Thats about how stupid in comparison I rate this article’s Socialist propaganda.

      12. That is unless your aim is to maintain a bogeyman “socialist-communist” entity there for future nefarious plans.

      13. Wake up snowflakes. Your libtard positions on individual freedoms will lead to the socialist hell documented in this article. At least read and understand the Bill of Rights. They are written in plain English.

      14. I am surprised the DEMs aren’t flying the Vene-Shitholers in on first class jumbo jets, and then dumping them off into rural white towns in the middle of the night.

        • Those rural white towns are too full of Somalia refugees.

          • What planet are these rural towns on? Any refugees would be immediately freaked out upon! In my area if all of a sudden some naggers showed up in a small rural town they would probably not have the longest lifespan ya know….

      15. If the ‘men and women’ were actually ‘men and women’ they would fight their corrupt government and retake it, at all costs.

        Instead they will rely on world mooooch payments and shipments, and in the near future the blood of American servicemen fighting in yet another war we have no constitutional obligation to be in.

      16. It is not that bad there. McDonalds is still open and serving.

        • I’ll have a 2 billion peso kids meal please.. 😛

          • i suppose you could always put that milkshake on layaway…..

      17. Ahistorical nonsense. No country has ever gone socialist because things were great under capitalism.

        It isn’t socialism that is killing Venezuela but sanctions. Never forget they are under attack by the US through economic warfare and psyops.

        I have been to many socialist countries and they have their faults. But being over-run with crime gangs is not one of them. Crime gangs do not last long under socialism: they tend to be executed. Walk the streets in Cuba and you will find them the safest in the Caribbean. You find smiling polite blacks working in the shops and I even had a black pilot fly me down. No lip from them and they were friendly and polite. Compare that to American blacks.

        Socialism means everyone chips in. It is not welfarism, where the poor lowlifes get sent a check in the mail and spend their days making babies, getting fat and doing drugs. In socialism they would be made to work.

        Another thing I have noticed in my travels is this: socialist countries tend to have the most beautiful and healthy women. Cuban women are hot, Russian women are hot, Chinese women are hot. Now compare that to the American land whales or the ugly, fat women of England with their farting and bad teeth.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Your analysis is well taken. I believe its a misguided panacea that all government failure revolves around socialism and all gain under capitalism. Cuba’s neighbor Haiti is a capitalist hell hole. Its even more laughable that any pooling of resources for public use is the death march of goose-stepping enslaving communist tyranny.

          The danger is totalitarianism. It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot. Capitalists pushed free trade with slave labor nations destroying US manufacturing.

      18. Socialism is based on a govt. directed economy. Venezuela has collapsed because govt. directed economies eventually collapse. If the price of oil was back to 100+ dollars a barrel, Venezuela would be doing ok, BECAUSE THE GOVT. SUBSIDIZED BASIC NEEDS FOR THE PEOPLE. With a big drop in the price of a barrel of oil, their economy, which was based on oil, imploded, and the free stuff stopped. Socialism is not “chipping” in. Most of what person makes in a socialist country is taken by govt. and is redistributed, so no wealth is created. The people in charge get wealthy, because they control spending, not the electorate. Socialism is also a system of govt. that was directly responsible for the deaths of some 170 million people in the last century, mostly from hunger. All you socialist apologists always ignore the downside of socialism.

      19. But, but, but … hugo chavez and Venezuela were the example of socialism done right. Sean penn told us so. How can this be.

      20. Lord of the flies 1.0 This is the future of life in many countries. It could happen here if we let it. So much is going on in that country it is hard to simplify things except that the form of govt has to go to save the people That is things in a nut shell

      21. Maduro has refused offers of assistance (food and medical supplies). He doesn’t want the Socialist system to appear a failure. Other accounts of SHTF events report that children can be particularly vicious and will do things that adults won’t do.

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