Social Services To Family: ‘Get Flu Shots Or We’re Taking Your Baby’

by | Jan 18, 2015 | Headline News | 256 comments

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    The Washington Department of Social and Health Services is about to change the very nature of who is or is not responsible for making life changing decisions for your children. Whether you agree with yearly flu vaccines or not, the following report from Tacoma, Washington should scare the hell out of you because if the government moves forward with their threats then every child in America will effectively become a ward of the state.

    A state bureaucracy is threatening a mother with removal of an infant unless her entire family subjects themselves to flu shots.

    This is the dilemma that foster parent Jamie Smith is currently facing. The Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is giving the Tacoma family until February to comply with the mandated regimen of influenza vaccines — imposed on every member of the family — or else they will lose their youngest child, a 2-week-old foster infant that was born on Christmas.

    Police State USA via The Daily Sheeple

    This particular case involves a foster child, but make no mistake, the state, should they choose to do so, can utilize the same strategy against you and your biological children.

    In fact, the medical tyranny in America has reached astonishing levels, as evidenced by the recent case of a 17-year old who was taken from her parents when they (and she) refused chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma. What’s frightening about this is that the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the state-sponsored kidnapping and subsequent forced medication of a minor as a Constitutional Act.

    This particular story centers around 17-year-old Cassandra Callender who, after being diagnosed with cancer in September and taking two treatments, ran away from home for a week in November because she did not want to take anymore. Cassandra has said that she feels chemotherapy is a poison and, that the girl, “believes chemotherapy would cause significant long-term bodily harm, like organ damage and infertility,” reported Vox. When she returned home, Cassandra refused to take anymore chemo and her mother stood by her daughter’s decision.

    When the mother stood by her daughter’s decision and they refused to take any further treatment, the hospital reported Cassandra’s mom Jackie to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) who took Cassandra away and ordered the family to comply with the treatment.

    Full report

    Make absolutely no mistake; such jackbooted mandates will continue to expand and they will rip American families to shreds in the process.

    In Tacoma, the baby in question is a foster child, so it’s easy to discount the plight of the family. In Connecticut, the 17-year old minor has a disease that may well kill her without chemotherapy. Nonetheless, the state has determined that it has an obligation to step in and physically remove children from their parents if they refuse to administer treatment recommended by the medical community.

    These reports are easy to ignore if they are not coming after your kids.

    But what happens when a psychiatrist determines that your child has ADHD or oppositional defiant disorder and the recommended medications for treatment and you refuse? How long before the state comes after your children?

    According to a recent report about the DSM-5, the psychiatric manual used by professionals to make determinations of one’s mental health, the odds are greater than 50% that you or your child will be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

    For example, under the new guidelines if your 6 to 18 year-old child throws a temper tantrum from time to time or has a mood swing, a psychiatrist could diagnose the condition as a “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder” requiring professional treatment.

    Keep in mind that in psychiatry “professional treatment” almost always means prescription drugs.

    Are you over the age of 55 and have “senior moments” like forgetting where you put your keys? If so, then in all likelihood you have a neurocognitive disorder.

    Do you stockpile food, supplies or other items in anticipation of a disaster? If so, you may have what’s called an obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder.

    Full report

    Once that diagnosis is entered into national Obamacare databases you’ll likely see a number of things happen, including being added to watchlists or having your Second Amendment rights stripped. Additionally, given that courts across the country are upholding such actions by the State, there is a real possibility that in the future, whether you are diagnosed with mental instability or a medical condition, agents of the government will have the legal pretext to enter your home, kidnap you at gun point and administer the State’s recommended medicine – for your health and well-being, of course.

    How far will the American people let them go before enough is enough?


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      1. They can take only what you give them.

          • “I found out a lot of people in Hollywood had these connections with the CIA and knew things that will never be made public.”

            I have tried to tell people for a long time that Hollyweird and the agencies are connected, their is more truth than fiction in movies AND that MIND CONTROL and BRAIN WASHING / CONDITIONING is REAL… can only guess what look the sheeple gave me…LoL

            • BJ,
              do not forget, CIA has backdoor funded many Hollywierd movies !and why would they do that!! HMMMM!!!

              • I don’t care anymore. You threaten my family and you die. Shoot first America!

                And to my servants in Linn County and the CRPD, I can’t insert known gang member w/guns in the police database, file a frivolous protective order on behalf of your wife, and kick you out of your home for no reason…


                DONT TREAD ON ME ANYMORE!

                • Iowa, we are all reaching that point whether we know it or not. That day is coming sooner than anyone realizes.

                • Just saw on the News Saturday where Family Services in Maryland I believe, was taking a family to court for allowing their children to walk around the neighborhood unattended. One of the kids was 10 and the other was 6, are you kidding me. Now there is a town that needs some mass protest. Trekker Out.

                  • I read the story and the State has a point and that is THEY have a RIGHT to make DEMANDS. Any foster child that is managed by the State has the right to put conditions on those who want to provide a home for them.

                    I have friends who are foster parents. In 2001 they adopted a foster child in Florida. The dept of foster care informed them of certain rules they had to abide by if they wanted to keep the child.

                    This would be totally different if the State made demands on biological parents.

                  • MT,

                    While CPS has no business sticking their nose in this issue, it was certainly a good idea for the police to take these kids home and talk to the parents.

                    I’ve been around the area these kids were walking and it’s no different than if one was walking around Manhattan.

                    There have been child abductions and the parents needed to know this before deciding on whether it was a good idea to continue allowing these kids to walk.

                    There are many that don’t have common sense and it can’t be taught!

                    In the end, it’s the parents choice but they should be told of the risks!

                    However, CPS needs to mind their own business!

                • a “militia” of rednecks and boons won’t compete against you’re master’s numbers, firepower and tactical superiority…but hey, you were “suicidal”, right iowa?

                  past/current posts could deem you “crazy”…if they were to bang on your door, they’ll tread on you all they like, coz you can’t do sh1t…no one can.

                • Any report of police invading a home to “protect” the family or the public from the “threat” of whomever is inside the home must be recognized as a police-state invasion of another citizen’s castle for the purpose of conquest by the state–exactly like Putin’s invasion of Crimea and the rest of Ukraine which he considers to be part of his country to “protect” his people whom he’s planted there from the real Ukrainians. You are your own country, nation and government. You must defend yourself from those who would invade you and attempt to rule over you, just as must Ukraine defend herself.

            • “This particular case involves a foster child, but make no mistake, the state, should they choose to do so, can utilize the same strategy against you and your biological children.”

              No, I don’t think so.

              The foster child is a ward of the state and the state has a responsibility to protect the child. In Arizona during the past few years, a number of children in foster care have died because Case Workers were overburdened and MANAGEMENT failed to address the shortcomings of the system; including a lack of review visits by the Case Workers.

              This baby is too young for a flu shot and I doubt that I would recommend one for it if it were old enough to get one: say over the age of three. But the state of Washington has that responsibility not me. How many abortions have been performed in Washington State last year to rid the world of unwanted children???

              If you go to the pound to adopt a dog or cat, you are required by the state to pay for neutering and vaccinations for parvo and rabies as a condition of adoption; because it is in the public interest and in the interest of the individual animal.

              Anyone see a parallel her besides me??? 🙂

              • durango kidd says:

                “The foster child is a ward of the state and the state has a responsibility to protect the child.”

                THE STATE… THE STATE… THE STATE.

                “Protect the child?”

                Can the kidd provide some efficacy for taking a flu shot???

                No… He can’t!!!

                I’ll wager the kidd also believes your daughters should take the HPV vaccine.

                Never trust a Statist!

                They will sacrifice the individual for the collective every time!

                • “The Collective.” As in Orwell’s statement that we’ll all be equal there – only some of us will be “more equal” than the others. Just ask Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama why she gets monthly uber-luxe vacations, or Al Gore gets a billion bucks from BIG GREEN MONEY and you dont

                • YMWW: Are you illiterate or just plain stupid? Did I ever in my post even SUGGEST the “efficacy” of a flu shot?

                  No, I didn’t. Slow news day? WRONG AGAIN!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • DK, beware of trolls, and I won’t mention any names. We both know who they are.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Did I ever in my post even SUGGEST the “efficacy” of a flu shot?”

                    If you didn’t believe in the shots efficacy, you wouldn’t have said this:

                    “I would recommend one for it if it were old enough to get one: say over the age of three.”

                    The fact that you “recommend” a flu shot, tells me all I need to know: You believe in the efficacy of the flu shot!

                    “WRONG AGAIN!!! LMAO!!!

                • The durango kidd is shill for the State.

                  No great mystery there.

                  He won’t admit it, but he has no problem with the State forcing “flu shots” on the public. Remember, he is a fan boy of “the general welfare” crap.

                  “That is the reason that we have government: to do things for US that we want done and do not want to do ourselves.”

                  Reading between the lines of his 5:30pm post and what do you come away with?

                  The State… The State… The State.

                  “…a ward of the state and the state has a responsibility…”

                  “…the state of Washington has that responsibility…”

                  “…you are required by the state…”

                  And then this:

                  “I would recommend one for it (the flu shot) if it were old enough to get one: say over the age of three. But the state of Washington has that responsibility not me.”

                  “Anyone see a parallel here besides me???”

                  • Why certainly I do. It also stands out like a sore thumb, at least to me that he keeps referring to the child as “it” like the wacko in Silence of The Lambs.

                    • @BJ

                      Yeah… I noticed that too!

                      State sponsored de-humanizing language.

                      I thank the durango kidd though for illuminating the thinking of the State.

                      It… It… It.

                      The State sees us [It] as simply a disposable asset to be controlled, managed, and exploited.

                      The State is a parasite that feeds off a host.

                      The host is you and me [It].

                      BTW: If you object to this arrangement of parasitical feeding, you [It] will be fined and or jailed. If you persist further in your objection to being parasitically feed upon, the State will kill you [It].

                      We are from the government, and we are here to help [with the flu shot] in this case.

                      American democracy.

                      Ain’t it grand!

              • Flu shots are prepared 18 months ahead of the season they are used. This is to allow time to make a world supply. So “they” make an educated guess what strain might be dominant 18 months into the future. They put up to 3 strains in the vaccine. There are hundreds of strains of flu virus so the odds of you getting the correct vaccination to protect you are very slim, less than 1%.

                But IF you do get a correct strain in your immunization this year you only have a protection factor of 11 to 50%. That means that if you hit the correct 1% and ARE protected from this years strain, you are only partially protected according to the medical community, virologists and the CDC themselves.

                The mad scientists who created the flu vaccine used heavy metals that attack your brain and cancer causing viruses to get the vaccine to enter your cells. On video one of the creators stated that they were protecting us from flu now but in 20 years they would be treating our cancers.

                If you look at the math it is crazy to get a flu shot.
                If you look at the ingredients it is medically dangerous to get a flu shot.
                If you listen to the creators it is long slow suicide to get a flu shot.

                And understand that when the CDC posts those flu death statistics, they are posting the preliminary probable flu deaths. Every death from flu like symptoms is reported and that is what is posted as flu deaths. But those must be tested and the resulting, actual, verified deaths from flu are less than 1/10 of the posted flu deaths numbers. The flu can kill but MOST of those posted deaths were from other things. How come we don’t see a big push to protect us from those things? Because they don’t have a money machine for those.

                • Cara,
                  the Flu vaccinations along with other types were started so the pop. would start decreasing, but seems it is not working out fast enough and they are helping it along.

                • 18 Months? No. Influenza vaccine production typically begins in January with the growth of potential pandemic strains and an intent to distribute in October.

                  The common vaccine is a trivalent vaccine that offers protection against three strains, typically two A-type and one B-type. There is also a quadrivalent vaccine that throws in an additional B-type. C-type strains aren’t generally chosen due to their rarity.

                  These strains aren’t selected at random, but there is a bit of guess work and generally good fortune in order to choose the strain that is going to be the dominant strain for that year. 2013-2014, we weren’t so lucky and the dominant strain is outside of the vaccine coverage.

                  So if the research and luck are on our side, and the dominant strain makes it into the vaccine then your coverage is actually quite good.

                  Flu death statistics are however inaccurate as you point out, but flu infections and complications thereof do kill a good number of people every year. If you want to roll the dice, that’s your business.

                  • I appreciate you simply providing info but leaving the decision to me. I respect people that are confident enough in their decisions to not force me to agree or behave as they do. I personally don’t get the flu shot or recommend it if anyone asks what I think. I do however administer lots of them every year to my patients that request them.

                    I believe consenting adults should be allowed to do as they wish so long as they don’t violate anyone’s rights through force or fraud.

                    I also firmly believe that those same consenting adults should suffer the consequences of bad decisions as well as benefit from their good ones.

              • the durango kidd says:

                “If you go to the pound to adopt a dog or cat, you are required by the state to pay for neutering and vaccinations for parvo and rabies as a condition of adoption; because it is in the public interest and in the interest of the individual animal… Anyone see a parallel here besides me???”

                Yup… I do.

                The “parallel” is Adolf Hitler!!!

                “If you go to adopt a child, you are required by the STATE to pay for neutering and vaccinations as a condition of adoption; because it is in the public/government interest and in the interest of the individual child.”

                American Fascism is on the march!

                • Beware of trolls.

                • YMWW: A Child is not a dog and nowhere did I suggest that the baby be neutered like a stray animal, so there is NO valid comparison to Hitler. The child is a human being and society wants it to have certain protections once it is born.

                  That is the reason that we have government: to do things for US that we want done and do not want to do ourselves. That government over reaches is human nature once we elect individuals to represent society to conduct our tasks; and that is the reason we must constantly engage those hired for the job.

                  Of course an anarchist like yourself cannot conceive of a community of people, a society of individuals, coming together for mutual benefit, making rules for those within that group to follow for the good of the whole community.

                  Eight guns in Idaho or not, you will fall like Randy weaver at Ruby Ridge when the FEDS come to get you. Lone wolves never survive in the wild by themselves.

                  They always die out, unable to reproduce. 🙂

                  • I know Randy, he not only still stands, he never fell. WTF are you talking about. Never mind don’t answer….same ole same ole.

                    • BJ,
                      You know Randy?
                      With the help of some of the 5 th SFA he relocated down under about 15 years ago .
                      Got out of dodge with his surviving daughter , saw what was coming , guess who was in charge of that FBI Charlie Foxtrot of an operation ?

                      Erick Holder

                      Say enough .

                      In other Good news Hairy Reed is going to resign .

                      Bad news., we are all Randy Weaver in the eyes of the leviathan.
                      Remember we own the PRC 14 Trillion
                      Got preps ?
                      You can have your Liberty if you like it .

                      No matter what .
                      Any way you can.

                      Semper Fi

                    • Let me clarify this, before some get the wong idea about my hasty typing in the above post. I know OF Randy…most every one does…right? I know some pipe fitters in Eastern Iowa who worked with him before he moved to Idaho. They told me he was a great guy.

                  • DK says:::

                    That is the reason that we have government: to do things for US that we want done and do not want to do ourselves.

                    NO YOU IDIOT.

                    We have governments to protect our private property rights and other Natural Rights, and for no other reason.

                    EVERYTHING else the “government” does is Unlawful.

                    But why waste my breath on someone who supports the EVERYTHING else and can not comprehend the Lawful qualities of legitimate government….

                    • The only government that will protect us is us, as our own individual governments. We have to defend ourselves from those who won’t govern themselves and against those who, like Putin over Ukraine, attempt to rule over us.

                  • What do you mean a “lone wolf” can’t reproduce? Those “lone wolves” are the daddies (along with the many mamas) of many a pup! Being a good little obedient house dad won’t allow them to do that.

              • Just my thought:

                100 % correct DK. This is not their child, it is a ward of the state put in their custody by the state and thus the state is the responsible party for this child.

                We have through tacit approval given states and the feds the power in which they yield. It appears that once again no one wants to man up and admit it or do anything but whine when the government does as it was mandated by the people.

                Not saying I agree with it but don’t really give a shit about what I happening outside my little sphere. I am in a permanent defensive position in life. If I am not being tread upon I am no longer getting involved.

                We are way past the point of voting or petitioning for change. There is only one way this will end and we all know it. People need to quit pretending that a shtf situation is coming and realize that it is here.

                But….If I or mine is tread upon I will act in a more aggressive manner. A correction will then occur or I will have been taken out of the equation.


                • exactly

                  thats why Ive been saying for so long that the war has already started ..and were way way!! fuckin behind!

              • Thank you, DK. You always write good stuff, but I think you begged the question here. On what BASIS do you think the state would never transgress the bounds indicated? Whether or not the state has an obligation/responsibility for foster kids is not sequitur here; rather, what is germane is recisely WHYthe state would not force this on unwilling parents. History is replete with slipperly slopes.

              • Funny you should bring up the doggy thing. The new flu vaccine is made using mans best friend, a cocker spaniel’s kidneys to create it with. Hope it works out better than them old monkey kidneys they used for the polio vaccine that gave us that SV-40 cancer virus that seems to b showing up in 1percent of cancerous tumors.
                Yep line us all up for that flu shot. Our Govy knows best.

                • 1%? “90% of children and 60% of adults in USA were inoculated with SV40-contaminated poliovirus vaccines”…


            • WOW

              Green Bay dominates 58 minutes of the game and Seattle comes back in the last two minutes to win….puke~!!!

              • BJ
                I didn’t know you were a Packer Backer?
                Damn shame the Pack lost. I’ve be a Packer fan when Star was their quarterback 1960.

            • Only way we are going to win our country back is a full reset from these politicians. Police protect them and hired security. Our Military control others overseas. It would take a few million of us to unite to get back to our faithful constitution which they are breaking. I know the more they do the more things are out of control. We have to unite together and do something and tell others to stop thinking of only themselves or their free-bees they are getting and to unite and either tell these politicians to start making things such as taxes clear and daylight. I understand some things need to be made secret but the lies and Obamacare and misleads is out of touch and forced on us. We need to unite.

              • Clint,
                YUP, you are correct my friend and when do we start? been hearing lots of us say the same thing for several years, but seems to never get started, appears to require a MAJOR event to occur to start the show and it looks like we are closer to getting something soon! and not because we did it! it might be there own un-doing!

              • What country are we going to win back? It left a long time ago. The one that remains is not one that is worth having.

                • Perhaps reclaim is a better word. What we once had was far better than anywhere else on earth. But I see no way we can do it as the takers are the majority and the bankster’s control the monies. Wish there was a new place to colonize.


                • Been There,
                  well you may be correct, but even as the bow dips under the water it is better to try to save the ship than sit there and let er sink! this country as sick as it is, still a far cry to the others i have been in. so even if it will never be what it once was is still better than letting the scumbags have what is left!

                  • I’m not so sure. In your analogy I would be for letting the ship sink, swimming to shore, and building another one.

            • CIA is a racket to protect the Federal Reserve and it’s owners. Google who controls Hollyscrewed.

          • Does obama and his family get the flu shot? BTW obamas kids are adopted.

            • liessssssssss

        • They are being paid by the state for the foster kid they are caring for. They the state therefore can set the rules. It sucks but when you accept the kings coin you must dance to his tune. Foster care is a mess.

          • you are correct. DO NOT accept the kings coin.

          • If the flu shot protects, why does the entire family need it? The state can vaccinate their charge and it is then protected.
            If the vaccine will not protect the baby after it’s own shot, then vaccinating the family won’t help. That makes this a case of admission of failure of vaccination OR state overstepping their place with force.

        • First off , the government has NO business in health care.
          That being said, they also have NO business in child care.
          The flu vacine is (by their own admission) like hitting a moving target.
          The version they push this year is a strain from last year , so it aint no good now .
          I would agree with some of the childhood vacines , but the flu shot is a joke .
          Why put that crap into your kid ? Or yourself for that matter.

          • Hammerhead, I don’t take ANY kind of vaccines, period. Govt. officials can all go suck eggs.

            • Not eggs, they can suck our royal cocks!

        • That is when the bringers of tyranny start dying. The ones that come to the door and then the ones that sent them.

        • Give them nothing, take everything you can.

          More shit, new day.



          DEMAND that DSHS back down and leave families alone regarding their choice to avoid vaccines.

          Washington State Department of Social and Human Services
          Phone: 1-800-737-0617
          Facebook: GREAT PLACE TO LEAVE a POST

          Vaccination is NOT the same as Immunization –

        • They’ll take anything they come to take, unless you give them lead, steel and other nasty things instead. Your home is your castle and your family are your real nation.

      2. If the foster family is given money by the state for the care of the child, then the state has some say in the environment the child is in. If you do not agree to those terms, do not foster the children.

        • That is a valid argument Richard — but what about the 17-year old who was taken from her family and is going to be forced to take Chemo?

          Or the countless (literally, countless, because it happens so much) other children who are Stolen from their parents, often without any legitimate reason or due process?

          I suppose the point I am trying to make is that they are slowly but surely expanding these “terms and conditions” for being a parent.

          • Mac Slavo says:

            “Or the countless (literally, countless, because it happens so much) other children who are Stolen from their parents, often without any legitimate reason or due process?”

            Q: Who is it that steals children from their parents “without any legitimate reason or due process?”

            A: The State.

            • And who is the long arm of the state?

              • pigs.

              • BJ says:

                “And who is the long arm of the state?

                A: Those who “vote” for it (the State)!

                Americans are getting the State they deserve… and good and hard!!

                God bless the Fascist States of America.

                • Ironically speaking, just today we listened to a good message from Chuck Baldwin in his live stream message from Montana about abortion. After delivering a great biblical message about when life begins, he spoke about all the fools that still vote for Republicans because they say they are “pro life.” And the sheeple christians fall for it.

                    • Chuck has ran before. I know because I voted for him!!!! He don’t have a chance, because party line Dems and Republicans ain’t going to vote for him. And then you have the Non-Voters that think they’re really showing TPTB by not voting. Boy are they Bright, No their Non-Existant. Trekker Out.

          • Stick to the case at hand. The 17 year old is another issue.

          • Mac, that is really sad about a 17-year-old being FORCED to take chemotherapy. Chemo is totally useless. I can still remember seeing what it did to my mother the last 2 years she was alive.

          • Mac, we as a society have always had trouble accepting the decision to cut human life short regardless of the suffering involved. For some reason we feel that it is morally right to endure all, or force others to endure all, up until the last breath. On the other hand , we have no problem putting down our pets to end their suffering. I hate to see any government agency interfering with the family unit, but we all know people that are not capable of raising children.

          • We, I am one of those many. We had our one son that has aspergers taken from us and had to fight for over a year to get him back after almost that year, they were ready to return him,judge says “if nothing happens in the next
            Week and low and behold an anonymous tip is called in and they come in middle of night and take our youngest,on tip that he is being beaten with belt,cop would not even look and see there was not a mark on him, they took from us in middle of the night, did cat scan found nothing, to to another hospital 70 miles away, did another scan, found nothing, but still did not return him for an entire week. When we finally got back our older son the judge made a point to say he was so happy because he RARELY got to return kids to there parents. We are both college grads and my wife is a paramedic and now has her RN. If we would have not been able to pay over 20,000 for lawyer we would have lost our kids too. Believe me when I tell you,we are non drinkers,no drugs,very family oriented and if this happened to us they can do it to anyone.

            • Very sorry you had to go through that,…….I can’t even imagine.

            • I can hit a 20oz mt dew bottle at 500 yards with my M1A. I assure you they won’t take any of our, ahem, more than 5 kids. If by chance I was away at work, and my wife and oldest children couldn’t kill them before they stole a child, I swear I would begin killing the entire agency that stole my child at distance until I could rescue them.

              I wouldn’t get a lawyer, stealing my child is war.

              • I like the way you think, Rebel.

          • With respect to the 17 yr old girl, she should lawyer up and ask a Court to declare her an adult; or delay her treatment until she is 18, when as an adult, she can deny herself treatment.

            Another victim of BIG Cancer, BIG Pharma, and BIG Medicine. 🙁

      3. So many people I know don’t believe there festival would do this, yet the object strenuously to the mandatory flu vaccines at the hospital. They fail to recognize the fedgov pushed that agenda through the CDC.

        On drudge, someone fired shots at Bidens home. If it was a double barreled shotgun, I don’t believe charges should be filed, after all Biden scares the crap outta me, and. He did say to fire warning shots if you were scared.

      4. Same old DOOM AND GLOOM, the so called “TACOMA, Wa. INCIDENT is a completely False Flag created by this writer.

        • Completely.

          Will it be a flase flag when they kick in your door for failure to comply with mandates like Obamacare or whatever the hell else they think up?

          • Mac…
            I will have only one option against tyranny…

            Live Free or Die…the spirit of ’76

          • Mac…
            I will have only one option against tyranny…

            Live Free or Die…the spirit of ’76

            • Talon1776, WE ALL have only one option against tyranny. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Braveheart.

              • TRBH
                I have to give you 100 thumbs up. after all you used my line. (LOL)

                • Howdy, Sarge. I went back to the range today with both my SR22 and LC380. I’m stepping up my target practicing considering the way things are shaping up. the target practice sessions will pay dividends eventually. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL braveheart

          • A foster child is a ward of the state. These foster parents have no legal say in that child’s medical care. When you agree to be a foster parent, you agree to play by the state’s rules. Implying that this can happen to your own child is a stretch. A huge stretch. Mac, you ARE twisting this one.

            • T-town, Mac is NOT twisting anything. It can eventually be extended to everyone’s biological children and already happens to some degree.

            • Did everyone REALLY read this story. They want to force THE FAMILY to all get the flu shot – NOT the baby.

              • if you agree to take a ward of the state and get paid to do so, you agree to their rules. If you don’t want to get your whole family vaccinated, don’t accept the foster situation.

              • Obviously not.

            • I never agreed to income taxes. Why then do they take them?
              You say I agree to play by the state’s rules if I rescue a child from their clutches?

              I insist that I am a free person and that no one is entitled to one minute of my time. Those that say otherwise risk getting shot. The harder you insist the greater the risk. You have been warned.

              • T-town is a cop, so he kind of has the statist mind set. You won’t get anything into his brain, it has been filled with poison and locked away for ever.

                • Really BJ? You obviously don’t know shit.

                  • You’ve responded to me plenty in the past, where you stated and towed the cop/statist mantra. So sorry for not adding to my OP about you, the word “sucker” as in cop sucker.

                    Cops are most definitely NOT Officers of the Law….do some research so you can make sound and accurate arguments.

                    And if your proud to be lumped in with evil people who do the work of the evil one….you have more serious problems than taking the time to respond to “people like me.”

                • usually I dont waste alot of my time responding to people like you BJ, but since it is a slow day and I am a little bored I’ll go there.
                  1. I am not an officer of the law. I do however have a great deal of respect for what they do and overall they are a pretty dedicated courageous group of individuals so to be put in a category with a “cop” is a compliment. so thank you for that.

                  2. I have come to realize that people, such as you who launch attacks at others who disagree with them are either very insecure in their own stand, very immature and incapable of adult conversation or are a lying liberal pushing an agenda they cannot defend in any other way.

                  So to you I say BJ, grow up and learn how to converse like an adult or take you liberal attacks and stick them up your ass.
                  Have a great day. You get no more of my time.

          • Remember last year when they said they were sending “navigators” door to door to sign people up for obamacare? It didn’t happen, but I’m sure they’ll eventually do this if they can’t get their enrollment numbers.

          • They didn’t kick down our door Mac, but the cop stuck his foot in my door so I could not close it to wake my wife, all the while the cps hag was lying to the referee (ya a referee is constitutional) to get a removal order. She said to the referee they argued over an hour with me at the door and so he gave them the removal order…only problem…as I said my wife is a paramedic and knows procedures and she knew that they were only there for minutes so she went to sheriff s dept and got the call log. Total time from arrival to clear scene…22 minutes. And that was just one of the lies cps told. Did they get in any trouble…nope. and it was still a whole week before they returned our son…reason was because the foster home he was placed at was over 80 miles away and it was to long of a drive for them to get him till the end of week when they would be in that area??!!??.

            Ask me questions, I lived this sheot for 14 months 24/7 and still do.

            • So Sorry to hear about your plight.

              May I ask what state you live in? and… What do you recommend that we do to protect our children from similar issues?

            • Too bad you weren’t in Indiana….I am thinking you could of shot the cop in the foot.

              • Michigan Arby,and I would say teach your kids to come to you if they ever get talked to at school…that is where this all started. The school councillor convinced our two girls to talk to cps because they heard us disciplining our aspergers child in the other room. A spanking on the bottom through pants. They CPS then proceeded to fabricate a case against me and tried to paint me as a egotistical wife and child beater..and that she is meek and was just protecting her abusive husband.which if you knew me or my wife is laughable and everyone knows she could kick my ass and if anyone is the meek one it’s me.

                What cps will do is try to work one spouse against the other get kids to rat out parents and make up false statements with no witnesses in room when talking to them. Never let them,cps in you house for any reason…if they need to see a child to check for abuse do it outside home. They use a thing called “piling on”. They will say you have dangerous wires, dirty dishes, cluttered rooms whatever to make the case for removal. They supposedly took pictures of our son with horrible bruises all over his legs in our house…I told them he had no bruises. They showed picture of legs with bruises except the background couch those legs were on was not our couch…They just used a different child pic and framed me. I had to plead no contest to misdemeanor 4th degree child abuse and 6 months probation or face felony and 5 years prison…what would you do even if you know you are innocent?? Even my lawyer said plead because it was my word against theirs and they had their photos even tho they were not of our son.

                Why would cps do all this to us? they get money for each child placed in foster care …have heard 10,000 per.child. and 40,000 per adoption. We have 6 children. All blonde hair blue eyed beauties. Easy money and easy adoptions 6 x40,000 a cool quarter mill.

                I know all of you are saying well they better not show up at my house or they will be eating lead…well I hope you never have them show up and threaten to take your kids…it’s the worst thing we have ever had to deal with and our youngest he was two at the time 6 now and still has nightmares, and the other day we were watching chitty chitty bang bang and I had forgot about the kid snatcher’s in it and he absolutely freaked out and cried uncontrollable. We all still suffer from ptsd from it and whenever a strange car pulled into the drive my wife would have a panic attack. We want to go talk to the judge that was absolutely used and lied to by cps but are afraid of retribution as our kids are still young.

                We did find out our case sent shock waves through our cps office because the good workers we dealt with saw all that was done to us and they knew we were being railroaded…and we did have ombudsmen investigate. And in the end we got our kids back but I am now on child abuse registry and have a record…first time ever and I can not get concealed carry permit now. Oh and BJ I think that’s the law here in michigan too…though I would hate the aftermath if you try it.

                • God forgive me, but I am afraid I would be head hunting and making some peoples lives living hell.

                  eye for eye, life for life

                  Wife and I got upset and teary reading your post….very sorry for you and yours.

                  Sorry I get a little crazy when it comes to kids and family.

                  • Thank you BJ means a lot, and yes we have on more than one occasion daydream about that. We are trying to recover from the whole trauma and lead a normal life. We still try to let our kids play and have friends and school activities but it’s just not the same now that we see cps and foster care for what they are…We will fight more when we no longer have children they can steal but for now we must lay low.

                • I really admire you for fighting back and doing it the smart way. Get violent etc like some suggest here and you wind up locked up and your kids in the hand of whatever peado elite member takes a fancy to them.

                  What is a shame is that individual families are isolated to fight alone, as when this sort of thing happens the entire school and neighbourhood community should be marching to the town hall with burning pitchforks. People choose to be blind to the evil around them and that puts EVERY family at risk.

                • . . . .And this is one of the reasons we homeschool. (We’re also in Michigan, one of the easiest and most homeschooling-friendly state there is, by the way).

                  • I also home school and was reported to child services by my doctor for it as my kid has a disability. Social worker came out, saw all was fine, tutted for having her time wasted, wrote a lovely report in support of our home ed and went away. Social workers with common sense are as rare as hen’s teeth so I give thanks to God for that one.

                    Ours was a very short story with a happy ending but I had a couple of sleepless nights first fretting over plan B iykwim.

                    Too often in the UK the story has a VERY ugly ending.

                • GH Thanks for sharing your story. It is truly GUT WRENCHING to hear of the awful atrocities that are being committed by gov agencies across the board all in the name of “Its For The Children!”

                  Another reason to home school….

                  Which is not without its hurdles as well. here in Richmond, VA is a school jurisdiction that is trying to pass a ruling that IF you homeschool it can only be for “Religious” reasons AND when your child turns 14 they must appear before this board of “IDIOTS” to be grilled about their “Religious” convictions and then these IDIOTS will make a decision on whether or not your child can be homeschooled or not.

                  CBS 6 news had the story WTVR Richmond, VA

                  • We have really had our eyes opened by this, and when we see a news story on some poor guy that supposedly resisted arrest or fought against police and the reporter paints him as a crazy loser that was 100% in the wrong we now say “ya, I wonder what the real story is”.

                    More than once I have heard reported that someone “lunged ” at an officer or cps worker….and guess what , that was one of the things /charges they tried to pin on me.It Didn’t take in our case because; ONE we had a good lawyer and TWO of the time lie they were caught telling (even though they tried to claim my wife had falsified the call log).As I said earlier, they will always try to pile on with multiple charges to paint you as worse than you would look to your fellow citizen’s with just one charge. With me it was when I was told it was too late for them to look at my son for signs of abuse..I raised my voice “what do you mean it’s TOO LATE!” So I guess I lunged with my voice…just ommitted the voice part for the hearing.

                    I believe that the cps worker got some kind of reward just for the removal that late Saturday night, And I say this because (get this) I am color blind and have really good night vision and had walked out in the dark driveway to talk to her as she stood near her vehicle. After she got off the phone (with referee…or friend for all I know) she had a big smile on her face and vividly she said to the deputy “pull him”. I actually calmly said are you enjoying this?She said no,why?And I said Because you are smiling…She, realizing I could see her in the dark then wiped the smile off her face and proceeded to direct her muscle (cop) to make us hurry up and bring her the child. I asked the cop what if I refused and was told my wife and I would be arrested and would lose all of or children.

                    I can’t believe I did not lose it and take them out when I saw her smiling after she convinced the referee how long She had tried to reason with me and got the removal order. and that I was not just another poor soul to show up on the news that night being painted as a crazy wife beater arrested for assaulting heroic cps worker removing 6 poor children from an abusive home.

                    A higher power wanted me to be here for my kids to continue to guide and protect them from the trying times we are about to face I am convinced.

                    Oh, and our children all get A-Bs and perfect attendance and even our aspergers son has only had 1 major outburst(miraculous if you know aspergers) and for the last 2 years Has been top reader in his class reading over 300 books. He so reminds us of Sheldon from the show big bang theory…

          • Mac, just because your door hasn’t been kicked in doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening already to others. No false flag needed, it’s already happening. A false flag is needed only when trying to get the people on your side. They, the people and the media are already there.

            Said with respect and again just one mans opinion.


          • @Mac,

            They already kicked in my door for Obamacare….in the form of a letter in the mailbox. The letter has a big red box at the top that literally says, “WATCH THE MAIL FOR AN IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT”.

            The form everyone should watch for is Form 1095-A. This form is either going to decrease your refund (if you have to self insure because your employer doesn’t insure you) or maybe it won’t affect you at all.

            In any case, the info on that form will trigger the tax penalties, etc. Here we go!

        • Not Fooled, you HAVE been fooled by someone. mac never fabricates anything so go f#$% yourself!

          • The story is not fabricated. I trust Mac to tell the truth. It is just a stretch to apply it to a parent’s own child.

      5. WELCOME TO THE U.S.S.A. ?

      6. That is scary. Big Pharma with control over states children overseers is even scarier.

      7. A foster child is already a ward of the State and Foster Parents are subject to any and all State rules and regulations since they are (voluntary and official) State agents.

        Wonder why this child is a foster child in the first place? This would be interesting to know.

        • The sad part is that country is lost thanks to ignorant, apathetic, lazy, and stupid people. The worst part is that the traitors in charge keep importing more socialist indoctrinated people. The Amerikans will realize how bad this is too late, but if there is dinner and a movie provided, the average Amerikan still probably won’t notice.

      8. OK what most people miss is that the signing of the birth certificate is where the mother (unknown to her) abandoned her child, and the state then picks up the child as a maritime admiralty salvage as a “dead vessel” without soul. The state then takes the “NAME” on the birth certificate and makes a organization/estate. The corporate state can only interact and regulate other fictions of law. It can not ever regulate one of the people. Just walk into any court and say “I come before this court as having been found to be living and as one of the people of Illinois, is there any objection to what I just stated?” and see what fucking happens. This is why every court case is in probate. Your estate is being administrated from birth. There is a little red number on your birth certificate and if you take it to a broker with a blumberg terminal you can see what is there being administered by the corporate state courts. It’s about 45 million. This is all of your mineral rights that the government owes back to you. You are also considered a bastard and unable to be a rightful heir under common law because the maiden name of your mother is always on your birth certificate not her married name. You are also considered to be an infant, until you rebut the presumption that you have not “come of full age” (as stated in the magna carta) All of this shit is done by the BAR, the British accreditation registry. The attorney is the only one to take out. File suit against them in a court of record and take back your birthright. Get your fucking heads around this before they kill us all! Take back our common law courts and you take everything back. join your local common law grand jury and start taking back the constitutional republic that you have let go for a idiotic democracy filled with stupidity, doubt, fear, war, and torture. The choice is yours. Time to pick a fucking side.

        • Now we’re talking, that’s true law….afreakinmnen!!!

          I know a lot of people here won’t get it, they are either badges or badge sucking statists. But I pray that at least some will 🙂

          • To those who work for the government and consider themselves decent people: a lot of really decent law abiding people consider the government the problem. Please consider other lines of work.

            I don’t distinguish between good government agents and bad. You are all bad. At every family reunion my father comments to my cousin, who is a computer programmer for the NSA, “You’re such a fine fellow . . . it’s a shame we’re going to have to kill you.” It’s not a joke really, I like him a lot, he raises pastured chickens like Joel Salatin, he built his barn out of 3 container vessels, they prep, they have 5 beautiful kids, and I will kill him if he still works for the government when TSHTF.

            People sometimes marvel that family could fight on opposite sides in the “Civil War” (war for Southern Independence, but that’s another day). Well in the upcoming conflict you have chosen the side of evil if you work for the government. Could you honestly argue that the Government is the good guys and the people the bad guys? Please understand that a lot of people consider all those working for the side of evil to be the same and will treat you accordingly. I’m sure there were some decent Nazis in Dresden when it was fire bombed. Our government viewed them all the same and eliminated them.

            Postal worker, CIA, NSA, court clerk, school teacher, FBI, BLM, FDA, DEA, whatever . . . you all work for an evil organization. You work against liberty and for an organization that threatens and kills innocent people every day.

      9. Institutionalized confinement of minors should be one of the worst crimes of humanity.

        And seeing how many government workers are hardcore feminists, especially in Toronto, Canada, I would never let no feminist Marxist take away my child. The government workers are not doctors!

        Keep your bloody hands off my children you big government commies!

      10. I agree with the courts decision to force a minor with cancer to get chemo. School students should have to get vaccinated as a public health issue.

        The rest of it, the databases, the flu shots, the DSM-5, the shrinks, the pills, can eat my ass.

        • Acid, your post is contradictory. In your first sentence, you sound like you support control freaks but in your second sentence you claim to be against them. You’re either on one side or another, so which is it?

          • Because your rights end when and where you could pass communicable diseases to me and mine. And because a bratty minor on an “i hate the world” trip shouldn’t be allowed to commit suicide over stubbornness and stupidity.

            • Acid has a point. Since when does one rule apply to every situation Braveheart? I personally struggle with the vaccine situation. I have encounter parents who have had a child who was perfectly normal in every milestone for child development until the start of their vaccinations. There is evidence, that the CDC and mainstream thinking denies, that some vaccines cause autism in some individuals. I know parents that have a child severely and reversibly affected by vaccinations and now these parents have to make decisions about their younger children receiving those same vaccinations. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t like to tempt fate. And yet I get the idea that I would not want my children put at risk because you decided not to have your child vaccinated and I respect that stance. I frame the argument in the context that we have medical cures for the symptoms of those common diseases that we have a vaccination for. We do not have medical cures for the symptoms and affects of autism. So I would rather fight the childhood diseases than autism any day of the week. I do not find fault with parents who choose not to vaccinate. Just my stance on the matter.

              • T-town, I should’ve made myself a little more clear. I NEVER take vaccines for ANYTHING. I don’t really care what parents do concerning their children’s health, just as long as it’s THEIR decision and NOT some goofball govt. official making the decision for them. Check out this site: Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has done a lot of research on vaccines and he findings will really shock you. She’s even written a book about it. I highly recommend both the book and the website.

              • t-town, in my state you don’t have to vaccinate. It’ll cost you more to get physicals fairly regularly but you can do it. Bible says your body is God’s temple: putting foreign matter into it is wrong. I know of a family who took their kid for vaccines at 1 years old and the PA decided to give here a pneumonia vaccine. She got it and was hospitalized. Nobody else in the family or area had pneumonia. Don’t believe what they claim – vaccines are not “DEAD” and will infect. Also, if you actually bother to read the legal contract you must sign then you will see it clearly states you can go into comma, have brain damage, and die from even the most common DPTA or whatever it is now vaccine. I guess vaccine advocates are not able to read or not able to think clearly.

            • You misunderstand the threat AE. I am a free person and won’t be compelled to do anything. You too can do as you please. If vaccines work, and you took them, then how could I possibly be a threat to get you sick?

              If you chose to be vaccinated shouldn’t you be safe from all those diseases whether I get vaccinated or not?

              Most importantly though, government derives it’s powers from the just consent of the governed. Since neither I, you, nor anyone else has the right to force another to do something against their will, we cannot delegate that authority to the government.

              Just as it is immoral to steal from your neighbor, it is immoral to have the government do it on your behalf. Since you personally don’t have the authority, or legal right, to force me to ingest anything I don’t want to, you can’t cede the government the right to do it on your behalf.

              If you will agree that it is wrong for a man to rape a woman, and that it’s still wrong for lots of men to rape that same woman, you should also agree that those men can’t grant government the authority to rape that woman on their behalf. Injecting a shot against their will is merely a different action, but the principle is the same.

        • The CDC has admitted the vaccine is less than 25 percent effective. And they had a larger than normal number of deaths attributed to it this year. Why would you put your child at risk for this? And, why does a minor child have less rights than you as an adult? A 17 yr old should have a choice about chemo treatment. Your rights are being eroded and you don’t even realize it.

          • 23% to be exact….from what I have heard.

        • How do you do Mr Acid. I found that link most interesting, well done. Many thanks from the UK.

      11. If you come to this site,you have a mental disorder.

        COOL….make mine a double !!

        Thx Mac for the much needed therapy…lol.


      12. kids safety come first above all else.

        And the shots are known poison, especially too babies and physically , mentally developing children.

        it’s getting to that time where in order to save yourselves and your babies from the obviously corrupt and criminal fascist oligarchy greed driven eugenics deathcare system, you are going to have to …

        pick up that gun.

        • Taz, if anyone ever came to take any kids of mine, they would receive hot lead instead.

          • Good God , man!

            You’re in your fifties. Not some immature teenage bully who has tell everyone how tough he is.

            Grow up and stop the tiresome keyboard commando BS.

            Generalized threats make one appear to be insecure.

            Love ya, man. But this shit is just old.

      13. Stick a fork in me I’m done. Gotta get rid of my preps,happy pills and the fact that i forget something every day.

      14. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Rayovac alkalines are on sale 45% off at the Rayovac site for a limited time

        promo code “Birthday”

      15. hard thing to say but I’d of told them to come get the child. There’s no way I or other family members would take a vaccine of any kind these days. The foster child will have the other members of the family under a microscope. Sad story but there it is. Another thing I see coming is you’ll be required to take these shots if you’re on Ocoon Care. If not they will most likely refuse to treat you of which they’ll kick you off the program for non-compliance and then force you to pay the tax cause you’re without a form of healthcare. This theft scheme (government healthcare) should of never been allowed in the first place. Please hold dear to your hearts, the members of the supreme court who deemed this a tax and those who voted to get this through a place somewhere out in the back 40 acres.

        • Exactly how I feel

          • At least call their bluff , say fine come get yer kid , were done and have been relived of duty by your act.

            Check mate

      16. Obamacare update, I just finished my taxes filed online and have been fined $81.00 for not having health insurance fine will be $2,500.00 next year.

        • Nothing like free health care, eh?

        • P2M – **Please** check out the health share plans!!! I am getting the same coverage I would have with COBRA for 1/3 the cost. They screen out drug users, smokers and excessive drinking which keeps costs down. I use Liberty Health Share, and have been excessively pleased. There is also Medi-Share, Samaritan Health Share, Christian HealthShare, etc.

          Most of these are Christian based (and are excempt from ObunglerCare), so there is that aspect (one poster here complained about that; my only response – without trying to be rude – is that it is secular humanism that got us into this position in the first place, so he should just eat his own cooking)

          • THX TEST

        • Prepper, I’ve already had coverage since the 90s so I shouldn’t face any fines, period.

          • TRBH
            Did you get your shopping done this weekend?
            I’m going next Sat. Princeton Ill. Gun show.

            • Sarge, I only got about 10% of it done before some BS came up and now have to try to get the rest one night this week. My next gun show is Feb. 7-8 in my area. Will be looking for more “goodies”. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Braveheart

      17. Dr. Mercola has a very good (and short) summary on the vaccination issue today at

        I am 100% into non-violence, but believe this fascism needs to be resisted tooth and nail by information dissemination and education.

        Now… back to the radical homosexual Nazi Brownshirts and their book burning and re-education camps for all who dare resist the gay religion.

      18. Well I see they still have not crossed the line in the sand yet, for the people to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I can only wonder what that action would be that the people say; well no more you’ve crossed the line and that’s ENOUGH. A sad state of affairs we live in. Lip service has been offered. I include myself in that statement, but that line had been crossed many years ago.

      19. found a nice 1 bed cabin with a guest cabin for sale today for 50,000. on the shore of a lake off the beaten path by a mile.

        it’s on gov lease land.

        pretty sweet deal.

        great view.

        one problem though you gotta go poo in a bucket and throw some kiddy litter on it, has one of those stupid hippy toilets.

        kinda bummed now.

        still tempted to go and look at it.

        • Composting toilet, they work quite well,

        • “it’s on gov lease land.”

          Thats all you need to know.

          • “dude, i’m gonna tell you a lil’ white secret everyone seems to keep ignoring or refuses to acknowledge in once free Zog Amerika.”

            “it ‘IS ALL’ government leased land.”

            i double triple dog dare you…

            stop paying your property taxes

            throw a all-niter party with a few thousand friends and a twisted sister cover band

            hold a religious bible meeting of more than 10 people

            have a wedding with 200 guest and a rockin d.j.

            have a birthday party for your 7 year old with more than 10 guests

            stop cutting your lawn

            park a rusty old unregistered pickup truck on your front lawn

            build a unlicensed non-code unapproved home or structure on your land

            try to keep unauthorized farm animals or grow to many crops

            turn your front yard lawn into a sustainable prep garden

            etc etc

            And you will eventual be paid a visit by your government to politely remind you with a Zog Gestapo Badge and a Gun that it is ‘NOT’ your land, it is the Zog FedGov’s land.

            • hold a religious bible meeting of more than 10 people

              have a wedding with 200 guest and a rockin d.j.

              have a birthday party for your 7 year old with more than 10 guests

              stop cutting your lawn

              park a rusty old unregistered pickup truck on your front lawn

              build a unlicensed non-code unapproved home or structure on your land

              try to keep unauthorized farm animals or grow to many crops

              turn your front yard lawn into a sustainable prep garden

              LMAO , ALL of these things have or are currently happenning RIGHT NOW .
              If i lived where you do , i would move.

      20. “this is what happens when you ‘serve’ the zio.jew masters!”

        Ukraine: Mass Ukrainian military grave discovered in Dnepropetrovsk

      21. My friend’s 10 yo was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. They went to a naturopathic MD right off the bat. The doctor agreed to alternative treatments, and their child is still alive today. No authorities involved. When you go to the mainstream doctors they are mandated to report you and have your child removed from you if necessary. There was a story of a family a few years ago on the run because they were treating the boy with cannabis oil SUCCESSFULLY and they did not want chemo and rads. Authorities were trying to force them to bring their child to a hospital.

        • As a medical practitioner myself, I support the use of cannabis and hope that it will soon be legal in all 50 states, even without a prescription. I have many patients that either use illegally, drive to Colorado and purchase legally but then smuggle it back here, or used to do one or both. I have too many patients whose lives have been improved drastically to care if some people want to get high.

          I say this as I’m half way into a bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Prohibition didn’t work the first time and it’s not working this time either.

      22. “A’murica Hell Yeah!”

        “We’re Gonna Freedumb The Sh*t Outta The Ukraine!”

        “Get Some A’murica!”

        “Gawd Bless the Zog A’merika C.I.A. and the Israehell Zio-jew Mossad!”

        “THIS IS WHAT WE DO…”

        Pour Inna… (для Инна…) : + 18 ATTENTION, images très difficiles à la fin.

        • The day will come when this will visit our shores,
          We are NOT immune, and our government has been meddling in issues it has no business meddling in.
          God save us.

      23. The State runs the foster child system. They have the right to order the foster parent to get the flu shot. I think parents should have a choice, but the state is there to see after the children. The Flu shot is B.S. they haven’t had the right strain of flu in the shots over the last few years. Now if it was their children I would tell them to pound sand! Leave the state and go to another state for the kids sake.
        Now the 17 year old girl. She will be 18 soon and the she can make the choices for her self. I still think it B.S. that they are forcing the treatment on her. This should be up to her and her parents!

        • Just saw on the boob tube a couple days ago that they’re close to introducing a permanent flu shot that will cover all flu and be good for a lifetime. My first thoughts were, Really? What the hell is in THAT? But you’ll have the masses lined up for it because its soooooo gooood for youuuuu……I’m sure it’ll definitely be the last one you’ll ever need.

          • Now THAT is freakin scary Patriot!

          • Not me I’m not taking it. I haven’t had a flu shot in over 10 years. I have found a better way to fight the cold/flu.
            Remember I an Legend. Maybe that will be a Zombie apocalypse. This is not the reason I’m not taking it, but there will be stuff in it that won’t be good for you.

        • The state has no rights at all. Certain tasks have been delegated to the state by free people, see articles 9 and 10 of the bill of rights for clarification.

          I’ll state the obvious again. I cannot delegate to the state the authority to perform an action that I don’t have to begin with. No person has the right to inject anything into my body without my permission. 300 million persons without the right to inject anything into my person cannot vote themselves authority to do it anyway.

          You cannot grant the state authority to inject vaccines in unwilling persons unless you had that authority first. You don’t.

          You think parents should have a choice? Flu shots are BS? Think the parents should leave the state to protect their biological kids from the flu shot? Yet you say the state is there to look after the children.

          You sir are a statist. My beliefs require nothing from anyone other than to be left alone. Yours impose force on the unwilling.

          • First, I just want to say you are my kind of people and I agree with lots of what you say. But didn’t Randy Weiver also live in your neck of the woods?

            Those are all righteous and reasonable statements that in a just world would be perfectly reasonable to enact without fear of losing your or more so your families life.I would hate to have you end up having the same result he had for standing up for what he also thought were his constitutional rights.

            I would rather be here for my wife and kids and live to fight at a place and on ground of my choosing, than go down with them choosing when and where it happens, with my life being forfeit to them for little to no account.

            I am sure that time is coming when we will all need to stand up and be counted and if we have a just God my wife and I will be able to see my previous restraint be avenged and I will be allowed to fight the good fight and not just be fodder for an unjust might aligned against us patriots.

            • Oh I agree with the previous restraint part. You’ve done a really great job in the face of adversity, and yes Randy Weaver (and many like him) chose this part of the world.

              Our neighbors are awesome.

              I feel Sun Tzu would condone and encourage your approach and I assure I will do my best to not throw my life away needlessly.

              Ultimately I want lots more than just survival. It’s why we have a piano, a violin, over 5000 books, and speak several languages. IMHO it’s pretty cool to hear teenage girls politely debate whether Mozart writes the best ballets or if the latin declension is correct for xyz.

              • I really like you, but dadburnit, your posts have a way of making me feel like a loser failure as a parent.

                • It’s mostly my wife that should get the credit 🙂

      24. OK, so I thought at first that this was so completely wrong. They try to pull that with any of me or mine and they’ll have a war on their hands, however, this is a foster child. This child *IS* a ward of the state. If she wants to continue in the king’s employ, she will follow the king’s orders.

        Its not her child, its the state’s child, likely, stolen from someone, but still a ward of the state.

        This article is a total mislead. Should be “Get Flus Shots Or We’re Taking *OUR* Baby”


        • “The Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is giving the Tacoma family until February to comply with the mandated regimen of influenza vaccines — imposed on every member of the family”

          You are right in that the foster child is not their property. But they (the state) are trying to take advantage of this and force the whole family to get the vaccine…, dad and mom and dad’s children/property.

          • BJ
            Reading this it sounds like they are doing this because of the foster children. If this is correct I see the foster family as having three options. #1 take the shots. #2 stop being a foster family. #3 leave the state and be a foster family in a state where they don’t have to take shots.
            This is a Damn shame a good family taking in kids and DSHS in mandating shots. A BLOODY SHAME!

            • Hey Dale,

              This s a really curious situation. Just an article or 2 back you were calling BJ a troll and referring to him as blow job. NOW you’re trying to suck up to him? What’s the situation going to be tomorrow? You are one STRANGE guy dale, I think if he has any sense BJ will avoid you like a zombie plague.

            • You, like most statists, forget option #4.

              #4 “Remind” the government employees that government derives its powers from the just consent of the governed.

              You have on occasion called government actions a shame, but you never question the morality or legality of said actions. You always proceed from the standpoint of the state being allowed to do whatever it feels is appropriate. I’ll bet you arrested people who never violated anyone’s rights through force or fraud. I’ll bet that you felt like you did a great job after you imprisoned people who harmed no one. Ask yourself honestly, did you ever think that prisoners who were raped by other inmates “deserved” it?

              Cops don’t enforce natural law. They are simply government enforcers who will beat the crap out of law abiding citizens, seize assets, and imprison anyone who doesn’t follow government edicts.

              • Rebel, I find myself in total agreement with your conclusions. The thing most important to dale is his pension, and there’s no way in God’s green Earth he’s ever going to trash talk the masters who give him his thirty pieces of silver.

          • So, all members of family get shots, get deathly sick, have to live with all the scary adjuvants in the shot like monkey aids mucus, and the foster child catches the flu from a filthy Walmart shopping cart!!

            • Well yes, but before they expire they will receive: Pneumovax, Prevnar, Boostrix, Havrix, Engerix, MMR II, Gardasil, Zostavax, and Typhim. In order those are for: Pneumococcal 23 strains, Pneumococcal 13 more (allegedly), Tetanus Diptheria and Pertussis (TDaP), Hep A, Hep B, Measles Mumps and Rubella, HPV, Shingles (herpes zoroster), and typhoid.

              Sadly most of my patients don’t look at what it costs them financially or physically. They just want to know the copay.

          • So, all members of family get shots, get deathly sick, have to live with all the scary adjuvants in the shot like monkey aids mucus, and the foster child catches the flu from a filthy Walmart shopping cart!!

      25. E PLOBAS UR ASS

      26. I looked at becoming foster parents after the Child Services came to our church and made a plea to foster and adoption parents.

        I refused to do it after seeing some of the requirements. One of them was “No fireplace in the house.”

        They would not let people foster kids if they had a fireplace in the house. How stupid is that?

        I am not about to brick up my fireplace to foster a kid. My four kids did just fine with a fireplace in the house.

        I figure with stupid policies like that they have zero need for foster parents.

      27. Why does the title say “your baby” when the child in question is a foster child? The author is obviously trying to create a false impression (aka lie). Not sure which is worse, the fact this author thinks he can lie with impunity or the fact that many of the readers are so ignorant as to beliee his lies.

      28. My last comments were not posted I guess they were not what the guy running the board wanted folks to read any way I’m for flu shots if people want them that’s all and I destroyed the health food folks I eat monsantos corn who cares it’s food if people want to pay a fortune to eat that’s fine with me. Anyway off topic I was reading about the NRA and nagr and all these gun groups I’m not a member of any of them they send emails wanting donations I don’t want to join any of that my rights are not to be fucked with I don’t need to be a member of the NRA where I go it’s not mandatory to use the range. Do people really think these groups are working to secure your rights . I think they want your $ that’s it you give em $25 then the next gun right battle they are looking for more. Fuck all of them gun groups I don’t need them. I see people wearing their swag shit proudly why all that says I’m a moron that has guns in his home to the criminals . Their employer the police when they get pulled over and cop sees the sticker on the window. To me all this is stupid and childish and they probably shouldn’t have guns . Having a gun is no big deal at all. Gonna have 1 whether they ban them or not it’s just a smart thing to do. I think the gun safety people take shit way to far. They are not toys but I’m not a child either. I rather go to a sand pit or brother in laws farm to shoot then a stupid gun range any day.

        • AH
          If I have to pull someone over and the they have a NRA, or any Pro gun sticker on their vehicle the get a get out of jail free card from me.
          I had a DUI last week around 2215hrs. with NRA, Tea Party and several other stickers in his back window and bumper. I gave him a ride home and took his keys and told him he could have them back at 7000hrs the next day, because if was working days on Sat., or if he had to go to work then. (I was working 3-11 the night, and if I would have arrested him I would have gotten O.T.) He told me he was off tomorrow. So I told him when he wants them just to come and get them.
          Just saying sometime it helps being involved with these guys.

          • should be 0700hrs.

          • That’s so sweet of you to selectively enforce laws for those you approve of. Corrupt government officials such as yourself are always willing to do their friends a favor that they wouldn’t for the less connected.

            If you were honest you would treat all citizens equally and fairly. After all I pay your salary, whether I have bumper stickers you approve of or not.

            Since I don’t bribe or know any congressmen or cops should I not receive equal treatment under the law?

            You sir are merely a thug with a badge.

        • Asshat;
          Thanks for a brief moment of lucidity. I suppose an nra sticker is better than a rainbow sticker but the whole idea of telling the world your business seems a bit childish, By the way, is lucidity a word?

          • Skeptic, NO bumper stickers of any kind on my wheels. Maintaining a low profile.

      29. Bundy ranch time?

      30. I Don’t liKe tHem gOwD DaM nEEdLEs.

      31. Okay first of all the headline states “your baby” when this is about a foster child. There’s one blatant lie right in front of your face. Secondly, when you have a 85% chance of survival from cancer, you take it. I’ve had cancer twice, with my type, I have a 90% survival rate. I did everything to make sure I would be living to take care of my family. But hey none of this is my business. If you guys want to die from pure ignorance be my guest. While the rest of us get vaccines to prevent diseases, to save our children, you and your children will be dying from measles. I guess that just about sums up Darwins Law. Survival of the fittest.

        • If you are certain you are correct what could be the harm in letting others disagree?

          You may do as you wish but please don’t force me to agree or do as you wish. Is it too much to ask that you don’t force your beliefs on others?

      32. The American people will not do anything in response to increasing tyranny until they stop hoping in Social Security and Medicare, and feel hunger.

      33. Hey dudes, don’t be deceived… Pneumonia is a much bigger threat to y’all than any government stooge enforcing a health act… Checkout the 1918 flu pandemic before responding with the typical “I’ll fill ’em with lead” knee-jerk reaction… “ACHOOOOOOOO”

      34. With ya flu fighter pneumonia is all bad children and the elderly are more at risk for it and people with asthma. I’ve said it before it’s these social workers people who do this job tend to be know it all control freaks that will use your kids against you if they can they are all puppets of the gov and will do whatever they are told .

      35. Guess what day it is?

        • Happy MLK Day. And…if I’m not mistaken, isn’t February Black History Month? Why don’t I get a white, Celtic, History month?

          • Npgh… You don’t need one… You are pure and strong.

          • Multiculturalism = ANTI-WHITE

        • slingshot…Urrrrrrrrm… NO … Please enlighten me.

          • Flu Fighters.

            It’s the first day, of the rest of your life.
            MLK. Day
            The Day of Reckoning.

        • Hump day?

          • Jim in Va.

            The President is going to Hump us tomorrow.

      36. I’ve finally given up. I’m not attempting to get a job anymore. Even though the protective order by my wife was dismissed as frivolous, I learned that it will stay on my record forever, which means I will never be considered for a decent job ever again. Not one company has called me for an interview. I’m just tired of this life. No family, friends, combined w/abject poverty = hoping for a major heart attack becuz I don’t want to go to hell for ending my life. I hate this world and I hope every evil person gets what they dished out. My only hope is God himself. He’s the only one in my life who still cares.

        • Iowa.

          Slow down man, you’re about to go NOVA. Stay away from that offing yourself. You might miss all the fun.
          So partner, when right is no longer right you have to play by their rules. No friends or family? Then, to thine own self be true.

          If you have truly tried to get a job and that protective order was bullshit, I would turn that hate where it does me the most good. I would put in for every thing they offer. From where I stand they EBT and SNAP crowd eat good at least. I would even go to plenty of those food give away places. Hell they screwed you. Turnabout is fair play. If you can live on the free shit that money you save from unemployment is used somewhere else. Sit down and think it through. Make contacts and friends may come your way. Don’t forget about those job services. You may have to move too.
          Just trying to help.

        • Iowa, YOU STOP TALKING LIKE THAT NOW. DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP LIVING. This comes from someone else who cares about you. If there’s any way possible, try to relocate. Get as far away as possible from all the people who have hurt you. Make contacts and other doors will open for you. Starting over in some other location can and will do wonders for you. The people who hurt you will get their “just desserts” eventually. God has a way of making things work out for the best. You better keep living because the alternative is not worth considering. You hang in there, man. Best wishes.

        • You certainly could, after all it’s your life. Then again it’s the only life you get and if you end it you won’t be able to help see to it that all those evil people get what they dished out.

          While it’s certainly true God cares, it’s also true that everyone who has ever hit rock bottom can tell you that it does get better.

          Hang in there man. From rock bottom it is only up.

          Have you ever gone to an NA or AA meeting or other such support group? Think about it, what do you have to lose?
          You just might meet people with problems even worse than yours, it’s eye opening.

      37. Great! Just got a text warning from my own brother saying if I don’t stop calling he will also get a protective order against me. God I feel like walking into oncoming traffic. I just can’t win.

        • Dear Iowa… You are not alone…We have a friend in Jesus… The worlds going to hell in a hand cart… Hang on in there my friend. God bless you. xXx

        • Iowa.
          There a people on this site that care like me.
          Please take some advice from an old man. You right now can’t see it but things will get better for you. One thing I had to do when my X drug me through the shit was to forgive, I know how very hard this is. You will never forget but it will get better as soon as You forgive.

          I see a lot of pain and anger in your writings. When you give up the anger the pain will go away. I know I have lived it and done that.

          You are right in putting your faith in GOD. If you look behind you and you only see one set of footprints in the sand, it is because He is Caring you. Just remember that.
          Like the rest of us here we will keep you in our prayers. Keep the Faith!

        • Silly man, you have already won. Think it through. God cares and so do I.

          • Remember your kids Iowa. I don’t know if you are seeing them yet or not, but either way, how do you want them to view you? Life gets tough sometimes, show them how to get through those tough times by doing it yourself. Keep your faith in the Lord, and don’t forget what your knees are for and to the only One you bend them for. Keeping you in my prayers.

        • You can take a PFA out for texting now?

          Man, I’m sick to hell of these enforcers. They will suck the life out of you.

      38. Ah! Foster care. I am a licensed Foster Parent. I did it in order to ‘rescue’ my wife’s two nephews from the system that had taken them from my wife’s niece. The first thing that I learned about the system was that when there is a blood connection involved the rules change. We got the two boys just before Christmas 2010 and the first present I got them was two Mosin Nagant 9130’s with hexagonal receivers. The social worker went ballistic. But the judge said since there is a blood relation the state loses control. I wound up with full parental rights and custody. There is much I could say about this experience and the ‘quality’ of these boys but it would be irrelevant. Just saying not all foster care is bad. However I do agree that there is rampant abuse in the system.

      39. On Drudge.

        Joe Biden had shots fired in front of his Delaware home.

        “Car 54 where are you?” Hahahaha!

      40. Mac;
        Wow, the thickness of your skin must really be getting tested. No shortage of criticism of your articles as of late. The mood seems to be shifting and maybe just due to the changing of the guard as far as contributors. I don’t envy your job of having to assemble or write 6-7 days a week.
        BTW I still have a hell of a time typing comments and have to pound the keys harder than on my fist manual Royal typewriter. I noticed that when I mentioned that a few days ago someone else said hey have the same problem. Nowhere but on your sight.

        • SKEPTIC-
          I have been having problems with the page loading since the new thumb system went up .
          Could just be my junk.
          But having to pound on the keys is real strange.
          Never heard of that one.

        • I have that problem too. Though I’ve noticed it gets worse towards the end of my bottle. By the very end the keys either don’t work or move and skip.

          I don’t think there’s a software fix for merlot.

        • Me too, I am having to go back and type in letters that are missing in words a lot lately and only happening here. Also the site is loading extremely slow and messing up some times when posting. It is both at home and at work, but worse at work on IE with old browser vs good stuff at home.

      41. Mr Mac & Co have provided many, many people with a sounding board…I for one am truly thankful… Respect to Mr Mac Slavo and his team. Many, many thanks Mr Mac.

        • Woo, welcome aboard and we’ll be glad to help you with any prepping questions you have. Again, welcome.

        • I especially respect that it’s a site that you can post anonymously if you want without leaving a “valid” email address.



        Sen. Mike Lee: ‘For every law we pass, they pass 100’
        “What is perhaps not as well-known is the president’s increasingly frequent use of a second powerful tool to go around Congress – regulations.”

        “And those regulations, often carrying the full force of law, are written by unelected bureaucrats working in departments overseen by the administration.”

        WND dot com

        • Actually, there are three category types of (recognized) law governing us: Legislative, Judicial, and regulatory.

          Legislative is the most accountable, Judicial law is less so (as in activist or interpretive court decisions) with regulatory law being almost unaccountable to any authority other than itself.

          Regulatory law is by far the largest part of law and it is unusual for a year to go by without thousands of new regulations being added to all the others you are expected to know and comply with. (not to suggest that every regulation applies to every person since many people don’t engage in the various regulated activities)

          Complexity of law eventually causes collapse, and collapse disorder with that disorder ending in chaos.

          • Paula, spot on comments. The system is so complicated and corrupt it’s beyond saving. We’ll have to start all over from scratch in order to save this nation.

            • Agreed. The entire constitution is written on 11 pages or so?

              I liked the history of Lycos, an ancient Greek republic. Government was conducted on one day a year and any citizen could propose a law. You proposed your law in front of the public and if it didn’t pass by majority consent they hanged you on the spot. Limited government indeed.

        • We don’t and never will. I assure you our kids are free thinkers and armed, after about 6 to 8yo or so depending on the kid.

          While their first knife, bow, fishing pole, or rifle (Ruger 10/22 is always first) might vary with age, a few rules don’t vary:

          1) You must always do what Mom and Dad tell you.
          2) Never talk to the cops.
          3) Always behave as though all firearms are loaded.
          4) You must complete 1 year of piano lessons before you learn a different instrument.
          5) You must speak at least 2 languages. Latin or Greek is required.
          6) Our house isn’t a democracy, and we don’t vote on these rules; it’s a monarchy and I am King, your mother is Queen, and you are my princes and princesses.
          7) If you don’t do your chores it’s my responsibility to see to it that you regret it.

      43. First, there are two kinds of foster care. There is adoptive foster care, and there is temporary foster care.
        Adoptive foster care means that the family met the standards to adopt the child, and this sometimes comes with financial aid for adopting children with special needs like autism.
        Temporary foster care is exactly how it sounds; this is where the foster child is only temporarily placed into the home of a pool of willing temporary foster parents or families unlike the former the latter all expenses of the child is paid for by the state.
        I find it more than interesting that the infant referenced is only referenced as a foster child. While it may vary some state to state, it tends to be relatively standard, so the parents can move if desired.

        Second, even if the infant is a temporary foster child of this family, the State has absolutely no say in the vaccination or treatments of the parent’s children or family. The government can only determine the treatments of the temporary foster child who is only a member of that family temporarily.

        “A state bureaucracy is threatening a mother with removal of an infant unless her entire family subjects themselves to flu shots.” (qtd)

        Everyone should re-read the quoted article within the article. The government dictating your rights and your treatments past precedent dates back to pre World War I. Specifically, it dates to the late 1800s and early 1900s when militia was redefined to eliminate rights under the premise of feeble-minded. In 1906 California began the US Eugenics program that went mainstream in 1907 in which feeble-minded was utilized to determine who could and could not reproduce by abortions and sterilizations.
        Government apologists truly need to double-check their histories:
        1). Slavery was fully enforced by government. This includes serfdom and indentured servitude.
        2). Genocide and Democide. Nazi Germany and the USSR are only the two most infamous examples.
        3). Relocation, Re-settlement, and Internment Camps.
        Those three governmental policies are all under the bracket or category of population control as is utilizing public relations also known as propaganda and financial incentives to promote and penalize particularly or undesired life styles.

        And, apologists, before I forget, you may want to brush up formal and informal definitions. Feeble-minded means mental illness/defect. The yellow liquid yall trying to support being rain isn’t rain…

      44. I have mentioned this several years ago. but it bears repeating.

        You are but chattel to the corporate state known as the United States. It is all done under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. A good read is “The UCC Connection” by Howard Freeman.

        The corporate state does not operate under common law but defers to contract law and the “Law of the Seas”.

        If you have assets in .gov paper, the state realizes controlling interest in that property. This goes for car title and real estate deed. It goes for any papered and registered firearm. This is how they “legally” usurp your rights into privileges by conversion. You contract by signature on paper. Try transferring anything on paper without the state’s involvement.

        With a controlling interest, they can codify, by “color of law”, any license, permit or regulation they desire. Remember, you gave your mark.

        It is mostly done with an umbrella of coverage determined as “commerce”. Anything bought or sold or affecting trade is sucked into this pit.

        As the LEOs on this board love to tell you, “The court has determined it’s constitutional”.

        Of course, neither they, nor the courts, have any comprehension of natural rights. It’s all .gov code and statute to them.

        Sack up and fight the power.

        • Absolutely. So very few LEOs or government agents ever stop to think (I could just end the sentence there) if what they are doing is moral or right. Too many will do what the government says as long as the government insists that it’s legal.

          Please don’t confuse legal with moral.

          Just because it’s not illegal to cut in line or commit adultery doesn’t mean it’s not wrong; and just because it’s illegal to own property the government doesn’t approve of doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

        • Yes, well many “good” men found out that blindly following orders was no excuse when tried in Holland after WW2 also.

          • We have a place in Muskegon County….you close to the West side of the hand?

            • Yep,south of you, right near Kalamazoo.

              • We have some friends that we met from the in the Portage/Kzoo area.

                Ever thought about getting out of the city…going further North, U.P. maybe?

                • We love the UP, just not a lot of jobs. Also we have our own home out in the country with 10 acres big garden fruit trees woods so we are pretty set and would feel like strangers in a strange land in the up and not be ready for what we believe is coming much sooner than what we could be ready for if relocating now. Gonna weather the storm where we are…however it happens till we raise our kids.

                  • Understand

                    I’m pickin up what you’re layin down.

                    Hope the heart and mind of you and yours experiences healing.


        Remember when the words


        • Murder suicide… I have a hard time believing that… So many “suicides” lately.

          “He seemed more grounded and focused than would lend itself to anything chaotic,” Hubbell described. “The entire time I worked with him there was nothing aggressive or chaotic or strange or abnormal. He was one of the ones I was hanging my hat on, one who was going to succeed.”

          I didn’t know David Crowley, but indications suggest he was pretty level headed… That he was creating a movie based on the brutality of the police state immediately raises my suspicions about this “murder-suicide.”

          • Yeah and what about that banker last year that committed “suicide” with a nail gun by shooting himself 12 times?

      46. In other news Germany gets back over 100 tons of gold from New York Banks. The Greeks are taking money from the banks. Gold for the most part on the uptick. the Russians are buying more gold and selling off the dollar.
        Japan having financial trouble. China buying gold. USA housing on the skids. Gas below $2.00 in my area.

        Does anyone have an idea as to what the dots are saying?

        • Yeah, its called the fall of Babylon system.

            • Iowa, I just finished the article. The feds killed those people. It has FED written all over it.

        • Gold has moved $70 an ouce since te Swiss detached to franc fro the euro.

          In brief, last Thursday the Swiss National Bank UNPEGGED the Swiss Franc from the Euro. What you may not know is that in 2011, when gold was at $1,900.00 an ounce, the Swiss PEGGED the Franc to the Euro, and on that exact date is when the bear market in gold started.

          Apparently, since they unpegged on Thursday gold is up $70.00 an ounce.

          They have done this because it looks like the European Central Bank may be getting ready to do a whole ton of QE – we may see that this week.

          I’m no expert, but just like the drop in oil prices caught everyone by surprise, what the Swiss did definitely caught the financial world by surprise, and you may see gold and silver start to take off.

          One of those articles above explores the idea that the Swiss may have just ended Central Bank PM manipulation.

          We’ll see.

      47. Check out the Poll results at, Modern Survival Blog

      48. Copied from another poster about Islam.

        France is correct to declare war on Islam.

        From a poster on a video about the 3 stages of Jihad:

        Lifted from the intertubes.
        Here’s how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).

        As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:

        United States — Muslim 1.0%
        Australia — Muslim 1.5%
        Canada — Muslim 1.9%
        China — Muslim 1%-2%
        Italy — Muslim 1.5%
        Norway — Muslim 1.8%

        At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

        Denmark — Muslim 2%
        Germany — Muslim 3.7%
        United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
        Spain — Muslim 4%
        Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

        From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

        They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. (United States ).

        France — Muslim 8%
        Philippines — Muslim 5%
        Sweden — Muslim 5%
        Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
        The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
        Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

        At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

        When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris –car-burnings) . Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

        Guyana — Muslim 10%
        India — Muslim 13.4%
        Israel — Muslim 16%
        Kenya — Muslim 10%
        Russia — Muslim 10-15%

        After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:

        Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

        At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

        Bosnia — Muslim 40%
        Chad — Muslim 53.1%
        Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

        From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

        Albania — Muslim 70%
        Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
        Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
        Sudan — Muslim 70%

        After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

        Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
        Egypt — Muslim 90%
        Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
        Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
        Iran — Muslim 98%
        Iraq — Muslim 97%
        Jordan — Muslim 92%
        Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
        Pakistan — Muslim 97%
        Palestine — Muslim 99%
        Syria — Muslim 90%
        Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
        Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
        United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

        100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

        Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
        Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
        Somalia — Muslim 100%
        Yemen — Muslim 99.9%

        Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

      49. Update on ‘the recovery’…

        “the share of the world’s wealth owned by the best-off 1% has increased from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014, while the least well-off 80% currently own just 5.5%.

        Oxfam added that on current trends the richest 1% would own more than 50% of the world’s wealth by 2016.”

        Drudge Report

      50. This is not really about shots. The shot issue is an EXCUSE. There is BIG money in taking and then adopting out children. States get extra money for every child OVER A CERTAIN NUMBER that they “find permanent placement” for. This is called the Adoption incentives act.
        Even the American Bar Association found it troubling.

        No matching incentives for reunification or aid for keeping children in the home.

      51. This “or we’re taking your baby” is such BULLSHIT!

        It’s THEIR way of FORCING TOXIC [autism & cancer-causing] Vaccines INTO our kids.


        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys. Evil is in opposition to the life force.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck M.D.

      52. I am a free person. I do not recognize anyone’s claim to one minute of my life. My wife and I will raise our kids as we see fit and anyone who says differently should be afraid to discuss this personally as my property is my castle, I behave accordingly.

        I will never attempt to force you to agree with me. You may do as you wish, so long as you don’t violate anyone’s rights through force or fraud. Please respect my rights and don’t try to force me to agree with you.

      53. I personally hope people show up at this family’s house and show their support for them Bundy Ranch style. Let them shoot first though!

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