Social Media Censorship Continues: Twitter Accounts Linked To Info Wars REMOVED

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Twitter is continuing on their censorship campaign ahead of the midterm elections.  The social media platform has now removed accounts that have been linked to Alex Jones or his website, Info Wars.

    Twitter is not the only tech company seeking to permanently silence Jones either. Other tech companies, including PayPal, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify, have limited or banned Jones’ activities on their sites. The accounts banned on Twitter were thought to have been to circumvent the censorship and obvious attempts to silence Jones which took place back in August and September.

    According to NBC News, a Twitter spokesman confirmed that the accounts had been removed but provided no additional comment. The company says it usually does not discuss specific accounts, however, it definitely appears that mainstream media greatly fears what Jones has to say. Twitter permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope in early September. It said it based that action on reports of tweets and videos that violated its policy against abusive behavior, yet everyone is well aware that Jones simply says things that government elitists and mainstream media pundits (who support government elitists) dislike.

    Infowars has declared the move by Twitter as “sabotage” and say they intended to harm the site just weeks before the midterm elections. When issues such a this one, obvious censorship, arises, it makes it impossible to not beg the question “what are these tech companies so afraid of; what exactly is Jones saying that they don’t like?”

    Twitter pointed The Hill to a tweet made last month when the media outlet posed questions to the social media platform regarding this recent ban.

    Twitter is at least, rightfully being called out for their egregious censorship of ideas.

    According to The Independent, 18 total accounts were suspended under suspicion they were linked to Jones or his website, Info Wars. Jones has historically taken positions against liberal and left-leaning ideas. He has said things that have hurt socialists feelings and gone against a leftist bias putting a target on his back.

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes


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      1. Julian Assange holding up in the EcuadorianEmbassy in the UK hiding from the US and Social Media being “Politically Purged” certainly conflicts with the intent, if not the legal application, of the First Amendment.

        Closing your eyes to reality and repeating the word FREEDOM over and over makes it no more so than Judy Garland, clicking her heels saying, “There is no place like home” in the “Wizard Of OZ”.

        • …..and the damned and doomed drunken bum dumbed down coward American pussies still pay taxes, they still stand in line to vote for their favorite Satanist sodomite psychopath pedophile, they still encourage their children to join Satan’s American Coward Pussy Military, they still whore out their children DAILY, and they still worship their PSYCHOPATH PEDOPHILE SATANIST controlled United States CORPORATION Government from the bowels of hell in Washington DC!!!!!

          • The Romans were correct, the motivators of rebellion are inversely linked to food and circus. As long as there are intoxicants, both chemical and electronic, food, shelter and entertainment the masses are pacified. Add in the illusion of self government (if only the other guy, woman or party was in power things would be different) to secure compliance. There is no way their strategy is made up as they go along. This is well coordinated, planned, thought out. They’re very good at being very bad.

      2. People do not need twatter or any other communist BS site to listen to Jones. He has his own websites with live broadcast and phone listening ability. Other sites cite him too. That’s like saying walmart quit selling guns, so what? Go somewhere else and buy them and never do business at walmart again. Build up someone elses non communist business instead of whining about a communist business doing communist things. QUIT SUPPORTING COMMIES!

        • Check out this article from Zero Hedge…

          The New Social Media: Alternatives To Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, And Other Big Tech Platforms

          Lots of people are ready to leave websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for less-censored pastures. But what are the social media alternatives that are currently available?

      3. This is so awesome, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep taking down more sites, please start hitting ALL their websites, please censor more vile evil Satanist Social Media for the American coward pussies, please keep shutting down more vile evil United States CORPORATION Government boot licking so-called “alternative media”, which are nothing more than GLOBALIST SATANIST PSYCHOPATH PEDOPHILE PACIFIERS already bought and paid for by Lucifer and the Fallen Ones-pacifiers like the biggest drunken bum Globalist Pacifier of them all, the treasonous Satanist pedophile sodomite criminal-ALEX JONES!!!

        PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE keep up the CENSORSHIP Corporate WHORES of the most vile, most evil, most disgusting PSYCHOPATH controlled United States CORPORATION Government from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC……IF THE DUMBED DOWN, DRUNKEN BUM, PHARMAKIA JUNKY, ADDICTED TO EVERYTHING, OBESE FAT ASS DISEASE RIDDEN SODA SUCKING GMO GOBBLING TOXIC DUMP KEYBOARD COWARD AMERICAN PUSSIES do not have any more PSYCHOPATH controlled so-called “alternative media”, or LARP’s like Barron Trump and his snot nosed shit stained classmates at the KEW(Q)-FOREST Private School in Queens NY for the elite turds that were pooped out of a demon, posing as some savior treasonous trash called “Q”……..then maybe, just maybe there is a slight chance the ALREADY CONQUERED dumbed down drunken bum fat ass pharmakia junky coward American pussies who whored out their already doomed children for booze, golf, porno, and football, maybe the drunken bum coward pussies might just get off their drunken bum toxic dump fat asses and actually do something like ARRESTING, TRYING, AND HANGING THE PSYCHOPATH MONSTERS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR DOOMED AMERICAN CHILDREN’S HEALTH FREEDOMS, AND FUTURE!!!!!!

      4. I don’t get why Jones is being silenced. Haven’t watched him since he stood outside the Bilderberg meetings with a bullhorn years back. Is he a government toadie to offer support for policy while undermining free speech with his spastic ramblings? Not trustworthy.

      5. IN OTHER NEWS: The migrant invasion happening NOW is said to be 15,000 with other groups forming. The prez of Guatamala and Mexico have agreed to support the invasion. I read that the 82nd airborn is being deployed.

        WHY ARE WE FOOKING AROUND? This is a blatant act of war! Use the military for what it is intended for once! Blow the shit out of the invading countries and put a STOP to this shit! But then it would not serve the interest of the NWO globalist mafia so I doubt it will happen.

      6. I googled the question and the reply was the national guard was activated.

      7. According to one legend, Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock, for teaching what is a logical fallacy (against that administration). Have you ever been taught how to think, for yourself.

        Without accusing Jones of lying, outrightly, in his entire life, how much of this is subjective, emotional propaganda. (Hint, hint — megaphone, rolling around on Google hq’s plastic plant wall, pushing Malkin’s cuck attendants.) v.s. How much is cold, factual.

        Why does he hold a monopoly over the truth. Make up your own bumpersticker-worthy memes.

        Do you have an independent approach, to any popular issue, which noone has ever told you, before. It’s called lateral thinking.

        Can you be your own journalist.

        If you see a problem, with your own eyes, do you have an intelligent, civilized way of dealing with that. I give whiny children, under my care, an age-appropriate way of dealing with it, and tell them, they have just volunteered themselves!

        Are you reasoning and taking direct, personal responsibility, or just getting an endorphin rush, from watching the theatrics.

        His stuff is copied. If you say something catchy, repeatedly, in the comments, he parrots it. There are a few, online communities, where he is getting the material, if you have a fair memory.

        • One could make a bumper sticker or T-shirt that says “I’m being followed by an idiot” LOL 😛

      8. You get what you put up with and tolerate. Dont like it then get up and fight back. cheer up you will get your own reservation in death vally or the north slope. Nice shinny chains will be popular among the well dressed and spineless

      9. Infowars banned me. So nice to see they are getting the same treatment.

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