Soaring Fertilizer Prices Unleash Chaos, Hunger Worldwide

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    One of the most pressing issues today is the unprecedented spike in fertilizer prices which has sparked a historic surge in food prices and an all but complete collapse in supply chains around the globe. This is all done by design, and we can see far too many coincidences for this to happen “accidentally” as elitists attempt to usher in the Great Reset.

    ALERT: CF Industries Warns FERTILIZER Rail Shipments Being Halted During Planting Season

    As ZeroHedge reported, we were given some good, some bad, and some pretty terrible news. The good news is that fertilizer prices have eased modestly from all-time highs, as the following chart of Tampa Ammonia CFR spot prices shows.

    The bad news is that the price hasn’t dropped nearly enough. According to Bloomberg, the glut of fertilizers piling up at the biggest Brazilian ports signals that the price of the nutrients has to drop further before farmers start buying.

    The Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare

    The agriculture-heavy country of Brazil supplies the food sources for half the globe, and imports nearly 85% of its fertilizer.  Russia is the main origin of that fertilizer. As supplies have normalized, prices have declined over the past weeks, but farmers still aren’t buying. They are waiting for further price cuts, according to Marina Cavalcante, an analyst at Bloomberg’s Green Markets.

    “Farmers have the expectation that prices will keep falling after declines last week and in the previous one,” she said. “So they’ll wait for further decreases to buy.”

    As ZeroHedge pointed out, this is another example of the finite economic law of supply and demand. Brazil is the world’s biggest shipper of several crops, including soybeans. Farmers can delay their purchases until the eve of the soybean seeding in September. But if they all wait too long, a last-minute rush could lead to inland transportation bottlenecks that may leave some of them empty-handed anyway.

    One other issue is that there just may not be enough actual fertilizer coming out of Russia.  This means one of the biggest reasons prices are so high is because there is just not enough supply. And while speculators may have pushed prices somewhat higher than they should be, any farmers hoping that prices will fully renormalize will be disappointed.

    And what happens if food prices continue to explode and people exhaust all of their funds to buy the few things left on the shelves? We could see riots and starvation rivaling famines of the past.



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      1. Can it get any worse?

        Biden sez “Hold my Puddin Cup”.
        The neighbor down the road, said they were going to get rid of their horses before winter…says hay is going to be unobtainable.

        I agreed that was probably a good idea. They’re picky eaters and always breaking stuff. And if you don’t ride them, they go mad.

        Come to think of it, they sound a lot like me ex-wives. Like I said, get rid of ’em.

        • I wonder how the Amish will fare, how they will handle it.

          (I suspect they will do just fine, a lifestyle sort of thing.)

          • I think their stuff is going to be taken

        • Real cowboys don’t eat pudding.

      2. cant wait till bidens new dream come true

        Solar charging stations every 50 miles YIPPPEEE!!!

        thousands of miles of nothing and every 50 will have a charging station
        BUT you have to be a card carrying member of some Govt group to use them

        • Wonder how long the lines and wait times at those charging stations will be?

      3. Most Americans have enough fat reserves they could make it on 500 calories a day for a year.

      4. And for that reason, these women in those third world countries need to stop breeding. Just stop!

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