Snyder Warns: “The Stage Is Definitely Set For An Economic Disaster Of Unprecedented Proportions”

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    This article originally appeared on The Economic Collapse Blog.  About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    Economic Doom Returns: Emerging Market Currencies Collapse To Record Lows As Global Financial Chaos Accelerates
    By Michael Snyder

    After a little bit of a lull, the international currency crisis is back with a vengeance.  Currencies are collapsing in Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey and other emerging markets, and central banks are springing into action.  It is being hoped that the financial chaos can be confined to emerging markets so that it will not spread to the United States and Europe.  But of course the global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, and a massive wave of debt defaults in emerging markets would inevitably have extremely serious consequences all over the planet.  It would be difficult to overstate the potential danger that this new crisis poses for all of us.  Emerging market economies went on an unprecedented debt binge over the past decade, and a high percentage of those debts were denominated in U.S. dollars.  As emerging market currencies collapse, it is going to become nearly impossible to service any debts denominated in U.S. dollars, and that could ultimately mean absolutely enormous losses for international lenders.  Our system tends to do fairly well as long as everybody is paying their debts, but once the dominoes begin to tumble things can get messy really quickly.

    Let’s start our roundup today with India.  While India is currently not in as bad shape as some of the other emerging markets, the truth is that they could get there pretty rapidly if they keep going down this path.

    On Thursday, concerns about rising oil prices drove the Indian rupee to a brand new all-time record low

    The Indian rupee fell to a record low on Thursday morning, following a declining trend all year — which economists attributed to rising oil prices, broader emerging market concerns, and strong month-end dollar demand.

    It slid to 70.8100 against the dollar, after a previous new low just a day before at 70.475. That marked a 10.97 percent decline since the start of the year.

    But at least India is doing much better than Argentina.

    The Argentine peso collapsed to another all-time record low on Thursday, and at this point it has fallen more than 45 percent against the U.S. dollar so far this year…

    The Argentine peso crashed to record lows on the news. It saw steep losses in the previous session and collapsed another 15 percent to hit 39 pesos against the U.S. dollar on Thursday morning.

    The peso is down more than 45 percent against the greenback this year, exacerbating pre-existing fears over the country’s weakening economy while inflation is running at 25.4 percent this year.

    As Wolf Richter has noted, the Argentine peso was worth one U.S. dollar in 2002.

    Today, it is worth 2.4 cents.

    That is what a collapse looks like.

    In an desperate attempt to stop the bleeding, the Argentine central bank raised interest rates to 60 percent

    On Thursday, the central bank said it was increasing the amount of reserves that banks have to hold, in a bid to tighten fiscal policy and shore up the currency. It hiked rates by 15 percentage points to 60 percent from 45 percent and promised not to lower them at least until December.

    Yes, I know that looks like a misprint, but it is not.

    Interest rates in Argentina have not been raised to 6 percent.  They have been raised to 60 percent.

    Could you imagine what 60 percent interest rates would do to the U.S. economy?

    Well, we will get there someday if we don’t change our ways, because we are going down the exact same path that Argentina has gone.

    Things continue to get even worse in Turkey as well

    The risks are fast multiplying in Turkey’s beleaguered economy. In a clear sign of deterioration, Turkey’s economic confidence index plunged 9% month-on-month to 83.9 points in August, its lowest since March 2009. The country’s currency, the Lira, resumed its downward spiral. And Moody’s downgraded 20 financial institutions in Turkey.

    The financial nightmare in Turkey is the gift that just keeps on giving.  Their entire system is in the process of imploding, and President Erdogan seems to be in a persistent state of panic these days.

    Also on Thursday, the Brazilian central bank directly intervened in the market to keep their currency from plunging to another new all-time record low…

    The bloodbath in Argentina and Turkey is evident in Brazil also where Bloomberg reports that the central bank just intervened for the first time since June 22.

    BCB reportedly intervened at 4.20 “to provide liquidity”adding that intervention intensity and frequency will depend on the market. The BCB also attempted to provide some confidence by reaffirming that monetary policy is not directly linked to recent market shocks.

    A global financial crisis has begun, but because it has not really affected the United States too much yet, the mainstream media and most Americans aren’t really paying any attention.

    But if the markets start crashing here too, then it will suddenly be all over the news.

    Most people are aware that most of the biggest stock market crashes in U.S. history have happened in the fall, and the calendar is about to turn to the month of September.

    We have definitely entered a “danger zone”, and more shocks seem to hit the global economy with each passing day.  For example, we just learned that President Trump apparently intends to follow through on his threat to hit the Chinese with another 200 billion dollars in tariffs

    Bloomberg reported Thursday that Trump had told aides that he wants to follow through on a threat to impose tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods as early as next week. That would mean more than half of all Chinese imports would be subject to tariffs.

    The tariffs could go into effect after the public-comment period ends on September 6.

    Of course the Chinese will retaliate, and that will mean more disruption for the global economic system.

    Many people believe that the U.S. economy is much stronger than it was in 2008, and that we will be able to easily weather any shocks that come along.

    Unfortunately, that is not true at all.

    The truth is that all of our long-term problems are much worse than they were in 2008, and the stage is definitely set for an economic disaster of unprecedented proportions.

    This article originally appeared on The Economic Collapse Blog.  About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.


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        Mac, you need to ban Kevin2, and remove him from this site permanently. The deep state is still transferring mass amounts of chi-com PLA soldiers in the country, all the time, daily monthly, bringing them into California, and then dispersing them all over the country. They are even showing up on in states like Montana, north Carolina, and the up part of Alabama, in mass especially in this area of all places.

        I personally saw several younger muscled up Chinese males working out in my guy recently with massive dragon tattoo’s on there leg and arms, they looked very fierce and very serious. It seems that everywhere I look all over Houston, I keep seeing these Chinese males in top shape in the gyms, and just randomly all over. So what Hodges and his sources are reporting is a fact of life in America today. People need to get ready to this.

        I told the truth, and not others inside and coming forward to back these facts. Sorry Troll and DHS agent Kevin2. But you have come on here and you are constantly attacking my comments with you logistical bullshit views and you don’t know a damn thing. And yes the Chinese soldiers are in Mexico, and this has been confirmed to me by a good trustworthy source.

        One cop I talked to recently told me that the general consensus now among them and their peers is that they believe that something bad is going happen preventing Trump of getting re-elected and that they are getting ready for it, and mentioned that we patriots must join them once the shit hits the fan.


        • Like Hcks, Michael Snyder has ZERO Credibility also.

          BTW/ in the Idaho Primary last May 2018 Michael Snyder only received 10.3% of the Vote. 5th place out of 7 contenders and only received 10,255 votes.

          5th Place – Michael Snyder 10,255 10.3% of the vote. Want Facts, I’ll give you the facts.

          So this M Snyder Washed up Atty, turned fear Porn Author, loser in the primary, and now back to slinging more fear porn fiction.

          Maybe HCKS and Snyder can be drinking buddies. Living in their Chi-com economic disaster Illusion.

        • BTW/ Hcks is Low IQ like Maxine Waters, who wants to impeach Trump.. Hcks wants Mac to Ban Kevin2 who has a hellofva lot of creditability here and contributes greatly to this sites Factual content. Hcks,= More entertainment value like Booboo the drunk street clown.

          Just saying…

          • TSB, agreed about HCKS. I just laugh at his posts now.

        • Thank-you for update .

      2. There are 3 simple qquestions:
        1) Is the global economic system broken?
        2) Can macro economics have a major impact on my family?
        3) Am I responsible for my families safety regardless of the threat or are there things above my paygrade?
        I know what my answers are to these 3 questions.
        Only you can answer these 3 questions for you and your family.
        Take care and I wish you all the best…

        • Currencies collapsing and the Central Banks are springing into action???? Huh???

          Here’s a clue, Central banks are collapsing currencues by design, all planned, all done on purpose to create that new NWO Global currency that destroys national borders and sovereignty so they can control the global chessboard.

          Michael Snyder claims to be a media personality. Being a guest speaker on the Jim and Tammy Baker citcom surely lacks all credibility.

          Watch for the Global collapse of all curriencies and creation of the NWO crypto currency that can delete your entire wealth portfolio with the click of a mouse button, if you refuse to be their slave or disagree with being their slave tactics.

          Hedge and preserve your wealth now with real physical gold and silver you hold in your hand. Buy low/ sell high. Dont be a slave.

        • Chuck B, that’s about where we are now. Sadly my family is willfully ignorance and refuse to survive. If survival is important to your family and you can and are taking action to help them, you are doubly blessed. Stay the course.

          • America is Cursed from the Get Go. And with this Cancerous Curse, America is spreading this economic disease world wide. Can you handle the truth??? How about you Bible Thumpers? Time to study up on the facts.

            ht tps://

      3. The “CHANGES” I have spoken about for years are beginning to manifest. In years past, I spoke about Europe and China being the most likely start of a global meltdown; not the US.

        I also said that EM would be hit hardest as the USD strengthened against other currencies in the latter stages of the US business cycle …. and that investment money in those markets would flee to the US …. as it always does.

        Yeah, you heard it here first. Years ago. It’s in the archives. 🙂

        • The Fed raised the rate, the dollar began to run from emerging markets home, the number of dollars decreased. The dollar strengthened. Currencies in the developing countries collapsed. So what is next ? Russians change oil for gold. The price of gold is not market, it is determined by 5 banks. Therefore, Russians sell oil expensive, and gold is cheap. The same is done by the Chinese changing the goods for gold. How much business can this hold out?

        • Yeah, you heard it here first. Years ago. It’s in the archives. ?

          Yes it sure is, durango kiddy Tell us again how the Chinese Yuan will never be backed by gold and is totally pegged to the Dollar..

          Try educating yourself with reality before speaking.

          • “Yes it sure is, durango kiddy Tell us again how the Chinese Yuan will never be backed by gold and is totally pegged to the Dollar..”

            What I said was, the Yuan IS NOT backed by gold.And it is not. What I said was, if anyone one nation backs their currency with gold the other nations would run on those gold reserves just like FRance did to US before Nixon cut the dollar to gold cord. All nations would have to establish a gold backed currency or none. No nation can go it alone in world commerce; or even with a partner or two.

            A gold backed currency is FREELY transferable to gold at any bank of that nation without a transaction fee. China gold transactions are conducted just like gold transactions in the WEST.

            The Chinese Central Bank PEGS the Yuan to the dollar every day by setting the exchange rate. The Yuan to dollar value is NOT set by the market as other FX pairs are. If it were … and that is a condition of full IMF membership … then the Yuan would be transformed into confetti very quickly: not unlike Venezuelan funny money.

            It is PATHETIC that you continue to push this golden fantasy when all you have to do is google “Yuan to Dollar peg”. 🙂

            • The term pegged means coincides with. Like silver is pegged with Gold. Gold Goes up so does silver, and same as in a decline. You finally just admitted there is an exchange rate which fluxuates daily. Glad to see you finally getting on board. There is hope for you yet d kiddy.

              BTW/ Tell us how many financial CD’s you sold in 2018 so far? bwhahahahahahahaaaaa

              • “The term pegged means coincides with. Like silver is pegged with Gold.”

                LMFAO !!! WHAT A FUCKING DUMBSHIT !!! 🙂

                Silver is NOT pegged to gold. The independent price of both silver and gold is established by thousands of buyers and sellers in the market for these metals, based upon supply & demand, bid and asked quotes.

                If silver were PEGGED to gold as you claim, the ratio of the value of silver and gold would be constant or near constant over time. Historically that ratio was 16 to 1. Typically today the ratio between silver and gold floats dramatically based upon supply & demand in the commodity marketplace where thousands of buyers and sellers conduct transactions every day.

                The Yuan to Dollar price is SET by the governing authority, the China Central Bank !!! It is a singular event every day or two, by ONE central authority !!!

                You are dumber than you look !!! 🙂

                • The word “pegged” does NOT mean “to coincide with”. It means to “set”, to “pin down”.

                  Try using Webster’s dictionary instead of making shit up out of thin air. Here’s the link to “pegged” you lazy fuck !!!
                  Cursor down to the middle of the page. 🙂


      4. Thanks to Donald Trump, These countries can no longer suck off The American tax payers to support their socialism!

        Maybe now, The world will find its equilibrium with America where it belongs, On Top!

        Unless come November we elect a new batch of fools Hell bent on surrendering 200 years of work to achieve America’s Status.

        • Trump at best is in bed with globalist bankers. He has had 2 years to audit the Fed. Has he? Instead of clinging to MAGA and group think, think outside the box. The ‘tree of liberty’ fell on our generation’s watch. It is time to MAA.

          • TRUMP is not “in bed” with the bankers; but he needs their support for his economic policies to MAGA.

            Specifically he needs low to moderate interest rates, tariffs, and new trade deals that are much more fair to American workers, families, and companies.

            TRUMP has taken on every NWO Agenda item that has impoverished American workers, families, and small businesses.

            He has rolled back regulations so that multinationals do not have a distinct advantage against small businesses. He has demanded fair trade rather than “Free Trade” which is neither free nor fair.

            He has cancelled pay raises for federal government workers who already make 60% more than a worker in a comparable job in the private sector.

            The annual federal budget deficit is about $1.2 trillion dollars. The LSM tells US that Americans are “living beyond their means”, but what this really means is that American Taxpayers are, and have been, subsidizing the NWO AGENDA to impoverish, enslave, and strip Americans of their God given rights, …..

            as $500 billion of that annual federal budget deficit is the cost of ILLEGALS; $400 billion the cost of subsiding China; $160 billion the cost of subsidizing the EU; $125 billion the cost of subsidizing Mexico; and $25 billion the cost of subsiding Canada.

            The NWO is fighting TRUMP at every turn and with every weapon at their disposal; including the 24/7 propaganda spewed by the LSM. despite the odds, TRUMP keeps winning while the NWO LEFT keeps whining.

            Every critic of TRUMP should honestly ask themselves where they think America would be, two years into a HRC Administration.

            The Constitution would be completely shredded, our guns confiscated, and our American institutions (ie the FBI, CIA, NSA, electoral college, public school system) utterly compromised without any hope of normalcy without armed insurrection by Patriots and/or the Military.

            Can you say, Venezuela ???

            Google the “45 Goals of Communism” and the 8 point Plan of Saul Alinsky, HRC mentor to fill in the blanks for you. 🙁

        • well then we’d better get to kickin some democrat ass (literally) if you want to rehab the founders gift to us, because a blind man could see the damage done and yet to come to to our inheritance.

      5. Kill your debt! Stack and pack,cut the damage.

      6. No problem, Snyder is wrong.
        Sure those other countries paper is failing, but that just puts more pressure on to trust in Dollars and Gold.

        • Trusting in Dollars AND Gold is classic ‘Doublethink’.

          George Orwell spoke to the fate of truth in the hands of men driven by agenda. He nailed it when he penned, “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

          • The dollar will be King as long as the AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX exists. Gold & silver are insurance policies in case it ceases to exist and you survive.

            No dichotomy here.

            In that case, use silver to buy & sell DURING the changes. Use gold as a store of wealth AFTER the changes, when civilization emerges in the aftermath of Nibiru passing. 🙂

      7. argentina peso is a joke currency backed by bad government & no gold

      8. YAWN

      9. someone said wall street fell but we could not tell!!
        country music song j. cash Im busted I think.

        • The song is by Alabama, “Song of the South”. Someone told us Wall St fell, but we were so poor that we couldn’t tell… Mr Roosevelt was gonna save us all (with his raw deal policy)

      10. I predict that certain metals will increase drastically in value. Such as lead, brass, steel…. It’ll be downright amazing what a man will be able to ‘purchase’ if he offers a quick delivery.

      11. More fear porn

      12. You mean there are scraps left that haven’t been stolen yet? They’ll get right on it with a world war.

      13. The IMF will bail out these emerging market economies. They always do. It’s how the US keeps them under the dollar thumb.

        You do know that the IMF is an empire asset. It is based in DC and the US has control of the voting by having the most votes.

        This will be Argentina’s sixth IMF loan. They have never paid back the first one. No matter. It is a control mechanism to keep FRNs in demand.

        As long as the central banks can create unbacked money, they will continue to prop us the world’s economy. It will collapse when it takes more BTUs to bring a barrel of oil to market than that barrel contains.

      14. I see Snyder’s still hating on the tariffs that used to support the federal government before the income tax was put on us.

        Maybe he get out of finance and work full-time on the Jim Bakker show.

        BTW, I have read that the CIA was blinded last night (8-30-2018). They lost control of all of their mainframe computers, and all of their spy satellites went offline. Also, GHCQ Bude, a major British spy center, went down completely and sent out a distress signal just after 8PM Eastern.

      15. Keep it up, Mike.
        Soon everyone will see your scam.

      16. Just remember: what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening. Smoke and mirrors, people.

      17. Total economic collapse? Or window of opportunity to do some long overdue house cleaning, to the bone.

      18. The economy is growing mostly by the borrowing of more and more created fiat money. No matter how well the economy is doing, debt cannot continue to compound and grow more and faster indefinitely. Economic laws are just as real as physical laws and have the same effect. Just as physical laws can be manipulated so long by applying energy, economic laws can be manipulated only so long by applying fiat money (debt). Either way the cost increases just to sustain what exists, to increase the manipulated condition the cost must eventually exceed benefit. As more money is created inflation increases and devalues each and every dollar. There is a point where there is no more “bang for the buck” so that created money stimulates less and less, there is a point of diminishing return, until the fiat money creates an economic value below zero. At this point at least two things increase exponentially, debt goes up, economic growth goes down. We have passed that point. It takes vast amounts of money (and therefore debt) to stimulate growth. To aggravate the problem, as debt increases the cost to finance it also increases. It simply cannot be sustained. The future is sacrificed for the now.
        Venezuela and Argentina have made the same mistake as other countries in the past that experienced hyper inflation. They believed just making more money would cure their economic problems. All they really did was render their money valueless. Even though they have social and financial problems now, they haven’t seen anything yet.
        The wealth of the US is being squandered and decimated by its fiscal policy. For example, the gov’t says our GDP is supposedly at 20 trillion dollars. But that is 20 T in today’s dollars. The house I live in cost 21 thousand in 1965, I paid more than 12 times that in dollars a few years ago, but in reality the house still only has the same value. Even new cars are beyond the reach of most people without financing them for 5. 6, or even 7 years. The icing on the cake is that present national fiscal/monetary policy benefits the wealthy, in effect it is also causing a super concentration of wealth.
        The situation will play out where fewer and fewer people can afford the standard of living and quality of life our parents and grandparents enjoyed. Look how much debt has exploded versus accumulation of assets by the working people, look at the rapidly diminishing middle class. We are seeing more and more multi generations of families in the same house, and college graduates moving back in with their parents. Most of today’s working population cannot afford to have families as their parents did. Except for the few at the top, wealth is decreasing for the greater population. None of this by the way just happened, it is not by accident. And our national education system is dreadful. Wealth is power. TPTB want a poorly thinking and disempowered citizenry.

      19. To be frank, the Chinese taking over America would be a good thing. They would not take any guff from blacks and Muslims and they run the economy better. Their women are not fat but are hot and dress with style.

      20. Ole Frank always has to inject the Pussy angle His Thoughts come from the brain in his penis LOL. Snyder isn’t any smarter or knows anything more than the rest of us. The Tariffs are a good thing for the producing makers. removing the Tariffs are what destroyed the middle class jobs.

        • OG,
          I have three
          Hum Bao,
          Mu shu, and
          Mauna Pua

          I tend to name my
          wife’s cats
          after food dishes.
          Tariffs and excise taxes
          were how the government was
          funded prior to the 16th amendment.
          They are simply a Tax. You pay for
          it. The middle class is being destroyed
          by Democrats and politics.
          You want to save the middle class?
          Kill the Democrat party once and for all

          • Rellik, the Dems are heading hard left. Most people don’t like or want what that is (if you ask them–and I do sometimes). The big catch is that the Leftist package is done up very prettily so that quite a few people don’t realize what a Pandora’s box it actually is.

      21. Does this site have two different web sites?
        I have noticed there is one where many
        posters will post.Then there seems to be another
        that comments disappear entirely even though
        the “post” button assures you that your comment
        been posted.
        Are they in fact being moderated into oblivion?

        There seems to be only about 30 “posters” left
        on this site. Is it because days lapse before
        comments are posted? Or is it because some
        posters are more important than others? Or is
        it because the moderators don’t share that
        particular view?

      22. The best financial advice:

        “It’s just as easy to love a rich man/woman as a poor one”.


        “Be careful how you choose your parents”.


      23. Tharsheblows, go and suck your gay lovers cock. Fuck you


        • Showing your Maxine Waters Low IQ again Hcksy dixie?? Crawl out of your cardboard box sobor up and quit using the county libraries to post your nonsense here. Seek prof help with those little chicom voices in your skull.

      24. Why you think us Chinese are buying your houses? It’s not our money. The government of China gave us the money to buy America house so we all sell at one time and crash the market. Then we can buy it all real cheap. You are not so smart yankees.

      25. Smart people don’t even get what is going on financially.

        How may reports about fiscal improprieties and data do you need to hear before understanding how bad things are going to get?

        Not a case of “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”; it is indeed falling. No amount of prep is going to CYA.

        Get right with God. No amount of prep will do you better (though I have my ‘earthquake kit’ for a short term).

        We really need to come together, as icky as that may seem to some. I hope I can get together with my neighbors even though some are douche bags.


      26. This dumbass does not know shit about the economy or the markets, been saying the same crap for 9 years and missed every time. If you would do the opposite of what you read here you will make money.

      27. This dumbass does not know shit about the economy or the markets, been saying the same crap for 9 years and missed every time. If you would do the opposite of what you read here you will make money.

      28. This is part of the end times scenario, please study the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel 38 and the Book of Revelation! No man can change these events, the 7 year Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble) is right around the corner. It will start with a peace treaty made by the antichrist Please don’t take his mark (666, probably an RIFD chip on the right hand or forehead) and don’t worship him or you are doomed! There’s only one way out: you have to accept JESUS CHRIST – Yeshua Ha Mashiach – as your personal Lord and Savior who paid on the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!! We have to come to the cross as broken sinners. All born again Christians will be raptured before the 7 year Tribulation begins – please don’t get left behind! JESUS CHRIST will come back to earth for the Battle of Armageddon to set up HIS 1000 year kingdom and rule and reign the earth from Jerusalem, the future world capital.

        • Tell us again about the Bible promise, if you truly believe this BS, you will be saved.. John 3:16.

          Kinda funny how none of the writers of the Bible ever got ever lasting life, because they can’t even believe their own crap they wrote themselves. Ironic or coincidence?

      29. Not hard to tell that some of the posters here did not read the article. The recession is well on its way, overdue in fact. I think we will see the real effects of it in about a year from now.

        But if Trump does get impeached the recession will be blamed on that, the fact that he’s no longer in office.

        Mark my words. They’ll be bitching here on shtf next year that the recession rolled in because Trump was forced out.

      30. Snyder has been saying Economic collapse since before 2010 and he’ll be proven right sooner or later or so he hopes.

      31. Think about this How many COLAS did the social security receive during Obummers 8 years? How many has Trump Oked? Trump Knows that old folks vote. I like it that the left media is wrongly predicting a easy victory for the Dimmocraps this fall. That will cause them to become complacient and not bother to vote. Of course it don’t really matter . there isn’t a realistic chance of any viable long term politica solution.

      32. a case of blind leading the blind is mainly what the topic is in the statements of your know little writers

      33. It’s not fear porn…for new people who are not cognizant of reality. It’s just tiresome to anyone who’s been prepping for more than five years…let alone decades.

        The emperor has no clothes. Everyone assumes the system will not collapse…but all do. The global economy is not solely based on economic fundamentals but stupidity and unbridled optimism. As long as the markets are manipulated and governments can offer welfare through EBT cards, then it is a little hidden. But 50% of American kids live in homes receving assistance now.

        Why? The real issue is the decline in the dollar due to inflation since 1990. That has effectively halved the value. Now…routinely there is food insecurity and rental issues and people have less than $1000 as a buffer. A serious illness is typically enough to cause the loss of income where the family can be kicked out in 60 days.

        That is the main issue. Don’t believe me? Ask or better volunteer at a church ministry to the homeless. Christians are barely holding things stable, and if we ever quit trying, the system would collapse.

      34. If you know anything whatsoever about George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, his aim in his zombie films was to create horror by using mindless American consumers as monsters.

        That is what the zombies actually are. That is why in some of his films take place in shopping malls.

        The zombies are clueless, mindless, consumers who can’t actually process what they eat as they are rotting corpses. They’re dangerous because they no longer make any conscious decisions and as a HORDE are like voraciously hungry rats.

        What is horrendous is today you have Millennials doing zombie crawls who are clueless, mindless, lack skills, are totally out of touch with reality then pretending to be zombies…when they actually are the Living Dead made manifest.

        Romero is a prophet. That is what is horrifying. And since it became a phenomena under Millennials, what once was satire and horror…became normalized with TWO TV shows with graphic dismemberment.

        Post Jimmy Carter, we luckily had Ronald Reagan and a return to family values and with his vision and charisma and optimism and conservatism…turned it 180 around. If not, America would have long ago imploded.

        Part of that turnaround was due to Christianity and giant churches while lots of mainstream boring churches stagnated. The positive energy in passionate Christians helped turn things around. That is mostly evangelical Christianity…and almost alway due to a thriving music program.

        Why does this matter? MORALE and TEAMWORK. Americans need both. They had lost self-confidence under Carter and regained it under Reagan.

        Right now, every tv program lacks heroes. And film has dubious comic book heroes or none at all. Americans have no heroes in sports, in politics, in churches, because the leftists are iconclasts.

        Antifa, BLM, and BAMN are all indicative of deeply rooted civil unrest. The kinds we had in the late sixties and early seventies that led to Carter getting elected.

        Trump is no Reagan…and I doubt Pence is enough like Reagan to matter.

      35. The Fairy Tale who was Ronnie Reagan was in fact a hollywierd actor with Altizmers Who still could read a script and act. He was the NWO Puppet who destroyed the producing blue collar working class. His changing of our country from a making producing economy to a Service oriented economy created a looming disaster for the producing makers. The denialist Stupid gullible fairy tale believing superstitious Christian Sheeple are in for a rude awakening.

      36. Will the NFL ever have a hero like Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers?
        I doubt it. He was entirely admirable and a devout Christian.

        Now the NFL is a disgrace…and why not as most notable Americans are a disgrace in their infamy.

        The American Republic is exceptional as a concept. All is lost if we fail.

      37. We have already failed. There isn’t now never has been and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Eventually there will be a full blown SHTF -WROL every place. The 3ews have planned their takeover for hundreds of years. They are patient and Trump seems like he supports them.

      38. I see no point in such bitterness. Likewise it is divorced from reality.

        I grew up dirt poor. To me, life is a blessing and rich in abundance due to the love of Jesus Christ.

        My heart is not full of hate. Quite the opposite. I helped all kinds of people who are nothing like me.

        I honestly cannot understand atheists or atheism. It is NOT rational. There is an overwhelming evidence of the magnificent design of YHWH. It is literally everywhere and it was so evident that this “golden ratio” then dramatically influences all art and architecture.

        That is human beings, in both utilitarian and artistic ways emulating GOD.

        Human nature is not naturally good. Neither is it depraved like John Calvin would have you believe. Rather it is just as described in the Bible. It’s full of error, regret, wistfully wishing we would do what we should, “missing the mark” as in archery.

        14For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. 15For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. 16If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. 17Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. 18For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. 19For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. 20Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.
        Romans 7:14-20

        The things we most despise in ourselves, we project into “others”. That is silly, even juvenile.

        Instead a handful of powerful extremely wealthy control most of the wealth of the entire wealth. Now those folks should be exposed as they’re occultists, pagans, technocrats, freemasons, etc. But that doesn’t mean everyone who are these things are equally guilty.

        Nope. It’s an elite few who presume they are puppetmasters.

        When in fact, the real NEMESIS is Lucifer. And these folks are just his human minions.

        For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
        Mark 8:36

      39. Reagan imo is Way over-rated. The better part of my teenage years he was prez and when I graduated college bush sr. was prez. Reagans speeches were often awesome and I would almost think inspired by Jefferson though I didnt hear them then but hear them now on radio rebroadcast. I would describe the feeling of Reagans presidency as being a bizarre mix as though the personalities of Jeff Sessions, bush sr. G. W. and John McCain had all somehow blended and out came Reagan. Hope that helps any younger readers out there who wonder what is was like growing up under Reagan.

      40. Was Reagan better than Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, GHW Bush or anyone else around at the time? I would suppose that if the ultímate end game goals of the leftist-globalist are taken into consideation it is possible that he was.

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