Snyder: “There Is Intense Competition For Virtually All Kinds Of Jobs”

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(Pictured: Thousands await their turn at a New York City job fair. Scenes like this are common across the entire country, where job applicants often wait in lines that stretch for up to half a mile.)

Employment Recovery? 1,600 Workers Apply For Just 36 Jobs At An Ice Cream Plant In Maryland
By Michael Snyder

The stock market may be soaring to unprecedented heights, but things just continue to get even tougher for the middle class.  In this economic environment, there is intense competition for virtually all kinds of jobs.  For example, more than 1,600 applications were recently submitted for just 36 jobs at an ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland.  That means that those applying have about a 2 percent chance of being hired.  About 98 percent of the applicants will be turned away.  That is how tough things are in many areas of the country today.  It is now more than five years after the great financial crash of 2008, and the level of employment in the United States is still almost exactly where it was at during the worst moments of the last recession.  And this is just the beginning.  The next major financial crash is rapidly approaching, and once it strikes our employment crisis is going to get much, much worse.

Working at an ice cream plant does not pay very well.  But at least it beats flipping burgers or stocking shelves at Wal-Mart.  And in this economy, there is no shortage of desperate workers that are willing to take just about any job that they can find.  The following is how a Breitbart article described the flood of applications that were received for just 36 positions at an ice cream plant owned by Shenandoah Family Farms in Hagerstown, Maryland…

Thanks to persistent unemployment and low availability of low-skill jobs, Shenandoah Family Farms’ ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland has received over 1,600 applicants for a grand total of 36 jobs. Many of those applicants are former workers at the Good Humor plant that was bought by Shenandoah Family Farms. “You’d think that after 20-some-years working someplace at least somebody would think you area a good person, that you’d show up on time every day, and that would be worth something,” Luther Brooks, a 50-year-old former worker at the plant told the Washington Post. “I can’t get nothing. I’ve tried.”

Anyone that believes that the economic crisis is “over” is just being delusional.  It may be “over” for the boys and girls that work on Wall Street, but even their good times are only temporary.

Of course most Americans are not fooled by the propaganda being put out by the mainstream media.  According to a recent CNN poll, 70 percent of all Americans believe that “the economy is generally in poor shape”.

And according to another survey, the economy is still the #1 concern for American voters by a good margin and unemployment is still the #2 concern for American voters by a good margin.

In other words, “It’s the economy, stupid!

The American people can see that mid-wage jobs are disappearing and that the middle class is being systematically eviscerated.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent Business Insider article

A startling number of middle-class jobs may be headed toward extinction.

More than any other job class, mid-level positions have struggled to recover from the recession, and only a quarter of jobs created in the past three years are categorized as mid-wage. There are high-skilled professional jobs that require college degrees and low-skilled service jobs for less educated workers, but the middle is getting squeezed.

As mid-wage jobs disappear, they are being replaced by low wage jobs.  As I mentioned yesterday, one recent study found that about 60 percent of the jobs that have been “created” since the end of the last recession pay $13.83 or less an hour.

And this is just the beginning of the decline of the middle class.  Another great financial crisis is rapidly approaching, and once it arrives things are going to get much worse than they are right now.

A number of very prominent experts believe that this next great financial crisis could begin in 2014.  For example, in a recent article entitled “Top Ten Trends 2014: A Year of Extremes“, Gerald Celente warned that “an economic shock wave” could hit the United States by the middle of the year.  Here are some excerpts from that article…

-“In 33 years of forecasting trends, the Trends Research Institute has never seen a new year that will witness severe economic hardship and social unrest on one hand, and deep philosophic enlightenment and personal enrichment on the other. A series of dynamic socioeconomic and transformative geopolitical trend points are aligning in 2014 to ring in the worst and best of times.”

-“Such unforeseeable factors aside, we forecast that around March, or by the end of the second quarter of 2014, an economic shock wave will rattle the world equity markets.”

-“Nearly half of the requests for emergency assistance to stave off hunger or homelessness comes from people with full-time jobs. As government safety nets are pulled out from under them – as they will continue to be for the foreseeable future – the citizens of Slavelandia will have no recourse but action.”

You can read the rest of that article right here.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, United-ICAP chief market technician Walter Zimmerman in convinced that 2014 will mark the beginning of a massive stock market decline.  In fact, he believes that over the next couple of years it could fall by more than 70 percent…

In what may be the bearish call to end all bearish calls, one technician believes 2014 will be the year of “major reversals,” with the Dow Jones Industrial Average expected to start a two-year decline that could eventually take it down more than 70% to below 5000.

If his forecast is correct, it will make what happened in 2008 look like a Sunday picnic…

“Based on our longer-term time cycles the present stock market rally must be considered the bubble to end all bubbles,” Mr. Zimmerman wrote in a note to clients.

He doesn’t believe the Dow Industrials will hit a long-term cycle low until 2016, somewhere in the 5770 to 4650 range. The Dow hasn’t seen those levels, which are 65% to 72% below current prices, since late-1995 to mid-1996.

So what do you think the rest of 2014 will bring?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

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    1. wormdirt

      What do I think 2014 will bring?
      More of the same.

      More attacks on our constitutional rights via the idiot -n- chief and various alphabet groups.
      Politicians ignoring their constituents to promote their own lifestyles.
      Increased thuggery from law enforcement.
      Increased thuggery from uneducated hoodlums.
      Increase in those out of work. (Wait ’til the TPP kicks in! Ouch!)
      More anger towards Christians and the church.
      More erosion of basic morality and scruples.
      In essence, we are entering the steeper part of the funnel.

      • muddy

        I recommend saving this article and rereading it around the end of June. That would be the end of the 2nd quarter. It’ll be interesting to see how wrong Celente is again. I wonder how his gold investments are doing these days? Usually Michael Snyder does well on his own. Now he’s using Celente to bolster his article, that’s unfortunate. Here’s what Michael Snyder wrote a year ago for 2013: #25 is a personal favorite of mine.

        • Gunner

          This was a helluva time to try and quit smoking!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Gunner, I did quit smoking in the aftermath of my illness the first week of December. I’ve already finished all of the withdrawal symptoms and I feel great. I gave myself the best Christmas gift anyone can have: IMPROVED HEALTH! If any other preppers/survivalists are still using any tobacco products, I highly recommend they give them up NOW BEFORE SHTF. Post-SHTF will be the worst time imaginable to give up smoking.

            • Smokey

              Working on my 8th day here.

              Don’t give up.

          • Jim in Va.

            Want a blindfold with that?

            • Lanny

              Jim in Va., Good one! Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

              • WarriorClass III


                The bigger picture that takes jobs from Americans and lowers the wages of those still working are LEGAL immigration and WORK VISAS. Those are the middle class jobs that are going to foreigners at the expense of Americans. The illegal aliens tend to take the lower paying jobs that black people won’t do and white kids are no longer allowed to do.

                Companies would rather hire a foreign national since that person can’t demand a raise or just go across the street and get another job. A foreigner would have to go back to his country of origin and then start looking for a higher paying job. This keeps wages down for both the foreign national and the American worker. The massive legal immigrants add directly to the labor pool of American workers, driving down wages generally. This is simple supply and demand for labor.

                Increase the supply of labor and the price of labor goes down. All of you “law abiding” that support LEGAL immigration are cutting your own throats, and the big corporations are helping you do that with work visas.
                Nevertheless, the dumbed down masses cry for “legal” immigration while their paycheck whittles down to nothing and they can’t afford to send their kids to college while the aliens go for free.


          • Nopittypartyhere

            “Do or do not…there is NO try.” Love Yodas quote, but more importantly, if people come to me for hypnosis to quite smoking, if they want to try to quit, instead of deciding to quit I tell them they a not ready. Make up your mind that you are DONE. If you tell yourself you are trying, you give your subconscious mind the option of failure….think about it.

            Nicotine withdrawal only lasts 3 days. The biggest hurdle with smoking is the psychological habit, the need to fill time, do something with your hands, or focus on something besides whatever is eating you. Good luck, change your focus and you WILL quit smoking!

        • Odd Questioner

          Snyder is, to put it bluntly, wrong. Here’s why:

          He fails to take into account the type of job in question, the labor market for that particular given job, and the conditions in the region for that job.

          For instance, if you’re a competent and experienced systems administrator or developer in Portland, you pretty much have a job – in the tech field, recruiters are constantly bombarding myself and my peers with offers for full-time positions in this area. San Francisco is even more intense. Seattle, not so much. Salt Lake City, not really.

          Conversely: If you’re a waiter or a receptionist in Portland? You’d better have impeccable references and a solid reputation, else you’re screwed.

          Snyder totally fails to take this into account.

          • WarriorClass III

            Snyder is looking at the bigger picture, while you are talking about Portland, the liberal mecca of America.

            • Odd Questioner

              I used Portland as an example, but it applies everywhere.

              The point is that your opportunities are determined by your skills, and by the market.

              The same is true in jobs, survival, and life.

              Remember that. 🙂

          • JD

            This is a proof that the self reliant spirit of our founders is gone. What happened to people just trying their hand at entrepreneurship?

            • sixpack

              “What happened to people just trying their hand at entrepreneurship?

              …govt rules, regulations and obamacare…

              • Rick:)

                Most people could sell themselves, doing something, without an employer , EXCEPT ; the government,, local, state and federal ,make it too hard or illegal. Wtf? The government is the cause of this , and the roadblock to the solution.

                That’s why many of us wish for the ” great reset” . It will be painful ,but it’s the only way to change course. The toilet needs to be flushed.

                • durango kidd

                  If Americans are not willing to challenge the PTB now, by organizing 100 million American gun owners against them, what makes you think that they will be more forthcoming after a “reset”?

                  Any “new start” will be controlled by the two party system that has divided the nation up, State by State, County by County, City by City, Precinct by Precinct. Control belongs to those most organized, armed, and well funded.

                  Engage your employees NOW! 🙂

            • John W.

              An acquaintance of mine moved her business. It took her almost two years to get all the permits and what not to allow the new location to open. An existing building with only cubicle partitions being installed. Took two months just to get a particular electrical outlet signed off. So go ahead and try being a business owner.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Celente…..reminds me of the old “Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” where Bullwinkle puts on a turban, stares into the crystal ball and says, “Eenie, meenie, chile beanie, the spirits are about to speak!”. (I know I’m showin’ my age with that one).

          • hammerhead

            haha , thanks for the memory.
            now my age is showin too .

          • jeepboy1991

            I remember that show too. With childish delight. (Hey Rocky, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!)
            Sigh, how far we have fallen.
            Keep safe.

          • Darkstar

            Hey me pull a rabbit out of my hat…

            • Exactly


            • sixpack

              The only problem is the hat is now empty.

        • lena

          it’s always interesting to read backwards off of sites pushing extreme gloom and doom.

          zerohedge put out its most read over the past 5 yrs and their gloomy articles never came about.

          are there all sorts of things that are ready to drop the world into a depression ? yes, but its more likely the world slowly evolves into it as it has been for yrs rather than overnite. most likely 20 yrs from now, historians will say everyone lived thru a depression and most didnt even notice, 75% of people still had jobs, bought houses, raised kids in the 1930 depression.

          • BlueH20

            Lena, the same happened in the 1970s.

            No one foresaw Reagan or the 1980s. The market was very good to us all in the 1990s. We had a 20 year boom that echoed all the way down to the lower middle class.

            OTOH, we are now living on that capital. We have never had the concerted push against America from the top office holders that we have now. We have never had this extent of debt leverage. We are now receiving zero interest on savings. It has never been so difficult to create a small business or to even buy yourself a job.

            My vote is a slide into near poverty for over half of America over the next ten years. It is a slow motion decline.

            As for the immigrants, when most of those going to get their driver’s license cannot pass the test and cannot afford insurance, how many can even read or write well enough to hold a $24k/yr job? They are coming for the bennies, which will become scantier and scantier as time progresses. The word will go out: nothing much for free in America and they will elect to go elsewhere or stay home.

        • libsfellateobama

          Hey, you found 1, lmao. so many other came to pass.

          at least we agree that libs are human excrement

      • Mclovin

        Lucky for my ex her career has been recession-proof for thousands of years and counting.

        • RickInOregon

          Let me guess, she’s a bar tender, a lawyer, a mortician, a politician or an arms dealer.

          • Guns n Roses


            You made me spit my pepsi all over my computer. That is the funniest saddest truth the way the world is shaping up…..

          • newbee

            You forgot drug dealer and hooker

          • libsfellateobama


        • lower40

          you know ,the way you talk about your ex ,i get the feeling you just dont love her no more

          • A

            Allman Bros. Statesburo blues.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            trying to get anything intellegent out of MY EX is like trying to pick up a waterbed mattress by yourself.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              when they DO make a device to measure intelligence, i suggest MY ex to establish the ZERO setting.

        • the renegade braveheart

          PO’d Patriot and Hammerhead, my age is showing too since I’ll turn 57 in March.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Old bastards.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Punk-ass yonker.

          • RandomTangent1957

            @ RB ….Me too ! Time flys when you are having fun…….or in our current situation…..time flys
            When everything sucks ! ” the most intelligent man in the world says ” Keep Prepping my friends!”
            Standing by in
            Montgomery County Texas

      • JayJay

        Ahhh, the computerized era.
        Sad thing though; computers don’t buy stuff.

    2. NONYMOUS5

      Short version: record all the computer apps you’ve used over the years. Identify yourself as a “Project Manager”, a “Software Tester”, or an “offshore liason”. Get that resume nice. Send it registered mail to any large company. Two months later when you have had no contact; file a claim with the Department of Labor. According to USCIS there are millions of L1 and H1 workers here (due to no Americans available) and they are bringing in another 85,000 H1 and untold number of L1 this year. Companies are required to post these jobs but DoL doesn’t enforce. Likewise, L1 is ONLY for managers or coming to the USA for training; but, again, NEVER enforced. One of the largest companies where I worked, an Executive Senior Vice President admitted (and I quote) they were using L1 visa workers for “staff augmentation”. Sickening part is he was on a call with a lawyer from his company and lawyers from the Department of Justice. This tells you how the laws and rules simply do not apply to American corporations.

      • Canadian Vet

        The sad truth is that it has always been the case although it isn’t just corporations but those with money and influence.

        What laws and justice you get are the ones you can buy. And in the case of corporations and the really wealthy, it is those lawmakers, DA’s, judges , etc to whom they send reelection campaign contributions.

        And in the case of government employees, public servants tend to be careerist pieces of shit loyal only to their pay checks or those who got them their nice and cozy patronage appointments. And when every key position in an department of the public service is filled by a nepotism-driven or politically-driven appointment, it is very easy for the wealthy to sway them one way or the other.

        • NONYMOUS5

          yep, that’s my experience too. I’ll also note these L1 jobs pay $60,000 and the companies placing the L1 “staff augmentation” are paid $70-$80/hr. (at least at the huge co where I worked). And yes, the employees at that company 100% fit the model you described.

      • Anonymous

        These foreign workers accept, and are delighted to get, wages far, far below what an equally qualified American worker would receive for the same job. Most importantly, these foreign workers trample over each other to get these U.S. jobs for one simple reason: once they get here, they can find a way to stay, and have indoor running water, an indoor toilet, no rats running through their parking lots, observed and enforced traffic laws, the rule of law, unlimited food supplies, reliable electricity, and a plethora of gullible, naive Americans happy to rent to them, sell to them and generally make them feel like they are welcome because of the “diversity” propaganda.

        The reality is that these foreign workers bring their third world habits with them. They ignore our laws, our standards and have no respect for our values. They lie, steal, connive and cut corners here just as they did in their home country to survive, except that here the payoff is much larger. They almost all come from what we would term lower middle class backgrounds and see nothing other than dollar signs in every decision they make.

        This foreign worker visa nonsense must stop. According to the last information I read about computer programmers, a third world programmer does the job for 1/3 of what an American programmer would work. And they receive no benefits. They know how to get by on $30K by living in cheap apartments and not spending on anything that they don’t absolutely need. They make bad neighbors, dishonest customers, and untrustworthy employees. If they survive here, they become unabashedly arrogant, if not abusive as well. They simply do not share our Western values and they are a Trojan horse for American society. What we see as morally or ethically wrong, they see as justified and right. They have no loyalty toward America, which gives them so much, and they will resort to anything to remain here when their work visa expires.

        It is an exploding problem waiting to ignite just as badly as the problem of illegal aliens breaching our borders.

    3. the renegade braveheart

      Leave it to the corporate mainstream media to blow smoke up everyone’s kazoos on any topic. There’s no recovery and won’t be. Some of the programs like food stamps, unemployment, etc. are getting cut. The day is fast coming when people will finally snap, will finally lose it. That’s when the party begins and I wish it wouldn’t happen at all but we all know it will. Everyone get your supplies now while you still can. My prepping is still continuing and won’t stop until the last minute.

      • What?

        Staying in Memphis or GOOD?

      • Northern Reb

        You Would have to have a death wish if you stopped prepping on. The only time I will stop is when the brown stuff starts flying. Just put in about 4 month of Wise foods and just bought some drink mixes for the water I have stored.
        People please keep prepping history is about to repeat itself and this time the majority of the people live in the city not the country. Its hard to grow food on blacktop and concrete.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Northern Reb, don’t worry. My prepping is continuing all the way til it starts flying. Might even go past that if I can beat the crowds to the stores.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          just read the latest story of bees die-off….wonder what this cold will do to ’em? betcha it won’t be a good thing!

      • durango kidd

        As long as the lambs are silent the sheep will get sheared. Let your Barnhart out. Organize, communicate, volunteer. Amplify your voice in a group. Magnify your personal power in an organization. Instigate an investigation.

        Create a Freedom Cell where you live. this is an election year and the PTB are listening to see which way the wind is blowing. Give them an earful! Find a flaw like that described by Nonymous5 and DEMAND your Senator and Representative investigate!

        I showed a guy here, a vet, how he was getting screwed on his student loan. He complained to McLame’s Office and the next thing you know there was an investigation started and within two months people were called on the carpet and an excessive interest amount of $2,000 was knocked off his account balance and the crooks were exposed.

        My peeps, WE must challenge the status quo at every turn. Engage. 🙂

      • the renegade braveheart

        Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      • BigB

        It’s coming and it is coming fast.

        Proud to say that yesterday I completed my medical preps. Probably don’t have everything for the most outlandish medical situation but what are you going to do? Carry a portable MASH unit?


        • sixpack

          There are times when you can only do your best with what you have, then leave it in God’s hands…it’s up to you to know when that time comes.

          • Northern Reb

            Amen Brother, Amen!!!!
            All you can do is try.

    4. 300lb Gorilla

      Change you can believe in.

      • .02

        you are 500 pounds light there ole chap

    5. NONYMOUS5

      Income needs to be calculated using handouts and inflation. The person making under $23,000/year gets free healthcare etc. So, as heritage study or something showed, not working but getting welfare pays ok. In Hawaii, it was like equivalent of $60,000 (not including time value). So, the job paying $13.83 really might include $15/hr in benefits. (of course, factoring in inflation and eventual collapse of retirement, its really paying a lot less.)

    6. Mountain Trekker

      There will be no jobs until we become protectionist. We are proping up communism in China. Trekker Out

      • Average Guy

        You don’t study history much, do you, Mountain Trekker?

        Protectionism doesn’t work and is not the solution. It would make us all worse off. Well, all of us except our overlords.

        Do you love empire?

        “In his book For a New Liberty, Murray Rothbard explained that there were “from the very beginning, powerful elite forces, especially among the large merchants and planters, who wished to retain the restrictive British ‘mercantilist’ system of high taxes, controls, and monopoly privileges conferred by the government. These groups wished for a strong central and even imperial government; in short, they wanted the British system without Great Britain.”” – from, ‘Where America Took an Historical Wrong Turn’ by Wendy McElroy

        • RickInOregon

          We’ve tried the one sided free trade thingy for over thirty years and it’s been an absolute dismal failure for the american citizen, for the soul of this country and for our future. We are living the free traders wet dream of slave labor, corrupt governments and massive profits for the global corps. If we stay on this course we will collapse, minor corrections will just delay the collapse, we need a major course correction and there’s none to be seen or heard coming from out of any source that can make it happen. Expect more of the same for years to come. If you haven’t been effected yet, give it time, chances are you will be.

        • REB

          Funny thing though…if the overlords benefited from it why are they so against it…our founders believed in it to an extent and when we went all global we lost our way of life economicly speaking…so with respect I gotta disagree…we need to cover up our soft underbelly…and protect our nation a bit more…

        • Eisenkreuz


        • durango kidd

          Average Guy/ Clark: Tell US how well FREE TRADE worked for the Indians! Faggot! LMAO!!! 🙂

        • Average Guy

          Ok, so you guys love empire, you love higher prices, you love it when there’s no competition. I get it. You’re embracing the conquistador side in you.

          Do you salivate when you feel like you’re a part of the decision making process when a boot gets pressed against the neck of your neighbor?
          How about when that boot gets turned upon you?

          And, no, RickInOregon. You Just-don’t-get-it. The last thirty years, or so, has been fascism. You really Must read more to stop appearing so clueless.
          It’s your choice though.

        • durango kidd

          Average Guy/Clark: Why do you study Jewish European Anarchists and present them to US here as American Economic Gospel?

          Murray Rothbard is another Jewish anarchist / communist / socialist from Europe who was always an outsider among mainstream economists.

          Where does the New World Order and its Jewish communist influence originate? Europe. LMAO!!! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            for any of you who have doubted dk’s ignorance or confused by his bipolar logic, here is a PRIME example of the crap that comes out of his keyboard…….he writes “anarchist/communist/socialist” (blah blah blah} as if the three are one in the same…WOW!!! On the truthful left /right paradigm of societal contrivances anarchy is on the far right (no government control) and Socialism/communism far left ideologies(lots and total government control)

            DK is a twenty something role playing moron with just enough semblence of truth to make him dangerous to the gullible and uninformed.

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats what I keep sayin Trekker,, people still say thats short sighted,,, dont get that personally, especially when your eyes are wide open, this global think crap is just that,
        A LOAD OF CRAP!

    7. What?

      The left has overtaxed us for years, the right has us competing against slave labor via free trade, and both have spent all our money, “borrowed” from social security, and backed by funny money. What did TPTB and those in the fourth estate think would happen. The people who are supposed to be on the lookout and inform us have failed their constitutional duty. Instead we get spin and name calling and distractions and nobody explains the hard truths and decisions that need to be made that would affect our future. So we all vote people into office based on a popularity contest. Man, we the voters, on both sides, have allowed this country to be run by a bunch of trash. We are so……………… Never Mind.

      • Gunner


        Has anyone checked under the skirt
        of the Statue of Liberty lately for
        the crabs?

        She has been getting screwed by every
        politician since Clinton.

        • Papa "J"

          Since Clinton? No, since Wilson. That is who brought our beloved Federal Reserve in. The article says 2 years of a decline in the stock market. No, it will be fast and very painful. Our wonderful Gov’t. won’t be able to help, or shall I say, push it further down the road this time either.

    8. Northern Reb

      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      • What?

        But look at the bright side, Dennis Rodman is spreading love and basketball to North Korea.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Northern Reb, I also believe 2014 is THE year for SHTF.

    9. Basstard

      Why would anybody get a job. Our dear leader will take care of you. I’ve been a contractor for 25 years. The regulations here in Mass will eventually put me out of business. They will either make it impossible for me to continue or make it impossible for customers to afford to have any work done.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Going on in my little corner of the world too. Going to build an addition? Better have the extra 10 grand for the fire sprinkler system to put in it. The remainder of the house isn’t required to get it, just the new addition. Go figure. If the place catches fire go stand in the addition, you’ll be safe there but ruined by water. BTW, if you have the sprinkler system, you’ll be required by your mortgage company to obtain “flood insurance” which can cost you from 1200.00 to 4000.00 dollars extra a year. Those sprinkler heads coming out of your ceilings only come in one color too (for you ladies).

        • Archivist

          I’m lucky where I live. The county requires a building permit, but it’s easy to get. I added on to my house and all I had to do was give the contractor a pencil drawing of where the house sits on the lot and where the addition would be so they would know that the addition wouldn’t be too close to the lot lines. There were inspections of the rough structure and the electrical, and one after the drywall was installed. I appreciated the electrical inspection because I didn’t know everything about how the electrical should be done.

        • REB

          Generally speaking…Id have to think theres someone besides the govicorp involved with imposing all these rules…state federal or local…not just governments… Id look at some of the trades people/companies/and trades organizations that benefit from these regs with a jaundiced eye…just like obamacare was pushed by AARP and the insurance industry…and amnesty is pushed by the business community…Id have to bet theres a few greedy “builders” and their reps,up to their eyeballs in lobbists working for these rules…its the ole question…”who benefits?”we gotta start identifying our enemies and taking names and notes…some may just not be so obvious and hiding in plain sight…just my 2cents…

      • posseecom


        Another masshole here…the only work for contractors on the cape is the 2nd home gang..and there are plenty of them here on the vacation getaway sandbar..

        The rest of us either commute off the sandbar or work in service related industries..

        The economy now pays experienced chefs the same rate we used to pay line cooks 15/20 years ago..

        At our assisted living facility, a part time 32 hour position as administrative assistant @ 14/hour attracted over 150 applicants..many with bachelors and masters degrees earning 6 figure incomes prior..

        Yup, the economy is roaring along…

        Just waiting for the train to finally teeter off the tacks completely…and it’s coming..

        None of these asshats know exactly when….Celente finally digressed on his previous predictions due to his admitting he never saw QE ad infinitum coming..


        • newbee

          Masshole here too. If it wasn’t for the wifes business we would be out of here. After 15 years of her building the business we cant leave know.

      • hammerhead

        Your not alone , michigan is just as dim and gettin dimmer .The only customers available are cash rich folks lokking to invest in realestate because they know the market is a fake. The knew building regs over the last ten years are driving up the cost of construction at every level from additions to new construction , hell , even a roof replacement get get you in deep doo-doo with the EPA (as i found out).
        Yep , legislation through regulation works .

        • maddog

          Nevada has the highest unemployment in country and it is getting worse. Stores are closing on a daily bases and the media continues to blow smoke up our asses and tells us all is well, go buy a house. Now I have noticed a bunch of hippies and bums moving in. Also I live in a town where a robbery every once in a while was a big deal. We have had 3 murders in as many months now. Yep, everything is getting better.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Basstard,grew up in Mass.,LIVE in N.H.Still have unrestricted and occasionally do work in Mass. but do not pull permits/cash or barter/well,you get the idea.The new laws needing permits for say a entry door that is same RO is just insanity,on all the small stuff ignore permitting as many homeowners/contractors do.I insist on pulling electrical permits still,you could kill someone there,but replacing doors/windows/strip and reroof,you get the idea,screw that!Time to work outside the system and also starve the beast!Still reasonably priced land and though percentage wise some towns higher property taxes(go unincorporated/no taxes)with no sales/income taxes along with easier attitude in general perhaps time to move.

    10. Jimmy Crack Corn...

      Mac…you’ll most likely delete this rant…but being aware of the boomer age wave
      is a prep… Have a plan folks…they will steal your American heritage.

      Yeah… welcome to the commie take over…
      Maybe we need to know who shipped all the jobs to China…then all go piss on their lawn.

      The United States of America is collapsing. It’s a fact face it.

      So you will need to hide your wealth…just ask the folks in Cyprus.

      I predict they will steal the 401k and IRA…
      Nance “pislosi” will be dusted off and sell socialism.


      Hide your wealth.
      Find a way to make ends meet.
      Don’t buy a single family a double..the rent will offset inflation.
      This is a long slow collapse by design..they don’t want a flash collapse…they will ease people into socialism and the commie way.

      The day they want you to turn in your guns is the the beginning of the end.

      Fuck you England and Australia…pussies….
      I hope they build death camps for your sorry asses…
      So one day..when you’re standing in the snow with your heads shaved, naked and your dick in your hand… you’ll thing… boy..those American really knew something about life.

      The second Amendment was not meant for duck hunting.
      Know what I mean Stan?

      The economy grew because of the boomer demand.
      Now..they are in the tight wad years…it will contract.

      They will all line up like sheep to sell their houses back to the bank
      via reverse mortgages and get taken to the cleaners.
      They will all vote dem.

      I will benefit by buying up a nice Harley from a dead boomer from their widow.
      I’ll enjoy all their cheap toys they will sell for pennies on the dollar so their kids can
      get out of credit card debt. I will benefit from all the medical learning
      that will be done on this generation….

      See…there is a silver lining to the mass death of the largest national threat
      to this nation…it’s ever seen…the boomers.

      Say you have a pond and you have two swans on it… that’s nice.
      Now if you have 500 swans…you have a big shitty pond.
      Such is the way of the numbers of the boomer hoard.

      Hey….if your a boomer and reading this…you’re pissed off. I under stand.
      But know this… It’s your generation that made the board room decisions to
      ship all the factories to China. Don’t go quoting me the few bright dudes that brought us some cool shit.
      for the most part…you were the most unpatriotic and selfish generation in history.
      You all drove Hondas and had your baby on board stickers.
      You all flooded the burbs and drove the housing prices up.

      I went to a funeral the other day…and I looked at the dead piece of meat
      in the casket. I thought… in two months…everyone will forget about this fuck
      and all that he did not do with his tv watching ass.

      The boomers were the first real generation that sat on their asses.

      Ever see them outside playing with their kids?

      So boomers…get the thumbs down button ready.

      I’m the guy that’s replacing you.
      I get up at 5 am and blaze tech. You cannot keep up and I’m automating your
      old asses out of a job. Thats how we’ll reclaim this getting
      productive again and cutting the dead wood….not killing the golden goose and
      shipping it to china.

      Mac…you’ll most likely delete this rant…but being aware of the boomer age wave
      is a prep… Have a plan folks…they will steal your American heritage.

      • Proftel

        Jimmy Crack Corn:

        Look, listen: Why things and guys who speak it, I thank God the Father for having the Sonoran Desert, the volcanoes in Central America, the Panama Canal.

        A guy like you, only if you come swimming south of the equator (even then, it can take a shot in the forehead to complete the works).


      • .02

        Probably some old boomer on a hover round is going to pull out a 44 and blow a hole the sun shines through in your ass. Not a good idea to dis some mean ole man that is dying of cancer.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Jealous much? You’ve written nothing we haven’t heard before. Now get back to your room junior and don’t wet the bed tonight.

      • Vicky

        I understand your rant, but you’re blaming many of the innocent. Most of us did not get to ‘sit on the board’ and boss people around. Most of us were the workers, underpaid and overworked, particularly the clerical staff, mostly young and cute, but efficient and very accomplished in the complex tasks we were given to. We usually received the minimum wage and no benefits, nor any sick leave, nor any time to take off to care of sick children. No matter how well we did, there was never a promotion nor a helpful raise in salary. We could barely see the glass ceiling from our lowly position. It took two of these low-end jobs to support an adult and a child, and at one time, I worked as a barmaid (third job) to repair my car. It about killed my very strict mother, but I explained to her that it paid more than my “prestigious” legal clerk job and I got tips which really horrified her. No pole dancing and I wasn’t a prostitute. My feet ached after a double shift and I had to walk home seven blocks in the wind, cold, rain and storms. Walk another two blocks to pick up my baby, cover him up, and walk back home. My husband bagged on me, so there was no child support and there were no government programs which I would have not taken,anyway, since my dad would have had a heart attack. My Ex sold our nice house to his brother for $1.00 and other good and valuable consideration,and my shyster lawyer went along with that. I eventually got a better job,then a really good job and my son and I bought and paid for a car, a stove, (I was using a crock pot and an electric skillet) plus a refrigerator to replace my ice chest. Things got much better, I remarried and through various ups and downs we’re in a good position, and nearing retirement, it all depends on what Obama taxes will do to us. I certainly didn’t feel as if I were charge of anything at all, so you’re not blaming all of the right people. Our kids are doing fairly well, except for two, and I’m not sure what will happen with them. We’ve had to move five times with company closings; and at close-to-retirement age, we’re still working and the house isn’t paid for. We’ve also had to sell five houses at a loss, which you cannot deduct from income tax, even though you have to declare all gains. We are very discouraged, but assume God will show a way.

      • .02

        I guess you also hate all those freeways and infrastructure we boomers built you ride that harley on?

        • A

          He doesnt have a Harley yet. He has to wait for a boomer to die to be able to afford one.

        • Smokey

          Not to mention the internet, computers, the software languages, the grid distribution system, everything he uses today.

          Did it with a slide rule and a No. 2 pencil.

          • sixpack


      • NoRegretVet

        REF: Jimmy “CRACK ” Corn….

        I get the feeling that is what your smoking !!! You need to get your Meds Adjusted !!!

        I don’t have a clue….not a F*&*$ng clue how you arrived at your rant….

        I figured next you were going to just on all the asses of the Veterans….I got to visit the lovely country of Southeast Asia….Yes…I, like so many of us “Boomers” went to fight for “Your” right to spew out so much mindless bullshit about something you apparently know nothing about…..

        Professional Psychiatric care is really not that expensive and since you are some sort of high tech guru and taking over( Can you spell EMP !!!)….you might want to thumb through the yellow pages and set an appointment….

        How’s Mommies basement…hope it is nice and warm for your Tard Ass !!!

        • Night breaker

          NoRegret Vet,
          some simply do not understand in this current generation, the ones that do get it understand because they have been to that place of blood and hate , transformed and forever changed.
          As they get older wisdom will come to them like us, but first they will be tested in the way we have and be among the very few , the survivors.

          We who have served share a special bond for us life has a special. Flavor the protected will never know.

          Semper Fi 8541
          USMC RECON 1977-1993

      • PO'd Patriot

        @JCC. See you on the hill motherfucker……

        • Kulafarmer

          It will most likely be a boomer who saves JCCs ass,,
          That or puts it out of our misery,,,
          Fucker is off base, im a boomer and hand no say in anything, and certainly no hand in anything destructive to his ilk, i did however pay hundreds of thousands into the system over the years to support crap like JCC and similar dim wits

      • Calgacus

        You aint no different than every other asshole. You keep shitting out the same ole crap every time youre here. Learn your econ and history before you take your next dump here. Take a gander at the parents of the boomers and how they were advantaged w/ industrial age and plentiful jobs. or dont that fit your bullshit model of ignorant blaming?

        Millennials who think theyre irreplaceable because theyre IT specialists forget those comm sats and fiber optics will end their jobs. Cheap labor across the pond will ruin you too and theyve laid claims for the past decade or more.

        Keep believing your shit. While your at it youre busy feeling a VIP. One day youll be out of work and have plenty of time to remember youre just an arrogant asshole that got a dose of humility. Then youll stop your daily dumps. Your rant isnt anything more than a repeat of yourself every time youre here. Must not be working so well for you to need a troll dose at this place. We all know you cant stop the shit from coming though.

        • Any Mouse

          Millenials have never known a world without the internet, smart phones or GPS navigation. If the lights ever go out for an extended period of time they are in for a rude awakening.

          • Walt Kowalski

            And I must say, it will be rather fun to watch.

      • Any Mouse

        My parents are boomers and I don’t think they ever made any decisions via the boardroom. They were hardworking people working multiple jobs in an effort to make ends meet and keep food on the table.

        Every generation has its fair share of douche bags. I’m glad you can wake at 5am and go down to your parents basement and “blaze” tech all day. Face facts, if that fancy ass computer becomes a brick because of an outside event you have basically screwed your own self. Automation doesn’t work so well if the lights won’t come on.

        Go put your big boy pants on.

      • Gregory8

        Jimmy Butt-Crack Crack-Head Corn: Aw, what’s the matter little boy, are you angry that you have to get your sorry young butt up in the cold dark of the night for work while I let my retired wrinkle butt sleep in until the sun gets good and warm, or as we say, ‘the crack of noon’, here in Florida? Well too bad you little crybaby! I, like everyone here, never sat on any board making decisions for the rest of the country, I was just a worker trying to make my way. The older folks here, like me, weren’t riding some gravy-train going to ivy league schools and then into corporate jobs. So stop whining bitch-boy and get to work. Be man for once in your life!

      • cellar spider

        To all the boomer friends,

        Jimmy’s statement,

        “I’m the guy that’s replacing you. I get up at 5 am and blaze tech. You cannot keep up and I’m automating your old asses out of a job.”

        shows that he has absolutely no understanding of computing technologies whatsoever.

        The fact is that no ones job is being automated out of existence. That happened in the 70s and 80s.

        Automation for the last 10 years has been about increasing the per unit work output of the individual worker. Companies have been staffed at bare bone minimums for the last 5 years and they feel they need to increase capability without increasing staff.

        On the employee upside….software and services have become so over priced that it is actually cheaper to hire an employee, which can work multi-dimensional as opposed to spending more money waiting for a software company to provide updates (which are 1 dimensionable).

        • Kulafarmer

          Id like to see him automate my job and still keep it in the black!
          Some things you just cant reasonably accomplish without a keen eye and a deft hand!
          I welcome the day when my Iphone has no bars for good! Can still charge it on my goal zero and listen to Zepplin whil hoeing the garden!

      • BigB

        @JCC, wish I could both thumb up you and down thumb you at the same time. So for some of your comments I say, true up. On some of what you say I say, fuck you, you ignorant assbite.


      • Papa "J"

        I’m at the tale end of being a boomer and proud of it. No generation or person is perfect. Generations in the past have done good and bad alike. YOU, like one of my son’s just has to blame his miserable existence on someone else. At what point will your Entitlement Generation take responsibility and change things then? Or will it be a “Bush’s Fault” scenario for another 20 years?

      • maddog

        Jimmy Crack Corn…, you forgot to add the most destructive generation in history. One thing I’ll point out without taking away from many of your points is that it is really just a certain portion of the boomer’s generation at that are the one’s that came of age in the 60’s and early 70’s. The fucking hippies that spit on fellow vets and became 100% fucking commies and they are now running the country. Hillary wants a statue at Woodstock for these shitbags. All she gets from me is a civil war.

        • Kulafarmer

          Thank you for making the distinction,,,
          It is the ones who evaded the draft, smoked a lot of weed and had a broken moral compas.

      • newbee

        Jimmy Crack Head. The boomers as you call them are the men and women the younger gen needs to learn from. They know what its like to be true Americans and that is dying in this country. I’m turning 38 and have the most respect to the older generation they have fought and help build this great country. And the scum like you are just dragging it down. I hope you have fun rotting in your parents basement.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          can’t we all just …GIT!

      • Jimmy Crack Corn...

        Original post vote won!… old bitches!

      • RandomTangent1957

        @JCC : if your do freakin smart….you should have enough $$ to go buy a new Harley Yesterday!
        In this world we are all manufacturers…..some make good, some make bad ……and others make excuses. Blaming everyone else for your situation is BS. My 6th grade teacher called it ” Rationalization” . We are all blessed to be in the best place the world has ever known. I have been gainfully employed since 6th grade. Worked full time since a junior in high school. Have been through many ups & down’s over the years. Survived my battle with Lymphoma….my wife’s 4 year battle with breast cancer, our home burning to the ground June 28th 2012….(still battling the insurance company….hoping to start rebuilding soon.) been in a 32ft 5th wheel RV since the tire….that seems to get a little bit smaller every day……but we just grin & bear it. You either laugh…or you cry. I have never voted for any of the Statist trash that seems to be running things these days. However…..I don’t go on crying the blues & blaming everyone for my situation. Grow a pair…& do what you can to make this a better place…while preparing for the worst. I can guarantee you that when the SHTF…..Whiners vindictive youngsters will not be tolerated for long. We have had 5 years of spoiled arrogant lectures….blaming everyone since the birth of Christ….for the problems that he campaigned to fix. Then we got….gosh gee wiz….we did not know how bad it was. Still has not found how to put some big boy pants on….take responsibility for the multitude of screw ups…..& find a way to fix things. I just can’t even stand to hear his voice anymore….so I have yo change the channel. You need to decide….are you going to be part of the problem…or part of the solution?? Are you going to be Jessie Jackson…..or Ted Cruz ?
        When it comes…..we will not be needing computer nerds ……but folks that know how to work with their hands….folks that can fix & build things. Critical thinkers & problem solvers. The whiners will
        Be of no use….. Those of us that grew up on a farm….& can fix stuff with a pair of vice grips, some bailing wire…& duct tape…will do just fine. We have had to manufacture our own parts…to fix a piece of equipment…when the part is no longer available. Been shooting since high school. My eyes might not be what they were…..but out to 350 yards….I am still plenty accurate with my 300 Win Mag……& I can tell you that those Remington 180 grain corelokt rounds make a fast kill on the local deer. Also….my bike is a 1979 Honda CBX ….yea…that’s right…the 6 cylinder….fastest production bike in the world in 1979. I bought it 4 years old….while working 60 hours a week as a roofer . Paid it off in 2 years. No you can’t have it… son who is working full time….while going to Med School will get it. No …..he does not think he deserves it…..but it’s in my will…..along with the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible ….& the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T coupe…withe the 440 six Pack…727 trans…& the 4:10 Dana Rear. You may have seen pictured of these cars…..I have owned & maintained them for almost 40 years. Some of us just figure out what we want…& then go earn it. Others just cry about how things aren’t fair. Tough Shit. Things are about to get a lot less fair. Can you say ” Natural Selection?” …..
        I knew you could….LOL !
        Standing by in
        Montgomery County Texas

      • Annie Oakley

        I don’t think Jimmy Crack Corn is talking about poor bommers. I think he’s talking about the Limbaugh ditto heads or Dick Cheney worshippers who retired to Florida and live in their gated communities.

        The same boomers who hired illegal aliens to do the dirty work even though they could afford to pay an american man a decent wage.

        The same boomers who would help third world citizens in Haiti build a new home but ignore american citizens who live in tent cities.

        I’m a boomer and I’m working class. I’ve struggled all my life. I have an old car and a older modest home. Jimmy is talking about the elite boomers not the poor boomers like the most of us on here.

        The rich boomers probably don’t visit this site. They have their own private mercenaries and gated communities.

    11. Northern Reb

      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    12. Nick

      I’m working six 12-hour shifts a week as an independent transportation contractor with no guarantee of business, but at least I’m out there pounding the pavement. I’m amazed but not surprised at the number of people I talk to who keep talking about how good things are with the “free” money they’re getting from the government. But I’m too busy trying to make money to buy more beans, bullets and Band-Aids to give a rat’s butt about what’s going to happen post-SHTF to those who won’t work now. We’re living in interesting times, my friends.

    13. Proftel

      U.S. citizens do not vote for President!
      You vote a guy who votes in another guy who votes in another guy.
      I never understood this idiocy!
      Votes have to be honest, straight to the guy who is going to represent you (up to the world – if you’re going to war!).
      What the fuck!
      Does a Brazilian need to explain why voting is compulsory here?
      Because there are computerized voting polls?

    14. Proftel

      Look guys, I’m tired, here where I live is 25.5 degrees Celsius, humidity of 35%.
      Is 02:55 pm on 01/09/2014.
      Below the equator, no fights.


      • RickInOregon

        Be careful with the low humidity, it has a tendency to dry out your guitar and it may crack the body. They sell humidifiers for your guitar and for your guitar case.

      • What?

        Forgive me,

        But if you are in Brazil, how come your post states that you are 8 hrs off of your post time?

      • What?

        Living down under, huh?

    15. Socrates

      Competing for jobs? We are in the race for more than that- Food, clean water, energy, adequate shelter…you name it. It’s going to get a lot worse before it ever gets better, I’m afraid.

      Just learned that a close friend got ‘let go’ by his company due to ‘downsizing’. Instead of his full time job, they have 2 part timers now filling the gap. He was with that company over 6 years and was a very hard worker. Light at the end of the tunnel? That’s the economic meltdown express train…and it’s headed right for us all!

      • RickInOregon

        My sister was recently let go because of off shoring. She was first relocated to Portland Oregon from Los Angeles where she had been with her employer for a number of years, then after eight months everyone lost their job. She’s a CPA and now she’s working a temp job doing data entry for the state of Oregon. Her eyes are opening up, many of her temp coworkers are highly educated and experienced professionals that are forced to work in a temp service for lower wages. Her eyes are opening up but she doesn’t yet know what she’s seeing, but at least now she’s questioning what she’s hearing from the MSM. Her and I can’t talk about it yet because she still has to come to terms with having been wrong all of her life. She may become a neorealist on her own.

        • .02

          Yeah Rick those news readers sound so sincere. I mean who could have believed when Walter Cronkite said “that’s the way it is” it wasnt?

          • RickInOregon

            .02, some people are so comfortable in their life that they don’t have any reason to look behind the curtain. Some people have never learned to look behind the curtain.

            My sister has been a life long Democrat. I had to explain to her that I reject the parties, that a jester without a king is nobodies fool.

            • .02

              No chains can bind one tighter than the chains of their belief. My far right leaning republican brother is another example. This guy is such a moron he thinks if we could have just continued with the Bush cartel and Romney everything would be fine now. He never recognizes any fault in any Rep president including that brain dead idiot GBII. I tell you it is like talking to a 3rd grader that still thinks there is a santa clause. He actually said that Sarah Palin would make a fine president. I about spewed out my drink right then and there. People are so fvking stupid it is incredible.

              • Anonymous

                c’mon now, Palin can’t be worse!
                She, at least, seems honest. That’s got to count for something.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  It does count for something, but no way near enough.

                • JayJay

                  Honest??? Palin honest??
                  You haven’t been paying attention. I hope she has finally realized she was used in 2008. From what I hear of her political dealings when governor, she deserves it.

              • apache54

                Palin is a HELL of allot smarter than the current resident in the WH, she did some very good things for Alaska, yes she MIGHT be part of the system, but then again, maybe she is just waiting to help IF we get some new blood in the political arena, if you don’t go along with the crowd they will eat you up, timing is everything and i think she saw the timing was not correct for her to proceed, they would have ate her lunch, and then she would be able to function at all, but remember i think we still need to clean house, and start over with new blood and our old constitution!!

          • the renegade braveheart

            .02, you just had to mention Walter “Red” Cronkite. My age is showing with that one.

        • REB

          RIO…I find that it works better when folks wake up on their own(or at least think they did it on their own)seems all you get trying to wake people up is grief…this may well allow you to educate her more as she comes to you asking questions and also save your relationship with her…some folks just don’t cotton to being wrong and will lash out at those they perceive to be telling them theyre wrong…hope it works out!

    16. Proftel

      Mountain Trekker:

      You’re right, the only two phases of growth in the U.S. occurred just when there was military demobilization, namely:

      1 – After the Civil War;
      2 – After the I WW.

      Were periods where more developed knowledge, people or did things or die, that’s what gives “gana” to a nation.

      Unfortunately it’s not what I see today as a geographer and istoriador 51 years old, semi-retired teacher.


    17. .02

      I have thought it through and think the only bright spot is the energy sector and I am going to have to relocate to either Texas or North Dakota. So after much thought, Midland/Odessa seems to be the climate that closer resembles where I like. The Eagle Ford strike is too humid and North Dakota-been there done that mean nasty people those n dakotans. So if things don’t pickup here after I get my income taxes back, I guess I will load up the BOV and head south. I would like to get some seafood that is not radiated as well. After Fuku, I been thinking the PNW is not the place to be.

    18. Prepped up.

      Yea ,while the elite suck ice cream the rest get the chicken bones. Why don,t all those folks that are standing in line ,line up in front of one of their Hollywood idols or famous rock stars that they made ultra rich and ask them for a helping hand. Instead they stand in line praying they can recieve a morsel of the leftovers. No wonder they call us useless eaters.

      • Proftel

        A lot of fat people sitting, a military saying what should be said and ….. a rich political laughing in the face of the people … .
        This is the U.S. … .


        • NinaO's Mom

          Arme -se acima Estoque acima preparar .

          Predator ou presa da NWO ZOG a escolha é sua .

          N.O. ;0p

    19. NinaO's Mom

      this is for everyone who whines cause i pick on da’ defenseless nuclear armed israeli jeeews …

      *** Ex-Swiss Vatican guard complains of over 25 gay priests sexual advances in Roman Catholic Vatican during two year tour of duty in Rome . ***


      see link below …

        • Proftel

          Swiss Guard complaining?
          Complaining of?
          Only if it is that no priest, bishop or something fucked him!
          Queer thing for sure Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

      • Proftel

        Ma Baker (1976)


      • NinaO's Mom

        Samson Option Looming: Israel has 80 Nukes and the Capacity to Triple That Number
        Posted on September 16, 2013 by Andrew Anglin

        With the Jews in the process of backing themselves into a corner, how can we possibly keep them from activating the Samson Option and nuking the whole world? I have no idea, but somebody better hurry up and figure it out.


        see link …

      • BigB

        Good point Wasp.


        • maddog


      • sixpack

        W.A.S.P, why should israel waste THEIR nukes, when they can con the U.S. into doing it for them?

    20. Proftel

      Mom NinaO:

      The guys tried along with the Dutch to settle here in my country, have gone awry.
      Neither the Indians who enjoyed roast beef and lots of white rum endured the judeuzada.
      The Jew in itself is not a bad guy, the shit is that it brings together grandparents Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk banksters.

      • .02

        I want to move there.. unless it is Brazil.

      • NinaO's Mom

        @ Proftel … Respeito.

        Sim senhor, estou ciente da invasão judaica na América do Sul, eles estão comprando tudo lá onde você mora.
        Chamam-lhe o …

        Nova Jerusalém … casa dos judeus

        e são ainda o envio de mais soldados israeli e judeu mossad espionagem para ajudar a fazer uma mudança política nos governos da América do Sul por isso mesmo mais judeus podem mover-se para lá e resolver de forma permanente.

        Eu espero que o seu povo está ciente disso e educar todos ao seu redor em seu país desta terrível ameaça às suas religiões corrida liberdades e soberania pelos dois mil anos de idade máfia emprestador de dinheiro criminoso judeus de Israel.

        Boa sorte meu amigo.

        Que Deus te proteger.

        Arm up Stock Up Prepare .

        Predator or Prey of the NWO ZOG the choice is yours .

        N.O. ;0p

    21. mongrel warrior

      It’s almost like playing musical chairs when you were a kid at school. Only it’s not as fun.

    22. Proftel


      Bad place, do not have oil, many people die, sewage in the face … .


      • .02

        arg.. i stay here

        • sixpack

          yeah, we still have “sewage in the face”, BUT we have oil…LOL

      • NinaO's Mom

        @ Proftel … ;0) AWESOME MUSIC VID

        Ma Barker nasceu em 8 de Outubro de 1873, em Ash Grove , Missouri.Ela teve quatro filhos: Herman , Lloyd , Arthur e Fred , que, com Alvin Karpis , formaram o Barker – Karpis Gang em 1931.Naquele ano, Fred e Alvin lançou um xerife para a morte.O assassinato deu início a um padrão de assassinato impensado pela quadrilha .Ma Barker tornou-se uma mulher desejada .Em 16 de janeiro de 1935, Ma e Fred onde baleado e morto por agentes do FBI em Oklawaha , Florida.

        Ma Barker was born on October 8, 1873, in Ash Grove, Missouri. She had four sons: Herman, Lloyd, Arthur and Fred, who, with Alvin Karpis, formed the Barker-Karpis Gang in 1931. That year, Fred and Alvin shot a sheriff to death. The murder started a pattern of thoughtless killing by the gang. Ma Barker became a wanted woman. On January 16, 1935, Ma and Fred where shot and killed by FBI agents in Oklawaha, Florida.


        see link …

    23. Proftel

      Se :
      “Se és capaz de manter tua calma, quando,
      todo mundo ao redor já a perdeu e te culpa.
      De crer em ti quando estão todos duvidando,
      e para esses no entanto achar uma desculpa.

      Se és capaz de esperar sem te desesperares,
      ou, enganado, não mentir ao mentiroso,
      Ou, sendo odiado, sempre ao ódio te esquivares,
      e não parecer bom demais, nem pretensioso.

      Se és capaz de pensar – sem que a isso só te atires,
      de sonhar – sem fazer dos sonhos teus senhores.
      Se, encontrando a Desgraça e o Triunfo, conseguires,
      tratar da mesma forma a esses dois impostores.

      Se és capaz de sofrer a dor de ver mudadas,
      em armadilhas as verdades que disseste
      E as coisas, por que deste a vida estraçalhadas,
      e refazê-las com o bem pouco que te reste.

      Se és capaz de arriscar numa única parada,
      tudo quanto ganhaste em toda a tua vida.
      E perder e, ao perder, sem nunca dizer nada,
      resignado, tornar ao ponto de partida.

      De forçar coração, nervos, músculos, tudo,
      a dar seja o que for que neles ainda existe.
      E a persistir assim quando, exausto, contudo,
      resta a vontade em ti, que ainda te ordena: Persiste!

      Se és capaz de, entre a plebe, não te corromperes,
      e, entre Reis, não perder a naturalidade.
      E de amigos, quer bons, quer maus, te defenderes,
      se a todos podes ser de alguma utilidade.

      Se és capaz de dar, segundo por segundo,
      ao minuto fatal todo valor e brilho.
      Tua é a Terra com tudo o que existe no mundo,
      e – o que ainda é muito mais – és um Homem, meu filho!”

      Rudyard Kipling

      • NinaO's Mom

        -translated by n.o. ;0p-


        “If you can keep your head when

        everyone around already losing theirs and blaming you.

        You can trust yourself when all men doubt,

        and for those yet to find an excuse.

        If you can wait and not be tired,

        or mistaken, not deal in lies,

        Or, being hated, do you hate to dodge,

        and did not look too good, nor talk.

        If you can think – and not that it just you shoot me,

        to dream – and not make dreams your master.

        If finding the Triumph and Disaster And done this,

        treat in the same way those two impostors.

        If you can suffer the pain of seeing changed,

        in traps truths you said

        And the things that this life shattered,

        and redo them with the very little that remains you.

        If you are able to risk a single stop,

        all you have gained throughout your life.

        And lose, and to lose without ever saying anything,

        resigned, becoming the starting point.

        Force your heart and nerve and sinew,

        to give whatever in them still exists.

        And so hold on when, exhausted, however,

        left the will in you, which says to them: Hold on!

        If you can, among the plebs, do not corromperes,

        and among Kings, nor lose the common.

        And friends, whether good or bad, fend,

        if all you can be of some use.

        If you can give, second by second,

        the fatal minute all value and brightness.

        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

        And – which is more – you’re a Man, my son! ”

        Rudyard Kipling

        ;0p pssszzt

    24. Mountain Trekker

      Proftel, Por favor, Yo no hablar espanol. Trekker Fuera.

      • Gregory8

        Mountain Trekker: Sorry, but that’s Portuguese, not Spanish. Close, but no banana. And the Brasilian pronunciations are much different, very nasal. I know, I lived and worked in south Florida for over 20 years. But not a bad try pal.

      • NinaO's Mom

        @ Mountain Trekker translated : Proftel , Please , I do not speak Spanish .Out Trekker .

    25. Proftel

      Mountain Trekker:

      Also do not talk in Spanish, who lives in Brazil speak Portuguese!

      If you do not know how to use the features of Google Translator and is falling out of the discussion, put a white cone shaped hat on his head.

      Perhaps some lessons of geography and computing do you good.




      • maudy fricket

        Welcome, but if you want people to read and understand what you say, on an English language blog, it is better to post in English.

        • NinaO's Mom

          @ maudy fricket Citação traduzido : Bem-vindo, mas se você quer que as pessoas a ler e entender o que você diz, em um blog de língua Inglês , é melhor para postar em Inglês .

          • maudy fricket

            I’m so confused.

            • sixpack

              I’m not—I know when to just click the thumbs down button and move on…

      • Mountain Trekker

        Actually I knew that Brazil was the only country in South America that doesn’t speak Spanish. For some unknown reason I didn’t know you were in Brazil. I do read your comments, guess I had an Old Timers moment. Trekker Out.

    26. Skinnymoose

      Fear sells.

      • sixpack

        yeah, but only if you can catch them BEFORE they start runnin’…

    27. Warchild Dammit

      Competing for jobs,wait till the amnesty for illegals passed,then you will have real competition.This amnesty if passed will make the regan amnesty fiasco look like childs play in comparison.

    28. KY Mom

      Outbreak of ‘nightmare bacteria’ in Illinois


      breaks down antibiotics

      “The outbreak, centered on a hospital in a Chicago suburb, has infected 44 people in Illinois over the past year.

      Fox News

    29. Jim in Va.

      Its going to hit hard and nobody will be exempt. We are now a part time nation. People are leaving for other parts of the world for job prospects. We no longer produce anything but paper. The dollar sucks,we have healthcare that we can’t afford and soon the military will be gutted. We won’t be able to protect ourselves. Only the politicians will be free of these problems.

    30. NinaO's Mom

      YEAH Mmmmmmmm … THAT’S IT BABY ;0P slurp …. MMMMMMMmmmm that feels soooo gooood … KEEP CENSORING ME @MAC ;0P

      ;0p pssszzt

    31. Be informed

      You know what is pathetic is when it is more profitable to be on welfare than it is to have a job in so many different places in the country. This is probably by design to get as many people totally dependent on this state for everything. Sure translates into reliable votes to those that want the gravy train to never dissappear.

      Someone on Fox News said that it is not how much you make, it is how much you take home. If you get taxed more than half of your income with federal, state and even local taxes, and going on state assistance brings in hundreds or thousands of dollars more, what are most people going to do? This is one golden reasons that the country is falling apart, in many cases it doesn’t pay to be contribute to the betterment of the country by working. This just sucks, but it is a reality of the death throes of a country once so strong and vibrant.

      • A

        BI. every word is true.

    32. slingshot

      So what will the rest of 2014 bring?

      Smoke more cigarettes.
      Drink More moonshine.
      Party more with friends.
      Burn more firewood in the campfire.
      Try to inform others.
      Teach others on preps.
      Whistle and sing more.
      Not what you expected?
      To undo what has been done will never be accomplished. What there is now will not be the same in the future. Change is in the air. The only thing to do is prep. Words of importance is redundancy and overlap.
      Where items have many uses, covering many survival issues. Basic, interchangeable use, and dependable items.
      In keeping with the above question for 2014.
      Inflation, unemployment and debt, lead to all the other
      problems that plague our nation. These three categories have the most impact on society and will increase the pain and suffering, till we can’t stand it no longer. Then things will begin to happen. We look at the Macro when it is the Micro we should be looking at. The outcome is how bad it will get for how many. Not the time issue.
      We read here, those who look at others who lost their job are now losing theirs. How their budgets are stretched at the grocery store. How people are losing their homes and stores going out of business posting right here on SHTF. The Micro.
      Banks failing. Companies closing or being sold to foreign interest. Jobs shifted to overseas. Cities going bankrupt. The curtaining of city services like firefighting and police. The Macro.
      A third category may be the Super Macro.
      Intergalactic, Geophysical and the Geographical.

      • Any Mouse

        I quit smoking but the rest of the list is just ACES!

      • slingshot

        Where the Super Macro becomes the Micro.

        There is not enough iodine or bentonite clay if this thing blows its cork.

      • JayJay

        Nina–I have been reading about this disaster since March, 2011.
        I knew then from some voice inside my head that this would be critical for survival.
        Is this it?? Are we arguing over issues irrelevant at this point??
        Everyone seems to have their heads up their butts on this one…………..
        “Nothing like this has ever been attempted” Yale professor. “All of humanity will be threatened, for 1000s of years if rods in unit 4 pool touch during removal process”.

    33. Patriot One

      Over the years I’ve earned my economics degree from the WalMart School of Economics. Earlier this week I had to return my economic measuring stick to WalMart because it wasn’t telling me the economy was fine. In fact it was measuring shopping carts full of Christmas gifts being returned for cash or credit. My stick was also measuring the same acts at every Big Box store and mall from Baltimore to Boca as we made our way south for New Years.

      In short the numbers are being cooked at every level by the corporatist and the statist. Sooner or later the rhetoric is going to meet reality!! I think we will make it thru 2014 only because its an election year and the Federal Reserve and politicians will do what ever they have to, to get reelected. With that said, their seats are on the Titanic.

      The USS United States of America could sink at any time, but my bet is on December 2014, but definitely by 2017 our ship will be lost.

      The only thing holding up the global financial system is money printing and the only reason the US markets and dollar are stable is because the rest of the world is printing even more money than we are.

      Keep an eye on California, France, Illinois,
      Italy, New York and Spain!! Key words “Pension Funds” “Bankruptcy” “Insolvency”. Don’t expect any warning from the ratings firms as they have already been neutered.

      Good luck to all.
      patriot One, Out.

      • Ms. X

        Great comment. Something tells me 2016 will be significant.

        • Patriot One

          Thanks Ms. X.

          I’m trying to keep it light on a dark subject.

    34. Anonymous

      Off topic:

      Christie is not saying the things that need to be said in his news conference. He calls what happened “stupidity,” “unacceptable,” and that “folks” who have worked with him know he is not the type to do something like the lane closures. He is whinny and he is stopping short of truly taking responsibility for what happened. He’s full of words and words are cheap. What happened was the direct result of the culture existing within his governorship.

      As the result, he comes across as insincere and unable to grasp the gravity of what happened. He comes across as aloof to the very serious consequences to everyone affected by those lane closures. What happened was the direct and very tangible result of political arrogance — the arrogance that normal Americans are so fed up with.

      He doesn’t get it.

      This only reinforces my feeling that he is not Presidential material and would not make a good POTUS. We need an almost heroic, conservative, tradition-grounded POTUS more than perhaps at any other time in our nation’s history. Christie ain’t it.

      • Molly P.

        he gets it alright…he is a lawyer using his craft.

      • .02

        Doesn’t matter who the repugs put in there, Hitlery Clitwoman already has it wrapped, signed, sealed and delivered.

      • apache54

        Christie is just another DICK HEAD !!! throw him and the others out!!! need new blood in the political arena!!

        • sixpack

          I think we need to see MORE blood, period…on the floor, the walls, the seats, the…

    35. maudy fricket

      It’s official, the Globalists have finally broken the back of the American standard of living. Over 20 years ago I watched a guy on television describe how the US was going to ship every job they could out of the US. And those jobs they couldn’t send out, he said, would be staffed by immigrants. This guy wasn’t just some nobody. His name is Lester Therow (not sure on the the spelling of the last name). He is still a professor at some college back east. He was on the William F. Buckley show at the time. This has been a long time agenda of the Globalists. Sadly, it also falls into the agenda of the anti-American Marxists. It’s time for a gut check, boys and girls.

      • oldguy

        Yes indeed the UN NWO & Agenda21 folks decided the blue collar middle class had more than their fair share. So the manufacturing jobs where redistributed to other places. The Job decline & decline of the middle class was done on purpose.

      • REB

        Yes Maudy its time for a gut check….shoves the Bowie into the hilt of TPTB and “volia” just as I suspected…hot air and crap…needs doing though so lets get to it! 🙂

        • sixpack

          Don’t stop shovin’ until you see daylight!

      • Jim Bob

        You’re correct Maudy, he also was a frequent guest on the Louis Ruckyser Wall Street Week before the whole thing became an insiders casino.

    36. Ted Kennedy

      Rodman takes a bow without kneepads, the Gate swings open to the truth, fatman fires fast, Mac’s World pushes the 1st., Okie never clutches.

    37. Arby

      A Subway recently opened in our small, one traffic light town and according to our local paper more than 350 applied for a handful of part time jobs.

      On the other side of the coin, my kids live in Northern Indiana and they have NOW HIRING signs everywhere and some places are even offering hiring bonuses.

    38. Sgt. Dale

      This just goes to show that there is jobs that the American Citizen will work so why open the borders?

      My son just left Vegas area because there is almost no work there other than at the casinos. We are told that the unemployment rate is around 11%. He told me that it is more like 25 or 30%. He told me that people have stopped looking and it is easier to get free stuff from the Government. He came home because he wants to work, And found some part time jobs. He won’t take anything from the feds. God I’m PROUD OF HIM!

      I can’t see it getting any better for at least 5 more years. I just hope we last that long.

      Do you see in the picture how many people are in line. What happens when all their aid comes to an end. Its going to get bad really bad!

      • Kulafarmer

        It already IS bad for many,,, otherwise why do the feds keep changing the formulas for how they come up with their numbers? Most of the folks who are no longer counted as unemployed are not looking because they are stuck and there are no jobs to be had,,

        • sixpack

          They keep changing the formulas, because the old ones started coming apart at the seams, showing a little truth…can’t have that, now can we?

      • Them Guys

        SGT Dale: Hopefully enough will get fed up and burn down AIPAC for starters. Then load up every single unloyal dual citizen that is loyal to zio israel on a boat one way outta here….That includes every single bribed by ziojew $$$ politition too…They All need the Big BOOT!

        Every policy, law,tax,swindle,scam,wars, arms shipments, is done today with but One single issue in their minds…”is it Good for zionist israel and jewery”?

        if answer comes up Yes…it gets passed, made a law, Funded, taxed, spent, or warred against…

        NONE ever ask “Is it Good for America”? none ask is it good for white folk?….

        All 535 in reps and senate plus prez are mandated to make a journey to bang their foreheads against that wailling wall(none can wail like that tribe of whiner victims eh) and after the mandatory head banging event is broadcast on every usa msm tv show news….They head for secert meetings where they Must prove to the head top pharisee rabbis that all they will ever be concerned of is..Is it good for jewish zio israel?…And that of course they will always vote Yea for it.

        America has been turned into the prophetic Beast nation/govnt with the babylon women rider played by ziojewish israel…To create a kommie JWO and rule the entire world from jeruselem.

        Khazar frauds….Swindleing the world with the help of cyrus scofield bible preachermen who are either bribed also, or are ignorant of what zionistsjews represent in reality. Both types are Unfit to parade as pastors.

        All they teach is #1 Romans 13 aka You Must OBEY all govnt no matter What!

        #2- Israel/jews/zios can do NO wrongs! and even when they do…You Must fully ignore it or God won’t bless You or America!

        QUESTION: So after 65 years now, since 1948, of constant blessing, paying for, ignoring all wrongs done by, Israel and jews…..Hows them, “Americas gonna get blessed by God promices” working out so far Pastor?

        Because if the Past 65 years is what You call “A Blessed America”? I sure hate to see what any Curses will entail!

        With Best Friends and Allies in mid east such as State of jewish Israel?…Who needs any Enemys?!

    39. lena

      i’m believing in a very anemic year for 2014.

      obama needs to keep things rolling to be able to keep congress as is, divided and inept; so that he can finish the ride the country is on thru executive order and obamacare in 2015.

      if things want to go ahead and fall apart this yr, i’m fine with that; you can make money on the way down and i’m set to do that and set up a spot on the sidelines and watch the Detroitification of the usa.(which is coming, its just when and how bad)

    40. oldguy

      Ive asked this before. Why is it some one elses responsibility to invest their money. take all the risk. deal with all the government Taxes rules & mandates ect. Just To provide a job for someone else? And too boot if they happen to become successful they are demonized by those who think that the employer has more than his fair share. Punishing the successful and rewarding the failures isn’t working too good. Social engineering & redistribution of prosperity has never worked.

      • Kulafarmer

        Its like Atlas Shrugged was a prophesy rather than fiction!

        • REB

          Uh…you mean it wasn’t…. “Thus saith Ann Rand” seems she nailed it…really she just understood people…

          BTW…I talked to you about the Russian kale a few months back….got a volunteer plant outside my hoops…darn thing is still alive and doing well after at least -15F one tough weed…

    41. maudy fricket

      The lies never end. How many colleges and universities are there in the US? Thousands? How many IT grads every year? Tens of thousands? Yet the employers claim there is always a drastic shortage of help in the IT field. A shortage of grads that will work for half pay, probably. They are using the same strategy they used at meat packing plants and warehouses, etc. They claimed they couldn’t get Americans to do that work. It was and is a lie. People didn’t want to work for half the pay they used to get for the same work. Save a bullet for the US Chamber of Commerce, the MSM, the politicians. Soon you won’t have anything left to lose. Might just a well take the bad guys with you. I feel sexy when I talk like that!

      • Them Guys

        FOR: Them what wants or can Handle the Real Factual truth.

        This link is a Goldmine of info from a man whos entire life and carear was working in usa fed state dept, OSS in WWII era, LT. COL US Army Inteligence division, Mid east ambassador, State dept Honcho just below top few positions, Fluent in Several arabic and farsi/persian and hebrew languages, More degrees than you can count, Taught as professor at several prestigious univ, as well as gave over 25 keynote speeches to Both US army and us Navel colleges of war…And alot more I can’t recall to list here…

        His greatest asset is he is Honest, and truthfull. He explains much thats been well supressed and hidden from 1920 up to 1971, when usa state dept released tons of docuemnted stuff…Most regarding zionists, state of israel etc….EVERYTHING You ever wondered about…He answers!

        “The Great Zionist Cover Up” by: Dr. Edwin M. Wright

        A Long Read…Well Worth your time if you desire factual Truth on the bastards running, and Ruining america since before WWII…

    42. PKLauLau

      Off Topic….6.0 just hit Fukushima…also decontamination sytem has stopped working….

      (Hysterically running around with hands in the air)


      • A

        USGS does not show a 6.o quake. Nearest one was 5.0 way north of Fukushima hours ago.

        • PKLauLau

          Yup, was originally a 6., then downgraded to a 5 by USGS (not sure I even trust them anymore)….what I read was it was in Fuku prefecture. But Fukushima is so twisted and broken that they are concerned about the tanks touching…I still think a 5.0 is something to be alarmed about.

          But the scary thing about their decontamination no longer working is really alarming. What happens when the decontaminated water holder thingy gets full and the machine they use to change it/dump it/whatever is now broken and “wont’ be fixed for a long time”? If I read the article right, not only is the water not being decontaminated, but that the holding tank can no longer be emptied. So what happens then…more duct tape?

          So, I stand by my “hysterically running around with hands in the air.”


    43. TheGuy

      And in the end… no matter how hard it gets, no one will unite.

      Because those “other people” (from whomever’s perspective) are a different race / gender / income level / language speaker / have different cultural expectations / different age group / different religion / different party affiliation.

      Face it.

      Our religion is government. I don’t care what religion you are, as a whole, our religion is government.

      And all we want is for them to pay attention to US and get rid of / tax the crap out of / regulate out of existence “those people”.

      As long as this is our focus you can expect all of us collectively to do absolutely nothing.

    44. Jim in Va.

      North Carolina cut the amount of unemployment and cut the time one could collect. Their unemployment stats went down and people went out and got jobs! DUH!

      • Smokey

        Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

    45. lonelonmum

      The only thing to do is look local and create your own income from what is needed in your own community. Create 2 or 3 small businesses so at one time you do not risk ALL your income being swiped by one stroke of the regulatory pen.

      Small scale trading and capitalism is the only way to go. Get to know your neighbours and learn to trade services/self-produced products for what you need barter style and without using bankster/taxman traceable fiat currency.

      Living this way means you won’t be able to afford the McMansion mortgage or the twice yearly vacation to Disneyland, but it does mean you’ll be set up to survive once the elite switch off the welfare tap. The Amish, the Roma, and several other groups survive outside of the system as much as they can. Learning from their example is the only way to go at this point.

      There will ALWAYS be someone cheaper than you, outsourcing was stage one of the global takeover, slavery will be the final stage.

      When we were kids the aim was to study hard, go to college, get a good white collar job. For our children the goal is simply to avoid taking the chip and to remain free. The sooner parents accept this new reality, the more chance our younguns have.

    46. KaD

      The situation is SO bad I’ve pretty much given up hope of having any real future. Not given up trying, just hope. I got laid off in 2009, went back to school, got my paralegal certificate, six year experience, awards and recommendations, can’t get a job for the life of me. Ten years ago I got hired without even filling out an application. Now you’re lucky to get past the online assessments, personality tests, and other BS to get to the FIRST interview. I hope I just stop waking up.

    47. jakemcooper

      This article points to the issues related to unemployment and lack of learning the apt course that will provide people with good career opportunities along with good payment. Students need to focus on courses in streams such as paralegal, mobile apps development by Cestar college Toronto for example and health so that they can get rid of unemployment issues as these courses have high demand in market.

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