Snoop Dogg Poses Over ‘Dead Trump’s’ Body In New Album Cover

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    World famous musician, Snoop Dogg just threw himself into headlines, but it’s not for his love of marijuana. This time, he’s getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

    Rapper Snoop Dogg has taken a break from garnering attention for cannabis by posing with president Donald Trump’s dead body on his new album cover. Snoop Dogg’s new single, “Make America Crip Again,” which is the title track on his upcoming EP (extended play), takes aim at Trump and his governing practices. “The president says he wants to make America great again. Fuck that shit. We gonna make America crip again,” Snoop Dogg says in the track.

    Many are considering the image to be threatening, but a minimum, it’s disrespectful. Snoop Dogg claims that his album cover isn’t political either. “It’s not a statement or a political act: it’s just good music. Certain people feel like we should make America ‘great again,’ but that time they’re referring to always takes me back to separation and segregation so I’d rather Make America Crip Again,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement obtained by Rolling Stone.

    Snoop Dogg’s album released October 27 and has drawn applause and harsh criticism for the cover choice. “In my lifetime, that’s when young black men in impoverished areas organized to help their communities and to take care of their own because society basically left them for dead. A lot of people glorify the gang-banging and violence but forget that in the beginning, the Crips’ main and sole purpose was to be the reflection of the Black Panthers. They looked after kids, provided after-school activities, fed them, and stepped in as role models and father figures.”

    Of course, to claim that this is not some sort of political stunt by the rapper is absurd. Especially considering this isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has gone after the president. The rapper, who was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign, targeted Trump earlier this year in a music video where he can be seen shooting a clown dressed as Trump.

    *The scenes in this video may be disturbing to some and are not suitable for all viewers.

    According to the Washington ExaminerTrump responded to the video, saying the rapper would have likely faced “jail time” had he pulled the same stunt with former President Barack Obama at the forefront.


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      1. “The president says he wants to make America great again. Fuck that shit. We gonna make America crip again,” Snoop Dogg says in the track.

        Garbage “music” from a garbage “musician”. And they wonder why the black community is in such a sorry state these days.

        • I think it was WC Fields who said “No one ever went broke UNDERestimating the taste of the American public.” And if you factor in leftists, its even worse.

        • Poop Dog: “we gonna make America chimp again”.

        • “And they wonder why the black community is in such a sorry state these days.”

          Exactly! And many of them are too stupid to understand it. No wonder they are on welfare, lol. F**king losers.

      2. This scum-bag rat, ape, nigg#r deserves to be lynched for all to see! How about them apples and put an end to this constant garbage.

        • The (((Juz))) that own the record studios promote this gutter rap as music and its all by design to exploit freedom of filth and degredation of young minds and destroy traditiinal American culture. Abe lincoln should have exported all of them back to Luberia Africa when he had the chance. Pavement ape ghetto rats is what snoopdogg woof woof is.

      3. CC, I wholeheartedly agree. Snoop Dog and all the other rappers and hip-hop ‘artists’ [I USE THAT TERM RELUCTANTLY] are all POS with criminal records who don’t know how to make an honest living. I hope the Secret Service investigates him over this but I’m not holding my breath on it. Even they still have Obama supporters in their ranks.

        • but but but Deplorable Bravemonkey, aren’t you a knuckle dragging ape yourself? you should love this new album! it’s right up your alley.

          • D Doggy, I’m a white man. I’m not like any of those POS rappers and hip-hop artists so kiss my white ass.

            • It’s time for a good hanging.

            • No deplorable, you’re a knuckle dragger; it’s very obvious

      4. Most Democraps were actually appalled with Kathy Griffin’s disgusting stunt earlier this year and the same will happen with this video. Both parties will be disgusted by it.

        Same thing that happened to Kathy Griffin will happen to this ape. Her sick stunt ended up being a career killer for her, and so will this one for this ignorant ape.

        I’m a Republican, always have been, and I was surprised to see months ago that the majority of Dems were also appalled by what Kathy did, not just the Repubs, but it’s true. The majority of Dems were disgusted with that photo she did with Trumps head and only a very, very few thought nothing of it.

        That’s why all the many Dems Kathy was close to for decades cancelled their upcoming events and shows with her and ended their relationship with her and she ended her career. Everything was canceled regardless of political party. Her career didn’t end because of the Repubs reaction to what she did, it was because BOTH parties were disgusted with her and what she did.

        Same thing here with this sick stunt. Glad this ape was too stupid to see this would damage his career too.

        She’s finished because only very few Dems (and some Repubs too) didn’t care what she did, not nearly enough fans and audience to sustain her. Same thing will happen now with this ape. So it’s just as well. Good riddance.

        • I hate to tell you, but sheeeeee’s back. She didn’t end her career and is back doing her act again.

          • OldSailor, Doesn’t matter. She has a very limited audience and few fans. Not enough to support or sustain her. She won’t last. This is just a pathetic attempt to get back into the limelight, but it won’t last long. Not enough fans.

            The Dems even knocked her off the annual NYC New Years Eve events held every year for many decades. She had been hosting them for over a decade. The *majority* of Dems were disgusted by her disgusting stunt. She’s toast.

            She doesn’t have enough people behind her because most everyone was disgusted, even the libby-leftists. Even Anderson Cooper. Even Rachel Maddow.

        • Nothing will happen to him, because he sold his soul to the white trash rich establishment and he is their boy. Some of these entertainers like Madonna and others are required to be a messenger anytime they are called on by them. Once entertainers reach the top, they have to do the white elites bidding or they wont continue to get perks and fame. Thats what happens when you sale your soul to them. He will continue his food show with Martha Stewart and nothing will happen to him! Everyone”s anger should be his White Master Satan who elevated him to fame and fortune. I got permission to do this stunt from his White Master!

      5. And?
        So what else is new from thig culture or the left,,,,

      6. Okay Snoop. Now, in a turnabout, how about if a white guy stands over a corpse of one of your BLM brothers with a smile and a Pabst longneck? Oh!! I forgot to wrap that body in the Stars and Bars as well and a toe-tag reading, “D’chango – Father Unknown”. You want freedom of speech? Okay, I’d say that’d about do it.

        • Oops! That is just a wee tad too much Badthink! Snoop’s owners will not be pleased.

          • Precisely. Only “antisemites” are perpetually castigated.

      7. I’m a big fan of Trump. He’s doing great things outside of the House and senate.

        But I’m tired of him not cleaning house and maybe a few charges against morons like Snoop. They’re trying to incite violence against him, the President.

        • SierraDave, Me too. I hear ya. Trump is friends with many of these thug entertainers. Totally inappropriate. But then we elected an entertainer for POTUS and we got an entertainer for POTUS. Entertainers generally like other entertainers. IMO, Trump has done nothing to prevent & stop the violence.

      8. Another Kathy Griffin. I hope the Secret Service pays him a visit.

      9. Dear Mr. Dogg:

        Tell me sir, exactly HOW ignorant are you? I realize you are too ignorant to realize this, but the KKK was led by founded and led DEMOCRATS. Your DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson screened the racist Birth of a Nation in the White House. Your Democrats, in power since 1960 there – gave blacks Detroit, the south side of Chicago and Baltimore. You must be proud of that, right?

        In contrast, Frederick Douglass – of whom you know NOTHING, right? – said “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”

        My suggestion, Calvin Broadus, is use your real name, and get a clue. Maybe since you are so ignorant of political reality, you can just go back to your usual woman hating lyrics.

        Yours sincerely,
        Another American who is onto the leftist scam

      10. Always remember folks: H8TE, violence and bullying is **wrong.*** That is, unless the fascist left (cf. the Antifa brownshirts) does it. Then it is “understandable,” “justified” and even “good.”

        Leftist hypocrites.

        • Some “Doggs” are more equal than others.

      11. How do these knuckle dragging blue gums get away with threats to our president??!! I’m fnn sick of it!!!

        • They get away with because everyone is too afraid to call their thug black a*s out in fear of getting sued by the demonic ACLU, or southern poverty law center, or “reverend” Jessie Jackson or Al Charlaton

          The secret service should pay this arrogant thug a visit in the night, how DARE you do that!

          But. If a white musician did that referencing obummer, the cities would burn.

      12. Snoop Dog is the puppet, the system that promotes him is the puppeteer. There has been for the past 2-3 decades a promotion of the inner city hoodlum. Its not accidental. It dove tail fits the agenda of making this lifestyle/culture not just acceptable but desirable to the youth to facilitate inter racial interbreeding. What comes out of the entertainment “industry” is controlled/approved by TPTB and it facilitates its globalist goals. They want to homogenize the world.

      13. Dogg: Making America corrupt, decadent and stupid again… just like Detroit.

        Nice work Dogg! And you make off with millions while the sheep that listen to you end up on crack, unemployed, sexually assault women, etc.

      14. My favorite picture
        was one of US Marines urinating
        on some dead Moslems.
        Too bad it wasn’t a picture
        of Marines urinating on
        Kardasian Boytoys.
        Off subject,
        Do not order solar panels
        direct from China
        unless the MFG has a ADD/CVD
        number. WOW! What a pain to
        import stuff from China.
        I’ve found some local crooks
        that game the system, so I
        will get my Hyundai panels from
        China(?) for less than $1
        per watt. I’m ordering a
        pallet load.
        Prep on and piss on Thugs.

      15. A symbolic gesture of blacks killing Whites. All approved by the MSM, the Government, and the Civil Rights Div. of the Justice Dept. Remember, they want you and your kids dead. Act accordingly.

        • “Act accordingly”? No question their…lock and load!

        • Donald Trump is a duly elected President of the United States. Beat that.

          Snoop Dog is a clown and pathetic who hasn’t made any real music in decades. Snoop Dog stands a good chance of becoming the next Cathy Griffin — just another bag lady for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

          Marshall Mathers is an old man at 45. Nobody gives a sh*t what some geezer has to say.

          George Clooney’s movies are bombing worse than the NFL. And Hollywood is dying with him.

          The same with MSM, the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post.”

          George Soros is having to separate himself from his reich. Too many “supporters” are taking their money some place else.

          As soon as this sh*t stops being commercially acceptable these losers will stop.

          • Right on, Blamey!

        • Him, had that been a picture of a white male standing over the dead body of a BLM member, the white male would already be UNDER a federal prison. Don’t tell me DC doesn’t have race-based policies; I know better.

      16. Yes. From the killing fields of a world at war, to the street corner stages. It’s another production of “Us” against “them”, because were different enough to kill one another. Humanity wins. Yay.


      17. ???? “world famous”?????????????????

      18. An unreal example to our kids huh? Another piece of trash that needs to go out for collection in the morning.

      19. Would be nice to see Secret Service take this POS in and give him a good talking to.

      20. DISGUSTING.

        • Anonymous, that’s right. Black thugs are disgusting.

      21. What’s the difference between this and me going to a gun show and seeing obamas face on a target? I don’t agree with snoop. 1st amendment gives us a right to do the same thing the next time a lib prez gets in

        • The difference is that Obama was doing everything to tear down America. Trump is trying to Make it Great again.

      22. sorry to ask.

        what is a snoop dog?

      23. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (on YouTube)

      24. Bet Snooper Scooper would yell the loudest
        if his dead body was displayed on Pres.
        Trump’s podium every day.

        Right, Snooper???

        There fixed that snotty nosed pup.

      25. Poopp Dogg…..Thats all I have to say about that.

      26. Mark Dice video .Worst video of all time . Must see. I guess we get a millstone around our necks , Untill they are 18. Then it’s all good?

      27. Snoop Dog is an illiterate thug just like all the peeps that buy his crappy music, if you can call it music…

      28. Identifying the enemy will be our biggest problem? Friend or foe. When in doubt kill? Shoot first and ask questions later? We need this? Look up and rejoice. It’s so much easier this way? Even so Lord come soon. The sooner the better? Who’s flasks are fuller? Yea baby.

      29. I’ll bet there ain’t no Crips living in Snoop’s neighborhood. Fake ass gangsta ni–a.

      30. I is absolutely a symbol that a race war is coming, the black man killing the white leader.

      31. oh man, mo ooga booga.

      32. I have never been comfortable letting those in the entertainment industry do my thinking for me.

      33. Bring on the race wars already. Time to clean house of the degenerates and liberal douchebags.

      34. Sicko. Just a matter of time that some other rapper will take him out. They are good at killing each other here and there.

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