Smart City Planners Confirm Bluetooth and WiFi Devices Transmit Data Even When Disconnected

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

    According to a 2018 survey, 66% of Americans don’t want to live in “Smart Cities” because of privacy and cybersecurity concerns.

    Another downside – “Smart Cities” require countless wireless radiation transmitting devices operating 24/7.  Many Americans object to being involuntarily exposed to harmful radiation.  No safe level of wireless radiation has been determined for children or pregnant women.  American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts also warn that children are more vulnerable to exposure.

    Regardless, several communities in Florida seem to be considering becoming a “Smart Cities.”  Otherwise, this elaborate online document wouldn’t have been created.  It provides all kinds of details including that Bluetooth and wireless WiFi devices transmit even when disconnected (page 22).


    The online document also includes that “Smart Cities” require 5G.  American doctors, scientists, engineers, and public advocates have requested a moratorium on 5G.  Even telecom executives won’t say 5G is biologically or environmentally safe.


    Slick marketing or not, no one is immune from the dangers posed by “Smart Cities” and 5G.   Opposition, lawsuits (see 1234), and warnings (see 1234) increase worldwide every day.

    Activist Post reports regularly about unsafe technology.


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      1. ” … 66% of Americans don’t want to live in “Smart Cities” … ”

        Does anyone think they will be given a choice about it if they already live in a city and can’t escape it (most can’t)?

        If you’re in a city of any size at all it will simply be imposed on you whether you like it or not.

      2. They’re building infrastructure for that crap in Memphis right now. I finally moved out last July and been at the BOL since then. No more cities for me.

      3. Genetic stains were redlined into conservative neighborhoods, and landlords have been using the spytech on their unruly tenants.

        Said demographic replacements will all, all, all… tell quietive, white pedestrians, bicyclists, and mutli-generational townies, perceived to have higher-status, that you were caught being rebellious, against your nouveau riche, nggr rich kangs.

        Unlike the liberal-tarian ‘Friends of Voltaire’, I favor milieu control, so won’t fight for your right to say it.

      4. Does anyone living in America seriously believe that they are not already considered to be community property and a commodity for the parasitic, sex-offending, theft, intellectual property theft surveillance cult of scum bags with deviant personality disorder?

        This mass surveillance and cannibalism of consumers will undoubtedly assist in the retail apocalypse and the apocalypse of the entertainment and service sector, in addition to the tech companies that created it themselves.

        Epsilon establishment parasites! They can’t survive without us, but we can definitely survive without them! In fact, we would be better off if they were dead!

      5. Sorry, but I’ve decided to be interim president until further notice, since everyone in DC is a mentally incompetent, lunatic, psychopathic, fraud and thief, and a violation of 4th amendment rights is illegal and applies for all to abide by whether in government, the private sector, or no sector at all.

        This is clearly a 4th amendment rights violation.
        Unlike the Venezuelan self declared interim president Juan Guaido, I am boycotting the Davos World Econmic Forum.

      6. There has been some cyber-jacking of non-jew websites and bloggers including Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Kevin Barrett, Philip Giraldi, Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and others that I have not been able to access, attempting to force me to collectivist jew alternative websites, or Russian websites. These Russian and collectivist jew sites have and had cyber stalked me also with gas-lighting and illegal surveillance of me. It would be great if those that were referrenced would be made aware of the cyber-jacking which they are most likely oblivious to.

        • Their religious cultists are just as likely as yours, to turn against your own people.

          • Big tech will be there, to help them do it.

            • Clown World,
              Whose religious cultists are you referring to? Some psychopath with deviant personality disorder has interfered with the the rights to self determination of multiple individuals on this matter. Maybe you are ok with that for your own financial or fascistic reasons. I keep receving pop-ups saying that it cannot connect to the server of those websites.

              You claim that I am a religious cultist. I do not go to church. Is NOT being Jewish a religious cult in your world view? I am a stay at home Christian. Kevin Barrett is Muslim. Are Russian websites part of a Jewish religious cult in your world view?

        • The thing that has been inexplicable to me for Russian website is not the support of the Russian Government, which is to be expected, but unwavering support for all BRICS nations, despite the horrifying human rights abuses taking place in BICS. Are BICS financing the Russian websites too? BICS nations are extremely more authoritarian than Russia, but it is obvious that BICS criticism is disallowed, which is really a shame since it destroys their credibility as a news source and gives the appearance of propaganda very similar to American propaganda.

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