Smack Down: 67 Year Old Defends Himself on Transit Bus *Video*

by | Feb 23, 2010 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    As a prepper, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Often times, threats come out of nowhere, when you least expect them. And while most preppers spend money and time focusing on the three day and three week Survival Priorities, few consider the three minute priorities like fire, drowning and defense.

    Crime is on the rise and trend forecaster Gerald Celente has said that we will continue to see an increase in theft and violence as we move forward through the Greatest Depression. Basic self defense knowledge could save your life and the lives of your family members. We urge our readers to take responsibility for their personal security by enrolling in a martial arts or self defense course, and practice regularly.

    The following video shows that sometimes, regardless of your attempts to avoid them, threats can present themselves at anytime, anywhere.

    *Strong Language*

    And for a bit more entertainment, check out the Epic Beard Man Remix:

    Tommy Slick, AKA Epic Beard, discusses the attack:


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      1. Hmmm….. very interesting, but from what I can see on the tape, the black guy hit him in the chest rather than the face, and then the fight started.  But you are right…. the old guy is as scary as anybody I have seen.

      2. Did you hear the lady at 2:39 saying we could press charges, I got it on tape, um, hello you dumb a$$, your tape caught this fine young, outstanding man [sarcasm there for the clueless] trying to hit and shove an old man who moved AWAY from the confrontation yet was stilled egged on

        so don’t be upset you got your ass kicked by an old man and as the fine outstanding lady with the camera said, you be leaking…

        as a fine movie I once saw, I’d like to use the following statement

        “You just got served a plate of humilitation, hows that taste??”

        +1 for Old Man for the WIN

      3. Comments…..the old guy was spoiling for a fight.  Anyone want to bet this guy was a veteran repub who blames all his problems on blacks and queers.  He’s no good guy defending someone from an attack.  Every good citizen tries to humor unruly fellow travelers not pour fuel on the fire.   After a victim stops moving you need to quit hitting him.  Too much time watching police cop glorification shows.

      4. “the black guy hit him in the chest rather than the face, and then the fight started.”

        actually, the fight started WHEN the “black guy hit him in the chest”.    it could also be when it ended, because the black guy went down and turtled. 

         and from my favorite movie line “He got KNOCKED the F**K OUT”

      5. People get what they deserve. You just don’t always get to see it on Youtube.
        Fear the Beard!

      6. And the stupid little punk just kept talking trash…. You can’t fix stupid. 

      7. Chip… STFU

      8. I see a video start in the middle of a confrontation.  It appears that the African American man said something as he walked by.  It appears that the European American man responded.  They were BOTH aggravating each other with racial comments.  BOTH.  Now.  I saw the older gentleman WALK AWAY, and the younger gentleman respond to being egged on by the crowd.  Who was calling the older gentleman “Pinky”?  Riiight.  Racism only goes one way?  RIIIGHT.  The younger gentleman HIT THE OLDER GENTLEMAN FIRST.   It’s called comeuppance.  Period.  I think this guy got what was coming.  DON’T HIT PEOPLE.  It’s animalistic, AND VERY UNPREDICTABLE…

      9. Comments…..that fat black dude cant fight…….next time he needs to keep his mouth shut……jest like in mexico when thoughs guy try to kill the bulls….i love when the bull wins. yaahoooooo come on baby   jump on this    im old but strong like bull,,,,,,

      10. 1. You don’t ask a black man to spit shine your shoes PERIOD.
        2. Both should be in jail for mutual civil rights violations.
        3. Some of the observers should also be in jail for the same for egging on the black man with racial statements.  That’s inciting violence over race – a civil rights enhanced crime.

        We can’t have racial violence in our public spaces.  It just should not be tolerated.

        I live in San Francisco and have seen the “old man” many times acting belligerently and in a harassing and unsocial manner.  It is said he is on medications and becomes aggressive when he fails to take them.  In those cases he should be sent to the psych ward until he decides to take his meds.

        IF this guy is a Vietnam vet (and the other Viet Vets in the park say Tom “Slick” Bruso  is a vet but not a Vietnam Vet) then it shows what the military us unleashing on us with these trained killers they send into war who come back mentally destroyed and sometimes violent.  And this is just residual Vietnam problems.  Imagine what we have coming up with the Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

      11. The young guy is lucky he got to walk away from that……obviously didn’t know what he was messing with.  He will probably have to get schooled a few more times before he learns to keep his mouth shut.

      12. Bob, scumbags like you are the reason this country is in the shape it is in.  “Civil rights violations”= FREE SPEECH…the violence came because the little POS hoodrat moron though he might be tough enough to take on a 67-year-old man, if he attacked him while he was sitting down. He got his a** handed to him neatly-folded.  I bet you threaten to sue people when you dont get your way, don’t ya Bob.  Spineless scumbag.


      14. Oh bob dobbs your type are THE problem.  Case in point: Berkeley used to be a nice crime free town until your liberal assholes made excuses for the thugs and made upright honest citizens criminals. Fuck you bob dobbs–spit shine my knob.

      15. The Epic Limerick of the Epic Beard Man.

        In Oakland a grizzled veteran named Tom
        From the long forgotten war in Viet Nam
        Tried to get rid of his blues
        By shining his Stacy Adam’s shoes
        To look sharp at the funeral of his Mom.

        When he got on the AC transit Bus
        He encountered a racially toned fuss
        Because a thug named Tyrone
        Tried to pick at Tom’s bone
        When the shoeshine was brought up to discuss.

        Tyrone acted like his shit wasn’t stinky
        But compared to Tom he was really quite dinky
        Though Tom’s conclusion was foregone
        That it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on
        One of the hecklers yelled out “Say it again Pinky!”

        Tom declared that he was 67 years old
        That’s when the thug decided to get gangster bold.
        One of the women with no class
        Yelled out “Beat his white ass”
        Now here’s where the legendary stuff begins to unfold!

        Tom said something about slapping the thug shitless
        That’s when Tyrone finally proved himself witless.
        When Tyrone’s left hook came around
        He got his ass beat to the ground
        By the Senior showing Epic Beard Man fitness!

        Epic Beard Man hit him with a three lefts and a right
        It was a beat down instead of a fight!
        Epic Beard Man got his shoes shined
        By putting them up Tyrone’s behind
        Then he decided to call it a night.

        Tyrone crawled off to where a wounded man encamps
        To some of his bleeding he tried to apply clamps.
        The videographer who was freakin’
        Cried aloud “Ohh He Leakin’!”
        As Tyrone yelled out “Bring da’ Amber lamps!”

        Here’s a tip for any thuggish city sucker
        Epic Beard Man can make y’alls ass pucker!
        You’ll be cryin’ and moanin’
        If you pick on a big bearded Roman
        Who’s shirt declares “I AM a Motherfucker!”

        Charles Ulysses Feney
        Livingston, Montana

      16. bob, you can shine my shoes, boy!

      17. Comments….. Bob, you are mentally destroyed.Imagine what we have coming up not with Iraq and Afghanistan vets, but with
        trash bags like you. Shine my shoes.

      18. Wow.  On the re-read, folks, you got some piss poor ways of saying “White”, and if ANYONE used the same kind of language for “Black”, there would be hell to pay.  As for “The Sarge”, if you truly practiced martial arts, it wouldn’t be for the opportunistic beat down of a ‘cracka’.  Disgusting language from many of you.  Are you BLIND?  Watch the video again – with your rage glasses off…

        Two Lessons

        Mike (black) stupidly attacked a nutjob Thomas Bruso (Epic Beard Man) who is twice as big and twenty times as crazy as he.   Mike needed that ammalamps to stop his leakage afterward.   He’s lucky God looks out for stupid people.

        I. Mike let the racial-pride chip on his shoulder succumb to manipulation by a sadistic, racist, opportunistic female sack of crap with a camera.   Just like it did/will again “Sgt. Devildog” poseur above; it makes him stupid(er) in the face of danger.

        II. People are sick and tired of black racist grievance theater.  Even more so than they are tired of street nuts.    The original video had over two million hits, with its spin offs hundreds of thousands more by last weekend.   White people are writing poems, songs, videos and artwork praising Epic Beard Man.  That’s your evidence.

      20. That damn brain dead “Gangsta” is too stupid, poor and LAZY to take Shalin Karate or Shotokan, what the F*&% are your thinking ? for him to take those classes it  would require some pride, heart, morals and a job, obviously that animalistic piece of garbage has none of those. The funniest part of the whole thing was when the “Gangsta” realized he’d bit off more than he could chew, typical ghetto dumb ass, he and his possey are nothing unless there are a gang of them together, of course this is animal, tribal behavior that just leads to their eventual imprisonment, as usual, and people wonder why 90% plus of black children are raised in single parent homes, you reap what you sew animals.

      21. Im black, but you don’t have to be to know that stupid little shit got what was coming to him. @sgt. devildog, maybe this vet needs to come pay you a visit?

      22. I’m glad that dumba** got his a** beat. Black people need to realize that if they want white people to stop being racist they need to stop bringing up the race card all the damn time and they need to stop being racist themselves. Blacks are some of the most racist people i have ever met. And yeah you dumb blackey show the cops the tapes and the whole da** bus load of you will get arrested. And real quick, obviously sgt. devildog is a nig, cuz seriously no white boy talks like an uneducated nig unless he’s a wigger,  in which case he doesn’t matter cuz i think that any white person that tries to act black is worse than black people themselves.

      23. Self Defense. Assault is saying your going to kick someones butt, battery is doing it. Assault on a senior is a felony in California.

      24. Don’t talk about African people this way, or European people that way – White or Black, NO ONE should be demeaning of the other?  “Pack of animals”?  “Superior nut-case”?  HELLO?  Did your armpit stink when you got up?  Ooze a little snot out that nose today?  Whose drawers aren’t full o’shit stains, or are you one of the rich ones with a toilet shower or some poor immigrant to wipe your ass for you?  WE have enough problems today in a class war without fighting each other with stupid shitty words that mean NOTHING.  WE are in this TOGETHER – these two boys had a problem, and it’s one that’s been foisted on us by the rich!  THEY DON’T CARE WHAT COLOUR WE ARE AS LONG AS THEY CAN USE US!  These rich assholes get us fighting one another, and we lose sight of our freedom!  There ain’t no such thing as Black or White – my mother was Scottish African, my father Sephardim Portuguese, and there isn’t ONE of those people who accept me as one of them, but you know what?  I’m good enough for God – looks like the sperm was good enough for the egg, TOO – so STOP YOUR STUPID SHIT, we got problems, and I’m tired of everyone acting like that line the rich folk put between us even matters – IT DOESN’T …

      25. The young guy got what was coming to him. You hit someone expect to be hit back. For those of you claiming African and European American, you are a disgrace to this country. You are either AMERICAN or your not, so make up your mind. Africa and Europe have nothing to do with my American rights and Constitution. You don’t like the American culture then move your ass back over to Africa or Europe or where ever you want to claim you are from, cause America on exists in the U.S.A. If your ass was born here then you are American be proud of it and quit being ashamed of it.

      26. watch the start carefully. the black guy is talking to the black gal and says “ac transit” THEN the white guy speaks to him first (distracting the black guy in his direction) and asks a clearly racist question. the white guy then smirks and glances at the gal next to him and re-asks the question. THE BLACK GUY DIDNT START IT. there is no “fight” because the black guy never fights. his one initial “tap” is to the chest AFTER the white guy wont drop it. also notice that the WHITE guy gets thrown off the bus but NOT the black guy. the after interviews reveal that the black guy is civilized and articulate while the white guy is an ex-con, hustler, liar, drug user and known trouble maker. look more deeply into the facts before calling this white racist a “hero”.

      27. Zarathustra, That’s the way I saw this clip as well – too bad the black gentleman didn’t recognize the white guy was mentally disturbed and let it go.  He got caught up in the ‘audience’ encouragement from the person taking the video.  She was the real ‘winner’ in all this – got to laugh and take advantage of a really bad incident and get her video on Youtube.

      28. Sgt Devildog is a phoney. Anyone taking martial arts usually just keeps quiet about it.  Looks like another mfg job his butt handed to him. He shouold have paid extra on the bus for bleeding on the seats.

      29. It is illegal to assault anyone. The man got up and moved to avoid further confrontation.  You can spin it anyway you want it.  Nobody can make you engage, it is a choice.  The white guy can say anything he wants to. The black man chose to go to the front of the bus and “tap” the white man on the chest.  Illegal.  Not to mention that he was an older man. The first thing that the “articulate” black man should have considered was the appearance and disregarded the comments on that alone. 

        I love the poster that says we all have enough problems in our “class war” with stupid words that mean nothing and then goes on to put down the rich.  Amazing.  I guess some people have to hate someone and blame has to be placed somewhere for our own shortcomings. 
        Before a comment is made. I am not rich. I am right where I should be for the education that I chose to pursue and the lifestyle that I chose.  I may pay my student loans for the rest of my life, but I have earned everything I have and do not begrudge anyone else that has done the same just because it is more than what I have.

        Look inside and take responsibility for your life.  No one owes you anything.  And anyone can say anything to you. Words are not important unless you make them important. The black guy should have ignored the man or moved, himself, right at the get go, to be the bigger person.

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