Skynet: One In Three U.S. Warplanes is a Robot; 7,494 Drones and Counting

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    We may be pulling people out of war zones, but our dependence on robotic weapons systems is growing rapidly, with sales of drone related technology rising significantly over the last decade, and especially in the last year. According to the CEO of  AeroVironment, a government contracted drone manufacturer, sales “actually increased as troops were drawn down from Iraq, supporting our notion that a drawdown is not necessarily unfavorable to our business.”

    A Congressional report obtained by Wired Danger Room says that unmanned surveillance and strike technology in use by the military has been growing exponentially over just the last several years:

    Remember when the military actually put human beings in the cockpits of its planes? They still do, but in far fewer numbers. According to a new congressional report acquired by Danger Room, drones now account for 31 percent of all military aircraft.

    To be fair, lots of those drones are tiny flying spies, like the Army’s Raven, that could never accommodate even the most diminutive pilot. (Specifically, the Army has 5,346 Ravens, making it the most numerous military drone by far.) But in 2005, only five percent of military aircraft were robots, a report by the Congressional Research Service notes. Barely seven years later, the military has 7,494 drones. Total number of old school, manned aircraft: 10,767 planes.

    A small sliver of those nearly 7,500 drones gets all of the attention. The military owns 161 Predators — the iconic flying strike drone used over Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere — and Reapers, the Predator’s bigger, better-armed brother.

    But even as the military’s bought a ton of drones in the past few years, the Pentagon spends much, much more money on planes with people in them. Manned aircraft still get 92 percent of the Pentagon’s aircraft procurement money. Still, since 2001, the military has spent $26 billion on drones, the report — our Document of the Day — finds.

    When President Obama announced that he was scaling down troop levels in the middle east citing success, cost, and the need to focus more on protecting the homeland, what much of the mainstream media failed to report is that the new military planning strategy under Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is the expansion of our capabilities and influence in Asia. This particular deployment of military assets, however, is unprecedented in its scope:

    The U.S. military has become so concerned at China’s rapidly growing arsenal of anti-access and area-denial weapons that just over two years ago it authorized the navy and air force to collaborate on ways to off-set the Chinese challenge to America’s capacity to project power and sustain its alliances and military partnerships in Asia.

    To move out of harm’s way, the United States aims to deploy sea-based drones on its aircraft carriers in the Pacific by 2018. “They will play an integral part in our future operations in this region,” according to Vice Admiral Scott Van Buskirk, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet in the Pacific and Indian oceans. “Carrier-based unmanned aircraft systems have tremendous potential, especially in increasing the range and persistence of our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, as well as our ability to strike targets quickly.”

    At present, jet fighters and bombers on U.S. carriers must take off within 800 km of their target, leaving the carriers within range of land-based missiles and combat aircraft. However, the new generation of sea-based drones being developed by the U.S. could operate as far as 2,500 km from the carrier, putting the ships out of range.

    Source: Maritime Security

    The popularity of a technology capable of seeing targets by their heat signature, zooming in on situations-of-interest  from thousands of feet in the air, and the ability to kill or disable those targets when necessary is no longer restricted to just the U.S. Department of Defense.

    It has also been tempting the domestic law enforcement sector, which by some accounts is now considered by the Department of Homeland Security and Congress as the new battlefield against terrorism.  The FAA recently granted approval for widespread use of drones over U.S. airspace, and  local sheriff’s offices and metropolitan areas are now regularly deploying re-purposed drones from the middle east theater of war to their localities in the interest of maintaining safety, security and a watchful eye over the American people. Since, according to DHS chief Janet Napolitano, the terrorist threat has “shifted” to lone wolf attackers living in the United States, domestic deployment of military drone technology has and will continue to increase.

    With the success of robotic ‘soldiers’ on the battlefields of the middle east and north Africa, and the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act solidifying government’s seal of approval for domestic war-time and surveillance operations, Americans can expect that our own law enforcement fleets will soon see marked increases in the use of  these weapons and technologies.

    The only question now, it seems, is who is flying these unmanned vehicles over America?

    Any drone flying over 400 feet needs a certification or authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration, part of the DOT. But there is currently no information available to the public about who specifically has obtained these authorizations or for what purposes. EFF filed a Freedom of Information Act request in April of 2011 for records of unmanned aircraft activities, but the DOT so far has failed to provide the information.

    “Drones give the government and other unmanned aircraft operators a powerful new surveillance tool to gather extensive and intrusive data on Americans’ movements and activities,” said EFF Staff Attorney Jennifer Lynch. “As the government begins to make policy decisions about the use of these aircraft, the public needs to know more about how and why these drones are being used to surveil United States citizens.”

    Source: Blacklisted News, The Daily Sheeple

    Due to the secret nature of these local law enforcement operations, for all we know these vehicles are being operated by military personnel, which would suggest that the US military has already been deployed over the streets of America.


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      1. I’m still #1

        …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



        • You’re #1!

      2. RONPAUL2012

        • A real leader persuades the public to grow up rather than pander to their primal desires. But such a leader would only have one term in office — if elected at all.

          A quote from:

          I’d better be careful or NetRanger will send the drones to get me!


          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



          • mushroom,

            Good video, and why do you think netranger would send a drone after you? LOL maybe I just don’t get it.. But I am learning what “Under common law I do not consent and I waive the benifits” means..I remain on my path for the quest of knowledge.


            • @DPS

              I am not worried about whether NetRanger sends the drones (twas a joke anyway), but it was because I once said that I didn’t believe in voting in response to a post from him about his beloved Ron Paul. Any one who doesn’t agree with him is a troll…I’m just a mushroom — but I’m not a sheep!

              Most just don’t get it…it will only get better once we can start over and decide our own fate. I think it was Celente that said something like when the people have nothing less to loose, they loose it. Until the majority that’s left get really, really hungry it just won’t matter, let alone will anything happen.

              You, on the otherhand DPS, are on the path to enlightenment…at least you have your ears on and your eyes open!


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • Mushroom,

              The sad part is it took me 49 yrs to get those eyes open. Jan 30 2011 at 11:59 something brought me to this site, Still searching for that answer. That my friend was the day I awoke, I have had a chance to visit withsome really great people and ignore some real dumbsses. But I do not have any regrets.


            • @DPS

              Amen…it took me many years to hear…


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • OK. I powered down the drones.

              A) Ron Paul may be (I think he is!) the most honest and constitutional politician that has ever run for president.

              B) I powered down the drones after I saw the video (Second time. I saw it when it cam out.)

              C) Ron Paul cannot stop the collapse no matter what he does.

              D) …what he can do is make it survivable by backing off the jackboots and pulling for the American People instead of special interests.

              When Ron Paul gets elected EVERYTHING the government does will be more respectful of individual rights. Count on it.

              …unless, of course, I’m totally wrong and Ron Paul is a 40 year-in-the-making object of controlled opposition. In that case, all bets are off and we, in fact, would be WORSE OFF with him in power because guys like me would give him a mandate and he’d misuse it.

              The fact is, I’m finding that waiting around and begging the government to “give you your rights” is something they cannot do! You already have them. You just have to claim them.

              DPS, did I plant a seed that sprouted? Good for you! There was a time during my study that I was depressed. Once I realized who I was and that I really was free, a tremendous burden was lifted.

              OK, Mushroom, you can relax. I had the guys roll the drones back into the bunker.


          • To get you? Heck no! I just want those cans of $10 bills! You’re on your own.

            • Thanks NetRanger, I thought you didn’t love me any more. It isn’t that I don’t like Ron Paul, I’m just a bit jaded at the electoral process we have left in this place we call a country. You can have as many crispy $10’s I have left after using them for TP. That’s pretty much all they’ll be good for if I can’t trade them for good stuff when the defacation impacts the rotating oscillator the final time.

              …#10 cans—crispy $10 bills…

              mushroom – the real one


            • Jaded? Oh, why? I mean its all been so successful for us, right? Ugh! I wanna puke.

              No, I do, I shill for Ron Paul, unabashedly. I really do think his election to the presidency could break certain strangle holds the executive branch has on some things and if he would dump the IRS, EPA and the FedRes in the river, well, may God bless him for even saying it!

              Here is what I know: I have traced just about every thing the man has said, every vote he’s cast. This is the first time I can ever remember agreeing with EVERYTHING a man says. I’ve voted for candidates that I agreed less than 10% of what they say and do. This man CLONED MY BRAIN and is using it!!!

              RON PAUL!!!! Thats a copy of *MY* brain and I… DEMAND YOU CONTINUE USING IT!!!

              Now, I realize I am just being silly, however, sometimes I wonder. Everything he says, every opinion he has, every vote he’s cast: were I in his position, I would have done the same.

              So, this is an omen to me: I will support everything he does because it seems that everything he does is everything I would do. Its like I’m watching a 15 year older version of myself run for president.

              …and the establishment Republicats *HATE* him. The Democans *DETEST* him. He is a friend to no party. Why? Because he shorts out the ability to feed off the people by killing the revenue streams they commandeer: War, Theft, Corruption, Lobbying.

              He can’t be bought and that pisses them off to a degree that is beyond any scale that can be expressed.

              I REALLY LIKE THAT!

            • Ooops! Fat finger: …25 year older version of me…

            • We have to get this man elected. He may be the last hope available before America hits the ground in a power dive.

        • If elected, Ron Paul would be “motorcaded” or “suicided” before he could get anything accomplished. I’m not being cynical or jaded, it’s just the truth of the matter.

          • I don’t know if I’d agree with your “truth of the matter”.

            Paul, and his supporters, are “dangerous”; his words.

            Paul’s biggest obstacle isn’t what would happen after he might be elected, it’s what might happen before. If “they” were going to do him in, in any manner that implies, it would be before he got the republican nomination. Once he is in that driver seat, Obama doesn’t have a chance. Could you see the two debating? It would be a mercy killing and the droves flocking to Paul would be record setting, at least on paper. At the controlled ballot box, well, we know that story.

            But they’ll do everything in their power to prevent him winning the nomination. They’ll spend Trillions to counter his every move. If worst comes to worst for him, a heart attack just at the right time would accomplish their object, and they’ve got the appliances to pull that off.

            No, he is in the danger zone, right now, right this very minute. It’s the republican nomination that is critical from tptb side. Once they’ve got “their” man, anyone other than Paul, in that seat, the games over. They win with either party.

            If Paul were to somehow pull it off, get nominated and have the support of the majority, then get elected, it’s because the consciousness of the collective has been raised substantially, meaning; enough Americans are waking up, and, something quite extraordinary and wonderful could happen

            However, this designed war with Iran is just what Obama handlers need to throw us into turmoil, chaos and martial law. Say good bye to the elections.

            Lastly, I have to admit, Paul’s appearing emotionally, intellectually and physically stronger ever time I see him now. We could be on the verge of something big, something REAL BIG. We all need to do what we can to support his nomination.

            • +1

            • + 1 or spend at least 68 million thats what obamney have raised so far. Just think how many lives that could save if the spread it around in medical supplies, un f–kin believable. Does anybody remeber Brewsters Million? Why would anybody spend that kind of money to get elected if they didn’t intend to steal it back..


          • When things get bad enough; they change….always happens. Here, things just haven’t hit that level yet, but it is closing in.

          • A presidential candidate is one person. Our founding fathers created a balance of powers and it up to us to find the right people throughout every elected office. Good for Ron Paul and for our nation if he is elected – but without rigging the ballot boxes and buying votes with our illegally-confiscated tax dollars (of which the communists like Obama etc., with the assistance of Dems and Repubs alike, has plenty to toss around), it will otherwise take an enormous popular majority to make that happen -if the Democrats don’t start whining in court if they lose – better to focus on getting a president elected who is nominally on “our side” but spending the majority of our time working at the grassroots level to gain, not a Party majority, rather, a political philosophy in place which agrees with the constitution.

        • @eeder

          Ron Paul is a principled man.

          Next time you hear Obamney speak, remember who are his handlers. The list speaks volumes.

          Just check out the following list of the biggest donors to the Romney campaign. These numbers come from….

          Goldman Sachs $367,200
          Credit Suisse Group $203,750
          Morgan Stanley $199,800
          HIG Capital $186,500
          Barclays $157,750
          Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
          Bank of America $126,500
          PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
          EMC Corp $117,300
          JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
          The Villages $97,500
          Vivint Inc $80,750
          Marriott International $79,837
          Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
          Bain Capital $74,500
          UBS AG $73,750
          Wells Fargo $61,500
          Blackstone Group $59,800
          Citigroup Inc $57,050
          Bain & Co $52,500

        • Do you really think that there will be an election this year? It seems that they are preparing an event that might just put the election on hold. If infact Obummer is doing all of the things we fear then why would he even take a chance at losing the election and possibly be exposed? All hail furor Obama!

          • A war with Iran!!

      3. I wonder how many drones it would take to grid the USA?

        • ANd the answer is…7494!


          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



        • If the dept of homeland security doesn’t know the answer to that question, I’m sure they will eventually.

          • @greaseman…I said it before I’ll say it again – 7494.

            …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills …

            mushroom – the real one


            • what is the 10 dollar bills for may I ask?

            • eric, the the time we need to peel the lids off those cans, lets just say, they’ll be mounted on spools to be used the the king of the porcelain kingdom.

        • You can bet $10’s and #10 cans that’s already been planned out.

        • salvadordaly the entire US is already mapped in a grid. And each little square is labeled.

          Right now there is a map of your town, my town, every bodies town with a grid overlay, and all those little squares are marked either “Pacified”, “Resistance”, or “Unknown”. There will be a serious effort to make all the squares “Pacified”. There is already someone,one of the in charge preparing that plan.

          You will not be allowed to see that map. Ever.

          • Interesting, I guess you can’t put certain characters around words or they filter out. Second time I have seen this in one of my posts.

            The above sentence should read:
            There is already someone,one of the MEANIES in charge preparing that plan.

      4. 200 tattler reusable canning lids at for $85.00 till they run out in case anyone is interested

        • THanks rainyday, I needed some more, they are great.

        • rainyday and Zedge Zero, good info. Just wondering how anyone could give either of you a thumbs down?

          • It is our “friendly” troll. Whoever it is seems to like the thumbs down button. I generally ignore the thumbs up or down and don’t click them unless something is particularly striking.

      5. The title of this article is more ironic than you realize as “skynet” refers to a number of things in today’s world,(European GPS, pop culture, etc) one of them is actually the program that is used to monitor and control said drones globally. At least someone in the military had a sense of humor when naming the system.

        • “Skynet”, not to mention the evil software program from the ‘Terminator’ movies….

          • Someone can sit at Edwards AFB and run an air surveillance operation anywhere in the world. Meaning, for example, local police may not be able to use the drones domestically without notifying the FAA first, which must notify the DHS first and with the requirement to maintain enough bandwidth for the fed to monitor the signal so “they” can take control of the device anytime “they” want if “they” see something that interests “them”, and without a warrant to use all those nifty devices that can be stuffed onboard in place of a pilot who only has a pair of Mk-I eyeballs and a brain: IR, DLR, Thermal, datalinks to who-knows-where to alert who knows and maybe I don’t want to know…the eyes and the brain have only shifted to the ground, therefore, a drone for domestic LE is simply another method of policing much like a chopper, but if the signal is available to the fed we should know that; the Fourth Amendement specifically tells the fed that there are some very specific steps they must go through to get at our “Person, papers, and private possessions” and hey, didn’t we have this discussion during the Bush years with the Dems leading the charge about “Domestic spying”, and my! how the tables have turned with the Democrat Communist-in-Chief Obama now aspiring to constitutionally misuse the very principles his Party railed against…

      6. “The FAA recently granted approval for widespread use of drones over U.S. airspace, and local sheriff’s offices and metropolitan areas are now regularly deploying re-purposed drones from the middle east theater of war to their localities in the interest of maintaining safety, security and a watchful eye over the American people. Since, according to DHS chief Janet Napolitano, the terrorist threat has “shifted” to lone wolf attackers living in the United States”
        OK, so what the hell are they going to see? Looking for that “lone wolf”. These drones will be better at spotting large congregations of “pissed wolves” that have a disagreement with their government! By the way Janet, Good morning, and kiss my ass!

        • Mark my words, cops will become the enemies of all patriots. This technology and others like Google Earth are already being used to find building permit violators. The Dept of Agriculture uses this technology to “wetlands” are not being drained and farmed, and the next generation surveillance is almost here with ultra-precise lidar terrain mapping that has high enough resolution to detect if you have disturbed the soil in your backyard while you were digging to cache your weapons and food or for that fallout shelter you built in violation of a dozen regulations. Cops fit into this as the enemy because while you can be targeted with a Hellfire from several thousand feet altitude, there will be cases where “boots on the ground” will be necessary to prevent collateral damage or to confiscate stashed food or to capture prisoners for interrogation. There are not enough military forces for the mission and their loyalty will be suspect when it comes to targeting their fellow citizens. Cops already target their fellow citizens every day and a blind obedience to enforcing the law makes them the likely tools of our enslavers.

      7. These things scare me to death. But I don’t think there’s much we can do about them.

        I am seriously considering leaving the US for awhile, just to see what happens over the next 2, 3, or maybe 5 years.

        • SCOTT Finally, someone who is exhibiting more than two neurons firing simultaneously!!!

          BTW, you’re #1 in my book musheadroom, even though you still live in the dark and eat shit, you’ve made some good points lately.


        • Drones have no boundaries, just jurisidictions. 🙁

          • You can run to any country, but you can’t hide anywhere in the world from these terminators. 🙁

        • These things scare the shit out of me, too.

          I once wrote a high school paper where I explained my conclusion that “you can’t put the genie back into the bottle”, essentially, you can’t stop the relentless march of Technology, that once something is invented it can’t get “Un-invented”, etc. It was essentially, putting into print my feeling – and some research from the facts I could find – that Progress Marches On No Matter What, so I’d better get with the damn program.

          And I did, most of an engineering degree, ‘tronics tech for years, here even now I find myself, not having done electronics for pay since the through-hole days, wielding a soldering iron for pay. I Got With The Program. Was there any choice?

          However especially after losing it all in 2007 and a brief dip into homelessness (interesting place to visit, you’d not want to stay there) I read a lot of stuff on Peak Oil, civilizations’ rises and decay, the usual litany of stuff like Guns Germs & Steel, The Archdruid Greer, Ran Prieur, and so on.

          It appears there is hope! Throughout history, things get forgotten all the time. In fact, pottery got un-invented both in the Pacific migrations of the Polynesians and in Europe after the fall of Rome. Pottery! Something that basic. There’s a whole area in electronics dedicated to restoring old stuff, even remanufacturing old ICs because nothing better has come along.

          A simple, sweet thing called the Olduvai Theory pretty much sums it up. Energy flow = complexity. Cut down the energy flow, and complexity becomes unsustainable, and the civilization either crashes (hunter-gatherers among the ruins of Angkor Wat) or reverts to a simpler form (Byzantium).

          These drones are “fast, cheap, and out of control” (title of an interesting movie on robotics) and right now they’re cheaper than soldiers. But they are vulnerable – Nazi Germany had an explosion of technological progress during WWII but we simply choked off their oil. Same with the Japanese, given enough oil, they’d own most of Asia and the Pacific right now. Instead, we choked ’em off, sending submarines especially to target and sink oil-carrying ships heading toward Japan.

          We can adopt the same strategy. If we can adapt to living w/o the grid and then deprive it to our oppressors, if we can live without gasoline or tires and then deny these things to the oppressors, etc. We have to find out how, if these things are used against US citizens, to make them as useless as a field gun that’s out of ammo.

          • @ domestic terrorist, very well spoken. A very small percentage of these drones are actually capable of delivering “death from above”. The majority are strictly “eye in the sky” survelliance drones.

            I’m not implying that fact isn’t bad, but the actual predator/reaper death merchants do not form the bulk of the drone fleet. Mac ends his article with a statement that concerns me most: “Due to the secret nature of these local law enforcement operations, for all we know these vehicles are being operated by military personnel, which would suggest that the US military has already been deployed over the streets of America.”

            Exposes the “teeth” of the NDAA with “the US military ALREADY deployed in America.

            • yental, they have been deployed over the streets of America. It is through, what is called Joint Task Force, which the gov’t doesn’t like being spread around. The drones, to the non-fed law enforcement, have been under the guise of the war on drugs. The fed operates the drones as part of the training for non-fed law enforcement. Then they all share data, non-fed with the feds, with all data controlled by the fed, making local law enforcement dependant on the fed.

            • DRD5508, then “it” has begun. Add this fact to the ludicrous “we are looking for information on a serial killer” highway checkpoints, along with the other checkpoint beta tests THEY are running, and I think it is safe to say The Show Has Begun.

              The “acts” that will quickly follow should be obvious to even the most transient observer of current events in the USA.

            • DRD5508, “The ramping up” portion of the show has begun. This theatrical presentation began in earnest with the Patriot Act, and has relentlessly progressed to this “phase”.

            • yental; the question is ” what came first, the drone or the patriot act?”. Answer: the drone, without it there wouldn’t be a patriot act. Just like satellities, the drones had to be a final product before before being used against the American people.

            • yental; remember the drone had to be perfected before the patriot act. As is with a lot of technology, trial runs and justification (to the public) before being turned on us.

        • if your’re going to leave,, you better get a move on. I suspect international travel will be controlled to the max , very soon. All in the name of “being for our own good” of course.

        • Tuck your sorry ass tail and run. Leave behind the country that gave you freedom, and presumably an education. You are one of those who do not deserve the freedom you have. Toss your guns, get the f*** out, and don’t come back.

          • Classy.

            Just to clarify, the country never gave me freedom, the God and the Founding Fathers did. The latter group being emigrants from Europe whose families departed the dark clouds of oppression and abuse gathering there.

            As far as guns go, I think you put too much faith into them. The Bill of Rights has been shredded altogether, but no one here has done anything about it, guns or no guns. I doubt the powers that be fear you or your guns very much, you don’t do anything with them except go to a “tactical rifle class” and play with them there.

            Let me know when you decide to start a revolution and I’ll join up. Until then, maybe increase your fiber intake, I think you’ll feel much better.

            • A predictable response from a common self-rightious coward.

              Please can your history lesson. If the Founding Fathers had your level of a lack of courage, America would not exist, and you are not worthy of one drop of their blood.

              So, I reiterate, tuck your tail, and go coward. May you reap your safe, comfy reward.

      8. I think it’s laughable that the “terrorist threat” continues to be used as an excuse to justify anything someone in our government wants to do.

        A few examples that particularly disgust me…

        One guy puts a bomb in his underwear, now everyone from toddlers, teenagers, adults, and the infirm have to be scanned or groped if they want to get on an airplane.

        People who gather to protest use social media and email, so when they are going to protest, the government shut down the internet and cell phones in their area even though our government made statements against another government doing this very thing.

        I don’t feel “safer” knowing some stranger is touching any of my fellow man’s bodies prior to boarding an airplane. I don’t feel safer having the government spying on me and my fellow americans through cameras set up everywhere, spying through our computers and cell phones. I won’t even bother mentioning the Patriot Act I & II or the NDAA, they go without saying.

        The use of these drones is more of the same. The government says it is for national security and I hear more of the same atrocities that have been visited on this country in the last decade. Sickening.

        • The corp wants everyone afraid of something.

          It wants the sheep afraid of terrorist, and those who have awakened afraid of it.

          I wonder what it will do to those who do not fear either.

          • @GC – I reckon so…

            But I will not fear what man can do to me, but rather what He who can cast my soul into hell can do…


            …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • @ mushroom, I just acquired a somewhat used, American made, Iranian supplied drone on Ebay. I am in the process of installing very sensitive #10 can sensors as I type.

              It is just a matter of time and your “stash” will be mine!

            • @yental…I reckon so!

              Sense all ya want, the cans are well hidden in the fortified bunker and are not easily detected by the cloned Amerikan inferior iranian technology available on ebay. What do you want with my TP? There are plenty of crisp $10 FRNs still available as Ben ‘the boob’ Bernake prints more each day. Get yours now while they still last! hehehhee!

              Thanks for letting me know I should watch out for you!

              mushroom – the real one


            • ~Yental~

              Contact GMAFB for the software upgrade! I’ll patch up the avionics hardware………but ya gotta split his stash w/ us!!!! Even-Steven three ways! Deal???

            • You guy’s crack me up, wanting a drone to get mushroom’s $10 crisp bills, But now that I think about it maybe I could use that drone to get some of my stuff from my ex wife. No screw it , it was worth losing to get rid of her.


            • @mushroom, having given this “idea” additional scrutiny, I do have one pre-theft request. Put those crisp bills through a couple of wash cycles. With my luck, I would end up with a “crisp new bill” papercut resulting in an abcess on my ass. Justice from your perspective, a pain-in-the-ass from mine.

              @Gunsmith, any upgrades provided to “yental drone survellience INC” will be appropriately rewarded.

          • why fear them, just stand up to them.. tell them the truth about their crimes… use firm verbiage so they understand you are serious. if more people just said “NO!”
            they would back off
            just say….

            • @eeder

              Apparently, you just aren’t capable of hearing what I’m saying. Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. You are reading this, so it is no too late…

              Those that have ears, let him hear.

              I don’t fear anyone or anything on this planet and I’ve made a great number of orbits around that big ball of light in the sky. I only fear God.

              In the end, it isn’t between YOU and THEM.

              It is between YOU and GOD. I can tell you that I learned this the hard way.

              There isn’t anything in this world that you can change. Let alone the evil in this country or the world. You can’t make a single hair on your head black or white anymore than you can add an inch to your height. So why do you worry about what you can’t change, let alone what you will eat or what you will wear? There is more to life than your body or what this world has to offer – you are still breathing and time is short, and you are not in control. Your time here is just dust in the wind. All you are is dust in the wind. (Kansas)

              Time to wake up, before it is too late!

              I haven’t seen a single uHaul trailer hitched to any hearse at any funeral I’ve ever attended, nor have I seen any ATM’s as tombstones so your heirs can reap what you’ve sown. You won’t take anything with you from this world anymore than you brought into it. In fact you will take less. So what will you profit if you gain the whole world and you loose what really matters?

              No matter how much I like Ron Paul and admire him for his beliefs, integrity and his perserverance, Ron Paul won’t be nominated, let alone be elected. And he certainly isn’t my savior. But from what I can tell about him, he DOES know who his savior is, as do I. Even if he were elected, he would be put down by the powers that be before he could have his first whitehouse luncheon. Let alone do anything like institute sound money, eliminate the fraudulent reserve bank, end the wars and bring the troops home or retract all of the executive orders ever issued. Here comes the new boss…same as the old boss. He will do what he is told – or else dey haff wasse of delinq wiff you!

              The blind leading the stupid…they both fall into the ditch. That’s what I said, that’s what I meant.

              Bring on the thumbs down…no ears, no hear! The truth is always hard to hear.

              And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

              The strong delusion is all around you. And the truth? Well, people don’t want to hear the truth…the whole world LIES in wickeness. If you are watching the LAME stream media, you are brain entrained every day with the lies and propaganda of the world. It is time to wake up. It is supposed to go this way. You can not stop it. And if you really knew what was good, you wouldn’t want to. You would simply recognize what you are and your place in this creation.

              A wise man does not oppose it, but rather moves with it.

              It was once famously said — Resistance if futile. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting my bloated nothingness out of the way.


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • mushroom….
              yes i agree with you to a degree… however i am not sure you believe in god at all. you are basically saying to just go along with evil plans and do nothing because i will die anyway… well yes i will die! i understand this fully. i just do not understand one thing… are you stupid, or are you working for the government? because its one of the two!

            • @eeder

              If you don’t understand what I’ve said, and you won’t at least try to, then only God can help you. I have told you the truth, and your blood is on your hands, not mine. As I said, he who has ears let him hear. Obviously you CURRENTLY continue to choose to remain deaf, dumb and blind. But don’t worry about it, you have lots and lots of company in this world and you will have lots of company in the next. The whole world LIES in wickedness. You are in the world and of it — I have chosen to no longer be in it or of it (as much as a mere mortal man can). Yes, we all die physically. But the important thing is NOT to die the second death. You must be born again. I didn’t say this, Christ did.

              I have found The Truth – Christ has set me free. Believe me, I have been more of a worthless, horrible wretched sinner than you will or could probably ever imagine…let alone you can believe. If he can and would forgive me, he will forgive you too.

              I can tell you that I don’t work for the government. I loath the government.

              I can tell you with certainty I DO know Him and serve Him and will until my final breath in this worthless world. Finding Him is the purpose of life. He is the way, the truth and the life.

              Did you just draw another breath?

              It is still not too late — you can still find Him. Turn to Jesus, the REAL one while you still can.


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • mushroom… ok im born again than.. personally i wish you would become deceased again…. i understand what you are saying fully.. i actually agree with you up until i catch you in your lies… it is you, whom is not too bright my friend… essentilly you are half sheep , half human.

            • @eeder

              Get behind me Satan…


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • Mushroom: If OUR Founding Fathers believed that crap WE wouldn’t be here. WE have the power to change America. WE have the power to change the world.

              90 million gun owners in America can change OUR direction without firing a shot! Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

              WE are the government. Its OUR government to win or lose. Engage the managers of this Administration or be enslaved by them.

              90 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands. If they fail to engage and demand the Republic OUR Founding Fathers bequeathed to US, there is not enough ammo in the world to protect OUR families and personal freedoms.

              WE cannot run and WE cannot hide. We must fight. If not now, when? If not US, who?

              Engage my peeps, engage.

            • Agree with ya DK. Just getting the 90 mil to vote as a block.

              Shroom, God helps those that help themselves. Also gives us the chance to change our ways before HE steps in. Learning curve. I for one am willing to give Paul a chance. Have done before and will do again. No more lesser of two evils. What other choice is there other than bloodshed?

          • Gods,

            Thanks for the link bud, i have begun my studies and the printer has been running all day.


            Finally on the Path to Freedom

            • DPS, Always remember that those trying to get to the truth about the law will use the law itself, while those who are looking to profit from the use or misuse of the law will refuse to comment on it.

              Feel free to ask your questions to the IRS. Just don’t expect an answer.

              What you will learn is that people will not even consider the truth if it goes against their training. What you will learn, others will be afraid to know. They may become afraid of you for knowing it.

              As you will see, it is all crystal clear. Most just prefer to live in a fog.

        • just remember–‘it’s for your own good”! In recent times, if the authorities needed to make a law change, they invented a boogey man. Now, they just change the law, as they want to. They care not about the constitution, or any rule of law. the law is what they say it is, or in some cases, it’s totally ignored.
          With the passage of the NDAA, the law is pointless, and useless as any kind of protection. We are now totally at their mercy—untill millions of gun owners deide that they have had enough. Then, things could get a little hairy.
          I’m continually reminded of what gerald celente said-“when people have nothing to lose, they lose it”. We are close to that point now.

          • ~greaseman~

            —You’re closer to the truth than most realize!—

            …………….Good post, sir!………………..

        • there are no terrorists at least not freakin middle eastern fuckers organized enough that live a cave that can out do our intelligence. The underware guy has been proven to be set up by the CIA to basically legalize fucking X-ray scanners. Its impossible, any attack that gets here is either staged(pretend) still happens and people die but not real in sense that the folks doing it are bullshiting us to absolutely terrorize us to let them do what they want with the laws and we just fall in fucking line. If it does happen that we are being attacked and turns to real then we let them get to us and complete the attack. Hitler and the parliment building fire, gulf of tonkin, oh weapons of MD from bushy and more. These things never happened so gov’ts have to be more creative in how they lie and what they do, the real terorists exist in the gov’t and history has proven it over and over again. I would never say that a decade ago but historical studies and factual info has convinced me otherwise. The TSA is simply put the means to condition us to being in a prison like environment, break resistance and condition you to take orders without question. Call it programming you into a docile servant. The drones are to intimidate and spy/kill. The TSA/DHS random checkpoints are to see if we will resist being owned and handled. So just keep on allowing it and they just keep doing it but it will get worse. I don’t support anything violent as you can stop flying (I have), you can stop traveling in cars to avoid being harrssed but that will get tough. Once they start going door to door with maachine guns and they will either fight or submit. Pick your path I know mine.

      9. I am not going anywhere. I will live just as I always have, at least until they kill me or drive me off my land.

        • Hey Highspeedloafer!! – Wherever you go, there you are!

          I am always amazed a folks who say they are ‘bugging out’ to their ultra secret hideyhole. Where ya gonna go? No matter where you think that ‘safe-place’ is, eventually you will run out of what it takes to sustain life, no matter where you go. If you don’t have a plan to provide the primary requirements of water, shelter, food and a defensive/offensive capability — no matter where you are, you are simply dead meat waiting for the vultures to sweep in and collect the leftovers.


          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



          • Got the #10 cans- sort of crisp $10 bills. Mushroom, you are the bomb… Thumbs up from me.

          • Yup, left the city 6 years ago to bug out in the woods and we’ve got the bugs to prove it. (stock up reminder-Raid)

            • ~Sandy~

              On a previous thread you were looking for that…ummmmm…super-clotting stuff, Right?
              Goto……..they have it in stock last time I checked.

              On a side note, I’ve used “Super Glue” a time or two in the field, to close a nasty gash…worked fine in conjunction w/ bandage cloth & medical tape.

              —Call it…Country-boy first aid—

            • Gunsmith,

              Superglue,duct tape, bailing wire and zip ties never leave home with out them. Thats a redneckfirst aid kit and repair kit. I have duct taped many of wounds on the trail and made it home.Like I told a kid that raced with us, hell I’ve had worst cuts on my eye and still blinked..LOL


            • Thanks Gunsmith, got the superglue in the stockpile with the duct tape. I’ve heard of using it also, but if I have to use needle & thread I’m prepared to do it. The kids may not like it…
              I was hoping to find the clotting stuff at a local store,
              I’m gonna see if I can finish the new year without any online ordering. Resolution? No. Personal challenge.

          • Any decent ultra secret hideyhole has the capacity to sustain life indefinately. The preps are only for the smooth transition from city life back to the rural lives we left behind for careers. I agree that true city people are probably casualties or at best surfs in the new paradygm, but not everyone in the city is from there. We can meet our basic needs and have the money today to buy the tools we need to help us.

            Only the governement is foolish enough to lock people up in a mountain for a couple years only to expect them to walk out into the ‘new world’ and survive when the supplies run out. They will most likely be shot by snipers who plug up their vents and wait for them to run out of air.

            • Aahh, you forgot step #2..disinfect earth..kill populace.

          • I’d say, #10 cans and clinky silver dimes – gonna be worth a $10 bill in real-life trade when things get that bad.

            As for the cans, learn to can with canning jars, they are da bomb. Need proof? Cut up an onion, put the cut up pieces in a Mason jar and put the lid on and put in your fridge. You’ll never know there’s an onion in there. You don’t have the corrosion worries of metal cans either.

            That being said, canned stuff is a quick way to stock up, get halfway decent stuff so if you change your mind on some of it you can always donate it to the homeless shelter.

          • mushroom… many of us do all of these things…. you are more negative than even me !

            • I rarely agree with musheadroom, but I would have to say he’s being honest a lot more than being negative. GMAFB

          • what good are your 10 dollar bills in heaven mushroom? or on earth unless Ron Paul stabalizes the greenback?

            • I will throw them in the street as foretold in prophecy- it will be the time I’ve been trying to warn you of, if you live that long. Chances are you will die with the multitude of unbelievers. Ron Paul can’t stablize anything, let alone the greenback.

              Wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

              There is a great book you can start with, it is called:

              Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…

              mushroom – the real one


          • You are correct. But for the very few survival experts who actually know how to live off the land forever, the ones that think they are going to bug out to some top secret piece of land they have, are mostly kidding themselves. But, there are plenty who will try–and good luck to them.

          • Had that reality check a year ago and thought well WTF, it is what it is. Why run to hills or anywhere for that matter? Be prepared for whatever and if it doesn’t work…well catch you next time around. Only so much you can do anyway and I have done most of it many many thousands worth of prep and short of a underground bomb shelter not much more can be done. I agree at some point we all must face the music. I don’t want hear how anybody is gonna do this or that and avoid this or that, I mean be real. You are not in a f-ing underground bunker (DUMB) with 20 years of stuff and greenhouses, clean water source, clean air, etc… mushroom is right. If nuclear war happens right, the fallout will kill whoever is above ground and go away in two or three weeks. If some the bombs or missles hit near a nuclear power plant or take power out for more than a week all the the nuclear facilities will melt down if they are not cooled. This is the real threat to us all more so than even FEMA or conventional war, even bio attacks. Go ahead fluff up say your stuff but you will dead from fallout in 15 minutes once they melt down and they burn for 25000-30000 years. Fukishima will continue to melt down and through the earth for 20000 years or better. A good part the nuke plants in the USA are on fault lines or in flood areas, most certainly near cities that may be military targets for missle attack. Be ready and prepared, but be ready if you know what I mean.

            • all other forms of attack are simply collateral, the real threat no matter what is the meltdown scenario of nuclear power plants caused by the other attacks or the sun itself with a super flare takingout the power grid. The seals in revelation may come to pass but our annilation may come from our own creations failing us with no power.

            • I can’t get any more biblical for ya!

            • On another note what happens when the computers we have made evolve literally and think for theselves? I can say from logical standpoint with no emotion like spock. A computer not having an organic body like we may see us a disposable (terminator movie anybody). You think it can’t happen?? Everything just about depicted in si-fi movies in the last 75 years has come to fruition, become reality, even transporter technology; one atom at a time it can be done, hows about phazer or lazer technology. Landing on the moon, mars and all the satilites, cell phones, 20000 leagues under the sea (subs), War of the worlds and other movies have all come to be real. Yea I know war of the worlds… there have been by professional reputable doctors the removal of alien metal pieces(implants) made of metals not found on earth, verified at the los alamos laboratory. I mean all the sightings, the abductions(much like demonic attacks written about in theological texts), the religious (christain) art works with little flying saucers shooting beams of light. Oh and just the shear size of the universe itself with a billion times a billion galaxies in it with planets like ours but a billion years older than ours says its real. Not to mention that all of the astronauts that have gone into space have said and I quote “we are not alone”. I had to go on about that to make a point which is much like the seals of revelation. There is an over abundance of reliable professional info and data and I didn’t list much of it, that we have and are for all intensive purposes; are having a war of the worlds and have been for very long time the reason for going into space to begin with. Like the info I posted on the seals in revelation, how can you hide from the verified quantifiable data that is irrefutable?? I know normalcy bias, I got it. Its no different than what I said about the freaking nuke plants. Things are a lot bigger and more complex than you might be willing to accept, not to mention f-ing disturbing. This does not make them not real nonetheless. If science cannot prove something it also cannot deny it.

          • Yes sir, I am and will be here when the poo hits the fan. Come and get me MR.Man.

        • thats my intention too.. either come and get me, kill me or back the hell off…..

          • Making a list for who has been naughty or nice, checking it twice.

      10. your tax dollars at work folks

        against you

        no way they could ever do this to us, with out our participation or our funding..

        cut off both and see how far they get

        • Hackers will see this as a challenge. Iran (or China) already got one. How long before the borg find themselves facing their own drones?

          • I like it

      11. Canned 16 quarts of chicken/sausage/shrimp/crab gumbo this past weekend, pickled 5 more quarts of eggs, as well as working on 4 units for my fellow peeps.

        Next month, mid to late month, it should be potato planting time in East Texas, will have to get ready for that.

        Just keepin on, keepin on….

        maybe I’ll mount a repeater pellet rifle on one of those chinese made helicopters remote control. Have my own drone to counter the local authority…lol…or a paint ball gun mount…

        It will be interesting this year…


        • My chickiebirds were laying like crazy for a while, then stopped for their moult, well, I was eating eggs and selling some to pay for feed, but then there was this long eggless period. This year I’m going to pickle my extras and pickled eggs will be a characteristic fall and early winter dish.

          Look into em, they keep a long time!

          • My chickens haven’t dropped an egg in weeks after their particularly long and ugly (with a capital “U”) molt. I read somewhere that giving them some cracked corn soaked over night in water with a nice jot of Cayenne mixed in will get them laying again in short order. Or make them run around the yard really fast with the burning ring of fire thing going on. We shall see. 😉

        • Where at in East Texas. I thought I was the only one around here that reads this and preparing.

        • Terry,

          I just know 1 thing for sure, if I ever get down your way I’m coming to see you and your shop. Your site has some really good pics of your work. A true craftsman..

          And maybe we can go shoot some piggies..LOL

          • Hey DPS , maybe we should schedule a weekend get together? Get Terry, Mac, & any of the other Texas folks
            that are interested to meet up talk SHTF preps, shoot some piggies….have a BBQ…… Now that would be time well spent ! Whadda Y’all think ?
            Montgomery County Texas

            • To clarify….when I say shoot some piggies….I meant do some wild hog hunting. Good shootin practice…get out the night vision….might as well use all the toys we got & have fun & hone our skills while we still have the time !
              Montgomery County Texas

            • Random,
              That would be great, the only problem I see is I live way up here in the panhandle around 600 miles from Terry.
              Mac? Mac lives in TX? But shooting some piggies sure sounds good, and bonas very tasty as well.Damn I still need to pick up so night vision, work has been really slow, due to its very cold up here. I do have to be down in Poth Tx the 1st week of Feb.


      12. now I won’t feel bad about shooting those things down when the civil war breaks out.

        • Why wait? Any time is a good time for target practice!!


          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



        • good luck on that..they fly way to high for you to even see them let alone hit one

          unless your near an airfield where they are coming back to the ground or taking off, you wouldnt have a chance in hell of hitting one.
          and if you were on the ground and hit one, they would already know where you are

          • Sadly, this appears to be the case. You don’t think Hadji over there isn’t listening with all his might for those damn things? They fly up there so high you just can’t hear ’em, then boom.

          • ~VRT~

            Surveillance drones carry mostly cameras, improved models likely sport both cameras & IR(infra-red) imaging sensors…

            Attack drones(military models) carry all the above, plus ‘thermal sighting systems, a laser designator & in some cases, side-scan radar’. Armament consists largely of laser homing missiles such as ‘hellfires’ or something similar…

            But the one thing common to both(all) remotely operated systems is….a HUMAN operator, sitting at a control console w/ monitors & a joystick & probably sipping a cola!

            Your job/mission is not to fool the drone! Your mission is to take on that operator! Fool him!
            Make him curious. Bait him w/ something, so he drops altitude for a closer look & when said drone is within range…..LIGHT UP THE SKY WITH LEAD!!!

            Remember, that human operator is safely enclosed in a control module somewhere on a military base (or police station)…perhaps 20-50-100-1000 miles away & he feels completely SAFE & SECURE! Use that against him!!! His situational awareness is NOT LOCKED ON SURVIVAL MODE…as a normal combat pilot would be, while traversing enemy airspace!

            Especially, use your imagination! Fabricate something large out of cardboard, wood, canvas, foam or whatever & paint it so it appears threatening or unconventional, place a small single burner propane stove inside to give it a heat signature…THINK FOLKS! Think of ways to defeat GIZMO WARFARE with low tech imagination & brain power!

            —Respect the technology? Yes!…

            —Fear them? Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Sounds like NOD vs. GDI

            • ~Addendum to 1st post~

              If nothing else, by doing the above, you will be ‘consuming the enemy’s resources’…be it flight-time & (drone)fuel usage or on-board munition expenditures…you’ll be hitting him in the wallet by forcing him into an ever increasing expense scenario.

              At little cost to yourself & your side!!!!

            • Gunsmith, you sound like Selco!

            • problem is, he doesnt have to sneak in for a closer look..the camera systems on them allow for close up and personal video while they fly at the altitude that allows tehm cover and safety

              no these would have to be tracked and taken out by guidence systems interfearence, hacking if you will into the system of control to the drone

              these operators are not going to “come in close” for a better look..they get the better look already without having to compromise their positions

            • @Gunmith, your information exposes the achilles heel of the drone threat. Remote control. Initially the MSM reported Iran had “shot down” an American drone. We now know that drone was “hijacked” by another remote source and landed like a feather where they wanted it.

              Transmission or reception “signal jamming” or “over-ride” is apparently possible.

              The human factor you cite will also play into defeating this technology as well. Not all of these “remote flyers” will be prepared to use their toy against American citizens in America. Regardless of the MSM campaign to villify, dehumanize, and label “their targets” as domestic terrorist.

              Some will no doubt defect with vital intel, that put into the right hands, will prove compromising to the overall integrity of the “drone program”.

              At some point, an organized effort to destroy these “angels” on the ground will offer an additional viable response to what will be “all out war” by that time anyway.

              Drones are a tough target, but not invulnerable. Especially with some properly equipped and pissed-off techno-wizards on the job.

            • ~Yental~

              i like the way you think!!!

            • ~Yental~…{Addendum post #2}

              I’m not very good at writing software programs…hells bells sir, the languages/codes I was familiar with are now nearly extinct or headed that way (machine code-binary, hexadecimal, Basic, M-codes/G-codes, limited COBOL etc…)

              …I’m a hardware guy for the most part…but one thing I possess is an average comprehension of RF/microwave frequency transmission/reception!
              Lately, I’ve pondered Ghz override/jamming capability to disrupt command/control/communication of remotely controlled vehicles….I don’t possess a spectrum analyzer, nor am I an expert in ECM…
              But I would assume, that if one knew the carrier-wave frequency, they could jam/disrupt transmission/make life difficult for the operator of said system….But,…
              ….alas, the control data is likely encrypted too!!!

              Let’s reverently hope & pray that there are “defectors in place” among the enemy! Keep thinking, dude!!!!!!

      13. I assure you one thing: if MITTRACK OBAMNEY wins the presidential election, then you will see drones flying in your neighborhood on a regular basis. Neither of these bankster gangster attorneys has the moral courage, insight, intelligence, or character to defend your right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment or your God given rights under the Declaration of Independence. Being statist ideologues, they will never question the assault on your civil freedoms under the Unpatriot Act, NDAA, TSA illegal search and seizure, etc. Obamney will NEVER understand its exclusive oath and responsibility to PROTECT your freedoms rather than committing ASSAULT on them on a daily basis.

        Mittrack Obamney is your perennial criminal BFF who will destroy liberty and the last vestiges of your freedoms under the moribund Republic…..

        • NEWTON
          even more scary is if perry, gingrich or santorum became president. Lets be honest, there is only one choice and hope of change.

          • The Defender of Liberty defeats them all….. It’s a Revolution to protect and defend by and for all true American patriots.

            MITTRACK OBAMNEY, the slouching beast, and his handlers want to destroy the country for the sake of the State. Yet everyone knows the Komrade will not succeed. Our Dear Leader deceives for the sake of having World War Forever, bringing profits to his corrupt crony gangster bankster military industrial profiteering handlers.

          • @eeder…

            I’m thinking I have more chance with the ‘rapture’ occurring than I have with the HOPE and CHANGE malarky or with ANY election. I have had enough hope and change from the last moron selection process, and by the way…I don’t believe in the rapture, any more than I believe that voting matters (though I do believe in Christ!). If it did, then why DIDN’T the founding fathers provide for a direct voting mechanism? The Electoral College is NOT required to vote the popular vote of the populace. It can and is purchased on an electoral cycle — each and every presidential election. Unfortunately, and even though I think Ron Paul is the bomb (I like Jesse, but have some reservations) I am convinced that even spending the $5 gasoline that will be required in November to drive to vote for such Hope and Change will simply won’t even count. I repeat:

            If voting mattered, do you really think THEY would let you do it? Follow the money…


            …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • mushroom
              cannot really disagree with you. however i think it is worth the effort for this , what i would call , LAST DICH EFFORT.
              things may very well get worse. but if we wish to keep some semblance of society as we know it, RON PAUL is the only hope at this point. AND THAT INCLUDES NOT ONLY AMERICA BUT MUCH OF THE WORLD!
              we must all change and it will be easier if we start acting like civilized animals. If we dont, the very existance of man may be at stake. please, can we all come to our senses, take a deep breath and allow RON PAUL to begin a healing process. RON PAUL will not steal your social security , however there will be a plan to scale it down gradually to where we do not need it! it is not unreasonable, it is our reality.. it will be great!
              the alternative is that there will likely be no security of any kind… society will dissolve into total chaos. if you are getting a check , it wont even pay for a loaf of bread a month. think about it for the love of god. we need to become borne with reality… for our sakes
              RONPPAUL 2012

            • @eeder

              The blind leading the stupid…

              both fall into the ditch!


              …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • eeder,

              I do agree that Ron Paul is our last hope. But even if he is elected he would never see the office or that matter anybody that beats Obamma, Obamma is going to fulfill his destiny, he will start ww3 and by starting this war he will invoke the war powers act and will remain in office. Which seal do you see not opened?


            • dps
              i fear you are right… but how can i descend into hell without at least standing up for what is needed. the alternative is just too risky. nuclear war is not a terribly good option for anybody… someone explain to me how that is good for anyone. there are no guarantees in an all out nuclear war. you do not just start nuclear war and expect you will come out like roses, unless you are an idiot. surely the nitwits who are pushing this can understand this? explain exactly what you dont get?your pressence is irratating everyone. for christs sake .. look at yourselves!YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL OBAMA HARPER SARKOZY MERKEL AND ALL OF YOU BLOODY FOOLS WHO FALL FOR THIS AND GO ALONG WITH IT WITHOUT EVEN A PEEP. GIVE IT UP! THIS IS UNTOLERABLE FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME AT THIS POINT. PLEASE BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY AND DO THE HONORABLE THING

            • eeder,

              I agree 100% with what you are saying. But you have to understand that those who are corrupt are corrupt to the core, they will never give up the power they think they have so if they can’t have this so called power then nobody shall have it. Its a path of self destruction and we the people are collateral damage. the only word to describe these people is evil.. Look into the eyes of these so called men and you will see what I’m talking about. Then look into Ron Paul’s eyes and you see a man that is truly incorruptible.


            • To DPS’s post. The current rulers will not sacrifice their rule/percieved ownership of all. If they cannot have it then no one will. It will be total destruction for all. Look at the history of mankind thus far…almost all if not completely it is recorded by the wars that happened. Technology has evolved because of war not the other way around. It is said that fallen angels/watchers gave us the first forging knowledge and making of metals for warfare. Also it is these rulers (politicians, dictators, bankers, etc…) that have caused all of the wars so I have no good reason to think that they would not kill all of us otherwise, if they can’t have it their way. Total enslavement and control over everyone and thing. Sociopaths/Psychopaths that have no conscience, none. Sadly they are the current leaders because we are or don’t want to be responsible for our own stuff; hence we delegate the tasks to these guys and ladies. It is possible that a certain leader may be the anti-christ as it looks it more and more; if not then a false prophet at the least serving the beast. I am full hope at the fact that RP will do as he says, if he doesn’t then get ready for the end.

            • Mushroom, I can’t help but feel the same thing. We went through this for the last 100 years waiting to get a good president and what happened via declared state of emergency since 1933 is the usurping of power not given to the president by constitution. It has been re-instated by each consecutive administration since and is in effect now. This has allowed the taking of constitutional rights and amendments away from us. So there is the distinct possibiliity that we may get screwed again even with RP. I have said this to others before but they just carry on (He’s the savior, he’ll fix everything stuff). Obama said much the same as well as many of the other presidents. It really is only hope that we have here in RP nothing more. As matter fact it occured to me since FEMA said we should all get prepared for emergency situations(store food and water, etc…), then FBI,DHS,TSA,CIA started putting out homeland security pamplets saying that these certain things were now to be seen as domestic terroist activities and suspect. Well maybe the network of power is so big, perhaps RP is the means to get all the folks that will not go along with the current administration to come out in the open to be tagged and tracked. Then rounded up?? F me it is possible, I know where my vote is going anyway, but it makes me have sick feeling in my stomach to even think it. If I can think it so can they (PTB). Now I regret even thinking it………..

            • We live in a quantum mechnical universe, therefore any possibility can happen may happen. My post saying what RP amy or may not do is only a possibility. If you know and understand quantum physics then it will not offend you so much if you are a RP hardcore person. He has my support.

            • Mushroom: While I agree that biblical prophecy is playing out, that biblical prophecy which is playing out doesn’t include the subjegation of America by rogue administrations.

              Please show me where in the Bible that America is identified in the Last Days as subjegated by Big Government. Bible scholars agree that America is surprisingly absent from End Times prophecy.

              Using biblical prophecy as an excuse to hide from tyranny, or fail to declare and defend OUR God given right to OUR personal liberties with which HE endowed US, by using the tools available to US, is a false paradiam.

              On the contrary, the bible repeatedly shows that a people under God, must renew their spirit and purpose in Him, and exercise their freedom, by taking the initiative, and allowing God to provide the power to obtain the victory for US. But We must do OUR part.

              OUR freedoms belongs to US and it is up to US to demand and implement those freedoms by engaging any force that would try to separate them from US. Otherwise WE don’t deserve them.

              Get some backbone people. Americans, more than an y other people on earth, control their destiny. What destiny do you choose?

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. If you do not, you deserve what you get and you won’t like it.

              400 years in “Egypt” (read under FEMA) under a cruel taskmaster is the punishment for disobedience, complacency, and cowardice.

              Freedom and prosperity are the rewards of an obedient nation. WE must do OUR part. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

              $100 from every gun owner in America could empower the election of Patriots all across America, and at every level. How much is America worth to you?


            • +1 DK!

              I don’t even think it takes a hundred bucks. Just get off your ass and do something. But then again, who are we talking about here?

              90 million gun owners are the great equalizer in more than one way. I hope, no, pray, they get their shit together and do the right thing.

            • DK,

              I’m just wondering something, you say donate a $100 but to whom are you reffering too?? Ron Paul has my vote.So am I to understand that it would take 90 million gun owners to donate $100 to get Ron Paul in?? Please explain this to us, I’m not sure about anybody here but I work my ass off to earn $100 bucks


            • DPS / AZReady: Some progress was made in the 2010 mid term elections to throttle Obama mania. Additional progress will be made in the 2012 elections.

              Americans are awake. Americans are aware. what they need is a vehicle to get them where they want to go.

              And while I encourage every one to PARTICIPATE now, this time around, and in particular, I suggest joining the Repub’s and voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries;

              imagine if a new grass roots political party of patriots, rooted in the US Constitution could emerge going forward to 2014, to 2016.

              Imagine a patriot party like America First, or the US Constitution Party emerging as a force to be reckoned with for future elections at the local level, targeting Congressional seats and local offices.

              Imagine a patriot party of 90 million gun owners determined to change the direction of this nation back to OUR founding principles;

              who refuse to be distracted by the symptoms all around US, but who would concentrate upon the Principles of the US Constitution.

              Imagine if every gun owner in America coughed up $100, even if it were over 4 years for such a party (just $25 a year).

              Nine billion dollars is not chump change.

              Money is power. That power properly oriented, managed, and deployed can restore the American principles of government to this nation, and ensure OUR freedoms for generations to come.

              It has been the corrupting influence of money from the GB’s that have stolen OUR economy and threaten OUR liberties.

              Under this strategy, there could be enough funding from American gun owners to institute a patriot party all across America to challenge the NWO and PTB to give voice and substance to OUR desire for freedom and personal liberty.


            • DK,

              Ok you have sold the sizzle but I still wanna know about the steak. If you have been in sales like I think you have you get my drift. So is it American First or the US Constitution party??? Either way I would like to know more.. Hint buying sign, if they want my money I want to know who is control of this 9 billion dollars.

              Imagine a patriot party like America First, or the US Constitution Party ????


            • DPS: Investigate these parties for yourself. Read their platforms. Join if you are so inclined too. Donate if you can or are so inclined, but I urge everyone to participate. Complacency is a luxury WE can no longer afford.

              WE must become active. Only sheep are passive.

              I have no special financial or political interest in either party, except as a patriot. They are both looking for volunteers in every State.

              Of course, if you are a registered Retard intending to vote for Ron Paul in your State primary you could not join either party anyway.

              Just saying …. 🙂

              Freedom is not an event. It is a process.

            • ~Amen Ra-Ptah~

              Hmmmmmmmm…..Ya got me thinking, now!

              So physics is your hobby, huh? —GOOD—!!!

              I think you’ll understand when I say:….”all the other candidates (especially B-A-W-K Obama), are in violation of the “1st Law of Thermodynamics”…..

              ….because they demand equal effects from “unequal” causes!!!!!!!!!!!

              QUANTUM: Lets you & I call Ron Paul the “Higg’s Boson” variable in the equation… for him!!!!!!!!!!

      14. @mushroom,

        Got it right – 7,494 drones that can be used to grid the air.
        Other drones are needed to grid our roads.
        Wonder who BO has to do that important task?
        Oh damn I almost forgot – TSA!!
        Better not carry any cupcakes to your friend’s house!

        Y’all Beware!

        • Damn…I’m not as dumb as I look!


          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



        • wonder where he’s going to pull all that money from?

          out of his portfolio?…LMFAO yeah
          time to de fund these jack asses..send em back to using a sting and two cans..see how they like us than


        That drone alone
        That drone alone!
        I do not like
        that drone alone

        Do you like
        homegrown drones?

        I do not like them,
        drones alone.
        I do not like
        homegrown drones.

        Would you like them
        Here or there?

        I would not like them
        here or there.
        I would not like them
        I do not like
        homegrown drones.
        I do not like them,
        drones alone.

        Would you like them
        above your house?
        Would you like them
        controlled with mouse ?

        I do not like them
        above my house.
        I do not like them
        controlled with mouse.
        I do not like them
        here or there.
        I do not like them
        I do not like homegrown drones.
        I do not like them,drones alone.


      17. To loosely quote a less famous line from Star Wars, just before Grand Moff Tarkin orders the destruction of Alderaan, Princess Leia says to him as he gloats of Imperial power, “The more you tighten your grip, the more that slip through your fingers.”.

        So, keep tightening that grip assholes, because a great many will slip through your fingers. Think of the human race as trying to control wet mud in your hand. Keep your hand open and cupped with a loose control, the mud will stay in your hand. Any attempts at closing your hand will force the majority of mud between your fingers, leaving you with a much tighter control over the smaller minority of remaining mud.

        New World Order, we reject you.

        • i second that
          WE REJECT YOU!
          please step down now with your tails between your legs.

        • Keep in mind we’re fighting kids and guys who ride around on donkeys. And the kids and donkey-jockeys are doing pretty well.

          If you guys really want to get a look at the kind of country we really are, if you really want to see what The Bad Guys are going to be fighting, check out a magazine called Farm Show, no kidding, there’s a nation of Edisons and Henry Fords out there in the corn fields. You can find it online and I think they’ll send you a sample issue, and Tractor Supply stocks it.

          • ~DT~

            YES!!! Mega kudos to you, sir!
            Outstanding magazine! There’s some smart folks out there & they’ve inspired me onto several home projects!

            If you get a chance, grab a copy of the “Backwoodsman & Backwoods Home”…both are light-years beyond Mother Earth News….

        • right on..

          keep squeezing and see what kinda shit is left over

          personally im sick and tired of funding these traitorist bastards

      18. Well, I guess I need to step into my work shop and hillbilly engineer me some surface to air missiles.

        • RWS,

          Yeah well is that redneck rocket fuel? lol Hey did you get my e-mail?

          • No sir I did not.

            • Hmm wonder why I got your addy from Ms Daisy and sent it yesterday. You can e-mail me at [email protected]


            • Not sure, why I didn’t get it DPS. I just sent you a quick test email.
              I gotta run to the store and grab a few things, I’ll check my inbox and this thread when I get back.

              O&O for now

            • @dps, i advise you too use another email supplier … yahoo, google are both compromised, openly spied upon by the dhs, nsa … accessed by the feds, find email supplier outside the usa … for your own protection.

              this is no bs…

          • RWS, your email addy kicked some stuff back to me as spam – that might be happening to DPS.


            • Daisy,
              i got a e-mail to him, thank you Maam. 🙂


            • Quite welcome, sir. 🙂

      19. For those of you that have wondered why I ask about the seals, if you get the time take alook at this video.

        7 Signs Of The Apocalypse (Full)

        I would really like to hear some input..


      20. if there is anyone familiar with this ‘movement’ please comment. i have been trying to get some info but having a tough time

        would like to know if this is part of the State of Jefferson idea but bigger

      21. what do you do when everyone has drones!!!

      22. There are 330 million knuckleheads in this country of all stripes. The US gov doesn’t have enough people to watch us all. Also it takes a lot of support to man all this junk. A few full blown riots in the major cities after a collapse or a major new madrid earthquake would throw all this hi techery for a full blow loop.

      23. If look at whats happening out there several of the seals have been broken already and the build up to the others is near. I used to feel that perhaps this kinda of religious stuff was far out, but based on many things lately for example; the earth has stopped its chandler wobble, the moon has turned several degrees and its center of gravity is shifting, 400% plus increase in volcanic/earthquake activity, the shifting of the magnetic poles at accelerated rate, A human made bird flu, famines caused by natural abberant weather patterns (floods, fires, droughts), already shortage of food around the planet (UN warned about), Wars every where in the holy lands and soon here in the USA, Hell even freakin birds and other things dropping outta the sky. Scientists say the moon could not and would not shift center of gravity as it is without a larger force of gravity effecting it, call it what you want (Nibiru, planet X, some type of celestial body in the solar system). CNN said a while back that there was a giant sized object 4 times as big as Jupiter at the edge of the solar system, but they have no real credibility about where the thing is in the solar system (mislead the public perhaps). It does mention Wormwood in revelations and that it color would burning red, fire from the sky, etc… I admit some of these things could be done by man to look as if they were biblical in nature but the moon and uptick in volcano/earthquake and well really the better part of the other stuff would attributed to shifting in our own planetary orbit. The solar flares (NASA now warns about that can take out the power grid) from the sun would be caused by a large body of gravity causing planitismal friction i.e tugging on the sun. Revelation is very clear of the signs in the heavens and upon the earth. I mean I must say now I am seeing roughly a 85-90 chance in my own opinion that revelation and the other texts from antiquity have it right; we won’t know until we see the shit falling apart. I know its hard to accept and harder to live with but also in context we have been bombarded with movies and other stuff that seem to be bringing this to the forefront of everyones mind. Normalcy bias prevents most from seeing and accepting the verified quantifiable data. I mean what would do if at the end year or sooner you would say; see ya! I would say that the gov’t is not going to tell anyone because total anarchy and chaos from the population. Even if it doesn’t end we are in for real trouble still yet no matter what.

        • Also this article is talking about computer programs that thing partially thinking for themselves guided by pilots. Recently it was announced that they have created a robot that recognizes itself in the mirror, self conscious. Robots have been replacing us in the workplace more and more. Soon we will be obsolete for many tasks. Eventually there will be no need for so many of us, either we will reduce population controlled die off lower birth rate or otherwise. We will literally begin becoming machine/hybrids ourself to survive. They already have the brain microchip that allows interface with computers and even controlling mechnical things such as arms, machines, etc… It always amazes me when I mention this kinda stuff because most folks just look at me funny. Machio Kaku knows his shit and its no lie. Most people don’t get it yet we are going to become robotic hybrids at some point in the very near future (20 years or less). Chipped an ready to roll… it or not.

          • typo’s sorry.

          • Facial recognition is not the same as having a soul. Being an old software engineer, I can tell you there is no self-consciousness there. Facial recognition and self awareness are different things. I don’t know about you but I didn’t come from pond scum and I’m not going to become a computer.

            BTW – whoever is using my GMAFB name needs to stop. I didn’t post the above comment about satan. I will make my own posts thank you. I am sure cutting and pasting musheadroom in there makes you feel better but as far as I’m concerned you can go to hell. GMAFB

          • Amen-Ra-Ptah

            Chipped an ready to roll… it or not.
            Speak for yourself. I will no longer be involved with these evil people. I sir am a Man and if the want to chip me the will have to chip my dead body! I will not be pushed around by this criminal corporation any more.


            • I imply only that their intention is to do that to all of us; your resistance is not implied and anyones choice to do. I will of course blow my house up literally with me in it if I think I am going to against my will be turned into a robo frankenstein that will be controlled.

      24. eeder says:
        January 12, 2012 at 4:10 pm mushroom….
        yes i agree with you to a degree… however i am not sure you believe in god at all. you are basically saying to just go along with evil plans and do nothing because i will die anyway… well yes i will die! i understand this fully. i just do not understand one thing… are you stupid, or are you working for the government? because its one of the two!

        I take it that mushroom is saying….God is omniscient..all-knowing.
        In His book, it is written; it is our guide and these omens of earth’s destruction are now coming true.
        Have we been able to change one thing in many years to our way?? Have we made any differnce in any political way?? If so, it was just that TPTB, the evil bastards in power, have allowed it. Yes, we have free will, but that doesn’t mean all the good from free will will overcome the bad.
        TPTB have their God as Lindsey Williams said; it’s Satan.
        Am I gonna give up?? Yes, partly, because I can’t fight TPTB…I can only worship my Lord every Sunday, learn to serve Him every day, and daily testify to my beliefs.
        You just read one.
        Oh, there will be a fight between good and evil; I look forward to it.

        • Thanks Jay-Jay, I though I was here all alone. I continue to fight the good fight, but I also know there is a God, and He will prevail. In fact, he already has, it is simply his prophecies that are playing out. Matthew 24 says it all.

          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…

          mushroom – the real one


          • jay jay and mushroom
            i think you two are intentionally spewing crap at the hopes of getting the ear of some on here…. playing to their hearts… i think you are nwo traitors.. probaly with AIPAC… why not just give up? you are losing and youre about to be swept away by the mercy of god. this is not a website where many will fall for your crap for long… just leave… file for unemployment or welfare.. you are not effective in delivering your evil message here.

            • Hey eeder…are you sure you aren’t RICH99/Ben Dover in disguise? You sure sound like a pussy! GMAFB

            • how does one “sound like a pussy” fagbreath? i think it is you whom is the troll here. how stupid are you? would you irritate a lion with raw meat? a pussy.. no i dont think so…. i dont think you would either if you had to deal with me. fortuneately for you , you never will have to deal with me. you wouldnt last 10 seconds against me.. i promise you that.

            • OK eeter whatever you say dude. Swallow a few fuckitalls and drink a couple of beers and chill. You will find yourself in the first wave of casualties with that kind of attitude. First rule is know you enemy – you’re lost. GMAFB

            • ya ok , blowhard…. GO FUCK A TREE YOU FLAMING HOMO.

            • Oh, my, if I was a NWO agent,my message would be more positive..I would be leading, not cowering.

          • Mushroom,

            I copied these lyrics for your considration. All is not bad or hopeless. Yes we will meet our maker one day however, now is today and this moment. Why not enjoy the beauty that is still here. After all, shouldn’t we live for each moment, and don’t you think God would be very dissapointed if we did not acknowlege and appreciate what he has created for us. Just look around.

            Today when I went to my barn, I noticed tiny little mouse foot prints in the new fallen snow. I was amazed at how tiny they were yet so visible. That is what I want to leave, my own foot prints for someone to notice.

            I see trees of green, red roses too
            I see them bloom, for me and you
            And I think to myself
            What a wonderful world

            I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
            The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
            And I think to myself
            What a wonderful world

            The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky

            Are also on the faces, of people going by
            I see friends shaking hands, sayin’, “How do you do?”
            They’re really sayin’, “I love you”

            I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
            They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know
            And I think to myself
            What a wonderful world

            Yes, I think to myself
            What a wonderful world
            Oh yeah

        • Jay Jay and mushroom. If God is Allpowerful, Omnipotent, Allseeing and it created this universe for the sake of arguement. It would be and exist outside of this universe or be greater than the whole thing. Either it is so super calculating that it has no human like emotion or we might say that the other thought is that we are all (planets, stars, galaxies, gases,black holes, all beings, etc…) it, quantum physics says it is all of the above. which would explain a lot. The religious teachings refer to a living God (energy that is consciousness) I am what I am. I mean what tells or makes a star stay a star or a rock behave like a rock if they are not at some level self conscious ( not aware like us )but must have some level of knowing how to be what they are. I do feel that there is absolutely a GOD. Could it be that the highest/prime level of the creator needs no worship at all as it would only worship itself, called pride or vanity. If each lesser piece of the whole knew what it (god) was it would perhaps not worship itself just have knowing of self(consciousness)or relationship with itself. In this universe we have relativity opposites existing in the same time and space. Good and evil, love and hate, male female and so forth. None of these can exist without its exact opposite existing too, even if it is say 100 miles apart (100 light years even). Having said that is it possible that GOD created the universe to allow the ability to experience itself as itself in every way? Including being in states of being such as good or evil or even being alive as human or otherwise? I know this heavy man but please humor me; I absolutely know there is a Prime creator of this we experience, how can there not be?

          • ~Amen Ra-Ptah~

            I’ve got to hand it to you, mister! You posses an impressive ability to compose in the English language! Good for you!
            You also have an obvious knack for waxing philosophic/scientific! Quite admirable talents…to be sure!

            Yet, on the opposite hand, most folks here understand/translate your verbiage referencing a “Prime Creator” as simply “GOD”!

            Your secular judeo-definition reeks of arrogance……FYI…he is one in three!!! CALCULATE THAT!!!!!!!!!! BTW, he’s definitely a personal/hands on GOD!

            The resident community here for the most part, are comfortable w/ the concept of being MORTAL by design, at least in our current realm of existence.

            We all understand that GOD is INFINITE(unlimited)…& we as mere humans, are FINITE(limited)!

            The DANGEROUS LINE you’re violating by trespassing across, lies inherent within the context of impossibility!!!

            IRREFUTABLE FACT:…it is impossible for the finite(limited=us) to wrap their minds around, let alone conceive & define the INFINITE(unlimited=GOD)!

            —Therefore, your attempt to DEFINE GOD & by extension, his creation in (cold laboratory) scientific terms is the proverbial definition……of HUBRIS!!!!!—

            …Come down to Earth, dude! And ditch the pagan-Egyptian mythology handle/mindset on your journey!

            —-Otherwise…go to HELL—-!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Gunsmith is it, The question was not directed at you, but the fuck you is.

            • I am watching whos been good or bad.

            • Don’t take offense for being stupid gunsmith, It looks like Amen made you feel it.

      25. I think we need like a completly blank carrier with nothing on it but massive weapons and launch pads that itself is a remote. That we could sail into an area and no life of danger but could use that as a attack ship to launch whatever they want from it. Think this would be a good idea?

      26. You realize these drones are getting cheap – pretty soon we’ll all have one 🙂 Last I heard was the Japanese model was under $2k

        • I’ll take two if shipping is included! GMAFB

          • gmfab
            yes , there are things out there that i should worry about…. where you are mistaken , is that you are one of those things. you are not. again ,dicksmoke, it would take me less than 10 seconds to lay you down… and you would not get up again… it is you whom is the fool if you think otherwise…. no beer here, just some whiskey.. and i only drink it in a very rare instance… now go pray to your homosexual god.. knneel down and pray real good boy…hahahahaha… you piece of fox dung.

            • Why dont you go lay down and not get up STFU

      27. Soon they will have machines building machines to wage war with. All that will be needed is a few technicians,after that the rest of us will no longer be needed.

      28. Damn,thought I’d covered everything for preps. Now I need some drones.Wonder were they’ll be on sale first. walmart or tractor supp;y.

      29. We the Taxpayers are footing the bill for this DRONE program,which innevitably will be used against us in one way or another.Yet today Mr. President formally asked Congress to approve the 1.2 TRILLION dollar debt cieling increese ,which we already new about 2 weeks ago,but thats o.k. the stock market hasn’t shown any side effects(yet).
        Mitt Romney reminds me of a typical stereotype politician that tells everyone what he thinks they want to hear, just to get the vote.Come to think of it we already have one of those in office right now……

        • YA and the debt ceiling will increase again.. as well as a few more times before november. i mean get fucking real…. how stupid is this shit eating game becomeing…these fuckin g faggots couldnt run a fucking game of tiddly winks let alone a business or a country….YOU USELESS FUCKING TWITS… AT WHAT POINT DO YOU BECOME SO ASHAMED OF YOURELVES THAT YOU JUST GO SOMEWHERE AND CURL UP LIKE THE SLUGS YOU ARE AND JUST STOP BRETHING OR SOMETHING

      30. When I watch “Dark Angel” I thought that would years away now I see the writer had it pretty close to the time line.
        Add in that story about one day of being able to see into building and I guess that idea of member of my circle, of a underground house, was better idea then I thought.

      31. This shit always ends with the bad guys losing. Always has, always will. Don’t they get it yet???

        • AZ ready
          no they dont.. they seriously are asking them selves the same question about all of us….”dont these silly little people get it yeet? dont they get we own them? dont they get it”
          QUIT NOW!
          WE ALL HATE YOU
          GO … SHOOO…. GIT.

          • GROWUP IDIOT


      32. If you’re reading this… are the resistance!

      33. Next up from Napolitano: Doing 3 MPH over the speedlimit on I-5? Ka-BLEWIE! Parking meter expired 2 minutes before you got there? BAM! Sitting in your home, rooting for Tim Tebow against Jimmy Carter Obama’s fav team (on which Mafi Don Jon-Boy Corzini just placed a zillion dollar bet!BLAM!

        As Franklin said, it’s a republic… IF you can keep it!

      34. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal:

        Who will watch the guards?

      35. Silver is not going to stay this low for long.I can remember not too long ago when it was at 40.00. when it goes up, it goes up quick.It’s a buyers market right now.I have been watching ebay for a few years and have bought and sold on ebay and if you look at the silver bullion right now weather it be coins, bars,or even scrap , the price is holding its own.Check out the Mexican Cinco Pesos 1947 and 1948.(90%&30G)bigger and the same silver content as the morgan and piece dollar.Another one is the early 60’s 10 pesos.Slightly smaller by 1 gram.When it comes to push comes to shove,the scales don’t lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      36. i think i just shot myself in the foot

      37. @mushroom,

        Just as a matter of interest, under all of your posts you have the following under your signature mushroom – “`”
        Is that your © for materials you have sent? Or just to track others that may try to pretend they are you?
        Just find it interesting.

        Dude, I am an old fart and there are many like me – age only. To make your posts and thoughts easier to read and understand, how about a paragraph break? If not and that was the way you were taught so be it. But damn man, give me a break! LOL.

        Y’all Beware!

        GO TO HELL
        PISS OFF

        • PROBLEM?

      39. RONPAUL 2012



        • @Nina

          You fool you comprised this site with a open request for a assassination on a political member. You fool you should have talked in closed doors not like that on a blog. Try to organize now you idiot, you just made the list for round up.


          Can you block a ip address, or filtered that comment? this fool is getting worse. I’m for the freedom of speech, but his comment puts us at risk. He just put us on a watch list and some of the viewers are not as prepped as others.

          • Thanks 18 Bravo.

            • Mac,

              Just looking out brother, keep up the good work, your helping us all wake up from a long coma and need a friend to fill us in on what we missed

          • OWTFH!!!

        • Nina, I understand you may have been joking, but comments like that, even in jest, will be removed.

          It’s not a censorship issue, but a public safety issue, and one that may cause unwarranted law enforcement scrutiny of this web site.

          Please refrain from such activity in the future.



          • Thanks Mac. This also helps others not go down that path while the bowl is being stirred.

          • ummmmm… i wasn’t joking…

            • Whatever the case, please refrain from making threats on this site. If you simply can’t control the urge I recommend you start your own web site (it’s free on a host of different blogging platforms).

        • NINA
          do not call for violence directly… it will get us no where… use very firm and no nonsense language…. not direct threats…and just hit them with the truth about their crimes and lies.

      41. I wonder if these drones have EMP protection?

        also these drones can be used against them too…very hard to pull off a false flag when we the citizens are watching them

        and..there is always the unintended consequences of technology

        maybe we need to become more proactive and start groups that are watching them..watching us. and if they fall out of line, prosecute or dismantle their program.

        there has been way too much citizen servalence going on with out us getting involved in watching them..and letting them know we are watching them..or maybe not let them know

        • @ VFR

          Think strategy my man I’m sure snoop shielding is heavy, that would consume fuel. I’d say odds are 70/30, probably not since civilians have no access to that tech. But if your as smart as I think I know where your empty will come from

          • My stupid phone, emp is what I ment.

      42. The DHS Is Monitoring All Social Media, Websites & Blogs

        how much more of this are you goyim debt slaves gonna take of this sheeit…

        do me a favor please y’all … when YOU ALL DO grow yourselves a pair… email me pls… it is no fun assaulting washington d.c. alone to free america from nwo.zionist.corrupt.oligarchy.goyim.debt.slavery!


      43. to all american bloods and crips bangers, russian american mafia, white aryan brotherhood, black gorilla family and mexican mafia members… it’s time to go to war brothers , I’m calling too all of you , it’s time too arm up prepare for CIVIL WAR… prepare to take back america… take back your freedoms!

        • OUCH nina! I really don’t want to be fighting next to that bunch!

          • @All … i’ve transported many of these men and women… and all any of them wanted was the same as you the chance to have the americam dream… look at who currently runs america… barry soetoro a murdering bi-sexual psychotic who killed 3 three of his chicago male lovers during his campaign to become president so they wouldn’t write tattle tale books of their gay love triangle with obama.soetoro… our cia zionist bought lying puppet prez, he’s killed 1000’s intentionally , terrorizes millions, whole nations to enslave us all and the world with his nwo.oligarchy.banker masters… shall i continue of dick cheney, george bush’s, bill clinton, hilary clinton – all have killed their own staff and even police officers too keep their secrets quiet!

            America is owned, controlled by psychopaths… wallstreet is over run by them! narcissistic egomaglomanics who are killing our own children for profit eugenics!

            and your concerned cause I’m reaching out to the privatized profit driven commercial prison industries inmates asking them for help too FREE AMERICA from TYRANNY!

            It is these very people who more than most KNOW WHAT REAL FREEDOM IS AND WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR IT!

            I’m not asking you to sleep with em’… just FIGHT WITH THEM AS PATRIOTIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS! TO TAKE BACK AMERICA!

            MOST ARE nothing more than victims of the system as it is… and deserve a second chance to prove themselves to the world and themselves!

            MY MESSAGE STANDS… come fight for the FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012, HELP US TAKE BACK AMERICA! and you will be given a FULL PARDON with land , A HOME and a pension no matter WHO you are are what you’ve done in past lives!

            A CLEAN SLATE FOR ALL! just remember the golden rule… and live by it from this point foward is all that will be asked of you as a FREEMEN!

            ~carpe diem

            • loon

            • With all due respect Nina these gangs that you mention in your last post, are people I will not be associated with, I have had a run in with a couple of the gangs you mentioned, They did not want a piece of the American pie brother.
              What they want is to run drugs, extort money and prey on the weaker people anything they can do for a easy buck. They don’t care who gets in their way including you and I as long as the get everything they want they will not fight man to man only in a gang.
              They would kill any one of us for the money we may have in our pocket. Just makes me wonder what that would do for a few nice guns. And in a SHTF situation you will be defending your property form people like these.I understand its hard for a warrior like you to sit back and wait, ever though the time is close, its not there yet.


            • Stop trying to ice skate uphill, your try hard attitude is failing. I arrested the same bangers on more then one occasion, and the crime was always steeper. You sir a delusional, ill keep arresting them and you keep transporting them and STFU. You broke a rule if your a true LEO, you sir a dirty cop who put yourself on their level, you have no support from me…

          • @ALL is it not better they fought WITH YOU…??? not against you…???

            america is a melting pot… a coat of many colors… none are excluded , all have a VOICE!

            IT IS MY GOAL! to make it thus again… only TOGETHER AS ONE! WILL WE CONQUER THE nwo.banker.zionists… AS ONE!

            ~IT IS BETTER TOGETHER! than not…

          • nina, you need to read Selco’s thoughts and experiences on his site… about gangs during a SHTF scenario. Might give you the insight that these types of people are NOT who you want to fight for or with. They will be the enemy just as much as the corp. is.

        • @ Nina

          Are you that scared and desperate you would alone with common thugs to meet your agenda that you would want help from rapists and murdering criminals. They’d eat you for lunch, as I said before this vet won’t support you. Go ahead and ask help from them, it’ll give more targets

      44. at what point will you all say wtf to yourselves and get angry enough to actually do something besides change the channel on the boob tube… huh?

        here’s a hint to you all… when you hear the knock at your front door and you see a team of armed national guard troops on your front lawn… it’s too f ing late!

        your f’ed!

        get it…

        • Sounds like you have a ferm grip on the issue..lead the way.

          It is time to bring on Ladership and resistance..dont look to others, bring it on yourself

          tell us what your doing to avert what you mentioned, I always have an open mind to anyones view of how they should impliment their ideas and defenses.

          This is all about least for me that is..please teach

          • @ VRF

            I give you idea bit bare with me I’m sending from my phone and I hate it. Study history and then developed leaders that have they ability to forms groups and send them out with the resources to organize and train the next. Then those repeat that step. Common thugs will not uphold the values, they kill each other for power at the expense of the American public, the only unity from a crook is crime that meets their agenda. Start with 2 or3 of the owe speakers that show influences at rally, use that as a tool to organize. Developed a game plan. Gain the influences train and support each group, provide the tools necessary to complete the mission, study the history of Army S.F., tactics and the history. The common people need a leader, but one who will not repeat history. break the cycle. Remember its harder to hit small organized group then a large mass especially if that mass has no training.

            Free the oppressed

          • @all … fine. first i am not a leader… i am a organizer, a manager of information, a black-hat with a white silk lining which stands for “good” intent, an administrator of information, structure and how it works… you will all as one elect your own FREEMEN.PROJECT leaders in your own states. It starts there, it starts NOW!

            NOW is the time too organize, state by state, town by town… under one banner!

            I choose the FREEMEN.PROJECT Banner… I ask you All to join me under it!

            Help me build it! THERE IS A BETTER WAY TOO LIVE… exist… co-exist with those around us…

            this is how it starts… first their must be trust… then we build… then we act.

            email: freemen(dot)project@gmx(dot)us

      45. One of those will feed a family for a month, longer if you don’t like your kids much. Mal renalds firefly
        I’m not worried about the drones that much, they are made in China, fall apart like everthing from walmart. Warranty expired, crash!

      46. Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

        also posted on Drudge Report this morning

      47. Somebody wants to shrink government so they can borrow 1.3 Trillion more. Why did msm break the news on operation golden flow now?

        I rather be golden flowed upon than order young men to kill in a land far away for political reasons.

        That was not my phone at the Philharmonic performance.

      48. Didn’t the US lose in Iraq and is in the process of retreating in Afghanistan and negotiating with the Taliban? If drones were so successful, how did the US lose?

      49. Pashtuns don’t react to violent aggression the same as Western people. The Globalists have already lost in Afghanistan.

      50. it must be so NICE for all of you too be.. so perfect.. wether you want to associate with these people or not is your choice… it’s these very people who will FIGHT the nwo without fear if given RESPECT and a place in the community… CRIMINALS ARE MADE by society… not born! They can be UN-MADE by the good in society!

        sigh… and your wrong @dps… give em’ a lil respect and kindness and they will protect you better than most civilians will… i know that from workin with them… they are human beings , creatures of the heart also…



        AMERICA IS A LIE… you are all living a lie! get it…

        gawdamn cowards the lot of ya…

        • nina, I hear ya and I feel ya.
          I’m a vet so therefore a potential domestic terrorist, because of the training they gave me…whatever!

          Then they create (a new set of rules) to strip away everyone’s RIGHTS…by doing so They have declared war, and soon they will act on it.

          Keep working on your freemen project, I am many a miles away working on my own, have been for the last to years since I moved back home….and there are many others out there across this land doing the same.

      52. and quit censoring my posts mac… or are you a coward too…

        • It’s not cowardice Nina. It’s a matter of maintaining legitimate discussion. It’s not censorship when I remove posts that threaten individuals or groups with violence. The law is very clear in these matters.

          As I mentioned above, if you’d like to engage in those types of discussions, you can do so on your own web site.

          • @ Nina

            I like to be informed on the topics on the mad world we live, but remember to respect what you have, the actions you are asking for will cost someone their life, and for what a meer price you possibly could not pay. You are poking at a monster you have no idea what its capable off and that others who haven’t had time to prepare for. I think at this point it isn’t fair for you to put this site of information into the cross hairs. Plenty of us readers need the information to assess to inform and to organize to do what is right to stop the tyrannical laws brig imposed. You speak of respect so show some to Mac and everyone else.

            • NINA
              we are with you man, if you feel this strongly i understand….its just that threats of direct violence or similar is not helpful…however i really dont know what the governments truly expect when they antagonize us constantly.. and everyone in the world.. i gave it to the government tax division with both barrels including screaming on the phone yesterday , for about half an hour total.. i was hung up on once….but i did not threaten violence .. just the truth about their crimes and firmly complaining and standing up… there is a line… you can go up hard against it.. but if you cross it… they will come and get you ….NINA… take a deep breath and regroup friend,.. youre doing good things … youre fighting for freedom, youre fighting for america… we all need a break once in a while.. even RON PAUL doesnt campaign everyday…. he regroups and saves his best… were beginning to make headway nina, i can feel it… lets stay on course friend.

        • crazie

        • Nina,you talk about how you are anti-meth,whatnot,
          yet you are so desperate to recruit the very same
          low lifes who are pushing that shit on or kids. What
          gives? No different than what Holder did.

      53. Skynet? Makes me wonder who the Terminator will be.

      54. This is an article about drones, not survival or politics. Stop whimpering like fraidy cats. Start thinking about detection and countermeasures.

      55. The author consistently uses the term ‘robot’ to describe ‘remote-controlled’ aircraft.

        There is a world of difference between the two – both practically-speaking and by inference.

        I should know.

      56. I will be coming down the chimmney in the darkness soon enough……..with my little helpers. Leave the milk and cookies.

        NEWT is right about balancing Power in the Courts , this is Evidence .
        Q.: When did the States RATIFY?
        Press, media & public figures declare the NDAA and the Patriot Act “REPEALED” parts of the U.S. constituti­on. They call NDAA “the law of the land”.
        To repeal a part of a constituti­on, including America’s, an amending formula must be used. An amending formula “ENTRENCHE­S” the constituti­on (legal word) to protect it from alteration by **ordinary legislatio­n**.
        The USA has FORMAL constituti­onal amending procedures­:
        Source: http://www­.usconstit­­­ml#interpr­et
        Did the Patriot Act and the NDAA pass both houses of Congress by a 2/3 majority and then go on to the States for ratificati­on?
        If not, one would normally be looking at ordinary legislatio­n with the NDAA & the Patriot Act, and other similar “void” laws which infringe constituti­onal rights and liberties.
        Delivering the opinion of the Court in Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 in 1803, Chief Justice MARSHALL said this of unconstitutional laws:
        “If, then, the courts are to regard the constitution, and the constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature, the constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply.”
        America’s rights were never REPEALED, it’s a BLUFF.
        The NDAA and the PATRIOT ACT are VOID laws which have NO POWER to amend the constitution by “repealing” any part of it.
        They are simply hoping the American people won’t wake up in time to SAVE THEMSELVES before martial law is invoked by the putsch (A sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force) which has taken over the government­.
        YOU NEED TO MOVE FAST to have these VOID laws legally declared VOID before they put you into the FEMA CAMPS!
        Kathleen Moore
        The Official Legal Challenge
        To North American Union
        These US Sheriff’s Oath Defenders is the only way the American People can Shield themselves and Push Back against the rise of the Federal Bureaucracy that is Expanding as is shown in this Video here ,
        NEWT is right about balancing Power in the Courts .
        Here are some examples of Liberty being defended ;
        Sheriff Tony DeMeo – One
        Sheriff Tony DeMeo – Two
        Sheriff Tony DeMeo – Three
        NEWT is right about needing a way to Balance the Courts !!!!
        What the heck is Going on in the USA ????? No Wonder we have a Screwed up Economy !!!
        U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!

      58. the question I have is why would the government need to monitor the movement of citizens? Are we up to no good? Or is it a step towards totalitarianism where we have no free movement, and the drones are used to maintain that?

      59. The same can be said of our politicians. 🙂

      60. Robotic warplanes or a robotic army will have no qualms or compuncture whatsoever about attacking the local population inside America.

      61. Not to mention how are you going to fight them… if you are lucky enough to take one out, ten more are rolling off a factory assembly line.

      62. The Progressive’s Will Continue Removing Our Constitutional Rights! Next They will outlaw all gun sales!
        If We Don’ WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
        This Is Our Future Now!….
        This Future is already here!….
        America is on the precipice of demise!
        Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
        Info @…. just as many conservative groups have, along with thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, or millions more will help take back our republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
        Take Care and GOD BLESS!
        Mr. Harris
        [email protected]

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