Sinclair: “How Do We Know That Tomorrow Isn’t The Day?”

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    dollar-annihilation-inevitableWhile most economists and market analysts jump on the mainstream bandwagon by supporting the deception, one contrarian who has never touted the party line is Jim Sinclair of JS mineset.

    He’s been accurately forecasting trends and market movements, especially precious metals, for nearly four decades, so he knows a thing or two about public perception, market confidence, and the reality of economic fundamentals.

    In his latest interview with USA Watchdog, Sinclair warns that the bottom could fall out at anytime, and the effects will be nothing short of devastating.

    Whether you’re goal is to protect your wealth from the continued destruction of our currency, or if it’s to insulate your family from an event that could threaten our food supplies or the normal flow of commerce, now is the time to prepare for the real possibility of an ‘event’ so serious that it will leave the majority of our populace scrambling once it happens.

    And as Jim Sinclair notes, it will happen… maybe even tomorrow.

    How do we know that tomorrow isn’t the day? Or the day after?

    We have so many things wrong in the economy… so many holes in the dike… so many fingers stuck in the dike to try and keep it functioning… that any one of those could create what, ten, twenty, thirty events that could create significant loss of confidence.

    Nothing has changed. It has gotten worse. Derivatives haven’t gone away, they’ve grown. Debt hasn’t gone away, it has gone up exponentially. there is no argument that says the dollar is entering into a period of strength. The U.S. economy, at best, is a straight line with a slight uptrend… but very slight… very fragile… very easily derailed… All of which affects confidence.

    We’re facing the annihilation of currency.

    We’re facing the shift of America as the leading and most influential nation in the world to some form of Banana Republic.

    We’re facing… being a second rate country.

    In the banking industry we’re facing the possibility of a bail-in rather than a bail-out.

    On the individual level, if it wasn’t for food stamps, we’d have long lines waiting for free food.

    … We are in a decelerating recovery, which by definition, economically, is an accelerating recession.

    Watch, as Jim Sinclair and Greg Hunter discuss everything from how to protect yourself once confidence is lost, to how to GOTS, or Get Out of the System, before the-powers-that-be leave you broke and hungry.

    Jim Sinclair is well known for investment recommendations designed to protect you from a widespread loss of confidence in the system’s ability to mitigate crisis and maintain stability.

    Gold is insurance. What it insures you against is everything that has to do with the confidence in which gold, the currency is trading, the dollar.

    So all of these debt situations, even massive spying on our allies… anything that can affect confidence in the U.S. dollar… is hedged by, it’s insured by gold. The combination is debt, dollar, gold. That’s the influencing items that all come down to confidence.

    And confidence lost is a currency event.

    And hyperinflation, that which I expect, is not an event economic. It’s an event of a currency… losing confidence in a very short period of time.

    I think the dollar gets hammered. I believe we are headed for hyperinflation.

    While gold and silver will certainly protect you in the event of an annihilation of our currency, consider that your “portfolio” should include other hard assets that may be just as valuable, if not more valuable depending on the circumstances.

    If we’re to expect a hyperinflationary event, then we must assume that the dollar has crashed, rendering it valueless in the eyes of your local merchant and even foreign suppliers of things like food, oil, and technology.

    This means that without the dollar there will exist no means of exchange, essentially causing a disruption to the normal flow of commerce.

    Subsequently we’d lose our ability to “purchase” food, gas, and anything else you acquire by means of dollar denominated payments.

    In such a scenario, only hard assets will be of value. This means that if you haven’t put aside long-term food stores and other barterable supplies, you’ll be left to face the horrific consequences.

    The trend is clear. Trillions are being printed on a yearly basis in an effort to keep up a perception of confidence and stability.

    The resulting annihilation of our currency and very way of life is inevitable.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. How do we know tomorrow isn’t the day?

        we don’t , that’s why we prep

        • There is so much going on its amazing

          Layoff List Check – Dailyjobcuts

            • “Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.”

              Oh, that’s right. No more lead for US. Change is here.

              Let me say again folks, silver is NOT a precious metal. IT TARNISHES! Precious metals by definition DO NOT tarnish. Get it?

              Anyone, or any source, that tells you that silver is a precious metal is either trying to sell you silver, or is someone who has swallowed that propaganda lock stock and barrel.

              Having said that, understand that silver is an industrial metal and as such has much more value embedded in a bit of plastic than it has as a coin, or as bullion. Much more. If the price of silver jumps so will the price of your electronics. Not gonna happen.

              Swallow the propaganda of the Silver Bulls all you want. It is not going to change the reality of those who control both money and metal. 🙂

              • “silver is NOT a precious metal. IT TARNISHES! Precious metals by definition DO NOT tarnish”

                Wasn’t silver used for commerce, long before it’s industrial use came up? We had silver coins and jewelry hundreds, if not thousands of years before solid state circuitry ever came along.

                Sorry, I don’t buy your argument that, if it tarnishes, it isn’t a precious metal.

                • I think the worldview of many cultures reflected in the Bible would also disagree with the idea that silver is not a precious metal.

                  • I agree with no silver, lead is far more valuable at this point, try and barter silver compared to lead currently and youll find those that have what you need want your lead very badly

                    brass is good too lol

                  • Sigi: You and the many folks here that thumbed me down need to understand the difference between “precious” and “value”.

                    Words have meaning. Euphemisms are used to dupe the unwary, dullards, Sheeple and fools. 🙂

                  • DK I used to be one of your allies on this board. You call me out by name and call me a fool; bad form. As for your arguments, you are playing with semantics, quibbling over something that really won’t amount to a hill of beans when all is said and done.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Let me say again folks, silver is NOT a precious metal. IT TARNISHES! Precious metals by definition DO NOT tarnish. Get it?

                    Anyone, or any source, that tells you that silver is a precious metal is either trying to sell you silver, or is someone who has swallowed that propaganda lock stock and barrel.”

                    Definition of “Precious Metals”


                    “A classification of metals that are considered to be rare and/or have a high economic value. The higher relative values of these metals are driven by various factors including their rarity, uses in industrial processes and use as an investment commodity.”

                    “Precious metals include, but are not limited to: gold, silver, platinum, iridium, rhodium and palladium.”


                    “A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value. Chemically, the precious metals are less reactive than most elements. They are usually ductile and have a high lustre. Historically, precious metals were important as currency but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium each have an ISO 4217 currency code.”


                    preʃ·əs/ adj (VALUABLE)

                    “Anyone, or any source, that tells you that silver is” NOT a precious metal, or that there exists a “difference between “precious” and “value”,” is just plain smoking crack.

                  • Sigi: I am not looking for “allies”. Support my ideas when you can, take issue with them as you will. It makes no difference to me and is not going to take one dollar out of my pocket whether you do or don’t agree with me.

                    Every prepper should have some silver. As much as they can reasonably afford after their preps are met. I have silver, but no one should be under the illusion that buying silver will make them rich: which is the intent of the propaganda issued on a regular basis by the fear mongers who want YOU to support their billion dollar balance sheet.

                    They are selling when the lemmings are buying and they are buying when the lemmings are running off the cliff. That’s what they do. That’s how they make their living. Between those actions they are manipulating the psychology of the fearful as much as they can, while they fight for profit with the Central bankers who are trying to push the silver market down.

                    Don’t get caught in the middle. Buy low and hold for a rainy day. Eventually, it will rain. Your silver will be tarnished, but you can have the maid polish it. 🙂

                • Judas had 30 pieces too.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “silver is NOT a precious metal because it TARNISHES. Precious metal DO NOT tarnish.”

                    A chrome plated piece of steel won’t “tarnish” either.

                    Does that make Chromium “precious?”

                  • Yo mama; You better go out and buy all the chrome bumpers you can before the Sheeple and the fearful start hoarding them.

                    Then there is brass, stainless steel, and nickel. Oh, that’s right, one brainiac with too much money from his father bought 20 million dollars in nickels. That must be sheer genius!

                    Tulips will be coming back in vogue too, I hear, cause its all about “cycles”. 🙂

                • The coinage act of 1792 says it’s money, whether it tarnishes or not. And ONLY gold and silver are, by that law. That’s all that matters…or should. Too bad the rule of law is dead is this country.

                  • UC: I am not questioning whether silver is good money. I am just telling you that silver is NOT a precious metal because it TARNISHES. Precious metal DO NOT tarnish.

                    Silver is valuable, but so are old paintings, old cars, stamps, and comic books to some people. That doesn’t make them “precious”.

                    They all oxidize too. 🙂

                • The term “precious” is relative. I have a few coins but most of my silver is invested in solar panels. Damn fine return on that investment. I just hope I don’t have to melt my silver coins down to make bullets after the lead runs out. Maybe gold would act like a hollow point for after all, luck, is relative too.

                • Sixpack: Copper was used for commerce long before electricity was harnessed for use through copper wires.

                  Sea shells were used for commerce in some cultures, as well as stones in others. That a particular commodity is used for commerce, or not, does not in and of itself make the substance “precious”. It only makes that particular commodity culturally valuable. IE Bit Coins or tulips or breadfruit.

                  Precious metals do not oxidize. Plain and simple. That is the physical characteristic that makes them unique and therefore historically categorized as “precious”. Current attempts to label silver “precious” is a branding ploy to push the price on a base, industrial metal to dullards and sheeple for a serious premium. Don’t be fooled.

                  Silver is valuable with many uses, the least of which is as a store of value, or as money. OZ for OZ silver is most valuable when embedded in plastic. Which is the real reason your plastic cell phone, I pad, or Tablet is worth hundreds of dollars using a small amount of silver.

                  We have had this debate here many times. The truth hurts as indicated by all the red thumbs. Everyone should own some silver. That doesn’t make it precious, it just makes it fungible and ubiquitous. LMAO !!! 🙂

                  • DK,
                    I believe you’re confusing “precious” and “noble.” Noble metals (such as gold) resist oxidation; the four primary precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) are the only ones assigned International Currency Codes. Everything else that bears a currency code defining it as money somewhere in the world is either a paper currency or U.N. SDRs (special drawing rights) which are merely backed by an assortment of paper currencies. That said, silver moreso than the other three precious metals has a much greater role as an industrial metal. And the lesser known platinum group metals (ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium) are also precious metals but are not recognized as currencies.

                    Hope this helps. That said, with what’s coming, I’ll have much more use for lead and seeds; I hope those of us who have to get children through to the other side of what is coming can leave buried gold and silver for our descendants; it’ll be much more useful after the reset.

                  • “A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value. Chemically, the precious metals are less reactive than most elements. They are usually ductile and have a high lustre. Historically, precious metals were important as currency but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities.”
                    You can of course create your own “Definition” but don’t expect others to understand or agree with what you say.

                  • AS: Thanks for the clarification. It was noble of you, and I appreciate the info, but I will never accept the idea that silver is a precious metal. Never. 🙂

                    I believe that labeling was begun as a result of the propaganda by the fear mongers who have been trying to get the Sheeple into the silver market since the ’80’s when Howard Ruff was the rage, to shear them. That hasn’t changed.

                    If people want to protect their wealth, they should buy as much gold as they can. The rest of the world buys gold: India, China, Viet Nam, Dubai, etc and the Central Banks are buying gold by the tens and hundreds of tonnes.

                    Those buying silver WILL be using it for bullets. 🙂

                  • @DK, you’ve gone off the deep end. You are so stuck on precious equals won’t tarnish that you’ve dug yourself a pit that you’re defending to the death. The sad part is that you’re completely wrong.

                    Some materials carry more energy than others. Gold is higher than silver, silver is higher than others. Whether people realize it consciously or not, the higher energy contained in those materials give them “value”. Other things also have value for more obvious reasons, food, clothing, shelter. But these two metals carry energy, period. You don’t have to believe me for it to be true.

                • It certainly carried weight back in the day ,30 pc’s of of it put Jesus on the cross

                • In the old days Platnium, Palladium, OS, IR and the rest WERE NOT PM’s, people didn’t even know they existed, the Spainish tossed back PT into the water, they thought is was unripe gold, There is a set of counterfit gold coins made from PT in the 1600″S. Silver has always been consdered a PM, you can go back to Egypt and follow it.

              • They had electronics 5000 years ago?

                • Yeah didn’t you see Alien vs Predator? They said it was like finding Moses’ DVD collection…that shits real…lol

                • In what is now known as Iraq they had electric batteries 500 years ago. In what is now know as Iran they trialed the world’s first fiat currency – it eventually crashed, as all other fiat currencies have done since.

                  History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. We’ve just allowed ourselves to become to dumbed down to notice (or the lessons of Stalin & Hitler would have stopped the emerging police states of recent years in their tracks!).

                  Silver has HUGE value to preppers in the form of colloidal silver. This is something we ALL need to learn to produce before all the modern anti-biotics become either ineffective or unobtainable. I see those silver coins being used to help us heal our grandchildren in years to come & collect what I can, for this purpose alone. I’m not in the category of prepper that is worried about preserving a monetary fortune, just one of those that doesn’t want to see my kid starve.

              • Silver as insurance will work best in. Large quantities on the far side of the coming “Obama Fiscal Disaster”. In the recovery afterword when silver is in demand, silver will skyrocket, that is when you can recover lost value plus some profit.

                During the disaster silver will work just fine as currency, it also has an advantage of being a functional size. Just try to get change for groceries when all you have is a one ounce gold coin worth thousands. A 1964 90% Kenedy silver half dollar is worth about 20 to 25 bucks, a very handy size to barter with.

                Oh and what we are seeing now is just the lead up to “Obama’s Fiscal Disaster”.

                • PTPT. Great point on having a functional sized item to trade. Silver definitely fits the bill. But don’t forget to have a few 1/10 oz. size gold coins for even greater flexibility. Easier to conceal on your person for any larger purchases, a bug out scenario or that extra incentive for someone to let you on the last plane or boat that’s leaving. Remember that right after the SHTF gold and silver will not be as valuable as further down the line when the sheeple figure out their true value. This will give an extra opportunity to buy before prices skyrocket. FRN’s will probably still be in use for a short time after any scenario, but will quickly devalue. The government may try to criminalize ownership and turn the unprepared masses against the prepared, but they should still be able to control their situation with some continued discretion. That said, water, food and protection should always come first. And don’t forget to have some other hard assets to barter. It’s always about being flexible IMO. My favorite… Any batteries are going to become very valuable, especially lithium type. Will probably become more valuable per ounce than silver. Prepared.

                  • I really like the new NiMH batteries that can hold a charge for an extended time, found on Amazon. I have a bunch and recharge them every 4 months so they stay ready. They are good for hundreds of charge cycles.

                    A folding brief case style solar charging unit is a great companion for rechargeable batteries. Check out the cheap one Habor Freight carries.

                    In our last big 10 day power failure my generator worked great. We were keeping all our rechargeable batteries charges and rotating them in lights for people that worked for my wife at the office. I was making gas runs to keep my generator running along with extra cans of gas for certain criticle employees at my wife’s company. They were a global corporate IT center, and we had them up faster than there compeditors. It makes a difference to know my little prepping efforts helped a multi billion dollar company get back on its feet faster, we saved a lot more than just the food in our freezer.

                    My view on prepping is a little different than many, I see it as a way to rebuild and save our nation. Preppers can become the new leaders when the current leaders fail miserably. I feel this way because I’ve done it already! Amazing how little choices in my prepping were so much bigger than just my needs.

              • Dear Jim Sinclair,ciga!
                Thank you for convincing this knome to buy gold at $385-$450 and silver at $6.95-$7.95.You were 100% correct on your predictions back then and I have no doubt concerning your predictions today,,,YOU ARE THE MAN!I still buy pm’s a few at a time today,,,ya’ll doubters best wake up or learn dumpster diving 101 .

                • Been wokened up for awhile . Still dumpster dive , curbside shopping and clip coupons.
                  Sell or trade anything I have no need for . its a good time on trash day.
                  Found more than one piece of broken jewelry , cast iron cookware and lots of free boots ).

                  • Happy to hear you’ve been wokened up M ! I’ve been getting a little lazy lately and going to Craigslist and checking the free,materials,general and farm and garden headings,,score pretty well sometimes.The wife is the coupon magnate in our family,she appears to know every price in every store including the thrift shops.Lots of free boots ay!!!LOL

              • @ DK, The quantity of silver within most electronics will not significantly affect the end price tag.

                THE SAME REASON that trying to recycle silver via electronic components is not cost effective.

                What you may be missing or downplaying is the growing industry evolving around the antibacterial and medicinal use of silver…a concept that has been around for thousands of years.

                The growing number of antibiotic resistant “super bugs” that are eradicated by silver solutions and salves is now becoming integrated into current medicinal acceptance and practice.

                Silver is becoming a “rare earth element” due to many factors…all of which will ultimately secure “it” as a store of value. It is an “industrial metal” because it has reflective/conductive properties superior to most other alternatives. Medicinal use could trump industrial use rather rapidly in OUR current “super bug” world.

                I know your are not stupid DK, so what is your ultimate agenda regarding silver degradation? It will be less valuable than gold? Initially, probably. Ultimately, who knows? Is gold known for antibacterial properties? Life vs. metal color…at some point the choice will be obvious.

                • yental…without that little dab of silver or big chunk of silver.


                  no silver…no iphone, no tv, no man on the moon, no windows 7/computer, no f-16′, no Stealth bomber, no mic no nucs, no smart bombs, no drones, no xbox, etc., etc., etc.

                  that is why they took it out of the fucking money!!!

                  They figured out that it was the ONLY FUCKING ELEMENT ON THE EARTH that could safely and effectively link the energy flow needed for all of it to work.

                  They want you to think that it is a duh, “industrial metal”.

                  wtfu people.

                  • …Except gold is a far superior conductive material than silver. Silver is used because it is currently cheaper.

                  • Adam…you are full of shit.

                    The only thing that silver and gold have in common is that they come from the earth.


                • Sorry, sounds like I directed my rant towards you…not intended that way as you get it…

                  • No problem…I understood your intent from the first sentence forward. WE BE ON THE SAME PAGE!

                  • copy that brother.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • Yental: I agree with what you say about silver, but if the price of silver pops so will the price of electronics because manufacturers will use it for an excuse.

                  They always do, don’t they, whether it is the cost of wheat for bread which is mostly air; or the cost of oil for the gasoline.

                  Any excuse that will serve their interests. Including silver in electronics. 🙂

                  • Yental: To answer your question about gold and silver. I have no personal or public “agenda” with respect to either gold or “silver degradation”. My mine has pgms, gold, and silver among other metals.

                    I believe that each is a store of value and medium of exchange and everyone should own some of each. The allocation of each depends upon a person’s economic status. However no one should confuse “value” with “precious”. They are not synonymous.

                    I think if I were the “average prepper” (whatever that means) I would own a ratio of five to one or ten to one, silver to gold after my Preps were secure.

                    Gold and PG’s will eventually be used to back a world currency; or a basket of the top ten world currencies, if the NWO implements One World Government. I do not believe that this would occur anytime soon.

                    There are wars of crony capitalism to be fought and the dollar is the weapon of choice. The apparent division between Israel and the US; Saudi Arabia and the US; and Europe and the US is a giant PLOY by the NWO to deter or mitigate Muslim Jihad against the USA and Europe, while they wait for Israel to initiate a First Strike on Iran.

                    If Iran is foolish enough to attack US interests in the Persian Gulf after this First Strike, the USA can annihilate IRG and institute Regime Change in “self defense” while China and Russia sit this one out.

                    O’bummer isn’t smart enough to figure this strategy out by himself. He must have been reading SHTF America.

                    Engage your enemies before they engage you! 🙂

                  • Silver is a precious metal due to it’s relative scarcity. On the other hand, it is not a “Noble Metal.” Noble metals being metals that do not have any known reactions to outside elements. IE: Gold is a -NOBLE- Metal due to the fact it does not tarnish or rust, however, silver is not a -NOBLE- metal due to the fact that it will tarnish.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “However no one should confuse “value” with “precious”. They are not synonymous.”


                    Q: Is silver “valued?”

                    A: It’s obvious to most people, (with a brain) that silver is indeed, “valued.”

                    So if silver is “valued,” it follows that it is also “precious,” as these terms ARE synonymous.


                  • Yo Mama; Thanks for the link. It only proves my point: Something can have value and be highly valued, without being precious or priceless as that particular Thesaurus would have you believe using its list of synonyms.

                    Something that is “priceless” is inherently much more valuable than something that has value. Something that is priceless is typically irreplaceable and usually, one of a kind.

                    Neither describes a chrome bumper. 🙂

              • Sure thing is worth one in the hand… Good on you DK.

              • Actually silver did not significantly tarnish prior to the industrial age. The H2S that causes it is mostly from air pollution the old days didn’t have.

                • I can believe that— “Oregonians don’t tan, they rust”.

              • Several hundred feet of number twelve house wire would most likely be more valuable during a SHTF event but silver is rare and therefore precious. The fact that when money was real silver would prove that to anyone who was not simply looking to argue and show how smart they are. Not.

            • So, we see just who is really behind this…

              Does it ever change?

              And people still beleive they can vote their way out of this mess…

            • Actually, he does recommend silver, also.

            • Interesting, WC III! Thanks.

          • New stuff going on-

            Just confirmed that Israel used missles to blow up SAMs in Syria.


            Be Informed was talking about this the other day- the window for action what with the moon and all.

            Expect fuel prices to react to this escalation.

            Also seems that BO is throwing Israel under the bus on this one.

            • The USA is flush with oil, gas, and gasoline. In the last week, gasoline has dropped more than 10 cents a gallon in Phoenix.

              Back up the truck. 🙂

              • You sound like an Obama shill. If the US is flush with so much gas and oil, then why the hell aren’t prices down to 2 bucks a gallon?

                • Jim Bob; Why would you sell gasoline for two bucks a gallon when the people will pay $3.07 a gallon for it? Price elasticity is all about supply and demand.

                  If you want 42.00 a gallon gasoline everyone will have to stop buying it. When the people stopped buying houses in 2008 the price dropped 40-50% in most places in America and interest rates tumbled.

                  Home prices still have not recovered and cash buyers are making some great deals! 🙂

                  • $2.00 per gallon not 42. My bad.

                  • I can’t argue with your logic regarding what price they currently get for gas,DK. But if that is true, it’s completely irrelevant if the US has self sufficient gas and oil supplies or not to the general population. If we have to pay 3/4 bucks a gallon from now on, what difference does it make to Joe citizen where it comes from?

                • Taxes. Cost to refine and ship. Cost to get out of the ground. It does not come out of the ground all refined and at the pump.

                  • Well John W., please explain to me then why gas was under 2 bucks a gallon in 2009 when BO took office and why it’s still around 3.50 a gallon today? If you’re attempting to tell me that taxes and refining/shipping costs have doubled in 5 years save your breath,I’m not buying it.

                • Because they are selling enough of it now at these prices.

                  The drop is because they are pulling shit elsewhere and need a positive diversion to keep the game going.

                  They know how to keep the sheeple sedated.

              • …if people can’t move around, shtf.

                We are in end game, they are losing control and they are scrambling like motherfuckers to keep the game going.

                Once again last week the had the UN gun grab shoved up their ass. barry and sebelius had aca shoved up their cooches. the neocons like hannity are calling for a 3rd party and saying shit like, Mccain needs to go.

                Damage control is in overdrive.

                Last but not least, lets engage our bastard employees.

                No one lives for ever.

                • oh fuck, I forgot that the world series is on.

                  professional sports, the circus.

                • They’re scrambling not only to prop it all up, but also to lock the doors, windows and fire exits.

                  They’re gonna try to keep us all in their game as long as possible so they can economically crush us and hence, control us.

            • Israel is the perpetrator, not the victim.

              • John Q. Public….It is just amazing when you tell the truth, suddenly we notice the Zionists all have a red thumbs. Keep spreading the truth.

                • Too bad when you come to a good prepper site like this one, you have to wade through all the comments from the ignorant bigots.

                  • The sock puppet brigade is going to get you for that. Sigh. We need a new article!

              • Good God JQ…don’t say anything bad about the zionist jews.

                Even though you are correct.

                • Amen LMS.

                • Lastmanstanding>


                  Ain’t that the damn TRUTH!

            • If it hasn’t been on the evening news, Obama probably doesn’t know about it yet. 😉

        • I guess if we are to become a banana republic,

          the ape in the WH will probably love it.

          Maybe I should learn how to make banana daiquiris.

          • It’s always tomorrow… yet tomorrow never comes

            • The pot just gains in temperature another degree or so.

              • Outlaw:

                Just my own personal thought; TPTB has to figure out how to get most of the personal guns before they can pull the plug.

                • If you are right POG, they are boiling us slowly in that department too. The last lead smelting plant in the country is closing down by the end of the year, due to epa regulations. Our rifles won’t be very helpful w/o ammo. Even if we stored ammo, we are not going to be very proficient with our rifles, if we can’t practice regularly. Even those who reload or make their own ammo will be running at minimum on scarce supplies, like we currently are. I just fear by the time the people wake up in mass its already going to be too late, if it isn’t now.

                  • my rifle will always work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,someone coming to take it will have some kind of firearm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i plan on using that,,,my weapon or his


                  • Are you from this planet? First, Yes, we have closed most of the smelters already, and still get lead. I don’t like this, but it’s true. Second, I have been going to the biggest ammo store in this town and watching the delivery every week for two years. People have stored an enormous amount of ammo, billions of rounds. As of now, there isn’t ANY shortage; except 22, 22Mag, and some specific things like jacketed 9mm hollow point. They have thousands of rounds of hard ball, 38, 9MM, 45, 223 etc. This country is never going to run out of ammo. The Gov might wish it, but that horse is way out of the barn. I admit I’m a gun nut, and I cannot even believe what people have stockpiled. We could fight WW-III, IV, and V. Without running out.

                  • Okie dokie, lucky you, I guess. Around these parts it is available, but in short supply, with purchase limits. And the price is certainly not what I would like to pay to keep sharp on my skills.

                  • Two words, Outlaw… wheel weights. Every junk car out there has 4-8 of these on-board. Every tire shop out there has a couple of hundred pounds in hand. It will be possible to find lead and roll our own ammo, especially if we already have the press, dies, components, and molds handy.

                    On top of that, rebel forces frequently arm themselves via ambushing their oppressors and taking their weapons and ammo. Start small and work up.

                  • Outlaw….very true. I copied this from another article on the same topic POG started:

                    There’s a multi-pronged attack on ammunition:
                    – Creating market shortages by massive purchases
                    – Drying up the market by making ammunition components like lead and spent brass
                    scarce and expensive
                    – Using environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead
                    And after the domestic sources of ammunition dry up, the UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN-ATT) can be used to stop the importation of ammunition.
                    The gun control movement’s public agenda against “assault rifles” hasn’t been effective. But their war on ammunition by limiting access via regulation, manipulating the market and shutting down manufacturing, has been very effective. And if they succeed, it would be the same as a comprehensive ban on guns.

                  • copper bullets. also soft copper tubing swedged over hard plastic or wire.

                  • wheel weights,fishing sinkers,car batteries
                    all have lead

                  • I liken the wheel weight argument to the wild game argument. Sure there is wild game everywhere to catch and eat right now.. Probably wont be the case when everyone is scrounging for food…

                  • Right on Tactical. I am no word smith by any means. You summed it up very well.

                • either that, or figure out how to stop the supply of ammo, so our guns will be nothing more than nice looking clubs…

                  • According to Paranoid, ammo is in abundance and they could never dry up the supply.

                • @POG, From a “physical confiscation reality”, in other words house-to-house, the task is impossible. The geography is much too large, THEIR numbers too inadequate, and the ultimate resistance far too great. Current gun possession statistics will not stop THEIR AGENDA.

                  Make no mistake, THEY WILL get many firearms/ammo through less direct methods…all of which have been discussed on this forum at one time or another.

                  That said, IMO, GUNS IN AMERICA has nothing to do with “pulling the plug”. There still remains a few relatively small, but necessary items of housekeeping THEY must bury/hide 100%. Otherwise, the NWO “order out of chaos” illusion will be too transparent…even for the sheeple to “buy”!

                  The term “lawful” has been so diluted, diminished, and inconsistently applied as to be irrelevant…and I believe MOST will ignore “the law” in the coming reality!

                  • YENTAL……ya got 28 days left !!!!! I am always wrong when in reality I’m always right …….economic collapse …..war with Syria , etc.
                    28 days ……tick-tock-tick-tock

                  • Yental, after the balloon goes up, it will be a different world in this land. All of the rules we live by for now will go out the window. It’s going to be ANYTHING GOES AND NO HOLDS BARRED. LEOs, even judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys will be at home with their families just like we will be with ours. Courts will not be in session. Our lives will never be the same again. Vigilantism will become the order of the day. I hate to see all this coming, but there’s no avoiding it. braveheart

                  • Yental

                    Most will ignore “the law”, at least out here in fly-over country.

                    Thus, I hold firm to the proposition that, there exists a vastly unrealized collection of skill-sets, largely unrecognized and unappreciated at the moment, but widely distributed across this nation.
                    The enemy thinks they possess the high-ground & their massaged data says so, therefore…

                    I honestly believe they think they can win this one!

                    I am not discounting their abilities, nor their offensive potential. Nor do I discount their intent.
                    But I do think they underestimate us to a degree.
                    Hubris on their part?
                    The 9/11 drama/bullshit script is merely the latest example/proof, yes?

                    That said, some posting here, are capable of seeing thru “the fog”, some are not!
                    Some realize that when the balloon goes up…offense becomes a mission requirement. Call it a “flanking maneuver.”

                    In the end, their game boils down to CONTROL via gratuitous violence and resource denial…(i.e food, water, the grid, meds etc/fill in the blank).

                    For their info…two can “PLAY that GAME”!

                    Aim small, miss small.

            • I agree and at the INCREMENTAL pace it could be another 20 years easily …..its already been 5 years

            • @ Outlaw
              “”It’s always tomorrow… yet tomorrow never comes””

              Of course not, that’s because it’s always today.
              SO Live for today and prep for tomorrow.

              Riddle this:

              If tomorrow never comes
              and yesterday never was
              whats today?

              • Point well taken Ghostrighter.

              • The door to the future.

          • Learn to reload ammo, instead. Going to be a useful skill.

            • True Smokey, but again, you still need the raw materials, when they are no longer commercially available even scavenged materials will become more scarce than they currently are…

              • Outlaw…And always there will be the last resort when everything else fails….. Make sure your primary rifles are 5.56 and 7.62 and sidearms are 9, 40. Why? because God forbid, you can always get it from the dead zombies.

                • I like a solid 45 cal 1911. You can back it up by buying a conversion kit for 9 mm. A handy kit if ammo becomes problematic or if it is dramatically cheaper for range practice.

                • When i have newbie’s asking me what type of guns they should buy these days ,i always tell them to buy something that shoots NATO ,the military is always going to have ammo ,there is a lot of 762X39 out there ,but when things get real even that will dry up ,and im sure there will be more millitary ammo on the black market than any other cal.

                • Good point Tactical, God forbid, but if it comes down too it that may just have to be the plan.

              • True, but brass can be reused, you can store 10,000 primers in a shoebox, and bullets can be cast out of any metal you can find. Lead, iron, steel, brass, whatever is available.

                • Smokey
                  Good, I was gonna say Primers, primers, primers.
                  Small pistol, small rifle, magnum rifle.
                  Can pick up brass, cast bullets, even make your own powder, but primers are hard to magic up in the home work shop.

                  • Did I hear somebody say “flintlock”?

            • Even with reloading and somewhat improved ammo availability, the days of burning up ammo while “plinking” for fun are behind us.

              Even in practice, every round must count.

              Improve with every shot. Your and your family’s lives depend on it.

              • “Due to the ammunition shortage, we can no longer fire warning shots”

                • LOOOOL. Good one.

                • In my gun class back in the 70s, I was taught ‘NO WARNING SHOTS EVER!’

              • JQP, since Feb. of this year, I’ve been practicing in my backyard on weekends with an old Crosman .177 pellet gun. At least the pellets and CO2 cartridges are still in good supply. Once a month I strip down all my weapons to check them and when one needs some oil I add some to it. I tend to overdo it a little on the oil when I clean my weapons but I make damned sure they’re going to work when I need them. braveheart

                • You can over clean and oil. Some copper fouling is good for accuracy. To much oil can mess with the firing pin and other functions.

                  • +1 Shootit

              • Save your ammo. When SHTF the gun will go bang and YOU WILL no what to do. If your not proficient by years end, to late.

                • Well that seems like poor planning. Like buying supplies/tools and waiting for the crunch before you try them out, learn to use them.

              • Always made the old habit of “waste not want not” even at the range..

                Full silhouette targets best..

                50 ft for pistol

                50 yards for rifle

                2 to the knees
                2 to the thighs
                1 to the groin
                1 to the stomach
                1 center mass
                1 to the head

                Was given some range tips by Marines..

                Place a quarter over the small bullseye and aim for that every time…practice makes perfect..


            • Can’t find powder,primers or brass. With the price of those it almost isn’t worth doing.

              • Canned food and water filters cost money, too, with no bang for the buck there, either, until it’s used.

                The days of 15-cent per round surplus is gone, and $10 a box 9mm is gone, we need to get used to the paradigm and pony up for what we need.

                • Or change the paradigm…

          • OutWest

            I can make the best Banana Cream Pie you have ever had. Nothing comes close.


            • Really — I love BCP Wrong

              That is a wonderful skill to have.

              I’m not a half shabby baker myself.

              It’s fast becoming a lost art, most

              folks think it comes from Sarah Lee.

              • I believe I’ve had many of your baked goods back in the day. Trade you my BCP recipe for those tasty gooey cinnamon twists.

                • DEAL, my friend

                  • 2 boxes of Banana Instant Pudding. Jello Brand
                    2 Cups Whipping Cream
                    2 Cups of Half and Half
                    3 – 4 Ripe Bananas
                    1 Homemade Gram Cracker Crust (made in a deep dish pie pan)

                    Follow the recipe on the Jello Pudding box for making pudding but use the Whipping Cream and 1/2n1/2 Layer this and bananas in the pan. Refrigerate for an hour or so and eat the whole dang thing!

                    I didn’t say it was healthy. It’s an incredible piece of pie though. We got the recipe from a really fancy restaurant years ago. Rich and Fattening. YUMMY!!! Very simple and can be made in just a couple minutes (except crust). I’ve used the store bought crust but I feel bad when I do.


              • it’s my favorite pah too. I’ll trade you 10 rds of reloaded .223 for 1 homemade BCP! And OutWest- which side of the “half-shabby” baking curve are you on? Like 90% shabby…or 40% shabby? (yes- i crack me up- somebody has too!)

                • CWinOR

                  OutWest and his wife use to own a bakery. He knows his stuff!!!

              • OutWest, uh, don’t mean this like it sounds, but last time I checked, Sara Lee supports the gun grabbers.

                • braveheart

                  You are right, my friend.

                  I was using Sarah Lee as the antithesis to
                  homemade baked goods.

                  The irony of it is, I knew Mike Dendrenos,
                  the founder of said company, and he wasn’t
                  such a bad guy for a libtard.

                  • OutWest, the sad part is they DO make some delicious items. I used to enjoy Sara Lee products on occasion until I found out they support the gun grabbers, so that’s when I stopped buying them.

                  • bh…most corps support the gun grab.

                    I have made it my policy to boycott as many as I can.

                    Local is where it is at.

                • That’s to bad. I used to like Little Debbie’s.

              • Is that you stud?

                Powder B…

        • “How do we know tomorrow isn’t the day?

          we don’t , that’s why we prep”

          and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep…
          do I sound like a broken record…
          and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep and prep…

          Sorry, got carried away…but not really.
          I did think to do that as an anon drone but I’ll take the heat…
          Because it’s that important!!
          Keep your eyes on the sky.

        • Metals will not be any good, the elite already own it all and will simply do a re call. Get food, tp etc now, these bar-table items will be priceless. Im sick of hearing about Gold, these guys tell ya to get gold because they are making a lot of mula from it…

        • Maybe yes, maybe no. I’ve been reading about the “coming economic collapse” in various books since the early 1970’s. I’m still waiting after 40 years. The only ones that made out were the authors and their coin dealer friends.

          • I remember the early seventies quite well. There was never any danger of a collapse. That is not the case now.

            • John W.: And every time ‘THEY’ said “but it’s different this time”. Like I said, I’ve been hearing this for 40 years and every time a new book would come out talking about all the factors that were ‘really, really different’ THIS TIME, so we’d better hurry up and buy some PMs. If I’d bought PMs all those times when the economy was ‘really’ going to crash, I’d have more than the NY FED. The famous author Henry James wrote a story called “The Beast in the Jungle” where the main character, John Marcher, put off having a good life because he was expecting ‘something’ terrible only to find that that something was the ‘fear’ that caused him to waste his life. A very sad story indeed. I’m not wasting my life ‘waiting’ for the collapse. We spent $10k on a fantastic cruise to Alaska and Canada this July. So far, the best trip of our lives. We are going to spend another $7k on one to the Caribbean this February. I’m not going to waste my life worrying about some ‘beast’ that’s been coming for at least 40 years.

              • Technically if you’d of bought those PM’s back then you’d of made out quite a bit?

                • I sure did by buying when silver was $4 and gold $300

                • HisArmsWide: No, not really because the price of gold and silver don’t really go up or down, for the most part, that’s an illusion that you are all suffering from. There was the panic in the late 70’s during the Carter Administration but that was driven by the same thing that drives all markets: FEAR and GREED. The Fed was created 100 years ago. Compare the price of gold to an common item of that year and then do the same for today. You’re going to find that they are still about the same in relation to gold. It’s the purchasing value of the dollar that has gone down, not that gold has gone up; therein lies the illusion. But then I don’t expect most to understand this if they haven’t studied economics and done any serious investing. While most here will continue to live in fear by squirreling away more goods in the ‘doomsday’ bunkers during the dead of winter, I’m going to be cruising in the southern Caribbean, and doing a bit of snorkeling and scuba diving. Stay warm folks!

              • Jeez,don’t your own eyes tell you things suck? Oh,your eyes are closed

                • Scott: Yes, my eyes will be shut when I’m tanning on the beach in Barbados, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, and on the veranda outside my stateroom. I’m not waiting for the “Beast in the Jungle” like the others. I can send photos if you like.

                  • Why don’t you just send us photos of the inside of your govt bunker—I’ve always been curious as to how the elitist rats will be packed in…it might get a little stuffy down there tho, Bro. I hear those ventilation shafts can be a bitch sometimes…

                  • Sixpack: I don’t, and won’t live, in a bunker or in fear as you do. I’m enjoying my life while the rest of you Chicken Littles piss away all your money and time preparing for this disaster or that one. Which is it today; An EMP or perhaps a CME. No, it’s an all out or limited nuclear strike. No wait, it’s a dirty bomb right! Or is some pandemic of the month. Perhaps some form of financial collapse and social breakdown. While you’re hiding away like some mole in your hideaway, I’ll be on my veranda outside my stateroom getting some sun before I go scuba diving in the tropics.

        • VRF

          Amen to that..

          Hell ..we’ve been told so many “final” dates for so many years ..

          Haven’t we?


        • VRF is right, but there’s a bit more to the idea, I think.

          Probably, tomorrow’s going to be pretty much like today, that inexorable grind to who knows what. If the big one hits Cali tomorrow, or if China pops an EMP over the Kansas, or whatever, some wag will say, “See? I told you so!”

          But they didn’t make a specific prediction; they just made a general observation.

          I’ll make a specific prediction:

          Tomorrow, November 2, ARSH 2013, will be much like today.

          All you can do is all you can do.

      2. Can you hear the thunder? there’s a storm coming……

        • Been a storm coming for a long time. I hope it holds off for another six months, would really like to get through the winter. I am sort of ready, but there are still a few things I would like to acquire. Of course, I am guessing that I will never feel like I am ready

          • Amen

          • It will definitely be easier on my resources if it holds off until spring. I can then hold on to my heating resources for yet another year and can forage, without digging through snow and ice for buried treasures. Even the birds will be back by then, so roast pigeon will be on the menu again.

            • I have a couple of old barns in my neighborhood, and the little pigeons love to land in the chicken yard and eat leftovers. Pigeon is always on the menu here. Grin

              • I used to think that was what cornish game hens actually were…which reminds me, maybe I should add a few to my freezer…hmmmm

          • Man, I hope you are right with the six months more… There will never be enough time to get the whole show on the rode but every little bit helps…. live in az and new mexico before that and every major storm was previewed by a wind blowing dust and dirt such that the vision was obscured… I do believe that wind has picked up and the vision of so many is blurred beyond help…. that said, I am anticipating a storm the likes of which cannot be put into words; therefore, I will keep prepping, praying and protecting… dj

        • The storm has already hit back in 2008 we are currently in the eye of the hurricane. The backwall of the storm is coming soon.

        • I can see the toilet paper running out in 2015-2016 when the shtf.

          • save catalogues and newspaper

        • Loud and clear Jim. Indeed loud and clear. We just need to make sure we’ll be the storm chasers and not the ones running from it. That’s the only way to survive the coming storm.

      3. I listened to the whole interview. I disagree about the impact of the dollar. We’re not going to see just $10 gas but $100 and then $1000 and more as the dollar dies.

        I think his best point is the fact that Saudi Arabia has broken off diplomatic relations with the US. They wouldn’t have to end the petro-dollar policy completely. All they’d have to do is allow other countries to trade in other currencies besides the dollar. The most important one would be the euro but they could also trade in others too. Doing that would cause a number of countries to dump their dollars. We’d see the beginnings of hyperinflation very quickly once that starts.

        I agree that the collapse could happen tomorrow, or next week, next month, or next year. That’s why I do my best to stay informed.

        • How do you know when the dollar has crashed? When it is more useful in a fireplace than a store.

          • INS
            Use it in the stove. Heat and Cooking!

          • Remember the sign in African rest rooms: “No Zim dollars”.

        • What you state makes one think of the reason the NSA is doing so much eavesdropping in the world. Get something on the leaders of counties, if they don’t toe the line in regards to accepting our financial situation, spill the beans in their country. Every politician of some importance in South America has been compromised.

          • High level blackmail and control is absolutely the main reason for NSA snooping. Everything else is just window dressing.

        • with all the bilateral currency direct swaps that China has setup already (with the latest that I know of being between China and England), the list of traders who are actively bypassing the dollar isn’t just long, but growing fast and steadily. The dollar is on borrowed time as we speak. The final nail in the coffin may yet wind up being the Saudi diplomatic relations, because as Saudi goes, so goes the rest of the Gulf. One of the primary reasons the Chinese are buying up so much gold right now is that they know that without manipulation, the price of gold should be over $2k/oz. right now. Some would say up to $5k/oz. It’s simple- once the dollar collapses, they’ll be in a position OVERNIGHT to back the yuan with gold, because once the dollar fails, JPM will fail along with it, and gold could go to $10k/oz. overnight, making it pretty darned easy for them to gold-back the yuan.

          • also, gold is being purchased at nearly double the rate it is being extracted. IF I had the dollars, AFTER all my other preps (mainly more ammo), I would totally bet on gold (physical).

          • All the pain might be worth it in the ling run, if JPM failed and disappeared. I don’t think TPTB will allow that to happen, at least not without a replacement lined up.

            • sorry 6pk.- I don’t often disagree with you, but on this one, if the $ fails, so do ALL the U.S banks. They’re already close to insolvent- even bail-ins of worthless $ would do them zero good.

              • Remember that it is the banksters and their greed to own the planet and everything in it, that has propelled us all into the rotating blades.

                Most, if not all, of the countries that have been bombed into oblivion, refused usury as a matter of faith. Banksters don’t like it when people refuse to hand over their wealth to big banks and the people who own them.

                I personally think the entire world would be better of without big global banks, as well as the Fed and, a return to the gold standard, or at least to tie monetary value back to the ability to produce things people want, would restore economies around the world.

                Restoring a healthy barter system, worldwide, would be a good thing for the people (for banksters, not so much). Once upon a time, sellers gathered the best products from their homelands and traded them in far off places…fine silk for grain, gold for exotic animals, diamonds and other precious stones for produce.

                The useless eaters are not the poor–they are the banksters who get rich from stealing from everybody else. Without forced usury, banksters end up just like the rest of us.

                That’s just my opinion.

            • After the dollar dies most Americans will die. That’s the plan of the globalists.

        • Anyone who thinks that Obama will not shut down all oil production with an executive order has not been paying attention. Gas will be unavailable at any price.

        • Totally agree with Barn Cat on staying informed. We each have to act as best we can with the information we have, and with our own interpretation of what might happen in our individual neighborhoods.

          Ten dollar a gallon gas does seem “doable”. There would be a huge outcry over the several months while it went up from todays plus or minus three dollars. But I think the story of hundred dollar gas is just a scawwy halloween story. The fan blades would be disgustingly filthy already, at ten dollars, if it should happen overnight.

          As of today, Saudia Arabia has not “severed” diplomatic ties with the US. One would think it would be on their website:

          OTOH, perhaps Sebelius is updating their website too, IDK. Taking a googol on the various headlines pertaining to the phrase “status of saudia arabia diplomatic relations”, I found that the articles do not agree with the headlines. Part of the globally active, yet probably not centrally organized disinformation campaign is exactly promoting false headlines which fan the fires of public perception, while the details in the articles tell a different story.

          As a current example, Glenn Kessler, the “Fact Checker” at #BezosPetNewspaper on October 31, ARSH 2013, gave Mr. Obama four Pinochios, for the deliberate lie that “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your helath-care plan, period. The headline differs completely from the regulation.

          Point being, the Saudi diplomats can spout hot air as well as our diplomats can; it will be interesting to see if they do actually sever diplomatic relationships. That would be telling. Mr. Kerry and Mr. McCain seemed to have promised them that the US would start an elective war in Syria at the Saudi’s reques. The Saudis are a bit miffed at this lack of delivery. I think it’s a rather large silver lining that the American people said No To Elective War, at least this time around.

          The warmongers in our country, beholden to various corporate insiders, will certainly attempt to change the broad popular demand in this country for disentanglement in all of these murderous conflicts. We should all #SayNoToElectiveWar

          Should the Saudis turn to the Chinese for gold, they will find, over the coming years, that they have let the dragon toe, not the camel toe, into their tent, and their new overlords will be very different masters indeed, and that Zionism will be the least of their worries.

          But hey. I’ve got bugs in the garden; the tractor has a flat tire, and money’s kinda short.

          • The dollar is heading to zero because of all the money creation by the Fed. That’s 100% guaranteed. The only question is when. Somebody else here brought up the fact that Weimar Germany had minor inflation early in its money printing history and then they suddenly had hyperinflation. Look up “hyperinflation” on wikipedia. It’s a must read for every prepper.

      4. I’ve got a lot more brass and lead than silver and gold…the former to help keep the later…

      5. Often times I’ve been tempted to sell some silver to help cover some daily costs of living, but I always decide against it. The way the green back is heading it will be worth less than toilet paper in the very near future. Maybe things will settle down, after a massive die off and if we survive. I will dig up some of that metal and be in a stable position to barter ect.
        I just hope we don’t have a massive die off, unless its only effecting libtards and politicians.

        • You’re following Gresham’s Law of economics: People hoard good money (silver) and spend the bad money first….paper.

          That’s why no pre-65 silver coins are in circulation….people hoarded them out as they became more valuable than the current slugs that pass for dimes/quarters/halve.

          Same thing with pre-82 pennies. Ten years ago, you could find a mix of nearly 50-50 pre-82 and post 1982 pennies in a random sample of enough coins.

          Today, since pennies are now 95% zinc and 5% copper ( exactly opposite of pre-82 pennies ), you could pile up a bushel of pennies and do good to find a few dozen pre-82 pennies.

          Gresham’s Law in action.

          • When they went to bi-metal coins in 1965, there were lines around the block at the banks and federal reserve banks, folks stood there for hours to buy the old silver coins. We knew what had value, and what didn’t.

            The silver coins pretty much disappeared from circulation within one year. We had a gallon jug, filled it with silver coinage in less than a year, then just a few turned up after 1966.

            We could go up to Canada, though, and lots of silver coins still in circulation there, so brought a lot of that back.

        • “I just hope we don’t have a massive die off, unless its only effecting libtards and politicians.”

          Well, those ARE two of the groups out there with the poorest survival skills.

          IMO, there WILL be a massive die off and a lot of it will be due to so many people worried about all the wrong / trivial things that seem to occupy so many these days while not paying any attention at all to the things upon which our lives will one day depend. Anyone who cannot make a fire without matches or some other higher tech fire starter will be in for some very rough sledding. Those who cannot fish or hunt to fill the larder will be in trouble too. Those without gardening skills will be very hungry before this is all done.

          Just consider the daily skills that our grand parents and great grand parents had 50, 75, or 100 years ago. They knew that it was just common sense to have food stored up for winter, to have enough firewood dried and ready to burn, and to be able to raise their own food. People today think that anyone who stocks up on food is a fool. HA! We will see who the fool is when the SHTF and we are eating and doing OK… and they are not.

          • “I just hope we don’t have a massive die off, unless its only effecting libtards and politicians.”

            There are two kinds of liberals: Intelligent and ignorant. The intelligent ones are armed, prepared, and dangerous. Hedging is an intelligent strategy.

            Just sayin’.

        • You have to believe in real things that come from the earth are valuable and you have to believe in yourself.

      6. Gold as insurance f$@ k now they tell me
        I just traded 10 kugarans for 16 acres am holding the
        Deed.. Paid $750 for those coins a few years back..
        Here’s a great tip save your old lighter flints
        Place white tip matchhead
        in base of hollow point
        Super glue flint on top
        Presto homemade rofus ammo

      7. Like, did you see Nicki Minaj twerking in her new video?

        • Nazi Cross….? I guess I mean Iron Cross. You have a couple of good posts. Then you crash and burn. Make up your mind!

        • Eisen, do you really enjoy that Hollywood crap?

      8. I used to depend on my piddle jobs to get thru the start of winter. People are not calling, or don’t have the extra cash for home repairs.

        • lol, I have the opposite problem a Martinez…I have plenty of $ to pay for those piddle jobs but cannot seem to find anyone wanting to do them…even when I provide them with tools and supplies needed as well as paying good wage for the work there have been no takers…guess their government is doing them a better deal. it stinks for us both.

          • Carny,where you located?I am always looking for more jobs at a fair wage,loaded with tools.I have been doing OK and see many doing OK and actually well in the trades,how long it will last though is the big ?Good luck getting your gigs done,there are folks out there with skills that do want to work,you will find em or they you!

            • Ditto. You name it. Have a crew and will travel. To be honest we are covered up with work. That may be the actual problem in your area. The qualified crews are busy on big jobs and don’t have time to come change out a door or window.

              • ditto and ditto –
                We travel all over if needed , but work is plentiful right now , at least until it gets real cold.
                I have noticed lately alot of contractors just walkin away from smaller jobs. they are the best usually.
                good luck to all !

          • carnyvell–craigslist has handy men looking for jobs of all kinds.

            • Be careful with craigslist—there are as many crooks on there as there are decent people…you might not be able to tell the difference before it’s too late.

              • Roger that, Sixpack. Those who seek good buys on gold or silver via Craigslist are stepping into harms’ way as well.

                • Not if you know what you’re doing!
                  It’s pretty dumb to try and buy anything w/o some knowledge

              • Ditto that on CL. Avoid it.

      9. So if gold and silver will be worth a fortune, why are they selling it? Why would have a website saying “hyperinflation is coming, so buy my gold and silver” Not sure it adds up.

        • Simple answer to your question. This site is a stooge for gold and silver dealers and the gun and ammo industry.

          • ncjoe, we’re not stooges for anyone so go f#$% off!

            • To everyone, I know in the last article I stated I would stop pouncing on ncjoe. What was I thinking? I plead temporary insanity. Gotta have some fun on occasion.

              • Braveheart.
                NC Joe is just misguided. One day he will wake up and find just like F.A. did that the folks on this sight are good folks just trying to help out each other. How long did it take to get F.A. to see the truth and understand what we are trying to do.

                N.C. you have the right to think the way you do. One day You and I will agree on something. I hope it is soon. You are more than likely a smart guy. I can tell by the way you write.

                Braveheart have you heard form F.A. yet, and has picked a new name.

                F.A. If you read this maybe you can talk to him and help him out.

                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • Sarge, I think FA will be alright, but ncjoe has been coming on here longer than I have and I’ve been here since July of last year. I don’t have any hope for ncjoe and I think everyone else here would agree. besides, I still gotta have some fun pouncing on the trolls every now and then. helps me keep my sanity. braveheart

                • 5n1 3, 5, and 7


                • Oh, poor wittle Eisen, he can’t stand to see me jumping on his friends, his fellow trolls.

        • First off; just go to a coin store, you won’t find much. I don’t buy much anymore, but I keep darn good track. In my town of 50,000 people there was $55.00 face, of junk silver coin available, and NO bullion gold. Second, on the comex gold is bacwardized, that tells you how much they have, third, people who mine it, must sell it, coin shops must sell what they can to make a living. Every coin selling guy I know of keeps a little back for himself but has to sell to live.

          • Agreed, Paranoid. Not only that but people who have gold or silver and then fall on hard times may HAVE to sell some of their stack to eat and to heat their homes. It sucks but a guy does what he has to do to keep going.

          • That is sad…less than $1K’s worth of silver.

            The thought of a stampede of people jockeying for less than a thousand dollar worth of real currency.

            One of our local coin shops had the biggest day ever on 4-25-11…silver was nearly $50…people in the know thought it was over…and as sinclair said, it could be tomorrow…that time it wasn’t. No matter.

            You either stake your life on living on the earth by her rules or you live a lie.

            How are you living now?

        • JC:

          They make enough on the spread to make it worth while to sell gold and silver. With that, they increase their personal pile.

          • it is called “risk”…any you have a choice whether to buy it or not.

            Profit is not a dirty word.

        • Because it’s a business!! Can’t survive without cashflow. Duh

      10. IF we knew when “it” was going to happen more people would be prepared. Only those who pay attention to what is happening will survive this debacle.

        • All part of nature’s “survival of the fittest” plan.

      11. if gold is a 5000.00 an ounce , then the dollar has crashed , if i change my gold for 5000.00 ,what have i really gained? unless i could purchase directly with the gold .it all about inflation , gold grows in value when the dollar declines , if gold buys inflated dollars then isnt the gold being deflated ?
        I just dont get it .

        • No, not really. When gold is $50,000 that means the dollar crashed. Before the dollar completely dies we’ll see it at $1 million and eventually $1 billion. It’s possible gold will hit $5,000 while prices only double. We’ll see.

          • BC – my dollar value on gold was random , what i dont understand is if gold was 1 dollar an ounce it is worth
            1 dollar in goods.
            when goods inflate , the dollar devalues and the price of gold skyrockets , i still only get 1 dollars worth of goods no matter the exchange . am i thinkin right?

            • hammerhead
              your correct you would still only get 1 dollar of goods with yor ounce of gold but if you tried to buy those same goods with dollars it may 1000.00 or 10,000.00 dollars. thats why gold should be bought only as insurance

              • thanks rob , i guess it makes sence as insurance , i was tyin to figure out how it would be a good investment vehicle and it didnt make sence to me.
                The state of the union would have to be pretty damn piss poor that we all should have to trade gold for dollars.
                Lets pray things dont devolve that far.

                • hammerhead
                  if the day ever comes that gold is worth 50,000.00 an oz we are totally screwd.i always thought it would be used in rebuilding after a crash ( if your lucky enough to live through it). its not that the gold has increased in value but the dollar has declined

                  • Exactly. Remember reading somewhere at the turn of the 20th century an ounce of gold was enough to buy a really nice suit, and today that same ounce will still buy an equal really nice suit even though the dollar value behind them shows much different value.

            • In the end products will cost what the seller is willing to take for them (barter). Product will be priced in oz of gold and silver if the seller wants it. If not, metals are not worth much. However history has taught us that gold and silver have been a medium of exchange for 100’s of years so it is adviseable to have some insurance. God Bless, James

              • You better keep a digital scale and some batteries to weigh that gold/silver. So are you going to take a knife and shave gold off the bar until the merchant is satisfied? I believe people are going to want tangible products when shtf. I’d rather have some TP or water because you can’t eat gold.

                When SHTF there will be little or no useful supplies left and it’s best to get what you’ll need now. Zombies will loot anything of value and it’s best not to barter with people because they will learn to much about you or set you up for a high jack.

                • There’s a gram scale that hangs on your fingertip. It works like the old scales with the two cups that hang from a center balance. You didn’t need batteries and digital electronics to weigh stuff before, and you really don’t need digital scales now.

                  • Also, anyone who reloads might have a triple-beam scale too. it measures very small amounts with great accuracy, WITHOUT batteries or electricity.

                • I have a 100-year-old laboratory balance that will read to a ten-thousandth of a gram. No batteries. I may be able to rent time on it if TSHTF. Never thought of that before.

                  • Find the conversion for grainage to grams and you can use your magnetic dampening powder scale to weigh it too.

                • Indy Colt:

                  No, most likely people will return to silver coins for smaller purchases.

                  You ever heard a quarter referred to as “2 bits” ?

                  That came from the use of colonial Spanish silver dollars….pieces of 8 they were called.

                  Due to the extreme lack of coinage in those days, that Spanish silver dollar was often whacked into four “quarters” along the lines of the cross in the coin back, then those quarter pieces cut in half again…making “2 bits”….change for a quarter coin. These pie shaped hunks of silver were in common circulation until the US was founded.

                  “2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a Dollar”…… (dollar being 8 bits)

                  • Thanks for the trivia, loved it!

            • Hammerhead, you’re exactly right. 100 years ago you could buy a quality hunting rifle with a 1oz, $20.00 gold coin.
              Today, you can buy a quality hunting rifle with a 1oz, $20.00 gold coin.
              The value of gold is fairly stable compared to other goods and services. It’s the dollar that is losing value.

            • Just like back in 1960 or so gas was 20 cents a gallon. You could buy a gallon of gas with two dimes. Today, you could sell those two 90% silver dimes and have approximately enough to buy a gallon of gas.

              • BC –
                that is what i would call inflation , i know your talkin about silver , but it IS about inflation.
                I think i will stick with my investments in angus cattle and pasture .
                At least i understand what my ROI will be ,kinda:)

                • hammerhead:

                  There was no such thing as “inflation” as long as we had REAL money. There still is no inflation….what there is a decrease in the value of money….fake money.

                  • Yes, you CAN have inflation with metal money. The great influx of gold to Europe from the Spanish Main in the 1500s did exactly that. Because inflation is an increase in the supply of money.

                    Price changes are only a consequence of inflation.

                • There is one way to make the devaluation of the dollar and Gold work for you. Say you have a $100,000 15 year note at 3% on your home. The day you borrowed the money gold was $1000 oz and you purchased 5 oz of gold on that same day you got your note. In coming year GOV. policies (Q3) devalued the dollar and all of a sudden gold is $20,000 oz. Now you can sell your $5,000 of Gold and pay off your $100,000 dollar note. Now you own your house free and clear.

              • Correct-o-mundo Barn Cat !

                Because real things stay relative to real things for the most part. REAL money doesn’t loose it’s value. FAKE money can ( and has ) have it stolen away like a thief in the night.

                The banker’s solution has been to wean us off REAL money and over the the fake stuff they control. Takes time…..and memories fade ( or new generations never knew to begin with )….

            • I believe that when the dollar crashes, gold/silver will be going up in price exponentially. The reason for that is, there will be a panic by most who are used to investing in paper assets that are rushing many more dollars into physical gold/silver to save their purchasing power. This supply and demand rush, (panic) will cause the COMEX to default and cause the price to be determined more by the supply and demand, the way it should be.

              Also, during this time, interest rates will move very high, causing most to be unable to qualify for loans and cause the demand and price for real estate to plummet.

              It is true one can’t eat gold/silver. People should be buying other hard assets as well. However, the smart play the precious metal stackers are counting on is the investment from gold/silver and then immediately into land or rental properties when the SHTF.

              • my question is this if Gold goes to 50,000 an what would anyone use to buy that ounce,,,,,??????


                • Snake
                  Arm and leg? Very good question. I have no idea!

                • Snake

                  …and how on earth does one make change per the transaction?

                  Worst case = if all I had was 50lbs. of pinto beans and rice, plus 5 grandchildren and someone offered me an ounce of gold for the vittles…would I sell?


                  The guy w/ the gold is gonna starve!

                  Welcome to the NWO banker’s diet program!

                • Well snake, according to Dan and Anonymous, I guess you could buy an oz. of $50,000 gold with either a nice suit or a nice gun. Or you could put on a nice suit and take your nice gun and rob someone of an oz. of $50,000 gold. Trekker Out.

          • “we’ll see it at $1 million and eventually $1 billion”

            Zim 100 trillion bills are $3.95 on ebay. So, if gold is $1400/oz right now, you could buy 354 of them for an ounce, and that would be 3,540,000,000,000,000,000 Zim dollars per ounce.

            Gold could go WAY over $1 billion/oz.

            I’ll be happy when I can pay off my 3 mortgages with one ounce.

            • Dan Jerr

              Uncle Sam will be right there to collect the tax ON YOUR GAIN.

              Inflation has helped home owners pay off their mortgage with an inflated dollar.

              • Homeowners only get a benefit out of inflation of their wages increase at the same rate as the inflation. This isn’t happening now. I fact for a lot of them their wages have gone to zero because they’ve lost their jobs.

                The first statement is oh, so true. A friend just inherited some stocks that were bought in the ’60s. If she sells, the IRS takes almost 15% off the top, even though, adjusted for inflation, the stocks are worth less today than they were in 1966.

                • Should have added that, assuming there’s still a functioning IRS, and your gold holdings are known to them, they’ll do the same to you if you sell your gold to a dealer. Gold is at best a hedge against the apocalypse. It is a terrible investment, within the current financial and tax reporting system.

                • @ Old Coach, that’s not true about the stock. The cost basis to her is the average price of the stock on the death date of the person who left her the stocks. If she sells these stocks, her date of ownership will be the basis as to whether she pays short term capital gains or long term capital gains. (That’s for stocks held under a year or over a year.)
                  For example, if Ebeneezer Scrooge left her 1,000 shares of Buggy Whips International (BWI), and he died on Dec 24th, 2012, and the price of those stocks was $25.00 per share on that day, that is her new cost basis when she sells those stocks.
                  You don’t have to believe me, just use your favorite search engine and use the search terms “cost basis for inherited stocks”, and sites like Kiplinger, TurboTax, Investopedia, and will come up with this info.
                  Hope this helps and always beware of Graboids.

            • Dan:

              Hold that thought. The bankers will come up with legislation to adjust every thing so that debt will stay the same….you can bet THEY will not come out on the short end of their own stick if it goes hyperinflation.

              • They may try it, but they would not live long enough to make it a reality.

          • If the dollar is crashed…It will have NO VALUE.

            Gold and Silver will NOT then be valued in DOLLARS.

            It will be whatever the market will bear. If you don’t know how to negotiate you had better learn now…while your at it, better practice your poker face.

            Folks, life as you know it will be fucking over. It will be survival of the fittest. Bad elements who have not planned well or at all will be coming for your shit…all of it and they most-likely won’t give a shit how they take it from you.

            Don’t let them misbehave. By earthstandards, most of them should even be alive anyway.

            You can thank your govt. for that.

            • shouldn’t be alive…

            • lastman.

              No doubt. Life itself in USA has changed, and the effects will be seen soon. The dollar may not lose all value, it just may deflate away to where in 3 years purchasing power is 30% of today. ie, all things will cost 3x as much and keep inflating until we are toasted.

              Also, I will look into your suggestion on Pacific Source. Got to find something cheaper or it is just time to quit the healthcare shit.

              PS. Cant give thumbs up today cause on laptop where a javascript is not working. So I’ll give a thumbs up tomorrow when I am at office….

              • On PacificSource…our deductible is high…10k each, but it pays for lots of preventative…yearly physicals, mammogram for wifey, colonoscopies, and other preventative. Cost us about $15o ea. per month.

                We are both over 50…and tough as hell.

                wshtf, we will be easy to recognize, we’ll be right next to God helping send these bastards back to hell once and for all.

                God bless you.

          • How do you make change for a gold coin that goes for five grand? Not much good unless a loaf of bread goes to two thousand bucks a loaf.

        • Gold helps with many other goods and metals to protect against inflation to a degree and if held long enuff a solid currency during rebuild.Land is another good asset/ammo/food/tools/skills,the list is endless.The gold neither inflates or deflates,in theory will do as far as purchasing whatever it will do today.Prep but enjoy today and your Halloween!

        • If you change your ounce of gold into $5000, you get $5000 worth of goods with your money.

          If you did not have the gold to exchange, you don’t get to buy any goods, since your savings account and paycheck are long gone, buying $100 a gallon gasoline and $75 loaves of bread.

          Think of the gold as a fortress of value, not as currency.

        • Get over the notion you hold gold (and silver ) to GAIN… hold it hoping to stay even.

          Ask the question: If I don’t own some, and it goes to 5,000 ( or whatever ), what will my paper money buy ??

          THAT is the real question.

          Let’s assume everything REAL goes up in relationship to gold ( as it should ). Gold will maintain it’s purchasing power where paper will not.

          THAT is the whole history of the Federal Reserve. In 1913, a $20 gold piece ( right at one ounce )and a $20 paper bill were DEAD EVEN. Gas was something like 10-15 cents/gal, bread was 5 cents/loaf.

          Today, it takes 67+ $20 paper notes to buy that same ounce of gold. Gas is $3.10gal (here)….cheap bread is $2/loaf.

          So gas is up about 30x and bread about 40x…gold is up 67x. So, at the current time, gold has “gained” some over some other real things…..but over the long haul, you’ll likely find it matches most real things real close.

          Should one hold ALL their assets in gold (or silver)…well SURELY not. Because as plenty of folks here will tell you: Ya can’t eat gold. SO one ought to have plenty of real things…food, water supply, ammo, etc,etc,etc….those things are quite useful to maintain life.

          BUT there will nearly ALWAYS be a need for money. Money allows you save labor you did today for down-the-road when you might not be able to work (age, injury, lack of need for your labor, etc ). OR you go to “BarterTown” and nobody needs what you have to trade.

          Some people here will absolutely HAMMER you for owning any precious metal….”When the SHTF, it won’t buy anything”…..well, that may ( or may not, according to thousands of years of SHTF around the world )be true.

          BUT THE MOST LIKELY “SHTF” IS HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES…a long, slow decline in the value of the dollar, and most folks inability to keep up with it. Look at the price of food..ammo…gasoline…you-name-it….all up by leaps and bounds over ten years ( along with gold )….is anybody rioting in the streets ? Has martial law been declared ? Does Walmart still have stocked shelves ? Yep. LONG, SLOW, SLIDE….not an over night event.

          That means any long term savings you have is simply going to be destroyed….and a small amount of precious metals could mean the difference in poverty and not so much in the future.

          • Tnandy
            Great post

          • Bam! Finally, somebody who gets it.

            Right on Andy.

        • hammerhead

          The gold held value as opposed to holding $1300 US you now have $5000 US dollars. The currency held buys roughly 25% of the gold coin. Once you get converted don’t hold on to those dollars too long. Their declining.

          Gold hopefully is a store of value.

        • @Hammerhead

          Consider this. Gold is for long-term saving and paper money is for immediate spending. Having gold is not about making a fortune from the metal, it is about preserving the wealth we have as the dollar continues to deteriorate. This happens because $5000 worth of gold today is likely to be $10,000 worth tomorrow and $20,000 the next day. In a world of $20,000 an oz. gold, what will the original $5,000 buy you? Not much. But gold does not participate in the bankster fun game called inflation. Only fiat currencies do that. By keeping our savings in REAL money, its purchasing power is protected and does not inflate away and disappear. What matters is what we can buy with that gold and that tends to remain fairly stable, especially over longer time periods.

          If the dollar crashes, it is possible that we will not be able to buy gold or silver AT ANY PRICE in dollars because those who hold these metals will not want those crummy dollars.

        • gold has gone up in price about 450% in 10 years—the dollar hasn’t decreased
          as much!

      12. Hey, just a heads-up to your readers, Mac — Doe Run, Inc. is closing it’s lead smelter at the end of the year. That is the last lead smelter operating in this country. Prepare for lead to skyrocket! I know, that sounds ridiculous, but other than wheel weights, where are you gonna find it in bulk? Start buying the ammo you were gonna buy for Christmas, now. Because by Christmas, prices could be through the roof.

        • Doe Run also owns a smelter in Peru so I expect it will pick up the slack. I did some research on Doe Run and the owner is a dirtbag that could’ve saved the company. He had 198million and needed to pay 100 million to update the plant and chose to build one of the biggest houses in the world. It maybe the biggest in the world.

          Ira Rennert is his name and his mansion is in the hamptons. There are a couple good Youtube videos about him. The 198 million was money taken from the companies and put in his bank account. The house is so big; people in the hamptons were complaining about the space it takes up. It has 24 rooms with gold leaf floors. You were sold out by another rich guy and the EPA isn’t completely to blame.

          • Hi Indie,

            Yes, there is another smelter in Peru. Unfortunately, while they may pick up the slack, you and I will pick up the difference between what we used to pay for bulk lead, and what we will now pay for bulk lead imported. EPA has some pretty stringent rules regarding the importation of lead, I think because of the PCBs, and other contaminants. In any case, shipping and import fees will be passed on to the consumer. As usual.

            I don’t have anything to do with this at all. An investment advisor I use called (he’s a range buddy, too) and told me about it. I’m way ahead of the ammo game, but everybody else should take heed and do the prudent thing for themselves.

          • You make it sound like spending a hundred million is like going out for a burger. The EPA had already told him that even with the upgrades that they would go after him again. I bet if it was your money you would sing a different tune. You must be a left wing progressive the way you talk about other peoples money.

      13. I’ll play Devils advocate…. he said “they’re printing trillions every year”. Zimbabwe and Weimar printed billions of hundred trillion dollar bills. We may have a long,long way to go.
        Hopefully my 25 year shelflife food is still good.

        • Prices in Germany ‘only’ doubled between 1914 and 1919.

          Gasoline, by comparison, has about doubled during Obama’s term.

          Germany 1920-23…..a mere 3-4 year period saw inflation go off the scale.

          Don’t think it can’t happen here.

          • It may have doubled in price , however it has halved in retail sales .

        • I’ve always found people who play “Devils advocate” are bone-heads who have done nothing with their life. Yeah..keep doing it. ha

      14. The question I keep debating is how much of this is planned and how much has spun out of control.

        Its hard to believe that TPTB would set forth a policy to economically destroy the US because of their need of the military power it possesses. With no economy and riots in the streets the US military will be brought home and what remained hobbled from a lack of funding. TPTB have no replacement for their global enforcer.

        Logic tells me that TPTB set the wheels in motion but gravity took over propelling the cart downhill faster and more violently than they predicted. I think they’re reacting to events when previously they steered them.


        • Agree, i really dont think TPTB are as sharp as many give them credit for. I liken it to the new suburbanite in their 3600sf cookie cutter house who calls an electrical contractor to change light bulbs!
          For these dufus donkeys the lights are on but nobody is home!

          • Kulafarmer

            I think they’re very sharp but like the mafia commission in effect they’re all criminals and are individually greedy. Certainly the people they employ in positions of authority are dishonest too. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” but its also blinding when you get away with so much for so long.

        • Why bring the military back. They will just let the useless kill themselves off and then “rescue” who’s left with all these stored supplies. And then start over again.

          • The military feeds off the civilian population just like an entitlement program. They will feel the same economic pinch when they get no paycheck and can’t buy fuel. For the military to function there must be some order at home and certainly an economy (regardless if its unsustainable) to supply them.

        • The people destroying the economy and the dollar want to use the chaos to bring about a one world government. The UN will implement their Agenda 21 policies to depopulate the earth down to a sustainable level of 500 million. That means they intend to kill 13 out of every 14 people on the planet. Here’s just one video on the subject:

          • thanks for bringin up agenda 21.
            I am out front on this all the time, cant discuss it here , but my (former) land would be a good example of government land grabbing.
            Chinese land buyers , “world heritage sites” and all these bike paths and railroad conversions should sound alarms , but they dont .
            In michigan our governor just got back from china tryin to get them to buy some more of detroit , whatta fool , sellin out our soverieghnty for two pieces of silver .

            @MAC- More agenda 21 education is needed , maybe a future article on the subject ?

            • I Agree on the Subject of Agenda 21, its one of the least talked about nightmares out there. In the last three yrs I’ve been unable to find one person that has even heard of it. and it is baby stepping in the back door, even in my area, but you cant make anybody understand. and if you want see the eye roll, Well…Dumb sheeple.

            • Hammerhead what general area of Michigan are you from? I too am from Michigan, difficult meeting like minded people. If we are close would you like to exchange email addresses.
              I’m from a small country town in Mid- Michigan

              • osceola county

                • Hey,I used to live in Hesperia! Now live in SE Michigan, outside of Detroit. (yuck) Count me in please, as yes, it is difficult to meet like minded ppl (xcept for here, of course) I would be more than happy to trade email address, talk to others who “understand”.

                  Mac, if Hammerhead and Eyesopen would like my email, pls give it to them.

                • I’m in Genesee
                  Email is [email protected]

                  We are probably around 2 hours away

                  That is for you too Karen and any other like minded people in Michigan.

                  We need a way to communicate.

          • When kayos reins and nuclear weapons abound the very people making this happen can easily end up on the receiving end.

            There are way too many weapons with the potential of loosing command and control to successfully implement such an action and guarantee your own survival. Disorder such as this brings forth people and events beyond the control of “the masers”.

            • There is something said about controlling a man who has nothing left to lose…

      15. If it crashes it crashes! I am about as ready as you can get. Its going down sooner or later. If 11/1/13 is the day. So be it.
        I have been blessed by God to get as ready as I am. I just hope and pray that I have enough for my family. Firearms and ammo is not a problem. Gold and silver is not a problem. I have what I have and I will. I will adapt.
        If it goes down on 11/1/13 I will put my faith in God and my family and friends. I will keep all of you in my prays. Please keep me in yours.

        • Sgt. Dale



      16. What I don’t understand, is why do you keep saying the same thing over and over again. Its like a broken record, stuck on “It could happen any day.” You might as well grow your beard long, start ringing a bell, and wear a sign that says, “The End Is Nigh.”
        Freedom Is truly lost because nobody, and I repeat NOBODY is willing to fight for it. These sites produce fear, paranoia, and anxiety. causing us to hide away and wait for the big one, which in my opinion, won’t happen because the TPTB won’t let that happen.
        So basically, Writing article after article on how the future is going to suck, does not inspire hope. You’re just letting the government do what ever they want then crying about it. You’re predictions are BS. Like playing pin the tail on the donkey. After so many stabs you might get one right. Then say, “We told you so.”

        • If everyday you say tomorrow something will happen,,,
          Eventually that tomorrow will come!
          This stuff is lots of times best to take with a grain of salt.
          Someone else on here has said to not forget to live your life, good advice in my mind,
          This is all entertaining, some of it good info, some we could do without, honestly for myself, its entertainment when we get into this sort of article. Sorta sounds like Charlie Browns parents after a while,,,
          Gold and silver? Eh could care less, dont have anything anyway,
          Food? Thats just common sense stuff, gotta have it to eat, i want to not starve.
          Guns n ammo? What can i say, i like things that go boom and have been a shooting sports enthusiast since i was a kid, you need to roll your own if you want to smoke a lot of em,,, plus living on an island, when theres no supplies, there are really no supplies, so if you want to target shoot or hunt you better have supplies!
          Most of this stuff is just common sense,
          The solution articles are always way more interesting, these doom and gloom coming tomorrow? And the multitude of predictions?? Not so much, everyones tryin to sell something, some of us are frugal and just not buying,
          Whenever it is is whenever it is, sorta like when your card is punched, no matter what that was your time!

          • Repetition, repetition, repetition—it keeps the slackers focused during the long stretches.

        • Well said and highly accurate. This sight is populated by deluded ninnies who would rather piss and moan in their mom’s basement than do anything real.

          • ncjoe, you and your comrades [trolls] are the ones who are deluded and never contribute anything real to our discussions. OOPS…..DID I SAY ‘COMRADES’? Oh No, I used a COMMIE word…..ouch…..bad keyboard! [sarcasm definitely intended]

          • NC.
            What do you want them to do? If you get violent it will just make things worse. I will only go to the violent side if they hurt or try to hurt one of mine. That to me is self defense.

        • Snake, is that you?

          I freakin love that name dude…you need to come back and save the USA.

          You and Lee van Cleef.

          Lighten up man…most of us are here to vent, help, piss, moan, laugh, enlighten, opine.

          Most people are good and just want to be left alone.

        • The point is that tomorrow will come and raise its ugly head. There are no two ways about it. I agree with you that it seems like we/someone is always calling “Wolf,” but even in the fairy tale the wolf showed up one day. The reality that those on this board, and many others, are talking about, while there will be an event or events that trigger mass destruction triggering martial law, we are presently in the pot coming to a boil but unlike 97% of the folks outside these walls, we are continuing to try and keep ourselves as informed as possible. That is why we hang on here and other places to do our level best to be aware of “things” so when the event is actually triggered and before the hammer falls hard we will be in a better position to deal with it all the way around…. frankly while I do not look forward to it, I know there is no other way out and each piece of the puzzle is important. God speed and continue to pray, prep and protect… dj

      17. My motto: A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE!

      18. The sooner the better.

        Lets go.

      19. Years ago a man named Jim Baker a shortwave radio host. Kind of a founder of the so called patriot movement always said, “A man with a closet full of gold and food Wins”. I took that advice. And Jim if your out there. Thank you. To bad the
        Baker brigade fizzled out. And if your reading this you still owe me a few cases of food which I paid for and never got.

        • Was he the guy in Michigan? I used to listen to a guy whose base was in southern Michigan.

          • Old Coach, could that have been Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report? I’m not familiar with Jim Baker.

            • That’s the guy. It’s been a few years since. My remembery doesn’t always bring up the right data.

        • If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it! seg I hope your mentor is still around.

      20. No one knows what tomorrow bring but we all should hope the EVIL under any name and religion stay away from all of us. Our controlled media didn’t mention a word about the this news from RT TV——-> A 3-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia was reportedly raped by a group of men. After taking turns violating the toddler, the men dumped her near a hospital where she was classified in serious condition. Wake up America…many of the claimed ” Best US allies” are really ” The best enemies of the US”.

        • Yes, wake up America – our best ally is Israel, which bears the brunt of terrorism. You’re safe today because the Jewish people of God are daily fighting terrorism on their doorstep.
          Don’t let the paranoid conspiracy theorists tell you that America is victim to “Zionist schemes”.

          • SilverSax…. Your style is a typical Zionist style and that is to profit and to steal from someone else. The barbaric mooslems in Saudi Arabia who committed such savagery are equal to the crimes of your types in Israel for centuries. Actually you folks and these Saudis are cousins. The Citi Group / Bank is run and owned by Zionist and guess what … the largest share holder in your pig farm is a Saudi prince. This is one of the many banks who destroyed many American families during 2008 housing CRIME and foreclosures. So SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE.

            • @Tactical

              You are the one who needs to STFU.

              • Is your name Moo? Then no need for me to reply back to a COW. Go to hell you sub human.

                • @Tactical, You are the sub-human low life here. Strategically you are a loser of the first order. Tactically, you have nothing but froth coming from your mouth. You are a disgusting, foul, and putrid POS. Indeed, a true piece of garbage if ever I saw one. It was not necessary for you to attack Silver Sax. His views are greatly appreciated by many on this site.

                  • @Hunter, I have yet to read a ‘truth’ coming out of Tactical’s marse. It looks like the dung beetle has been busy promoting the POS up the hill until it comes rolling back down again. Are you that dung beetle?

                • Tactical

                  Seems I read about your promotion a short time ago.

                  Disregard moose-lips goading, ’tis merely a feinting maneuver on his part, designed to draw your attention away from expounding upon the “TRUTHS” that you write, on these boards!

                  Salute sir!

                  • Salute Brother Hunter. I’ll disregard and will follow your wise advise. These species are getting frightened each and every day since they can see the TRUTH is spreading and it is just a matter of time for them to face the justice for the pain and suffering they brought to mankind for so long.

                  • Sock puppetry. Go back over old posts. See who says “Salute!” to Ahab’s bigoted diatribes. Now you know who is who. Nice to know that there really aren’t as many bigots on this board as it may appear at first blush.

            • +1 from me bro.

              • Tactical: Its amazeing how many so called christians are here at this site. Yet many always ignore every biblical verse that mentions the truths of the Synogouge of Satan jews, REV 2:9 and 3:9,

                Or You are of your father the devil satan etc JOHN 8:44 or “They are the Adversaries(Enemys) of GOD and of ALL mankind” dont recall verse number on that one.

                Or that only ONE single time in all of scriptures is any mention of Jesus doing Violence. AKA When in the JEW Temple, Christ braided 3 cords into a Whip and proceeded to Kick the JEW MONEY CHANGERS Asses and BOOTED them OUT.

                Maybe them Germans, 1930’s era simply Copied Jesus and Wisely BOOTED Jew banksters and bolshevik jew kommie nation wreckers Out also eh. Perhaps them germans was Right after all.

                Bottom line we seem to have many evangelicals who are totally convinced by the likes of preachers such as John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and All the rest who preach Flasehoods about, bless the jews and bless state of isreal, while useing primarily the Scofield Bible’s Heretical false zionist jew inspired interpretations to convince folks.

                They will NEVER re think it Tactical. Once they buys into Judiazer pastors, even though the New Testement warns them to Avoid All such Judiazer preachers like a Plague, it seems same as typical Liberals its embedded deep into their minds and nothing else will ever change it.

                They always totally Ignore even 100 evil Talmudic verses, actual Rabbi quotes just as Evil and wrong headed as their talmudic satan spew it orignated from.

                The worlds or NY TOP Rabbis in Person could recite such evil antichrist, anti-christians, anti Jesus, anti Gentiles, Verses TO Their smileing Faces to 100% Confirm all some of us has posted and warned of. And like typical Alan Colmbs Liberals every single jew worshiper and defender will simply, Ignore all such evidenciary Proofs, or rant and rave calling the truth teller vile names like jew hater or antisemtie(even though 98% of the tribe are Khazar dna NOT semetic dna from israel orig tribes).

                Or same as libs will change topics, and refuse to EVER OFFER actual Counter debate or proof that will prove Themselves correct. Because for Most all they believe when the issue is jews. jewish, israel, is from such phony Two-Bit, dime a dozen frauds called Pastors today.

                Its to be exoected since after all, most if not every seminary pastors attend today and the past 50+ yrs has zionist jew professors and/or Rabbis as teachers!

                Why wouldn’t they teach everything very Pro israel/pro jewish?…Look how they so benifit when a majority believe every tall tale or HolyHoaxer claim any jew ever made since WWII, that jews are always so, so, so innocent of a victim and its always every Goyim gentile thats an evil doer Nazi. Look how swell african blacks has done when majority considers blacks as Always innocent Victims!

                Who do ya think Taught blacks that agenda? NAACP and ACLU, Both Invented and started and Run BY Russian Kommie Jews who came to usa early 1900 eras.

                Jews+Blacks= The two number one always a Victim class. Both Play it to the fuckin proverbail HILT! and both Make out very swell due to braindead idiot false preachers and their even more brainwashed Flocks of “christian Deluded Dupes”.

                They will wait till hell freezes before God doles out any “blessings” to them or america due to blessing jews which God calls “His Adversaries and adversaries of ALL of Mankind”(Thats You if part on non jewish mankind aka humans). Just as NONE has as Yet replied with an Honest good answer to why the very word JEW was not written in the Old Testement untill 2nd Book of Kings chap. 16, aprox 500 Pages After Page One in Genesis? So far each’s answer is either Ignore the question, Or, Vile names of me for asking a legitimate fact based question!

                Ironic since most such evangelical jew firsters believe Abraham, Moses, Issac, and Jacob ALl also were jews! Yet NONE were. Maybe Thats why no jew word wrote first 500 pages eh?….These foolsih deluded souls also believe God made any Covenants or Promices to or with “jews”!

                They refuse to research facts that the Old covenant was made with ALL 12 Tribes of Israel. Not with “jews”. They believe the words, Israel and Jew, are Interchangeable as both mean the same thing!…How such otherwise intelligent folks can be so deluded and foolsih is beyond my capasity to figure out…Especially when so many of Us here has provided tons and tons of proof, evidence, DNA Proof(that jews=Khazars) and More actual Rabbi and jewish persons quotes than one can shake a stick at.

                I no longer see it as an inteligence issue…More like Stuborn like Liberal delusional folks.

                Maybe also due to Most evangelical pastors and christians attending their churches remain STUCK in the Old Testement books and barely if ever Read the New testement books. aka the NEW Covenant that Replaced that Old 12 tribed israel covenant as stated In their Bibles.(they have to at least Read that part to believe it eh, they wont.)

            • Tact.
              We agree most of the time. But this time my friend I think you might be missing the big picture.
              If the Muslims are messing with the Jews they are leaving us alone.
              One day we will have to turn the whole area into glass, but I hope it doesn’t happen, but you and I know its coming.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • The children in the sandbox turn it into glass(hope they don’t)but they just don’t play well together despite(they hate to admite it!)more in common then apart 50 years put up a giant 7-11 and a million gas pumps,kidding I think.

            • You wish you could shut me up, don’t you, Ignorant Bigot? I’ll defend the Chosen People of God till I die, and you’re helpless to do anything about it.
              By the way – a foul mouth indicates a foul mind.

              • @Silver Sax,

                Forgive me for my potty mouth. I was just dishing back what was being dished out. It is not in my nature to use such language but a person can only tolerate so much hatred, filth and pigotry. There are those on this blog site that constantly spew hatred and pigotry. It is unfortunate.

                • Forgiveness is yours – free, abundant, full and effective!

              • NOwheres in the Bible does it state that Jews are Chozen people period. Its the 12 tribes of israel that is spoken of and who God made a covenant with, then ended it to begin a New Better and Premanant covenant of Christianity.

                Every verse about the witthered fig tree, the tree Jesus cursed as he walked passed and it instantly Died, etc etc are ALL about Israels tribes Losing their covenant and it being Replaced by the new second covenant.

                Chirst Told the jews of jerselum “the Kingdom shall be TAKEN away from YOU, and Given to OTHERS” others aka Christians. Wht do You not yet Get?

                That famous so called God command to Bless jews so many pastors today preach is NOT written anywheres in the entire bible period. Neither is the very word Jew wrote untill almost 500 pages after first page of Genesis!

                Why is that Genius? Maybe due to Jew is a slang word for a Vast Mixture of Pagans, Turks, Egyptians, EDOMITES! etc ET AL that flooded into israel/jerselum since 150-300 yrs Before Jesus was yet Born! After several centuries of Mixed marriages with actual isralites they came to be called Jews as slang word.

                If You are going to challange folks posts perhaps YOU need provide some tangible Proof. Links, etc instead of totally EMOTION Feelings based spew of abject jew worship eh. Then you wont sound like another Pasotr John hagee devote’ deluded soul. The new testement Warns you to Avoid All such Judiazer type preachers. Good advice and From the Holy Spirit Influenced apostle writers eh!

      21. @ Be Informed ~October 31st ~ 6.6 Taiwan.
        This earthquake activity seems to be never ending.
        When did it start, I recall Sept. 23rd, I think you said?

        • When does earthquake activity ever stop? Just because it’s not on Fox News doesn’t mean there’s no earthquakes.

      22. US official confirms Israel struck Syrian airbase
        Damascus target hit in addition to Latakia airbase; both sites said to contain arms meant for Hezbollah, Al-Arabiya reports
        While Israel has remained tight-lipped over an alleged strike in Syria, an Obama administration official confirmed to CNN on Thursday that Israeli warplanes had in fact attacked an airbase in Latakia on Wednesday. The target was “missiles and related equipment the Israelis felt might be transferred to Hezbollah,” the report said.
        Earlier Thursday, on the heels of reports that the airbase had contained advanced, Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles, Al-Arabiya reported that Israel had attacked not one, but two targets in the civil war-torn country.
        Al-Arabiya’s report said two targets had been hit in Syria on Wednesday night – not just the Latakia air defense base, but a target in Damascus as well. Both targets were said to have contained shipments of Russian SA-8 anti-aircraft missiles meant for Hezbollah, which were reportedly completely destroyed.
        A map of the Latakia airbase posted online shows three batteries of the Russian-made surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile at the base, outside Snobar Jableh in the country’s coastal Latakia region.
        Earlier Thursday, Al-Arabiya quoted opposition forces as saying the base held S-125 missiles.
        The S-125 is especially effective against maneuverable low- to medium-altitude targets, including aircraft. The Egyptians used such missiles with some success during the War of Attrition and the 1973 Yom Kippur war, and batteries used by Iraq may have knocked down coalition aircraft in the First Gulf War.
        The system has undergone improvements since then, but countermeasures have also progressed significantly.
        A massive explosion was reported at the base late Wednesday night, with some reports that it was targeted by missiles fired from the sea. The Syrian news outlet Dam Press, considered loyal to the regime of Bashar Assad, reported that the site was damaged but that there had been no injuries.
        Earlier on Wednesday the Lebanese government news agency reported six Israeli aircraft flying through Lebanese airspace along the coast north of Beirut.
        The coastal strip of Syria, encompassing the cities of Tartous, Latakia and Baniyas, is part of a predominantly Alawite portion of the country which remains loyal to the Assad regime in its lengthy campaign against rebels.
        Israel has been accused of striking Syrian sites in the past, including in January and May this year. Israel refused to confirm the reports that it targeted weapons transfers, possibly to the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, which has remained loyal to Assad during the country’s bloody civil war.
        Syria is reportedly in the midst of upgrading its missile defense system to the Russian-made S-300, a move Israel has lobbied against.

      23. My brother and I once wrote a song called “Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is Today.” It was a profound statement of the anxiety and disappointment of the permanently illusory hope for better times. And it seemed like an instant classic. So emotionally moving. So deep. So philosophical.
        Fortunately, we both sobered up the next day and burned the lyrics. All I remember of it is-

        All hope in life is fading
        Since my woman walked away
        My lotto numbers missed
        And my coon dog’s gone a-stray
        Work too damn hard and too damn long
        For way too little pay
        I can’t afford to stay this drunk
        And I can’t even get laid
        Just hangin’ by a thread of hope
        And all I got to say
        Is yesterday’s tomorrow is today…

        • Funny thing about those country tunes, you play them backwards, your wife comes back, the dog shows up, your truck is in the driveway, and you’re sober.

          • Aint it the truth!

          • New tires?

            • All-weather radials, raised white letter… with spinner rims! 🙂

              • I will pass on the spinner rims if the rust goes away and the window cracks knit themselves whole.

      24. Another snake oil salesman. The world is coming to an end, buy gold bla bla bla. If you don’t know how to grow, forage, catch or raise your own food, if you don’t know how to repair your own necessities and have an adequate supply of them then by all means buy gold and silver. When you get hungry, cold and sick, I’ll barter those PMs away from you for pennies on the thousand dollar. You want a dozen eggs, sure, that will cost you a twenty dollar gold piece. I will treat those that think money can buy anything just slightly better than obamanites and in no time they will be without gold, silver and jewels. Their three month supply of MREs will run out quick and long before there’s an economy.

        • RiO, PM’s are just another tool in the box. This salesman has a proven track record of accurate forecasting going back several decades now. Remember gold isn’t for during, it’s for after. The chaos will eventually settle and with the Chinese newer world order subsequent to the collapse of the dollar, Sinclair forecasts $50,000/oz. And it will cost $3500 to fill your gas tank. But during the reset I will trade you this big apple for that egg. The gold is for my grandson. The silver is for if I run out of apples. But you are absolutely correct about life skills and despite potential future events may you fare well. I am bugged out and manning the redoubt full time now and have no internet there. I found that the only thing I really missed where you people here on Macs site so I popped back in after the debt ceiling debacle. One last thing, don’t forget what Sinclair said about gold. It is insurance. Wealth preservation insurance. Do not be mislead into believing that debts and taxes will go away in a crisis. Your mortgage will be indexed and I’ll bet they will accept PM’s for property taxes then, if there is any left after the windfall taxes on it, for only the elite are presently allowed to win, for now. But PM’s still raise their eyebrows as the game of chess turns into Chinese checkers, it is worth it to me for that alone.

          • GrandpaSpeaks, I agree that PMs are just another tool in the box. They are for preserving wealth. If you don’t have wealth to start with (like me) then purchasing pm’s will take away from what one really needs to do. If you are renting then what wealth are you trying to preserve? paper wealth? In my opinion, if you are not currently wealthy and if you didn’t buy pm’s a couple of years ago then you need to rethink your strategy for the next stage of the american lifestyle. Thinking that buying a couple bucks a month of PM’s will preserve anything is foolish. PM’s is a commodity and the best way to make a small fortune in commodities is to start off with a large fortune.

        • An addendum:

          A business philosophy that was shared to me by a successful old timer. “You can sheer a sheep many times but you can only skin it once”.

          The moral of the story is, If you don’t have skills you will get skinned. Make yourself a valued repeat customer by having more than currency to barter with.

          It takes time and mistakes as a merchant to acquire the skills to to know who to skin and who to sheer. That unto itself is a valued skill.

          • Skills are the easy part of survival. Anyone with any kind of a I.Q. can conquer skills. Its having the materials to put towards those skills to overcome a project thats needed. Any body, any where can survive with anything ,anyway. Believe me, everybody does not need a chick-coop to survive. Pilgram.

          • I disagree, you are wealthier than you think. Your attitude is worth millions, maybe trillions now. Wealth is not always determined in dollars. Kindred spirits will unite to again meet our collective needs, of that, I have no doubt. Going to be some separating wheat from the chaff in the meantime though. The trick will be to avoid the miller. Buckminster Fuller once quipped “if being a millionare is having a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back and all of your needs met, then the Earth has enough resources to make 10 billion millionares”. That reality got derailed somewhere around Wall Street by the elite. But heed his point and it will bode you well.

        • You do that mister big time RickinOregon. I,ll stick with decent folks who know how to barter correctly and know what real wealth is GOLD and SILVER. I guess some preppers will have their cake and eat it two. Eggs and Gold. Oh and also do not and i say do not try to bring that lame mentality to any of the barter houses that will be operating at the time when S.H.T.F. because everyone behind the counter will know the true value of metals. Grow-up and wake-up PILGRAM.

          • I’m sorry that you got stuck at the idealist age of 17. You best hope that S doesn’t HTF.

            • Really ya wanna-be survivalist. Your the the one that posted only when folks are starving cold and sick and only then you would steal there hard earned assets by making them give away all they have for a morsel of your produce. Shove it up your rear-end sir. I,ll keep hard assets and plenty of food and knowledge while you keep toiling the ground and cursing the people that have.

            • I’ll play nice here.

              My wife recently got laid off of her job. She has about thirty thousand in her 401. If we cashed that out then after taxes we will be lucky to realize two thirds of that. In these times twenty thousand dollars will pay my mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, maintenance, clothing, animal feed and bait for about a year, give or take a little. If we turned that into PM’s and the PM’s maintained their value regardless of what the currency was doing, in the end we would still run out of cash/PMs in about a year. Without the sellable skills or barterable items to replenish the spent PMs then I will run out of PMs. In my my mind PMs fall way below in value than skills, PMs are for the optimist. Hence, PMs are not a strategy that’s a fit for me, my cash and efforts are best spent learning new skills. I did sign up for a blacksmith class and it will yield more value than $150.00 of PMs.

              • Your thinking is spot on, RIO. Gold can be taken from you by force, and will be in almost any SHTF or Post SHTF scenario I can imagine, unless you are the leader of a PSHTF gang of plunderers. If the world falls only halfway, it will simply be confiscated under color of law, as Roosevelt did it. So many of these PM bugs forget that.

                Skills cannot be taken, and they are as portable than the clothes on your back.

                • HAHAHA Like they can’t take your cash,bank accts,land and home?!
                  Isn’t it being done now via taxes,eminent domain,EPA BS ?

              • BTW I’d seriously consider cashing out that 401k anyway. The PTB already have their eyes on it. Confiscation of retirement accounts has already happened in Argentina, Cyprus and Poland. In our case there have already been open proposals from some congressional witch to take over all IRAs aqnd 401ks and “replace” them with a government guaranteed annuity, like a Social Security pension. Except they have no chance of paying SS pensions after about 2025, and another such “promise” will be worth even less. As soon as I retired I cleaned out mine,and used the money to help pay cash for my final BOL.

              • I’ve often wondered what the going exchange rate for ammo to gold barter would be. Barring a deer standing still for you while you attempt bashing it’s head in, DURING the collapse- it won’t be worth NEARLY what it will be during the post collapse/rebuild period. but of course- all the gold in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t defend against the angry hordes, or put some game on the table.

                • CW,tis planning and hoping/working towards a future were once gain there will be a basket of goods to trade,metals of all sorts have always had a value it seems thruout history for many different reasons,short term before total collapse a inflation hedge/at least something that does not vape electronically thru govt. theft.

              • Though I believe PM,s have a place in ones life depending on circumstances also believe a smith skills set has great value,always wanted to build(given time may still) a personal forge.As I mentioned once before,was working in Boston(home town city) and during lunch would visit a sword maker from Japan at MFA(Museum Of Fine Arts) making a katana.I went daily and was told by his sponsor/interpreter I was one of a few who came daily to see swords progress,folding the steel over and over,was a great time and watching the actual making and sharpening of the edge was great!Though I would probably without years of Kendo get hurt badly have always wanted a real katana since,friend hand grinds old files into fairly nice blades,still awaiting the outcome as I made some mahogany handles for this full tang knife he is slowly but steadily working on.

        • I do not care how hungry i was. besides i will never get that hungry. if i had to choose between a large bag of Silver Eagles or a large bag of carrots ummm let me think real hard maybe even rack my brain for a while. i would pick the big bag of eagles. GET REAL.

        • Rick, I’m with Grampa…and you know I love you because you are an earth-loving, self-sufficient, scavaging son of a gun.

          PM’s come from the earth and people have traded them for centuries. Honest as the day is long.

          I’d sell a dozen eggs for an oz of Au…but I sure as hell wouldn’t pay that much…cuz I gets it bro.

          Thanks for all the fishin stories…standfast my man.

      25. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come one, Come all! To Barak and Bailey’s Three Ring Circus and the Greatest Show on Earth!!
        In the east ring- Joe ‘The Terminator’ Biden versus the Tasmanian Fat Man in a winner-take-all banana eating contest!
        In the west ring- Stone Cold Kathleen Sebelius will ride her broom over five active trapeze acts! 90 feet above the ground! And without a net! All while blindfolded and juggling a flaming chainsaw!!
        And….In the Center Ring! The Main Attraction! Barry The Magnificent will perform feats that will astound you! You’ll gasp in amazement as he crams the medical records of Three Hundred Million people into a single Macintosh with a busted hard drive! You’ll awe at his ability to pour 700 pounds of lies from a single 3 ounce bottle labeled ‘truth’. And you’ll gaze in wonder as he single-handedly whips a hundred million gun owners… without firing a shot!
        Don’t miss this entertainment extravaganza! Now playing in every city in America!

        • SmokinOkie THATS FUNNY! after all thats been happin i needed a great laugh today! this circus will really be a great crowd draw as its one ring to the next! cant wait till the next big explosion of washington politicians mouths. on a lighter note i just watched the geese headed south land in the oatfield right in our dekes, man o man what a shootin day 5 guys 125 geese taken today, wowee now the jerky makin has begun. I cant wait for tomorrow to do it all again! time for three fingers of single malt an feed the girls. wildman out

          • goose jerky?? Hmm… who woulda thought!!

        • Bread and circuses.

        • Thanks S.O! I sooooo needed that!

        • Way to go, SmokinOkie. That was one of your best ever. I could use the laugh right now with the mood I’m in. I’m waiting to see what the first Nov. brings with the EBT situation.

        • Who the hell is the “Tasmanian fat man”? Seeing as i live down his way I’d like to meet him.

      26. How do you know tomorrow is the day? You people are pathetic.

        • I’ll say tomorrow is the day,just because it seems to upset you,kind of entertaining!

        • hey joe
          you realize as much as you post here that your “you people” also. yeah i know pretty pathetic huh

          • I’m sure that just made him scratch a bald spot on top of that ballast.

        • ncjoe, none of us know if tomorrow is the day or not, but the idea is to keep your prepping at the highest possible level AS IF it were tomorrow, you moron.

        • nope the coal is being sold off,,,,,,,,,,,this is as good an answer as any,,,,,,,,,,,,


        • A couple years ago it was 400 years worth, now 200, at once 20? BS, it’s just so people don’t get worked up about the EPA shutting down coal. On another note, everyone is worked up about inflation, the real wolf in the forest is deflation. If the food stamps are cut and people have less money for food, what happens? Discounts, sales, coupons, companies will sell in volume to get their hands on funds to pay bills. That will start the spiral.

          • A light in the forest! Yes, the true demon is deflation, which the PTB are absolutely terrified of, because it will wipe them out. Their power comes from the mountains of debt they hold, and in a deflation that debt becomes worthless. Their remaining skills won’t qualify them for a job as janitor.

        • Tell that one to the folks out in Wyoming Powder River country and they’ll fall down laughing.

        • Not buyin that one. amazing coincidence we hit “peak coal” in ’08 right? another coincidence is that the EPA has been kickin coal miners in the nads, repeatedly since before It even got elected!AND, he told us many times our energy rates would skyrocket due to his policies. calling Disinfo on this one.

        • Satori, look at all of the electricity that we waste in this country every second of every day. So that they can profit with the ruse of security…

          Because lots of people are vile and have no consideration for each other.

      27. tomorrow may be the day.

        welfare cuts start tomorrow !

        less than $100(i think only $36), but if enough pockets of the country start a fit, the ball could roll downhill fast.

        • Thanks for pointing that out. I was going to go shopping tomorrow with coupons etc. and hope to scoop up discounted candy. Hm… do I go now or stick with the plan? Both I guess- a short trip now and the big shop tomorrow, but with the thought in mind that it could be challenging.

        • They just keep chippin away…because they can.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Final act of defiance!

      28. You’re not telling the really important Snowden story that affects everyone’s lives in a big way. NSA has complete access to most personal and business computers, bank and financial account information stored on those computers and the account ID and passwords which enable access to those accounts. That clears the way for elements of the US government to seize an individual’s or business’s financial resources whenever they chose. Most likely this will happen during a power and/or internet network outage. What are the chances of that? Furthermore, NSA and therefore elements within the federal government have complete access to electronic voting systems nationwide and perhaps worldwide. This enables the US government to produce any voting result they choose in those areas where electronic voting predominates.

      29. If I could print money (Federal Reserve Notes are not money) and get people to give me stuff for it I would do it as long as they would take it.

        The game ends when the other countries open their eyes and/or they realize that BOHICA is not a great financial plan . . . they feel it and see it. I learned a long time ago to pick the doctor with the smallest fingers. I really think some world pain is coming – soon.

        De Oppresso Liber

        • FRNs are money as long as the public believes they are money. Just as seashells were money to some of the aboriginal tribes.

      30. One thing to remember, after your chek out check your change. Lately I been getting a lot of old silver coins as change. Mostly nickels a few dimes all pre. 64.

      31. OK, I hear all the rhetoric, but what are the actual numbers. The debt to GDP ratio and the current total dollars paid in interest at today’s rates.
        The fed can print for at least 10 years before they break the dollar, and there is no other currency out there that even comes close to meeting the FRN as a means of trade.
        So, yes hypothetically there is a “chance” of collapse, but it is very small….
        Eventfully like always there will be an expansion of the economy, they will pull back the dollars and things will even out.
        Gold, Silver??
        Come on…PM’s is a fool’s folly.
        I can understand real estate (land) and if you sleep better at night knowing you have more candles and tp the average Joe, more power to you, but listen close THE ECONOMY WILL NEVER COLLAPS!!!
        The will be and always have been geographical areas that struggle, but the sky is not falling…
        My grandpa started ”prepping” during the Carter “oil” collapse, guess what?
        All he did was piss away a bunch of money on junk we sold at the auction for pennies on the dollar.
        He swore up to the end, “any day now”, he would have the last laugh….It was sad…
        Please be careful to buy into all the pessimistic porn, there is a bright future for you if you just go grab it.

        • @BBJF:

          The economy has already collapsed for about 20% of the nation. If it has not reached you or you own yet, congrats.

          For a lot of people, their “any day now” has come and gone.

          Best to you and yours.

          …put dee lime in dee coconut…..BA.

        • The only truth in your post is that you stupidly sold your grandfather’s stuff for pennies on the dollar. That proves you know the value of nothing and know nothing of history.

          • +1 to that!

        • Bobbyfrog,

          I would venture to say that the one sure thing that will collapse the economy is the entitlement crowd. I figure in around 4 more years, just about every other citizen will be on entitlements of some type and guess what genius, the middle class that pays for those entitlements will be gone baby, gone.

          Part time jobs aren’t enough to keep most afloat so good old uncle Sam will dole out the phony money until it is gone. Not to mention, war, drought, pandemic, mega earthquake and most importantly, no fucking jobs!!!!!

          Your Grandpa had it right, just a little early, if it were my Grandfather then I would take it as an omen of things to come. He still may have the last laugh.

          • Swingin, I remember when I was a lad on my mothers knee listening to my own grandfather go on about Roosevelt taking his gold. Now that rant made a child listen up.

          • Soas,
            My father-in-law used to say that the day was soon to come when there would be Communists in every American government agency. He also said that half the country would soon be on welfare. He died in 1995.
            We used to laugh it off when he said such things.
            We’re not laughing now.

        • Somehow I’m not reassured by a guy who can’t spell “collapse”…

        • BBJF, what fantasy world have you been living in? As BA just said, the economy has already collapsed for 20% of the people in this nation. they’ve already had their ‘any day now’. We’ve been in a very gradual collapse since 2008, in stages. We’re in the end game now, the final stage before the balloon goes up. and the after math ain’t gonna be nice.

      32. It can’t happen tomorrow, no way. I want to watch the Fla. St. vs Miami game without the natives becoming restless.

      33. Well, ther is always the chance that tomorrow may never come, HOWEVER…..I do not prep items that we do not eat regularly. Do I have some long term storage items..sure. But I rotate the stuff we eat every day. And the gold….that’s to pay my mortgage off and property taxes after SHTF. The silver is mostly in dimes….no shaving of PMs needed. I raise chickens for eggs and can barter healthcare services. It’s funny that I read a post on a previous day warning friends not to Coe to my house…I had that same conversation with someone that day. “Awe come on, you’d help me out” and I told them that if I helped them out, the hordes would come. Beggars will be met with bullets unless they want to work for food.

        • No pity,while I agree with supplies rotated/used anyhow as for taxes,well,times get that tough will not be paying any!On a side note,tis tough but work with potential beggars now,get em a bit ready so they become the producers that will allow us like the mighty phoenix arise from the ashes of our self immolation!

      34. Jim Sinclair is the son of Bertram J. Seligman. Google him and see who he’s related to. Of course he’s made some correct predictions, since he likely has inside knowledge. This latest prediction may be true, or he may be lying to make another dollar.

      35. But on the positive side…. Oh wait, there isn’t one.

      36. The issue about hyperinflation is something in which you may be able to get $50,000 per ounce of gold, but being able to spend that money may be the real problem. During and after hyperinflation the really only way most people are going to make any transactions is through barter for immediate needs, Some people MAY trade for precious metals, but in a Mad Max world I think ammo would go for far more than any gold or silver. Food and even fresh claen water will likely be their weight in gold. There is a breaking point in which gold becomes too valuable and too expensive to use as money in most circumstances.

        With total chaos, it is far more likely that a can of soup would be of more value than a bar of gold because hunger drives people into the one notion of purchasing with what they have, to eat. A box of .22, .223, and many others would have extreme value as a firearm without ammunition is a paper weight or a poor club. Probably the true breaking point of gold would be around 4-5 times its present value, maybe 10 times. After that money will rapidly mutant into tanglible necessities as what people use to buy and sell what they have.

        By the way another major earthquake occurred, 6.6 in Northern Chile. This has been mentioned many times as a danger area because of the extreme movement of the Nazca plate. The really big one is still very likely coming. That is 7 major earthquakes 6.5 to 7.3 during the past month, that is a lot. It still has done nothing to curb what is coming. If anything the major quake swarm shows much tension building on the plates that is not being released. I am most concerned about Peru to Ecuador, Central America, California, Cascadia fault, Alaska, Japan, China/India border region and something massive from Samoa to New Guinea. The energy arcs are really pointing to these areas now, yes ALL of them almost equallly.

        • First two paragraphs are oh, so true. Where is the list from the fellow who survived Sarajevo? Oh, yes, here’s the first 20 items: I don’t see gold among them.
          1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. Noisy…target of thieves; maintenance etc.)
          2. Water
          3. Water filters and purifiers
          4. Portable toilets
          5. Seasoned firewood. Wood takes about 6 – 12 months to become dried, for home use.
          6. Lamp oil, wicks, and lamps (First choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
          7. Coleman fuel (Impossible to stockpile too much)
          8. Guns, ammunition, pepper spray, knives, clubs, bats or slingshots
          9. Hand-can openers, hand egg beaters, whisks
          10. Honey, syrups, white and brown sugar
          11. Rice – beans – wheat
          12. Vegetable oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
          13. Charcoal, lighter fluid (will become scarce suddenly)
          14. Water Containers of any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY – note – food grade if for drinking.
          15. Propane cylinders (Urgent: definite shortages will occur)
          16. Survival Guide book
          17. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (without this item, longer-term lighting is
          18. Baby supplies: diapers, formula, ointments, aspirin, etc.
          19. Washboards, mop bucket with wringer (for laundry)
          20. Cook stoves (propane, Coleman and kerosene)

          • Because those with gold got out of the region.

          • The one thing I remember being mentioned was staying clean as possible,was a comfort/state of mind but was what seemed to a degree inspiration and beyond basics a comfort allowed oneself that helped with state of mind.Times get tough will be different for all but may we all find that little oasis in insanity that helps us move forward for ourselves and if given the chance others,till then enjoy today while prepping for tomorrow.On a happy side note,drove a bit to a friends and while his family out was the (door manager/bouncer/best guy around?!)for all the little Trick or Treaters.Though never had children and not on my list of goals was nice to spend some good times with happy folks,may there be more times like that for all!

          • @ Old Coach. That is a nice condensed list that many can follow, and should use as a guideline for storage of necessities. Don’t forget toilet paper along with portable toilets. It is not a bad idea either to add in some toilet paper that is alcohol based as many people will not be able to bathe for extended periods of time and this is one area of the body where bacteria collects big time. Scott has a good variety of these type of wipes. Vegetable oil can also be used with the above mentioned wicks for candles for light in make shift lamps. Also don’t forget lots of matches to light everything.

            • Lehman’s catalog sells lamps to run on veg oil, particularly olive oil.

              In a rare-showers environment you’ll be glad if you stocked up on deodorant.

              When the weather is nice, hanging clothes in the sunshine can disinfect and deodorize. Freezing weather also can be used to dry clean on the clothesline, killing germs and mildew.

          • PM’s aren’t what’s needed in a war zone, but in a peaceful (relatively) economic collapse they protect against hyperinflation. 1991 Ukraine, during the collapse of the USSR but before it was formalized, lots of little shops opened up in Kiev to buy and sell gold. When I arrived the ruble was 10 to $1 and three months later it was 100 to $1. The ruble went through several revaluations in the 1990’s and people lost wealth every time. Those who bought PM’s held their wealth. Other wealth preservers were real estate and tangible barter products.

        • Be informed

          The words you just spoke about that will be
          important in a catastrophic breakdown should
          be carved in stone.

          The depiction portrayed in the movie “The Road”
          and several other similar situations confirms
          what you are saying, without a doubt. Selco
          would agree with everything you just said.

          And thank you so much for keeping me (us) up
          to date on what is happening with the spaceship
          planet earth. I am so glad you care.
          I can’t help but take notice of your detractors
          occasionally taking pot shots at some of your
          posts. All I can say about that is my worn out
          phrase, “just all the little dogs nipping at the
          big dogs heels.”

          Carrying the torch of enlightenment bears some
          derision and much toil. Hang tough, my friend.

          • One could always eat worms. I’m just saying…. ha

            • Don’t laugh: North Koreans have eaten worms and grass to survive.

        • @Be Informed,

          I was beginning to worry that certain bullies and haters full of venom and cynicism had succeeded in turning you off after the previous article. Your comments are always appreciated and refreshing, and your insights regarding so many things, particularly earthquakes, BOcare, and the economy, are invaluable. I am sorry that there are a few here that can’t clean up their act and have to get their thrills by putting down others. This is one of the last sites for a truly open forum. My Granny use to say, “The village dogs bark but the Caravan moves on!” Please don’t let the village dogs distract you from your mission. Thanks for the update on the earthquake.

      37. How do we know that tomorrow isn’t the day?
        Well, because every article that ends the heading with a “?” NEVER knows the answer !
        Sinclair is WRONG,WRONG,WRONG.
        It’s absolute rubbish to say we’re facing the annihilation of currency and that we’re facing hyperinflation and (trot out the same old tired line)that we’re looking at $50k/oz gold.
        Total BS !! The gold bugs just don’t understand the real world at all.
        The US dollar will be here for MANY YEARS to come, despite the (now disproven ) rubbish talked by the likes of Lindey Williams (USD dead by end of 2012 eh.. yeah..).

        The will be NO HYPERINFLATION, but we will have STAGFLATION.
        Back to school kiddies – learn what it means and then look at the world and see it’s here now.
        Gold won’t be used to back some new world order currency PERIOD. It can’t !!! It’s a variable commodity not fixed !
        Crazy prices for metals ? DREAM ON .
        Gold was abandoned as backing for the USD for that very reason.

        It’ll NEVER hit $50k/oz in our lifetimes.
        Go ahead – save this article and come back to it in 5 years and see how close you are or I am to the truth…

        • Grab a history book idiot

        • He has been scary right about the price of gold in the past. Plus he is related to the banking elites (Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, etc.), so he might just have inside knowledge. I wouldn’t ignore what he says.

          And note that the $50K gold price is only if physical gold is totally disconnected from paper gold.

          Check history and you will find that the current U.S. dollar is not the only currency we’ve had. U.S. money has become worthless in the past. Look up the origin of the phrase “not worth a continental.”

          • For the excruciating details of the post Revolutionary War inflation, see “Unruly Americans” by Woody Holton. The money problems were the primary driver behind the creation of a new Constitution. And eyeopener to say the least.

        • QE to infinity says that you are wrong.

      38. It looks like our POTUS will be a no-show at the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. If that doesn’t show who he really is, then what will?

      39. Russian Bombers to Continue Patrols Over South America

        MOSCOW, November 1 (RIA Novosti) – Two Russian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers currently on a tour-of-duty in South America will carry out a series of patrol missions over the region in line with the program of combat training, the Defense Ministry said.
        The nuclear-capable bombers arrived in Venezuela on October 28 and conducted patrols over the Caribbean before landing in Nicaragua on Thursday.
        “The crews are now resting and preparing for new missions. They are scheduled to carry out several patrols over the region,” Commander of the Russian Long-Range Aviation, Lt. Gen. Anatoly Zhikharev, said at a Defense Ministry meeting on Thursday.
        The general did not provide details of the future missions or specify the patrol routes.
        Russian strategic bombers previously conducted patrols over the Caribbean in 2008.

      40. Here it is Halloween Eve and we have War of the Worlds radio broadcast playing from youtube. It’s been 75 years sense the original broadcast.

      41. Is that green dress sprayed on? I believe in 50K/oz but won’t wait to cash out. We can’t fix the brakes but got a louder horn. Toot Toot!!! I wish I had a trucker set of horns. Dig me up.

        • “DIG ME UP”! Is there some ARAMIS-HIDE-THE-SMELL-OF-MY-DEAD-ASS cologne in that coffin of yours? Cuz I ain’t digging till you’re definitely NOT stinkin! And I expect a “100 ozs gold” for the trouble and risk involved.

          AND a PROMISE that YOU won’t attempt to run for office again…even if you are still more attractive and articulate than Pelosi, Franken-Feinstein, Reid, Obimbo, Biden and the rest of the walking dead members of crime-grass. DEAL? Halloween only comes once/year…don’t wait too long to reply.

          • I have a treasure map for four Kilos hidden in my casket and a rolex gold watch you know where. Got the time? Look it up what a Kilo weighs. You never held a Kilo chump. Got nothing but time. Roll me over. Kill Bill…

      42. The question of WHEN will be settled by a Black Swan. Some unforeseen event that overwhelms the PTB system. Be it natural (solar EMP or a series of B.I.’s earthquakes), or man-made such as war or deliberate sabotage of one of our power grids by an enemy, or some Credit Mobilier event in the banking system, we plebians won’t have enough warning to do anything but duck and cover.

        I listen to these guys like Sinclair, but I don’t think they know any more than we do. All they see is that the pressure gage is past the redline, just as we do.

      43. Many times I have been criticized for reminding everyone each month how Israel ONLY strikes major targets during the New Moon cycles of 5 day before to 5 days after. Israel has attacked Syria in several areas in the past hours according to Israel news, right on time 3 days before the new moon. Could be another attack by Nov.8 this cycle.

      44. Well… when Hillary gets elected in 2016… we’ll have “holes in the dike”…


      45. It will happen when all our attention is on something else. It’s always smoke and mirrors. That’s how magicians (tricksters) operate.

      46. The only thing that surprises me about the current situation is how the government has been able to prolong and delay the inevitable. The standard of living has gone down. It’s obvious. The story of the frog and the hot water comes to mind. The system is unsustainable. When the frog feels the hot water it will be too late to jump. So, kick that damn frog in the ass and let’s get it on. Feelin’ froggy?

        • You mean like the quick moving leapord frog of my youth,hell yah!Wish I had the speed/skills/determination of the frog have seen in past with a cigar in one hand and a stick in the other,think Freddy might be his name.Personally do not know that frog but am lucky to know a few who have made his acquaintance,either way,time for frogs to get a moving it seems!

      47. Glad to see you back on the board smokin okie. I was worried one of your rookie drivers might have done you in. I appreciate all the post on this site. My home away from home with like minded folks. Does the soul good to be with brothers and sisters

      48. I just hope a nuke event does not go down when I’m at work.
        That would suck.

        I’m the only smart guy with a nuke bio gas mask in my desk.
        There’s a prep. for ya. could just be fire.

        Better to have one than not.

      49. This is just a test…don’t study.

      50. The next prez. had better buckle down and get back to American values.

      51. They say history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. I believe it does both. The tragedies of lifes mistakes def repeat but the circumstances are almost always the same. Gold and silver have been used extensively throughout history as PM’s for jewelry, currency, a gold record attached to Voyager 10 and many others.

        Silver as an Anti-Bacterial
        Silver has an edge over gold in that it is one of the the only PMs that has built in anti microbial properties built in….and is not toxic to humans.
        Silver’s association with anti-bacterial properties has long been established. The ancient Phoenicians knew enough to keep water, wine and vinegar in silver vessels to ensure freshness. It is only recently, however, that scientists have discovered why silver works. Quite simply, silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival. These bonds produce the cell’s physical structure so when bacteria meets silver it literally falls apart. For this reason, silver enforced bandages are especially in demand. Bandages with silver ions prevent bacterial growth and speed healing time, making them especially valuable for treating burn and wound victims.

        Wound dressings containing silver have been an important aspect of healthcare for more than a century; soldiers in World War I relied heavily upon such dressings. Today, consumer healthcare companies like Johnson & Johnson and others offer their own lines of bandages and ointments that use silver as an active ingredient. Silver has actually been proven to promote the growth of new cells, thereby increasing the rate at which wounds can heal. And, unlike other metals with antimicrobial properties, it is not toxic to humans.

        There are many other reasons why silver is infinitely better than gold but we humans overlook its real value because of a superficial aesthetic reason- it can tarnish. Some people will say that real gold never does tarnish. This is mostly true. Real gold can become discolored though. This is still called tarnish. Gold can respond to chemicals that may have spilled on it.

        So, if it sounds like I favor silver over gold, you’re right. Gold simply cannot do all the things that silver can and I prefer my precious metals to be like everything else I buy- multi-purpose and not just eye candy.

      52. Good Evening All,

        Sheesh…not the ‘Gold will survive the FALL’ thing again. The scope of that argument is – at BEST – limited – for it has at it’s very root the notion that someone, somewhere – WILL ‘trade’ you ‘something’ which is likely ‘a tangible’, likely something which has an actual UTLITY – a usefulness – for something bright and shiny. Whoops, might be a small error of assumption – there involved.

        At each point in history as economy’s FELL it was always the case that other economy’s (somewhere ELSE) were not ‘falling’. So then WHAT happens IF the entire global complex stumbles? We live in World so interconnected that no one anywhere is effectively immune to wide-scale currency disruptions…ANYWHERE. Also, the basis for the motivation too SHIP anything somewhere ELSE rely’s on the premise that those doing the shipping will in return receive something of value in the exchange…what happens when NOTHING that people HAVEe will serve to be of value in the eyes of the one WHO HAS the goods? When there IS NO CERTAINTY of the ‘value’ of what People have?

        That is what happens when no part of the ‘network’; in which you trade is left unscathed by a cataclysmic debacle in the financial sector…at that point no one knows if what they HAVE will be the very thing that keeps them alive for a day…a week…a month. There are terrible limits on HOW FAR we can ‘see’ the results of our decisions.

        Under that scenario the entire NOTION of trading anything for anything else simply STOPS ‘cold’. Those that ‘have’ LIVE..those that do not…well, that is self-explanatory.

        Again and again we here have observed that the ESSENTIALS are the basis of Life; food, the ability to defend that and oneself, a place where one is not under continuous assault, etc, etc. Who – exactly – in thier RIGHT minds wold even consider trading such essentials – which they MIGHT not be able to accurately DETERMINE as ‘essential’ – for something bright and shiny…if they weren’t SURE that the trade would NOT leave them desperately needing that article.

        There has never been a collapse in ALL history wherein some portion of the World did NOT remain approximately functional in the financial sense…what we are, and have been talking about here for a VERY long time is precisely that; the STRONG possibility that NOTHING ANYWHERE is left ‘intact’ by the action of an event so broad that ALL collapses, everywhere.

        Then, all trade simply stops…everywhere; locally, regionally, GLOBALLY…INDEFINITELY.

        At last look I saw that the derivatives market was pushing past 1.25 quadrillion dollars…that is roughly 20 times the productive capacity of the ENTIRE World for a year!…if someone at JPM or Goldman ‘screws-up’ the wrong way on the wrong then it’s ALL gone, everywhere….that amount will VAPORIZE the entire WORLD financially.

        Want to guess what is BIG enough to have EVERYONE, Asia, Europe, Africa…all of them crawling ALL over us like maddened bee’s; Just call them all up and tell them that ALL their money is GONE down the ‘rabbit hole’ to oblivion….and see what happens next.

        IF no functional economy is LEFT in the wake of THAT, then ALL BET’S are OFF…and Gold, Solver and Platinum might not HAVE any value for years…or generations. What KEEPS you WARM…WHAT keep you FED…WHAT keeps you SAFF are the ONLY things that have meaning.

        So then, all that is a simple gamble, nothing more; HOPING that something DOES survive…after having gotten hit by the equivalent of an asteroid-sized weapon of financial destruction…at ORBITAL speed, no less.

        Your choice, THAT goes without saying, Mine and Me are SAFE, WARM, Well-Fed…irrespective of WHAT the World does at this point.

        Are You?

        THAT in the final analysis IS your decision…your CHOICE….time IS short now…even the talking heads at CNBC are screaming that the ‘top is in’. This time though…it will have NO BOTTOM. WHEN CRAMER starts talking like there is a problem…OMG, and that is going on DAILY now.


        • @ JustOneGuy. Many people don’t even understand what 1.25 quadrillion means, 1250 trillion dollars in phantom dollars. As you say 20 times the entire productive capacity of the world. That doesn’t just go away unless the civilization hits the sh@#$ or hits the reset button. Either case is catastrophic. The reset button means some type of global dollar and likely all sorts of control of everything we do all tied into some evil elitist type of banking system. Slave driven nightmare that you see in the science fiction horror movies that are appearing more and more realistic everyday.

          I have noticed a downward trend of solar activity lately. Do you see anything rotating in the next several days from the backside of the Sun that we should all be aware of? Nice comment by the way.

          • To steal a paraphrase from ‘Dumb and Dumber’

            BI, are you saying we have a chance?

            • @ Ugly. Preppers/survivalists always have a better chance of making it than the non preppers. I think one of the most classic scenes in that movie was when those two clowns loaded a bunch of those super hot jalapeno peppers into that hired hitman’s hamburger. Carrie and Daniels should have done another comedy together, there were natural idiots together. I found the only thing that works to calm down the shearing burning of one of those peppers is either sugar or honey. I have tried unsuccessfully to dilute it with water. I mean those suckers not only burn your mouth but your sinuses, nose, eyes and cause you to cough. I can still remember those two grinning like the Cheshire Cat as that thug took his first bite. Also Lauren Holly trying so desperately not to laugh her head off with those two jesters interacting.

              • FFR: Fat and alcohol are the fastest agents to dissolve the capsaicin from the peppers in your mouth. I guess that’s why tequila is so popular in Mexican restaurants?

        • ‘Fraid the Voice from Wherever doesn’t even know a little bit of the history of the 1930 Depression. It was indeed world-wide.

          • @ Old Coach…The depression was not a collapse. Also, your subtle animosity torward him is starting to show and making your rebuttal less effective.

        • @ JOG…100% correct. People who just watched the National Geo movie, should remember that on a blackout that only lasted 10 days that money, including a gold watch, wasnt worth squat. The next collapse will be world wide including China.

          • BS I would trade a few meals for a gold watch & so would many others

        • The Voice from the Outer World:

          Thanks for your thought out post. “What keeps you warm, what keeps you fed, what keeps you safe” that is what all of us are striving for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

          Would that all of us on shtf be so lucky in the days ahead to find ourselves fed, warm, and safe.

          Pray that the Lord provides us those three things in the days ahead, whatever befalls us.

          • “What keeps you warm, what keeps you fed, what keeps you safe” what keeps you healthy and what keeps you clean..:-)

            • Howdy JayJay,

              ….and thus I stand CORRECTED therefor…my Thanks for that! No matter what happens ANYONE who has any knowedge of military history will know rhat ARMY’ have been brought to thier knee’s by way of inadequate sanitation, hygeine.

              “What keeps you warm, what keeps you fed, what keeps you safe” what keeps you healthy and what keeps you clean..:-) ”

              Truer word were never spoken M’am! 🙂


      53. @ BetterInformed. OK forget about hyperinflation or the economy for the moment. I can think of so many different scenarioes that we all need to have a least an adequate amount of supplies needed to be stored to even have a chance of survival. This is what this site is about, how we can talked about the world events and survival.

        You seem to be saying that I don’t think I know what I am talking about. I can see what happens when an idiot president and a runaway credit card would do. I see what happens when the printing presses are out of control. This is figuratively as the government is not acting printing up trillions in hundred dollar bills, but running up debt. Look at the debt chart, it matches e to the x chart, the line or angle is getting steeper and steeper just like e to the x. That line will get to almost 90 degrees or infinity which would certainly bring on hyperinflation like a plague. The debt is following a 2.72 increase just like each number going up e to the x. That is what people need to look, the debt chart.

        Again, forget hyperinflation. Are you ready for a true pandemic? The world population is following a similar e to the x increase, in the beginning stages of the severe upslope. Do you know what happens when a species on this planet becomes too many, plan or animal? Disease and sickness. Throughout Earth’s history this is what happens. Ask a plant like the American Chestnut tree about how fast disease can kill off a species. Ask humans about the deadliness throughout history of smallpox. There is waiting in some squalid slum in India, Bangladesh, or other Hot moist Tropical monsoon country a super virus ready to be unleashed on the human population. Nature has a way of doing this. It will likely resemble the flu in the way it spreads and be like Ebola or Marburg the way it kill, hemorrhagic. The Only way to survive something like this is isloation and having enough of what you need to stay put.

        I don’t care if someone is preparing for hyperinflation and the economy collapsing, World War 3, mass earthquakes or a solar eruption, some super volcano going off, the planet tilting on its axis, giant posionous locust swarm, or whatever. When someone is preaparing they are getting themselves and their families ready for what SHTF occurs. This is very positive, and if even 10% of the population prepared instead of only 1% this country would be so much stronger, both physically and mentally. When I see someone preparing, I don’t ask why, I just say good for you, good for you.

      54. JOG.

        You are correct. If Cramer has finally discovered that the USA could be in debt then that is the final signal of proof that we are in deep shit.

        What next? Will Uncle Ben tell us that the dollar is devaluing?

        On the world? I’m totally sold. I feel the world could get together and totally drop the petro-dollar and the dollar as reserve currency. They could boycott all things USA, thus leave us hanging with 100% debt and suffer on our own.

        Nontheless, the end coming is not pretty, even for those prepared.

        PS. When can I see Ison with naked eye? Each time I hear about it it seems they push the date a few weeks further. At one time it was Thanksgiving. Now it is in January sometime. Is Ison the real thing, or just a dud?

        • Howdy UG!

          Ya, T’ain’t lookin’ REAL good for the “Ol Greenback” lately. is it? What with CHINA having gone on a RAMPAGE of Gold buying that comes to about 1000 Ton/Year at crrent the rate and as well…here, the “Nail in the coffin”, Saudi Arabia, quietly announcing a little over a week ago that they will NOW accept payment for Oil in something OTHER than USD, I am completely of the conviction that “Yhe End is NIGH”. Keep your powder dry Friend, we’ll need it soon enough…


      55. what does an emp blast with a nuclear signature and an asteroid have in common? plausible deniability.
        which then got me thinking about russia awhile back.
        which then got me thinking why putin isn’t married.
        and last but not least the metal platinum.

        • Putin isn’t married because he had a high profile affair and got divorced.

        • in regards to putin, i was leading the question, as in rhetorical. nice try but no cigar for you. as for russia, i was attempting to jog peoples memory of the overhead explosion that occurred there injuring a thousand or so people. just look at platinum as the final death throes of our economy. figure it out.

          • Self indulgent sophistry and cryptic rhetorical questions are a waste of time. Say what you have to say or shut up.

      56. Right now and for the past month there has been serious problems in Western Canada.
        In the trucking industry we have been coping with fuel shortages. Many of us are glad that we run South and can buy American fuel. We deal with it by listening to different lies at different truck stops as to why there is no fuel for our rigs.
        The final official lie is that the Edmonton refinery is down for maintenance for 30 days.
        Who knows how much money the local economies have lost because drivers cannot fuel up. Better yet what about the guys who are delayed because they cannot finish their runs waiting for the tanker to arrive.
        Breakdowns happen, but no fuel is every truckers nightmare. Many of our new trucks only have enough for 1 day of driving and unfortunately we only find out there is no fuel available when we need to fuel.
        There is some getting through so everybody just waits, you fuel when you can, but what happens when you cannot?
        That one day of fuel in the national trucking fleet’s tanks are all that is between you and certain chaos.
        Pissant hackers and trolls routinely hack our fuel cards a couple of times a year. And the truck stops central facilities too. The Flying J a couple years back had outages every few weeks. That was because they had some customers with computer savvy that hated their company.
        You might think that we would be happy to keep working out of a sense of duty but most of us on the day the cards finally stop are going to drop our trailers wherever we may be and bob-tail home.
        Sure the government will force us into the cabs under the notwithstanding clause of our Canadian version the Constitution but, till that time nothing is going to move. If you think it cannot happen you have never been caught in a civil emergency when man power is short.
        I once got pulled out of my car to fight a forest fire.
        Sorry back on track.
        JOG says there is problems, I agree. And the thing about the fuel is that like most businesses we run on the overnight credit exchange to pay for fuel and costs, as do our suppliers. As inflation strikes harder and interest rates get stiffer things start to fail.
        Each truck that hauls 44 000 lbs of general merchandise has operating costs of about $10 000 per month. Nobody has that kind of cash. And since most freight pays on 90 to 120 days the overnight lending rates are very important. It is all interconnected.
        Not saying that anyone here needs to panic over shortages, it is just regional right now. I just think that is important that you know that even in developed western countries things can change fast and naturally without any kind of announcement by the MSM or the government. OR any kind of major events.
        Gold does have it’s place too. I gave the OK for my wife to wear her gold earrings this month, If needs be we can trade them for some fuel to head home. Every gallon is 10 less miles to walk.

        • @SCTV. “I once got pulled out of my car to fight a forest fire.” LOLOL!!! Sounds like the kind of stuff that happens in North Korea, or China, or a tin pot banana republic.

        • Very interesting point of view, SCTV. If you don’t mind, I’s like to forward your post to a few friends who don’t frequent SHTFPlan.

        • That’s why we prepare for years, not months.

      57. They will just keep the kickcanistan policy going as long as possible. I don’t think there is any longer an organized smooth straight path. I think the whole Agenda 21 thing has become uncontrollable and the UN NWO folks just are grasping at straws. The UN NWO Agenda 21 plan is unraveling and everything they are doing are act,s of desperation.

      58. Hey..where’s all those “riots” predicted and promoted for November 1 that DHS was preparing for?

        Guess the slight decrease in snap/ebt benefits didn’t quite stir things up as planned..



        • C’mon, it’s only 8:30 Eastern. The Free Shit Army doesn’t even get out of bed before noon.

        • When o when will these people stop falling for every damn scare tactic used
          Omg we are gonna attack Syria and world war 3 is gonna happen…….no we aren’t !!!!
          Omg the ebt reduction is gonna start riots ……..ummm no it ain’t !!!!!
          I can go on all day ….we all know the failed warnings nd predictions !!!

        • It won’t happen until they run out of food in a few weeks. For now they have enough chips and soda

        • The effects would be felt right around Thanksgiving, but the more experienced will be signed up for Thanksgiving baskets at local churches and charities and make it through the holiday ok.

      59. I’ll tell you how I know tomorrow ISNT the day …..they still haven’t taken your guns away and UNTIL that happens there will be no collapse or back shutdowns or long term power outages or martial law ….think long and hard about it !!!!!

      60. Chinese state media show plans for nuke strikes on US cities

        Washington Times
        (also posted on Drudge Report)

          • @ KY Mom. I want to thank you for always keeping everyone in the loop about what is going on in the world. I have longed known about China and their capability of ending the U.S. as a country, but to have an article showing this reinforces this much. Your time is appreciated by many.

            • Be Informed,

              You are welcome. I just try to do my part to share informative links when I find them.

              I found that link rather unsettling. With the Chinese media now ‘showing’ (bragging?) their plans.

              Thank you for your time in researching and writing about earthquake predictions.

              Take care! Hope you have a great day! 🙂
              KY Mom

        • Give me a break !!!!!

      61. what a dick move

        It may be little more than a blip on Washington’s radar screen, but President Obama’s decision to be a no-show at an upcoming ceremony to mark the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address has touched off a firestorm in Pennsylvania.

        Local newspapers Thursday excoriated the president, a noted admirer of the 16th president, for skipping the historic occasion.

        A journalist at Harrisburg’s Patriot News said Mr. Obama doesn’t have “the stones” to attend; York’s Daily Record newspaper called the decision “unacceptable” and said “Mr. Obama’s retreat from Gettysburg will linger long and bitter.”

        • I think that those folks in at Gettysburg should be thankful for small favors–Property levels would probably plunge further if this POS showed up.

      62. While the Chinese are building up their military…


        Generals describe president’s actions as ’emasculating,’ ranks now lack ‘will to win’

        wnd dot com
        (also posted on Drudge Report)

      63. A) SOMEONE, PERHAPS SEVERAL PEOPLE, IN THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT ARE AGENTS. This is simple fact. This movement is the most serious and credible threat to organized tyranny in the West by a good order of magnitude. Gentleman, they are not simply reading your blogs every other day. They have boots on the ground in countless neo-Nazi, terrorist, and various criminal groups across the country and they are doing the same with us. THERE ARE MOLES IN OUR MIDST.

        B) A large number of patriot movement members and leaders need to wake up and realize this is no longer a game. This is lethally serious stuff. I know that decades spent in the movement, the genuine goodness of the majority of its members, and the knowledge that we are not fighting for some weird extremism can lull us into a complete sense of normalcy. Gentleman, this IS NOT A GAME. There are very dangerous professionals with very evil intent taking a very close look at anyone associated with this movement. Taking it down is the #1 priority of this Western Tyrannical Monster. If this hasn’t sunk in, put “Department of Homeland Security” or “Central Intelligence Agency” into Google Image Search and scroll through several pages. Take a good hard look. Now tell yourself “All that hardware and manpower is meant for me and my friends.” If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, you need to sell your AR and never mention a word about resisting tyranny to anyone ever again. This is deadly serious, gentleman.

        C) Because this IS serious and they HAVE infiltrated this movement somewhere, our behavior needs to change radically and it has to change immediately. In any resistance movement, every member MUST constantly evaluate every other member for ANY signs of compromise. It doesn’t matter if it is your son or brother. It is not personal. The tactics and behaviors of these agents are predictable. Therefore, it is imperative that all Patriots immediately stop ANY behavior or activity that can even be construed as provocateuring and entrapment. That means no more novelty nooses and blithe threats. That means no more perpetuation of vapid disagreements and petty divisiveness. This is what these agents (who WILL increase in number) are going to be trying to do to make sure this movement is Dead On Arrival when the balloon goes up. The only way to identify them accurately is to NEVER, EVER engage in these behaviors as a genuine Patriot.

        This doesn’t mean we don’t make statements. This doesn’t mean we don’t continue to educate the public and the criminals in power about the coming consequences of ignoring the advance of extremely professional evil in our nation. It doesn’t mean we are going to be perfect. It does mean we need to stop doing their job for them because THEY DO NOT NEED ANY HELP.

        From now on, I will be considering ANYONE engaged in open divisiveness or attempts to incite inappropriate unlawful activity to be a potential Federal plant. They ARE already in our midst and they are ACTIVELY working to destroy us in some way. I do not know who, or where, or how, but I do know it is in motion.

        Wise as serpents, gentleman. I will continue to pray for the protection of the true Patriot leadership and exposure of all attempts to deceive. This is not pre-season anymore.

        That’s one step away from a motivated and likeable character showing up to a militia meeting trying to sell grenades. Have no association with such men.

        found on net

        • Thanks for that, VRF

          Unfortunately, everything you said is true.

      64. We started downhill during the Jimmy Carter years. Remember The. Fake gas sortage ,Price & wage freezes. I was decided by the UN that the Blue collar (mythical middle class) workers living the American dream . They has more than their fair share. So I was decided to redistribute part of their wealth to third world impoverished countries. The Fake gas shortage was the first step in raising the cost of production in the USA. the price & wage freezes where to keep the cost of production from being passed on to the consumers. At thet time The US was almost the entire worlds producer. If anyone needed something they most likely. came to the USA to get it. That policy has snowballed from that time. Regan,s service jobs economy wasn’t sustainable. We the people haven’t had any real choice it didn’t matter who we voted for. There wasn’t then and isn’t now any viable political or ballot Box solution. So what & where does that leave us? I think they will keep trying to kick the can down the road in the hopes they can stall long enough that the patriots will all die off or be so old they are also dependent on the government for their well being. Im hoping for a great clatyclismic event. An end of an age earth change would quickly seperate the wheat from the chaff.


        • Brass was a valuable scrap metal in the 1970’s. I remember my dad walking around town and picking up what brass he could find.

      66. @ RICH99. As you can see by the news coming out of Syria, Israel hit many targets during the 10 day window of the New Moon. I know each month you getting tired of hearing me warning people on Israel attacking, but this is when they do it. Iran and WW3 starting are still on the tables until Nov.8. You know RICH, I do this to try to keep anyone out there from being caught off guard by potential mega SHTF events.

        @ Lousiana Eagle. I will continue to try to warn people of events I see as possibly happening before they happen. I go through these possible scenarioes before I say if they are is a chance of them happening. I really like the people here on this site and if my way if I can help others to be just a little more ready for something awful before it happens then I have accomplished something in my life worthwhile.

        Anyway, number 31 just happened on the southern portion of the African plate. 31 out of 34 times in the past month say a 7.5+ is still coming. Last year this same spot was hit on July 31, 2012 and 14 days later a very deep 7.7 quake hit the Sea of Okhotsk. Other major quakes that followed this same spot before were 6.5-7.0 100% of the time within 15 days. Yesterday number 30 hit, and 3 years ago a 7.8 hit Indonesia about 15 and 1/2 days later. That one had 3 northern Mexico and California quakes that followed it. The 7.2 that hit the desert in Oct. 1999 of California followed 5 days after that area on the eastern part of the African plate was hit. More to follow from these indications. Major earthquake in Chile yesterday reset time frame, expect large quake by November 16 in the following areas.

        India/China border area to Mynamar
        Japan, Toyko area
        Eastern Indonesia
        New Guinea
        Soloman Islands/Santa Cruz Islands
        Kermadec Islands/New Zealand
        Kamachatka Penisula
        Fox Islands/Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Island chain
        Kodiak Island to about Kayak Island in Gulf of Alaska
        Cascadia fault
        Southern California to about 36 degrees north
        Central America to 20 degrees north in Mexico

        As you can see I really narrowed down each region of danger to specific areas because all the major earthquake activity has pinpointed even more so where the energy arcs are originating from. Instead of several hundred miles, it is showing areas of just 100 miles long or so. These areas show a high probability of being hit with a major quake, probably 7-7.8. There is about a 45% chance that it will be 8+.

        • BE INFORMED ….I can respect the GOOD your doing but I really think a lot of this is a side show from something else ……that something else I’m not totally sure about !!!

        • Be Informed,

          Many thanks. Many of us depend on your timely and prescient warnings. Please keep them coming.

          The following excerpt was the earthquake I was referring to when the world renown Kingdon Ward reported seeing a King Cobra and a Gaur racing up a hill prior to the earthquake. This piece comes from a recent report on the top ten earthquakes of recent times. More than 1,500 people died, because some of the areas it affected were very remote regions that had no way of seeking help from the authorities.

          #10 Assam-Tibet, 1950 – Magnitude 8.6
          Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.
          “At least 1,500 people were killed across eastern Tibet and Assam, India, when this temblor shook the region. Ground cracks, large landslides and sand volcanoes hit in the area. The quake was felt in the Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces of China, and as far away as Calcutta, India.
          The quake caused large landslides that blocked rivers. When the rivers finally burst through the walls of debris, waves inundated several villages and killed hundreds of people.
          This quake is commonly called the Assam-Tibet earthquake or the Assam earthquake, even though the epicenter was in Tibet. The quake struck at the intersection of the most vigorous collision of continental plates on the planet, where the Indian continental plate smashes into the Eurasian plate and dives beneath it. The slow-motion crash helped create the massive Himalayas.”

      67. Gasoline is still at 1925 prices…
        10 cents a gallon if you have a silver dime.

        • a silver dime is worth about $1.58.
          Therefore it’d take more then 2 dimes

      68. Today I woke up with a headache.

      69. Old Guy,

        You said,

        “So what & where does that leave us? I think they will keep trying to kick the can down the road in the hopes they can stall long enough that the patriots will all die off or be so old they are also dependent on the government for their well being”.

        That’s the ticket.

        • They might keep kicking the can down the road or it might reach the point where TPTB decide they’re ready for the coming collapse.

        • welll,,
          If Im dead, I really dont care what is going on!

          • or how I feel…

      70. You believe what you want to believe.

        The argument over gold and silver is much the same as to which weapon is best for defense. Each one of us has a different, though similar plans for what lies ahead so why all the negative words. Gold and silver are tools or supplies. It might be better to have some than to want it later. Diversity comes to mind. If you have some, Good. If you spent that money for other supplies, Good. They will come for everything you have so one or two items more or less doesn’t mean anything.

      71. I have about half of our savings in silver. About enough to buy a year’s worth of food at current silver prices. I expect that to remain the same regardless of how expensive food gets. We need to be prepared for a hyperinflationary collapse of at least a year. If food prices double, triple, or quadruple we need stuff to sell to buy food if our incomes don’t keep up. At some point food riots will break out during hyperinflation and all the stores will close. When things start to get bad we all need to take final looks at our stuff and get anything we’re low on while we still can.

      72. Did the rioting start yet? Todays the day but its quiet. Except Obama got himself in a world of hurt now.

        This week end more beans and rice to get stored and some will be hidden in a shed out back. No one got back to me on how to store in mylar when the temp goes to 20 in winter. Any body using an outdoor shed to hide some dry food could give me an idea or 2.

        Got me some old silver and its tarnished and worn down but it works face value or better. Better to be doing things than here in an argument over whats precious and what isnt. Life is precious. The end.

        • Put a oxygen absorber in the mylar bag before sealing it with your wheat etc. put the mylar bag in a food grade bucket with a sealable lid. put a dessicant pack in the bucket before sealing it. Dont bang them around in sub freezing temps as the buckets Could crack. Be more worried about hotter temps than cold.

        • 20 won’t hurt,but the temp variations in a shed will shorten life. It’s better to store where temp is fairly constant

      73. Jim Rawles had an article earlier this week about outdoor caches- that might be a helpful source for what you are doing. Moisture and temperature control is always important in any food storage situation.

      74. I think the kommies bastards broke into my house and moved the verticals and horizontal alignments on my scoped rifles. I missed a coyote and a nice buck with two different scoped rifles. Had both dead to rights. Kommies b@$tards. Lol. It couldn’t be me getting old. Lol

        • They did that to my T-paper. I went to wipe and the roll was empty!

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